Pregnant and Naked
by Nameless

Part 2: Big Belly In The Buff

After the evening of being stripped and massaged into ecstasy, Cass woke to find every stitch of her clothing gone from the house. So this was how serious James was. She really was trapped with two-and-a-half months of pregnancy still ahead, and she would be spending all of it completely in the nude! It took all of her will not to cry with James home, but when she was without him, she allowed herself the release.

Cass leaned back on their bed, whimpering as huge tears ran over her face, down her bloated sore breasts, and onto her enormous belly. Letting it come out for half an hour, she then dried off with a big bathroom towel, and considered wrapping up in it for a while. No, if James came home and found her, he'd take them away and maybe do something worse to her. Better to keep letting it all hang out.

The weeks lingered on and Cass slowly felt better. She could be watching TV, making something in the kitchen or cleaning house, and for a little while not even remember that she had absolutely nothing on, and anyone could see how Cass was nakedly bursting with life!

Then the reminder would come as James would walk past her, which he never did without pausing to touch her, hold her exposed breasts, run his hands over her belly, sensastions that she truly enjoyed. There were other times when Cass was seated in the living room, doing something James thought could wait, when he tore whatever it was from her hands, held her immobile by the wrists and lavished innumerable kisses over her belly, breasts, thighs, whatever he could reach. These feelings too were ones she couldn't resist.

One evening, as Cass lay trying to sleep, James crept into the room, slipped the linens from the bed, and moved in between her parted legs. Before she knew what was happening, James was at her tender area, doing a little of what got her this way. At first she wasn't interested, and tried to go back to sleep. But James began to mumble sweet nothings into her bare sex and kept her awake. She still did her best to ignore it and not react. Then, in a sure way to get her, his hands came from the dark and began making spidery motions on her belly.

Cass held out for as long as she could, but the motions were simply too ticklish. she began to writhe, silently at first, but not long after Cass was a naked, manic, giggling, tremblous mass of pregnant ectasy! James kept on kissing and tickling until Cass could barely breathe and looked up to see her face contorting every which way, her breasts tumbling about and her huge, beautiful belly heaving with every deep, cleansing breath. Now he simply took off all his own clothes, lay down beside her and held her close as they calmed down, belly-to-belly, his hands caressing her swelling bosom.

Even in the dark he could see her luminous face, which plainly read, "I feel SOOOOOOO good."

Not long after Cass passed out in his strong arms, and all night he held her nude body close to him, enjoying her. New life and all.

Part3: Eight Months To The Wind

The linens slid away as Cass walked away from her bed. James was at work early, leaving her alone again. They were in the another month now, and she still occasionally cried when he wasn't home, but today she was in a good mood. Her full length mirror beckoned and Cass began posing like a pinup girl, giggling at the way she looked now. She began to feel sexier with each new pose, even if she was completely naked and eight months pregnant!

She tried to do work out a little, jumping, running in place, twists, and nearly sang with delight watching her enormous breasts and massive belly bouncing all over. That done, she stood up looking head-on at herself, and began to shake every muscle she could, watching her huge bare folds wiggle and shiver, until she was almost as loose as overdone pasta. Before she used up the last of her strength, she laid down on the floor, looking at her swollen profile in the mirror, and began to seesaw herself back and forth, up and down, watching every last part of her body move, feeling every cell wake up and scream to her brain:
You are woman, you are pregnant, you are naked, you are beautiful, you are alive!

When Cass couldn't teeter on her butt anymore she collapsed on her back, kicking her legs as high as she could and waving her arms all over the place, giggling maniacally. After an hour or two, Cass barely had the strength to move from her place on the floor, so she curled her legs up to herself as close as she could, and let her hands wander about her titanic belly. That always felt so good. In the mirror, Cass watched her breasts heave with each breath as she caressed herself to sleep.

Cass woke with a startled gasp. James towered over her, one bare foot on either side of her big bare belly. He looked angry, which made her shiver in fear, willing him to only be fooling her.

"So, I come home for lunch and find you asleep on the bedroom floor? What were you trying to do, nap away some time and forgetting why I took away your clothes?"

"No, James!" she whimpered. "I was watching myself moving in the mirror, posing, working out, even just shaking about feeling my body. I wore myself out and fell asleep rubbing my belly."

She grinned, thinking he believed her. She was right.

"Fine. I would prefer to do that for you, but it's time for something else. You've been hiding in this house too long, Cass."

"Of course I have! Because you are forcing me to spend all of my pregnancy naked! How can I go anywhere?"

James snickered. "You find out right now." With that, James lifted his naked, pregnant girl into his grip and proceeded to carry her through the house and opened the back door. Cass's eyes were suddenly bigger than her belly.

"No! James, put me down. Let me back in the house. People will see me!"

A large vacant lot overrun with tall grass stretched back from the rear door, which scared Cass because kids often cut through it coming home from school. James carried her far out into the grass, and then she saw the very low wooden chair on the ground, the back fixed to lay back almost parallel to the ground, the arms made to spread out at the sides. In a moment, He lowered her into the chair and suddenly he tied her wrists down to the arms and her ankles to the bottom. Cass couldn't move other than a little struggling.

"You didn't suppose I'd keep you indoors the whole time, did you?" James laughed. "You need some sun and air. And if anyone passes here, they will see you and your beauty will be noticed. I can't keep you for me alone. See you in a long while." James walked away, grinning.

Cass began to panic as she heard the car pull away. She was used to having nothing on, but now James was headed back to work, leaving her pregnant, naked, outside, and worst of all, helpless! She was at the mercy of anyone who happened to find her! But the worst was creeping up on her.

All during the morning she'd played with her breasts, her belly, every last part of her bare form she could reach. Now the sensations were coming back to her as she woke up again. She could feel herself beginning to strain, like it was looking for flesh to come in contact with. It began nearly as an itching sensation, but soon turned into a tingling. Deep down, Cass could feel what she wanted. What her body wanted. But tied down like this she couldn't even caress her own body. She almost screamed in agony as she struggled and shook. Every cell in her nude helpless body, most of all her bare belly, cried out to be touched!

Then, she heard it. Or them. Movement in the tall grass. People were coming, must be kids cutting through to get home. What could she do? She thought, she could scream and horrify them, leaving her safe but alone again. Or she could let them come, be open, explain it all, and let them stay. There was a risk, but she'd lose her mind if her needs weren't tended to. She made her choice as the grass shield was breached.

There were eight of them, four boys, four girls, and all had stopped in shock at the sight of her. She tried to smile and said "Hello." They stammered and tried to say the same, eyes wide and breaths held. How else to react to finding a woman tied up in her backyard, hugely pregnant and completely nude? They tried to bumble out their curiosities, and she began to explain.

"My name is Cass. I'm so pregnant now that I kept popping buttons and pulling stitches, so my boyfriend took my clothes away and now he pampers me all the time."

They began to relax and ask things like, Wasn't she embarassed?

"Not anymore. I've been forced to spend my whole life naked so I'm used to it now. I often forget until he touches me, and I enjoy that."

What else does he do?

"Well, when I sit alone, sometimes he rips whatever I'm holding away, pins my hands, and kisses me all over."

Do you do anything all day?

"Whatever needs doing. But sometimes I'm alone and I try to feel every part of my body. It all feels different now that I'm pregnant."

The big one then came. How does it feel?

"I can't word it, you just have to feel it yourself."

At that, eight pairs of hands were looked at and began to tremble as they looked at her again. She smiled eagerly.

"Come on, don't be afraid. I kinda wanted you to ask." They needed no more asking.

Under the baking afternoon sun, the eight high school kids let their hands wandered about on Cass's helpless body, making her feel immensely feminine and sexy. Her unprotected, nude belly was the place all of them wanted to touch. But often turns had to be taken, and the others contented themselves and her by caressing her all over. Legs, arms, neck, sides, whatever wasn't being touched was soon brought to ecstasy. Suddenly, there were four pairs of boy's hands caressing her breasts, and she was a little concerned. But not for long, because she realized it was feeling her heartbeat they wanted. But another happy instance suddenly happened not long after. Cass began to writhe and squeal, feeling strong kicks from inside her. Instantly, all hands were laying on her belly, feeling them along with her. All were giggling with excitement.

Before they ended their rubbing and holding, Cass screamed wildly in the throes of a huge multiple orgasm.

As the sun went down, the kids had to get home, but asking eagerly if they could come back. She all but begged them to, and soon. After they left, She could nearly fall back to sleep in the chair, nude and happy. But James's plan wasn't over yet. As it got dark, the wind picked up, stronger and stronger. And soon the tall grass was bowing to its force. Lower and lower, while Cass willed James to come back and untie her. But he wasn't coming home this evening.

Then it happened. The grass was brushing on her bare feet, making her squirm. But lower still, and her underarms felt the grass. She could barely budge from the sensation. Even lower, and her thighs fell victim. Cass shook and screamed for release, But the wind only drowned her out as it drove the grass lower to caress her bare breasts. She was desperate to hold back, but all control was lost as the grass bowed with the wind to touch her nude, bulging belly, the most sensitive part of her.

Poor pregnant Cass exploded in maniacal laughter again as every movement of the tall, soft grass tortured her naked body with insane, incessant tickles! Cass's wild fits of giggling poured out into the windy dark, bringing her to nirvana over and over again!