Naked On The Table
by Nameless

Part 2: Stimulating tests

My eyes were still closed. I was feeling too weak to move. I felt a ticklish brushing on my tummy and another on my neck. I went to push them away and that's when I started to wake up. I was laying on a large table in the back room of the doctor's office. Exactly as I worried, I looked down and saw I was still totally nude, but my hands weren't tied down like before. I couldn't see my clothes anywhere, but I saw with relief no needles, either. My eyes were still adjusting to the dark and caught the silouhette of my nurse against the window, with the dark sky outside. I sat up to meet her.

"Taking blood makes you a sound sleeper, my dear." said the nurse. "You've been out over three hours now. I've been testing you in various places to see where stimuli would wake you, but it certainly took a long time."

Did she even remember what she put me through earlier? I certainly did. And while I enjoyed it at the time, there was no need to do this now. They had their samples, and I wasn't scared anymore. I needed no more distraction.

"Why am I still naked?" I asked.

"It's kinda like this," she told me, giving me a large bottle of water. "Drink all of this. I didn't know how long you'd sleep, so I decided we would do some experimenting on what stimulates a man like you. And since you just happened to be here... and naked... and at my mercy, you've been selected to feel whatever we can think of."

I dropped the empty water bottle. Experiment on me? I never agreed to this! What did she think she was doing? I shouted no and immediately leaned down to undo the straps around my ankles. Suddenly there was another needle pointed at my face and a loud female voice ordered, "Lie down!"

With my deepest fear right in my face, I was instantly down on my back again.

Someone else was in the room? Then maybe someone else was out in the office. I began to shout for help when the my nurse went to tie my hands back down I still couldn't see anyone else, but I felt the tip of the needle being slowly dragged around on my testicles, and my cries dwindled into little whimpers. Another white-clad figure stepped into the light and the my nurse introduced her as the lab girl. The needle went away, but out of fear of it returning I didn't shout again.

The lab girl sneered at me and said, "I'm the only one your nurse called. I have very little fun on this job because she gets to see all the naked guys and make them do as she wants. Tonight, she said there was a rare chance for me, and get over here if I didn't want it missed. Seems you are my surprise, and it's going to be a long, wild night!" She started to laugh and I shivered. That slowly went away as she ran her warm hands up my bare legs, in circles on my tummy, more circles on my nipples and gently caressed my neck. Despite being naked and scared, her touch was making me feel good. "I hope you're comfortable now, because it may not last," lab girl said, making spidery movements with her fingers on my privates.

They left the room and I was alone for about two minutes, nude and helpless. When they came back, each of them had something behind their backs. Fear gripped me. Was it what had brushed me awake, or more of those terrifying needles? Or something else?!? The nurse smiled. "I think we'll begin with something you seem to enjoy." They whipped out the unknown objects. They each had two enormous, fluffy feathers!

There was no escape, and no relief in sight. At the shout of the nurse, they both began to dance around me, torturing me with the feather here, then there, all over my nude, trapped body -- pits, neck, feet, thighs, arms, calves. I couldn't hold back laughing even for a five seconds. But then, then they went for my most sensitive spots. Each of them took their two feathers and went wild on my tummy and testicles! I couldn't tell if I was laughing or screaming. They held back for about ten seconds to let me breathe, then started the dance all over again. Not a cell of my naked flesh was spared from those mad feathers. After another ten-second break, I saw one of them set a clock, for how long I couldn't see. I cringed. I knew what was coming next. All four feathers, All out of control, ALL OVER MY TUMMY AND TESTICLES! I just began to fear I wouldn't last the night when the timer went off. I didn't care how long it had been, I just wanted to stop laughing long enought to breathe. Both of them smiled at me.

"You're making a fun test subject," the lab girl said.

"Now let's cool you off a little. Make that a lot!" With that, she turned the air conditioning on full blast, and they left the room again. Returning, they had a big cooler between them, and I figured out what she'd meant.

Nurse and lab girl opened the cooler and began rubbing my helpless body down with handfuls of ice! I began to scream, especially when they went up and down the soles of my feet. Then each of them took a huge chunk and went to my wrists, sliding them all the way down, through my pits, along my ribs, over my hips until they reached my ankles, and then slid them all the way back up again. Lab girl started tracing my waistline when I realized the water they made me drink before was taking its toll. I was shivering like mad, but managed to get out that I had to go. Lab girl paid no attention, but Nurse walked over to the counter and set up the bedpan again. I was worried that I knew what would happen. Lab girl grabbed the biggest ice chunk she could find and slapped it on my privates! I screamed, but Nurse just dropped another big chunk into my mouth. Then she grabbed more and began to tease my nipples with it. The cold was getting more intense between my legs and it was getting harder and harder to hold it in. Finally, Nurse grabbed the almost-empty cooler and dumped the last of the ice on my tummy! I never felt such cold before and screamed as the ice in my mouth melted. Both of them were rubbing my poor tummy and laughing as I had to let go. I peed just as high and long and accurately into the bedpan as I had before, and as I finished, all the ice was melted. They left again. I felt the wetness drying on my skin and hoped I wouldn't get sick, would I really want to come back to this doctor again?

When they returned, the air went off and each of them drew a vibrating massager from behind them.

"You've done so well tonight, we think we'll end this by helping you relax. And maybe excite you a bit," lab girl laughed. As they were turned on, I felt every part of me being caressed, shook up, and loosened. after all I'd beeen through this night, it was much appreciated. Both of them watched my face with much interest as I reacted to my arms, chest, sides, and legs be vibrated into euphoria. But again, they were saving the most tender for last. My tummy was still quivering when Lab girl applied the massager. She seeemed to moan along with me with great pleasure. Even my testicles were feeling good after what these girls had done before.

I barely even noticed when they turned them off. I was worn out, but not scared anymore. Nurse and Lab girl ran their bare hands over my naked body as I was fading out again. The last thing I heard was Lab girl whispering to me, "While you rest, we'll think of something new for our favorite patient!"