by Nightguy

Rain 1

Susan couldn’t remember when she had last felt so comfortable, warm and content. It was like every need her body had had been satisfied, and all she had to do was exist and enjoy it. And she was, enjoying it, for life seemed just about perfect to her at that moment.

Snug in her thick cotton pajamas, Susan lay on her couch under a blanket, her head on Scott’s chest, watching a movie that he had brought with him. That would have been good enough, but he had also been nice enough to wrap her tightly in rope first, her arms folded behind her back and bound firmly into place, and her ankles drawn up and tethered in a hogtie that she didn’t find at all stressful. Positioned as she was, she couldn’t move at all, which in her mind was just perfect.

Scott, still in his street clothes because he wasn’t planning on staying the night, looked after her without protest. He gave her a sip of her drink when she asked, and fed her popcorn as they watched her TV. And he felt as comfortable as Susan did, enjoying their time immensely.

The only thing wrong really, was the movie. It wasn’t that bad, but it certainly hadn’t been what either of them had really expected. “Is that what you want to be?” Scott asked her after a while.

Susan didn’t answer right away, her thoughts on the action on the screen. A naked woman was being led around a garden on a leash. On all fours she looked rather vulnerable and less than human. Which was the point with this character really, as her purpose was to be more property than person. But what struck Susan was how little the girl smiled, even though she was supposed to be so happy in her new life.

Susan looked up at Scott before answering to find him watching her. “Well?” he asked softly.

Susan looked away. “I don’t know,” she replied, trying to be honest. “There are parts that are certainly appealing, you must admit. But…no, I wouldn’t want my life to be just like that.” She looked back up at him. “I like more of a challenge,” she added with a smile.

Scott smiled back as he took another swig of his own drink, and the couple watched the movie some more in silence before Susan asked him the same question. “Is that what YOU want?”

Scott immediately shook his head. “No, not really. Like you said, there are parts of this that would be fun, like the organ harvesting thing, I could get into that!” he said with a grin, making Susan open her eyes and mouth in surprise. But she could see easily that he was only kidding and if she could have hit him she would have. As it was, all she could do was pull a little at her ropes while giving him a dirty look.

Scott chuckled. “Thought I had you there for a second.”

“Beast,” Susan replied, but she was smiling.

Scott brushed the hair out of her face and kissed her on the forehead before going on. “Making a pet dog out of you would be a fun game for maybe an afternoon, or even a weekend. But, to be honest, I like a lot more activity. I want to try all sorts of things with you, fun things I hope. I WANT to challenge you, as much as you want to be challenged. Does that make sense to you?”

Susan nodded, happy with his answer, and she closed her eyes and rested her head against his chest for the remainder of the movie, just happy to be there.

When the movie was done Scott had to leave because he had the early shift the next morning. He would much rather have stayed, it was hard to tear himself away from this beautiful girl, but he had a long drive ahead of him.

“You are coming up next weekend, right?” he asked her as he started loosening Susan’s ropes.

“Of course I am, I can’t wait to see your apartment for the first time!” Susan replied, wishing he wouldn’t leave.

Scott grinned. “Well don’t build it up too much, it’s just a studio apartment and I’ve been there for years. Your place is bigger!”

“I doubt that!” Susan said with a laugh.

Once he had loosened up the ropes enough for her to get out by herself, he kissed once more and they said their goodbyes, and in moments was out the door.

Susan felt his absence. It wasn’t like when the other men in her past had left her alone, this was so different. It almost hurt. So she lay in her bonds for a short while nursing her thoughts before an idea popped into her head. It was a rather simple idea, but she could do it pretty easily and Scott might get a kick out of it.

It took her several minutes to get free of all the ropes, Scott hadn’t given her a lot of slack to get free, but she managed to get herself untangled and before she did anything else she stood and stretched for the first time in hours. Digging through her closet was next, working her way to the back where she had stored something she had bought on a whim, used only a couple of times, and then put away for want of inspiration. She had to empty out half her closet by the time she got what she wanted, and made sure everything was back in its place before she went on. Susan had always been like that, fussy about her things. It wasn’t that she couldn’t stand a mess, she just had a hard time not doing something about it.

Routing about in the closet had taken up time though, so she hurried through the next bit as quickly as she could. At her computer, she plugged in a web cam she didn’t use very much, got it running, and sent an email off to Scott to tell him how to access it. She had to gamble that he would check his email before he went to bed, but in their conversations together he admitted to her that he was always checking his email…it was his little OCD thing.

The computer ready and running, Susan then turned back to her prize from the closet. It was a wire dog cage, bought because of a one-time fascination she had with cage bondage. Practical self bondage in the thing though had been rather limiting, hence its banishment to the back of the closet, but for what Susan had in mind this time it was perfect. It took only moments to unfold it and set it up, and once she replaced the padded mat that fit inside she was almost ready to go.

Now was the hardest bit. Conscious of the web cam, even though logically Scott was the only person who could even watch her through it, Susan took off her pajamas. This left her nude except for her collar, and after grabbing a blindfold from her box of toys she crawled into the cage and shut the door behind her. Vowing not to get out until her alarm clock went off, she put on the blindfold and tried to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Just like the girl in the movie, she planned to spend the night sleeping in a cage, although Susan thought she would be more comfortable. Her cage had a bit more floor space, and the pad on the bottom was certainly a big help. Susan had noticed that the girl in the movie had apparently rested on the bare bars that made up the floor of the cage, and even if the fictional character had been able to sleep that way, the poor actress playing her had to have been uncomfortable. But Susan was comfortable, and after a time she forgot about the web cam broadcasting her naked image onto the web, and she forgot about the movie and the cage she was in, and soon fell asleep thinking about nothing but Scott.

Scott did indeed check his email once he got back to his place, and with curiosity he followed Susan’s instructions to see what she had done this time. “Oh my,” he said, when the picture appeared. The camera was tilted down and focused pretty much on the cage in the middle of Susan’s bedroom floor. Susan herself could be clearly seen inside it, curled up but facing the camera, her eyes blindfolded against the light she had to leave on for the camera to work. She looked very, very beautiful to Scott, and he watched her for several minutes as she lay quietly asleep.

This girl was really getting to him, he knew that. Was it love? He didn’t know, but what else could it have been? And those were the thoughts that accompanied him to bed not long after. He fell asleep watching Susan, wishing he were there to watch her in person

Rain 2

“Ketchup!” said Scott, waving the turkey baster over Susan’s head.

“What?” asked Susan, eyeing it nervously.

“Ketchup. This baster is filled to the top with ketchup, and I’m going to put it in you!”

Susan’s eyes and mouth opened wide…

It had been a long drive up to the town where Scott lived, but Susan enjoyed the peace and quiet a long drive usually brought. She was heading up to spend the weekend with Scott, and was looking forward to it a lot. Her path took her through the twenty miles she had walked naked and bound many weeks earlier, and as she passed certain landmarks she thought about the last time she had been there. The mile marker where she had finally been able to take off her chains after traveling the outbound leg of her journey, the farm where she had met Scott, the town where she had nearly been caught and maybe raped, and even the factory where she had left her car while on her journey. All thought of fondly now…well…maybe not so much the town. But the entire journey had changed her life, giving her a new perspective on what was really possible for her. She knew that if forced to, she could accomplish anything!

She was happy to arrive in Scott’s home town though, a smaller place by far than where she lived, although its small town atmosphere was pretty appealing to the city girl. Scott met her at the curb, and escorted her up to his apartment, one of a row set above a row of stores on main street. It was, as he said, a studio apartment, the only really separate room being the bathroom. But its open plan made the small space seem bigger, and after a light lunch and some personal time together, Scott suggested some bondage play…which was how they got to the ketchup.

“Just open wide,” Scott said, bringing the baster closer to her face, “I want to put the bulb in your mouth as a gag.”

Susan did as she was told and Scott eased the squeeze bulb past her teeth until the entire baster stood up from her face like a rocket on a launch pad.

“Don’t bite!” Scott warned. “The slightest pressure and you’ll have ketchup all over the place…and I DON’T want a mess, got me!”

Susan barely nodded her head, not daring to move, although she couldn’t move much anyway. She was nude and lying on her back on Scott’s coffee table. Her arms and legs were bound with rope to the table legs, and more rope from her knees to the table kept her thighs wide spread. It was the most open and intimate way he had tied her up yet, and Susan couldn’t help blushing at what he could see. But she trusted this guy, and more to the point at that moment she felt that being bound that way meant that he was in the mood for some bondage sex. The turkey baster threw her though, for not only would it get in the way, but she would also have to be really careful not to bit down on it…hard to do in the heat of passion. She closed her eyes when she felt a sudden touch on her inner thigh, and whimpered gently with excitement. She heard Scott chuckle and watched from the corner of her eye as he stood and undressed. Naked, he was even more beautiful to her, and she wondered what tortures that beautiful body had in mind for her now.

“Remember, not a drop of ketchup spilled,” said Scott as he came back to her, “or this wont be quite as much fun for you!”

Susan held her breath, not quite knowing how serious he was but willing to go on all the same. She didn’t hold it for long though as his hands began their exploration. It felt like years to her, the time he played with her body…and yet also like seconds. He touched her softly, intimately, and was also rough with her, pinching nipples and biting her thighs. He brought out her favorite vibrator from the bag of toys he had asked her t bring with her, and teased her endlessly. Time and again he brought her to the brink before backing off a little to make her squirm. Then there were those times when he did make her cum, while she frantically tried keeping her mouth locked open so she wouldn’t spray ketchup all over his entire apartment.

She laughed, she cried, she moaned in a concert of sound only a man could really enjoy from a woman, but eventually this stage of the fun ended when Scott put down his torture devices and stood over the bound naked girl. “Enough of this, my turn now,” he said, gently pulling the baster from Susan’s mouth.

Susan gasped, her jaw unwilling to close easily after being held open for so long, but her eyes twinkled at the sight of Scott standing over her, his manhood at full attention. Scott smiled, and pointed the baster right at her. “Who cares about the carpet,” he said, and he squeezed hard, spraying Susan’s naked body with the red spread kids love so much.

Susan squealed, but of course she couldn’t get away, and her entire front was soon coated in the stuff she had tried so desperately not to let loose. “Bastard,” she croaked, realizing she had been tricked again. But Scott just laughed and lowered himself onto her, entering her easily for he had worked her up pretty good. The table creaked under them, and their naked bodies splashed ketchup everywhere, but the lovers didn’t really notice as their passion entwined amid the tomato juice.

The afterglow stayed with them all the way into the shower where they took their time cleaning each other up, and it was only as Scott held her close under the warm water that he told her that their weekend wasn’t quite as free as he had wished it to be. “I have to go in for a few hours,” he told her, “one of the other guys is sick, and being my father’s son I’m the one that has to sub.”

“When do you have to go?” Susan asked quietly, disappointed but feeling too well used to care all that much at that moment.

“Pretty soon,” Scott replied, looking at his watch. “It’ll be about six hours, but I’ll try to get away earlier.” He turned her around to face him. “You WILL be here when I get back, wont you?” he asked her.

“Of course!” Susan said with a smile. She reached around and hugged him to her. “It’s you who shouldn’t leave, not me!” she whispered.

He held her tightly, the words “I love you,” falling from his lips without conscious thought. He didn’t mean to say it, and suddenly nervous he held his breath as he looked down at her face. But Susan was smiling, and she kissed his hairy chest before saying that she too loved him.

Things were going to be okay, they both knew that now. But, Scott had little time to dawdle as he needed to get going. So he left Susan to finish washing her hair as he got ready for work.

When she came out, she was wrapped in one towel while she dried her long straight hair with another. But she stopped at the sight of Scott loading his gun. She had seen him often enough in his police uniform, but this was the first time it had really registered with her that he was armed. So she watched as he finished checking his weapon and holstered it, thinking to herself that if she wanted a true relationship with this guy that she had better get used to things like this.

“Okay,” he said, picking up his keys and heading for the door, “I’ll be back in a while. While you are waiting you can clean up the ketchup you spilled!” he grinned.

“Me! You were there too, buster!”

“You’re the slave girl, so you do the cleaning!” he replied with that evil little smile she was coming to know well.

But she could play the game too! “Make me!” she said, taking a stance and folding her arms in defiance.

Scott stood a moment in thought, then went over to the bag with all Susan’s toys in it. From it he pulled some chains and locks and her wrist and ankle cuffs, and with her hardly protesting or resisting he hobbled and cuffed her.

“Now,” he said sternly, holding her wrists, “clean, then cook. I’ll be back for dinner.”

Susan simply nodded, losing her words as she usually did when Scott took this much control over her. The act of chaining her was enough to bring the submissive Susan out, something they both knew well, and neither minded in the slightest. Scott’s last act before leaving his apartment was to kiss her on the forehead and take away her towel, and he left her standing alone in the center of the room as he closed the door behind him.

Silence…and Susan smiled. What a great start to the weekend…now, where does he keep his cleaning products!

Rain 3

It didn’t take Susan as long she thought it would to clean up the mess they had made on the coffee table, although there were a few ketchup stains on the couch that Susan couldn’t completely eradicate. But she wasn’t worried, it was a ratty old couch anyway, the oldest piece of furniture in the whole apartment from what she could tell. Done with her cleaning, the naked and chained girl decided to take a tour. Just what sort of man was Scott? His apartment would tell her a lot!

The place was divided up into areas, the bathroom being the only true separate room in the place. Coming in the front door you entered the living area with the bathroom on the right. The only sit-down furniture in this area was the couch, which was positioned in front of a huge flat screen TV. An indulgence from his inheritance, Susan mused. One wall of shelving held a bunch of model cars, built from kits, she saw. This told her that Scott paid attention to detail and had a lot of patience, for they were very well put together. He also had some pride in what he built, reflected in his displaying those cars. Another bookshelf held mysteries and techno-thrillers. Lots of John Grisham and Tom Clancy style stuff.

By the TV were a couple of smaller shelves filled with typical guy movies, heavy on action and T&A. No surprise there, Susan thought, looking down at herself. Scott had left her here naked, and her hobble and wrist chains would make getting dressed rather difficult, although she did bring a wrap around skirt and a tube top that she could put on if she wanted to. But she thought it might be cheating to change the way Scott had left her, so she stayed nude as she continued her survey of his apartment.

Behind the living area was the kitchen. A breakfast counter divided the areas from one another but they were still basically open plan. The kitchen was nothing special. Scott kept it fairly clean but Susan would have done a better job. She got a surprise though when she opened a random cupboard, for the man was actually stocked up with real food, and his cooking utensils weren’t cheap either. Scott apparently liked to cook, which made Susan smile. The kitchen also had one of the only two windows in the apartment, located over the sink.

Continuing the circuit, her next stop was the bedroom area. Susan was a little more cautious here because the entire back wall as it continued on from the kitchen was glass, with a patio door that opened up on the balcony outside. Vertical blinds blocked vision through all this glass, but Susan didn’t get too close anyway. She wasn’t in the nude…sorry…mood at that moment to give the neighbors a thrill, although she did imagine what it would be like to be bound in full view of these windows, maybe holding a cord in her teeth that prevented the blinds from opening and exposing her! She smiled at the thought and wondered how she would react if Scott actually tried something like that. Would she hate it or love it?

Feeling a little warmer she padded over to the bed, a queen size with an unremarkable plain head board. It was unmade and Susan simply couldn’t stop herself from making it up. She found clean sheets in the large closet next to the bed and with little difficulty from her chains she got the bed remade. However, this got her in the mood to do some real cleaning, and as she knelt on all fours, scrubbing dry urine stains off the floor next to the toilet, she began to really feel like a domestic slave.

She did the bathroom and the kitchen, scouring them down with a vengeance and plenty of bleach, and then settled on the couch for a while with one of Scott’s books. Lying on the couch, feeling its rough texture all the way down her naked body, she thought about where she was and what she was doing with her life. On one hand, it felt so odd being stuck here in this apartment she had only set foot in for the first time that morning, yet it also seemed normal to her. He had taken away her clothes and her freedom, not for the first time by any means, but what he had given her was love and attention, something she had desperately needed for so long.

Love…there was that word again.

Susan smiled at the memory of his saying those words, she had wanted to hear them for a while now but didn’t want to scare him off by saying them first. But he HAD said them, and she believed him when he said it. It made her feel warm all over, and while she daydreamed about Scott or tried to distract herself with one of his books, her hand moved slowly around her body, pinching and caressing softly without her even being aware of it. She kept an eye on the time though, and as it grew closer to when Scott said he would be back, she shuffled back into the kitchen to see what she could make for dinner.

She decided on a simple spaghetti dish, and as she cooked she fantasized about being the house slave of a rich man. Firm and cruel, he would thrash her if the meal wasn’t to his liking! So she had to take care to make sure that everything was just right, from the red sauce to the table setting. She wished she could go get a bottle of wine for her owner to enjoy, but he had never let her out of the apartment on her own, and kept her naked and chained to enforce it. She was the house slave, not the shopping slave, and didn’t even have any money to buy wine anyway! It was a fun fantasy, and Susan filled in the details as she got things ready. She had good timing too, as the pasta was almost done when the front door unlocked and Scott reentered the apartment.

Full of her fantasy, Susan dropped to her knees on the hard tile floor of the kitchen and assumed the slave position she had taught herself, knees wide, hands on thighs with the palms facing up, back straight, head tilted down.

Scott had spent a boring six hours out on the highway subbing for a colleague that had called in sick, and his only entertainment had been the thought of Susan waiting for him in her chains. So when he came through is front door he had to smile at the vision she presented to him, on her knees and open to him. It kicked his male ego into high gear indeed! So, to get into the role, he said nothing as he closed the door and proceeded to change out of his uniform and into more comfortable clothes. He continued to stay silent as he checked out the coffee table, missing incidentally the stains on his couch. And his silence was deafening when he finally approached the kneeling girl and stood over her.

He stayed perfectly still, looking down at her, and he could tell that he was making her nervous by the way she started adjusting her posture. Her breathing got a little faster, her nipples a little more prominent, and her skin glistened with sweat. Eventually, her patience wore out, and she risked looking up, a worried expression on her face. That worry vanished immediately though when she saw that Scott was smiling at her…shit eating grin maybe the better description, which brought out a smile of her own.

“Bastard,” she said warmly, “you had me scared to death there with your silent routine.”

Scott raised his eyebrows. “Is that any way for slave girl to talk to her owner?” he asked her with mock seriousness.

Susan opened her mouth, not catching on for a second. But she did and with bowed head she apologized for her remark…making sure to call him ‘Sir’.

Scott tried not to chuckle as he stepped past her to the stove. The smell from the sauce was quite good, and he was privately happy that Susan knew one end of a saucepan from another. His previous two girlfriends had thought that cooking meant knowing where the can opener was, and this was why he had asked Susan to cook tonight. It had nothing to do with bondage games at all!

But to stay in the mode, he simply nodded before heading for the bathroom. “Serve the meal, I’ll be back right after I wash up!”

“Yes, Sir!” Susan replied, waiting for him to leave. She quickly drained the pasta and then stopped, unsure how to go on. In the stories, Doms usually ate at the table alone, their slaves eating on the floor or from his hand. But this wasn’t always true…and this wasn’t a story anyway. She had set up two places on the kitchen table, but Susan wondered if maybe she should take one away again, in keeping with the game they were now playing.

Then again, what if this wasn’t a game? What if this was how Scott expected things to go from now on! It wasn’t something they had really talked about, even though both knew that they should. But things had moved so fast for them! When was their time to talk? So she made a quick decision and took away the second place setting before putting pasta and sauce on a plate and putting it on the table. She had only just finished when Scott came back, sending Susan back to her knees.

Scott saw the way the table was set, and he had noticed of course that it had earlier been set for two, and considered continuing with their game, just to see how Susan dealt with it. But something nagged at him to stop. He wondered if this wasn’t a game to Susan, that this was how she wanted things to go because they really hadn’t talked much about things like this. And if he DID let things run as they were now, would that be feeding Susan’s needs or taking advantage of them? Regardless, Scott knew that while he was happy to play Master/slave fun and games, it wasn’t the sort of lifestyle he wanted them to have full time. He was in love with ALL of Susan, not just her slave girl side.

So he made a decision and crouched down in front of the naked girl. “Susan, you are absolutely stunning, kneeling there the way you are. And the meal you cooked smells wonderful. I think being a slave girl for a while really brings out some of the best in you, and yes…I noticed how clean you got my bathroom as well. But…right now I’d like to spend time with Susan the whole woman, so I hope I don’t offend you by stopping things for a while so we can eat together.” He reached out and cupped her chin, bringing up her face to look into his. He could see Susan thinking and he wondered if he had made a mistake. But she smiled and nodded before taking his hand in hers.

“It’s okay,” she said. “This was only for fun. It felt right…for the moment. But I don’t think I’m ready to do this full time yet if you don’t mind. I like spending time with you as…well…me, too!”

“Okay then!” Scott replied, standing and getting his keys from his pocket. “Then let’s get you out of those chains and into some clothes, and you can set another place at the table!”

True to his word, he soon had Susan transformed from slave girl to girlfriend…except of course for her collar which was still under her control, and the both of them enjoyed the meal Susan had cooked on her own, while they talked about his model cars and his well stocked kitchen. Scott even mentioned that he had plans for Susan out at the farm again the next day, but Susan couldn’t get him to reveal more, no matter how she tried. The rest of the evening was spent together on the couch, no bondage, just companionship, before heading to bed for some quiet yet passionate love making and sleep.

It was the thunder that woke her, bringing her back to the reality of the room in a sudden gasp. She was lying in bed with a single sheet covering her legs and nothing else, while Scott lay quietly snoring beside her. It was still dark outside, but she could hear the rain coming down hard on the other side of the glass, and as she watched there was a flash of lightning that lit up the blinds like a light bulb. The thunder that followed was close and loud, but none of it seemed to disturb the man beside her.

Wide awake now, Susan slipped out of bed and tip toed over to the window. Peeking through the blinds she couldn’t see much, the town dark and asleep, but she could see the balcony and how it stretched the length of the back of the building the row of apartments occupied. Scott’s place was at the very end of the row, and stairs led down from the ends of the balcony to the ground, so obviously it had been designed as a fire escape.

Right now though, it held only standing water from the deluge coming from the sky, and was almost invisible except when lightning flashed. Susan, nude except for her collar, fingered the patio door handle. She had always loved rain, and back at her own apartment she sometimes stepped out at night on her own balcony, just to feel it against her body. It had been a while since rain had come down this hard though, and she just couldn’t resist the urge to go out in it and let it pour down on her. So, with a quick glance at Scott, she pulled the patio door open just enough for her to get through, and stepped outside.

The rain was cold, but not so bad that it was unpleasant. Susan closed her eyes and spread her arms, spinning round and around with pleasure. She loved this feeling, the water under her bare feet, the sting of the rain against her skin. It was a feeling of freedom she rarely got to enjoy. She also felt a little naughty being out naked like this, but she felt safe enough in the darkness, at least until she heard the voice.

“You’re probably gonna catch something, coming out like that!” it said from a few yards away.

“What?” Susan asked, opening her eyes and bringing her arms to her chest. She thought for a second that it was Scott talking to her from inside, but the voice was wrong and she couldn’t see…

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything,” continued the voice, “I’m a bit long in the tooth to worry about anyway,” it chuckled.

Susan still couldn’t see until a flash of lightning revealed all. Sitting in a chair in a set of rubber rain wear was an old man smoking a pipe. All she could see of him was his face, now that she knew where to look, and she gasped in surprise and embarrassment, freezing in position.

The man sucked on his pipe, seemingly quite unconcerned about Susan’s sudden appearance. But like a gentleman he introduced himself. “Ben Hollings,” he said, holding out a hand.

“Er…Susan,” Susan replied, declining to get close enough to take it.

Ben wasn’t offended, in fact from the glint in his eye Susan could see that he was merely amused. “Well Susan,” he said, “I’m happy to meet you, but while I do admire young Scotty’s taste, I think it best you head on back inside before you catch your death!”

“Okay,” Susan replied, suddenly not feeling threatened anymore. She was still very embarrassed, but this old man made her feel more like a little girl stealing a candy, rather than someone in danger. So she smiled and stepped quickly back into Scott’s apartment, sliding the door closed and hugging herself in the chill of the air conditioning. Her tension released itself in a giggle, and she tried to imagine how she must have looked dancing naked in the rain for that old man to see. And what was he doing out there in the first place?

But still wet and dripping, she looked back at the bed and had an evil idea. Scott found out what it was when she climbed back into bed and pressed herself against him.

He woke with a yell, pushing away from her. “What’s going on?” he said loudly, still waking up. “Jeez, you’re soaking wet! Where have you been?” he added once he realized what was going on.

“Outside, enjoying the rain,” Susan replied, still giggling as she continued to hang on to him, wrapping her legs around him.

“Outside! But it’s pouring out there! Jeez, Susan, now the bed is soaking wet!”

Susan just laughed and lay back, letting him go. Lightning chose that moment to light up the room, and Scott saw this beautiful girl spread out on his bed, her long straight hair fanned out around her like a halo. Yeah, she was wet, but seeing her he really didn’t care anymore, and he moved to her and held her close. “You’re freezing,” he whispered. “What possessed you to go out there?”

“I like the rain, it turns me on.”

“Oh yeah? A rain freak huh? Like my neighbor. The guy is eightythree years old, yet he sits outside in all weather. He’d love a storm like this one!” Scott grinned. Then he noticed the expression on Susan’s face. “Don’t tell me, he was there? He saw you?”

“Er…yeah. He seemed nice enough.”

“He’s nice alright, but he’s also a good friend of my Dad, and now…jeez. I’m gonna hear about it in the squad room now, let me tell you.”

“Sorry,” Susan said, meaning it.

“It’s okay. It just means that I’ll have to take a certain precaution from now on, that’s all!”

“What precaution?” Susan asked curiously.

Her curiosity was satisfied when Scott chained her to the bed via a chain and her collar. “Now you wont go wandering on me at night,” he said seriously. Susan loved it, and the couple settled back down to sleep, content.

Rain 4

On the bridge of his starship, Paxon Captain Hegulll Ock made the following statement. “Aaug eckch gabble blach oooo!”

“Excuse me, Paxon Captain Sir,” said the helmsman cowering at his console, “What did you say?”

“Aaug eckch gabble farquard oooo blacher!” replied the Paxon Captain, gesturing at his neck.

The helmsman exchanged looks helplessly with the rest of the bridge crew, while one of them gave the console that housed the ship’s universal translator a swift kick.

The Paxon Captain sighed and tried again, but as he was about to speak his body changed it’s mind and he coughed up a huge wad of space phlem which ended up in the helmsman’s lap. “I SAID,” yelled the Paxon Captain, “WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE GET ME SOME WATER, THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY THROAT!”…

Susan eyed this exchange on Scott’s big TV while drying her hair, looking over at Scott with a raised eyebrow. “Sunday morning cartoons?” she asked him.

“Sure!” he replied, buttoning his shirt, “Next to the History Channel, probably the most intelligent thing on TV these days.”

Susan just shook her head and smiled while she headed for her bag. She pulled out some clothes to get dressed, but paused as a sudden thought struck her. This was supposed to be the big bondage day and Scott did have plans!

“Er…how do you want me to dress today?” she asked him, for other than her ever-present collar she was still nude.

“Something nice, we’re going out for breakfast before heading for the farm. I want you respectable!”

Susan nodded and chose a skirt and blouse from her small stash of clothes, and after a nod from Scott she added the appropriate underwear as well. Dressed, she went back into the bathroom to add the final touches that all women seemed to need to do, while Scott waited on the couch watching his show.

When Susan was finally ready, he thought she looked great and smiled as he walked over to her to give her a kiss. But as he drew away she could see that there was something he was bothered about.

“What is it?” She asked him, looking down at herself. “I have another blouse if this one isn’t okay!”

“No, it’s not the blouse, you look great! It’s just…well, you know how beautiful I think you are in that collar, but do you have to wear it right now?” asked Scott, his expression a little concerned.

Susan was a little surprised, not expecting him to say that. “Well, I couldn’t take it off if I wanted to, the key is back at my apartment!”

“But would you, if you could?” pressed Scott, his face getting more serious.

“Why would I have to?” Susan asked back, getting rather concerned herself. She put her hand to the collar as if to protect it, and she wondered where Scott was going with this.

Scott did have a concern. “Look, I’ll say again that as far as I’m concerned you look fantastic in it, but…well, while back in the city I can only guess that no one really says anything about a girl wearing such a thing…up here, this is a small town! We’ve gone out a few times in public with you wearing it, and I don’t know if you noticed but people stared.”

Susan nodded slowly. “Yes, I’ve noticed, I usually do. But that was one of the things I prepared myself to deal with when I chose to wear this collar 24/7.”

“I know, I know. And it doesn’t bother me at all, except that…I know what my Dad would think, and trust me it wouldn’t be good.”

Susan sighed and padded over to him, wrapping her arms about him and laying her head against his chest. “I’m sorry, is that why he and I haven’t met yet?” she asked.

“Well, partly. But it would be easier without the collar,” Scott replied honestly.

Susan thought about it a moment before answering. “No,” she said eventually. “I wont take it off, not even for your Dad. When he sees me for the first time I want him to see who I am, not who I can only pretend to be. I’m sorry, Scott, but I went through a lot just making the choice to put this collar on!” She looked up at Scott’s face but wasn’t encouraged by what she saw. So she stepped away from him wondering how she could explain the unexplainable. “It’s really hard to talk about,” she said.

Scott just waved a hand and turned to grab his wallet from the counter. “It’s okay, I understand.”

“No, Scott, I don’t think you do!”

Scott paused before looking at her again. “Well maybe I don’t,” he said. “So what would it take? Are you waiting for me to order you to remove it, is that it? I could you know. The collar may be a fancy one and impractical to cut through, but the lock is just a standard Master lock and I know how to pick one of those!”

“No, I’m not waiting for you to order me to take it off, Scott.” Susan replied, trying not to get upset.

“Then what then?” asked Scott seriously.

“This,” she said quietly, reaching for her throat, “is…well…you and I, we have come so far so fast that my head is spinning! I’ve opened up to you in ways I have never opened up to anyone, and when I let you tie me or chain me then I’m putting my trust in someone I never even knew a month ago! I’ve given…I’ve allowed myself to give to you almost everything that I am because it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with you. And now that I know that you love me…well, that makes it a lot easier, you know? But this collar, it’s one thing that’s still mine, still a part of me that you or anyone can’t touch yet. The key is under MY control, and there are times when my head is spinning that this control is all I can hang on to so I can find my bearings. Do you understand?”

Scott nodded slowly, his expression softening a little as he came to her and held her close. But Susan knew he wasn’t entirely satisfied, which was pretty obvious when he said, “I do understand where you are coming from with this, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. This is a small town, people talk, and for sure word about your little rain dance last night is going to get around pretty soon. It’s not for my personal image that I’m worried, hell if that were the case then having you walk around town fully chained would be fun as hell! But…my relationship with Dad is not very easy to understand. It’s something we will have to talk about more before I finally bring you together. But I can’t do that with you in that collar, at least not yet.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better,” Susan replied, “there will come a moment, a very special moment, when I will feel the time is right for me to give you that key.”

Their eyes met after she said that, each searching for the truth in each other’s eyes.

“I hope it wont be long,” Scott said eventually, “because if that is what it takes to claim you, then I may simply go ahead and pick that lock of yours and replace it with one of my own. I do love you, but for now I’ll let you find your way to me at your own speed, okay?”

Susan nodded, a soft smile on her lips, happy that Scott wasn’t going to push the issue anymore right then. She did wonder how she would feel if sometime soon Scott did replace the lock with one of his own. Would she accept his claim, or feel violated that he would invade that small piece of independence that she needed right now? She didn’t know, and rightly figured that the only way she would know would be to wait until it actually happened!

But that time wasn’t to be now as Scott let her go and grabbed his wallet. “Let’s get some food, okay? You have a heavy day ahead.”

Susan smiled, and followed her man out the door.

Breakfast WAS met with the usual stares. It wasn’t a big thing, no one was obviously pointing at Susan and yelling “BONDAGE WHORE!” Nor were there any mobs with flaming torches assembling to drive her out of town! But every so often she would catch someone in the restaurant staring at the steel band about her throat. Long ago she figured out how to deal with that, she simply stared back with a friendly smile on her face and pretty quickly the person would look away. Most of the time it wasn’t a big deal, sometimes she even got asked about it and a lot of the people who had been brave enough to talk to her had thought it pretty cool. There were one or two guys that had grinned at her in a way that made her uncomfortable once they found out exactly what it was she wore around her neck, and one even made a proposition that made her feel more like property than a person, which she rebuffed as gently as she could. But no harm had come to her yet!

During this breakfast though she could see Scott watching the other diners, and his expression told her that she needed to think on this subject a lot more, and soon.

He didn’t return to his old self until they were in the car heading out of town, again following the highway where she had taken her long nude walk. Pulling into the farmyard was like pulling into home, which prompted an idea in Susan’s head that she vowed to follow up on later. They got out of the car and Susan followed Scott to the house. It was a muggy morning, the humidity very high because of the storm the previous night. It was still fairly cloudy, the sun only breaking through in spots, and it was a little cooler as well, but not too bad. As they walked, Susan noticed that once hard dry ground was now softer underfoot, and puddles were everywhere. But she still loved the place, its privacy and usefulness, and she wondered what plans Scott had for her here.

Scott didn’t waste much time as he led her around to the big veranda on the back of the house. With a grin on his face he indicated the table and told her to put her clothes there. “I don’t want them getting spoiled,” he said smiling.

Susan smiled back but looked about before answering. “You sure? It’s not that warm yet.”

“I’m sure, trust me. You’ll be moving about a lot so that will keep you warm.”

Susan shrugged and started to undress, and while the air was cool to her increasingly bare skin, she felt in her stomach the excitement of doing another bondage session. Scott gathered some rope from a wooden crate sitting next to the wall, and waited until she was nude before starting. He first bound her arms, doubling up the rope and trying her crossed wrists in front of her with plenty of loops. He then lifted her arms and brought her bound wrists up over her head and held them there behind her neck. There was still a lot of rope hanging from her wrists, and this he brought down along her spine, through her legs and up her front to her shoulders where the doubled up rope was allowed to split and pass in opposite directions behind her neck and through the ropes that bound Susan’s wrists.

Scott pulled all this snug, practically welding Susan’s wrists to the back of her neck and at the same time tightening the strands digging into her butt and crotch, before winding the rest around her chest and tying it off. This left Susan standing there, her elbows pointed at the sky above while her wrists were pointed at the floor while she struggled not to pull on the ropes because every tug could be felt in her pussy and ass.

“Effective,” she said, trying to get used to it. Rope bondage wasn’t something she did very often, and while she had played with crotch ropes before, this was something new.

Scott grinned again. “Not done, open wide!” He produced the bit gag she had worn earlier for him, and as he put it in her mouth he made sure she remembered the safe signal. They had discussed safe signals weeks ago, after her first weekend with him, and had agreed upon her making a siren noise like a police car, in case she was gagged and couldn’t talk. So, feeling rather silly, Susan did her best impression of ‘Car 54’ and earned a kiss on the gag from Scott.

“Still not done,” he said, “now get on the floor, on your front.”

Susan raised an eyebrow, but did as she was asked, slowly but with Scott’s help. The dry wood floor was still dusty, sheltered from the rain, and oddly enough felt rather nice to the touch. Scott began to busy himself with her legs, bringing her ankles up to her butt and crossing them before binding them together with a lot of rope. The amount of doubled up line he used was so much that Susan couldn’t bring her knees together again when he was done, leaving her rather exposed, she thought. He had to have a good view of the crotch rope cutting her in half, and indeed she felt him run his hands over sensitive skin as he ‘adjusted’ the rope a little better.

But he STILL wasn’t done, for his next step was to tie her ankles directly to the crotch rope. This meant that there were now two ways Susan could torture herself, her hands AND her feet both pulling on her. So she tried to remain as still as she could. But that wasn’t in Scott’s plan, as she quickly discovered as he picked her up by her ropes and carried her onto the grass. She squealed as she realized that he was going to put her down on the ground and squealed louder when she hit wet grass! It was cold and slick and she was sure that she had just been impaled by a blade of something, but there was nothing she could do about it!

“Okay, now to set you free!” Scott said, crouching next to her. “The key to your freedom is over there. That little yellow ball about thirty feet away. All you have to do is touch that ball with your nose, and the game is over and I’ll set you free. You ready for the challenge?”

Susan looked up at him and then over at the ball. She could see it pretty easily, but thirty feet looked a long way to crawl in her present bondage.

Scott saw her hesitation. “I almost forgot…if you don’t try for it, then I won’t release you for the next two hours, and to keep me entertained I’m sure I can find a hose someplace so I can water the lawn!”

Susan glared at him, but inside she had already accepted the challenge…she wasn’t going to safe word! So she wriggled and tested her bonds while trying to ignore the rope digging into her sensitive spots, and thought about how she was supposed to move. Normally, when hogtied, she would simply roll to wherever she was supposed to go, but this tie with her spread knees and oddly bound up arms made her hesitate to try it. Not only was she worried that she might not even be able to roll onto her back, she was also rightly afraid that she wouldn’t be able to get back on her front again. So that meant doing the whole thing right way up, on slippery wet grass no less.

After some experimenting she did discover a way to move. She found she could use her elbows to lift her head and chest off the ground a little while pulling at the same time, as long as she was willing to take the pull in her nether regions. She could also find a grip with her knees, shoving herself along like a salamander. It was hard going, but the more practice she got the farther and faster she could go with each push. She even tried getting up on her elbows and knees, but the effort was way over the top of what she could sustain. So in this way she crawled through the wet grass getting covered in whatever could stick to her naked body, until she finally got close enough to the ball to see the stitching on its side. It was only a foot away and Susan felt good about the final push to the end. She shook her head to get her hair out of her face, something she had been doing a lot as the morning had gone on, and looked up at the ball ready to hit it with her nose.

It was…er…a little further away than she had thought it was. No matter, a few more pushes instead of just one. Getting closer…damn that rope hurts, but she could take it! Closer…damn hair…hey, wait a minute! Susan let out a moan of frustration for she could have sworn the little yellow ball had jumped ahead a couple of feet while she watched! She turned to look as best she could at Scott who had been watching from the veranda, and saw him laugh and reach down beside his chair and pull on something.

The ball, which Susan could now see was attached to a fishing line, moved another foot and that made Susan rather mad! She screamed into her gag and offered a few swear words that thankfully were blocked by the bar between her teeth, but she didn’t give the signal that she was quitting. Quite the opposite. While she was still mad at Scott, she was impressed by the twist he had put on this little jaunt of hers. He seemed to have a habit of doing that, which was one of the things she loved about him. His inventiveness attracted her greatly, even though at that moment she could have murdered him.

She wondered how he managed to get the ball to move away from the house, and looking further she could see a small green tent peg hidden in the grass that the fishing line obviously passed around. It wasn’t so far away, so Susan thought that with a little effort and some fair play from Scott, she could maybe still catch the ball. So she started moving again, getting into the rhythm she developed to deal with her bondage.

Scott, on his part, was very impressed with Susan. That she had been able to move at all told him a lot about her flexibility and determination, and that she hadn’t given up when she discovered his little trick told him a lot more about her obsessive need to finish what she started. It was something she had confessed about not long after they had first met, and she had yet to give up yet on anything he had thrown at her. So he watched as she rounded the turn, following the little yellow ball as he kept it just beyond her reach. She seemed to have difficulty getting turned around for the return trip back to the house, but once pointed the right way she seemed to do okay. But there was one more little twist to her journey that Susan didn’t know about, and the fun thing was that Scott hadn’t even planned it.

The rain the night before had soaked the ground so much that puddles were everywhere, and right in the path of where Scott had strung his fishing line was a huge one! If Susan was to finish, she would have to half swim to do it. Her expression when she realized that the wet grass was getting wetter and wetter was priceless. Susan was now lying face down in standing water that at its deepest was a few inches deep. Scott pulled the ball to the other side of the puddle and decided that was far enough, before he descended to the ground to pay closer attention to Susan. He knew that a person could drown in water even this shallow, and if Susan showed any signs of having problems he wanted to be there to pull her out. Besides, she looked like she could use some encouragement.

“Wasdad!” Susan said to him from behind her gag. She was filthy and tired and rope sore, and looked absolutely beautiful to Scott.

“You’re almost done, no time to stop now!” he said with a friendly smile.

Susan nodded her head at the ground. “Wadda!” she said.

“Yes, the water. Nothing for you to be afraid of is there? Something like that isn’t going to stop you, right?”

Susan glared at him a moment longer.

“Okay,” Scott said raising his hands, “that was a dirty trick to pull with the fishing line. But I promise not to move the ball anymore. All you have to do is make it the last eight feet or so, and we are done.”

Susan continued to glare for a moment longer before switching her attention back to the ball. Now that she had a real goal, she got her focus back and figured she just might make it after all. She still behaved as if she wasn’t happy, no reason to let Scott off just yet…but inside she felt a deep satisfaction at having beaten another challenge, not to mention the crotch rope. So she started again, pulling her way slowly through the puddle. It was cold, it was messy, and she had less grip than ever as she churned up the mud, but inch by inch she made progress until with a dramatic gesture she pecked at the ball with her nose.

Scott clapped and cheered her on before picking her up again by the ropes an carrying her back to the veranda. Susan groaned from the effect of being carried, but had a smile on her face as the ropes came off. Eventually she was free, her body covered in rope marks, and after having them admired by her own personal torturer she went into the house to shower and clean up.

Clean, she came back down to find Scott screwing some eye bolts into the veranda’s floor, and in minutes he had her tied down again on her front, only this time spread eagled. “Time to rest before your next task,” he told her, and Susan felt a thrill pass through her as she tried to find a comfortable way to relax.

Rain 5

After lunch, Susan spent the afternoon not doing much of anything! She couldn’t really because Scott’s next item on the agenda was some restrictive, immobile bondage. What he chose to do was mummify her, something Susan had only been able to dabble with on her own before. But Scott didn’t wrap her the traditional way with her lying flat on her back all stretched out. Instead he doubled her arms and her legs so that her hands were on her shoulders and her feet at her butt, and then wrapped her that way. He started with plenty of plastic wrap, constructing a firm cocoon around her limbs and body, only leaving her head and crotch untouched. Then he finished it off with a couple of rolls of duct tape, turning her first silver and then red, the colors of the tape.

Susan had seen pictures of this particular bondage on the net, but had never had the chance to experience it for herself and she found it very tight indeed. Even though her arms and legs weren’t bound together or to anything, they were still pretty useless. All she could do was wave them about a little, and when a smiling Scott lifted her up and set her on all fours, she felt she was more like a common pet than that girl in the movie they saw. Scott then asked her to try to walk around like that, and Susan was able to do so only because Scott had padded her elbows and knees while he wrapped her. And that was how she spent her first hour, allowed to wander about the barn as she wanted, but unable to do much else. But then Scott decided to finish the job he started, and after allowing her to pee he brought her over to the metal shop building where he wrapped her arms and legs tight against her body and tied her to a ring on the wall using her own hair. And that’s how she spent her afternoon, completely immobile, but in Scott’s constant company as she watched him cut and weld together metal bars using power provided by a gas powered generator.

Susan enjoyed herself though, especially when she saw what Scott was making. It was a cage, a largish one apparently, and the couple even exchanged a few ideas on its construction as Scott worked. But eventually the enforced stillness started to wear even on Susan’s experienced body, and as her second cramp came on she reluctantly gave her safe signal. Scott didn’t disappoint her, he immediately started cutting her out of all that plastic, and like a butterfly she emerged wet and wrinkly, only to return to full beauty after she dried off and took another shower.

Dinner was eaten, like lunch, on the veranda. It was rather romantic really, even though she ate nude while Scott remained fully dressed, and the couple laughed together over tales of their pasts. But then came time for the main event, as Scott put it. The last bondage of the night, and this time Susan would have to work at it and not laze about all day! Her first bondage of the day had been ropes, her second had been plastic, but her third looked to be her favorite…chains!

Scott started by having her put on all her wrist and ankle cuffs, after which he locked a special chain about her waist. The chain was special because a two inch metal ring had been attached to it just above each of her hips. Scott had taken a lot of her measurements a couple of weeks before, and this was one of those times when he put that information to good use. He then attached two more carefully measured chains to Susan’s wrist cuffs before moving on to the clever bit. For each of these chains was then threaded through the rings over her hips before being connected to her ankle cuffs. This arrangement left Susan in a bit of a dilemma, for the chains were so short that while she stood her wrists were drawn to her sides and she could only get any slack by lifting a leg up.

Susan thought it pretty ingenious, even though she had read about something similar in a story somewhere, but Scott wasn’t quite done yet. “Come on, to the barn!” he said, and Susan followed him over there, not finding it every hard to walk even though she couldn’t raise her hands at all. He stopped her before opening the door though, and took away her sight with a blindfold before leading her in. Then he had her kneel on the dirt floor so he could draw her hands up to her neck and with one more padlock, lock her wrist cuffs to her collar. Now Susan was stuck, bent over on her knees and unable to stand, for there simply wasn’t enough slack for her to be able to straighten her legs. She listened while Scott moved about the barn for a few minutes preparing something, and then tensed a little when she felt him standing over her.

“Okay,” he said, “something to make your weekend complete, I hope.”

“My weekend has already been wonderful,” Susan replied, smiling hopefully up at him.

“Mine too, Sweety,” said Scott, brushing her long hair away from her face. “But I think you will like this one, so are you ready?”

Susan simply nodded, drifting into that mindset that always seemed to take over when faced with a bondage challenge. So Scott started to explain what she had to do. “In a moment I’m going to take off your blindfold and you will see that spread around the barn are some plastic drinking cups. Inside one of those cups is the key to the padlock attached to your collar. So this key will free your hands to the extent that you will be able to stand and walk again. Clear so far?”

Susan nodded again.

“But you won't be done, not yet. On one wall I’ve posted a map I drew up. It shows this immediate area and the location of where I have hidden a key to the house. Because what I am going to do is lock up every building behind you and wait for you to return to me inside the house. However, if you don’t find the key then I’m not going to let you in, you will have to sleep outside in your chains in the cold. And I’m going to be firm about this, no joke.” He caressed her cheek and brought her face up to face his. “Do you believe me when I say I wont let you in if you fail?”

Susan hesitated a moment before nodding again. She felt that Scott would make any penalty for failing one of his tasks a real one. Not that he needed to do that because she simply hated to fail any challenge given her. But him not keeping a promise like that wouldn’t sit well with either of them, she thought. So she nodded.

“Okay then,” Scott said. “One more thing, I wouldn’t take too long in here if I were you, it’s starting to get dark and there is no light in here right now. If you don’t hurry, you wont be able to read the map or even find all the cups!”

“I’m ready,” Susan whispered.

Scott looked her over a moment longer while he wondered just what was going through that beautiful head of hers, and then took off her blindfold and stood back.

Susan blinked and then looked about. As she had seen earlier, the big machine with the threaded pole had been removed from the barn, opening up the floor again. But now the space was filled with plastic cups. There had to be at least a few hundred in here, and Susan was a little taken back by the extent of the task ahead of her. But before moving on she looked for the map Scott had mentioned, and found it on the wall behind her.

It looked hand drawn, and it showed the highway and the town north of the farm, and lots of the gravel side roads that penetrated the countryside. There was an ‘X’ marked in red on one of those gravel roads which made Susan groan, for getting about those roads in bare feet would be horrible. As it was though, she needn’t have worried, for on the ground under the map was a pair of flip flops that Scott had put out just for this trip. So Susan decided that the smart thing to do, right now in the fading light, was to first memorize the map and then look for the keys. So she counted lefts and rights until she felt she had them down, and then shuffled forward to the nearest cup. Moving along as she was wasn’t that difficult, it wasn’t a really stressful bondage. She could even pop herself up onto her feet although that made for very slow going. So she crawled, moving from cup to cup, knocking each one over in her search for the key. Scott watched for a while before leaving her alone, satisfied that she would be okay.

Cup after cup fell, each as empty as the last, and Susan felt that maybe Scott would put the key in the farthest cup from where she started. So that was where Susan went first. Scott was smarter than that though, and that cup was as empty as the ones she knocked over on the way. So Susan started circling like a beautiful chained Godzilla, crushing and destroying as she moved. It took her forty minutes to finally find the key which she used right away, and she had to give marks to Scott for coming up with this one. It was one to use again, she hoped. But the sun had gone down while she searched, and with the thick cloud cover it had gotten dark pretty quickly. Susan was happy about this because out in the country darkness was her friend, especially when naked and chained. But inside the barn there was only just enough light left for her to take one more look at the map before leaving.

True to his word, Scott had locked up all the buildings, and Susan saw him watching her from the front window of the house as she crossed the yard in the cool night air. It wasn’t so cold yet to have her shivering, but as she made her way carefully down the driveway Susan knew that her night time bondage trips would be ending real soon. She was going to enjoy this one while she could though, and felt a sense of coming home as she once more walked out to the highway nude and chained. She took advantage of a break in the highway traffic to move quickly from one side to the other, and continued down the gravel road on the other side, thankful for the oversized flip flops on her feet.

Now…second right, then a left, then another right…right? She repeated the directions in her head over and over while she looked about for the landmarks also drawn on the map. She knew she had to pass a cell tower, and she could see where that was from the blinking lights mounted to it. And there was also a falling down barn at some point, not so easy to see. She looked up at the sky at one point, but it was completely black, the clouds not letting any light at all through. She had been out on moonless nights before, but this was even darker and she could barely see well enough to put one foot in front of another. But she knew she could do this task, it wasn’t that difficult. Judging distances in the dark was pretty difficult, but Susan felt that she would be walking at least a couple of miles along these dirt roads to get to where Scott had hidden the key, and she hoped she would recognize it when she saw it.

What concerned her more was the lack of cover she had if someone decided to drive by. Most of these roads didn’t have drainage ditches to speak of, and a lot of the rield next to them had been harvested as Autumn progressed. So at certain times anyone with a bright light could have spotted her a mile away and she wouldn’t have been able to hide. One foot after the other however, was how she chose to deal with that problem, and she coped by just keeping a careful watch all around her for any approaching headlights. When she reached the cell tower she felt pretty good, but that feeling soon went away because of what happened next. First she felt it, then she began to hear it.


It was just a few drops at first, making her jump with each cold sting. But then it started getting harder and soon it was a downpour, not exactly cats and dogs but hard enough to be pretty miserable. Her hair quickly became matted to her body and she started to shiver as she traipsed through the mud, but she was determined to make it to the key.

The rain caught Scott by surprise as well. He had lied to Susan about waiting at the house and was in fact standing near his car at one of the intersections that Susan had to pass through. This was his second stop of the night, Susan already having passed him once without seeing him, and he had planned on following her like this all the way there and back. He had even borrowed a starlight scope from the station so he could watch her in the dark, but he hadn’t figured on the rain. It was coming down very hard now and Scott swore under his breath as he put the scope back into his car and started down the road on foot. This rain, in his mind at least, had ended the whole thing. No way was he going to let Susan spend anymore time out in it naked, he was more responsible than that at least! But first he had to find her!

Scott had planned well though, and from out of the dark he saw her huddled naked form before she saw him. The rain covered his footsteps so she got the shock of her life when this clothed figure suddenly appeared in front of her. She screamed and took off sideways into the field, only stopping when she heard Scott call her name!

“Crap!” she yelled, turning around. “You made me lose my shoe!”

“Forget the shoe, it’s pouring. Come on, game over!” Scott yelled back.

Susan stared at him for a moment before shaking her head. “No, I’m too close, I want to finish!”

“Susan, it’s too cold and wet! I don’t want you getting sick, it’s over now! We can always try again another time!”

“NO!” she yelled again, turning away from him and continuing across the field. It was very muddy, and she was pretty cold, but she knew she could do it if he let her.

Scott swore again though, not believing how stubborn she was, and stood for a moment trying to decide whether to let her finish and catch pneumonia or go get her, when a flash of lightning nearby decided it for him. So he took off after her, catching her easily.

“Time to go,” he said, taking her arm.

“No, Scott, please. I really want to do this!” she pleaded.

“I know this is important to you, honey, but it isn’t worth you getting sick! I’m going to take you back.”

Susan opened her mouth to reply, but didn’t get the chance as Scott grabbed her and lifted her over his should her in a fireman’s lift. With her hands pinned to her sides, Susan could do nothing about it, but she didn’t fight him as he carried her all the way back to where he had hidden his car. Being picked up had taken the fight right out of her as she realized how serious Scott was in protecting her, and something like that really affected her deep down. That he had simply acted and not let her change his mind was also a plus, and she almost smiled as the rain hit her upturned ass on the walk back to his car.

He set her on the back seat and drove them both back to the farm house where he had prepared a much warmer celebration of her return. The fireplace in the center of the house was lit, and an inflatable mattress covered in sheets, blankets and pillows waited in the center of the living room for them to snuggle into together. But first Scott fetched towels to wipe all the rain and mud off the both of them before tucking Susan’s shivering body under the blankets. He then slipped in behind her, nude now after having stripped off his own wet clothing, and he pressed himself close to her cold body so he could help warm her up.

Susan hadn’t said a word the whole time, but she was now aware of how dumb she had been trying to continue in this weather, for the sound of the rain against the house was pretty loud and it would have been horrible to have stayed out in it. But what made her smile was how well Scott had taken cared of her, and she also noticed that Scott hadn’t unlocked any of her chains. So she wriggled around to face him, and in the dancing firelight she examined his face before leaning forward to kiss him. “Thank you for rescuing this dumb old slave girl,” she said quietly.

Scott nodded once, the expression on his face one of calm acceptance. “Well, I didn’t want those chains to get rusty, they’re expensive, you know.”

Susan giggled and then gasped as Scott’s still cold hands passed over her body. She turned around again so she was facing the fire, spooning comfortably with the wonderful man behind her, and simply enjoyed the moment before speaking again. “I love this time we spend together,” she said, meaning it.

“Me too. I wish we could spend more than weekends together. Can you take any more days off yet?”

Susan shook her head, but she had another idea in mind, one she had been thinking about all weekend. “I want us to move in together.”

Scott blinked. “Well, it would be kinda tight for us at my place. Unless you wanted to go completely slave girl for it. I think I can find room in a corner for a basket for you to sleep in, and you would only need one outfit to go out in so you wouldn’t fill my closet with clothes because you would rarely wear any. And I could put you on a chain that would keep you inside anyway so you could clean all day and cook my meals. Sounds good to me!” he grinned.

Susan elbowed him gently in the side. “No…I’m serious. You showed me a lot this weekend, how much I mean to you. And you mean as much to me, really you do. All I do is think about you when we are apart, I hate it!”

Scott sighed, knowing she was serious and admitting to himself that he had entertained such a living arrangement himself in the past. But how to work it out? “Susan, I wasn’t joking about the two of us at my place, it would be tight. Your place is a little bigger, but my commute to work would be horrendous and my career is important to me.”

“I don’t have a career though, just a job,” Susan countered, turning to look at him. “I could leave it in a moment, maybe find something up here to do if you want me to. Although being as rich as you, maybe I wouldn’t need to work!”

“Oh! Is that it?” Scott said with raised eyebrows. “You’re just after me for my money! Well, little girl, I’m not that rich!”

Susan chuckled and tried to reach for him, but was stopped because of her chains. “No, silly! I didn’t mean it that way. I just…well…I was thinking…that we could move in here…this house!”

Scott blinked again before looking about the room, his expression thoughtful. “I see where you’re going with this, but this place needs a LOT of work before it can be livable again.”

“We seem to do okay here,” Susan said quietly.

“There’s no power, I’d need to get it back on the grid. No phone or cable. I’d have to get the septic system cleaned and reloaded, and the entire house would need painting outside and in! Not to mention carpets, new appliances because my uncle let most of the old ones simply rot in place. That’s a lot of work and time and money, girl!”

Women, as most men have found out at some point in their lives, have a knack for overcoming almost any obstacle to what they may want by using only a few well chosen words, and Susan picked hers rather carefully. “Don’t you think we’re worth it?” she asked slowly while looking up into his eyes.

“Er…of course we are,” Scott said,. (After all, what else could he have done?)

“Then…?” Susan replied, pressing just a little more.

Scott knew when he was beaten, not that he really objected to her idea of moving into his uncle’s old house. They would certainly have fun here, and he was all for that. But the work it would take, not just on the house but on their relationship, could they do it? “Alright,” he said finally, making Susan smile. “But…there is one thing we need to do first!”

“What’s that?” she asked…hoping.

“You need to meet my Father!”

The End

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