by Nosbert

* * *


After spending my third night at a Paris hotel it was time for me to return to England. I'd crossed to France on the Tuesday of that week and Friday was to be the day of my return. As you may appreciate, I was in a hurry to get back.

My journey to London was uneventful and I have very little to report on the matter, so I'll be brief.

From my hotel in Paris I travelled to the Gare du Nord by taxi and arrived one hour before departure as stipulated on the travel documents. I then passed through all the vigorous security checks before boarding the eleven o'clock train to London.

As ever the Eurostar service was punctual. The train left Paris dead on the dot and my calculation regarding arrival time in England also proved to be considerably accurate. As the train emerged from the tunnel over on the English side of the channel the time was very close to midday.

This was my first opportunity to use my mobile. Whilst over in France my mobile phone had proved useless. Apparently to make it work over on the continent I needed to have contacted my network prior to leaving so that the necessary switch-over could be made. I didn't do this. I think I left in too much of a hurry, and besides, I didn't want to be contacted anyway. I'd deliberately gone out of my way to tell no one where I was going.

Immediately on exiting the tunnel I called Harry Bell of the Drugs Squad based in London. As I've mentioned before, our friendship went back a long way and we'd helped each other on many occasions, especially on my previous case, (see Submissive Work). So I knew that he was the one chap I could rely on in all this.

Eventually I got through to him and we got to talking. I explained all about the four crates in the back of the container. I told him that he would find a drugged-up woman inside one of them, and that she would most likely be in need hospital treatment. I then gave him all the necessary details such as the name of the vessel, the container serial number and the docking time. Harry Bell said that he would get onto it straightaway.

After that I relaxed. It was just a matter of waiting for Harry to get back to me. It also gave me an opportunity to finally get to the bottom of all this without worrying too much about Claudette. After finding, then losing Fatima, I didn't want to see a repeat performance and hear of a second girl disappearing from under our very noses.

The Eurostar train arrived in London precisely on schedule. The time in London when I stepped off the train at Waterloo Station was precisely one o'clock in the afternoon. From Waterloo I caught a taxi to the Elms Hotel. I arrived at something like one-thirty in the afternoon. I remember getting out of the taxi and seeing my old Volvo Estate parked up outside the Hotel. At least this told me that Anthea and Sandy were somewhere in the vicinity. I checked the body work for scratches and dents and could see nothing other than the ones I'd caused myself.

Sandy was sat alone in the hotel lounge looking out of the window and supping a drink courtesy of my expenses bill when she saw me arrive. I was greeted at the door by a big hug and kiss. I dropped my travel bag. I felt embarrassed and tried to unravel Sandy's arms from about my neck, but she stubbornly clung on. I looked around. The dear, sweet little old lady that ran the hotel was watching from behind the reception desk. She gave me one of those knowing smiles that everyone seemed to be giving me lately.

I recalled my final message to Anthea just before departing for France. I'd told the two girls to drive to the Elms Hotel and book in as my wife and her sister. "What are you meant to be? My wife or her sister?" I asked quietly so that the landlady could not overhear.

Sandy nibbled at my ear before answering. "I'm your wife silly! I'm Mrs. Woods. Now give me a big kiss husband of mine," she whispered.

I felt relieved and gave her the kiss demanded of me. The funny thing was, I'd always presumed the role of wife to have been immediately snapped up by Anthea. It was her I'd spoken to on the phone and naturally assumed she would have first choice. "How come you're my wife?" I asked as our lips parted.

Sandy threw back her head and looked me in the face. "Anthea decided," came the reply. "She said you'd given her something important to do. You'd asked her to fuck Fernando and said it was top secret. Well, she reckoned she couldn't do that if she was already married. Not if you two were to be seen together at the hotel afterwards. So here I am. I'm your wife, and it's official. So let's go to bed shall we?"

I tried not to rush into such matters. Fucking Sandy was appealing, especially after something like five days abstinence. But it was lunch time, and I'd much preferred to eat something first. All I'd had was an early `la petit dejeuner' inside of me. I tried to change the subject. "Where's Anthea?" I asked.

Sandy unhooked her arms from about my neck and gave a tug to my coat sleeve. I got the feeling I was going to bed on an empty stomach. "She's at the club and won't be back for some time," she explained, "so let's go to our room, hey! I bet you need a shower and a nice rub down after your long journey."

I tried to maintain my line of questioning, but I could see that getting a sensible answer out of Sandy was going to be difficult. To be quite honest I was curious as to why Sandy was alone in the hotel and Anthea away at the club, so I asked anyway. "What are you doing here then Sandy? And why aren't you at the club with Anthea?" I queried.

Sandy pulled a face. "Because she didn't want me," she replied with a hint of bitterness to her voice. "She said I was only getting in the way. I went with her on the first night, but since then I've been twiddling my thumbs here and waiting for you to arrive, and now that you're back my dear sweet husband, come on! Let's go up to our room?"

I was pleased to hear that Anthea had been taking her assignment seriously; perhaps too seriously by the sound of it. However, I couldn't get away from the fact that Sandy was adamant about getting me upstairs to our room. Anyway, I guess I must have weakened because I began to follow her. However, I'd only taken one small step towards the lift when something Sandy had said earlier made me stop dead in my tracks. She'd mentioned something about me going on a long journey. You see, I'd not phoned home nor told anyone where I was going, not even Anthea, and she was well known for not being able to keep a secret. "What makes you think I've been on a long journey?" I asked.

Sandy turned and looked at me quizzically. "Anthea told me you were in Paris," she replied.

I was taken aback. "When?" I asked. "When did she tell you this?"

Sandy gave another little tug to my coat sleeve. I could see that this conversation was getting boring and the growing impatience on her part to fuck me. "This morning. She told me this morning, just before she left for the club," she explained.

And with that, Sandy picked up my travel bag for me and set off for the lift. I said no more and took off in hot pursuit. I could see that I was not going to get much else from her. What I really needed was an explanation from Anthea, and I couldn't get that until she returned from the club.

* * *

I tried to be quick with the nuptials, telling Sandy I really did need something to eat. But I think consummating our surprise wedding must have taken a lot longer than anticipated, since it was nearing four o'clock in the afternoon when we ventured from our room and made for the hotel dining room.

I wasn't even sure we'd get a meal at this time. There was no one else around and the dining room was empty. But the nice kind landlady agreed to cook for us. She said that we were a lovely couple and I think she had a soft spot for Sandy. I guess it must have been because she'd been sat at the hotel's lounge window for two days looking out for me. I found this affection on the part of the landlady very flattering, but the way she kept addressing us as Mr. and Mrs. Woods proved a little unnerving to say the least. Anyway, I put on a brave face; we both ordered steak and chips, and I asked for a bottle of red wine to go with it.

I think I was just about mopping up the juice from my plate when Anthea arrived. I assumed she'd just walked here from the club since I'd not seen a taxi pull up outside. She was dressed like a manageress in a smart two piece navy-blue suit with white cotton blouse beneath. This I found unusual but didn't remark on the matter. She also looked very tired.

Anthea plonked her handbag down on the table and sat down beside us. She then leaned forward and pecked me on the cheek. "Hello brother," she greeted me.

I was taken aback. I thought she was meant to be Sandy's sister. "Brother?" I stammered.

Anthea smiled. "I didn't think we looked enough like sisters. Not with Sandy's red hair and all that. So I decided it best you were my brother, and that makes Sandy my sister-in-law," she explained. She then turned to Sandy and queried: "Why Sandy? Didn't you tell him what we'd agreed?"

Sandy pulled a face then turned to me. "Sorry Woody, I forgot all about it," she said apologetically.

I wasn't surprised. After spending most of the afternoon in bed together, I guess whatever Anthea had been up to didn't appear very high on her priority list. I returned the greeting with a little peck of my own to Anthea's cheek. Somehow I liked my new found status of being her brother. Possibly because, on the face of it, the role would be less demanding.

I looked about the room. The three of us were alone in the dining room. No one was going to overhear our conversation. We had a fresh bottle of red wine on the table. I grabbed another glass from an adjoining table and poured out a drink for Anthea. "Well dearest sister of mine, what exactly have you been up to whilst I've been away?" I asked.

Anthea sipped at her wine then looked to me. She sighed. "It's a long story dear brother. Where do you want me to start?"

I opened out my hands in an empty gesture. "How about from the beginning?" I suggested.

She nodded her head. I could see that she itching to tell, so I settled down to listen. Anthea took a sip of wine, cleared her throat then began her story.

"Well Woody, first of all," she started, "as you're probably already aware, Sandy and I found the Elms. It wasn't a big problem. We booked in during the afternoon. When evening came we set off for Hendry's. We decided to walk. It wasn't very far.

"When we arrived Hulk was at the door. He told us Fernando was working behind the bar, so we went through to meet him.

"I introduced Fernando to Sandy, then asked what he was doing behind the bar?

"He told me that his regular barmaid, someone called Claudette, was away in Paris for a few days and that her assistant, a girl called Sadie, was busy with a client down in the dungeon. Remember, this was a Tuesday evening with not many members about. Midweek at Hendry's is always quiet, and Fernando had decided to serve behind the bar himself, at least until Sadie got back from the dungeon. He said he would rather do this than bring in extra staff for the evening. I think this applied to Wednesday and Thursday as well, but I'll explain all about that later.

"Anyway, we got to talking. We discussed Sandy. I told him that she was an experienced girl and had worked for a number of years at Hugo's club in Birmingham. This Fernando was delighted to hear, and like you suggested on the phone, we got round to discussing finding Sandy some work. That wasn't very difficult and not long afterwards we matched her up with a client. She then went away."

At this point Anthea turned to Sandy and asked: "Isn't that right Sandy?

Sandy nodded her head. She was going to say something, but I stopped her. "Let Anthea tell her story," I said.

Anthea looked to me, then continued: "This left me alone with Fernando which is what I set out to do. I took the opportunity to move behind the bar. I told him that since I was one of the club's owners and technically his boss, then I should share some of the responsibility and help out in times of crisis. I asked him to show me how to pour the various drinks and how to book the orders against the members' accounts.

"I waited until Fernando was leaning across me and showing me how to pull a pint when I came on strong. I rubbed my backside against his private parts and tried to make out that I was hot. I told him that I fancied him; that I'd always fancied him; and with you away somewhere then I was a free agent, at least until you got back.

"I didn't have much time to work on him. But I don't think he was up for it that first night. I think he had a lot on his mind. Anyway, I kept at it in the hope that I'd eventually get somewhere. I was really coming on strong when Sadie arrived to put a stop to all my good efforts. After that the bar started filling up and my opportunity was lost.

"I wasn't aware of Fernando's plans for the evening, but it appeared he had an important appointment to keep. Once Sadie was back behind the bar he was collecting his coat and heading for the door. I asked him if he would be back tomorrow. He said yes, he was doing the bar again on Wednesday. He then said goodbye, and that was it, he'd gone.

"And that my dear Woody," said Anthea with a sigh, "is precisely what happened on that first night. It turned out to be a total failure. After Fernando was gone I hung about a while. Sandy returned to the bar a little while later, we had a couple of drinks with some of the members then came back here to the Elms. I guess after the early start that morning and the long drive down to London, we needed our beauty sleep."

At this point in the conversation Anthea broke off to drink a little more wine. I refilled her glass for her, then prompted her to carry on. "Well, my dear sister, what happened on the second night?" I asked.

As you can imagine I was curious to find out. Anthea supped a little more wine before continuing with her tale.

"The second night, dear brother, the Wednesday of this week, well that turned out to be very different," explained Anthea, "for starters I decided to go it alone. I'd asked Sandy to stay here at the hotel. It wasn't that she was getting in the way or anything. It's just that I felt I could do a lot better on my own.

"Anyway, it was a bit of a repeat performance to begin with. I got there early at sometime around seven o'clock. Sadie was already with a client and using the dungeon, and Fernando was behind the bar serving. I waited until everyone was gone or pre-occupied, then joined him. After that I applied the same tactics. I got him to show me how to pull a pint of Guinness and whilst he was leaning over me I came on strong once more.

"Once again I don't think he was really interested. At least he didn't show me any emotions one way or the other. But I kept on at it. I kept the pressure up. I wasn't going to let him beat me. I even suggested that once Sadie returned we could retire to one of the bedrooms upstairs and make a good night of it. The trouble was, I wasn't really getting anywhere. I wasn't getting a response one way or the other. I was beginning to think that bondage, sex and female company just weren't his scene.

"Then something happened to change everything. At least it seemed that way to me.

"Fernando's mobile phone rang just as I'd finished making some really lurid suggestions. I could see that he looked worried and he stepped away before answering, but I did manage to catch some of what was being said.

"The call was from Suzette. I heard him mention her name. I also heard him mention Paris and I think she was phoning from just outside a night club. At least that was the impression I got. Anyway, what was more interesting was the fact that your name was mentioned. I remember hearing Fernando saying something to the effect; `What! Woody's in Paris!... and he's outside the night club?'.

I'm afraid I interrupted Anthea at this juncture. Well wouldn't you? I was in need of clarification on a couple of points. My first point concerned Suzette - the English Agent in this `Entente Cordiale' between Spain, France and Britain. Let me remind you about her. She was in this right from the start. She was present at the meeting in Fernando's office, but I don't think her name has been mentioned since, mainly because I'd always considered her to have a cast iron alibi.

On the night of Fatima's abduction Suzette was allegedly in the Ladies Changing Room with Anthea, or at least I presumed her to be. Anthea had strayed away from the bar before Fatima left the stage. So if Suzette and Anthea were together in the changing room all that time, then there was no way Suzette could have been involved.

The second point needing clarification was the exact timing of this phone call to Fernando, because Wednesday evening also happened to coincide with Claudette's abduction. I asked this question first. "At about what time was this?" I queried. "When did Fernando receive this phone call from Suzette?"

Anthea considered the question and took the opportunity to sip a little more wine before answering. "Let me see now! I arrived at the club sometime around seven o'clock, so it must have been something like an hour later, sometime around eight o'clock I guess, but I can't be precise," she told me.

I calculated quickly my whereabouts on that Wednesday evening. Remember between London and Paris there is a one hour time difference, so the time over there would be nine o'clock. Well at that precise point in time I was turning off the Rue St-Denis and arriving outside `La Cave de la Nuit' night club. About fifteen minutes later I was inside the courtyard of the club and spying on Claudette through the basement window.

So at least my actions tied in with what Anthea was saying. Suzette must have been outside the night club, possible seated in a car opposite when she saw me turn up outside. Obviously I never saw her, and I guess she must have telephoned Fernando almost immediately on my arrival.

I think I gave a little smile. At least it did answer one crucial question. I now knew how Sandy had learned about me being in Paris. Anthea had picked it up from Fernando's phone call and passed the information on to Sandy.

I pondered for a while on all the implications that naturally followed on from this revelation. I then asked my second question concerning Suzette. "Tell me Anthea, on the night when Fatima disappeared, when you left me at the bar watching Fatima and Pierre up on stage, where did you go? And who did you meet?"

I don't think Anthea was expecting this question. The event was now at least two weeks old. "You mean when we first came here? To Hendry's? About a fortnight ago?" she asked.

I nodded my head. "Yes, when you pissed off out the back and left me ogling that girl's tits, as you put it!" I reminded her.

Anthea smiled. Yes, she did recall the incident now. "That's right! I remember now. I went out back to the ladies changing room because you wouldn't take your eyes off that woman up on stage," she confirmed.

I reminded myself of Fatima's excessive breast size and gave a little wry smile. "Well she did have big tits!" I said in my defence, "but that's not what I want to know right now. What I want to know is; when did you meet up with Suzette? Did you go straight to the changing room, and was she in there when you arrived?"

Anthea considered the question. She nodded her head. "Yes, I did go straight to the changing room after leaving you. But the place was deserted to start with. Suzette came in a little later. But it wasn't long afterwards," she answered.

Now I was getting somewhere. "Just how long?" I asked.

Anthea thought for a moment. "As I told you, it wasn't long," she repeated, "it was just a few minutes, maybe five at the most before she walked in through the door. We then got to chatting."

Anthea considered my further question then nodded her head once more. "That's right. I was with Suzette all the time afterwards, right up to the time when you burst in through the door," she confirmed.I was thinking five minutes was a long time, but not long enough to do any serious kidnapping. It did however put a different complexion on things. All I needed now was a little more clarification. "And you were with her all the time after that?" I queried. "You were with her right up to the time when I carried Fernando into the room?"

I didn't know were all this was leading me, but at least things were a little clearer in my mind. It also put Suzette in the reckoning, which is something I'd not considered up till now. I settled back down. It was time to listen to the rest of Anthea's tale. "Please, do carry on Anthea, sorry for interrupting," I apologised, "let's hear the rest of your story."

Anthea cleared her throat before continuing. "As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted," she said with a mock snarl, "Whilst Fernando was on the phone Sadie turned up. She'd finished with her client down in the dungeon, and from that point onwards I guess it all started to happen.

"Anyway, I saw Sadie's return to the bar as a chance to get Fernando away from there. So, as soon as he'd finished his conversation with Suzette I reminded him my earlier suggestion. I proposed that we go upstairs together now that Sadie was back and capable of looking after the bar. To be quite honest I didn't expect a positive response, but to my surprise he accepted. It was a sudden turn around I can tell you.

"In fact Fernando seemed extra keen to take up the offer. He explained to Sadie that I was one of the Club's owners and told her we were going upstairs to his office to discuss Company business.

"Fernando then immediately hit problems. The suggestion didn't go down at all well with Sadie. In fact she didn't like the idea one little bit. She was still dressed in some rather kinky leather dominatrix gear and I think she was planning to get changed and go home. I think she'd only come to the bar to tell Fernando that she had finished for the evening and to say goodbye. But after a few desperate words from Fernando, and the enticement of a sizeable bonus if she stayed on a little longer, she agreed to serve behind the bar for one more hour. But that was all, just one more hour and she was leaving. After that Fernando would have to take over again.

"Anyway, with Sadie agreeing to remain in charge for a little while longer, Fernando and I left the bar. As soon as no one was in sight and we were climbing the stairs, I came on strong again. I hooked myself onto his arm and told him that I needed to be tied to the bed, receive a good whipping, then be fucked silly.

"And if that wasn't enough I also gave him a sob story. I told him you had left me alone at the cottage a couple of nights back and pissed off to Birmingham to sleep with Sandy. I told him I was angry, and I told him I didn't particularly care about you anymore and considered myself to be a free agent. I reckoned if that little lot didn't get to him, then nothing would.

"Well I guess it must have worked, because Fernando led me straight to one of the rooms and took me inside. And if you don't know any of the upstairs rooms at the club, then this room just happened to be the one right next to his office.

"Now, from past experience I happened to know all about the upstairs bedrooms, every one of them, and this one I possibly knew a lot better than all the rest.

"This was one of Hendry's very special and very private rooms, with an adjoining door to his office. Back in Hendry's days this particular room was always off limits to members. Obviously I knew all about it, I'd suffered a few sessions in there when Hendry was running the place. But all the same, I didn't have any particular suspicions about Fernando using the room except into thinking that perhaps he had all the same kinky perversions as Hendry.

"However, I do remember thinking this a little unusual. It didn't seem to tie in with any of his previous actions. But then, I told myself, this is precisely what you'd asked me to find out, and this was what my secret mission was all about. So I guess I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I accompanied him into the room and let him close the door behind me.

"Anyway, whether by choice of design, I now found myself in Hendry's old electric shock treatment room. The room's all dressed up to look like an operating theatre, with white tiled walls, ceiling and floor. The place echoes as you walk in. There's a modern operating table in the centre with straps to hold down the patient. The table's adjustable with a foot operated rise and fall, and it's also got a backwards and forwards tilt to stand the patient upright. The place looks real enough, just like an operating theatre, with a big light above the table, and alongside there's this great big shock machine with lots of wires and electrodes.

"At this point I still wasn't sure whether this really was Fernando's turn-on. After all there was a chance that he'd just taken me in there for convenience's sake. It could be that all the other upstairs rooms were occupied and this was the only place left free.

"Anyway, on entering the room we walked to the centre. I was still clinging to Fernando's arm. I asked him what he was proposing we do? He patted the surface of the operating table. `Let's see you naked and up on here,' he told me.

"Obviously it wasn't much of a surprise having got this far. So I did as I was told. I started to take my clothes off. I remember thinking; `I hope Woody's going to appreciate all this'.

"I was in the process of stripping when Fernando switched on the shock machine. So I knew what was being proposed, and let me tell you it's scary even before you even start. The machine hums and there's gauges and flashing lights everywhere. I think I nearly wet my pants thinking about it.

"Anyway, whilst I was stripping, Fernando got himself all dressed up like a surgeon. He put on a green gown, a surgeon's cap on his head, a mask over his face, and rubber gloves on his hands. When he was finished he looked just like the real thing.

"I presented myself naked to him. I think I'd finished undressing about the same time as he'd got himself dressed. I then asked what he wanted me to do?

"He patted the operating table once more and said: `I'd like you up on here please.'

"I did as instructed. I climbed up on the table, laid myself down and made myself comfortable. Well as comfortable as you can get on that thing. The surface is leather padded, but it's hard and cold, and there's nowhere to rest your head.

"Fernando let me settle then strapped me down. The straps go right over you and pin you down with your arms by your side. They also go over the ankles and legs so by the time they're all done up you just can't move. However, I didn't particularly mind. I'd been through all this many times, so I knew what to expect. The shocks can be extremely painful, so you get yourself in the right frame of mind. You tell yourself it doesn't really hurt and hope that it doesn't.

"There's also a trick involved here. You get to learn these things from past experience. By keeping your legs together when the straps are pulled across you, then you're protecting yourself from having the electrodes stuck to places you'd prefer to be left well alone.

"Anyway, after being strapped down, Fernando set about attaching the electrodes. There's a sort of jelly-like paste that comes in tubes. It's a water based substance and helps with the flow of electricity. He pasted me up then stuck the electrodes to my body using strips of tape to hold them in place.

"He used four electrodes altogether, he put two on my tits, just above the nipples, stuck one against my bellybutton and, because I was keeping my legs locked tightly together, he put the last one as close to my clit as he possibly could, he actually stuck it to my fuzz, which doesn't help, but it's better than a bit further down.

"When he'd finished sticking the electrodes he did a little test with the machine. He turned everything down low then pressed a button. At first you don't feel a thing. All you are aware of is this funny sensation running through your body and your muscles twitching for no reason at all. It's only when the surge of electricity stops do you feel the pain, and I can tell you it really starts to hurt even if the power is meant to be low. After that all you can do is grit your teeth and wait for the pain to go away.

"And that's precisely what he did. Fernando waited for my muscles to relax, so he must have known what effects the shocks have on you. He then asked me: 'How was that? Too much current? Too little? Just enough?'.

"I couldn't see his face behind the mask, but I was sure he was grinning, so I swore at him: And I had a lot to swear about. The bastard, he'd gone and singed my pubes.

"After that Fernando was deliberate in his movements. He turned up the dials on the machine, making certain that I could see what he was doing. He also told me the settings, which didn't mean a lot, but they did sound high. It was these many volts and so many milliseconds, or something like that.

"Anyway, after being made aware of the fact that the next time the machine was used I would know all about it, Fernando started to throw questions at me. I guess that was the name of the game and I was ready for this. Well as ready as I could be under the circumstances. However it was the line of questioning that threw me. He wanted to know all about you Woody. He wanted to know where you'd been of late; what you'd been up to, and what you were doing in Paris? He also wanted to know why you'd sent me to spy on him?

"To be quite honest I was taken by surprise. But even at this early stage, it was clear to me that this was no longer a game. Fernando sounded serious and prepared to hit that button hard if I didn't come up with the right answers. I used the Club's safety word just to see if he was really meaning it... and he was... he told me; `bollocks'.

"Fernando didn't hit the button straightaway. He just kept on asking about you. Where's Woody been? What's he been up to? What is he doing in Paris? And was I sent to spy on him? He just kept on and on and on. As I was saying, it was a long time before he hit that button, but when he did, oh boy! Didn't it hurt? Not only did he frazzle my pubes he set the rest of my body alight. I could smell my own flesh burning, and I tell you, even with Hendry at the controls things were never as bad as this.

"Anyway Woody, you'll be pleased to know I didn't tell him a thing. Not one single thing. I hung on in there. I told him that I hadn't a clue where you were, and if you really were in Paris, then that was news to me. I also told him to go fuck himself."

At this point I broke in and held Anthea's hand. I'd not expected her to endure so much pain and suffering, and put up such resistance, all on my behalf. I felt genuinely sorry for her. If I'd have only known just how much she was asked to suffer then I most certainly wouldn't have sent her on the mission in the first place. "I'm sorry Anthea, so sorry," I apologised. "I just didn't know he would do all that to you."

Anthea beamed and patted my hand in return. "Don't worry your little head about it Woody," she told me, "honestly, it was nothing. In fact it was quite an experience. It was just at the time, well it can make your eyes water, and I've still got burn marks on my tits and bellybutton, and it left a big round ring where my fuzz used to be; and that's what's the most annoying thing about it all. Having no pubic hairs. I've had to shave them all off in the hope that they'll grow even again."

I put my head in my hands. Anthea never ceases to amaze me. There I was listening to all her tales of woe, and thinking just how much she'd been made to suffer because of me, and she turns round and tells me she really enjoyed the experience.

I decided to let her carry on. What more could I do? "Just finish telling your tale and cut down on the suffering," I told her.

Anthea smiled and patted my hand once more. "Now where was I?" she continued as if nothing had happened. "Ah yes, I was telling you about Fernando. Well eventually we began to run out of time. I was always aware of this, so I knew just how much longer there was to go. It was something I was stalling for. Sadie had given us just one hour together, and when Fernando finally gave up on me there were only about five minutes left.

"He actually thanked me for the session and hoped that he didn't hurt me too much. I told him; `bollocks,' and that it did hurt. To this he just grinned.

"Anyway, Fernando took off his surgeon's gear, and I think the hour was almost up when he finally switched off the machine, removed the electrodes and unbuckled the straps from about me. He then left me to sort myself out.

"His final words to me were: 'I'll leave you to clean yourself up and get dressed. I've got to go and relieve Sadie. It's a pity, I wish we'd have had more time together, but never mind, thanks for the session anyway, it was most enjoyable.'. And with that he walked out the door.

"Well after that I guess I took my time. I was feeling a bit sore, especially around the tits, and didn't particularly want to put my bra back on. So I went down to the ladies changing room first. What I really wanted to do was put some cream on my sore bits and I knew that I'd find some there.

"Anyway it was quite some time before I returned to the bar, perhaps fifteen, maybe twenty minutes, but when I did I received quite a shock. Fernando was gone and Sadie was still serving.

"Sadie told me Fernando's mobile phone rang the moment he walked into the bar. Apparently whatever the phone call was about, it was an emergency and he had to leave suddenly.

"Fernando had asked Sadie to remain in charge when she really didn't want to be. I think she had a private session organised somewhere which was none of my business and I didn't ask.

"Anyway I felt sorry for her, and since I was technically her boss, it was at this point I took over I guess. Sadie said she didn't know when Fernando would be back, and she couldn't maintain the bar all on her own indefinitely. So I made my first management decision. I said that I'd help out. I said that I would relieve her and work behind the bar. And that my dear Woody, is what I've been doing up till now. I've been running the joint. I've been in charge of Hendry's for the past two days.

"Anyway, about half an hour ago Suzette turned up. She said she'd spoken to Fernando and he'd asked her to come in and see how things were getting on without him. So I explained everything to her, then asked to be relieved for the rest of the day. After that I simply grabbed my things and sailed off down the road to the Elms.

"And that's just about it I guess. I turned up here about half an hour ago. Discovered you and Sandy sat at this table and you know the rest."

I leaned across the table and gave Anthea a big kiss. "Thanks for everything dear sister," I told her, "you did well, very well."

Anthea gave me one of those leers I was getting used to of late. "Then don't forget your promise to me," she said.

I knew what the promise was: I didn't need reminding. "You want tying to a bed and fucking until you shout stop?" I queried.

Anthea's face lit up and she nodded her head. "That's what you promised," she confirmed, "so when are you going to deliver?"

I looked to my watch. The time was about five-thirty in the afternoon. "Tonight," I told her, "tonight you'll get your just reward. I promise."

Anthea pulled a face. "Why not right now? This very minute?" she demanded. "We can go up to our room."

I pushed my chair away from the table. "Because I'm off to speak to Suzette. She's at the club now and I need to have words with her," I said. I then got up, and, deliberately leaving the two girls sat at the table, I made my way out of the dining room before anymore could be said.

I was in a hurry to see Suzette. We had a few things to discuss.

* * *

End of Chapter Fourteen