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This is a fantasy.  You will have to loosen your clench on
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physical acts and human responses are not limited to, nor
necessarily based in, reality.  Some acts and responses in
this story may be physically impossible and/or
physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful;
gorgeous, even.  Gravity has not caused their breasts to
droop nor have creased wrinkles their unblemished faces.
The men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will.  In
this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs, morals,
or unwanted pregnancies; and guilt is a four-letter word.
But most important of all, no amount of strength of
character, courage of convictions or moral beliefs stands a
chance against an erotic stimulus.  This can be as benign
as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle or as stimulating
as a whipping on the genitals.

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statements, GO AWAY!

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The President's Club

by NightShade

Chapter 1

first posted 4/97, major revision 12/98

The young wife gazed nervously into the full-length mirror
on the door of her closet.  She almost didn't recognize the
gorgeous creature standing in front of her.  So much had
happened to her in the last couple of months.  So much
about her life had changed and been turned upside down.
Still, she didn't think she was there yet, wherever `there'
was.  She felt like a pupa stuck in mid-metamorphosis.  She
wasn't a caterpillar anymore and not yet a butterfly,
either.  She knew that tonight was the next step.  She
didn't know how she knew.  She could just feel it.  Maybe
it was just because she wanted so badly for something to

Something would happen tonight, something <had> to happen
tonight to complete her metamorphosis, make her whole.  Her
whole being yearned for that to happen.  Yet as excited as
she was about tonight, she was even more afraid.  God knew
she didn't have a good track record with her relationships
up to this point in her young life.  She pessimistically
wondered how she was going to mess this one up.

As she stared at the emerging butterfly in the mirror, she
thought back on the events leading up to this night.  How?


Karin's life was a mess.  A total mess.  But that was
nothing new.  It had always been a mess....

She was just 18 years old, and had barely graduated High
School with a D average.  The irony that her grade point
average was the same as her bra cup size didn't escape her.
She thought it was funny.  Her teachers would have been
stunned to learn that she not only knew what irony was, but
that she could identify aspects of it in her own life, and
see the humor as well.  She wasn't stupid.  She was just
easily distracted, bored and terribly insecure, which she
hid from everyone by being aloof.  Unfortunately, her body
had encouraged all kinds of distractions from the boys at
her high school.

Karin was tall for a girl, almost 6 feet tall, feminine and
graceful.  Her aloofness scared all but the most aggressive
boys and kept them from asking her out.  They just didn't
know how to deal with a female that didn't pant like a
bitch in heat.  They never found out it was an act, a sham.
The ones who did ask her out were treated with icy
coolness.  Look but don't touch.  She was a trophy date to
take to the country club or the prom, but never into the

Which was surprising, considering how universally horny
teenage boys are and how drop-dead beautiful Karin was.
Her face was regal, more serious than she was.  Clear blue
eyes, blonde hair, a long, graceful neck.  Smooth, rounded
shoulders tapered into delicate arms, ending in soft
slender fingers.

Her legs drew a lot of attention, especially in Spring and
Summer when she wore shorts.  They had been a featured
attraction ever since the sixth grade when she sprouted up.
They were constantly a source of embarrassment to her.
When she sat and innocently crossed them in class, or when
she walked down the hall, they drew unwanted attention to
her.  They were endless and the short skirts she wore
emphasized their length and shapeliness.

Her hips flared nicely, but still retained the trimness of
a younger girl.  The firm clean lines of her ass cheeks
swayed when she walked down the school hallways, never
failing to bring at least one, if not a chorus of whistles
behind her.

Her breasts, however, were truly amazing.  They were huge,
stupendous, but her height made them seem almost
proportionate to her body.  Almost.  The sensuously rounded
orbs sat high and proud on her broad chest, firm and large,
defying laws of gravity and physics by standing straight
out without support.  At their quivering tips were quarter-
sized circles colored a dusky pink with perfectly centered
crinkled red buttons that always seemed to be sticking out
through whatever she was wearing.

Early on, she had been proud of her chesty development
until the girls in her gym class had spited her in their
juvenile envy.  The very same girls who had been her `best'
friends the year before ostracized her when her tits
ballooned over the summer.  She was never invited to any
more parties, sleepovers, nor included in the gossip.

The boys on the other hand, although they pestered her a
lot, mostly just looked, drooled and jacked off.  They were
immature and the image she presented to them made them
nervous.  Even the quarterback of the football team fumbled
around her.  She had been the chief actress in many a high
school fantasy and wet dream but ended up dateless on most
Saturday nights.

When she did date, they went one of two ways.  Either the
boys were so overwhelmed with her beauty and nearness that
they creamed their shorts just sitting beside her, or they
would explode at her, and try to rape her.  Those who
exploded at her also exploded in their shorts.  None of the
immature bastards even tried to kiss her.  It they had only

Her home life had not been much better.  Her mother drank a
lot, her father fooled around a lot, or at least, that's
what the neighbors said.  The times Karin had liked best
were when her mother was unconscious and her father was
`out of town'.  On those nights at least, although she was
alone, neither one of them would beat her or humiliate her.

So it was not surprising that when Mr. Saunders, a wealthy
businessman from the big city, showed an interest in her,
she was drawn to him.  He had chanced to see her walking
home from school as he drove through her small town.  He
had been looking for a service station.  He was so
impressed he decided to stay and look into this statuesque
creature.  He was a big man, tall and handsome.  She looked
like she would be an ideal set piece for him.

When he approached her, he did so without fear or
nervousness.  Not at all like the boys who stammered and
gasped.  As she thought back, she figured she must have
fallen in love with him when he introduced himself.  He
treated her so kind, and was the perfect gentleman on every
one of their dates.  He didn't try to kiss her or have sex
with her or touch her during their whirlwind courtship.
Never once did she sense he had soiled himself.  She took
this to be a measure of his self-control.  In her short
life, Karen had never met a man like Bill Saunders.  Not
because he was a gentleman, intelligent and refined, but
because he was gay.

Bill's business was in a close-knit industry that demanded
a "normal" family image and he desperately needed a wife.
His initial assessment of Karin was confirmed as he
researched her family and the boring little town:  Karin
was the perfect trophy wife.  Beautiful and dumb, a girl no
one cared about.

He quietly gave her parents $10,000 cash at their
daughter's wedding to forget about her.  No phone calls, no
letters, no visits, no contact at all.  With that much
money for booze, it was guaranteed they wouldn't remember
anything for long.

Bill had insisted that Karin pack up everything that was
hers in her parents house and bring it with her when she
moved to the big city.  He wanted no traces of her left
behind, no little articles or knick-knacks to stir long
forgotten memories in her parents minds of their one and
only child.

He needn't have bothered.  Her parents had resented her
from her conception.  Her striking beauty and aloofness had
only infuriated them more.  They resented how plain and
ordinary she made them feel.  They accused her of disdain.
Karin was already forgotten before she and her new husband
had left town following the small reception.  Her parents
both drank themselves to death within two months.  The
local banker, seeking to curry favor with the big city
businessman, contacted Bill about their deaths.  Bill
didn't tell Karin, so she didn't go to the funeral.

The marriage had been six months ago and her brief, 6-month
marriage to the 55-year-old successful businessman was a
total failure.  Nothing worked between them.  No matter
what she tried, no matter how hard she worked to please
him, she always upset him.  She couldn't relate to her
husband's work or his education.  She never thought it
might not be her fault.

The fa‡ade of her fairy-tale marriage to the handsome Bill
Saunders had started cracking on their wedding night.  He
had complained of a headache, of all things, that first
night.  The second night he passed out drunk, something she
was used to.  The honeymoon had ended abruptly with a well-
planned emergency in another city.  He apologized, but was
sure she would understand.

Other business trips came up and he was away for weeks at a
time.  When he was home, he came back from the office late
at night.  She had been married for six months and was
still a virgin.  To her way of thinking, she had been a
failure as a daughter, she had been a failure in high
school and now she was a failure as a wife.

She even thought she was a failure as a woman.  She had
realized her husband was gay early on, but thought she was
the reason for it.  At first it was the pool man who only
came to clean the pool when Bill was home.  The job always
seemed to take two people, especially the part that took
them into the cabana out behind the pool.  It wasn't until
she needed to turn off the pool filter one day and looked
for the filter equipment in the small outbuilding that she
found there was no reason for them to be in there.

Lately it had been the butler that didn't butler.  Her new
home was a big house and she initially appreciated the
gesture from Bill to provide her with some help.  She
didn't think twice about the butler moving into the
quarters off the kitchen.  That's what a butler did.  But
this one did more.  And less.  He was absolutely no help to
her around the house.  As time passed, the relationship
between the three of them became tense.  The normal roles
of husband and wife were mixed up helter skelter.

Karin became more and more isolated and alone.  She had
nowhere to go and no one to turn to.  She never went out,
she didn't drive, and she had no friends.  She didn't know
anyone but Bill and the household staff.  The cook only
spoke Spanish, the gardener was deaf, and the butler, well,
the butler resented her very existence.  That had been made
very clear to her two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, Bill and the "butler", Bruce, had surprised
her as she lay sunning herself by the pool.  Bill insisted
that she maintain her youthful appearance and beauty.  He
liked her to appear as if they had spent time on the
islands, so she spent as much of her time in the sun as
possible.  As his trophy wife, she had the finest clothes
to wear, and, of course, the tiniest bikinis.

That afternoon, as she lay soaking up the last of the day's
light, the two men had quietly sneaked up behind her and
overpowered her.  She had been immediately blindfolded.  A
thick hand towel had been stuffed, crammed in her mouth by
one of them.  Bruce, she thought.  Her arms had been pulled
hard behind her back as she lay struggling on her stomach.
Her assailant tied them with a piece of stiff twine or
wire.  It was tied tight and cut deeply into her wrists.
There was no love or tenderness in either of the men's

She had been picked up, thrown over a shoulder, and hauled
like an old rug down into the basement.  There, they had
strung her up and proceeded to torment her as only two
mysogenistic men were capable of.

Her hands had been re-tied from behind her back to the
thick pipes running overhead, leaving her feet dangling
about two inches off the floor.  As tall as she was, her
feet didn't reach the floor to support her.  They had not
bothered to take off her skimpy covering, but merely pushed
the tiny triangles of her bikini top up off her firm tits
and yanked the bottoms down around her thighs.  Doing it
that way made her feel more exposed and naked than if she
had been completely nude.

Bruce, the sadistic butler, had started slapping her firm
tits with his hands.  He had to reach up to hit her chest,
but he still managed to hit her hard.  He was a wimpy,
emasculated, effeminate man and was jealous of Karin's
femininity.  He was especially jealous of her natural charm
and beauty and above all, her perfectly rounded tits.

He began to work her tits over, going from slapping them
side to side to using them as a punching bag, hitting them
straight on with his closed fists.  Karin screamed into the
towel gag as the blows jarred her body.  He was working so
hard that the sweat was running down, staining his silk
pajamas.  Sadist that he was, he got excited beating up a
helpless woman.  His erection tented the loose-fitting
pants until the tip slipped out between the buttons of the
fly.  The short pink organ was highlighted against the
black shiny fabric.

Bill watched as Bruce tormented the stupid country girl
that he had married.  That's essentially how he thought of
the cunt.  Too dumb to boil water.  But with her folks
gone, he figured he could be a respectable widower in a
year of so.  No one would miss the bitch.

Until then, though, he figured he might as well get all the
mileage out of little wifey as he could.  This whole
brutality thing had been the butler's idea.  It hadn't
escaped his notice that it had been Bruce's idea that had
gotten him into this mess with the big Hong Kong bank in
the first place.  Now it was the butler's idea to get out
of that trouble with the bank by prostituting his wife to
the bank's president.  All they had to do was to get Karin
to go along with the idea.  Bruce had convinced him that
beating the shit out of her was the only way to convince
her to follow through with it even if they weren't around
to make sure.

Bill watched the barbaric butler beat on Karin a little
longer.  He wasn't sure but he thought he detected a subtle
change in the girl's reactions to the punishing blows.  Her
screams had softened to moans and were coming less
frequently, but that could be exhaustion.  Her pink nipples
seemed to be puffing up and darkening in hue, but that
could be due to the beating they were taking.  He was not
an expert in female sexual responses - he had never had an
interest in it - but he thought he noticed moisture seeping
from between her flailing thighs.  That one had him

For her part, Karin had been taken by surprise by her
reactions.  The blindfold confused her and she couldn't get
her bearings.  She never realized how much she relied on
her sight.  She wondered if perhaps they were just playing
a trick on her.  Then she thought they were really
kidnappers, until they spoke to one another and she
recognized their voices.  Why would her husband want to do
this to her?

The ropes around her wrists had hurt, but there was also
another deeper feeling building insider her she couldn't
quite put her finger on.  It was like it was OK what was
happening.  It was like security blanket, the feeling that
she was not in control.  Whatever happened, she was not
responsible, there was no pressure on her to act in any
particular way.  She couldn't screw this up.  It was
comforting in a strange way and she relaxed and let it
happen to her.

She had gone limp as they had lifted her and allowed them
to hoist her over a shoulder.  She didn't resist as they
had strung her from the overhead pipes in the basement.
She had blushed, unnoticed, when her breasts and pussy had
been exposed, but that blush quickly faded as Bruce, she
had guessed correctly, had started slapping and then
punching her in the tits and tummy.

The initial slaps had surprised her and the sudden pain in
her boobs had made her scream.  It was the only defense she
had left.  The pain had quickly been replaced by
surprisingly intense pleasant feelings that zipped straight
to her cunt.  The wonderful tingling had built with each
slap and punch of her tits.  Tensed and primed by endless
hours of using her finger as her sole source of pleasure,
the virgin wife was quickly teetering on the edge of a
ripping climax.  For the first time in her life, she felt
really alive.  She was charged up.  Something wonderful was
going to happen, she could feel it building in her sopping

Whether Bruce sensed her impending orgasm, or whether he
just got lucky doesn't matter much, because just as she was
about to free fall over the edge, he punched the
defenseless dangling girl in her relaxed, untrained stomach
with two powerful jabs.   The air was forced completely
from her lungs, squelching any possibility of her pending
orgasm.  Bill stepped in to stop the raging butler from
doing too much damage to the gasping woman.  They did,
after all, have to keep her in relatively good shape for
her `date'.

"My turn, Brucie.  Why don't you rest a while?"

Bruce was in a blood rage and wasn't about to quit.  All
the frustrations he had had all his life at having a female
mind and a male body were finally coming out.  Anger at all
the teasing from the other kids.  Anger that this cunt was
his lover's legal wife.  He turned to Bill, whining.  "Just
a little longer, Bill.  The bitch deserves it."

"No, Bruce.  That's not the reason we're here, now, is it?
We can't be selling damaged goods to this client now, can

The mention of the banker calmed Bruce down.  That mean son
of a bitch would make this beating seem like a ballroom
dance lesson.  Bruce had worked for the banker up until
last year.  The banker had fired him after it was
discovered Bruce had embezzled a lot of money from him.
More than a lot.  Too much money for the bank to publicly
admit to, and still keep the confidence of its depositors.
Way too much for the banker to admit to the board of
directors and still keep his job.

Bruce had been well aware of the banker's reputation with
the ladies.  The ones he dated always seemed to have
trouble sitting down - or even moving without a gasp of
pain, for that matter - after a `date' with him.  After
talking with a couple of them, quietly, of course, Bruce
had discovered that the banker liked to tie up his
unsuspecting victims, then spank and whip them mercilessly.
Bruce had never known a girl to voluntarily go on a second
date with the banker.

Bill was not aware that the banker and Bruce knew each
other.  Bill was the rich patsy Bruce was using to pay the
banker back for the money he had stolen.  The money that
could be skimmed from the new building loan for the new
manufacturing plant should more than cover his losses.  The
rest was just gravy for the banker.

Being the thorough man that he was, the banker researched
all potential relationships before he made a move.  Bruce,
the flaming gay, had been forced on the bank by the fucking
liberals and their EEOC policies.  He had simply shown up
in his department with the access codes.  Those idiots in
Personnel hadn't even done a resume check.  By the time the
money was missing, it was too late to point fingers.  It
was his responsibility by then.  And he was pissed.

So when he finally did move to get his due, he applied the
screws to both Bill and Bruce.  He had them right where he
wanted them.  He had been quietly pressing Bruce to get his
money back, and then began blackmailing Bill when he found
out he was gay, and was that Bruce was living with him.
Butler, my ass...

He had seen Karin by the pool on one of his rare visits to
Bill's mansion.  That day he had been there to pick up a
late payment, and his mood was foul.  He had walked by the
huge windows that overlooked the pool, automatically
glanced out, a flash of color catching his attention.  He
nearly stumbled over a chair as he had done a double take
at the sight of the beautiful near-naked creature lying
there.  His research had not picked up this piece of
information.  His eyes had glazed over, his heart beat like
a trip hammer and his cock swelled up like a young bull in
mating season.  He let the two faggots know of a way to
cancel the rest of the debt.  Just one weekend with the
girl.  Longer, if it worked out.

The two gay lovers couldn't agree fast enough to give him
Karin.  Any way he wanted her.  Bill didn't mention that
she was his wife, but it wouldn't have mattered to the
banker.  They made arrangements for three weeks hence.  She
would be moved to an isolated apartment, unprotected, no
alarms and no neighbors.  Bill smiled coldly as he thought
of the perfect location.  All they had to do was get her to
cooperate for the first part of the date.

Bruce thought that with the bitch out of the way and out of
the house, he could consolidate his position with this rich
businessman.  For his part, Bill felt he had to protect his
business at all costs.  Karin, to him, was simply an asset
he was finally able to put to use.  The banker had
threatened to expose him to his more pious colleagues, and
he couldn't let that happen.  They would drum him out of
business within a month.  They wouldn't even need proof.
Just the rumor.  God knows he'd ruined one of his more
pesky competitors that way and had passed on his share of
gossip that he was sure had no basis in truth.  He was in a
precarious position, and he knew it.  Karin was a write-
off.  So was Bruce, as soon as this was finished.

So they ended up in the basement, with Bruce using Karin as
a punching bag to get her to agree to the deal.

Bill stepped up to the gasping girl.  Tears leaked out
below the blindfold and streaked down her flushed cheeks.
Reaching out with both hands, he captured a bruised swollen
nipple between each thumb and forefinger.  Somewhat
distastefully, he rolled them around, stimulated the hard
buttons until they puffed up even larger.

"Karin, I want you to listen very carefully.  I need you to
do something for me.  It's very important.  If you don't
agree to do it, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to let
Bruce hit you some more until you do.  Do you understand

Karin fearfully nodded her head in the direction of the
voice.  She wasn't afraid of what Bruce might do to her.
She was afraid, because this was the most words he had
spoken to her since the day they were married.  And he was
talking to her as if she were an adult, too.  If it was
that important, she just knew she would mess it up.

"I want you to escort a friend of mine to a dance at a
convention.  He is a very important man and you will be
nice to him. OK?"

Again she nodded, puzzled.  All this for a date?

Bill twisted her nipples viciously, threatening to rip them

"I mean very nice, bitch.  Do you understand what I mean?
You will do anything he wants, right?  Anything!"

The tight twisting of her nipples sent Karin over the edge
she had been close to before the wind was knocked out of
her.  Skyrockets of light burst in her head and her cunt
gushed slippery fluids down her long tanned thighs.  She
whipped her head back and forth in her ecstasy, screaming
into the towel.  This was better than her fingers by a long

"Right, bitch?" Bill demanded again, emphasizing the
question with another sadistic twist.

Coming down from her orgasm, Karin weakly nodded her

"What a fucking whore!" muttered Bruce, standing off to one
side.  "A fucking good-for-nothing cunt!"  He had wanted
her to resist.  He had dreamed of her resisting, ever since
Bill had agreed to this bizarre technique.

Turning to Bill, he pleaded, "Let me give her some more,
just to make sure she understands.  Please?"

"No," came the answer.

Bill looked at the hanging girl.  He noticed the excessive
wetness between her thighs and poked an exploratory finger
up into her pussy.

Karin jerked spastically at the unaccustomed intrusion by
someone else's finger.

His manicured finger slithered between her slick puffy lips
and entered her virginal tunnel.  Part way in, the tip
encountered a tough membrane.

A look of surprise crossed his face, followed quickly by
outright rage.

"You BITCH!" he exploded,  "You're still a fucking VIRGIN!
I figured you would have at least gotten rid of it in high
school.  Shit!  You're too fucking stupid to have even done
that right"

He looked around in a blind rage, seeking something,
anything, to show her how incredibly worthless she was.
Spying the perfect object, he grinned wickedly.  It was
just what he wanted.  He stepped over to the cleaning
closet and pulled out a soiled, stinking toilet plunger.
Pulling a condom from the pocket of his open robe, he
ripped opened the foil and slipped it onto the dirty wooden

Bruce watched the proceedings with excited bright eyes, his
stubby hardon bouncing with each beat of his rapidly
beating heart.  This was going to be even better than he
had dared hope.  He quivered with anticipation, his hand
lost in the folds of his pajamas as he stroked his puny

Bill strode back over to his suspended wife.  He set the
plunger on the floor next to her.  Reaching up he grabbed
the bottoms of her bikini and jerked the useless fabric off
her thighs.

"Bruce, hold her legs apart.  We've got a block in the
plumbing and a helper to help," he said maliciously.

Bruce quickly moved behind the dazed girl and squatted
down.  He wanted to see this close up.  This should finish
the bitch.  Raped by the plumber's helper.  He grabbed an
ankle in each hand and spread them as wide as he could.

Karin was now struggling as best she could, but she was
tired.  She had been hanging for almost 30 minutes and her
shoulders and arms were sore from the strain.  Each weak
kick of her legs jerked her stressed joints painfully.  It
couldn't be good what they had planned.  She had never
heard such an evil tone, from anyone, much less her
husband.  She suddenly realized she didn't really know this
man.  She cried out fearfully, but it was too late.  Her
strength was sapped.

Bruce didn't have too difficult a job to spread her shapely
legs and expose the target to Bill's advancing plunger.  He
gripped her slim ankles tighter than he needed to, leaving
angry red marks on them.

Karin was not aware that she was about to be mechanically
violated.  She had heard the two men talking.  She figured
out that Bill was going to finally make her a woman.  If it
hadn't been for his anger and tone of voice, she would have
been excited about it because she had waited for six months
for him to exercise his conjugal rights.  And now he was.

She was unprepared for the sudden jab of the long hard
handle into her cunt.  The unlubricated condom irritated
the sensitive tender skin in her cunt.  After advancing
about two inches, the blunted head hit her hymen.  She
screamed into the thick towel gagging her.  The pain was
blinding, different than before.  This just fucking hurt.

Bill nodded silently to Bruce, who tightened his grip on
her ankles.  With a fierce hateful yell and a twisting
lunge, Bill shoved the handle forcefully into Karin's
virgin tunnel, forcing the handle of the plunger past the
thin membrane barrier.  It parted with an almost audible
tearing sound.

Karin screamed into the gag in horror, almost freeing her
legs from the vicious grasp.  White hot flashes coursed
through her body.  Searing, horrible pain.  This was awful.

The handle continued in until the serial numbers on the
condom covering the top of it were hidden in her soft pussy
hairs.  Bill yanked the handle out, then jabbed the handle
in, then out, then in and out twice more.  Satisfied that
the disgusting unused conjugal passage was now clear, and
his precious reputation protected, he set the toilet
plunger down carefully on the basement floor.  He wiped his
shit covered hands on her heaving tits.

Bruce and Bill untied Karin's hands and let her drop
heavily to the floor.  Her rubbery legs wouldn't support
her.  They left her lying there to come to by herself.
Bill also left the bloody rubber on the handle of the
stinking plunger.  He wanted that bloody post to be the
first thing that she saw.  He hoped she realized it for
what it was - her first lover.


End of chapter

Chapter 2

first posted 4/97,major revision 12/98

That had been two weeks ago.

Karin had crawled painfully up the stairs out of the
basement, then up more stairs to her room.  She hurt all
over.  She was confused.  The next day, she was efficiently
moved to a small apartment in one of the company's
commercial warehouses downtown.  Not an excess word was
exchanged between the three of them.  Bill had the cook had
come in to her room early in the morning and pack a few of
her things while she was in the shower.  By the time she
made her way out of the bathroom, there was a pair of
shorts and a halter-top laid out on the bed.  She dressed
herself in those and she left the mansion in a taxi.  She
wasn't offered any breakfast.

The building they moved her into was in one of the older
industrial sections of town.  The apartment had it's own
separate entrance via the parking garage.  Originally it
had been designed to house an on-site General Manager of a
factory.  Built in the twenties or thirties, it was big and
solid.  One of the previous owners had sealed off and
isolated from the work area.  The factory was long since
abandoned, and the building was now used as an overflow
storehouse for raw materials.  The inside of the warehouse
was gritty with dirt, vermin and disuse.  The apartment,
although separate, had been vacant for a long time and some
of the grime of the warehouse filtered into it.  It was
dirty, smelly, and in the middle of nowhere.  As far as she
knew, Bill had intended this to be an insult to her.

She identified with the little apartment, however.  It felt
like she and it belonged together.

Just before she had closed the door to the taxi, the cook
had shoved an envelope into her hands.  She sat down and
read the short, terse note inside.  She learned that Bill
had provided her a bank account.  Each week, money would be
deposited into the account automatically, provided she
'behaved herself.'  Food would be delivered by a 'local'
store, all she had to do was call and order.  There were
directions for her to go shopping for a suitable dress at a
fancy boutique the next week.

Bill would have been astonished had he seen his beaten
wife's expression.  Karin was literally astonished at her
new wealth and the wonderful apartment.  She had more money
now than she ever had before, and she was happy to be alone
on her own.  She sat for a long time on the dirty couch,
hugging herself, laughing joyously at her freedom.

She immediately threw herself into various diversions.
Part of the first day was spent examining the rooms,
determining what needed to be done to fix up the old
apartment.  There was surprisingly little to do, other than
cleaning.  It had apparently been a luxury apartment at one
time with an extra-large bath, a beautiful rooftop patio
with a hot tub, and good quality solid furniture.  But that
had been several years ago, as was obvious from the out of
date fabric and fashion of the furnishings.

Karin had plunged into what she knew best.  Hell, it was
all she knew how to do.  Housework.  She had swept and
cleaned and scrubbed, put up new drapes. dusted and swept
and mopped the floors. The activity helped keep her mind
occupied.  For about a day and a half.  Then she set about
re-arranging the furniture to her liking.

During the re-arranging process, she discovered that Bill
had lived in the apartment, long ago, when he was just
starting out.  This must have been one of the first
buildings to house his company's manufacturing plant.  She
discovered a section of a diary kept by a much younger
Bill.  The bound notebook had been wedged down behind a
section of a bookcase and the wall.  It had apparently
fallen down and was forgotten when he moved out.  She
didn't know at first what it was and was about to toss it
out when a clipping from an old newspaper fluttered to the

Picking up the clipping, she read it.  Her interest piqued,
she leafed through the book, looking for other information.
What she found stunned her.  The diary picked up in the
middle of an involved plot, as this was just one section of
a multi-volume diary.  The more she read, the more familiar
names she read, names she had heard in the last six months.
They were the names of Bill's competitors and clients.
Some were unfamiliar.  But she got the gist of it.  In
Bill's own writing were detailed plots he had made to
destroy one of his rivals.  As far as she could see, the
only thing the rival had done was to be an honest
businessman.  There were several sneering passages about
how goody-goody the bastard was.

At first, she thought the plotting had just been theories,
mock rage stuff. Then, as she read the daily entries, the
chilling story unfolded. It told how, after careful
planning, Bill had set in motion a fabrication of lies and
half-truths that had wiped the man out.  The passages
became savage, describing the depths to which the man had
fallen.  Bill described how the man had come to him, not
knowing it had been Bill who had planned and started the
whole thing.  Bill described how he had 'helped' the guy
out - for a price, of course.  That price was a partnership
in the failing company.

What chilled Karin to the bone was that the old newspaper
clipping was the story of the gruesome murder-suicide of
the broken man and his wife.  A couple of the passages in
the diary led her to believe it had not been a voluntary
suicide, but that someone, namely Bill, had been there to
help him out of his misery.  The same misery Bill had put
him in.

The thought that Bill was that calculating, that cold, that
unfeeling hit her like a hammer.  It suddenly became very
clear to her that she had to grow up, take charge of her
life.  Now, this didn't happen like a bolt of lightning
from the sky, but the mental shift was there.  Being alone
and on her own for the first time helped.  But she also
realized that she was totally unprepared for living in a
cruel world.

Such deep thoughts were frightening to her.  She tried to
keep as busy as she could during the day by exploring the
blocks surrounding the apartment.  She would walk for
hours, pushing her body until the soreness from the beating
was indistinguishable from the soreness of the overworked
muscles.  Gradually, she healed.  She was even able to wear
heavier blouses and shirts over her tenderized breasts.
She had been receiving a lot of cat-calls and wolf whistles
on her walks around the area.  Some of the guys were gross,
but a couple of them were cute, too.  Although she still
wasn't comfortable with all the attention blatant
sexuality, she was making tremendous strides in her level
of self-confidence.  Besides, she kind of liked turning on
all those men.

She had discovered, drained, cleaned and filled the hot tub
on the terrace, and was pleasantly surprised when it ran
perfectly.  It had been an exorbitant luxury when it was
installed 20-25 years ago and it had been built to last.
She enjoyed the hot soothing bubbling water often in the
evenings.  It felt so decadent to be naked in the middle of
downtown and outside in the open air.  She spent hours
soaking in the bubbling water, letting the soothing
currents soak away the last of her aches and pains.  She
kind of zoned out in the hot tub.  The cares of the day and
the fears of tomorrow faded away.  But eventually she had
to get out of the water.  To try to sleep.  It seemed to
her that she would lay in bed all night long as her
thoughts raced forwards to her date.  She wondered what the
man would be like.  What would he ask her to do?  Could she
do it?  Could she not do it?

Then the itching would start.  It was the kind of itch she
couldn't quite scratch.  But she tried to and she would
almost succeed.  She would then remember those intense
feelings she had felt in the basement at the hands of those
two sadistic brutes.  Fresh tears of humiliation would fill
her eyes as she realized just how turned on she had been at
the rough treatment they had given her.  Her cheeks would
flame red with her shame, but even embarrassment could not
diminish the rising urgency of her need.

Pushing her shame aside, she focused on trying to feel that
same sexual rush again.  Her fingers blurred in between her
legs in frustrated persistence as the itch wouldn't go away
and she couldn't get off.  After several frustrating
nights, she started doing things to try to get herself off.
Like pinching her nipples hard.  Like Bill had done that
night that had felt soooo goood.

That stimulus worked for a while, but it wasn't enough.
Something was missing.  She started to play with some old
cords from the drapes, first twisting them around her legs,
binding them tightly together.  The heat she felt in her
sex told her she was on the right track.  While her feet
and legs were tied, she fantasized about being totally
controlled, totally restrained.  The idea made her hotter
and wetter between her legs.

She tried running the cords through her legs and pulling
the twisted strands up tight against her pussy.  She
twisted the ends in her hands and sawed the braided coarse
rope back and forth across her clit.  She managed to cum a
couple of times that way, too, but something was still

These limited excursions led to her attempting full self-
bondage.  First she would tie her ankles together and
secure them to the foot of the bed with a short rope.  She
tied her knees together next.  She put another band of
cords across her calves and one around her mid-thighs.
Again, the tightly tied ropes cut into her skin, dividing
her shapely pins into segments.

She would then twist a rope belt around her waist and knot
it tight, squeezing in her waspish waist.  She could then
run a rope through her tightly closed thighs.  She tied one
end to the belt in the small of her back and pulled the
rope in front up tight between her cunt lips so that it
pressed against her clit and her asshole.  She didn't tie
the front until later.

She had pondered what to do about her breasts, and had
tried many ways to stimulate them.  She finally came up
with a way that satisfied her.  A loop of thin cord was
placed around the base of each tit, hard against her chest.
She pulled each of the loops tight as if to try to separate
her tits from her chest.  A second loop placed about midway
up around each ballooning boob was tied with a slipknot.
She held the ends of those in her mouth.

She then pulled the cunt cord firmly into her pussy and
tied it to the corded belt in front.  A cord looped around
the post in the headboard ended in a slipknot to hold her
hands up over her head.  By pulling the knot tight after
raising her arms over her head and slipping her hands
through the slip knot, she could close her eyes and pretend
she was tied tight, thrashing around on the over-sized
canopied bed.

She would spend hours in this position at night working out
her sexual frustrations, flexing her hips to rub the cord
against her magic button, stimulating herself to orgasm
after orgasm.  But there was still something missing.  It
just wasn't complete, somehow.  She was frustrated that she
had to leave an escape route by tying a bowknot in the cord
that tied her arms to the headboard.

The only time she really got off and lost herself in the
feeling of helplessness was the time the cord holding her
arms over her head twisted and got a kink in it.  The knot
stuck and there was a half-hour of panic-filled orgasmic
struggling.  She so enjoyed that time, she seriously
contemplated not using an escape route and just
masturbating herself until she died of starvation.

But if she did that, she would miss her appointment with
the mysterious stranger.  And that date and that unknown
man were becoming increasingly important to her.  Call it
curiosity, call it duty.  She didn't know.  All she knew
was that he was important to Bill and that Bill owed him
something.  She felt no loyalty to her faux husband
anymore, but she had said she would do this.  Her word had
to mean something, right?

Added to all of the mysteriousness was one burning bit of
information.  Probably the most important one to her.  As
she had left the mansion for the last time, Bruce had
maliciously pulled her aside.  With evil intent, he had
instructed her very specifically to ask the man she was
going out with to do something to her.  Something kinky.
She was to ask him to tie her up and then to spank her.
While telling her to do this, Bruce had threatened her with
a very large knife that had frightened her terribly,
especially because Bruce was the one holding it and she
thought he was crazy.

Bruce had intended that this information about what she was
suppose to ask the man to do to her that night would
terrorize her, scare her out of her mind.  It did just the
opposite.  Those sinister instructions he had whispered to
her fed her nighttime fantasies.  She was very much looking
forward to her 'date' with the mysterious man.


Karin shook her head to clear these thoughts.  She still
stood in front of the full-length mirror on her closet
door.  She had deliberated a long time about what she would
wear tonight.  She had spent longer shopping at the
exclusive boutique.  She didn't know her mystery man's
name, or anything about him.  He was just a blind date she
was to ask to do kinky things to her.

The titillating thrill had a slight taste of fear mixed in
as it swept through her at the thought of the unknown
adventure on which she was embarking.  Goose bumps rose on
her silky skin.  She watched in the mirror as the tiny
bumps slowly faded away and she shivered again.  Her
perfect, silky skin covering her breasts was clear once

The effects of the beating and rape by Bill and Bruce had
faded on her skin, if not in her memory.  She examined her
youthful body closely.  Other than the goose bumps that
were still visible on the rosy tips of her breasts, her
body was flawless.  The bumps on her boobs made a miniature
circular mountain range with the semi-erect nipple in the
center.  Her breasts rode firm and high on her chest, the
effects of age and gravity not yet evident.  Small
triangular patches of creamy white skin surrounded by a
golden tan indicated the minuscule size of her bikini top.

A similar white triangle pointed like an arrow to the
secret place between her legs.  The rest of her body was a
healthy golden tan, but not a deep one.  She did not want
to have to deal with anymore wrinkles than she had to later
on in life.  She pulled on a thin black thong panty that
just covered the white triangle.  It would be her sole
undergarment tonight.

Her nylon stockings gripped the tops of her shapely thighs.
Her long legs were accented by the sheen of the fabric.
The distinctly feminine curves of her upper thighs held
them up with ease, with no need for garters or leg bands.

She had to honestly evaluate herself as beautiful and
desirable.  This ability to appraise herself honestly was
new to her.  Her shyness was rapidly slipping away as she
turned into a woman who would make her own decisions from
now on.  Why a man had never fuck her was a mystery to her,
especially as she had been married for six months!  Her
increased sexual tensions in the last two weeks heightened
her awareness of her sensuality and sex appeal.  She was
going to go all out tonight.  She wanted to be fucked, and

Picking up her dress, she slipped it over her head and let
it settle gracefully over her trim body.  The dress was
ivory white on top with a jet-black micro skirt.  The
fabric was translucent and filmy, like fine satin.
Reaching behind her waist, she zipped up the short zipper
and fastened the single hook closure at the top.  This
pulled the close-fitting material in tight across her upper
thighs, hips, and lower abdomen.  She looked closely and
could see the faint dark outline of the black panties over
her pubic patch, as well as every hair, dimple and ripple
as she moved.  The stretchy fabric molded to her like a
second skin and it would be obvious to everyone who looked
exactly what she was wearing underneath her short skirt.

There was no back to the upper part of the dress starting
from the top of the skirt.  The creamy white front panel
hung loosely around her body, dangling precariously from a
pair of fragile thin spaghetti straps that tied behind her
neck.  Karin tied the straps a couple of times, adjusting
the scooped neck to hang at different levels, finally
deciding on a length that allowed the front of the dress to
readily fall away from her chest.  When that happened, it
exposed her completely from her neck to her navel.  When
she twirled around, the wind would catch the sides of the
dress, billowing them out to expose her magnificent breasts
from the sides.

"Well, that should give him an eye-full!" she said to no
one in particular.  She experimented with the dress,
spinning around a couple of times.  "I hope he likes it.  I
know I do."

She selected a pair of high heels that accentuated her
height.  The five-inch heels pushed her to almost six and a
half feet tall.  She had no idea of the devastating impact
her height would have on a short man or one of average
stature.  She only knew she looked very sexy in these
heels, and she wanted to look sexy for this mystery man.
How would he know she wanted him to fuck her senseless if
she didn't look sexy for him?

She had just thrown a sheer white shawl around her
shoulders when the limo arrived in the downstairs parking
garage.  Just like his message had said.  The note, with a
white wrist corsage, had been delivered to her apartment
this morning.  There was no name, just that a driver would
show for her at 6:00 sharp, and to please be prompt.

The driver got out of the car and rang the bell.  She
hurried to the elevator and went down to meet the waiting

The stoic chauffeur gave a visible start when he saw the
extraordinary beauty who stood in the open elevator.  He
gave an embarrassed grin at his lapse, then bowed formally
and opened the rear door of the limo for her.  She stepped
gracefully into the luxurious passenger area and settled
back into a decadently soft leather seat.  The windows were
tinted so dark, Karin imagined she could be naked and no
one outside would know.

A glass of freshly poured champagne was waiting for her on
the small tray beside her seat.  She picked it up and took
a sip.  It was delicious and the bubbles tickled her nose.
She hardly noticed they had pulled away from the curb and
were on the way to meet her mysterious man.

Two glasses of bubbly later the car drove into the
underground garage of a large downtown corporate building.
The driver pulled up next to a brightly-lit elevator door.

"Top floor, Miss," said the driver, turning around.  He
paused, stunned once more by her beauty.
Uncharacteristically he added, "Have a good time."

She flashed him a sincere 'Thank you' smile and stepped out
of the car.

Her 5-inch heels caught her by surprise when she took her
first steps.  She stumbled slightly when one slipped off
her foot.  She was not quite used to wearing them.  The
alcohol made her kind of tipsy, as well.  As she bent to
retrieve her errant shoe, she thought of the childhood
fairy tale and the glass slipper.  An uncharacteristic
giggle took control of her and eased some of the building
tension in her.  Finished putting her shoe on, she stood
and walked purposefully over to the open elevator.  She
stepped in, surveyed her options, and giggled again.  No
more champagne for her!

She paused and took a deep breath, clearing her head.  This
was it, time to get serious.  She pushed the top button,
waving goodbye to the driver as the door closed on her
past.  She was on her way.  She wondered if Cinderella had
been this scared on her way to the ball.


End of chapter

Chapter 3

first posted 4/97, major revision 12/98

The elevator doors opened silently on a sumptuous boardroom that had been converted into a ballroom.  There was music playing, performed by a live 8-piece orchestra.  Karin was impressed.  Not that she had ever seen a room this nice before.  She had never heard a live orchestra before.  She stood still and let the soothing sounds steady her nerves.  Several people looked up as the opening doors announced her arrival.  She stepped out of the elevator and waited, her hands hanging easily by her side.  This was as far as her instructions took her.  She had not screwed it up.  That part of her was gone forever.

A well-dressed man stepped forward to meet her.  "Karin Saunders?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm Karin."

He smiled warmly at her and held out his hand.  "Welcome to the President's Ball.  Thank you so much for coming.  My name is 'Sam Adams', and I am to be your escort for the evening."  He continued in a conspiratorial tone, as if she were being let in on a secret. "This is an annual event.  All of the men here are presidents of their companies."

While he was speaking to her, she tried to scope him out with a casual glance.  What she saw started her heart racing.  Her breath came in short gasps.  She knew her cheeks were flushing crimson and that she was now staring at him openly.  She did manage to close her mouth before it gaped all the way open.  She felt her nipples harden and poke through the thin fabric of the dress.  She began to wonder if she had made a mistake about flaunting herself so openly tonight.

Sam Adams was a handsome man.  Definitely!  He looked to be about 45 years old and tall.  He was taller than she was in her heels.  He had a strong face, rugged features, and kind eyes that crinkled when he grinned.  She saw his eyes dance excitedly as he looked her over as well, his gaze dwelling briefly on her exposed nipples.  She blushed deeply again, but knew instinctively that the dress had not been a mistake.  Tonight she would get fucked.  Finally!

His chest was broad and his waist was slim.  He obviously kept himself in top shape and watched his diet.  She took his offered hand in hers and smiled up at him.  His hand was smooth but strong.  It excited her to touch him, stirring her emotions.  There were no sharp calluses or nails.  A man of wealth, but what else had she expected?

He had been appraising her at the same time.  What he saw set his sex drive on overload.  It was all he could do to keep from ravishing her right there on the floor.  It had been done before at these affairs, and often.  He had seen a lot of potential in the young girl that one time he had seen her lying by the pool.  But this was more than he had even hoped to imagine.

She was a statuesque beauty - a vision of sexual delight and promise.  But the was more.  There was something about the look in her eyes that kept him from being able to catch his breath, as if she had a grip on his heart.  It was an unaccustomed feeling for him.

Taking her wrap and giving it to the hatcheck girl, he caught his breath once more as her gown was completely revealed to him.  It confirmed what he had only suspected.  She was totally on display for him tonight.  He was enough of a cad to appreciate the effort she had gone to for him.  He could see her nipples as they peeked through the thin fabric of the loose top.  Her trim waist was highlighted by the hint of her miniscule panties, and, as she walked in front of him into the ballroom, he thought he could imagine the dark thin line of the narrow thong as it disappeared into her ass crack.  Her tightly covered cheeks tantalized him as they swayed back and forth.

Walking into the main area was like something out of an investment commercial, the one where every one listens when this guy speaks.  Everyone stopped to look at them.  The orchestra just happened to stop playing at the same time.  Karin surveyed the room.

There were several men in attendance, all of them with that certain air of self-confidence that made them seem debonair and handsome, regardless of their drivers license photo.  They were obviously men of wealth.  There were a few other women scattered around the room, as well.  All of the women were young and pretty, some were beautiful, but none of them were close to Karin's class.  She stood out not only because of her height, but because her poise and beauty set her apart as something truly special.

Sam was gloating inside, beaming graciously outside.  He had just won the contest for best date.  It was sophomoric, he knew, but still, it was a big deal.  Winning that contest meant that the next President's Ball would be at his company building.  That meant he personally would get a percentage of all of the 'contracts' negotiated on his premises.  It was a point of honor among the members of the club to be truthful about the amounts of the contracts negotiated.  The disclosure of the parties involved was another matter entirely, as the majority of those deals were probably illegal.  But what the SEC didn't know...

And besides all that, the pot for tonight's best date was over $100,000 cash, tax-free.  Sam allowed a touch of smugness to touch his gracious smile.  This arrangement with those two queers was beginning to pay off already.  And he had yet to have his way with the guy's wife!

Sam asked Karin to dance.  They moved around the floor effortlessly.  They fit together perfectly, and they danced as if they had danced a thousand times before.  The first time he twirled her, his pupils widened at the peep show presented to him by the billowing dress.

She saw his eyes glitter when his gaze dropped to her tits.  She smiled happily up at him.  He liked her!

He saw that she had caught him looking at her chest and grinned sheepishly.  It wasn't often that a woman - just a girl, actually - could make him feel like a bumbling teenager again.

She saw his chagrined look and leaned her head against his chest with a sigh.  She felt so safe with him.  Sam.  Sam Adams.  It was a good name.  One she would remember for a long time.  They continued dancing and then he dipped her.  The twin perky nipples of her breasts floated on globes of spongy flesh, slipping out from under the edge of the fabric.  It looked like they winked up at him.  He couldn't resist the tempting treat they offered.  He bent his head and kissed each one lightly before raising her back upright.

She giggled, her heart pounding.  Her head was spinning, thrilled at the illicit sensations he had given her.  She hugged herself to him tightly.

"Oh, Sam!  That tickled!"  It was clear she wanted him to do it some more.

He grinned to himself and lowered his hand to stroke her ass.  His hand automatically molded to the rounded shape of her cheeks and squeezed firmly.  After kissing her exposed nipples, he felt more in control of the situation.  He was back in command, something he was used to.  Still, her mere presence in his arms sent a thrill through him he had not felt in years, if ever.  His swollen cock dug into her stomach as they continued to dance, holding each other tight.

She felt his hard flesh rubbing up against her body and moaned.  She took every opportunity to grind her throbbing pussy into his thigh.  She was going to cum soon.  She was suddenly frightened, wondering if perhaps that type of lewd display would displease him.  She grit her teeth and held on to him tighter.  Her hot moist breath saturated his starched white shirt.

He seemed to read her mind as to the perilous closeness of her climax.  He casually danced her over to a table and they sat down.  Her breathing slowly calmed down, and she smiled her thanks to him with her clear blue eyes.  Sam sat silently, entranced with this young girl, drinking in her beauty and grace and the raw sexual aura she exuded.

Within minutes of them sitting down, one of the other gentlemen approached their table and asked her to dance with him.  She immediately looked up at Sam, silently looking to him for direction, for what he wished her to do.  He seemed somehow pleased at her actions.  He nodded that it was 'OK'.

She danced with that first gentleman and with most of the other men in the room, as well.  Maybe all of them, she wasn't sure.  She only knew that she hardly sat down at all for a long time.  Some of her partners were shorter and stared straight at her boobs the entire time they danced.  Others were as tall or taller than Sam.  To a man, they danced with her respectfully without groping, but each one twirled her around or dipped her, somehow managing to catch a close-up view of her magnificent unfettered breasts.

It was after she had danced with Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, among others, that Karin finally figured out that the men at the dance were using false names.  Why they were doing this, she didn't know.  She also wondered casually who 'Sam Adams' really was, but strangely, it didn't concern her a whole lot.  She was certain he would reveal himself to her when he was ready.  She didn't seem overly concerned that she could not identify the building she was in, nor could she identify by name a single individual at the dance.  There was no sense that she was in danger and it didn't enter her thoughts at all.

After each dance, each with a different partner, she returned to Sam and sat beside him.  Almost immediately, another club member would ask her to dance.  Each time, she would look up to Sam for his permission.  He smiled his approval at her behavior and deference to him.  His approval pleased her beyond anything she had felt before.  This stranger she had not known for more than two hours was making her feel as she had never felt.  She honestly felt she would do anything to please him.  She knew she could not mess up with him.  That he approved of her.  He was a magical man, this Sam Adams, whoever he was and Karin felt like she was in a fairy tale.

Finally, as if by a signal, no one else asked her to dance.  Sam indicated for her to sit in the seat beside him and she sat down, waiting expectantly.  When nothing happened after a couple of minutes, she snuggled into Sam's side, relaxing.  It felt good to get off her feet for a while.  Just being next to him was turning her on again, though, and she squirmed impatiently in her chair.

They sat and watched the others dancing by.  Sam seemed content to have her sit silently beside him for now.  The dancing she had done with the other gentlemen had warmed her up.  Rivulets of sweat dripped down her chest making the thin fabric cling to her skin and appear transparent.  Her tits were proudly on display for everyone to see.  Everyone who passed their table looked appreciatively at her near naked beauty.

Still impatient, she decided to go for it.  She didn't know how to ask him to spank her and she just jumped in.  "I haven't been too naughty tonight, have I?" she asked coyly.

"Well, Karin, let's see now.  If you had been naughty, I would have to spank you, wouldn't I?" he answered teasingly.

Her heart jumped to her throat.  There!  It was out in the open.  Oh, please, God.  Please!  She turned in her chair, facing him.  Slowly and deliberately, she leaned forward slightly and thrust out her chest while shimmying her shoulders, exposing herself to him alone.  "Is this naughty?" she asked him innocently.  She shimmied her shoulders again so that her breasts jiggled invitingly.  The blatant movement of her tits made her blush becomingly.  She had never acted so brazen in her entire life.

"I'd say it was very naughty, wouldn't you?" he murmured to her, not taking his eyes off her bobbing breasts for one instant.  With the index finger of each hand, he caught the edges of the front panel of her dress and pulled it towards him.  The fabric pulled away from her body, and from his point of view, she was exposed from her neck to her navel.

"Oh my!  Yes, I'm afraid so." she said quietly.  "I've never done anything like this before.  You make me want to do the most naughty things."  Her voice got quiet.  "Does that mean you're going to spank me now?"

Sam wasn't sure if she was anxious to be spanked, or afraid.  "Yes, I'm going to spank you..."

She gasped as a small, but definite orgasm rippled through her body.  Sam noticed and smiled to himself.  She was perfect.

"...but not now.  Later."

"Oooohhhhh, yyyeess," she sighed.  "Will it be hard?"  Still in the quiet voice.  Sam decided it must be wistful.

"Yes, it will be hard.  And long."

"Oooohhhhh, YYEESS," came her quiet answer.  She was wet and ready for him now.  Right there.  On the floor.  She didn't care.

Sam stood and took her hand.  She stood up obediently and he led her out onto the dance floor.  As they began dancing, he took her hands in his, kissed the palms of each and then placed them behind her neck.  She quivered with excitement at this strange posture he wanted her in.  Her excitement inflamed his lust, making the front of his pants bulge with promise.  He nudged and encouraged his pupil until she inter-laced her fingers behind her neck and spread her elbows wide, a quizzical, hopeful look on her face.

Smiling reassuringly at her, he moved in closely to her offered body and held her close to his own.  He could feel her pulsating tension.  When she started to move her hands down, he pinched her firmly on her buttock.  She gasped at the sudden pain, winced and then, with his encouragement, raised her hands back to the position he wanted them in.  She looked up at him with a hurt wonderment in her eyes.  Karin was not used to having someone else dictate anything to her.  She was experiencing the first glorious feelings of total surrender to another's will.  She drank it down as if she was dying of thirst.

With her hands remaining clasped behind her neck, Sam began to take liberties with her luscious body right there on the dance floor.  He brazenly slipped his hands up under the front panel of her dress and possessively cupped her a succulent breast in each of his large hands.  They fit nicely over the curved orbs, but there was still plenty left over.

He began to tease and torment the dazed woman.  Her breathing became even more ragged and she began to loose her balance.  He grinned knowingly, placed his arm around her tiny waist, and pulled her lower torso against his lower body.  He made her lean back slightly to give him easier access to her tits.  She willingly complied.  She was literally falling into him as they swayed softly to the sensual music.

Rolling her stiff nipples softly between his fingers, he watched her reactions.  Gasping slightly, she gazed up into his eyes but didn't flinch or pull away.  Her shallow breathing became more rapid.  Excited little mewls and moans escaped from her throat, music to his ears.  The blood rose up from her throat into her neck and then her cheeks.  She was not embarrassed, just excited.  A slow smile twitched at the corners of her lips.

"Am I naughty to let you do this to me? she asked him teasingly.

"Very naughty," he said in mock seriousness.  "I'm going to have to punish you really hard."  He roughly twisted her nipples back and forth, pulling them outwards slightly for emphasis.

"Oh, oh oh OH OH OH OH OH!"  Her eyes took on a slightly defocus look and she shuddered, leaning all of her weight against him for support.

He continued to gently roll her nipples throughout her orgasm to stimulate her as much as possible.  As she came back to her senses, he pulled her into his chest.  She relaxed into him and smiled up at him.

"Thank you, Sam."  She lifted her lips up to his face for a kiss.

He complied.  "That was just the beginning, kid.  Just the beginning."

They continued to dance for a while, his hands a constant source of arousal.  She drifted along in his arms, felling no embarrassment at what he did to her or at what he exposed to the others watching.  For her the others didn't exist.  Only Sam.  Her Sam.  For their part, the other club members sat and enjoyed the show.  They had all seen it before, but still, they appreciated the skill of 'Sam' and the beauty of the innocent girl.  The other women who were present were engaged in similar activities as Karin.  Some had had more of an idea of what would be expected and were actively satisfying their partners.  One or two had resisted the blatant advances and had been restrained and forced to comply.  The coercion of the women bothered some, but the anonymity provided by the event allowed them to rationalize that their reputations, if not their consciences, were clear.


Back in the isolated apartment, he danced with her again.  Sam had selected some music while Karin was in the bathroom freshening up.  Actually, she was shaking so much with sexual frustration and excitement she could barely pee.  Sam had turned off all the lights but one overhead spotlight.  This light was now turned to create a circle of light in the center of the floor.  The rest of the room was in deep shadows.

She had finally gathered back together a semblance of composure, but then lost it when she stepped into the dramatically lit living room.  All she could see on him were his two hands and forearms where they intersected the circle of light, inviting her into the circle.  She tried not to seem to eager as she walked into the light and felt his arms around her once more.  Her heart felt like it was in her throat and she had to fight to take a breath.

When Sam finally felt the tension began to ease from her body, he began to move her around, always keeping her centered in the light.  She had thought he was bold in the ballroom, but here he really let loose.  Her hands were placed back behind her neck again.  This time he held them there, adding an extra dash of spice.  Using them as a grip, he pulled her face up to his.  Kissing her gently and tenderly, he tasted her lips and eyes.  The salty taste of her tears intrigued him, but he saw they were tears of joy.  There was no hesitation, no pulling back from him or his advances.  In fact, it seemed that she rushed to meet his lips and fingers as they violated her.  His kisses became more insistent until their tongues were thickly entwined.  Both of them were breathing hard, their feet moving only slightly.

He pulled back a bit and placed a tender kiss on her forehead.  She closed her eyes in sheer pleasure.  They were dancing close.  It was a dream, a fairy tale.

Sam reached down with one hand and fingered her butt after pulling the hem of her dress up to expose it.  She giggled at his touch on her bare ass and moved the firm flesh lewdly up and down under his wandering finger.

Not satisfied to be passive, she experimentally rubbed his crotch with her thigh, teasing him as he had been teasing her all night long.  She felt his hardness move back and forth in his slacks.  He groaned slightly, but did nothing to stop her.  She grinned up at his reddened face, his mouth open, panting.  She pressed harder against his erection and felt him shudder.

"Now you've done it!  You've been a naughty girl tonight, Karin," he said to her.

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, you have.  I'm going to have to punish you for being so naughty."

"Oooh.  How are you going to punish me?"  Karin and Sam were nose to nose, speaking softly to each other.  She saw he was pleased when she played the role of an innocent little girl, asking him naïve questions in a tiny voice.  It excited her, too, to let him explain in detail what would have.  Kind of like a verbal foreplay.

"Well, normally little girls who are as naughty as you have been get spanked.  I'm inclined to agree."

She continued the game.  "Are you going to spank me hard?"

He nodded seriously.  "Yes.  It wouldn't be much of a spanking if it weren't hard, now, would it?"  He fondled her bottom, still bare from his earlier groping.  "I much prefer to give spankings on the bare bottom, too."

"Oh, Sir!  If you do that, spank me on my bare bottom, you may have to tie my hands."  She looked down shyly.  "I, uh, I don't know if I could keep them still.  You would help me, wouldn't you?"  She glanced back up to see a happy man.

"Yes, Karin, I think I may be able to help you."  He cleared his throat.  Games were fine, but there was business to attend to.  "Enough of this."

He eased her hands down to her sides.  Kissing her gently on the lips he said, "Dance for me, Karin."  He sat down and made himself comfortable.  "Be naughty.  Be very naughty for me."

The music was still playing softly in the background.  Karin stood in a brilliant pool of light in the center of a darkened room.  Slowly, she began to sway to the sensuous music Sam had put on.  She stood in one spot on the floor and let the erotic sounds ease through her limber body.  The straps of her dress came loose with a jerk on one end.  The small thin strands slithered off her shoulders and down to her breasts.

Only her erect nipples and his imagination held up the top of the dress.

Karin pirouetted suddenly in perfect time to the music.  As she turned, the fabric flowed away from her body, revealing her upper body to him completely.  She brought her hands up to cup her tits and began to caress herself.  She pretended these were his hands and let herself go as she made love to herself for him alone.  She wanted to arouse him, inflame him, to incite him to do all kinds of wicked, wonderful and terrible things to her.  She wanted to push him to go beyond his limits, to fulfill himself by using her body.

She fingered her nipples, pinching them between her long fingernails.  Her elongated buttons were tortured and tantalized by the nails, finally being stretched and pulled out as far as she could pull them.  Her tiny hands copied the things his hands had done to her, arousing her, teasing, and tormenting until she shuddered with her release of erotic tension.

She slowly eased the zipper of the dress down the crack of her ass.  With a sexy shimmy, the dress fell in a little heap on the floor.  Her hands found their way underneath her panties to her cunt.  Her legs spread slightly and she eased one slender finger down along her dripping slit.  Her breath came in short gasps as she went straight for her throbbing clit.

Standing up, Sam stopped her before she push herself over the edge for her second climax.  "I think that's enough for right now."

She threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his neck.

"Are you really going to spank me, Sam?"  she asked him.  There was more than a little anxiety in her voice.  Games were one thing, this was real.




She held him tighter, not daring to ask the next question.



"Are you going to fuck me afterwards?"

He paused at the question.  He knew he was going to, but he suddenly wanted this to be mutual.

"Do you want me to?"

"Yes," she said softly, without hesitation.

"Should I fuck you hard?" he teased.

"And long, too," she quipped back, her anxiety gone, lifted by his calm and controlled demeanor.  He would not hurt her in a frenzy.  Then seriously, "Please, Sam?  Please?"


He pulled off his tie, took her wrists and held them firmly behind her back.  She squirmed against him, but didn't resist.  He looped the tie around her wrists, pulled the silk tight and knotted it firmly.  She groaned and kissed him deeply.

"It's OK if you hurt me.  I can take it."  The barely audible words were whispered directly into his ear.  The shakiness in her voice belied her brave words.

Her eagerness to please him stirred something within him he had not felt before.  He moved his hands down over her buttocks, marveling at the smooth silkiness of her firm skin.  He squeezed tightly in answer to her question, as he did not trust his own voice at the moment.

Moving his hands up, he took her by her shoulders and turned her around to face away from him.  His hands moved caressingly down her smooth back, bumping along each vertebra on the way down to her ass.  She wiggled her hips impatiently as she shivered at the tickling sensations of his hands.  He slapped her ass cheeks lightly to make her stand still.  That brought a giggle from her.  His hands continued their exploration down along each leg and back up between them to end at her sopping pussy.  He stepped back.

She stood there, an living statue of perfect nakedness, hands tied behind her back, wearing only a tiny pair of black thong panties that just covered her puffy lips, thigh high stockings and high heels.  A small drop of glistening moisture creeping down the side of her inner thigh indicated her arousal.

He smiled.  He enjoyed the view of her from the rear.  He imagined what her smooth silky ass would look like shortly, after he had reddened it with his hand and his belt.  The mental image of her crimson cheeks was suddenly so real, he could feel the heat from it in his hands already.  Stepping up close behind her, he reached around her and took a pliant tit in each hand.  Slowly, he began kneading the firm fleshy mounds, increasing the pressure until she gasped from the arousal and pleasurable pain he was bringing her.

He bent his head and grabbed her ear lobe with his teeth.  A sharp bite brought a groan of pleasure from her core.  He grinned and knew she would take a hard beating and love it.

Her nipples, already aroused, hardened and stiffened with the continued manipulation of her tits.  He grabbed them between his first finger and thumb and rolled them around.  She sagged back into him, her hands tied behind her trapped in between their bodies.  Her lithe fingers scrabbled into his crotch, seeking his cock.  He teased her and shifted his body, reluctantly moving his throbbing prick away from her grasp.  Just another indication of who was in charge.

Karin turned her head and captured his mouth with hers.  He allowed her this victory.  Soon she would have no more opportunity.  Soon.

Her tongue probed his mouth, tasting his arousal, telegraphing her own to him.  He dueled with her tongue, following it back into her mouth.  As his tongue plunged into her oral cavity, he tweaked her swollen nipples savagely.  She responded by sucking his tongue like a small cock.  He moved back up behind her and allowed her hands to caress his swollen member.

She frantically managed to get the zipper on his pants down and free him.  The pre-come on the tip got on her hands, lubricating them.  She formed a warm tunnel with her clasped hands and he began to lightly fuck in and out.

"YYYES," she groaned.

"I think you're ready for your punishment."

"Please, not too hard."

"I think you want it hard, don't you?  You like it hard, don't you."

"No, no, please..."  She hesitated.  She was afraid to tell him, afraid not to.  She went for it.  "I-I-I don't know.  I've never done this before."  She started to break down.  "I'm sorry if I disappoint you."

"Well, well, well.  I thought as much."

She looked back up over her shoulder at him, fear, hope and lust all evident in her teary eyes.

He continued speaking softly to her.  "Thank you for telling me the truth.  You will not disappoint me.  But although this is your first time, I will not hold back.  I will take you as far as I think you can go, push you to the edge.  I don't know where that is, yet, but we'll see, my love, won't we."

That said, he pulled a wooden chair into the circle of light.  He took her elbow, and pulled her over to the straight-backed chair.  Before sitting down, he quietly pulled off his belt.  She didn't see this, as he had turned her and bent her over slightly so he could admire the way her firm ass stretched tight.  The black fabric of her thong created a stark contrast against the creamy smooth skin of her buttocks.  He ran his hands lightly over those soon to be heated cheeks, and he maneuvered her so she ended up lying over his legs.  She groaned at his light caresses.

"Count," he commanded.

She gave a small whimper as his hand continued to explore her ass, becoming more assertive as it ventured over and into her most private areas.  Her legs spread slightly, allowing him easier access.  He ran a finger lightly up the crack of her ass, stopping to gently probe at the tight ring of her anus.  A sharp intake of air told him this was probably a virgin hole, at least for now.

Drawing his thick fingers lower, he dipped lightly into her wet slit.  Her copious fluids were tangible evidence of her arousal at being bound and of her reaction to the anticipated pain.  He spread the swollen ruby lips and looked at the pinkish glistening flower of her femininity.  At the lower apex, he could just make out the knobby sentinel of her clit.  Poking at it with his finger brought an immediate squirming response from her and a swelling of pride from the sentinel.  Grasping at the prideful knob with his fingers, he rolled it gently around.

"OH OH OH OH!!!  I'm going to cum, don't stop, don't stop, oh, Please please  please."

He quickly pulled his hand up and brought it down sharply on her right ass cheek.

"AAAAAWWWWW," she screamed, shuddering as she came.

Another sharp slap on her left cheek produced another wail of sensuous anguish.

He reinserted his still damp finger into her twat, beginning a slow in and out motion.  Her body responded by humping desperately back on his hand, trying to get as much contact and penetration as possible.  This motion also caused her hip to rub over his bare prick, making it swell to even greater proportions.

Sensing his throbbing organ under her hips, she began to wildly wiggle her hips up against him and around his lap until she had maneuvered the mushroom shaped head of his prick to slide under her thigh and lodge against her clit.  Only the thin fabric of her panties blocked his entry into her tunnel.  A low animalistic growl came from deep in her throat as she settled her cunt down firmly against this magnificent intruder.

Wryly smiling at such aggressive behavior from a submissive, he continued to alternatively spank and probe her for a long time.  Her ass cheeks began to glow a charming rose color with areas of deeper redness.  After that first climax, Karin remained balanced just on the edge of another orgasm, the tension building up inside her body.

Slipping his fingers under the thin band at the waist of her panties, he pulled the thong up tight against her ass hole and deep into her slit.  She moaned her approval of this new pressure.  Steeling himself, he gave the panties a hard yank, ripping the flimsy garment from her loins.  Bucking his hips, he maneuvered his cock up against the opening of her cunt.  Her excited movements caused him an exquisite feeling as he nudged the head of his cock into her cunt.

Reaching down to the floor beside him, he picked up the belt he had dropped there earlier.  Judging the time was right and that her ass was well conditioned to accept this greater level of punishment, he swung his hand up and then down, catching her across the taut part of her ass with the doubled up belt.

There was a sudden whoosh of air and then silence as her brain tried to make sense of the confusing signals it was receiving.  Gradually, he felt a slight shaking build up inside her body, much like an epileptic seizure.  Accompanying this shaking was a high keening sound.  Not a scream, but more like steam escaping.


Her cunt gripped his partially buried prick, squeezing the head in a velvet glove of indescribable tightness.  Seizing the moment, he raised his hand and delivered another sharp blow to her ass.  Again and again, he swatted her ass with the belt, concentrating on the fleshy part that jiggled after each hard blow.  Then he began to swat her lower down, bringing his hand up from underneath to catch her at the juncture of her thighs and ass.  This brought the belt into direct contact with her aching cunt and asshole.

Throughout this beating she continued to scream and shake.  One orgasm rolled into the next one for several minutes, each one greater than the last.  Her hips pistoned and humped up and down on his meat, hungry for more and more of him in her.  The pain in her ass was intense, but it only increased the pleasure she was feeling.

As the belt continued to caress her cunt and asshole, painting a deep red color, a sudden burst of bright light filled her head.  Something snapped in her mind.  All resistance to Sam and the wondrous pain they were sharing was swept away as was her fear.  She knew this was the element that had been missing before, this bondage and pain or discipline was what she craved.  There was a second burst of light, and she lost all sanity, sliding softly down into a single dimension existence.  She only felt.  She focused on the sensations.  His next stroke landed right on top of her pulsating vaginal lips, causing her to arch her back, bowing her body across his lap.  The only point of contact between them his cock partially buried in her cunt.

Collapsing from her fantastic spasm, she fell limp across his legs.  Amazed at her reaction to his belt, he gently palmed her ass with one hand, soothing the burning in those now fiery red orbs.  Taking advantage of her relaxed state, he moved his other hand around and inserted his thumb into her sopping cunt.  Rubbing up against his still inserted prick, he thoroughly moistened his thumb up to the second knuckle.  Then, using her own juices as lubrication, he firmly pushed his fat thumb into her now unresisting anal ring.  With a soft plop and without even a groan from her, he worked his thumb all the way up into her dark recesses.

He continued to soothingly rub her ass with his hand as he twisted his thumb around in her rectum.  Flexing the thumb brought a stirring from her as she pushed her ass back up against his hand.  She felt strangely filled with the intrusion into her ass.  She had never taken anything up her ass, not even her own fingers.  Now this thumb had her aching for something more and bigger up her shit chute.  Maybe it was his spanking of her ass that had aroused these feelings within her.

She continued to push back onto his thumb, seeking both the filling of her ass and the comfort of the soothing rubbing.  This movement allowed his cock to escape the tight confines of her cunt.  With a cry of emptiness, she continued to move back.  Because of his thumb up her butt, she didn't go to her knees, but moved back until she was standing bent over at the waist beside his chair.  Her hands were still tied behind her back.

As she slid back, his cock rubbed first along her stomach and then moved up between her swollen and sensitive tits towards her chin.  Finally, she was staring at his ruddy tool.  She had never contemplated sucking on a man's penis, but when she saw it winking at her, she had to have it inside her.  She opened her mouth wide and awkwardly lunged at the wobbling shaft.

After a couple of tries, she was able to capture his cock in her mouth.  Without hesitation she plunged down on that long hard cock.  The helmeted head bumped into the back of her throat.  She savored the feel of his hardness filling her oral cavity before she moved her head down more, sliding this wonderful hardness smoothly down her gullet.  The tightness of her throat was intensified when she began sucking on the root of his organ.  Once she was totally full of his cock, she slowly lifted her head off his prick, keeping the suction high the whole way up to the flared rim on the head.

To Sam it felt like his prick was being gripped and pulled by a velvet sleeve.  Up and down she moved her head, fucking his meat to the root on each stroke.  He put his free hand on the back of her head and tangled her hair in his strong fingers.  He didn't regulate her movements except to keep her from coming all the way off his cock like she had the first time.  He wanted her mouth on his meat the whole time.  Slowly she built up her pace until she matched the rhythm of the thrusts of his thumb into her ass.

As the cock-sucking beauty ground her ass into his thumb, he took his hand from the back of her head and reached down under her.  There he grabbed one of her swaying tits.  With a fierceness that bordered on cruelty, he squeezed and twisted the firm mound, leaving deep red finger marks in the soft flesh.  Then he sharply swatted at one of the hanging globes, knocking it into the other.

She responded by increasing her sucking.  Her tongue teased and licked along the bottom and sides of his huge manhood.  As she continued her efforts, he suddenly tensed.  She felt his penis swell larger yet.  With a deep groan, he began to bathe her tonsils with cum.  Simultaneously, his rough manipulation of her tits and his thumb up her bunghole brought her to another electrifying orgasmic spasm.

Slowly recovering from their mutual climax, he pulled his thumb from her ass.  Her knees buckled and she collapsed into a heap beside his chair, his deflating cock still locked between her soft lips.  In her awkward position, her swollen tits were pressed tightly against the sharp edge of the seat of the chair, bringing her titillating discomfort.  She didn't complain.  His hand rested against the back of her head, slowly stroking her fine golden hair.

Sam's head was thrown back and he was breathing heavily through his open mouth.  The raw force of his orgasm had surprised him.  He was also surprised by the stiffness remaining in his cock.  Normally, once done, he would quickly deflate.  But this kneeling beauty was still sucking on a half erect cock.  Though she was obviously a novice at this, she brought an enthusiasm and willingness to her task that he found incredibly stimulating.  He rested him chin on his chest as he watched her labor over him.  This kid was incredible.  He was beginning to grow hard again.

Using her hair as a grip, he pulled her head up to better position her mouth over his prick.  He began giving her quiet instructions, how to use her lips and tongue, to lick his balls, then suck them in and mouth them gently.  He scooted forwards on the chair, giving her access to his anus.  When he instructed her, she licked him there without hesitation, rimming his tight sphincter with her dainty tongue.  Then back to his hot meat.

Groaning with a mixture of lust and exhaustion, she worked her mouth around and around his growing slab.  She shuddered with palpable lust as she imagined that hard slab of muscle shoving in and out of her unused cunt, or maybe even back there.  The thought of doing something so nasty as that sent a delicious thrill through her.  With renewed effort, she sucked on him harder.  With a grunt of disbelief from her date, a sudden thickening of his cock preceded a fountain of salty cream that spurt-spurt-spurt-spurt into her mouth as a reward for her valiant efforts.  She swallowed her second cum shake ever, and loved it.


End of chapter

Chapter 4

first posted 4/97, major revision 12/98

They both were still for a while, recuperating from the
intensity of the initial orgasms.  But there was a long
night ahead of them.  He still had a lot of frustrations to
work out.  Jerking Karin's hungry mouth up off his prick by
her long blonde hair, Sam stood up suddenly.  Without his
solid prick for support, she collapsed in a lovely heap on
the floor.  Even as she oozed over onto her side, she was
graceful and alluring.  He gazed at her loveliness for a
moment, marveling once more at her beauty.

Then, leaning over her, he reached down and helped her to
her shaky feet.  She still had on the dark thigh-high
stockings and her high heels.  She swayed unsteadily back
and forth, finally leaning heavily into him, resting her
head on his broad chest.  They stayed like that for several
moments, he smelling the delicate fragrance of her hair,
she listening to the steady beat of his heart.

They could have ended the kinky activities right then and
just gone into her bedroom and fucked the rest the night
and into the next day.  Or into the next week.  He had no
doubt he would be able to rise to the occasion repeatedly
with this incredible woman simply because she was lying
beside him.  He had cum in her mouth twice, and more
importantly, he had stilled the most urgent of the dark
desires.  The urges surged up within him without warning,
as they had when he had spied her by the pool those many
weeks ago.  They could only be still by the little sex
games they had played so far this evening.

Contrary to Bruce's opinion, he was not a mean bastard.  He
did not hurt women just to cause pain.  In fact, every
woman he had ever tied up, spanked, or whipped knew exactly
what was going to happen before it happened and each one
had the opportunity to refuse.  Very few ever had refused
him.  A very young Sam had learned from an older lover that
pain, for some women, could enhance their sexual enjoyment.
This wizened lover had taught him to watch for the signs of
a woman's arousal and of other signs when her limits were
reached.  Since they had gone their separate ways, he had
learned of other signs that told of a limit that could be
stretched, or of a desire for more.

This vixen he had secured for tonight had no limits he
could detect.  She incited his bloodlust as no partner ever
had before.  He wanted to push her, to find the edges that
defined this creature.  He wanted to give her as much
pleasure - and pain - as she could bear.  From his past
experiences, he knew this Karin Saunders was a rare find.

Moving her off his chest and into the crook of his strong
right arm to hold her up, he led her over to a heavy
leather upholstered chair he had positioned in another part
of the room.  He turned her to face away from him and then
moved carefully forward, forcing her to move with him until
the arm of the chair pressed into the front of her thighs.
He pushed on her smooth shoulders and bent her over the arm
of the chair.  This put her ass at just the right height
for ramming his cock in either of the orifices she offered
up in that position.  He told her to stay still, not to

He walked over to the wall and flipped two light switches.
The first plunged the room into darkness, turning out the
single spotlight.  The second turned on a spotlight he had
adjusted to illuminate the heavy leather chair.  The
lighting was dramatic, but so much stimulation came from
the visual senses.

He stepped back to her and admired her standing there, bent
over the chair.  He ran his hand over the still glowing
cheeks of her smooth ass.  If he had read about this in a
story in a sex newsgroup, he wouldn't have believed it was
realistic, but the fact was he was getting hard again.
This was highly unusual for him.  Hell, it was unusual for
any male outside of erotic fiction.

Taking advantage of her obedience at holding her pose, he
finished undressing.  He stopped to admire and touch
lightly the beauty before him twice more before he was
completely nude.  Bent over the arm of the chair, her large
tits were mashed into the rough leather upholstery of the
seat.  Her feet were spread wide at his insistence, opening
her up, inviting him to plunder her treasures that she
willingly exposed to his view.  Her hands, still bound,
pressed into the small of her back.  Her head was turned to
the side, allowing her to breathe.  Her eyes were closed
tightly in anticipation of his next action.

Padding barefoot into the kitchen, he quickly found three
dishtowels neatly folded in a cupboard.  Returning to the
form bent over the chair, he tied one trim ankle to back
leg of the heavy chair with one of the small towels.
Spreading her legs about 6 inches wider than they were, he
then secured the other ankle to the front leg of the chair.

He met with no resistance from her during all of this.  She
complied with his slightest indication or touch.  When he
wanted her to move her foot, all it took was the slightest
pressure in the direction he wished her to move.  He ran
his hands up the outside of her legs, lingering over the
soft curves, marveling at their firmness and tone.

He paused again when his hands reached her hips.  He could
still feel the heat radiating from her pink cheeks.  He
traced with his fingertip the criss-crossed lines the
leather belt had left on her unblemished skin.  He noticed
there were no marks from prior beatings or spankings.
Usually, some untrained dominant would get too excited,
swing too hard, and break the skin.  It always left a small
mark, sometimes imperceptible.

He looked closer, his grazing fingertip following and
caressing the areas examined by his eyes.  When he had
examined her ass, he kneeled down and examined the backs of
her thighs, knees and calves.  The skin in this area was so
soft and could be pulled tight by being bent over, as she
was now.  It could easily be damaged if one was not
extremely careful.  Again he found no marks.  His
excitement at the prospect of truly having a novice was
building.  That would be just too good to be true.  It was
a special thrill - as well as a privilege and tremendous
responsibility - to break in a novice.  He stood up and
moved behind her to continue his examination of her arched
back.  He leaned over her, pressing his swelling cock into
the crack of her taut ass.  This exam also revealed no
marks or scars.  It was truly amazing.

He kneeled down in front of the chair and caressed her
mussed hair.  She moved her head to facilitate, turning her
face towards him.  She lazily opened her eyes and slowly
focused on his face.  She had felt it in his caresses, now
she could see the blazing excitement in his eyes.  But
there was more there, too.  There was a battle with a
darkness waging within him.  He needed to exorcise that
darkness, or learn to control it, before it completely took
him over.  Before he could speak, she simply said, "More?

He leaned over and gently kissed her sweaty cheek.  He took
the third towel and gagged her securely.  She opened her
mouth at his command and he filled it with the knot he had
tied in the center of the towel.  It took some shoving but
it was finally behind her teeth.  Without being told she
turned her head away from him and pointed her chin down so
he could tie the towel firmly behind her neck.  He swept
her hair up off her neck and tied the two ends of the towel
tightly.  His fingers lingered over the soft hairs at the
back of her neck.  She was so frail, so fragile, so
trusting.  He almost stopped as he toyed with those fine
hairs, but steeled himself to play out at least the rest of
the night.  Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow.  He shook
himself.  He was already thinking of tomorrow, the future.
This was some scary bitch!

Finally, he untied her hands and retied them together in
front of her, extended over her head.  Using the long free
end of his tie, he pulled her hands and arms up and over
the other arm of the chair.  He fastened the tie to the
front leg of the chair.  Tying her arms like that levered
her head up and brought her torso parallel to the seat
cushion.  Her tits lifted up off the leather seat cushion.
They swung freely, the sensitive nipples just grazing the
coarse leather, sending waves of pleasure coursing through
her body.  Each wave ended at her cunt.

He kneeled down in front of the chair again.  She turned
her head to look at him.  Her eyes were shining brightly.
His long and tender examination of her ass, thighs and back
had aroused her to a fever pitch.  She was ready to explode
at his first touch.

"Are you ready for your real punishment now, Karin?"  His
voice was steady, betraying his intense arousal.

She nodded hesitantly, unsure what he meant by her 'real'
punishment.  She had thought the spanking she had just
received was real enough.  But she was willing to trust
this handsome stranger.  Besides, she wasn't really in a
position to object.

"Are you sure, Karin?  If you've had enough, we can stop."
He had thought he detected a bit of hesitation.  Best to be

She gave him a confirming nod, no hesitation this time.

Returning to the straight-backed wooden chair he used
originally, he retrieved his belt.  As he slowly walked
back to the trussed woman, he admired once more the perfect
curves of this woman.  She was tensed, eager for him to
continue, to vent his rage on her virgin flesh.

Swinging the belt back, he brought the smooth leather hide
forcefully into contact with her right thigh, just above
the back of the knee.  Her eyes flew open with the
unexpectedness of this sudden and very painful attack.  The
non-sexual pain seared up her leg, past her cunt and drove
deep into her belly, forming a knot she couldn't breathe
around.  She felt as if she would vomit from the intensity
of the pain.  The next stroke was placed just above the
last.  She began thrashing about in panic, fear and her
natural flight instinct eradicating all vestiges of sensual
pleasure from her body.

Her gag kept her constant screaming to a quiet murmur.  He
ignored her panicked jerking and worked up her right thigh
until the hard, fast blows were just below her cunt lips.
The pain so close to her sexual core began to arouse her
again.  Groaning in disbelief at her body's betrayal of her
once again, she rolled her hips sensuously, rubbing her
mound against the arm of the chair, seeking additional
stimulation for her trembling clit.

Just as she was about to leap into a tremendous cum, he
began on the other leg, starting just above her knee,
working the lashes slowly up to just below her ass.  The
effect this time was the same as before.  The overwhelming
pain from the savage blows to the back of her knee
effectively blocked her pending orgasm.  Then, as he worked
his way higher on her leg, that arousal returned, stronger
than before.  This time it seemed to be doubled, and she
trembled excitedly as she waited for the next blow to take
her over the edge of the climactic abyss.

He stopped for a moment to assess the effects of the
beating.  The backs of her widespread legs glowed with a
deep inner fire.  Because she was bent over and her leg
muscles were stretched tight, he knew she would feel this
whipping for several days.

But he also noticed the cunt juice leaking - hell, flowing
down her legs.  Bending down he placed his nose just
against her anus.  He could feel the vibrations in his nose
as she began screaming at his first light touch.  Licking
out with his tongue, he cleaned up her salty musky legs.
Kneeling up under her crotch, he tilted his head to fit his
mouth to her cunt and sucked as much of her into his mouth
as he could.  She continued to cream into his mouth and
scream into the towel.

The different stimuli he was giving her body were too much
for her to take.  She was torn between the pain and the
pleasure.  The one was so good, but the other made that one
even better.  She knew he would hurt her again.  She wanted
him to hurt her.  Somehow, she was beginning to understand
she needed to receive it as much as he needed to give it.
But he was so gentle in between it drove her crazy.  His
slightest touch and she would violently orgasm in a sexual
release she had never dreamed possible.  The difference
between the two sides to his lovemaking made her enjoy each
of them more.  She had lost track of the number of her
orgasms.  It felt as if she had not stopped coming since
she stepped out of the elevator and saw him standing there
like a shy schoolboy.

His tongue left her twat and slid along her crack to visit
her ass hole.  He palmed her rosy ass cheeks and placed his
thumbs next to the tight rosebud.  With a firm pressure, he
spread her open in an obscene invitation to come and visit.
She could barely move, but she made the effort to thrust
her exposed bunghole out to him.  He felt her backward
pressure and grinned to himself.  She was a greedy bitch,
and he meant that in the nicest way possible.

Pushing lightly, he got an inch of his tongue into her past
her sphincter.  Slowly sawing in and out, he massaged the
ass muscle with his thick tongue.  New thrills chased up
her spine at this novel invasion.  She reached a new level
of excitation and expectation.  There was no thought in her
mind to stopping.  She would accept whatever he wanted to
do to her.

Sensing her heightened excitement, he left his butt
burrowing. He stood and moved to position himself next to
her.  Her arched back presented a perfect target for
whipping.  He started beating her high on her smooth back,
up next to her shoulders.  He used a figure '8' stroke,
criss-crossing his strokes all the way down her back to the
beginning swell of her ass cheeks.  His strokes were firm
and forceful, but not excessive.  He wanted to carry her
forward, past all her reservations about pain and pleasure.
This beating was not intended to stop her orgasm
altogether, but rather to delay it until every fiber of her
body would be suffused with sexual energy.

Karin writhed in glorious agony with the pain of the
beating and the emptiness of her cunt and ass hole.  She
was not sure which pain is greater.  And these sensations
melded with her growing need to cum.  The burning need in
her loins, not just from the emptiness, but from the need
to be filled, to be used, to cramp every muscle around a
hot throbbing shaft of male flesh.  All these sensations
collided in her inexperienced mind and blossomed into a
full-blown craving.  She started grunting rhythmically, in
time to the tattoo of the belt on her back

As the lashes approached her ass, the anticipation of him
striking her there became unbearable.  She swayed her hips
back and forth, trying to seduce him into diverting the
next blow, then the next, then the next.

Without warning, he leaned over and began to lash her so
that the thick end of the belt reached around her side and
smacked the tender sides of her swollen tits.  First on one
side and then the other.  The surprise, the pain, and the
glorious sensations shot from the tips of her swollen orbs
directly to her clit.  She began to cum, hard and long,
without breaks.  She took off like a rocket and never
looked back.

After several deliberate measured direct hits on her
nipples, her system reached the extent of its capability.
Her skyrocketing orgasm short-circuited her brain and she
swooned, collapsing in her bonds onto the arms of the
chair.  He saw his young victim faint in the chair and
stopped whipping her.

For long moments he stood beside her, amazed at her
endurance.  When his breathing evened out he moved around
behind her, between her legs.  He placed the head of his
cock at the entrance of her vagina.  He held there, not
moving, almost in reverence.  With a single lunge, he
shoved all ten inches of his re-hardened cock into her
sopping tunnel.  He fucked her with a slow movement in and
out, pulling out until only the engorged head remained
embedded inside of her.  Gradually, she regained her
senses, thrilling to the novel fullness of his cock moving
inside her.  She urged him as best she could to a faster
fucking pace with her limited hip movements, rotating and
twisting as much as her bonds would allow.

"So, you're back with the living?"

An enthusiastic nod 'yes.'

"Good.  I wouldn't want you to miss this next part."

He pulled himself out of her, much to her dismay.  She
tried to look back at him, her eyes tearing in sadness.
Positioning his cock head at her rear portal, he slowly
pushed forward.  He grabbed a creamy ass cheek in each hand
and pulled them apart as far as he could.  She screamed
into her gag.  The fat head of his cock pushed hard against
the straining sphincter, splitting it wider and wider.  She
thought she would be ripped apart.  The pain was intense,
worse than anything she had ever felt before, including the
rape with the plunger.

Frantic thoughts ripped through her mind.  "He is too big!
He will tear me up!  NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!"

The head of his iron hard cock suddenly plopped past the
courageous, but over-matched involuntary muscle of her
asshole.  He stopped pushing as soon as it breached that
bottleneck to give her a chance to accommodate to his size.
The pain in her butt eased slightly and she was able to
catch her breath.  The telephone pole in her rectum was
huge, but slowly her anal tissues stretched out and
relaxed.  The pain was replaced by an oddly pleasant
feeling of being stuffed in the nastiest way possible.  She
blushed at this new betrayal of her untried body, closing
her eyes as the erotic feelings took possession of her.

He felt her tensions drain and slid forwards another inch,
burying more of himself into her.  She gasped at this new
invasion, but shoved her ass back up against him as best
she could, wanting more.  He accommodated her wishes.
Still more of the hard cock slid up her poop chute until
finally, she felt his balls lightly swinging against her

"I'm in."

His statement was one of amazed fact.  She nodded her head.

"It's tight.  Your ass is so fucking tight.  It's the
absolute best!"

He slowly began to pump in and out.  She helped him as much
as she could.  Normally, on the two or three occasions in
his entire life he had gotten it up more than twice, he had
lasted almost an hour before he blasted off the third time.
Never had he gone four times in one evening, and the
evening was still young.  But this time, because of the
vice-tight grip of her ass hole, he felt himself peaking
after only 15 or so strokes.

Feeling the inevitability of his eruption, he drove himself
quickly to conclusion.  As he blasted off, he buried as
much of his cock in her ass as he could, squirting his
juice deep into her bowels.  He fell forward onto her
striped back.  His prick deflated and slithered out of the
previously virgin hole with a soft kissing sound.  His
white cum leaked out for a little while until her sphincter
reinstated its tight seal on the contents of her rectum.

Sam shook himself.  He went into her bathroom, and looked
through the medicine cabinet until he found the things he
was seeking.  He carried them back into the living room,
where he poured some lotion into his hands to warm it up.
With her still bound to the chair he began rubbing the
healing and soothing lotion into her legs, her back and her
fuckable ass.  Last, he reached under her and gently
massaged her heaving tits with the soothing lotion.

He untied her legs and removed the gag.  Leaving her hands
still tied in front of her, he loosened the tie from the
leg of the chair and helped her to her feet.  Placing her
bound arms around his neck, her tied wrists behind his
neck, he gently lifted and carried her into the bedroom.

He laid her down on the four poster canopied bed, then
stood and surveyed his surroundings.  She caught his
attention and held her hands out and up to him, silently
asking if they were to be untied.  He checked the bonds to
determine if they were cutting off the blood or chaffing
her wrists.  Seeing that they were not too tight, he smiled
and shook his head at her.  Her eyes got wide as she
realized there was more in store for her that night.  She
closed her eyes and relaxed into his will.  He smiled at
her surrender, but she didn't see it.

He took her hands and raised them over her head.  He tied
them with the loose end of his now wrinkled tie to the
headboard of her bed.  She was again fully exposed to his
whims.  His hands teased and caressed her straining
breasts.  Flicking her swollen nipples sharply, he held up
several clothespins, squeezing one open and letting it snap
shut.  Her eyes flew open at the unfamiliar, but ominous

"Ready for round two?" he asked her wickedly.  He already
knew her answer

Her eyes opened wide with realization that she had finally
met a man who could fulfill all of her fantasies ... and
more.  She groaned as he got up from beside her.  She
watched him silently as he wandered around her room.  He
made a motion as if to open her dresser drawers, but looked
to her for permission before he actually explored her
personal items.  She nodded it was OK, an amused expression
on her face.

When he finished with her dresser, he searched through her
bedside nightstand drawers, not sure what he was looking
for or what he would find.  He was still learning about
this bewitching girl on the bed.  To his surprise, he found
a couple of vibrating dildos.  Eight and ten inches of
solid shaking rubber.

Holding them up to her, he grinned.  "Isn't one enough for

She blushed, even though she knew he was teasing.  "I just
got them this week.  I, uh, I just wanted to have
something, uh, well, uh, I though I needed...."  She
changed her track.  "The lady at the store said to use one
at a time.  Since I didn't know what size I liked, she gave
me a couple of different sizes that she liked.  She said
that way I could have variety.  But I haven't used them,
yet.  Honest!"  She blushed a deeper red at that admission.

"Well, we'll have to try some variety, too."

He went to her dresser and retrieved two long scarves he
had seen there.  They were expensive, but he would replace
them later.  Fastening one to each of her ankles, he
secured her wide spread legs to the end posts of the bed.
Taking a pillow, he shoved it under her ass, elevating her
blonde muff and further exposing her cunt.  She watched him
silently, her pounding heart jiggling her tits with each
pulse.  Her breathing had settled down, but the
anticipation was building in her.

He picked up the black 10-inch dildo and brought it up
close to her cunt.  Turning it on he rubbed the realistic
head over her clit.


Her head snapped back into the mattress as the electrifying
sensations coursed through her body.  Her juices began to
flow again, lubricating her cunt walls.  Pushing the
realistic cock head lower and in, he inserted the dildo
completely up her snatch.  The vibrator was still on.  The
unfamiliar vibrations focused all her feelings in her
loins.  With her eyes closed and her head rolling around,
she didn't see him pick up the second rubber prick until he
placed the head to her lips.

"Suck it good, Karin. Get it good and wet."

She opened her mouth obediently and swallowed the hunk of
rubber as far as she could, making a gagging sound as it
hit the back of her throat.  It was smaller than his cock,
but this was stiff and unforgiving.  It was harder to get
down her throat at this angle, too.  But she did manage it.
Shoving it in and out a couple of times, he pulled it out
and put the tip against her anal sphincter.

"How's this for variety?" he asked her as he shoved the
smooth sided vibrator up her ass.

Since she was already stretched out from his thumb and his
cock, the spit-lubed rubber prick slid all the way home
with no discomfort.  With a twinkle in his smiling eyes he
turned this one on as well and turned to leave the room.

With tension growing rapidly in her assailed genital area,
she watched him leave her room.  The clothespins were lying
there on the bed beside her.  They were the new ones with
tight springs.  She had just bought them last week and
hadn't even used them.  What they would do to her if he
used them she couldn't imagine, but just thinking about the
squeezing pain made her nipples stand stiff and erect.
They were swollen with the sudden surge of adrenaline
pumped blood.  The constant vibrations dominating her
nether region were building to a tantalizing promise of
orgasmic release, but without direct stimulation to her
clit she knew she couldn't climax.  The way he had tied her
left her no way to touch, rub, wiggle, or roll.  She
started to moan in glorious agony and laid back to enjoy
the tortuous ride that this mysterious man was taking her

Several minutes passed.  She heard him in the other parts
of her apartment, opening and closing drawers and cupboard
doors.  Sometimes he would give a wicked chuckle as he
found something in the kitchen or the other room that
tickled his fancy.  She shuddered at what was in store for

"Miss me?" he smirked as he stood over her in the darkened
bedroom.  She jumped, surprised at his nearness.  She had
drifted off into her own world of tormented bliss and had
not heard him come in.  He was holding his hands behind his
back.  He knelt down and placed the items he had discovered
on the floor, out of her sight.  Leaning over her, he
kissed her tenderly, passionately on the lips.  He broke
off with difficulty.

Looking directly into her blue eyes, he asked, "Do you want
to go on?  The rest will be painful, but rewarding.  I
think it will be a new experience for you".

She smiled at his comment.  "This has all been a new
experience for me."

"I thought as much.  Maybe you want to take it easy your
first time, save some for later?"

She was quiet for a minute.  Actually, there was no
decision for her to make, as she would rather die than stop
now.  It was just getting good, though her sanity did rebel
a little at the 'this will be painful' part.  But a minor
orgasmic spasm was passing through her at the moment, and
she wanted to enjoy it to the fullest.

But there was one question she had, one lingering doubt.
"Are you doing this just for me, or will you enjoy it,

The question caught him off guard.  He had never had one of
his partners ask that question before.  He laughed
spontaneously before he could stop.  "Oh, yes, Mrs.
Saunders.  I'm going to enjoy this.  A lot!"

She tilted her head as if filtering out the truth from the
levity.  Satisfied with what she had heard, she simply
said, "Do it."

He kissed her, harder this time, more of his own urgency in
evidence.  He was careful not to touch her anywhere where
she might receive that critical additional stimulation to
push her over the edge.  She groaned in anguish and
frustration as he stood up, his large prick standing at
half-mast.  She opened her mouth in a tight 'O' and
strained her neck as she invited him to satisfy himself
there.  He laughed at her obvious attempts to divert him
and then again at her little-girl pout when she was found

He busied himself around her bed.  First three long lengths
of strong string were threaded up over the canopy rods of
the four-poster bed and pulled back down so that the ends
were resting on the mattress.  Next, a two-inch rubber ball
was produced.

"Open wide," he commanded.

Meekly, but with a growing anticipation and a bit of fear,
she obeyed.  She opened her mouth wide until he could force
the ball into her mouth.  The firm rubber of the ball
stretched her jaws wide.  He pulled out a roll of duct tape
and wrapped the tape over the ball in her mouth, sealing it
in her mouth.  He then completely circled around her head
with the tape twice.  It was clearly overkill, but the
psychological feeling of the tape across her cheeks filled
her with dread.  That's what he was after.  He wanted her
to feel her helplessness flavored by a good dose of fear,
terror, and panic.  She could breathe only through her

Before continuing, he waited for her breathing to settle
down.  He knew what she was feeling.  He wanted her to.
But he wanted her to submit to him, trust him, even in her
terror.  He sat by her side and caressed the soft skin of
her cheek above and below the duct tape.  Slowly the
wildness, the terror drained from her eyes.  This was all
so new, so demanding of her trust.  It was what she had
dreamed of, wished and prayed for, but now that it was
here, it was almost too much for her.

Closing her eyes she fought for control of her emotions.
But the darkness behind her eyes amplified her terror.  Her
tear-filled eyes flew open and she reached out with her
eyes to her knight in shining armor.  That he was the one
who had placed her in this situation was irrelevant to her
at that moment of her need.  He brought up his hands and
caught the single tear as it trickled down the side of her
face.  He raised his finger to his lips and kissed the tear
away.  He did the same when a tear escaped from her other
eye.  That simple act began to breakdown her terror, to let
her surrender her trust to him.  He continued stroking her
face, making reassuring sounds to her, staring into her
eyes until he could see her total submission to his will.

She was ready.

Leaning over her prone spread-eagled body, he brought his
mouth to her nearest tit.  Capturing the somnolent nipple
between his teeth, he chewed on the nub lightly.  Then he
sucked as much of the soft flesh into his mouth as he
could.  There was much of the huge mammary remaining
outside his ravenous mouth.

Bringing both hands into play, he cupped them around the
base of her breast and squeezed, forcing the nipple even
farther into his mouth so that it bumped up against his
tonsils.  His tongue was massaging the captured tit flesh
constantly, working in a frenzied manner.  Her nipple
responded to the stimulation by standing up as high as it

Feeling the bloated nipple in the back of his mouth, he
quietly reached over and grabbed one of the clothespins.
Bringing it up beside his mouth next to her tit, he pulled
back, exposing the glistening erection.  The clothespin
snapped around the surprised button and brought a
stiffening of pain from the girl attached to the tortured

Very slowly and very deliberately, he repeated the process
on her other breast.  Even knowing what had happened to its
partner and knowing exactly what was in store for it did
not deter the brave nipple from responding to his erotic
manipulation.  The poor soldier was captured and smashed
inside the wooden cage.

She knew immediately where the third clothes pin was going
from where he kissed her next.  She tried to block it out,
but she felt her body responding to his insistent skillful
and highly erotic manipulations.  First his fingers rubbed
lightly over her labia, exciting the already over-heated
bud of flesh hidden there.  The nodule grew larger under
his skillful touch, then larger still.  Its growth and size
surprised her.  She had never had that happen to her when
she touched herself down there.

Her clit was expanding like a tiny penis, until he could
actually slide his finger and thumb up and down it.  When
he kissed the tip of her clit and sucked the tiny bit of
flesh into his mouth, she gave up all pretense of coherent
thought and fell into an orgasmic stupor.  If this was what
it felt like to a guy when they got a blowjob, it was no
wonder the entire male population was sex-crazy.  She only
revived when the tender bud was cruelly trapped between the
jaws of the unforgiving clothespin.

"Should I continue, Karin?"

"More?  What more could there be?" she thought.  But she
knew she wanted it.  She wanted it all.  Shakily she nodded
her head 'yes', her eyes wild with lust, pain, fear and

Reaching down by the bed he pulled up some more items he
had retrieved.  He held them up for her inspection and they
caused her to quake to her very soul.  Such simple things,
but in his hands she had no doubt they would cause her
unendurable torment.  And pleasure.  She knew where he had
found the large peacock feather, but where had he gotten
those large rubber bands?  She trembled as he gently
caressed her tits.  Her quick breathing and erect nipples
holding the clothespins upright betrayed her true feelings
of excitement.

Squeezing her large boobs tightly, he slipped one of the
fat elastic bands from his wrist and moved it down to the
base of the pliable globe.  He doubled it with a quick
twist of his hand.  The doubled band caused the already
firm and swollen flesh to stand even taller.  Another band,
smaller and tighter than the first, followed and settled
around the middle of her tit.  A third, smaller yet, was
placed just behind her nipple, causing her tit to look like
a two-tiered jiggling mound with a cherry on top.  He
quickly made her other tit into a matched set.

The feelings in her chest were strange.  Not pain, exactly,
but there was a restricting feeling that pumped her cunt
full of dripping juice.  As the bands constricted, the
flesh between them became even more sensitive.  The trapped
blood in the banded sections of the globes swelled to a
maximum, the throbbing pain increased to become an ache in
her chest.

Moving quickly, he took one of the strings he has strung up
over the canopy.  He tied one end of two of the strings to
each of the clothespins.  She looked like an obscene puppet
on a string, and he knew that she would react to just like
one, too.  Taking the loose end of one of the strings
attached to her tits, he gently pulled the string taut.  A
sharp intake of breath told him that the flesh between the
jaws of those wooden maulers was not numb.  He secured a
small glass animal from the collection on her dresser to
the end of the string with a tight knot.  When he dropped
the small weight from the height of his shoulders, the
string jerked on the clothespin attached to the nipple.
She squealed in pain and pleasure as the waves of her next
countless orgasm crashed on the shore.  She began panting
in anticipation of the next two weights.

He did not disappoint her.  A similar sized weight was
attached to the string of her other tit.  Knowing the pain
was coming didn't lessen the intense feelings.  For her
newly discovered erectile clit, he selected a lighter
weight, as this was extremely sensitive flesh.  He played
with the three weights for a while, keeping her keening in
agony and delight.  Sweat covered her frantically shaking
nude body.  Unladylike rivulets coursed down her chest and
ran between her tortured breasts to pool in the depressions
in her delicate neck.

He picked up the stiff feather with a wicked grin.  A light
caress along her sternum surprised her with the intensity
of the tingling tickle.  Brushing the tip of the feather
back and forth over her stomach started her giggling
uncontrollably.  But being gagged, the sounds were muffled.
Her giggling made the tied weights bounce up and down.  She
arched her back as the next great wave of orgasm crashed
over her.

Several minutes later he tired of this isolated pastime and
traversed her entire body with the exception of her cunt
and tits.  The constant laughing and giggling strained
every muscle in her stomach, neck and arms.  She learned a
new form of pain as the muscles knotted tightly.  The
tendons of her legs were flexed rigid and stood out as she
tried to get relief from the diabolical feather.  She never
knew she was so ticklish.  Sweat was running off her body
now, soaking the sheets of her bed.  She didn't know if she
could take much more.

He set the feather down on the bed beside her.  Relief
flooded through her as the laughing reflex settled down,
and she grinned up at him, though the confining duct tape
hid her mouth from view.  He was grinning, too, but too
wickedly for her taste.  Her pulse quickened as she
realized there was more.  She closed her eyes in abject
surrender as she realized as well, that, whatever it was,
she wanted it.

He stood by the bed for a moment, letting her catch her
breath.  He leaned down and picked up the last item from
the floor.  At first she didn't recognize what it was and
then it dawned on her.

"Oh, God!  The old drapery cords!" she thought.

He had made a multi-tailed whip from the familiar cords and
put a hard looking knot in the end of each strand.  This
was a use she had not put them to.  He lazily dragged the
makeshift cat o' nine tails across her taut belly.  A
sudden flick of his wrist wiped all traces of laughter from
her shocked frame.  Nine points of burning pain burrowed
into her mid section where the knots collided with her damp
flesh.  A second flick and nine more tiny welts rose up on
the now irritated flesh.  It looked like measles or chicken

"Nice effect," he said, mostly to himself.

Then, very methodically, he whipped her over every inch of
her exposed flesh, save her face, starting at her
fingertips and ending with her toes.  He also avoided her
breasts and pubic areas.  Tiny angry red welts covered her
body.  Even her neck, chin and ears were spotted.  Tears
were running unimpeded down the sides of her face.  She had
never felt such pain.  And she loved it.  Deep down she
knew she loved what Sam was doing to her.  She also
realized she was falling in love with him.  Her sham
marriage to Bill Saunders never entered her mind.  It was
Sam whom she wanted, with all her being.

Karin knew Sam wasn't finished with her yet either.  His
eyes were still gleaming with excitement, watching her
every reaction.  He was playing her body to the max, like a
virtuoso.  She was a magnificent instrument, bringing out
the very best of his skills and talents.  Karen knew she
could and would take every thing Sam had to give.  The next
stroke brought searing pain to the sole of her right foot.
Two of the knots landed between her toes.  The other foot
received similar treatment.

"Now for desert," he said, almost to himself.  He seemed to
know she was beyond comprehending.

Picking up the feather he had laid down, he lightly touched
the stressed flesh on the bottom side of her breasts.  It
was as if he had used an electric charge.  A shock ran
straight to her cunt and she came hard, screaming into her
gag.  Another feathery touch on the underside of the other
globe, and she spasmed again.  Back and forth, back and
forth the marauding feather took her ever higher, never
letting her find balance or catch her breath.  Her head
whipped around the bed, her blonde hair flying in frenzied
disarray.  She was in a perpetual state of orgasm.

He deliberated carefully his next and last move.  He wanted
her conscious for this, but only at the very brink of
sanity.  She would have to be crazy to enjoy this, and she
was almost there.  One more stab and flick with the long
feather across her ballooning nipples put her in what he
hoped was the right state of mind.

He heard a constant babbling escaping from behind her gag.
Her eyes rolled up in her head.  He had to hurry.  Quickly
he flicked the wrist of the hand that held the whip.  Nine
hard knots of cord pummeled into her mound, her clit, and
her slit.  Another second quick flick up her legs
terrorized her anal area.

The surprise of the twin blows was so great and the pain so
intense, she squirted both vibrators out of her holes at
the same time.  She promptly fainted in a completely sated
orgasmic coma, continuing to moan and spasm even though she
was unconscious.


End of chapter

Chapter 5

first posted 4/97, major revision 12/98

Karin revived slowly.  For long minutes she resisted the
persistent call of awareness and laid there in blissful
peace.  But the call was too strong.  So was her curiosity.
She allowed each of her senses to engage one by one.
Gradually, she became aware of her surroundings.

The first thing she noticed was that she was no longer
bound in any way and that all the pain seemed to be gone.
She felt as if she was floating, kind of.  Opening a wary
eye, she saw she was in the large hot tub on her apartment
deck.  The gently bubbling hot water soothed away the aches
and pains of the strange ordeal she had just gone through.
She felt safe, secure.  She felt loved, for the first time
she could ever recall.  It was an entirely new feeling for
her and scared her more than a little bit.  There were too
many complications in her life to have to deal with that,

Sam was sitting behind her in the tub, carefully keeping
her face out of the water by holding gently, but firmly
onto her breasts.  He was continually amazed at the feel of
them in his grasp.  It felt like they belonged there.  He
sat there waiting for her to rejoin him, quietly whispering
into her ear, humming familiar lullabies, caressing her
hair and neck with soft kisses.  Karin felt him behind her
and relaxed into him.  She grinned to herself as she felt
his erection between them.

Turning her face to his, she smiled at him, then kissed him
long and hard, urgently.  She raised herself up in the tub
and reached beneath her for his prick.  When he tried to
remove his hands from her breasts, she pinned them lightly
against her sides under her arms.  She liked them right
where they were.  They seemed to fit just right.

Positioning herself carefully, she lowered herself onto his
erect manhood.  When she was fully impaled, she leaned back
against his chest once again.  She reached her arms up over
her head, providing him with full access to her body and
the freedom to explore it at will.  She began to massage
his cock with her cunt muscles.  No other action was needed
as she slowly, rhythmically coaxed the cum out of his one-
eyed snake.  They both knew there was still a long night of
fucking ahead of them.


She rolled over in the rumpled bed.  Strong sunlight was
assaulting the other side of the curtains, trying to force
reality into the isolated apartment.  Slowly stretching her
arms above her head, she felt the deep satisfaction of
having been well fucked.  She felt like the cat that had
eaten the canary and purred softly under her breath.
Noticing the emptiness in the bed next to her filled her
with a sudden panic, rudely jolting her to wakefulness.  He
was gone!

She was halfway to the front door of the apartment when she
smelled the freshly brewed coffee and the peculiar
fragrance of burned toast.  A quick peek into the kitchen
showed the table set for two, but no Sam.  She heard the
shower start running and grinned.

Walking into the steamy bathroom, she was totally at ease
with her nakedness.  It seemed natural around him.  She
slipped silently into the shower enclosure, coming in
behind him.  The water beating on his bowed head covered
the sounds of her entry and he was unaware of her presence.
She stood silently behind him, enjoying the chance to
observe him unawares.  He was a handsome man, strong and
virile, the kind of man that made young girls hearts beat a
bit faster.  As hers was doing now.  Water beaded up across
his broad shoulders, then combined into streams and coursed
down his muscled back.  She started to reach out to touch
the pale dimples of his ass cheeks, but stopped short,
wanting more time to memorize his image.

As she watched him standing there in the pulsing stream,
she suddenly felt as if she were intruding into something
very personal.  His face, that part she could see, was a
picture of tormented indecision.  That was something she
would not have expected to see there.  He had exuded an
almost overpowering aura of strength in the short time she
had known him.  To see him like this made him more human
somehow, more lovable.  It was at that moment in the steamy
shower, that Karin lost her heart to this man whose true
name she still did not know.

Karin cleared her throat.  He didn't hear her.  Again.  He
opened one eye and squinted at her under his armpit.  His
pleasure at seeing her standing there, naked, was rapidly
apparent.  She dropped her gaze to his swelling
appreciation, fascinated by the velvety hardness that had
given her so much pleasure the night before.

She moved up behind him.  Her arms went around him, hugging
him close.  Her hands explored his chest, as much a turn on
for her as her firm tits pressing into his back was for
him.  Her sharp fingernails terrorized the skin around his
pectorals.  He groaned, wiggling his butt slightly into her
tickling pussy hair.  She gave a laughing squeal, and
attacked his upper body with renewed vigor, her tormenting
fingers pinching lightly here, pulling a hair, kneading his
well defined muscles.

Reaching down with one hand, she picked up the bar of soap
and a hand towel.  Savagely, she soaped his entire body,
leaving his skin a dangerous shade of red.  She spared no
part of him and was extremely thorough, but she didn't
dwell on his erect penis.  He voiced his disappointment
when she clinically washed it and moved on.  Her lilting
laughter enflamed his passions more than the magnificent
touch of her hardened nipples as they brushed back and
forth as she labored over him.  She finished with his face.
He had steeled himself for an abrasive cleansing here, too.
She surprised him.  Using just her fingertips sans
fingernails, she worked the soap into a lather, swirling
the tiny bubbles into his relaxed expression.  She aimed
the jets from the showerhead over his face and removed the
last of the soap from him.

Sam remained standing with his eyes closed, savoring the
brief respite from a world that demanded so much from him.
Karin stood easily in front of him, pleased she had been
able to do this simple task for him.  She looked up at his
relaxed face, so different from the tormented expression
she had seen him wearing earlier.

When he did open his eyes, she silently offered him the bar
of soap and the hand towel, lifting one eyebrow in a
teasing challenge.  He accepted.

As he lathered up the hand towel with a fresh charge of
soap, she slowly lifted her hands and laced her fingers
behind her neck, simulating the posture he had put her in
on the dance floor.  She spread her feet as far apart as
she could, bracing them against the walls on either side of
the shower stall.  Her eyes never left his as she assumed
this position.  When he nodded his satisfaction, that he
was pleased, she blushed with a rush of pleasure, giddy as
a schoolgirl.

Sam was as thorough with her body as she was with his.  He
did, however, take the opportunity to linger over her
charms, almost to the point of obsession.  Her skin glowed
with a hot fire as he moved from washing one area to the
next.  It reflected the flames his ubiquitous touch ignited
in her core.  When he finally stepped back, the last
patches of soap scum circling slowly around the drain, she
was literally shaking.  She had closed her eyes as he had
washed her face and her eyes remained closed.

She heard the water shut off and felt the cool rush of
outside air as the door to the shower opened.  A soft thick
towel, compliments of the previous tenant, had been placed
over the radiator.  She melted into its warmth as Sam dried
her tingling body.  She notice he patted her skin to dry
her, not rubbing as most males would have done.  She
wondered where he had learned to do that, then realized it
didn't matter.  What mattered was that he cared enough to
take the time to do it with her.

When he had dried her and had used another towel to wind up
her long wet hair into a turban, he kissed her lightly on
the forehead.  "Time to wake up!"  He gently released her
interlaced fingers from behind her neck.

A small crack appeared in one tightly closed eye.  She
caught him as he was staring at her tits.  She giggled and
did a little shimmy for him, making the tips bounce
provocatively.  With a playful slap on her flanks, he
chased her back into the kitchen, where the coffee had long
since finished brewing.

Sitting at the table with him seemed the most natural thing
to do.  Even being naked didn't seem out of the ordinary.
They kidded back and forth about unimportant things, both
of the comfortable with the other. He didn't apologize for
the dark shade of the toast, but she could tell it bothered
him.  There hadn't been much else in the apartment suitable
for breakfast.  She hadn't bothered to stock the pantry.
She hadn't been expecting overnight guests.  He seemed
pleased when she admitted that to him, for some reason.

It would have been a perfectly idyllic morning, but Sam
suddenly farted.  This was not something he was accustomed
to doing, even by himself. He had been reaching for his cup
of coffee.  Karin had said something that struck him funny,
and he had chuckled.  And then, 'BLATTTTTT!'  Just like in
the cartoons.  He was so surprised, he dropped the cup of
coffee.  Which wouldn't have been nearly as devastating, if
he had only been wearing some clothing.  Hot fluid
splashing on your thighs, heading for higher ground, is not
a suave-inducing stimulus.

Karin hadn't recognized the sound of passing gas, but she
would have undoubtedly identified it by smell in a short
time.  She did, however, see the scalding hot coffee headed
for her favorite recreational area.  She acted with
instinct and self-preservation as she grabbed a pitcher of
water and a towel.  She dumped the water over the areas of
his legs where the coffee had landed, diluting the heat
with a torrent of water.  Falling to her knees by his
chair, she began to blot at his wet thighs with the towel,
which was much too small to do any good.

She didn't know when she recognized the telltale smell and
then associated it with the rude sound that started the
whole mess.  But she did, and, in spite of the eye-watering
effects of the noxious gas, she started to giggle.  She
snorted, actually, when she tried not to laugh at him.

Afraid she had offended him by snorting, she looked up.
His look of abject horror and embarrassment fueled her
funny bone.  This time she just about blew a gasket trying
to keep from laughing.

Seeing she wasn't totally grossed out, Sam began to laugh
himself, at himself.  He didn't realize that it was these
little imperfections that endeared him to her.  Not that he
should go around farting.  But he need a few chinks in that
shining armor to make him seem human.

For Karin, it was nice to know he was human, after all.
Although she had found that out earlier this morning when
she had worn him out in bed.  Nothing she had done to or
for him could get him hard again.  He had sheepishly
admitted defeat and promised her, if she would only let him
sleep that there would be more in the morning.  Karin had
reluctantly given up her efforts to rouse him, and they had
snuggled down into the disheveled bed for some rest.

"How do you feel?"

The question came during a lull in the laughter.  Its
seriousness marked a change in the direction of the
conversation.  She stopped and took a minute to do a quick
self-assessment.  "Fine," she answered, somewhat surprised.
"You were wonderful last night," she continued with a

"So were you."  He paused as he got serious.  "Karin, you
seem to like your sex rough.  Just how rough can you take
it?"  He still wasn't convinced she was a rookie at this.
That would just be too good to be true, and, as he had
learned the hard way, there was usually something wrong
with anything that looked that good.  He didn't consider
her marriage a problem.  It had never stopped him before.

"I don't know," she said hesitantly.  "I really have only
tied myself up.  And once they tied me up and beat me in
the basement.  They hurt me then."  She looked up at him.
It didn't make any difference to her why she had felt and
reacted as she had.  She had liked the rough sex with him,
with her Sam, and she knew she wanted it again and again
and again.  She answered his question as honestly as she

"How rough do I like it?  If it is with you, as rough as
you want.  I, uh, well, I trust you," she ended simply.
She didn't say she loved him, but that was what she meant
to say.  She thought she had better wait and see how things
turned out.  Besides, this was all new to her, and on top
of that, she was a married woman!

He thought about something for a moment, and she could tell
this was the important question.  The one he had been
tormented by in the shower.  Men were so funny.  Even with
her limited experience, she could spot a nervous sweat.
With a wry smile, she watched him squirm as he struggled
with his question, shifting in his chair uneasily, clearing
his throat, tugging at his earlobe.  Then he seemed to make
up his mind.  She noticed the quickening of his pulse at
that ticklish spot at the base of his neck.  Her tummy
flip-flopped, not knowing what was coming next, but knowing
she would do it without question and love it.

"Karin?  Do you - "


He raised an amused eyebrow at her.  "May I finish?"

"I'm sorry.  I'll listen.  But the answer is 'Yes' to
whatever you want to ask me."

"Thanks for the warning!"  He laughed, relaxing.  Once
again, he posed the question.  "Do you want to continue?"

He didn't have to specify what he meant.  She knew.  With
her heart in her throat, she quietly answered, "Yes."
There was no doubt in her voice.

He was silent for a while, as if weighing the truthfulness
of her answer.  Then he continued.  "If we continue, you
will only have one more chance to stop.  After that, I will
decide what, how much and how long.  In addition, you will
address me as 'Sir' or 'Master' at all times.  Is that


He waited, looking at her expectantly.

"Oh!  Yes, sir!"

"That will cost you.  All lapses of obedience will be dealt
with harshly."  He stopped for a moment.  "Karin, from this
point on this is not a game.  Up to now, we've both been
dancing around.  We've had some fun, a few laughs, and, if
I'm not mistaken, we've both enjoyed it.  However, if you
take this next step, go with me to the next level, I will
expect you to obey me without hesitation.  I will do to you
and with you what pleases me.  You will not climax unless I
specifically permit it, regardless of the situation.  Do
you understand?"

Karin sat quite still, her eyes wide.  He was describing
something she had never even fantasized possible.  Heaven.
Two tears leaked from her eyes and headed towards her chin.
From the crestfallen look on his face, it was clear he

"Sir?  May I speak?"  Her voice was tiny.


"What you are describing; I would be your slave, Sir?  A
sex-slave, or something?"


"Oh."  She paused, thinking.  "Sir?  May I ask for one
favor?  Please?"

"It would be unusual for a Master to grant conditions.  But
let's hear it."

"I have a fantasy, Sir, this recurring picture in my head,
of being tied up in a certain way.  If I describe it to
you, do you think you could, you know..?  Please, Sir?"
She was quivering.  It was hard for her to admit her
deepest secrets, even to him.

His outburst of deep laughter startled her.  "OK, Karin.
Pack an overnight case.  You can tell me in the car."

It was not a question or statement.  It was a command from
her..., her..., her what?  Her lover?  Her friend?  Her
Master?  She didn't know what the relationship was becoming
but she did not even think of hesitating or questioning his
absolute authority or his intentions.  She packed a small
bag, with very few clothes.  Her cunt was really wet now.

While she was packing, Sam straightened the apartment.  He
readjusted the lights, moved the heavy chair back to where
it had been originally.  He also put all the toys he had
used away.  The only item he kept was the corded whip.  It
had proven very effective and he wanted to keep it.  He
also retrieved a bag from his car parked in the garage
downstairs.  He had about $175,000 in cash, his prize money
from last night.  He didn't want to take it with him or
leave it in the car.  The banks, even his, was closed.  He
found a loose seam in the couch and stuffed the bundles of
money in between the springs.  He pulled the fabric back in
place and surveyed his work.  Not bad, but it wouldn't last
if the couch were moved.  But it shouldn't have to hold up
for long.  Just a few days.

An hour later, after a telephone call to his secretary, and
a quick fuck with her leaning over the back of the leather
chair, they were on the road in his car.  She sat as close
to him as she could get, curled with her feet drawn up
under her on the seat.  His arm was draped across the back
of the seat and she had her head resting on his chest.  She
was contented to let him take her wherever he wanted.
Occasionally she would slip a teasing finger in under his
shirt to twirl the hair on his chest.  He smiled to himself
as he drove, his Cheshire grin inflaming her passion.

They had traveled for about two hours, out of the city,
through the endless suburbs, until they were winding up
into the mountains of a neighboring state.  He pulled off
the road onto a graveled road and then onto a narrow dirt
path, the ruts bouncing them around his car as he hurried
to get it out of sight and into the cleverly camouflaged
parking area.  The car could not be seen unless you were
standing right behind it.  Even a view from the sky was

Stopping the car, he tilted her head up to his and kissed

"We walk from here."  Again, it was a command.

He got her bag from the back and helped her out of the car.

"Stop.  Turn around."

She did as he commanded.

Taking a length of cord from the trunk, he walked up behind
her.  Pulling her wrists behind her back, he looped the
cord around them.  He pulled the rope tight, and it dug
into her skin.  This would leave marks before too long.

Next, another cord was looped around her elbows.  It, too,
was pulled tight.  Her elbows came together in the middle
of her back until they were touching.  The discomfort this
caused her was incredible.  Her position pushed her tits
out in front of her, her erect nipples just exposed over
the top of the low-cut shirt he had told her to wear.

Sam had only allowed her to wear the small cotton tank top,
a pair of cut-off shorts and the 5" high-heels from last
night.  He had modified her shorts so that they were
obscene.  When he was done trimming the fabric, only the
fat central seam was remaining to run between her thighs
and that rode up tightly into her slit.  The sides and back
of the shorts were cut high, too, so that both her ass
cheeks were glaringly exposed.

She felt little or no embarrassment being dressed as she
was.  Because this was what he wanted.  She would have gone
to the opera dressed like this.

The cord tied around her elbows was next looped around her
neck.  He tied a slipknot in the cord and pulled the loop
tight.  Her eyes opened wide at that, real fear visible in
them.  Holding on to the end of the cord like a leash, he
started walking up the trail.  He tugged on the cord
firmly, urging her to follow.  The slipknot cinched up
tight against her windpipe and she lurched after him.

"Don't trip and fall," was all he said.

That was going to be easier said than done.  Still
struggling for breath, she tried hard to focus on the rough
terrain of the narrow trail he was taking.  It was not used
very much, and was occasionally crossed with thick roots
and fallen branches.  Somehow she managed not to strangle
herself as they climbed up the side of the mountain for
about an hour.  At last they approached a sturdy cabin set
up against a cliff.

He stopped in front of the door and worked the huge lock.
The smooth click told her it was obviously in good working
order.  He hadn't pulled her after him so she stayed right
where she was as he carried the bags into the cabin.  He
was inside for some time.  She waited, strangely calm,
given the circumstances.  She looked up as he came out the
door and walked back to where she was standing.  He seemed
pleased that she hadn't moved but didn't comment on it.  He
bent slightly and kissed her on the lips.

"Karin.  Listen to me very carefully.  This is your last
chance to back out.  After this, I won't ask you again nor
will I listen to your pleas for mercy.  And you will plead
for mercy, believe me.  So, are you in or are you out?"

She looked him deeply in the eye.  Stunned at the intensity
of the emotions she saw there, she turned to look out over
the scenic vista at the front of the mountain cabin.  She
turned back to her lover.

"I'm in."

He smiled at her and kissed her tenderly.  As he kissed
her, he undid the snap of her cut-offs and slowly,
teasingly unzipped them.  She wiggled her hips impatiently
to help him and the obscenely cut shorts fell to the ground
around her feet.  She stepped out of them and kicked them
away from her, naked from the waist down but for her shoes.

She felt the cold steel of a hunting knife sliding along
the skin between her breasts.  In her forced posture, the
stressed fabric of her shirt stretched between the two huge
mounds.  It was cut like butter by the razor sharp knife.
In seconds, she stood nude in front of him.

He stabbed the big knife into a log on the side of the
cabin several feet above her head.  Pulling on the cord
around her neck, he forced her to stand with her face
pressed up against the rough logs.  He tied the cord from
around her neck to the handle of the knife.

He had retrieved some more rope and a couple of tent stakes
when he had gone into the cabin.  He pounded the stakes
into the ground, one to each side of her, and tightly tied
her feet so that they were spread far apart.  She was
forced to stand on the very tips of the toes of her high
heels and the strain in her calves made them stand out even
more than the high heels did.

"You can scream up here and no one will hear you..."

She had wondered why he had not gagged her.  He seemed to
enjoy her helplessness to communicate with him.

"...but then I'd have to listen to you caterwauling, so
we'll just put this in here for now," he continued, as he
shoved a large phallic gag into her mouth.  Two straps
around her head secured it deep within her mouth.

He threaded a cord between her body and the wall.  Pulling
the cord up under her tits, he looped the cord over and
around them in a figure '8', then pulled it tight.  The
thin cord bit into the soft pliant tit flesh.  The large
orbs stood out even more than they normally would as they
were pulled and smashed against each other.  He tied the
ends of that cord behind her neck.  Any backward motion by
her head pulled the rope tighter.  The slipknot he tied
there would slowly strangle her tits off her chest.

His finger ran down her ass crack to explore her asshole.
She began to moan with arousal and tried to hump back onto
the inquisitive finger.  Reaching farther around under her,
he found her sopping slit.  Putting two of his large
fingers together, he jammed them upwards and buried them up
to the palm of his hand.  The suddenness of the assault
took her breath away.  He started roughly sawing them in
and out until her body began to respond to the crudely
erotic actions.

Seeing the response he was waiting for, he stepped back
from her and exposed his ramrod-hard prick.  Quickly, he
jammed his cock into her steamy twat.  He got about six
inches buried into her and had to move in and under her to
shove in the last four.  Each thrust lifted her up off her
toes and mashed her tits into the rough exterior of the log
cabin wall.  The logs she was smashed up against were
placed just right so that by chance her stiffened nipples
began to work their way insidiously into the crack formed
by two of the logs.  As he continued to fuck into her, her
nipples began to swell even larger and stiffer from the
arousal of the fucking and his rough treatment of her.

Each ramming thrust pounded her tits into the wall, shoving
her pliable breasts further and further into the crack.
Eventually, her nipples became firmly embedded in the
narrow crevasse between the upper and lower logs, held fast
by their swollen state.

He shifted suddenly, throwing his hips from side to side
while he was buried to the hilt in her steaming cunt.  This
side-to-side motion amplified itself as her upper her upper
body was whipsawed back and forth.  Her elongated nipples
slid along the narrowing crack, pinching them in tighter,
even without the increased swelling.

Given the rough hewn logs that made up the cabin, it was
not surprising that the sharp point of a huge sliver jammed
into the side of one of her nipples, skewering it clear
through on one of his more forceful thrusts into her cunt.
This painful situation, unintended by him, set of fireworks
of pain and, strangely, pleasure in her body.  She shook
violently as she climaxed for the first time at the cabin.
Her cunt squeezed tightly around his cock as she came.
Grunting franticly through her gag, she urged him to fuck
her faster and harder.

He plowed into her clasping pussy harder and faster, racing
toward his own finish.  Panting and jerking, his cock
spewed his slippery cum deep into her pussy.  Once, twice,
three, four times his cum squirted into her.  He couldn't
believe it when his prick caught a second wind and poured
another three spurts into her milking cunt.

"Shit!  This girl is special, all right.  My prick is still
stiff," he thought in amazement.

He pulled out of her and stuffed his prick back into his
pants.  She remained hanging on the wall for a few painful
seconds.  Her feet no longer were in contact with the
ground.  She was being help up only by her pinched, and now
terribly stretched, nipples.  When they did finally pull
free of the grasp of the logs, the large sliver broke off
the log and remained skewered through her nipple, looking
like a small harpoon through a tiny rosy whale.  The pain
of her tortured, stretched flesh flashed straight through
to her brain, blossoming into a fireball.

As she passed out from the sudden pain, her knees gave way.
She slumped towards the ground, strangling herself on the
cord around her neck.  Re-acting quickly, he caught her up
under her arms and raised her up, propping her against the
wall.  Reaching up, he pulled the knife out of the wall and
loosened the cord that was tight around her neck.  He used
the knife to slash at the ropes binding her ankles to the
tent stakes.  He quickly picked her up and tossed her like
a limp doll over his shoulder.  He carried her like that
into the cabin and laid her gently on the bed.

That was when he first noticed the small trickle of dried
blood that had run down over her breast when the sliver
impaled her nipple.  Grimacing at the unintended pain she
had felt, he carefully leaned over and licked the blood
away.  Then he gently cleaned the wound, but left the large
wooden sliver in place.


End of chapter

Chapter 6

first posted 4/97, revised 12/98

She came to on the narrow bed about an hour later.  Her
hands and elbows were still tied, as was the cord around
her neck.  Her legs had also been tied at the knees, calves
ankles and mid-thigh.  Carefully, she tried to move her
legs and found that any movement tightened the noose around
her neck.  She was loosely hog-tied and any movement, any
movement at all, would tighten the noose around her neck
strangle her.  It sent a stab of fear through her gut,
twisting and tightening her involuntary muscles.  It also
brought a tangible tingle in her cunt.

This was the treatment she had unconsciously longed for all
her life.  She couldn't explain it.  That's just the way
she was put together inside.

She slowly turned her head to look around the cabin.  She
could see nothing.  The cabin was dark and she was looking
directly into the wall.

She heard Sam come back into the cabin.   He was stomping
his feet on the porch outside to clean most of the mud and
dirt off his boots.  The door squeaked open and footsteps
wandered around the room as he first set down the sacks of
groceries he had just purchased, then checked on the fire
in the stove and other details.  The footsteps stopped by
the bed.

Karin craned her neck around to look up at him.  She looked
in his eyes, worrying that she had displeased him somehow.
But he was not angry.  Not as far as she could tell,
anyway.  He stood there with a strange questioning look in
his eyes, as if he was trying to find an answer in her eyes
to a question he didn't want to ask.

Sam was carefully watching her to see what her reaction to
her situation would be.  He was mildly concerned that he
might have gone too far this time.  He needn't have
worried.  He had way of knowing that this young woman's
capacity for pain, especially when that pain was inflicted
by him, was made almost endless by her growing love for
him.  He could have done anything to her.  Much more than
he had so far.  But they had only just begun.

Permanent damage was not his style.  He had a dark need to
inflict pain, yes, but it was pain with a purpose and with
willing participants.  The pain he gave to his partners
when they were in the city was mostly a game of control or
domination.  He loved the feeling of total control.

Up here in the cabin, it was different.  Here it was not a
game.  He didn't bring just anyone up here.  Here he bared
his soul, and gave vent to the raging darkness in him.  It
was controlled, yes, even calm.  But not cold.  It was as
if his total emotions were brought boiling to the surface
to be poured out on his partner.  This time, it was just a
young girl.  He questioned again his decision to bring one
so inexperienced to his particular hell.  That thought
quelled the rising tide of emotions.  What if...?

She saw his face was somber.  The first thought through her
mind was that something was wrong with him or that she had
displeased him. "Is everything OK?" she asked.

He gave a half laugh.  "You tell me!"

She looked surprised.  Why shouldn't she be OK?  "You mean
with me?  Sure, I'm fine, but I mean, is everything OK with
you?  You're not mad at me are you?"

He grinned down at the bound girl.  "Yeah, everything's
fine..."  He reached down and ran his fingertips lightly
over the curve of her ass.  You couldn't see the marks he
had put there just last night.  He was pleased with his
skill, even with crude homemade whips.  He continued,
"...and, 'No', I'm not mad at you."

He turned and gestured toward the stove.  "Are you hungry?
I ran down the mountain to get some food for us.  We may be
here a while."

She had not noticed her hunger, but now that he mentioned
it, she was famished.  "Yes, I guess I am at that.  Would
you like me to fix it?"

He busied himself with the ropes that bound her.

"No.  I want you to rest up some more.  If you go out side,
there is a little steam around back.  A little way down it
widens into a pool where you can clean up.  Go for a swim
and freshen up.  Follow the trail around to the left and be
back in about half an hour, OK?  Stay on the trail, and you
won't get lost."

She clumsily got to her feet.  She had been bound in one
position or another for so long that the muscles her legs
and arms were cramped and the joints stiff.  He helped her
walk around the cabin until she was a bit steadier on her
feet.  She was still wearing the high heels she had on last

He tossed her a towel and a bar of soap.  A stinging slap
on her fanny sent her scurrying out the cabin door.  She
had 30 minutes to herself.  She sensed it would be a
mistake to be even a minute late.

It was a beautiful afternoon in the high mountains.  The
crisp clean air filled her lungs as she wandered down the
path to the pond.  The path was clear, but a little
overgrown.  She hugged herself with happiness.  She had
never felt so free or happy before.  She was naked in the
outdoors, and she didn't mind at all.  He had sent her out
this way.  It was what he wanted.  She laughed out loud.
Sam would probably not have understood the reason behind
that delightful sound coming from her.  She had found a man
who understood her, who had taken her to heights she had
never imagined, who had answered her unasked questions,
and, most importantly, who had fucked her beyond her
wildest dreams.  She trusted Sam.  She laughed again as she
realized she also loved him madly.

The water in the deep mountain pool was cold and clear.
The steam was glacier fed, and this high up the sun didn't
have much chance to warm the icy waters.  Karin put down
the towel, set the soap on the bank within easy reach and
dove into the deepest part of the pool.  The shock of the
cold water wiped all other thoughts from her mind and all
traces of pain from her system.  She burst to the surface,
gasping for air.

The penetrating cold caused her nipples to go rigid, but
not with excitement.  It was damn cold, and her skin felt
like it wanted to crawl off her body and head for the
warmth of the stove.  Especially the tormented areas, like
her nipples. The spear of wood was still through the one.
Now that she could get her hands up to her tits to move
them around, she took the time to looked at her wounded bud
more closely

It had been a sliver from a hardwood tree, a clean, slender
piece of wood with no little barbs.  The wood pierced her
rosy button right through the center of the body of it on a
horizontal axis.  Sam had obviously cleaned it, but he had
left the sliver in.  The small shaft held her one nipple
out in a constant state of semi-erection.  A light
fingertip to the tip of the pierced nipple brought a

"He must want it to stay," she thought.

Getting the bar of soap, she stood thigh high in the frigid
water and lathered her body, careful not to disturb the
wooden skewer.  She didn't notice any remarkable soreness
or bruising on her body as she soaped up, evidence of the
mastery and skill of her tormentor.  She hugged herself in
her giddiness at the thought that he must really care for

She stood and breathed in the clean mountain air, now
carrying the clean smell of the soap.  It was a manly scent
and reminded her of the smell of Sam.  She desperately
wanted to be completely his, to remove all the traces of
herself, even down to removing her own scent.  She lathered
up her hair with the soap to remove the traces of her
shampoo, piling and scrubbing the soapy tresses on her head
in a twisting motion.  When she had soaped up all she
could, she dove back under the icy waters and rinsed her
glowing body.

The icy waters numbed her after a while and she was able to
stay in the pool.  She floated on her back, happily looking
up at the fluffy white clouds as they chased each other
across the sky.  She was happy, relaxed and at peace.

The refreshed young woman got out of the pool, dried off
and then wrapped her hair in the towel.  She wore it like a
turban as she made her way back up the winding path to the
cabin.  She walked proudly, her breast thrust out, her head
high, her nakedness a badge of love.  She had no idea what
would happen next, but she was not worried.  She trusted

When she entered the door, the first thing Sam noticed was
that the wooden dart was still in her nipple.  He grinned
to himself.  "Good," he thought to himself.  "I'm glad I
went back to get that equipment.  I just may be able to use
it again."

His prick lurched in his pants as he watched the young girl
sit quietly by the fire, drying her hair with the heat from
the cheery blaze.  She was so trusting with him.  He began
to feel a stirring of emotion toward Karin that was foreign
to him, but not all that unwelcome, either.  Her complete
trust in him stirred his paternal instincts.  Maybe it was
her youth, her innocence.  He didn't know.  It wouldn't
stop him from carrying out plans he had for her, but now he
rethought them to make sure he took the extra effort to
make special for her.  To his surprise, he found that he
was looking forward to it being special for him, too.

He went back over their brief history in his mind as he
watched her finish drying her hair.  There wasn't much to
review.  He had seen her once before last night and lusted
after her body.  Then she had stepped off the elevator.
She looked so scared, so fragile, so trusting of him as he
introduced himself.  She had been so fucking beautiful.  He
realized it was at that moment she had captured his heart.
It was something about the look in her eyes, her
willingness to please him, her wanton display of sensual
pleasure and pain - this girl was special and he responded
strongly to that specialness.

Sam finished preparing the meal in a pensive mood.  The
scene was very domestic, not at all the way things normally
went up here.  Definitely not what he had imagined it would
be like.  He shook his head to break away from these tender
thoughts, and caught her eye with the motion.  She saw him
looking at her and smiled at him.  Her smile was radiant,
open and honestly happy.

He motioned her over to the table, indicating the chair
where he wished her to sit.  She rose and came over to him,
her heels clacking lightly on the rough stone floor.  He
helped her into her seat gently, careful not to jar her tit
with the pierced nipple.  She noticed his attempts and
playfully punched at him.

"Oh, come on silly, I won't break.  You should know that by
now, don't you?"
He blushed sheepishly that she had seen through him so
easily.  He got serious.  "Karin, I just want to be sure
that this is what you want.  It can be rough.  Very rough.
If you want to stop now, just say so and we'll go back to
the city."

She looked at him curiously.  "Do you have something else
planned to do to me?  Something you want to do?"

He slowly nodded his head.

"Is it something special?  Something you haven't done
before or, maybe, ... very often?"  She blushed at her
brazen attempt to find out if he had had others up here.
She knew he probably had.  But the curiosity had just
leaked out of her mouth.

"Yes."  He didn't which part of the question he was

She looked at him steadily.  "Then I want to do it."

"Don't you want to know what it is before you decide that?"

She paused before answering him.  "Will it excite you?"


"Will you fuck me?" she continued, teasing him with the
game they had started at the dance.

"Yes," he grinned back.

"Hard?" she whispered, her eyes closing dreamily.

"And long," came the reply as he leaned into her and kissed
her tenderly.

"Often, too, I hope," she giggled, adding another line to
their special dialog.  She tipped her head back, lifting
her face to his.  "God, I love your cock!  Does that make
me bad?"  She giggled again into his mouth as they kissed,
their tongues dueling playfully.

The light dinner he had prepared was a delightful affair,
quiet banter back and forth.  Were it not for the setting
and her dress, it could have been the first date it
actually was.  Sam discovered much more about her than she
did about him.  He was pleased to find a quick wit and a
sharp, but untrained, mind sitting across from him.
Somehow, that increased her appeal to him.  He marveled
that she could sit there, unconcerned about her nakedness,
totally at ease.

The food was gone, the table had been cleared and the
dishes cleaned and neatly put away.  He had postponed the
next session as long as he could, and they both knew it.
He walked quietly over, sat in the big chair by the fire,
and stared into it, thinking.  He pulled out a worn pipe
and filled it with his favorite blend.  There were too many
places in the city he couldn't enjoy a leisurely bowl full
of tobacco, too many sensitive pink lungs he could
infuriate.  This was the only place he could smoke, and not
worry about it.  He was also putting off the inevitable.

Karin stood quietly behind his chair, watching him struggle
with his decision.  She took the opportunity to drink in
some of the details about him she had not had a chance to
before.  The way his lightly graying hair curled up over
the collar of his flannel shirt.  His hair was tousled now,
not perfectly groomed as it had been at the dance.  The
touch of silver was just at his temples, giving him a wise,
distinguished look.  She could see why he was successful in
banking.  He just looked like you could trust him with your

She followed the curve of his neck across his broad
shoulders.  She had never seen a man with such strong
shoulder and arms.  She was not small, but he had lifted
her as if she had been as light as a cheerleader.  His
strong hands were holding his pipe.  No, they were
caressing it, making love to the carved burl wood.

She sighed softly to herself.  Men were so easy to read.
Well, this one was, anyway.  Karin had watched Sam's
emotions change over the last 24 hours.  The change was as
obvious to her as if she was watching a television drama.
It must be a natural female ability.  She had sensed that
he was in love with her even before they came to the
mountains.  She thought it was kind of funny, in a way.
Now that this big strong man had feelings for her, he
couldn't continue and give her what she really wanted.
What she needed.

She went over to him and sat on the arm of the chair.
"Sam?  I could be naughty if it would help you.  I'm
already stark naked.  See?"  She lifted her uninjured tit
to his lips.  He blew a ring of smoke that settled around
the succulent flesh.

"And I've already fucked you."  She reached between her
legs and spread her lips wide apart, giving him a glimpse
at the moist cavern of her desires.

She moved her hands into his lap and loosened his belt.
His pants opened as she slowly lowered the zipper,
tantalizing them both.  She slipped her soft hand inside.
Grasping the shaft of his stiffened cock, she pumped it up
and down.  Freeing his prick from his pants, she got off
the arm of the chair and knelt in between his legs.

Looking up into his steady eyes, she said, "If you'll tell
me what to do, I'll be a naughty girl and lick it for you.
I'll be anything you want me to be."  She leaned forward
and placed a kiss on the tip of his cock.  A clear drop of
pre-cum was pooling in the pee slit, and she stuck out her
tongue to lick it up.  The salty flavor sent shivers down
her back.

He looked down at the blonde head slowly engulfing his
cock.  "You'll really be anything I want?"

She nodded, not taking her mouth off him.

"Would you be my sex slave, my sex toy, a whipping post for
my darkest fantasies?"

She halted her movements on his cock.  He could feel her
shudder, her hands tightening slightly on his scrotum.  She
looked up, tears in her eyes.  "If you would have me.
Yes."  They were tears of joy.

"Good.  That's what I want.  You are my slave."  He settled
himself in his chair.  "Just keep doing what you're doing,

"Like this?" she asked coyly.  She leaned forward and
kissed his prick again, this time circling the head with
her tongue after.  "Was that good?"

"Shit, slave," he bellowed gruffly.  "Will you quit teasing

"But Sam..."


Her eyes opened wide.  He was into the 'game' now.  He
sounded serious, not just gruff.  Something warned her not
to push him.  She waited silently for him to continue.

"First, let's get something straight.  I am not 'Sam.'  We
both know that.  I will tell you later what my name is, but
for now, you can call me 'Sir' or 'Master.'  Second, you do
not speak unless spoken to.  Not a word, unless I give you
permission.  Third, and most important, you are here for my
pleasure, not yours.  Unless I allow you up, you will kneel
on the floor, by my side."

His stern voice filled her being, carrying her along into
this new definition of her roles.  She had heard nothing
she could object to.  She was his to command, his toy to
play with, his body to beat.

"That will do for now.  I will inform you of other rules as
you break them.  You will remember them better after you
have been severely punished for displeasing me."  He smiled
as he felt her tremble at this last part.  "Believe me,
slave, you do not want to be punished.  You will not enjoy

She continued to hold his large cock in her mouth, and
after a while he noticed she was not doing much with it.
Like she didn't know what felt good to him.  He tapped her
lightly on the top of her head to get her attention.

"You call that a blow job?  Explain yourself and your poor

Her eyes lowered and he could see tears forming.  She had
been trying to please him.  When she first started
speaking, it was so soft that he couldn't hear her.

"Speak up, slave.  When you have the opportunity to be
heard, I don't want to have to listen to you twice!"

I'm sorry, Sir.  I truly am.  I've only done this once
before.  That was last night when you spanked me so nicely.
I want to do it right, so it will be good for you.  Please,
Sir.  You'll have to tell me what to do."

He looked down and saw the hurt in her eyes.  "She really
doesn't know how!" he thought, amazed at her innocence and

"You're doing fine, Honey," he said aloud.  The term of
endearment slipped out so naturally he didn't even notice.

Karin did hear it.  Her ears burned and her eyes brightened
as she approached his prick again.  With patience and
caring, he instructed her between his groans of pleasure
how to suck him off the way he liked to be sucked.  She was
a willing student, often going above and beyond the call of
duty, even to the point of forcing herself to take him down
her throat.  After a while it was easier and almost seemed

His load of cum pumped deep into her throat.  Karin quickly
pulled back so that just his swollen head remained in her
mouth.  She sucked voraciously on the spewing organ as he
had instructed her earlier and milked it dry.  She pulled
back when he was done and rolled the sticky white fluid
around her mouth with her tongue, savoring it as would a

He watched her with a wry smile.  "Do you like the taste,

"Ummmm, yes, Sir.  It tastes good.  I liked it," she
announced.  "Sir?" she asked him quietly.

He nodded for her to continue.

"Sir, do all men taste the same?"

Her innocent question made him burst out in laughter,
doubling over in the chair.

She got a hurt, pouty look on her face.  She thought he was
making fun of her.  He lifted her up onto his lap, settling
her down with his still erect cock trapped between her
thighs.  He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face
in her hair.

"I don't know the answer to that, Honey, uh, slave.  I've
never tasted another man, or even myself."

"Oh.  Yes, Sir.

"Sir?" she asked a moment later.

He again nodded.

"Sir?  I know I'm not very smart or sexy, but I really want
to learn about things.  Please don't make fun of me, OK?
That hurts too much.  In here."  She pointed to her heart.

"I know it hurts.  I would never intentionally hurt you
that way.  Never.  Sometimes the things you say make me
laugh, though.  It's because you are so innocent, not
because you are dumb."

They sat in comfortable silence for several minutes.



"Are we talking now, or do I still have to be quiet all the

He grinned at her sincere face.  "You may speak, slave, but
do not try my patience with trivia!"  He slapped her bare
asscheek for emphasis.

"Will you really punish me if I displease you?"

He squeezed her tight.  "Karin, I don't want to hurt you.
I care about you too much."

"I know you care about me, Sir.  I've known that when you
danced with me."  She reached down and grasped his
throbbing cock that was nestled between her thighs.  "I
also know you want to hurt me."  She caressed his hardness,
feeling the hotness.  "It excites you."  She gave it
another squeeze.  "It's all right.  I don't mind."  She
looked up at him.  "You can do anything you want to me.  I
want you to."  She paused.  "I, uh, I-I-I love you, Sir."

With that, she lowered her head and watched her hand stroke
his cock.

"And I like it, too," she added quietly, "when you hurt me,
when you like when you hurt me.  Looking up, she asked, a
plea for understanding in her eyes, "Does that make me
weird or something?""

If he hadn't loved her before, he did now.  His heart
softened as the beautiful young girl on his lap confessed
her love to him.  After he had beat her.  Asking him for
more.  What more could he ask for in a woman?

He reached around and cupped the pierced breast.  He
gradually squeezed the soft flesh until she squirmed
against his lap, his cock inching its way towards her cunt.

"Ummmmm.  Yessss."  The feeling that he was back in control
filled her with a glow that started the fires burning in
her belly.

He reached out and gently grasped the piece of wood
piercing her nipple by the two ends.  She inhaled through
her clenched teeth but did not pull away.  She looked up at
him and smiled.

"It's OK.  Really.  Play with it."  She pushed her chest
into his hand in invitation.

He slowly twisted the wood around like a tiny propeller.
She squeezed her eyes shut and arched her back into the
pain as it gradually built, burning, twisting at the tip of
her tit.  She bit her tongue to keep from screaming.  She
didn't want to stop him because of her cries.

The nipple snapped back to its normal position when he let
go.  She sagged into his chest, gasping for air.  She had
climaxed hard.  There was a wet spot on his pants leg where
she was sitting.  She felt the spot grow as more cunt juice
leaked out.

Karin looked down and shifted her buttocks to see the
stain.  "Oooohhhhhh, now you're going to have to punish me,
huh, Sir?" she asked hopefully.

"Yes, now you're really going to get it," he grinned back.


End of chapter

Chapter 7

Standing up suddenly, he deposited her unceremoniously on
the floor.  "Stay there!" he said commanded.

Karin smiled to herself, the tingles starting already.  Her
man was back to normal.  Or what passed as normal for their
relationship.  She didn't want him to be gentle when he
needed to be rough.  That just made him confused.  There
would be a lot time for gentleness - for 'normal' sex -
later, she was sure.  Right now, she wanted him to be her
master, her tormentor.

Sam walked over to a pile of equipment in the back of the
room and selected several items.  Coming back to where she
sat on the floor, he gave her a single hand motion.  She
stood.  He led her out onto the wide porch across the front
of the cabin.  A twirling of his finger and she turned to
face away from him.  She had tried to read his face to see
what was coming, but he had kept all expression off his
face.  He had also kept his body between her eyes and the
equipment in his hand.  Karin sighed and tried to relax,
but the excitement kept her dancing from foot to foot.

"Stay still, slave!  I'm not going to chase you around the

She grinned to herself, teasing him with her swaying hips.
An unfamiliar 'whoosh' preceded an incredible stinging pain
on her buttocks.  She yowled and grasped her burning ass
cheeks with both hands.  Her eyes were squeezed shut,
trying to block out the pain.

Roughly, one of her wrists was grabbed and pulled away from
her soothing efforts.  He fastened a thick, wide cuff
around the wrist and laced it on.  It was more like a
bowling glove with a thumbhole but the thumb and palm
exposed.  That hand was dropped and the other fitted with a
similar glove.

He reached behind him and pulled over one of the benches
that lined the porch.  He manhandled her until she was
standing on the bench.  Because of her height, her head was
close to one of the large crossbeams that held up the roof.
He stood on the chair behind her.  A brief squeeze of his
arms around her reassured her.  She closed her eyes as she
leaned back into him.  The moment passed quickly.

He shuffled her forward until she was on the end of the
bench.  He lifted her right arm up and out.  He hooked a
ring on the back of the gloves to a clip on the outermost
crossbeam. She had not noticed the rings on the gloves.
Her arm was stretched out wide to the side and to the
front.  Her left hand was raised and clipped, her arm
stretched out wide to the other side.  Satisfied she was
secure, Sam stepped down off the low bench and retrieved
another piece of equipment.  She felt him step back up
behind her.

He ran his hands up her exposed sides deliberately, feeling
each rib carefully as he advanced up and around towards the
undersides of her tits.  The air she took into her lungs
went no farther down than his hands.  By the time he
lightly touched the bottom of her breasts she could barely
breathe.  Her breath was coming in short gasps.  He kissed
the top of each bare shoulder until she calmed down.
Reluctantly taking his hands from her chest, he pulled her
hair back, tilting her face up.  Her mouth dropped open.

He gently inserted a large rubber ball into her mouth.  It
was the same one he had used the night before.  He had
fashioned it into a ballgag now.  He pulled the ends behind
her neck and tied them tight.  Her mouth was stuffed.  He
could feel her groaning now that the gag was in place, but
he could hear nothing.

Sam stepped down off the bench.  He walked around in front
of her, going down the two steps to the ground to do so.
Her hips were at shoulder height.  He grasped her around
her waist, lifted her feet off the bench and slowly lowered
her until she was holding her weight entirely by her gloved
wrists.  Her bare feet dangled several inches off the
ground and out away from the floor of the porch.  If she
had been aware of it, she had a beautiful view down the
mountain towards a deep blue lake in the distance.

He walked back into the cabin, mostly to calm himself.
Something about seeing her that way excited him in a way
nothing else had.  And he hadn't even started whipping her
yet.  Just the one stripe of the riding crop crossed her
perfect white hemispheres.  He had to get himself under
control, or he could easily hurt her, leave a permanent
scar.  He had, in the passed, left his 'mark' on a special
woman or two.  But it wasn't a scar caused by a poorly
wielded whip.  He picked up his pipe.  He hadn't finished
smoking it, as he had been interrupted, albeit, not rudely.

Sitting down in his chair he looped his legs over the arm
so that he was looking out the door of the cabin.  He re-
lit the old pipe, gazing quietly out the door as the
aromatic smoke filled the cabin and beyond, calming him.
The sight of the naked girl hanging from the roof of his
porch pleased him.  He had dreamed of doing this, but had
never done it before.  The imagery of whipping a naked
woman hanging exposed to the wide outdoors appealed to his
sense of the twisted and the absurd.  It was fantasy come
to life.  One of his oldest and dearest.

He knocked his pipe against his palm when it was empty to
clear the bowl.  Thoughtfully he put it back in the sealed
humidor to protect it from drying out in the thin mountain
air.  The moisture-tight seal closed with a 'click'.

Karin heard him move away from her, leaving her hanging by
her wrists.  She was thankful he had used the wide cuffs.
The extra width and strong lacing provided support over a
greater area and didn't cut off the blood flow.  She
wiggled her fingers occasionally, and couldn't sense any
signs of circulatory distress.  She had heard him move
away, then there was silence.  For a while, the only sounds
she could hear were the sounds of her body, her heart
beating, the blood whistling through her aorta, the
gurgling of gas.  Then she heard the birds calling out, but
buzzing of the millions of insects.  She heard the
underbrush rustle as something slithered or crawled nearby.
The sun heated the board in the roof and they cracked with
expansion.  The world of nature, when you get out away from
the city, is a noisy place.

She had smelled the smoke from his pipe as it drifted out
the cabin door.  Its sweet pungent odor enveloped her mind,
giving her visions of golden forests, crisp autumn walks
hand-in-hand, cheerleaders and football games.  The
invisible tendrils of smoke wove their magic in her brain,
binding her tighter to her mystery man.

The 'click' of the humidor in the silent mountain air
sounded like a gunshot.  He was moving again!  She braced
herself as best she could, but she had no idea what was
coming.  Only that one stoke that still burned across her

Her arms ached now, the muscles and tendons being stretched
more than usual.  She tried not to kick her feet as any
motions tormented her already stressed shoulders and arms.
She strained to hear him, to find out where he was, and
perhaps that way get an idea of what he was going to do.

Sam slipped off his loafers, then his socks.  The cool
stone of the cabin floor felt good against his feet.  The
bare wood on the porch itched a little as he stepped
quietly out of the cabin.  He wasn't intending to sneak up
on her.  He knew that after a while, the pain would focus
the mind, much like meditation.  He did not want to disturb
Karin's focus.  Just yet.

When nothing happened and no sounds were made to give away
his position, Karin's mind wandered to the scene in front
of her.  She saw the lake in the distance more clearly than
ever before.  The trees were so clear; she could see each
needle, each leaf, and each branch.  She saw the tiny
animals; the ones no one ever saw because they never moved
if they thought you were there.  Their tiny bodies darted
back and forth, as if they needed to be in two places at
once.  She wondered at the color of their fur, puzzling
that it looked so soft and...


Karin shook her head.  Where did that come from?  She
looked back up at the pink clouds.  There were red tinges
to all the leaves.  What was...


Now the sunlight reflecting off the shimmering leaves left
white spots in her eyes.  Karin's dulled pain receptors
were coming back on line, but her mind was fighting it.
The colors were too pretty.  She had never seen such vivid
colors before.  The REDS!!! and GREENS!!!! and BLUES!!!!
filled her mind with rainbows.

On the sixth stroke, she heard the soft 'whoosh' just
before the supple crop caressed the bottom crease of her
ass, just above her thighs.  A trickle of pain leaked
through the rainbows.  It was the beginning of the dam
breaking.  She struggled to hold on to the various colors,
and managed to find a couple images she could retain.
These she wrapped in her memory, holding them tight as her
lover covered her naked exposed bottom with stripe after
burning stripe.

When he could stand it no longer, he moved behind her and
thrust his steel shaft into her compliant anus.  She did
not resist him, but he used no lubrication except the sweat
that dripped down her back and into her ass crack.  It was
insufficient to ease his way.  He forced his way into her
burning ass one centimeter at a time.  He went slowly,
almost leisurely.  There was no hurry now, no urgency.
There was no need to conquer, no reason to hurt.  What was
important was to possess this woman completely.

When he was finally inside her to the hilt, he fucked in
and out of her clasping hole.  He was not necessarily
gentle, but he did not want to tear her apart either.  He
grunted into her ear when he came, filling her back passage
with his spunk.  He wasn't sure if she came or not.  It
wasn't important right then.

He pulled out with a soft 'plok'.  The acrid smell of feces
drifted up between them.  He grinned, thinking that he
would always think of this moment when he took a shit from
now on.  It was not an unpleasant prospect.

He retrieved the riding crop from where it lay.  Karin was
back in her own world now.  The ass-fuck had not hurt her,
not like it could have.  She had not found this one that
enjoyable, but she was there for his pleasure.  She cried a
little when she felt him spurt his seed in her rectum,
because now he would leave her.  She didn't fear what would
come next.  She just missed him inside her.

She was not aware of the stripes rising along her back
until they reached her kidneys.  She was being thoroughly
flayed as he worked his way up her back.  By the time he
had reached the midpoint, he was hard again, hard enough to
take her.  He methodically finished pummeling her back from
her sacrum to the shoulders.

He dropped the whip and entered her once more.  This time
his prior deposit eased his entry.  This time he did not
hold back.  His fucking was frenzied, frantic, maniacal.
He was a madman, a throwback to earlier times.  He grunted
and howled as he took his pleasure in her hanging, beaten
body.  The primitive urges that overtook him would have
shamed him at any other time.  They were the urges that
civilization made laws against, to prevent moral decay.
These urges he vented on her defenseless body until, once
again he released his cum into her with a howl that set the
hairs on her arms on end.  It was the call of the wild and
she responded to it.

Karin had felt the blows coming higher on her back and had
flipped her head back and forth.  Not in pain, but to clear
her long hair from her back, giving him a clear shot.  She
urged him on, willed him to sate himself on her body, in
her body.  She did not feel the pain anymore, not even the
aches in her arms.  She could feel the thud and hear the
slap as the crop landed solidly on her back, but there was
no stinging pain.  She knew in the back of her mind that
her brain had shut down to protect itself, but she wondered
why she was still conscious.  Who could she ask who would

When he entered her a second time, she was ready for him.
She relaxed her anus as much as she could to ease his
entry.  She pushed back as much as she could with each
forward thrust of his pelvis.  When he came, so did she, in
a satisfying quiet flutter of her pelvic muscles.  In a
way, it was the best orgasm she had ever had.  It had been
for his pleasure, and because of his pleasure.  It pleased
her that he had found satisfaction in her again.

Sam stood back and looked at the figure hanging there.  In
the dying light of the day, the red blotches looked less
angry, the raised purple welts looked black.  As he took a
moment from answering the call of the primitive urges, he
examined her back and buttocks for breaks.  There were
none.  She would hurt, but she would not be scarred.

In the silence, he moved up behind her.  His intentions
were just to hold her, to quiet her down, then, perhaps, if
she would have him, make love to her.  He had had his
fantasy.  And more.  He reached around her and held her
lightly, not putting too much pressure on her inflamed

Karin felt him there.  She knew, somehow, he was not
finished.  There was more in him, more anger, darkness,
something.  He needed to release it, to find his limits,
too.  To relish the release of his dark side, and savor the
taste of it.  She needed it, too.  She felt his limp cock
up against her butt.  It took every ounce of will power and
muscle control she had, but she pressed her tender ass back
against that slick smelly cock.  Slowly she enticed it to a
turgid state, half hard, half soft.  Feeling her efforts
paying off, she redoubled them, becoming almost frantic,
begging for more from him.  He left tears on her shoulders
as he moved back from behind her.

There was no place else to attack her luscious body but in
the backs but her legs.  He was not unfamiliar with
whipping lower limbs, but he was tired.  He needed to be
extra careful not to hit the tendons in the backs of her
knees.  He decided the best approach was to go down one,
the back up the other.  So he beat her that way, using a
backhand/forehand cycle.  Only the fastest moving part of
the riding crop, the tip, met her taut flesh.  Deep red
welts rose up in a herring bone pattern down one thigh,
across the knee, down her long calf to her heel.

His cock was hard again, much to his amazement.  He had
never been able to perform like this.  She incited him,
inflamed him, inflated him as no one had.  He was beyond
his fantasies now.  Her remaining unblemished skin drove
him on like an unfinished work of art.  Meticulously he
matched the stokes on the first leg, duplicating them in
reverse order on the other.  He ended with two stokes, one
to her outer thigh, the other splashing in the flow of cum,
her cum, running down her legs.

Throwing the crop out into the clearing in front of the
cabin, he took her again.  Again, he took her in the ass.
This time he took her soul, her very being and made it
sing.  They moved together, joined in that obscene,
depraved union until he emitted his essence into her once
more.  He stayed embedded within her long after he had cum,
her compressions and spasms holding him captive.  She
seemed to cum forever, the spastic clenching on his raw
prick seeming beg him for more.  They stayed together like
that until he realized she had fallen asleep, hanging from
her wrists on the front porch.  He pulled out of her still-
clasping anus, sat down on the rough-hewn floor, and
watched his lady love drift into dreamless sleep.

It had been better than any fantasy he had ever had.  He
tipped his head back against the wall of the cabin, deep in


End of chapter

Chapter 8

The first rays of the sun peeked over the cabin, dulling
the darkness with a muddy light.  The stars winked out of
sight behind the bluing sky.

Karin lurched awake with a small cry.  Her chin had settled
on her sternum as she slept and the spittle from her mouth
had run down between her breasts.  The rivulet of moisture
chilled her as it dried in the early morning mountain air.
She went to wipe up the dribble off her chin, but her arms
wouldn't move.  The memory of the night before came rushing
back to her.  She opened her eyes and looked at her hands.
She was still suspended from the rafter on the porch.

As she slowly came awake, she took stock of the changes in
her condition from last night.  The gag was gone.  She was
not hanging freely as her feet were resting on one of the
benches from the porch.  What surprised her most was that
there was no pain in her back, her legs or her ass.  If she
were not still hanging where he had put her the evening
before, she might have thought it was a dream.  But it had
been real.  Her vaginal muscles still twitched, as they had
all night long, the nerves firing randomly as they tried to
catch up to the intensity of what she had been feeling.
The was only so much adrenaline to go around, though, so
they stored up their impulses and then fired later as her
body labored to fill in the backlog of adrenaline.

Sam had heard her cry out as she came awake.  He had
debated long and hard about leaving her strung up, but in
the end, her peaceful slumber was the deciding factor.  She
needed to rest to allow her body to recover from what she
had gone through.

He had removed the ballgag and placed the bench under her
feet.  Then he had taken a moist towel and cleaned her up,
drying her with a big fluffy towel so she wouldn't chill in
the night air.  After she was clean, he took some salves he
had had specially made up.  One of the other men in the
'Presidents Club' was a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.
His research facilities were able to combine the right
ingredients to get the effect Sam wanted.  He didn't know
what was in the stuff, but it did what he wanted.

The salve he had put on Karin's back reduced the pain,
primarily.  It had antibiotic properties, incase one of the
wounds broke open.  It also reduced any swelling.

Consequently, Karin looked like shit from the back, but she
felt a lot better than she looked.  He knew she still
needed the time to heal, but wanted to wait to see how she
reacted before coddling her, as he knew she would claim he
had done.

Karin felt his touch as he came up and stood behind her.
She automatically spread her feet on the bench, widening
her ass cheeks to give him access.

"Good morning, Karin.  How are you feeling?"

"This slave feels glorious, Sir.  Thank you for asking.


"Thank you for last night, Sir.  I hope I did not
disappoint you.  I should not have fallen asleep.  I
promise to do better next time."

Her words shook him.  It had not been a game to her.  She
was still his slave, still acting or pretending to be.  Or
she thought he had really meant that that was what he
wanted of her.  He was silent as he rested his head on her
shoulder.  She turned her face to his but couldn't focus
her eyes because of his nearness to her.

"Karin.  You were wonderful.  Beyond my wildest hopes and
dreams.  I have never had a night like last night."

"I am happy for you, Sir.  I, uh, I enjoyed it, too."  Her
head tipped over to the side and rested up against his.
"Sir? I, uh, ummm."

"What is it, Karin?"

"Well, I, uh, well, are we, umm, are you going to do me,
Sir?  I mean, well, it's OK and all, but, uh, if you
aren't, you may want to move your feet before I, ummmm,
well, Sir, I have to go real bad."

With two 'clicks' her wrists were freed from the rafter.
He caught her in his strong arms as she collapsed, her
ankles and knees refusing to hold her weight.  He managed
to grab the roll of toilet paper that hung on its customary
nail on the porch rail and headed with her into the brush.
He found a clearing and gently settled her into a crouch.

She rested on her haunches, her feet and knees spread wide.
He crouched in front of her, holding both her hands in his
to give her support so she wouldn't keel over backwards.
She was embarrassed by his scrutiny at first and couldn't
release the fluid in her bladder.  As he continued to hold
her and look into her eyes, a tiny hissing indicated the
release of the urine.

His eyes turned downward, his curiosity overcoming his
control.  She urinated for several moments during which
time he watched her genitals intently.  When she was done,
he gathered both her hands in one of his.  He took several
sheets of tissue and blotted her dry.  He looked back up at
her to see she had blushed a deep crimson at the intimacy
he had taken with her.

He helped her stand up.  Her legs seemed able to hold her
now.  He took the shovel he kept in the clearing and turned
the soil so the wet tissue and the damped ground were
buried.  The bacteria in the soil could break down the
faster when it was covered.  And it didn't blow all over,

"Are you finished?" he asked her.

She looked at him quizzically.

"Number two?  Do you have to poop, crap, shit, build a dung
heap, dump a load, float a log...?"

She was laughing as he tapered off.  Her musical laughter
was infectious and soon he was grinning, too.  He had been
trying to be so serious.

"No, I don't.  Not yet, anyway.  But if you want to wipe
that, too, I can try..." she said coyly.

He growled at her in mock anger and swept her back up in
his arms.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and
snuggled into his broad chest.  As he started back to the
cabin, his foot caught an errant root and he stumbled
slightly.  She tightened her grip around his neck.  He
caught his balance and stopped, swearing quietly under his


"Huh, what?"

"I think I can walk, Sir.  You do not need to carry me."

He looked at her serious face.  His mood softened.  "I
know, Honey.  But I want to."

He stood there quietly for a moment staring at her face,
memorizing its shape, the color of her eyes, and the
innocence he saw there.  She watched him looking at her,
nervous at first.  A lingering kiss to her nose, then one
to each of her eyes, then one in the center of her forehead
brought a contented sigh from her and she relaxed under his

She peeked out of one eye, squinting up at his face to see
if he was still looking at her.  He was.  With an impish
wiggle, she cleared her throat.

"Uh, Sir?"

"Yes, Honey?"

"Ummm, I could go pee again.  If you wanted to play with me
down there again, that is..."  She squeezed both her eyes
shut tight, not wanting to see his reaction.  She missed a
very adolescent blush, she having caught him out on an
irresistible impulse.  It had been a spur of the moment
thing that, in retrospect, was probably not the thing to
do.  He decided to play along.

"Uh, yeah, I'd like that."  He set her down and positioned
them as they had been before.  This time he did not look at
her face, just down at her cunt.  Karin worked for about
three minutes before a tiny dribble emerged.

"That's it?"

"Yes.  I'm sorry, Sir.  I'll do better later.  After

He blotted her dry again, this time spending more time than
necessary fondling her.  Her breathing was ragged when he

"Hmmm.  I can't seem to keep it dry.  It seems to be
seeping something from down here."  He emphasized his point
by inserting his finger into her damp pussy.  She gasped at
his invasion of her but stayed as she was, with her knees
spread wide to give him access.  He fingerfucked her until
her eyes rolled up into her head.  She shuddered

Sam helped her up, and she stood, weaving from side to
side.  He turned and started up the path.

"Sir!" came her panicked voice from behind him.

He turned and saw her leaning heavily against a convenient
tree.  He cocked his head, silently asking her what was

"I-I-I-I'll take that offer of a ride, if it's still open.
My legs don't seem to want to work..."  Her voice tapered
off as she started to slump to the ground.

He reached out and caught her before she hit the ground.
He lifted her again and carried her limp form to the cabin.
There he gently laid her on the cot.  She felt his tears as
they ran down his face and dripped on her naked body.  She
felt a certain sadness he was crying for her, but her
lassitude wouldn't let her generate the effort to show she

Over the next 24 hours, she allowed him to care for her
completely, even letting him clean her ass without comment
when she had to shit.  He did not make love to her that
night.  He wrapped her in his arms and rocked her back and
forth in his big chair all night long.  She was feeling
much better by then, but he didn't trust that either of
them would be able refrain from sex if they were both in
the cot.  As it was, her soft hand worked down into his
shorts and claimed his cock as her own.  She would not give
it up after numerous attempts by him to dislodge her, but
she did tacitly agree not to stroke him or make him cum.
She slept with his hardened cock firmly in her grasp.  He
was amused to see that even in her REM state she kept her
grip on him.  He wondered what she was dreaming of.

Sam caught a couple of hour rest that night.  He woke with
a guilty flinch.  He looked down to see her looking up at

"Good morning, Karin.  How are you feeling this morning?"

"Good morning, Sir.  I, uh, I'm fine.  Really.  This time I
am."  She was gnawing on her lower lip, a sign he was
beginning to recognize.  She wanted to ask him something
that meant a lot to her.

"What is it, Honey?"

"Huh?  Nothin...  Oh!"  She jumped as he slapped her
lightly on the rump.

"Truth.  No lies, OK?"

She buried her face in his chest as she nodded.  It took
her some time for her to continue.  "Sir.  You said you
would, uhm, you know, that we would, uh, ...shit!"  She
glared up at him.  "You said you were going to fuck me.
Are you ever going to?  Uh, sorry.  ...Sir?"  She tacked on
his title a bit late.  He let it go, given the question.

"You have been through a lot.  I didn't want to push you
too much."

"I was ready last night, Sir.  I tried to let you know by,
you know, this."  She rubbed her hand up and down his

"I wondered about that.  But I must admit I liked the
feeling of sleeping in your grasp all night long.  It could
be habit forming."  He grinned.

"I liked holding you, too, Sir," she said shyly.  "I could
feel your heart beating.  It felt warm and nice."  She
looked up at him.  "Well...?"

He threw up his hands in mock surrender.  "Oh, hell.  If I
<have> to, I guess we'll just get it over with."  She fell
to the floor with a squeal as he stood abruptly.  She was
still squealing as he carried her over to the soft double
bed and laid her down.  Stripping quickly, he got into next
to her.  She squealed for a long time that morning and into
the afternoon.

Karin lay on her side, her head resting on her lover's
chest.  The minor twinges of pain from her bruises
forgotten.  She had finally been fucked.  Sure they had
done it before, that first night, but he had held back.
This time she knew she had taken all he had to give.  He
was so big and strong he had to hold back with other women.
With Karin, he could let go, fuck her long and hard,
without the fear of injuring her.  Not that she was built
like a tank, far from it.  But she had substance and
endurance in her trim frame.

She twirled the tiny strands of hair on his chest around
her finger.  As she passed his nipple, she flicked it with
her fingernail.  He groaned in his sleep.  The little nub
of flesh stood up and begged for more.  She leaned over and
kissed it, sucking it into mouth.  She chewed on it
lightly.  That brought more groans from him.  Blowing on
the moistened nipple resulted in his hand slapping sleepily
at the pesky irritant.  She captured his hand in hers and
laced their fingers together.  It fit nicely.

"Don't think I've ever been woken up as nice as that."  His
voice came quietly from above her head.

They lay in silence, contented, sated.  They were both
aware time was flying by and that this idyllic trip would
soon be over.  Neither wanted to talk about that.

"Have you ever been tied up before, done this kind of thing

"No."  She decided to skip the brutal rape by Bill and
Bruce.  She could tell him later, and she knew that wasn't
what he meant.  "I've only tied myself up with some ropes
and stuff.  But it never feels right, because I always have
to leave a way out. That kind of ruins it."

"Oh."  He thought a moment.  "What about the painful

"That just seems to be a part of it, I guess.  I like not
being able to do anything.  Which means you can do
anything, everything you want.  The pain isn't that bad.
It makes the feeling of being helpless so much more
intense."  She thought a minute.  "You know, you could have
tied my feet last night.  I wouldn't have minded."

"I know.  But you didn't kick you feet.  I was ready to."

"Oh.  OK.  I guess I'll just have to kick you next time,

"Ouch!"  This last was due to a double assault on his
senses.  She had kneed him in the thigh as she had pulled
several chest hairs out by the roots.

"Ohhhh!"  Karin suddenly found herself sitting on the cold
stone floor.

Sam growled ferociously as he grabbed her arm and dragged
her to one of the cabin's main center posts.  There were
four large posts in the large room, widely spaced in a
square, holding the roof up.  This post was not too near
the fire, but was close enough to warm them both.  The
flickering light from the open stove cast a dancing satanic
light on the salacious proceedings.  Twilight was falling
outside the cabin.

He made her stand with her back up against the rough wooden
post.  Going around behind her, he grabbed her wrists and
tied them tightly behind the post.  He picked up a short
broomstick and shoved it between the post and her elbows,
forcing her back to arch and her chest to stick out.  Her
breasts stood proudly on display in this forced posture.
He passed a loop of rope around each end of the stick.
Slowly he worked her elbows together until they touched.
He tied off the loops, keeping her stressed joints
together.  This forced her tits to jut out even more.

He knelt down at her feet.  Her high heels were lying
there.  With a wicked grin, he slipped them on her feet,
then readjusted her tied arms behind the post to
accommodate her new height.  Her feet pointed down at an
extreme angle that shaped her calves, thighs and butt.
Kneeling again, he tied a rope tightly around her ankles,
first binding them together, then fastening them to the
post.  A rope binding her knees in a similar fashion

He took care with the ropes, tying her tight but not
dangerously so.  His loops and knots were neat, the white
cotton fiber making a pleasing patterns as he bound her.

Karin's cunt started creaming, her fantasy was coming to
reality.  It was even better this way.  Tears of joy
streamed down her face and dripped on her tits as she
watched him labor on her restraints.  She had to strain her
head far forward and peek between her swollen globes to see
him working.

He glanced up and saw her tears.  A shocked look crossed
his face and her started to stand up.

"No!  No, don't stop!  Please!  I've dreamed of this
happening and now it is.  It's OK, really."  She gave him a
teary smile.  Her sniffle didn't help convince him.

He looked up at her for a long moment.  "OK.  Tell me what
to do.  Help me make it good for you, OK?"

She leaned back her head against the post and sobbed in
joy.  He jumped to his feet and nearly tripped on the ropes
on the floor.  The look on his face and his actions struck
her as humorous and she started to giggle.  Then laugh.  He
joined in with her and the tensions eased between them.
Finally catching her breath, she said,

"First, kiss me."

"OK, I can do that"


"Oooh, I see.  And long?"

"Yessss, Sir!"

He spent several minutes kissing.  He kissed not just her
mouth, but her ears, nose, chin, eyes and neck.

"OK, now what?"  They were both breathing heavily.  The
thought of tying her up so completely was turning him on,

She instructed him to tie the ropes around her calves and
mid thighs, in addition to the ones around her ankles and
knees he had already tied.  They weren't necessary, she
just liked the feeling of the ropes.  Twice she made him
tie the ropes tighter, cutting into her flesh and molding
her upright to the post.

She had him tie a thick rope around her waist, but not
around the post.  The rope cut into her soft waist.  Then
she had him show her all other ropes he had.  She selected
the thickest, roughest fiber rope he had.

When she told him what to do with it he looked dubious.
She repeated her instructions, reassuring him that it would
be OK.

Sam forced the end of the rough rope between her thighs,
just under her pussy.  The stiff sharp fibers that made up
the rope scraped and irritated the tender skin of her inner
thighs as it was pulled through to the back.  She hissed
out her breath as the rope was pulled up against her
crotch.  Her asshole and pussy lips flamed with the fiery

He tied the rough rope tightly to the waist belt in the
small of her back.  He forced the knot of the rope in
between the post and her back so that the rough rope was
centered down her ass crack.

Looking her directly in the eye, he grasped the end of the
rope dangling in front of her.  He pulled it up steadily,
firmly embedding the scratchy rope against her cunt lips.

"Harder," she gasped.

He pulled it up tighter.


He gave a it sharp jerk.  Her eyes rolled up into her head
as the rough rope pushed aside her protective outer lips
and rubbed directly on her hooded clit.  Soon, it, too, was
under direct assault from the sharp fibers as it swelled
out of its protective casing.


Sweat broke out on her forehead from the force of her cum.
A weak smile greeted his bewildered eyes.  He would never
have thought of that insidious feature.

Her hips move tentatively against the crotch rope.  She
would be rubbed raw in a short time.  She stopped her
movements short of her climax.

"Now do my boobs," she said.

She told him how to tie off the spongy orbs from her chest
with thin cords, making them stick out even more and
slightly askew.  She saw his growing fascination with them
as he tied them.  She decided against the second banding
around the center of the bulging spheres.

The tension in her crotch was phenomenal.  She was
completely restrained at last.  Her hips moved back and
forth rhythmically as she lost her battle with her self-
control.  She popped off with a major climax almost at

He waited until she was done.

"What happens next?" he asked.

"That's up to you, Sir," she said, slipping back into her
slave mode.  "Now it's your turn.  You seem to enjoy
whipping me,..."  She looked awkwardly down towards her
ass, protected by the post from any serious punishment.
"...but maybe you could pick another target...?"

Her stomach was bare, and her cunt was fairly accessible.
She wasn't sure which of those targets he would pick.  Then
she saw his gaze linger and fixate on her breasts.  Her
tender, swollen breasts.  A shudder of anticipation went
through her body.

"Oh God, he's going to beat my tits.  I don't know if I can
stand that.  But look at his thing!  It's so big and hard.
It excites him."  These thoughts went through her mind at a


"Yes?"  He didn't look up at her, just stared at her bound,
jutting breasts.

"It's OK.  You can whip me there.  Really."  She hesitated,
and then went on.  "But you had better gag me.  I wouldn't
want you to stop until I've had as much as you think I
need."  She looked him directly in his eye.  "Please?"

He saw the fear in her eyes, and the determination.

He kissed her softly before he gagged her with a piece of
thick, soft rope. First he stuffed a small towel in her
mouth.  He tied the rope around the post, holding her head
fast against the wooden post.  This added to her feeling of
helplessness.  Tears of fear and happiness streamed down
her cheeks.

When he was finished tying her up, the first thing he did
was to pull the sliver through the nipple the rest of the
way.  It had purposely remained there through their
lovemaking.  She had cum like a wild woman whenever he had
twisted it.  When she felt he had ignored it for too long,
she would dig into his chest or thigh or groin with one of
the sharp ends.

He needed to remove it now because he didn't want it to
break off and permanently injure her, and with what he had
planned, it would have been broken.  He cleaned her
perforated nipple with alcohol to prevent infection.

Standing in front of her, he braced himself.  He wanted to
do this.  It excited him.  The fact that he cared about her
more than the any of the others made him want to back off
from what he was about to do.  But she wanted him to do it.
He steeled himself and swung his big hand up.  The
resounding slap sounded like a gunshot in the small cabin.

Her tits swung violently around her chest from the blow.
Because of her posture and the ropes, her breast tissues
were swollen and firm.  The open handed blow had caught the
lower half of the right hemisphere, mashing it into the
other tit.  Her eyes opened wide and she screamed into the
gag.  Immediately her hips began grinding frantically
against the post, flexing against the crotch rope.

A second slap reddened the left tit to match the color
rising from the first blow.  His cock was at the bursting
point.  A third blow to the other tit followed quickly.
His breathing was raspy from his excitement.  He was
quickly loosing reason and the animalistic glaze in his
eyes thrilled her and filled her with dread.

He walked over to the pile of equipment and selected a
heavy leather strap about three inches wide and two feet
long.  Her eyes were wide with fear as she watched him move
back to her.

He paused to kiss the inflamed nipples.  Then he lightly
licked the tip of her nose, licking up a teardrop that had
collected there.  He savored the salty taste as he looked
questioningly into her eyes.  She saw he was looking for
reassurance, so she nodded to him as best she could with
her head tied to the post.  He understood her and smiled
softly, almost sadly, at her.  He dried her tears with his

Stepping back from her, he swung the heavy strap in a wide
arch.  The target this time was her smooth belly.  The
thick belt smacked into her just below her ribs, curling
around her sides.  A second heavy blow landed just below
the first.  By the third strike, she knew he was going to
satisfy his need to beat her and she relaxed into the pain
that flooded her being.  It was different this time.  She
felt the pain, screaming to ease the biting stings.

A fourth and fifth stripe crossed her body.  He proceeded
lower, down across her smoothly mounded lower belly.  He
took nothing off the blows as he dropped his aim and the
sharp, stimulating pain coursed through her mind in a
cleansing flood.  The next blow covered her cunt with
stinging leather.  She came, hard, her cum juice spurting
out of her in an arc and splashing down between them on the
stone floor.

He continued to beat her down thighs and shins, letting the
fat belt wrap around her limbs to get maximum coverage.
Sweat was dripping from his face because of his exertions.
They were both breathing heavily, he from the work, she
from the climaxes she was having.

He set the strap down.  As she looked at him, she could
tell by the gleam in his eye that he wasn't finished yet.
She hoped that he would continue to the end of what he had
planned, what he needed to do, and not stop short because
of her.

He went over to where he had hung his jacket and pulled out
a small leather case.  Coming back, he gently caressed her
breast with the punctured nipple.  It was still quite sore,
but he flicked at it until it stood painfully out from the
swollen globe.

Opening the case, he pulled out a small gold ring.  Gazing
into her eyes, he threaded it through the hole made by the
wooden sliver.  She inhaled sharply at the intense pain of
those nerves being battered, but kept her eyes glued to his
tender ones.  She saw a tear trickle down his cheek.

He swabbed the pierced nipple with alcohol, cleaning the
newly inserted ring.  The cool stinging liquid made her
wince. Her eyes grew wider when he cleaned the other
nipple.  Her breath caught in her throat as he took an odd
tool from the case and fitted a sterile needle in its fat
jaws.  It didn't look familiar to her, but its purpose was
clear.  It was meant to make holes in flesh.

"He's leaving his mark on me!" she thought, closing her
eyes in anticipation.

The piercing machine was fit against her breast.  The metal
of the handles was cool on her hot flesh.  She opened her
eyes when nothing happened.  He was looking to her for
permission.  She wrinkled her nose at him and winked,
teasing him and gave him a definite nod.  As definitive as
she could with her head tied to the post.  His eyes lit up
and he squeezed the stainless steel plunger through her

Her eyes widened at the incredible pain that shot through
her nipple.  She screamed into the gag.  Even the piercing
of the other nipple by the sliver had not hurt this much.
She fought her bonds in earnest for the first time, but
couldn't move a muscle.  She finally calmed down, reveling
in her utter helplessness.

He threaded another gold ring through this freshly pierced
button.  She was breathing heavily from the experience.
Even her flexing hips could not raise the sexual tension in
her body higher, to push her over the edge.  She was
exhausted, limp in her bonds.  She her eyes closed and did
not see him preparing the soldering iron.

The first drop of jewel's solder touched the split in the
golden ring and flowed into the narrow opening, sealing it
into a solid ring as it cooled.  The second drop flowed
onto the second ring.  It was angled a bit different, and
the hot solder met the delicate nipple tissue.  Karin
didn't even jerk as she fainted from the pain.


End of chapter

Chapter 9

Sam had released her from her stringent bondage after she
had fainted.  He didn't want to put her through another
night of having to sleep standing up.  He had massaged her
wrists and legs with his special soothing lotion he had
used before, but, as with the stripes on her back, the
marks would last for days, especially those between her
legs and cunt lips where the rough rope had rubbed the
tender skin almost raw.  She was very tender in her nether
regions.  The salve didn't help when that much of the
protective layers of the skin were damaged and the nerves
almost exposed.

She stirred on the bed.  He stopped what he was doing and
went over to stand by the bed.  She looked up at him, the
focus in her eyes far away.  A grin slowly came to her lips
when she was able to bring him into focus.  He had removed
his clothes while he has whipped her and had not bothered
to dress after she had fainted.  Reaching over to him, she
grabbed his prick firmly.

"More," she said.  It was neither a question nor a demand.

"More?"  Sam's voice cracked when he spoke, causing them
both to crack up.

"You promised."

"I know I did.  I just want to be sure you're OK."

She turned a defiant eye to his tender one.  "You
promised!" she repeated, this time emphatically.  "You
promised you would fuck me after."  She looked up at him
and he could see the desperation in her eyes.  "Pleeease?"

He sighed as he lay down beside her on the bed.  His hands
floated over her body, slowly arousing her, bringing her to
the edge repeatedly.  His lips suckled at her tits, his
tongue flicking over the gold rings.  It was a novel
sensation for her, and it drove her to the brink as easily
as his feathery touches to her raw clit.

When he took her, he treated her with extreme care.  It was
much too gentle for her taste.  She eased her body out from
under him and pushed him over on his back.  Her sore
muscles screamed at her actions but she was determined to
have him her way.  She lifted her leg up and over his torso
and settled down over him, straddling his hips.  She froze,
squeezing her eyes shut.  It hurt so good she almost

Karin laid her palms on his shoulders and pressed down,
resting on her straightened arms.  She kept her eyes closed
and breathed deeply several times, willing the pain into
the background.  He lay still under her, his prick nestled
between her pussy and his body.  She had not yet gotten to
the point of sliding back and inserting him into her pussy.
Even so, he was amazed at her determination and stamina to
get this far.  Against his dominant instincts, he decided
to let her set the pace this time.  He was completely
satisfied with their trip so far, having satisfied his dark
needs for inflicting pain and domination.  This rest was
gravy for him.

With a catch in her breath, she raised her pelvis up off
his stomach.  She reached beneath her, feeling between
their bodies.  She carefully positioned his fat cock head
against the tight opening of her cunt.  She pushed back
firmly, crying out to the darkened gloom, and fully seated
herself on his saddle horn.  Pleasure mixed with pain
flooded her senses as she was filled with his hot pulsing

Karin just sat there for the longest time.  This fucking
thing was so new to her, and his cock was so massive, she
still needed time to adjust to it filling her.  When he was
inside her, deep and hard as he was now, she could think of
nothing else.  She could feel nothing else.  The fullness,
the completeness pushed all other feelings out of her mind.
She blushed as she realized that when he filled her, she
became a cunt.  Just a cunt.  A living, throbbing hole that
needed to be satisfied.  She could feel his slow steady
heart beat through his prick, a drummer in counterpoint to
her own rapid beat.

Giving in to base urges with a groan, she rocked back and
forth on his erection, establishing a rhythm that matched
the beat of her inner drummer.  Sam lay passive beneath
her, content to be along for the ride.  He kept a close eye
out for any signs of distress in her, however.  It took a
lot away from his enjoyment, but he felt responsible that
she not be injured.

Karin opened her eyes and saw his concerned, but happy
face.  She leaned forward to kiss his forehead, then his
eyes, then his nose and finally his lips.  As she kissed
him, her dangling tits brushed up against the hairs on his
chest.  The over-sensitized buds sent thrills coursing
through her as she shimmied her shoulders to sway her
breasts sexily over his chest as they kissed.

Breaking the kiss, she burrowed her face into his neck.
"Thank you," came her muffled voice.

"You're welcome!" he answered, then asked, puzzled, "For

She pulled his hands up to cup her breasts, the gold nipple
rings burning into his palms form the heat between them.

"For these."

"Oh?  Why is that something to thank me for?"  He was
teasing her, but wanted her to verbalize what she was

"Because I'll always have these to remember our time
together.  Even when the aches and pains are gone, I will
have these.  So, 'Thank You, Sir.'"

"Oh.  OK."

"Sir?" she asked a little later.

He nodded for her to continue.

"Sir, I know your name isn't Sam, but that's OK with me.  I
really don't need to know.  It sort of adds to the
mystery."  She continued, twisting his chest hairs around
her finger.  She was fascinated with them.  "If you need
me, you know who I am and where I live.  I want you to know
that you will always be welcome there, even if you just
want to talk.  I'd love to visit the cabin again, anytime
you want .... or need."  Her fingers dug into his
pectorals, emphasizing her last point.

He felt shamed and elated the same time.  He had not
planned to reveal his identity to her.  It was a sort of
tradition.  The members of the President's Club had agreed
that when they brought 'special' dates, the dates were not
to know any of their identities.  Special dates, which
Karin had been, sometimes experienced unexpected advances
from their escorts.  Sam always made sure each woman he
escorted to the annual event knew what to expect before
they engaged in anything.  He also stopped at the first
refusal to continue, but some of the others members of the
Club had been known to get a little out of hand.  Sam was a
firm believer that 'No' meant 'No.'

He had not heard that particular word on this phenomenal
weekend.  Karin had refused him nothing, at great cost to
her body.  He had used her in every way possible.  He had
marked her with his own nipple rings.  Yes, she was a
special girl, but not the kind he had thought initially.
He had taken, but not given in return.  She had nailed his
sexual needs on the head and accepted them.  Hell, she had
encouraged him to break through his own fears about his
dark obsession and to accept it himself.  Now she was
giving him the future.  No questions asked.  No demands.

It was an uncomfortable moment.  He wasn't sure if she
wanted him to say something.  He was afraid if he did open
his mouth, he would end up professing his undying love for
her.  As much as he felt that was the truth, he also knew
that these weekends were highly charged emotional events.
What he felt now, he might not feel next week, next month,
next year.  He had only just met her, and, well... Oh,
SHIT!  It sounded just as empty to him the second time when
he reviewed it.  It was as obvious a rationalization as he
had ever heard.  He was glad he had not said anything.

Sam laid his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes.
Her pussy was still milking his prick as she lay on top of
him, watching his inner struggle as it played out on his
face.  She had hoped, well, that she would at least find
out his name.  It had been worth a shot.  She could always
just think of him as 'Sam' until he decided to tell her his
real name.  What was important now was that their time
together was quickly ending.  She wanted to make the most
of it.

She latched on to his chin with her sharp white teeth,
shaking her head like a terrier.  With her arms, she
grabbed him to her soft breasts.  She stretched her legs
out straight behind her.  Rolling onto her side, a firm
grasp on his cock with her hungry cunt, she whispered to
him, her manner urgent, "Fuck me, Sam, Fuck me hard!"

He completed the roll she had started and settled her on
her back.  He leaned on her pelvis heavily, wanting to
irritate the raw flesh there.  She lifted her knees to her
chest to give him even greater access to her pussy, daring
him to do his worst, or best, to her.  Incited, he reached
down, grabbed her ankles and bent them up beside her head.
Her positioned lifted her hips off the bed, and put her wet
canal in a perfect line with his raging cock.  When he
drove down into her cunt with all his weight, he bottomed
out and stretched her cunt wall to a new size.

He kept his promise to fuck her hard, and long.  He had
come several times over the course of the last three days.
Although his prick was rock hard, he felt confident that he
was going to be able to draw this last fuck out for a long

It turned out to be not as long as he had hoped.  Her
magical cunt muscles began squeezing and milking his prick
as soon as she began to climax.  She screamed out her
ecstasy with each peak lasting several minutes.  Before
long, her sexual excitement infected him and he began to
pump his final load into her, his rod swelling as he
peaked.  He grunted and stiffened as she screamed for him
to empty his spurting cock into her.  Spent, he collapsed
on her sweaty body.  His deflating prick slipped from deep
inside her body.  Sadness settled over the two lovers at
the climax to their time at the cabin.  It had truly been a
special time.  They held each other tightly, even as they
drifted into a sound asleep.

Sam and Karin drove back to the city in sated silence early
the next morning.  They had made love once more, but it had
been almost an anti-climax.  The urgency was gone, both of
their compulsions had been satisfied, for the moment, at
least.  Sam had brought along loose sweat shirt and sweat
pants for her to wear back to the city, correctly guessing
that those soft loose garments wouldn't irritate her skin.
At first light, Karin had teased and dared him into the icy
waters of the pool before they left for the city.  They had
skinny dipped like innocent teenagers, splashing and
dunking each other with wild abandon.  She was strong
enough to give him back as good as she got.  When he broke
through the icy surface, gasping for air after she had
dunked him again for the umpteenth time, he cried 'uncle.'
Staggering ashore, they collapsed on the bank in peals of
laughter.  He had never enjoyed himself more at the cabin.

His cellular telephone started ringing as soon as he came
into range of a cell.  That was a bad sign.  He had had his
secretary reschedule all of his meetings indefinitely.  She
was one of the few former visitors to the cabin and
understood there was no schedule, no timetable for these
things.  That someone needed him urgently enough to auto-
redial his cell phone could only mean a major international
client was in big trouble.  That's all he dealt with, the
major accounts.

His mind switched automatically to business mode as he hit
the Send button to answer his phone.  Karin sat beside him
quietly as he drove, listening quietly, not interrupting.
She knew she didn't have to tease or pester him for
attention like an adolescent would have.  She sensed his
affection for her.  When he was ready, when he needed her,
he would come back to her.  He hadn't said so in so many
words, but she knew.

She closed her eyes, listening to his side of the
conversation.  "...I've been out of town.  Personal. ...
No, no, I'm fine.  Never better, in fact. .... Hong Kong?
.... Ouch!  ... That bad, huh?  ...  Have my secretary go
to my apartment and pack a bag. ... Yeah, she knows, she's
done it before.  Knowing her she's already there waiting
with it. ... Yes, she's that good and, no you can't have
her. ... The flight leaves in 45 minutes? ... Well, if I
push it, I can just make it. ... Right. ... Talk to you
from Hong Kong."

Just as he finished speaking, they pulled up in front of
her apartment.  She leaned over, gave him a quick peck on
the cheek, and said, "Go on now.  I know you're in a
hurry."  She jumped out of the car and closed the door
before he could say a word.  His mind was already on the
disaster he was going to have to deal with.  He knew there
was something he wanted to say to her, but she was gone and
out of the car before he had a chance to get his mind in
gear.  He waved good bye to her and grinned as she mouthed
'Thank You' as he drove out of sight.

He was about 10,000 feet in the air when it came to him.
"Shit!" he exclaimed, causing the first class attendant to
spill a drink on the squalling brat two rows up.  He had
intended to tell Karin his name.  He made a note to tell
his secretary to contact her.  She would understand.  She
had been there before.

At the same time the flight attendant was dousing the
passenger, Karin was echoing his 'Shit,' albeit under her

She had walked up to her apartment.  The future looked
bright.  For the first time in her life, she felt loved.
She had found a man, her man, and he needed her.  She
wandered aimlessly around the apartment, running her hands
over the leather chair they had put to such good use.  She
could still see the crusty stains of their mingled cum
juices.  She found herself in the bedroom, tightly holding
onto the homemade whip and absently snapping the
clothespins when the knock came at the door.

She opened it with a wide smile, thinking her 'Sam' had
thrown his career out the window and had come back to ride
off into the sunset with his true love.  The smile faded,
as she looked at the two large men in ill-fitting blue
suits standing at the door.  Each was holding up a badge.

"Mrs. Saunders?  Mrs. Karin Saunders?" the taller of the
two asked her.

"Yes, I'm Karin Saunders."

"Ma'am, I'm Sgt. Wilson, this is Sgt. Hague.  We'd like you
to come downtown with us to answer some questions."

Karin had never had any contact with the authorities.  She
didn't ask why, she didn't even think of refusing.  She
simply sighed, stepped into the hallway, closing the door
behind her, and went with the two officers.

An hour later, she sat in the interrogation room in shock.
From the gist of the questions, she had pieced together
that something had happened to Bill.  She had been so
relieved it hadn't been Sam.  But they kept hounding her
and hounding her for where she was the last four days, why
had she moved out of the house, who did the apartment
belong to, and on and on.  The tall man did all the
talking.  The other one, the older one, just stood against
the wall, glaring at her.  He scared her.

Sgt. Wilson, the junior of the two officers, was doing all
the talking to keep his partner from loosing his badge.
Sgt. Hague had known Bill Saunders for years and considered
him a good friend.  He had never met the new wife, and all
Bill had ever said to him about their sudden marriage was
that it had been a big mistake.  He had called her a 'gold-
digger.'  Bill had jokingly brushed it all off with some
raunchy comments about her insatiable sex drive or
something, which made everyone laugh and a little jealous
of him, too.

Sgt. Hague was taking Bill's murder particularly hard.  He
had not asked to be assigned to the case, in fact, he had
tried to explain that he couldn't do a good job because of
his friendship with the victim.  Their lieutenant, a real
hard-assed bitch, had noted his concern and assigned him
the case anyway.  He knew better than to question her
decision.  The last guy who had dared to challenge her was
still writing parking tickets.  Not wishing the same fate,
Sgt. Hague had thrown himself into the case, and it had
solved itself.

A search of the house had revealed a fully stocked woman's
closet with most of the tags still hanging from the never-
worn clothes.  What they didn't find were toiletries,
underwear or personal effects.  The young new wife was
nowhere to be found.  A wider search of Bill's properties
had turned up evidence of someone living in one of the
vacant apartments in one of the unused warehouses, but a
two-day stakeout had turned up nothing.  Convinced she had
fled the city they had set a trip alarm on the door on the
outside chance someone would up.  In their experience,
persons who committed domestic crimes were pretty stupid
when it came to police procedures.  The didn't really think
anyone would be dumb enough to go back to their hideout.
They were surprised when the alarm had gone off.  They were
even more surprised when it turned out that the intruder
who had set the alarm off was their suspect.

For the next 12 hours Karin Saunders was questioned over
and over about her whereabouts and who she had been with
the last 3-4 days.  Nothing was said about why she was
there.  Sgt. Hague really wanted the bitch to trip herself
up and say something incriminating.  It was a surprise to
the young wife, therefore, when she was booked for the
murder of her husband at the end of those 12 long grueling
hours.  She had not confessed, but in twelve hours of
intense questioning, she had never told them where she had
been, whom she had been with, no alibis, no witnesses,
nothing.  Even more convincing in the minds of the officers
was the fact that she had never once, in the entire twelve
hours, asked for or referred to her husband.  She had never
asked for a lawyer.  To them, that told them she was
guilty, that she already knew he was dead.  They had not
released the news of his death, so it had never made the
news.  She knew about it, because she had done it.

Lt. Sandra Billings, the 'hard-assed bitch,' had watched
the last 4 hours of the interrogation from behind the one-
way mirror.  It didn't look good for Mrs. Karin Saunders.
She was the only suspect, and, as her husband's spouse and
the sole beneficiary of a multimillion-dollar life
insurance policy as well as the sole heir to his business
empire, things didn't look at all good for her at all.  The
evidence the police had put together, her lack of an alibi,
well, the lady was in deep shit.

But something didn't sit quite right.  She had read the
reports as they had come in.  At first, this had been just
another routine murder investigation, and it looked like it
was going to fall into the same domestic violence category
that 85% of the other murders in their city did.  On a
routine visit to the interrogation area, however, she noted
something odd about the suspect.  She couldn't put her
finger on it, but something piqued her curiosity.  She
didn't leave the window until Karin was taken downstairs in
handcuffs for booking.  She hadn't contradicted her
officers' recommendation to arrest Mrs. Saunders, but she
was convinced she was innocent.

Karin was numb, in a state of shock.  She had been since
she had heard the words, 'You're under arrest for the
murder of William Saunders.'  Bill was dead.  Sam was in
Hong Kong.  She was all-alone, with no one to turn to.

She had tried to tell them everything as honestly as she
could.  But she didn't know anything.  They didn't believe
her.  Especially the mean one, Sgt. Hague.    She didn't
know who Sam really was, or where she had been at the ball
or where the cabin was, so she never said anything about
them.  She had no alibi for her time and didn't want to go
into too many details about her recent activities.  They
didn't believe her when she explained that Bill had
arranged for her to move into the apartment.

She was fingerprinted, photographed and taken to the
women's section of the county jail, pending a hearing.  It
was when she was strip-searched that the first tangible
evidence that questioned her guilt came up.  Lt. Billings
had personally escorted her up to the woman's floor.  The
other female employees qualified to escort a felony suspect
were all out of the building.  Lt. Billings didn't mind.
She wanted to get a better handle on this quiet woman.  She
just didn't fit the profile.

The women's guard assigned to book her at the jail had just
been severely reprimanded for using excessive force on
another inmate, so Lt. Billings was standing just out side
the cubicle during the search.  When the guard had seen the
fresh marks on Karin's body, she knew she should have
called Lt. Billings into the examination area right then.
She didn't want anything to do with this new cunt.  She
also suspected Lt. Billings of trying to set her up.  She
had heard stories about the 'iron bitch.'  Instead, she
proceeded with search, taking extra care to be gentle.
Karin's pained cry, however, when her well-lubricated
gloved finger entered her vagina for a cavity search
brought the lieutenant into the cubicle, eyes blazing.

What she saw made her gasp.  Ugly blue bruises and red
welts covered what should have been a gorgeous body from
the neck to her ankles, front and back.

The guard immediately began to protest.  "It wasn't me that
did this, Lt.  Honest!  I was just doin' my job and the
cunt screamed.  I even used a glove and grease and
everything.  See?"  She held out the soiled latex glove for
her to inspect.

Lt. Billings turned to the guard.  "Oh, shut up!  You
didn't have time to do all this damage.  I want you to go
get an evidence camera.  Now!"

Lt. Billings had Karin stand in the classic 'up against the
wall' search position with her arms outstretched and her
legs spread, but this time Karin was naked.  She
photographed the various bruises and rope marks on her
body.  Then she posed her so she could photograph the
brutalized front areas.  When she was finished taking
evidence, she tossed her prison garb on the table.

"You can get dressed, Mrs. Saunders."

Karin pulled the shapeless garb carefully over her tender

"Sit down."

Karin sat, waiting.  She was terribly embarrassed at the
exam.  She dreaded the line of questions that she knew were

"Did your husband beat you?" the lieutenant started out.

Karin thought back to the scene in the basement.  "Yes,

"Did you report it?"

Karin looked quizzical.  "No, why?  Should I have?"

The interrogator ignored her questions.  "Did he do this to
you then?"  She indicated the Polaroid photos she had just
taken of the bruises and marks on Karin's body.

"No, he didn't do that to me."

"Oh.  If he didn't, who did this to you?"

"I ... I, uh, don't know."

Lt. Sandra Billings leaned forward and examined her head
carefully for signs of a blindfold.  She didn't see any,
but that didn't mean she hadn't been hooded.  "You didn't
see who did this to you?"

Karin answered slowly, reluctantly.  "Oh, yes.  I saw him.
I just don't know who he is.  He used a fake name.  He told
me his name was 'Sam', but it wasn't really."

"How did you meet him?"

"It's kind of a long story, lieutenant.  But I guess, well,
Bill never said, but I think Bill owed him a lot of money
or something.  It had to do with his business.  He never
involved me in his business stuff.  Until this time.  Bill
just wanted me to go to a dance with this guy, Sam."

"He used you to pay a debt to this mystery man?  You mean
he sold you, or your services?  Like a pimp?"

"Oh, no!  Well, yeah, I guess so, but it wasn't like that.
More like a date than, than that."  She looked up at the
female detective.  "Honest, ma'am!  I'm not a prostitute!
He just needed my help.  It was more like a loan, I
guess...  I'm not making much sense, am I."

"So your husband 'loaned' you out to this Sam character to
cover a bad debt or something, right?"

"Well, yeah, I guess.  But when you put it like that, it
sounds so dirty.  It really wasn't like that.  The dance
was so nice, the band was great, and Sam is a real good
dancer."  Karin sighed to herself, in spite of her

"Let's stay on track here, OK?  So, when you wouldn't sleep
with this guy, 'Sam,' after he sprung for the dinner and
the dance, he beat you up, right?"

"Oh, no, I didn't say that.  We didn't go to dinner."

Lt. Billings gritted her teeth.  She wished this dunderhead
could get with the program.  "Right, no dinner.  So, after
the dance, right? he got angry because you wouldn't put out
him.  Is that better?"

"Well, not exactly."  She flinched at the officers
exasperated glare.  "He didn't get angry at all.  He was
very gentle and kind.  You see, well, I kind of, well, ..."
she finally just spit it out, "... I asked him to spank me
and tie me up.  He was really very gentle with me."

Lt. Billings stared at the young woman in disbelief.  "You
asked him to do this?  And you call this 'gentle'?"

"Yes."  That peculiar look of a woman in love was in
Karin's eyes as she remembered her lover's affections.

"This looks like more than a spanking.  How did this

"Well, after he spanked me and, uh, stuff, we went to a
place he has up in the mountains.  I, uh, I made him do
this to me.  It wasn't his fault.  Really, he couldn't help

Lt. Billings just about choked on that one.  "You <made>
him do this to you?  Are you telling me you enjoyed this,
this, this beating?" she asked.  The detective was getting
more incredulous with each new revelation.

"Oh, he didn't just beat me.  He tied me up real tight -
the way I like - and he fucked me a couple of times.  Oh,
and he let me suck him off, too."

"Oh, he <let> you do that, too, did he?"  Even with all her
experience, she would never have come up with this story.
It just kept getting better and better.  If it weren't so
obvious that she was telling the truth, she would have
reserved her a room on the Psycho Ward.

"Uh-huh.  I hadn't ever done that before, so he let me try
it.  It was nice."  She blushed at her admissions.

The coloring of the suspect's face did not escape the
questioning woman.  In fact, the girl's innocence stirred
something in her.  But there was still something missing in
her story.  A question they had missed.  Something so
simple it was obvious.  She kept on.  Maybe it would turn
up.  "OK.  Your husband sent you on a date with this guy,
Sam, right?  Didn't he mind if you had sex with another

Karin sat stunned at that question.  She had not thought of
it like that.  "Uh.  I'm not sure.  He told me to be very
nice to Sam and do whatever he wanted.  I guessed he meant
that I was supposed to have sex with him if that was what
Sam wanted.  He didn't really care if I had sex with
another man, I don't think.  It's not like he never did.
Besides, we hadn't ever done it together, you know, with
each other."

"You're telling me that you and your husband never had sex.
And you were married for six months.  Is that true?"

Karin blushed again, looking down at the battered table.

"And you're telling me that he had sex with other women,
and you knew about it?"  The detective could smell motive
written all over this now.  Her estimation of the suspect's
innocence was taking a nosedive.

Karin blushed an even deeper scarlet.  "Huh-uh," she said,
shaking her head 'no.'  "He didn't sleep with other women.
He slept with other men.  He was gay."

The room was silent as this small nuclear bomb went off.
Lt. Billings stared at the weeping widow.  Where had they
missed this minor piece of information?  She reviewed the
data in her head.  She was sure Sgt. Hague vouched for the
guy's sexual preferences, but then again, those could be
faked in certain circumstances.  Macho guys like Hague just
didn't expect guys they liked to be gay.  He could have
been easily misled.  She made a note to speak to him about

The detective sat shaking her head.  As crazy as it was, no
one in their right mind would make up or admit to a story
like that, but the marks were fresh enough to back up her
story and give her the alibi she needed.  Slim as it was.
They still needed to identify and question this 'Sam'
character.  Lt. Billings was going to question that bastard

"You know you're going to have to stay with us for a while,
Mrs. Saunders.  We'll have to check out the things that you
have told us.  You seem to have an alibi for the time, but
I can't rule out the motive.  I'm truly sorry.  I will see
that you are not put in with the other inmates.  I think I
know just the guard to assign to your case to insure that
you are left alone."  Her face was hard as she called in
the frightened guard to the small interrogation room.

She turned to the guard.  "Mrs. Saunders will be staying
with us for a while.  I am making it your responsibility to
see that she is not bothered by the other guests in our
'hotel,' is that clear.  You will report to me personally
on this.  If I hear of one finger laid on this woman, it
will be your job.  And you may very likely find yourself on
the other side of the bars.  Is that understood?"

The frightened guard paled visibly.  She had heard the
stories of the ruined careers this pushy bitch had left in
her wake.  She turned to the still weeping woman, holding
out her hand to help her up.

"Would the solitary cell be OK, Lt. Billings?  It's empty
at the moment, and right beside the guard station.  She
would be safe there, ma'am, if that's fine with you?"

Sandra Billings nodded, preoccupied with some other
questions.  One question in particular.  On a whim, she
asked the now excited woman, "Uh, by the way, Mrs.
Saunders?  Do you know if anyone was supposed to visit your
husband last weekend?"

"I don't know.  I do know he had visitors all the time when
he wasn't traveling on business. I hadn't lived at the
house for about two-three weeks.  I was moved out just
after they beat me.  He never introduced his visitors to
me, so I wouldn't know who they were, anyway.  But why
don't you ask Bruce?  He usually took care of all of those
things for Bill."

The second nuke silenced the room again.

"Uh, Bruce?  Who's Bruce ..." asked the lieutenant
cautiously.  It wasn't uncommon for cornered spouses to
blame the first person to come to mind.  But, she hadn't
accused him.  This was the first time this name had come
up.  There were beginning to be too many suspects, now.
She continued, "... and what do you mean 'they' beat you?
I thought your husband beat you."

"Bruce, uh, I don't know his last name.  But, Bruce, you
know.  Bruce is the butler.  Or, at least, that's what Bill
called him.  He was really Bill's lover.  He lives at the
mansion.  You could ask him who was there.

"Anyway, it was the two of them that strung me up in the
basement and beat me.  They said it was to get me to go out
with Sam, but all they would have had to do was ask me.  I
know I said that Bill beat me, but I think Bruce did most
of the actual beating," she said, defensive of her dead
husband.  Karin also left out the part about the toilet
plunger handle rape.

Bells went off in Lt. Billing's brain.  A lover!  A new
suspect!  With a motive!  Hot damn!  And there hadn't been
a trace of him in the house, which meant he was probably on
the run.  He had a three-day head start, but she was the
long arm of the law.

Sandra Billings picked up her cellular phone and made
several calls.  By the time Karin left for her cell in the
woman's wing, a full autopsy on Bill had been ordered, his
physician contacted, and a nation-wide search for the
missing butler had been initiated.

It took ten days, but all charges against Karin were
dropped.  She had spent those ten days without speaking to
a single person.  The only person she saw was the abusive
guard, who was so obsequious and solicitous, it made Karin
wince to see her come into with the cell with her tray of

She left the county facility and stood on the sidewalk
outside.  She had nowhere to go, and no way to get there.
Her world had been shattered by recent events.

It was suddenly very dark outside.


End of chapter

Chapter 10

The man known as Sam Adams held the flimsy rice paper in
his hands, careful not to let the tears coursing down his
face land on the delicate tissue.  The telefax had been
sent to him by his secretary a couple of weeks after he had
headed out for Hong Kong.  The trip was more involved than
anyone could have predicted and as the months passed with
deliberate slowness, he became frantic to contact the
fantastic woman he had taken to the President's dance.  But
communications through the Bamboo Curtain were sensitive
and monitored.  No personal issues were ever discussed, as
the hosts, inscrutable as they were, would have taken a
personal issue and used it as a weapon against him in the
negotiations.  He had seen it happen before.

His secretary had been astute enough to understand his
vague references to Bill Saunders as referring to the man's
wife, Karin.  When he asked her to check on the cabin and
to make sure it was stocked for the next winter, she
understood that he had taken Karin up there.  She had been
up there herself, in Karin's role.  She knew what kind of a
bond was created between her boss and the women who went up
there with him.  He needed to contact her and let her know
he would be delayed, but that he cared deeply, etc.

She did her best, but her best was hampered by a police
blackout of the information regarding anything to do with
Mr. or Mrs. Saunders.  When she did find something, she was
shocked.  It was a news report of Bill's murder and the
arrest of his wife.  The reporter made it sound like a sure
thing, open and shut.  The timing was reported wrong in the
article, however, and it appeared as if the murder had
occurred a couple of days after he had left for Hong Kong.
Her release and the arrest of Bruce were not reported.
Because of the nature of the crime, she did not make any
more open inquiries.  It wouldn't do the bank or her boss
any good, or her, either, to be connected to a murder.

She mailed him the entire paper and a carefully worded
telefax reporting that the cabin was closed up tighter than
a jail cell and no trace could be found of anyone having
been there.  After he had found the article reporting on
the murder and Karin's arrest, he understood, or thought he

He pulled out the paper every night, looking for another
meaning, trying to find his way out of his personal Hell,
this dark helplessness that held his heart.  He had found
that one special woman and lost her.  He cried into the
long darkness of the warm Asian night.


Karin Saunder's personal darkness didn't get brighter
anytime soon, either.

She was very much alone.  She moved back to the mansion
during the next week.  The household staff had quit after
the murder.  The big house was cold and empty, but at least
the delivery boys would deliver food to this address.  She
had just about starved at the apartment.  She couldn't
bring herself to go out shopping, even for food.

Karin had dumped her suitcases in the middle of the
hallway, went straight up to her old room and gone to bed.
The tragedy of her total abandonment paralyzed her.  She
moved like a robot, lifelessly passing between the bedroom
and the kitchen.  The rest of the house seemed foreign to
her and she avoided all those unfriendly evil rooms.

Most nights she laid in her bed and cried herself to sleep,
hugging her pillows to her chest tightly.  She had no
interest in sex or tying herself up.  It felt dead inside,
and, to be honest, she preferred it that way.  Since she
had been with Sam, and had experienced the real thing,
anything else just didn't seem enough.  She knew her Sam
was out of the country, but she still missed him and wished
he were there to hold onto instead of the pillows.  There
had been no word from him, not a card, flowers or anything.
She tried hard not to think about it, but her isolation
allowed her to think of nothing else.

She was sitting in her room, staring blankly out of the
window when the doorbell at the front door rang.  She
waited for a while for the maid to answer it, then realized
the maid wasn't there anymore.  She numbly got to her feet
and fumbled down the stairs.

Sandra Billings stood in the door.  Karin did not recognize
her at first.  By the time they had finally met at the
station, Karin had been nearly in a state of shock.  She
had not been paying too much attention to what other people
looked like right then.

As she stared at her in the doorway, she realized that Lt.
Billings didn't look muck like a cop.  It took her a
minute, but she finally put her finger on it.  Her eyes
were too kind and soft.  "It must be hard for her in that
place," she thought to herself as they stood staring at
each other.

"Hello.  Lt. Billings, right?" she ventured.

"Hello, Mrs. Saunders.  Do you mind if I come in?"  Lt.
Billings was brusque and businesslike.

"Sure, I guess.  Come on in.  Please.  Oh, and please call
me Karin.  I never got used to the name 'Mrs. Saunders.'"
She opened the door wider and moved back to allow the tall
policewoman into the house.  As the officer came in, Karin
paused.  "Is this an official visit?"  She was suddenly
afraid, terrified of being alone in the world, alone with
this stranger in a strange house.

Lt. Billings continued into the living room and sat on a
couch.  She patted the seat beside her.  "Well, yes ... and

Karin's heart sank.  She numbly shuffled over to the couch
and woodenly sat down.  She held both her wrists together
out in front of her, waiting to be cuffed.  Tears streamed
down her face, but she was silent.

The female detective reached out and took Karin's hands in
hers and squeezed them.  Her heart went out to the lonely
girl beside her.  "Oh, no!  It's not like that at all!  I'm
here to tell you that we located Bruce, the, uh, butler.
Or lover.  It took a bit of persuading but he finally
confessed to the shooting.  We also found him hiding in a
cheap motel with several hundred thousand dollars in cash,
apparently from your husband's safe.  We'll be returning
the money to you after the trial."

Karin stared dumbfounded at the woman.  Suddenly, she was
ripped out of the dumps and rocketed to the heights.  She
continued to cry uncontrollably as she threw her arms
around the detective's neck.  The emotional roller coaster
ride she was on was too much for her to cope with any other

"Oh, Thank you, thank you, thank you."  She didn't know
what else to say as the free flow of erupting emotions
poured over her.

The policewoman sat quietly, holding and comforting the
beautiful lady.  This next part of her visit was not
entirely official and she needed to work carefully.  It was
more like answering some nagging personal issues, rather
than official police business.  She was unsure of exactly
why she was here, other than she felt compelled to see it
through.  She had convinced herself it was necessary, just
good police work.  'No stone left unturned,' and all that

Karin settled down and dried her eyes.  She released Lt.
Billings' neck and sat back down on the couch beside her,
suddenly embarrassed at her slobbery outburst.  Now that
Bruce had confessed, there were some things she wanted to
know.  "How was Bill murdered?" she asked the lieutenant.

"He was shot."

"Oh.  Where was he shot?" she continued.

"In the back."

Karin got a puzzled look on her face.  "You mean, out back,
by the pool?"

The detective laughed, a chagrined look on her face.  "Oh!
Uh, no, He was in his bedroom.  When Bruce shot him, the
bullet hit him in the back."  Then she added, "Don't worry
about the mess.  The department has a crew that come in to
clean it all up."

"Oh.  Thanks.  That was nice of them."  Karin felt kind of
silly for her questions.  She hadn't even known Bill had
been shot.  She felt a little guilty she hadn't even cared
enough to find out.  Even if it had been a sham marriage,
she felt she owed him at least that much.

"Uh, Karin?  If you wouldn't mind, I would really like to
see the crime scene with you.  There are just a couple of
questions I wanted to clear up, OK?  Just to clear up a few
things in my mind."  Lt. Billings stood up, not waiting for
her to answer, and possibly say 'no.'

"His room is, uh, was upstairs."  Karin said, leading the
way, a vague feeling of dread coming over her.

Lt. Billings looked around the room, poking into drawers
and under the bed, playing for time.  She didn't know how
to get around to what she was really here for.  It was
uncharacteristic for her.  Best to dive right in, no?
"Where is your room, Karin?"

"Over there," said Karin, pointing down the hall.

"Do you mind if I see it?"

Karin silently led her into her room, the feeling of doom
greater.  There was no reason for her to be in here.

The detective poked around until she found what she was
looking for.  "Which one of these were you wearing when
they beat you?" she asked, holding up several bathing

Karin indicated the pink one.

"Would you mind trying it on?  I had some questions
regarding the beating."

The sense of dread Karin had been feeling now flooded over
her body from her head to her toes.  This was suddenly not
a casual visit.

With trembling fingers Karin took the suit and went into
the bathroom to change.  She stripped off her clothes and
put on the tiny suit.  The shapes of the gold nipple rings
were clearly visible through the taut thin fabric.  She
thought of Sam as she circled them softly with her
fingernail.  A tear trickled down her cheek at the sudden
reminder of her absent lover.

She took a deep breath and went back into the bedroom.  Lt.
Billings had taken off her business jacket and Karin
noticed her trim figure for the first time.  The suit had
been severely cut and did not flatter her figure at all.
Karin was not sure if that was by intent or because the
woman had no sense of style.

The attractive detective was about Karin's height.  She had
wandered over to her closet and was looking at the racks of
clothes in them, many of which Karin had never had a chance
to wear.  Bill had just filled it with expensive clothes
her size.  He hadn't sent all these to the apartment, thank
goodness.  He had only sent her everyday clothes and
makeup.  She watched the other woman for a while, not
wanting to draw attention to herself.

Lt. Billings was holding a slinky red dinner dress up
against her body and looking in the mirror, swaying back
and forth to see the fit better.

"That color would look lovely on you.  Why don't you try
it?" Karin offered.  "I think we're about the same size."

The detective jumped up with a guilty look.  She had
expected Karin to take longer changing into the bathing
suit.  "Oh, no, I couldn't.  Could I, really?"  She had
always dreamed of being able to dress in a feminine way.
The other cops just wouldn't stand for it, however.  Even
the other female cops would have been jealous.  In the
interest of her career, she had intentionally toned down
her beauty and her body by using the wrong makeup and
fashions to appear as unattractive as possible.  It had
worked until now, and she intended to keep it that way.
But, no one needed to know what when on here.

"Sure, go ahead!"

With a giggle, the detective stripped down to her panties
and slipped the red dress over her head.  Karin stared
openly at the naked woman.  Her tits were a little smaller
than her own and her hips perhaps a bit fuller, but not by
much in either place.  They could have been sisters.
Twins.  It was like looking in a mirror.

"Karin, could you zip me up?" she asked.

Karin moved behind the detective.  Her service revolver was
lying on the table beside her.  It was easily within
Karin's reach.  The young woman shrank from the weapon.
She didn't notice the slight relaxation in the detective's
posture as she watched Karin's reflection in the mirror.
'Once a cop, always a cop.'  She was still checking out
this strange, naïve woman.  She had left the gun - unloaded
- out in the open on purpose.  It never hurt to confirm her
suspicions.  She was now convinced that Karin had had
nothing to do with her husband's murder.  There was always
the chance that she had been in it with the butler.

Karen tugged the zipper up the small of her back and Lt.
Billings did a quick pirouette in front of her.

"It's not something I could wear to work, is it?" she

Karen smiled.  She was beginning to relax around this
strong woman for some reason.  There was a familiar bond
between them, perhaps because of their height and their
beauty.  She noted the slope of the woman's breasts as they
tapered to protruding nipples.  The tiny buds poked
defiantly through the thin fabric of the dress, exuding a
sex appeal that Karin found strangely attractive.  She
mindlessly rubbed her thighs together as her own body
started to react to the sensual appeal.

"I-I-It's lovely on you, Lt. Billings."

"Oh, don't be so formal.  Call me Sandi."

"OK, S-S-Sandi.  The dress really does look nice on you.
The color really suits you."

Sandi turned back to the mirror and made a few poses.  "It
does bring out my 'assets', does it?" she said, thrusting
out her chest, emphasizing her breasts with a little twist.

Karin giggled.  "You'd be a hit in court.'

"I'd be arrested as a hooker!"  Sandi giggled along with
her.  "But I do have the body for it, huh?"

Karin reached out to touch her softly on the waist.  She
had intended only to smooth a wrinkle, but Sandi had moved
at the last minute and she found her hand caressing a
tantalizingly soft buttock.  A forbidden thrill went
through her.  "Oh.  I'm sorry.  Excuse me!"

"That's OK.  It felt nice."

Karin blushed.

Sandi turned to her.  "Show me where it happened."

"Where what happened?"  She knew what she wanted.  She just
was hoping she was wrong.  She wasn't.

"Where they beat you."

Karin's heart sank.  The basement.  She hated the basement.
She hadn't been down there since that day.  She slowly led
Sandi out of the bedroom, down the stairs to the basement
door.  At the locked door she stopped and looked at Sandi.
It was a silent plea for a stay of execution.

Sandi gave her a firm smile that was meant to reassure her,
but didn't do a very good job of it.

"Well, here goes..." she said weakly as she opened the
door.  She took a deep breath and went down the narrow
stairs into the dark cellar.

Not much had changed in the room.  There were still a few
pieces of furniture scattered around and some old boxes of
books and papers from Bill's business piled in the corner.
Karin led her over to the place in the middle of the open
area where they had strung her up.

"It was about here, I guess."

Sandi looked around.  There were soiled strips of cloth and
cords lying on the floor where they had fallen.  She picked
up a piece of black cloth.

"You were blind folded?"

Karin nodded, goose bumps suddenly erupting all over her

"May I?" asked Sandi, holding up the blindfold and moving
behind her.

"Do you have to?" asked Karin, her voice quivering.

"Uh, it, uh, helps to reenact the crime scene," offered
Sandi weakly.  She didn't sound convincing to Karin, nor
did she specify whom it was going to help in this case.

There was a long silence.  Finally, Karin nodded.  "OK, I

Sandi smiled as she stood behind the gullible girl.  This
was going better than she had hoped.  She tied the cloth
firmly in place.

"Was it like that?"

Karin nodded.  A tiny bit of moisture dampened her crotch,
and her breathing quickened.  He hoped Sandi hadn't
noticed.  She shuddered at the betrayal of her body.  She
fought the arousing feelings running through her.  It was
the same feelings she had with Sam.  But Sandi was a woman.
Karin was confused.  Could she feel that way about a woman?

Sandi pulled a convenient chair over to the blindfoldeded
woman.  She looped one of the cords over the overhead
pipes.  She noted the places where the dust had been rubbed
off before.  "Another point for the dame," she thought.
"Were your feet touching the ground?"

Karin shook her head.  She didn't trust herself to speak.
Sandi shuddered.  "Those bastards.  These cords would
really bite into her wrists with her full weight on them,"
she muttered to herself.  "Well, we don't have to go that
far.  That must have really hurt."

"Uh, it's OK.  If it will help you and, uh, the case, I'll
do it.  It's not that bad."

Sandi detected a slight tremor of excitement in Karin's
voice.  She believed she really would allow herself to be
hung like a piece of meat.  She shook her head.  "No, it
won't really help.  Just put your arms up over your head."

Sandi thought she saw a flicker of disappointment flash
across the girl's face, but Karin obediently raised her
hands over her head as asked.  Sandi looped the cord around
her wrists and started to step down off the chair.

"They were tied tighter than that."

"Oh, OK."  She retied the restraints tighter.  "Better?"

"Yeah, I guess."

Sandi got down off the chair and stood in front of Karin's
outstretched body.  She could hardly restrain herself from
touching that delectable taut skin, running her fingers
through her hair, tracing the swirls of her body hair.  She
steeled herself, slowing her rapid breathing.  There would
be time enough for that later.  "Then what happened?"

Karin blushed with illicit excitement.  She didn't know
what was coming over her.  She just knew this was the first
time since she had been with Sam that she had felt alive.
"They pushed up my top."

Sandi's hands trembled as she slid them up to the girl's
heaving breasts.  She slid them under the thin fabric of
the bathing suit top and gently lifted the swatches up to
expose the delicious mounds.  She was careful to lift the
fabric away from the gold rings that pierced the erect
nipples.  The rings intrigued her.  They had since she had
seen them at the station.

She caressed the soft mounds with her fingers for quite
some time, playing with them, lifting and weighing them
with her cupped hands.  The rings fascinated her and she
looked at them closely for the first time.  She was shocked
to see that they were solid, fused with solder.  "These
babies are here to stay!" she grunted.

She kissed the now heaving breasts softly.  Karin was
groaning softly at the stimulation of her tits, but had
made no signs of resistance or struggle.

"What else?"

"They, uh, they, they pushed my bottoms down around my

Sandi hooked her thumbs under the tiny string that held up
the ridiculously small bikini bottoms.  Her smooth palms
caressed the creamy cheeks of the trim ass as she
maneuvered the taut string over the pleasing moons.

Going back around to the front of her victim, she slid her
hands flat down beside the trimmed pussy hair and onto the
sleek inner thighs.  She felt the dampness that leaked from
the puffy slit.  She slyly slipped a slender finger in the
hot cauldron and brought it up to her lips to taste it.
She was curious, as well, and as Karin couldn't see her,
she took advantage of the moment.  In more ways than one.

"God, she tastes good!  I never knew..." she shuddered to
herself.  Her first taste of another woman's essence drove
her on.  She wanted more.

She busied herself with the bloated lips of Karin's tender
cunt.  Manipulating her finger between the puffy creases,
she eased another finger in and found the hard bud hiding
at the top of the juncture.  A massage of incredible
sensations followed until she heard the hanging girl gasp
and saw her shudder in climax.

Sandi smiled to herself.  She still had some work to do,
but she wanted to get this young woman in bed.  It was a
new feeling for her.  She lightly touched Karin's body as
the bound girl calmed down.

"What happened next?"

"They slapped me," Karen said so softly that Sandi couldn't


"They slapped me, on my boobs."

Sandi took a light swing at her tits.


She swung her hand with more force.  A light red handprint
appeared on the white flesh.


Sandi complied, and the attacked mammary moved across her
chest away from the blow and then jauntily bounced back.

"Harder, damn it!  Harder!"

Sandi braced herself and swung with all her might.

"Yyyyeeeeesssss!," sobbed Karin.  "More.  Pleeeaaassseee?"

Sandi stood before the begging girl and couldn't believe
it.  She was working up a sweat.  She was going to ruin the
dress.  This was too much work and it didn't really excite
her.  But if it turned on the girl, it might make it easier
to seduce her.  That was suddenly something Sandi realized
she wanted to do.  That she had subconsciously intended to
do since she had first walked in and seen the stripes and
bruises covering Karin's body.

Sandi started to hit her harder and harder still with no
complaints from Karin.  Tiring, she quit and soothed the
reddened flesh with dancing fingers and her soft, velvety
lips.  Karin's heavy breathing slowly came back to normal.

Sandi spied something over by the wall and went and got it.
She came up behind the hanging girl.

"Did they spank you?" she asked, knowing they hadn't.



"They didn't?" she queried again when the yelling had

"No.  But Sam did."


"I guess I should stop, then, huh?"

"Oh no, you don't have to!"  Karin thought fast, not
wanting this session to end.  "If it will help you with the
case, you should keep it up as long as you want!"

Sandi laughed.  They were on the same wavelength at last.
She took the Ping-Pong paddle she had picked up, rubbing
the sandpaper surface on her palm.  She proceeded to swat
the rounded hemispheres until they were both a bright rosy
red.  She was not sure, but she thought that Karin had
climaxed two, if not three times during the spanking.  She
shivered with anticipation.  This was uncharted territory
for her.  Not that she hadn't thought about it before.  Or
read several books...

Sandi untied Karin's wrists from the pipes.  Removing the
blindfold, she took her by the hand and led her upstairs.
Karin stumbled at first until she managed to push down her
briefs and step out of them.  She removed her top on the
way upstairs and left it hanging on the banister.

Sandi gently pushed her down on the over-sized bed in
Karin's room.  Slipping out of the red dress and her
panties, she laid down beside her new friend.  "You really
liked that, didn't you?" she asked the quiet girl.


Sandi thought there was something more.  "I did it because
I saw it excited you, you know.  I don't usually like
violence of any kind.  I get enough of that at work."

Karin nodded, tears leaking down from the corners of her

"I'll do it again, if you want me to."

"No, that's OK.  It just made me feel sad, is all.  It
reminded me of Sam, and I don't even know who he is!  I-I-I
m-m-miss him so m-m-m-much!"  The blubbering girl buried
her face in Sandi's bosom and wept hard.

Sandi stroked her hair, her back and her arm to comfort
her.  She jumped when she felt a tentative tongue touch her
own tear drenched nipple.

"Oh, did that hurt?" asked a tiny voice.

"No.  No that felt good.  You can do it again, if you
want."  She mentally crossed her fingers.  She inwardly
groaned as Karin raised her face from her tits and looked
her in the eye.



"I've never been, you know, uh, with a woman.  I have some

Getting no answer other than a surprised look, she

"Will I have to give up men if I like it?"

Sandi hugged the innocent young girl to her and burst out
in uncontrollable giggling.  Karin had gone through this
before, and it was no more amusing to her this time than

Sandi finally got control of her giggles and kissed Karin's
forehead.  "I don't intend to give them up, Dear.  I love
men.  I love to talk with them, I love to work with them,
and I love to flirt with them.  Above all, I love the feel
of their hard cocks in my mouth, my pussy and my ass.

"Apparently, I am also irresistibly attracted to you.  This
is new for me, too.  You turned me on so much I could
hardly bear to interrogate you without seducing you.  It
was only when you were completely cleared that felt I could
come here.  I wasn't sure why I came, even as I drove up
the driveway.  Then I saw you at the door and knew I had to
have you.  I have wanted you so much I wore out my trusty
vibrator!"  They both laughed at her small joke.

Sandi kissed her forehead once more.  There were tears in
Karin's eyes that streaked down her cheeks and onto the

Karin was quiet.  "You don't have to beat me anymore, if
you don't want to," she said finally.  "Will you teach me
how to make love to you the way you like it?"

"I'll teach you how to make love the way you like it, too."
Sandi kissed her on the nose.  "This isn't a chore, you

"I know.  I just want to please you so you won't go away
like Sam did."

Sandi expected a flood of tears at the mention of the
mysterious lover.  None came.  "She's more mature than I
thought," she mused quietly.

Karin continued.  "I have a lot of empty rooms here.
Couldn't you stay with me?"  She hurried on.  "Not as a
lover, or anything, but as a friend.  Unless you wanted to,
uh, I mean, ..."  She blushed, her honest offer and her
need for friendship having had an unintended, but
wonderful, double meaning.

Sandi thought over the offer.  Free room and board, pool,
sauna with the works, a willing bed partner that she was
beginning to really like...Lots of possibilities....  She
could get used to this, real easy.

"Sandi?"  The question interrupted her thoughts.


"Were you going to show me that stuff now?  Or later?"

Sandi rolled Karin over on her back and began to trace an
imaginary path down the length of the tight body under her.
"How about both," came the answer.

It was Karin's turn to giggle uncontrollably as Sandi's
delicate tongue explored her navel.  She climaxed lightly
from the laughter and the tickling.  That was a new
experience for her.

Karin placed her hands on Sandi's head and stroked her hair
gently.  Sandi leaned into the strokes and sighed.  Women
knew so much more about making love than men did.  Just
soft touches and gentle pressures.  The pain that Karin
could stand and still get off piqued her curiosity.  "Maybe
under controlled circumstances..."

Her tongue continued to wiggle its way down the smooth
plane of Karin's flat abdomen to the forest of hairs that
covered a pleasing mons.  She twirled the hairs with her
tongue before probing deeper.  The aroma of heavy musk
filled her nostrils.  She breathed in deeply.  The scent of
Karin's excitement was contagious.  She could feel her own
arousal dripping down her thighs.  Her fingers traced the
tracks of the wetness far down the silky skin of the inner
thighs.  Karin was soaking the bed beneath her ass with her
cunt juices.
The first touch of her tongue against the puffy lips
brought a shriek from Karin and a little squirt of cum
sprayed Sandi's face.
"Oh, JESUS, Oh, GOD, Oh SHIT THAT'S GOOD!" came from the
top of the bed.  "Oh, Sandi, no one has ever....OH OH OH OH

Never one to be cheap or hold back, Sandi had plunged her
hot tongue in to the tight box in front of her.  Karin
continued to climax against the hard invader until Sandi
could wiggle her tongue no longer.  Sandi was impressed.

"Maybe there's something to all this pain shit after all,"
she thought.  "If it can make her come like that, I just
may have to give it a shot.  Maybe she could introduce me
to Sam, too.  ....Nah, she loves Sam too much."  Sandi's
thoughts suddenly drifted to a young patrolman in another
district she had dated on occasion.  He had made some not
so subtle hints in that direction once or twice...

"Sandi!  Oh, thank you, thank you!  Let me do something for
you, too.  Do you think we can we do it at the same time?"

"You mean '69'?"


"Here, I'll show you."

Sandi moved into the head to toe position favored by oral

"Like that.   OOOOHHHH!  You go girl!"

Karin didn't hesitate, but dived into her first pussy.  Her
enthusiasm more than made up for her experience, but even
then, Sandi swore she was a natural at this.

Sandi laid back and relaxed for a moment until she felt a
pinch on her smooth ass.

"Hey!  Get to work down there.  You've got a job to do."
Karin giggled  "Besides, there have got to be more tricks
you can show me.  We've only got all night..."

They used most of it before they fell asleep in each other

The next day Sandi moved into the room next to Karin's.
They made love occasionally - often - in fact, over the
next couple of days and nights.  It seemed both of them
were trying out the limits of their new relationship.
Sandi brought a man home the first week to test it in a
different way.  She watched for any signs of jealousy or
competition from Karin.  The guy meant nothing to her and
Karin could have had him if she had wanted.  But that
hadn't happened.

Karin had been polite, but cool towards Sandi's date.  She
didn't try to flirt with him or steal him from her.  She
had hugged Sandi fiercely before the couple went upstairs
and told her she would sleep in the guesthouse if Sandi
wanted her to.  She didn't want Sandi to be 'inhibited' by
the fact that she would be right next door.  Listening.
When Sandi laughed and said 'No', Karin winked at her and
told her to 'Go get him, girl.'

Karin listened to the sounds of their lovemaking all night,
happy that Sandi was getting laid, and from the sound of
it, enjoying herself immensely.  And often!  But in the
darkness, her thoughts turned to Sam, and she softly cried
herself to sleep, on her own, once again.


End of chapter

Chapter 11

She continued to wander around the house for another week,
wondering what she was going to do.  She felt vaguely
useless when Sandi, as she thought of her now, went to
work.  They hadn't hired any new staff, but when the three
or four rooms they used in the big house were clean, there
wasn't much else to do.  On Friday, a man, Mr. Reese, who
said he was one of Bill's lawyers contacted her.  He had
some papers that needed signing, he said.

She walked into Mr. Reese's office and stopped dead in her
tracks.  Something crawling up the back of her mind told
her not to trust this man.  She had never had such a strong
compelling feeling before.  Before she thought about what
she was doing, she acted on it.  She turned on her heel and
left the ancient secretary standing there with an open

She only knew one person to ask.  She pulled out her
cellular phone and called Sandi at her downtown office.
She told her about the lawyer's sudden call that morning.
Sandi asked who the lawyer was.

"Mr. Reese, down in the Waterbury Building."

"That God-damned Mother-fuckin' no good SCUMBAG!"

"Oh, dear!  I take it you know him, then," Karin said
dryly.  "A nice guy, is he?"

"Not even for a lawyer.  Karin, did you sign anything?
Anything at all?" Sandi demanded of her.

"No.  I didn't even see him.  I got this really weird
feeling when I walked in to his office.  So I called you.
Sounds like I'm glad I did, huh?"

The relief was evident in Sandi's voice.  "Thank God, you
didn't sign anything.  Good.  Now, do you know any
attorneys you can trust?"  She guffawed.  "I take that
back. Let me rephrase that.  Do you know any attorneys?"

"No.  But I could probably call Bill's secretary for a
suggestion.  She should know one or two that has done work
for his company before."

"Well, I guess that's better than nothing.  Yeah, why don't
you do that.  Uh, and Karin?"


"When you talk to her, remember she was Bill's secretary.
She lost her man, too."

"Oh, right."

Karin looked up the number for Bill's office and asked for
his secretary, Sally.  She remembered Sally vaguely.  The
one time they had met, she remembered that Sally had been
nice to her, like she felt sorry for her.  Sally apparently
knew more than she let on about Bill's sex life.

When she came on the line, Karin asked her for a
recommendation for an attorney to talk with.

Sally exploded on the other end of the telephone.  "Karin -
excuse me, Mrs. Saunders, where have you been?  Why haven't
you called in?  Everything is falling apart down here.  Get
down here right away!  We need you!" she hesitated.  Then
she added, a hopeful note in her voice, "Boss!?"

Karin was confused, but make her way over to Bill's office.
She was definitely going to have to get a driver's license.
Taxis were too expensive in this city for everyday travel.
She walked into the large complex and made her way to the
executive suites.  Sally had apparently spread the word
that salvation was on the way, as everyone seemed to know
her name and looked so relieved to see her.  Her
bewilderment grew as men and women who were clearly senior
executives treated her with respect and deference.

Sally was on the telephone when she arrived at Bill's
office door.  Sally had her back turned, and was digging in
some files.  She didn't see her.  Karin stood there meekly
waiting until Sally noticed her.

When the middle-aged secretary glanced up and noticed Karin
standing there, she paled.  The phone call ended with an
abrupt; "I don't care how you do it, just get it done!"
Shooing her hands at the small crowd of on-lookers, she put
her arm around Karin and ushered her into her dead
husband's office.  Sally sat her down on the expensive
leather couch and got her a cup of tea.

They sat staring at each other for a long moment.  Karin
was never sure who made the first move, but suddenly she
found herself in a sobbing embrace with the motherly woman.
Neither woman may have admired Bill, but his absence left
large holes in each of their lives.  They commiserated with
one another until they had cried themselves out.  They
weren't mourning the man.  They were identifying with the
pain each had suffered from him.  It was a new beginning.

Drying her eyes with the tissue provided by the motherly
secretary, Karin asked,  "So what do you need me for,

Sally explained that there were several crucial contracts
pending that needed immediate attention, or they would lose
the business.

"But Sally, I don't know anything about Bill's business!
What should I do?

"Listen, Mrs. S, it's not 'Bill's' business anymore, it's
yours.  That is, if you want it.  We'll all help you learn
what you need to do," she went on.  "You'll get along

Over the next several weeks and months, Karin learned about
Bill's business and found she understood more about what
she was doing than she had ever imagined.  Of course, she
worked hard at it and it wasn't easy.  She knew she had to
learn the business from the ground up.  Many nights she
stayed late, working a half-day with the night shift in the
factory.  She rolled up her sleeves and learned how to do
every job in the factory, including sweeping the floor.
She emptied the trashcans with the cleaning crew for a
week.  She may not have mastered the tasks, but she
definitely learned what her products were, how they were
made and she had a good idea of any problems there might be
in manufacturing.

Her time in the factory had other benefits.  She was
astounded to find she was the first 'suit' most of the line
workers had seen.  Ever.  Even the ones with seniority
couldn't identify the VP of Operations from a set of

She fixed that the next morning.  Her new VP of Operations
spent a lot more time on the floor and less on the golf
course.  Production improved tremendously following her
visits, both in quality and quantity.

Karin also learned she was good at selling the company.  At
first, when customers found she was his widow, they gave
her token contracts out of sympathy.  When she turned in
superior high quality products, she won the entire contract
from each of those customers on her own.  They liked her
simply because she made them look good.

She discovered the company accountant and the lawyer, Mr.
Reese, had been stealing from the company.  She debated a
long time before doing anything.  She didn't want to have a
big scandal with her name center stage.  She asked Sandi
how to handle it.  Sandi told her that if she wanted her
to, she would take care the scumbag for her.  Karin would
have to take care of the accountant, as he was her

Karin fired the accountant and cash flow increased 10%
overnight.  So did profits.  She decided to put a positive
spin on the result and gave a 5% rebate to all her
customers with current contracts.  From that point on,
there was essentially no stopping her.  Over the next year
and a half, news of her revolutionary business practices
swept through their tight-knit industry.  People pounded on
her door to give her their business.

Mr. Reese found himself as the center of an ethics review
by the state bar.  Ostensibly, it was because his name had
been submitted as a nomination for the State Supreme Court.
The review was 'just routine,' or so he had been told.  He
encouraged his staff to cooperate fully with the auditors.
His ego was so big, he didn't even stop to realize there
wasn't a position open on the bench.

As it was, the auditors, under the guidance of Sandi's
information, and with the eager cooperation of Mr. Reese'
very own staff, put together a compelling case of fraud and
legal abuse that had gone unchecked for years.  Karin's
company was never mentioned in the investigation or the
indictment that followed.  Mr. Reese went away for a long

Karin worked tirelessly to be the best CEO she could be.
Her people loved her.  Several times she thought of
stepping down and letting someone more qualified take over.
They objected each time that she suggested it.  Karin was
such a breath of fresh air, such a change from Bill.  Even
her surviving VPs had to admit they liked her, although
they soon found themselves working harder to keep up with

When Karin didn't know something, she asked plain
questions.  She listened to the answers her people gave
her.  She never asked the same question twice.  Her people
knew she was fair, but tough.  That's all they asked of

She was also extremely lonely.  As she rocketed to the top
of her business world, she became more and more isolated.
If it hadn't been for Sandi and their friendship, she would
have been completely alone.  Sally, her secretary, tried to
mother her, and Karin let her, on occasion.  But she needed
Sally to be her assistant, not her mother.  She promoted
her to a Jr. VP level and gave Sally a secretary of her
own.  Sally laughingly told Karin she would never forgive
her for causing her so much stress.  Without Sally to
mother her, Karin withdrew into her corporate shell.  She
was all business.  Warm, but cold, at the same time.

There were a couple of brave men who tried to ask her out.
None asked more than once.  Each said they got a severe
case of frostbite.  Karin became known as the 'Ice Maiden,'
and her reputation for success and untouchability spread.
Soon no one even thought about approaching her.

Sandi tried to get her to socialize.  She asked her to
double date with her a couple of times, but Karin's blind
date always went home horny.  She was a delightful date,
but her heart belonged to Sam exclusively.

Sandi had no shortage of suitors these days.  She had taken
Karin's advice to dress a bit more feminine at work.  She
also followed Karin's example and sent her dates home
horny.  Those few special men that did make it to her bed
did so because they were discreet.  That they were also
hung like horses didn't hurt, either, but she passed up
some whoppers because she had heard they couldn't keep
their mouths shut.

Sandi had been afraid that she would be immediately
assigned to the Vice Squad to work undercover with her
change in wardrobe.  It was a risk.  She didn't want that
kind of police work.  She wanted to use her mind, not her

Shortly after she started 'dressing up', as she called it,
a senior level position opened up in the Commissioner's
office for an inspector.  With Karin's, and others
encouragement, Sandi put in her application.  After a long
and arduous selection process, Sandi was amazed to find she
had been selected.  She was qualified for the position, but
to be able to do what she had dreamed of doing all her life
was too good to be true.  She kept pinching herself to make
sure she wasn't dreaming.

Karin had met the Police Commissioner at a client's office
unexpectedly, and surprisingly, they had hit it off.  Karin
sensed immediately he was an honorable man.  The shared the
occasional lunch in the city's downtown park, the public
setting making the perfect cover for anonymity.  He became
a father figure to her that she confided in.  He was
flattered that such an attractive young woman would want to
spend time with him.  His wife of 40 years met Karin and
gave her blessing to the relationship.  She trusted her
man, and, truth be told, she liked Karin.  She wouldn't
hold her beauty against her.

When Karin had told him of Sandi, and how she had handled
the corrupt lawyer, the Commissioner's ears perked up.  He
needed a good inspector he could trust, one that was
untouched by HQ politics.  He suspected there was more than
one corrupt official in the department, and was determined
to root them out.  Lt. Billings sounded like just the
person he was looking for and he said as much.  Karin,
knowing how Sandi would react to favoritism of any kind,
made him swear not to just hand her the position.  The
Police Commissioner was a little miffed that Karin would
think he would.  Lt. Billings would have to apply and make
it through the selection process.  But if she made the list
that landed on his desk, she had the job.  Karin also made
the Commissioner swear Sandi would never find out that they
had talked about the position.  She was afraid that if
Sandi found out Karin had had anything to do with it, it
would mar their friendship.

For her part, Sandi threw herself into her new job with a
zeal that frightened the senior members at Police
headquarters.  She was supposed to have been a low-powered,
mousy bitch, not a dynamo with the ear and blessing of the
Commissioner.  Sphincters tightened in all the departments
as she settled into her new position.  She greeted each
person at the headquarters building with an unassuming,
ingenuous smile that lulled many into discounting her, to
their own detriment.

What Sandi was doing was re-writing the standard of
integrity to a higher level.  One that befitted those whose
task it was to 'Protect and Serve.'  She and the
Commissioner felt that those who upheld the law should be
worthy of the task.  Not above reproach, as they were
human, after all.  They should, however, not be working to
circumvent it.  Her reports and investigations were
flawless and air tight.  She brought an element of original
thought to centuries of police work.  Her suggestions for
resolutions to problems were unique, often salvaging the
best part of a person's training while removing them from
the temptation of further indiscretion.  Her suggestions
were almost always taken.  She became both feared and
admired for her personal honesty and integrity.

As a side benefit to her new position, Sandi was meeting
all kinds of eligible professional men and other men
successful in their fields.  She seemed determined to date
each one of them.  The best ones got kissed, and the cream
of the crop got invited to the mansion.  The luckiest, and
most discreet one or two, needed the next day off to
recuperate after a night with Sandi.  She was thorough in
that area as well.

Sandi made a standing offer to Karin after she had tested
her with that first man she had brought to the mansion.  If
Karin ever took a shine to any of the men she brought home,
all she had to do was call Sandi's beeper.  When it became
obvious that she never would, Sandi suggested that if she
just wanted to scratch the itch, she should call.  Sandi
was merely passing time with her dates.  Her 'Mr. Right'
hadn't come along yet, but she was damned if she was going
to cloister herself while he took his damn sweet time
catching up to her.

Night after night Sandi listened to Karin sobbing herself
to sleep.  Her heart went out to the younger woman.  When
she couldn't stand it any longer, she would go in and
comfort Karin.  It always began innocently, just sitting by
her on the bed, stroking her hair.  Somewhere along the
line, soft lips would wipe away an errant tear, then linger
on the hot damp flesh, cooling the fevered brow.  A slight
readjustment of her legs for comfort, swinging them up on
the bed to lie beside the sobbing girl, would eventually
lead to a hot session in bed together that would leave both
of them gasping for air.  It was stimulating, fulfilling,
but both of them knew it was not the answer.  This, too,
was just a pastime.

Lately, on quiet nights, Sandi heard soft moaning followed
by sobs coming from Karin's room.  This was a new twist.
Her curiosity getting the best of her, she peeked in on
Karin to watch a fascinating show.  Karin was tying herself
up, just as she had done when she lived in the apartment.
It appeared she was becoming more and more frustrated with
the inability of the process to satisfy her.  It was the
only thing she could do, though, to bring back those
feelings she had experienced with Sam.

She would tie her legs together at the ankles, calves,
knees and mid-thighs.  Sandi was frightened at how tightly
she bound each thick rope.  Tight cords tortured every
movement of her tits.  A wicked looking rope with strategic
knots went between her legs, hard into her crotch.  This
was cinched up and held by a wide heavy leather belt around
her waist.  Karen would then get her hands tied with the
safety knot and began flexing her hips to stimulate
herself.  She tried herd to make herself cum, but knowing
her hands were loose was too much of a distraction to let
herself go.  She burst out crying, sobs wracking her slim

Sandi walked in on her and sat beside her on the bed.  "Can
I help?" she asked softly

Karin looked up at her in misery.  She wasn't embarrassed
at the situation, just terribly frustrated.  "My hands.  I
have to leave my hands loose."

Sandi didn't understand.

Karin tried to explain to Sandi that it was the feeling of
total helplessness that was the turn on.  She could relax
into it, let everything go.  It was that freedom that
brought on her explosive climaxes.  But when she had to
leave an 'out' it wasn't the same.  She couldn't struggle
too hard, or her hands would come loose.

Sandi didn't understand the feeling of total helplessness,
having never let go of the control in her relationships,
but she understood the request.  "I'll be right back," she

She came back several minutes later with her hands behind
her back.  She walked over to the bound girl and backed up
to the nightstand by Karin's bed.  She set several items on
it, just out of sight.

"Lift your head."

Karin craned her head forward.

Sandi slipped a blindfold over her eyes and settled it in
place.  "Can you see anything?"


"Good."  Next Sandi took one of the Teflon® slip-ties the
police corps used instead of handcuffs and fastened Karin's
hands to the bedpost.  Karin had to stretch to keep the
thin plastic bands from digging into her delicate skin.
The stain tensed every muscle in her body.  She was
quivering as she waited for Sandi's next move.

Sandi bent and smoothed Karin's hair back into a lovely fan
on the pillow.  She tenderly stroked her cheek.  "Better?"

Tears moistened the blindfold.  Karin just nodded her head,
not trusting herself to speak.

"Planning to have some fun then?"

Karen gave her another blind nod, a curious wrinkle on her
forehead at the strange question.  Of course, she was going
to have some fun!

Sandi touched her fingertips to Karen's lips.  When she
opened her mouth to kiss and lick them, Sandi gently urged
her mouth open.  When she was lying there like a
suffocating blowfish, Sandi stripped off her own damp
panties and stuffed them in Karin's mouth.

"Then that should help to keep the noise down!" she said
softly.  "Sleep tight, Karin."

She flipped the light off as she left, leaving the door
between their rooms wide open.  She listened hard for any
signs of distress, but all she heard were the sounds of the
bedsprings working hard into the night.  She didn't
remember when she got to sleep, but she did remember
becoming more and more excited and frigging her own clit to
a thunderous explosion that left her drained.  Until the
rising tide from the next room would sweep over her once
more and carry her along in its swift current.

Sandi got up early the next morning, exhausted.  She went
into Karin's room and cut the tight unforgiving plastic
band.  She made a note to herself to get something less
punitive to use.    As she rubbed the dark red skin of her
wrists, she saw that Karin's face was totally relaxed and
at ease in her sound sleep.  Sandi studied her face
closely.  "I'm going to have to give this a try," she
thought to herself,  "soon."

'Soon' came a few weeks later.  Sandi dropped hints to
Karin, oblique at first, then becoming more pointed.  She
couldn't bring herself to just come out and ask, though.
She became more of an active participant in the bondage
sessions as she tied Karin in various positions, asking
leading questions about this piece of leather and that type
of rope, even offering a few delicious suggestions of her
own.  Karin never took the hints.  In her mind, Sandi
wasn't bent that way.  That she helped her out was nice,
nothing more.

One night Sandi couldn't take it any longer.  She had
listened to the ecstasy in the next room long enough.  She
came striding into Karin's room with an armful of ropes,
her eyes purposeful.

Karin looked at her curiously.  "Not tonight, Sandi."  She
giggled, "I don't have a headache."

"These aren't for you."

There was a moment of silence.

"Oh."  She sounded puzzled.  Then the light went off.
"OOOOOhhhhh.  Sandi!  I'm surprised at you."  She got up
off the bed, walking towards her friend.

"Will you help me, uh, do it?"

"But of course!"  She took the huge bundle of equipment
from her.  She grinned wryly as she saw a bit of everything
included in the tangled mess.  Karin leveled her gaze at
her only good friend.  "Sandi, are you sure you want to do

"Yes - no - yes.  Oh hell!  Yes, damn it, I've got to try
it.  Once, anyway."

"With pain?"

"Yes.  No.  Yes.  No.  A little?  Maybe?"

Karin laughed at her softly, then hugged her tightly.  "OK.
Just a little.  We'll see how it goes."  She had never seen
her friend so indecisive or afraid.  Fear was good, she
knew.  It helped get the adrenaline flowing, the heart
pumping and the pussy and asshole clenching for dear life

Sandi, not used to the submissive role, started to tell
Karin what to do and how she thought it should be done.
She was describing an elaborate bondage scene that made
Karin's head spin.  Finally, Karin walked over to her and
kissed her mouth to shut her up.

"Not tonight, babe.  You're along for the ride!"

Karin slipped her panties off her own ass and stuffed them
into Sandi's mouth, just as Sandi had done to her each time
she had tied Karin up.  Sandi bridled at that at first then
nodded her assent.  Turn about, and all that.  Still, it
rankled her that Karin wouldn't listen to her ideas.

Karin took the gagged police inspector and led her back
into her own bedroom.  She stopped in the middle of the
large room and looked around as if for the first time.  She
like what she saw.  She nodded to herself; there were lots
of possibilities.

First, however, she had to prepare the victim.  She
grinned.  She bet herself that no one had ever thought of
Sandra Billings as a 'victim.'  She went over to Sandi and
tied a rope around the gag to keep it in.  "Don't want any
loud noises to disturb the neighbors."  She pinched Sandi
hard on the ass.  When she still heard a squeal coming from
behind the panty gag, she re-tied the rope, this time with
a knot centered over her mouth and made it tighter around
her neck.  The next pinch induced squeal could hardly be
heard, even though this one had been to an erect nipple.
Sandi glared at her, tempted to back out.

Before she could change her mind, Karin took one end of a
long cord and tied Sandi's hands together in front of her.
Taking the loose end, she looped it over the upper crossbar
of the four poster canopied bed.  Pulling down on the end
of the rope raised Sandi's hands above her head.  Karin
pulled until Sandi was on her tiptoes.  She tied the cord
off on the corner post.

"Bingo, girlie!  You're all mine now!"

Sandi struggled against the rope and discovered she was
indeed caught tight in the simple bondage.  She could kick
out with her foot, but that would mean losing her balance.
Karin would be able to dodge her kicks easily, and the rope
would dig in harshly around her wrists.  Her heart pounded
in her chest as she analyzed her situation.  She turned her
head to watch the crazy woman looking over her service
gear.  A flicker of fear showed in her eyes as she watched
Karin advance toward her, holding an extremely sharp knife.

Calm flooded Karin.  She suddenly knew what she wanted her
dearest friend to experience.  It had been the wicked
looking knife that had inspired her.  She was going to
scare the shit out of her, pumping her so full of
adrenaline that even all the jaded acts she had witnessed
in her police career would not be able to dull her climax.
It was a daring plan, but the equipment was there, the time
was right, and she felt she could do it.

She sidled up to the wide-eyed woman.  She let herself go a
little crazy, rubbing against her taut form with her
breasts, her eyes never leaving Sandi's.  She fed off the
panic she saw building in them.  Sandi didn't know if Karin
was sane or not, now.  Slowly sliding the knife up inside
Sandi's shirt, she pressed the blade up against the soft
flesh of her tits.  Her sigh was so sinister, she scared
herself, a little.  Sandi was visibly shaken.

Karin was careful to keep the sharp edge of the blade away
from the ivory skin, but the cold sharp steel had the
desired effect.  Karin pressed the flat tip of the blade
first against one startled nipple and then the other,
making urgent, dangerous love to the erectile tissues until
they rose hard above the surface of her breast.  The
flicker of fear in Sandi's eyes became a flame, burning hot
in the bound woman.  A stray tear escaped and ran down her

Karin moved the sharp edge of the knife up to Sandi's neck.
She paused there for effect, fascinated with the rapid
pulse she could see in each of the carotid arteries.  She
tapped each one with the flat of the blade.  She could have
sworn Sandi had peed her pants when she did that.  Karin
was panting now, her ragged breathing adding to her crazy
image.  With a single cut to each side, she sliced through
the shoulder straps of her skimpy nightgown, drawing the
sharp point purposefully, but carefully across the soft
white flesh as she went.  A thin red line appeared in the
creamy flesh along the wandering trail of the knifepoint.
She pulled the strapless gown down around to Sandi's feet
and left it there.  The flame in Sandi's eyes was now a
forest fire.  Her bared chest was heaving.  She was way
past having second thoughts.

The crazed look in Karin's eyes didn't reassure her at all.
She looked like a woman possessed.  She began screaming
frantically behind the gag as Karin fixated on her tits,
circling them with the point of the knife, leaving long
painful red lines all over them.  This wasn't a game any
more.  She knew only too well how sharp that knife was.

She breathed easier when Karin dropped the knife on the
floor, relief flooding her.  But that was a mistake.
Karin's eyes never left her defenseless tits.  She was
coming closer....

Sandi's tits were completely at her mercy for the first
time.  Karin had sucked and licked them before when that
had satisfied each other, but it was always when it was a
give and take situation.  Now, with Sandi bound, she could
do anything to them she wanted.  Sandi couldn't stop her,
couldn't get back.  She gave it all to Sandi unselfishly.

Sandi, sucked into the initial tenderness of Karin's
approach after she dropped the knife, let herself go.  She
groaned behind the gag, and ground her pantied loins into
Karin's thigh.  Karin avoided her urgent hints and focused
on the large mammaries.  Sandi's breasts had never been so
stimulated.  They were caressed, sucked, squeezed, fondled,
pinched, mauled, bitten and slapped.

Sandi loved it all.  The radical swings from gentle to
harsh, from crazy to sane kept her off balance.  She didn't
know what was coming.  She couldn't control what was going
to happen next.  It was a new experience for her, and not
one she was sure she liked.  But Karin was persistent,
leading her to the edge of her climax, then gently leading
her away.  Over and over, using her mouth, teeth, tongue,
hands, fingers and her long blond hair, she focused Sandi's
entire being on her two tits.  Never had Sandi been so
aroused or her boobs so sensitive.  She would climb up and
then slide back down, then higher, and back down.  Over and
over, Karin slowly worked the control from her mental grasp
until she was trusting Karin with her sexual need.

As she began to trust Karin with her sexuality, with her
intimate arousal, with her very life it seemed, she
realized the attraction of being controlled.  It was a
tremendous sexual high.  It was addictive.  Although she
was climaxing almost constantly now, her cums never seemed
to fully release the tension.  Each knee-knocking explosion
just took her to another level of anticipation.  Another
notch on the never-ending ratchet to a life-changing

It lasted for what seemed like hours to Sandi, or maybe
just a moment.  She actually came when Karin slapped her
boobs.  All four times.  She was breathing hard and fast as
she helplessly watched the young girl draw back her arm and
slap her sensitive tits with her open palm.  She held her
chest out for more and more and more.  And she came and
came and came with each hard slap.  There really was
something to this pain thing.

When she slipped off her panties, Sandi didn't know what to
expect next.  But it was nothing short of awesome.  Karin
had become very proficient in the art of cunilinguis over
the past months and she used all her talents now.  Sandi
was sucking air through her dilated nostrils, exhausted
before the fun even started.

Karin loosened the rope holding Sandi's hands up over her
head and brought her around to the foot of the bed, so that
she was facing the headboard.  She took a rope and tied it
around one ankle, then tied that rope to the bedpost.  The
other ankle was tied to the other post.  Karin pulled the
ropes as tight as possible.  Sandi was spread as wide as
she could be.

Karin bent Sandi over the waist high bar at the top of the
footboard and pulled the long cord tied around her hands up
to the headboard and tied it off.  She pulled on the rope
until Sandi's torso was stretched taut parallel to the
mattress, her breasts swaying heavily as she tried to catch
her breath and recover.  Sandi never once considered
struggling to get free.  She had surrendered her will to

The nightstand beside the bed held Sandi's favorite plastic
partners and Karin teased her cunt with the largest one
maliciously before slowly inserting it into her fully and
turning it on.  Sandi began lurching and screaming into the
gag almost immediately.  It was as if she had never
experienced the feeling of a vibrator before, and she was
on Radio Shack's Preferred Customer list.  She was going
crazy and she couldn't stop it.  She didn't want to.

A sharp slap sounded, shaking her from her erotic vacation.
There was almost absolute silence.  The only noise was the
muffled sound of the vibrator.

"MMMMMMPPPPPPFFFFFF, came from the bound detective, as the
pain blossomed in her overloaded brain.  Nerves shorted
out.  She saw flavors and tasted the metallic edges of
pain.  Fear gripped her once more, then pleasure wiped all
else from her mind.  First a flash of pain, then the flood
of pleasure whipsawed her mental state to mush as she
experienced her first whipping.

Karin watched the bright red stripes appear on the perfect
moon-shaped ass.  She held the thin belt from a summer
dress in her hand, the metal clasp held firmly in her hand.
The supple leather wasn't stiff enough to do much damage,
but to the untrained skin in front of her, she could only
imagine the agony it brought.


Sandi was frantic in her efforts to free herself, but Karin
was watching her cunt intently.  It was flowing freely now,
almost gushing out with each stripe she delivered to that
weaving target.  She continued to beat on the helpless
detective.  She was relentless, merciless with her harsh
caresses.  At about the twelfth stroke she noticed a
radical change in Sandi's behavior.  Her ass no longer
twisted to get away from the punishing belt, but she was
now pushing it out to meet it.  Her frantic screaming had
lessened to an animalistic orgasmic howl from deep within
her soul.  Karin recognized the sounds of true sexual
release, of true freedom.

Karin grinned.  Her friend was realizing the wonders of
pain and pleasure, combined with total helplessness.  She
was wound up about as tight as Karin could get her.  It
made her wet just thinking about the super climax that
Sandi was going to have in just a few more moments.  She
wasn't jealous, just happy for her friend.

The raised ass in front of her was a deep red from the
lashing.  Karin had gradually worked from the top of her
ass downwards and the last strokes had terrorized the
exposed slit with punishing contact.  It pooched out from
between the widespread legs, begging for attention.  As it
had lashed across her labia, the belt had pounded the butt
of the plastic vibrator deep into the mouth of her uterus.
Sandi stiffened as she suffered this new experience.  No
man had reached so deep inside her.

Karin stepped up behind her bound lover.  She traced the
crimson stripes of her own design with her sharp
fingernail.  The light touch on the sensitized skin felt
like a branding iron to Sandi.  She felt the plastic dildo
being pulled out of her twat.  She felt abandoned empty
without it's filling presence.

She sobbed uncontrollably.  She was broken, beaten.  She
would do anything, suffer anything for her lover.  This
girl, this naïve, innocent, devious, adorable, young
country girl had broken the sexual will of this
sophisticated, worldly, experienced detective with a simple
rope trick.

Sandi didn't notice or react when Karin placed the tip of
the large vibrator against the virginal anal ring.  It
never occurred to her that Karin would attempt to penetrate
that opening.  For all her supposed experience, Sandi had
never taken it up the ass.  None of her male suitors had
dared suggest it, nor probed it with their finger.  Hell,
she carried a gun and knew how to use it.

The beating had numbed and relaxed her anal muscles.  Each
stinging blow had caused a clenching of the sphincter and
the poor thing was just plain tired.  The smooth tip of the
plastic probe slipped past the tired sentinel with ease,
unnoticed by the delirious woman.

When Karin switched the vibrator on full speed, Sandi
jerked in her bonds as if electrocuted.  Karin applied a
firm pressure and the thick shaft slid up her back chute,
stuffing her in a most unfamiliar manner.  Unfamiliar, butt
not entirely unpleasant.

Sandi babbled behind the gag.  Her words, if not muffled,
would have been totally incoherent, anyway.  Karin
monitored her progress carefully and pushed her just a
little higher.  She worked the dildo in and out of the
clasping orifice.  With each inward thrust she could feel
Sandi's rectum accepting the shaft, until finally it felt
as if she were sucking it into herself.

Karin stood up.  She swung the thin belt she had used
before in a firm, but not too harsh, arc and caught her
right breast on the right side, down around the bottom
swells.  The end of the belt curled around the resilient
orb and slapped into the tender flesh in the deep valley
between the two mounds.  Sandi was beyond caring.  She
noted the new source of pain in her subconscious memory and
surrendered to the mounting tension in her cunt.  She
didn't care anymore about anything except the coming
release of sexual tension within her.  Further battering of
her breasts left them striped like red and white round
hemispheres.  The last two stripes crossed each erect

Karin watched her friend struggle towards her erotic
conclusion.  She hesitated to finish her off the way she
wanted to.  Sandi would never have agreed to this if she
had known ahead of time.  Which was a very good reason why
she was tied down and gagged.

She took a deep breath to calm her own excitement.  This
side of the ropes was good, to, but not as good as the
other for Karin.  She carefully measured her swing.  She
took a practice swing.  It couldn't be too hard or it would
injure the delicate tissues, but too soft wouldn't be
enough of a shock to push her over the precipice.  She took
another practice swing.  That was about right, but it was
still a guess.  This was her first time on this end of the
whip.  She took a deep breath and held it.


Karin held her breath still, waiting.

Sandi went motionless for several seconds.  Rigid.

Karin's heart sank.  It had been too hard!  Oh, damn!  She
started to rush to her friend's side when Sandi began to
vibrate, twitching from her toenails to her hair follicles.
The vibration became a shudder.  The whole bed began to
shake with the force of her cum.

Karin quickly applied another blow to the seared tender
flesh of Sandi's cunt, bringing the blow up from underneath
to slap the entire surface area of the intimate area.  This
tissue was not intended to take this kind of abuse and the
second shock to her system pushed Sandi faster down the
slippery slope of orgasmic ecstasy.  The tip of the belt
had flattened the throbbing exposed clit.  Sandi's system
went on overload.

The second blow had been enough.  Sandi fainted dead away,
although her body continued to shake and spasm in orgasm
for minutes after she was unconscious.  It was a release
she sorely needed.  She would never again scoff at those
who gravitated towards bondage and pain for their sexual

Karin carefully untied her unconscious friend.  She eased
the dildo from her sucking ass and wiped the plastic shaft
clean with a damp cloth.  She laid her gently on the bed
and went into the bathroom to draw a steaming hot bath.


End of chapter

Chapter 12

Sandi woke up cradled in her girl friend's arms, floating
in the frothy steamy water of the Jacuzzi.  Never in her
life had she had felt so satisfied, so fulfilled, so
complete.  Or so decadent.  She floated languorously in her
post-orgasmic haze as Karin gently stroked her striped
breasts with soft hands, whispering in her ear the
endearing terms Karin had herself heard from her mysterious
Sam.  It seemed so long ago now, yet in her mind, the words
and the memories were as fresh as yesterday.

"Karin?"  Sandi stirred in her grasp.


"You were a total bitch!" she said softly, then paused.
"Thank you!"  It was almost a whisper.

"Oh, Sandi, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...  All I wanted...
I didn't know how hard...  I'd never done been on that

"Hush, kiddo.  It was great.  You were great.  What I meant
was, if I had known ahead of time what you were going to
do, I wouldn't have let you do it.  But now that I know
what it's like, I want it again."

"Was it really good for you, Sandi?  Honest?"

"It was totally good."

They lie still for a while, soaking in the feelings and the
in the heat from the swirling water.

"Sandi?"  Karin hesitated.  "Uh, you know it's better with
a man."

Sandi thought, carefully weighing her response.  "Are you
offering me Sam?" she asked, tentatively.

The hands on her breast stopped their caressing motion and
she felt the stinging drops of Karin's tears falling on her
shoulders.  Even after all this time, Karin was still
totally in love with this mysterious Sam.

"I can't.  I don't have Sam to offer you.  But if I did, it
would be his decision, not mine."

"Hey, lighten up.  I was just kidding!  I don't want Sam,
honest.  You know me better than that.  But," she got
serious, "how can I just let a man do this to me?  I can't
just hand one of my dates a whip, smile and bend over for
him!  In my position, no pun intended, if something like
that ever got out, my career would be ruined."

Karin came back to the point.  "So.  Do you really want to
do this again?"


"With a man?"

"Yes, damit!  What's your point?"

"A man will hit you harder, hurt you more."

"I know that - I guess, anyway.  Yes.  He would."

"A man will want to fuck you after."

"I know that, too.  That's kind of what I want.  I am so
horny right now that water spigot is looking tempting."

"What about getting a hard cock rammed up your ass?  Have
you done that before?  You felt pretty tight in there."

"God, I want it there most of all.  Even though that was my
first time, it was great!  I want to do it again, for real
this time.  It felt so nasty, so- so dirty.  I'd have to be
tied down, though, or he'd never get it in me."

Karin dropped one hand down to the 'V' between Sandi's legs
and began urgently massaging the sensitive flesh there.
Sandi felt the billowy breasts convulsing spastically
behind her back and finally realized the massage as a

"Are you laughing at me?"

Karin burst out in a peal of laughter, throwing her head
back in hilarity.

"Your first time?" she got out between spasms.  "With all
your sophisticated lovers, that was your first time?"  She
howled at the indignant woman's little secret.

Sandi sulked.  "I never let anyone do that.  I always
thought it was dirty and that it would hurt really bad.
But after the whipping, it didn't even hurt!"

This brought more laughter from Karin until finally Sandi
joined in the contagious actions.  When they settled down
Karin asked her, "Do you know anyone who could do it to
you?  Someone you could trust to be discreet?  Someone who
would enjoy it, would get aroused, sexually?  You don't
want someone to vent frustrations when you're helpless like
that, I would think."

For some reason, Sandi immediately thought of that young
patrolman at her last station.  There had been some quiet
rumors about him and what he liked to do.  But, as there
had been no specific complaints filed, she couldn't and
didn't press the issue.  If those rumors were true - and
she had some inside knowledge they were - he would be
perfect.  If it ever got around, though, her career would
be over.  She grinned.  He was kind of handsome, too, she
recalled.  She wouldn't mind getting fucked by him, either

She spoke up, hesitantly.  "Well, there was this one guy.
He worked for me at the last precinct.  There were some
rumors, so I investigated.  I heard some pretty reliable
stories about what he liked to do to women, but no one ever
filed a complaint.  But, shit, he can't know who I am,

Karin thought a minute.  "I have an idea, Sandi.  It just
might work."  She proceeded to outline her plan to Sandi as
the two conspirators relaxed in the hot healing water.

A week later, Ben Johnson, the unsuspecting young
patrolman, rang the doorbell of a huge mansion.  He was out
of his district, way off his usual beat.  He didn't know
any people who lived in this neighborhood, or any who could
afford to, either.  It was out of his price range.  He had
received a sealed envelope with orders from the
Commissioner's office to report here, to this address, for
a "Special Assignment".  He had double-checked the orders
with his boss, and his boss' boss.  They had both checked
and then confirmed the unusual orders.  They didn't know
any more than he did, and they didn't like it that they had
been by-passed.

The door opened silently while he was turned around,
looking back out over the manicured grounds.  He didn't
hear it open.  He quickly turned around at the sound of a
feminine cough.  He gave an audible gasp when he saw the
gorgeous woman who opened the door.  She looked him over
appraisingly, as well, a pleased smile on her face.

"It's nice to know I am still appreciated by the man in the
street," she said wryly.

"Oh, Ma'am, Ummm, I'm sorry, Ma'am, I meant no disrespect,
Ma'am."  He was clearly shaken.

"None taken, Officer.  Please do come in."

She stepped back and he entered the luxurious foyer.  Karin
and Sandi had been busy redecorating, putting the feminine
touches to the house to make it their home.  She led him to
a sitting area and stood behind a chair.

"Sit down, please."  She indicated a seat across from her

He sat on the edge of the chair she indicated, holding his
cap in his lap.  He was obviously nervous.  She could see
the wheels going round and round in his head, trying to
place her, if he recognized her, if he had met her in a
bar, something.  He drew a complete blank, and that
frightened him even more.

She decided to put him at ease, sort of.  "I understand you
are probably nervous about being here.  I would be, if I
were in your shoes.  I am going to make you a proposition.
You will have to make a decision to accept it, or not,
based on very little information.  I apologize for that,
but it is unavoidable and necessary.

"My name is Karin Saunders.  That is all you need to know
about me.  If you dig for any more information about me, as
young policemen tend to do, it will, well, ruin your career
and the careers of other fine officers.  That is not at
threat nor is it intended as one.  It is simply what will

"What you will be asked to do here is not illegal, nor is
it police business.  As I said, after I have explained it
more fully to you, you may decline to participate without
any consequences whatsoever to you or your career.  Your
decision to participate in any activities here must be
completely voluntary, unofficial, and absolutely never
discussed outside of this house.  Do you understand those

Ben nodded his head slowly, although it was clear to Karin
that the whole situation baffled him.  He understood the
terms.  It was the reasons behind them that escaped him,
and that scared the shit out of him.  Whenever Ben ran into
unusual or particularly dangerous situations, the skin on
the back of his head would tingle or itch, warning him.  It
had not stopped tingling since he had parked his car
outside in the long drive.  But he was curious.  She had
said he could say 'No'.

"OK, so far," he said.

Karin nodded and cleared her throat, "Officer Johnson, I
have to ask you some questions.  Please answer truthfully,
even if the answers are embarrassing."

He nodded, clearly wary.

"Are you married?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Please, call me 'Karin.'  Are you engaged?"

"No, Ma'am - er, Karin."


She was asking some personal questions, and he was uneasy
about the direction.  His last long-term relationship
shattered on the rocks of policeman's stress and his
peculiar need to dominate and inflict painful pleasure.
That break-up had been almost a year ago, but he was still
rather touchy about it.

"No, and I don't like your prying."

"I understand, Officer Johnson, but I promise you'll see
the reasons for these questions shortly.  If I may, there
are just a few more?"

He nodded curtly, not believing her.

"Is there anyone special?"

"NO, Damit!  The last girl, well, we, umm, broke up," he
snapped and started to get up.

Karin shifted nervously and looked to the side into the
room next door.  Receiving reassurance, she continued.
"Please understand Officer Johnson, I have to ask these
questions.  It is important.  May I continue, or would you
like out now,...?"

She didn't say it, but he felt her teasing him with 'before
you even know what it's about.'  Not only that, but someone
else was here.  He sensed it.  His curiosity got the best
of him.  "Please continue.  I guess."

"They are very personal questions," she restated.  "More so
than they have been."

"Go ahead and ask.  You said I could leave if I wanted."

"Are you gay?"  She didn't ask accusingly or negatively.
It was an honest question.

He blushed.  "NO!  Definitely not."  He smiled openly at
her, and made a mock leer.  "Especially not when there are
women as beautiful as you around.  No, ma'am."

She laughed lightly and smiled at him reassuringly.  "We -
uh - I didn't think so.  Just checking."

He heard a soft giggle coming from the other room.  He was
even more curious about what in the Hell this was all
about.  'Nothing ventured, nothing gained', as they say.

Karin shifted her weight from one foot to the other.  His
policeman's instincts told him that she was nervous about
the next questions.  These must be the important ones.  He
was on his guard for a trick.

"Uh, what do you feel about pain in a sexual relationship,
Mr. Johnson?"

He nearly shit in his uniform at this question.  He made no
secret of his dominant leanings the station, but he didn't
store whips and chains in his locker, either.  He realized
suddenly that his summons to this house had come from the
Commissioner's Office.  He shriveled inside.  He might as
well resign and move on.  Any chance of a career in this
town was over.

"Is this an I/A investigation?  Did my ex-fiancée file a
complaint against me?" he queried.  His voice was almost a
whisper, very intense.

"What do you feel about pain in a sexual relationship?"
Karin did not answer his questions, but merely repeated her

He held his head in his hands.  "This is about my old girl
friend, isn't it?"  He had had a gut feeling about her.  He
knew it would come to this.  He had pushed her too hard.

Karin noticed his despair.  She decided to follow it up.
"Did you tie her up?"

Pale and shaken, he soaked his shirt with nervous
perspiration.  "Yes," he admitted.

"And you hurt her?"


"Did you do this to her because you were angry with her?"

"No, I wasn't mad at her or anything like that.  That
wasn't the intent of what happened.  It's just, well, for
some people, well, pain seems to make sex better.  Giving
it, getting it.  I thought - ... Well, I had hoped that she
might ..."  He tailed off.

"Do you enjoy doing that to women, tying them up and
hurting them?"

"It's not as bad as it sounds, but, yes, I do.  Well, I
usually do.  With her I discovered that I only get aroused
if the pain excites my partner, too.  Please understand, I
get aroused by 'normal' sex, too.  It's just that, well,
having complete control over someone, having someone submit
to me, well, it gets me hot.  It excites me a lot.

"With my fiancée, my old girlfriend, she had reluctantly
agreed to try it, but only if I went real slow - which I
did!  She could tell how much it meant to me, but she was
scared, too.  She had had a bad experience with her step-
dad, uncle, or something.  I cared about her so much, I
just wanted to share this part of my life with her.

"The one time we tried it, I had only just tied her up.  I
hadn't really hurt her at all, and I wasn't going to go any
farther than a couple of hand slaps on her butt, not until
I thought she could take it.  Until she wanted it, I hoped.
Maybe I never would have.  I was so excited, just tying her
to the bed, seeing her helpless like that.  It scared her
too much, I guess.  She sort of hurt herself struggling in
her panic and I felt so bad.  She panicked, like, all of a
sudden, and I couldn't get her released fast enough.  She
went berserk.  I had to take her to the hospital and get
her a shot to calm her down.

"I'm awfully sorry, Ms. Saunders.  If there's anything I
can do for her, say to her?  She wouldn't talk to me or
take my calls, and I ... I'm sorry."  He had concluded that
she was his old girl friend's lawyer, relative, or

Karin smiled.  He was perfect.  Sensitive and no mean
streak she could sense.  The information about his ex-
fiancée had not been picked up in their research, but what
had happened was not surprising.  She didn't have much
experience, but from what Sandi said, most women weren't
like Karin, who craved pain and bondage naturally.  Most
women had to be seduced into enjoying pain, as Sandi had
been.  Karin thought it was probably possible for most
women to enjoy it, when done with tenderness and care, if
only to allow their partners to have the pleasure of her

Ben sniffled and sat up straight.  He was embarrassed for
baring his soul in front of this beautiful woman.  He
shuffled his feet uncomfortably, waiting for her next move.

Karin was pensive, thinking.  She had made Sandi let her
make the final decision.  Sandi wanted this too much and
could not be objective about this guy.  She looked at him
in light of his lengthy response.  He was no Sam, that was
for sure.  The young officer was a little inexperienced,
but that could be good and bad.  She looked him over for a
long time, looking for a sign.  What she saw underneath his
nervousness and inexperience was a younger version of Sam.
He was about the same size and all.  What struck her as she
looked at him now were his eyes.  They were dark blue,
twinkling serious and playful at the same time.  They were
Sam's eyes.

She held out her hand, silently inviting the unseen third
person from the next room to enter.  "Ben, I would like to
introduce you to Lady X."

Ben sprang to his feet as a goddess in kinky bondage garb
floated into the room.

"Lady X, this is Ben Johnson.  Please, sit here," she said
to the second woman, indicating the chair in front of her.

Ben stood, speechless.  The first woman, Karin, was
beautiful.  This second one was an absolute goddess.  She
glided lightly to the chair and sat down in front of Karin.
Karin placed her hands gently on her shoulders and caressed
them.  She urged the stunned patrolman to sit back down.
Ben and Lady X sat facing each other.

Ben shut his open mouth.  His eyes were fixed on the vision
in front of him.  Tall, she was tall.  Blonde.  She had
blonde hair.  He could see her ponytail, and her pussy hair
was blonde, too.  Legs.  Loooong legs ending in thigh-high
heels that pointed her slender feet almost straight down.
Beautiful shiny leather boots wrapped tightly around her
shapely calves and thighs, ending just below her bare

Her waist was wasp thin, held in by the tiniest corset he
had ever seen.  Her waist flared out to the most sumptuous
hips, accentuated in their ripeness by the squeezing
corset.  The shiny black cincher ended just below two of
the most beautiful tits he had ever seen.  Perfect cones of
snowy white flesh proudly pointing out at the world.  They
were the size of large grapefruits, but with her height,
she was perfectly proportioned.

He stared for a long time at her nipples.  Spring-loaded
sharp-toothed clamps joined by a heavy silver chain dangled
from them.  The teeth bit into the tender ruby flesh.  The
heavy chain between the clamps bounced and swung as she
moved.  Even as she breathed, the weight of the silver
chain tugged the brave buds downwards.  The tough little
buttons fought gravity valiantly and kept the clamps
standing out from the ivory flesh of her tits.

Her graceful arms and shoulders were completely bare, a
strange anomaly that struck him as incredibly sexy.  A
thick leather posture collar was banded tightly around her
neck.  It led into a full hood that left only her nose and
eyes visible.  Her hair, the ponytail, cascaded up and out
of an opening in the top.  The hood was tightly laced up
the back.  The smooth area over her mouth was ovaled and
indented, as if a tight-fitting gag had been installed with
the hood.

Lady X bowed gracefully to him from her chair, her tits
swaying slightly with each swing of the heavy chain.  Karin
had remained silent during his long appraisal of the hooded
woman.  She had worked long and hard getting this outfit
together and she knew Sandi looked hot.  She appreciated
his response to her work.

"Ben?  ...  Uh, Ben!" she brought him back to earth.

"Huh?  What?"

"Lady X has some particular requests, and has asked me to
ask you if you would help her with them.  After what you
have told me today, I think, perhaps, you may be able to
help her out.  You may be able to help each other."

She looked down at Sandi.  "Lady X, do you wish to submit
to the desires of this man?"

Sandi nodded.  It was a firm nod, no doubts in it.

"Do you do so voluntarily?"

Sandi nodded again.

Karin helped her to her feet.  She lifted one immaculate
hand to her lips and kissed it gently.  Ben noticed the
tenderness that passed between the two women.  He also
noted their similarity.  He figured they must be sisters,
or something.

"Lady X, your hands are free, your feet are unbound.  You
are free to choose your own direction, your destiny.  What
do you choose?"

Lady X hugged the moderator tightly to her bare chest.  The
clamps dug in and twisted cruelly at this gesture, but Lady
X gave no indication of the pain.  Then the leather clad
woman turned to face the stunned policeman.  She walked to
the side of his chair and gracefully laid herself across
his lap.  She wiggled to settle herself and then crossed
her wrists behind her back.

"If you accept the offer of her submission to you, use your
cuffs to bind her."

Ben couldn't get to the long plastic loop on his belt fast
enough.  He slipped it around the delicate bones of her
wrists and ratcheted the thin nylon loops tight.  His heart
was pounding in his ears.  To slow his thoughts and catch
his breath, he traced the veins in each soft arm up to her
elbows.  He reveled in the delicacy of that ivory skin, the
softness.  This goddess was bound, over his lap, at his
mercy.  He looked up at Karin.  There were tears on her
cheeks, but they were from happiness.

Karin caught his eye and walked over to him.  Lifting up
his hand to her lips, she placed a kiss on his open palm.
"Lady X is giving you a tremendous gift - her trust.  You
may do to her whatever you wish in this house, except for
one thing.  You may never remove her hood or learn her
identity.  In addition, I must warn you.  If you mark her
permanently in any way without explicit permission from me,
I will cut you balls off.  Slowly."  She grinned, softening
the bald threat.  "I don't think I will have to do that,
though.  She trusts you.  I trust you.

"You may use any room in the house for your, uh,
'activities.'  There are additional, umm, shall we say,
'facilities' in the basement, as well, which you may find
helpful.  My wish, our wish is for you to take her to the
heights of pain and pleasure and beyond.  It is her
specific wish that when you have her there, that you then
take her in the pussy or up the ass.  But take her with
love and tenderness."

Having said that, Karin turned and walked out the door of
the house, leaving him alone with this vision from his wet
dreams stretched out across his lap.

Ben sat in a daze.  This was too good to be true.  He
traced the deep crease down the center of her firm ass with
his finger.  Lady X wiggled erotically in response to the
wandering digit.  He gently cupped the ivory hemispheres,
one in each of his strong hands, pulling them up and apart.
Her pink sphincter winked at him, beckoning him to enter.
Releasing her ass cheeks, he watched their elastic motion
as they rebounded back together, hiding her teasing asshole
from view.  He realized he was as hard as a rock.  Lady X
had already discovered his hardness and was rhythmically
humping herself on his lap, trying to stimulate her clit.

He gave a tentative, but solid, slap at the creamy
hemispheres.  There was a satisfying whistle of air out of
the woman in response.  Her ass cheeks immediately stuck
out for more punishment, begging him with their audacious

"Lady X?"

The hood nodded in response.

"The other lady, Karin, is gone.  I don't know what your
relationship is with her, but if she is forcing you to do
this, I will stop.  So I will ask you myself, do you really
want to do this?"

A definite bobbing of her head confirmed her desire to

"You are not drugged or being coerced in any way?"

She waggled her whole body in negative response.

"Is this conversation being recorded in any way?"

Again, she waggled 'No.'

"Have you done this with a man before?"

She waggled again.

"This, this is your first time?"  His voice was
incredulous.  He hadn't thought that the two women might
have tormented each other.  As she lay there, he wasn't
sure but he thought she was laughing.  He didn't know he
had used the very same emphasis as Karin had only a few
days earlier.

It struck her as incredibly funny.  She was unable to enjoy
the humor, however, as she was brought up short.  She
realized just how restrained she was, because she choked on
the gag when she started to laugh.  She bobbed her head.

"You know this is going to hurt."

She bobbed.

"You know this excites me, sexually, that is?"

She rubbed her body against his lap in response.  She knew,

"I may want to fuck you afterwards, or even during our time
together.  Do you understand I will not ask your permission
to take you however I wish?"

A most emphatic bob made him smile.  She had the right
idea.  He fingered her asshole and she bobbed her entire
body up and down, almost working herself off his lap.

"Should I ask you any more questions?" he asked her,
laughing at her enthusiasm.  He was getting very excited.
It had been a long time.

A similarly emphatic waggle was interrupted by a satisfying
SMACK of his hand on her left ass cheek.  She stiffened and
screamed into the gag, eager to be on her long climb up the

Shit!  Karin had been right.  A man was different.  His
hands were larger, his blows more solid.  She could tell by
that first swat that this was not a game with him, but
serious business.  Most of all, she could feel it in his
whole being, he enjoyed what he was doing to her.  No, she
corrected herself, he enjoyed what they were doing
together.  She was a part of this, too.

Ben made the climb up her orgasmic mountain long and hard.
His technique was to blister one cheek, leaving the other
completely alone.  The contrast between the sensations
coming from the adjacent spheres heightened the experience
for the recipient.  The slaps to the abused cheek went on
unabated for several minutes, accompanied by a gentle
caressing of the untouched cheek.

Lady X was going crazy.  This 'fire and ice' technique he
used was blissful agony.  She rolled her hip to try to
direct his swats to the other, ignored cheek, but he was
too experienced for that.  The pinkish color of her ass
turned to a dangerous red, looking angry and bruised.

Ben knew better.  The hot blood flowing to the spanked
skin's surface was over-oxygenating the nerve endings,
deadening the pain.  Soon she would not be able to feel the
swats anymore and he would have to switch to the other
cheek to continue the torment.  Then, when that one was
numbed, the first one would be hyper-sensitized and he
could start over.  Back and forth, back and forth.  A good
spanking could go on for hours.  He intended this one to be
a very good one.

His fingers visited the dark cleft between her legs.  It
was damp and warm.  He slipped his middle finger into her
cunt.  He held it still in the hot tunnel and felt the
tremors of her passing orgasms squeezing it tight.  He
broke out in a hot sweat as he imagined his hot prick in
that velvet vice.

After he had put her glowing ass through several cycles of
fire and ice, Ben brought his thumb to bear on her ass
hole.  She pushed eagerly up against the intruding digit
and he slipped it in up to his palm.  Twisting his hand, he
brought his other fingers to bear on her cunt and double
fucked her to climax.

She lay across his lap, panting.  He could see the sweat
running freely from her armpits down the sides of her
hanging breasts, onto the nipple clamps and finally,
dripping from the swinging chain to the rug below.  They
both rested for several minutes.

He helped her to her feet.  She turned to face him, her
eyes her only form of expression.  He looked at her eyes.
They showed no fear, just excitement and anticipation.  She
clearly wanted more.  He was eager to give it to her.

"Show me the basement."  It was a command.


End of chapter

Chapter 13

The eyes in the hood widened in a twinge of fear and
excitement, but her head bobbed her acceptance of his
command.  She turned and led him to the basement door.  Her
hands were fastened behind her, so she stood impatiently by
the door, shifting from one high-heeled foot to the other.
She didn't like waiting.  He teased her, playing with her
exposed body, making her wait for him to open the door.  He
did, finally, and she led him down the stairs into the

Karin and Sandi had been busy refinishing this area of the
house, as well.  All the rubbish and papers had been
removed.  The walls, floors and ceilings had been finished
and painted.  It was a nondescript area, but well lighted
and clean.  Karin had especially wanted to completely
redecorate the area of the basement where she had been
raped.  Sandi agreed.

Part of the cellar had been closed off for a special area.
This section had an extra deep sunken floor, making the
height of the ceiling about 12 feet.  It had apparently
been intended to accommodate the bulky insulation necessary
for a proper wine cellar.   The two women had plotted and
giggled as they furnished the room, which they called 'the
dungeon.'  They had outfitted their playroom in the motif
of its title, with massive pieces of medieval-style
furnishings placed strategically around the spacious room.
Other furnishings, like heavy iron rings in the floor and
on the walls, chains with manacles dangling, whips and
other implements gave the room the aura of fear and
foreboding of a real dungeon.  All of the furnishings were
working models.  The two women were insistent on that
point.  However, none of them had been used before.  This
visit by the Lady X was the maiden voyage, so to speak.
Sandi was deeply honored that Karin had made it available
for her today.

Until a short time ago, Sandi had never imagined she would
be using this room as a submissive.  That was Karin's
thing.  Sandi walked over to the heavy door to the dungeon.
Ben grunted as he swung it open, the weight surprising him.
The door was very heavy and solid.

Lady X proceeded her new master down the wide steps into
the dark room.  Bumping a switch with her hood, she lit the
windowless room in soft light.  She stood there shaking,
terrified of what would happen in the next few minutes or,
dare she hope?, hours.  She was also incredibly horny, more
so than she could ever remember being in her entire life.
Her entire focus seemed to be on her cunt and getting
something shoved inside of it.

Ben whistled in appreciation of the furnishings.  He turned
to his victim.  "Lady X, this is going to hurt like hell!
I didn't intend to ask you again, but, shit, I have to.
Are you sure this is what you want?"

In response, Lady X went over to him and, turning around
lightly grasped his rampant cock with her bound hands.  She
measured its hardness and length.  When she was satisfied
that this excited him, she knelt down in front of him in
the classic submissive posture, her head bowed.  She rubbed
his feet, ankles and lower legs with her hooded head.  It
reminded him of the cat he had had when he was growing up.

He allowed her to stay in her submissive posture while he
removed his uniform.  He folded it neatly and placed it on
a hanger, apparently for that purpose.  He grinned.  The
room had obviously been designed by a woman.  Make that
women.  Men didn't provide hangers.  They used pegs.  He
looked down at his cock sticking out from his flat belly.
Must be where we get the idea.

Naked, he turned to see her sitting on her heels watching
him.  He faced her, his thick cock swinging in a great arc
in front of him.  He stepped over to her.  "Like it?"

An enthusiastic bob made him smile.  It was always nice to
be appreciated.

"Want it?"

The light dancing in her eyes was delightful.  In response,
she bobbed her entire body up and down so hard she lost her
balance with her hands cuffed behind her and tipped over.

He burst out laughing.  "That eager, are you?"

He helped her up to her feet.  "But we just have to try out
some of this wonderful equipment first, don't you think?"
he teased as he released her hands from behind her.

She massaged her wrists as he wandered around the room.  He
walked over to the wall and examined the racks of whips,
canes, rods and crops.  There were all shapes and sizes,
there were some not intended to be used on human flesh.  He
again whistled under his breath.

"Have you used any of these?  They look new."

She shook her head.

"None of them?"

Again she shook her head.

"Have you ever been under the whip?"

Another shake.

He stared at her for a while, mentally adjusting his
evaluation of this wonderful woman's courage.  He walked
over to another wall.  It looked like a wall of soft rubber
breasts, each with erect nipples.  Each pair of tits was
adorned with a different kind of nipple clamp, squeezing
device, or tit press.  They all looked painful, but some
look just plain vicious.  About half of the sets of fake
boobs had tiny gold rings pierced through the nipples.
Those didn't have clamps, but had weights, chains and other
implements of torture that attached with small hooks.  One
set of the regular rubber tits was empty.

Pointing at her nipple clamps, he asked her, "Do these go

She nodded that they did.

"Take them off and put them away," he commanded her.

She stomped her foot in a childish way and shook her head
'No.'  She walked sexily over to him with her hips swaying
provocatively from side to side.  Lifting and cupping her
hands, she offered up her breasts to him.  He looked at her
dancing eyes and toyed with her proffered treasures.

"This is going to cost you, big time," he informed her as
he took off the clamps, pulling her tortured nipples
maliciously as he did.  She flinched, but did not move
away.  He turned and put the clamps on the empty set of
tits on the wall.

He massaged her bare nipples to stimulate the circulation
in the pressed flesh.  Her eyes watered as she stood
passively in front of him, totally at his command.  His
heart began to melt for this mystery woman, fascinated by
her submissiveness to him.  He would find out who she was,
and ask her to be in his life forever, if it was the last
thing he did.  He didn't know how, but he would.

But first, there was the matter of a whipping to take care
of.  That was about all anyone could do on the particular
piece of equipment he had selected.  Four padded manacles
on a large square frame.  The entire body was accessible to
be beaten, front, back, and sides.  Even the palms of the
hands and the soles of the feet could be attacked at the
whim of a whip-wielding aggressor.

The entire frame could be rotated to a horizontal position
for fucking or to a heads down position for additional
terror.  A waist belt could be attached to the ceiling to
help support the victim in the horizontal position.

It was a well-equipped dungeon.

He turned to the woman he knew as Lady X.  Holding out his
hand, he led her over to the large device.  The simple
touch of her hand made him shiver inside, as if a spark had
crossed between them.  Her hand was soft, but firm.  There
was a hidden strength in her touch that was missing from
most women's touches, he thought.

In a quick movement, she pulled him to her and wrapped her
arms around his neck.  She held on to him tightly.  She
squeezed hard for a long time, as if searching for
something inside him or inside of herself.  He waited for
her, patiently, stroking her smooth, rosy ass cheeks as she
clung to him.

Apparently she found what she had been looking for.
Releasing him gently, she put her hands to his face and in
a macabre, but touching, gesture, placed the leathery
rictus mouth of the hood over his lips and pressed lightly
against them.

He was deeply touched.  He understood the gesture.  She had
just kissed him, giving him her permission to continue,
however he desired.  No more questions, no more hesitation.
She trusted him.

Sandi, tears streaming down her face and a contorted smile
on her deformed lips, stepped into the box-like frame of
the device and waited for him to make the next move.

He took a deep breath and looked down.  He had spurted his
cum all over her leg while she had kissed him.  With no
other touching.  The creamy white fluid dripped down her
inner thigh and onto the top of the boots.  He went over to
her and wiped it off her leg with his fingers.  He rubbed
his cum into her tits, focusing on her swollen and sore

He also cleaned off her cunt juice that was running down
her thighs.  He rubbed this into her breasts as well.
Impulsively, he leaned down and kissed the tips, sucking
them into his mouth one after another.  He was surprised.
He had never tasted his cum before.  Together, the two
fluids tasted quite pleasing to him.  She fidgeted as he
cleaned and then kissed her, her stomach quaking in

"Too bad you can't taste this.  Our flavors go quite good
together," he said rising to his feet.  "Maybe another

He took her hand and fastened the padded manacle around her
delicate wrist.  The second wrist followed the first into
captivity.  He adjusted the lengths of the chains attached
to the manacles.  She was stretched to the extent of her
height, teetering on the high heels.

There was a short bar just below each of the ankle
restraints, and he discovered that he could hook the heel
of the shoe over this bar to help support the weight of the
victim.  Even so, her legs were spread painfully wide

Sandi allowed herself to be placed into the restraints.  By
climbing on the short bars with her heels hooked over them,
she had demonstrated their use for him.  He quickly
tightened the manacles around her booted ankles.

He walked over to the wall.  He stopped and looked at Lady
X.  He didn't have all that much skin to attack.  Just her
lower abdomen, pussy, upper thighs and her luscious ass
below the tight corset.  Above it were her tits, shoulders,
upper back and arms.  He made his selections from among the
wide variety of whips and moved back to the hanging woman.
He laid all of them down in front of her.  She began to
tremble in anticipation.

He picked up the first whip.  It had only been a short
while since the initial spanking and her ass was not ready
for a great deal of pain just yet.  He swung the soft
leather strap he had selected against her upper thighs.  A
soft slap echoed off the padded walls.  She didn't even

He continued the soft slapping, covering all of her exposed
skin with his tender leather caresses.  As he returned to
previously struck areas, the blows became a little harder,
bringing the blood to the surface.  A warm rosy glow
covered the dangling girl.  A sheen of perspiration covered
both of them.

Gradually, he had been able to build up her tolerance to
the pain so that she could accept much harder blows.  The
next implement he had chosen to use on her would give
magnitudes greater sensation than the butter soft strap.

He picked up the tasseled riding crop, feeling the solid
heft of it in his had.  It had a nice stiff body with a
whippy tail.  The handle fit easily in his palm.  It was
well balanced, almost like a sword.  He made a practice
swing and the evil swish sent goose bumps scattering across
his skin.

Sandi had her eyes closed and didn't see the change in
whips.  She was in ecstasy, the buildup of pain boiling
over into the intense pleasure that she longed for, that
she needed.  She was so wrapped up in her own world she
didn't hear the practice swing.  The first lash with the
crop caught her by surprise and raised her up stiff in the

Ben watched a satisfying dark red welt form at the base of
her ass cheek.  The tassel had snapped into the crevice
between them and stung the flesh of her asshole.  He didn't
wait, but let the next lash fall across her upper thigh.
She farted loudly and came at the same time, her slick cum
splashing out onto the floor.  She had not known she could
squirt like that.

He worked over her entire body, leaving short, deep red
welts and tassel marks about one inch apart on every
available piece of skin.  He labored steadily for quite
some time, being thorough until he only had her breasts,
her lower tummy and her pussy to go.  He had saved the best
for last.

He stopped his whipping and released the lever that allowed
him to turn the rack.  He rotated her so that she lay face
up, her striped butt sagging down from her body weight and
exhaustion.  The waist belt quickly brought her body back
level and relieved some of the tension on her wrists and

Sandi had left sanity behind as he whipped her underarms.
She had not realized how erogenous that area could be.  As
she slipped into a erotic delirium, she made a note to try
it with Karin.  She would love it.  The stinging lashes to
her tits boosted her up and over the perilous peak of her
climax several times.  Each successive blow ripped her
higher and higher.  Ben avoided the tender nipples out of
compassion, but he covered the rest of the soft mounds

The waist belt covered and protected part of her tummy.  So
Ben went for the brass ring.  He stepped under the bar and
moved to stand in between her legs.  He firmly laid a well-
place slash with the crop on the inside of each shapely
thigh.  Her semi-conscious body arched up as if in
invitation of the final blows.

The first lash to her cunt split the lips and landed
directly on her clit.  She convulsed wildly.  The second
lash buried the tassel in her vagina, mauling the delicate
tissues there.  She shuddered violently again.  A final
upward blow drew a cherry red welt across her anal ring and
up her ass crack.  She screamed in ecstasy as she passed

Ben's rock hard prick had been slapping against his legs
with each blow.  His breathing was ragged as he stepped up
to the unconscious woman and plunged his cock into her
pussy.  He stood still, letting the spasms of her mega-
orgasm milk his blood muscle up and down.  Fully seated in
her cunt, he waited for her to regain some of her senses.
The warm, moist tunnel gripped his prick as if hanging on
for dear life.  The fit of the two procreative organs was

Her felt and heard the low growl from the fettered woman.
Sandi woke to feel wonderfully stuffed.  He was inside her
at last!  Her body burst to life, every erotic nerve in her
being triggered by the pulsing rod of flesh buried in her
pussy.  She literally vibrated on his shaft.

Ben reached forward and grasped her hips, steadying himself
as he worked his cock in and out of her clasping cunt.  He
established a slow rhythm with deep penetrating strokes.
He watched his prick withdraw from the warm sheath, the
soft tissues of her pussy clinging to the shaft as if
trying to keep it from leaving.  His rhythm quickened as he
felt himself approaching the critical point.  He didn't try
to hold back, but pounded into her as hard as could,
slamming into her soft thighs with his hips on every
forward lunge.  Her luscious tits jiggled as if they
floated on her chest.

Pounding into her one last time, he yelled his ecstasy as
he came, then grunted with each additional clenching spurt
of jism that came out of his prick.  Satiated, he leaned on
his hands, gasping for breath.  They were both exhausted
and satisfied from the initial session.

Ben caught his breath and turned the frame upright.  After
taking off her waist belt, he released her ankles and
wrists.  Sandi collapsed in a pile on the floor.  She was
delirious, out of her mind in orgasmic splendor.  Every
touch, every sound, every smell sent her senses reeling
with sensual delight.  She was happy, fulfilled, complete.
She knew she could love this man.

Ben gathered his mystery lady in his arms and carried her
upstairs to the sitting room.  He laid her gently on the
couch and cradled her head in his arms.  Softly, he cooed
and sang to her the comforting sounds and lullabies he had
thought he had long forgotten.  As they cuddled, he began
telling her of his life, of his happiness at finally
meeting the woman of his dreams, Lady X, of his feelings
for her, and of his determination to convince her to reveal
her identity to him.  Somehow, he told her, he would win
her love.

He watched her eyes as he spoke, her bright intelligent
eyes responding to his words.  He knew she understood his
words, knew she felt the same.

Sandi's heart was torn.  She felt she loved him, even after
so short a time.  She couldn't risk telling him who she
was.  Not yet.  It wasn't the right time.

Karin found them in that position.   Ben was softly talking
to her and stoking her silky skin, freely weeping now in
his love and frustration.  Sandi was curled up on his lap
like a little child, totally at ease, watching him speak,
reaching up occasionally to catch a tear falling from his

Karin let them run their course until he was silent.  She
touched him on the shoulder and motioned for him to give
Lady X to her.  Karin lifted her friend easily and walked
towards the door.  She grinned to herself as she noted the
size of the sleeping monster he was equipped with.  Sandi
must have enjoyed that!  She turned at the door.

"Please get dressed and come back to this room.  There is a
shower in that room over there, if you want to clean up as
well.  I wish to speak to you before you leave."

Karin carried Sandi to a bedroom upstairs.  She unlaced the
tight corset and removed the boots from her legs.  The hood
was eased off her head after loosening the laces in the
back.  Karin ran her hands over her friend's body, looking
for any serious injuries.  She found none, and that pleased
her.  There were only the marks of well-whipped flesh.  Ben
had been careful - and skillful.  But she had known that
when she had found them together.  Their passion was
evident, as was Sandi's dilemma.

Sandi threw her arms around Karin and sobbed into her neck
for several minutes.  It was not from the pain, but the
sorrow.  Her heart was breaking.  She had found her true
love at last, but she couldn't have him, just as Karin had
found Sam, and lost him.  The sobs wracked her slender
frame as Karin comforted her.

"SHIT!  Love sucks!" Sandi muttered softly.

"I know, Honey.  I know.  You OK?"

"Yeah.  God, he was good."

"Uh-huh, I'll bet.  Into the tub, then.  Soak those stripes
for a while.  I'll join you in a bit.  I have to let our
guest out."

Sandi got into the large bathtub and eased her battered
frame down in the steaming water.  Karin leaned over and
kissed her cheek before leaving the room.

Downstairs, the nervous patrolman paced across the room.
He froze when she entered the room.  "Is she all right?  Is
everything OK?  I didn't hurt her, did I?"  He blushed at
the stupidity of that question.  "Well, not too badly, I
mean."  His concern for her was written all over his face.

Karin sat down before answering.  She motioned him to a
seat as well.  His heart sank.  No one gave good new
sitting down.

"To answer your questions," she began, "Yes and No!"

His face paled at the thought he had hurt his love.  He
trembled and slumped in the chair.

"Her body is fine, nothing is broken or torn.  You were
very careful with her.  I thank you for that.  It's her
heart, I'm afraid."

Karin smiled at him a sad smile he didn't understand.

"She's lost it to you and it's breaking in two."

He still didn't understand.  She chuckled.  Sometimes men
were so stupid!

"Ben, she is in love with you!"

Light dawned in his eyes as her meaning finally sunk in.
She felt the same way he did!  He lost all reason, jumped
up and started to run across the room.  He had to go to
her, to see her, to soothe her aches and pains, to ease her
aching heart.

He started up the stairs.


The command was followed by a click of a hammer being
pulled back.  His policeman's training overrode his
genitals, and he froze.

"I can't allow you to see her."

He turned to her slowly.  "But we love each other..."

"I'm sorry, Ben.  I truly am."  She lowered the gun and
moved it out of sight, as if it was never there.  She
continued.  "I know how you both feel, more than you'll
ever know.  It must be her decision to reveal herself to
you.  She has a tremendous amount at stake, more than you
do, believe me.  If you try to find out who she is, you
will never see her again.  You could ruin her life, in many

"Please, accept what you do have now, for now.  The time
you have and will still have in the future.  Do not throw
that away.  Later, well, later will take care of itself.
Don't fuck this up."  That last was said with a tinge of an
iron threat.  It got through to him.

He nodded.  Tears blurred his eyes as he made his way to
the front door and out to his car.  He sat there for a long
time until he could control his weeping enough to drive

Karin watched until his car pulled away and went upstairs.

"Thanks for the gun, Sandi."

"Did you need it?"

"He was half-way up the stairs before he stopped."

Karin stripped her clothes off and slid in behind her
friend/lover.  The two broken-hearted friends held each
other in their arms; each alone with her own thoughts of a
lost lover, each with a broken heart.  They soaked away the
pains of the afternoon and of a lifetime.


End of chapter

Chapter 14

Officer Ben Johnson's career took off like a shot after
that first 'Special Assignment'.  He would have liked to
brag about what happened, but who would have believed him?
An assignment to have kinky sex with a beautiful woman -
well, he hoped she was beautiful, anyway.  With a body like
that, who cared, really!  Besides, he had given his word
not to say anything or pursue the relationship outside of

His lieutenant nagged him for details, his insistent
requests falling just short of a direct order.  A discrete
call from the Police HQ told him it was a security matter
and to leave it be.  The caller did not identify herself,
only that she was a 'friend,' - the lieutenant wondered
which secretary had the 'hots' for him - and that she did
not want to see the lieutenant get hurt, just by being too
curious.  The message got through, but the lieutenant was

He immediately confronted Ben, and accused him of taking a
'family' matter up the chain of command.  After Ben was
finally able to convince him that he had not informed the
Commissioner's office of the persistent inquiries, it
dawned on the senior officer that his stationhouse might be
bugged or, worse, under investigation by Internal Affairs.

He had his office, the squad room, the locker room, and the
cafeteria swept for electronic listening devices, anywhere
he could remember talking to Ben about anything.  When the
sweep revealed 15 listening devices, some as much as 10
years old, the lieutenant shit lava.  He had the entire
building and every squad car scoured for bugs.  He was
astounded at the incredible number of devices found.
Suddenly, the matter of Ben Johnson and his dealings with
the Commissioner's office became a minor issue.  He had
major problems in his precinct, and, in all probability,
those problems infected the entire force.

Ben was transferred soon after the bugs were found.  In a
way, his lieutenant was sorry to see him go.  He felt Ben
had the makings of a fine policeman, but given where he was
transferred to, it was obvious someone else had noticed Ben
as well.  Or Ben had kissed a very big political ass.  He
hadn't thought Ben was that type.  To be honest, he was
kind of busy.

Ben's first assignment took him to HQ, where he was in
charge of guarding a stack of old records.  With nothing
else to do, he read through the files, organizing them as
he went along.  One day in the lunchroom, he overheard a
couple of secretaries.  They were talking about a critical
file that had gone missing.  The press was trying to make
it out a some kind of cover-up, and her boss was catching
Hell for it.  So, by extension, was she.  Ben recognized
the name of the file as one that he had.  Ben inquired of
the proper way to transfer files between departments, and
sent the critical file to the secretary who needed it.

His actions came to the attention of the Commissioner.  At
his strong urging, Ben requested, and received a posting
from dead-file guard duty to the office of the Special
Investigator in the Commissioner's office.  He would be
reporting to the Special Investigator herself, Captain
Sandra Billings.  Having heard of her reputation as an 'Ice
Princess,' a 'ball-buster,' and that she was a flaming
lebsbo, Ben was not altogether thrilled at the prospects of
working with the wonder woman herself.  Rumor had it that
her previous assistants - all three of them - had not gone
on to bigger and better postings after their time in her
office.  One had resigned, one had been demoted, and the
other was serving time.  But it was better than guarding
boxes of old files.  Or, so he hoped.

Cap. Billings, or Sandi, as she had him call her, was
neither overly friendly nor was she a cold bitch when they
finally met for his interview.  She was all business, and
that business was a clean police force.  She told Ben
straight out that she had been investigating him herself.
She told him she didn't give a shit about his politics, his
religion or his sexual preferences - she paused here to let
him know she knew exactly what those preferences were - ,
as long as he kept them out of the office and they didn't
interfere with his duties.

Ben asked her directly about his three predecessors.  She
told him.  The one who retired had been 65 years old.  She
still volunteered her services in her office.  That was who
would be training Ben.  The other two had been indicted for
taking bribes.  The one who had been demoted was simply
more clever than the one doing time.  She told him straight
out that she was confident that both would be behind bars
eventually.  It was rare for a skunk to change its after

Ben assumed her brusque manner was a result of her zeal to
have the cleanest police force possible.  His new boss took
each infraction of the law by an on-duty officer as a
personal defeat.  Her ardent manner was infectious and soon
he was viewing her in an admiring light.  She became his
hero, or heroine, to be exact.  He never noticed the slight
tremor in her hands, or the tiny gasps she made when they
bumped elbows or knees.  He didn't see the lust in her eyes
as she covertly watched him as they went about their

It took all of Sandi's self-control not to tell him, not to
drop a hint about who she was, what he meant to her, or
anything related to bondage or pain.  As time passed, it
became slightly easier to be with him.  They settled into
their roles as colleagues, boss and employee.  As they
became more comfortable with one another, both of them
loosened up a bit about their personal lives.  It was only
natural.  They saw each other on a daily basis; often
spending extended time together in tense situations on
stakeouts.  Ben took her opening up as a sign he had passed
her investigation of him.  He was relieved that she trusted
him enough to share with him some of the details of her
life.  They often needed to rely on each other for backup,
so it was only natural that their relationship gradually
evolved into one of partners.

The Special Assignments continued during this period and
they posed a problem for Ben.  The arrangements didn't come
from the Commissioner's office any more.  The other woman,
Karin, arranged the following visit each time before he
left the mansion.  To Ben, that meant they were no longer
police business and that he didn't need to report these
activities to his lovely boss.  The fact that they had been
initiated from there bothered him tremendously, however.

He had tried to tell the captain about them right up front,
but she had seemed unusually uncomfortable about discussing
them, especially when he told her it related to sex.  She
told him as long as it was consensual and drug-free, she
didn't feel it was necessary to go in to it in any detail.
What he did on his own time was his business.  But, she
said, it did explain his occasional visits to that fancy
mansion.  She told him the address.  He was shaken that she
knew the specific house, but glad she was not going to stop
him from his visits with his Lady X.  He thought he
probably would have resigned the force first.

At first, while he was still at the precinct, the visits
with Lady X were scheduled about every two to three weeks,
sometimes during the week, sometimes on weekends.  The
visits were always on his scheduled day off, which didn't
surprise him, somehow.  When he was transferred to HQ, they
settled down to about once a month, always on a weekend.
HQ did have its privileges, one of which was a regular

Ben hadn't looked at another woman since that first
session.  Although obtaining sexual release only once a
month built up a lot of sexual tension in the young man, he
remained fully committed to his mystery lover.  When he
realized this several months later, he was shocked.  He
hadn't been this faithful to anyone, ever.  And it wasn't
difficult.  He had no interest in anyone but Lady X.

Not even the close proximity to the best looking woman in
the department piqued his interest.  Make that 'women'.
Hell, the whole fucking department could have been models,
nude or otherwise, had they wanted.  Fucking gorgeous.
Captain Billings reputation for fairness attracted nearly
every female employee in the force and many from out of
state.  She only hired the best.  The best workers, the
best built and the best looking.  She staffed it with very
attractive young females, mostly single, but that was
incidental to their skill and ability to do their jobs.

Ben was the only male on her staff, a token of sorts.  He
thought it ironic and it gave him a new perspective and
appreciation for the lone females isolated out in the
various precincts.  Sandi took pains to quietly observe him
with the other staff members in the office.  Ben treated
each with respect and deference, never responding to their
blatant invitations to dinner, a quickie, or other office

Most, if not all, of the female staff had crushes on the
handsome young officer.  He could have had any of them he
wanted, whether they were married or not, anytime he
wanted.  After several uncomfortable -for Ben, anyway -
incidents, the Captain had a 'come to Jesus' meeting with
the ladies in the office.  She informed them that if they
could not behave appropriately and with decorum while in
the office, they could request an immediate transfer, no
questions asked.  No one asked.  Ben may have been nice,
but they all knew they would never find another job like
they had.  Besides, as the Captain had said, the building
was full of pricks, both literally and figuratively.

Sandi wasn't jealous of the women; in fact, she
intentionally placed Ben in harm's way, when it came to
beautiful women.  She tried to tell herself she wouldn't
have minded if he had taken advantage of the occasional
situation.  It would have made it easier, in a way.

But he didn't, and as time went by, he persisted in
maintaining his devotion to his mysterious girlfriend.
Sandi was impressed by the strength of his resolve.  It
touched her deeply, and one day she realized she had fallen
completely in love with him.  It shook her that she would
be susceptible to something as normal as 'love.'  It didn't
stop her from taking advantage of the situation, however,
and making it as hard for him as she could.  She knew his
schedule, after all.

Ben himself was amazed at the depth of his commitment.
Before Lady X, he would have fucked his way through the
staff in week, or less, then gone back for seconds.  Even
when he had been engaged it hadn't stopped him from the
occasional dalliance.  Lady X had changed his life.

She would test Ben, usually in that long week just prior to
his visit with Lady X.  That week he would be assigned to
work closely with one of the most infatuated of her
attractive staff, usually in an isolated location, like a
motel room.  She found herself hoping he would hold out
against the temptation to fuck the other woman.  He never
disappointed her.  She could tell from the fire in his eyes
when he walked in the door that his level of sexual
frustration was heightened.  He was ready to fuck a knotty
pine.  She especially liked it that he would take his
frustrations out on her during their session.

One day, about two days after one of his Special
Assignments, Sandi began to ask him about his girlfriend.
Ben had been contentedly quiet - she called him 'smug' -
the last day or so.  She teasingly accused him of finally
getting laid, and asked him when she was going to get to
meet the mystery woman.  Sandi was so sore from his ardent
attentions, she could barely sit down on her bruised ass.
Ben blushed a deep shade of red, and fumbled a reply.  She
thought about keeping after him, but a telephone call
interrupted them.

As the months went by, Ben remained evasive about his girl
friend.  Sandi teased him incessantly now.  Whenever he
came to work relaxed, she would say he must have gotten
some the night before.  She was remarkably perceptive, he
thought, but never connected the dots.  Sandi's
aggressiveness was a defense.  She was glowing as well, as
most of the female staff noted, but while he was back
peddling, he didn't notice.  She wheedled, cajoled, and
teased him whenever they were alone, but he wouldn't tell
her about his girlfriend.  None of the other staff ever
admitted it if they had figured it out or not, but the odds
of both of them getting some at the same exact irregular
intervals without doing each other was astronomically high.
They could figure out Ben, though.  It was as if he didn't
know he was screwing the boss.

Ben still met with her at the Saunders' mansion, always
with the beautiful Mrs. Saunders as the hostess.  Each
time, his lover appeared in her hood, hidden and soundless.
He had never once heard her voice.  She, however, had grown
addicted to his voice.

Ben had begun focusing on one body part of Lady X per
session, the part chosen seemingly at random.  He would
heat that area of flesh with his open hand, a whip or a
paddle until it would sizzle, then keep it that way until
she would tense up and cream her slit with even a slight
caress on the tormented area.  Her cunt watered when she
thought about what her breasts would feel like when he had
finished with them.  She would probably have to take some
time off, if he ever focused on them.  She hoped he would,
and soon.

At the end of the sessions, when he had sated his
frustrations on her tender flesh, when he had pounded his
hard throbbing meat into her sopping cunt, when he had
satisfied his every sexual whim on her defenseless willing
body, he would pick her up and hold her like a little girl,
cradling her to his chest.  It was then he would talk to
her, rocking softly as he did.

All he could see were the expressive deep blue eyes of his
Lady X.  He loved talking to those eyes.  He told them
everything.  He told them of his love for her, of his hopes
and dreams.  He told her about herself, his boss, and how
she teased him about his mystery girlfriend.  He told her
how much he admired Captain Billings' mind and her desire
and ability to do her job.  He told her about the salacious
offers from the female staff and his honest reaction to

Sandi watched his face as he talked, feeling his words as
well as hearing them.  She lay with her ear against his
chest and heard the rumbling of his voice crashing through
his lungs.  She had long ago decided that if this was all
she could ever have of her lover, that this was enough.  It
was more than Karin had.  Her tears had ceased to
continually fill her eyes when he was there.  They only
wept in the darkness of the lonely nights between visits.

Ben would gaze into those eyes and could see her love for
him.  Over time, they developed a simple code so he could
ask her questions.  They started with a simple 'yes/no' and
evolved it from there.  It was crude communication, but to
them it was poetry.

It became obvious to Lady X that Ben was in awe of his
Captain, for many positive reasons, but not for her beauty.
He was aware of how beautiful she was, yes, but she was a
little miffed that he wasn't attracted to her.  She shared
those feelings with Karin, who actually fell out of her
chair, laughing.  The big tough policelady was jealous of
herself!  When Sandi looked at it from that perspective,
she had to laugh, too.

Once, Karin had asked Ben if he would consider a one-time
change in the routine.  She told him that Lady X had a
special request.  She did not wish to be beaten that day,
although she would gladly submit if that were his desire.
Lady X craved to taste him, just once, and she wished to
service him today with her mouth and her body.  The catch
was that Ben had to agree to be bound, blindfolded and to
use earplugs.  Ben squirmed.  He was clearly uncomfortable
with the idea of being bound.  He had tried before and had
found he couldn't deal with the restriction or the
darkness.  He had freaked out.  He was still terrified of
the darkness.

Karen listened to his excuses.  She explained to him how
important this was to Lady X.  Also, there would be no
pain.  Lady X sensed his terror, but begged him to trust
her.  He dragged his feet until Karin promised to remain in
the room with them, ready to cut him out of his restraints
at the first sign of distress.

Ben reluctantly agreed.  He was taken upstairs to a
feminine bedroom.  He stripped naked, lay on the bed and
was then blindfolded.  A pair of high quality headphones
was placed over his head to muffle any outside noise.
Karin's voice came through the headset, calming and
assuring him of his safety.  The sounds of one of the
whipping sessions between Karin and Sandi played in the
background, then became his sole focus.  The two women had
recorded it especially for this occasion.  Karin had been
particularly vocal, as Sandi, who herself was gagged to
prevent him from hearing her voice, had beaten her.  It was
one of the most erotic sounds he had ever heard.  He knew
it was Karin's voice he heard, but he wanted so much for it
to be Lady X's voice, that that is what it became.

His hands were cuffed over his head in as comfortable a
position as possible and the session began.  He was
caressed, massaged, stoked and tickled.  He swore he felt
tears fall as his lover's soft, silky hair trailed over his
facial features.  They kissed for the first time.  It was
long and passionate.

He declared to his unseen partner that he loved her.  He
begged her to let him see her.  Each successive
announcement of his love brought a desperate hug or an
acknowledging squeeze from her, until he finally realized
that he was causing her pain.  His sobs of heartfelt
apology hurt her even more.  She finally silenced him by
taking his breath away.

Lady X knelt between his open thighs.  She had cradled his
sac and prick in her initial caresses, but now she focused
on these alone.  Light touches of her sharp fingernails
dragged down his shaft, sending the hardened muscle into
overdrive.  He felt enormous, as she had to use both hands
to circle the base of his cock.  He stopped breathing as
her sharp nails toyed with his scrotum.  His life and his
bloated balls were literally in her strong hands.  He never
realized how strong her hands were before.  Or how sharp
her nails were.  She toyed with him, with his emotions,
with his fear.  Her gentle squeezes became more firm, but
never uncomfortable.  She squeezed just hard enough to
infuse his system with a jolt of adrenaline.

He felt her shift on the bed.  Her hard nipples grazed the
insides of his thighs.  He could feel her full breasts
molding around his hard muscles as she leaned forward.  He
waited.  He waited.  He waited longer.  He bucked up his
hips in frustration, but stopped as her hands had a firm
grip on his nuts that tightened when he tried to enter her
mouth.  She was so close to his prick, he knew it.  He
could feel the hot moist breath coming from her ovaled lips
as she hovered over it.  He whined, he begged.  He promised
her anything, everything, and still she withheld his
pleasure.  He screamed, then cried, frustrated beyond
caring that he was bound.

With a sigh, he gave up his struggling.  He resigned his
pleasure to her, to let her guide him this time.  He would
no longer dictate what her gift would be.  He would accept
her gift to him, whatever it was.  It was a momentous
surrender for him, one she could never have hoped for.

Her mouth on his prick was glorious.  She swallowed his
entire length in one smooth downward swallow.  She let it
sit there, tightly encased in a warm sucking tube.  She
felt him swelling in her throat, the familiar sign of his
impending cum.  He tried to warn her, but she stayed where
she was.  When he exploded in her mouth and throat, he shot
so hard, he was sure he had passed a nut.

Sandi held him with her hands and mouth, urging every last
drop from him.  When she needed breath, she lifted off
slightly and bobbed her head up and down.  He stayed hard
for her, allowing her to take her own sensual enjoyment
from his persistent erection.

Moving around, she straddled his head with her thighs and
lowered her pussy to his lips.  He knew how to do this, and
attacked her voraciously.  She controlled his appetite with
her firm grip on his balls until he slowed and found her
rhythm.  It was a novel experience for him to let a woman
lead, and he lost focus several times, only to be firmly
taken in hand, literally.  She had her own reasons for her
slow paced fucking.  She didn't want to wear him out.  They
brought each other to mutual satisfaction in a long, lazy
session that left both of them primed for more.

Still in a feverish state, Sandi lay beside her blinded
lover.  Her fingers traced intricate love patterns in his
chest hairs and around his nipples.  Teasingly, she tweaked
one of his nipples and saw it perk up from her attentions.
Seeing his reaction to her slightest touch, she flicked at
both of them mercilessly, tickling him on the pectorals.
From there she preceded down his ribs as she tormented him,
bringing violent convulsions of laughter from him.

Eventually she straddled him, placing one knee on each side
up his hips.  Resting her hands on his chest, she moved
around until she captured the head up his cock with the
mouth of her cunt.  She slowly sank down the length of his
shaft, planting his prick firmly in her pussy, and then
rode him like a cowgirl.  Each time her steed flagged in
his ardor, she would drag her sharp fingernails across his
ribs or tweak a nipple, spurring him on again.  He bucked
mightily up into her as he jerked out his second load of
the day, raising up his loins as if trying to unseat his
beautiful rider.

He couldn't hear her squeals of delight at his efforts or
the peals of giggles and laughter at this delicious freedom
the lovely Lady X had with her lover at long last.  He did
feel the sharp bite of the nails as she dug in to his broad
chest and the squeezing of her cunt muscles as she came
with him.  It made the whole thing seem so much more
intense to him, to be without sight.  He cried out, begging
her to relent, to let him see her face.

She snuggled down into his arms and touched her gentle
fingers to his lips.  At first he didn't understand, but
with her gentle insistence he soon understood that she did
not want him to talk.  It was difficult not to express his
feelings to this woman.  Reaching down, Sandi fondled his
slippery manhood.  She heard the catch in his breathing as
she again dragged her fingernails across the loose skin and
giggled.  The tired organ miraculously began to swell as
she continued to rake her nails across it.  She took it
lovingly into her mouth, tasting her own dried juices on it
as she sucked it to full size.

She straddled him once again, this time facing his feet.
Firmly grabbing his cock, she bent it back until it was
pointing straight up.  Lowering herself, she brought the
tip of his prick to the entrance of her anus.  He had never
taken her there and it was driving her crazy.  She had been
completely at his mercy for months and he had spared her
ass hole any major violation, other than his fingers or

She pushed down harder and grunted as her tough sphincter
resisted the reverse intrusion.  A soft plopping sound
signaled the surrender of the anular ring.  His swollen
prick head spread the vanquished tissues aside and entered
the tight tunnel.  She settled herself steadily on the
rigid pole until he was completely embedded in her ass.

She felt stuffed in the most obscene way possible.  In a
way, she was glad he had let her discover this thrilling
intrusion on her own, but a dark part of her lusted after
the feeling of being taken there by force.  Maybe after
this, maybe after she had broken the ice, so to speak, he
would take her this way.  When she was tied and helpless to
resist.  At that delicious thought, she squeezed her
sphincter tightly over the long hard cock and listened to
her lover babble incoherently.

Ben couldn't believe it when his cock began to rise the
third time.  Twice was his limit.  Always had been till
now, anyway.  Then Lady X had sucked him up to full
strength and he had relaxed into the anticipation of
another wonderful blowjob.  His sigh of disappointment was
soft and inaudible.  Then the most incredible tight
moistness he had ever experienced, including a couple of
virgin pussies.

But this, this wasn't her mouth or her pussy.  It had to be
her ass! He had dreamed of that wrinkled orifice since
Karin had mentioned it the first day, but he had always
hesitated.  One of his first girlfriends had bled terribly
when he had attempted to enter her ass, and he had never
tried again.  He thought he was too big.

Now she was doing it herself!  Easily!  It fit and it was
glorious.  He tentatively bucked his hips up into those
spongy cheeks.  They drove themselves down in response,
desiring his prick in her ass.

The babbling she heard was his attempt to tell her all of
this at the same time.  It came out as a blurb and she

They settled into a steady fucking that let them both build
to their greatest climax of the session.  Sweat dripped
from her nipples and down her sides as she labored toward
their peak of mutual fulfillment.  When it came, it sneaked
up on both of them.  Sandi was suddenly shaking violently
on his spurting rod, shouting obscenities she didn't know
she knew.  It felt like she was being filled with gallons
of cum juice as he emptied his load into her.

Ben felt like her ass was sucking the very life out of him.
The third time was a charm for him and he blew his load
into her rectum with all the force of a hurricane.  He
actually lost consciousness as the last of the spasms
wracked his valiant rod.  He was still out cold as his
prick pulled out of her stretched anus and plopped tiredly
on his patch of pubic hair.

Sandi lay contentedly beside her lover and drifted off to a
light sleep.  As they slept, Karin cleaned off his shit-
fouled prick with a warm towel. This had been arranged with
Sandi before hand.  He never noticed the intrusion.

Ben woke several hours later to the sensation of a hot,
sucking mouth on his prick.  As he began babbling
incoherently from the pain of his fourth erection, Lady X
lifted her head off his cock and engulfed him in her
scalding cunt.  She used all of her numerous tricks,
talents and skills to bring him to his phenomenal fourth
and final climax of the session.

Sore, sweaty and greedy, she nudged at his flacid prick,
begging for just one more ride.  When he wouldn't respond
any more, she let him rest.  She stretched out beside him,
holding his exhausted body in her arms.  In the silence,
she remembered how he would talk to her after a hard
session when he held her in his arms.

Smiling, she began to speak to him for the first time as
his lover.  This time, she poured out her heart to him.  He
could feel the vibrations of her voice as she placed her
head on his chest.  She could feel his strong heart
beating, and that reassured her.  She knew it was silly,
but she felt that his very body responded to her words.

When she had started speaking, Karin made sure the headset
was firmly in place over his ears and that the audiotape
was still playing.  Ben didn't hear Sandi tell him who she
was.  He didn't hear how she had arranged for his transfer,
and how she had tempted him with all those women.  He
didn't hear her say how proud she was of him, not only of
his commitment to her, but of his integrity and decency.
He didn't hear the cries of anguish and frustration as she
told him how much she loved him and that she would love him
forever.  He didn't hear her when she fell silent, spent,
sated, satisfied.  All he felt was the hot tears that
flowed from both of them, mingling and pooling on his
muscular chest.

He did feel her mouth as she cleaned his lifeless prick
with her tongue.  He didn't hear her tell him that she
agreed with him:  They did taste good together.


End of chapter

Chapter 15

It was several months later that Sandi asked Karin to do a
special session with her.  They didn't do these special
sessions often.  They tended to last a long time, and both
were drained emotionally, sexually and physically at the
end of one of them.  By tacit agreement, they didn't happen
often.  And that helped keep that special flavor to them.

Sandi didn't give a reason for why she thought now would be
a good time for a special session, but hinted she had a
surprise.  Karin wasn't really in the mood, but her friend
was persuasive.  Since the instigator was the 'top' in
these sessions, Karin knew that all she had to do was show
up, at least initially.  And it had been a long time..

Sandi had acquired a new restraint system for this session.
The shrouded shapeless pile of equipment got several covert
glances from Karin as Sandi slowly and teasingly prepared
her for the session.  She deliberated over each item of
clothing she stripped from the passive Karin, stroking and
petting each new area of exposed skin as she did, slowly
bringing the pot to boil.

Karin was now in the mood, i.e. horny and naked.  Sandi
moved her to the center of the large basement dungeon.  She
had pushed the bondage frame that was usually in the center
up against the wall.  First she placed a thick leather belt
around Karin's calves, binding them tightly together.  When
it was securely in place, there were two small wide cuffs
on each side on the outsides of her calves.

With a teasing look directly into her eyes, Sandi put her
hands on her friend's shoulders and urged her to her knees.
She then pushed backwards on her shoulders until Karin
toppled back.  Sandi caught her and broke her fall.  She
laid her gently on her back, her legs bent back under her.

Taking one wrist, Sandi pulled it down past the cuff on the
calf belt until she could fasten the cuff tightly around
her upper arm.  Repeating that binding with the other arm
left Karin arched in a painful bow on the floor, resting on
her knees, shins, shoulders, and the back of her neck.  Two
additional straps fastened Karin's ankles to her upper arms
right next to her armpits.  A short spreader bar between
her knees kept her knees spread apart, exposing her cunt to
the open air.  Metal fasteners from the D-rings in the
straps were secured to rings set into the floor.  That
ensured she wouldn't tip over.  Sandi looked the captive
woman over carefully, until she was satisfied.  Grinning at
her friend with a mischievous, evil smile, they both knew
Karin wasn't going anywhere.

Sandi stuffed a cushion under her shoulders, relieving some
of the strain on Karin's neck.

"That better?"

"Yes."  Karin was beginning to feel the tremors of
anticipation.  She was terribly exposed in this position,
the skin of her belly stretched tight.

Sandi went over to the wall and selected a long buggy whip
from the wall.  It was one of the cruelest whips
imaginable, especially when used on human flesh.  The two
women had it gotten for decoration only, not to use.  It's
visual impact was enough.

Sandi liked the sound it made as it swished and cracked and
snapped in the air.  For what she wanted tonight, sound was
all she needed.  At first, anyway.  She looped the wrist
strap around her wrist and pulled it tight.  She didn't
want any accidents with this weapon.

SNAP.  Sandi let the long flexible whip crack just above
Karin's exposed stomach, then settle softly on the
untouched skin.  The sensation was almost the same as a
hard slash.  Adrenaline coursed through both women's

"I had my Annual Performance Review today," Sandi started
out casually.

"Oh, really?  How was it?"  Karin thought it was strange to
talk about something they would normally discuss over a
glass of wine, but what the hell, she wasn't going
anywhere.  Actually, Karin now realized it was odd that she
wasn't gagged.  Normally there was no talking.  They didn't
need verbal abuse to get excited.

Sandi was silent for a moment.  When she did speak, it was
with the quiet intensity of a person who was extremely
angry.  It was all an act, but she had had plenty of
practice in her job.  Good Cop, Bad Cop and all.  "How dare
you play with my career like a snot-nosed high school
girl?"  The whip snapped several times around the bound
woman in emphasis.

Karin's blood froze.  She had discovered her meddling.

"OH, SANDI," she wailed.  "I'm sorry.  I just wanted to

"So I couldn't do it by myself?  Is that what you thought?
You little BITCH!"

"NO, NO, NO.  I just wanted you to be happy.  I did it for

All this time, Sandi had been striding back and forth just
inside Karin's field of vision.  She brought the whip down
several times on the floor, each time with a loud slap.
She watched Karin's taut body tense with each slap.  She
was just getting ready to let Karin in on the joke and that
she had known from the beginning that Karin was meddling,
when she tripped.  Her high heel caught on something and
she started to fall.

Forgetting about the whip, she put out her hand to catch
herself.  She didn't want to land on Karin while she was
tied so rigidly.  The additional weight could injure her
neck, possibly seriously.  The wrist strap kept the whip in
her hand as she caught herself, and the heavy shaft of the
whip came down with great force across the soft tender skin
of Karin's lower stomach.

Sandi didn't understand the scream she heard until she saw
the blood oozing from the cut the whip had made.

"Oh Karin, Honey, I'm sorry.  It was an accident."

Karin turned her head away from the woman and closed her
eyes, steeling herself for another blow.  She flinched at
the very touch of Sandi's fingers.  Sandi fumbled with the
buckles and straps not being able to get them off of Karin
fast enough.  She got her to her feet and helped Karin into
the bathroom they had installed in the cellar.  There, she
treated the cut with alcohol and a soft compress.  She
helped Karin upstairs to her bed and laid her down.

Karin said nothing the whole time.  She wouldn't even look
at Sandi.

Karin felt betrayed.  Her friend, her lover, had struck her
in anger.  She had tricked her and savagely beat her.  She
didn't trust her anymore.  She had lost another lover and
she was all-alone again.  She withdrew into herself and
wept invisible tears.

Sandi was devastated as well.  She knew she was a good
actress and that Karin hadn't known she was joking with
her.  She saw the empty look in Karin's eyes and it pierced
her to her heart.  She sat by Karin's bed all night
watching the tortured sleep of her forlorn friend.  She
stayed by her bed all the next day and the next night, as
well.  Karin didn't move or speak.  Sandi changed the
dressings on the cut and made sure there would be no

The second day, Karin spoke to her in a dull lifeless
voice.  "I'll be OK.  You need some sleep."

Sandi burst out crying.  She had held off until now, but
now the flood started and she wailed and begged for

Karin felt a twinge of sadness for her friend.  She
realized now it had been an accident, but it shouldn't even
have happened.  The aggressor had to be in control.  She
couldn't completely trust Sandi anymore, not in that
special way.  She would miss that.

Karin reached out a hand for Sandi's hand.  "It's OK.  I
forgive you, Sandi.  But . never again."

Those words thrilled Sandi and cut her to the quick at the
same time.  She bent down and kissed Karin's hand.  "I got
promoted.  To Captain.  It's about five years early.  The
Commissioner said that I am in line to be the first female
Commissioner in the city's history."  She pulled a small
box from her blouse pocket.  "I'm sorry I spoiled the
surprise.  It was supposed to be a surprise for you for all
your help.  I couldn't have done it without you.  You have
to know that."

"I didn't know you felt that way," Karin replied.  She took
the offered gift.  "Thank you."  She paused.  "How did you
find out I helped get you the job?"

Sandi paused.  "I'm a cop, Karin.  Our careers are fixed in
stone from the day we leave the Academy, unless we screw up
or solve the Mother of all crimes.  I had done neither.
Therefore, someone had to have helped me.  You're the only
one who cared enough to help."

"Oh."  She thought a minute.  "Why didn't you say

"You were having too much fun enjoying your little secret.
I didn't want to spoil it for you."  Tears welled up in
Sandi's eyes.  "I'm sorry I spoiled it for you now."

Karin reached up and pulled her tired friend into the bed
with her.  Sandi snuggled into her side and cried herself
to sleep.  Karin stroked her hair and pondered the loss of
the innocence between them.  She wondered if they would
ever get it back or if it was something that, once lost,
was gone forever.

Sandi never raised the subject of restraint or pain again,
although she was surprised when Karin continued to hostess
the Special Assignments with her and Ben with as much care
and attention as before.  She realized the depth of the
love Karin had for her and the pain she must have caused

The gift box sat unopened on her dressing table for a long
time.  Sandi and Karin continued to share each other's beds
regularly, but now they were separate people looking for
different things.

The small box caught Karin's attention one afternoon while
Sandi was out.  She picked it up and turned it over in her
hand.  There was a slight rattle inside.  She opened it up
and saw a beautiful diamond name plate on a necklace.  On
one side was the word 'Karin' and on the other 'Sam.'  It
must have cost several thousand dollars with all the
diamonds on it.  She was touched.

She picked it up and tried it on.  To her surprise, it
didn't even go half way around her neck.  Maybe it was
supposed to be a bracelet.  Nope.  Too big.  Karin was
stumped.  She looked at the ends closer and saw they both
had sliding latches.

It hit her suddenly and she giggled.  She pulled up her top
and hooked one latch to the gold ring on her right nipple.
She pulled the chain over to attach it to the other ring.
It didn't quite reach and she had to pull both nipples in
towards the middle.  The latch slid securely closed over
the second ring.  Her tits looked a little cross-eyed in
the mirror, but the effect on her nipples was incredible.
It was like an electric shock with every move, each breath.
She gave a little bounce and experienced a mild climax.

Pulling her top down over her cross-eyed tits, she waited
impatiently until Sandi got home.  A happier Karin rushed
to Sandi's arms and kissed her when she came in the door.

"Well, 'Hi Honey I'm home' to you, too, lover," she

"It's beautiful.  The chain.  Thank you."

"You like it?"


"Does it...?"

"Ooooohhhhh yyyeeesss!"

Sandi was silent.  "I want some rings, too."

Now Karin was silent.  "Sam.  Sam can't help.  Maybe Ben?"

"Ben?  You won't."  She stopped at the look of pain in her
friends eyes.

"I could help him, show him how...?"

"Do you think I should?"

"If you want it."

Sandi nodded.  It was settled.


The next Special Assignment was not only hosted by Karin
but directed by her, too.  Sandi was already strung up in
the dungeon when Ben arrived.  Her tits were to be the
focus of this session and they were prominently on display,
forced out and up by a special corset with high half cups
underneath her breasts.

Ben came in and whistled.  He turned, expecting Karin to
leave, but she didn't leave.  Instead she handed him a
sturdy whip.

"Her tits only, today."

He nodded silently and complied.  Her tits were a rosy hue
when he was done with the whip.

Karin handed him another, stiffer whip.  He looked at her
questioningly.  She nodded curtly for him to proceed.

Again he complied.  With vigor.  If this was what his love
wanted, he would do it.

A third whip turned her breasts into two inflamed masses of
tissue.  He turned to Karin.  She handed him something
else, which he mistook as another whip.

"No.  No more.  I won't do it.  And I won't let you,
either."  He made a move to protect Sandi.

"It's not a whip, Ben.  She wants you to put your mark on
her.  Like my love did to me."
Karin brushed her blouse aside and exposed the tiny gold

Ben blushed at her nakedness and looked away.  It was too

He took the piercer from her hand.  His hand trembled
slightly as he hefted it, feeling its weight in his hand.
He took a deep breath and steeled himself.  "Give me a

Karin handed him one.

He walked over and held up the ring so Sandi could see.

"Lady X, my love, is this what you want?"

The hooded head nodded 'Yes.'"

Ben held the piercer up to the erect nipple closest to him.
He didn't wait and terrorize her, but squeezed it quickly.

The scream could be heard clearly through the gag and the
hood.  He gasped at the sounds he heard coming from her.
He paled at her pain.  This was more than he wanted to do.

He slipped the gold ring through the fresh hole.  He
glanced at Karin for support.  She nodded.

He repeated the procedure on the other nipple.  After
slipping the ring on her other nipple, he had to excuse
himself.  He went out into the bathroom outside and threw
up.  Karin waited patiently for him to get back.  Sandi was
half-delirious and had not noticed his absence.  Karin
would never tell her.  But she thought it was touching, if
wimpy.  Sam had not vomited, she thought proudly.

Ben slipped back in the dungeon quietly.  Karin smiled at
him and indicated the dazed Lady X.  He nodded his thanks.

"Is that all?"

"Not quite."

"Somehow, I didn't think so."

Karin explained what else was needed.  Ben started to bolt
for the door.


He turned.

"This was her idea, not mine."

He waited.

"Please, Ben.  For her."

He nodded, reluctantly.  "You better be telling me the
truth, or I swear I'll rip your tits off by those rings."

Karin held her hands out to him in a submissive gesture.
"I will stay by your side until you are convinced of her
happiness.  You may bind me if you wish."  She waited, her
hands held quietly in front of her, palms together.

Ben shook his head.  He took the hot iron Karin had
prepared and placed a drop of solder, one on the split in
each ring, sealing them shut.  He was crying as he did it.

They let down the newly ringed woman together.  Karin
applied an alcohol wipe to both wounds to prevent
infection.  Sandi lay recovering on the dungeon floor.  She
looked at the two anxious faces peering down at her.  She
touched the tips of her breasts lightly.  She felt the
rings.  A shudder ran through her body.

She took Ben's hands in hers and placed them lightly over
her tits.  She emphatically nodded her head 'Yes'.

He looked at Karin, nodded and motioned for her to leave
them alone.

Before she left, she whispered to him,  "Be gentle with
them, but don't ignore them, or she'll hate you.  ...Good
luck, lover boy."


End of chapter

Chapter 16

Sandi's new promotion vaulted her into the city's social
stratosphere.  She hobnobbed with rich and famous people on
a regular basis now.  Her date/escort on these occasions
was the young handsome Officer Ben Johnson, much to his
embarrassment.  The evening gowns and dresses his boss wore
on these occasions showed way too much of her voluptuous
body for him not to notice her beautiful figure.  He
confessed his troublesome thoughts to his silent love, Lady
X.  He told her that he was beginning to have lusting
thoughts for his boss.

He didn't notice the correlation, but after each
confession, the clothing his boss wore was even more
revealing.  The constant swirl of parties and dances was a
complete nightmare for him.  But in the end, it was his

It was the annual masquerade ball, a huge charity event,
that was the downfall of Lady X.

Sandi had arrived early, Ben later.  He insisted that he
only needed to escort her, not be her transportation, as a
real date would be.  It also limited the amount of time he
was alone with her, and he was to the point of not being
able to control himself.  Sandi thought it was sweet that
he wanted to be true to his Lady X.  But what she really
wanted was for him to ravish her, and she had never failed

When Ben entered the gala event, he dutifully scanned the
crowded floor for his boss.  Suddenly, his heart stopped.
She was here.  His Lady X.  He would know that body
anywhere.  All thoughts of finding his boss were gone.  He
walk on air over to her.  She was talking with some people
when he walk up.

She saw him and turned.  "Why, here's Ben now.  Ben, you
forgot your mask!"  She smiled up at him with her eyes,
those eyes he had gazed into so often behind her leather

Dumbfounded, he mechanically slipped his mask to his face.
His boss was Lady X.  He was positive, no mistake.  But
why?  Ben had always thought fast on his feet.  He
decided, in an instant, to go on the offensive.

He offered her an elegant bow.  "Why, madam, I don't think
I have the pleasure of your acquaintance.  Would you, by
chance, be the mysterious Lady X?"

The on-lookers laughed appreciatively at his wit, although
they didn't know how deep the shock had hit Captain

She nodded numbly.

"Then lovely Lady X, may I have the pleasure of this

Not giving her a chance to respond - and per chance to
refuse - he grasped her hand firmly and pulled/dragged her
to the dance floor.  She didn't refuse, nor did she
respond.  She was stunned.

Suddenly Sandi realized what it was.  The mask!  Of course,
the mask!  She sagged in defeat.  Her career was over.  She
would loose it all.  All her planning, all her sessions
with Ben, all her love.  Lost!

She staggered.  Ben, the gallant partner, caught her
gracefully under the arms and swept her to him in an
extravagant maneuver, still playing to the crowd.  They
were still watching, always watching, smiling at the two

That everyone knew they were lovers was common knowledge.
That everyone was wrong, but, in a way, right, was
irrelevant.  Everyone was still watching.

"Come on, Cap'n, work with me!" he whispered.  His use of
her title snapped her to her senses.  She looked up at him
and gave him a weak smile.  She did an elegant spin at his
command, and re-entered his open arms.

"It was the mask," she stated.

"Uh-huh," he said.

"What are we going to do?"

"We?  I don't know about you, but I'm going to enjoy this
dance with my Captain, my partner, and wait impatiently for
my next Special Assignment.  What are you going to do?"

"Oh, Ben.  Ben.  Ben.  I love you so.  I.."

"Sssshhhh.  Not here.  Don't blow it now, ma'am."

She clung to him, grabbing desperately at the lifeline she
had thrown him.  The first dance moved into the second and
then a third.  They danced all night, and never noticed the
approving, and envious, glances of the crowd.

That night Ben slept with his real love for the first time.
They made normal, passionate love.  Karin heard the noise
in the next room and froze when she heard the screams of
BEN, BEN, BEN.  She waited for the angry yelling, but none
came.  An awful feeling came over her.

She peeked through the crack of the door and saw her friend
riding high in the saddle, sliding up and down on Ben's
solid prick.  She closed the door quietly and smiled to
herself.  Sandi was happy at last.  She would work the
details out later.

It was also at one of those high-class social gatherings
that Sandi heard the first whispers of the upcoming annual
President's Ball.  The mention of that event electrified
her.  If she could find the event, she could find the
elusive Sam Adams.  Her heart in her throat, she began
using all her investigative skills to ferret out the
information she needed.  She succeeded.


Abby was sitting at her desk when she visited by a Captain
Billings from the Police Commissioner's Office.  A flash of
the badge proved the identity of the caller.

"The president is out of the office until next week,
Captain Billings."

"That's OK.  I just need some information about a person
I'm trying to locate."

"Sure, anything I can do to help."

"Have you worked here long?"

"About 10 years."

"How long have you worked for the president?"

"The whole time."

Sandi looked at the young woman.  She must have gone right
to the top in a hurry.  "What can you tell me about the
President's Ball that's going on next week."

Abby paled.  No one outside of a very small group knew
about the Ball.  The policewoman's question scared her.
She stiffened visibly.  "Is this official business?"

Sandi hesitated.  "No," she confessed.  She looked around
the open office.  "Can we go somewhere and talk privately?"

Abby pushed a button on her phone to hold her calls.
"Follow me."

She led Sandi to a quiet conference room down the hall and
closed the door behind her.  Sitting down, she motioned for
Sandi to take a seat.

Sandi continued.  "A dear friend - my best friend - met a
man at the Ball several years ago and has been devastated
since.  I would like to see if I could get the two of them
back together.  If both parties agree, of course."

Abby grinned.  Another broken heart story.  It happened
every year.  Which was why the men used aliases.

Sandi went on.  "I'm trying to reach a man who used the
name 'Sam Adams.'  I was hoping you could get in touch with

Sandi had seen Abby's reaction to the mention of Sam's
name.  Abby had reached up to touch the tip of her nipples
in a gesture similar to Karin's and her own since she had
gotten her nipple rings.  "Eureka!" thought Sandi.


The mention of Sam brought a twinge to Abby's pierced
nipples.  She had met Sam just over 10 years ago - at the
President's Ball.  She had agreed ahead of time to the
bondage and pain that followed, because she had been
attracted to the man and because she was young and reckless
and wanted to try it.

They had gone to the cabin in the mountains and she had
gotten her golden rings.  But there had been no spark, no
chemistry, between them and, handsome and sexy as he was,
Abby would not marry without love.  She had not minded the
pain, but had not repeated the visit to the cabin.  He had
hired her immediately because he could trust her to tell
him the truth.  She always had.

She had kept the rings, too.  At least, until she got
engaged.  She smiled to herself.  When they were dating
prior to her engagement, her husband, Eric, had been beside
himself to feel her tits and to get her into bed.  She
always said 'No'.  She didn't want him to see the rings and
have to explain them.  She would have told him the truth
and it would have killed him.

She even had to knee him in the groin once to cool him off.
Then she had immediately dropped to her knees and sucked
him off for the first time to make up for her kneeing him.
She giggled at the memory.  Her poor baby was so confused
at her actions.  She had continued to suck him at every
opportunity, still did, in fact, and he quit trying to
force her into bed.  He still tried, but he respected her
when she declined.  Getting a first-class blow job as a
refusal probably helped keep him interested.

Unintentionally playing hard to get accelerated his
proposal for marriage.  When it came, she made him wait 24
hours for her answer.  That made her even more mysterious
and intriguing to him.
She had gone into her boss' office early the next morning
and closed the door.  She sat in the chair across from his
desk.  He looked up smiling, and immediately came to sit
beside her.  He was a very sensitive man and sensed
something was bothering her.

"I want to get married."

"Why, Abby, that's wonderful.  It's Eric, right?"

She nodded her head.

"What's the problem?"

"I still have the rings you gave me."

"Oh, I see.  Does Eric know?"

"He's never even seen them."

"Ah, I see better.  And how can I help?"

"I need to ask you if I may take them off."

"Abby, I'm touched.  Very touched.  But, of course you may.
Your heart belongs to another now.  I have no claim on

Abby looked up at the handsome man.  "Yes, you do.  You
always will."

He leaned over and kissed her gently.  Rising, he went
behind his desk and got a jeweler's tool to clip delicate
wires.  He held them out to her.

She shook her head.  "Would you do it?"

She opened her blouse and lifted her tits up to him.  He
clipped first one ring and bent it slightly.  It slipped
easily from the hole.  He repeated the process on the other
When he finished he continued to stare at the lovely
breasts of his loyal secretary.  Bending down, he placed a
chaste kiss on the very tip of each.  Looking up, he kissed
away the tears slipping down her cheeks.

"Thank you, Abby.  I will always cherish these and the
memories they symbolize."

He placed the rings carefully in a jewelry box and put it
in his pocket.

"God, I feel naked."  She looked down at her bare tits,
unadorned with rings for the first time in several years.

"You almost are!"

"You know what I mean!"  She giggled as she covered herself
back up.

She had told Eric 'Yes' that night and had dragged him to
bed.  He couldn't believe her change in attitude or her
enormous appetite for sex.  When he noticed her pierced,
but ringless, nipples, he went wild.  Something about them
turned him on.  Every time he saw, touched or thought about
those tiny little holes, he got very hard and fucked her
hard even harder.  Even after they had been married for a
couple of years they still turned him on.

Abby was delighted.  Eric assumed her pierced nipples were
a holdover from her wild college days and he never asked
her about them.  She never told him differently.  On their
first anniversary, he brought her a small silver heart.
For her left nipple.  A heart for her heart

She made him solder it on himself.  The poor baby was so
scared he would hurt her, he actually did.  A little.  The
pain made it just a little more special.

That night they fucked all night.  Eric never got soft.
The next day he came home at lunch and they fucked again.
And then again that night.  And the next lunch and so on.
For several weeks.  After that, all she had to do was to
wear a tight top with no bra that showed the heart poking
through the fabric and Eric would screw her silly.

The next anniversary, she got him one.  When he opened the
box and saw what it was, he paled visibly.  Swallowing, he
said a weak 'Thank You' and tried to put it down.

Abby held up a piercing tool she had borrowed and gave him
a wicked grin.

"Oh, I'm so glad you like it.  We can do it now!"

It took a half of a bottle of scotch, which she had also
thoughtfully purchased ahead of time, and much cajoling
before he bared his chest to the tool.  She didn't waste
time, but plunged it through and through before he realized
what was going on.

When he saw the blood, and finally felt the pain, he
fainted dead away.  But she was proud that he didn't
scream.  She heated the soldering iron and sealed the heart
after she had looped it through the hole.  He was still
passed out.

He found his ring as erotic as hers.  He needed only to
touch it, or brush up against something to get hard.  And
then he would fuck her hard.  She loved it.

Several days later Eric came in visibly upset.  He had been
playing basketball at the gym and was on the 'skins' team.
The tiny heart had caused a near riot.  First the guys
razzed him.  One guy got a fat lip when he went a little
too far and called him gay.  They all knew Abby and all the
other wives and girlfriends, too.

Finally, he had had to explain about her ring and his.
This was his commitment to his wife, as he explained it.

Eric didn't understand why his wife started crying, but he
enjoyed what she did for him afterwards with her mouth.
And with her pussy and her asshole later that night.  She
was a mad horny woman, suddenly.

Abby had received the first curious call a couple of days
later.  One of the guy's wives wanted to know if it was
true, did it hurt, could she see it....

Abby laughed as she remembered the calls.  Each one of the
team's wives or girlfriends had come over in turn, looked
and eventually ended up in bed with Abby.  Nothing serious,
just good sex between girls.  And all of them got pierced
and came back to show her.  And ended up in bed again.
Some came back quite a few times.

Abby told Eric about all of them.  It excited him almost as
much as the rings did.  He told her when the next heart
showed up on the basketball court, and then the others.
The guys just grinned at her when they saw her now and
reflexively touched their own rings.



Sandi's voice brought her back out of her trip down memory
lane.  She blushed.

"Abby, do you know who Sam is?"

She nodded that she did.

"Could you ask him if he would agree to meet Karin

"KARIN!?"  Abby's eyes were wide and she paled noticibly.

"Oh!  Do you know her?"

"I, uh, I thought she was arrested for murder and was in
prison.  That's what I told him."

"Someone else did it."

"Oh God.  Oh shit!  Damn.  I really fucked up!  He, Sam,
has been a miserable wreck since then, too.  He hasn't
dated or even flirted.  Some times I have to check his
breath with a mirror to see if he's alive.  It's like he's
not here, but he is, you know?"

"I know exactly.  No spark left, listless, half a person,
yada-yada-yada.  Karin is the same way most of the time.
She thinks Sam abandon her."

"Oh, no!  Never!  She must have been special.  Oh, Go, I
really messed up big time!  But what can I do to help?"

Sandi and Abby grinned as they both realized at the same
time that they had all the pieces to a small, but difficult
puzzle.  They immediately put their heads together to begin
planning a special reunion for the two forlorn lovers.
Hell itself couldn't have stopped these two female cupids
as they plotted to get their respective friends back

Abby suddenly had several calls to make.

Sandi called Sally, Karin's secretary.

The plot had begun.


Karin was lunching today with her banker to discuss
preparations for expanding to the international market and
needed to confirm the letters of credit and the bank's
support of the move.  Sally had set this meeting up with
the president of the bank himself, and Karin was nervous.
She was still uncomfortable around lots of money.  Even if
it was hers.

She sat in the waiting room nervously tapping her foot.
She hadn't gotten around much after she started working.
New buildings and places unsettled her.  And Sally's
attitude today!  She felt like she had been on inspection
before Sally would let her go.  She had even asked her if
she had on clean underwear!  What nerve!

The secretary buzzed the president.  "The CEO of Saunders,
Inc. to see you, sir."

"Show him in, please, Abby."

The secretary smirked at the small joke she was playing on
her boss.  She was going to love to see his face when he
saw this beautiful young woman walk into his office instead
of an old man.  "This way, please."

She led Karin down to a huge door at the end of the
hallway.  She pushed open the door and walked in, shielding
Karin from the man.  She was just getting ready to
introduce them when he froze.  Karin had stepped into full
view and his face looked like he had seen a ghost.  He
stood, the blood draining from his face, his mouth working
but no sound coming out.

She heard a small strangled cry behind her.  Karin had seen
her boss and stopped short.  She had reflexively raised up
her hand to caress the tips of her breasts.  And she had
called out "Sam," except it came out stangled.

"Oh, to be a fly on the wall right now!," Abby wished.  It
didn't come true, of course.  Sensing retreat was the best
thing to do, she silently closed the door securely and
walked down the hall to her desk.  She had a million things
to do.  Add another name to the guest list, cancel the rest
of the appointments for 'His Nibs' but first she had to
make that call to Jacki's Boutique.  She dialed the stylish
boutique on the first floor of the building.

"Jacki, this is Abby in the bank.  I need something special
for the Ball tonight. ... No, not for me, once was enough.
... Oh, she's about 6 foot tall. ... Believe me, you'll
have to send up your best stuff.  This lady will outshine
anything you have in the store.  Perfect face, perfect
body. ... The whole works, dress, necklace, shoes. ... Size
7 or 8. ... I trust you, Jacki. ... Oh, and throw in a pair
of hiking boots and pair of shorts and a top.  I have a
feeling they'll be going to the cabin. ...Yeah, first time
in a year! ... No, no underwear.  I don't think she's going
to need it. ... Well, they're in conference now, so around
6:00? ... Yeah, that kind of 'conference'. ... What?  Oh,
charge it to Peter Jones.  He'll never notice."


Karin looked down at the name plate on the desk.  "You're
Peter Jones.  I never knew your name."

He paled.  "Karin." he started.

"You didn't call."

"I tried.  They said Bill, your husband, was dead -
murdered.  They said you were in prison.  I was away in
Hong Kong and my secretary tried to get in touch with you
the next day.  The last I heard was that you were arrested
for his murder.  I should have tried harder, but I couldn't
get away, get back.  I have been miserable without you.  I
didn't know K. Saunders was you.  By the way, this is very
impressive!," he said, lifting up the sheaf of research
papers on his desk.

She stood rooted to the spot.  Tears streamed down her
face.  She had found him.  But would he still want her?

"Karin, come here."

She brightened, smiling through her tears.  She walked over
to stand in front of him.  He looked down at her as if
considering something.  He leaned over to the intercom and
pushed button.  "Abby, cancel the rest of my day."

"I already have, sir."

Peter walked over to the double doors and locked them.  He
crossed back to Karin and took her in his arms.  They
kissed deeply.  As they kissed she quietly unbuttoned her
blouse.  She pulled the edges back to expose her bare
breasts to his starched shirt and tucked it in her waist
band to keep it out of the way.  When she was done she
threw her arms around his neck.  She hung on like a
drowning person to a life ring.  She looked up into his
eyes and smiled through her tears.

"I love you, Peter Jones/ Sam Adams.  I want to be with

"Karin, do you remember the night we met?  The President's


"It's tonight.  Would you like to go?  I'm the host member
this year.  Since I was gone for the last one, they
rescheduled me."

His fingers found her bare breasts and he smiled down at
her.  A shiver ran through her as he fingered the gold
rings.  He pulled gently on them, stretching her tits as
they talked.  He felt the chain connecting them and pulled
back to look at it.  He nodded his approval as he tugged it

"Ooohhh Sssam.  With you?"

"Yes and no."

"What do you - OOOHHHHH - mean?"

"You're a CEO now.  You'll have to go as a member, not a


She thought about it for a while during the erotic
stimulation of her nipples.

"Can a member dance with the host?"

"It hasn't happened up until now, but there isn't a rule
against it"

She tightened her grip around his neck.  He twisted the
tips of her tits and she panted into his collar.  Business
was forgotten.

"What are the rules?," she asked when she caught her

He explained them all, even the ones about the prize for
the best looking date and the percentage for the host for
all contract signed at the ball.

"Sounds pretty sexist to me."  But she had immediately
thought of Sandi.  Shit, would the rats run for cover if
she brought a cop as a date!  And there was the new girl in
Finance that had caught her eye.  She could win a prize,
with a little help.  Might be fun to get her into the
dungeon afterwards, too....

She paused to think a minute and made a decision.  "I'm in,
but the first man who calls me a lesbian for trying to win
the prize will be eating his balls for breakfast.  Let
everyone know that, OK?"

"Yes, Ma'am!"

"Any other rules?"

"No, Ma'am!"

She punched him playfully and then let her hands wander to
his stiff prick.

"Can I be naughty tonight?"

"No.  It wouldn't be appropriate as a member.  Besides, I'd
- Ooohhh, yes! -get jealous."

She giggled.

"Who shall I be?"

"How about Geraldine Ferraro?, the Democratic VP nomination
a while ago.  She made it the farthest."

" 'Gerri'.  I like it."

She was quiet, but her hands were working at breakneck

"Will 'Sam' be there?"

"Yes.  OOHH Damn, that's good!"

"Can Sam and Gerri go to the cabin?"

"As soon as the ball is over, but it's a long way up there.
I don't know that Sam could wait."

"That's OK.  I've got a, uh, dungeon in my basement."

He pulled back to look at her with a raised eyebrow.  "Well

"Not as well equipped as you are, but it's adequate."


"Five minutes."

"Then 'Sam' and 'Gerri' will go there first, then the

"Will he spank her.?'




"Will he tie her up?"




"The way she likes?"


"Will he fuck her?"

"Yes, Ma'am!."





" and often?"

"Yes.  And, before she asks any more questions, in any
orifice she wants."

In a tiny little girl voice that cried out for arms to wrap
her up she ask:

"Can Peter fuck Karin now?"

"Yes," he whispered quietly.

She sobbed her relief.  Her voice was still a whisper in
his ear.

"I haven't - How do you - What orifice do you want, Peter?

"All of them."

"They're yours, dearest.  Only yours."

He grinned at her as they slid to the floor in each other's
tight embrace, oblivious to the world around them.


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