Pregnant and Naked, finale

by nameless

How it all ends:

Feeling Flesh, Punishing Pain

Following a night of posing for James's instamatic, Cass paced back and forth through the house, waiting to feel something. Any twinge of pain or pressure would do, because she was due this week and anticipation had grown at a rate nearly as alarming as her belly did. For three days now she waited, and she was now, despite all she'd been through in the last trimester, wanting it to be over. Cass had so many mirrors in the house that she could not escape the sight of herself, reminding her of her beauty, but also that there was still no return on her escapades. She was still naked, and nine months pregnant.

Napping did not help. She wasn't very comfortable anymore. She tried more soaking in the tub, but it only made her retain more water. It seemed that walking was all that kept her from feeling bloated. Near noon she considered going outside, but decided to wait, for now it was too cold. Her pacing had to end. It was hurting, her ankles swelling big enough to rival her breasts, which were huge, but only James's touch did not make them sore. She tiredly lay down on the couch.

She looked around for something to do, and suddenly she saw her vibrator on the table. Did James leave that out for her? She did not care. She turned it on and cast worry away as it slipped into her tender sex. Cass began to moan with delight as the motion began sending waves of ecstasy radiating through her belly. For a good hour she felt no bloating, no discomfort, no sensation of being weighed down. She was a tremulously shivering pregnant island of ease.

Another hour wore on, and Cass began to feel cramped from not moving. She did not enjoy it, but had to get up, letting the vibrator fall out, making her suddenly feel empty. Never mind, her outside needed stimulation now. She let the back door swing open, and felt the air was warmer now, despite the sudden wind. Now, she thought. So making sure that the door wasn't locked again, Cass wandered out into the yard, letting the grass caress her swollen feet. The sun began to bring heat back to her bare skin, and her suffering breasts perked a bit in their appreciation. Lounging out in her chair seemed like a good plan.

Halfway into the walk the wind began again and Cass had to halt and giggle, with the tall grass gently tickling her belly. She walked out further until the wind attacked again, her giggling forcing her to pause again, and again from the tickling, growing in intensity with each pass. Cass at last found her chair and leaned back, rubbing her happy belly and breasts, beginning to bake in the afternoon glow.

Cass woke to the sound of her own screaming. Something deep in her burst, causing her sudden, excruciating pain. She struggled to get up, but another violent wave of pain threw her back down in the chair. The sky was dark, how many hours had she been out? All her delight was gone, replaced by suffering and desperation. Getting up, Cass tried to streak back to the house, but every few minutes, a harsh wave would bring her to the ground, a nude, screaming pile of agony! It took seeming years to get back into the house, but it was dark and she was still naked, pregnant, and alone. She could move no further when the most painful pulse yet took her strength by the dining room table. No one could hear her scream for help! Cass managed to pull herself onto the table, but another pulse, even worse than before, erupted from her belly and she was stretched out, helpless with pain. Hours she couldn't count went by and she could only lay there, scream and cry, until some of her strength returned.

A light went on in the front of the house as he arrived.

"James, help me!" she cried out. And in a minute her boyfriend was with her, rubbing wherever her pain was and kissing her everywhere he could on her swollen, naked body. What they'd waited for was arriving now.

"Don't be scared, Cass. All will be fine soon," he whispered.

"I want you here. Now, James," she whimpered. The end of her ordeal was imminent.

She caressed her huge belly for a last time, But James wasn't done. He rubbed her through another pulse of agony, then lowered his mouth to her belly again.

Suddenly, Cass felt his tongue delving deep into her bellybutton, and she lost all control, she cried and giggled, every muscle in her bare body spasming, as she ended her experience as a happy, naked, pregnant mass of screaming, shattering ecstasy!


Late in that evening, Cass gave birth to a baby girl, Sadie, and spent the full evening laying on the dining room table, nursing and being held by James. For days, Cass remained as naked her new life, despite Sadie at least getting to wear diapers. Two weeks later, James returned from work with the car full of her clothes. Dressing after three months of forced nudity was a strange sensation, but Cass was happy to be normal again. Not caring about her appearance anymore, she went back to work in her slightly-bigger size clothes.

Sometimes admitting to friends that she missed being pregnant, Cass often stripped completely nude to nurse, or held Sadie with her in the shower. Months later, when Sadie was learning to walk, Cass would undress the both of them, lie on the floor, and enjoy reliving the feeling of baby kicks on her bare belly. Their relationship staying open, when James would leave for things he didn't explain, she would call the kids, now in college, and they would come over for hours of being naked together. All were getting better at treating each other to group massage.

And one evening about a year later, Once Sadie was safe in bed, Cass stripped naked and slid into bed next to James, also not wearing a stitch. Cass whispered, "Baby, let's do it again."