This is a fantasy story. It has no basis in reality. Even the names of the
characters are made up and have no relevance to anyone. It is for adult
readers only, of legal age, and deals with domination and submission of a
non consenting type. So don't read it if you are offended by this subject
matter or not an adult of legal age.


                             A Halloween Tale

                                 by Musker

(part 1)

"Jennifer, are you sure this is the right way?" This was one cautious
voice. One of four attentive female passengers. And this one happened to be
riding in the front seat of an old beat up sedan. An oil burning vehicle on
it's last leg that was making it's way slowly down a dark winding gravel
road out in the country.

"Of course it is Karol! I took the information right from the invitation
and used it to get specific directions off the internet."

"My oh my, aren't we turning into a first class geek." Such euphemistic
words came directly behind the driver from the backseat. From a black woman
who was trying to add a little levity to a rather uptight situation, or

"You got that right girlfriend. And it's a lot better than being a simple
beautician I might add, Charlene!" Jennifer was too preoccupied with her
driving to see the humor in Charlene's comment and just responded with her
standard, knee jerk, right hook sarcasm.

"Now let's not get catty girls. We're all in the same boat tonight. And
from the looks of things, it doesn't look very good either. Besides,
Charlene is an excellent beautician. She did my hair for tonight and it
looks simply marvelous my dear!" Another backseat voice with a noted comic
impersonation took center stage in hopes of defusing a possible bitter
confrontation between friends.

"Why thank you Maria. It's good to see that some people can recognize the
difference between an artistic genius and a simple hack, as in computer
hack." Charlene was your typical proud woman who wasn't going to take crap
from anyone. Even if it did come from the closest of her four best

"Whoa there Little Missy. If it weren't for Jennifer's talents with the
computer, none of us would be here." The last voice to be heard from the
choir of five was from a petite oriental woman sandwiched between Charlene
and Maria in the backseat.

"Little Missy? Oh come on now Su-Lee, aren't you pushing it a bit? I mean,
a Japanese cowgirl with a pseudo John Wayne accent for heaven sakes." And
that from the one who started it all, minus the state of alarm, was Karol.
Karol in her usual group participation razzing.

"That's Japanese American cowgirl Su-Lee at your service Ms. Nurse Good-
bar. Just like Charlene is African American Queen Nephirtity, and Maria is
Mexican American Contessa of the Flamingo Dance."

"I prefer simple Hispanic American Maria thank you very much."

"And I'm Nurse Good BODY! Not Good BAR, unlike the movie. And since I'm
Swedish, then you can call me Swedish American Nurse Karol ready to take
your temperature, listen to your heart, or give you one of my world famous
naughty massages." Karol picked up on her two backseat friends joking
nature and did her best to carry it on by making a little fun of herself in
the process.

"Well Ms. Good Body, wasn't there suppose to be a pair of slacks to go
along with that nurse's uniform? Or do you want everyone to know your a
natural blonde?" This time even Jennifer was able to recognize the light
heartiness of the present situation and offered up her own quip per quo
little dig.

All five girls started to laugh out loud on that last remark. For they all
seen the point in question when Karol got into the car.

"Well, Ms. Pussy Girl, from the looks of your costume I would say if your
not careful tonight your liable to BUST right out of there." This time,
Karol's comment elicited a round of Ouu's and Ahhh's from the backseat

"That's American's Super Hero Kat Woman, as in Meeeeeowww Sugar!"

Once more, the solemn atmosphere was swept away with open laughter by all.

Then Jennifer made the following point, "But hey. I'm not the only one
responsible for us being here you know. If it wasn't for Charlene
overhearing a couple of house cleaning clients discussing the Halloween
bash at the salon, and of Karol's confirmation of that same party while as
receptionist at that medical building, then the idea would never have come
up in the first place. And if it wasn't for Su-Lee's magic fingers in
borrowing an invitation from one of her clients so I could use the computer
to make copies for each of us, then none of us would be here. So we are all
in the same sticky wicket, if you catch my drift ladies."

"Oh gees, it's starting to rain out. I don't know about this. I'm starting
to get second thoughts. I mean, it's so dark and nasty out." Once again
Karol's voice was wrapped with concern as to whether it was a good idea to
proceed with their group dirty deed for tonight.

"Well DUH! It's suppose to be dark and nasty out. It's fall for cripe
sakes. The clocks were pushed back an hour so it gets darker sooner. The
temperature is much cooler as we go into winter, and the leaves have
already turned color and are falling off the trees making them look rather
spooky. So what did you expect?  It's typical fall Halloween weather Ms.
Good Body." Again there was a bit of jabbing sarcasm in Jennifer's voice as
she tried to relieve Karol's and the rest of her gangs tension, in her own
unique way of stating the obvious.

"Oh my gosh! Look out there, in the sky. It's a full moon! Mother Maria
protects us all!" Maria's voice was definitely in a state of alarm as she
stared out of her window and into the black sky with only a big bright moon
casting it's sinister rays down upon them.

"Oh good grief Maria! Are you going all superstitious on us now?"
Jennifer's stern comments where now directed to another of her frighten

"Well, I did consult with my spiritual adviser before I left and he said
that I should be very careful tonight. In fact, he said I probably
shouldn't even go!"

"Your priest said that Maria?" A questioning Su-Lee asked her friend as if
she really believed a religious counselor would say such a thing like that
to her.

"No Su-Lee, Maria's spiritual advisor is some invisible guy she talks to
when she pulls tarot cards." Jennifer's voice was definitely openly
condescending this time.

"Hey Jen, you better be careful or Maria will put a hex on you." Again,
Charlene tried to relieve the harsh tension with humor that didn't seem to
want to die in Jennifer.

"Oh! And your the one to talk Charlene." Commented Su-Lee minus her western
draw and antiquated cow poke pun. "Weren't you the one with the two hundred
dollar phone bill from calling all those psychic hotlines?"

"That's different Su-Lee. I was dating a couple of guys and I just needed
some, unique, information to help me pick out the right one. Besides, I
have seen you throw those I-Ching sticks of yours on several occasions."

"Will you guys get a hold of yourselves! It's just a nasty night that's
all. No need to consult tarot cards or tea leaves or chicken bones as to
what's going to happen tonight. If your really want to know what's going to
happen, then just ask me." It was Jennifer's turn now to try and stop the
negative build up that was rising quickly behind her.

"Well Ms. Pussy Galore, use your special powers and tell us what fate has
in store for us tonight, but keep your eyes on the road. The last thing we
need right now is to drive into some muddy ditch. Maria did a great job in
designing my cowgirl costume and I don't want to get it dirty before we
crash that party."

"Ok girlfriends, here it goes. My fake invitations get us into the most
exclusive and elitist Halloween party in the entire state without a second
look. We circulate amongst the rich and famous guests showing off our young
voluptuous bodies made all the more seductive in our sexy costumes. Thanks
to Maria's artistic handy work with needle and thread I might add."

Everyone openly thanked Maria for doing her part in getting the Halloween
Five to this point of their unholy quest.

"Hey pussy girl! Don't forget me too." A slightly perturbed Charlene spoke

"I was just about to mention you Queeny. AND, thanks to the steady hand and
creative mind of our dear ebony friend and goddess to all beauty parlors
across America, CHARLENE! For taking our innocent peaches and cream, girl
next door complexion and hair style and turning us into top notch, in your
face, glamour women. Women of sublime luring attraction that would easily
make the cover of every fashion magazine this side of the Mississippi."

At that point all the women in the car where cheering one another on and
calling each other babes, foxes and the ultimate, heart breaking Diva's.

"And what is the purpose of our most holy quest fellow sisters?" Jennifer
had them going now, just as if she was the anointed speaker at a religious

"Say it Cat Woman!" Spoke a clear commanding voice of Charlene.

"Yea! You go girl!" Another cheer for the cause was echoed by Maria.

"You go pilgrim!" All the girls took a pause with big smiles on their faces
trying to figure out which was funnier, Su-Lee's comment or the way she
tried to imitate the celebrity who said it.

"And the whole idea for looking drop dead gorgeous and oozing feminine
sexuality is to shimmy ourselves up to RICH, great looking, MEN! And asking
them for a job."

A dead silence permeated the car where the rain was clearly heard, until
Su-Lee spoke out with "Say What?"

"Yea honey, I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but this here ebony
goddess is out to catch herself one rich hunk of man flesh who would
worship me from the tip of my gold painted toenails to the top of my
Queenly crown."

"You tell it Charlene. And this here cowgirl is ready to lasso her a first
class cowpoke with land and oil coming out of his wazzoo."

"Yea, and I didn't get decked out in a figure hugging flamingo dress to ask
for a job in some garment sweatshop. I want to be married to a successful,
top rated, fashion designer with passionate, dark bedroom eyes just for

"Yea, and I'll take me any doctor who pulls down a hefty six figure yearly
income, with a great portfolio. And a nice tight little ass." said Karol as
she grinned and winked to the girls in the backseat.

The whole car of women started cackling hysterically like excited hens.

"So what's wrong with you Jennifer? Aren't you a greedy gold digger like
the rest of us?" Karol asked, not without having her own suspicion that her
friend had a secrete agenda.

"Of course I am. You think I would wear this abbreviated cat suit with my
boobs ready to pop out and my waist so tightly cinched that I can hardly
breath so I can present my resume' to some garage office computer geek? I
want one of those rich workaholic geeks that I can spend their money and
have wild unbridled sex with my hot muscle bound pool boy. BUT, we need a
cover story in case we get caught."

The other women began making a lingering "OHHHHH" sound of revelation.

"But you said those forged invitations where identical with the real one."
A worried Su-Lee spoke out.

"And they are. Except there was a small little bar code on the back that I
didn't know how to transcribe. We haven't covered that part in my computer
class yet. So I copied the one on the original exactly. Hopefully that will
get us in with no problems."

"Oh great! I knew I should have listened to my tarot cards when they
foretold of trouble."

"Yea Maria, and my psychic hotline adviser warned me of danger in the near
future too."

"Oh good grief! Come on you guys. You know all that stuff is so vague and
basically useless, especially on a night like Halloween where just about
anything can happen. It's all so ambiguous and without credibility. Right

"Well... the I-Ching is a very old tradition and well know throughout the
world and when I read them just before leaving tonight--"

"Yea, right, and what about you Karol? Do you want me to turn the car
around too?"

"Well, this weather and full moon give me the creeps. And what the other
girls have said does worry me. But still, I mean, this is probably the only
chance we'll get to rub elbows with the rich and famous, not to mention the
possibility of getting lucky enough to really bag one. And your cover story
does sound like it will work. I mean, we're all going to trade school and
all, and will soon be graduating, and in need of a job. So, I think it will
work, if we do get caught. Yea, I'm all for going on and trying to beat the
odds. Heck, maybe Halloween will be a lucky night for us all anyway. Yep,
count me in!"

"And the rest of you?"

"Ok, count me in too. My last psychic reader told me my ex-boyfriend was
THE one. HA! He was the ONE all right. He was MARRIED with three kids. So
my last psychic connection was definitely a wrong number. Besides, I'm
looking too damn good tonight to waste myself on likes of just you four

A few of the girls were quietly giggling with Charlene's last comment.

"Me too. I'll give it a try. I can always say I just wanted to improve my
accounting career by broadening my client base. Everyone already believes
Orientals are sincere workaholics anyway. Ok Jen, count me in too."

"That just leaves you Maria. What do say?"

"Oh my. You know I love you all. Heck, ever since we meet in high school we
where all more like sisters than simply good friends. I do have my
reservations in this though. Omens are there for a reason. But, if the rest
of you think we'll get out of this on the upside, one way or the other,
than I won't rock the boat either. I'm in too."

"Great! Wonderful! And just in time because here we are."

"My god! Look at the size of that place!"

"Place girlfriend? It's a frick'n mansion, a castle even."

"Well gang, the only thing I'm looking at right now is the front iron gate
and those two security guards in front of it."

"Oh my gosh! Look at them! They do seem to have a way of mixing Halloween
with security around here."

"Yea, talking about your G.I. Joe meets Babes in Toyland theme!"

"Look what the car in front of us is doing."

"Oh I am Karol. It looks like that candy cane soldier boy is holding a box
out to the occupants of that limousine."

"Look!" Cried Su-Lee "They're putting their invitation into that box."

"Yea, and take a good look at that black desert storm guy standing in front
of the limo with his rifle slung over his shoulder. Mmmmmmmm what a
beautiful hunk of man flesh is he!"

"I would be more mindful of that rifle Charlene. It sure does look real and
very deadly," said a serious Karol.

"Did you see that? On that box, a green light came on. And look the gate is
opening for them."

"I see Maria. And that makes us next in line. Well, cross your fingers
girls. It's do or die time." There was a slight waviness in Jennifer's
voice as she took her foot off the brake and slowly moved forward.

Their car came to a halt where that other limo did and the huge military
man took his position in front of it. His expressionless face and solemn
eyes peered straight into the souls of the occupants.

Jennifer began to roll down the window and noticed the rain had stopped.
She was looking directly at that box in the white gloved hands of the toy
soldier boy. Her eyes slowly rose taking his red and white uniform in and
when she reached his face she was surprised by what she saw.

The soldier boy was really a girl in a kind of shiny water repellant toy
soldier's uniform. She was completely covered, from the top of her black
piped hat with chin strap right down to her white rubber shoes. Her face
was made up completely like a doll with clownish red circles on her cheeks
and big red smiling lips. She wore a red tunic with a strap running over
her shoulder and down across her chest to where her belt was. Her pants
were white and matched her gloves and shoes to a tee. And even though she
was dressed as a male she still had the silhouette of a well formed and
well endowed woman.

The part that really surprised Jennifer was this woman's eyes. For they had
a very agonizing and pleading look about them. Even though they were
heavily made up into a happy bright eyed doll look. Jennifer could still
tell that there was something this woman wanted to tell her. Jennifer tried
to talk to her, but she only stared at her with those eyes of desolation.

"What's the problem Jennifer?" Asked Karol as she leaned over towards
Jennifer trying to get a look at what the hold up was.

"I'm trying to communicate with this soldier girl, but she won't speak to

"Oh my gosh!" Exclaimed a startled Charlene who's position behind Jennifer
allowed her to see the reason why. "Look at her mouth Jen. She can't talk
to you because her mouth is sealed closed."

Jennifer looked closer at the girl's face and could see that there was no
definition, no pucker to the girl's smiling lips. The lower part of her
face was completely flatten out by tape wrapped tightly around her head.
Make-up was added to match her skin and then a pair of brightly smiling
lips painted on.

"Oh my god!" Jennifer said as she quickly put her hand over her lips in
frighten response.

"What is the problem ladies" The military man asked after moving to their
window next to the gagged girl. The toy soldier girl who immediately took a
subservient pose with down cast eyes.

"Why is that girl's mouth gagged!" Commanded a now composed and noticeably
upset Jennifer.

"Why?" The military man asked with a loud ominous tone that all the girls
in the car could easily hear. Maria and Su-Lee both grabbed one another
hands because they where so frighten by it and could see very little of
what was going on.

"Are you sure you women folk belong here? This is a VERY private party, and
only those people who know what IT is about and have the correct documents
are allowed inside. Your question tells me that you are unaware of the
party's' liberal guidelines and thus I must order you to show me your
invitation NOW!" He then held out his massive hand right in front of
Jennifer's window just under her nose.

Charlene whispered to Jennifer to give him the forged invitations, and
DON'T act scared. Jennifer was far from scared, practically fuming was more
like it. But she saw the wisdom in her friends advice and handed the five
cards to the big bad soldier boy to the side of her.

Maria whisper to Su-Lee that maybe it would be better if they just went
home now. Charlene over heard her comment and gave them both a very stern
look that told them 'Over my dead body we will.'

The man took the invitations and placed them one at time through the slot
in the box. That is when Jennifer was surprised a second time. For in the
process of sticking the cards in the box, she noticed that the girls arms,
which were holding up the box in front of her, were in fact fake! They
moved as if they were nothing but padded brackets hanging from her
shoulders and covered by her tunic sleeves and white gloves.

While they all waited, and hoped, for the green light to come on Jennifer
took another sharper look at the girls tunic. She then noticed a slight
bulge in her shoulder area as if her arms were forced behind her and bound
there. The rectangular back pack must have been hollowed out for her arms
to be covered by it.

Jennifer pondered the manner in which the girl's arms must have been bound.
No doubt her lower arms were bent at the elbows and forced up behind her
back near her shoulder blades in order for that small back pact to cover
them. That must be a very painful position to have them placed in. And ten
times that when she wondered how long this poor girl must have been out
here in the nasty weather like this. No wonder she looked upon Jennifer
with forsaken eyes.

Jennifer quickly looked at the muscle bound GI. He was not encumbered in
anyway. In fact, he looked quite resourceful and most capable of
dispatching her and her friends in short order if given the chance. She
began to wonder what sort of party they where really get themselves into
this night.

That's when the light on the box flashed on. But it was a yellow light, not
the green, that glowed brilliantly before them all.

"Oh my gosh Jennifer, it's yellow. What does that mean?" Spoke a frighten

"Look at the Marine!" Yelled a startled Su-Lee.

And all the girl looked now to the military man with their eyes ready to
pop out of their heads.

The soldier took a step back, removed his rifle from his shoulder and held
it in front of him at the waist and pointed right at the girls in the car.

Maria and Su-Lee quickly put there arms around one another and tightly
closed their eyes. Charlene was trying desperately to open her car door,
which was stuck shut on the rusted sedan. Karol was frozen in her seat, her
mouth opened wide as if in the middle of a scream, but without a single
sound coming out. Jennifer looked to the girl for help and saw her eyes
riveted on the glowing yellow light as if trying to make it turn green for
the hapless women.

Then as if by magic, the yellow light turned green.

The GI went back to his normal nonchalant pose with his gun hanging from
his shoulder. He stepped to the gate and opened it wide enough for their
car to pass through.

The girls slowly released their built up energy. Karol was now able to
breathe and close her eyes. Charlene sat passively in her seat, a long hard
angry stare met the calming GI's dead on. Su-Lee and Maria continued to hug
one another, but this time in smiling relief. And Jennifer look at the girl
one final time. This time she saw only compassion in her eyes. As if saying
good luck, you will need it.

                   (Meanwhile, up at the castle.)

"Oh Madame Rouso, you always throw a most wonderful party, no matter what
the occasion is."

"Why thank you Ms. Waneright. What a very nice thing to say. I am glad you
find it to your liking." Madame Rouso felt a gentle tap on her arm. "Excuse
me please."

A man wearing sun glasses and dressed as a character from the movie "Men in
Black" momentarily interrupted the hostesses conversation and whisper
something to the Madame.

"You said five of them?" Madame Rouso questioned the expressionless man who
only nodded his head yes.

"I see. Get me as much information on them as you can and tell me when they
are here."

The man nodded in the affirmative and left.

"Is anything wrong Madame?" A not completely surprised Ms Waneright asked.

"No my dear. However, it seems your fears were valid about your temporary
missing invitation. It appears someone, or some ones, have used it to make
copies and decided to use them to invade this party."

"Oh my goodness! I must apologized Madame for my clumsiness. If I had been
more cautious and paid more attention to details, then this would never
have happened. Perhaps I should follow my children's advice and start
tapering off my work load. I am getting too old now and obviously not quite
up to the level I use to be. Again Madame Rouso, I do sincerely apologize."

"Now, now, Sandra. No need for that. You have been too good a friend to me
to apologize for something as meager as this. But I do care about you my
dear lady. And if you really feel like taking it easy, I know your children
will do a fine job of relieving some of your burden. Time for you to live
and experience life to the fullest my friend. And don't worry about these
party crashers. I have a little plan for these unwelcome guests."

Both women smiled and began laughing with one another. The eyes of one full
of devilish lust.

                          (Back at the car)

"God, I'm glad that's over with. I almost pissed in my pants"

Su-Lee and Maria looked at one another and began to laugh.

"And what are you two laughing about!" Inquired a sneering face Charlene.

Su-Lee answered back between giggles "Well, if Karol did wet herself, how
would anybody know?"

A second or two went by, then Charlene began to chuckle and laugh too,
followed by Maria and Su-Lee again. Then it finally dawned on Karol who
only bit her lip and replied "Not Funny" between clenched teeth and smiling
lips as she squirmed in her seat. Her practically bare butt up against the
plastic car seat.

Jennifer had quickly written off their hair raising experience with the GI.
But she still felt a little moved by the way the toy soldier girl looked
and acted with her. As if it were another omen of ill tides approaching
them.  But she let that feeling pass too. Since her forgeries were good
enough to get them in, then that's all she cared about. Besides, the rich
often lived eccentric lives and that girl's costume was probably nothing
more than someone's weird taste in humorous B&D. Nothing that unusual, or
for them to worry about.

Right now Jennifer was too engrossed with what laid before her, then to
care about what was going on behind her. And soon the rest of the girls
were in the same state of awe that she was in.

The drive up to the mansion was on a lazy "S" shaped road. The road was
lined with highly crafted, very sinister looking pumpkins with no two
having the same image. They were all lit up by flickering lights that made
them even more eerie.

As they approached the mansion the girls were all captivated by how huge
and romantically evil it looked. It was like something out of the days of
old with it's ornate brick work, spiking gambles and evil smiling
gargoyles looking down upon them. The mansion was also lit up with scary
faced pumpkins in the windows too, all gazing out at those who would dare
to enter this abode.

Jennifer put the car in park and left it running right where the valet
stood in front of the main entrance. The girls exited the car without any
of them giving the fifteenth century dressed coachman a second look, except
Jennifer. She gave him her keys with a smile and walked away. He, on the
other hand, gave her and the rest of her bunch a good long look. He was a
bit bewildered at how such, supposedly, well off offspring could be riding
in such a shabby old junk. But he simply did his job and parked it out
back, far and away from all those luxury cars.

In keeping with the fifteenth century motif two well dressed doormen were
at the quick with opening the two monoliths of wooden doors for the girls.
And whether it was because the girls were so taken with their good luck and
fairy tale surrounds or because they were in the mood to play their roles
of rich bitches on the prowl for sugar daddies to the fullest, not one of
them said thank you to the bowing gentlemen who held the door open for them
as they passed by.

Once they entered the mansion they hardly had time to drink in the highly
styled and lavished foyer before they were greeted by a fury of women dress
as prim and not so proper french maids. Hat and coat girls they were who
quickly took there outer wraps and scurried away with them.

"Did you see that Maria?" An astonished Su-Lee asked her dearest closest

"Yea, they sure were efficient and aren't they suppose to give us a ticket
or something so we can get our coats back later?"

Su-Lee just made a face of non-connection with her friend Maria and then
asked the same question of Jennifer.

"You mean the way they were dressed, and gagged?" spoke a knowing Jennifer
as if it was a common occurrence to see four young blonde women looking
almost exactly alike. Each dressed in white trimmed, very short, very
tight, black latex maids uniforms that displayed their frilly white panties
and full robust bosom in blatant view. And each gagged just like that
soldier girl, complete with smiling red lips painted on.

"Yea! Aren't you a bit, scared?" A reluctant Su-Lee inquired as she
wondered why Jennifer was so casual about it.

"Don't worry your pretty little cowgirl head over it. It's just part of the
weird and ostentatious lifestyle of the filthy rich. They like to add that
certain 'Je ne sais pas' for the holiday. Besides, it has nothing to do
with us so don't sweat it."

A man in black stepped up to the ladies and welcomed them to the party. He
presented himself as Edward and asked if there was anything he could do for

All of the girls took an immediate liking to the tall, dark hair and
incredibly handsome young man. Karol immediately took charge and introduced
each of her friends to him. She made certain to flash a big smile and make
eye contact with the dapper gent before, and after, each introduction. Then
after introducing herself, she walked up to the obviously interested man
and in a voice dripping with honey asked him if he could direct her to the
powder room so she could freshen up.

Edward smiled in a coy little boy way that made Karol's heart beat just a
little bit faster and then pointed to a door on the far side of the foyer.
Karol was so close to him now that she could smell his sexy after shave.
That's when she mouthed the words 'Thank You' to him and slowly slithered
away. He to walked away, to the party, but only after wishing the rest of
the ladies a pleasant time this evening.

The rest of the girls followed Karol to the powder room chatting to one
another about how it didn't take long for Karol to get into her seductive
sex kitten mode. They also speculated that if Edward was the simple welcome
wagon then expectations where high as to what other extravagant eye candy
waited for them inside.

In the spacious powder room the five party crashers were acting like
giggling school girls at the prom as they each primped in front of the wide
mirror and gave themselves a real final going over.

Su-Lee was trying different positions with her cowgirl hat to find that one
look that fit her overall appearance and perky personality. She thoroughly
liked her costume that Maria modified for her. It was a two part outfit
all made in light brown kidskin. The top was a leather fringed halter that
made her small breasts still look impressive while the bottom was a hip
hugging, very short leather fringed skirt. She liked the way the dress
showed off her flat slim waist and very cute belly button. A few
accessories where added to make her look like a bonafide cowgirl. A pair of
western decorated high heel boots in matching brown. A pair of form fitting
kidskin gloves with the fingers cut off revealing her well manicured nails.
And the atypical scarf around the neck and cowpoke hat. Which she continued
to fiddle with.

Karol seemed mesmerized by the front zipper of her nurses uniform. Should
she lower it further showing off her full firm Swedish bosom to the max, or
keep it where it was and thus save the best for later? She was so
enthralled with her upper body presentation that she gave little concern as
to how many long hungry stares she was going to get from guys admiring her
long curvaceous legs. Legs made all the more sexy by her white ultra high
pseudo nurse's heels and VERY short nurse's dress. A costume that barely
cover her hips let alone crotch, to which the only thing covering her
blonde bush was a tiny white G-string.

Maria was a first class act. She was the epitome of a sensuous Latin
contessa. Her black lacy flamingo dress look to be molded to her all
womanly body. It parted in front to show off her firm attractive dancers
legs and shiny black heels. Her tanned Hispanic face and black flowing
tresses gave her that passionate, south of the border. great lover look.
A look that made men hearts melt and their libido hard and throbbing. She
was practicing a few selected poses and mannerism that magnified the erotic
effect of just her costumed alone.

Charlene stood still in front of the mirror. Her pose was erect and proud.
Her eyes flowed over every inch of her tall, well endowed, immaculate form.
A femme fatale made all the more lascivious by the contrast of her rich
flawless ebony skin with her blinding white Queen of the Nile costume. Her
skirt was sheer and long, reaching all the way down to her golden high heel
sandals. The way the soft translucent material seemed to flow over her full
rounded hips and then drape straight down around her made every gazing eye
wonder if she was all natural underneath. Over her most impressive full
bosom she wore a simple white silk scarf that tied together in back.  It
veiled itself in gathered rows around her in such a way that it almost hid
her excited erect nipples within it's billowy folds. Her hair was jet black
and hung down long and straight around her head, which was topped by an
Egyptian head piece of shiny gold. Her make-up was done with expert pride.
Her eyes made bold, exotic, and seductive with her lips painted a wet
passionate red. Charlene was the very image of an Egyptian Princess. A
woman of refined sensual eroticism. And from the big smile that now formed,
she knew it!

Jennifer was busy adding the final touches to her long auburn hair. She
wanted to make sure people could still see her cat like ears on both sides
of her head. She too was very pleased with her outfit that Maria made for
her. Maria told Jennifer she patterned it off the standard Playboy Bunny
costume. All she did was to remove the cotton tail and attach a long whip-
like cat tail. She exchanged the cuffs and bow tie with shoulder length
gloves and a small kitty cat jeweled collar. And then she replaced the long
bunny ears with cute fury cat's ears. The rest of the deliciously sexy
costume was the same. A tightly pulled in waist, a half cup strapless top
that barely covered her hard pert nipples and a severely cut crotch area
that Jennifer was forced to shave her pubic hair prior to wearing it to
keep it from showing around it's edges. The final and most sensuous part of
her whole outfit was that Maria made it all from smooth luscious black
velvet. Even the opera gloves and cat's ears were made from the tactile
exciting material. Jennifer herself found it hard to keep her hands from
rubbing along her sexy hour glass shape every now. She could only wonder,
with wicked delightful thoughts, what it will do to some guy when she
"accidentally" rubbed up against him.

Just about then Su-Lee asked if everyone was ready. The gang of five gold
diggers eagerly answered "YES Ma'am!"

Then one after the other, they walked out of the powder room with excited
confidence, and headed right for the entry way to where the party was in
full swing. They all stood in the passage way and gazed for a moment at the
magnificent splendor of people, food, decorations and fine artistic
furnishing that laid before them.

It was Jennifer who took a deep breath though her nose and then asked her
eager friends if they could smell it. Each one took a health whiff and
looked back to Jennifer as to what exactly did she mean. For there was a
kaleidoscope of aromatic flavors that matched the cornucopia of colors and
sounds that loomed before them.

Jennifer's reply was short and sweet. "Opulence. Pure, obscene, decadent,

The other girls formed an all knowing smile and looked back into the party
like kids left alone in a candy store to gorge themselves in.

"Well ladies, I think it's time we got it on!" Said Charlene, as the Queen
of the Nile was the first to venture forth and into the lair of hedonism.
Followed by a lewd walking Kat Woman, then a spirited small stepping bubbly
Nurse Good Body, and then a fiery dark Latin woman with her root'n toot'n
spunky cowgirl friend next to her.

A few seconds later two men in black stepped into the same passage way that
the five ladies just left. One, Edward, was seen speaking into a small
hidden microphone on his lapel. Then they too entered the room maintaining
a few paces behind the five smiling, euphoric, gold digging, party

                                  (part 2)

Usually, the first thing a guest does at a party is to greet their hostess
and thank them for the invitation. But the group of five gold digging party
crashers where doing their best to hide from the illustrious Madame Rouso
like the plague. For such a confrontation would not go well for either
party. Thus, the Halloween five kept an eye peeled for their pseudo patron
while at the same time they drank in the extreme fantasy like world that
laid before them.

The party seemed to go on forever. Ball room after ball room was full of
sights, sounds and flavors that made one feel as though they had entered
into another world. No one was left wanting for anything. The food was
presented as a buffet on a table over thirty feet long. It was tiered
upwards with mountains of choice delicacies arranged with artistic style.
The food itself was so creatively conceived that it was almost a pity to
eat it.

The decorations were nothing but extravagant. The Halloween theme was
carried out to the max. Pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and bails of hay were
strategically placed through out the mansion that reflected a bountiful
harvest. Along with spiders, tombstones, skeletons, witch's caldron and
other scary props that echoed loudly the eerie spookiness of the night at

And the last, and most awesome sight to behold was the people themselves.
At first glance there was so much variety and intensity that one would be
hard pressed to try and make any sense out of it all. But after a while one
could definitely see a pattern unfolding. A party theme that sent a
radiating chill through one's soul even more ghastly then the macabre
nature of the night itself. For the theme for this night of fright was
Domination and submission.

Everywhere one turned one could see the blatant examples of such upper
crust adult perversion. Even the many serving maids, who all looked exactly
like those French maid coat check girls right down to their smiling gagged
faces, were meandering about the party serving drinks in total bound
subservience with their heads erect and eyes cast down. But these serving
wenches had more done to them then a complacent gag. Their arms were bound
behind them in a matching black vinyl single glove that was attached to the
back of their wide black leather collars. Collars which had two small
linked chains running down from it's front to the edge of their serving
trays that was also fastened to their waists. And a final, although totally
unnecessary, accouterment to their forced submission was the addition of
tethered cuffs placed around their tender feminine ankles. A small chain
connected them thus making it even more difficult for them to walk around
the party with, other than their five inch, black shiny, stiletto heels
that is.

But it was the party guests who quickly caught the ever vigilant eyes of
the five unwelcome gold diggers as their hushed excited conversation
between one another noted.

"Oh my god Jennifer! What did we get ourselves into? Did you see that
couple over there?" Karol whispered in alarmed as she could hardly refrain
herself from pointing to the two young women off to the side who where
obvious together. Obvious from the fact that one woman had a leather strap
in her hand that was leading to the bridal of the other woman next to her.
Together they made the perfect image of an elite equestrian rider and her
proud show pony.

The rider was all decked out in a fashionable riding outfit, hat and all.
She wore a pair of highly polished riding boots, a cream colored pair of
professional riding pants and blouse, and a well tailored black riding coat
that really complimented her lovely feminine form.

The other young woman was almost nude and made a truly bizarre appearance.
Her torso was covered in an assortment of black leather straps. A wide one
went around her waist, tightly, and seem to act as an anchoring point for
all the others. The rest of her body harness went over her shoulders,
crisscrossed her chest, circled the base of her breasts and even ran down
between her legs and shaven labia lips, practically disappearing betwixt
them. Her arms were forced behind her, elbows to wrist, and multi-strapped
securely there. On her feet she wore what looked like hoofs. The base of
the shoe was shaped exactly like that of a horses' as it rose up her highly
arched foot to just under her calf. It clearly forced her to walk on the
balls of her feet without any heel support what-so-ever.

But the most striking part of this human animal's costume was her head
gear. First off, her long flowing auburn hair had been shaven clean off on
both sides of her head, leaving a center furrow of hair running over and
down her head. And this horse-like mane was braided with colorful ribbon
throughout it's entire length. Another series of thin straps formed her
head harness and was used to hold her metal bridal bit firmly in her mouth.
The bit was pulled so deeply back and over her tongue that it caused the
corners of her mouth to be shaped into what looked like an artificial

Other little accessories were added to complete her pony dressage. All her
straps had small shiny metal studs attached to them to make the artistic
symmetry of her harness and bondage to really stand out. Her make-up was
put on heavy to enhance her cute passionate long lashed eyes and taught red
lips. A large wide fluffy plum was attached to the front of her head
harness and an equally flamboyant long fluffy tail, matching her real hair,
was mounted to her rear end with a fashionable big arc as it draped behind
her. These two attributes alone gave her that exquisite show pony look. A
couple of tinkering bells hanging from her pierced ringed nipples drew even
more attention to her when she was controlled by her reins. But for now,
she just stood there, quietly, passively, next to her owner. Her legs held
straight and together. Her torso bent slightly at the waist with her chest
majestically jutting forward. And her head held high and proud, while her
eyes were casted down just like a well trained domesticated beast. Her
whole body seemed lean and glistened with a well oiled deep sun tan color.
There were only a few very faint tan marks on her body that made Karol
speculate that she wore a much simpler and functional pony girl harness
when she was exercised in private. A thought that made Karol all the more
frighten when she pondered what type of relationship those two women really
had outside of this party.

The riding woman held her drink in one hand and the reins of her mare in
the other. A slightly used riding crop dangled from one of her wrists. She
was in a pleasant conversation with another couple before her. A much older
man and woman dressed in the elaborate costumes of King Louis the 14th,
tall, decorated, white wigs and all. The woman was the most striking of the
pair, with her richly designed dress and pretentiously ornate jewelry.
That, and having a waist corseted to no more than 14 inches.

"Yes I did Karol. Quite extraordinary aren't they. But nothing to do with
us. Just remember why we are here and don't let the eccentric lifestyles of
the rich get to you. Be they unerringly strange as they are." Jennifer
tried to temper Karol's concerns, but even she was beginning to become
overwhelmed by the weird perverted taste of the filthy rich. Especially
when she and Karol turned their heads in another direction to see three
other couples having a light hearted discussion between one another. Well,
at least three of them where.

All three were man and woman couples. The first couple that Jennifer
focused on were dressed as guard and prisoner. The man wore a standard blue
shirt and black pants and hat guard uniform. He had the customary badge and
name tag of authority pinned to his shirt and a heavy wooden truncheon
hanging from his belt. To his right was his female prisoner also modeling
the latest in prison attire. But no prison on earth had a dress code like

On her head was a simple brimless round hat with the black and white
horizontal stripes marking her as a sentenced criminal. The rest of her
prison garb was also of this alternating horizontal stripes, but in her
case, it was painted on her nude body in latex. From just under her chin
all the way down to her ankles she was covered in horizontal unwavering
zebra stripes. And whether on purpose or accident, the color across her
erect nipples and shaven pussy were both the same which made her total
nudity all the more conspicuous. But her costume did not end there. Her
arms were fasten behind her back at elbows and wrists with handcuffs. Her
ankles were tethered by leg irons that forced her to walk in short mincing
steps. And to keep his prison ward in silent check, she wore a bright red
ball gag strapped and locked behind her head.

The second couple were dressed from the period of old when men sailed the
high seas in search of plunder, and refined women of stately manor feared
such men would pillage their feminine virtues. He, wore the three corner
hat and full regalia of a despot pirate. And she, wore the tight bodice and
flowing ankle length petticoats of a fair young damsel in distress. A woman
bound in subjugating, figure hugging ropes. Her arms bound behind her from
wrists to elbows in tightly clinching coils. With more rope wrapped around
her small corseted waist and arms to hold them fast against her. And to
keep said fettered maiden in silent captivity a cloth cleaved gag was
forced between her ruby lips and tied firmly behind her head, under her
long wind blown raven hair. But alas, said lady's gag was not as simple as
it looked. For even from where Jennifer stood she could see that the big
eyed beauty had her mouth packed to it's fullest with more penetrating
cloth to which her cleaved gag only kept it securely in place.

The final couple were a bit different from what the Halloween five have
seen so far. In this case, the woman was dominant over her male submissive
suitor. The woman, of middle age, wore a white knee length lab coat. Her
long blonde hair was fashioned expertly into an attractive french bun. And
her make-up was light, but becoming to her soft feminine features. She also
wore a noticeable pair of big black rimed eyeglasses that seem to dominant
her whole face. Her entire costume gave her the aura of an impeccable, well
educated, doctor of the mind. And her patient was a young male, wrapped in
a tight hospital issued canvas straight jacket. His ankles were also
displaying the latest in inescapable leather padded hospital cuffs. And
like all the submissives they seen so far, even he was gagged with white,
sterile, nonallergenic, hospital tape.

The three dominants where in active conversation with the occasional laughs
and smiles denoting that they were having a wonderful time. The three
silent significant others were quietly standing next to them, each leashed
to their dominant half in their own unique way. The female prisoner by
steel collar and chain leading to her commanding superior's belt. The
damsel in distress with a rope wrapped loosely around her swan-like neck
and leading directly to her infamous bearded buccaneer abductor. And the
perceived mental patient with an electronic device whose transmitting
control unit was in the delicate hand of the lady doctor while the receiver
unit, although invisible, must have been placed on her ward somewhere. No
doubt the noticeable bulge coming from the patient's rear end was a good
first guess.

Jennifer and Karol looked to one another and sighed. Then Jennifer causally
said, "Well, at least it's not a completely sexists party."

To which Karol responded, "Yea, but I doubt if the hostess would win any
awards from N.O.W. for furthering the feminist cause." And both sounded an
uneasy chuckle.

"Where did Charlene go," uttered a curious and slightly alarmed Su-Lee.

The tall swedish nurse quickly spotted the ebony priestess and responded
with, "There she goes! Straight ahead."

The other three immediately looked to where Karol was pointing.

"Well, it's obvious that Charlene isn't phased one little bit by the
atmosphere here at the party." Maria commented in a matter of fact tone as
she placed her hands on her full womanly hips in annoyance.

"Maybe she didn't see what we did. I mean, look at her. She is high balling
it right through that group of weird people as if they weren't even there."
A supported Su-Lee replied in hopes of keeping Maria's hot latin temper
under raps.

And Charlene was doing just that. Walking right pass them all. Totally
oblivious to her surrounds. Even a particular unnerving image just off to
her left. There, a petite oriental woman stood silently, dressed as a
Chinese princess in her beautiful red and gold robes of silk. She couldn't
have been more than five feet tall as she carefully hand feed an amazon
like woman from her plate. That South American woman had to be at least
twice her diminutive size in both height and muscle mass. The contrast
between the two was incredible, especially when one considered the fact
that the dark skinned woman was the owned property of the little china

The big woman had her arms bound behind her in a very strenuous back prayer
position with her hands folded together between her shoulder blades. She
wore a wide red and gold leather waist cinch that constricted her middle so
tightly that one could see the outline of her lower rib and pelvic bone
around it. Another, smaller, matching strap ran from the front to the back
of it between her legs. It's function was to hold two visibly monstrous
dildoes, even for a woman of her size, deeply into her lower openings. Upon
her feet were laced what one could only describe as red and gold leather
ballet boots. Boots whose unnaturally steep arching souls and towering
heels forced her massive form to walk on the very tips of her toes. But
right now she was balancing herself in place. She was bent way over forward
at the waist with her big firm sexy rear end acting as a counter weight
behind her in order for her to receive her food at the hands of her
Mistress. Her long black hair was pulled back into a pony tail that was
held several inches off her head by another matching leather strap. For
such a large and powerful woman she still had the soft ladylike features of
benign beauty. And around her neck was another red and gold leather collar
with a very small gold link chain running from it to a leather strap around
the frail wrist of the china woman.

As the Herculean woman chomped on her food a mer inch or two from the food
plate, the oriental woman slowly stroked the side of her slave's face with
warmth and devotion. Her dainty little hand slowly moved to her pet's huge
pendulous breasts. Breasts that hung down from her chest like enormous
bovine milk sacks. Even her hard erect nipples were large enough to be
comparable to those found on a milking cow. The china woman took her time
to gently caress her affectionate pet's utters as the amazon acknowledged
her owners admiration by slowing her mouth chomping appreciably and letting
a soft moan of contentment echoed her gratitude. A cute little smile
crossed the doll like face of the china woman as she heard the light crisp
sound of tinkering bells when she gingerly jostled the golden chimes that
hung from each of her pet's pierced and ringed teats.

But such an unsettling image never caught Charlene's attention for more
than a couple of seconds as she grew closer and closer to her destination
with an open smile. But what did cause her to momentarily rescind her
smiling disposition was when she accidentally looked off to her right. For
what she saw there, in the not too off distance, caused her to take a
second, more lingering look see.

It was a small group of four women. Two were black, one was white and the
fourth was a candy cane. The two black women looked to have come right out
of the dark continent. One was a remarkably beautiful woman. A woman
slightly smaller than herself and enviously more pretty too. She was
dressed as the benevolent daughter of a powerful African King. She wore an
abbreviated leopard skin top that left her middle and arms bare while it
hung itself over one of her strong but feminine shoulders. Her skirt was
down to her ankles and made of the same animal like skin. It had a few
slits in it to reveal her sexy black legs when she walked with pride. Her
hair and makeup was flawless, cultured and made her far more beautiful than
even Charlene, a beautician, thought possible.

But next to her was a figure that was nothing short of being totally
surreal. Charlene heard of how different countries, people and cultures had
different concepts as to what they though was beautiful in women. But to
see so many of them displayed in one woman was far too odd and curious for
her to ignore.

The other black woman went beyond the limits of a civilized society and
into the realm of the extreme, and somewhat gruesome. Her body seemed
completely decorated with shiny gold rings. Rings through her nose, ears,
nipples and labia lips. Rows of rings placed around her neck and breasts to
make them stretch long and out far, way past reason or normalcy. And what
once appeared as being normal like her lips, areolas, and vulva, were now
surgically enhanced beyond the level of seductive, and then all tattooed a
permanent brilliant red. But her oddity did not stop there. Her waist was
pulled in sharply by a form fitting, heavily steel bone corset to a point
of absurdity and her wrists manacled to a leather belt that circled it. On
her feet was a pair of dual pointed ballet boots to which not even the tips
of her toes were allowed to touch the floor. And the last part to this
woman's, this "thing's", insane description was her hair. It was golden
blonde like the color of the sun as it flowed up from her head and then
showered behind her. But again, extreme measures where taken here too for
she did not have a full head of hair. She had a scalp lock. All her hair
except a small three inch circle at the top was removed, leaving nothing
but her smooth black scalp.

Those two women made Charlene blink twice and hold her breath for the
longest time. They also lead her attention to the other two women next to
them. One was Caucasian, another beautiful woman dressed in a pure white
leather and fur outfit that reminded her of a picture she once saw. It was
of Katherin the Great, Czarina of mother Russia. This woman too had that
look of power, leadership and secrete immorality about her. The costume she
wore, if put on any other woman would make them resembling a simple sexy
snow bunny. But on her, it only magnified her seductive powers and
ruthlessness egomania. Charlene felt a chill race down her spine as she
temporarily made eye contact with that woman. There was a quick psychic
connection between the two and Charlene knew right then and there, that
this was truly a woman of Satan's seed.

She immediately turned her eyes to the other woman next to her and let out
a little giggle by what she saw. That woman looked as if she was swallowed
up by a life size, red and white stripped candy cane. There was no doubt
that a woman was inside of it, as her sexy bomb shell like figure
broadcasted it to one and all. Once again Charlene felt a bit envious of
this woman's well shaped figured. A silhouette that was much more curvy
than hers and whose bosom was much more voluptuous than hers too, as they
strained against the red stripe that seemed to hold them captive. The only
part of this woman that anyone could see was her five inch, matching
stripped heels and her eyes. Another chill ran through her when their eyes
met. But instead of feeling salacious terror like she did with that devil
woman. In this woman, she felt a wave of fear and helplessness. As if this
woman was trying with all her might to touch her soul and beseech her for
help. And if Charlene wasn't mistaken, a warning too. A warning of pending
doom that could be awaiting her too.

Charlene quickly broke that momentarily psychic connection. She wrote it
off as an unsubstantiated, over creative imagination on her part. She then
continued on her quest across the room to meet the man of her dreams. A
major hunk of a man and one that she hoped reflected in real life what he
wore to the party. His costume was that of a Nubian Prince in search of
his Queen.

"Well girls, I think Charlene has the right idea. Not everyone here is into
some far out kinky lifestyle. We just have to find the ones that aren't,
AND, who just happen to be rich. And ok, maybe a little good looking too."
Jennifer pause on that last part that made the other three smile and

That's when Jennifer wished her friends good luck and headed off into the
heart of the party, on the prowl for her wealthy dream guy.

Karol too took off in another direction, trying to fire herself up to meet
someone who would like her for whom she was and not because she would look
good tied up, covered in rubber and hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Su-Lee and Maria seem inseparable even in everyday life, let alone here at
the party. So they too headed off into the lions den, together, ready to
explore the strange and surreal people around them.

After finding the courage to take a drink from one of those bound serving
maids, and gulping it's contents straight down, the inseparable two started
to loose their unsettling demure with the costumes and antics of their
fellow party goers. What was once frightfully offensive became suddenly
just humorously exotic.

As the two walked from one room to the next, they would often comment to
each other on what and who they saw. They seen a woman bent over a padded
horizontal bar atop a waist high vertical pole. Her wrists and ankles where
all tied together forcing her to stick her rear end out into thin air. She
was nude except for her high heel shoes and a complete head mask in the
shape of a mule. Several people where standing far behind her and cheering
on another guest. The group of people where playing a modified form of the
old party game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" with this poor helpless
woman as their target. Instead of blindfolding a person and having them
"pin" a donkey's tail on her, they shot a small pointed dart with a paper
streamer attached to it at her butt using a blow gun from the other side of
the room. She already had quite a few donkey tails literally stuck into her
butt and thighs. And from the looks of the number of people standing in
line waiting for their turn, it was going to be a long painful night for
that poor woman. As a guest shot their dart into the hind quarters of the
bound woman Su-Lee and Maria could barely hear the woman screech through
her mask over the loud cheers and jeers of those playing the game. It was a
tipsy Su-Lee who made the off handed comment to Maria that 'it must be a
real pain in the ass to be the butt of someone else's joke like that'. To
which both slightly inebriated women broke up with laughter.

Maria then pulled an almost tripping Su-Lee behind her in order to take a
closer look at a wonderfully dressed woman she caught a glimpse of. That
woman was the spitting image of Queen Elizabeth the First of England. And
she was on display, standing on a raised platform within a roped off area.
Her costume must have weighed a ton for it was composed of layer upon layer
of ornate material and sparking jewelry befitting a woman of her royal
stature. There was an uniformed security guard standing near by indicating
that her crown and other lustering baubles were in fact the real McCoy. Su-
Lee causally commented to a starry eyed Maria how difficult it must be for
such a petite woman to tolerate standing for any length of time with such a
heavy load on her.

Maria stepped right up against the velvet rope and asked the woman a
fashion question about her costume. But the woman didn't even acknowledge
her presents let alone answer her question. She simply continued to stand
erect and proud with her eyes cast down.

Maria began to repeat her question much louder this time when the security
guard caught both women's attention. He then subtly motioned off to the
side where an information display stand was. The two women walked the short
distance over to it and read what was there. It said that the costume was
authentic and now on loan to a local museum. But tonight it was on display
for the party. The costume itself was donated to the museum by an anonymous
wealthy patron of the arts. It also showed, with a series of pictures, how
the woman was used as a mannequin to display the costume.

The first pictured show the woman standing on the pedestal in only her high
heels. She was completely void of hair, not a single strain on her entire
body, not even her eyebrows were left on. Her denuding made her look all
the more like a lifeless statue. Su-Lee let out a compassionate sigh as she
looked into the forsaken eyes of the girl in the picture.

The next photo showed her straddling a pipe running up between her legs and
then disappearing into her hairless pussy. She was also wearing some sort
of a thin leather straightjacket that folded and pulled her arms tightly
into the stomach area of her body. The expression on her face had changed
for now her eyes were as big as saucers as her mouth was packed full of
white cloth, part of which was still sticking out.

The third picture showed virtually her entire body, from ankle to just
under her chin, was covered by a black leather body corset. A corset that
had steel stays running down it's entire length. The laces had been pulled
in to the max as it molded her figure into an armless and legless unmovable
female form. The corset also kept her well planted on her pipe stand too.

The next picture was a close up of her face. Or what was once her face.
Someone had wrapped it completely with white hospital tape. The cloth that
was extruding out of her mouth was now completely gone. It was forced deep
into her mouth and taped over smooth. More tape was used around her head to
force her jaws together and squashing the cloth gag and her tongue inside.
Finally, the tape was used to wrap her whole head into a smooth surface
leaving only small openings for her eyes and nose.

The fifth picture was another head shot, but this time there was a face
painted on it. The same warm smiling face that she was showing now. And if
one was not looking for it, then one would never have known that the woman
with the pleasant feminine features was really wearing a mask, a facade,
like the happy smiling face of clown while he cries tears of woe

The rest of the pictures showed the girl wearing a pair of false arms and
being dressed with layer after layer of clothes. The same clothes that the
original Queen Elizabeth had worn way back when. To finish the mannequin
off a wig and jewelry were added.

Maria sigh and wondered what it would be like to wear such wonderful
clothes like that in the court of Kings and Queens back then.

All of a sudden both girls jumped in fright as the voice of a man in black,
Edward, asked them if they were having a good time. The girls caught there
breath and answered him yes, as they both began undressing him with their

Edward bent over and whispered something into Su-Lee's ear. Her expression
lit up tremendously as if he told her she had won the million dollar
lottery. Maria had a frown on her face, feeling left out at whatever Edward
was telling her oriental friend. But soon Edward was whispering something
in Maria's ear and that too made her jump for joy. After which both women
took Edward's arm as he escorted the two smiling ladies out of the party
and down a long hallway to a remote room.

Karol was doing her best in trying to find mister right. She seen Charlene
in a wonderful conversation with a very good looking Arabian Prince a
little while ago. She thought that if Charlene could find a gem in the
rough, then why not her too. That is when she caught sight of a man she
seen before, in a magazine. He was a famous doctor, a bachelor, and alone!
She was in the mitts of pumping herself up for him when all of a sudden she
heard a sharp crisp bang, like a firecracker going off behind her. She
quickly turned and looked only to get a glimpse of "who" was causing it
before the crowd obstructed her view. She saw a big blonde  woman
wearing some fierce looking leather outfit with a short whip in her hand.

Karol's curiosity got the better of her. So she, like the others around
her, walked over to where the woman was. When she could see and hear better
her mouth dropped open in surprise and fright. The first thing that came to
her mind was that this Hunnish woman was right out of a Wagner opera, a
real live Valkyrie in leather and shiny steel. She was putting on a show
with three other people, a man and two women. The three were nude except
for their faces which were made-up as cats, and that both women wore strap
on dildoes.

The German woman acted as lion tamer and her three assistants were her
fierce animals. Although they acted more like scared rabbits. No doubt
having such a potent weapon as that whip cracking around them played a
major role in their eager obedience. The woman was parading her three
pseudo animals before the crowd like well trained pets. However, the tricks
they did were not your standard lie down, row over and beg. She was forcing
them to perform lewd and perverted sex acts. Karol watched as the whip
cracking leather bitch had all three quickly lying on their sides forming a
small circle on the floor. She heard the Barbarian give a loud harsh german
command and one of the noticeably shaken girls took the guys cock in her
mouth. A few more commands punctuated by another crack of the whip had the
guy wrapping his lips around the dildoe of the second girl. And it took
only one sharp word to get the second girl to take the first girl's strap
on in her mouth too. A final dictate had all three animals actively sucking
on one another's proboscis until the perverted voyeurs clapped and cheered
with delight. The victorious leather bitch smiled and bowed to the crowd in
return. She then had her menage' a trios change into another orifice
filling and equally humiliating position.

Karol's curiosity was disturbingly satisfied and she had no desire to watch
any more. That's when she began looking for that doctor again. So intent in
finding him that she literally bumped into Edward. He excused himself for
jostling the lovely lady to which Karol was all smiles and soon forgot
about the doctor. The crowd was making a lot of noise and Edward whispered
something into Karol's ear. After which her bright eyes and full smiling
lips were accompanied by a vigorous nodding of her head. Edward presented
his arm to the agreeable sexy lady and the two walked out of the party arm
and arm.

Jennifer was getting frustrated. She was meeting some really good looking
and wealthy guys, especially when she rubbed up against them in her black
velvet cat costume and uttering a sexy "Meeee-oowwww". But it seemed like
all the guys wanted to do was to get her alone some place and play some
weird kinky sex game with her. She was just a simple gold digging vanilla
girl looking for her equally vanilla soulmate with a hefty bank account to
boot. After a few more obscene suggestions she was ready to call it quits.

She was searching for her friends when she too ran into Edward. He
commented that she looked a bit disappointed, like the party was not up to
her expectations. She explained that the party was wonderful. It was just a
bit "too" much for her. He smiled and chucked to himself telling her that
he knew what she meant. He then asked her if she was looking for something
along the lines of being more "traditional". If so, he would be glad to
escort her to another area of the party where such people existed. Jennifer
jumped at his invitation telling her hostess's assistant to lead on. Edward
offer his arm to Jennifer and the two walked out of the party.

He took her down the same path he took the others as they soon came to a
door at the end of the hall. He acted the perfect gentleman and opened it
for her.

Jennifer bowed her head in a traditional lady-like response and then
entered the room. She was a bit surprised to find that it was a very large
study surrounded with tall oak shelves loaded with old books. There were
many expensive works of art in it and a sizeable well crafted oak desk too.
She was also surprised to see her four girlfriends sitting on a long
leather sofa, waiting. She turned back to the door only to find Edward
smiling with the door closed behind him. He then suggested for her to take
a seat and Madame Rouso will be with them all very soon.

Jennifer sighed and decided that resistance at this point was not a viable
alternative, especially with four more very bulky men in black standing in
the room with them. She gave Edward a gracious smile, turned, and slowly
swaggered to an open place on the sofa between a notably upset Charlene and
a hand ringing Karol. Su-Lee and Maria where once again sitting next to one
another on the end, holding each other hands and trying to maintain a calm
appearance even though their eyes showed intense anxiety.

"Well, it looks like we have been found out," whispered Jennifer to
Charlene without looking directly at her.

"Yea, and just when I had my Prince Charming all hot for my Queenly body
too. He was just about to ask me out on a date when Edward comes strolling
by saying that there was a slight accident and one of my friends was asking
for me. Boy did I get suckered into that one," replied an angry sulking

Karol then whispered to Jennifer her concern as to what they were going to
do now.

"Don't let them see you sweat Karol. So we crashed their party, big deal.
It's not like we robbed them or made their kinky guest upset. Just stick to
our story of looking for jobs, and don't worry. They will let us go, you'll
see. No harm done to either party." Jennifer said this with the courage of
her convictions.

Karol was about to ask Jennifer another question when the door swung open
and in walked Madame Rouso. And she was definitely not happy.

The five seating women watched as a late middle age good looking woman, of
average stature and dressed as a sexy Vampire thundered across the room and
sat down at her desk. She didn't even look at the five women. She opened a
vanilla folder on her desk and ruffled through some papers reading intently
what was written on each.

The five girls began looking at one another with expressions on their faces
that reflected they might be in greater trouble than they expected.

Madame Rouso rested back in her leather chair staring at her desk top and
the papers scattered on top. She took a few moments in contemplation and
began to talk.

"I have gone through a lot of trouble and cost to see that my gracious
friends could attend a party so they could have fun at. A party where they
could relax and let their hair down if you will. And a party where they
would not be bothered by the various unsavory elements of society."

"But we where only . . ." Su-Lee started to say when Madame Rouso's strong
voice utter one word that noticeably made each of the five girls jump in

"SILENCE!" As she stared deep and long into Karol's frighten eyes and then
did the same with the rest of the terror stricken five. Even the strong
willed Charlene looked quite shaken.

"Your reason for being here is of no importance to me. The fact that you
ARE here is! And the fact that I had to leave my party AND my guests to
deal with the likes of you five makes it all the worst. So before you open
your lying mouths once more, I strongly suggest that you all SHUT UP!"

The girls were stun into silence. Maria and Su-Lee were now holding both of
each other hands. Karol was on the verge of tears. Charlene was switching
from wanting to give that old rich bat a piece of her mind and making a run
for it out of fear. Jennifer held her fear in check while her mind was
riffling through what their options were now.

"I have no desire to spend more time than I absolutely need to with the
likes of you girls. I should have you all arrested and then prosecuted to
the full extent of the law. Make an example of you girls for all the rest
who would dare try this with me again. And being as rich and powerful as I
am, you can rest assure that each one of you will be doing time in a
woman's prison as a result of your folly."

The girls where obviously shaken upon hearing Madame Rouso's vengeance, as
they all started frantically whispering to one another with alarm, all
except Jennifer. She sat silently waiting for the other shoe to drop. For
if the harsh Madame Rouso wanted them arrested and in jail she would have
done so already and not waste her precious time telling them this.

"I said SILENCE!" Yelled Madame Rouso as she pounded on her desk with her
tightly clenched fist.

The girls immediately became silent cringing in their sets, except again

Madame Rouso rested back in her chair and began to talk in her normal voice
once more.

"You all have trespassed on private property. AND, have forged copies of a
stolen document. So your behavior is not without it's criminal element. I
have enough on you five to certainly make your life a living hell in the
judicial system not to mention be able to damage your reputations in the
economic sector so the only jobs you can find would be waiting tables in
some greasy spoon or bagging groceries. However, I am in the mood to be
generous tonight. So I will offer you a deal."

Upon hearing that all the girls were giving the woman, who had their fate
in her hands, their full undivided attention. Jennifer squeaked out a grin.
She new this was coming, the trade off as it were.

"If you all volunteer, and I do mean ALL of you, for a special party event,
then I will forget your criminal act and I will not bring charges against

The girls felt like fate was smiling down upon them. That there was hope
for them after all. That it was possible for them to leave this hideous
castle just like they had entered it, all free women. But it was Jennifer
who spoke out in a calm voice and asked, "And what is the nature of this
event, Madame?" She purposely lingered on the last word with noted

Madame found it hard to hide a small knowing smile. She knew the leader of
the bunch would make herself know soon enough, as she just did.

"It is a kind of contest if you will. Each of you will be given to a select
guest to be dressed in a costume created by them. Then the rest of the
party guests will bid on their favorites. Think of it as a kind of short
modeling career where you will be representing the creative talents of some
very extraordinary people."

"Like who, Madame Rouso?" A soft spoken frighten Karol asked.

"Let's see. There is a Mr. Carlos Sanches an up and coming fashion
designer.  A Mr. Washington Renols a very rich man who deals in art
treasures across the world. He was the patron of the Queen of England
display. A Doctor F.  Stein a renowned plastic surgeon and biochemical
researcher. There is a financier too whose name escapes me at the moment,
but the bottom line is this. If you do not volunteer than I will press
charges and all five of you will go to jail. If you do the modeling, then
after the event I will have nothing to do with you. Now I wasted too much
time with you girls as it is.  Decided now, or I will call the police."

The girls started to talk among themselves. They were all leery to what the
costumes might be considering what they saw at the party so far. But then
again what choice did they have? The girls knew of the people that Madame
Rouso talked about. And each girl was anxious to meet those people that
seem to be made for each in particular. It was none other than Dr.  Stein
that Karol was so eager to meet just before Edward intervened.

As their discussion continued the consensus of the group was that they were
reluctantly going for it, except Jennifer. Jennifer didn't like the whole
set up. And taking into consideration all the omens screaming at them from
the start was just the icing on the cake for them not to do it. She tried
to bring that point up to her friends too. Maria's spirit guide, Charlene's
psychic hotline, Su-Lee's I-Ching, the bound and gagged soldier girl, even
all the weird guests attending the party with it finally culminating in
them getting caught. All these omens were predicting that things would get
worst for them if they continued on this path. But the reactions from each
of her friends were all very disagreeable. They all threw it right back at
her. They told her it was far to late for such warnings. That given their
present situation of either going to jail and ruining their lives forever
or become models for one night and thus obtain their freedom once more, the
choice was easy.

"I want your answer now girls, or do I call the police?" Madame Rouso
waited a few seconds and then picked up the phone and started dialing.

The girls really got excited now. All trying to convince Jennifer to go
along with them. Jennifer still felt that it was the wrong thing to do, but
Maria was right. The five were to close to one another for one not to go
along with the other four if they really thought it was the right thing for
them to do. So reluctantly, she agreed too.

Just as Madame Rouso said the word, "Police?" Karol quickly spoke out,
"We'll do it!"

Madame Rouso hung up the phone and motioned for Edward to come to her. She
whispered something to him to which he nodded his head and then left.

"My assistant has gone to tell those parties in question to prepare for
your coming. Now my dears, who wants to volunteer for Dr. Franklin Stein?"

                                  (part 3)

Edward made his way carefully through the crowd. He wasn't in a hurry, but
he did have an important message for Madame Rouso, his employer. He had
been in Madame's service ever since he left the military with an honorable
discharge. The ambivalent dictatorial structure was simply too much for him
to stomach. Not that working for Madame Rouso was a democracy. She too
ruled her empire with complete autonomy, and when the need arose with an
iron fist. But there was a difference between working for a benevolent
dictator and malevolent one. And he had work for Madame Rouso long enough
to know that he, and anyone else for that matter, could always get a fair
shake from her. He knew something else about Madame Rouso too. Never, ever,
cross her!

His searching eyes finally found her. Madame was in a cheerful conversation
with one of her foreign lady guests. She was a mature woman with a heavy
East Indian accent who was confined to a wheel chair because of a broken
leg. Her costume was that of a veiled Princess of India with an extremely
detailed embroidered dress and jewelry whose quality and quantity made her
whole outfit all the more dazzling. Behind her stood another woman. She was
responsible for maneuvering the wheel chair at the command of her anointed
Princess. She was dressed in your standard harem girl costume with bare
midriff, a colorful top displaying her amply full bosom and a billowy ankle
length pantaloon. Most of her head and face was veiled in unseen solitude.
Only her big terror struck eyes could be seen through a narrow slit. She
wore golden metal bands around her neck, upper arms, wrists and ankles, all
connected together by abrupt small linked chains. And her wrists bands
where fastened close to the arms of the wheel chair making it impossible
for her to escape her indentured servant karma.

Edward walked up to Madame and quietly stood by waiting for Madame to
finish her conversation. It was the hungry lustful look of the Indian
Princess upon Edward that caught Madame's attention. She turned in the
direction of where her friend was drooling at and saw Edward.

Edward excused himself and whispered to Madame that the required time had
passed to which she wanted to be informed with regards to her unwelcome

Madame Rouso acknowledged her handsome assistant's point of interest and
excused herself from her friend. She then lead the way out of the party,
down to a lower level and along a wide hallway with many doors. Edward was
right behind Madame every step of the way.

She told Edward to wait in the hallway as she proceeded through the first
door on her right. Inside she was please to find Dr. Stein, a tall lanky
man with rich dark hair that was starting to gray at the temples. He was
wearing a long white lab coat and hard at work on his volunteered subject,

"Oh good evening Madame Rouso. I see you have stopped by to look in on how
I am progressing with our project."

"Yes I am Doctor. And how is our precious little subject doing?" Madame
walked up to a long metal table with a large operating light shinning over
it. On it, lying on her back, was Karol.

"She is such a wonderful subject to work on Madame," said the happy doctor
as he too joined Madame at the head of table. Together they looked down
upon the face of their so called willing lab rat. Her eyes big and full of
fear and remorse.

"As you can see I have already finished with the most difficult parts of
her overall modification. All I need do now is put another coat around her
joint areas and then dress her up. After that we will be all ready for your

"I must say Doctor, she does look much better like this. Could you quickly
go over what you have done to her? I am so impressed with your work and how
you did it so quickly too."

"But of course Madame Rouso. The subject, who's name escapes me for the
moment, was very much in awe of me when we first met. Thus, it was a simple
act for me to slip her a fast acting narcotic in her drink as we toasted
our new alliance. Once she was out, I was able to shave her head and place
my mind inhibiting device on her."

"You mean this metal skull cap with all the wires leading from it?"

"Exactly Madame, and the metal cap continues down the back of the neck to
her shoulders. This device allows me to monitor the basic brain waves of
the subject in question. And once I have identified certain key brain
patterns, I then used them to calibrate and configure the machine for the
next level of the operation. When that part of the setup is done I am then
able to control the subject's motor functions completely. As you can see, I
have made the subject completely inert and physically relaxed. Even though
her mind is in a frantic state of emotional distress, as seen here on the

"Very impressive Doctor. Please go on."

"When the subject regained consciousness she found herself unable to move
any part of her body. At that time she was under my complete control. That
is when I moved into phase two, which required me to undress her with the
help of my machine."

"I don't understand Doctor. How could the machine help you?"

"Like this Madame." The doctor turned some knobs on the nearby control unit
and Karol's right arm slowly raised itself off the table. He then turned
the knob again and her arm slowly dropped back down.

"That is extraordinary Doctor!"

"I can control her entire body with this machine if I want. And with the
right program I can even have her dance for you."

"Remarkable! Simply remarkable!"

"After I had her undressed, I examined her body and made my assessments as
to what areas needed adjustments. Then phase two began with me making the
modification in her physique to correspond to my metal image of what I
wanted her to look like. I started with her breasts and I must say, I
believe they came out very well."

"I can see! Quite huge they are too. I know you have inserted implants, but
I see no sutures or stitches of any kind. And how did you do it so quickly
and without a sterile or well staff operating room too?"

"It is my latest discovery Madame. I have created a totally organic oil
like substance that can be used to enhance any fleshy part of the human
body. All I need do is to inject a sufficient amount of the oil into the
center of each breast and viola! She now has a pair of triple "D" breasts!"

"And they look so real too. Not like those implants I have seen that make
the girl look like they were glued onto her chest."

"Please Madame, go ahead, touch them."

Karol could feel Madame's fingers gently touching her new mountains of
feminine flesh. She tried to move away, to push the woman's hands away or
to yell an obscenity to make her stop, but she was powerless to make even
the slightest of a disturbance. All she could do was to remain prostrated
on her back as Madame's fingers and hands flowed over and around her
artificially enhanced breasts. A stimulating event that made Karol feel
tinglely and aroused by Madame's prolonged exploration. The more Madame
seemed to play with them, rub them and now squeezed them until her breast
meat bulged out between her fingers the more sexually responsive Karol
became. Even in lo of the fact that Karol never had a lesbian desires in
her entire life, let alone any actual contact with another woman like this.

"My goodness Doctor! They feel so real and wonderful to play with. Not to
flabby, not to firm, just a pair of soft, creamy, well formed, immense
breasts. And her skin feels so smooth and slippery too, as if . . ." Madame
stopped speaking as her eyes took a long hard look at the rest of Karol's
body. "Doctor? What did you do to her skin?"

"Ah Madame Rouso, that is another creation of mine. Her entire body is
coated with a substance that has the properties of both rubber and latex.
It binds to the skin and will not come off until it is subjected to the
right conditions. Which means putting her entire body in a preheated one
hundred degree oven for fifteen minutes."

"But won't this new skin harm her," asked a concerned Madame as well as a
big eyed alarmed Karol as she carefully listened in on their conversation.

"Oh no my dear Rouso! The substance is very user friendly, if you will
pardon the pun. It allows the skin to breathe and even acts as a heat sink
to prevent overheating. I like the smooth flawless effect it gives, not to
mention how artificially she looks with that uniform peach color, just like
a child's doll. But there is one draw back to the breast enhancement oil
though. In time, the body will consume it as if it were food. Which means
her big beautiful breasts will go back to their normal shape in a few days.
That part of my discovery still needs to be worked on."

Karol closed her eyes in relief when she heard that. There was hope for her
after all. In a few days she will be back to her old self. But in the
interim she will just have to hide her mannequin like self in her apartment
until the swelling goes down to something that looks normal. How she will
remove her second skin is something else entirely.

"Did you use the same flesh enhancing oil on her lips too Doctor?"

"Yes, and her labia lips as well. I needed them both to stand out so people
will understand the creation I am trying to make."

"I see, very good Doctor. And you will further control her at the party
with that mind inhibiting device of yours?"

"I am sorry to say no Madame. That device is still to bulky and needs more
development to be use successfully out in the field. However, I do plan on
controlling my subject in another way. I will add another coat of this
artificial skin substance, slightly modified to make it a bit more stiffer,
to all her joints. Then, when she is dressed, I will add the electronic
dildoes to her lower orifices so I can maintain her subjugation to me by
various intensities of electric shocks from a small remote control device I
will keep on my person at all times."

Karol's eyes grew large again when she heard that last part. Why did Doctor
Stein have to control her at the party? What was he going to do to her? Or
make her do that it would require him to electrocute  her if she didn't?
Wasn't she suppose to model some kind costume for awhile and then go home?
Something was seriously wrong here.

"Wonderful Doctor! I hope to see you soon at the party."

Madame then looked down into the glassy eyes of Karol and said "I will be
seeing you too, my dear party crasher." She caressed the side of Karol's
synthetic covered cheek, smiled and then left.

Madame exited the room and without looking at a waiting Edward went across
the hall and entered another room.

"Madame Rouso!" A loud woman's voice welcomed her dear friend. She was an
old friend of Madame's and about the same age. She was wearing a pink smock
over what looked like an old western saloon girl's costume and she too
looked good for a woman of her age.

"Ms. Carstairs, it is so good to see you again. How are you my dear, and
how are you coming with our little friend?" Madame eagerly replied as the
two women hugged and phantom kissed one another.

"I am doing very well, on both counts. But I must thank you again for
giving me the opportunity to practice my hobby. Working in the area of high
finance can certainly get to me sometimes. So I allow myself this one
little diversion or indulgence if you will to sooth my nerves."

"Now Martha you know I would never forget such a good friend as you when an
opportunity like this arises. Especially when your talents as an investor
have made my portfolio look ever so healthy, practically gluttonous. I owe
you a lot my dear. Besides, you did such a wonderful job on that Queen
Elizabeth display that I knew you were the right choice for this one too.
And if I can please you in this small way then I am very, VERY happy.
Speaking of small things, how is our little oriental model doing?"

"I was just about to finish her up. All I have to do is put on her Scare
Crow face and hat, and she will be ready to be wheeled out to her display
area at the party. Would you care to see her now?"

"Oh yes indeed!"

The two women walled over to where Su-Lee was standing, or more liked

"Oh Martha, I think you really out did yourself with this one."

Madame Rouso was staring at a totally transformed and mounted Su-Lee. She
literally looked as if she was hanging in mid air like a dangling Raggy Ann
doll. Her legs were languishing beneath her several inches above the floor
of her stand. Her arms were drooping down and off to her side without a
stitch of life in them. Her unfinished head was titled to one side and
completely wrapped with tape, just like that Queen Elizabeth girl except
Su-Lee still had her silky black hair tucked under a white bathing cap.

"My word Martha, how did you get her like this?"

"Well, I had to use old sparky on her. At first she seemed glad to meet me.
I believe she said we had something in common with her studying accounting
and working part time in that field or something like that. All I was
interested in was getting her on that pole and start working on her. So
when I told her what she was to become she immediately lost her positive
attitude and began to make a run for it. Well, I just whipped out old
sparky here, pulled the trigger and ZAP! Once she was hit and out, she was
loose as a dead goose. I wasted no time after that stripping her, shaving
her pussy and then mounting her. She is such a small petite thing that it
was no problem at all guiding her nude labia lips and bung hole around and
onto those two greased up dildoes."

"You mean she is now properly stuffed and mounted Martha," asked Madame
doing her best to keep a straight face.

"Hahaha, Oh Madame, you do have such a way with words. Here I'll show from
the back."

Martha began moving Su-Lee's stand on it's rollers until her back was
facing the two ladies.

"You see Madame, from the front all of this is hidden. The main support is
this vertical aluminum pole bolted securely to the base, which from the
front looks like some ratty old dark wooden pole behind her. At crotch
level, a short horizontal piece juts out between her legs and is where the
two dildoes are fastened, and, corresponding, is what she is mounted on.
Since her waist is so small to begin with I foregoed the corset and just
wrapped and bolted the metal band tightly around her waist. Thus holding
her lower torso securely to the pole and on her perch. When I reached this
point in her preparation she started to wake up. She immediately tried
desperately to free herself. Oh my goodness, you should have heard her
scream and yell for release. She told me that she changed her mind, that I
had no right to do this to her, and so on and so forth. She even began
calling me all sorts of foul and disgusting names, even the "C" word."

"This younger generation has absolutely no respect for their elders or for
the institutions we have built for them," said a disappointed and upset
Madame Rouso.

"Well, I soon had my fill of that. So I used the two dildoes buried inside
her to shock her into behaving. I have found that a little negative
conditioning goes a long way in curbing bad habits. But, she is very strong
willed this one. It took a repeated number of shocks to bring her under
control. When she was crying, whimpering and begging me to stop and not to
shock her any more, I knew she was done and willing to obey me from then
on. Thus it was all right to proceed with my Scare Crow project from that
point on."

"Instead of having her wear some old worn and torn shirt and pants, I
decided to spruce it up a little. Make her a sexy Scare Crow from the city.
So I had her wear a top hat and tails to your party. But I still wanted her
to look like a doll though. So before I dressed her I wrapped each of her
hands with tape until they were formed into fingerless pods. Then I slipped
a scruffy looking canvas sack over each and tied a strong piece of twine
around the base of the sack and her wrist. The coat came next and I help
her put it on and buttoned it around her waist where it also hid that metal
band. Then I fastened and bolted another wider band around her neck that
was also attached to the top of the pole. Now her upper torso was secured
to the pole just like her lower part. Once that was done I then moved to
her arms and legs."

"I can not believe how much detail you put into this project Martha." As
Madame stepped closed to examine the super structure of the pole while poor
Su-Lee was forced to stay in her relax and plugged position.

"You see here, and again here Madame?"

"Yes, it looks like two smaller metal supports coming from the pole and
running down each of her arms and legs in back here."

"Yes! Through small slits in her sleeves I have attached each of her arms
to these corresponding poles that are also anchored to the main vertical
pipe. The same was done with her legs, but they are hidden by her opaque
panty hose. It keeps her arms and legs in an outstretch position, AND,
something else I will show you a little later."

Martha then turned the base so Sue-Lee was now facing them, or at least her
faceless face was facing them.

"To finish her lower torso I placed a pair of black tap pants and high heel
shoes on her."

Madame was about to ask Martha how she was able to fit the pants over the
horizontal pole to which the girl was mounted to, but Madame paused for a
moment to let Martha finish her check list story.

"After that, the only thing left was her head. I surmised you wanted me to
leave her hair on so I placed a tight swim cap on her. Then, like that
other girl, I fill her sad pleading mouth with cloth and then taped her
whole head up as you see here. It is a very tight wrap and helps to smooth
out her feminine features into lack luster obscurity. I did leave a few
small holes for her to breathe and barely see through. Now, if you don't
mind Madame, I would like to finish her up."

Madame Rouso motioned for her to go ahead and watched as Martha placed
another canvas sack over the girls head and tied it down with more twine
around the girl's neck. The sack was long enough to cover the metal band
completely with it's ruffled edge. She played with the sack for awhile
making sure the smiling feminine doll-like face was in the proper position.
She wanted to make sure the two small eye holes and two breathing holes of
the sacks matched up perfectly with her live mannequin ones. She then
fastened a black top hat on her head, leaning it a little to one side, and
christened her Scare Crow project finished.

Madame started to clap her hands only to be motioned by Martha to stop for
there was more to come.

"Now watch this Madame." Martha took out a remote control and pushed a

The impeccably dressed and smiling scare crow in top hat and tails began to
move. The pole that she hung by started to hop up and down and then slowly
twisted from side to side. Her arms and legs began waving up and down as if
the Scare Crow was trying to scare away a flock of birds out of the corn
field, or people at the party. And then a series of moans and groans coming
from the head topped off Martha's scary Halloween display to perfection.

"Oh my Martha, you have done a most exceptional job, far beyond any
expectations I might of had. It is just FANTASTIC! I was wondering how you
were going to solve that problem of fitting those tap pants over that metal
support tube. But now I can see exactly how you did it. You fitted them on
her by splitting it in back and all the way down the crotch too. Not only
do they look good when she is relaxed, but each time she spreads her legs
like that, one can easily see her shaven pussy and the large dildoe
immersed inside of her. Very creative my friend. And, Oh MY! Did you do
something to her nipples too?"

"Yes I did Madame. When I seen how her jacket opened in front when she
waved her arms up and down like that, I knew I had to do something to show
off her breasts and lovely long nipples. So I decided to clamp rings on
them. But then the movement of the jacket across her chest caused them to
come off after a little while. So I found a heavy duty pair of superior
nipple clamps that I could adjust the tension on and where so much better
than those rings. It took a bit of trial and error to find the right
tension to get them to stay on, as my subject's groans would attest too.
But it finally all worked out just fine."

"Excellent my dear! Just Excellent! But I was wondering about something
else. How did you get her to flap around like this? Those metal rods did
not seem heavy enough to force the girl to perform this little interesting

"Good point Madame, and you are correct. But there is a small tension
feedback mechanism that was made for me by a friend. The device is attached
to where those four rods connect to the center pole. So whenever I or a
small self contained computer wants the girl's limbs to flutter about like
that, it first sends a signal to the motors that make the rods move up and
down. If a certain threshold resistance is measured in the motors then
another signal is sent to the two dildoes, and the girl is repeatedly
shocked until she complies. It was just a matter of time, and the correct
amount of negative reinforcement, before the girl was soon performing like
a perfect animated Scare Crow doll."

"My dear friend, you are as great a genius in your hobby as you are in the
field of investments. I will immediately tell my assistant to give you a
hand with wheeling your project out to the party. I know my guests will
find your creativity most delightful."

Su-Lee watched with narrow vision and teary eyes as the two women walked
away from her. Never had she been more controlled, humiliated and suffered
intense physical pain as she was right now. She wished she had never heard
of the party let alone come to crash it. She was angry with herself for not
paying heed to all those omens that seemed to warn her away. If only she
could free herself or speak, she would gladly go to jail instead of
suffering the anguish, embarrassment and outright pain of her current
situation. Hopefully, it will be over with soon, just like Madame Rouso had
told them. But for now, she had to play the dumb Halloween prop else suffer
the shocking consequences.

Madame left the room and walked over to Edward. She told him that her
friend needed some help in transporting her project to the party and for
him to handle it. He attentively shook his head yes and went on his way, as
did Madame Rouso to the next room down the hall.

"Senor Sanches, It is so very good to see you. I must thank you again for
making this beautiful dress especially for me tonight." The two were
holding one another hands as Madame's face seem to beam with affection for
the dark skin young Latin man. He was wearing the costume of Zorro minus the
mask and cape that made him look all the more sexy in her eyes.

"Oh Madame Rouso, the pleasure, as always, is all mine." He took Madame's
hand in his and kissed it tenderly.

"Oh Senor, you are too kind. So tell me my dear friend, how goes your
latest fashion project?"

"Ah Madame, it is going very well indeed. In fact I am ready to place
literally the crowning touch on my latest creation."

Carlos escorted his patron to where Maria stood in quiet solitude, not
moving an inch because of the pain that would soon invade her tormented

"For heaven sakes Carlos. She is the perfect image for tonight's party.
You sir, are an artistic genius!"

"Thank you Madame. I call her Pumpkin Maid. The ideal Halloween serving
wench for your party."

"She is truly beautiful, sexy and all in orange too."

"Yes Madame. Everything she is wearing is made to mimic a pumpkin. Her high
heels are orange with pin stripes of black. Her panty hose with the open
crotch is orange with black outlined sections. Her heavy boned corselet
with partial cups ending just under her nipples is decorated to reflect the
vertical wedges of a pumpkin. Even her leather single glove is made to
match her corselet. And soon she will be wearing a special designed
smiling pumpkin to complete her Halloween caricature."

"And I do so love the short orange petticoat skirt that makes her look so
feminine too. A very nice touch Senor Sanches."

"Ah yes, the skirt. It is both becoming to the girl's femininity and it
acts like a veil to add a little mystery as to what that pole between her
legs is going."

"I was just about to ask you about that Carlos. Please explain to me how it

"My pleasure Madame. Let me first raise the front part of her skirt. There,
you can see how I have inserted a very large orange dildoe into her bare
pussy. For such a little senorita I was surprised she took a whole six
inches into her. I then ran a wooden pole from this dildoe, down between
her legs and fastened it to her short hobble chain that is connected to
each of her ankle cuffs. Whenever she moves, the dildoe also moves inside
of her and because the pole and chain is sized just right, the dildoe will
never come fully out. This little arrangement will not only keep her from
sitting down or climb stairs, but the short hobble will force her to move
very slowly with cautious little steps too. AND, a small electronic device
in her dildoe will monitor her movement. If she should stand motionless for
any length of time, ZAP! It will shock her into motion again."

"Well done Senor Sanches! Please continue."

"Of course Madame. As you can see the senorita is fitted with a similar
serving tray arrangement like your French serving maids have. The tray is
securely strapped around her waist to which another strap loops around this
one and her single glove thus keeping her bound arms firmly planted to the
small of her back. Two small chains running from the front edge of her tray
go directly to her collar thus holding her tray level. Her collar also
serves to keep her single glove from slipping off via a short strap
connecting the two. Now, there is one small difference that exists in her
collar that is not found in the ones your maids wear. Her collar is really
a posture collar Madame. It is made to conform snugly around her neck, jaw-
line, and around the base of her neck to perfection. It not only prevents
her head from moving in any direction, but also acts as a firm support for
the plastic pumpkin to be attached to. This way the pumpkin head stays in a
fixed position and does not move freely about."

"I can see you have put in a tremendous amount of functionally as well as
artistic expression in your design Senor. But please Carlos, tell me about
what you did to her head so far."

"As you wish Madame. Out little contessa here is one head strong hellcat.
It was a good thing I had her under my latin spell early on and pass the
point of no returned before she knew what was happening to her. I owe it
all to my training in my countries culture for seducing said women who
hunger for a strong, passionate, male lover."

"Oh Carlos, if I were only twenty years younger." Madame caressed the young
man's cheek with her hand while wishing secretly it was true.

"My dear sweet Lady." Carlos took her soft feminine hand into this and
brought it to his lips. Just as he was about to kiss the back of her hand,
he turned it ever so gently, and tenderly kissed her open inviting palm.

"You know my passion for you is always on edge Madame. All you need do is
let me make love to you and I will turn back the hands of time. I will make
you feel like a young girl again as you experience one long crest after
another. If you would only give yourself to me, for but one night."

Madame Rouso's heart was pounding so hard that she though it was going to
burst right out of her chest. "Please, my dear sensuous man. You are giving
far too much credence to my yearning school girl fantasies. And tonight is
already too full of egregious and whimsical fancy for this old, but very,
VERY grateful woman to take but one more. Now tell me young sir more about
our pumpkin maid."

Again Carlos kissed his patrons hand. This time on the back. Then he rubbed
it warmly between both of his as he continued with his story.

"Considering what a wildcat this woman is, with her ability to cuss one out
in two different languages no less. I found it necessary to see that said
offensive verbiage be kept to a minimum, if not completely silenced all
together. So before putting on the posture collar I placed the expanding
pear gag in her mouth. I must say, even when faced with the inedible, she
fought me tooth and nail. Almost literally taking a bite out of my flesh in
the process. But a strong spirit is no match for a strong hand and a
cunning mind as I quickly dispatched said pear into her foul boisterous
mouth. Once there it was a simple act of turning the clip that released the
spring that in turned split the pear in half forcing her mouth to open as
wide as possible. Her yells and obscene language were now diminished to
moans and groans of subdued agony. After that she had become a somewhat
willing participant to her new role in life. It was easy for me to apply
her posture collar on next that forced her jaws closer together and
flattened her tongue even more. I then added the light orange swim cap to
keep her hair out of the way. The last part was to mount this circular band
of small lights starting behind one ear, going up and over the top of her
head and back down to the other side."

He then picked up the brightly colored pumpkin and showed Madame Rouso the
battery pack attached to the inside to which the lights plugged into. When
he plugged it in, Maria suddenly looked like the Lady Liberty all be it a
kinky version of which.

"Now, all I have to do is slowly drop this head ornament over the girls
head like so. Make sure it sets correctly into it's mounting and locking
mechanism like this. Then give it one quarter turn until I hear it snap
into place." When the snap sound was made, both Madame and Carlos made a
happy sound of success. To which Maria could only close her eyes in
emotional devastation as her field of vision was cut drastically down to
what she could only see through the happy eyes of the smiling pumpkin face.

"Wonderful my dear friend! She looks absolutely wonderful. I know my guest
will enjoy her to the utmost. But what will you put on her tray if I may

"I had thought she could be a combination cigar, cigarette and mint girl.
All I have to do is clamp one end of this spring tethered lighter to one of
the pumpkin girls nipples like so." To which Maria let out a very audible
shriek when she felt like her nipple was going to be pinched off in the

"Then do the same with these little tongs for the mints on her other
nipple." Again another screech of pain was heard echoing from inside the
cheerful looking pumpkin head.

"Now if I may impose on your generous hospitality to provide the other
three pleasures, then I do believe our Pumpkin Maid is all set for her

"Of course my dear Carlos. I will tell Edward to give you whatever you
need. Will you need any assistance in getting her to the party?"

"Oh no Madame. All I have to do is lead her by either of her tethered
nipples and said Pumpkin Maid will be sure to follow, slowly, but surely."
He gave Madame a sexy wicked smile that made her go week in the knees.

"Thank you my friend." Madame could not help herself as she kissed this
handsome young man on the cheek before quickly leaving.

She met Edward outside the hall waiting for her. He informed her that Ms
Carstairs's Scare Crow was already on display at the party and getting
raved reviews. Madame was glad to hear the positive feedback. She then told
Edward that Mr. Sanches will be moving his project to the party and will be
needing his assistance with a few items from the kitchen and her den. She
then left him to see to her requests and headed for the next room in line.

Madame was in a very happy state. Three out five projects were turning out
better than expected, which left only two more to go. The last of which she
was personally anxious to see the results of. The next door Madame Rouso
transversed was to Mr. Washington Renols, a professor and dealer of ancient
antiquity. She honestly had no idea what he had planned for the girl she
gave him and when she finally did see what awaited her, it almost took her
breath away.

"Ah Madame Rouso, my favorite patron of the arts. It is good to see you
again my dear. So tell me Madame, how do you like my lovely mummy," asked a
very handsome middle age man with salt and pepper hair. He was dressed like
Sherlock Homes to which his natural English accent added marvelously to the
entire effect, and to his suave manly appeal.

Madame was a lost for words. Never had seen such a magnificent work of art
and craftsmanship in her entire life. Standing before her was not an
artifact representing a long past culture. It was an edifice to the human
spirit, to the very core of humanity itself, in all it's jewel encrusted
golden splendor and pure white wrappings. This is what a true expired Queen
of ancient Egypt would look like just before she was put into her
sarcophagus. A famous Queen of power, beauty and extravagance. A Queen by
the name of Charlene, entombed alive in body numbing layers of pure white

"My god Professor! Never have I seen anything so beautiful and so macabre
as what I see before me right now. You are truly a man of exceptional
talents and taste. I am honored to bare witness to your creative and
artistic abilities."

"My dear Madame. It is I who is in awe of you, my benevolent benefactor and
regal mistress. For without you I could never be the man I am today. For it
was your belief in me that made us both socially and economically
successful. I bow to you Madame Rouso in honor and respect. For I hold no
other with such high esteem as you." He took position before Madame Rouso
and bowed with all humility before a woman who seemed about to cry.

"Please kind sir, enough of these mutual gratuitous remarks. For any more
would surely bring tears to my eyes and no doubt ruin a first class make-up
job upon this old wrinkled face. Come sir, tell me how you created such a
wonderful object, a true gift from the gods, and out of a mer human girl I
gave you." Madame took the tall man's arm and together they walk over to
the mummy.

"Oh I dare say she was certainly no ordinary woman Madame. Her body was
already befitting that of a goddess with her greater than most female shape
and prefect pretentious bosom. All of which made my meager wrappings and
associated trinkets all the more impressive."

They were now walking around the motionless statue of gleaming beauty built
upon a still living, breathing, woman of color. But both only had eyes for
each other.

"How gracious and modest you are Professor. But please continue, for I so
enjoy listening to man of letters and whose voice is as pleasant to my ears
as your mummy is to my eyes."

"As you wish Madame. As I mentioned, said woman was VERY attractive. To
which I complimented her most generously on her natural beauty. And as with
most women receiving such praise, she quickly responded to my wordy
seductive spell with relaxed trust, if I may be so bold to say?"

"Please do sir, for I too find your manly manners to be not without a
certain romantic charm, my dear Professor Renols. Perhaps I too should take
care so as not fall victim to your seductive web like this girl did."

"You have nothing to fear from me my sweet mistress. But this girl soon did
when I had her stripped naked and the first layer of wrappings upon her."

Madame took her first look back at the mummy. For from the time she took
the professor's arm until now her attention was solidly upon her gentleman
friend. "So what I see here is not the first?"

"No Madame. She has been wrapped in three layers. The first was a thick
gauze material that acted as a kind of buffer or protection for her lovely
smooth black skin. She even found the experience of being slowly wrapped up
to be quite pleasant. She described it to me as being wrapped up in a warm
soft blanket on a cold rainy morning."

"I had a mirror for her to see herself in too. Oh she spent the longest
time looking at herself in it. She eyed each arm and leg that I wrapped
separately with curiosity. Her hands turned into fingerless pods made her
smile. Her entire torso except her love mound and derriere bathed in
sterile white gauze made her giggle. And the only part left open on her
head was her soft feminine face to which she quietly stared at for nearly
ten whole minutes. I even caught her in a playful mood acting like a stiff
mummy from some "B" rated horror movie. The first layer was far move
flexible than she thought it would be. However, I did notice a moment of
alarm cross her face when I told her she was ready for the second layer.
She was very reluctant at first, but I put on the charm and then showed her
all the jewelry and mask she was to wear to complete her costume, and that
made her more compliant."

Again Madame's interest was on the professor as they casually continue
there little stroll around the vertical motionless mummy. The mummy whose
unseen trailing eyes tried desperately to make contact with Madame.

"So was the second layer the same as the first my dear friend?"

"Oh no Madame. The material used in the second layer is more like a thin
cloth then a gauze. And once it is exposed to air it turns very inflexible,
virtually hard as a rock as our mutual lady friend soon found out. Again, I
wrapped her limbs separately, then her torso and head leaving those area's
I left open the first time still undone. When she began to turn hard I
placed her on top of my special table. There I had her legs spread wide and
lifted up, readily exposing both her, how shall I say it, orifices, to me."

"Oh Professor, you need not be gentlemanly with me. For we both go back a
long time. A friendship, I dare say, to be more intimate than most."

The Professor looked upon Madame Rouso with a knowing smile. He took a
moment to clear his throat just like any English gentleman does when they
wish for social sensibility to return to an otherwise emotional

"At this point Madame, she became very alarmed and wanted to know what was
going on. She tried to fight, to rebel and escape her stiffing state, but
by now it was far too late for that. For she was reduced to a simple
immobile stick figure laying on my work table. She began screaming and
threatening me to which I had no recourse but to tape her mouth shut.
Though I must say Madame, there is something about the sounds of a gagged
woman in distress that really excites me."

"Oh Professor, I do so know what you mean. There muffled sounds of high
energy and emotional distress have such an erotic aura about them. As I
have felt on many occasions myself."

"Ah Madame, I do believe we share more than a common interest in ancient

The two warmed up closed together. Madame holding the professor's arm with
both hands now as the professor took his other hand and cuddled it atop

"I then prepared the girl for the rest of her mummification. I put on a
pair of rubber gloves and oiled the outside of a special nozzle. A nozzle
I slowly and carefully pushed up and into her rectum. I needed to flush out
her bowels completely, so the device I used would automatically give her a
series of enemas. Oh my dear woman, you should have heard the high pitched
muffled screams and moans that girl made while I was sticking it to her. It
was quite pleasant for me, in a kinky kind of way."

"Anyway, once I had the device in operation, with it filling and then
purging her insides, I decided to work on her arms. I removed my gloves and
proceeded to do just that. The substance in this cloth can be made flexible
again with the use of heat. So I took a modern day hair dryer and used it
on her arms so I could fold them across her chest area, just like a real
mummy. Oh she tried to fight me, but all I needed to do was to pinch her
nostrils close for a short length of time. She soon understood what I was
alluding too and how her useless struggles really went for naught. She then
became docile after that. But she did have a tendency to go from one
emotional state to another though. First crying tears of self pity, then
begging and pleading with me through her gag, and then once again more
anger, rebellion and defiance. I could see them all so clearly one after
the other in her very expressive eyes. But once I was done with her arms it
was time for me to move to her head."

"I took a very small diameter feeding tube and began to push it up one of
her nostrils. Oh she certainly didn't like that, not one little bit. I kept
telling her to swallow it, but she was defiant even in this. She had to
learn the hard way that it would go much easier on her if she obeyed me
than resisted me. I left the end of the tube dangling from her nose while I
moved to her mouth. I removed the tape from her mouth already expecting a
most unbecoming tongue lashing from her, and I was not disappointed. But I
quickly began inserting the rubber wedge gag into her mouth, which took her
totally by surprise. I used that surprised to wiggle that gag deeply into
her mouth causing her tongue to be forced flat underneath it. It had two
semi-circle grooves in the top and bottom edges of it for her teeth to fit
in. Once I had the gag situated properly I shoved her lower jaw upwards
forcing her to bite down hard on the gag, I then wrapped more of that
hardening cloth around her head and jaw to keep it in place. It didn't take
long before her mouth was close shut, and the gag allowing only the softest
of sounds to venture forth. I watched in smiling reposed as she tried to
move her big sensuous lips in an attempt to remove the gag. And then tried
to talk through her clenched teeth that were now sealed over and together
by the gag."

"At this point I felt like she had enough purging, so I let the device
perform it's last evisceration of waste and then removed the nozzle. In
it's place I put a long tapered butt plug with a narrow metal band near the
flared end. Again she did not like this one bit, but her objection was not
as intense or prolonged as it once was. After washing my hands, I put on
another pair of sterile rubber gloves. Then I opened a hospital issued
catheter and slowly pushed it up her urethra. I could definitely hear her
crying while I was doing this. Although I believe it was more out of
frustration then outright pain. For she no longer had control over her life
or body, not even in relieving herself. And this was no doubt very
embarrassing for her. I postulated that she must have been one very strong
willed and autonomous person once upon a time in her life."

After saying that both Madame and the professor stopped and looked at the
face of this golden Egyptian idol. It was Madame who said with calming
reposed. "Yes, I believe she was."

Then the two looked away and began there stroll around the statue as the
professor continued his tale.

"Once I had her bladder emptied, I removed the catheter. I then took a very
realistic dildoe, oiled it up really well and took my time thrusting it
into her waiting love gate. Once more she tried to fight me, but I just
took my time easing it in and out, twisting it a little this way and that
way, I even used my fingers to gently rub her sensitive love button in
small circles. It wasn't long before I had her responding like a contented
house cat. I was at odds with myself as to whether to give this girl an
orgasm or not. I decided since it was Halloween that I would play the role
of the dirty villain and deny her that wonderful pleasure. So I just pushed
the dildoe in as far as it would go and stop playing with her. Again, as
soon as she realized what had happened she began running through her series
of restrained emotional outburst once more."

"You are such a dastardly fellow Professor," exclaimed an obviously excite
Madame Rouso.

The Professor smiled a wicked grin at Madame and continued.

"I removed my gloves, cleaned up any remaining mess upon her person and
taped a small vibrating button to the hood of her vulva. I used the hair
dryer again to bring her legs down and together making sure the wires
coming from the two dildoes and the vibrating button were taped securely in
the clef formed between her legs. I went back up to her head and connected
another tube to the tube that was sticking out of her nostril. The end of
this tube was attached to a large syringe full of a very rich slow
absorbing nutrient. Once injected into her stomach it will keep her well
nourished for several days without having to remove her from her captivity.
Oh you should have seen her facial expressions when that greenish goo was
forced down her feeding tube and into her stomach. Of course she could not
taste anything, so her revulsion was a result of what she saw. Again she
switched through a host of emotions culminating in just one, pleading
submission. Oh it was so exciting to see her like this and knowing I was
the sole reason for her distress. But alas, all good things must come to an
end. So once all the fluid was injected into her, I pulled out the feeding
tube and began the final wrapping."

"So then, what I see here is the last layer Professor?"

"Yes my Lady. I used a third wrapping of simple white cloth with a faint
aroma of wildflowers. This time I did her wrappings in a very intricate
design reminiscent of an Egyptian woman of status and quality. It is a very
tight weave with much overlap. By this time the girl must have been
exhausted from her ordeal for she seemed quite passive now. That is until I
started to wrap up her head. I preformed this last task with a deliberate
slowness. I wanted to watch her eyes as she came to realized that the end
was near. It was such a treat for me when I seen her eyes go wide with
anxiety as I began wrapping the cloth tightly over her mouth, with layer,
after layer, after layer pushing down on her lips and sealing them close.
Her eyes followed in terror as the cloth slowly began covering her face
into obscurity. She made eye contact with me only once. I guess she could
not handle my excited smiling expression as I continued to seal her up.
When I covered her nose I could hear a faint whine of remorse. And when I
wrapped her brow leaving only a small opening for her eyes to peak through
I knew she was on the verge of total mind numbing fear. And that is where I
ended the wrapping. I took up a small tool, felt around her nose area and
made two small holes for her to breathe through. That is when it really hit
her. She wasn't going to die like this. She was just going to be put on
display for a while to be ogled at by wealthy kinky people like some freak
in a side show and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it either."

"I tried to see the anger that I knew was boiling up inside of her. But the
eye holes were not big enough for me to fully experience the intensity of
her rage towards me. So I carefully positioned her on her stand, plugged in
the wires leading from her crotch stimulators to the base and finished
dressing her. I placed a solid gold Egyptian Queen's head mask over her
head and on her shoulders. It had two pairs of little holes for her to see
and breathe through. In a way, I though she became an interesting example
of satire. Here is a mummified woman who is no doubt in a deep state of
emotional distress, and the painted face on her mask shows her as being
this calm serene young woman with just a hint of a smile, like the Mona
Lisa. I then added a few more artifacts of Egyptian antiquity like the
elaborate glittering necklace, the two short golden staffs crossing over
her chest, and a wide jewel encrusted gold belt and sash draped over her
hips. What remained was a little cleaning up and she became as you see here
now before you. Ready to be put on display for your interesting party

"Outstanding Professor Renols! Simply outstanding! How can I ever repay you
for such a wonderful gift such as this?" Madame rose up on her toes and
kissed the man on the cheek. But before she could rest back down on her
heels he took her in his strong hands and kissed her warmly on the lips.

Immediately they both wrapped their arms tightly around one another. Their
spiraling desires finally breaking through in a series of aggressive, open
mouth, and tongue probing dance of oral passion. An act of genuine love
between two old intimate friends witnessed by only a silent golden icon of
exquisite beauty. But the eyes of it's imprisoned occupant said it all. For
the depths of rage and desire for revenge knew no bounds as they continued
to stare daggers down upon the mature couple in love.

Madame broke the kiss, but remained in the firm undying grasp of the man
who was now nuzzling her neck. She closed her eyes and turn her lips to his
ear, whispering something that made him abruptly stop. They slowly broke
their embrace as the smiling man took Madame's hand and kissed it.

"Until later tonight my Lady."

Madame looked into her midnight lover's eyes with eager anticipation and
then into the face of the grinning Queen.

"What of her strategically placed stimulators my dear professor? When will
they be used?"

The professor pulled out a small plastic box with four colored push buttons
on it. He held it out so Madame could see it and said "The green button
will give her pleasure for twenty minutes out of every hour. The yellow
button will keep her frustrated for thirty minutes out of every hour. And
the red will give her discomfort for fifteen minutes out of every hour."

"And the fourth button my clever, devious, lover?"

The professor smiled with squinting eyes. "The black button my Lady," he
said with a slight pause. "The black is a random mixture of all three."

He held it closer to Madame Rouso and simply said "Push one."

Her eyes lit up and a big wide smile crossed her face. She looked up at the
statue for a minute in silent contemplation and then back at the box of
good and evil. She placed her one hand over the top blocking the buttons
from the Professor's line of sight. He looked at her with a questioning
gaze.  And she responded back with her Cheshire cat look of sinister
delight. Then he felt his hand being pushed down. Madame had made her

He was about to ask her which one, but he thought better of it. He turned
to look at the statue, but he had done too good of a job on the girl for
nothing could be seen or heard to clue him in on Madame's choice. He took a
moment as he stared off to the side and then let out with a healthy laugh.

Madame put her arms around the Professor, this time seeking support and
comfort. He responded in kind, and once more the two kissed. A tender
loving kiss before a statue that was making a very faint sound of pleading
mercy. A sound that was quickly dissipating into the ether before reaching
a single living soul.

The two broke their loving embrace at the same time with Madame regaining
her formal manner first. She then told the professor, "I will have my aid
make arrangements for transporting your creation to the party Professor
Renols. Would you be so kind as to supervise it's, I mean, her transition?"

"It will be my pleasure to do whatever Madame wishes."

Madame echoed the man's knowing smiled as she turned and left the room.
When she was out in the hall, she fell back against the door as if in a
state of exhaustion. The ever vigilant Edward seen this and ran to Madame's

"Madame? Madame Rouso? Are you all right? Madame?" Edward's voice was
noticeably alarmed by what he saw. But Madame slowly regained her energy
and looked upon Edward with the eyes of a school girl who just had her
first French kiss.

"Yes my dear Edward. All is well. Please go in and see to Professor Renols
needs won't you my friend?"

Edward was momentarily stun by Madame's more then pleasant mood, until he
seen a part of Madame's lipstick smudged upon her face. He then smiled and
responded "As you wish Madame. Is there anything else I can do for you
Madame," he asked knowing full well he would not receive an answer from
Madame as she was already on her way down the hall to the final room,
obvious to all-around her.

It was the last room for her to enter. She stood outside the door, one hand
on the knob ready to open it. She was back to her old self now as she
situated herself in preparation for what laid inside. A social smile graced
her face as she turned the knob and entered the room.

"Auntie!" Came a young female voice that greeted her from within.

"Olivia! My favorite niece in the whole wide world. How are you my dear?"

"Fine Auntie. Please come in and I'll show you what I have done to the girl
named Jennifer you gave me. Oh! I took the pleasure of naming her, if you
don't mind," said the college girl with a slight sheepish grin on her face.

"Of course not my dear. What did you name her?" Madame put her arm around
her niece as they both began to walk to where Jennifer was waiting for

"I call her Muffee'. And isn't she the most cutest thing?"

                                  (part 4)

"Please come in Auntie. I want to show you what I did to the girl named
Jennifer. Oh! I took the pleasure of renaming her, if you don't mind,"
asked an excited college girl with a slightly sheepish grin on her face.

"Of course not my dear. You know I gave her to you to do with whatever your
little heart's desire is." Madame put her arm around her niece as they both
began to walk to where Jennifer was waiting for them. "So, what did you
name her my dear?"

"I call her Muffee'. And isn't she just the cutest thing," the young girl
with a sarcastic southern accent.

Madame looked upon Jennifer and could not believe her eyes. "Oh Olivia, she
is perfect, and cute as a button! And you did this all by yourself?"

"Most of it Auntie. I needed Edward's help in holding her down while I
drugged her. I had to, since she became so radically uncooperative when I
showed her what she was going to wear. And the rest of the materials and
devices I obtained from your basement workshop and crew of diligent
workers. Without their help I could never have made Muffee' so pretty and

"Yes, they are a good bunch. But it you that I am so very proud of Olivia.
Your creativity has really come to light with Muffee' here. And the name
fits her perfectly too. How did you ever come up with this idea my child?"

"Well, the sorority that I belong to recently had it's pledge drive. I was
given one of the pledges to act as a big sister to. And of course, along
with watching out for her, there was a little hazing going on as well.
Nothing as serious as this you understand, but still, I did put her through
some interesting periods of submission that made me like dominating her and
treating her like my very own pet. So, when you said I could do whatever I
wanted to Jennifer, within reason, and given your superb workshop and
extensive warehouse of great stuff, I could not let this opportunity get
away from me. That's when I decided to see how far I could go in making her
look like a dog, and then train her as such. Within the limited time
allowed me. But all things considered, and even if I do say so myself, I
really think I did a fine job of it Auntie."

"My dear niece, you have gone way beyond anything I could have imagined.
And I am amazed that you were able to obtain such notable results with
minimum outside help. I am very, VERY proud of you Olivia!" Madame took her
young niece in her arms and gave her one long intense hug. Followed by an
affectionate kiss on her cheek.

Jennifer just looked on, maintaining her steadfast position as she was
trained to do. As she was forced to do, else be horribly punished. She
stood motionless on all fours with her head held in the normal position for
a dog, up and looking straight ahead. She remained very quiet and still. No
point eliciting another punishment session at the hand of that sadistic
coed spoiled brat who forced her to wear this humiliating perverted costume
to begin with.

Jennifer was gazing at the warm and congratulatory women with contempt and
fear. That's all she could do. Her options at this point were few and far
between. And Jennifer was a woman who always knew what her options were.

Choice was another characteristic of Jennifer. She was not afraid to make
them. Nor afraid to choose the lesser of evils if that's all the options
she had before her. Just like right now. Better to choose to look and act
like an obedient house pet, then to rebel and suffer the pain and agony of
physical punishment.

But choice can be taken away from a person too. Like when she first found
out what that darling little niece of Madame Rouso wanted to do to her. Her
freedom to choose soon became null and void. She tried to run and escape,
but a locked door with Edward standing in front of it quickly ended that
choice. She tried to fight instead of letting that approaching smiling girl
stick her with that hypo, but again, Edward's strong physique robbed her of
that choice too. Even the drug took away any choice she had in remaining
awake or choosing not to be turned into the pathetic creature she was now.

When she woke up she was still a little groggy from the lingering effects
of the drug. But her entire body felt different. Nothing seem to be as it
once was to her.

The first thing she noticed was her vision. She was looking straight ahead
and could see this "thing" sticking out from her face. It was obstructing
part of her field of vision. She wondered what it could be as she looked
closer at it, even crossed eyed at it. It seemed to arch over her nose and
was covered with a very short white fur. And at it's end was this little
black splotch. She thought upon it for the longest time as to what it could
be while her conscious mind was coming back to her. Then suddenly, it hit
her. She remembered the costume she was to wear. They had put it on her
while she was knocked out. And what she was now looking at was her dog

She closed her eyes, hoping, wishing, praying it was all a bad dream. But
when she opened them again, her dog nose was still there. And that's when
she discovered that her nightmare had just begun.

Another characteristic of Jennifer's personality was that she rarely cried.
Not that she didn't get emotional or have those weeping tendencies. She
just had better control over her feelings then most. And what usually did
come out was in the form of anger. Even sadness and fear became re-routed
somehow and came out in various degree's of anger. So when she found out
what they had done to her, her tears of shame and discuss were transformed
into fits of hatred and rebellion.

Her first instinct was to remove, tear or rip off that degrading piece of
pseudo animal flesh. But when she raised her hand she found it too had been
changed. In fact, her whole arm was no longer the representative of a
member who was once at the top of the evolutionary food chain. Her hand was
now a paw. She could feel how her fingers and thumb had been molded somehow
underneath her new dog skin, probably with tape. Her thumb felt like it was
taped to the side of her hand, and her fingers were bent around themselves
and taped there too. She could even feel some kind of padding placed under
them to cushion them for some reason. But the most amazing part was how it
actually looked like a dog's paw. It had the little short digits with their
corresponding claws made of rubber and painted pink. It was covered with
very short white dog hair like her snout. And when she turned it over, it
even had the dark padded area's of a dog's paw too.

In the process of moving her paw she noticed how the rest of her arm had
change into a dog's leg. Her arm was rigid, as if something stiff was
covering her elbow joint making it impossible for her to bend her arm
there. The only movement allowed her was at her shoulder and wrist area,
and even those area's seem limited in their degree of motion. The short fur
dog skin was all over her arm, except near her wrist. A white tuff of fur
surrounded her wrist as if it was a grandiose caterpillar, and just above
it was a narrow black strap with shiny metal studs around it.

She tried to use her new dog's leg to remove her snout, but it was
hopeless. She could not bend her elbow to reach it with her paw and only
ended up banging it with the side of her arm. But in so doing she found
that her snout was not simply rubber glued to her face. It extended into
her mouth as well. In some weird feat of special effects her snout was
intricately attached to her skin, lips, teeth, and to the roof of her mouth
as well. It was done so well that Jennifer though it was really a part of
her and not simply attached to her. It did not cause her any pain, maybe a
little discomfort when she tried to manipulate her lips that seemed
stretched and compress inside. But she did notice that her dog face seemed
very rigid as it only allowed her to open and close her mouth to a certain

Out of a sense of increasing frustration with her inability to remove her
dog face, she began to shake her head. That's when something flew across
her eyes, momentarily scaring her as it swiftly took away her sight and
then gave it back just as fast. She did it a couple more times concluding
that the thing causing it must have been her long floppy dog ears.

She could not take it anymore. She had to get out of there anyway she
could. She did her best to get her front legs and paws under her to raise
herself up, and it worked. But in so doing she found that her own legs had
been folded back upon themselves at the knees and held there. Thus she was
only able to stand up on all fours, like a dog. She tried to turn her head
and look what they had done to her back legs, but for some reason her neck
was stiff with little capacity to move her head around. Especially when she
tried to see her hind quarters. She also noticed how her stomach area seem
constricted like a wide belt had been pulled tight around it. She tried to
use her paw again to reach her stomach, but again it was useless. Her dog
costume would not allow even that little bit of flexibility.

Again her frustration with her situation got the better of her as she began
randomly moving this way and that way to break free of her bounds. She
tried to stretch her legs out to no avail. She tried to bend herself to
either side, but her stiff neck and stomach area would only allow her a
token effort. Then she abruptly stopped and remain still. She took the time
to rest and catch her breath, breathing heavy through her dog's snout. Her
eyes began to tear and she fought back the need to cry. Instead, she got
angry with herself and her friends for accepting Madame Rouso's deal. She
looked around her surrounds and saw a floor length mirror a few feet off to
her side.

That mirror changed her emotional state in a blink of an eye. When she saw
it, she new she wanted to look into it. Not out of some instinct for female
vanity, but to see what they had done to her and to calculate what her
options might be now. So she cautiously began to walk over to it. Her
padded front paws made it easy for her to walk on her hands. No pain and
practically no discomfort either. When she moved her rear legs and began
walking on her knees it surprised her how nice it felt. For the pain that
she had once experienced from moving on her knees in real life doing some
household chore on a hard floor was not there at all.

When she was about half way there she felt something pulling and dragging
down from her neck. She tried to move her head down low enough to see, but
whatever it was seemed to be underneath her and out of her line of sight.
She moved back a little and it soon came into her field of vision. It was a
chain, a dog chain, that no doubt ran from a collar around her stiff neck
to some unmovable fixed point that kept her from escaping. She closed her
eyes and found it hard to fight back the tears. One possible option that
she hoped was still open to her, escape, was now permanently removed. And
accepting this point was very difficult for her. But she did. She welled up
the courage, countered depression with determination and continued on to
her goal of seeing herself in that mirror.

Preoccupied with fighting that chain she soon found herself at her goal.
When she looked into the mirror, her heart stopped. She knew before hand
that she was going to look differently. She even knew she would probably
look kind of funny with that weird dog costume on. But she never thought,
when she looked into the mirror, she would not see herself at all! And what
she did see was for all intent and purposes a real dog! In fact, a dog that
surprisingly resembled a large French poodle.

Jennifer was so in awe by what she saw that she just stood there, on all
fours, starring at herself. At first she was in denial that the dog in the
mirror could really be her. So she raised her paw and so did her reflection.
Then she shook her head, and the full complete dog head followed suit. The
dog head with the long floppy ears of tightly packed white fur on one side.
The dog head with another tuff of white fluffy fur on top of it's head just
like a real poodle. And the dog head wearing a wide black leather collar
encrusted with chrome studs that was tethered by the same chain Jennifer
was previously toiling with. Somehow, this same realistic dog head was now

She moved to the side so she could see more of her body and found the
surreal image of her "dog" self was carried on back there too. On her
shoulders, back and chest was a froth of white fur shaped into a large
ball. She could even see her bare nipples poking out from it as they were
painted a bright hot pink just like her claws. Around her middle was not a
tight belt as she first thought, but a very constricting leather waist
cinch that was also studded with chrome inserts in a fashionable design.

Her rear end had more of the same. Each leg was doubled up on itself and
covered with more of that white short haired dog skin. Her feet had somehow
been turned and forced to remain over her butt cheeks. And they were kept
hidden from sight under that same dog skin. Her butt cheeks as well as part
of her hips and upper thighs were again covered in round froths of white
fur. One for each side leaving the crack of her ass and pussy in plain
view. And her knees seem to match her front dog legs with fake padded paws
attached to them, hot pink colored claws and all. There was another
caterpillar like tuff of fur around her hind leg just above each fake paw.
And another narrowed studded black leather strap above that tuff of fur.
The only thing missing, to Jennifer's relief, was her tail. But when her
eyes rose and seen another reflected image in the mirror, of that girl
holding a long tail with a ball of white fur at the end of it, she knew
that one item was soon to be rectified.

The girl, the same girl with the hypo, was smiling happily at her with a
little twinkle in her eye.

Jennifer immediately twisted around intent on attacking her. Except, that
in the process of turning around, her dog chain caught one of her four legs
causing her to fall to the floor on her side. She quickly tried to get up,
but because she was not use to her new canine existence she became more
entangled with the chain instead. The harder she tried, the more helpless
she became. And her antics to set herself free was making Olivia laugh, and
laugh, and laugh at her. That's when it all became too much for Jennifer as
she broke down sobbing to herself into complete passivity.

She remembered how Olivia, the cause of her demise from the ranks of human
being to that of beast, dropped down to her knees and help set her free
from her self imposed bondage. But once she was free, Olivia's benevolence
turned vicious as she pulled up hard on Jennifer's chain leash until they
were looking at one another eye to eye. Then Olivia read her the riot act.
In short, if she wanted to get through the night with the least amount of
pain and suffering, then she will obey her in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING she
command her to do. The fear that Jennifer felt chilling through her quickly
turned into raged when she yelled back at the girl FUC....

That's all that came out. When the beginning word came out, Jennifer was
immediately hit with an extremely painful electric shock that caused her
body to cringe like a meek scolded dog in submission.

Once again Jennifer heard the hated laughter of that girl Olivia. Followed
by the sarcastic remark of what a stupid bitch she was. Olivia then
informed her new doggie that unless she gave her the command to speak,
Jennifer would automatically be punished by her shock collar for doing it
on her own. Olivia made it all to clear that any attempt by Jennifer to act
on her own free will would result in her being severely punished. Then in
an arrogant pompous tone Olivia declared that Jennifer was hence forth to
think and act like a dog. A dog that would obeyed her Mistress's commands
quickly, explicitly and faithfully, whatever they would be. And if Jennifer
did not accept her new lot in life, then she would meet with unrelenting
pain until she did. Olivia left Jennifer with only one choice to make.

With tears she could not stop running down her fur covered cheeks Jennifer
reluctantly made that choice too. Her dignity as a human being would be
sacrificed to save her from further physical torture. And given the fact
that it would be for only a short period of time, as Madame Rouso promised,
it was a choice she prayed she could live with in the interim. Not knowing
herself, the depths of perversion that Madame Rouso's niece was truly
capable of.

After that, it all seemed like a dream. A too vivid nightmare was more like
it. She was told that her new name was Muffee', the kinky French poodle.
And she was to respond to it with vigor and an instinctive eagerness to
please. She was then told to rise and turn her butt to her Mistress. It was
time for her to finish Jennifer's poodle costume.

Jennifer felt and watched the happy evil face of her Mistress in the mirror
as she pushed the plug that held her poodle's tail mounted to it into her
rectum. Most of the time Jennifer kept her eyes close. Experiencing someone
diddling with her waste hole was bad enough, but watching them having fun
at it was something she just could not bare to witness.

She then felt her Mistress playing with her nether lips. Tracing her
fingers around her labia. Using her finger tips to stimulate her clit. And
then thrusting her fingers in and out of her pussy hole, fucking her, one
finger after another until Jennifer began to feel the first wave of sexual
arousal forming.

That's when Jennifer lost it. She was not going to associate a deeply
humiliating and dehumanizing experience with something she enjoyed to the
very depths of her being. So she rebelled.

This time the electric shock came from her butt plug and took her down to
the floor post haste. Again the girl laughed and yelled at her, calling her
"BAD DOG" and "Bad Muffee'" in between her other assorted dominating jeers.
A few quick shocks that followed soon had Jennifer back on all fours with
her Mistress continuing where she left off. Her choice to strike back went
all for naught. And a lingering pain remained in her over stuffed bung hole
to boot. Jennifer decided not to fight back anymore. The advantage was too
great in favor of her Mistress. So she made the choice to accepted her
short term destiny as the well trained kinky French poodle named Muffee',
orgasm and all.

What followed was nothing short of a quick course in becoming a well
trained house pet. Mistress Olivia had Jennifer performing all the standard
tricks on command; sit, roll over, play dead, shake hands, beg and bark.
She was even trained to heel next to her Mistress as they walked around the
room. She stopped when Olivia came to a stop. She sat when Olivia remained
 standing. And she even allowing her Mistress to stroke and
intimately fondle her whenever she wanted.

One time Jennifer's response was not quick enough and she was given another
shock. That's when Jennifer found out that at end of her leash, in the
hands of her Mistress, was the control mechanism. Too far and much too hard
for her to get at. Again, another option, another choice, was taken away
from her.

Then Madame Rouso entered the room. Now the two evil hearts came to a
meeting of minds in how her niece transformed the girl Jennifer into the
pretty kinky bitch called Muffee'. Muffee', the well trained French poodle
for Madame to show off with at the party. She watched with pleading eyes as
Olivia gave the end of her leash to her Aunt informing her how it worked.
In the process she shocked Jennifer, who let out a loud yelp. She wanted to
demonstrate to her Aunt how effective said device was in keeping Muffee'
under control. All at Jennifer's expense.

Madame Rouso hugged her niece and thanked her for such a wonderful gift.
Madame said how sorry she was that her niece could not stay for the party.
For Olivia had to leave right away if she was going to catch the last
flight that was taking her back to college.

The two women said their tender good-byes with hugs and kisses. Olivia
took a moment to pet and hug Muffee' good-bye too. Something Jennifer was
glad to see happen. Only to change her mind when she felt Olivia quickly
finger her wet pussy hole before she left.

After Olivia was gone Madame told Jennifer to "Heel!" The two then walked
out together on their short trip back to the party. Muffee' keeping pace on
all fours at her Mistress's side just like she was trained to do.

The party was in a boisterous cheery mood with the guests having a fabulous
time. Madame Rouso was making the rounds, greeting more and more of her
joyful guests. And with each new meeting, her guests had nothing but
wonderful compliments for their Hostess. They showered Madame with praise
for the elaborate party, for the kinky and magnificent artistic displays,
and especially for her new pet pooch Muffee'.

Each time Madame Rouso and Muffee' met someone, that person found it
necessary to reach down and pet, stroke and talk down to Jennifer as if she
really was a dog. And of course Madame made sure Muffee' responded in kind.
Sometimes raising her paw to shake their hand. Sometimes having to bark on
Madame's command. And sometimes made to perform any number of humiliating
and embarrassing tricks that Olivia trained her to do before one and all.

A few times Jennifer had to sit up and beg, to which a guest would drop a
piece of their food into her dog's mouth. She knew if she didn't chew and
swallow it that Madame would shock her, as the intense look in Madame's
eyes proclaimed. Oh yes, Jennifer played the part of the perfect submissive
woman who loved being transformed into a well heeled puppy dog to the hilt.
After all, it was her choice to do so, wasn't it?

As Madame maneuvered Jennifer on all fours through the crowd they seemed to
linger around a few special displays. They stayed just long enough for
Jennifer to take a good long look at them before Madame ordered her pet to
heel. But before they left she told Muffee' how impolite it was for her not
to say good-bye to her fellow gold digging party crasher like that. And
then commanded a bug eyed Jennifer to bark her good-byes to each of them.
And just to make sure Jennifer knew who she was starring at Madame called
out each of them by their names. She pointed out Charlene the golden mummy
queen, who was on a small rotating platform surrounded by velvet ropes and
drenched in lights that made her look all the more dazzling in her
imprisoned cloth wrappings and vibrating hole fillers. And there was top
hat and tails Su-Lee, on her Scare Crow perch amongst a few pumpkins and
bails of hay. Jennifer could not believe how her friend was forced to
perform a little scary dance for them. And when she seen the dildoe that
plugged her pussy and the size of the clamps that hung from her strain
nipples Jennifer gasped in fear and sorry for her dear friend's plight.

They soon came upon a kinky maid serving smokes and mints to the guests.
Jennifer tried not to look at her for whomever this woman was Jennifer
could tell that she was in pain. Not only from having her arms pulled
agonizing together behind her back, nor from the way her body seemed to
jerk now and then when she stood quietly too long in one place, but from
how the guests used her lighter and mint prongs that hung from her nipples.
It looked as if the guests didn't care how much pain they caused this woman
as they grabbed and pulled the dangling utensils without a second thought.
She even watched in horror as two guests were playing tug of war with this
girl as each tried to pull said items in their own direction first. The
poor girl was twisting from one side to the other as her nipples and
breasts were pulled in whatever direction the dominant party was at the
time. Madame herself used the tongs roughly as she first took a mint for
herself and then for her human pet. To which Jennifer was force to take,
chew and swallow. Then Madame told Muffee' to thank the Pumpkin Maid Maria
for said treat. Jennifer instinctively barked back with the last bark
lingering as she came to realize that it was her Hispanic friend that was
being literally torture to insanity like this.

But again, Madame quickly led her pet away, not wasting time in any one
place, on any one person, or on any one tormented friend of Jennifer's then
she desired to. That's when they came upon a little drama going on. It was
Dr. Stein who was standing out to the side with a small remote control in
his hand while he was anxiously putting his latest creation through her

Jennifer didn't need Madame to tell her who the weird looking girl was. She
already knew it had to be Karol. Had to be, because the girl bent over
giving head to one stationary dildoe while thrusting her back end up and
down on another stationary one could be none other then her dear friend
Karol. Karol was the one who immediately volunteered as model when she
heard Madame say the name Dr. Franklin Stein. He was the man she wanted to
meet before Edward pulled the wool over her eyes and usher her to Madame
Rouso's den. The same doctor who shaved her head, enhanced her breasts,
lips and pussy, and then covered her flesh with a peach colored glistening
goo that made her move like a sex hungry robot. In fact, there was a sign
suspended from the ceiling with the words "The Functioning Rubber Sex Doll
of Dr. Franklin Stein". And Karol was definitely dressed for the part what
with her sexy red lingerie. Lingerie that framed and left open her big
bouncing breasts and full tight pussy. She was also wearing a pair of five
inch matching red sandals and a florescent red page boy wig that made her
look all the more synthetic and bimboish.

It saddened Jennifer greatly to watch her friend perform all manners of
dildoe humping and sucking at the hands of that evil doctor in front of a
large cheering crowd. A crowd who literally begged to sample said dolls big
pouting lips on their own real throbbing thing. Jennifer was glad when
Madame moved away from that scene for her breaking heart could not take
much more.

After a few more minutes of greeting guests, Jennifer watched as Edward
approached Madame and whispered something to her. Madame then shook her
head yes and Edward was gone.

A few minutes later Madame was sitting in a chair with Jennifer siting on
her haunches next to her. Occasionally Madame would reach over and
affectionately stroke her pets head or hold her hand out with a choice
morsel in it that Jennifer was force to take in her dog mouth. Soon Edward
came up to Madame again, whispered in her ear and then vanished.

Madame looked over to her pet and said, "Well Muffee', it's time for that
special event that I promised you girls earlier. Are you ready for it my
cute little doggie?" Madame kept stroking Jennifer's head as if she were
sorry to be loosing her dear obedient pooch.

Jennifer was very anxious to hear that. For it marked the beginning of the
end of her and her friends overwhelming torment. And with it, their freedom
was right around the corner. She could not stop herself from barking back
in affirmation that she was more then ready for such an event to begin.

Madame chuckled out loud when she heard her dog girl bark so zealously to
get started. Madame found it amazing how well her niece had trained this
human animal to respond so unquestionably to her new role. She would have
to write to her niece and tell her how good she really was in making
Jennifer into a first class pooch. But right now, it was time for the big
event to begin.

Madame stood up, jerked the leash once and said out loud "Heel Muffee'",
and the two walked off to another part of the party.

When they came to a small stage Jennifer could see three of her girlfriends
already there. Each was bound to vertical posts with no more than a couple
of feet separating them. In front of each was a nude picture of them before
they were each made to wear their Halloween costume from hell. At one end
was a picture of Karol and an empty post with leather straps dangling from
it. Obviously the good doctor was not quite through with his human sex toy

Next to that empty spot was Charlene, or mummy Charlene, minus all the gold
Egyptian artifacts. A single strap around her middle kept her from
accidentally falling over. And if one looked close, through the eye holes of
this mummy, they could see something of a waiting calm that reflected an
ordeal that longed to be over with.

To her right was the Pumpkin Maid Maria. Her tray and pumpkin mask were
gone as well as her nipple utensils, but the rest of her attire, and muscle
aching bondage, was still on. Including the pole that kept the associated
dildoe firmly in her pussy, minus any electric shock. One could see a
thankfulness in her eyes for that little favor. But her mouth still
remained forced open by that unforgiving pear gag. A painful gag that her
straining lips and aching jaws testified to and that her posture collar did
little to relieve. But Jennifer could see it in her eyes too. That look of
quiet waiting that echoed their torment was about to end.

And then there was Su-Lee, the scare crow from the city. Her top hat and
canvas painted face was now gone leaving just her fully taped up head with
their corresponding tiny holes for air and tunnel vision. She was still
mounted on her perch, but now her arms were strapped securely to her body
and her legs strapped together and to the pole. The same pole that kept her
a few inches hovering above the ground and a pair of dildoes stuffed fully
inside of her. Her nipple clamps were removed, but instead of finding
relief Su-Lee found more pain as the blood that rushed back to nurture them
back to life caused her excruciating pain in the process. Even though she
was in a state of bitter distress she still knew freedom was but a hair's
breath away.

Jennifer was lead to her place now, just behind her full length nude
picture. A picture that everyone could see who this kinky French poodle
girl was in real life. She noticed that her place in line did not have a
post for her to be tied to. Instead, there was a small saw horse for her to
straddle and be strapped to. While a few of Madame's cohorts were securing
her into position she saw Karol coming on stage. The Doctor was right
behind her with all smiles as he manipulated his control box so Karol could
be put into position. Karol acted really weird. All her body movements were
very stiff and jerky as if she was acting like a Frankenstein's monster or
something. But it wasn't long before both Jennifer and Karol were secured
in position with Karol's big fat lips surrounding a blown up penis gag.

Madame Rouso was now standing behind a podium ready to address the guests.

"Good evening to one and all on this most festive occasion!" Madame was
full of energy and big smiles as she began talking to the mass of people
before her.

"Tonight we have something different for you all. Tonight, I am proud to
present to you FIVE beautiful women. Women who have willingly accepted the
chance to model five unique and most creative costumes by four of my most
dearest friends. One of which was created by my darling niece, who was
unable to be with us tonight."

The crowd of people were smiling back at Madame with devoted heighten
interest. They suspected something was about to be revealed to them from
the way their hostess was acting and none of them wanted to miss it.

"Tonight you are all lucky to experience a SPECIAL EVENT! An event brought
about by the good heart of these five women here on stage. How about a
round of applause for our five selfless ladies."

The crowd began clapping their hands with eager zeal. They knew not what
the special event was, but they knew Madame Rouso. And if she said it was
special, and that they were lucky enough to be here for it then they were
all on pins and needles to find out what it was.

"The special event to which these five ladies have volunteer for tonight is
this. From tonight until Christmas Eve these five beautiful and most
unselfish young women have volunteered to become SLAVES to the highest
bidder. In short, tonight's SPECIAL EVENT, is a SLAVE AUCTION!"

The crowd momentary paused for said words from Madame's high spirited voice
to sink in. Then the crowd broke out in a thunderous round of applause with
hoots and hollers. They were all enthusiastically looking forward to such a
special event. All except the five former gold diggers. They were trying
their best to free themselves or to yell back NO! Even Jennifer tried to
speak in a normal human tongue only to be repeatedly shocked before she
could get more than a single syllable out of her dog mouth.

"Ladies and gentleman, the rules are simple. The highest bidder will
receive the slave girl of their choice from tonight until Christmas Eve,
where upon, she will be returned back here for my Christmas party and set
free. Thus, you are bidding on RENTING these fine young women for a
duration of about a couple of months. During that time you may do anything
you like to them, and with them. EXCEPT, kill, mutilate, infect with
disease or drive them insane. Mark my words one and all. If such actions as
I have just mentioned should befall any of these precious gems, I promise
you, you will incur my total relentless wrath upon you. Make no mistake
ladies and gentleman. I am one, nasty, fuck'n, bitch that you DON'T want to
deal with."

A long series of Ouu's and Ahh's echoed through the crowd. The people were
smiling while they were saying it, but they all knew that Madame Rouso was
serious and a woman of her word. And not to be toiled with under any

"And with that my honored guests. LET THE AUCTION BEGIN!" Madame raised her
arms up in a display of glorious victory.

The crowd cheered, applaud and celebrate Madame's special event with her.

The five bound girls were in complete turmoil. They were conned, trapped
and soon to be sold like live stock to whoever had the money to buy them.
And only after that would their nightmare truly begin.

Madame walked off the stage as a man in a business suit walked on. He was
the auctioneer. He stepped to the podium and used his gavel several times
to bring order to the auction. When he spoke, he had a little introduction.
He told the crowd who he was and whom he represented. He reiterated the
rules of the auction to which Madame had already told them. And he told the
guests how the auction was to be carried out. The girls were to busy
moaning and trying to free themselves to pay any attention to what the man
was saying.

The man hammered the gaveled down and proclaimed that the auction will
commence. He read off the statistics of the first item, Karol. He made
several inferences to Karol's nude picture as he told the crowd of her
height, weight, figure, full name, her profession, everything that Madame's
staff was able to obtain about Karol in the short time they were given he
told the guests. He also told them who was responsible for Karol's costume
tonight and all the particulars about her short lived enhancements too.
Karol couldn't believe all the information they had on her. Private and
confidential information that included a recent blood test she took.

The man then said in a clear loud voice that the bidding will start at ten
thousand dollars. A voice in the center of the group quickly replied twenty
thousand dollars. Then another off to the side yelled fifty thousand. More
voices, higher, more rapid bidding until they slowly tapered off until the
auctioneer said, "One million, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars
going once! One million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars going
twice!  SOLD, to the man on the far right for one million seven hundred and
fifty thousand dollars!" He then sealed the deal with his gavel. The crowd
all clapped their hands in congratulation to the man for being top bidder.
Karol could hardly believe what just happened to her. She had been sold to
a man for an outrageous amount of money for god knows what. And for the
next two months she was his property, a slave forced to do his bidding.
Tear after tear began running down her rubber coated cheeks.

Charlene was next. The man followed the same procedure. The bidding was
more fierce this time. The crowd had their first taste at buying a human
being and they liked it!

When the gavel was heard again, Charlene was sold for two million dollars.
The crowd cheered again as Charlene sizzled in her wrappings. She promised
to herself that she would not go easy into the night. For whoever bought
her, she would fight them and do whatever was required of her to make her
new owner regret ever bidding on her, let alone buying her for said

Next in line was poor Maria. She too was in a state of disbelief as to what
was happening to her and her friends. And like them she was helpless to do
anything about it. Before the auctioneer could finish his sentence as to
what the opening bid was, a woman from the center of the crowd yelled out
two million five hundred thousand dollars. Everyone in the room was
flabbergasted. The auctioneer, the five pieces of property bound on stage,
even Madame Rouso was caught off guard for a moment. But as soon as she saw
who it was, she smiled. The auctioneer went through his procedure of once,
twice, and sold for two million five hundred thousands dollars. This time
only a few people clapped their hands. For the rest of the guests were a
bit upset with this woman. Granted, most would never have the money or
courage to actually be the top bidder, but at least they could have lived
their perverted fantasy of actually taking part in trying to buy another
human being like cattle. And this joyous fantasy was now robbed from them
by that woman.

When the auctioneer mentioned that the next item was an oriental woman
named Su-Lee, that same woman yelled out "THREE MILLION DOLLARS". The crowd
was noticeably upset. They were all heard muttering under their breaths how
uncouth and discussing that woman was. The auctioneer was beside himself.
Never had this sort of thing happened to him. He looked over to Madame
Rouso for guidance. Madame was simply smiling, as if she knew something
that no one else knew, besides the woman who made that outlandish bid.
Madame nodded her head as if to tell the man to continue. He quickly nodded
back. Then after clearing his throat he spoke out in a more than normal
voice, "Three million going once, three million going twice, SOLD for three
million dollars." His gavel sounded the end of that item. Su-Lee was still
with fright and confusion. Why would anyone pay that much for her? In
comparison to the other three she was the runt of the litter. But something
was gnawing at her. That woman's voice, she heard it before, but she could
not remember where.

The man went to the final item. When he spoke the girls name he paused. He
was waiting to see if that woman was going to make another bid. And when
she didn't he took a deep breath and exhaled with relief. The audience
echoed his released as they too began to get back into the fun of things.
All except Jennifer, she did not see any pleasure in this what-so-ever, as
her squeaking leather straps supported her increasing bent up anger and
frustration to escape.

Again, the bidding was fast and furious culminating in two people bidding
against one another. The time between each bid grew longer and longer. The
drama was building as to which one would buy the pretty dog girl on stage.
A final bid was heard to which the auctioneer said, "Three million going
once. . . Three million going twice. . ." Just as the man was about to say
sold, a strong manly voice from the very back of the room yelled out, "FOUR

Everyone looked to the back with startled faces. Even Madame looked out
with a concerned look on her face. But the auctioneer maintained his
emotional control as he repeated the following words with zeal, "FOUR
pause of complete silence permeated the entire room. "SOLD! to the man at
the back of the room for FOUR MILLION DOLLARS!" He banged his gavel down
ending the that transaction. He banged it a second time and told the
audience the auction had been completed.

The guests began clapping and congratulating the man who bought the kinky
French poodle named Muffee'.

When Madame appeared on stage again the crowd went wild with embellished
compliments for a night that will live on forever in their memories. Madame
tried the best she could to calm her guests, but they were all too carried
away with delight to simmer down. Madame was almost in tears when her
friends finally relented.

"My friends, you have made this party a wonderful success, far beyond any
expectations I had. Those who have bought said ladies, please inform my aid
Edward as to how you wish to transport your property so he can see to it
being carried out. To all of you, you are all welcomed to stay and further
enjoy yourself, but the end of this slave auction has officially ended the
Halloween party too. Any help you may need in getting home or if you wish
to spend the night please feel free to ask any of my staff and they will be
more than happy to help you. For now, I thank you all for coming to my
party, and I wish you all good luck and safe travels back to your abode.
Goodnight to you all, my dearest friends."

Again, a round of applause filled the room in gracious appreciation to
Madame Rouso for inviting them to such an eventful holiday event.

The applause soon died down and the people began to leave.

Madame turned and approached the five young ladies who had just been sold
into slavery. She looked upon each of them with a big smile on her face and
a twinkle in her eye. She then addressed them.

"Well my dears, I do believe you never thought that you would be the center
attraction of a slave auction, now did you? I grant you, I may have mislead
you a bit in being ambiguous as to what the "special event" was to be. But
then again, it's HALLOWEEN, and just think of it as my little surprise, or
my way of "tricking" you all. And along with that trick you will be glad to
hear that there is a "treat" to go with it. The specified sum of money that
was used to buy each of you, is yours. Yes my dears, the millions of
dollars will be yours when you are brought back to me on Christmas Eve.
Then, you will be given your freedom and the money, in full, tax free. More
money than you could ever make or see in your entire lifetime. But I dare
say, what is waiting for each of you in the interim may make that sum seem
less then flattering when it is all over with. But then again, you all
brought it down upon yourselves. And as I said to my honored guests, I am
one, nasty, fuck'n bitch that you DON'T want to deal with, EVER! As you now
can tell. In saying that, I am going to keep one part of our deal. As I
said to you earlier. After the event, I will have nothing to do you. So, I
wish you all good luck ladies, and good-bye."

Madame turned and left the stage as a group of men and women walked on.
Each small group responsible for their own slave girl in getting them ready
for shipment as per the requirements of their new owners.

                     (In another part of the mansion)

"Doctor Stein! I was so surprise to see you buy that woman you worked on
for the party."

"Yes Madame. To be honest, I was too. When I seen her up there looking just
like I wanted her to, I felt like I lost something. Something near and dear
to my heart. That is when I knew I had to have her once more. Even if it
was to be for only a short time."

"I see, so what are your plans for her Doctor?"

"Well, I plan on continuing my research with the mind inhibitor and flesh
enhancer. I think, with her assistance, I can perfect both of them."

"Yes, I understand, but remember my warning Dr. Stein."

"Of course Madame. Nothing will happen to her that she doesn't want to
happen. But I can tell you this Madame Rouso. Come Christmas Eve, you will
see one very good looking young woman strutting her well endowed female
form like an expensive model on the catwalk."

"And speaking of her sexy self, here she comes now." They both watched with
smiles as Madame's aid ushered Karol over to them.

Karol was wearing a long black rubber cape with it's hood over her head and
tied under her chin. Underneath, her arms were strapped to her body and she
was still wearing the sexy costume that Dr. Stein put on her, including the
two dildoes. Her enhanced lips were in a full pucker as the hood and chin
tie kept them tightly closed.

"I wish you both a very happy time together Dr. Stein. And I am looking
forward to seeing both of you at my Christmas party."

"And thank you Madame Rouso for giving me the best time of my life. Thank
you so very much dear lady."

Karol was forced to look on in complete silence and submission. The dildoes
in her butt and pussy were still active with the remote control in the evil
doctor's possession. Her life was no longer hers to live as she wanted. At
least not until Christmas, if then. And right now, that seemed like a long
time off.

Madame watched as the Doctor escorted his rubber sex toy to his sports car.
He affectionately positioned her in the passenger seat, strapped her in
tightly and closed the door. A final wave between the Doctor and Madame
noted the end of their meeting as the Doctor entered his car and soon drove
slowly away.

"Prince Ackmen! I see you have come to claim your property. Please walk
with me your Highness to where your lady in question is being prepared. And
please tell me dear sir what you have planned for your ebony slave."

"It will be my pleasure Madame. I have talked with the Professor and he has
told me that said slave could stay in her mummy condition for several days.
So I plan on keeping her like that for a few more days in my royal palace.
I have already phoned my orders to my staff to prepare a nice display stand
for her. The Professor has also told me of her pleasure/pain stimulators
too. I think she will make a lovely piece of fine art in the center of my
palace's foyer. I am also looking forward to all the pleasure I will have
as I cycle through each of her stimulator settings."

"And what do you have plan for her afterwards your Highness?"

"I will have her washed, dressed and made a member of my special personal
harem. There, she will be taught how to please a man, and a woman, in the
many ways of making love."

"I have heard that this girl can be VERY, how shall I say it, "stubborn"
your Highness?"

"Oh yes my dear lady, I know what you mean. I had the pleasure of
conversing with her for a time at your party before your aid took her away.
And just from that little discussion I could tell she was an independent
and very strong willed woman. A woman that I had to get under my dominant
thumb one way or another. And your special event was the opportune way to
do so Madame. But once I have her out of her cocoon, my very well trained
staff, who can break even a head strong mule without damaging a single hair
on it's body, will knock that chip off her shoulder in no time. Even though
this woman may present a challenge for them, I have complete faith in their
ability to make this woman submit in due course. By the time I bring her
back to you Madame, she will be a fully functional submissive sex slave at
your beck and call, and none the worst for wear."

"That sounds most impressive your Highness. I am eager to see the NEW
Charlene when she comes back on Christmas. Speaking of her, here she is."

The mummified Charlene was laying inside a large wooden crate. The interior
was full of rubber cushion inserts so as not to damage her intricate
wrappings. A small mask was put over her wrapped face feeding her a rich
mixture of oxygen for her lungs during her long trip. Madame and the Prince
watched closely as her staff put the lid over Charlene's modern day
sarcophagus and nailed it in place.

"My staff will be more than willing to transport your property to your
airplane your Highness. Do you expect any trouble from customs?"

"Thank you Madame, that is most kind of you. As to trouble Madame, no, I do
not expect any. I have a friend who will use his diplomatic immunity to get
the crate loaded on my plane without any inspection from customs."

"In that case, have a safe trip to your homeland your Highness, and enjoy
your new toy."

"Thank you Madame." The Prince took Madame's hand in his and kissed it. He
then followed Madame's staff as they proceeded to move the crate by
forklift to an open bed truck. Soon the Prince and Charlene disappeared
into the eerie night too.

Madame turned and seen her friend Ms. Waneright approaching. She was
wearing a big smile the likes of which made Madame giggle.

"Sandra E. Waneright! FIVE point FIVE MILLION DOLLARS? For TWO young women?
I can understand the one, but two? And the manner in which you did it was
very bold my dear friend."

"Madame Rouso, I did not want the opportunity to elude me. Besides, I have
numerous plans as to how I am going to reap my revenge on my little friend
Su-Lee. And having her dearest friend with her for me play with makes it
all the more satisfying for me. For it was her, Su-Lee, who stole my
invitation and made me look quite the fool."

"Now, now Sandra. You know I meant what I said at the auction. Even if it
involves a good friend like you, I will not have either girl turned into

"I know Madame, and I will abide by your edict. I have decided to transfer
practically all of my business responsibilities to my children. I am going
to start enjoying myself now. There is a special boutique I own on the west
coast that I will be spending the vast majority of my time at, along with
my two slave girls. It is a bondage fetish store and I plan of having my
slaves doing a lot of modeling for me and my patrons in the next two
months. I will also train my two lovely pets to become first class
lesbians, even if they don't want to. They will soon learn how to please
me, my lady friends and each other in all the ways to make a woman feel
good, AND in the most kinkiest ways possible. Come Christmas Madame, you
will see two very changed women, in more than just personality too. Ah, and
speaking of the two little devils here they come now."

Madame turned and witnessed one of her staff leading two silent bound women
by leashes. Each leash was attached to a short chain running between two
fierce looking nipple clamps. They were nude except for a pair of very high
heeled leather shoes. Both were wearing a body hardness that kept their
arms bound together behind their back and tightly to their body. It also
kept two dildoes firmly planted inside both lower holes. Their gags were
very brief and very unusual. They were made and fastened according to Ms.
Waneright's explicit instructions. A piece of metal stock was bent into a
right angled "Z". One leg of the "Z" was fastened to the front of their
collar. The center part was placed under their jaw holding it horizontal
and level. The other part of the leg went straight up in front of their
lower face ending just under their nose. A ring had been inserted through
their recently pierced septum and locked to another small ring welded onto
the outside of this vertical leg. If they tried to lower their jaw, even a
tiny bit, the bracket would pull directly down on their still throbbing
nose ring causing them vastly more pain than they were already in. Another
piece of metal was welded to this same vertical leg but it was hidden from
the casual viewer as it extended into their mouth. It looked and acted like
a doctor's tongue depressor. It went deep into their mouth and forced their
tongue down flat. This piece of metal went so far in that if the girls
tried to speak or make any loud sounds it immediately made them feel like
they were going to gag and vomit. Something they definitely did not want to
happen under their present circumstances. Thus the girls were all meek and
silent while their eyes spoke volumes as to their fear, sorrow and physical

The man gave the ends of the leash to Ms. Waneright who took them and
pulled on them hard almost causing the two girls to trip over their hobbled
leg irons. Another staff member came up to the four women and proceeded to
place rubber coats around the two bound and gagged slave girls. When he was
done the girls no longer needed the leg irons, as the man removed and took
them away with him. For the coat was more like a body hugging rubber tube
that went from ankle to collar leaving their tether nipples in plain view.

"Well Madame Rouso, I must be going. I have a lot planned for my two pets
here and very little time to do it in. Thank you again Madame for such a
wonderful time."

The two women hugged and kissed as Su-Lee and Maria looked on in their
rubber, gagged and pierced torment. Ms. Waneright then turned and began to
walk out to her car. She didn't bother looking back to see how her slaves
were progressing behind her. But both girls were doing their best to keep
up with their mistress, sometimes walking in rapid tiny steps and other
times hopping close behind her like little bunny rabbits.

When they reached the limousine, the driver instantly opened the truck. He
then picked up a squirming moaning Su-Lee and plunked her in the trunk on
her back. Next came the other little human sausage plopping right next to
her. He then slowly closed the trunk lid leaving the two weeping and
repenting slave girls in total darkness. Just before Sandra entered the
comfortable back seat she waved to Madame her good-byes. Her sinister
glowing smile extending from one ear to the other. A joyful Madame waved
back to her dear friend in turn.

As Madame turned to go back inside she seen the man who paid four million
dollars for her precious little pet Muffee'. He was helping two of her
staff load one of those plastic animal shipping containers into his stylish
SUV. She decided to walk over and greet her long time friend.

"Mr. Roberts, I was so please to see you were able to accept my invitation
to the Halloween party. It has been a long time since we seen one another,

The mature man dressed in a western cowboy outfit that looked surprisingly
apropos even for today standards extended his hand to greet and thank his
hostess for inviting him. His personality matched that of his outfit. The
strong silent type with graying hair at the temples.

"Thank you Madame Rouso for inviting me. Yes it has been a long time. But
I am glad to have been able to make it tonight. Especially with your
special event and all."

"Yes my friend, and paying four million dollars for my pet Muffee' here."
Madame pointed to Jennifer who was staring out of the small wire grid of
her confining traveling case. Her owner had provided the case and the staff
stuffed her in after placing a remote control dildoe in her pussy and then
putting a muzzle around her snout making it impossible for her to even bark
now. All Jennifer could do was to remain lying down with her head in
between her paws in silent misery.

"Why do you want her so badly if I may ask?"

"Well, she really isn't for me. My good old faithful friend Duke lost his
beloved Duchess recently and he has been moping about ever since. He's kind
of old and I had plans on mating the two to keep the blood line going.
Well, when Duchess died all of a sudden I thought that would be the end of
it. But this young veterinarian I know came up with the idea of saving
Duchess's eggs and to use them in another bitch with Duke's sperm. I have
already tried two bitches to get Duke all fired up. But old Duke was too
heart sick over his lost love to care. Yea, he's like a coyote when it
comes to bonding with his mate. A real one time critter that great dog of

"Anyway, when I came to your party and seen Muffee' I was hit with this
great idea. I remembered how found old Duke was with my girlfriend. Yes
siree, he was goosing her and trying to mount her leg all the time she was
around. So while the auction was going on I phone that vet of mine and told
him what I thought. At first the phone went dead, then I heard him mutter
something about "it could work". He then told me there was a chance that it
could be done. But when he said "it could be done", I though he meant using
Muffee' here as a simple receptacle for old Duke's sperm. Then he told me
about something he was toiling with off and on for a year or so now. Then
my side of the phone went dead for awhile."

"Well, to make a long story short. We both decided to give it a shot.That's
when I found out that the auction was almost over, so I had to act fast. I
faintly remembered what the last bid was and quickly yelled out the first
thing that came to my mind, and won! To be honest, four million is a lot of
money. But old Duke is definitely worth it to me."

"My friend, are you telling me that you and this veterinarian of yours are
going to try and mate old Duke with Muffee'?" Madame had a concerned look
of disbelief on her face, a look that was magnified greatly in Jennifer's
own horror stricken eyes.

"Not exactly Madame. True, the doc and I will try and get old Duke to mount
and drop his sperm inside Muffee' here. And if he does, then the doc will
go in and collect Duke's seed. He will mix it with Duchess's eggs in hopes
that some will be fertilized. Then, if that happens, the doc plans on
putting the embryos back into Muffee's womb in hopes that she can bring
them to term."

"But why not use a normal bitch to do that?"

"The doc says that he can get a bigger, more healthy litter in record time
this way. Plus a lot more mumble jumble about furthering the cause of
science, research and stuff like that. I don't understand it all, but it
seemed to be very important to him. Personally, I think the doc is a bit
loose in the head, you know, like a mad scientist and all. But hey, I will
give him credit though, he sure is one smart guy. And if he says he can do
it, then I'm all for it."

"But what about Muffee's health? You know me Bill, and you know I'm not one
to go back on my word or make idle threats either."

"There won't be any problem Madame. The doc gave me his word on it. At
worst, Muffee' here will have a simple miscarriage and reject the embryo's,
with no side effects. Well, maybe her breasts will get bigger, but that's
about it. And at best, Muffee' will produce a healthy litter of some 10 to
14 German Shepherd pups, not to mention make medical or veterinary history
in the process. And the doc promises me that he will give Muffee' first
class accommodations in his kennel too. She'll have a big cage, the best
dog food money can buy, her own private dog run and round the clock
monitoring too. She'll have everything a dog might want, even rubber play
toy's and doggie treats. She'll be all right Madame, I promise."

"Well, I hope so Bill. And if your wild plan does work, I want to be there
when Muffee' drops her litter of pulps. I might even buy one from you."
Madame's concern had now vanished as she began to get caught up with her
friends mad plan for Jennifer. But Jennifer was still in a state of shock
as to what she was going to be put through in the not to distant future.

"Well Madame Rouso. I have to get a moving. Thanks again for the party and
the chance to save old Duke's bloodline." He closed the back door on his
SUV leaving Jennifer alone in her cage, and with her thoughts of being
literally turned into a surrogate bitch for some back woods hick's dog and
his mad scientist friend.

The two hugged one another and the man got into his fancy truck and drove
off into the night with high hopes for the future. Not far behind them was
a toe trucking pulling Jennifer's old wreck away into the night too.

Madame turned and looked into the sky. It had become a clear night after
all. The moon was full and bright, and stars were shining ever so brightly.
It had turned out to be a very successful party, considering. When she
looked to her mansion she saw Professor Renols standing in the doorway
waiting for her. A big eager smile gleaming from his face.

Madame too flashed an open smile. The rest of the night promised to be even
more pleasurable for her than it had been already.

Before she walked into the waiting arms of her gentleman friend, her mind
pondered what the five gold digging party crashers will be like come
Christmas. But then again, that was such a long way off. And tonight she
had someone waiting for her to take her mind off everything.

                             - The End -

                        Happy Halloween All!