The King's Orders
by Nightguy

The Knight wore his best suit of armor for this last leg of his journey. He was to present himself before his King and wanted to look his best. It had been a long quest, but he had been successful, and he carried his prize in both arms as he entered the town gates on foot.King's Orders

At first the townsfolk pointed and cheered their Knight, all the while wondering why he was carrying a naked girl in his arms. But then someone recognized her, and word spread quickly.

"It's the Princess, it's the PRINCESS!"

Their beloved Princess had been captured by bandits weeks past, and carried off, and the brave Knight had been sent to track her down and bring her home. But the townsfolk could only wonder why the Knight brought her back as he did, her naked body on display for all to see!

But the Knight offered no explanation, nor any conversation at all, and he continued on his way until reaching the Castle gates. The guards, shocked at seeing the Princess nude in his arms, let him one stopped THIS Knight when he was on duty. And watched in wonder as the Knight entered the Castle, not knowing how the King was going to take this.

The brave Knight carried his burden up stair after stair, his great strength having no problems with his heavy armor or the slip of a girl in his arms. He was to do his duty and bring the Princess back, and nothing was going to stop him. So he continued up until he reached the Royal Chamber of Council, where he was shown in by the guards outside the door.

The King and his advisors were already in the chamber, and all stopped talking when the Knight entered with the naked girl. The King himself stood up from his throne, his mouth open in shock at seeing his daughter unclothed as she was, and he turned his anger on the Knight.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!" he bellowed at his loyal Knight.

"It is the Princess, my King," said the Knight, holding her out to him. "I have rescued her from the bandits and brought her back just as you ordered."

"MY GOD man, how dare you bring her to me unclothed like this! Why is she naked?"

The Knight paused, and behind his shiny visor he blinked. "Why, because you ordered it my King, and I always obey your orders!"

Now it was the King's turn to be confused. "My orders? I gave no such orders."

"Yes, my King, you did. You specifically told me NOT to plunder and pillage while I was gone, and I was to bring back the Princess, and nothing else!" He then held the naked, sleeping girl out even more. "And as you can see, here is the Princess, and nothing... else! And boy was she mad when I made her leave her clothes behind and come all the way back like this. In the end I had to knock her out to stop her from escaping again!"

---From the writings of Sir Nightguy of Wittleshire, circa 1232 AD.

The End

Copyright© 2014 by Nightguy. All rights reserved.