by Nosbert


                                                          * * *


CHAPTER FOUR - Nothing Adds Up


I woke up on the Sunday morning with a splitting headache. My forecast the night before had been correct - on our return to our hotel Anthea had been very demanding. I also had another problem, I just couldn’t sleep afterwards, which was unusual. I spent the rest of the night just lying there and thinking about Fatima and that mysterious third diamond cufflink.

The next morning Anthea knew immediately that something was bugging me, and she told me so as we went downstairs for breakfast. Anthea’s always very good at weighing up my mood swings. She called me a grumpy old sod. Basically I ignored her.

Anyway, after the predicted plate full of aspirins and a gallon of black coffee we returned to our hotel room. I tried to think positive and put everything to the back of my mind. It was time to book out of the hotel and return to Birmingham. But first I needed to phone Sandy and confirm our homecoming.

I dialled her home number first and got no answer, so I rang her mobile next.

Sandy answered.

“Hi there gorgeous,” I said, “we’re just setting off from the hotel now… I guess we’ll be back in Birmingham sometime around three o’clock.”

There was hesitation and I knew immediately something was wrong.

“Woody, I’m sorry,” Sandy answered, “but my mother’s not feeling too well… I think I ought to stay here and look after her for a bit.”

I felt sorry for Sandy. Since her father died she did so much care about her mother.

“That’s all right then Sandy,” I told her, “you do what you think is best… I’ll just collect my car and carry on… tell me when you want fetching and I’ll come and get you.”

“Thanks Woody,” said Sandy. “I think it’s just a summer cold… but she’s in bed and needs looking after.”

I understood and left it at that.

“Bye then sweetheart,” I said and put the phone down.

I turned to Anthea. Her case was packed and she was sat on the bed and listening.

“Sandy’s going to stop and look after her mother for a few days,” I explained.

I was going to add that it was back to Lower Clunley without Sandy, then a thought came to mind and I made a snap decision.

“Anthea, unpack your clothes, we’re stopping another night,” I informed her.

In the time it takes to blink an eye I’d formulated a plan. It went something like this: Today was Sunday and all the shops were closed, but first thing Monday morning I would visit the jewellers where I purchased my own diamond cufflinks. I didn’t know what I’d discover, but I had a hot lead and didn’t want to drop it now. I reckoned the respite gave me enough time to do a bit of investigating and still be back in time for Bruce and Jenny’s return.  

I had all this in mind when Anthea opened up her suitcase and asked me a question. To be quite honest it was something I’d not considered. I was more concerned with Monday.

“What are we doing today then Woody?” she asked.

Immediately I made my second snap decision in as many seconds.

“We’re going back to Hendry’s,” I told her.


                                                          * * *


We arrived at Hendry’s by taxi a little after eleven o’clock in the morning. Being a Sunday and because the club didn’t open until eight o’clock that evening, the place was deserted and there was just one car parked in the driveway.

I tried the front door but it was locked, so I rang the bell. Eventually through the glass panels I saw someone coming. Then I noticed who it was and quickly placed Anthea between me and the door.

“You speak to him,” I told her. “Tell him you own the place or something and that you want to have a look around.”

Anthea looked at me as if I was stupid.

“Why, it’s only Hulk!… he won’t harm you… tell him yourself,” she retorted.

I guess I picked up enough courage and moved to the front again. But I was still quaking in my boots I assure you.

The door opened and Hulk peered out. He recognised me immediately and rather surprisingly also knew my name. He also referred to Fernando by his surname.

“Ah! Mr. Woods,” he said and sounding rather pleasant with it. “Mr. Garcia said if you ever were to come back then I was to let you in.”

I was a bit taken aback. I was going to ask him nicely if I could please come in, and beg of him not to beat me to a pulp. But I didn’t have to do anything like that. He simply opened the door wide and let me pass.

Anthea following in my wake kissed Hulk on the cheek.

“Nice to see you again Hulk,” she said, “still keeping out of trouble I hope?”

If Hulk had a neck and not a tree trunk stuck between head and shoulders I guess he would have nodded. Instead he just smiled. 

“Yes Miss Hamilton, I’m going straight as a die now,” he told her. “Those days are behind me now.”

I was beginning to warm to Hulk. He even showed respect for Anthea by calling her by her surname. Perhaps he wasn’t the ogre I made him out to be. I was intending to scuttle off quickly down the corridor before he could catch me, but I stopped and turned to face the big man. I had a question for him and I tried to put it to him as nice as possible.

“Hulk?” I asked. “I gather you were on the door last night when a girl from here got abducted… can you please tell me what you saw?”

Hulk didn’t hit me, instead he rubbed the stubble on his chin then led me outside to stand on the top step. He pointed to the corner of the house and then to the curved driveway leading out to the road.

“Yes Mr. Woods, I saw a man carrying something in his arms,… he came from over there,” he explained and pointing to the corner of the house. “He was trying to run but was weighed down… he came from around that corner, then went up the drive to the gate over there… as he came by I saw who he was carrying… Mr. Renard told me to look out for someone taking Miss Fatima away… well it was her I saw in this man’s arms… she didn’t have any clothes on and looked unconscious… her head and arms were flopping up and down.”

I was impressed. For all Hulk’s massive size he was quite an articulate man and could express himself quite well.

“Can you describe the man doing the carrying?” I asked.

Hulk rubbed the stubble on his chin once more.

“Not very well Mr. Woods,” he told me, “it was dark. He was also wearing one of those hoods with holes for the eyes.”

“What about height?… clothes?… anything to distinguish him by?” I asked.

Hulk thought again then shook his head.

“Average size… maybe… it was difficult to tell Mr. Woods… he was wearing a suit jacket though… he must have been one of the members I let in last night,” he surmised.

I guess that was about all I was going to get, so I moved on.

“What happened next?… what happened when the man reached the end of the drive?” I asked.

I wasn’t expecting this, but Hulk moved down the steps to the driveway below. I was wondering if he was about to run down the drive to re-enact what happened, but somehow I doubted it. At the bottom he spoke again.

“Well Mr. Woods, there was a car parked over the other side of the road just there,” he said and pointing through the gate and to the opposite side of the road. “I saw the man unlock the boot and bundle Miss Fatima into the back… he then went round the other side, got in and drove away.”

Suddenly I was curious, if not a little confused. Looking at the comparable shortness of the drive, and the time it would take to unlock the boot of a car, bundle someone inside, then get in the driver’s seat, start the engine and pull away; I was wondering why Hulk didn’t find time to stop him? All he had to do was stand in the way and act like a brick wall, and that would have been sufficient.

“You didn’t try to stop him then?” I asked.

Hulk shook his head.

“No… Mr. Renard said I was to inform him if I ever saw anyone taking Miss Fatima away… but not to do anything about it… so, as soon as the car drove away I went inside and phoned the bar… they said Mr. Renard was finished on stage, so I phoned him next… he answered and I told him what had happened.”

“What about the car?” I asked, “What sort was it?”

Hulk thought for a moment, then shook his head.

“It was dark Mr. Woods,” was all he could describe it as.

I guess I was getting nowhere with this line of questioning, so I tried to piece together what I’d just heard. On reflection I came to the conclusion that perhaps there was a little bit of logic in there somewhere. In fact, what happened was probably what was expected to happen. Fatima had to be taken without resistance, since that was the plan. Pierre would have left word to be notified the moment Fatima was seen to be abducted. He would then grab his tracking device and set off after her. It was probably a bit of a shock for it to happen so soon, and he probably got a further shock when he discovered the shoe that was sending out the signals was still in the building.

Other parts to Hulks story also rang true. The man carrying Fatima was a member here and came dressed for the occasion, that I could guarantee. He was also a rich member, and I bet when he got back home he discovered that he was a cufflink missing. It also seems that he couldn’t find a parking spot inside the club premises and had to park in the street outside. That suggested to me that he probably came late. I wished now that I’d taken more interest in all the cars parked outside in the road. But of course I didn’t. I’m not superhuman! But all the same I was beginning to build up a reasonable profile of Fatima’s abductor.

There was one thing that didn’t add up though: It was the number of abductors. Fernando said he saw two men out the back of the building. Yet Hulk said he only saw one man heading for the car. The only thing I could think of was that the second man returned to the bar. It would also explain the scuffle at the door. One man could be tackling Fatima whilst the other dealt with Fernando.

Deep in thought I thanked Hulk for his assistance and returned to Anthea at the top of the steps.

“Come on, we’re going out the back,” I told her.

There was something I wanted to try out. There was something that did not quite add up and I needed to establish a sequence of events. Try to follow my reasoning here and see if you agree with me:

I saw Fatima leave the bar via the back door. She was naked and carrying her clothes in her arms. I then hung around for probably another five minutes before going out of the front door to check on the loos in the corridor. I probably spent another five minutes hanging around outside the ladies toilet before going up the stairs to Hendry’s old office. After that I moved along the landing and down the other side to find Fernando lying in a big heap in the doorway.

Well the question I kept asking myself was; exactly how long did all that take me?

Calculate it this way: All in all I reckon a good fifteen minutes must have elapsed from the time I saw Fatima pass through the doorway to the time I found Fernando lying on the floor: But that was not all. I’ve still not accounted for the minutes taken between the time I picked Fernando up off the floor and took him to the Ladies Changing Room, and the time after that for Pierre to burst into the room.

Now, even allowing for any discrepancy in my logic here, I still reckoned a conservative estimate for the time period between Fatima leaving the bar and Pierre bursting in through the door was a good twenty minutes, and probably more.

Now call me stupid if you like, but if I was abducting someone and didn’t want to get caught, then I reckon I could have done the job and got clean away in just a fraction of that time.

As I walked through the deserted bar area with Anthea by my side I decided to test out my theory. As I reached the rear door to the gardens I stopped and looked Anthea up and down. She was about the same height and weight as Fatima, and I considered myself Mr. Average.

Anthea could see my eyes looking her up and down.

“What you looking at me like that for?” she asked quizzically.

I didn’t answer.

Instead I considered whether it was wise to go ahead with my plan. I was wanting to re-enact the kidnapping in order to establish a few timings, but to do it for real I needed an unsuspecting victim. I had to take someone by surprise and administer chloroform. Obviously if I was going to go ahead with my plan then that victim had to be Anthea, since there was no one else around. I therefore considered whether I should consult with her first; warn her of my intentions, but in the end decided against it. I tried to look at this logically. Fatima would surely have been taken by surprise; so in order to re-enact what truly happened I needed all things to be equal.

In the end I had an idea. I decided to turn this into a little game. I just hoped Anthea would appreciate my reasoning behind it all.

“Anthea?” I said to her, and trying to sound all sweet and nice. “We’ve got the whole place to ourselves, there’s no one else around, so why don’t we play a little game? Why don’t you to take off all your clothes, then when I call you, come through this door carrying them in your arms… and I’ll be on the other side and waiting… and we can start our little game from there?”

Anthea gave a big broad grin at my suggestion. There was nothing she liked better than playing a little game providing it included bondage and the liberal use of a cane or whip. Oh! and plenty of sex afterwards. Complete satisfaction for Anthea only comes after two or three final multiple orgasms! And after last night’s little episode I just hoped I could oblige.

“What are you suggesting then Woody?” she asked, her voice bubbling. “What little game are we going to play?”

I winked.

“Now that would be telling wouldn’t it? It’s going to be one big surprise, I promise you,” I informed her.

Anthea didn’t need telling twice, she was already undoing her suspender belt and rolling down her nylon stockings as I moved on through the door.

“You want me to take everything off then Woody? And you want to see me naked as I walk through this door?” she enquired as I began to close the door behind me.

I nodded my head through the narrowing gap.

“Yes Anthea, I want you to take off everything you’re wearing. I want to see you naked, and I want you to be carrying everything with you in your arms. Then, when you hear me call, I want you to come through this door. After that just play along with everything you see and hear,” I explained.

I left Anthea to get undressed.

I closed the door behind me and moved quickly down the corridor to the Ladies Changing Room. I then went straight to the locker I’d deposited Fatima’s clothes the day before and collected that bottle of chloroform. After that I returned to the corridor and moved on down as far as the emergency exit. Here I opened the door slightly and held it there with one foot. I then checked my pockets. I still had that cotton pad on me. I’d changed my blood-stained jacket back at the hotel, but in doing so I’d transferred everything in the pockets from one to the other. I’d even brought the tracking device with me just in case it was needed.

Quickly I re-soaked the cotton pad in fresh chloroform. I then looked to my watch and waited for the second hand to reach twelve. I assumed Anthea would be ready by now. Getting undressed has never been a problem, it’s getting ready to go out that takes forever.

“Right Anthea, you can come through the door now,” I shouted down the short corridor.

The door opened almost immediately and Anthea stepped through. As instructed she was naked and carrying her clothes in her arms. She saw me standing at the other end of the corridor and hesitated; the look on her face suggesting she was more than a little confused. I guess she was expecting to be whisked away to the dungeon and not invited to a romp in the gardens.

Pssst… Anthea… come over here,” I called, “I want to show you something in the garden.”

On hearing my call Anthea skipped down the corridor to meet me. I opened the door wide and together we stepped out onto the garden path.

The moment we were outside I grabbed her from behind and thrust the chloroform pad to her nose and mouth. She began to struggle, which was not unexpected, and her clothes dropped to the ground. Instinctively her hands came up to my wrists and tried to claw them away. I could see that if I was wearing cufflinks how one of them could easily have got dislodged. Anyway, I held the pad firmly to her mouth and within sixty seconds her body went limp. I know because I was counting the seconds. The moment this happened I dropped the pad and picked her up in my arms. I then began to run along the path that ran around the outside of the house.

As I rounded the front corner of the building I spotted Hulk standing on the top of the steps. Perhaps this wasn’t exactly how it happened, but I called to him: “Hulk wait there,… I’ll be with you in a minute.”

After that I ran all the way down the drive to the road. I didn’t actually leave the premises. I knew I’d be asking for trouble if I did that. It was broad daylight now. So I looked to my watch and added another thirty seconds for depositing the body in the boot, getting the car started and driving away.

I then did some quick arithmetic. I reckoned the total time, from the moment Anthea stepped through the doorway, to the time she was driven away in the car, was approximately three minutes and ten seconds.

A little out of breath, and with Anthea weighing heavily in my arms, I walked slowly back to confront Hulk, who, like I’d asked, had remained standing at the top of the steps at the front of the house.

I took Anthea inside and laid her down on a carpet. It was the softest thing I could find. I then called Hulk to my side.

I tried to explain.

“Hulk, you’ve just seen me re-enact what happened last night… now show me what you did when you saw the car drive away?” I told him.

Hulk looked around and tried to recall the event as accurately as he could.

“Well Mr. Woods, I came back up the steps and went to the phone over there,” he explained.

There was a phone on a table just inside the foyer.

“Hulk, go outside and repeat everything you did last night… dial the bar first… then dial Pierre… I want to time you doing everything you did,” I told him.

Hulk appeared to find my antics amusing, and he seemed to ignore the fact that there was the body of a naked woman sleeping on the floor next to his feet.

Anyway, he turned and went back outside. I called; “ready,” and watched the time carefully. Hulk went through all the motions, first dialling the bar and then Pierre. It took fifty seconds that was all. I did some mental arithmetic. Adding Hulk’s time to my previous exploit came to four minutes exactly. Now the only thing that was missing was the time it would take Pierre to grab the tracking device, leave the Men’s Changing Room and rush upstairs to me.

Leaving nothing to chance, I picked Anthea up into my arms and set off down the corridor. I still had one more timing to do.

As I walked away with knees buckling under the weight I called to Hulk: “That’ll be all thank you Hulk… we’ll be all right now… we’re just going to finish off playing our little game... we’ll be using the dungeon for the next couple of hours… so we don’t want to be disturbed.”

From behind me I heard a reply. “That’s all right Mr. Woods.. I’ll see you’re not disturbed.”

I was beginning to warm to Hulk.

Perhaps he wasn’t such an ogre after all?


                                                          * * *


I reached the dungeon which was down the last flight of stairs and on the opposite side of the corridor to the Men’s Changing Room. I let myself in with the giant-sized key that permanently hung on the wall outside.

With Anthea still in my arms I located the light switches behind the door and, with a little stretching on tiptoe, I turned them all on. As the many banks of hidden spotlights, most of them glowing green, burst into life, I looked around.

The chamber and layout were basically as I remembered them. But under new management there had been at least one notable change; namely the cobwebs. They were all artificial of course. There was a big one going from the light switches to the ceiling, so I could see that they were made up of fine nylon strands. Anyway, I doubted whether there’d be any spiders down here in the vast numbers and sizes needed to generate this many cobwebs.

After staring at the changes for a few seconds I decided that the presence of cobwebs improved the ambience. I was not too sure how Anthea would react though. I knew that one of her phobias was spiders. She was scared stiff of them. You should hear the commotion when she discovers one in the bath back at home.

The chamber was longer than it was wide and I was stood at one end. Even though everything was modern, the architecture was of blocked stone, circular pillars and vaulted arches. Dotted about the chamber were several instruments of torture. There was a rack centre stage and various X-frame arrangements to the left and right. At the far end from where I stood was a raised area. When I was here last there was a brazier complete with an assortment of branding irons up on that platform. They were all gone now. But the two posts with chains, set about six feet apart, were still there, as was the small cage to the rear.

For a brief moment images of poor Bo chained between those two posts filled my mind. (See Submissive Work.) Hendry had really worked her over that night, and when I finally got to her, her body had been completely riddled with burn marks from those branding irons. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that sight, and even now I shudder at the thought. I guess my only consolation is that Hendry is now locked away and serving twenty years for all the pain and suffering he caused.

My thoughts returned to the job at hand. I had a task to complete. I was still short of one critical timing. However I had to do something with Anthea first. With her body weighing heavily in my arms I carried her inside and laid her down on the rack in the centre of the room. At the time I had no devious thoughts; the rack was just something at a convenient height on which to place her without bending my aching back. At this point in the proceedings she remained sleeping peacefully; her arms and legs were limp and just flopping about. I suspected that she would wake up soon, but I was not an expert when it came to administering chloroform.

As I stood there looking down on Anthea’s naked body, and more importantly regaining my breath, I considered my options and concluded that I hadn’t got very many. In fact, after giving the matter a little more thought, I realised that I had only one option open to me.

Let me explain: What I didn’t want to happen was for Anthea to wake up and discover that I was using her for my own gains. That would be fatal. I know for a fact she’d kick me in the balls if she ever found out my real motives for all this. The trouble is, I needed to do one more timing, and that meant leaving her here alone. And if she woke up in that time and found me missing and herself free to move about, then she would start asking awkward questions.

Resigned to the fact that Anthea had to be restrained in some way, I straightened out her legs and arms and centralised her body down the length of the table. Then, standing at the bottom I dragged her down a little so that her feet came level with the two straps fixed at either corner of the bench. I then spread her legs and buckled her ankles into the straps.

I then moved to the top, and, taking Anthea’s arms with me as I went, I stretched them out above her head. The straps for the arms were at the end of two ropes. These ropes were then wound round a drum. I strapped her wrists to the ends of the ropes then moved to the wheel alongside. Slowly I turned the mechanism until a small amount of tension appeared, then left it at that. On the one hand I didn’t want her to wake up feeling uncomfortable, yet on the other, if things appeared too loose, then she’d start to question my motives. I think at the point I stopped I’d reached a good compromise between tension and comfort. I actually tested the ropes above her head by twanging them and watching the vibrations die down slowly until they stopped.

I know it was silly of me, but when I was done, and standing there looking down on Anthea’s naked and stretched out body, I actually considered finding a pillow for her head. Obviously I didn’t. She’d think I’d gone soft. But the thought that I was using her for my own benefits still pained me. I told myself I was being silly, and tried to think of this from Anthea’s angle. What would she really like to happen? What would she really like to wake up and find? Or more likely; what wouldn’t she like to find? After all this was a place of torment and torture, and we were playing our little game.

I looked around the chamber. Then something away in a far corner caught my eye.

I smiled.

It was exactly what I was looking for.


                                                          * * *


Sorry to keep you in suspense, but I’ll explain everything when I return to the dungeon, I promise.

Anyway, with Anthea still fast asleep and stretched out comfortably on the rack, I moved swiftly out of the room.

Across the corridor was the Men’s Changing Room. I entered and looked around. The place had received a fresh coat of paint, it was now a pastel shade of blue, but other than that nothing had altered. There were lockers against the walls and a central bench for changing. The showers and ablutions were through a door in the corner. I looked for the telephone. I found it easily. It was behind the door I’d just entered and mounted on the wall.

I was ready to do my final bit of timing now. So the first thing I did was take out the tracking device from my pocket and place it in a locker. After that I sat down on the bench and pretended to tie my shoelace. I then waited until the second hand of my watched reached the twelve.

I then said to myself; “Phone ringing now!” and got up and walked to behind the door.

I simulated a conversation. I knew it to be short. I knew what Hulk had said on the other end of the line.

After what I considered to be the right length of time, I put down the phone and looked around. I put myself in Pierre’s position. If I’d have been him, instinct at this point would have made me rush for the tracking device, so I did just that. I grabbed the instrument from the locker and switched it on. Immediately I got a pulse. Presumably the shoe was still transmitting from somewhere in the Ladies Changing Room. I tried to follow the signal. The pulse was going straight down the middle. The problem was I was facing the door to the showers and toilets. Quickly I turned around to face the main door and to my confusion the pulse still beat strongly down the centre. Then I realised what was happening. The Ladies Changing Room was directly above me. It seemed that whichever way I pointed the damn thing I was aiming it in the right direction. But at least it did explained one thing; I now realised how Pierre knew that the shoe was in the room above.

Having sorted that little lot out, I set off in a hurry. I left the room, rushed up the stairs and burst through the door to the Ladies Changing Room. I looked to my watch. One minute exactly, that was all it had taken.

I added the one minute I’d just timed to the four I’d previously established. That gave me five minutes in total. I rubbed my chin thoughtfully. In reality it had taken twenty minutes to do the things I’d just done. So what happened during those extra fifteen minutes? What was I missing? Somehow nothing added up! But I was pretty sure if I found out what took place during those additional fifteen minutes I’d be close to solving the mystery.

Deep in thought I drifted on back down the stairs. As I approached the door to the dungeon I heard Anthea screaming. It was one long, horrible piercing yell that just seemed to go on and on forever. I must admit, as I stopped on the other side of the door and listened in. I then chuckled to myself. At least she was awake now and my little ruse had worked.


I guess I’ve been keeping you on tenterhooks wondering what it was I did in the dungeon before heading off to the Men’s Changing Room. So I guess it’s explanation time:


Remember me telling you about the cobwebs? Well, tucked away right in the far corner someone had added a spider to finish off the effects. Now this spider wasn’t real; though I must admit at first glance I thought it was. It was big and hairy, had the body the size of a tennis ball, and legs that spanned to something like twelve inches overall.

I went over and freed it from its web, then at arms length I carried it back to the centre of the room. I then climbed up on the rack and tied the beastly thing to a cobweb above Anthea’s head. I then adjusted it so that it hung on a thread of nylon about six inches above her nose. I wanted to be around when she woke up, but unfortunately I wasn’t. I was only in a position to hear her scream.

After standing on the outside of the dungeon door for a while, just chuckling and listening to her wails, I decided it was time to play the hero. I burst in through the door, rushed up to the rack and made a grab for the spider. I then smacked it hard against the floor and proceeded to stamp up and down on it.

“How on Earth did that thing get in here?” I asked as I continued to jump up and down.

I looked to Anthea. She was staring back up at me with her eyes wide open with fright. Obviously being strapped to the rack it was impossible to look down to the floor and see what was happening.

“Is it dead?” she asked, her lips all of a quiver, “have you killed it?”

I looked down to my feet. I must admit I’d actually made a right mess of the spider, two legs were missing and its stuffing was coming out everywhere.

I nodded my head.

“Yes, it’s dead,” I confirmed, “I’ve managed to kill it.”

Anthea looked about the chamber and eyed the many cobwebs. She, like me, would not have seen these before.

“Are there any more about?” she asked.

I shook my head.

“No, that was the only one,” I told her.

Anthea didn’t appear convinced and looked about the chamber some more. I guess she was reckoning that it would take more than one spider to spin all those webs.

“Tell you what,” I told her, “you just lie there and close your eyes and be a good girl, and I’ll have a good look round the room… If I find another I’ll put it in a box and keep it by your side… then if you don’t finish off playing our little game properly, then maybe I’ll let it loose to crawl all over you.”

Anthea looked horrified.

“Woody… don’t you dare!” she snarled. “I don’t want anymore of those things near me!… If you do I’ll never speak to you again.”

I smiled.

I was beginning to enjoy this.

I traced a finger round one nipple and then the other, then moved to between her legs and ran my finger up her crack. Finally I pinched together a little clump of pubic hairs and gave a sharp tug.

“Then you’d better be good prisoner and let me have my wicked way with you,” I teased.

And I did!

“Who’s a grumpy old sod now?” I asked as Anthea reached her third multiple orgasm on the run.

I’d never fucked anybody strapped to a rack before, but I can tell you now, it’s an experience you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

In fact, that’s exactly what I did.

Oh! and by the way, I kicked the spider under the bench and never did let on that it was just a stuffed toy.


                                                          * * *


End of Chapter Four