by nameless

Chapter 1

Sela was determined to make a new life. After her boyfriend ran away with her boss, she sold everything but the clothes on her back, wired all the money into an offshore account, and bought a cruise ticket one way to anywhere. Where she got off was where she would start again.

After a few days on the sea, Sela overslept and woke up stiff and sore. The gym had a hot tub, she remembered, so she didn't bother getting dressed. She simply wrapped up in a room towel and made her way to the gym, empty when she got there. Fine. She set the hot tub for an hour, threw her towel away, and settled in to the bubbly water.

Up on deck, passengers where enjoying drinks when they saw half the bow explode into pieces! They heard the crew screaming the ship had hit an old mine! Throngs of people from everywhere but the gym were piling into lifeboats, cleared away to safety.

But down in the gym, Sela had noticed nothing until she stepped from the hot tub and saw foaming water beginning to flood the hall. Forgetting her room key, she yanked the door open and waded to the deck above, looking for anyone who could help her. But all were already gone.

A fuel tank near the bow exploded from the fire, and now the ship was taking on a near straight-up-and-down path into the deep. Sela began to panic, but saw light at the top of the hallway and streaked toward it. But when she got there, all she found was a broke porthole in the stern, and the only way to go was down into the sea! Sela heard another explosion behind (or beneath?) her, and realized she had no choice. Perching her bare feet on the edge, she flung herself out the porthole and plummeted ten feet toward the waves.

She surfaced screaming. Her flat landing on the ocean surface had achingly stung her bare belly, and now the waves were slapping her in the face, causing her to gag on the seawater. Coughing and yelling for help was fast draining her strength, and as she watched the flaming wreck slip beneath the waves, she felt her strength and consciousness going down with it.

Sela stirred in the late afternoon air. feeling dry land beneath her face and legs, she woke up with a shock. She was alive, but where? She drew line in the sand and walked along the shore. Minutes later, she found the line again and saw while the trees were blossoming with fruit, they were the only inhabitants of this island, except for her. No one knew where she was. She realized now all she had went down with the ship. Sela was trapped, alone, frightened... and looking down she noticed for the first time since getting in the hot tub she was COMPLETELY NAKED!

What was the girl to do?

Chapter 2

Sela must have cried for three nights after washing up on the island. No one knew she was here, she couldn't escape, she had no idea where in the sea she was, and now she didn't have a single item to her name. All her money was in a bank on another island, and she couldn't access it since her card probably went down with the ship. And every morning she walked into the jungle-like foliage where she'd found a freshwater pond under a waterfall. There she saw her reality reflected back at her. She wasn't just trapped, she wasn't just alone, she was also totally nude!

Sela might have taken some leaves to cover herself, but what was the point if she was alone? She munched the fruit off the trees, often swam in the surf and washed under the waterfall. Rainy days occasionally happened, and near the pond there was a cave where she took refuge. Boredom hadn't driven her mad yet, but she worried that it might soon.

One morning about two weeks after washing up, Sela decided to take a run as many times around the island as she could. If she was ever to be rescued, at least she could still be attractive when they found her. After a few stretches and a long cold drink from the falls, Sela began about three feet up from the surf and took off running, her breasts bouncing high and free in the Caribbean sun. After two laps, she didn't feel the least bit worn and let her arms go, waving all around over her head as she simply allowed a sense of freedom to take over, letting her mood lift for the first time in ages. No boss, no boyfriend, no job, no house, no responsibilities, no bounds, NO CLOTHES! Sela was free!

By the tenth lap around, Sela was starting to feel the tiring brought on by her naked running, but she didn't stop. This still felt so good! But by the sixteenth lap, she was about ready to end it and topple over. Her breasts were heaving with each breath, and sweat was taking fast warm streams down her belly, drenching her legs and making the sand stick to her feet. But half a lap more made her forget all that. On the island's other side, Sela saw a large boat staked up on the beach. Footprints led into the wooded interior. Was she to be saved? She started to walk toward the pond, slowly, looking for anyone.

But then, five feet away, near the waterfall, there they were. Four rowdy men about her age, talking, laughing, washing up and grabbing a drink. Sela started to back off, but a twig snapped under her bare foot. The men heard it and looked over. She had nothing to cover herself, and all of them saw her from the bare belly up, standing a few feet away, and turning to run. The guys started to shout and laugh, as she cleared the trees and raced back up the beach. But her long run had taken its toll, and Sela couldn't keep the pace up for more than a few minutes. She gave one last desperate cry and her legs gave out. She tumbled onto her side in the sand, and moments later she was surrounded by the four tall, young, muscular, smiling men.

Chapter 3

Sela's eyes slammed shut as she willed this nightmare away. For a long agonizing minute she waited, but without even waiting for her to look each of the four rowdy boys grabbed a bare arm or a bare leg and spread her out on the beach. Then she felt rope going tightly around her wrists and ankles and spikes driven deep into the sand. Opening her eyes, Sela saw her horrifying fate. She was spread-eagled for their giddy stares, TOTALLY NAKED AND COMPLETELY HELPLESS!

The tallest one saw tears come to her eyes and walked around her, halting behind and lifting her head into his lap "Been here long?" He asked.

"About two weeks," she sobbed "I washed up here with nothing at all."

A look of sympathy came to his face and he wiped away a few of her tears. "Tell us everything."

She began, with her boss and boyfriend, the cruise to her new life, the ship blowing up, her escape from right out of the hot tub, her passing out and waking up here, and ended with the sixteen laps that morning. She wasn't the kind to reveal all to a stranger, but being nude and trapped with them, how could she hide anything?

"What will you do to me?" she asked.

"My arousing Sela," said the tall one. "My name is Caribe, and I lead these men here. We are divers and can probably find what you need in the shipwreck. We've already been down to it. We own this island and use it to relax, but with you here, I don't think any of us are right now." He looked at his men. They only laughed and shook their heads. "Therefore, I think you can help us. All of us being unattached, we would love to get a little pleasure from you, and I'm sure you will derive even more." Caribe grinned. "Consider it revenge on your boyfriend and thieving boss!"

Sela's eyes filled with fear. What did he mean by pleasure? She didn't wan't to be taken like this, not by a gang of men she hardly knew! She pleaded with Caribe and his men not to go inside her, and they stopped. They walked away and talked in a language Sela couldn't understand. What were they planning? She strained against the rope but still tired from her run before, to no avail, she was still tied down far too tight, as helpless as ever. Then they came back, hands at the ready and displaying huge grins. Sela's chest was almost too tight to let her breathe and only shook her head no. But as they all crouched around her they nodded YES and all their hands shot out over her body. Caribe gave orders for each of them to take a body part--arms, legs, belly--and he would take the rest.

Then with one more nod, all hands descended and Sela was mercilessly tickled!

"No, please, NoooohhhahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" She could no longer protest. She could barely move as well. Her head flailed side to side in her manic giggles, but the only other thing she dould do was arch her back, which gave Caribe and his helper even more access to her shaking breasts and shivering belly. For an insane half hour the tickling went on, then after a far too short, break, they switched places and drove her mad for another half hour, this time, Caribe was below her and managed to lean over and torture her belly with his long hair! Sela was pouring out so many spasms of mania that she could barely breathe, and just after it was over she passed out.

Waking just a few moments later, Sela was still surrounded by the men, but now they were only rubbing her nude body, giving her a very relaxing massage. Arms, legs, breasts, and Caribe was running his hands in endless rounds over her belly, which was sheer ecstasy. Caribe grinned back at her sweet face.

"I told you it would be pleasurable." Sela could only moan in delight.

When the massage was over, she thought they were too. But no, they untied her hands and feet, but then they picked her up and went to throw her into the air! A little scared, she began to kick and wriggle in their arms, but she couldn't stop them. Suddenly, her fear went away. She'd never felt so free, even during her run, as when she was moving through empty mid-air, naked and unbound. Caribe and his boys were so strong, she was sure she  was going up ten feet, kicking, writhing and giggling with delight every time!

After the sixteenth throw, the men waited, Sela in their arms wriggling and begging for more. Caribe had another idea. One by one the men let her be held by the other three and stripped off all their clothes. Once everyone was naked, they held Sela over their heads and ran full tilt around the island, and Sela loved the sensation of a cool wind rushing over her bare body. After a few laps, she did want them to stop, but they ran into the trees and to the pond.

With almost no hesitation, all four men, still holding Sela, leapt into the pond! Sela bobbed to the surface first, but she was in the middle and soon found herself the aim of every splash of cold water the men could make! Sela wondered why she ever wanted to escape this island.

When it was all over, the men carried Sela back to the beach, where they lay naked side-by-side, and laid her across their bellies. She knew she would spend the right here, caressed and tickled by their roaming hands. Sure she could escape now, but for what?