First Day on the Job
by Nob

Story code: M+/f, BDSM, cons

Buck Jensen looked at the gorgeous young woman who had just entered his office. “Lyria Lane, is it?”

She nodded, “Yes, I’m Lyria. I had written to you a few weeks ago and got your answer yesterday. So here I am.”

The tall, hawk-faced man chuckled. “I must say, it didn’t take you long to react. Around here, we take that as a pretty good sign. Oh, sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

The statuesque brunette found a chair and pulled it up close to the man’s desk. “If you’re wondering why I answered your ad,” she said, “it’s because I think that I’m just the sort of girl you need. You see, I’ve dreamed of B&D since my teens, and this is the first chance I’ve had to find out whether it’s really what I want.” She looked down at her hands in her lap and tilted her head. “God knows, I took me less than a day to get up the nerve to answer you. But I’ve got to find out if I can handle bondage or not. Do you see what I mean?”

Her host smiled. “You’re not the first girl who’s come here with that sort of question in mind. I think you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether this is really your cup of tea or not, after we’ve explored the subject. If you decide it isn’t, you’ll be free to walk out and your name will never be recorded in any of our books.” He paused and then added, “But given your extraordinary body and attractive face, I certainly hope you will want to stay with us. Oh, it will be as a contract model, not a live-in member of the staff. Shackleton Publishing can’t afford to keep people here at full pay.”

“That sounds reasonable to me,” Lyria answered. “I’ve already got a job and otherwise would have to quit it, so part-timing with you will be perfect -- if I find out that this is what I truly want.” Then she continued, “With no romantic connections now, and my parents both gone, becoming a model with Shackleton could be just what I need to make my life, well, more interesting.”

Buck smiled with pleasure. “If you find that B&D is what you’re looking for, I’m sure we can work out an arrangement that suits both of us.” He pulled open a drawer in his desk. “I assume you’re seen some of our publications and know what sort of materials we publish. Can I show you some recent issues of Bondage Bulletin?”

Lyria shook her head. “I’ve been getting ‘B-B’ for a couple of years now, so I know just what your models can do. I just think that their kind of work is what I’ve hoped for. Ah, how should we start?”

Buck pursed his lips. “Are you free for the rest of the day? I must tell you that an extensive test of your ability and willingness to work in our business will take several hours.”

“Oh, yes Sir,” she answered. “I arranged to take today off, so I can stay here as long as you need me.”

“Great!” Buck said with enthusiasm. “Let me take a moment to find out if our chief B&D expert will be available. If he is, we can begin testing you right away and we should have some sort of a decision at the end of the day, or at least within a few days.” He picked up his phone and spoke into it too softly for Lyria to hear him. After a moment or two, he grinned at her and said, “Dendor says he’ll be free for the rest of the day, so if you want to see if you like bondage and we can use you, we can begin right away.”

“Umm, well,” Lydia said hesitantly, “Yes, we may as well begin now rather than later. Tell me where to go and what to do. I’d like to get this over with so I can make other plans if necessary.”

Buck leaned back in his chair and grinned. “This is going to make my day a lot more fun than I’d expected. If you’ll come with me, we’ll visit what we call ‘the dungeon’ where our initial testing is done. Even if things don’t work out, I’m sure you will be glad to have seen our setup.”

Lydia rose and followed him to an elevator. “Our studio is on the next floor up,” he told her, “in fact, we have the whole top floor of the building, which may give you some idea of the security we maintain. In this ratty neighborhood, it’s safer being high up than down low. Dendor will be waiting for us.”

She nodded her understanding. “And I’ll bet the rent is low here, too.”

“Yes, it is.” On the way up Buck said, “I hope you’re not worried about clothes. We want our models nude to begin with, and so you’ll be expected to strip down to the buff in a little while. Are you willing to do that?”

“Of course, Mr. Jensen,” she answered. “If nudity and strict restraint weren’t part of the deal, I probably wouldn’t be interested at all. Being naked won’t bother me a bit, and if there’s no restraint at all, I wouldn’t be interested either.”

“Don’t you worry,” he told her. “As you must know by now, our models get plenty of both. The question is whether you can accept nudity and bondage without protest or complaint.”

Lyria smiled. “I think I can handle both of them with no problem, thank you.”

When the elevator reached the tenth floor the two were met by a man whose brawny shoulders and heavy eyebrows suggested a strong interest in domination and control. He asked gruffly, “Mr. Jensen, is this the young lady you called me about?” He looked at her carefully. “I hope I can persuade her that what we do here is satisfying, for she looks like a first-class model for our photographers. God, what a body!”

Lyria shrugged her shoulders, not wanting to show how much she enjoyed the compliment. “You’re Mr. Dendor, are you? Well, I really want to find out whether working for Shackleton Publishing will satisfy me, so I’m willing to do whatever you want today.”

“Okay, Miss,” Dendor said. “Let’s go to the bondage cells and see what you think.” He gestured to her and she followed him without hesitation, eager to find out just what real bondage would entail. Buck followed along, humming with lusty anticipation.

Soon they reached their destination. Dendor unlocked the door and ushered his companions into a large room. Lyria noticed that an open door led to a dimly-lit tunnel lined with cells. Dendor looked sternly at Lyria. He ordered, “Let’s get those clothes off first, girl. I mean all of them. NOW!

The dark-haired girl trembled for a moment and then began to remove her clothing. Blouse, high-heels, and skirt came first, followed by stockings, garters, bra, and panties. Quivering slightly from the cool air in the room, she turned to face the two men and took in a deep breath to give her amazingly full breasts their maximum exposure. Her audience breathed with excitement. This was one lush beauty that they could not ignore, no matter what!

“What should I do next?” she asked.

“Just cooperate with Dendor,” Buck told her, “and our experiment will be underway.” She waited patiently, not concerned about her nudity.

After a moment of husky breathing, Dendor told her, “Put your hands behind you, girl -- you’re going to be wearing a single-glove sheath back there for some time now.”

She did as directed, and moaned as she felt the heavy leather sheath being pulled up as high as her biceps and then laced until it had forced her elbows together behind her and crushed her forearms together down to her wrists. “Oh, Mr. Jensen, this is so tight,” she moaned, “Can’t it be a little looser?”

“Sorry, girl,” he answered, “this is what all of our models get used to. And having your hands squeezed together at the bottom of the glove makes them both useless and provides a point to which a chain can be locked. You’ll find out what I mean as soon as Dendor locks a hobble between your ankle cuffs.”

The prisoner soon felt heavy cuffs being locked tightly about her ankles, and then a 12-inch chain being fixed between them. To her dismay, another chain was fastened from the bottom of her single-glove down to the center of her hobble, tight enough so that she could only take very short steps while standing erect, or slightly longer steps if she leaned backward to give her hobble more slack. 'Goodness, is this what bondage entails?', she thought. Then she remembered many photos in B-B that showed many girls in the same kind of restraint. 'Okay, I’ll deal with it'.

Now that she was helpless the testing went on. She could feel Dendor wrapping a bridle over her head and buckling its straps tightly. It provided anchorage for a spiteful gag between her teeth. It also had a place to fasten blinders that would limit her vision to what lay directly ahead of her. The gag fitted back between her teeth, holding a tongue-depressor that forced her tongue to the floor of her mouth and also held a crossbar that pulled her lips back in a grotesque grin. Straps buckled behind her head and beneath her chin forced her to bite down on the thing and held it securely between her jaws to keep her in frustrated silence. She shook her head in vain to try to ease the pressure, only to find that device squeezed her tongue even more tightly. And she found that she could not speak understandably at all. 'So I’ll be limited to grunts and moans until the gag is removed', she thought.

After a broad leather collar had been locked about her throat, forcing her to hold her chin high, a stiff leather corset came next, wrapped about her waist and laced at the back until she exhibited a true hourglass figure. It came up far enough to raise her full breasts so that they were thrust out brazenly before her. With her middle so severely constricted, every breath emphasized the lush curvature of her bosoms. She sighed, accepting that this was a basic part of real bondage.

Finally, Dendor held up a coarse leather strap before her. “Know what this is?” he asked with a smirk. Lyria nodded reluctantly, as much as she could. She knew a crotch-strap when she saw one.

“Good for you,” Dendor smiled. “Here, let me put it on you.” He fastened one end of the strap at the front of her corset and then said, “Spread your legs, girl. It goes back between them, you know.” His victim nodded slightly, as if to say warily, 'Yes, I know,' and obediently moved her thighs wide apart. In a moment, the man had pulled the end of the strap back between her legs and with one hand, spread her asscheeks apart enough so that he could fit the strap tightly up between them. Lyria moaned as he pulled the strap up behind her and fixed it at the back of her corset. The pressure between her labia and her buttocks was painful, but at the same time stimulating. She could feel moisture beginning to develop at the entrance to her puss. Without intending it, she rolled her hips to enhance the strap’s effects.

“You like this, eh?” Dendor chuckled. “Yes, I think you will make a most valuable addition to Shackleton’s collection of bondage-babes.”

Buck whistled and voiced his agreement. “If you like this, or even can tolerate it, Lyria, we can write a contract that will make you happy for a long time.”

Lyria hadn’t thought about making money from her fascination with bondage, but the prospect did not discourage her. 'Hey,' she thought, 'If there’s money in this, I may become a full-time bondage model. Wow!' She concentrated on the strap’s feel between her lovelips and thrust her hips forward to intensify the pressure. She didn’t care at all that Buck and Dendor were watching her with greedy eyes. She’d been to bed with guys before and saw no problem if one or both of these men wanted to taste her bodily favors as well.

“Okay, kid,” Buck said, “now we’re going to see if you can be a ponygirl. Let’s go to the stable and see how you like being hitched to a sulky. That’s a one-horse carriage, if you didn’t know.” Unable to speak, she was barely able to nod her head slightly, due to the posture collar, and held still so that a leash could be fastened to the front of her collar. Dendor took the leash and pulled just hard enough to set her in motion. Shaking her head in frustration at how the hobble limited her paces, Lyria kept up as well as she could. Before long they reached another part of the floor and were in the stable.

She could see several cells along one hallway, none of them occupied at the moment, and also a number of vehicles which were obviously meant to be pulled by slave girls. One of them was obviously a sulky, intended for one driver and with a tongue that would require only one horse. But she, of course, would be the horse today. Dendor led her to stand in front of the vehicle, facing away from it, and then she felt the draw-bar being pulled up between her legs.

Her grunt signaled her unhappiness with this arrangement but this did not dissuade Dendor from fixing straps from the bar to both the front and the rear of her corset. Now the bar would be held tightly up between her legs while she served it as a beast of burden. She knew immediately that the draw-bar would not only slide against her clit but press up against it as long as she was compelled to pull the sulky. Maybe bondage wouldn’t be so bad after all!

Her reins came next, fixed to each end of the crossbar that was part of her gag. 'Maybe I should think of it as a bit?' she thought. Her thoughts were quickly disrupted when she felt a sharp tug at the reins, transmitted painfully to her mouth. 'I’m going to have to obey whoever holds the reins, no matter what', she thought with resignation.

“Let’s get moving, girl,” Dendor told her. “There’ s a long hall close to here, and we’ll use it as a runway to see how you can work as a ponygirl.” He paused and then said, “Surely you’re seen pongirls in B-B’s pages.” Her emphatic grunt indicated her agreement with this observation.

She leaned forward against the drawbar, trying to get some traction so that it would move. It required more effort than she had expected, but she continued to struggle until her burden started to roll. Dendor was obviously in the sulky, handling her reins, and they told her when and where to turn. Despite the drawbar’s painful but certainly unavoidably stimulating pressure between her legs, she did her best to obey the reins. Before long they were in the hallway Dendor had mentioned. She could see that it was very long and so expected a strenuous workout. She was right.

Once Dendor had her headed in the right direction, Lyria felt the sharp bite of a whip across her asscheeks. Her muffled grunt indicated that she had indeed felt it, and she did her best to move as fast as her hobble would allow. Twelve inches of chain should let her move with moderate speed, as long as she didn’t lean forward and pull up on the chain from her single-glove to her hobble. She concentrated on staying as erect as she could, trying to use all twelve inches of her hobble, and found that this was the only way to obey Dendor’s demand for speed. Her breath became labored as a result of the effort she was putting forth. But an occasional sting from the whip told her that more speed would be needed if she were to avoid further pain from the lash.

She was snorting for breath when they reached the end of the hallway, but had to obey her reins and turn about for the trip back to where they had started. 'Jesus,' she thought, 'if I can make it back there without falling down, I think I may just pass their goddamn test.' The whip’s painful accuracy provided additional encouragement, even though her body shuddered under each bite. And so finally she had pulled the sulky back to where they had entered the hall, and gratefully halted at Dendor’s “Whoa!” and the steady backward pull on her reins.

Lyria leaned forward, panting with exhaustion, waiting with resignation for whatever orders her reins would convey next. Fortunately, she was steered into the area where the sulky had been stored, and soon had the hated vehicle back in its proper place. Then Dendor released the straps that had held her astride the drawbar and used her leash to bring her back to where Buck was waiting. Her feminine parts were hot and moist, due certainly to the stimulation caused by the thing between her legs.

“I think she’ll do fine after some training,” Dendor said. “She certainly knows how to obey the reins, and after regular exercise she should be strong enough to pull any kind of carriage. We can really use her if you agree.”

“With this body,” Buck said with a satisfied firmness, “we can’t lose. Why, we might just get some shots for our next issue. A new model is always a good way to sell magazines.” He pulled out his cellphone. “If Phil is available, we might even get some good shots today.” He thumbed the number and in a moment asked, “Are you available now, Phil? We’ve got a new one that should look great in pictures!”

The answer was apparently “Yes,” for Buck said to Dendor, “Okay, let’s take Lyria to the posing room. Just a few snaps of her in different positions should provide a nice article for B-B. Man, I’m really going to enjoy this!” He took her leash.

And so Lyria, still gagged, single-gloved, and hobbled, followed Buck and Dendor to wherever this 'posing' would take place. After quite a long trip, they reached their destination. She was amazed, but not unsurprised, for she had seen this room in many of her B-B issues. There were stocks, a high cross, and a 'horse' among other things, many of which she was familiar with. 'These things might pose a problem, all right,' she thought, 'but I can stand it.'

The photographer, Phil, entered the room by a different door, loaded with his equipment. “You want five or six different poses?” he asked.

“At least that many,” Buck answered. “It isn’t often we find such a sexy model to try out our apparatuses.” Lyria wanted to correct his English, but of course had no way to do it.

“The stocks first,” Buck said. “They’ll make for some fine shots of her fanny.” Lyria was thus led to a stock at waist-level that promised to hold her bent at right angles, showing her rear very nicely. Dendor led her to it and after freeing her arms and legs, made her lean down to place her neck and wrists in the appropriate places. Once the top part had been lowered and locked, she was held almost motionless in that position. Her legs were then pulled apart to be clamped in an ankle-stock, at least three feet apart, and then she was totally restrained. Her wonderfully full breasts hung down from her chest, emphasizing her sexual beauty.

Phil circled around her, taking several shots. He said, “Okay, let’s try something new.” The 'new' position involved chaining her spreadeagle between two heavy wooden posts, showing off her glossy, black-haired pussy and also the magnificent outthrust of her ripe breasts. She twisted unhappily in this pose, but ignored Phil’s camera as he filmed her from different directions.

Next came a wooden horse with her chained astride it. Its sharp upper edge bit painfully up into her crotch but she could not escape it. With her arms strapped behind her and her ankle cuffs fixed to the 'horse’s' legs, she could only writhe and grunt at the erotically painful sensations it provoked. She was panting with both exhaustion and excitement as she was taken to the next device and told to kneel in front of it. Soon Dendor had locked her into a double-stock that held her wrists and ankles in a line behind her, ankles between her wrists. The pose made her arch her back harshly, giving both her breasts and her puss full exposure. Phil said, “This should make our readers really happy!”

Phil’s next suggestion was a simple 'Willie', with her legs strapped together, her arms pulled back to be strapped to her ankles, and a strap to pull her doubled knees up against her body. It was certainly a simple tie, but one which left her totally motionless and breathing hard at the compression she had to endure.

Then came an arrangement that she found terribly awkward. On her knees, and with her legs strapped double and spread wide apart by chains to two posts, she was fitted with nipple-clamps (which she had not expected!) and chains from them were pulled up back over her shoulders until she had to arch her back, leaning back as much as she could. Her wrists were chained at the sides of her corselet, keeping them quite useless, and a small 'horse' was shoved between her thighs until she was soon aroused to a high level of erotic excitement. Her helpless and frantic wriggling astride the horse provided many exceptional opportunities for Phil’s camera. Finally he asked, “What about a ponygirl in harness? That should be enough for now.”

And so Lyria was freed from her cramped position and led to the stable where she had first become acquainted with ponygirl duties. This time, however, it was enough just to strap her astride the sulky’s drawbar and have reins fastened to her bit. Her breath was coming in exhausted huffs by then, and as soon as Phil was satisfied with his work, he left. Buck came to free her from this pose, but put the single-sleeve back on her and locked a 12-inch hobble between her ankle cuffs. She was nearly as helpless as she had been, and was worn out as well.

“I think,” he told her, “that you have earned a full day’s pay for what you’ve been through.” She was still gagged and severely restrained, so she could not reply. Buck led her by her collar-leash back to the room where this had all begun. “I’ll free you now,” he said, “and we’ll figure out what you’ve earned today. After all, you’re a first-class bondage model now, and deserve some payment.”

Once Lyria had been freed of her gag, arm-bondage, and hobble, she sighed with relief. “Ohh, this has been a day I’ll never forget,” she said softly. “Yes, I think I can become a bondage model for your company, but maybe not as exhausting as today has been. I still love bondage, even though I didn’t think it would be so demanding. Do I meet your demands or specifications? If not, let me go home and recover from this incredible ordeal.”

Buck answered, “You’ll be one of our star models, Lyria. And for today’s work, I think you deserve a full day’s pay. I’ll have a check ready for you when you come back tomorrow -- if you’ll come back.”

Lyria breathed a sigh of satisfaction. “You can bet I’ll be back tomorrow, Mr. Jensen! This has been one of the most exciting days of my life, and I can’t think of a better way to earn at least a decent salary while I’m doing what I love best. Whatever you have in mind for the next issue of B-B, I think I can handle it. I’ll see you tomorrow, then, at, say, nine o’clock?”

Buck nodded with genuine satisfaction. “I will look forward to seeing you here at nine o’clock tomorrow. We’ll have plenty of ways to make you happy!”

The End