Fun and Games

by PFS

We had played this game before.  Jim would tie my hands in back of me and he would dip his penis in my ass.  But he would never go any further than just trying to part me a bit.  This time was different.  We were standing behind the armchair in the living room.  He was dipping into me and then I started to feel very uncomfortable.  “I’m a quarter of the way in,” he said.  “I think you should stop,” I said.

“The lube helps.  I’m 3/8th’s in, we’ll be able to do it this time.”  He held my hips firmly in his hands as he moved his hips up and he said, “I’m half way up, geez you’re tight.  I don’t think I can stop now.”

 “Jim, you said you would stop.”  I began panting.

 “I’m three quarters in now, baby.”  Breathing heavily he said, “I can’t stop.  I’m burying it now.”

 With that statement, I felt his pelvis on my ass.  I felt a fullness I had never felt before.  He spread my cheeks and went in as far as he could and sighed.  I couldn’t move and I was breathing heavily. He lifted my legs up so that my knees were touching my breast.  I could feel all my weight impale me on his penis as he said, “I think I’m in heaven.”

 He carried me to the front of the chair and sat down holding me.  I could feel him full in me.  With one hand, he still held my legs up so that I was firmly planted on him and with the other he began to rub my nipples.  He took a thin metal rod connected to a wire from the table beside the chair and slowly rubbed it in and out of my sex until it was all the way in my sex.  I looked at him warily.  I spread my legs over his.  He told me to open my mouth and put a plastic box connected to another wire in it that made me open my jaws wide.  I tried to spit it out but could not.  The box seemed to be in two parts and I could click it if I tried.

 He flicked a switch on the table.  Jim began to say, “Now I won’t move until you do.  The box in your mouth is connected to a circuit.  When you bite down, an electrical charge goes thru the rod, into your sex and turns the butterfly on your clit to full force for 30 seconds.  If you understand, nod your head.”

 As I nodded my head, my jaw closed on the box and I felt the charge go thru me.  I arched my back which made my bottom wriggle down more on Jim.  He held the butterfly against my clit as I began to gently squirm against it and lift off of him.  Slowly, he began to push his penis back in me.  I could hear him dreamily say, “You’re so tight hon, mmm.”

 His hands moved, one on my back and one brushing against my breasts.  He rubbed my back and I began to relax again.  My mouth closed on the box and I jerked again and squirmed harder against the butterfly.  I was almost cumming.  And then the motor stopped.  I kept on moving trying to get the right angle.  Everytime I moved nearer the butterfly to gain some release, Jim would take a deeper stroke back in me.

Jim has his left hand pressing the butterfly against me and the right is gently rubbing my back, my buttocks, playing with my sex lips, relaxing me and making me squirm at the same time.  Without thinking, my jaws close and within 30 seconds the next light jolt goes thru me and I begin to cum.

 “I love it when you feed your pussy,” he whispers nibbling my ear.  “Now show me what you can do.”

  He holds the butterfly against my clit and I lose myself in the tingling sensations inside my sex, on my clit and feeling the fullness of him.   I close my mouth as much as I can and put my head back and begin to grind on him as I cum.