Bondage Tourist
by Mr. ZZap

It sounded like an interesting prospect, but after years of searching for "the one", you had your doubts. But you clicked on the Craigslist ad anyway.

The ad seemed sincere, and you continued reading as your pussy began to moisten in anticipation.

Thirty-something dominant white male seeks female bondage tourist to visit me in Atlanta for a full day of bondage fun. I've collected toys and gadgets for years to please and tease a submissive woman, but alas, no lady has yet been found with similar interests. I have a cross, a spanking bench, a pnuematic fucking machine, electro-stimulation gear, and enough leather, rope, chain, and padlocks for a decade of San-Francisco parades. Heck, I even have a real, live, milking machine! In another life, I collected millions of air and hotel miles, and the thought recently occured to me, why not invite a submissive lady to visit me on my free tickets/hotel nights? You and a guest can come and enjoy Atlanta for a week. Just give me 24 hours of your time as my willing 'victim'.

Still skeptical, you responded, and were shocked to find there really was someone on the other side of that ad.

He was honest and well spoken, and seemed quite sincere in what he was seeking, so you talked a girlfriend into going with you to see if this was real. The scenario was, your friend would accompany you to Atlanta, get you "settled in" with your dominant friend, then go hang out at the hotel while you "played". After 24 hours, you would be dropped off at the hotel, to enjoy the rest of your time in Atlanta as a free girl's vacation.

Sure enough, it was! After corresponding for a few weeks, your airline tickets arrived, along with an outfit to wear on your trip. It seems your online admirer likes ladies who wear short leather skirts with heels and hose!

When you arrived at the airport, as agreed, your girlfriend/chaperone was handed a manilla folder with hotel vouchers and a prepaid rental car, along with some gift cards for sightseeing the area.

You began to lower your expectations for the trip slightly upon seeing the man - he was attractive in his own way, but he wasn't particularly tall, dark, or muscular. His eyes did seem to latch onto yours in a way that unsettled you just a bit, but the conversation was good so you let that pass.

After getting your rental car, he suggested a light meal at a wonderful local seafood place, which again went well, and you began to feel more at ease. In the parking lot after dinner, he turned to you and asked if you were sure you wanted to go through with your end of the bargain, to which you could only say, "Absolutely!". His eyes twinkled just a bit, then he gripped your wrist as one might grip a child's wrist when crossing a street. Instead of returning to your little blue rental car, you were guided instead to a large, white, contractor-type van. Unsurprisingly, if you like 1970's television, it had no windows. It was a classic "abductor" van from every tv crime story you had ever seen. Your nipples began to stiffen just a bit as you approached the van, and a voice inside your head advised you this really wasn't a movie. Your friend took your abductor's lead, and gripped your other wrist as you were led like a little-girl to the menacing, white van.

He opened the side door, and quickly pulled you inside. You saw there was a "cage" separating the rear of the van from the front, and you would be on the wrong side of that cage! The van was very clean, if sparse, just a padded rubber floor, and some shelves on the walls. There was a very short stool you were instructed to sit on, and your friend was given a bag of soft leather cuffs and a collar to buckle on to you, while your abductor began describe things he had left out of your online conversations. Your head swirled just a bit from the 3 glasses of wine you had at dinner( They were free, dammit! ). As a bit gag was installed in your mouth, you were told that your abductor likes to see women drooling, you begin to protest, but the gag is fully buckled, then padlocked before you realize what is happening.

A bag of padlocks is handed to your friend, and she is instructed to padlock all of those restraints onto you - it's now that you realize that there are cuffs on your wrists, ankles, knees, thighs, elbows and even around your waist!. Chains come out of one of the toolboxes of the van, and that's when you see that the cargo area of this van is set-up specifically for the purpose of kidnapping ladies like yourself. There are attachment points all over the inside of the van. Your arms are pulled wide across the van and quickly secured into place, then your legs are lifted towards your head, and your kidnapper instructs your friend to insert electrode-eggs into your pussy and ass. You can see your friend hesitate just a bit, and you now regret telling her to go along with whatever your kidnapper asked her to do. The electrodes go in, then your legs are spread wide, and locked into place, with more padlocks and chains.

Your kidnapper then unbuttons your blouse and exposes your breasts. Little, square pads are stuck to both sides of your breasts, your kidnapper tells you those are also electrodes. In an unexpected show of curtesy, he returns your bra to it's correct position, and even does a few buttons on your blouse.

One of the drawers in the van yields what you recognize as an egg-shaped vibrator, which is stuffed over your clit, and set to a very low speed before the blindfold takes away your sight. You moan just a bit as the vibrator does it's job, and then you get simultaneously shocks in your pussy, ass, and across both tits!. Your kidnapper explains that the electrodes so rudely installed in and on your body are hooked to control boxes with microphones near your head - any moaning, whining, or gag-talk will result in a "shocking" response.

You feel really stupid right now, as you hear your kidnapper chatting nonchalantly with your friend about the sights and the weather, great places to eat, and fun things in the area. You realize this man isn't some bondage virgin who is going to pop a load in an hour then guiltily set you free. He's actually planned everything out for at least the next 24 hours, and truthfully, he likely has plans for more than that, though you hope for the best. You remind yourself that your friend won't let him keep you, but you know the next day will certainly be a challenge.

You resolve to yourself to be a very good girl and give him no reason to punish you any more than you can avoid, since you seem to have met your match, stupid girl!

After what you believe to be a pretty long ride, the van slows, you hear a garage-door open, and the van creeps inside. Your kidnapper offers your friend some wine, then they remove the chains securing you to the van, but your friend is advised to be careful, as one leg is released from the van, it is quickly re-secured to the other leg, as are your hands. You feel yourself being loaded onto a cart, and rolled through a hallway, into a large room, based on the sounds you hear.

Plugs are placed in your ears, and your bit-gag is removed ( your kidnapper got his wish, you have copious amounts of drool running out of your mouth !). Your relief is short-lived though, as you soon have what feels like panties stuffed into your mouth, and covered with tape.

The electrodes and vibrator are removed, and you are positioned spread-wide, facedown on a bed. A pillow is placed under your hips and your kidnapper begins to massage your limbs, covering your body with baby-oil. You luxuriate in his strong hands, and your juices begin to flow. Hot wax soon lands on your bottom, and your entire backside is covered over the next hour. By now, your body has betrayed you, and your hips are writhing on the bed.

You hear lots of rustling and things moving in the room, and soon you hear a "click-whoosh", and then your pussy is invaded to the hilt. "click-whoosh", and the invader retreats..

You realize this kidnapper really did have a pnuematic fucking machine!

Further, over the next period of time, you realize what a mean man he is - the fucking machine brings you to the edge of orgasm countless times, and your evil kidnapper ruins your orgasm by stopping the machine just before you come.

You can faintly hear as your kidnapper talks with your friend, apparently, she intends to go see the town, and leave you alone with this vile man!.

You scream "NOOO", but the gag is effective, and the juice from your pussy on the pillow under your hips convinces your friend that you are in good hands.

Your blindfold is removed as your friend leaves the room, and your kidnapper removes the earplugs to explain to you that she's not coming back for hours, and to tell you the "easy" part is over.

Your arms are placed into a red leather single-glove, while your legs are still chained spread to the bed. You've realized that your kidnapper takes pride in keeping you under lock and key. Your hands are never free unless your legs are chained and vice-versa, and usually, there are several padlocks and lengths of chain attached to your waist-belt and collar as well. Escape isn't an option for you, young lady!

The evil kidnapper removes the chains from your legs and leads you (on a leash, like an animal!) to a bench. Chains are attached to your collar, waist, knees and ankles, and an overhead chain attaches to the tip of the single-glove. Seconds later, your arms are pulled high above your back, and you soon have a semi-hard dick in your face.

A part of you is insulted - with all the sick-shit this bastard has done to you, one might expect he'd at least gotten fully-hard!

But the smart-girl in you knows this kidnapper isn't the type that will accept any attitude, so you greedily suck like your life depends on it. After you've gotten him rock-hard, he takes you doggy-style, and spews all over your ass and back. You attempt to strike up a conversation. (at this point, you've gotten waaaay more than you've expected, and you're ready to be untied!) You are rewarded with a slap to the face, and a ball-gag is inserted into your mouth.

The bench you're attached to is on wheels, and it is now turned towards a computer in the room. The kidnapper pulls a chair up to the front of the bench, looks you in the eye, and explains to you that you are now HIS property, along with everything you own. He has your purse in his hands, and as you watch helplessly, he removes your cell-phone and walks to the computer across the room. The memory card is removed from the cell-phone, and inserted into a card-reader. He now knows every phone number for all of your friends and family.

He goes through your wallet, and removes all of your cards. Driver's license, library card, debit card, credit card, video-rental card. They are all placed on a scanner and scanned. He prints a picture of each card, then walks over to you, and removes the gag. He holds up the picture of your debit card, and asks, "what's the pin, sweetheart?".

Shocked, you refuse to give him the pin.

He replaces the ball-gag and blindfold.

You feel the electrodes being attached to your nipples, inside your ass and pussy.

More electrodes are attached to your back, legs, and arms, there are even electrodes stuck on your feet!.

Suddenly, your whole body is on fire!.

You get shocks rolling from one end of your body to the other.

Shocks in waves, long pauses, followed by random shocks all over. Big ones, little ones, half your body, just one toe, everything at once, just low enough to feel it, a huge shock over there, then a pause so long you hope it's over...

The blindfold is removed.....

He's now at your eye-level, smiling widely!

" I hoped you would tell me no, I really did, you dumb bitch!. You will not be allowed to give me the pin until I use all of my toys on you!"

The blindfold is replaced...

He's doing something with your tits....

chug-click-chug-click... chug-click-chug-click-chug-click..

You're being MILKED!.....

click-SMACK!..... click-SMACK!....

Now you're being SPANKED by a machine!!!!

click-whoosh.... click-whoosh.... click-whoosh....

Your pussy gets invaded by the machine...


A vibrator is positioned with precision over your clit....

He lifts the blindfold and looks you in the eye again...

"I'll be back in a couple of hours, I'll asking you about the pin and I'll be asking you about online access for the rest of your accounts. If you don't comply, you'll find out how serious and sadistic I am."

The blindfold is replaced.

Time slows down, the machines weaken your resolve, and you remind yourself that your friend will save you....

You hear the rustle of chains, and frantic gag-talk...


The machines tormenting you are turned off.

Your blindfold is removed.

The bench is turned towards towards the bed...

Your savior, your trusted girlfriend, is chained as you were, facedown, to the bed.

She's blindfolded, gagged, and you can just make out plugs in her ears.

Her pantyhosed bottom is supported by a pillow, and your kidnapper softly caresses her body, as she struggles against the chains and grunts through her gag.

Something is terribly wrong, your girlfriend isn't kinky, and wouldn't be caught dead in pantyhose.

Your kidnapper explains that your friend got arrested for drunk-driving while you were being worked over by the machines. She had a couple glasses of wine at the restaraunt like you did, and a couple more while she was watching you get waxed and machine-fucked the first time.

He posted bail, and picked her up in the kidnapping van.

He explained that he couldn't resist the opportunity she presented.

Your gag is removed, and you give him all of the pins, and sign the letters he presents to you....

One, to your job, you've resigned to "pursue other opportunities"

Another, to your landlord, stating you've found 'your perfect mate' in Australia, and that you wouldn't be returning.

Your bank accounts will be emptied electronically, with the funds used to pay for more "toys" to be used for your subjugation.

The kidnapper explained that he was hiring movers to pick up your belongings and move them to a storage pod, which would be shipped to Atlanta, for him to sort through and discard.

In a few hours, your girlfriend will get the same requests, and the same treatment.

Eventually, you'll both adjust to your new life.....

The End