(an update to "Omens")

by Musker


It was 8 AM and a brand new day was about to begin. But Madame Rouso was
already up and about a few hours before. She no longer needed as much
sleep as she once did. And by watching the sun rise each and every
morning, she found her spirit energized by that grand spectacle of nature.
Enough at least to start her day with a positive direction. And just
recently, she began taking brisk morning walks around her estate and
garden. Some fresh cool air on a bright shinny morning made her feel young
again. So when Madame sat behind her desk and clicked on her computer with
her favorite cup of herbal tea in hand, she was ready for whatever life
was about to throw at her.

When she looked at E-mail messages she seen the one from her dear friend
Sandra still waiting for her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
Her mind played back those moments she had with her friend just before
she departed from Madame's Halloween party. She remembered how intent her
friend was in reaping vengeance on that poor Oriental girl and her very
unlucky Hispanic girlfriend. She warned her friend not to go too far and
do something that she would be sorry for later. But warnings can go
unheeded when in the thrones of passionate revenge.

So whatever did happen, it was too late for her to lament over. All
parties concerned where adults and responsible for their own actions. If
her friend stepped over the line, then she would pay dearly for that
moment of sublime self-gratification.

Madame clicked her mouse and called up Ms. Waneright's E-mail. She sat
back in her chair and waited for it to appear.

A dazzling color photo filled her entire screen. Madame's eyes went wide
in surprise and a small smile crossed her face at how full, rich and
festive the contents of that picture was. And taking center stage was her
dear friend Sandra. She was sitting behind a table loaded to practically
overflowing with a vast assortment of food. It literally looked like a
cornucopia had exploded and it's wealth of food, flowers and other items
of prosperity heaped upon it. Her friend was sporting an infectious big
smile with her arms spread wide as if inviting her to come and celebrate
her good fortune and that time of year. At the bottom of the picture was
the words "Happy Thanksgiving, wish you were here" written with a joyous
flair. Madame could not help but smile and chuckle to herself as she
continued to look at that cheerful image.

Then she spotted them. One on each side, standing, and a little behind her
friend. The two girls were still alive, or so it seemed. Madame could not
be sure because she could not define anything that identified them as
those two particular girls in question, let alone who was Su-Lee and who
was Maria. For what she saw were two French maids each holding up a tray
of food. They were both dressed identical from head to toe in shinny black
latex. And the similarities were uncanny. Same outfits, same height, same
weight and the same very good shapely figures too, even though Madame knew
that the Oriental girl was once noticeably smaller in the waist and breast
area than her friend.

Madame took a closer look as she began to use a software magnifying
element that was controlled by her mouse. She ran the image enhancer all
over each girl in an attempt to uncover any clue. Both girls wore the same
standard French maid's uniform. It's tight shinny bodice was edged in
white frilly ruffles. It's short black skirt lifted straight out by the
many pretty white petticoats underneath. And it's associated accessories
of white apron, maid's cap and ruffled wide choker finished the most
becoming image. But under all that, each girl wore a complete black rubber
catsuit with attached gloves and hood. A very form fitting hood to which
holes were made for their eyes, mouth and nostrils. Madame tried hard to
tell who was who, but it was hopeless. Her friend did too good of a job in
obliterating each girl's identity. But at least they seem to be enjoying
themselves as their wide red smiles attested too. Then Madame realized
something. She placed the magnifier over one, and then over the other
girl's smile. They were fake! Both girls had the exact same smile. And
when Madame looked even closer she could tell that both girls look far to
long in the jaw area to be normal. A sign that corresponded with them
having their mouths packed full of something. Then something else caught
her eye. It was with the girl on the right, near her left wrist. Madame
smiled again as she could see the faint outline of a wrist cuff and
something glistening like a chain attached to it. The tray hid most of it,
but her eagle eye was still sharp enough to see that the girls were still
under the control of her dear creative friend.

Then Madame had a revelation. EYES! She could tell one girl from the other
by her eyes. A race difference that made the eyes of Su-Lee different from
Maria. Again her inspector Holmes, state of the art, high tech, magnifying
glass was hard at work. But her hopes were soon dashed. For their hood
openings covered up far more than it revealed. Thus making that particular
investigated lead a dead end. But one thing Madame did discover, while
looking at each girl's eyes, was how extremely wide opened they were with
just a hint of a glossiness to them. This little observation supported her
previous claim that the girls were both gagged. For she had seen this look
many times on women who had been outrageously gagged. Their mouths had
been packed so utterly and completely full that it gave them this wide
eyed glassy stare as if they were afraid of doing something that might
trigger their gag reflex.

"Oh she is good," Madame whispered out loud as she sat back in her leather
chair and sipped her fragrant tea. Sandra knew that Madame would be on the
look out for any transgression against her commands to not permanently
harm the girls. And this was Sandra's subtle way of informing Madame, and
toying with her, that she was riding the edge with them, and her too.
Madame knew the girls were all right. Well, not completely, but they were
certainly not pushed over the edge either, else Sandra would never have
gagged them so harshly. No point in making a girl suffer when she had
been mentally and physically broken, forever. Her friend definitely knew
something about psychology and the alternative lifestyle of D/s. And with
two nefarious young women like these to play with, Sandra was pulling out
all the stops.

Then Madame noticed more pictures attached to her E-mail. She also noticed
that she no longer had any hesitation in wanting to view those pictures
either. In fact, she was eagerly looking forward to seeing them.  To see
what part of hell those two party crashers were going through by her
imaginative and gifted lady friend.

The file names for each picture were a bit long, as if... 'Ahhhh', Madame
said to herself when she discovered the method to her friend's madness.
Sandra was playing a game with her. She used the 255 character limit to
name a file as a means of a short synopsis of what each picture meant.
Madame squirmed in her chair with eager anticipation ready to play her
dear friend's little game.

Each file name was preceded by a number indicating a chronological order
to them. No doubt relating to the sequence of events that happened to the
girls starting from the beginning. Madame clicked on the first one with
the name "Establishing a working relationship with my new staff and I am
feeling MUCH better now".

Quickly two pictures appeared on her screen. The first was Su-Lee on the
left, and the second was Maria on the right. Both girls were hanging in
mid air by padded wrists cuffs with their toes barely touching the floor.
They were nude and their bodies covered with nasty looking red marks.
Their heads hung down in front as if they had both passed out from
exhaustion, or possibly pain. Then the pictures began to rotate, Su-Lee in
one direction and Maria in the other. Sandra was giving Madame a front and
center look at how she reeked her revenge on the one who did her wrong.
And at the same time showing Madame her method in getting both girls to
understand who was the boss from now on.

Madame looked long and hard at both hanging pieces of meat. She could tell
from the marks on their bodies that more than one type of implement was
use on them. As each girl continued to twirl Madame noticed that virtually
no part of their bodies was left unscathed. Arms, legs, stomach, back,
breasts and even their pussies showed where Sandra had sought her pleasure
and instilled her sadistic discipline. She also noticed two other things
too. The rear ends of the girls received the worst of it, as did Su-Lee.
But as bad as it was, nothing looked permanent.

The next file was called "Bed and breakfast for my loyal and dedicated
working staff." This time only one picture popped up. It showed a heavy
metal cage the size of a side by side washer and dryer set and in front of
it were two dog bowel labeled "TWIT" and "TWAT". Both girls where locked
inside. Su-Lee was curled up into a ball while Maria sat on her haunches
next to her and appeared to be stroking her friends head. Madame could see
that Maria's red marks had only a faint residue left to them, while Su-
Lee's was still more visible. It was obvious what Sandra was conveying
with this picture. From now on, both young women would be sleeping
together in that confining metal cage and will be taking their meals like
well trained pet doggies. Madame also knew that her friend had renamed
them. But her friend wasn't ready yet to tell Madame yet who was who.

The third file was called "The twins enlist in Mistress Waneright's school
for wayward girls and begin to learn a very important trade." Madame
paused for a moment wondering what her friend could possible mean by the
word "twins"? How could Su-Lee and Maria ever be remotely considered as
twins, given their completely different biological and cultural
backgrounds? Then a look of surprised crossed her face as she rushed to
see if her assumption was true.

A group of four pictures came up in each corner of her screen. As Madame
quickly scanned them she smiled. For her assumption was indeed correct.

The first image showed both girls completely nude and standing shoulder to
shoulder. Their posture was straight, their expression vacant with a bit
of trepidation in their eyes, and their arms down to their sides. Madame
noted with a sigh that the hand of one was holding the hand of the other
in mutual support of whatever was about to happen to them. She could see
that both girls were looking fairly well, physically. The red marks were
all gone and she could see for the first time how truly beautiful those
two young women were. Their soft feminine complexion made them look so
angelic. Their womanly curves gave them that hot sexy appeal. And their
long flowing black hair, as their public hairs testified to being their
natural color, made them all the more attractive even to her own man
loving eyes.

The second image showed the girls in exactly the same position, with them
still holding one another's hand. However, two things were different.
One, their expressions were different. Their eyes were red and puffy as if
they were crying and their lips seemed to be in a sad distressful pout.
The second thing was that all their body hair was gone. The hair on their
heads, their pubic hair, even their eyebrows were all shaven clean off
leaving nothing but a much lighter shade of skin behind to mark it's

The third of the group of four again showed the girls in their on going
standing and hand holding position, except this time they were wearing
clothes. Each was wearing a shinny black rubber catsuit with attached
hood, gloves and foot pods. An assortment of holes had been cut out of it
for their eyes, mouth, nostrils, breasts and pussy. The rubber squeezed
and shaped their breasts and pussies so strangely that it made them looked
as if someone had glued on a false set right over their black rubber clad
bodies. And around their waist was a very constricting rubber corset that
molded them into a stereotype hourglass shape. Madame wondered how Maria
was coping with this one added accouterment since both girls appeared to
have the same size waist now, even though Maria's waist was much thicker
than Su-Lee's as seen in the first picture. The last item of their fetish
wear was a pair of black high heels. If it wasn't for their highly
polished sheen, Madame might have missed that particular type of very high
foot wear.

The final image was of the girls as rubber bound maids. A ruffled white
cap and an abbreviated white apron were added to symbolically denote their
new trade in life. A series of cuffs connected by short chains around
their wrists, ankles and above their elbows indicated their forced
incarceration and subservient existence from now on. And a thick wide
collar around their necks with a big silver ring hanging from it added
that delicious "owned" serving wench persona to their overall appeal.

This time Madame made note that the girls were no longer holding hands.
Predominating due to their bondage. Their elbow cuffs were brought up
closely together behind them, which in turn pulled their shoulders back
and pushed their chest and naked breasts out. Their wrist cuffs were
connected together in front and it's chain pass through a metal ring in a
belt around their waist. Thus their hands were in no position to extend
out from their waist to any great degree.

Madame was unconsciously shaking her head in confirmation as to why her
friend called them twins. Sandra had successfully hidden their unique,
personal and racial identities and enhancer their generic female condition
so as to present to the casual observer two simple rubber clad slave
girls. Two kinky young women that looked far more alike then not. If she
didn't know ahead of time that Su-Lee was the slender of the two, than
telling them apart would be very difficult. Then Madame saw a barely
visible indentation in each of the girl's collars. She used her software
magnifying element to take a closer look.

"Ah Ha," she said out loud with a note of discovery. Now she knew who was
who. For on each collar was embossed the names of the girls. Su-Lee was
Twit, no doubt in reference to her dumb act of pilfering Sandra's
invitation. And Maria had become Twat. Madame had to think about that one
for awhile. All she could come up with was some possible slut reference to
Maria's overtly sexy Latin look and mannerisms. Either way, that was one
nagging riddle she successfully solved.

The next group of files for Madame's viewing pleasure all started off with
the same name, "Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work at my boutique Twit and Twat
go." But to differentiate one from the others a dash was used with only
one word after it, The first one Madame clicked on was called "Clean Up".

This one showed both girls practicing their new trade as domestics at "Ms.
Waneright's Boutique for Exotic Tastes", as she called it. Twit and Twat
were wearing the same outfits, including bondage, that Madame seen in the
previous picture. But now, both girls were gagged too. That same smiling,
red lipped, mouth packed to bursting gag she saw in that Thanksgiving

Madame made an interesting discovery from this picture with regards to the
girls rubber catsuits. She found that another opening existed, for their
rear ends. Again, given the tight constricting nature of the rubber, their
butt cheeks were so pushed together and out that they looked like female
baboons in heat, minus the crimson color. Although theirs did look a
little on the deep pinkish side as if some incentive was used on the girls
to do a good cleaning job.

Madame could see that Sandra had her twins busy at work. Twit was doing
her best removing the dust from the merchandise, given her short arm range
and the fact that a pole was running up from the center of her ankle chain
straight into her impaled pussy. It appeared that Twit was both encumbered
and stimulated in performing her task at hand. Twat looked very absorbed
with her vacuuming. But instead of using her hands to manipulate the
device, which were now cuffed behind her back, the handle of the machine
was somehow attached to her crotch area. Further inspect allowed Madame to
see that the handle was directly connected to the base of a dildoe that
was no doubt buried deeply inside Twat's twat. As she moved back and forth
to vacuum the boutique's rug her dildoe was doing the same thing inside
her. Madame had this fine mental image of two very happy girls, and if
they could, whistling while they worked. Which deep down Madame believed
was the farthest from the truth.

The next boutique picture was labeled "Display". Two pictures side by side
popped up. Twat was very close to the cash register standing with her legs
strapped around a pole. A pole with one end mounted firmly to a heavy
metal plate resting on the floor and to which Twat was standing on. The
other end disappeared up under her little frilly white apron. Her arms
where forced behind her in a single glove and flattened against her body
by another strap that buckled around her waist. In front of her was a
chrome plated stand with a single glass shelf resting on top of it about
waist high. On it was a small selection of mini floggers the size of which
one might use to swat flies with. A sign was on the end of the long check
out counter right next to where Twat was left standing, erect and
immobile. Again, Madame had to use her magnifier to see what it said.

She found that Twat was being used as a promotional gimmick. Each patron
who bought an item from the boutique was given the chance to use one of
the mini floggers to try and whip off one of two clothes pins squeezing
down on Twat's nipples. If they were successful, then they would receive a
gift certificate to be used towards future purchases. The number of tries
a person was given was determined by how much that person spent on their
current purchase.

Madame pondered as to how difficult, or painful, the task might be. The
floggers were far too small to do any real damage to Twat's breasts, even
though it would sting like hell for the poor girl. But they did look large
enough to do the trick, after say six, eight or a dozen tries. And
considering how red one of Twat's breasts looked already, someone had a
real go at it.

At first Madame though the inflated rubber hood over Twat's head was just
management's way of drawing customer's attention to her, what with the big
yellow smiling face painted on it and all. But again, her friend Sandra
always had more than one reason for doing something. And right now Madame
could think of three reasons for making Twat blind, deaf and dumb. One was
to stifle Twat's groans and screams of agony when she felt the bite of the
whip. This way Sandra's customers would not be unduly alarm, all be it
some may find them quite arousing, by the girls suffering. Second, seeing
a big cartoonish smiling face looking back at you constantly would
eliminate any inhibitions or negative feelings you might have when trying
to win the prize. As opposed to seeing the sad pleading eyes of another
human being in pitiful distress. It just made it all the more dehumanizing
and "thing" oriented, not to mention fun for her customers. The third, and
probably the most important reason, is that it kept Twat from seeing when
she was going to be hit. This way there was no chance for Twat to move out
of the way from being whack and thus remained stead fast and an excellent
target. Madame had to give her friend a lot of credit though. She sure had
a way of mixing business with pleasure.

She then turned her attention to the other picture. Twit was fasten to a
larger vertical pole so as to make her completely immobile and yet very
accessible. Leather straps at waist, above and below her breasts and
forehead held her firmly to the pole. Her arms were behind her and placed
in a leather tube, wrist to elbows. They were then drawn up behind her at
about a forty five degree angel and held there by more straps attaching
them to "T" shaped pipe extension from the original pole. Her entire upper
body from waist up was held completely rigid and was no doubt very
distressing for her too. Although no one would know it for she still wore
her mouth stretching smiling gag.

Madame though there might be something going on with Twit's rear end. She
could not be sure because of the angel at which the picture was taken. But
Twit's butt cheeks did seem to be noticeably bigger as if something was
pushing them apart for some reason. Madame didn't labor on that point as
her eyes moved down to where Twit's legs were stretched wide apart. Her
legs were spread so wide that Madame though Twit lost at least a foot in
height like this. Another pipe extension with straps at it's end was used
to keep her legs at this ghastly angel.

There was a small glass counter placed right next to Twit with a sign on
it that quickly caught Madame's eye. The sign read "Clamps, try them out
before buying." And Madame could see a whole assortment of clamps that
were being used on poor Twit's naked breasts and tender pussy. Big clamps,
small clamps, ornate designed heavy metal clamps, simple plastic clothes
pin type clamps, clamps with chains connecting them, clamps with weights
hanging from them and even more clamps remaining there on the counter
waiting for some interested evil party to try them out on happy smiling
Twit. Twit had become the display unit for all the available clamps that
Ms. Waneright sold at her fetish bondage boutique.

Madame looked upon Twit's picture with intense fascination. If there were
any small patches of exposed flesh that did not have a clamp squeezing it
with incredible skin bulging tightness then she could not find it. The
whole lot of them literally covered Twit's breasts and pussy and changed
them into a non-discernable and probably most painful mass. It was hard
for Madame to figure out who had the worst lot as display units between
Twit and Twat.

Madame found her curiosity increasing as she clicked on another dashed
file labeled "Lunch". This pictured showed both girls rather viciously
strapped to straight back chairs. What made it look so malicious was the
tightness and number of leather straps used. The girls legs were strapped
together at insteps, ankles, calves, above and below their knees, and
twice around their thighs. Their arms were pulled behind the straight back
chair and a series of straps used to bind them together as if they were in
a single glove. Then more straps were used to fasten each of them to their
corresponding chairs until they could not even twitch let alone squirm
about. One final narrow strap was place around the fullest part of each
girls breast, covering their nipples in the process. This devilishly cruel
strip of leather was pulled so tight that it seem to split each of their
breasts in two. And for poor Twat, who had the misfortune of being more
endowed, her strap completely disappeared into her soft bulging tit flesh.

Their gags were changed, this time for an inflatable bladder type with
holes running through the center. These were blown up so huge that both
girls looked like Hamsters with food pouches pack to bursting. So bloated
were their cheeks that Madame could no longer see the lower part of their
eyes any more. To that open hole in their gags a tube was shoved in. This
tube ran to an over head bag containing their liquid lunch that drained
from it all the way down and into the back of their throats. They had no
choice but to swallow whatever it was that dribbled in. Madame could just
make out some writing on their feed bags. Again she used the magnifier
with anxious curiosity to see what it said.

Over Twat it read "For Weight Loss" and over Twit it said "For Weight
Gain". Now it became clear to her, why she found it so hard to tell the
two apart in that Thanksgiving picture. Sandra's "twin" concept was being
taken to higher level. Not only did she remove their beautiful long raven
locks of distinct singularity, and a woman's pride and joy, so in their
complete nakedness she reduced them to being nothing more than a couple of
common females instead of the exceptional individualistic young women they
once were. Not only did she dress them as black rubber figures of generic
female shape that made them appear as over the top erotic fetish book
ends. Now, her friend was trying to physically reshape them, their body
fat and muscle structure, so their pseudo twin identity was less
illusional and far more real than anyone could have dreamed possible for
such two ethnically different girls. Madame began to wonder, given her
friends determination, how far would she go with this?  And what of the
girls particular personalities, will they be effected too?  It was going
to be a very surprising Christmas for Madame when she meets Sandra's home
made twins again.

The third in the boutique series was called "Seminars". Something inside
Madame made her VERY excited and yet hesitant to see what ominous images
popped up this time. Again it was a group of pictures. This time it was a
group of three pairs. Madame surveyed each of them very carefully. This
time Sandra was using Twit and Twat as visual aids and demonstration
dummies for teaching interested parties the various areas of the kinky

The first pair was a lesson in rope bondage. Twit was bound in a semi
suspension reflecting some elaborate oriental rope work. Her arms were
tied behind her back in a wrist to elbow overlap. A dramatic diamond
shaped weave of rope held her entire torso in severe constriction with a
crotch roped that completely disappeared betwixt her pink pussy lips. She
was leaning over, virtually frozen in the middle of a fall, balancing on
one high heel shoe. The other leg was tied up high behind her by a rope
leading from her ankle to a pulley over head and then back down behind her
to be tied off to that same distressing crotch rope. Once more her smiling
gag was firmly in place. Madame could just imagine how Su-Lee tried her
best to keep from falling over and thus putting more painful pressure on
her already aching pussy.

Twat was bound in your standard rope bind. Cinch ropes around her ankles
and above and below her knees made her shinny black legs into one. Her
arms bound like her legs behind her at wrists and elbows. More ropes
forcing her bound arms into her back with coils of rope above and below
her thrust out breasts. And she too was sporting a crotch rope that was
looped around her wrist bind keeping her hands firmly planted into her
naked butt cheeks. Twat was also wearing that same dreadful smiling gag,
but hers was now a frown. For she was suspended upside down by her

The second pair of pictures was a lesson in whipping, and paddling, and
flogging, and spanking, and whatever else was available at the time. Both
girls were in an erect spread eagle position, except Twit. It was her turn
to be the one placed upside down. No only was their already exposed
sensitive feminine flesh made red again with the marks of a sadistic
dominant's trade, but their rubber catsuits were whipped to shreds as it
hung loose from their aching prostrated form. Madame could see that their
once contiguous catsuits afford them some protection, for even though
their images were dramatic in content it was no where near as bad as the
one she seen with them strung up on meat hooks.

The last pair of pictures were obviously a lesson in piercing. This time,
both girls were in a standing bound spread eagle position. The picture
showed a kind of "before/after" look. Twit was the "before" image with
long shiny needles sticking through her nipples, pussy lips and clit hood.
The "after" picture was that of Twat, positioned right next to her twin
sister. She was showing off her big shinny steel rings that went in the
exact same place where the needles were in Twit. A total of eleven rings
now graced her female flesh, and soon for Twit too. Madame closed her eyes
and ran through her mind how each girl might have been used as first a
visual aid for a skilled professional, and then as a victim for a shaking
reluctant neophyte who was urge on by her fiendish friend and by a couple
of happy, smiling, rubber skinned piercing dummies named Twit and Twat.

There was only one file left to view. It was called "After a long hard day
at work it is time for some pleasure or who said lesbians are born and not
made". The final picture showed the twins back at home and in their cage
for the night. Twit and Twat were still in their corseted rubber catsuits,
but now they were in a leather strapped hog-tie laying on their sides. And
the head of each girl was smack dab in the middle of the shaven pierced
pussy crotch of the other. They had been bound in a sixty nine position
with each forced to give the other oral sex.

Madame left this image on her screen as she sat back in her chair and
reached for her tea. She took a sip and looked longingly at this picture.
Her mind drifted off into another realm where she was now standing right
outside that cage watching and listening to them. She could hear the
coarse creaking and cracking of their rubber catsuits bound in leather as
they tried in vain to free themselves from their dirty, perverted, pseudo
lesbian situation. Their groans of desperation repeating with increasing
intensity as they tried and failed, and tried again and again and again
only to fail with each attempt. Their bodies becoming hot and sweaty as
the tight restrictive rubber made their dilemma all the more unbearable.

Then the awareness comes, the smell, the scent of their own sweat slowly
mixing with that of the other. A new aroma is faintly discovered. It
becomes stronger, and soon overpowering. And then comes that first taste,
upon the tip of the tongue. It is now unmistakable. The new scent, the
unique taste, again they try for freedom, in earnest, and again they fail,
in quiet passivity. Then one of them gives up. She lies still, in solemn
darkness and then in acceptance. Her tongue slowly stretches out for more
of that engaging nectar. The other is suddenly moved to a burst of energy
as she tries again for freedom, for escape, from her bonds and from what
she fears is waiting for her if she fails. Her groans of noncompliance and
physical exertion quickly grew loud and determined. But just as quickly,
they die away, as do her struggles. A final, long, lingering groan of
despair is heard and then nothing. It is all over with. A tradition, a
biological way of life has ceased to be. A new path lies before them. And
soon, both have taken that first step into another world of strange erotic
pleasure. The sounds now created are of sexual desire and cravings. The
seductive creaking and crackling of their fetish wear is an audible
testament to their lusting need to give and receive those tender oral
pleasures. And the increasing intensity of their endeavors echo loudly
their passionate necessity for fulfillment and satisfaction of the most
deprave lesbian kind.

Oh yes, Madame could easily see how it must have been. She took a long
deep breath and exhaled with a sigh. Oh how she wished her gentleman
friend Professional Renols was here with her now.

She took a much quicker deep breath and then another sip of her tea. She
moved in closer to her keyboard and typed in a reply e-mail to her dear
friend. She put in the customary greetings and thank you's for the picture
files, along with her own sweet sophomoric puns regarding their contents.
She then added an inspiring bit of verbiage regarding her present anxiety
in wanting to see her again, and her erotic kinky bookends. And then she
closed with her usual warm heartfelt prose before sending it off.

All that remained was for one more check up. Mr. Roberts already notified
her that the experiment moved into phase three, which was gestation. That
meant phase one and two must have been a success. But she decided to call
her friend Bill on the phone and hear for herself how the first two parts
of the experiment went. That is, right after she finished her delicious
herbal tea.

"Yes, this is Madame Rouso, I would like to speak with Mr. Roberts if he
is available."

"Yes Madame, I will inform him immediately."

Madame knew the best place to reach her old friend was at his place of
business, his home. Ever since his wife died of a massive coronary brought
on by too much stress, he decided to live his life the way HE wanted. Gone
where the endless boring business meetings that only said one thing "look
at me, see how good I am". Gone where the countless reports, the charts,
the graphs and other meaningless written dogma that told the reader
everything under the sun except what they really wanted to hear. So he
sold off the vast majority of his commercial interests and then took on
the role of a much deserved retired gentleman. But he never actually
retired. With a small staff of very loyal employees who kept the routine
matters of life at bay, he was free to do whatever his heart's desire was.
Whether it be the occasional guru for some small time ranchers in
desperate need of his expertise or as a wildcatting venture capitalist
ready to put up the seed money for some very off the wall research. One
particular bizarre type was the reason for Madame's current call.

"Yes Madame, how are things with you fine lady?" It was Bill on the phone,
and he sounded in very good spirits.

"I am doing just splendidly Bill. I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy

"Just fine Madame, all be it an "interesting" one. If you know what I
mean." Bill knew the reason for Madame's call. So he took the initiative
and informed her of the overall situation in just one word.

"Ohhhh? So then, I take it, everything is proceeding according to plan, or
maybe not?"

Bill could hear the cageyness in Madame's voice, not knowing whether to be
worried or delighted with his previous answer. He decided to relieve all
doubts and make his old friend's mood as happy as his own.

"Better than expected Madame! I just received some good news this very
morning from the Doc. He said Muffee' will be having her litter of pups
very soon now, probably sometime next week. He also informed me that the
ultra sound he performed showed that she's carrying eight healthy pups
inside her too."

"That's excellent Bill! I'm so happy for you. And I am glad to hear that
the experiment has been a grand success to this point. So fill me on the
details, it's my dime you know." Madame could hear Bill laughing at her
obvious very out dated slang reference to her paying for the phone call.

"Ahhhh, let me think for a moment. . . . All right Madame, it started as
soon as I made it back from your Halloween party. I took Muffee' straight
to the Doc's veterinarian hospital, which was only a few miles from where
I live. I phone him earlier to be expecting us and they were right there
waiting for us when I dove up."

"They Bill, THEY?" Madame was noticeably alarmed at the mention of the
plural form of the pronoun indicating an unknown third party was brought
into the equation. Bringing in outsiders, especially those that did not
understand their "special" ways, always brought with it the possibility of
a dangerous uncontrollable situation developing.

"Not to worry Madame. The Doc's assistant is completely trustworthy. Oh
heck, she's more like his protege than assistant." Bill's voice was very
causal and without concern.

"Oh? So it's a SHE then?" Madame did not trust Bill as much as Bill
trusted his doctor friend, or this new unknown female element. She decided
to pump her friend for more information just in case.

"Oh yes. Her name is Tai Chow. She's a Vietnamese girl in her twenties I
believe. The Doc brought her back home with him many years ago when he was
doing some research in that part of the world. She's been with him ever
since. And the two get along quite well too, professionally speaking.
Other than that, I don't really know. I seriously doubt there's any
romantic interest between them. He's more like the uncle/mentor type to
her than anything else. But one thing I do know though. Tai is one smart
cookie! When it comes to learning and picking up something new, she's like
a sponge. The Doc has basically given her card blanche with regards to
running his veterinarian business. She even helps him out with medical
operations and research too. A regular Jack of all trades she is. Tai has
become so important to the Doc that I doubt if he could get along without
her anymore. And she has acclimated to her new homeland very well indeed.
Even her accent has become Americanize. So don't worry Madame, the two are
really a couple of good eggs."

Madame was busy writing down all the information that Bill was giving her.

"And what did you say the name was of your veterinarian doctor friend

Madame could hear her friend chuckling over the phone.

"Is there sometime wrong Bill?"

"No, no, no. I was just commenting on your rather SUBTLE way of obtaining
information from me that's all. I guess, in our way of life, it DOES pay
to be too cautious."

Now it was Madame's turn to chuckle back. "You know me too well Bill, much
too well." Although there was an obvious note of levity in her voice, Bill
did recognize an underling warning in it.

"Just enough to keep myself out of hot water with you Madame, just
enough." His friendly reply had just the right amount of inner meaning to
satisfy Madame's concern, about Bill.

A moment of silence passed between the two as they each sprouted relieved
smiles. A remembered history of mutually satisfying undertaking between
the two had a soothing effect over each other's occasional apprehension in
situations like this.

"Come now old friend, tell me more of what happened to our mutual
interest, that kinky French poodle Muffee'." An eagerness was evident in
Madame voice as her attention turned once more to the reason for her call.

"Well, as I was saying, Doctor Guntter, that's Guntter with two "T"'s
Madame." Another moment of silence passed as Bill allowed sufficient time
for Madame to write the name down. To which she did, and underlined it
twice in the process. "And his assistant were waiting for us at his
hospital, which was also attached to his estate. The Doc and I took our
time unloading Muffee' from my SUV to the Doc's cart. We thought it would
better to leave Muffee' in her animal transporting container when we took
her inside. He then wheeled her to a private section of his animal
hospital right next to the operating room. Once there, he maneuvered the
case up to a special clear plastic box and then nudge her from one to the

"It was amazing Madame. You should have heard Tai make the most
interesting and surprised sounds when she first saw Muffee'. Even the Doc
was quite taken with Muffee', dressed in her pure white French poodle
costume. I do believe your niece's talent and hard work was a big hit with
those two as well. We all just stood there with astonished smiles on our
faces as we stare and commented on how incredibly dog-like that girl
appeared. Yes siree, from the tip of her realistic face hugging muzzle
right on down to the round tuff of fur at the end of her butt plug tail,
she was a first class bitch and just what the doctor ordered for good ol'
Duke. But poor Muffee' wasn't at all happy. You could see it in her eyes,
the heartfelt embarrassment and humiliation of it all. I do believe the
shock collar she wore still made a deep impression on her for she never
said or tried to say a single word to us. She simply bowed her head in
shame and tried to disappear into the back corner of the box, exactly like
a frighten little puppy dog."

"Oh the poor thing. My heart goes out to her. So what happened next?"
Madame's sympathy for the poor girl was quickly nullify by her over-
whelming desire to know the course of events that followed.

"Well, I though the Doc was going to leave her alone for awhile. Let her
acclimate to her new surrounds and all, just like anyone would with a new
animal they brought home. But the Doc was all gun hoe, and he wanted to
get started right away. I guess time was of the essence for what he had
planned. So he told Tai to turn on the gas."

"GAS! What do you mean GAS?" An alarmed Madame practically yelled into the

"Woe there little lady!" A hurting Bill exclaimed while jerking the
handset from his aching ear. "Just take it easy Madame. I told you before,
the Doc knows what he's doing. He's not going to harm the girl. In fact,
that's why he was turning on the gas. It was an anesthetic. And that's why
Muffee' was put in that plastic cage to begin with. It's a specially
designed cubical that allows the Doc to observe and put a critter to sleep
without having to wrestle with it in order to give it a shot to do exactly
the same thing. It's far more humane on the animal and much easier for all

"Oh, I see. So did Muffee' go to sleep without any trouble?"

"Not exactly. I think once she heard the hissing sound of the gas she got
a little excited. Thank goodness the cubical wasn't all that big where she
could really hurt her self."

"What? Did you say she hurt herself! BILL, DAMN IT, remember what I said
about . . ."

"Good heavens Madame! Take it easy! Jumping Jiggers! Your more protective
of that girl then an ol' mother hen. All she did was to vigorously claw at
the glass with her paw and then tried to use her body to push herself
through the plastic door. If she did hurt herself in any way it was from
that shock collar YOU put on her. Each time she tried to say something she
yelped in pain from getting shocked. Now please Madame do take it easy,

Bill's honest and compassionate reply did have a soothing effect on
Madame's ready to call out the marines condition.

"Ok, I'm sorry for flying off the handle like that. It's just that I care
so much about Muffee', I mean the girl. My niece is very fond of her too.
She put a lot of time and energy into her creation. So that's why I might
be a little over protected with her."

"I understand Madame. But again, Muffee' is really in good hands. Besides,
it only lasted a minute or two before Muffee' went down fast asleep.
That's when the Doc and Tai began to do their doctor thing."

"Oh my! So what did they do to her?"

"To be perfectly honest Madame, I don't exactly know. They quickly moved
her out of the box and into the operating room. They placed her on the
metal table and began doing all sorts of doctor stuff, tests I think.
They took her blood pressure and temperature, anally. They took a sample
of her blood, saliva, feces and urine. The latter they had to get with a
catheter up her urethra, to which Tai was very careful and gentle in
performing that procedure. Then the Doc used a speculum along with some
other medical instruments, which I have no idea what they were, to check
out her vagina. I just stood off to the side and let them do what they had
to do. And every step of the way Tai was right there doing all she could
to help. In a way, she seemed quite taken with Muffee'. As if she was a
caring devoted good friend or something."

"OH? How so?"

"Well, all through the examination the Doc seemed more concerned with
procedure and in getting good accurate test results than he was with
Muffee'. You know what I mean Madame. Some doctors have an excellent
bedside manner with their patients while others are just plain sterile. It
doesn't make'm bad doctors, just a bit out of touch with the human side of
it all. To the Doc, Muffee' was just another bitch dog that needed his
professional attention. But Tai was entirely different. Even the Doc
noticed Tai's greatly increased concern with not being too rough with the
bitch. But than again, as long as I have known her, Tai has always been a
passionate animal lover. Anyway, based on Tai's above average attention to
Muffee', the Doc thought it would be a good idea to let Tai take sole
charge of the bitch while she was here."

"Did you think that was a good idea Bill? I mean Muffee's in great shape,
quite the prime physical specimen if you will. And oriental women are not
noted for their physical prose."

"Ohhhh I think she can handle Muffee' all right. But you would never think
so just from looking at her."

"Now what does that mean Bill?" Madame sounded a bit upset with that last
question. She was growing increasingly agitated in having to take an
active role in getting every little piece of information from her friend.
She began wondering if he wasn't in fact stringing her along like this on

"Tai is, as you correctly speculated, a rather petite young woman. I doubt
if she's even five feet tall. And her build is hardly what one would call
athletic. But then, what do you expect from one of those plant eating
vegetarian types." Bill tried to hold back a little smirk after that last
comment. He knew that Madame was also one of those herbivores, and an on
going friendly feud existed between the two relating to this particular
eating difference.

"Ah haaaa. Well, you know, "BILL", if you carnivore types would eat less
of that greasy fatty meat, then you would be less prone to have that
bulging belly problem and be more mentally alert as you enter into your
60's, or is it your 70's?" Now it was Madame's turn to hold back a smirk,
as she heard a definite throat clearing on the other side of the phone.
She salvaged her pride by getting back at her old friend where it hurt the
most, his vanity and mental clarity. Maybe now their conversation would be
more free flowing and less like pulling teeth for her.

"Touché my dear lady. Touché."

"So enough of this cat and mouse dialog. Come now, tell me all, for I am
far too anxious and curious to hear of your most intriguing experiment
with Muffee' to be emotionally toiled with a second more."

"As you wish Madame. Well, as far as Tai is concerned, she is more than a
match for Muffee', even given her diminutive size. She performs Tai Chi
and some sort of martial arts everyday, and what she lacks in bulk she
makes up ten fold in tone and speed. To that, add her knowledge of
anatomy, physiology and pressure points in all types of animals. AND, she
has a very demanding, no-nonsense and very up front personality. She would
make the perfect aggressive CEO if she wanted the job."

"Hmmmm, she sounds like a most exceptional young woman. A good choice
indeed to managing Muffee's welfare during these trying times for her."

"Definitely Madame. So, when the examination was over with the Doc gave
Muffee' a couple of shots, vitamins and such to keep her in good health.
He told me later that after he found out what the test results were, he
would be administering some medication to put her body in a receptive
state for the embryo transplant. Thus once the Doc was through with her,
they put her in another cage in a private room to regain consciousness.
The cage was your standard large dog stainless steel enclosure with the
heavy gauge wire door over it's entire front. Tai had put a soft padded
rug in it ahead of time for Muffee' to lay and sleep on. This same cage
was to be Muffee's home away from home while she stayed there. She was to
sleep and take her meals in there as well. Twice a day she would be
exercised out back in a fairly large fenced in area, with a small area of
it earmarked for her to expel her waste at. The whole idea was to make it
easier for the Doc and Tai to keep a watchful eye on her."

"It seems liked the Doc had everything planned out to the finest detail.
Impressive, and very professional."

"Yea that's the Doc all right. And Tai seems to have adopted his same
thoroughness for organization and detail as well. A regular matched set
those two."

"Did Muffee' regain conscious all right?"

"I was told she did. Frankly, after she was put in her cage, I took off to
handle other matters of importance. And since I knew Muffee' was now in
very capable hands, I stayed away for a couple of days too. But I remained
in constant contact by way of e-mail. Another suggestion by Tai I might
add. Since the Doc required her to keep an extensive medical and behavior
journal on her, it was a simple task for her to send me the highlights of
each journal entry. And there must have been a lot of them too. For
several times a day I received e-mail relating to the on going life of
"Muffee', the Surrogate Bitch" as she called them. And that included some
problem area's too."

"Problems? What kind of problems?" Again, Madame's alarm light went up,
but this time she was much less intense about it. No doubt due to her
friends constant reassurance that Muffee' WAS in good hands.

"Tai told me about a problem she had with Muffee' not wanting to eat her
scientifically created dog food. It appeared that the mother to be was
rebelling a bit. Each time Tai placed a bowl of dog food and water inside
the cage, Muffee' would slap them around with her paw until their contents
spilled out all over the place. Well, Tai allowed this to happen only
once. After the second time she took action. She pulled Muffee' out of her
cage and placed her head through a sort of small wooden stock. The stock
device allowed the Doc and Tai to keep an animal under control without it
biting them or hurting itself, while at the same time allowing them to
dispense with whatever needed to be done with the animal. So once her neck
was placed between two pieces of securely fastened wood, Tai was free to
force feed Muffee' her food."

"Oh my goodness! Poor, poor Muffee'."

"Well, even though Tai loves animals, she sure ain't gonna take no crap
from them. But according to Tai, it wasn't that bad. The hardest part was
getting that tube started down Muffee's throat. She got the mouth opened
easy enough by pressing on some sort of pressure point in the hinged area
of Muffee's jaws. But Muffee's tongue kept on getting in the way as if she
was using it to block the tube's entry. It was only through genteel
persistence on Tai's part that she finally got it over the tongue and then
down the rest of the way into her belly. After that it was a simple matter
of putting the gelatinous dog food in a large cylinder, that was connected
to the stomach tube, and then cap it off with the plunger. She told me how
she forced Muffee' to watch every nasty second of how that dark brown,
heavy viscous dog food slowly made it's way through the tube and into her
stomach. The reason being, that if Muffee' ever again refused to eat what
was given to her, then this foul revolting method of feeding her would be
forced upon her again and again and again. And it worked! I never heard of
another eating problem since. Muffee' ate whatever Tai put in front of
her, even those little doggie treats and doggie biscuits to keep her teeth

"I must say Bill, Tai is certainly a resourceful and authoritative woman.
You were correct in putting your trust in her. She definitely seems worthy
of it."

"Why t'ank ya kindly mam."

Both began chuckling at Bill's little sarcastic rendition of a dumb hick's
gratuitous reply.

"So, Muffee' was the perfect obedient bitch after that, right?"

"To a good degree, yes. But Tai did tell me of another little problem she
had with her. It seems Muffee' had a preference of doing her duty in the
private secluded area of her cage instead of the great outdoors with the
rest of the animals. But again, Tai quickly put a stop to that. She
threatened to rub Muffee's nose and face in it if she ever did that again.
From that point on, Muffee' did her duty just like any well trained house
pet, outside. And Tai forced her do it just like a dog too. You know,
sniffing the ground first and then piddling in short bursts at various
locations instead of all at once. And then making her defecate in one
specific area of her pen on all fours in a hunch over position just like a
dog. She even had Muffee' scratch the ground a little right after words in
a symbolic depiction of burying it."

"Hmmmmm, I don't understand. Why did she go through all that trouble?"

"I asked her the same question in a replied e-mail. Tai said that the Doc
and her thought it would be better for the girl if she acted as much like
a real dog as possible. Something to do with psychologically reinforcing
her dog persona while decreasing her humanity. This way, by making her
look AND act like a dog, it might make the matting and whelping stages go
all the more easier and less traumatic for her. I don't know. It's all
over my head. All I can tell you is, I trust them."

"Hmmm, in a way, I think I can see what their saying. It does make some
sense, and it just might help the girl in accepting her fate too."

"Well then, you sure know a lot more than I do Madame. So once Tai had
"what went in" and "what came out" in the right doggie fashion, she did
the same with the rest of Muffee's existence. Oh! Tai commented favorably
on how well you did with Muffee's obedience training. She was amazed at
how quickly Muffee' took to being trained to heal, sit, beg, speak, etc.
It required very little disciplining on her part with the shock collar to
get Muffee' performing like a first class domesticated show pet."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that our short term doggie schooling on this end
of the phone did not go for naught. Muffee' has a lot of potential, but
she must be correctly motivated to do so."

"Exactly! That's the same thing Tai told me when she started preparing
Muffee' for the up and coming mating event. She wanted Muffee' to be in
the right frame of mind ahead of time, in part to make it easier on the
girl, and for the whole event to proceed without a hitch the first time
around. Thus, three and sometimes four times a day she would put Muffee'
through a simulation of sorts that would finally lead up to her being
mounted and tied with Duke."

"A simulation? What in the world is that Bill?"

"According to Tai, it's a behavioral indoctrination technique that's in
keeping with their "look and act like a dog" methodology. I only seen it
happen once, and I have to say, it definitely made an impression on me. To
start, Tai bound Muffee' to what she called "the mating stand". It's
nothing elaborate, just a simple little saw horse structure made from
aluminum pipes that is fasten securely to the floor. Muffee' was then
maneuvered on top of it, straddling it on all fours, and her forelegs,
hind-legs and torso was strapped firmly to it. Not only was Muffee's body
completely immobile, but it was forced to remain in the proper position
for ease of mating by good ol' Duke later on."

"Interesting, it sounds exactly like what I seen when I was a little girl
visiting at my aunt and uncle's farm. They used a similar device for sows
when they wanted to breed them artificially."

"Correct Madame! So once Tai had her fixed in position, she used a
vibrating dildoe, and a hidden talent that frankly I never knew she had,
to bring Muffee' to heat. Ohhh Madame, from what I saw, I am positively
sure of one thing. Tai certainly knows her way around another woman. And
she is far from being bashful in showing it too. A few times during the
implementation of the dirty deed she would look up at me, all smiling with
a look that reminded me of the cat that ate the canary. I never seen her
like this before! She looked so joyfully evil, so expertly in control and
so sexually engulfed in what she was doing all at the same time. It sure
gave me the willies I'll tell ya. But the strangest part of it all, was
how quickly she had Muffee' in the beginning stages of arousal, simply by
touching her! Especially when Muffee' didn't want to be touched in the
first place. It was as if Tai knew some dark hidden oriental artform that
overrode a person's mental powers of self determination and went straight
on through to eliciting their soulless animal cravings of lust."

"My goodness Bill! Tai is quite the gifted young lady. Intelligent,
trustworthy, creative and now she has this incredible talent for inflaming
the sexual and beastly yearning in another. Please my friend, go on!"

"Right you are Madame. It seemed like Tai had this gentle, tender and
compassionate way about her, even more so now. So soothing, so intimate
and so erotic! I watched like an excited voyeur in a peep show as she
slowly began outlining Muffee's sweet barren pussy lips, ever so lightly,
with that humming dildoe. And at the same time she would be slowly
stroking Muffee's fur covered body, her head, her back and then massaging
her soft subtle breasts over that layer of pure white fur surrounding
them. She even took a long lingering moment to sensuously row Muffee's
peek-a-boo nipples between her thumb and finger, pulling on them slightly
before letting them go to bounce back all hard and erect. Then I heard Tai
talking to Muffee', whispering in her big floppy ear. Words full of
inspiration, serenity and loving affection. I was in awe of the change in
Tai. To see a conservative, always on guard, strong willed woman become so
warm, uninhibited and down right sensuous to a mer dog-girl really
surprised me, and excited me!"

"Me too Bill! Go on!"

"Of course Muffee' was anything but receptive, in the beginning. I could
hear the creaking and crackling of the leather straps as she tried
desperately to free herself from the mating stand, and Tai's very intimate
caresses. But Tai was persistent in her ever increasing expertise in the
art of seduction. And it wasn't long before her bewitching powers started
to affect poor bound Muffee' too. I swear upon my father grave Madame, if
I didn't see Muffee's strained torso and angry moans of defiance turned
into subdued passivity with lingering echo's of divine spiraling pleasure
I would never have believed it."

"My word Bill! Your mer telling of this extraordinary event is enough to
make ME deliciously arouse. I can only imagine what it did to our precious
little pooch. Please, continue!"

Bill was smiling into his handset with a bit of a red face. He was not use
to playing the female part in what he could only conclude was a kind of
phone sex experience he was having with Madame by telling her the intimate
details of Tai's so called "simulation".

"Oh it was such an awesome sight to behold Madame. As Tai slowly increased
the intensity of her erotic play, so did the sounds of Muffee's delightful
whimpering. Tai literally had Muffee's salacious cravings at the control
of her finger tips. And it wasn't long before Tai had that dildoe
thrusting in and out of Muffee's dripping pussy like a piston on a
locomotive running full out while at the same time her fingers were
circling feverishly around her hooded love mound. I could even hear a
slight sloshing sound each time that dildoe was pushed deeper and deeper
inside of that doggie pussy. Then I noted a slight change in Tai. Her
words of comforting affection had now become questions of humiliating
depravity. Like, "Does doggie slut want to cum for her Mistress?" or "You
really are nothing but a fucking animal, a hot fucking bitch in heat,
aren't you doggie slut?" and the coup d'etat "I bet you can't wait for
your lover to put his hot throbbing doggie cock into your oozing doggie
hole and fuck you long and hard, can't you, you sex starved doggie bitch?"
And if Muffee' didn't answer back each question with a yes by barking
twice, then Tai would cease to further drive Muffee' on to her much needed
orgasm, and began calling her "Bad doggie" and "Bad doggie bitch". I just
could not believe the way Tai was mind fucking Muffee' into taking on more
and more of that dog persona, a mer bitch for dogs to mate with. It was
all so wild, so perverted, so demeaning, and so unbelievably fucking hot
to watch! Hell, I even had to rearrange myself in my pants else suffer the
pain of my own primitive lusting desires growing within."

All of a sudden Bill could hear the heavy breathing of Madame over the
phone. And then a labored soft whispering sound trying to tell him to go
on, please, go on!

"Well, I thought it all came to an end when Tai granted Muffee' her
awesome orgasm. She was cuming so hard that she was howling and whimpering
just like a dog too. No doubt another attribute required by Tai. But it
didn't end there. Once Muffee' had come down a peg or two from her
orgasmic high, Tai began the whole cycle again. Yes siree, Tai was making
Muffee' go through another "simulation", exactly like the first,
derogatory questions and all. She must have done this three or four times
before finally stopping. And when she did stop, Tai was all over Muffee',
hugging her, petting her, kissing her while telling her what a good and
beautiful doggie she was. Then she took that slimy cover dildoe and wiped
it clean all over Muffee's rear end and muzzle."

Bill let a few seconds of silence intercede wondering if Madame was still
on line.

"So . . . so, so why did she do that Bill?" Madame was trying hard to stay
on top of the conversation, especially after her little delightful self
gratifying interlude.

"The next day I asked her that in e-mail. She said she did it for Duke.
She thought by having Muffee's own sexual odor wiped on top of her like
that Duke would be more conducive to mating with her. Something to do with
pheromones or hormones or something like that."

"Wait a minute Bill. Are you telling me that Muffee went through almost a
whole week without bathing?" Madame was now in full control of her senses
again as she waited in earnest to hear Bill's response.

"It was more like four days Madame. And you are correct in your
assumption. WHOOOO-EEEE did she stink! Frankly, I don't know how Tai could
put up with the smell. But it did work just as she said. The day Duke was
to be let loose on Muffee' he knew something was up. He could smell her
scent perfectly, even though he was in another room on the other side of
the hospital. It really felt good though to see my ol' buddy acting like a
frisky young pup again. His eyes were bright and clear. His tail was
wagging a mile a minute. And his entire body had this build up of energy
that he just could not get rid of as he paced back and forth like a caged
wild beast."

"It must have been very exciting for him."

"Yes, and for us humans too! We all couldn't wait for the action to begin,
and our wait was not long either."

"Did everything go all right?"

"For the most part. Tai had to first get Muffee' into the swing of things
as it were. But by this time there wasn't any resistance left in Muffee'
to Tai's sexual coaxing. In fact, Muffee' seemed to look forward to it."

"To mating with Duke?" a surprise Madame asked.

"No, no, no, I can't say she was a willing bitch for that to happen. But
she was eager to have another orgasm via Tai's talented touch. Except this
time Tai deliberately kept it from her. When Muffee' was on the brink of
ecstasy, Tai suddenly stopped and let Muffee' slowly tumbled back into
penned up frustration. And Muffee' did her damnedest to coax Tai into
letting her cum too. She was whimpering and barking like a starving dog
for a piece of table scraps. But Tai just kept the cycle going, again and
again and again. She had complete control over Muffee's animal sex drive.
And soon she had Muffee's pussy dripping so bad that a small puddle began
to form on the floor. I believe it was during the fifth or sixth spiraling
cycle that the Doc let Duke in."

"Oh my Bill! What did Muffee' do then? Did she try and fight back?"

"Not really. I guess it was the combination of being all so worked up and
wanting to cum, plus all that psychological stuff that Tai did to her to
make her more receptive to being mated with a dog that when Duke did make
an appearance it just wasn't a big deal for her. In fact, she seemed quite
complacent with Duke's presents. But on second thought, she did seem
preoccupied with getting Tai to let her cum more than anything else. Heck,
I remember her barely moving her head out of the way when Duke began
licking her around her muzzle and in her mouth."

"HA HA HA, Oh Bill, that is so funny. Muffee', the kinky French poodle,
getting her first doggie French kiss. That is so priceless. I'm sorry I
wasn't there to see that."

Bill too began to chuckle at Madame's funny remark.

"Well, good ol' Duke was really worked up all right. He kept on sniffing
and licking Muffee' while Tai continued to keep her in the thrones of
erotic passion. It was kind of funny though. A few minutes later Duke was
standing right next to Tai. He seemed almost mesmerized as he intently
watched her work that vibrating dildoe in and out of Muffee' dripping
pussy. Then, all of a sudden and quite unexpectedly, he took his paw and
placed it over Tai's hand as if to say "HEY, when does it get to be my
turn?" It was so cute that even Tai couldn't help but smile and giggle at
his human like behavior. But that in itself was a good indication that
Duke was ready to start. And as soon as Tai pulled that dildoe completely
out and away, Duke was jolly on the spot as he began mounting that hot
dripping surrogate bitch. For a second, I thought ol' Duke was going to
need some help, him being old and all. But that old loveable mutt of mine
put everything he had into climbing on top of her, huffing and puffing,
and then clamping his forelegs tightly around her."

"Hurray for Duke! You see Bill, just because you're an old dog doesn't
mean you can't rise to the occasion when some sexy wanton bitch lays
herself open for you."

"Ha Ha Ha! You're definitely right on that account Madame. And good ol'
Duke was certainly testament to that. Why it practically took him no time
at all before he had his pink unsheathed penis buried deep inside Muffee's
beckoning pussy, knot and all."

"And Muffee'?"

"I don't rightfully know. Tai was very busy fingering Muffee's clit,
petting her head and whispering something to her while good ol' Duke was
busy at the other end pumping every last bit of his sperm inside of her,
butt to butt now. And Muffee', well, she was caught in the middle all
right. She seemed to be a bit out of it though, like in a drug stupor or
in some kind of state of semi-consciousness. Although, I did hear a faint
rhythmic whimpering sound coming from her, whatever that meant."

"Could you hear what Tai was saying to her Bill?"

"Just more of the usual. What a good doggie she was. Didn't it feel good
to have a doggie cock fucking her like that. And wasn't she a lucky bitch
to be making love with her one true love and soul mate, Duke. The same
kind of stuff that Tai told her during all those practice sessions, that's

"Then what happened?"

"I don't know how long it lasted, maybe twenty or thirty minutes. Then
Duke simply pulled himself away, along with his limp cock. He walked a few
feet forward and collapsed."

"Oh my! The poor thing. Was he all right?"

"Yea, just completely worn out. I had to pick him up and carry him out to
my SUV. I thought he might want to try it again later, but ol' Duke just
didn't have it in'm any more."

"Awe, that's so sad. So what happened to Muffee'?"

"Well, when I left, Tai was still fingering Muffee' while the Doc went to
doing his doctor thing. When I did finally return I could see that the Doc
had that speculum spreading Muffee's labia lips wide open. He was well on
his way to collecting as much of Duke's sperm as he could through a small
tube inside of Muffee's vagina with the other end of it connected to a
large syringe. Tai was going at it too, giving Muffee' one great orgasm
after another as reward for a job well done. And all the while Muffee was
eagerly barking to Tai's questions; "Muffee' likes being a whoring doggie
bitch, doesn't she?" "ARF-ARF", "You love having a big smelly stud dog
shooting his doggie seed deep inside of your hot dripping doggie fuck
whole, don't you doggie slut?" "ARF-ARF", and "I bet you can't wait to
give birth to your new puppy offspring too, don't you my depraved kinky
doggie slut?" "ARF-ARF". Oh yes, Muffee' was getting it ten ways to Sunday
with those two working on her. But all good things must come to an end.
The Doc soon had his much needed sample, and Muffee' was just like good
ol' Duke, plum worn out. Tai and I had to carry her back to her cage. And
you know what Madame? I had to wash my hands three times just to get that
over powering doggie smell off of them afterwards."

"Well, at least the mating part of your experiment worked out fine. Was
the Doctor able to get the departed Duchess's eggs fertilized with Duke's
sperm after that?"

"Yep, It took him about a day to fertilize twelve eggs. And while he was
doing that Tai gave Muffee' one good long much needed bath."

"Kudo's to the doctor! And how did Muffee' turn out after her bath?"

"I'm sorry to say that her poodle costume did not weather the washing very
well and had to be discarded."

"I thought as much. Especially after she had to wear it for almost a week
and had her pussy juices wiped all over it. So Muffee' is back to being a
human female again?"

"No. The Doc and Tai still thought it was a good idea for her to look and
act like a dog during the gestation and whelping stage. Again, for
psychological reasons with regards to carrying the litter and eventually
giving birth to puppies. So the two of them made up another more durable
although less intense dog costume for her. A few days back one of their
strays died from old age. It was a large mix breath. They had the carcass
disposed of, but they had the fur removed and treated. When the Doc had
Muffee' unconscious and back on his operating table ready for the next
phase of the experiment, embryo insemination, Tai was busy fitting and
sewing Muffee' into her new dog skin. The fur was one of those short hair
types and of a light tan color. Tai was able to reuse the look alike dog
paws from her poodle costume with a little color matching. And with
regards to her hind-legs, Tai simply doubled them back up, making sure for
adequate circulation, then sewed them into a dog skin sheath, similar to
her poodle costume."

"Quite creative. But what of the rest of her, her face, head and tail?"

"There was enough dog skin left over to make a very respectable dog cowl,
floppy ears and all. Her entire face was left open though, but not
uncovered. Tai used some special long term makeup on her. In short, she
made-up Muffee's face to look like that of a dog. The same way they did
for those actors and actresses in that Broadway show "CATS". And she
reused the butt plug, but attached a standard look-a-like dog tail to it.
Over all, I think Tai did a rather impressive job."

"And what of the leather straps and corset?"

"Well, the corset had to go. If the embryo transplant was successful,
which it was, then Muffee' would be expanding very dramatically in the
abdominal area. So any waist constriction was out of the question. As well
as in the breast area for the same reason. Thus Tai sewed in strips of
elastic between slits in the dog skin in those two areas. Not only would
it allow for Muffee's expansion, but it also would give her some support
for her back when he belly and breast began to sag."

"Very ingenious on her part."

"Yes she is. The leather straps really had no purpose other than ascetics
and restriction of body movement. And given the already restricting nature
of her custom shaped dog skin that Tai sewed her into, it did a good
enough job of keeping her on all fours. So the rest of the straps became
an obvious mute point."

"Ummm, tell me Bill. How is Muffee' going to feed the eight pups when she
only has two teats?"

"Very good question Madame. The Doc did another transplant. He figured
with the success of the embryo transplant, why not try another. So he
removed the mammary glands from another bitch and surgically transplanted
them into the chest area of Muffee', giving her a total of eight milking
sacks to nurse her future puppies by."

"HE DID WHAT! Are you people out of your minds? That is the most asinine,
totally absurd, not to mention a complete disregard for what ..."

"KIDDING Madame! Just kidding! I was only joking with you. The Doc would
never do such a thing. And even if he wanted too "I" would never allow it,
in keeping with what you told me before hand."

"BILL! You son of a bitch! Don't you ever do that to me again! I almost
had a coronary from what you just told me for cripe sakes." Madame was
noticeably shaken and angry from being unexpectedly put on like that.

"Just remember BILL, what goes around comes around. And your much OLDER
than me to whether such a hit like that, and survive. Understand?" Madame
was on the verge of losing her temper completely. Something that was a
very rare occurrence at her current age. The only reason for it must have
been her emotional interest in Muffee', or the girl that now filled that
dog skin.

"Of course Madame. I do apologize for the lack of poor judgement on my
part. All I can say is that I did it because we are such good friends and
because of the great mood I am in as a result of the current success rate
we've been having. Not to mention the fact, as you so unceremoniously
point out to me, that my OLD AGE might have had something to do with it
too. But again Madame, I do hope you accept my apology for taking such
unexpected liberties with our friendship."

Madame was hard pressed to be furthered angered with her friend. And with
a little more time to reflect upon said joke, she too was able to see the
humor in it. Especially when a mental pictured formed in her mind. A
picture of Muffee' on all fours with eight floor sagging doggie udders
under her. And eight squirming hungry balls of fur hanging on with dear
life to each one of her eight teats, sucking down their mother's milk for
all their worth.

"Very good Bill. Apology accepted, and I forgive your momentary laps into
senility. But again, how is the doctor going to feed the pups?"

"The Doc is going to use another lactating bitch to feed them. Muffee'
just doesn't have the proper antibodies and unique canine composition in
her milk needed to correctly nourish the new litter of pups. Besides, she
could never produce enough milk herself to feed so many hungry little fury
mouths all at the same time. But her breasts have already increased
substantially in size during the gestation period. So much so, that the
Doc told Tai to start milking her with a special milking machine. It's
similar to what is used to milk cows with. She's placed in that wooden
stock again to keep her in place and standing on all fours. Then a sucker
nozzle is placed on each of her teats and the machine turned on. It
creates a cycling vacuum action. When one teat is being sucked on, the
other is released from the vacuum. Then the process is reversed for the
other teat and so on. Her milk is being collected about once a day and
then stored for later use. Probably to feed the pups after they had been
weaned off their surrogate nursing bitch, but the Doc never told me. The
Doc did tell me that Muffee' breasts will probably be back to normal about
the same time when your party is, give or take a few days."

"I see, that's good to hear. As long she goes back to being her same old
self again, physically that is. But what of the shock collar? Is she still
wearing that too?"

"Now that was an interesting topic of discussion between the three of us."

"Oh? How so? I would think it would be a necessary item to Muffee's dog
persona, just like the dog skin and paws."

"That was the same view of the Doc and I. All that needed to be done was
to change the battery once or twice a week and everything would be fine.
But Tai wanted it to be removed and a choke chain put in it's place."

"A choke chain! For heaven sakes whatever for?"

"Well, Tai seems to be getting a bit too emotionally involved with
Muffee'. She's been spending an awful lot of time with her ever since she
got here. Walking her around the complex on a leash, running around with
her in her pen, playing tug of war with a rubber chew toy, training her to
do cutesy animal tricks and things like that. She's even subjecting
Muffee' to cunning psychological episodes to get her to accept her doggie
role even more. Like grooming her fur in front of a long mirror where
Muffee' could see herself in. To see what a very strange dog-like creature
she has become at Tai's hand. While at the same time listening to Tai talk
to her in simple short complimentary phrases like any owner would to their
favorite animal pet. Telling her what a good obedient doggie she is, how
much she loves grooming her, feeding her and playing with her, and how she
can hardly wait until her dear loving pet's expanding belly gives birth to
a litter of pups. And to top it all off, I do believe that Tai has trained
Muffee' to "pleasure" her too, sexually, if you catch my meaning."

"Ohhhhh! Now that sounds cozy. And interesting, since I do believe that
Muffee' isn't the least bit bi, let alone a lesbian at heart. But what
does that have to do with Tai wanting to put a choke chain on her instead
of the shock collar?"

"Well Madame, to put it bluntly. Tai appears to have found her "niche in
life" if you will. She had a taste of dominating another woman into
becoming a domesticated breeding pet and frankly, she likes it, a LOT! The
choke chain is just a further symbolic and functional representation of
her dominance over Muffee', or the human female trapped inside that dog
skin. There really isn't much difference in the method used to control
Muffee' via the shock collar and leash or the choke chain and leash. But
there is a difference when the leash is removed. The shock collar still
forces the girl to speak like a dog, and if a remote is used, to act like
one too. But with only the choke chain there, the girl acts and speaks
like a dog because of the lingering psychological effect the dominant has
over her. It's very hard to explain and I'm not sure I'm doing a very good
job of it. But it doesn't matter anymore. The Doc and I told her the shock
collar stays on, period. Tai was a bit miffed by our unmovable stand on
the subject, but she accepted it."

"Ohhhh, I think I know what you mean Bill. What you two gentlemen have on
your hands is a budding Dominatrix. And what Tai is trying to tell you two
is that she wants to have her very own slave. It's the classic
Master/slave relationship, or in this case a Mistress and her slave dog-
girl. Tai doesn't want to simply dominant Muffee', she wants to OWN her.
She wants Muffee', or the girl forced to be Muffee', to submit to her will
in every way possible. She wants her in all that she is too, in mind, body
and soul. AND, she wants absolute control over her. To control everything
that describes her, both physically and mentally. She already has a fair
degree of control over the poor girl's body. Now she wants to control her
actions, her thoughts, and even her desires too. And to have them all
redirected solely onto her. She wants to be the center focus of another
person's existence, their reason for being if you will. She wants total,
unconditional, unwaving and undying love. And she wants it ONLY on her
terms. Oh yes Bill, I know what you are saying. And what you and the
doctor did was correct, all be it for convenience and not for the correct
reason. And that being, Muffee' is NOT HERS! She is not Tai's to mold into
her own god given creation, though I have no doubts she is quite capable
of doing so. Muffee' belongs to no one, except herself, Jennifer I believe
her real name is. She is only out on loan to you, to perform a service and
to pay for her transgression upon me. So you remember that Bill. And make
sure you tell that to your doctor friend too, and especially to Tai!
Jennifer is to be used, NOT broken! Otherwise, Tai and two certain
"gentlemen" may be in for a VERY, RUDE, AWAKENING!"

A long silence fell between the two old friends. Then Madame heard a heavy
sigh over the phone.

"Yes, you are correct Madame. I thought it might be as much. I do believe,
Jennifer I think you called her, is still a unique person. Tai hasn't
broken her, and I will see to it that she never does. I will have a long
talk with the young lady and make sure she understands the situation you
have just spelled out to me."

"I'm glad to hear that Bill. And if it's any consolation, you can bring
Tai with you and Muffee' to my Christmas party. I think she will be most
receptive to the people she meets there. Tai and I can have a nice talk
together too. She's going to need some special female guidance if she's
serious about her new found passion. And I know some excellent teachers
that would not mind instructing the girl in that particular vocation. That
is, if she really wants to learn more about her blossoming innate

"That would be excellent Madame! I know Tai would be looking forward to
coming to your party and learning more about her new growing desires. Like
I said, when it comes to learning she's a virtual sponge." A much more
optimist Bill responded to Madame's most gracious offer.

"So, Muffee' is due to give birth sometime next week then?" The cheerful
liveliness of the conversation was no longer there. In it's place was a
disquieting staleness.

"Yes, yes, the Doc said sometime next week. Ever since Muffee' began to
show the Doc told Tai to drastically cut back on her activities with her."
Bill was trying to alleviate Madame's concern about the integrity of the
girl's mental state. Making it sound like Jennifer was still a whole human
being and no longer under Tai's obsessive dominating desires, even though
Jennifer's existence was now that of a dog-girl with a belly full of
kicking puppies.

"I see." Again, a cold silence permeated the moment.

"Well then, you and the doctor seem to have things quite under control.
So I will be going. I wish you much success with the litter Bill and take
VERY good care of Muffee' for me. And I will see you two and "TAI" at my

The heavy inference was not missed by Bill. He knew what Madame was
telling him, warning him.

"Very good Madame. The Doc, "TAI" and I will take the utmost care with
your precious pet Muffee'. And as soon as she has her litter I will notify
you of the positive outcome. Take care of yourself my friend."

Madame understood Bill's subtle reference to Tai, and to their plan in
general. He was telling her to have faith and trust in them, for
everything will work out fine in the end.

"You too my old friend, you too."

Bill was the first to hang up.

Madame remained with the receiver to her ear. The dial tone acting as
white noise as she stared out into space, thinking. She was started back
into the here and now by the caustic noise coming from the phone
indicating that the handset was left off it's cradle. She quickly pushed
down the button with her finger to stop the noise. She held it there for a
few seconds then released it and began entering another number.

"Yes, this is Madame Rouso, I would like to speak with Doctor Jacobs."

"Yes Madame, one moment please . . . . I'm sorry Madame, but the doctor is
with a patient right now. Can I take a message and have her call you when
she's finish?"

"No, I'll try again later. Thank you."

Madame hung up the phone and sat back in her chair. She stared out through
her den window and into her snow covered garden not looking at anything in
particular. Her mind was thinking about the five girls and what her
friends were doing to them. Then she thought about Dr. Renei Jacobs. She
knew her friend could help the girls, if they needed it. Which she was
coming to believe was more likely than not.

'Yes, Renei will pull their minds back from the hell their in.' She
thought to herself in a note of disquieting reflection. 'She will help
them all right, just like she helped me when I was forced to taste the
devil's desires a long time ago.' Her nightmares where practically
nonexistent now. And those she did have were a greatly benign form of what
they use to be.

"Oh well, such is life." Madame said out loud as she quickly turned her
attention to the business of the day. A large part of which included
planning for her beloved Christmas party. And at the top of that list was
her ongoing need for two well trained ponygirls.

"Hmmmmm, I still don't know where I am going to get them from. But it's
still early and Lady Luck has never let me down yet." She said to herself
with a note of optimism in her voice. Then she went to the next item on
her list.

                                 The End


Coming later this year "'Tis the Season".

Two elitist coeds try to pull the wool over Madame's eyes in one of her
fashionable boutiques just before Christmas, and fail. What does Madame
have planned for these two spoiled brats to get them to curb their evil
ways? She's still in need of two ponygirls. Could they be the ones who
"volunteer" for prancing duty?

Plus, the ending to the gold digging five. The girls will be rich beyond
their fondest dreams. Now the question is, since they reluctantly tasted
the dark, kinky side of human sexuality did it make a lasting impression
on them? Stay tune for "'Tis the Season".