by Nightguy

Miles 1

The last light of the day was fading from the sky when Susan pulled into the small factory parking lot forty miles from her home. She had timed things rather well, considering all the stops she had made on the drive up, and for the first time that day fully realized just what she was doing. It was madness, totally insane and dangerous, and if she didn’t end up arrested…or even worse, assaulted, she would be pretty surprised.

And yet, how long had she been planning this? Three years, maybe more. Time needed to test out certain ideas, work out kinks, and get up her courage. Time needed to make sure that she was as prepared for this, her most difficult self bondage adventure ever, as she could be! It had been a long time coming and she was ready…or at least hoped so. These were just a few of the thoughts flying through Susan’s head as she parked her car in the far corner of the nearly deserted lot. The engine off, she forced herself to concentrate and looked about carefully before making a move to the door.

The factory, who’s lot she was using, was a small industrial place about five miles south of one of the small farm towns that dotted this highway like beads on a string. Why it was way out here in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbors apart from fields of corn and sunflowers, Susan didn’t know. But its isolation was a godsend and the main reason she had driven so far from home to submit to this challenge. It was the only place in farm country where she could leave her car for a few days and not have it noticed. There were cars here all the time, even when the factory was closed as it was right now, and hers would get lost in the crowd. It was important because the last thing she needed was for her car to be noticed and maybe towed away, although that was still a risk, even here. But if Susan had learned anything at all from years of self bondage was that risks could never be completely eliminated, only managed. And parking here managed this one.

So, this step complete, it was time to get on with what really mattered, her challenge.

It was quite dark where she was, the setting sun almost completely gone now, and Susan felt confident that she couldn’t be seen as she stepped out of the car. A trim young woman, a hair under five foot, she looked quite attractive in the T-shirt and shorts that she wore. Although what might have caught the eye of anyone looking at her was the metal band about her throat, and its mates around her wrists and ankles. But there was no one to see her now, Susan at least hoped, and without letting herself think about it too much she slipped out of her clothes until the five metal bands were all she wore.

The clothes went on the back seat, and Susan took a moment to stretch, stepping away from the car and into the warm night. It was late summer, the forecast calling for no rain at all for at least a week, and even the night time lows for the next several days were going to be in the low 70’s at the very least. Right now it had to be at least 85 F, and a warm breeze caressed Susan’s naked skin in a way she always loved.

This wasn’t her first time outside nude, oh no. She was quite used to being naked under an open sky. But these first few moments, when the clothes had just come off, were very special to her. But she knew she had little time to enjoy it like this and was content with the thought that if all went to plan, she would be nude under the stars for quite a while yet and could enjoy it then! But now, there was work to do.

After first grabbing a can of bug spray and giving her body an all over coating, she reached into the car and pulled out a very carefully packed bag. She had lost count of the number of times she had checked and rechecked its contents. So much of what she had planned depended on her getting everything right. Even her life may depend on it! So she didn’t think her caution obsessive. Instead, she emptied the bag, one item at a time, on the hood of her car. Counting the few items in there and checking once more that all was as it should be. It was, and with her heart thumping hard in her chest she got to work.

The bag contained chains and locks, all with a specific purpose. It was an outfit designed to place her in inescapable bondage until she got the keys needed to free herself. The cuffs she wore on her wrists and ankles, and the collar about her neck, were already locked. And the keys for those were at home. In fact, it had been two months since she had last taken off her collar, and even the people where she worked had gotten used to her wearing it. Her collar would not be a part of her bondage tonight, but Susan couldn’t bring herself to take it off anymore. It symbolized a part of her she cherished.

But her mind was on the task ahead, and moving quickly in case she changed her mind, she took an eight inch length of chain and two locks, and fastened the chain to the rings attached to her ankle cuffs. The click of the locks closing sent a shiver of excitement through her, and Susan knew that the point of no return was fast approaching.

The next chain was sized to fit about her waist with about six inches left over, and with the click of another lock this too was now securely fastened to her body. With her slim waist and wide hips, there was no way this chain was coming off without the key to the lock.

The next chain was very short, only five inches, and Susan locked one end of it to the ring on her left wrist cuff. She knew that just two more locks committed her to her challenge…two more clicks.

Susan couldn’t deny she was nervous. She wasn’t worried about the bondage, she had worn this exact arrangement of chains and locks so many times now it was like putting on a familiar dress. To prepare for this challenge she had even spent a full weekend chained like this, just to get used to the difficulties of moving. What made her nervous though, was the thought that unlike those times in her own home, she would be helpless and vulnerable in a way she had only dreamed about before. Could she do it?

Susan knew that she could, that she had to, or else all her planning and dreams would be for nothing. She had to go through with it. So taking a deep breath she reached behind herself and locked the other end of the short chain to her other wrist cuff. This left her hands behind her back, but she wasn’t done yet. She knew she was limber enough to pass her hands over her butt and round in front of herself. So one more lock, the final one, the one that connect that six inch of excess chain about her waist to the chain connecting her cuffs. THIS was the point of no return, for as she closed that last lock her thoughts were twenty miles away, where the keys to all her chains lay hidden next to the highway that passed right by this small factory parking lot. Twenty miles!

Her hands now locked behind her, Susan pushed closed the open car door, locking her clothes inside, and that was it. She now had a twenty mile walk, naked and chained, to find the release to her chains. Then another twenty miles, no longer chained but still naked, to get back here to her car and in turn back to her home. She could only manage eight inch steps, so she knew it would be a very long walk. But she had planned for that, planned for everything…she hoped. It would take her days to get there…well, nights really, because she could only travel by night to avoid being seen by anyone. And during the day she would have to find a hiding place where she could sleep and hopefully be safe until night fell again. For food she had placed, every two miles, a small bag with power bars and water and other needed items…the stops she had had to make on the way up here. And there was nothing else to aid her.

No emergency key…no safety person…nothing.

Susan had no choice, she had to do this, and as scared as she was she was also excited beyond imagination. Her big challenge was now upon her, and it was time to begin. So, keeping a careful eye on the highway ahead of her, and the quiet factory behind her, Susan took the first steps of her journey.

Miles 2

Stars. It’s amazing how many there are. And on a clear night it seems you can see forever. Susan loved looking at the stars. She loved driving out of town, away from the rude city lights, to find a place where she could take off her clothes, lie in the tall grass and look at the heavens. She was doing this now, long grass tickling her naked body while the night sky glowed above. But the glow wasn’t entirely due to the starry sky, for a loud rush of air raced past Susan not more than ten feet away before fading into the distance.

Susan waited a few seconds before lifting her head, knowing that cars sometimes came in groups, like demented herd animals racing around the countryside. But the glow of headlights faded and all went quiet, so she scrambled to her feet only to see tiny red tail lights shrinking in the distance. This was how it was walking the highway at night. In this flat countryside she could see cars coming a mile away, their headlights lighting them up far sooner than they could possibly see her. This gave her time, even with her feet hobbled, to find a hiding place. That hiding place was usually one of the ditches on either side of the highway. But all she needed to do was scramble down them a little way and duck. Drivers, traveling at night, seldom paid any attention to what was by the side of the road, and their headlights only lit her up for a second if they reached her at all, so no one even noticed she was there. Despite having people pass only ten feet away from her, Susan knew this to be the safest sort of encounter she would get with other people on this trip.

Back on the highway she brushed a few loose stones off the bottom of her feet, and continued on her journey. She had only made about a mile so far from the factory where she had parked her car, but she felt she was doing okay on time. She was well practiced in walking in an eight inch hobble, and even though the steps were short she could still keep up a ground eating pace. As long as she was on the paved highway, she knew walking wouldn’t be much of a problem. Her pace steadied after a minute, and her chained up body moved without much input from her mind. Her feet knew just how far to travel without jerking the chain between her ankles, while her shoulders occasionally moved and rolled in an effort to stave off the cramps that came with having your arms bound behind you. Her thoughts, while she walked, were pretty scattered.

Are there cars coming?

Why am I doing this?

Damn, I stepped on another rock!

This breeze feels wonderful.

God, I feel so naked!

I’m thirsty.

I hope no one sees me…

…and so on.

Susan also fantasized, one of her favorites being where she has just escaped from an abusive Master, and how she could gain her freedom if only she could reach a free zone where slavery was abolished. But she had to watch out, because anyone traveling in this area could capture her and take her for their own. Yes, she had fun with that one, especially when hiding from cars. Another bright light on the horizon, and Susan changed course yet again to head for the nearest ditch.

Navigating the slope of a ditch with her arms cuffed behind her and her feet hobbled was an acquired skill for Susan. For several years now she had been coming out to places like this in the middle of the night, at first just to be naked in the great outdoors, but eventually to play bondage games. She knew the bruises you could get falling into a ditch rather than walking into one, and several times had taken an all over bath due to the ditch in question being full of water! But she learned how to place her feet and how to shift her weight so that for the most part she wouldn’t get into trouble. So she was easily able to duck down and hide as three cars in a row zipped past, all completely unaware that a naked and chained young woman was only a few feet away from them.

And this was how her trip continued, happily uneventful even though there was a lot of traffic for her to deal with. Susan knew that as the night went on that the traffic would die down to almost nothing, so she wasn’t worried about the time she lost in hiding. Her concern at this point in her trek, was not missing a particular mile marker.

And there it was.

Susan had prepared well for her challenge. Every two miles she had placed a care package for herself. A small black bag locked to the mile marker so she couldn’t take it with her. Inside were some granola power bars, two bottles of water, some Band-Aids, a bag of wet wipes to act as toilet paper, and a small can of bug spray. The bag itself she covered in loose dirt and gravel, so hopefully it would go unnoticed by cars driving by, and as this highway wasn’t exactly a place for pedestrians she wasn’t too worried about them being discovered.

When she got to the first bag of her trip, she gingerly stepped across the gravel shoulder of the highway so she could reach it, sitting on the ground with her back to the bag while she had a rest. Two miles, not a bad start, or so she thought. But even that short distance had her legs a little rubbery, her muscles protesting the high number of short strides they were forced to do. But Susan felt happy, everything was going as planned.

From touch alone, another benefit of lots of practice and planning, Susan brushed the soil from the bag and dug out a power bar and a bottle of water. The power bar she unwrapped and balanced on end against the side of the bag, while the bottle she opened and stood nearby. Then she got up, turned around, and delicately picked up the bar in her mouth and started eating. To prepare for this trip, she fed and watered herself this way for a whole weekend once, and practice paid off. Even with her hands locked behind her, she was able to take care of herself. One major obstacle overcome.

Feeling better, she reburied the bag and got back to the highway. She knew she couldn’t rest for long at these stops, not if she wanted to make the distance. Traveling at night during the summer, when there was more daylight than darkness, meant that she had a limited time to get anywhere. She had to go! So back on the highway, the routine continued.

It was shortly after she made her third stop of the night, six miles into her twenty mile journey, that Susan saw the sky beginning to lighten in the east. The sun was coming, which was bad news. Susan knew she had to find cover as soon as possible or be discovered.

This was something she had also planned for, in a way, by her choice of what stretch of highway she intended to travel. Because of the things she needed, her choices had been pretty limited, and even the twenty mile section she had finally picked wasn’t perfect. But what made this highway a better choice than most was the river. There was a small river running somewhat parallel to the highway, with a tree belt on both sides. At its closest, the river was only a quarter mile away from the road, but at its farthest it was a full mile. The trees would be a good place for a naked girl to hide during the day, but getting there would be a battle because the only paved highway in the area was the one she was now on. Every other road around was a gravel one.

Making the trip on gravel roads would have solved a lot of problems for Susan, but she knew that it would have killed her feet. She wouldn’t be able to do a mile, let alone twenty. But she also knew that she couldn’t avoid them entirely, they were her only route to safety unless she wanted to try crossing plowed fields full of sunflowers, wheat or corn. Not really an option! So she continued down the highway as fast as she could, and turned east toward the river at the first dirt road she came to.

To her dismay, this was a well traveled one. It wasn’t the traffic, but the fact that the ground was very hard packed, which meant that the loose gravel on the top had no give to it. She couldn’t move near as fast now, her eight inch hobble not giving her poor bare feet much of a choice where they could set down. Susan had thought about possibly wearing shoes for the trip, but it had never set right with her. For Susan, to be naked meant to be barefoot as well as bare bodied. It really added to the sense of vulnerability not to have any shoes on. How could you FEEL your nudity with your feet insulated from the ground? So Susan struggled with the tiny sharp rocks that she kept stepping on.

The sky kept getting brighter, revealing to the naked girl the tree line she was trying to get to. It looked so far away, but Susan was committed. There really was no place else to go! She had thought about simply sneaking into the middle of a field, the almost fully grown crops well able to hide her. But the thought of some farmer choosing to work that particular field and finding her made her shudder, not to mention the fact that the unaware farmer might find her with his tractor by running over her while she slept! So fields were out.

It was as the sun itself started peaking over the horizon that Susan made her goal, and with relief she stepped off the gravel road and onto the softer ground under the trees that bordered the river. The land sloped toward the water here, so Susan had to make her way carefully into the brush, on the look out for poison ivy and anything else that would harm her unprotected naked body. But once she was out of sight of the road she settled into a thicket, and lay down on her side.

The ground felt so good to her after her long night on the road, and without another thought she fell asleep.

Miles 3


Susan awoke to a panic because she thought she heard voices. The day was very bright despite the cover she was under, and that fooled her for a moment into thinking that she was completely exposed. So she froze like a frightened deer while her tired brain tried to catch up with her fast beating heart.

There WERE voices, but not very close. Far enough away that Susan was able to relax and calm down a little. She lifted her head and took a careful look around, but she seemed safe in her little sanctuary, which made her a little happier. The voices sounded like boys, not men. But not young boys either. Whoever they were they seemed to be having a good time, yelling and joking with each other. And there was also another sound, splashing water. Susan figured that they had to be in the river or close too it. So that meant they weren’t that far after all.

She thought about just lying there for a while to wait them out, but both her curiosity and the stiffness in her muscles got the better of her. She just had to get up and see. So she very carefully got to her knees, all the time watching out for anyone who could see her. Still no discovery, so she crawled slowly forward toward the voices as best as her eight inch hobble would let her and soon saw the source of her panic.

It was boys, four of them. Fifteen, sixteen, maybe seventeen years old. They were in the river tossing a football about. Susan called it a river, but it was hardly big enough to qualify as one. Maybe twenty feet wide at the most. The road she had followed in crossed over the water using an old wooden bridge maybe four feet above the surface of the water, before climbing the bank on the other side. Across the river was parked a couple of cars, obviously belonging to the boys. But they seemed to have set up camp of sorts on Susan’s side, for there were a couple of ice chests and a lot of clothing scattered around an unlit fire pit.

Susan took all this in without really thinking about it, because her attention was on the boys themselves. They were all skinny dipping, and Susan thought that was just great! She smiled as she admired their lean teenage bodies and had a quick little fantasy as to what might happen if she was discovered. What would four young curious naked men do to a helpless naked female! Susan couldn’t help smiling. But she knew the reality would probably not be up to the fantasy. At best, they may call the police on her. At worst…well, she didn’t want to think about that or her courage for the whole trip would leave her. Besides, the longer she knelt watching the boys splashing in the water, the more pressing another need began to be felt.

She backed up slowly, got shakily to her feet, and shuffled behind a tree so she could pee. Of course with her feet bound she couldn’t miss herself entirely, but that also was something she had resigned herself to when planning all this.

As she slowly moved back to where she could watch the boys, she looked at the sky to try to figure out what time it was. How long had she slept? How long would she be stuck here until dark? Susan wanted to know, because now that the boys were close she couldn’t even walk through the trees to gain some distance on her journey. She had thought that if conditions were right, she might make a mile or so under cover of the tree line. But she was on the wrong side of the road, and there was no way she could cross it without the boys seeing her. It wasn’t as if she could simply run across. That meant a long afternoon and evening, from what she could tell. But at least the scenery was nice!

Susan was still watching a couple of hours later, while fighting cramps in her arms and legs from all the inactivity. She was also hungry and thirsty, but food and water lay two miles away on the highway, so that wasn’t even something to try for. She tried to block out her own discomfort by keeping an eye on what the boys were doing. They had all been in and out of the water a few times to get drinks from the ice chests. They played ball, or simply floated and talked in the slow moving water. But what changed things was the arrival of another car.


Three of them, the same apparent age as the boys. The girls got out of their car and crossed the bridge on foot, laughing and calling out to the naked boys in the water. There was a lot of good natured taunting from both sides, and the girls teased the guys by gathering up their clothes.

It was evident to Susan that they were all good friends, for the boys didn’t seem all that embarrassed by being discovered, and her suspicions were confirmed when one of the boys calmly stepped out of the river and moved toward his tormentors.

The girls shrieked and laughed, but Susan noted that none of them looked offended by the naked young man striding across the grassy bank toward them. And when he finally reached them he swept one of them up in his strong looking arms and carried her back screaming to the water before tossing her in. Everyone was laughing now, and even Susan had to stifle her own laughter in case she was heard. And she watched as the other three boys dashed out of the river in pursuit of the two remaining dry girls.

This worried Susan for a moment, for the chase could have come her way and she was in no shape to run. But the girls didn’t seem to be trying hard to get away and in moments all three were now in the river while the boys taunted them from the dry bank.

To Susan’s astonishment, first one, then all three of the girls started peeling off their wet things, and in a couple of minutes it wasn’t just the boys that were skinny dipping. This was all the invitation the boys needed and soon there was a lot of laughter and splashing between the seven of them. And not to mention a lot of body contact.

Susan watched this for a little while longer before crawling back to her little thicket. She lay back on her side and tried to rest some more while thinking about the fun group nearby…and the journey yet to come.

She must have fallen asleep, because the light was different when next her thoughts started making sense. It wasn’t dark yet, but the sun was very low and Susan knew it wouldn’t be long before she could risk getting back to the road. It was also a lot quieter, and Susan hoped that maybe the group by the river had left. But a girl’s voice made its way through the trees which told Susan that they were still there.

She crawled out of her cover once more to see what was going on, and spotted the seven of them sitting about the now lit campfire. Two of the boys were now in shorts, and one of the girls was at least in bra and panties again. But the others were still nude, the girls sitting in the arms of the guys, quite comfortably. It was an intimate scene, yet peaceful and friendly. And Susan found herself a little jealous of their closeness. To have friends like that, who you could totally relax around even naked, was an amazing thing, and Susan wished she had friends like that. She did self bondage because she found it very hard to let her guard down with anyone. No one got close to her, which was something Susan hated about herself. Yet she was unable to change anything, she knew she didn’t have the strength.

Susan dwelled on this a little as the sun continued to go down, and then got up while there was still light enough for her to see by for the trip back to the road. She figured the group would stay put for a while, so once it was almost dark she would risk the walk back to the highway where she would be safe. But as she hobbled painfully down the gravel road, her thoughts stayed with the friends by the river, and how much she missed being a part of that life.

Miles 4

Susan didn’t know if she could go on.

Fear…or pain.

Those were her current choices. It had taken her weeks to find the stretch of highway that she wanted to use for this challenge. A stretch that was fairly flat, fairly open but with places she could hide during the day, not too well used a night, paved, and with a starting point where she could leave her car. A heck of a tall order, and she was the first to admit that. But she lived in farm country, so it didn’t seem that hard to do when she finally decided she was going to seriously plan for this challenge. How hard would it be to find a simple twenty mile stretch of road! Well she did find it and it had everything she wanted. Unfortunately it also had something she didn’t.

Leaving the factory parking lot gave her two choices when she got to the highway. She could head north, or she could go south. Heading north meant walking straight into a town just a few miles up the road. A fairly sizable town of over three thousand people. Walking south, however, wasn’t town free either. It wasn’t near as big as the town near the factory, only a few over a hundred people according to the sign Susan now crouched under. But the highway cut right through the center of it, and three large street lights lit up the road for about a quarter of a mile.

Susan couldn’t avoid this town. When it came down to choosing her route, there was no stretch of highway twenty miles long that didn’t have a town in it, and this one was the smallest. She had to go through it, naked and chained. Hence the fear. There was one alternative. There were plenty of farm roads that went around the town. She could get off the highway and avoid the town altogether if she wanted to. The drawback though was that it would add a couple of miles to her trip, and it would be gravel roads all the way. Being barefoot, that would be a painful journey indeed for Susan.

But she had to choose, now was the time. She needed to get well clear of this town by sunup, because she figured the closer she was at dawn, the more likely she would be discovered.

Fear…or pain.

It had to be the fear. Susan felt her choice was no choice at all. She didn’t have a safety key hidden some place in case she gave up. No safety person she could call or indeed a phone to call them on. She had set this whole thing up so that the ONLY choice she had was to complete the whole challenge. Which meant…sneaking through a small farm town in the dead of night naked with her hands cuffed behind her back and her ankles hobbled by an eight inch chain.

Easy, huh?

Yet, it did seem quiet. There were few houses visible but no lights on in any of them. What buildings there were fronting the highway were mostly businesses. Even the one bar she could see was dark except for a Bud sign flashing in the window. There were a few cars parked next to the sidewalk for her to hide behind, and at least it would be easy on her feet!

Okay then, go!

Easier whispered than done. Susan felt that the moment she stepped into the light that the entire town would choose to look out a window at that moment and see her. Her heart was beating so fast it felt like it was about to explode out of her chest and run screaming into the night, while her legs shook so much she didn’t even know if she could stand. She felt horrible, sick, and wished she had never started this whole thing.

And yet a part of her knew that no matter how she felt, it didn’t change the pure and simple fact that she had to do it. It was either that or give up, and the logical part of her mind that was still functioning told her that passing through this town only meant a chance of being seen, while giving up made that a certainty. Susan knew this, she had known this while she was planning this trip. It had been in her mind while taking off her clothes and putting on her chains. All she could do was…go.

So she stood up, and with a quick look around for approaching cars, she stepped into the light.

Never had she felt more naked than she did right then. Miles from home, miles from any clothing, bound in such a way that she couldn’t hide any of her body from anyone who cared to look, she moved as quickly and quietly as she could. Bouncing on her toes, her hobble chain jingling softly in the quiet of the night, she made her way quickly toward the first parked car she could see, her target.

She made it, and she crouched down behind it, shivering with adrenaline. She was scared, but she had done it. Now she just needed to do it again!

Up she rose, the next car maybe a hundred feet down the road. As she hobbled along she wondered what she looked like to anyone watching. What would they think of this naked girl moving slowly along the sidewalk in front of the town grocery store? Would they be shocked, would they be angry? Or would they want something else! Oddly enough, these thoughts didn’t frighten her. In fact, thinking about someone seeing her while being very aware of her naked body bouncing along under the lights, made her a little horny. She tried to chase away these feelings, but she couldn’t deny that there was a thrill to this, and she almost laughed by the time she got to the next car and ducked down to rest.

This wasn’t scary at all, it was fun! At least it was until a car turned off a side street a few seconds later and passed right by her. The driver didn’t see her crouched behind the Ford, but if it had come out a few seconds earlier it would have had her dead to rights and Susan knew it.

This wasn’t a game anymore.

Heart pounding, she watched the car drive away and got up. This wasn’t a place to stick around enjoying herself, this was a place to fear. And the sooner she was out of there the better. This was the only thought she kept in her head as she made her way from car to car, and it wasn’t until she was back in the dark on the other side of the small town that she allowed herself to think about anything else. She had made it through safely, but her only comforting thought was that the next time she tried she would be out of her chains. Still naked, but at least able to run.

But that wouldn’t be for a few days yet, there was still a long way to go.

So she kept going, pausing only to hide from the occasional passing car, or to refuel herself with power bars and water. The routine of making eight inch steps consumed her mind, and even the stars weren’t a draw anymore. Passing through the town had drained her enthusiasm, the challenge was now a chore. Susan didn’t really perk up until the sky began to lighten, and she made the first turn toward the river that she came across. This time the gravel road looked a lot less traveled, actually overgrown in places, and Susan thought she had caught a break in finding a place where no one went very much. The trees even looked closer than they had at her previous daytime stop.

But as the light got better things didn’t look as good. For instead of uninhabited tree line, Susan found herself shuffling along some farmer’s driveway. There were buildings ahead of her, surrounded by a screen of trees, and it was getting too late to turn around and find some place to hide.

Miles 5

Susan had never been much of a one for swearing, but stress can bring out the worst in a person, as well as the best. She swore because she felt so stupid mistaking a farmhouse driveway for a regular gravel road, but the best in her at least made her whisper instead of shout. With dawn breaking slowly in the east, Susan got off the road and tried to find some cover in the trees that all but surrounded the farm yard she had stumbled into. She thought that maybe, if she was lucky, she could sneak past this family and make a break for the river which had to be back there somewhere. But images of her hobbling slowly across a plowed field in her eight inch chain were too scary to contemplate. She could hardly make a mad dash to safety!

What dash she had she used in finding a place to hide, and it was between a large oak tree and a small shed that she finally ended up. Breathing heavily and trying to control her panic, she looked carefully around to see if anyone was up yet. There was the big farm house of course, an older two story affair that dominated the yard. There was a large barn with its main front doors closed. And several other buildings and sheds, scattered about the yard. No people though…and no noise.

As Susan started to relax again, she felt puzzled. This WAS a farm yard, of that there was no doubt. But her limited knowledge of how a farm operated told her that there had to be people out and about at this time of the morning. Didn’t farmers get up early to milk cows, feed chickens, make butter or build barns or something? But there was nothing going on at all! And that’s when things started to come together for her. The reason why there was no one there, was because there was no one there!

The overgrown driveway was her first clue, a condition the entire yard seemed to have if the length of the grass tickling her butt was any measure. Then there was the fact that every building on the site had its doors closed. Then there was the condition of the place, not exactly run down, but with an air of disuse. The longer Susan hid, the more she felt sure that the place had been abandoned.

Smiling now, and with a great sense of relief, she stood up and carefully shuffled into the open. Her eyes and ears were continually on watch for someone else to be there, but there was nothing to be afraid of. She was alone. Surely there had to be a place where she could hide and get some sleep! Maybe the house itself!

That turned out to be a no go though. It took her a while to check, but both front and back doors were locked. Not only that but the windows were boarded up from the inside. There might have been a chance with the storm door into the basement, there was a lock but it had been left unlocked. But Susan didn’t have the leverage to open it in her current bound state. The few inches of range her cuffed hands had wasn’t nearly enough.

That left the other buildings, so Susan decided the barn was her next stop. Shuffling across the yard she felt a little silly, but she did like being able to walk around like this in the daytime. It was certainly easier on her feet being able to see where the rocks were. But more than that, she was tired of only being able to be naked outside at night.

The barn turned out to be better luck for her than the house. The barn doors were shut, but not locked, and she was able to squeeze her way between them which was an experience in itself as her naked body brushed against the warming wood. Inside, there was a musty smell, but nothing bad, which made her happy. There was enough light coming in through windows scattered here and there, so she was able to take a good look around. There really wasn’t anything to see though, the main floor was pretty empty. But there was a stairway that led up to the loft and Susan decided to take it, stepping carefully in her hobble chain. Climbing stairs was not the easiest thing to do bound as she was, but Susan felt herself an expert at getting about in restraints, so it didn’t take long for her to reach the top.

She was glad she did for what she saw almost made her cry in happiness. Hay bales and old tarps…a ready made bed! A little rearranging and she had a cozyish spot to rest for a while, and it wasn’t long before she was fast asleep.

She woke many hours later, the angle of the sun having changed greatly if the dust suspended in the air was any indication. There wasn’t any sound either, which told Susan that she was still alone. Good news, because even after her long sleep, the excitement of finding such an abandoned spot still hadn’t left her. She wanted to explore, and being able to do it in bondage was only a plus!

She started to add the experience to her fantasy. Bondage slave girl on the run, hiding out in an abandoned farm while patrols are out looking for her. Maybe somewhere there would be tools so she could free herself, or even clothes! Although a woman wearing clothes in the slave zones would be strange indeed! Still, she had to look. So with growling stomach she made her way back down to ground level and took a tour.

There really wasn’t much else to see. All the other buildings were locked and there was no farm equipment anywhere. But Susan felt somewhat safe hobbling about for the yard was well screened from the highway by a ring of trees. This allowed her the freedom to simply wander at will, and the afternoon sun felt SO good on her naked skin. But she was getting thirsty though, and as time passed she began to think that maybe she could make up some time finding the river and following it. Every mile she could make in the daytime would save her time at night.

Her luck continued to hold though, for there wasn’t really much of a break between the trees surrounding the yard and the trees that hugged the river. There was even an old, but well worn foot path that led all the way to the waters edge. It seemed that the family that used to live in this house may have come down to the river to swim, for it certainly was a great spot for it. There was a wide grassy bank that slipped comfortably into the water, and complete privacy.

It was so inviting that Susan decided to go in herself. She had always wanted to try swimming in bondage, although the water was hardly deep enough for that. Wading in, it came up to Susan’s chest at its deepest, but it felt really good after so long on the road. Her tired muscles melted in the cool water, and she even began to feel cleaner. Without any concern she dipped her entire body under the surface repeatedly, her footing firm on the river mud despite her ankles being chained. She drank her fill and flopped about, frustrated at times by her own bondage because she wanted to swim, yet enjoying her time being bound in the water just as much.

She was happy.

But she knew she had to go on, so she reluctantly climbed back out onto the bank and hoped that she wouldn’t get too eaten up by mosquitoes before she got to her next stash of bug spray. As she carefully moved into the trees though, she looked back at the farmyard down the path and vowed to make it her stop on the way back. As a hiding place it had been perfect.

Miles 6

Tiny steps…one after the other…over and over and over again.

The jingle of chain…the slap of bare feet…the wheezing of labored breath.

The pain.

A small figure in the darkness, head bowed, legs moving, almost oblivious to everything as it continued on its journey. It had come a long way, farther than most would have thought it could, or even should!

If anyone HAD known of its plans they would have thought it crazy, insane! Not many would have thought it that it just might succeed.

But it had.

Not far to go now, just a fraction of a mile left, and Susan was feeling the pain. Twenty miles, a whole twenty miles naked and chained. Even more if she counted the side trips to find places to sleep. She had almost done it, just a few steps left to where she had buried the bag with the keys to her freedom.

Her feet ached from too many stones stepped on, and the rest of her body didn’t feel so great either. Bug bitten and sore from having her hands trapped behind her for days, it felt like a wreck. But Susan’s spirit didn’t hurt at all. In fact mentally she soared! She had challenged herself to the impossible, and now the hardest part was over. She could now undo the chains that bound her and make her way back. She would still be nude of course, but without the hobble she could more than double the distance she could cover every night. And without her hands bound she was now free to protect herself in case she was spotted!

But getting to the twenty mile mark was more than half the battle, and she was immensely proud and relieved when the mile marker appeared out of the darkness ahead of her and she could finally sit down.

After leaving the farm house that afternoon, Susan had spent the rest of the daylight available picking her way along the tree belt that bordered this side of the river. When darkness fell and she could risk heading to the highway, she was happy to see that she had managed a whole three miles. She was happy because not only was the twenty mile mark now within reach, but she figured that if she hustled that she could release herself and then make it all the way back to the farmhouse before dawn. So she dug in and moved as fast as she could, making each eight inch step count for ten. Her ankles ached from the constant pulling of the chains that bound them, and her shoulders and back were sore from the strain. But she didn’t even stop for food or water, figuring she could pick them up on the way back.

And now she was there, and it felt great. So just like at her other pit stops, Susan backed up to where she had hidden the bag with the keys, and after some digging pulled them out. Her fingers trembles as she fitted keys to locks, but first one hand, then the other was released and she groaned with relief as she stretched her arms out wide.

Damn that felt good!

Before releasing her ankles, she gave her entire body a rub down, scratching itches that had been driving her crazy and simply enjoying the feel of her body again. It made her laugh and cry, her emotions a total muddle. But as she unlocked the chain connecting her ankles, a touch of regret made itself know. For despite the way she felt having being chained up for so long, she missed the feelings those chains of hers gave her, the security of their grasp, and toyed for a moment with the idea of putting them back on for the return trip.

It actually made her pause.

But after a minute she thought better of it, and after grabbing a bottle of water from the bag she stoop up and started dancing on the highway, reveling in the freedom of not being restrained! She must have looked like a crazy person, dancing naked in the dark. But she wasn’t crazy, just happy!

Eventually however, she calmed down a bit and got back to her plan. While challenge-wise the worst was over, distance-wise she was only half way, and being caught naked without being chained up was only a little better than being caught naked and completely helpless. She still had to get back to the house if she could, or else she would be in trouble. So from out of the bag she pulled one more thing, the key to her car which she had put on a chain. This chain she locked to the ring on the front of her collar so that the key hung between her breasts. There it would stay until she reached her car, and in the mean time she could enjoy the way it caressed that sensitive area of her body.

She also grabbed some power bars, wishing she had a real meal to eat, before stuffing all her chains into the bag and burying it again. She would pick all this up again on her drive home, but now it was too much to carry. She had to travel light, very light indeed, so all she took with her when she started back down the road was another bottle of water and a couple of food bars, and all she wore was her collar and cuffs.

The water and food didn’t last long, the empties tossed to the side of the road, and soon she was striding along at what seemed to her like a great speed. Each step seemed to her to equal four or five of her previous ones, and as she looked at the road ahead she couldn’t believe she had come all that way eight inches at a time. She was in such a good mood that she was even able to enjoy the night sky again, and her hands could hardly stop caressing her slick, sweaty skin.

Passing cars didn’t have a chance of spotting her, she was like a ghost. Able to run and hide with ease, she chuckled as cars drove by. She even had to stop herself a couple of times from jumping up and flashing the drivers. But her common sense kept her grounded.

She stopped for food and water once more, before pressing on, and the sky was beginning to lighten when she finally made to the overgrown driveway that led to the farmyard. The driveway was just as hard on her feet as it was before, but at least this time she could take bigger steps to avoid the worst of it, and eventually she made it to the yard itself and safety. She didn’t stop there though, instead she plowed right through to the path that led to the river, and in the quiet morning light she jumped into the water and bathed.

It was a celebration, and Susan was high. High enough to wonder what she would do next, but not quite ready to plan that far ahead yet. So, wet and tired, she made her way back to the farmyard and, after making sure it was still all hers, she moved to the house’s unlocked storm door that she had spotted earlier and was this time able to open it. Light streamed into the cellar below, and Susan felt a little wary for the first time since she released herself. It was dark down there, but there was enough light for her to tip toe slowly down the wooden steps and across the bare concrete floor.

There was nothing down there, the cellar was completely empty except for a lot of dust. But there were stairs up into the house at the far corner, and after climbing them Susan found herself in a darkened kitchen. The kitchen was empty, but there was a table and a couple of chairs in the dining area. She explored further and found a very old couch in the living room, but not much else on the ground floor.

Susan felt rather naughty, walking about this place in the nude, but that was a part of the thrill for her so she eagerly pressed on to the second floor. Empty bedrooms and bathrooms…that is, except for one room. One of the bedrooms had a bed in it. Just a frame and a bare mattress, but after so many days of sleeping on the ground it looked like heaven to her. She eased onto it, not really caring about the dust. She luxuriated in its softness, and after rolling to get comfortable, she closed her eyes and fell promptly to sleep.

She was still sleeping quite soundly when, eight hours later, a police car pulled into the yard.

Miles 7

Susan was dreaming. It was a dream she had many times in her life, with variations. She was in her old high school, or a dream reality version at the very least. Most often in her high school dreams she was late for class or couldn’t find it, and that was the case this time. She thought she knew what class she was supposed to be at, but it never turned out to be the right one. To make things worse, for some reason her hands were handcuffed behind her back, and at some point in the dream she had lost her top. She felt embarrassed to be so exposed to the other students, but no one seemed to pay much attention to her. Even topless and handcuffed she felt like an outsider. But she had to find her class, and no one would help her!

A distant bang woke her, a sound she couldn’t identify. She stretched, her eyes still closed, and then tried to bring her hands down to scratch her nose. But for some reason they wouldn’t move. So she opened her eyes and looked up, and was shocked to see that her wrist cuffs were tied to the bed frame with rope. Panic rising within her, she looked down to see that her ankle cuffs were also bound the same way, holding her in a shallow spread eagle naked on the bed. Her mind still confused with sleep, her fear was slow to rise and reached its peak when she looked about the sun filled room to see that she wasn’t alone.

Sitting on an old kitchen chair on the far side of the room, was a man in uniform. He was a young man, close to Susan’s age if she was any judge, and the uniform was that of a police officer.

“Oh shit!” she whispered, pulling at the ropes that bound her but finding no release.

The cop was watching her, but was otherwise relaxed in the chair as if he had been there all day. He smiled. Not an evil smile as many men might give to a helpless woman, but a calm, friendly smile. “Hi,” was all he said.

“Let me go,” Susan demanded, not really believing he would but needing to ask anyway. She was scared, despite the smile, and figured her luck had run out. If she was lucky, all he’d do was arrest her, and if she was unlucky…

“Oh,” he said, “I will. Once you answer a few questions.”

“I’ll answer them, you don’t have to tie me up,” she replied.

“I know,” he said with that smile again, “but I felt it prudent. Besides, you look quite lovely like that.”

This didn’t help to calm Susan down. Her fears shifted more toward the unlucky side of things, especially when she saw how his eyes took in her body. She swallowed nervously. “I’ll scream.”

“Go ahead, no one is close enough to hear you.”

“I’ll tell them you tied me up, violated my rights.”

“Tell who, the police? Even if you did tell someone, who would believe you? I’m a cop, in case you hadn’t noticed, and my Dad is the county sheriff. You wouldn’t even have any proof! I was very careful to thread the ropes through the rings of your cuffs!”

This made Susan look up to check, and sure enough not a rope touched her skin. There wouldn’t be a mark on her to prove she had been bound.

“But,” she said, trying to find her feet in this situation, “when they see what else you’re going to do with me…”

“What am I going to do with you? Huh?” replied the cop, leaning forward in his chair. “What am I going to do to you? What have I done? I’ve tied you to the bed, that’s all. I haven’t touched you, I don’t intend to!”

Susan didn’t believe him at first, but his attitude and manner made her doubt her first impressions. It didn’t help that he was also pretty cute, and that this entire situation had been a part of at least a few of her fantasies over the years. But fantasy wasn’t reality, and she knew it. “What do you intend?” she eventually asked him, wishing he would look away because she could feel herself starting to blush.

The cop leaned back in his chair, a thoughtful look on his face. “I’m not too sure. I wasn’t expecting to find a beautiful naked girl sleeping in my house.”

“Your house?” “Yeah. My uncle left this farm to me a year and a half ago. I sold all the land except for the farmyard itself. I look in on it every week or so…and, here you are!”

He had been surprised to find her, that was true. After checking the other buildings he noticed that the storm door was open. And with his flashlight he found bare foot prints in the dust crossing the basement floor. He figured a trespasser was in the house, but a quiet examination of the property revealed a lot more than he had anticipated. He had been going to arrest her then and there, but something he noticed about her changed his mind for the moment. There was rope in one of the locked sheds which he used to carefully tie her to the bed, and then when he was ready he simply stomped hard on the floor to wake her up.

“So, what are you doing here?” he asked her.

“I was…robbed. I needed a place to rest up,” Susan replied, knowing it was lame even as she said it, but not feeling in the best of positions to think at that moment.

“You were robbed,” repeated the cop. “Someone took all your money, your identification…and even your clothes?”

“Yes,” said Susan, biting her lip and finding it hard to look him in the eye.

“That’s...very strange. They took everything you had on you, but left that expensive German hardware on your body.” Which was what he had noticed about her, what made her different from any other girls he knew for that matter.

Susan’s heart almost stopped, she was so surprised. “What do you mean?”

“Your collar and cuffs! German made, unless I miss my guess. From a site called…SM Factory? That collar even has a name, which will come to me in a minute. Good quality, and pretty expensive!”

“But…how…?” Susan tried to say.

“How? Let’s just say I know my collars.” He smiled again, and this time Susan could see a sparkle in his eye. The bastard was actually having fun! But then he frowned. “I don’t remember those collars having a lining though.”

Which was true. When Susan got her collar and cuffs, they were pure steel, no lining. “I made it myself, got some neoprene and glued strips on the inside…made them more comfortable,” she replied without thinking.

The cop smiled again. “I thought so. So…tell me the real reason why you are here.”

“And if I do?” Susan asked nervously.

“Well, as you can probably tell, I’m not entirely ignorant of the kinds of things you are obviously into. In fact, I have a keen interest myself! But what happens depends on your story. For instance, if you were dropped off here by someone else, someone who has the keys to your collar, then I may just make it easier for them to find you and pick you up again!”

Susan debated saying that yes indeed someone was coming for her. Someone big and powerful who would rescue her. But then she thought that maybe this guy would leave her tied up and go, and she would never get free. But that wasn’t the only thought going through her tortured brain at that moment. There was also the revelation that she was with a guy who actually knew about her passions, and maybe that was a good thing. Could she trust him?

He was right in saying that he hadn’t harmed her yet, all he seemed to have done was tie her up, something that almost seemed normal to her now she knew a bit more about him. So she sighed and told him about her trip, everything from parking her car to how she was bound and where she had been.

The cop listened quietly, and occasionally asked a question or two. And soon she had not only told him about her challenge but also a little about herself too, and her private passions. In the end, it simply all came pouring out of her, the need to talk to someone who understood more powerful than any reservations she had about revealing such intimacies with a stranger. It was strangely cathartic for Susan, and eventually her confessions wound down, leaving her mildly embarrassed about what she had said, yet in an odd way glad she had said it.

“Alright,” said the cop, looking thoughtful, “Yes.” He stood up and walked toward the door. “I won’t be gone long,” he said, “but first I want to tell you that I’m not going to hurt you or arrest you. I’m just going to help you with this challenge of yours. And, hopefully, with many more.” He smiled again, and Susan found herself drawn into its warmth. “Oh…by the way. My name is Scott. I’ll be back soon.”

“Don’t go!” Susan called out as Scott stepped through the doorway.

“I’ll be back real soon. Just don’t go anywhere!” he called back, a laugh in his voice.

Susan pulled again at the ropes holding her to the bed, but was helpless to stop him. And soon, she was alone in the house again. Her fears rose a little, but they were colored by an excitement from deep inside herself and she found herself thinking what if..! Just what if…this was the guy she had been looking for. What if he was the one to get her, to understand her like no other guy in her life ever has! What if he turns out to be a mad rapist setting her out to be his next victim!

But no, she didn’t get that vibe from him. Something seemed…right…about Scott. She still wasn’t sure she entirely trusted him, but the possibilities were enough to keep her anxiety down as she waited for his return.

Miles 8

Susan was standing outside under the summer sun. It was the warmest day yet of her journey, she felt it had to be close to a hundred degrees, and she was sweating enough for her to worry about washing off the new layer of bug spray that she wore. But otherwise she was in a pretty good mood, and determined to finish what she had started.

Scott did return as he said he would, although it did seem like a long time to Susan as she lay alone tied to the bed. But he returned with a smile and the first thing he did was untie her before leading her to the only working bathroom in the house. Susan was very happy to see it, squatting over open ground was getting pretty old, and there was even the remains of a roll of toilet paper for her to use…heaven!

Then Scott brought her downstairs, where he had laid out some food on the old dining table. It was only a burger, fries and a milkshake, but compared to nothing but water and energy bars it was a feast, and Susan fell on it with gusto. It was still embarrassing though, sitting there eating her food while completely nude, but Scott acted like it was all completely normal and filled the time with conversation. This time Susan learned a little more about him, how he was an only child whose mother had died when he was thirteen, and how much respect he had for his father. It felt strange how much at ease Susan felt, given her circumstances, but his kindness and his gentlemanly manner made her like him more and more. Could this be…the one?

But Scott was in more of a hurry than he showed, and it wasn’t long before he told her that he had to go. “I’ve been off the grid far too long already today,” he said to her. “My dispatch thinks I’m taking care of some personal business, but Dad would have a fit if he knew I was keeping one of his cars off the job this long. So it’s time to get moving again, sorry.”

“Okay,” replied Susan with a smile, “I didn’t mean to ruin your day!”

Scott laughed and went into the kitchen, where he pulled a familiar looking bag from one of the cupboards. It was the bag Susan had left at the twenty mile marker, the one with all her chains.

“Stand up,” he said, looking at her.

“But, I didn’t plan on going back chained up!” Susan said, feeling a little nervous again.

Scott just looked at her in thought for a moment before replying. “Sue, if you can tell me honestly that you hadn’t at least thought about finishing your trip in bondage, then I will let you go as you are. But you have to be honest with me.”

Susan took a breath, looking into his eyes. But something about him stopped her from protesting. She had a feeling, rightly so, that he could tell if she tried to lie to him, and honestly she had thought about it. So she stood, her eyes dropping.

Scott started by spraying her all over with bug spray, a process that pretty much exposed her entire body to him and made her blush furiously. The he began to replace the chains she had removed, except for her hobble. And while he did so he talked. “You know, I am very impressed by what you have achieved over the last few days. Especially since I have been up and down this highway myself several times and didn’t have a clue you were out there. A part of me though, a BIG part of me, wants to take you back to your car and send you home because I don’t think you really grasp how dangerous your little trip was!”

Susan felt the final clicks of the locks as her hands were trapped behind her again, and she closed her eyes, hardly listening to him. This was the first time ever that someone had chained her up, and the feel of the metal against her skin and the casual contact of his hands against her nude body was sending shivers all through her.

“You didn’t tell anyone where you were going,” Scott continued, apparently oblivious to his affect on her, “so if you had gotten into trouble, then no one would have known where to look!” He took her by the shoulders and turned her to face him. “I have a good mind to take you over my knee before I send you out,” he said with a smile, and Susan smiled back.

“Sorry,” she said quietly, looking away again.

“Yes, I should take you back,” Scott whispered after a moment, now aware of the affect his closeness was having on the bound girl in front of him. To be honest he was feeling it himself, and he gently touched the wide metal collar about her neck, admiring the way the lock fitted flush into the band, and how it looked against her skin. “I remembered what this was called,” he said quietly. “Heaven’s Hell, I believe. Weighs over a pound, right?”

“Right,” Susan whispered back, her senses tingling. She was feeling so much at that moment, the weight of her chains, the warmth of the room, the dusty floor beneath her feet and his scent in the air…she could hardly breath.

“I never forget a collar,” was what he replied, before leaning down and kissing her softly, just a short pressing of lips, but enough to make the two of them flush with embarrassment. “Er…yeah,” Scott said, moving away. “Look, I need to lock up here, so let’s head out. You can wait until dark out in the yard, you should be fine.”

Susan said nothing, but she was smiling as he took her upper arm and led her down into the basement.

“The only reason I’m letting you finish is because I know how important this is to you. And I locked your hands behind you again just to make it a little more interesting. But I don’t plan on hobbling you because I don’t think it is THAT safe, even with me knowing you are out there. Besides, I also have another challenge for you.”

“What’s that?” Susan asked playfully, finding herself trusting this man that she had only just met.

Scott didn’t say another word until they were outside again and he had locked the storm door he had accidentally left open the last time he was there. But then he faced her. “Without your hobble, I think you can make it back to your car in one night. It’s about eleven or twelve miles to where you left it, but you’ll have a lot of time to do it. I don’t know if you are a jogger or not, so that may even make it easier! I’m going to leave the keys to your chains behind the right front tire, and if you make it by dawn, there will be a surprise for you inside.”

“A surprise? What surprise?” asked Susan.

“If I told you, then it wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it,” Scott replied with an exaggerated evil grin.

They both laughed and Scott headed to his patrol car. “Just be careful out there, Susan,” he said when he opened the door. “I’ll be about tonight, maybe I’ll catch you in passing. But don’t take any mad risks, okay? I want to see you again, but not as a statistic.”

Susan nodded, she wanted to see him again too. “I’ll be careful, I promise.”

Scott looked at her one more time before climbing into his car and driving off, leaving Susan alone once more. And both of them regretted it.

So she waited, pulling gently at her bondage and doing a bit more exploring of the farm yard. But for the most part she saved her strength and kept her thoughts focused on the task ahead, no matter how hard it was to stop thinking about this new guy in her life.

What a day!

When it was dark enough for her to have confidence enough in her invisibility she made her way quickly out of the yard and down the driveway to the highway. She had thought about trying to jog it, but not only was she not a runner, but she was well built enough up front to make much running rather painful after a while. So she settled for the ground eating walking pace that she had used earlier, only slightly hampered by her hands being locked behind her. She avoided cars that passed her and only slowed as she got to the little town she had passed through earlier. But the town was a bigger problem now than it was the last time. It was earlier in the night, and the bar was still open. There was no one on the street, but as she watched from the shadows the door to the bar opened and someone came out. They wobbled to a car and eventually drove away, but the town still seemed a little too active for Susan’s safety. Yet she was faced with the same dilemma. Go through or go around. Going around would add miles and be pretty hard on her feet, but going through at a dead run wouldn’t even take a couple of minutes, even though she was more exposed!

It had been such a good day, maybe luck was still with her…she hoped. So she took a deep breath and made a dash for it, running as fast into the light as she could with her hands locked behind her. Her bare feet hardly made a sound as she flew down the sidewalk and she thought she might make it until the bar door opened again almost in front of her.

Three guys came stumbling out as she passed by, and none of them missed the sight of this beautiful young naked woman running down the street. The three guys all yelled, one of them reaching out and almost grabbing Susan, cheering her on and making the usual drunken comments. But she kept going, hoping they were too drunk to follow. If they had been on foot, she would have gotten away easily, but their truck was parked right there and in no time at all they were in hot pursuit. They were not going to let a prize like Susan simply run away from them, they had their pride and their misbegotten ideas as to what she was doing out there with no clothes on.

Susan heard the truck coming and tried to pick up some more speed. She hoped to reach the darkness at the edge of town where she thought she might lose them. But the truck’s bright headlights lit her up like Times Square, and her hopes of getting away from those guys vanished fast in her mounting panic.

Miracles do happen though, and this miracle took the form of even more lights flashing behind her, colored lights that made Susan take a risky look over her shoulder as she continued to run. What she saw made her heart stop for a moment before she realized that what she was looking at was a GOOD thing.

It was a cop car…a cop car that had turned its siren on to finally get the attention of the drunks in the truck…a cop car that was pulling them over…it was Scott!

Immensely glad that he had been there, she continued to run until her heart felt like it would burst and she was clear of the town, before collapsing in a ditch to rest for a little while. And with a big smile on her face she kept saying “Thank you, Scott!”

“But officer, I swear to you! There was this naked chick running down the sidewalk, we all saw her!” said the driver of the truck, handing over his license to the cop who had pulled him over. His buddies sitting next to him all chimed in too, trying to convince the guy that it was true and all eager to continue the chase.

But the cop didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all as he slowly pulled out his ticket book. “Yeah, right,” he said. “And I bet you can see pink elephants too, guys, am I right?”

The threesome in the vehicle protested, but there was nothing they could do as Scott proceeded to do a sobriety test on the driver, a long and detailed one in order to give Susan as much time as he could. He had known that the most dangerous spot on her journey had been right here, and had been waiting so he could provide just the proper block on anyone who saw her. It was the best he could do for her, and his thoughts were happy as he told the driver to “Walk the line!”

Out in the darkness Susan kept going. She was still a little scared because of the close disaster, but like Scott she knew that the most dangerous part of the trip was now behind her. Walking the highway in the dark was the easiest part of all, for she could see anyone coming a mile away and would have plenty of time to hide. As she walked she thought about things, and one thing that came coming back to her was how right Scott had been. This WAS a stupid thing to do, especially since no one knew she was doing it. But up until now there hadn’t been anyone for her to trust enough to confide in. And now there was!

Now there was.

Perhaps she was reading too much into things. Maybe he was helping her now just to be friendly, or, since he was a guy, because she was naked. But maybe what had happened today was the start of something good…something right. Something…warm and comforting.

Lord, she needed it, she really did.

So consumed by these thoughts and feelings was she that the miles passed faster than she realized. For there was the factory ahead of her, and the sky still mostly dark. With a big sigh of relief at being able to go home soon, she approached the factory with little caution, ready to get out of her chains. Unfortunately, her car wasn’t where she had left it.

Susan almost went into shock, thinking that it had been towed after all, when she spotted it in another part of the parking lot. Susan had originally parked the car in the dark, well away from any of the parking lot lights. But there it was, directly under one. It had to be Scott, and she almost laughed with relief. She looked about to see if she could spot his patrol car, but it wasn’t around, which disappointed her. So she simply shrugged and headed boldly into the light once more, not caring at that point if anyone could see her. Susan trusted that the keys would be where he told her he would put them, and that soon she would be free.

They were, and in moments she had her hands free and was using the car key still attached by chain to her collar. As she opened the door she wondered what her surprise was as she had made it to the car before dawn, and after a moment of searching she found out what it was. Her clothes were gone.

There was however a note taped to the steering wheel. It said…

I left your clothes in the house back at the farm, I don’t think you will need them to get home.
If you do, then you are welcome to come get them although you will have to wait around until lunch time for me to show up, and I promise to take you someplace nice if you do.
If you do go home without them, then be careful. I’ll call you later in the week and we can arrange how you can get them back.
Hope I see you soon.


Susan smiled as she read the note, and sat for a while in the gathering dawn wondering what to do. It wouldn’t be the first time that she had needed to sneak back into her apartment in the nude, even in daylight. So that wasn’t important. It was seeing Scott again so soon that filled her thoughts. Looking at the note, and remembering all the things he had done to her so far, Susan felt that any relationship with that man had to be interesting. And she still did have a couple of days left of her vacation. So, what to do…home or the farm.

With a soft smile on her face, she started the car and drove off into the sunrise, the beginning of a whole new day.

The End

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