by Nightguy

“I can’t reach it,” Susan said quietly.

She had been lying awake for a while in the semi dark, just letting her thoughts drift in the way they do when you feel like going back to sleep but can’t quite make yourself do so. But now the alarm was going off, and the lump in the bed next to her groaned and simply rolled over. A hand snuck out from under the covers and hit the snooze before disappearing again.

“You’re not going back to sleep again are you?” she asked.

The lump moved, not once becoming visible, although Susan suddenly felt a hand on her stomach, warm and rough. Susan shook her head slowly, but couldn’t help smiling a little as the hand rubbed her belly…slowly…moving a little bit further up and down each time. She thought how wonderful it would be to just lie there and see where that hand was willing to go. But two things were a little more pressing.

“You’re going to be late for work if you keep that up,” she said with a smile, moving just a little under his touch.

“Screw work,” said the lump, “I’ll call in sick.”

Susan sighed, and closed her eyes as the hand drifted up to cup a breast. Two knowledgeable fingers started to play with a nipple, and Susan shifted again, stretching as best she could as her helpless body responded to the stimuli. But as good as it felt, stimuli of another kind was beginning to dominate her thoughts.

“Well,” she eventually said, “ I need to pee. So you’re going to have to get up anyway.”

The hand stopped and slid away, and a pair of eyes topped with an unruly head of hair pushed its way out from its cocoon. “Way to kill a mood,” said Scott with a grin.

Susan smiled and pulled gently on the cuffs and chains that attached her arms to the headboard. “Well, I’d do something about it myself, but…,”

Scott smiled and nodded, and with apparently more effort than it really took, he sat up, stretched, and got to his feet.

Susan had a nice look at his naked, well muscled body, as he padded out of the room to the bathroom, but still sighed as he made her wait, her need becoming a little stronger as the minutes passed. When he came back in, he smiled at her in that mischievous manner that she loved, before moving to pick up the clothes he had discarded on the way to bed.

“Ahem,” she said, pulling at her bound wrists again. “Do you mind?”

“What?” he said, feigning innocence. “Oh, you need to be unlocked. Now, where did I put the keys?”

Susan gave him that now famous look that all women seemed able to give when the joke was being pushed a little too far, but remained silent as Scott dug in his pants for the keys to her freedom. From experience she knew she was allowed to push him only so much about being released from whatever bondage he had placed her in. But she knew the reality they both lived and loved meant that HE was the one that ultimately decided when the bonds came off…and needling him usually resulted in his tormenting her just a little longer than he might have normally. Sometimes, she needled him on purpose, just for the extra time. But right now she recognized the look in his eye and bit her lip…she really needed to go.

Scott…eventually…found his keys, and moved to the bed. He pulled the bedclothes away from her body to reveal her in all her naked glory. She lay bound as he had placed her the night before, her wrists cuffed together in flexible leather cuffs and attached via a short chain the head board. And her ankles were also encased in leather cuffs and chained apart with some slack to the bottom of the bed. This arrangement kept Susan on her back, unable to bring her ankles closer than a foot apart, but with enough slack to allow for some body movement as she slept. It had taken her a few weeks to fully get used to sleeping this way, but now she slept pretty much normally. It wasn’t often when she woke up before the alarm did.

Susan remained quiet as Scott took one of her ankles in his hands. She felt him fiddling with the lock on the cuff, undoing the chain but leaving the cuff locked upon her. Once done he moved to her other ankle, his eyes on her nudity as he smiled and worked the other lock. Susan smiled back, enjoying a similar view as he moved about the bed, and a part of her wished that he didn’t have to release her quite that soon. Scott finished releasing her ankles and let both his hands drift up her left leg, brushing past a more sensitive spot to rise up her tummy and cup both breasts. He felt her breathing quicken a little as he took a moment to lightly pinch her nipples, before continuing up her arms to her wrists. Their faces close, he kissed her tenderly on the lips before undoing the lock that held her to the bed.

For a moment they just looked into each other’s eyes, before Scott stepped aside. “I thought you needed to use the bathroom?”

Susan gave him the look again, but got quickly out of bed before he changed his mind. And Scott enjoyed the view of his naked lover running out of the room, her wrists still cuffed together.

Thirty minutes later, after a mutual soaping party in the master bathroom, found the couple in the kitchen of their newly renovated farmhouse. Scott was now dressed and sitting at the kitchen table looking at the sports section of the newspaper that was delivered every morning. Susan, still nude and bound as she had been when she got up, put a frying pan in the sink for washing up later. She picked up the plate with her own preferred breakfast, some fruit and bread, and moved to sit with Scott. It never failed to amaze her how the man could start his day with fried food, but since she usually made it for him naked, she figured that was half the reason he ate the way he did.

“You have a busy day today?” she asked him, her eyes flickering to the gun and holster hanging on the chair back behind him. Even though Scott was simply a County Deputy in a very quiet part of the world, it was sometimes hard for Susan to think of his job as being…safe.

“Not really,” he replied, his attention more on the previous night’s scores. “My usual patrol I expect.”

Susan nodded slowly as she buttered a slice of bread, the action awkward for her with her hands cuffed, but nothing she wasn’t used to doing even before she met Scott. Susan had been in love with bondage for a long time, and before she met the man she now loved she used to lock herself up in much the same way alone in her former apartment, so she had plenty of practice.

“I was hoping to come to town today,” she said after she had taken a bite, “I need to do a little grocery shopping.”

Scott nodded, but otherwise didn’t seem to be paying much attention to her. The thing was that Susan knew that Scott listened to every word. She had learned over time that Scott didn’t miss much, although he sometimes acted like he was off in his own little world. It was an odd little personality quirk, she thought, but one she accepted easily. It might have been different had his indifference been real, but she knew better.

“So,” she continued, “I thought I might go into town this afternoon.”

Scott stayed silent and turned the page of his newspaper.

Susan, never taking her eyes off him, ate a slice of her apple. “We need milk,” she said.

“Yep,” Scott agreed.

“And more bacon for your unhealthy lifestyle.”


“And more honey. You used up the last of it when you tied me to the bed the other night and painted me with it.”

This made Scott smile, although he still didn’t look at her.

Susan sighed. “The thing is…SIR…I’ll need some clothes?”

Scott waited a beat before looking up at her, to find her blushing a little as she sat nude across from him. Despite all the time they had spent naked with each other, the one thing that really embarrassed her when they were alone together was when she had to ask him for something to wear. And the reason she had to ask was because he kept ALL their clothes under lock and key.

“Maybe you could join me for lunch,” he said, looking back down at his paper, “and go shopping afterward.”

“I’d like that,” Susan replied with a smile. She ate a couple more slices of apple, her eyes never his face, before speaking again. “So…?”

Scott finished his breakfast, folded his newspaper, and stood up to finish getting ready for work. He kept his face as neutral as he could while he did so, not wanting to give Susan a clue as to what he had planned for her this time. He enjoyed watching her squirm, both physically and mentally, and he knew that her mind must be racing as she tried to figure out how he was going to make the mundane task of letting her put something on just a little more interesting.

He kept her wondering until he was almost done, in full uniform now as he pulled on his thick winter coat, before reaching into one of the kitchen cupboards where they kept things that certainly weren’t food. He pulled out a short chain and a couple of locks, and bent low for a moment to chain Susan’s feet together. This wasn’t anything unusual for Scott, he often left her bound the way she was when he went to work. But she did wonder how it was going to help her with her much needed shopping trip later in the day.

Scott took her by the shoulders and leaned forward to kiss her, a very pleasurable experience for both of them, before speaking again. “You can meet me at noon at the café,” he said, moving to the front door, “and don’t be late!”

Susan was surprised and held up her bound hands. “But…?”

Scott suppressed a grin as he opened the door to go out. “I’ll leave the keys in the mail box!” were his last words as he shut the door, leaving Susan rather stunned.

“The mail box!” she exclaimed, shuffling to the door in her twelve inch hobble chain. She opened the door but didn’t step out. Instead she watched as Scott climbed into his car and drove away. She sighed. The mail box was at the end of their driveway, a quarter mile away right on the side of the highway, which wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was it was now December, and record snows this winter so far had been measured in feet, not inches. The driveway was clear with snow ploughed to both sides creating a canyon of sorts to drive through, but there was still hard packed snow on the ground, and she now had to make her way a quarter mile to the mailbox, naked, barefoot and chained, in broad daylight, and back again in freezing weather, without being seen, in time to free herself and get ready to meet Scott in town at noon.

The bastard!

But then again…this was why she loved him.

The first thing Susan did was check the temperature, and the digital thermometer outside the kitchen window confirmed that it was a delightful 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Just right for a half mile naked walk. But it was still early, and Susan figured that it had to get a little warmer as the morning moved along. So she spent her time cleaning up after breakfast and working on other little chores about the house. At one point, as she was making the bed, a fun job with chained ankles and cuffed wrists, she saw herself in their full length mirror and stopped to look at herself. Not really a vain woman, her one concession to vanity was how she thought she looked in chains. She loved how her arms looked, her wrists held close together, and the black bands that bound them seemed to her to be as sexy as hell the way they contrasted against her naked skin. And through Scott she had learned to appreciate a new symbolism, being naked and bound. That of the openness of her body in tune with the tight restriction of her bondage. She knew what Scott saw in it when he looked at her, and had come to love it herself.

So she turned to and fro, having a little fun by pretending she was modeling her look for Scott…until her eye was caught by her collar. This wasn’t the collar she used to wear before she met Scott. The collar she wore on that amazing twenty mile journey of hers this past summer. This was a new one, a Dreamstrike Turian collar. Certainly not as imposing or as secure as her favorite SM-Factory collar, but one that Scott found a lot easier to live with in public.

She had been wearing it constantly for about a month now, and while it was light enough for her to entirely forget she had it on from time to time, it also kept surprising her. Not because of its weight, or lack of as the case happened…but because trading collars was the last part of her true independence that she gave up. She had once told Scott that her keeping the key to her old collar was something she needed to do. It was holding on to a part of herself she wasn’t ready to give up, not even to Scott whom she loved dearly.

But then, there was that day...

After finishing the renovation and moving in, unpacking seemed to take a long time. There always seemed to be more boxes to open. But some were kept back for a purpose, such as the boxes containing all of Scott’s model cars. He waited to unpack them until he had a chance to put up their display shelves. And when the big day finally arrived Susan was amused at how boyish the man had become. Like a ten year old at Christmas, he went down to the basement where they had stacked everything they weren’t ready to deal with yet, on the hunt for his treasures. But it was a different man who came back up.

“Susan, come here,” he ordered, his tone quite serious.

Susan, fully clothed because Scott didn’t keep her naked all the time, had been busy in the kitchen having a go at a new chicken recipe she had wanted to try. It was a little annoying when Scott called for her attention, she had counted on the models taking up at least an hour of his time while she wrestled with the cook book. Yet she was trying to grow into her new role as the submissive of the household, so she dutifully presented herself to Scott as ordered.

“Follow me,” he said, turning toward the basement door and passing through it.

Susan smiled, not yet catching the man’s mood, but instead wondering what devious scheme he had hatched up now. She eagerly followed him down the stairs and looked about for clues as to what he wanted. She didn’t have to look far. Scott stood in the area where they had stored the unpacked items, and she could plainly see that two of the three model boxes were half caved in.

“Oh my God!” she said, stepping forward.

“You think?” Scott replied.

“What happened?” Susan asked.

Scott gave her a look as if he couldn’t believe she had to ask, and pointed at the heavy oak headboard of her former bed, stored down here because they didn’t have any place else to put it yet. It now lay on the floor, but Susan remembered that it had been leaning up against one of the piles of boxes. Her stomach began to churn.

“You were down her last week, digging out bedding weren’t you?” Scott asked, his face quite serious.

“Yes,” Susan replied knowing where this was going.

“And I know you had to move that headboard to do so, right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Did you actually pay attention to where you moved it?”

Susan knew she hadn’t. It had been big and heavy and she had been in a hurry. So instead of asking for help she had simply wrestled it from one pile to another. And she couldn’t even use the excuse of doing this particular chore in bondage because she had been quite free at the time.

“I…I’m sorry, Scott. I just moved it. I didn’t check…”

“No, you didn’t!” He said firmly, almost shouting but not quite there. But Susan could see he was angry. He had started building those models as a boy, and looking at the boxes, it was evident a number of them had been destroyed when the headboard she had moved had somehow fallen over and landed on them after she had left. But something in her she would later regret, made her try a smile and a joke to ease the tension. “I guess I deserve a spanking then!”

Scott didn’t smile. Instead he said, “That’s the thing, isn’t it. We’re supposed to be in this…Master/slave relationship where I would be expected to whip you or something for doing something this careless. But we’ve never really dealt with the discipline side of things have we. I thought we’d never need to…Guess I was wrong.”

Susan lowered her eyes, feeling rather small under his steady gaze. Sure, she had seen him pissed off a few times, and once he even lost his temper when he accidentally burned himself while welding something in the barn. But this…quiet anger…was new…and it scared her.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly.

“I know you are,” he replied with a sigh. He started to pace for a moment, deep in thought, while Susan waited.

“I don’t want to punish you, I really don’t. But if we are going to do this right, there has to be some level of responsibility for our actions…right?”

“If you think so,” Susan whispered.

“If I think so? Well I do think so. Or else we might as well stick to just playing games and doing a little role play. Is that what you want, what you really want, Susan?”

It took Susan a few moments to answer him. She was still scared, but a part of her couldn’t believe that she was actually considering saying no. But that’s what she said, looking him in the eyes as she did so.

“Say it,” he replied, “say what you really want.”

“I…don’t want to role play, I want this to be real…Sir,” she said, looking down again.

Scott paused before answering. “Fine then, you can forget about going out to dinner tonight. Take your clothes off.”

Susan didn’t move, instead she glanced upward, a little more scared about this new territory they were about to explore.

“I said STRIP!” he yelled.

Now Susan moved, pulling off her clothes and dropping them on the ground next to her until all she wore was her Heaven’s Hell collar and some jewelry.

“Hands on your head,” he commanded, and she did so, shivering in the cold basement air but not just from the cold.

“Upstairs, the living room. Move,” continued Scott in a calmer voice.

Susan made her way across the dusty floor and padded up the stairs. She was aware of Scott following her, his eyes on her nude body, but not since they first met had she not felt a hint of pride in his seeing her like this. She proceeded him into the living room where he directed her into one corner of the room, elbows and nose pressed against the wall.

“Don’t…move…one…muscle,” he whispered into her ear.

So she stood silently, back to the room, aware of him moving about behind her, but too afraid to look. At times he would go away, leaving her alone, but still she stood, not knowing if her man was truly gone or not. She didn’t know how long she stood there before he finally came for her, but it had to be at least an hour, and Scott seemed somewhat calmer although no less stern.

“Turn around,” he told her. And she did, to find Scott sitting on a kitchen chair that he had brought into the room.

“Come here.” She moved toward him, letting her tired arms begin to drop, but he barked at her to put them back, scaring her once more.

He guided her onto his lap, laying face down in the traditional position for a spanking, and Susan was a little relieved, her mind having thought up worse things during her time at the wall.

“I know,” Scott said as he got her positioned correctly, “not exactly original. But then I wasn’t really expecting to do this at all. I’m sure I can come up with something better…next time.”

It was the way he said ‘next time’ that scared her the most. There was still the chance this was just a bit of extreme role play, she thought, with them ending up in bed afterward. But Scott’s mood certainly wasn’t showing any signs of it.

“Those hands stay on your head, or I won’t wait to think of something worse for you,” he whispered in her ear.

That was the only warning she got before the first blow landed, and it was nothing like the simple slaps he sometimes gave her butt when they were playing. In no time at all her ass was on fire and she squirmed and bucked and cried as the blows landed. But Scott was strong enough to hold her down and her punishment continued until he decided to stop. And, to his surprise, Susan never took her hands off her head.

When he did stop, more because his spanking hand felt like it too was on fire than for any other reason. He helped her to her feet and walked her back to her corner.

“Stay here, until I say otherwise, and don’t move,” he said.

Susan was huffing and crying and couldn’t believe how much that spanking hurt. The stories she had read hardly did the task justice…it was horrible. Yet she had gotten through it and now that it was over she knew she would be a lot more careful about the house so she wouldn’t get another one. She wished she could put her hands down though, and not just because her arms hurt. As time passed and the fire began to fade, she actually began to feel embarrassed. She imagined her ass glowing bright red as she stood in her corner, like a punished little girl. But she continued to stand there until once more, Scott told her to turn around.

This time he was standing, the chair gone. “We’re not done,” he said quietly, and once more Susan’s fear rose a little because she thought the worst was behind her. But she daren’t say anything. “I’m not going to hurt you anymore,” he continued. “I didn’t want to hurt you in the first place, but I think we needed to establish something here. Now you know what I am capable of, and I hope you respect my position a little better. But there is one more thing to do, something that should have been done a while ago.”

He paused, as if to make up his mind to continue, then nodded to himself. “It’s time you gave up your collar to me.”

Susan was a little surprised, but not entirely. She knew that one day she would give Scott the key to the last thing about her he could not control, and since she met him she had fantasized many different ways of doing that. But naked and punished, this wasn’t one of them. The thing was, he was right. In the last few hours he had dominated her completely in a way their games hadn’t come close to displaying. His reach into her soul had extended ten fold. It wasn’t the spanking itself, or the pain he had caused her, but the lesson that he was now going to hold her accountable to HIS will, and that he was serious about it.

Yes, it was the right time…so still unable to bring herself to speak, she simply nodded.

“On your hands and knees,” Scott said firmly but quietly, knowing what had passed through her head and privately relieved that she had come to understand what had happened here. A large part of him had feared that this very real punishment might have soured their relationship to the point where she might want to leave him. But instead, she understood. So he watched as she gingerly got down on her hands and knees and waited for his next command.

“Go get the key to your collar and bring it back to me. Stay on your hands and knees, the key in your mouth.”

Susan nodded again and began to crawl toward the stairs. She felt rather humble as she moved along, her breasts swaying under her, her ass still burning. But she did as she was told. Scott watched her go, admiring her form until she headed up the stairs, before heading over to a flat box he had been keeping on one of the living room shelves. He waited there until she returned, the key dangling from a chain in her mouth. She stopped at his feet and waited, and he took the key from her mouth and ordered her to kneel upright.

The last thing she wanted to do was to sit back on her painful ass, but she did so carefully, her hands back on her head. Scott said nothing as he crouched before her and fiddled with the lock on her collar for a moment before snapping it open. And then for the first time since they had met, he finally got to see the soft lines of her naked neck as he lifted away the wide steel collar. She had worn it for so long that there were marks on her skin, but he didn’t mind that at all as he let his fingers caress the places he couldn’t touch before. “You are SO beautiful,” he said to her, and smiled as her cheeks flushed just a little at the compliment.

He stood, taking the collar with him, and crouched again with a new object in his hand. This was a Turian collar, a simple circle of shiny steel with a built-in lock. It was much less obvious that the collar Susan had worn constantly since their first meeting, but then that was the point. But more importantly, it was Scott who held the key. Once placed about her neck, Susan would have no choice but to wear it, and her last shred of independence would be gone.

He unlocked it, and placed it about her neck without ceremony, clicking the lock shut and holding the key in front of her face for a moment. And then he stood to look down at her, falling in love with her once more. He smiled, and it was the devilish smile that usually dominated his features.

“Make me some supper, slave girl!” he ordered.

Susan’s eyes flickered up, and when she saw his smile only then did she start to relax, the tension from her punishment finally leaving her, because she knew it was over. And she smiled too. “Yes…my Master,” she replied, knowing that despite the pain she was suffering, not to mention the shock of this change in their lives and this new understanding of this man she had given up so much power to, she had fallen in love with him all over again too.

* * *

All of that day echoed in Susan’s head as she stood fingering her new collar. But daydreaming was not going to get her any closer to getting some clothes and meeting Scott in town for lunch. She had to do something about that soon, or it would be too late. So she headed back downstairs, passing the locked door to the spare bedroom/dressing room where Scott kept all their clothes. In the middle of winter with her clothes locked away, Susan knew she was a virtual prisoner in their home. But then…that was a part of the fun! The temperature outside had risen to twenty eight degrees, and Susan saw she had a little over an hour to go if she was to make it to lunch on time. So she couldn’t wait for it to get any warmer. This was it.

She did toy with the idea of getting some blankets and wrapping herself up. But Susan was the sort of person who played the game as intended, and she knew that Scott intended her to go nude. Blankets would have been cheating, which she also knew that Scott took a dim view of. So taking a deep breath, Susan opened the front door and looked outside. Pretty much every level surface she could see was covered in white snow, except for the driveway itself which was either scraped down to the dirt or covered in muddy brown slush. Susan knew that these mild temperatures, just below freezing, would make the snow soft underfoot, and the sun would even be strong enough to do a little melting in sunny spots. So it would be a wet walk, as well as a cold one. At least there was almost no wind, so she wouldn’t have a wind chill to deal with…just time out in the cold.

This wasn’t Susan’s first time out naked in the snow. Numerous snow angels scattered about the grounds testified to that, and one of her chores after a snow fall was to shovel all the snow off the porch, both in front and in back, while Scott dealt with the driveway. But this would be the longest she would have tried it, and standing in the door would only make it longer. Stepping out onto the porch, she pulled the door shut behind her, making sure that it didn’t lock, and then moved as quickly as she could in her hobbled ankles to the steps leading down to the driveway. A small breeze picked up for a moment, and she felt the cold air caress her body, but otherwise it wasn’t that bad with the sun shining directly on her. She felt she could do this.

Stepping down into the slush was a bit of a shock, but certainly no worse than doing naked snow angels. Moving through the slush and snow with her ankles chained was another new experience, but Susan was an old hand at getting around hobbled, so she managed. Step by very cold step, she moved along, huddling in an effort to keep warm. It was one thing going outside naked in the summer time, but out here in the cold she felt rather more naked and vulnerable. Before, she just had to worry about being seen, but now she also had to think about survival as well. Not that such thoughts were ever going to stop her. Once Susan was given a challenge, she saw it through. Something that Scott knew well.

It didn’t take long for her to make it out of the yard but she still had the long driveway ahead of her. Did you ever see Star Wars, and that long canyon on the Death Star that Luke Skywalker had to fly down at the end of the movie? Well that was what their driveway looked like to Susan when she stopped to see how far she had to go. Snow had been ploughed into drifts on either side, clearing the driveway but making it impossible for her in her chained state to get off the road should someone for some reason decide to visit them. She would have no place to hide, and there would be no missing her bright pink body among all this white.

Standing around would not get the job done though, she had to keep moving or her feet would freeze. So off she went, shuffling as quickly as she could toward the waiting mail box on the highway. As she walked she tried to stay as warm as she could, but with her hands cuffed she could only really protect her front. The effort to keep moving helped to keep her from feeling the cold too much, but as time passed she started to shiver and her body was covered in goose bumps.

Step after step, her target getting closer and closer, Susan started to fantasize as she often did during tasks like this. This time she was a captive of Nordic Vikings, cast out into the snow for not paying proper respect. Captured on a raid in England, she did what she had to in order to survive while her rich father got together her ransom. But word had just reached them that her father wasn’t willing to pay, so her captor, ignoring he pleas, threw her out to fend for herself. Now all she had to do was make her way to the Viking village, where hopefully she could barter her naked body for some food and warmth before she froze to death.

Shuffling along with her feet getting colder and colder, it wasn’t hard for Susan to get into that particular fantasy, but then came the hard part. She had finally reached the highway, well almost. But the end of the driveway where the mail box was, was completely visible to traffic, making it difficult to reach. In broad daylight she would be visible for quite a distance and the hobble chain meant she couldn’t move quickly. Yet the predicament was two fold because she couldn’t afford to waste much time standing there waiting for the road to completely clear. At some point, even with the temperature as mild as it was, she would get into trouble as she continued to lose body heat. So she had to move.

Susan spent long seconds trying to decide what to do, peeking over the piles of snow to see if it was clear. But there was never a moment when the highway was completely deserted. Eventually her cold feet told her it had to be now or never, so she waited for a car to pass before running as quickly as she could to the mail box. Well, shuffling, while trying to keep her balance, and her dignity with her cuffed hands.

But she made it without incident and sure enough their was a set of keys waiting for her. So she moved as fast as she could back into the driveway and began the long trip home. Her shivering was more pronounced by the time she made it back onto her porch, and the soles of her feet were almost numb from the cold. But Susan hardly noticed as happy as she was that she had made it at all. Passing into the house felt like passing into a heat wave, and she collapsed on the living room carpet and tucked herself into a ball for a few moments in an effort to get warm. Only then did her bare feet really begin to tell her how cold they were, and the icy fire from her toes and soles showed her just how fine she had cut her time out naked in the snow.

Something to tell Scott about, she thought. When she could move, she first unlocked all her bonds with Scott’s keys, all except for her collar of course. The key for that was hidden some place she couldn’t find it. Then she struggled up the stairs on tender feet to get some clothes on so she could rush to lunch.

Scott pulled up in front of the Café and when he spotted a familiar car he smiled softly to himself. Inside he saw Susan, bundled up in jeans with leg warmers, thick boots, and one of his oversized wool sweaters.

“You warm enough in that getup?” he asked her, smiling as he sat down.

“I don’t ever think I’ll be warm enough again!” Susan replied, a smile on her own lips as she kept her eyes on the menu.

“Oh, I’m sure I can warm you up later after I get home,” said Scott with a lecherous look on his face.

Susan looked up and winked, then examined him a bit closer. “You didn’t think I could do it, did you!” she exclaimed.

Scott just shrugged, trying not to give anything away.

“You thought I’d turn back, that I’d think it was too cold!”

“I had every confidence…,”

“Bull!” interrupted Susan. “I’ll tell you one thing, buster, you are going to have to work hard to make me fail one of your challenges.”

“I know,” Scott replied, still smiling.

“My reach is longer than you think!”

“Never doubted it,” said Scott, taking her hand and kissing it. “But let’s eat, I only have half an hour.”

* * *

Susan could hear the alarm in her sleep before realizing what it was and waking. And when the world came back to her she stretched as much as her bedtime bondage would allow and turned to look at the man she shared her bed with.

“Scott?” she said to the lump in the bed. “Scott. Wake up and turn the alarm off. I can’t reach it.”

“Yesterday you said you could reach anything!” said the lump.

“Yeah, very funny” Susan replied, shaking her wrists to make her chains jingle.

A hand slipped out from under the covers and hit the snooze, before moving over to something a lot softer.

“Hey!” giggled Susan at his touch.

“Time to feel MY reach, slave girl,” said the lump, and another day got another perfect start.

The End

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