A Lesson In Torture
by nameless

Kiskia got off the bus wearing all the clothes she had. The idiots at the airline had sent her bags to the wrong college, and now she could barely do more than get her classes together. What she would do about living on campus for the next two months, she had no idea. Her first time out of Asia was definitely not what she expected. After dark, Kiskia was still looking for a place to stay, carrying only her purse, with her student ID inside it. There was no one she could even speak to about her problem, no one she'd ever met before. Soon that would be the least of her worries.

As she walked into a small park at the far end of campus, Kiskia was suddenly grabbed by two masked men. She tried to scream, but only got a hand stuck in her mouth. She tried to hit either of them with her purse. They were prepared for that, and it was soon out of her hands, with its strap being tied around her wrists. Her shoes were torn off her feet, but the laces were used to bind her ankles together. Another mask was pulled over her head to keep her from seeing, then she felt herself being lifted and taken away.

When the mask was lifted, Kiskia looked about at over two dozen boys looking at her and snickering. She was in one of the frat houses, and this had to be one of the pranks. The most well-dressed one, some kind of leader, looked her in the eyes and said, "Now, girl. You'll want to spare yourself all the torture this evening can bring, so tell us where the sorority took our mascot."

Kiskia panicked. She wasn't in any sorority, but they wouldn't buy that. What would they do to her?

"I'm not a sorority girl. I've never seen your mascot. Please release me."

The leader scoffed. "You think we're stupid? I'm asking again. Where is it?" Kiskia shook her head.

"I arrived here this afternoon. I haven't had time to join any sorority. I don't even have my bags yet. I'm not lying!"

The leader only nodded. "We won't hurt you, but before the evening's over, you'll suffer for holding back on us."

He nodded to her abductors, who lifted her again and took her to a table in another room. Dozens of hands held her down while they untied her hands and feet, only to place them in what looked like metal holders. A drill was brought in and Kiskia struggled to no avail as they pulled her arms and legs as far out as possible. Then, when she was fully spread, the holders were screwed tightly into the table. The poor girl couldn't move at all now. Then the leader came in, again demanding an answer. She made a futile whimper for mercy, but he only sneered and pulled out a pair of shears.

Her socks were already in the park trash with her shoes, and now the leader was neatly slicing away her jeans! Kiskia screamed and thrashed her head back and forth until they were gone and he proceeded to cut off her shirt. When she was lying on the table in only her underwear, the sight made him halt. She was voluptuous by Asian standards. It would be a treat to get on with the plan, but he decided to ask again.

"You still have nothing to tell us? You're almost out of chances."

Kiskia's eyes were almost tearing as she begged, "I'm not hiding anything. I'm not in a sorority. Please!"

The leader shook his head and the shears went back to their task.

Kiskia could barely breathe when the blades slid under the waistband of her panties, and she felt the cool air coming over her pubic area as it was laid bare. Then the blade found its way between the cups of her bra, and her pulse went mad in fear. Another few cuts and the bra was in tatters like her panties, and they were torn away. Kiskia was now helplessly bound to the table, completely naked.

The throng of frat boys looked eagerly at her attractive body. They weren't sure if they'd ever get to touch it.

"Last chance!" barked the leader. "Where is our mascot?" Kiskia could only cry that she wasn't who they wanted. "Then you leave us no choice." he replied. "We now will enjoy making you suffer. But of course, you brought this agony on yourself."

A large group of the boys surrounded Kiskia. She whimpered and begged them not to do it to her, whatever it was. To no avail. Each pulled a huge, fluffy feather from behind his back. Here eyes popped, but they didn't hesitate. The feathers fell on every place on her nude body; Kiskia was mercilessly tickled!

Her cries of anguish gave way to giggles as the feathers were snaking their way up her thighs and down her arms. She desperately wanted to kick, writhe, move away from the torment somehow, but the holders kept her firmly in her place of suffering. After about ten minutes, the feathers were pulled away and each one took a turn tickling a specific part of her body.

Her feet came first. Kiskia whimpered as they went all over her tender soles, making her insane from not being able to kick, and eliciting torrents of giggles. They went to her arms. Each stroke of the feather brought more agony to her from being trapped, forced to feel the tortuous skitters in her pits. They then went to her sides, making her body heave and shriek in giddiness. Kiskia began to cry, unable to move, to get any kind of relief from the horrible feathers. Her breasts were now being victimized. The feathers slid over them, underneath to her sensitive ribs, and insidiously between them, and her awful hysteria was heightened to mania as they eagerly brought new agony to her nipples. A minute break, and she had enough breath to weep in desperation for it to end. But she was ignored. Before even being brushed, a horrified Kiskia could tell where they would go next. She'd never be able to tolerate it!

The smirking frat boy looked in her eyed, ignored her plea, and sent his feather wildly dancing on her bare belly! Kiskia could only howl. The frat boy leaned forward, grabbing the tip of his feather and forcing it down into Kiskia's defenseless little bellybutton, And Kiskia shook the room with her cries. Not even she knew how sensitive she was down there. But it still did not end. Another boy stepped up, looked over her privates, and grinned as he showed her his feather. Kiskia gave a hoarse shriek as the feather slipped into her sex, driving her insane with tickles! She desperately struggled to close her thighs, but the holders kept her fully spread and helpless. Feeling her most tender organs tormented was sending awful ticklish sensations bulleting through her entire body, and her giggling was becoming more and more of a scream again. The feather pulled out to molest her inner thighs and outer privates, making Kiskia wildly buck in her restraints. She was so forced into mania that she couldn't even plead anymore, only giggle and whimper. The feather halted torturing her sex, but only briefly.

Kiskia strained to get air in, nearing exhaustion from her ordeal. More frat boys were now surrounding her, ogling her naked body, which had turned from pale yellow to a burning pink, and each breath made her breasts and belly heave in slow agony. She shuddered all over, her head moving side to side to beg for no more to no avail. Each boy pulled out TWO feathers, and barely hesitated before dropping and wiggling about every part of her body!

Kiskia howled one last "NO!" before detaching into ticklish madness again. The giggles were draining nearly all her strength, as bucking and shaking took away the rest. She could feel herself suffering from all over, her arms, pits, neck, legs, feet, breasts, belly, sex, all seeming to scream for help at once and burning in ticklish agony! And now all she could do was weep.

"WAIT! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Someone shouted. A pledge came in with Kiskia's purse and showed her ID. "She wasn't lying. She is new here and is not in any sorority." All tickling halted, and the leader shoved his way to their victim, but it was too late. Kiskia took in one more needed breath, looked into his face, and went out cold, limp and nude on the table.

Further Torture Lessons

She still had to breathe deeply. All over she felt like she was burning. She was too exhausted to move. But then she felt a tender hand on her. Kiskia slowly came to and looked up. The frat leader was rubbing her chest, wearing a very pained look. Then his other hand began to rub, and she felt his caress on the rise and fall of her belly. As petrified as she was, his touch was making her feel better.

"I am Dean, and I cannot express the regret we all feel for the torture you went through. We should have looked in you purse to see you were not lying, that you were not who we wanted. The night of stripping and tickling you was inexcusable."

All of Kiskia's suffering came back to her. She heard herself weep as she looked down and saw she was still completely naked, but now on a cot, and not bolted down like before.

"My clothes," she wept, "you destroyed them. My bags are lost." Now she was bawling, "I am lost, broke, alone and naked."

Dean struggled to avoid bawling with her. "We will keep you here, at least until your lessons begin," he consoled her. "I will get you something to wear." Kiskia did not hear the end of it, she passed out again.

When Kiskia came to, she saw a note from Dean, telling her to leave the room walk to the end of the hall, and he would meet her. Kiskia did as he said, but found the door locked behind her, and no door in the hallway would open. At the end, that door too was locked, and she began to panic. What was Dean doing? Suddenly she heard, "Close them."

Eyes shut, she felt Dean feeling her body, making her breathe easy. But then she heard clicks about her wrists and ankles, cutting off how much she could reach. He allowed her to look, and now her arms hung by her sides, almost useless as her wrists were manacled to her ankles, and to each other by a very short chain. The same was done to her ankles! Now she could barely walk or move her arms, and still naked, she had no way to cover herself!

"You lied to me!" she screamed at Dean. "I can't move about this way!"

"You will have to, because as you stay here, that is all you will have on your body!" He ordered. "And trying to leave will only put you out there totally nude!"

Kiskia held back her tears. She could tell she didn't have a choice. Either be on display for these frat boys, or be marooned outside with no money, no shelter, no way home, naked and helpless. Dean produced a key and opened the door in front of them. Kiskia wailed in fear as he shoved her into the room.

All her tormentors from before were seated at a huge table, and they began to yell in anticipation at the sight of their blushing prisoner. Dean said into her ear, "Do not resist, the penalties will be unbearable!"

Kiskia continued to be pushed forward, moved to each man in the room, who proceeded to touch her breasts, clutch her cheeks, or finger her sex. Most at least asked if she was feeling better since the end of her torture. She could not answer, since she could hardly feel that it was over. Near the end of the table, a few rowdy boys even grabbed her by her sides, pulled her in and dared to French-Kiss her bellybutton! She shrieked once, but the next time she let herself feel the sensation, and nearly found it enjoyable as a heated blush passed out from her stomach and all through her bare body.

When all the frat boys had felt her, Dean removed her manacles and ordered her to lie down on the table. Kiskia looked at him, begging in fear. What would they do now that all had seen her naked, tickled her into insanity, and gotten to touch her bare flesh? Dean was unmoved, reminding what they could do to her.

Kiskia was spread out on the table, showing them all she had. Each of them passed a hand over her arm or leg, until they each came to a wrist or ankle, then bound all four of them to the table. Kiskia was helpless again, and could not keep from weeping.

That came to a sudden halt as Kiskia felt something slipped into her sex. The boys were sitting down for dinner, and now she realized she was the show. They would enjoy dinner while enjoying her reacting to a vibrator!

The boys were eating very slowly as each continued to stare at Kiskia. She was trying to bounce her bottom off the table to remove the vibrator from inside her, but this was futile and only made more of a show for the frat boys with her shaking breasts. A few minutes of it drained her strength and Kiskia went limp again on the table. The vibrator, however, did not slow any and continued to shiver about, sending unavoidable pulses all through her belly. Kiskia began to moan and shook even more as she could not move of her will, and boys were now putting their hands up to rub and feel her belly as she shook.

When dinner was over, Dean and some of his boys took Kiskia from the table and carried her into a bathroom, still naked. The bathroom was very dim and felt as if there was no heat. One boy had his hands covering her breasts and grinned at her when he felt the swelling of her nipples. She was still wet from the vibrator and the movement sent a chilling wind over her sex. Kiskia begged to be left alone or at least allowed something to wear, but she was ignored.

When the door was closed, they set Kiskia down and told her to walk into the shower stall. She did so, not feeling as humiliated as before because this was a natural place to be naked, but still uncomfortable with a half-dozen frat boys eyeing her body. Dean grinned nastily and demanded, "Hands over your head!"

Kiskia was aware she had no choice, and it made her feel sick in her belly. Putting her hands up got them chained to a bar across the top that she didn't see before, and then she felt her ankles being shackled with the chain being linked to a plug in the drain, welded in so tightly it couldn't be removed, but with holes in it to let the water out, but very slowly. Hanging there, Kiskia calmed a little. Perhaps a shower would make her feel better. The boys left the room, leaving Dean and Kiskia alone.

"Kiskia, you must be cleaned. I fear tickling and vibrating has left sweat all over your body. A few hours in here will take care of that problem. Try not to resist." Dean grinned again, leaned into Kiskia, and French-kissed her bellybutton. Then he closed the stall door, and killed the lights. Kiskia did not ever hear him leave.

Trapped in the dark, Kiskia suddenly felt terrified. Anyone could do anything to her body now, and again she was powerless to prevent it. The cold metal she felt around her wrists and ankles only reminded her that she was absolutely naked. She heard the pipes shake in the wall, making her shiver in her chains. It grew louder and so did her breathing. Then it happened. Water spewed from both shower heads, landing hard in her pits and running over her body. But the water was freezing cold!

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Kiskia screamed, but no one would come. Her pulse went mad as she twisted and writhed in her chains, trying to avoid the water, which felt like millions of needles being thrust into her naked flesh. The plug was letting the water rise in the stall, now up to her ankles. She was soon in too much pain to struggle with her feet. Then her knees, and her breathing became hurried and exhausting. She still could scream even louder when the icy water invaded her sex, driving her to new heights of agony. Even that became too hard when the level reached her shivering belly, and she broke down and wept again.

The cruelly icy water ceased to rise after her breasts were painfully covered, but now Kiskia wanted her body to give out and let her suffering end. But it would not. For hours she hung in the stall, the water still coming in, keeping her terribly cold. No one would come to help Kiskia that evening.

She was helpless, wet, cold, naked, and alone with her tears.