A Night In The Altogether

By nameless

As he ate the last of his toast, James did not regret a thing. He looked at Cass with a passion he'd not often shown, and even when she was thinking of other things, he could see the deep place in her head that reminded her how beautiful she was. How alive she felt when he touched her bare body! Suddenly, her knees buckled as she stepped from the table, and he ran to support her. Cass's breathing was irregular now as she tried to take her deep, cleansing breaths. She could not speak, so James pushed the dishes away and laid her out on the table. Her face broke into a huge grin as she stretched her arms and legs out, beginning to calm. James then knew what it was and placed his hands on her taut naked skin. He fought back the urge to weep as he felt the violent barrage of kicks from her belly! No time would be wasted now.

James lowered his ear to her bulge, then his cheek, and suddenly he parted lips and planted his tongue deep into Cass's cavernous and sensitive belly button! With force she never felt before Cass screamed and every muscle in her body went into spasm. She had lost all possible control and was by her boyfriend's tongue reduced to a pregnant mass of shattering orgasm! Still unable to speak, Cass desperately willed it to never end. But the feeling did subside, and James kissed both her swollen nipples before he left. Cass lay on the table for hours giggling from the sensation.

A pounding on the back door forced her to get up. Cass did not know if she could let anyone in with her like this. She peeked out the window to see who was there. What she found came as a surprise. The eight older teens from her day outside stood in the lot, guys and gals, and all of them were as naked as she was! As she opened the door they told her how each of them longed to see and feel her again, and to heighten the experience they all tossed their clothes away as they walked through the tall grass. Cass did not think it could be more intense. The boys all stood together, and she was already eyeing up four very solid, very eager members. They reminded her of how long it had been since she and James... She did not care. James wanted their affair to be open, so she was going to allow it.

She walked in between them, sat down in the grass, and pointed to the boy with the shortest member. "You first." He hesitated, but she continued, "And do not be scared, It's not like you will get me pregnant!" Giggling over that, the boy dropped to the ground and pulled Cass into his lap. She threw her head back as he began to fill her. She had to control the pace, but she would be happy no matter how long it lasted. She almost did not notice when a pair of the girls sat by her and began to fondle her breasts. They looked envious, like they wanted theirs to be as huge. She was too busy moaning to explain, but reached out with both hands and began to feel their chests, giving them the same sensations. As the boy hit his climax, She moved from his lap and pointed to the next shortest one.

Now she lay on her side and he lay between her legs. Again she had the control, something she hardly had with James anymore. Another of the girls bent over Cass and began swishing her hair over her bare flesh. These feelings seemed new to Cass and she grinned up at the girl, using a free hand to explore her flat belly. She shouted in delight as another boy was done. She chose almost the biggest boy now.

He took control, positioning her on her other side and stretching her leg up high. With this, first pair of girls each took a foot and began to manipulate them with their fingers and tongues. Cass cried out in ecstasy from it, almost forgetting how she was being filled with young virility. Not for long, because she was nearly spent as she and the boy orgasmed together. She grinned and giggled with her point, "Now for the big one!"

The last boy showed off a bit of his exposed muscles as he came forward, grabbed Cass, and laid her out on the ground. There was no taking control from him as he spread her legs and ordered a pair of girls to hold down her arms. Then he looked at the last girl and she bent over Cass, giving her the double sensation of her belly being filled to the limit and incessantly tickled by the girl's long hair! Cass screamed and giggled the whole time, with his pace increasing and hers becoming more gentle. A new height was reached as the helpless Cass climaxed the same time as the boy.

Alone for a moment, Cass rubbed her happy belly and let all the sensations she felt pass all through her nude body. She was dimly aware of the four pairs of teens doing it around her, celebrating her, making her feel intensely sexual. When they were done, all clustered into her, feeling the warmth of each other's bodies. As the boys lifted them on their powerful arms, the girls each took a few minutes to lie aside Cass, holding each other's swollen bosom and delighting in the skin contact just below. Each time a violent kicking session occurred inside Cass and she giggled, "Laying together like this, we feel it kicking both our bellies."

Everyone got a huge stronghold on Cass before they left to find their clothes, giving their word that they would come see her again. The last girl to leave gave her a box, saying she could use it for a while. Alone again, Cass looked at the box and decided to wait before opening it. She ran to the house, looking around to see if James was back yet. But Cass was in for a terrible surprise. She'd let the back door lock behind her. There was no way in the house! She almost cried, but held back, and decided to see what they gave her.

The box held a stethoscope. For a moment, Cass did not realize what it was for, but felt another kick and knew what to do. She sat down, put the pieces in her ears, and gently touched the stethoscope to her belly. A soft, hurried thumping reached her ears, and now there was no holding back. Cass began to cry like the little one she was listening to, losing all control again and fell back into the grass, looking at the sun set behind her enormous belly.

Strong hands lifted her in the dark. Cass would have screamed, but the tongue suddenly poking into her bellybutton calmed her into realizing it was James. He whispered sweet nothings into her ear again, but she did hear that he was planning a long night of ecstasy for her. There were no lights on in the house, and she did not bother opening her eyes until she felt herself being lowered into warm water. She found herself sinking into the bathtub, watching her large breasts bobbing to the surface. Her eagerly kicking feet calmed as they felt the soothing heat, but her belly was left above the surface like a desert island. James took care of that. A handful at a time, he poured the warm water over her bare belly, causing sensations that made her wriggle in the water, sending waves of liquid delight over her buoyant breasts. Gently he splashed the water over her hair, her face, her neck, and she was helpless under his care, except to moan in ecstasy. The sensations were pure happiness for Cass, feeling most of her body wrapped in warm soothing water, her enormous belly shivering in the colder air, and she even felt the small bit of heat from the little puddle in her bellybutton. James blew gently over it, and she
shook massively with an delighted giggle. She was so happy now that she just soaked up the warmth, barely noting when the water began to drain away.

But suddenly she was much colder, and James had her by the arms. Before she knew what was happening, her wrists were chained over her head, fastened above her. Being pulled even higher, her legs were dragged from the tub and chained to its legs on the outside. She was shivering too much to scream, and then her lips were immobilized in a massive kiss. After it, she could barley move, and James was all over her, and deep inside her. She felt his hands and mouth seemingly everywhere on her body at once, but his pace inside her never slowed. All she could do was let her head fall back as she hung helpless with him, and she screamed in orgasm as his member pounded incessantly, seemingly deeper and deeper into her belly. His tickling hands found her belly on the outside, and she screamed again in delight. Over and over they did it, with James's hands rubbing and tickling every bit of her naked, straining flesh. And without halting for hours he drove he member deep inside her.

"OH MY BELLYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Cass screamed orgasmically as she was driven on and on to pregnant sexual mania!