Skinny Dipping
by Nicole

She gracefully swam out to the string of rocks that rested beside the short waterfall. The short falls dropped into a basin below where most of the park's visitors gathered to swim. She had been down there enough times to feel safe that hardly anyone knew how to get up to the top. The road to the top of the falls had been blocked as well, due to some construction, so she felt confident that she’d have lots of privacy. She dragged herself onto her favorite rock, her jiggling flesh damp as a water sprite's. She shook out her long dark hair and wiped the water from her clear green eyes before peering over the edge. Carefully she scooted forward on her tummy. Already shivers of excitement were coursing through her veins, causing the stubs at the peaks of her luscious breasts to pucker and tingle. She naughtily considered how delicious an orgasm would feel at just that moment, but thought better of it. Not here anyway. But why couldn't she?

The afternoon sun felt wonderful on her golden skin as she stretched her legs and propped herself up on her elbows to sneak a glance. "Oh god," she giggled. The parking lot was pretty full today. She knew she had to be careful and not scoot too far forward. The rushing water to her left could easily sweep her into the water fall and plunge her into the basin below. That and the fact that the view from below was what attracted most of the visitors, it was just way to easy to be seen.

The thought of being caught in her current state was both exhilarating and terrifying. She'd never been especially shy, but she wasn't a slut either and she could just imagine the reactions if anyone she knew found out what she was doing out here. It would be scandalous. She giggled like a child at the thought of what the school newsletter might say. "Head cheerleader caught skinny dipping at the lake!" Her flawless skin blushed crimson at the notion. Ever since last summer at camp when Nicole and her friend Heather had gone skinny dipping, she thought about it constantly. There was something about dipping her bare extremities into the icy cold water that gave her a delicious amount of pleasure. That and the risk of being caught by just about anyone made the thought of it irresistible.

She slowly turned upright and scooted as close as she dared, just inches from the rapidly flowing waterfall. She closed her eyes lazily, luxuriating in the warmth of the suns rays on her bare breasts and tummy. No one had to know she didn't get her all over tan from one of those fake and bake tanning beds. She slipped her foot into the rushing water and giggled softly at the sensation of coolness on her toes. At the same time her left hand left the long chain that dangled from her neck with the sole key to her car. She had been very careful to lock her clothes into her car before coming out for a swim. She’d heard way too many stories of people losing their clothes or keys or having them stolen outright. She was far too smart for that. Her car was safely hidden behind some bushes off the road and locked with all her belongings tucked inside and the only key was resting between her heavy breasts on a long silver chain.

With her safety all but guaranteed, she lazily stroked the skin just below her navel. "Mmm," she sighed. Her small hand coursing it's way down to the fringes of her neatly trimmed hair. She opened her eyes guiltily, scanning the perimeter before she sighed deeply and closed them again. Goose bumps erupted as she traced the lips of her puffy labia. Her breathing quickly becoming ragged as her arousal increased. Abruptly her greedy finger slipped past the mock defenses and she gasped as the pleasurable sensations washed over her. Unconsciously she parted her thighs further as she began a rhythmic plunging in and out of her damp sex.

She dragged her finger upward, spreading the dew across her swollen lips and pushed upward at the soft folds covering the insatiable demon at the apex of her vulva. She moaned aloud as her greasy finger began a circular massage of her awakened clit. Thankfully, the roar of the waterfall drowned the mewling gasps and whimpers as she quickly ascended the threshold of her climax.

"Oh god," she moaned louder as her free hand yanked and twisted her aching nipples alternatively. Her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. Then abruptly it came, erupting inside her and causing the sculpted buttocks to rise up and meet the thighs of an unseen lover. "Yes," she cried while her thighs gyrated lewdly.

"Hey!" Called a voice.

"Uggghhhh!" She gasped. Her eyes shot open in horror. She squinted as she gazed in the direction of the caller on the river bank. Mortified, her mouth dropped open at the sight of three waving arms.

"Oh god!" She shrieked and in a panic turned plunging abruptly in the water for cover and instantly disappearing into the rapids in a flail of naked limbs.

The End