Naked On The Table
by Nameless

Part1: Fear of Needles

I sit in the doctor's office for my regular checkup. I can't stand when he sticks his hand in my underwear for the hernia check, so I have an idea while the nurse is leading me in. Despite what I am thinking, I do notice her long dark hair, sensitive expression, and the almost form-fitting clothes under her white lab coat.

Anyway, when I'm alone in the exam room, I take my shoes and pants off, then my shirt and socks, and I grab one of those paper towel things from the table. I hop up on the table and slip my underwear down my legs, covering my private area with the paper. After tossing my underwear over onto the pile of my clothes, I lie down on the padded table (no white coversheet, that's odd) and wait for the doctor. He comes in soon, and seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere after my exam (apparently I'm the last patient of the day). The stethoscope for some reason feels extra cold on my chest and my tummy, and everything just seems a little off (with the exam, not with me). He finishes by doing the hernia check, and replaces the cover. Then I hear what I dreaded. He wants blood taken for a cholesterol test. I try to avoid cringing, but I'm terrified of needles!

The doctor leaves, and I lie there, feeling extra vulnerable because of my clothes-free condition, but more fearing what's coming in the room soon. After many minutes pass, I decide they're too busy closing down for the day, and I'm just going to slip out unnoticed (I won't even stop to pay, just let my insurance send them the check!) Hurriedly I grab my cover from 'down there' and fling it into the corner. My clothes and the stool they were on, I notice, were moved behind the curtain across the room. Fine. I start to lift myself off the table. . .

And the door opens! It's that cute nurse who brought me in here, and I'm completely naked before her surprised gaze. "Uh, I was just leaving." I say, hoping she doesn't know.

"Not a good idea" she replies, "We need your blood and I have to be the one to take it." She goes on that the doctor's already left the building, and the only two left are this hot nurse and naked me!

"But. . . But. . . I'm afraid of needles!" I stammer. To no avail. I see her grabbing strips of rubber restraints out of a drawer and she pulls the needle from her pocket. I start to shake and beg, "No, no. . . just let me leave."

"Out of the question. Lie down please."

Try making a dignified refusal when you're nude and shivering. The room was feeling colder by the second. I laid back down and began to curl into a ball.

"Don't do that!" the nurse barked. "flat out, now!" I was to scared to resist as she held the needle before my eyes. I uncurled, and to keep me from moving she placed the needle on my chest, pointing at my face! I shut my eyes and willed this nightmare to go away. I felt something removed from my chest.

Opening my eyes, the needle was gone, but I was still on the table, and she was still there! The nurse came closer with the needle in hand. I wanted to push her away, but then I felt it. I looked down. The rubber restraints were around my wrists, ankles, and tied to the bar beneath the padding. I was bound down, totally naked, and all at her mercy!

"Now then," she laughed, "If you're through resisting, I'll just get this procedure going."

I screamed as the needle found my vein. I continued to moan as my blood was slowly drawn.

"Perhaps I can do something to distract you from the pain." Nurse suggested. "So many options since you didn't bother getting dressed."

The needle left my skin. but one blood vial wasn't enough. She'd be taking three! But first she walked behind the curtain, returning with my clothes in her hands.

"This should be an interesting evening, once I take care of these." she giggled, leaving the room almost empty and me trapped in the nude!

She wasn't gone long. Another needle found its painful mark and I screamed again. But this time she did try to distract me. She seemed to enjoy using cotton swabs to trace lines and circles up and down the soles of my bare feet, inside my thighs, round and round my nipples, and within my underarms. Despite my bounds, I managed to wriggle a little from her touching. Then she tried to make me feel even colder, rubbing swabs of alcohol on my tummy. For a little bit I forgot about the stabbing pain and almost smiled when she brought the cool trail up under my chin. Then came time to take the third vial. She had to go to my other elbow and looked down on me in sympathy as I screamed. Now she was making me forget by leaning over me and suddenly started to brush all over my bare chest and tummy with her hair! Compared to the agony of the needle, it felt wonderful. I laughed for the first time in what seemed like hours, thought it was probably only half of one.

But suddenly I felt my member growing and realized something. I had not peed since long before I got to the office. I tried to gasp out that I had to pee, but there was no stopping her. She only acknowledged by taking her hair away and tormenting my neck and underarms with her fingers. I couldn't hold it any longer. I saw my relief shooting off and hitting a bedpan she apparently placed on the counter in the beginning. She'd planned this whole thing! Once it was over, I felt the needle being taken away, but she wasn't done.

The hair came back, her fingers came back, and I was screaming with laughter as everything from my throat down to my poor testicles was being mercilessly tickled! Eventually she tired, and I felt my eyes begin to get heavy. From a mix of the blood being taken and her tormenting my nude body, I was starting to pass out. She rested her gorgeous head on my tummy and began rubbing my nipples with the alcohol again. It felt so good. I passed out there on the table, still bound and absolutely naked. I could only wonder what would happen when I woke up with this nurse still with me.