Pregnant and Naked
by Nameless

Knocked Up, Stripped Down

Cass was just into her third trimester when she began to seem to expand by the minute. Only two weeks past that marker, she was asked to take leave from her job, since her mood swings and tightening clothes were making everyone uncomfortable. Now all she could do was sit around the house waiting, trying to move easily, shifting in a futile attempt to get comfortable. Her boyfriend James, on the other hand, was getting more and more agitated at watching her. She seemed to have a crying fit every day now, and barely an hour went by when she tried to change clothes, usually because her buttons were popping or getting small runs in the stitching.

Now, three weeks in, Cass was trying to pick up stuff in the kitchen when she bent over. It had to happen. She heard her full size pants split down the back, and she could feel two lower buttons break off her blouse. James came in at that moment, and she began to cry again. This was more humiliating and frustrating than anything she'd ever been through. But James decided, enough was enough, and hatched a plan.

When Cass ran stumbling from the room as usual, James walked into her closet, then her drawers, gathering up every piece of clothing she owned, and placed them in the back of his car. He knew a place where he could store them until they fit again. Then he built a small fire on the hearth and pulled out the living room's fold-out bed. With rope and shears ready, He sat waiting. Cass came plodding down to the living room, red teary eyes searching for James and wanting to know what was happening. Suddenly, her boyfriend had her!

Grabbing her from behind, James managed to roll Cass onto her back across the fold-out and before she could even scream, had her tied to the metal edge bar at the wrists.

"What are you doing?!?" She screamed, but he didn't answer as he tied her ankles down. Then he grinned at her.

"What we need me to do." Then he pulled out the shears. Cass hadn't bothered to change again, but began to whimper as he neatly sliced away the torn pants and threw them onto the fire. Her buttonless blouse came next, and was soon added to the flames. Cass couldn't believe this and shouted for James to stop until she felt the cold shear blade against her breast. it slid under the strap of her oldest bra and the fabric was split. Then the other side, and James tore the bra away, letting Cass's swollen breasts tumble down as their covering burned. Lastly, James made two little cuts and Cass's panties were gone, disentegrating in the orange glare. James left the room a moment, and Cass helplessly watched the fire go out, leaving only ashes of what she didn't yet realize were all her clothes in the house!

James came back, stood at the foot of the bed and announced, "Cass I'm sorry, but I can't take anymore of your ripping clothes, complaining about being uncomfortable, and sticking out of everything you try to wear, because it's all too small. You are going to spend the rest of your pregnancy in this house, tied down if necessary, and absolutely NAKED!"

Cass began to cry again. She didn't consider herself very beautiful when she wasn't pregnant, and if swelling up like a balloon wasn't enough, now this!

"How could you do this to me, James?" she wailed.

"I have to, Cass. You're miserable and sharing it with me. I've decided I'll be spending the rest of the time taking your misery away." He smiled. From behind his back James produced their bottle of baby oil. He took the phone from his pocket and began calling friends as he poured the glistening cool liquid over Cass's big round belly. She didn't really pay attention to what he was saying on the phone, only trying to stop crying and enjoying the sensation of the oil running up and down on her bare skin. When James hung up the phone, he put the oil down and turned on some more lights. Then he ran to fetch something, but when Cass saw, she screamed, "No!"

James had brought out his instamatic and began clicking away at Cass's nude, swollen form.

"I will be keeping these for years, Cass! If only you could see how beautiful you've become." The oil was reflecting off her oil-slicked body and Cass started to feel better before James ran out of film.

"That was nice," James said. But then there was a pounding on the front door, and he added, "But now it's time for your fun!"

Cass panicked. "James, don't open that door! I don't want anyone seeing me like this!"

But James only laughed. "They're going to see you, hear you, and most importantly, FEEL you! They'll be here all night making you feel beautiful."

Cass was sobbing uncontrollably when James let eight of their close friends into the room -- some from work, others from the neighborhood. All were eyeing her up with anticipation.

Cass whimpered, "Please, you've seen me naked now, even if I'm pregnant. Please leave now!" All of them shook their heads. They'd seen how miserable Cass had been and now it was time for their enjoyment. And hers. James poured the oil on each of their hands. Then each took a body part, and Cass became the receiver of a massive group massage. Cass was soon too tired to beg and just let her eyes close as she felt every inch of her body be touched. Face, legs, feet, shoulders, arms, hands, breasts, belly... without a break for what seemed like hours.

James rebuilt the fire after everyone had gone, and lay on the bed with his head on Cass's swollen belly. "Now was that so bad?" James asked, knowing the answer.

"I didn't want it to end," she said, "but at the beginning, I was so embarrassed!"

"You couldn't be anymore than before. I just thought you'd feel better. You're what's important." Cass fell asleep as he cleaned her off. James untied her hands and feet, but he had a friend take his car home. Cass was as naked as the life inside her, and naked she would stay. For how long, he didn't care. He lay beside her, thinking of ways to pamper her the next day.