Underpants Amy - Days 20 & 21
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 20, Sunday

Chapter 75 - Penthouse Posing in the Playground

Amy opened her eyes and saw that the clock showed 5:55 AM. She had not slept very well at all, because she had known that she would have to get up early and because she was concerned about what challenges she would have to face today. It seemed that the days were becoming more and more challenging as graduation day approached, and she feared that today would be more of the same.

She lay there for a couple of minutes and then reached over and turned off her alarm clock so that it wouldn't wake up Linda. Then, she remembered the alarm on the cell phone. Linda had shown her how to turn it off once it started ringing, but she hadn't shown Amy how to cancel the alarm so that it wouldn't go off. Amy browsed the menus for a minute or so looking, but she couldn't find the alarm clock options. So, at 5:59, she buried the phone between her bare breasts and scooted out into the hallway closing the door behind her. As she stood there waiting for the alarm to go off, her next door neighbor, Jennifer Grafton, in her Union Jack pajamas stepped out into the hallway. They were both surprised to see someone else up at this early hour, and as the alarm started ringing faintly between her boobs, Amy said, "Hey, Jenn, good morning. I'm just trying to muffle this stupid alarm so that it doesn't wake up Linda."

Jennifer replied drowsily in her heavy British accent, "Oh, hi, Amy. I'm just making a quick trip to the loo, and then, I'm going back to bed. See ya."

Amy reached between her bare breasts to feel around on the phone for a button, and after a bit of fumbling, she found it and turned off the alarm. Then, she quietly returned to her room, put the phone on Linda's desk, grabbed her bathroom tote with washcloth, towel, and makeup supplies, and she walked back out the door. On the way to the bathroom, the naked girl and Jennifer in her jammies nodded at each other as they passed in the hall.

She took a quick shower and then spent several minutes working on her hair, which had taken a beating last night in the rain. But the conditioner did its job and her hair returned to its usual full shape. Finally, some lipstick and a touch of makeup on her cheeks, and Amy thought she was ready for the embarrassing photoshoot.

At 6:30, she consciously remembered to use the stairway as she made her way to the dining hall, which was just opening for breakfast. As she walked in, she frowned when she saw Kelly Stubbins sitting at the checkin desk. It was usually just a formality to get checked in, since by now all of the RA's doing dining room duty knew all of the dorm residents by sight. And so the naked girl just nodded at Stubbins and started to walk on in. But Stubbins held up her hand and said, "Whoa, there, naked one. Let's see some ID."

Amy smiled at this seeming joke and tried to ignore it by saying, "Good morning, Kelly, you must have had a short night of sleep, too; I hope you slept better than I did. What are they serving in the mainline aisle this morning?"

But Stubbins repeated, "Where's your ID card?"

Amy could now sense that the RA was going to be a hard-ass this morning and said, "Oh, come on, Kelly. No one has asked me for a card the last 3 weeks. You know who I am."

Stubbins said, "Well, this is crackdown day. No ID, no breakfast."

Amy began to tear up and said, "But you didn't ask those guys just ahead of me for their ID's. And you know I'm not permitted to carry anything with me today."

Stubbins replied, "Well, those guys were cute, and they were kind of flirting with me. You're just a naked, stuck-up bitch. And it's not my problem if you're not allowed to carry a simple little piece of paper. Actually, I guess it's laminated plastic. Oh, did they ever give you a new one after you went all topless on us? You really do have pretty boobs, and they are as identifiable as your face and should be in your ID photo." Amy said nothing, and Stubbins paused a moment before saying, "Go back and get Hathaway to come with you and let her carry your ID."

Amy was just about to turn and go back to her room when Mrs. Jefferson, the dining hall director, came out from her nearby office and said, "Good morning, Amy, please wait a moment. Kelly, what's the problem here? I saw you talking with Amy, and you didn't look very happy."

Stubbins's tone changed and she said, "Umm, well, Suzuki here doesn't have her ID card with her. And I thought you said that we should check the cards carefully today to avoid guests sneaking in for free meals. So, I was just doing my job. That's all."

Maria Jefferson was an elderly African American woman wearing her usual kitchen attire with a clean white apron. And she said sternly, "Miss Stubbins, we all know who Amy is, and I think you're just giving her a hard time. So, check her off on the sheet and let her through. Okay?"

Stubbins reluctantly did as the director said, but after Jefferson turned around, Stubbins gave Amy a hard swat on her butt as the naked girl walked into the serving area. Jefferson heard the sound, but when she turned around, Amy was already through the door rubbing her ass and Stubbins just weakly smiled. Jefferson glowered at the RA, and then returned to her office.

Sunday morning breakfast at the dining hall is not usually well attended, and since most of the underclass students had already gone home for the summer, today there were even fewer people there, and Amy was thankful for that. She grabbed a tray and then just got an omlette from the serving pan along with her usual muffin, OJ, and coffee. The only other people in the eating area were the three guys that Stubbins had just let through. They just stared at the naked girl as she took a seat at a table on the opposite side of the room. Amy could sense that they wanted to talk with her, and she wanted to avoid anything that would make her late. So, she ate very quickly, drinking only part of the hot coffee. She hadn't finished the muffin yet, and she was ready to eat it on the way back to the room. But she remembered the no-carrying rule, and so she quickly gulped it down while seated at the table. As the three guys continued to watch her, she picked up her tray, put it on the conveyer belt, and left.

Back in her room, she tried to be very quiet to avoid waking up Linda. But the mortarboard was wrapped in crinkly paper, and Linda groggily opened her eyes as Amy unwrapped the graduation hat. Amy cringed and said, "I'm sorry, Lindy, I was trying to be so quiet."

Linda looked at her naked friend and said, "Oh, that's okay. I'll go back to sleep after you leave. What are you unwrapping there anyway?"

Amy said, "They want me to bring my mortarboard, high heels, and a vibrator to the photoshoot. And this cap was wrapped up in this stupid noisy paper."

Linda was awake now and said, "Vibrator? I didn't know that you even had one." And she added sarcastically, "Where have you been hiding that little jewel? I've been through all of your drawers and I didn't see it." Amy gave her friend a mock scowl and replied, "Yep, I keep it well hidden."

Linda continued, "Mortarboard and high heels along with the vibrator? My, my, that sounds like a sexy combination."

Amy chuckled, but she blushed and said, "Yeah, doesn't it?"

Linda said seriously, "What time are you going to be back here today? I'll be sure to be here to let you in."

Amy, "Probably not til dinner. 6 o'clock or so. Actually, now that I think about it, I need to get this cap, these shoes, and the vibrator back here after the photo thing which is supposed to end at 9 AM. I wonder how I can do that and still meet the groundskeeper guy. Can you stay around here til 10 AM or so just in case?"

Linda smiled and said, "Sure, I may still be asleep. But I'll be here."

Amy looked at the clock and said, "Thanks. I gotta make a quick pit stop and then meet Garoni downstairs. I'll be right back to get these things."

After the quick trip to the toilet, Amy cleaned herself very well "down there", since that very private part of her body would be in full public view all day, and then, she returned to the room. She smiled when she heard Linda snoring loudly as she quietly grabbed the three things and hurried down to the lobby just before 7 o'clock to meet Garoni.

She struggled with the mortarboard under one arm, the vibrator and small towel under the other, and the shoes dangling from her left hand; the tube of lubricant was stuck in one of the shoes. As she opened the front dorm door with her right hand being careful not to drop the graduation cap, she saw Garoni look at his watch, but she was also surprised how cold it was outside, and she felt her nipples immediately harden up. She smiled at the assembled photographers, but she noticed that they weren't looking at her face or her erect tits; they were all focused on her panty-less and hair-less pussy.

Garoni looked up and smiled back at her and said, "Good morning, Amy. How are you doing? Hope the cool temps aren't too much for you."

Amy shook his hand and said, "Good morning, Vince. Yeah, it's cold, but I'll be okay."

Garoni then glanced down at her pussy again and said, "Umm, I notice some changes down here. Where are your panties?"

Amy blushed and replied, "Oh, dear, I guess Dr. Knoxx didn't tell you. I'm not allowed to wear panties until noon tomorrow; total nudity til graduation. So, sorry, but you can't use panties in today's shots."

He said, "But I see you carrying the mortarboard, shoes, and vibrator. Are you allowed to wear those today? I sure hope so."

"Yeah, there's a limited list of things that I can wear or even carry with me, and the Discipline Committee permitted these."

Garoni asked tentatively, "And, umm, the pubic hair? What happened there?"

Amy explained that it was shaved before the bodypainting yesterday, and Garoni said, "Well, that's actually too bad from a photographic point of view, because that little strip you had certainly added visual interest; it kind of pulled the eye down to your pussy lips. I'm sorry that it's gone."

Amy chuckled and said, "Well, you're not half sorry as I am about it."

Garoni looked at her struggling to keep the mortarboard from falling out from under her right arm, and he said, "Amy, are you okay carrying all that stuff? I've got an extra equipment bag here that's almost empty. I can empty it completely and let you put your things in it. Are you allowed to carry a bag like this?"

Amy started to say, "Sure, and t-thank . . .", but she hesitated as she looked at the good sized bag. And she went on, "Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think it's permitted. Chancellor Knoxx didn't say anything about bags." And then she let out a little gasp as she realized that this equipment bag was about the same size as her bathroom tote bag that she had carried down the hall to the bathroom. She knew that she had accidentally violated the no-carry rule. But she relaxed a bit when she realized that only Jenn Grafton had seen her with that bag, and Jenn certainly wasn't one of Knoxx's spies, and besides Jenn was half asleep as the two of them had passed each other in the hallway.

Garoni noticed her gasp and said, "Amy, what is it? Did you forget something?"

Amy replied, "Actually, I just realized I made a mistake, but it's too late now to do anything about it."

Garoni said, "Well, okay, but if we can help, let us know. For example, how about if one of us carries the bag with your things in it? Is that permitted?"

Amy smiled at the friendly man and said, "Yeah, that's okay. And I would really appreciate it." And Garoni quickly emptied the contents of the bag into his car trunk, and then Amy dropped the graduation cap, vibrator, towel, lubricant, and the high heels into the bag. Garoni handed it to Sidney and said, "Sid, we'll trade this off amongst all of us this morning, but could you please carry it for now?" Sidney nodded and took the bag.

Garoni continued, "Now, about today's shoot. First, we're going to drive over to the other side of campus and take some pix around the main entrance with the nicely designed Bancroft sign. Then, Dr. Knoxx asked us to go to the day care center playground and do some shots there. Since it's Sunday morning, there won't be anyone there. And then we'll walk on over to the maintenance plant where Mr. Thorson will be waiting for you. Does that sound okay?"

Amy wanted to say, "Of course not. I'd rather be sleeping under warm covers in my bed." But aloud she said, "Umm, actually, Vince. There are a couple of things. Another punishment that Dr. Knoxx imposed yesterday was that I cannot ride in motor vehicles. So, I've got to walk over to the main campus entrance. The other thing is related to that bag of stuff. Since I can't carry it around the rest of the day, could you please bring it back here to the dorm when we're done? Ask them at the desk to call my roommate, Linda Hathaway, in room 423, and she'll come down and get it." Amy chuckled for a moment and went on, "She may still be sawing logs at 9AM, but tell the desk guy to let it ring til she answers."

Garoni jotted down the room number and name, and then he replied, "Oh, sure, Amy. I'll drop off your things when we're done. And as far as walking to the other side of campus, that's okay, too. We'll take some photos along the way. We'll just take a few fewer photos over there. But I really would like to get over there, because it would be a nice spot to take some pictures of you in your outfit, so to speak."

Amy blushed and said, "Okay, I guess we better get going."

Garoni continued, "Just a few more things. Are there any other things you can't do this morning? We know about the no-panties, no-carrying, and no-riding restrictions. Anything else we should know about?"

"Well, I can't ride in an elevator, either."

"That shouldn't be an issue this morning. Now, the rules for today are the same as Wednesday, and the agreement that we signed is still in effect. We're using film rather than taking digital photos. The negatives will be kept in our photo lab, and the only printed copies will be kept there also. These pix will not be converted to electronic form, and so, they will never show up on the internet. But these are going to be explicit pictures, and you will do the poses that we ask you to do. Agreed?" And he reached out his hand to her.

Amy's eyes teared up as she shook his hand and said, "Yes, Vince, I agree. Thanks."

Garoni said, "Okay, you know everyone else here. There are only 9 of us this morning. Hal, Stu, Felix, and William have already left for the summer." Amy smiled and nodded at the other 8 photographers. Garoni went on, "We're going to go over to the lab right after we get done and spend a few hours developing these pictures. Chancellor Knoxx asked me to bring a representative collection of them to the 5 o'clock meeting this afternoon." Amy just blushed slightly and nodded. Garoni went on, "Okay, let's get going. Amy, since you live over here, why don't you lead the way to the heart of campus, and then we'll meander on over to the main gate from there?"

Amy pointed to the sidewalk that was her usual route to the quad, and the group set off. The sun had risen, but it was still low in the sky, and the photographers knew that they had to take advantage of the special morning sunlight fairly soon. And so, not far from the dorm, Roberto said, "Hey, I'd like to shoot her on that bench bathed in this neat orange glow. Sid, can you get the vibrator out for her?"

Amy took the vibrator that was handed to her and sat down on the metal bench; she shivered as her bare ass and back touched the cold metal bars. She was facing east with the rising sun in her face, and Roberto had her sit on the front edge of the bench and lean back so that her entire front was bathed in the glowing sunlight.

Amy positioned her butt at the edge of the seat and spread lubricant on the long tapered silicone tube. Amy had three different vibrators, and this was her favorite, because it was soft and smooth. Her other two vibrators were phallic shaped, one of them had a scrotum at the base; they were okay, but she just liked this smooth, 8-inch, pink one. As the group watched, she spread her legs and then using her fingers spread her pussy lips and shoved in the vibrator as far as it would go. But Roberto said, "Umm, Amy, could you bring it part way out? Maybe halfway? I'd like the pink color to be clearly showing. Okay?" Amy blushed some more and made the adjustment.

Among the many embarrassing things that had happened to her in the last 3 weeks, this was pretty close to the top of the most embarrassing list. Using a vibrator had always been a very intimate, private event. She didn't even talk about it with her very best friend, Linda, or with her mother, with whom she had confided some other personal sexual things. The only times she had ever used one in front of another person was twice with her ex-boyfriend, Josh, when she let him watch her use this pink vibrator as foreplay to a lovemaking session. But those were the only times that someone had watched. And now she was doing it outdoors in public!

Roberto continued, "Okay, close your legs a little bit, and then turn it on. But leave your hand on the end. Good. Okay, gang, shoot away."

Amy sat there with her mouth open and eyes partially shut as she experienced the pleasurable pulsation in her pussy. Through her daze, she glanced down at her erect tits and then further down to the pink plastic protruding from her pussy. She was only vaguely aware of Jackie saying to her, "Hold that pose a little bit longer, Amy. I'm going to slide on your high heels and your mortarboard." Amy remained in her almost reclined position as Jackie worked her feet into the shoes and adjusted the cap on her head.

For a couple of minutes, the group clicked away with their cameras pointed at the aroused naked girl from many different angles.

Amy was still in a haze when she felt Garoni tapping her on her shoulder saying, "Amy, earth to Amy. That's good; you can turn it off now." And Amy shook her head to try to get back to normal, and she turned off the vibrator and slid it out of her pussy.

Gregg helped her to her feet, and she wobbled a bit in the high heeled shoes. He said, "Okay, Amy. See the neat orangish red in the clouds there to the east? I want you to look and point at it with your right hand, and I'm going to shoot you from behind; I'll be down low on your left. I'll be able to get the pretty clouds and your pretty left breast in kind of a profile all in the same picture. Okay?"

Amy was still in a bit of a stupor, but she followed his instructions and let him make appropriate adjustments to her head and arms. She held the pose for a minute or so as he and the others took several photos. Then, Gregg said, "Good, Amy. Now, point with your left hand instead, and I'll be able to get your pointy nipple and your pointing finger in a close-up." Amy blushed, but did as he asked.

After another minute or so, Garoni said, "Okay, let's get moving again. Amy, keep the shoes and cap on; hold the vibrator in your left hand. And we'll take some pictures as we're walking along."

Amy took a few hesitant steps to get used to walking in the shoes, and then she started down the sidewalk in a confident jaunt with the photogs off to the sides clicking away. This went on for a few hundred yards until Garoni said, "All right, Amy. Those were great. But we need to move faster; so, take off the shoes and carry them. Or give them to Angela to put in the bag." Amy slipped off the shoes and dropped them into the bag along with the vibrator; she kept the cap on as the group picked up the pace. The naked girl led the way along the familiar path to the campus quad area.

At the quad, Jerry had her pose leaning against the statue of the university's founder with the vibrator inserted almost all the way into her vagina. There was a striking contrast between the naked young woman in high heels and a graduation cap and the stern looking sculpture of the elderly Samuel Bancroft. There were a few people milling around the quad and they came over to watch the intriguing photoshoot.

They only did that one pose in the quad, and Garoni moved them along quickly. The main entrance was only a short walk down the campus's main sidewalk. As they arrived at the distinctive sign at the main entrance, Amy sighed as she remembered being in this exact spot two weeks ago having her picture taken for the foundation's "In the BUF" campaign brochure. Garoni gathered the group and said, "Amy, we had a whole bunch of photos planned for this spot, but since we don't have as much time here, we're only going to do two poses. First, we want you to put on the shoes and mortarboard, and then sit down at the base of the sign; knees up and legs wide spread. Use the tip of the vibrator to sort of tickle your clit. Okay?"

Amy blushed, nodded, and said nothing as she took her position. Stimulating her clitoris with the vibrator caused her to moan and lean her head back against the concrete sign; her long hair bunched up against the last few letters of "Bancroft University" blocking them out, but the location of the photo would still be obvious. The group of photographers formed a semi-circle in front of the naked girl and took a bunch of shots.

Garoni gave Amy only a brief moment to gather her wits and he said, "Okay, Angela. You wanted to do something special here."

Angela helped Amy to her feet and said to her, "Umm, Amy, I'm going to push the envelope a little bit here. The pose that I'm going to have you do is kind of at the edge of being too explicit. I apologize in advance, but it will give us good practice today. Please put your cap and shoes in the bag and hand me the vibrator."

The naked girl did as instructed, and then she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists as Angela led her gently by the elbow across the damp pavement to a spot in front of the famous sign. There were still puddles of water from last night's rain, and Angela pointed to a fairly large shallow puddle and said, "Amy, I want you to lie down here on your back with your butt in the middle of this puddle. But lie down in a way that your head is over this dry spot. Okay?"

Amy didn't like the sound of this, but she just nodded and sat down in the puddle with her bare ass in about an inch of water. She shivered and brought her arms briefly together under her breasts, but then she reluctantly lay down on the sidewalk and stretched out her legs. Now, most of her back and legs were also in the puddle, but her head was resting on dry concrete. She tentatively looked up at Angela waiting for the next order.

Angela looked down at Amy's gorgeous naked body and said, "Good girl." Amy cringed at the remark, because once again she felt that she was being treated like an animal. It was as if Angela was telling her golden retriever to lie down on the ground. But Angela went on, "Now, I want you to spread your arms and legs wide apart so that you're in kind of an X formation." Amy meekly complied, and Angela made some adjustments to her legs so that her feet were turned out opening up her pussy a little bit more. Angela also spread out Amy's long hair on the dry part of the sidewalk around Amy's head.

Again, Angela said, "Good girl", bothering Amy for a second time, but Amy could tell that Angela wasn't finished yet, and she girded herself for what Angela was about to say. And Angela went on, "Now, I'm going to have four guys hold down your arms and legs. I want guys with heavy male-looking hands maybe with some hair on their arms, because that's the only part of them that will be in the photos. Bob and Sylvester fit the bill and will hold your legs. And we've attracted quite a crowd of onlookers, and I've picked out two guys to hold down your arms. Okay, all four of you guys, take your positions. Hold down her wrists and ankles. And of course, Amy, you should not move a muscle." The guys knelt down in their assigned positions, and Amy flinched as their hands touched her.

But Angela was still not done, and she said, "And finally, I want a pair of pretty female hands shoving the vibrator into your pussy. Jackie has nice long fingers with dark pink nail polish that will go well with your pink vibrator. Then, the rest of us will be shooting you from various angles." She turned to the other photogs and said, "Remember guys, the only things I want in the photos are this beautiful girl, the 5 pairs of hands, the puddle of water, and if you can get it, that distinguished Bancroft sign. All right, Jackie, here's the vibrator; get in place. Be sure to turn it on once you get it inside of her."

Jackie was a nice looking brunette, and she knelt down in the puddle about a foot from Amy's waist. She reached in to spread Amy's pussy lips with her left hand, and then she slowly slid the vibrator into Amy's damp pussy. She moved her left hand to Amy's tummy, actually just below the belly button, spreading out her fingers to make sure that the painted nails were prominently visible in the photos.

Amy shifted her hips a tiny bit in the shallow puddle as the vibrator went in about halfway. And then she let out a loud moan when Jackie flipped the switch to turn it on. Amy started writhing a little bit twisting her head back and forth, and Angela chastised her, "Hold still, girl. You're messing up your hair." And Angela knelt down near the top of Amy's head, re-arranged her hair, put her hands on Amy's face near her ears, and repeated, "Please hold still." Then Angela gave Amy's nipples a gentle twist as if it were possible to get them any more erect than they already were. Amy did her best to stay motionless, but it was difficult with the vibrator buzzing away in her pussy.

The photographers took several positions around the laid out naked girl; Angela even climbed up on top of a nearby four foot high wall for a more elevated perspective of the pose. And for the next couple of minutes, they took many photos of the naked, wet, cold, constrained, aroused, and highly embarrassed Amy.

The crowd of onlookers was growing bigger as some early churchgoers stopped to join the group. Most of them just stood there in open-mouthed amazement at the erotic sight, but several of them stomped away in disgust.

Finally, Angela hopped down from her perch on the wall, waved her arms, and yelled, "Okay, everyone, that's all for this pose. Thanks to all of you."

Amy let out a moan as the vibrator was pulled out, and then she grabbed Angela's outstretched hand and pulled herself to her feet. Angela put her hands on Amy's shoulders and said, "And especial thanks to you, Amy. That was great. But your backside is a mess." Angela grabbed a towel and gently wiped off Amy's entire back, butt, and legs. Amy flinched when Angela spread her butt cheeks to clean in there, and she flinched again when Angela gave the towel a quick wipe through her entire crease, front and back. Then, Angela gave Amy a hug, and Amy limply returned it.

Garoni came up with the bag and said, "Yeah, Amy, thanks from the rest of us. I know that was at the edge of decency, but you did great." He turned and said to the group, "Okay, gang, let's get on over to the playground."

The naked girl took a few uneasy steps and then fell in behind the others as they started walking back toward the quad where they turned east towards the day care center. As they were walking, Jerry started talking idly to Amy about her final exams, and he asked her, "How did you do on the finals? Get the grades you expected?"

Amy replied, "Umm, actually, I don't know. I just haven't had time to sit down at the computer and look it up."

Jerry answered, "Oh, why don't we do that with my phone while we're walking? I can bring up the university's web site and you can login." Amy nodded her agreement, and a moment later he had the login screen on his phone. He reached out the phone to hand it to Amy as they walked, but Amy stopped and said, "Oh god, no."

Jerry gave her a puzzled look and said, "What's wrong, Amy?"

Amy stammered, "I'm n-not allowed to c-c-carry a phone." She had just realized that she had carried Linda's phone out into the hallway this morning. As with the bathroom tote bag, her neighbor, Jennifer Grafton, had seen Amy with the phone. But now all that Amy could do about it was to hope that Jenn hadn't noticed.

Jerry was still puzzled by her reaction, but he said, "I understand. So, why don't I just hold the phone while you enter your ID and password?"

The nude girl smiled hesitantly and replied, "Yeah, I guess that will work." And they paused as Amy tapped in her ID and password on the tiny keyboard. She said, "Okay, go ahead and bring up my exam grades. I don't care if you see them."

He soon had them on the screen and he showed it to Amy, who frowned. As she feared, she'd gotten a C on the psych test, and she was surprised to see a C for the Formal Logic exam as well. She had thought she had done better than that, and she sighed, "Okay, bring up my final grades. I'm afraid that I'm not going to like what I see, but I've got to know sooner or later."

A moment later, he showed her the screen with her grades for this term. They were all A's except for a B- in Psychology and a C+ in Formal Logic. When she saw the C+, she gasped and said, "Oh, no. That's going to hurt. Can you find my final GPA?"

He replied, "Uh, okay, in a moment. But what is this little lower-case 'd' in parens next to the grades? Let me get to the GPA screen and maybe there will be an explanation." A moment later, he showed her the GPA. It was 3.46, and her heart sank. She needed a 3.5 to graduate with honors, and she had just missed. Probably the psych and logic grades had done her in. She said quietly, "Oh dear, I just missed a 3.5."

Jerry said, "Oh, sorry about that. But there's a little 'd' next to that 3.46 number as well. Let me figure out what that means." And they continued to walk as he scanned through the transcript web pages. Finally, he said, "Oh, here it is. The 'd' means 'pending disciplinary review'. Is that related to your streaking punishment?"

Amy was stunned and stammered again, "Umm, uh, I g-g-guess so." But she was thinking to herself, "And so that asshole Knoxx is holding up my final grades until the very last moment. And is that stupid 'd' designation and explanation going to show up on my final transcript, which will be sent to my new employer? And what about my diploma? Is he going to put some permanent blemish on it, too? I'd hoped that this naked nightmare would be permanently behind me tomorrow, but now I'm not so sure. It's already cost me graduating Cum Laude, but oh god, I hope like hell that it's not going to cost me everything else."

Jerry said, "Well, sorry about that, too. I'm going to go ahead and logout. Okay?" Amy just nodded and fell into a silent funk as the group continued to walk to the playground.

At the playground, Amy was relieved to see that there really wasn't anyone else there. And Garoni said, "Okay, we've got time for two poses here. Sylvester, you told me that you had an idea here?"

Sylvester said, "Yep, I do. Amy, please come over to this little swing. See if you can fit your butt into that small seat."

As the naked girl approached the tiny bucket seat, Garoni held up his hand and said, "Let me check these ropes to make sure they're strong enough." After a moment, he said, "Yeah, here's the tag. Up to 150 pounds. You're less than that, right, Amy?" The naked girl nodded and merely said, "One ten." Garoni said, "Okay, give it a whirl, but I don't know if you're going to fit."

Amy blushed as she put her butt just above the bucket seat and grabbed the heavy vinyl ropes. She eased her bottom down into the little seat, but she shook her head and said, "It's not going to work. I can't go any further and I don't feel the base of the seat touching my butt."

Sylvester said, "Well, hold it there for a moment and we'll take a few photos anyway. I'd like to get the vibrator in between your legs, but that's not going to work on this seat. Hold your hands up a little higher on the ropes so your boobs are showing more." Amy sighed and followed his instructions.

After the group took a few pictures, Sylvester said, "Well, that didn't work very well. But there's a bigger swing over there with a bigger seat. Amy, let's try that, and maybe we can work the vibrator in on this one."

Amy blushed again as she wiggled out of the tiny seat and walked over to the bigger swing set. The seat here was almost flat and there was no back on the seat. She sat down on the swing and Sylvester said, "Good, that seems to be better. Here's the vibrator. Spread your legs as much as you can and try to get it into your vagina. Maybe you'll need to scoot a bit forward in the seat." As Jackie held the ropes to steady the swing, Amy used both hands to fumble around working the vibrator about halfway into her pussy and flipped the little switch to turn it on.

Amy held the base of the vibrator with her right hand and the swing rope with her left hand. She allowed the swing to sway very slowly as the group took their pictures.

After they finished, Amy slid out the vibrator and started to stand up, but Sylvester said, "Hang on, Amy. We're not done here yet. I'd like you to slide way back on the swing seat and work the vibrator into your anus. We'll take some pictures from behind as you're doing that."

Amy let out a gasp, but she worked her butt back so that it overhung the back of the seat. Again, Jackie held the ropes to keep the swing steady as Amy tried to work the vibrator into her rear opening. After several attempts, she shook her head and said, "Sorry, I can't get it in back there."

Sylvester looked at Angela and said, "Ange, can you help her?" And Angela came up behind Amy, and as Amy held onto the ropes, Angela spread the naked butt cheeks and worked the lubricated vibrator into Amy's ass. Angela said, "Okay, it's part way in, but for safety sake, I don't think we should leave it there very long. Hold still, Amy, and we'll quickly take some pictures back here." Amy was blushing a beet red now as she displayed her butt and the vibrator for the photographers.

At Sylvester's signal, Angela slipped the vibrator out and Amy stood up, but she held onto the swing ropes for a minute to help her regain her composure after the shaming pose. Angela used the towel and some cleaning gel to wipe off the vibrator before handing it back to Amy.

It was now Bob's turn, and he said, "Okay, Amy, I guess this is going to be the last pose of the day. I want you over there next to that little jungle gym. I want you to kind of stand there next to it, maybe with your butt resting on one of the horizontal bars. And, of course, we'll use the vibrator here, too."

The pretty nude walked over to the jungle gym which had reddish brown bars running both horizontally and vertically. Bob pointed to a bar about 30 inches above the sandy floor and said, "Yeah, there's a good spot. Why don't you kind of sit on that bar, spread your legs, and slide in the vibrator?"

Amy followed the instructions and then let him make final adjustments to her arms and legs. Just as she was about to turn on the vibrator, she heard a young voice say, "Mommy, why doesn't that lady have any clothes on?"

The group of photographers was mostly blocking Amy's view, but as they all turned to look, Amy was able to see a mother and a young girl coming into the playground. Amy guessed the girl to be about 6 years old.

Garoni quickly said to his group, "Guys, stay where you are to kind of shield Amy."

But the little girl pulled away from her mother and ran up close to the sandy pit around the monkey bars. Just at the moment, Amy pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and stared at the girl.

The girl looked back at her mother who was coming up to join her and said, "Mommy, why did she have that pink stick in her wee-wee?"

The mother glared at Amy but quietly said to her daughter, "Because she's not a very nice lady. Honey, I think we should go."

But the little girl persisted, "And she doesn't have any hair on her wee-wee like you do. You told me that I'd grow hair there when I get to be a big girl. Why doesn't this lady have hair?" The mother opened her mouth and was about to say something when the little girl went on, "And look at her milk jugs. They're much bigger than yours that you use to feed Baby Joey. I want big ones like those when I grow up."

The mother blushed, bent down to her little girl, and said, "Sweetie, let's go for a little walk, and I'll explain some things as we go." She stared daggers at Amy and said to her daughter, "We'll come back after these naughty people leave."

As the mother and young girl left the playground, Amy and the photographers stood there in silence. Tears welled up in Amy's eyes as the impact of what had just transpired sunk in. It was just wrong that this young child had seen Amy here; Amy knew that the young girl would probably remember this encounter for years to come.

After a moment, Garoni said quietly, "Amy, I'm very sorry about that. I was certain that we'd have the place to ourselves. I'm so, so sorry." He paused for a moment and went on, "Okay, gang. I think that will about do it for today. Let's head on over to the physical plant. You guys can take some photos along the way, if you want."

It was about a 10 minute walk to the physical plant, and the club members asked Amy to stop a couple of times for some last minute photos in her high heels and mortarboard.

As they approached the big door of the maintenance building, Garoni said, "Right on time. It's just before 9. Amy, again, we all thank you for these opportunities to shoot you. It will help us be better photographers. I'll make sure that your things are given to your roommate." And with that, the naked girl shook hands and said goodbye to all of them.

She turned, took a deep breath, and walked into the building.

Chapter 76 - Beautiful Bare Body and the Bulletin Boards

As naked Amy stepped through the door, she was surprised by the spooky feel to the place. Even though it was Sunday morning, she expected at least some activity. But except for one emergency exit light above the door she had just come through, there were no other lights on in the hallway. She called out, "Hello? Mr. Thorson?" No answer. So, she yelled as loud as she could, "Hello. Is anyone here?" Again, no answer.

But since Vince Garoni had just said that it was 9 AM, she knew that she wasn't late. And from her previous visits, she knew where to go. And so she tentatively walked down the dimly lit hallway and opened the door to the big work room. There was more light in here than the hallway because of a few windows, and she easily made her way over to Mr. Thorson's desk. And as she had done before, she just planted her naked self in front of his desk and waited apprehensively.

She breathed a sigh of relief when a minute later, she heard a door open and a few seconds later, all of the lights in the work room came on. She expected to see Thorson appear with his cane, but instead, she was surprised to see a strange man walk into the room and over to Thorson's desk. The naked girl continued to hold herself at attention as if she were in the military. Without saying a word, the man took off his coat and sat down in the chair next to the desk. Amy continued her straight ahead stare, but she could feel the man's eyes scanning her naked body up and down from his somewhat side view of her.

Finally, he got out of the chair and came over to her and smiled, "Hello, Amy, I'm Marvin Conrad." As they shook hands, he continued, "Sorry, I just couldn't resist giving you the silent treatment. Just a little joke." Amy responded with a nervous chuckle and said, "That's okay."

He went on, "I'm Mr. Thorson's assistant. I guess you could call me second in charge, and we're going to be working together today."

Amy was surprised that this young looking guy was the number two man, and he kind of read her mind and he continued, "You're probably thinking that I look pretty young to be in charge, but I've always had this baby face. I'm actually 29 years old, and I've been working with Edgar for 8 years now."

Amy blushed and admitted, "Yeah, I was wondering about that. Do you go by Marv?"

But Conrad gave her a stern look and said, "Amy, I'll ask you to use 'Mr. Conrad'. Okay?"

Amy looked at him and sheepishly said, "Yes, Mr. Conrad. Sorry for being too familiar."

Conrad gave her a curt nod and said, "Okay. Now, today, I see that I've got you til noon. Actually, it's going to be til 11:30 when you'll head back here to clean up and I'll feed you a quick lunch before you head off on your jaunt to the other side of town. I'll make certain that you're out of here by noon at the latest."

Amy smiled at him and said, "Thanks, Mr. Conrad."

Conrad went on, "You know those notices you posted around campus almost 3 weeks ago? Well, today's project will be just the opposite. I want you to take them down, since school is over for the year. Since it's a lot easier to take them down than it was to put them up, you'll have plenty of time. So, I'd also like you to sort of clean up the bulletin boards while you're there taking down the notices. You'll see a lot of staples, masking tape, and torn scraps of paper on the boards, and I want you to remove all of that stuff. We ask students to use push pins on the boards, but not everybody does. Also, please remove the obvious out-of-date stuff that's still on the boards. If there is any question in your mind about a notice, just leave it posted. Any questions?"

Amy gulped, because this sounded like a huge job; a lot more than two and half hours. She thought back to that cold morning when she had put up most of those notices. It had taken her over two hours, and she hadn't finished. She had to spend another hour or so in the afternoon finishing that job.

She said, "Umm, Mr. Conrad, I'm not sure two and half hours, or even less than that now, is enough time. I think it took me over three hours to put them up." Then she smiled and went on, "But I'll give it the good old college try."

Conrad kept the stern look on his face and replied, "Yes, I'm aware of that. So, I'm prepared to help. I'm going to do the boards that have a glass door and require a key. You'll do all of the others. I don't know the exact number, but it should be doable if you hurry. Okay?" Amy wasn't so sure, but she just nodded.

Conrad pulled a campus map out of the desk drawer and said, "Now, let's get started. Here's a map showing where the open bulletin boards are located. They're shown with red push pin symbols; the green ones are the ones that I'll do." And from under the desk, he pulled a little tool box and a plastic trash bag. He put the box on the desk and opened it to show her what was inside. "Here are the tools that you'll need. A few types of pliers, some screwdrivers, a little hammer, and a utility knife. Use whatever you need. Put the trash in the bag, and then empty it if it gets full. There are lots of trashcans around campus; many of them near the bulletin boards. So, go to it. And be back here at 11:30. Any last questions?"

Amy said, "Umm, actually, a couple of things. Chancellor Knoxx prohibited me from carrying unapproved things today. Are all of these tools and this bag okay? Also, . . ."

But Conrad interrupted, "Yes, Amy, I talked with Dr. Knoxx just before I got here this morning, and he reluctantly agreed that they are okay. He really didn't want me to give you all these tools; he thought a single pair of pliers would be sufficient. Nor did he think a trash bag was necessary. I had to persuade him that you would really need these things. What else?"

Amy glanced down at the toolbox and said, "Thanks for getting the extra tools. Umm, is there a watch or a clock in there? I'm not allowed to wear one today. How will I keep track of time?"

Conrad gave her a stern look and said, "No, there is no timepiece in there, and Dr. Knoxx did not explicitly say that I could lend you one. So, you'll have to figure out that problem for yourself. There are some outdoor clocks around campus. Or you could ask a passerby."

Amy's face fell and she just quietly said, "Okay." She wanted to press the point, because it was important to her. But she knew that would risk a non-cooperation violation.

Conrad closed up the toolbox, handed it plus the trash bag to her, and said, "See you at 11:30."

The naked girl took the box and walked back outside. She sighed heavily and then studied the map for a minute or so. The red marks were scattered all over campus. She decided to walk somewhat north out to the edge doing a few boards along the way and then work her way around the campus and back in to the maintenance building. This was going to be very embarrassing for her, because she would be all alone; there wouldn't be a group of friendly photographers accompanying her for this. But she took a deep breath and headed out at a brisk pace, almost jogging, but not quite.

The first board was only a hundred feet or so from the building, and she stopped at it. She immediately saw the notice about her punishment, and she pulled it down and re-read it. She thought, "Oh, how I wish I could have those underpants today! Even a tiny bit of covering would have been nice today." But she balled it up and tossed it in the trash bag. Then, she looked over the board and saw several notices for events that had already happened; she tore those down, tossed them in the bag, and moved the push pins to the corner of the board. Next, she saw the staples that Conrad was referring to. There were perhaps 20 of them. She tried to use her fingernails to pry out one of them, but it was buried a bit beneath the surface, and she realized that technique wouldn't work. So, she opened the toolbox and picked out a pair of needle nose pliers, and she smiled when she found that the tool worked very well. She had to stand on tiptoes to reach some staples near the top of the board; she glanced around to see if anyone was watching her stretch out her naked body like this, but no one was around. And she pulled off a few bits of masking tape and their attached bits of paper and tossed them into the bag along with the staples. When she finished, she stepped back to look over the cleaned up board, and she was satisfied with how it looked. And she was relieved how quickly the task went, only a minute or two.

She closed up the toolbox, but she left the pliers out, because she decided to just carry them to save a few precious seconds at the next board. And she headed on down the path to the next board where she repeated the procedure. She noticed that one of the posters advertised a department graduation luncheon for tomorrow, Monday, and so she left it up. But she was concerned, because it was put up with staples rather than push pins. So, she carefully removed the 4 staples and replaced them with the 4 push pins from her punishment notice, but that extra step took an extra minute. She hoped that wouldn't happen again.

But at the very next board, the same poster was attached with staples. She decided that it would be too time consuming to replace the staples with push pins for all of these, and she just left the poster as it was. She knew that she was taking a chance at another violation by doing this, but the risk of running out of time was even bigger.

As she walked along to the next bulletin board, she noticed a group of three people coming the opposite direction. One was a student who Amy recognized, and the other two must have been her parents. As they got closer, she saw that they stopped and were pointing at her while talking to their daughter. Amy quickly looked for a different path to take, but there wasn't one, and so, she just walked on. As she passed them, she said, "Hi, Beth" to the girl who had been in some of her classes. Amy didn't stop, Beth just nodded, and her parents stared open mouthed at the totally nude girl. The next bulletin board was about a hundred feet farther down the walkway, and as Amy put down the toolbox, she glanced back at the three. They were still staring at her, and Amy gave them a wane smile and a quick wave. And then she ignored them as she cleaned up the bulletin board. But they continued to look at her as she stretched and bent her naked body while working on the board. Amy was relieved when they didn't come up and say something to her, and she finished up the board and continued along the path. She thought, "Oh, that was embarrassing. And how many more times is that going to happen today?"

She continued north along this main sidewalk and did two more kiosk-style bulletin boards. And then she zigzagged back and forth along some of the side pathways off this main artery doing boards near the entrances to some of the buildings. She met a few people along the way, and mostly they seemed friendly, and a couple actually offered to help her, but she declined. But there was a group of three guys skateboarding who stopped as she was working on a board, and they asked the now-oft-repeated question, "Hey, Underpants Amy, what happened to your underpants?" Amy just smiled at them and gave them a mocking wave as the skated off.

Amy looked down at her map, and she now realized that she really needed a pencil or pen to mark off the boards that she had already done. She squatted down and looked in the toolbox. No pencil. But she was really lucky when she looked under the bench of this kiosk bulletin board, and she spotted a ballpoint pen on the ground back by the base. She got down on her hands and knees and poked her head under the bench and reached in to grab it. As she worked her way back out, she was surprised to hear some clapping behind her. A guy and a girl were applauding, and the guy said, "Wow, Amy, what a delightful little show you just put on for us. Nice little ass and cunt you've got there." Amy blushed and was about to say something about the pen, but the couple walked off.

She used the pen to check off the boards she had done, and then she dropped the pen in the toolbox. But as she stood up holding the box, she thought, "Uh oh, that pen was not on the approved list of things I can carry." She really needed/wanted that pen, but was it really worth the risk? What happened if she ran into Conrad nearby and he wanted to borrow a tool and he saw the pen and he told Knoxx? That's a lot of ifs, but it was certainly possible. But would it be enough to expel her? She already knew of one for-sure violation (i.e. asking for a ride to Gamma house yesterday) and she suspected a few others such as leaving the keys in the truck, carrying the cell phone this morning, and carrying the tote bag also this morning. Plus she was pretty sure that Knoxx would come up with some others. And so, would putting a ballpoint pen in the toolbox push her over the edge and deny her the diploma and degree that she fervently desired? After thinking through that list of logical steps, she decided that carrying that pen around would be too much of a risk, and she sighed as she reluctantly laid it down on the kiosk bench and walked on to the next board. She started to cry softly as she thought about her precarious situation where a simple ballpoint pen might make a huge difference in her future life.

Amy cleaned off a few more bulletin boards in the area, and then turned west along another major pathway. She turned to go up the steps of the agricultural building, Stevens Hall, to do the board on the landing. As she started up the steps, she heard a little voice say, "Look, Mommy, look, look. There's that naughty lady again. And she hasn't put on her clothes yet." Amy turned quickly and saw the little girl and her mother from the playground staring at her. It as all that Amy could do to avoid bringing the toolbox up in front of her pussy, but she held her hands and arms at her sides. She looked at the woman and started to say, "I'm s-sorry, ma'am, this is p-p-part of my p--punish . . ." But the woman glared at Amy, grabbed her daughter's hand, turned around, and hustled her daughter away. But Amy could see the little girl looking back at her naked body as the mother dragged her along. And once again, Amy started to cry as she walked up the steps to the bulletin board.

Amy did several more boards on the surrounding buildings and kiosks, and then she headed toward the dormitory area along Polk Ave where she knew there was a board in front of each dorm, including her own, Blankenship Hall. She did all of the dorm boards leaving Blankenship to the end. When she walked up to her own dorm, she ducked into the lobby and looked at the clock over the front desk. 10:45 AM. She breathed a sigh of relief, because that meant she had lots of time to do the remaining boards. And she borrowed a pen from the desk clerk, and from memory, she marked off the boards she had done on the map.

Then she returned to the front porch and started cleaning off the bulletin board that she had looked at so many times over the last four years. She had never thought too much about the board until she had posted the notice about her own punishment almost three weeks ago. Each time she had passed that bulletin board since then, she had been reminded about her stupid behavior and her current nightmarish situation. Today, she yanked down that notice, crunched it up, and tossed it in her trash bag. At that moment, she then realized how fortunate she was that her parents wouldn't see that embarrassing punishment notice about their own daughter either here at her dorm or anywhere else on campus. She smiled with relief as she quickly cleaned up the rest of the board like she had done the others. She then emptied her bag of trash into the trashcan next to the door.

As the naked girl picked up her toolbox and trash bag, she heard someone say, "Hey, Amy." It was her friend, Rekha Shah, who went on, "Good morning. Glad to see you up and about after last night. A bunch of us are going over to the union for brunch. Want to come along?"

Amy smiled at her good friend and replied, "Hey, Rake. Yeah, I've been up for a few hours now. Doing some more punishment time. So, I'm sorry, but no, I can't join you, even though I would love to."

The two friends hugged and Rekha said, "Oh, that's right. More Knoxx stuff?"

"Yeah, I'm doing grounds crew work this morning. Removing my punishment notices and cleaning up these bulletin boards."

Rekha sighed and said, "I remember asking you if you needed any help putting up those notices. You said you were required to do it alone. I don't suppose he'd let me help you now." She chuckled and said sarcastically, "We need to get your naked body off the street as soon as possible."

Amy laughed, "Yeah, Rake. I'd sure like to have you help me get off the street, too, but sorry, this job is all mine. I earned it."

Rekha smiled at her naked friend, gave her another hug, and said, "Amy, I'm glad you've kept your sense of humor through all of this. So, will you be around for lunch or dinner?"

Amy replied seriously, "Not for lunch, but I guess so for dinner. Check with Linda about 6. Okay?"

Rekha said, "Okay. And good luck the rest of the day. See you later." And she walked back into the lobby. And naked Amy walked down the sidewalk and glanced up at the window of her own room wondering if Linda were out of bed yet.

For the second time this morning, Amy made the naked trek along the familiar pathway to the quad. She stopped at the one kiosk-style bulletin board on the path and quickly cleaned it off. And then a detour to each side of the path to do the boards at the entrances to two buildings.

She was surprised that she hadn't encountered anyone coming along the pathway to and from the dorms. But that changed when she got to the quad where there were she saw 20 or so people either walking the paths or sitting on benches. No one had seen her yet, but she knew that she had to do the dozen or so bulletin boards in the area. She surveyed the area and noticed that there was a couple sitting on a bench right next to one of the boards and there was a group of four people standing and sitting near another one; the four looked like a graduating senior guy, his parents (who were seated), and a younger girl, probably his sister. She decided to attack the other boards first hoping that the couple and the family would move on by the time she needed to do those boards.

The naked girl took a deep breath and walked up to the nearest bulletin board. As she was working on it, she noticed that the nearby conversations had stopped, and she tentatively turned her head both ways and saw that everyone was now looking at her. As she continued to work, she glanced again at the senior guy who seemed to be explaining something to his parents as he pointed at her naked body. She finished the first board and then walked quickly over to the next board which was at the entrance to Kameron. The eyes of the family of four followed her.

Amy noticed that the couple who were sitting next to a board had left, and so she scooted over to do that board while it was free. Again the family just watched her. It took her only about 10 minutes to do that board plus all the others in the quad area except for that one board next to where the family still stood. She knew that she couldn't put it off any longer, and she picked up the toolbox, took another deep breath, and then walked confidently up to the board only a few feet from the four people. She smiled at them and said, "Good morning, and please excuse me, but I need to clean off this bulletin board. Don't mind me; I'll be done in a jiffy." Amy recognized the student, but she didn't know his name; she just gave him a nod and he returned it as if to say that he understood the situation. The parents tried to continue their casual conversation on the bench, but soon they stopped and just looked at her. The younger girl looked to be 12 or 13 years old, and Amy overheard the girl whisper to her mother, "Why doesn't she have pubic hair?" The mother said something inaudible. Amy was blushing brightly, and she really wanted to try to explain to the young girl, but she knew that would take too long. As she was finishing, she spotted two staples near the top of the board that she couldn't reach from the ground. She continued to blush as she hopped up on the bench and stretched out to get the staples; she could feel the eyes of the guy and his father looking at her bare ass and flattened breasts only a few feet away. She got down from the bench, picked up the toolbox, and said quietly to them, "I'm so sorry if I offended you. But I'm done here, and I'll be going. Goodbye." She quickly scampered away as the tears welled up in her eyes.

Amy hurried down the path toward the main entrance where there were two bulletin boards. She wiped her eyes as best she could with her left hand, and she saw that there was another collection of people around the sign she had posed at a couple of hours ago. But she knew she was in the home stretch now; after these two boards, there were just a few left to do on the path back to the physical plant.

The totally nude girl sucked in a deep breath of air and made her way through the gaping crowd to one of the boards. She glanced across the street and noticed that the Presbyterian church seemed to be letting out after a morning service, and she suspected that's where most of these people came from. She ignored their stares and quickly cleaned up the two bulletin boards. She didn't say a word to any of the people while she was there, and she left as fast as she could.

After doing the next board at the side campus entrance, she saw that the nearby clock read 11:10AM. She studied her map as saw only 4 more boards; it should be no problem to get them done and return to the maintenance building. But then she noticed that next of those four boards was at the day care center, and she thought about the two embarrassing encounters with the young mother and child. She hoped to avoid a third confrontation, but she knew that she had to do that bulletin board.

She hesitantly approached the front entrance of the day care center and put her toolbox down in front of the bulletin board. She looked around and didn't see anybody; she even leaned around the corner so she could see more of the playground - no one in sight. She let out a sigh of relief and started to work on the board.

But a moment later, she heard some running footsteps in the out-of-sight part of the playground, and then the same little voice, "Oh, Mommy, there's that bad lady again. Why doesn't she put on her clothes?" Amy was stunned as she looked over at the little girl peering at her through the chain link fence, and then the mother appeared. The mother glared at her with anger in her eyes, and the mother said, "Are you following us? Why do you keep showing off your naked body to my child? Get the hell out of here." Amy could see tears forming in the mother's eyes, and the mother's tone softened as she said, "Please, just leave."

And now Amy started to cry as well, and she quietly stuffed the last bit of trash into her bag, grabbed her toolbox, and ran as fast as she could down the path. A few hundred feet down the path, she arrived at the next kiosk bulletin board. She was sobbing loudly as she quickly did this board. She kind of regained her composure, but even after wiping her eyes, she knew that it would be obvious to anyone that she'd been crying.

She hurried as she cleaned off the last two boards, and then she sprinted to the physical plant. The digital clock just inside the door read 11:29AM, and she hurried back to the big work room where Conrad was sitting at the desk looking at his watch.

Conrad looked at the naked girl whose pretty boobs were rising and falling with each heavy breath. He said, "Well, Amy, I'm glad to see that you made it back on time - barely. Are you okay? Looks like you've been crying. Why?"

Amy wanted to explain about the little girl, but she knew it would be pointless, and she just said, "It's been stressful, and I've been running the last few minutes to get here in time."

Conrad just nodded and said, "Okay. Now, we need to get you cleaned up and fed before you leave. Just toss the trash in this waste basket and leave the toolbox on the desk." He stood up as Amy stuffed the trash bag into the bin. He came around next to her and said, "Come on", and he guided her by the elbow out into the hallway.

The naked young woman meekly allowed the man to guide her through a door marked "Men". Inside, she paused as he got a bar of soap, a washcloth, and a shower cap from a cabinet. He handed them to her and said, "Here, you get started and I'll get some towels."

As Amy slipped on the shower cap, she wondered if Knoxx had approved it, but she didn't say anything and walked into the big open shower area. She turned on the water and got in under the pleasant spray of warm water and started washing herself. A moment later, Conrad re-appeared and sat down on a bench to watch her. And Amy thought, "Yet another very private thing that I'm now doing in front of a stranger." She just sighed and continued washing. When she finished, she walked over to Conrad to get the towel and she dried herself off. He handed her a comb and some makeup, and then he stood back and watched as she fluffed up her hair and put on some lipstick and a bit of cheek powder. When she finished, the embarrassed girl handed the things back to Conrad and stood there as he looked over her clean naked body. Not a word had been said during the entire time.

Conrad opened the door and said, "Come on. Lunch time." And Amy sullenly followed him down the hall to the meeting room where she had been introduced to workmen a couple of weeks ago. Today, she and Conrad were the only people there, and Conrad said, "Have a seat at that table. I'll get the sandwiches out of the fridge." And moments later, he put two deli sandwiches and two Cokes on the table, and then he pulled up a chair and sat down across from her.

As she started eating, Conrad asked her, "How did it go with the bulletin boards?"

Between bites, Amy answered, "Uh, okay, I guess. They look good to me."

He went on, "And the staples? You got all of them?"

Amy replied, "Umm, yeah. I used the needle nose pliers on most of them."

Conrad continued, "Good. I've got a few more glass-enclosed boards to do. I used some sharp tipped pliers on the staples, too. Did anyone hassle you about your nudity?"

Amy blushed and said, "Oh, a little bit, but I've kind of learned to live with that the last few weeks." There was a bowl of bananas sitting on the table, and Amy went on, "Can I have one of those?"

Conrad pushed the bowl over to her and said, "Sure. You're going to need your strength this afternoon. Eat up." Amy wasn't sure exactly what this meant, but she munched on the banana as the man silently watched her.

A little before noon, Amy stood up and asked, "Is it okay if I use the bathroom before I go?" He just nodded and she plodded back down the hall to the restrooms. She was glad to see that the small ladies restroom was unlocked, and she enjoyed the couple of minutes of privacy.

Conrad was waiting for her in the hallway, and he said, "Okay, Amy. Thanks for your hard work this morning. Now, let me look you over before you set out for the park. We want to make sure that you're presentable, don't we?" The naked girl stood there as the man slowly circled her looking over her body from all angles.

He said, "Looks good." They shook hands briefly and Amy walked back outside.

She thought to herself, "One more embarrassing activity down. And now on to the next one."

Chapter 77 - Ponygirl

Amy followed Dwight's advice and headed for the east side of the campus, but she carefully avoided the day care center which was in that general direction. When she reached Clay Street which bordered the east edge of campus, she hesitated, because from here on she would be in city jurisdiction. But she had no choice and she really hoped that Knoxx had mentioned her nudity to the city police like Whiteside had said. She scooted across the quiet street and looked north and south trying to decide which one of the east-west streets was a better choice. After a moment, she shrugged and continued straight onto Silver Avenue, which Dwight said would run all the way east about 2 miles to the bike path along the river.

This was a nice residential neighborhood, probably having the homes of many university staff members. The naked girl made it through the first three blocks without incident, but in the next block, a yapping dog, a brown Cocker Spaniel, ran out from a front yard. Amy tried to ignore it and just continued on along the sidewalk, but the dog persisted. And after a few moments, a lady came running out of the house and yelled, "Coco, Coco, get back here." The lady paused at the sidewalk when she saw Amy's naked form walking in front of the barking dog. But the lady hurried on and grabbed the dog's collar and said to it, "Bad dog, bad dog." Amy had paused and looked back, and the lady looked at the naked girl and said, "Oh, Amy, I'm sorry about that. Please continue. I know that you have to get to Maple Park, and I'm sorry my dog bothered you."

Amy mumbled "Thanks, ma'am" and continued on her way. But she was surprised that the lady, a complete stranger, had known her name and her destination. She couldn't decide if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

But as Amy walked along the street, she got to thinking, "Has anything good at all happened to me the last three weeks?" She shook her head and thought of the many humiliating things that she'd had to do. The sum total was well beyond her original expectations when she and Marriott had negotiated the punishment agreement that allowed her to stay in school. If someone had told her then what would happen to her, she would have just packed up her stuff and gone home three weeks ago.

And yet, a smile came to her face as she thought about Dwight. If Knoxx hadn't forced her to be an almost naked usher at the Mozart concert, she would never have encountered Dwight. It had been the most marvelous piece of good luck that they met that afternoon. The movie date and the wonderful lovemaking sessions that followed had been the highlights of the last few weeks - in fact, they were the highlights of this entire school year. Then, she chuckled out loud as she thought, "What if we get married and our children or grandchildren ask how we met? Should I say, 'Oh, I was usher at a classical music concert and I was wearing only a pair of black panties'? Yep, that's exactly what I should tell them!" But she knew that she was getting well ahead of herself, because she had only known him for a couple of weeks and because this three-week long nightmare was still not quite over.

There were a few catcalls and waves from neighbors and from passing cars, but the rest of the walk through the neighborhood to the bike path was uneventful. When she got to the bike path, she turned south and walked along the path for a few blocks without meeting anyone coming either direction. Then, she came to the famous Crockett's Bridge which crossed the river. The town had built up around the bridge, and when the city was incorporated decades ago, it adopted the name Crockett's Bridge as the name of the town. The bridge itself was a picturesque covered bridge with mostly open sides which had been converted into a pedestrian-only bridge many years ago; pictures of it often showed up in calendars featuring scenes of New England. The naked girl felt a bit self-conscious as she walked across the bridge; she turned to see if anyone was watching, and she was surprised that no one was around. She thought of all the people in the 1800's who had ridden across this bridge in their horse-drawn buggies on their way to town from their farms; she wondered if she were the first person to walk across it totally naked.

On the other side of the river, she saw a distinctive old-time clock showing that it was only 12:40; she had lots of time. And then she spotted a restroom next to a little picnic area, which was also deserted. She ducked into the ladies room and was pleased to see that it was not only empty, but also very well maintained with clean fixtures and lots of towels - even the hot water was working. She used the toilet, and then standing in front of the mirror she looked at herself as she thoroughly cleaned between her legs. She was expecting to be the bodypainting model again, but she wasn't sure. But in any event, she knew that her pussy would be on full display, and so she wanted it clean.

She stood there for a few more minutes appreciating the brief period of privacy, and then she watched her pretty boobs rise and fall as she took in a deep breath and let it out. And she walked back out and continued south along the bike path on this side of the river. Again, she was surprised to be alone along here, because Maple Park was only a few blocks ahead and the path ran right into the park.

As the naked girl approached the park, she slowed down to a hesitant pace. She saw that she was approaching sort of from the back side of the art and wine festival, and she was surprised to see the area where she had been bodypainted yesterday was now filled with a display of sculpture. Large and small, on tables and on the ground, many different materials - steel, stone, plastic, wood, and even glass. She even saw a Chihuly glassware piece; she had loved looking at the Chihuly pieces at an art show in New York last summer. She liked the look of the pieces as she walked through, but she was now concerned, because it appeared that bodypainting would not be today's activity. From the way things were going for her, she feared that the change would be for the worse rather than the better. She ignored the stares and pointing from the few people back here, and she made her way to the back entrance of the administration tent.

Inside, the stir of activity stopped when she came in, and a moment later, Whiteside and her sister, Valerie Steadman, spotted her naked form and rushed over. Whiteside said, "Well, Amy, welcome. You're actually a few minutes early; you must be anxious to get started." Amy limply shook hands with the two sisters, but she was taken aback when she saw Kaylee Keplar and Shauna Denton standing nearby. They had been two of Amy's antagonists at the bodypainting event yesterday with their humiliating scrubbing of her naked body after one of the bodypainting sequences, and in a taunting gesture, they had even thrown wine in Amy's face. But today, Keplar and Denton were outfitted differently; yesterday, they had been wearing skimpy outfits with a tiny halter tops and short shorts. Today, they were wearing western garb - jeans, cowboy boots, plaid shirts, and bandanas. They gave Amy a smirkish wave from their spot in the next aisle.

Whiteside noticed Amy looking at the two girls, and she gently touched Amy's chin turning it toward her. Whiteside said, "Okay, Amy, look at me. Those girls will be helping us this afternoon, but let me explain what we're going to have you do for us. Okay?" Amy nodded and Whiteside continued, "Oh, but first. Do you have to use the bathroom? There won't be a break in the action, so to speak, and so this will be your only chance for a few hours."

Amy blushed and whispered, "No, I just went down the trail aways. I'm okay."

Whiteside replied, "Très bon. Let's go out back and get going." Whiteside held Amy's left elbow and Steadman her right elbow, and they led Amy back out of the tent the same way Amy had entered.

But they led her off to the side away from the sculpture display into sort of an alleyway between the tent and a row of bushes, and Amy saw the cute little wagon that had carried bottled water for sale yesterday sitting there near the bushes. But the charming little Shetland pony was nowhere in sight. There was a man holding a bag standing next to the wagon; Amy recognized him as Valerie Steadman's husband, who she had met at the lunch for the boys' soccer team. The two sisters tightened their grip on Amy's elbows as they approached the man; they stopped next to the wagon.

Valerie said, "Amy, you remember my husband, Sam?" And Amy nodded and shook hands with the man who was looking over her naked body.

Whiteside said, "Okay. And Amy, yesterday you saw that the high school students were selling bottled water for their trip. Right?" Amy nodded. "Well, unfortunately, they were able to rent that cute pony only for yesterday. The owner said he had a previous gig lined up for today, but he didn't need the wagon today. So, what we want you to do is to pull the little wagon around the festival so that we can sell bottled water again."

Amy gasped a little bit and looked at the little wagon with its two shafts at the front. She said, "W-what? You want me to pull it around and sell water bottles?"

Whiteside said, "Yeah. Is that okay?"

Amy thought about it for a moment thinking that even though it would be embarrassing, it probably wouldn't be too bad being a naked sales person. But she realized that she didn't have any choice in the matter, and she nodded tentatively as Whiteside went on, "Well, actually you won't be selling the water; just pulling the wagon. Kaylee and Shauna will be helping with actual sales of the bottles." Now, Amy wasn't so sure.

Whiteside went on, "So, let's get you set up. Come over here and step between the shafts." The naked girl stepped in front of the wagon and Whiteside continued, "Okay, lift up the shafts and let's make sure they're at the right height. They're still set for the pony, but I think we need to raise them a little bit for your arms. Here, hold your arms at your sides and bend your elbows so that your forearms are parallel to the ground. Good. Sam, why don't you make the adjustments?"

Sam said, "Okay, Amy. Move up to the front of the shafts. That will look better, and the shaft angle won't be as severe." He guided her ahead so that her hands were right at the end of the shafts. He went on, "Now, there are a couple of other notches on the wagon where the shaft mechanism can attach. I'm going to try the next notch up to see if that gets the shafts to be parallel to the ground and to your bent arms."

It took him a couple of minutes to make that adjustment, and Amy just stood there holding the ends of the shafts. He said, "Okay, Val and Marie, stand back and check it out." The two sisters looked it over, and Whiteside said, "Yeah, Sam, that looks good. Now, go get the bag while I fix her hair."

Amy was still standing there holding the shafts as Whiteside gently grabbed her hair from behind. She felt Whiteside bunching it up into a pony tail and twisting a hair wrap around it. Amy stood still, but then said, "Umm, Professor, I'm not permitted to wear anything at all today. Did Dr. Knoxx approve that hair wrap?"

Whiteside stepped around in front of Amy and said, "Yes, ma cherie, he gave us free rein with you today, so to speak." And as Whiteside chuckled, Amy wondered what was so funny. Whiteside continued, "Now, we have some other things for you; please come back by the side of the wagon."

Amy put down the shafts, stepped over them, and then back a couple of steps next to the wagon. She smiled as Whiteside pinned a couple of flowers in her hair, but the smile turned to horror when she saw what Sam was getting out of the bag. She gasped as she looked at the bunch of long hair attached to a butt plug. Sam said, "It's real horse hair, and it's almost the same color as your own pretty hair."

Amy's eyes bulged and her mouth opened. She started shaking her head and she turned and ran back towards the tent, but Keplar and Denton had just come out of the tent and were sort of blocking the way. The naked girl turned and gave an anguished look at Whiteside, and then she stopped in her tracks.

Whiteside slowly walked back towards Amy and said soothingly, "Amy, Amy, please let me explain." The naked girl continued to breathe heavily and stare at Whiteside, and the art instructor went on, "Amy, let me show you this device. It has been especially designed to fit you. We consulted with Dr. Beaupre, and he told us how big of a device you can hold comfortably. And he told us how we could make minor adjustments as we fit it into you. We won't hurt you, I promise." Whiteside stopped in front of the shaking girl, reached out her arms so that she had a hand on each of Amy's shoulders, and began rubbing gently up and down. Whiteside's tone changed a little bit as she went on, "Amy, you've only got one more day til graduation. You want to graduate, right?"

Amy wasn't really crying but she was close to it, and she choked out, "Y-yes, I w-w-ant to graduate." She paused for moment, slumped her shoulders, and whispered, "Go ahead."

Whiteside rubbed Amy's shoulders and neck and said, "Bon", and she led Amy back over to the rear of the wagon where she slowly pushed Amy's chest down to the wagon floor so that Amy's bare butt was thrust out. Whiteside stooped down and spread Amy's legs wide apart, and she said in a soothing voice, "Hold still, Amy, while Sam inserts the tail."

Amy was now choking back tears as she felt the man's hands spreading her butt cheeks and rubbing a bit of lubricant into her anus. He said, "Amy, I'm going to put it in now. The plug has been well lubricated and it should slip in easily." And a moment later, she felt the dildo-like thing work its way well into her ass.

Whiteside put a hand on Amy's chest and urged her to stand up straight. Sam knelt behind the naked girl and said, "Amy, please hold still while I test the fit." He shoved up on the plug, twisted it around, and then lightly pulled on it. And it stayed in place.

There was an extra puff of light hair on the tail right at the plug, and Amy felt that puff tickling her butt cheeks as Sam twisted the plug around in her asshole. Sam asked gently, "How does it feel, Amy? We want you to be comfortable, but we also want it to stay in you for the next few hours. Try walking several steps."

Amy sure didn't like things crammed up her ass, but she had to admit that this device wasn't hurting her physically. And after taking some tentative practice steps, she said quietly, "It's okay. Not too tight, not too loose."

Valerie Steadman brought out the full length mirror from the tent and placed it off to Amy's side so that Amy could see what the tail looked like. There was that puff of hair right at the base of her ass and then a long tail that went almost to her ankles. Amy guessed that the tail was about 20" long.

Amy meekly let Whiteside and Steadman lead her back between the shafts, and they reached down and lifted the shafts up to Amy's hands. Steadman lightly rubbed Amy's back as Whiteside said, "Amy, you look great. Now, we're going to attach your arms to the shafts; this will help you pull the wagon along."

Whiteside pulled out some black bondage tape from the bag. She showed it to Amy and said, "I'm going to wrap this around your arms and the shafts. This tape does not stick to your skin or hair; it only sticks to itself and to the shafts; kind of like Saran Wrap, if you know what that is." Amy just nodded and Whiteside tightly wrapped each of her arms to the shafts. Whiteside then said, "Now, we're not thrilled with the look of that tape; so, I'm going to cover it with these pieces of leather. These don't fit tightly; they just cover up the tape. This is just for looks." Again, Amy nodded and Whiteside wrapped the 10" square leather pieces over her arms and threaded some leather straps through the button holes on two edges.

Now, Amy's arms were securely attached to the shafts, and she could use her arms as well as her hands to pull on the shafts as she walked. Whiteside said, "Take a few steps, Amy." Amy took a few steps pulling the wagon a few feet down the alleyway. Whiteside asked, "How does that feel?"

Again Amy had to admit that it wasn't too bad; she had been able to easily move the wagon. She said, "It's okay, Professor."

Whiteside said, "Ahh, good. Now, open your mouth and let's put this bridle in."

Amy opened her mouth but it was to let out a gasp rather than to follow the order. She then shook her head violently and yelled, "No, no, no, no. Don't do that." And then she tried to run down the alleyway, but she couldn't move very far or very fast, because she was pulling the wagon. Then, she stopped, slumped her shoulders, and started sobbing.

Again, Whiteside came up and stood beside the naked bound girl and rubbed her back gently from her neck to the base of her spine. As Amy continued to cry, Whiteside asked quietly, "Amy, Amy, what's wrong?"

Through her tears, Amy yelled, "What's wrong? What's wrong? You're treating me like an animal. That's what's wrong!"

In a soft but firm voice, Whiteside said, "Amy, you're not an animal. You are a wonderful human being, and you have one of the most beautiful female bodies on the planet. But you made a bad mistake a few weeks ago, and you're being punished for it. You signed an agreement that allowed you to stay in school and to be punished in other ways besides expulsion. Part of that agreement says that you permit your body to be used for scientific and artistic purposes. And that's what we're doing today. We are using your gorgeous naked body for our artistic expression. Not all art is static like the posing you did in my classes or the bodypainting yesterday. Art can also be dynamic like dancing, acting, or singing - or in this case, the graceful pulling of a wagon. So, you are not an animal; you are a lovely piece of movable art today. These adornments are just a minor part of the overall presentation."

Whiteside paused for a moment and then went on, "So, that's my explanation for what we're doing. I guess you could call it performance art. And I should tell you that we have a couple of more things to do to your body after the bridle. Now, I ask you: Do you want us to stop and let you go home? We will certainly do that if you wish, but you know the consequences - no graduation, no degree, no diploma."

Amy really, really wanted to get the hell out of here, but Whiteside was right - the consequences were too severe. But she didn't answer Whiteside directly; instead, she asked in a whisper, "What else are you going to do to me after the bridle?"

Whiteside smiled briefly and said, "Okay, Amy, full disclosure. We're going to decorate your breasts and vagina. Probably just makeup, but we haven't decided for sure yet. Also, you will be whipped very softly with a buggy whip as you're pulling the wagon this afternoon. That's all. As I said, this is artistic expression. Now, remember, you have complete control over what we're doing with you this afternoon, but there are consequences whichever way you decide. Do you want us to stop?"

Amy hesitated for a moment. She really wanted them to stop, but she knew she had to let them continue, and she whispered, "Okay, go ahead." And the tears started flowing down her cheeks again. She bowed her head and let Whiteside wipe her eyes dry with a tissue. And finally, Amy reluctantly opened her mouth and let Whiteside slide in the leather bit and wrap the bridle over and around her head and then tighten the straps in back. Then, Whiteside attached the bridle reins to the loops at the ends of the bit; Whiteside tossed the reins over Amy's shoulders so that they trailed down her bare back.

Whiteside continued to stand in front of Amy rubbing her bare shoulders as if comforting a pony. And she said, "Okay, Amy. It's probably better if you don't try to talk from now on, because with the bit in, we won't be able to understand what you're saying anyway. If you really want to say something, just stomp your foot several times, and we'll take off the bridle. But we'd prefer that the bridle stay in, because it's part of the overall effect. Okay?" Amy just nodded, but she could feel the drool forming already around the bit in her mouth.

Whiteside went on, "Now, I want you to spread your legs so that my sister and I can decide what to do about your pussy. It's kind of too bad that you don't have pubic hair anymore, because that would have added visual interest down there." Amy smirked behind her bit as she thought to herself, "Well, lady, you were the person who shaved off my pubic hair. And it's ironic that you want it back now." But she meekly spread her legs as the two women knelt down in front of her. She felt one of them (it was Steadman) trace her finger along Amy's left pussy lip and part way up the front of her pubic mound.

Steadman said, "Marie, why don't we put reddish brown lipstick on her lips and then extend it a little ways up her front? Sort of enhancing the look of her pussy a little bit."

Whiteside replied, "I like that idea. I'll be right back. Amy, keep your legs apart, please."

A moment later Whiteside returned with a tube of lipstick, and Amy felt Whiteside's hands kind of massaging her pussy lips before spreading the lipstick on them. Amy flinched as Whiteside went past her clit and part way up her mound. Whiteside said, "You moved a little bit, and the line is crooked. I'm going to touch it up to remove the little kink." Amy held still as Whiteside fixed the flaw. When she finished, the two sisters stood back and looked at Amy's private lips. Steadman said, "Yeah, that's what I had in mind. Looks good, Sis. Now, let's think about the boobs."

Whiteside reached in her pocket and brought out some trinkets that looked like earrings, except the clamps were bigger. She dangled them in front of Amy, and Amy's eyes widened and she started to shake her head but then stopped and slowly nodded.

Whiteside massaged Amy's left tit to get the nipple a bit more erect, and then she slowly tightened the little clamp. Amy yelped as the nipple was squeezed. Whiteside repeated the process on the other nipple; Amy felt tears running down her cheeks again.

The two sisters looked at the dangling trinkets. Steadman gently jiggled one of them, and Amy was surprised to hear a little bell tinkling as the ornament swung from her tit. But Steadman shook her head and said, "You know, Marie, it just doesn't look right. I think her boobs look better completely bare, don't you? And the faint tinkling sound will be drowned out by the bells on the wagon."

Whiteside thought for a second and then agreed, "Yep, Val, you're right. Let's take them off." She quickly undid the clamps letting the ornaments drop into her other hand. Then, she massaged Amy's tits again to try to restore the feeling in them.

Whiteside then stooped down to the bag on the ground, and she brought out a little buggy whip. Again, Amy's eyes widened and she started to shake her head, but she paused for a moment and then just nodded. Whiteside said, "This is mostly for decoration to enhance the effect, but you will be whipped very softly. Here, I'll demonstrate." And she stepped to the side and lightly swatted Amy's bare butt. Amy bowed her head as the tears welled up again. Whiteside dropped the whip into the wagon.

Steadman brought out the mirror again and rested it in front of Amy as she said, "Okay, Amy, I guess we've fixed you up the way we want. Have a look. And please remember this is art."

Amy let Steadman wipe her eyes and then glanced at herself in the mirror. Arms bound to the shafts, a bit in her mouth, a bridle over her head, and a pussy exaggerated with lipstick. She couldn't see the tail from this view, but she could sure feel it; the dildo was wedged in her ass and the hair tickled her butt and her legs. She just nodded at the two women.

Whiteside and Steadman shook hands then they each patted Amy on her head. Steadman said, "Yeah, sis, she turned out great." The naked, gagged, and bound girl just stared at them.

Whiteside waved to Keplar and Denton and yelled, "Okay, girls. Please come here." A moment later, the two girls sauntered up and Whiteside said, "All right, ladies, we've got her set up for you, and now, it's your responsibility to sell lots of bottled water. And Amy, just to let you know, Kaylee and Shauna have each kicked in a generous $50 donation to the high school choir trip fund, and so, we're allowing them lead you and the wagon around the festival today and sell water to the visitors. Now, Shauna, why don't you come and help us fill the coolers and then move them from the tent into the wagon while Kaylee removes yesterday's debris from the wagon."

Denton and the two sisters walked back to the tent leaving Keplar alone with Amy. Keplar quickly cleaned out the wagon, tossing the empty plastic bottles into the recycle barrel and the other trash into the garbage can. Then, Keplar said, "Oh, looky here" as she picked up the buggy whip.

Keplar walked back and faced the naked girl dragging her left hand the length of the whip to the small leather flaps at the tip; she stared Amy in the eyes as she bent the whip a couple of times. Then, Keplar said, "Okay, Suzuki, you're all ours for the next couple of hours. You, Shauna, and I are going to have some fun." And she gently brushed the tip of the whip across Amy's nipples; the leather flaps were somewhat stiff, and Amy's nipples tightened up as the flaps grazed them. Keplar glanced back at the tent, and seeing no one, she reached around and swatted Amy's ass hard with the whip. Amy yelped behind her gag. Keplar said, "Just a sample. We're going to use it to keep you under control."

Amy stared daggers at the blonde girl. But Keplar ignored her and went on, "I overheard everything that Dr. Whiteside was saying. And you know as well as I that it was all just bullshit. That business about artistic expression and performance art was just crap. Those two ladies are just like Shauna and me; they are reveling in the chance to humiliate a naked girl - and you just happen to be the only nude female around today. Whiteside was just trying to sugarcoat it. But not me. You're just a naked ponygirl, aren't you?"

Keplar looked back at the tent and saw that she was still alone with Amy, and she stood back in front of Amy and looked over her naked body from head to foot. She said, "I like the way your arms are spread out in front of you. Kind of a welcoming gesture, don't you think? It's like you're saying, 'Come on in and examine my boobs and cunt.' So, I think I will. Spread your legs." Amy strained to close her arms to keep Keplar away, but the shafts didn't have any give in them and Amy's tightly bound arms remained wide spread, and Keplar stepped in and knelt down in front of Amy. She tapped Amy's inner thighs with the whip, and Amy reluctantly spread her legs.

Keplar ran her finger along Amy's pussy lips from front to back, and she said, "You know, the female crease is such an interesting place. For most of us, there's some pubic hair above it, but my, my, slutty Suzuki doesn't have any hair here, does she? Well, maybe a little stubble, but no hair like a real woman. But the real crease starts here in the front showing just an inch or so of your lips, but it's got your clit right there for easy access. And yours really sticks out, doesn't it?" Amy flinched as Keplar flicked her clit with a fingernail. Keplar continued, "Then, the lips slip underneath as if trying to hide from view, but all you have to do is to spread your lips like this to see the little peehole." Keplar spread the pussy lips with one hand and stroked Amy's tiny orifice; she went on, "But the real center of activity is your vagina with all of its folds and flaps; that's what all the guys really want, isn't it? They like to stick their cocks in there. How many cocks have sneaked into your pussy hole?" The mean girl then stuck a finger up into Amy's vagina before continuing, "Then, of course, you've got your asshole at the back end of the crease. But I see that you're kind of plugged up back there today, aren't you?" And she gave the butt plug a little twist causing the horse tail to flap back and forth across Amy's bare legs. Tears were now streaming down Amy's cheeks as she endured this intimate inspection.

Keplar stood up and looked at Amy's breasts. She gently lifted them, cradling one in each hand. And then she massaged the nipples for a moment before tightly pinching them and lifting upward. Amy yelped as her tits were stretched, and then she yelped again when Keplar let go and the breasts fell back down.

Keplar stepped back as Denton, Whiteside, and Steadman came back out of the tent each carrying a cooler full of ice and several bottles of water. They put the coolers in the wagon, and Denton and Steadman went back into the tent as Whiteside came up and looked at Amy.

Whiteside scowled when she saw the tears and the anguished look on Amy's face. She said, "Kaylee, what's going on here? What have you done to her?"

Keplar said innocently, "Oh nothing. Amy and I were just having a little talk. Girl talk, you know? Well, actually, I did all the talking; she just listened."

Whiteside wiped Amy's eyes and nose with a tissue and said, "Well, okay. But I don't want any funny business today. You are not allowed to hurt her at all. You can use the buggy whip, but only lightly for dramatic effect. Is that clear?"

Keplar said, "Yes, we understand that."

Steadman and Denton returned with two more coolers which they put into the wagon. Now, the four women gathered in front. Actually, there were five women, including Amy, but the naked girl was feeling less and less like a human being as the moments went by.

Whiteside said, "All right, Shauna and Kaylee, we want you to guide Amy and the wagon around using these reins. This morning we showed you the big circular route you can take through the festival, and you should be able to make two or three loops. Stop as often as necessary to sell the water bottles. We'll check on you from time to time, but mostly you'll be on your own. At 3:45, please stop wherever you are, and one of you should come get us so that we can unhook Amy and get her ready to leave. Any questions?"

The two girls just shook their heads and Whiteside said, "All right, then. Just a final few things. We've told Amy if she really, really wants to stop, she should stomp her feet. Amy, why don't you practice so they can see what to look for?" The gagged girl stomped her right foot several times followed by several with her left foot. Whiteside said, "Good, but Amy please remember what happens if you stop. And also remember, no talking. And be sure to keep that tail inserted; don't let it slip out. Okay?" Amy sullenly nodded. Whiteside said, "Okay, get going. And raise a bunch of money for the good cause."

Denton grabbed the reins, Keplar gave Amy a gentle tap on the ass with the buggy whip, and Amy took her first step with the loaded wagon.

The naked girl had no choice but to follow Denton who was guiding her with the reins connected to the bit in her mouth. She noticed that even though the grass was still a bit wet from last night's rain, the wagon rolled easily as she pulled it, and she was surprised how easily that she and the wagon made the turn at the end of the little alleyway.

But as soon as they made that turn, she heard Keplar say, "The coast is clear. Let's stop for a minute and give her a lesson." Amy didn't like the sound of this, and she continued to walk on even though Denton had stopped. But a moment later, Keplar whacked her on the ass with the buggy whip, and Amy stopped in her tracks.

Denton stepped right in front of Amy between the two shafts and said sternly, "When we say 'stop', you will stop. Understand?" To emphasize her point, Denton poked Amy's left nipple very hard; hard enough that the nipple and Denton's fingertip disappeared into the soft flesh of the breast. Amy winced, but she nodded slowly. Denton withdrew her finger and then kneaded the breast back into its normal shape.

Keplar joined her friend in front looking at Amy, and in a softer tone said, "Well, ponygirl, do you want some water before we start?" This sounded good to Amy and she nodded, because that's all she could do with the bit in her mouth. Keplar got a bottle from one of the coolers and opened it. Then, she said, "There's room around the edges of your bit to pour it into your mouth. Here, let's give it a try. Tilt your head back." Amy did as instructed and Keplar held the bottle to her bitted lips and poured. Most of the water poured down Amy's chin and onto her chest rather than into her mouth. Keplar said, "Open up, and I'll pour it in on the side." Amy opened as wide as she could, and Keplar poured water into her mouth. Amy gulped it down as best she could, but Keplar continued to pour and the water overflowed her open mouth, down her chin, onto her chest, and finally onto her boobs where it dripped to the ground from her nipples.

Keplar said, "Okay, good, that works. Open up and I'll give you more." But Amy was already satisfied and she meekly shook her head. Keplar said sternly, "I said 'Open up', didn't you hear me?" The gagged girl gave her a questioning look with her eyes and again slowly shook her head. Keplar was angry now and said, "Does that mean that you didn't hear me or that you don't want any more water? Either answer is the wrong one. Now, open your fucking mouth."

Amy knew this was a losing battle, and she hesitantly opened her mouth. Keplar poured in several more ounces until her mouth was full. Amy gulped it down and started to close her mouth, but Keplar started pouring some more. Amy drank a little bit more and then started coughing behind her gag, and she coughed up the water. Keplar smirked and said, "Well, I guess you've had enough for now. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret; you're going to drink a lot more in the next couple of hours. And you know why? Because we want you to pee like a pony in front of all these people. No restroom for ponies!"

Amy bowed her head and started to cry. But Denton yanked on the reins jerking her head back up straight, and Amy started pulling the wagon again. Keplar swatted her hard with the whip again and said, "Quit crying. You're going to scare away the customers."

They walked a few more yards next to the bushes and then turned up an aisle with vendor booths on either side. All of the conversations stopped as people turned to stare at the strange sight of a pretty naked girl pulling a wagon. Keplar and Denton started yelling, "Water for sale. Get your water here. Help the high school choir. Only three dollars a bottle."

They didn't even make it past the first booth until they stopped. The crowd of people gathered around the front of the wagon. Amy couldn't stand it, and she closed her eyes hoping that would make this ordeal go away. But of course, it didn't. As her two tormentors handed out the bottles of water and collected the money, Amy just stood there with all of the unbelieving eyes looking at her naked and bound body. She felt the plug move in her ass when someone pulled on the horse tail. She heard a guy behind her say, "Yeah, Scottie, it's real horse hair, and it's really stuck up her butthole."

Amy kept her eyes closed and steeled herself expecting someone to either touch her or to pull on the tail again. Instead, she felt the reins being pulled and she heard Denton say, "Giddyup, horsey." And she started walking and pulling again. For the next half hour or so, this scene was repeated several times as the girls sold bottles of water. A couple of times, Amy felt hands from the crowd feel her breasts and butt, but since she had her eyes closed each time, she didn't see who had done it. Another time, she watched as an older woman stomped away in disgust on seeing the naked ponygirl. And twice people called her by name and said that they were going to complain to the police about her treatment. But mostly the crowd just seemed to enjoy looking at her naked, bound, gagged, and plugged body as they bought lots of bottled water. Lots of laughter. But Amy wasn't laughing; she just stood there dully.

Back in the opposite corner of the festival, there was another vacant area, and Denton guided Amy and the wagon into it. Keplar looked around and said, "We're okay in here. Nobody's going to see us. So, Amy, do you need to pee yet?" And as Keplar wiped her hand between Amy's legs, she went on, "You're pretty much dry down there. Let's get some more water into you. Open up."

But Amy was already beginning to feel the need to relieve herself, and she didn't want to drink any more water. So, she shook her head and kept her mouth closed.

Keplar swatted her hard with the whip and said, "Oh, so you're not going to cooperate, huh? Isn't that a violation of some sort?" Amy just shrugged, because she'd decided to take a chance by refusing any more water. Keplar said, "Well, Shauna could pry your mouth open and I could pour the water in. Or maybe we could squeeze a tit so hard to make you scream and then pour the water in? So, what's it going to be, ponygirl." Amy just shook her head and made a point of closing her mouth as much as she could with the gag in it.

Keplar said, "Shauna, come here and hold open her mouth, and I'll dump it into her." Denton used both hands to pry open Amy's mouth, but one hand slipped leaving just the other hand on Amy's upper teeth, and Amy closed her mouth, biting hard into Denton's fingers. Denton screamed in pain and then yelled at Keplar, "Give me that damn whip. She's going to get it now."

Denton grabbed the buggy whip and gave Amy two very hard whacks on her bare butt. Amy shrieked through her gag. Denton was winding up for another vicious swat when Whiteside came running up and yelled, "Hey, stop that, Shauna. I told you repeatedly that Amy was not to be hurt. I was just coming to check on you gals, and I see you beating her. What the hell are you doing?"

Denton yelled, "The bitch bit me. She deserved it." Denton was winding up again, but this time Whiteside grabbed the whip out of her hands.

Whiteside continued to hold the whip as she raised her hands up and said in a calmer voice, "Okay, tell me what happened. She's got a bit in her mouth; how did she bite you?"

Denton said, "Well, we were trying to get her to drink water. You said to keep her hydrated, and that's what we were doing. But she wouldn't drink any and so I was trying to hold her mouth open when she bit me. I don't know how she did it with a bit in her mouth, but she did. Look at the teeth marks on my fingers." She showed Whiteside the obvious teeth marks on the outside of her middle and ring fingers halfway between the first and second knuckles.

Whiteside looked at Amy and asked, "Is that true?" Amy just nodded. Whiteside looked at Amy's butt and saw the several red marks from the whip, and then she looked over at Keplar and Denton and continued, "You've whipped her several times. So, there must be more to the story than that, right?"

Denton shook her head and said, "Nope, she just didn't cooperate."

Whiteside looked skeptical and said, "I want to hear Amy's side of the story. I'm going to loosen the bridle so that we can slide out the bit at least part way." She put the whip in the wagon and then undid the straps in back of Amy's head and slid out the bit so that it dangled near her chin. Whiteside went on, "Okay, Amy, what do you have to say for yourself."

Amy briefly worked her jaw this way and that to loosen it up, and then she said, "I didn't want any more water; I've had enough and I'm not thirsty."

Whiteside asked, "But why be so forceful about resisting? Why bite her?"

Amy said, "Biting her was kind of an accident. She momentarily let go of my lower teeth, and my mouth snapped shut while her other hand was still on my upper teeth."

"But you had a bit in your mouth. How did you bite her with that thing in there?"

Amy answered, "I'm not sure; it happened so fast."

Whiteside went on, "You said it was 'kind of an accident'. So, you're not sorry?"

Amy glanced over at Denton and insincerely said, "Shauna, I'm sorry I bit you. But I really didn't want any more water."

Whiteside asked, "Why? Drinking water in stressful situations is good for your health."

"Umm, they gave me a lot of water earlier, and I'm not thirsty."

Whiteside said testily, "Come on, Amy, I can see that you're not telling me everything. What really happened?"

Amy could feel tears coming on again and she said softly, "Okay. They wanted me to drink a lot of water so that I would have to pee like a pony in front of all of these people."

Amy expected Whiteside to be shocked by this, but instead Whiteside just said, "Well, that would have been an interesting addition to the performance that we were expecting from you. I'm not sure I'd call peeing on the ground to be very artistic, but some people might. Do you need to pee now?" She looked down at Amy's bare pussy as she said this.

"Umm, sort of, but I can hold it til afterwards. It would just be so humiliating to piss in front of everybody."

Whiteside thought for a moment and said, "Okay, I want all of you to continue with the performance. Amy, I'm going to re-attach the bit and the bridle, and I don't want you to say anything else. And I want you to just hold it in; you can use the restroom when you leave. Shauna, Kaylee, don't force her to drink any more water if she doesn't want any. But be sure to offer it to her nicely a few more times this afternoon. And no more hitting with the whip. I'd take the whip away from you, except that my sister and I consider it to be an important aspect of this little show. You can rest the tip on her body, but that's all. No hitting. Do you all understand?"

Almost simultaneously, Amy, Keplar, and Denton meekly said, "Yes".

Whiteside re-did the bit and bridle leaving Amy gagged again, and then she made some adjustments to Amy's hair so that the flowers were more prominent. As she was leaving, she said, "Carry on. Sell a bunch of water." As Whiteside walked away, Amy slumped her shoulders knowing that she was now back in the hands of these two harassers.

As soon as Whiteside turned the corner and was out of sight, Keplar grabbed the buggy whip and waved it in the face of the naked and gagged girl. Keplar taunted, "Okay, Suzuki. Did you think you were going to get rescued by Professor Whiteside? Think you were going home? Well, no such luck. You're still ours for another hour or so."

Denton piped up, "Okay, Kaylee, let her have it. I want to whip the shit out of her for biting me. Give me the whip, I'll do it." She turned to Amy and ordered, "Open your legs, bitch. I'm going to whip your pussy as well as your ass." She reached out her hand to Keplar as if asking for the whip.

Keplar looked at her friend and replied, "Umm, Shauna, we can't do that. Did you see the way Whiteside was inspecting Suzuki's ass? She was actually counting the red marks on her butt, and if we whip this pony any more, there will be even more red marks back there and around her pussy." Keplar stepped closer to Amy, stuck the tip of the whip under the naked girl's chin, and said, "Look at me, horsey. We can't whip you, but we'll figure out some other ways to humiliate you. Come on, let's go."

Amy had indeed hoped that Whiteside's visit and rebuke of the two girls would allow her to leave early, but no such luck. As she pulled the wagon back into one of the main aisles, she saw a cuckoo clock displayed at one of the booths; it read 2:05, and Amy realized that she still had about 100 minutes of this torment left to suffer through.

Shortly, another crowd gathered around the wagon, and Denton slipped back behind Amy, pulled on the reins, jerking Amy's head back, and said, "Whoa, there, pony." She draped the reins over Amy's shoulder so that they trailed down her bare back, and Keplar brushed the tip of the whip back and forth across Amy's bare ass.

As Denton handed out bottles of water and collected the money, Keplar moved to Amy's front and said, "Okay, open up so people can see what you've got down there." At first, Amy thought this meant to open her mouth, but when she felt the tip of the whip between her legs, she knew otherwise. She reluctantly spread her legs. Now, Keplar knelt down in front of her and gently tickled Amy's pussy lips with the whip. Keplar deftly worked the corner tip of one of the flaps in right at Amy's clit and started flipping it back and forth while the gathered crowd watched in amazement.

Amy tried to control herself; she really didn't want to come in front of all the people. But she felt her body beginning to betray her as the stimulation on her clit increased, and soon her eyes and mouth opened, and she let out a moan of pleasure. Overcome with embarrassment, Amy let her head slump forward with her chin resting on her chest. Keplar said, "Keep those legs open." Amy could feel pussy juices starting to trickle down her leg. Amy stood there with her head slumped for a few more minutes as Keplar continued to drag the whip in her pussy and also across her nipples.

Finally, Denton said, "Okay, Kaylee, we need to move on. We've only got a few more bottles in the coolers, and we need to get back to the main tent and restock."

As Denton led the way with the reins in hand, Amy slowly pulled the wagon along, and Keplar sold the remaining bottles. And a few minutes later, they pulled up in the back alleyway next to the administration tent. Steadman appeared from the tent with a smile on her face and asked, "Well, ladies. How's it going? Have you raised a lot of money for us?"

"Yeah, we're doing okay. We sold out, and we need to restock", Keplar responded.

Steadman replied, "Wonderful", and she gave Denton and Keplar each a big hug. But she did not say anything to Amy; she didn't even acknowledge the presence of the naked girl pulling the wagon. Steadman grabbed the two clothed girls by their elbows and said, "That's great. Come on, let's get some more bottles from the tent."

Denton said, "Okay, but first let me tie off these reins. We don't want her to run away." And she looped the reins around one of the posts holding up the tent so that Amy was tethered in place by the straps running from her bridle to the tent post. Amy tried to let her head slump again, but the reins kept her head upright and slightly raised. As Steadman, Denton, and Keplar disappeared into the tent, Amy started crying again.

A minute or so later, the three of them along with Whiteside reappeared; each of them was carrying a case of water bottles. Amy couldn't see them filling up the coolers behind her, but she could hear them laughing and chatting idly about the nice weather. But they never mentioned the naked girl serving as a pony for them. Amy had just become an object to them.

After a few minutes, the four women came up to the front of the wagon, and Amy could see that they were all snacking on granola bars. Steadman looked at Amy but said to the others, "What about her? Does she want one of these?"

Amy was about to nod her head, when Keplar said, "Nah, she can't eat that with the bit in her mouth. Hey, horsey, do you want some more water?" The four women laughed at this, but Amy just slowly shook her head as best she could with the reins still tied to the post. Amy could feel her bladder filling, and even though a drink might feel good now, it would just hasten the time that she needed to pee.

Whiteside said, "Okay, girls, you need to get going again. Now, remember what I said about that whip. No hitting. See you in an hour or so. Have fun and raise a bunch of money."

Keplar said, "Hey, Shauna, why don't we switch duties? I'll lead her with the reins, and you carry the whip."

"Good idea, KK", Denton replied.

As Keplar unhooked the reins from the post, Whiteside and Steadman returned to the tent. And Denton rubbed Amy's ass with her hand and then lightly tapped the same spot with the tip of the whip. Then, Keplar gave the reins a solid jerk, and Amy started walking with the wagon behind her.

The next hour was more of the same. They stopped several times to sell water to the festival goers, and at each stop, Keplar and Denton tormented Amy somehow. More tickling and stimulating with the whip, twisting the tail and the butt plug, lifting her breasts by the nipples, wiping the pussy juice from her legs, dribbling water down her front and back, describing her body in gross terms to the crowd, etc. There were some gasps of outrage at their treatment of the bound girl, but mostly it was a lively, laughing crowd that followed the wagon around.

Finally, at 3:45, they were approaching the administration tent again, and Keplar said, "Oh rats, time's up. Shauna, run in there and get Whiteside."

Denton handed the whip to Keplar and dashed into the tent. Keplar then dragged the tip of the whip down Amy's front from her neck to her pussy, and then back up circling each boob. Keplar said, "Well, ponygirl, you're almost done. Did you have fun?" Amy just stared blankly at her, and a moment later, Whiteside and Steadman appeared with Denton followed by Sam Steadman.

Whiteside looked at Amy and said, "Okay, Amy. Just pull that thing around to the backside of the tent again. Here, Kaylee, give me the reins."

And Whiteside led the naked girl and the wagon quickly past the last few booths, around the corner, and into the alleyway. The two girls and both Steadmans followed.

Whiteside unbuckled the bridle and slipped the bit out of Amy's mouth before lifting the entire thing off of Amy's head. Amy worked her jaw and mouth back and forth, but she said nothing. Then, Whiteside quickly removed the leather cuffs and used a pair of round nosed scissors to cut off the bondage tape on her arms. And now Amy moved her arms and shoulders around to work out the stiffness, but she still said nothing.

Whiteside said, "Sam, since you're the expert on that tail, why don't you take it out of her?" And Sam led Amy to the back of the wagon, leaned her over so that her ass was at the correct height, and then he said, "Okay, Amy. This might hurt a tiny bit, but here goes." And he gave the butt plug a quick tug and it popped out. Amy gasped a little bit, but then she stood up and faced the group. She asked quietly, "Can I go now?"

Whiteside came up to the naked girl and put her hands on Amy's shoulders and said, "Thank you, Amy. You helped raise several hundred dollars for the choir trip. Yes, you can go."

Without saying anything else or even looking at any of them, naked Amy turned and walked back to the bike path. As soon as she got on the path, she started crying, and she ran as fast as she could away from all of the afternoon's horrors.

Chapter 78 - Busted Again

Through her tears, Amy was relieved to see that the bike path was deserted again. And she continued running hard with her boobs bouncing wildly, all the way to the little picnic area with the nearby restroom. She really needed to pee now, but she was running mostly to put as much distance between herself and the festival as quickly as possible.

She was breathing hard when she got to the picnic area. She glanced at the antique clock and saw that it was only 4:05 PM. She had plenty of time to get to Kameron for the 5 o'clock meeting.

And then the naked girl glanced around to make sure that she was still alone, and she seemed to be. So, she ducked into the ladies restroom and saw that she was also all alone in here. She breathed a huge sigh of relief and sat down in one of the stalls. The butt plug tail had worked over that part of her body, and so she did both number 1 and number 2. She wanted to stay seated on the toilet, but she was pretty sure that would leave an embarrassing ring on her bare butt, and so she reluctantly got up and left the stall. She glanced around the restroom for a second time and noticed a tile bench that she had overlooked the first time, and she plopped herself down on it. And there she sat for several minutes. She was halfway napping, but she knew she couldn't actually fall asleep, and so she just kind of meditated while resting there.

Finally, she stood up and stationed herself in front of a mirror. That's when she noticed that she still had a flower in her hair. There was just one flower and Whiteside had put in two; so, she must have lost one while running. Then, she realized that her hair was still in a ponytail, and that the elastic hair wrap was still holding her hair. She gasped as she thought about Knoxx's total nudity decree, and she took off both the flower and the hair wrap so that her hair fell back into its usual pretty shape around her face. What if Whiteside noticed that she'd left with the flowers and hair wrap? Amy momentarily thought about going back and returning them, but she laughed out loud at even considering a return trip to that park of horrors. So, she just left both the flower and the hair wrap on ledge above the sink.

Then, she looked down at her pussy in the mirror and saw that the garish makeup was still there as well. She wanted to remove that embarrassing reminder of the horrendous afternoon, and so she grabbed two paper towels and started scrubbing her own pussy. She was happy to find that the restroom had been stocked with nice soft paper towels rather than the usual scratchy ones found in most park restrooms. Using elbow grease plus soap and hot water, she was able to remove the lipstick down there. And then she thoroughly cleaned her entire crease again so that she was "presentable" for the next inevitable inspection of her private parts.

She wanted to stay in this pleasant private place, but she knew she needed to get going. So, the naked girl took a deep breath in front of the mirror and then walked out of the restroom. The clock showed 4:15 PM. She was still in good shape time-wise, and she returned to the bike path, walked only a hundred feet or so, and turned onto the quaint covered bridge. When she was about halfway across, two bicyclists came onto the bridge from the other side. Amy thought they were both guys, but she wasn't sure, because they had on helmets and gender-neutral biking outfits. When the first bicyclist spotted the gorgeous naked girl, he almost ran into the side of the bridge, but he caught himself just in time and avoided a spill. He gave Amy a friendly wave as he continued on, and the second cyclist smiled and said, "Hi" as he passed.

Amy picked up her pace as she turned north on the bike path. She decided to use the same route as she had earlier in the day, and so she looked for Silver Avenue, which had worked well on the trip over. After a couple of blocks, she spotted the street sign and she turned west on Silver. But after only one block on that street, she heard a siren behind her. She turned to see a city police car, actually an SUV, coming up behind her with its lights flashing. And her heart sank. She just stopped, faced the approaching vehicle, slumped her head, and waited.

The SUV stopped and the two officers got out. But they left the lights flashing on the vehicle. Amy saw that they were a man and a woman, probably both about 30 years old, dressed in the usual police uniforms. They walked up to her, and the man said, "Good afternoon, young lady. What are you doing?"

Amy gulped, "Umm, I'm walking back to campus."

The man said, "I'm Officer Snow, and this is Officer Oxford. Can we see some ID, please? Driver's license? Student ID?"

Amy gulped again and said, "Umm, I don't have any ID."

Snow replied, "Why not? People are supposed to always carry ID with them."

Amy choked back a tear and said, "I'm not allowed to carry anything with me. I'm Amy Suzuki, and I'm being punished by the university."

Oxford took over at this point and said, "Yes, we know who you are, and we're aware of your, uhh, situation. But our procedures require that we ask for ID."

Amy was somewhat relieved to hear that these cops knew about her "situation", but she was still concerned.

Oxford asked, "Do you know why we stopped you?"

Amy mumbled, "I guess for indecent exposure?"

"That's correct. But as I said we understand why you are naked. Well, actually, let me re-phrase. We understand why you don't have many clothes on, because we were told that you are allowed to wear panties during your punishment period. In fact, we hear some people referring to you as 'Underpants Amy.' So, we don't understand why you are totally nude now. Please explain."

Amy's mind was in a befuddled state, and she was unaware that her hands dropped down in front of her pussy as she said, "I, umm, am n-nude, because . . ." And she paused for a moment to regroup her thoughts and then she continued, "They increased my punishment by requiring me to be totally nude until tomorrow. They said I can't carry anything at all, no cell phone, no ID, not even a tissue unless they approve it."

Oxford looked over Amy skeptically before replying, "And they increased your punishment because you did some more things wrong?" Amy just nodded. Oxford went on, "Well, let's talk about those other things you did wrong, but this is not the right place to do it. So, let's go downtown and have that discussion. Okay?"

Amy gasped and said, "Oh, no, no, no. I can't do that." And she turned and took a couple of steps.

Oxford grabbed her arm and said sternly, "Miss Suzuki, you just made another very bad mistake. It appeared to us as if you were trying to resist arrest just now. A lot of officers on our force would have immediately wrestled you to the ground, pinned your arms behind your back, and roughly handcuffed you. But you're fortunate that it was us today, because I'm going to just politely ask you to put your hands behind your back so that I can gently attach the cuffs. Will you please do that for me?"

Amy made a slight twisting motion as if to get away again, but she knew she had to cooperate with them now. She started crying again and meekly put her hands behind her back. And a moment later, she was shackled again with FlexiCuffs - the plastic straps that kind of worked like cable ties. She was surprised that they didn't use metal cuffs like the cops had used on her a few weeks ago.

Oxford said to Snow, "Go call this in. And bring up her record on the screen, if she's got one. We need to figure out what to do."

The woman officer then pulled out a tissue and tenderly wiped Amy's eyes and nose. The officer said, "Now, Miss Suzuki, why did you try to get away a moment ago? Why don't you want to go downtown?"

The handcuffed naked girl replied through some more tears, "I'm sorry; I shouldn't have tried to leave. But I've got a 5 o'clock meeting with Chancellor Knoxx, and if I miss that meeting, I'll be expelled for sure. I'm supposed to graduate tomorrow, and I'm certain that he'll prevent that if I'm not in his office at 5."

Oxford was about to say something else when Officer Snow waved her over to the vehicle; Amy tentatively followed even though they didn't tell her to. She looked around and realized that they had left her alone and that she could easily run away, but she also knew that a naked, handcuffed girl would not get very far. And so she stood there next to the car.

Amy couldn't hear everything that they were saying in the vehicle, but she did hear a few words, "Kameron . . . cuffs . . . meeting". Then, she looked over Oxford's shoulder at the computer screen in the police car, and she was surprised to see her own picture. It was the full frontal naked mug shot that the campus security officers had taken of her the night that she had been caught streaking. She sighed as she now realized that she had a criminal record and that there was a naked photo of her on file.

She continued to watch the two officers from outside the police car, and she saw Snow point at the naked photo and say something including the words "pubic hair". Both Snow and Oxford looked back out the window at Amy's pussy, and they both kind of laughed. Amy realized that they were comparing her very full bush of pubic hair in the photo with her hairless pussy now.

Amy heard a cell phone ring in the police vehicle and saw Oxford answer the call. All that Oxford seemed to say during the minute-long call was "yes, sir . . . yes, sir . . . yes, sir". After that call, the two officers talked for a moment and Amy didn't hear anything that they said.

Then, the two officers got out of the car and came back over in front of the naked girl. Officer Oxford said, "Miss Suzuki, we've just finished talking with Chancellor Knoxx, and he confirms what you said about the 5 o'clock meeting being very important. He wants you there on time. He said to remind you that you are not permitted to ride in a vehicle. Also, he told us that he's disappointed in your behavior with us, and he told us to leave the handcuffs on as punishment. So, you will complete your naked trek back to campus with your hands cuffed behind you. Understand?"

Amy whispered, "Yes, I understand."

Snow took up the conversation at this point, "So, we - and when I say 'we', I mean the city police - are going to let the university continue with its punishment of you. We're not fond of people being naked in public - even if they are as pretty as you, but in this case, it sounds like the university's punishment is appropriate. Now, I suggest that you get started walking again. There is plenty of time for you to get there in time for the meeting if you hurry. And just to be on the safe side, we're going to follow along next to you in the police car."

Amy replied, "Thank you for letting me go. But umm, umm, Dr. Knoxx explicitly told me not to have anyone follow me in a car this afternoon; he was very clear about that. Did he say anything about that to you?"

Oxford replied, "No, he didn't. But I think it's a good idea if we follow along anyway. Afterall, our job is to protect the public, and you are part of the public even if you are naked and handcuffed. What happens if you fall or someone accosts you? I think he'll understand that we're keeping you safe as you walk. So, you should get started." Oxford smiled at Amy, and then she gave Amy a playful pat on her bare ass. And Amy was on her way again.

Amy took a few tentative steps to get the feel of walking with her hands cuffed behind her back, and then she picked up the pace as she got the hang of it. At the first corner, she stopped at the edge of the curb and slowly made the step down into the cross street. She glanced both ways and then continued. The police vehicle crawled through the intersection next to her.

The two-mile walk was like earlier in the day, except for the handcuffs. No one bothered her although there were more catcalls and waves from the neighbors. It seemed that almost everybody was out on their front porches to watch the amazing sight. Amy carefully kept her head down looking at the ground watching carefully where she placed each step. Only once did she stumble, but she regained her balance without falling.

When Amy reached Clay Street, she noticed that Officer Oxford rolled down the window in the police SUV. Amy expected her to say that since Amy would be entering the campus that the two officers would end their escort. But instead, Oxford said to her, "Miss Suzuki, please don't use the cross campus pathways. Please stick to the campus streets so we can continue to follow you. We realize that our jurisdiction actually ends here at the city limit, but we feel it's important to keep you safe the rest of the way."

Amy smiled at the lady and said, "Okay, thanks." And she made her way across Clay Street and then walked a block north to College Avenue where she turned back west again. The police vehicle followed obediently. As she made that turn, Amy looked at the nearby clock; it was 4:50. It was going to be a close call getting to Knoxx's office by 5 o'clock, and so she picked up her pace to a very fast walk, which was somewhat risky for the naked and bound girl to be doing.

But she made it safely to the front steps of Kameron Hall. She had encountered a couple of families walking the campus on the nice pre-graduation day afternoon; they gaped at her, but Amy just ignored them and pushed on.

Before going up the steps, she stopped and merely said "Thanks" to the police officers who had followed her. But at the top of the steps, Amy faced another quandary - how to open the door. There was no one around that she could ask for help including the police who had already driven away. In fact, she wasn't at all certain that the door was unlocked, because it was a Sunday afternoon. What if Knoxx had pulled his I-didn't-know-the-door-was-locked trick on her again? There were actually 4 doors here on the front, and Amy had found that on weekends only one of them was unlocked, but it was not always the same one. Fortunately, these doors had simple pull handles, but the doors were heavy and they were spring loaded so that they automatically closed quickly after they were opened. Amy first tried her chin on one of the door handles, but the door didn't budge and her chin hurt from the effort. So, she tried reaching up with one foot on another door, but she lost her balance and fell down, and again the door didn't move at all. She struggled to her feet and tried the next one where she turned around and bent over so that her hands could reach up to the door handle. She chuckled as she realized that her breasts were dangling enticingly in front of her, but there was no one around to see. But this technique worked as the door opened and she was able to shove a foot in before it closed, and she struggled with her feet and shoulders to open the door wide enough to let her in.

Once inside, she glanced at the digital clock in the lobby. It was now 4:55 and she had seven flights of stairs to climb plus a few more doors. So, she dashed over to the stairwell door and used the same technique on it to get into the stairwell. With her arms cuffed behind her, she couldn't use her hands on the rails, and so she had to carefully take the stairs one at a time. It was slow going, but she made it to the seventh floor and she was pleased to find a simple push open door into the seventh floor hallway. The clock there showed 4:59 as she scampered down the hall to Knoxx's door, which had a fancy twist knob on it. But Amy was able to get it open using the same technique, and she got in just before the clock on the secretary's desk clicked over to 5:00.

She hurried over to Mrs. Duckworth, who was sitting behind her desk, and asked, "Can you please open the door to the Chancellor's office for me?"

The secretary smirked at the naked and struggling girl and said, "Today's meeting is being held in the Administrative Meeting room on the 8th floor. Room 801. They are waiting for you up there. I see that you're having trouble with door handles; so, I'll get this one for you."

Amy's head slumped, but she said, "Thanks, Mrs. Duckworth, I appreciate the help" as she walked back out into the hallway and headed for the stairwell. She wanted to ask the secretary to open the stairwell door for her, but Mrs. Duckworth had already returned back into Knoxx's office and closed the door. So, Amy struggled with the stairwell door and methodically climbed up one more flight of stairs. On the 8th floor, she pushed open the door into the hallway and saw the sign for room 801 at the far end of the hallway. The clock above the "801" sign showed 5:05 PM. Amy couldn't believe that it had taken her 5 minutes to get up here; this clock must be a few minutes fast, but Amy knew she was going to be late and her shoulders sagged.

The naked girl trudged down the hall and had her now usual difficulty opening the big door with its pull handle. She had never been in this room before, and so she didn't know what to expect.

Chapter 79 - On Trial

But she sure didn't expect what she saw after she struggled butt first through the door. This was a small auditorium with perhaps 50 seats in 4 slightly curved rows in a stairstep configuration like many of the newer classrooms on campus. She heard a low gasp before turning around to see the room partially filled with about 30 people - and these were people that she knew from either today or yesterday.

Linda Hathaway was sitting in the front row, and when she saw her best friend struggling, she rushed up and embraced Amy. Linda said, "Oh, Sooz, Sooz, are you okay? What have they done to you?" Then, she turned to Knoxx, who was sitting at a long table facing the audience along with the rest of the committee, and she said angrily, "Dr. Knoxx, what's the meaning of this? Please take off her handcuffs."

Knoxx said calmly, but firmly, "Miss Hathaway, please sit down."

But Linda continued to stand next to her naked friend with an arm around her bare shoulders and replied "But the handcuffs, sir? They're not necessary; she's naked and she's not going anywhere. Are you, Amy?"

Amy shook her head, but whispered to her friend, "Lindy, I'm okay. Please don't get yourself in trouble. Do as he asks. Please."

Knoxx said, "Miss Hathaway, please sit down. Miss Suzuki is being punished and the handcuffs are part of the punishment, and so they'll stay on for now. Please have a seat. And, Miss Suzuki, please come stand in front of the table facing the committee." Linda sat back down.

As Amy walked the few steps over to the table, she glanced around at the audience. In the back rows were Garoni and the eight photography club members and the six Gamma Gamma Theta guys plus Nicole Larson. Then, Marvin Conrad, Kelly Stubbins, Kaylee Keplar, Shauna Denton, Valerie Steadman, and Sam Steadman were in the second row. And in front sat Linda, Jennifer Grafton (their next door neighbor at the dorm), Professor Whiteside, the two city police officers, and the woman from the playground. The looks on their faces ranged from anguished (Linda and Jennifer), to passive (the cops, the Steadmans, the photographers), to smirkish (Stubbins, Keplar, Denton). A moment later, Mrs. Duckworth entered the room and also sat down in the front row.

The naked and embarrassed girl stood in front of the table. Amy felt like she was being put on trial in a courtroom. She slumped her head and started to cry softly.

Knoxx said, "Good afternoon, Miss Suzuki. Glad you could make it albeit a few minutes late, which we will discuss in a moment."

Amy looked up at him through her tears as Knoxx continued, "There are a few things on the agenda for this afternoon. First, Mr. Garoni has some pictures from his two photoshoots to share with us. Then, we need to discuss any additional violations. And finally we might need to assign some additional punishment. Okay, let's start with the photos. Mr. Garoni has given me this folder full of pictures. They seem to be the standard 8 by 10 size. He put this together for the committee to view, but we think we should share them with everyone who is here. So, we'll display them on the screen behind me with this overhead projector. Here's the first one."

Amy saw the huge naked image of herself stretched out on the bench with legs wide spread from the evening photo session. She heard a murmur in the audience behind her. She was glad that Knoxx quickly moved onto the next photo, which also from Wednesday evening; it showed her bent over from behind with her lower lips and anus in full view. The next two were from the old security office in Wakefield Hall, including one of her standing in front of a urinal. The next one was from earlier today with her sitting on the bench with the pink vibrator in her pussy and an aroused look on her face. There was one of her standing next to the Bancroft statue again with the vibrator in her vagina. Next were two of her lying in the puddle using the vibrator. And finally one in the playground using the vibrator while sitting on the swing.

After the last picture, Knoxx said, "Thank you, Mr. Garoni. I hope that your club got some unique practice during these photoshoots. And I look forward to seeing all of the pictures sometime. I assume that they will be available online somewhere, right?"

Garoni hesitantly stood up and said, "Umm, well, Dr. Knoxx, these were all shot with film cameras, and so there are no electronic copies of them. So, I'm not planning to post them on a web site."

Knoxx scowled, "But you could scan these photos or the negatives into digital form, right?"

Garoni glanced at Amy and then said, "I'll see what I can do, but I won't promise anything."

Amy was surprised that Knoxx accepted this answer. But Knoxx just replied, "Okay, let me know." Then Knoxx turned to Amy and said, "Miss Suzuki, you've had an interesting day, to say the least. And I am shocked to hear that you have committed numerous violations of our rules just in the last 24 hours." He held up a stack of notes scribbled on paper of various styles. Even from several feet away and blurred vision, Amy recognized the top piece of paper; it was Linda's distinctive blue scratch paper with scalloped edges. Knoxx continued, "We've had these documented violations, but also there were many from this afternoon that have not yet been written down yet." Amy's head slumped again as she realized that even her best friend had been forced to snitch on her, but Amy couldn't imagine what she had done that Linda could possibly report.

After a pause, Knoxx said, "Okay, we're going to go through these one by one; you will be given a chance to respond. I've asked the people who wrote them to come this afternoon so there won't be any misinterpretation. I want to thank all of you folks for coming." He turned his focus back to Amy and continued, "We will give you a copy of our summary at tomorrow morning's meeting. Let's start with this top one, okay?" He held up Linda's note.

Amy nodded and listened as Knoxx read from the blue piece of paper, "Amy borrowed my cell phone to call her boyfriend last night." He paused for a moment and continued, "That was from Linda Hathaway, and actually, that doesn't sound like a violation, because we allowed you to make phone calls." But after another brief pause, he said, "Ah, but did you carry that phone with you?"

Amy still had tears in her eyes with no way to wipe them out, but she sighed and said, "Yes, I walked out to the stairwell so I wouldn't bother Linda who had already gone to bed."

Knoxx frowned and said, "Well, it sounds like you did carry the cell phone even if it was only a short distance, and we prohibited you from carrying anything, but we expressly disallowed a cell phone. So, we'll leave that violation on the list. But that note reminds me, where is your boyfriend, Mr. Henderson?"

Now it was Amy who frowned through her tears, "Huh? Dwight? I don't know; I haven't talked with him since that phone call last night."

Knoxx said, "Well, we've been trying to contact him to confirm that you did indeed call him. We tried his cell phone and his apartment phone, but no answer. We left messages asking him to come to this meeting, but as you can see, he's not here. We even used your cell phone to call him thinking that he would surely answer after seeing on his cell phone display that it was you that was calling, but again no answer. Incidentally, your cell phone and backpack are safely stored in my office; they will be returned to you tomorrow. So, you don't know the whereabouts of Mr. Henderson?"

Amy was now worried about Dwight and she said, "No. I sure hope he's okay." And she started to cry again.

Knoxx looked over at Linda and said, "Miss Hathaway, please help your friend. Wipe her eyes and nose, please."

Linda got a tissue from her purse and came up to her naked and handcuffed friend. She again embraced Amy, but this time she whispered in Amy's ear so that no one else could hear, "Dwight is fine. I warned him not to answer his phone." As Linda wiped her eyes, Amy whispered back, "Thanks, Lindy."

Knoxx could see that the two friends were whispering and he said, "Umm, Miss Hathaway, what were you two just talking about?"

Linda replied, "Nothing, sir. I just asked her if she's really all right, and she said she is. I was just trying to comfort her a tiny bit."

Knoxx replied, "Okay, good. Now, Tyson Laird, our legal counselor, has just passed me a note suggesting that before we start discussing each documented violation, we really should clarify the violations that happened this afternoon at the art and wine festival. Before you arrived, Miss Suzuki, I was discussing this with Professor Whiteside, who mentioned some disturbing behavior on your part in the last few hours, but we didn't get a chance to finish that discussion. So, Dr. Whiteside, why don't you tell us what happened and we'll talk about them with Miss Suzuki?"

Whiteside stood up and the naked girl turned to the side so that she could easily look at either Whiteside or Knoxx. Whiteside said, "Well, for everyone else's benefit, let me describe briefly what we had Amy do for us this afternoon. My sister and I decided to have her put on an artistic performance of pulling a little wagon around the festival so that Kaylee Keplar and Shauna Denton could sell bottled water carried in the wagon." She pointed out the two girls in the audience and then went on, "We decorated Amy's naked body with a tail, some flowers in her hair, and a bridle; sort of like a pony pulling the wagon." There was a slight murmur through the audience at this point. Whiteside went on, "Well, Amy didn't like these decorations and twice she tried to run away. But each time, we convinced her that she should continue with the performance. Also, there was an incident part way through the performance; an argument between Amy and Ms. Keplar and Ms. Denton. And finally, Amy left without returning all of the decorations."

Knoxx said, "Thank you for that overview, but now, let's talk about the details. You said she tried to run away twice. What was the first time?"

Whiteside said, "It was when we showed her the tail that we wanted her to wear. Here, we brought it with us, and I'll show you." Sam Steadman opened the bag under his seat, pulled out the tail, and handed it to Whiteside. Whiteside held it up for the audience to see and then handed it to Knoxx.

Knoxx said, "So, this fits in her anus, right?" Whiteside just nodded. Knoxx continued, "Maybe you can demonstrate it on her so we can understand why she objected. We know that Miss Suzuki was fitted with anal devices during the Wytham experiments, and this looks to be similar in size to those things."

Amy gasped and started crying again. Whiteside said, "Sure, we can do that. Amy, why don't you come up and bend over the front table? Sam, can you please insert this into her again?"

There was a stunned silence as Whiteside led the naked girl up to the table where Knoxx was seated. Whiteside bent her over so that her bare breasts were pressed against the table top and her bare ass was thrust out towards the audience.

As Sam Steadman was starting to spread lubricant in Amy's ass, Linda stood up and yelled, "Stop it, stop it, stop it. You can't do this to her." And Linda came up and hugged Amy's bent over shoulders. Both girls were crying, but Amy managed to say, "Lindy, it's okay, it's okay." It really wasn't okay with Amy, but she didn't want Linda to get in trouble.

Knoxx leaned over and lifted Linda from Amy's bent over form, and he said to her, "Miss Hathaway, please return to your seat." Whiteside led Linda back to her seat in the front row; Linda tried to dry her own tears with a tissue. Steadman finished spreading the lubricant in Amy's ass and on the butt plug, and then he quickly shoved it into her butthole as the audience gasped. Whiteside helped Amy stand up straight, and then she guided Amy's shoulders so that the naked girl made a 360 degree turn for the audience and the committee. A piece of paper had stuck to one of Amy's breasts when it had been pressed to the table, and Whiteside removed it and returned it to the table.

Knoxx looked at the tail hanging from Amy's butt and said, "Miss Suzuki, why did you try to run away after having this put in? Does it hurt you?"

Amy sniffed back her tears and said, "I tried to leave before it was inserted, not after. No, it doesn't hurt, but I knew it would be really embarrassing, and it's just as embarrassing now as it was then."

Knoxx replied, "Well, as I've told you many times, a large part of your punishment is supposed to be your embarrassment. Okay, Dr. Whiteside, what happened the second time?"

Whiteside said, "Well, we had hooked her to the wagon, and . . ."

Knoxx interrupted, "How did you hook her to the wagon?"

"Oh, sorry, sir. The little wagon had shafts on the hitch, and we used special tape to strap her arms to the shafts. This would help her pull the wagon along; that is, she could use the strength in her arms rather than just her hands to pull the wagon."

Knoxx nodded and said, "Go on."

Whiteside said, "We have a bridle-like device with a bit that we wanted to fit over her head and into her mouth, but she complained, shut her mouth tightly, and tried to run away. But she couldn't get far, because she would have had to pull the wagon."

Knoxx said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki. Why did you resist?"

"I felt that they were treating me like an animal rather than a human being", she replied.

Knoxx essentially ignored what Amy had just said, looked at Whiteside, and said, "Can you demo this device for us so we can understand better?"

Whiteside nodded and took the bridle and bit from Sam Steadman. Amy just stood there, opened her mouth, and let Whiteside slide the bit in and fit the bridle over her head. Then, Whiteside attached the reins to the bit and led the naked girl across the front of the room and back again.

Knoxx smirked and said, "So, this was how she was led around except at the festival she was pulling a wagon?" Whiteside just nodded. Knoxx continued, "Well, Miss Suzuki, can you talk with that bit in your mouth?"

Amy mumbled, "N-n-not . . ery . . ell, . . ir."

Whiteside translated, "She tried to say 'Not very well, sir'. Since she wouldn't be understandable, we just told Amy not to talk during the performance."

Knoxx said, "All right. We understand why she tried to get away those two times. But were those the only decorations for her?"

Whiteside replied, "No, I also put her hair in a ponytail using a brightly colored elastic hair wrap, and I put two flowers in her hair."

Knoxx replied, "Oh, you must have done that before putting on the bridle, right?" Whiteside nodded and Knoxx said, "Well, maybe you can do that for us now? Feel free to remove the bridle, if you need to."

Whiteside said, "Umm, well I've only got one of the flowers; evidently, it fell out when we took off her bridle, because I found it on the ground a few minutes later. When Amy left the festival, she was still wearing the other flower and the hair wrap. I don't know what happened to them. But here, I'll slide in the one flower to show the general effect."

Knoxx frowned and said, "Okay. Any other decoration?"

Whiteside said, "We also used lipstick to accent her vaginal lips. Just to make them sort of stand out more. Again, when Amy left the fair, she still had that lipstick on, but she doesn't now. I can quickly do it again so you can see the idea. Okay?" Knoxx nodded. And Whiteside knelt in front of the trembling naked girl and re-created the exaggerated pussy lips on her shaved pubic mound. Whiteside turned the naked girl to face the committee, and Amy could feel the men's gaze on her pussy.

Knoxx then asked, "Anything more decorations?"

Whiteside replied, "Umm, not exactly decoration on her, but we also had a buggy whip that we asked Kaylee and Shauna to use as part of simulating control over Amy." Sam handed Whiteside the whip.

Knoxx said, "So, you actually whipped Miss Suzuki?"

Whiteside answered, "Unfortunately, yes. Not me or my sister, and we explicitly told Shauna and Kaylee to only pretend to hit her. But later I noticed some red marks on her buttocks, and they told me that they had whipped her. You can still see the red marks on her ass." She turned Amy so that the committee could see her naked butt and pointed to the several red marks, which had faded a bit, but were still clearly visible.

Knoxx frowned and said, "Well, I'm very sorry to hear that. Miss Keplar and Miss Denton, I'm appalled that you would hit her after being told in no uncertain terms not to. And Miss Suzuki, I apologize for the whippings. It was never, ever the intent of this committee for you to be corporally punished like that. We only meant for you to have non-corporal punishment such as embarrassment." Amy just stared at him.

Then without any instruction from Knoxx, Whiteside led Amy back and forth across the front of the room showing off the decorated naked girl and brandishing the whip.

Knoxx said, "Ms. Whiteside, please remove the bit and bridle so she can talk to us. But leave the tail, the flower, and the lipstick - and of course, leave the handcuffs." Whiteside unbuckled the bridle strap and slid the bit out of her mouth.

Knoxx said to Amy, "All right, Miss Suzuki. You've got some more explaining to do. What happened to the hair holder and the flower? Why did you remove the lipstick on your lower lips?"

Amy said, "After I left the festival, I stopped at a restroom a few blocks away. I noticed that I was still wearing the things in my hair, and I knew that you wanted me to be totally nude. So, I took them out and left them in the restroom. Similarly, I wiped off the lipstick, because I didn't think it was permitted outside of the festival." She turned to Whiteside and said, "Professor, if you want those things back, they are sitting on the ledge above the sink in the ladies restroom close to Crockett's Bridge, you know, the famous covered bridge not far from the park."

Knoxx said, "But you admit that you walked a few blocks with the flower and hair wrap, right?"

Amy said sheepishly, "Yes, sir."

Knoxx said, "And that was another violation of the total nudity rule, right?" Amy just nodded sullenly.

Knoxx looked over at Lucas Telford, who was taking notes, and he said, "Luke, it sounds to me like we've got two non-cooperation violations plus one required-nudity violation. Please add those to the list." Amy's head sagged.

Knoxx looked through the stack of papers, pulled out a slip, and then went on, "Now, you mentioned an argument between Miss Suzuki and these two girls. Is that related to this note from Miss Denton that Miss Suzuki had bitten her? I thought she had a bit in her mouth all the time, and so how could she say anything much less argue? And how could she bite Miss Denton with that in her mouth?"

Whiteside answered, "Yes, it's all part of the same incident. We asked the girls to make sure to give Amy water to drink during the performance. And at one point, Amy refused, because she wasn't thirsty. She refused by shaking her head and keeping her mouth shut; so, I guess it wasn't a verbal argument. And the girls decided to force the issue, and Shauna tried to hold open Amy's mouth while Kaylee poured in the water. Somehow during the struggle, one of Shauna's hands slipped from her mouth and Amy's jaw snapped shut on the other hand which was still on her upper teeth. We don't quite understand how it happened with the bit still in Amy's mouth, but the marks on Shauna's fingers are proof that it did."

Knoxx motioned to Shauna Denton who was sitting in the second row and said, "Miss Denton, please step down in front of the table."

Denton stood right next to Amy and Knoxx said, "Why did you force her to drink if she didn't want to?"

Denton said, "Dr. Whiteside told us to show control over her as part of the performance, and we basically were trying to pretend that we were punishing her."

Knoxx was puzzled and said, "Umm, I'm not following. So, prying her mouth open was the punishment? What was she being punished for?"

Denton fidgeted and lied, "We were punishing her for talking. Dr. Whiteside told us that Amy was not allowed to talk, but she tried to several times behind her bit."

Amy shook her head violently and said, "That's not true! I never said anything. The only noises I made were screams when they hit me with the whip. They were trying to force me to drink enough water to make me pee on the ground like a horse does, and I didn't want to do that."

Knoxx looked at Whiteside and asked, "Well, Professor, what's the story here?"

Whiteside said, "This is the first I've heard about Amy breaking the no-talking rule, and the business about forcing her to pee like a horse is consistent with what Amy told me at the time."

Knoxx looked at Denton and said, "Miss Denton, I'm sorry that you were bitten, but frankly, it sounds like you deserved it in a way. So, I'm going to tear up your note. We're not going to charge Miss Suzuki with any violations due to this incident. Please sit down, Miss Denton."

Knoxx sighed and said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, what can I say? But you know that the punishment agreement that you signed allowed your naked body to be used for artistic purposes, and that's exactly what Ms. Whiteside was doing with this performance. So, I'm leaving those three violations on the list. Also, I should remind you that the original punishment schedule did not include this time at the festival today. We added that punishment activity plus the total nudity punishment because you misbehaved a few days ago. So, in a sense, you brought all of this on yourself." The naked girl bowed her head and watched her boobs jiggle as she held back a sob; she knew he was technically correct.

Knoxx continued, "Okay, that wraps up the discussion for this afternoon's performance. But we're going to leave the tail, handcuffs, flower, and lipstick on you for the rest of this meeting, Miss Suzuki. Now, let's see if we can pick up the pace here a bit. Yesterday, you asked us to allow you to get a ride to the Gamma house just moments after we told you that you weren't permitted to ride in a car. That's a non-cooperation violation. Next, you were late starting the panty auction last night; my watch showed 7:02 PM when you began. That violates the being-on-time rule. That brings us to the next one in this stack of paper. Mr. Zacharias says that you left the keys to the truck in the ignition making the truck susceptible to theft. Is that correct, Miss Suzuki?" Amy just nodded.

Knoxx continued, "Let's see, I already covered your carrying the phone to the stairwell last night. But related to that is Miss Stubbins's complaint that you were hiding your body in the stairwell. Miss Stubbins, please explain."

Kelly Stubbins stood up and said, "As the RA on our dorm floor, I was monitoring the hallways about 1:30 AM when I heard talking coming from the stairwell. I peeked through the window of the firedoor and saw Suzuki's naked body sitting on the step with a phone to her ear. It looked to me as if she were seeking a private refuge so I wouldn't see her body."

Knoxx turned to Amy and asked, "Comments, Miss Suzuki?"

Amy just said, "I was talking to my boyfriend, Dwight Henderson. I wasn't trying to hide my naked body; I just wanted privacy while talking."

Knoxx brusquely replied, "Sounds like the same thing to me. That's a no-hiding violation. The next one on this stack is from Jennifer Grafton. She has two items on this piece of paper. First, you were carrying a cell phone into the hallway early this morning. Second, a couple of minutes later she saw you carrying a big purse down the hall. Miss Grafton?"

Jennifer stood up and in her deep British accent said, "Kelly asked me to write down these things after I told her about seeing Amy in the hallway. With the mobile, oops, I mean the cell phone, Amy said she was just trying to muffle the alarm noise so that it wouldn't wake up her roommate, Linda. Amy wasn't actually making a phone call. After I went to the loo, that is, the toilet, Amy and I passed in the hallway; she was carrying a bag, which I guess contained her makeup supplies. Kelly told me that Amy is not allowed to carry anything today."

Knoxx looked at Amy and merely said, "Comments?"

Amy sheepishly said, "Yes, that's right. And I'm sorry I made those mistakes."

Knoxx continued, "Next. Miss Stubbins said you didn't have your ID card when you came to breakfast, and you asked her to let you in anyway. Miss Stubbins?"

Stubbins said, "Yes, sir. That's right. Our kitchen supervisor, Mrs. Jefferson, told us on Saturday to check ID cards this weekend to make sure that non-students didn't sneak in for a free meal. Suzuki didn't have her ID. Eventually, I let her in because Mrs. Jefferson told me to."

Knoxx said, "Miss Suzuki?"

"That's correct. But I wasn't carrying the card, because I'm not permitted to carry anything today."

Knoxx replied, "Well, I'm sorry but the non-cooperation violation stands, because you could have asked someone, such as Miss Hathaway, to carry the card for you. Next, another complaint from Miss Stubbins. This one says that you carried your food tray in the cafeteria." Stubbins stood up, but Knoxx went on, "No further explanation is needed, Miss Stubbins. This is very clear. Miss Suzuki could have asked you or Mrs. Jefferson or anyone else around to carry the tray for her. Next, I have two notes here from my secretary who talked with Mrs. Sally Wright, who is sitting here in the front row. The first note says that Miss Suzuki hid her body from your view. The second says that she removed a vibrator from her vagina. Mrs. Wright, could you please explain?"

The woman stood up and said nervously, "I'm Sally Wright, and I wanted to take my 6-year old daughter, Stacey, to the day care center playground this morning. My husband, Tom, is a contract employee for the plumbing company that the university uses, and that employment allows us to use the day care center on campus. And we really want to thank you for letting us use such a nice facility for a nominal charge. But I was appalled to be confronted not once, but three times by this naked woman. Why is she permitted to run around naked corrupting the morals of young children like my Stacey? The first time we met her was when we walked into the playground, and there was this nude girl leaning against the jungle gym with a bright pink vibrator stuck into her vagina with a group of these photographers taking her picture. Thankfully, the photographers formed a semi-circle around this naked lady to try and block her from my daughter's view. But my daughter scooted to the edge of the semi-circle and watched as this woman pulled the vibrator, or dildo, or whatever it is, from her 'wee-wee' as my daughter calls it. I was disgusted and I pulled my daughter away, and we left. We walked around campus for an hour or so, and I let my sweetie play around some of the statues and other things, and lo and behold, here comes this naked tramp again flaunting her body at us. I turned and guided Stacey away. Then, later about 11 o'clock, we were playing in the playground when this naked thing shows up again doing something to the bulletin board. She mumbled some apology and left. I sure hope that this is the very last time in my life that I see this woman's naked body."

After a two or three second pause, Knoxx said, "Well, Mrs. Wright, let me extend an additional apology to you. Most of your complaint should be addressed at this committee, since we were the ones who allowed Miss Suzuki to be naked here today. Actually, we insisted that she be naked as part of her punishment. So again, I'm sorry. But I also thank you for coming today and helping us confirm Miss Suzuki's rule violations. Removing the vibrator is a non-cooperation violation. And hiding behind the photographers is a no-hiding violation. Mr. Garoni, can you say something about this please?"

Garoni stood up from his seat in the last row and said, "Mrs. Wright, I'm also very sorry about what happened. I did indeed urge our photographers to try to block your daughter's view of Amy. For your sake, I'm glad I did that, because it helped a little bit. But for Amy's sake, all I can say is that I'm sorry, because it seems to have cost you another violation. I'm sorry, Amy."

Knoxx said, "Okay, two more violations. Next, this note from Mr. Conrad says that you didn't clean some bulletin boards as he instructed. Mr. Conrad?"

Marvin Conrad, the deputy maintenance supervisor, stood up and said, "Yes, sir. I asked Amy to remove all the staples from the boards that she processed this morning. We ask people posting notices to use push pins rather than staples, but staples still appear too often on the boards. But when I checked a few boards after Amy left, I saw notices still posted with staples."

Knoxx shook his head as he looked at Amy saying, "Miss Suzuki?"

Amy smiled briefly at Conrad and said, "Yes, I did leave some staples behind, but only in non-expired posters. There were several copies of a poster advertising a graduation lunch for tomorrow, and Mr. Conrad told me to leave such posters up on the bulletin boards. Unfortunately, these were put up with staples rather than push pins. On one board, I replaced the staples with push pins from elsewhere on the board, but it took a lot of extra time to swap out those staples with push pins, and if I did that for every board, I would not finish on time. So, I elected to leave those luncheon posters up so I could finish the overall job. It was a trade-off, and it sounds as if I made the wrong choice."

Knoxx said, "Yes, you did. You should have figured out a faster way to remove those staples. So, that's a non-cooperation violation. Actually, we've been saying that wrong during this meeting; rather than a 'non-cooperation' violation, it's a violation of the full-cooperation rule."

Knoxx kept going, "Anyway, we're almost done. The two city police officers sitting here handed me a copy of their report. Although I can make out a few things in it, like '311 indecent exposure' and '647 lewd conduct', most of this is abbreviations and jargon that I don't understand; so, let me ask them to explain. Let's see, Officer Samantha Oxford and Officer John Snow, will one of you please explain what happened about an hour ago?"

Amy had been surprised to see the two cops sitting in the room when she arrived, because the cops had seemed to drive away when they stopped escorting her. Evidently, they had parked nearby and come up the elevator while Amy was coming up the stairs.

Officer Oxford got up and said, "Yes, on our neighborhood patrol this afternoon, we encountered Miss Suzuki walking naked along the sidewalk. This is an obvious case of indecent exposure, that's code 311, at the least or lewd conduct, code 647, in some situations. When we explained that we would have to take her downtown for further questioning, she attempted to run away, which we interpreted as avoiding arrest. So, we handcuffed her and called it in. We were told to talk with you, Dr. Knoxx, and after doing so, we decided that your punishment of her was sufficient and so we let her continue. You asked us to leave the handcuffs on her. To ensure her safety, we followed along in our police vehicle. That's about it, sir."

Knoxx replied, "Thank you, officer. So, let me clarify. Miss Suzuki attempted to flee, and we consider that to be a non-cooperation violation. Also, she let you follow her even though we very explicitly told her not to permit anyone to follow along like that."

Oxford said, "Yes, she did make a slight motion that we interpreted as attempting to flee the scene. But for the following-her-along-in-a-vehicle issue, that was our idea. Miss Suzuki did try to talk us out of it, but we insisted for the sake of her personal safety. It is very dangerous for a pretty young woman like this to be walking alone in the nude down city sidewalks especially with her hands cuffed behind her back. Personally, I don't think you should penalize her for us following her."

Knoxx pondered this for a moment and said, "Well, okay. Now, as I told you on the phone, this committee has established its own rules that Miss Suzuki is required to follow as part of her punishment. Specifically, she is not allowed to hide or cover her body from anyone else's view. Did you see her doing that?"

Oxford sighed and said, "Yes, sir. We did. When we drove up to her, she was standing still facing us with her hands at her sides and her fists kind of clenched; her full front was visible to us, face, breasts, pubic area. But when we started to question her, she dropped her hands in front of her pubic region as if hiding it."

Knoxx looked over at Amy and said, "Miss Suzuki?"

Amy gave him a surprised look and said, "I don't remember doing that, but since they saw me do it, I must have done it accidentally. I'm sorry."

Knoxx responded, "Okay, out of all of that, it sounds like we've got two violations. One non-cooperation for trying to leave and a no-covering violation. We'll ignore the no-escorting violation. Thanks to both of you officers. Now, finally Miss Suzuki, you walked in this door at 5:02 PM by my watch, which I think is accurate. This meeting was supposed to start at 5 o'clock sharp. So, that's a not-on-time violation."

Knoxx was about to continue when Amy interrupted, "Excuse me, sir. Can I say something about that?"

He gave her an annoyed look but said, "All right. But quickly."

Amy said, "Thanks. I'm sorry, but I didn't know that today's meeting was going to be held up here til I got to your office. And I arrived in your office right at 5 o'clock. Mrs. Duckworth then directed me to come up here." She turned to Duckworth and gave the women a quick glance and a smile.

Knoxx also looked at the secretary who just nodded back at him. But Knoxx said, "Well, I see your point. But you should have left enough slop to allow for such a thing. If you got to my office exactly at 5, then you cut it too close. The on-time violation stands." Amy slumped her head and shoulders.

Knoxx turned to Telford and asked, "Okay, Luke, what do we have?"

Telford replied, "8 full-cooperation violations, 2 on-time violations, 1 required-nudity violation, 2 no-hiding violations, 1 no-covering violation, 3 no-carrying violations. That's a total of 17 violations in the last 24 hours. Shame on you, Miss Suzuki."

Amy felt her breasts begin to shake as she started to cry. She was really afraid that she was going to be expelled in the next few minutes, and all of her naked determination would be for naught. She glanced over at Linda and saw that her friend was also crying.

Knoxx said, "Miss Suzuki, we're going to talk about your additional punishment in a minute, but we want you to be totally naked for that. So, Ms. Whiteside, could you please remove her decorations? And officers, could you please remove her handcuffs? Officers, please go first."

Snow came up behind the naked girl and used snippers to remove the plastic ties around her wrists. Amy briefly rubbed her wrists, but she then let Sam Steadman lean her over the table again and he pulled the butt plug out of her ass; he held her down with a hand on her bare back as he wiped her ass with a tissue. She tried to get up when he seemed to have finished, but he continued to hold her down as he wiped another tissue through her entire crease, front to back; Amy started to cry again at this intimate cleaning by a virtual stranger. After he let her up, Whiteside slipped the flower out of her hair and then asked, "Umm, Dr. Knoxx, what about the lipstick down there?"

Knoxx said, "Just leave it. She can wipe it off before she goes to bed."

The totally naked girl just stood there as Knoxx addressed the entire audience, "I want to thank all of you for coming this afternoon. You have helped us immensely. You are all free to leave. Oh, those of you who live at her dorm, please don't wait for Miss Suzuki. We want her walking back there alone. So, Miss Suzuki, please stay here and we'll discuss your punishment. Good night to the rest of you."

As Amy stood facing the committee, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Nicole Larson's tear-streaked face. Nicole said quietly, "Oh, Amy. I had no idea that they put you through this kind of hell. And I just wanted to tell you again that I hope you have a wonderful life after graduation. Bye." Nicole was staring daggers at Knoxx as she hugged Amy. And Amy teared up in appreciation and she let Nicole hug her tightly although Amy didn't really return the hug.

As Nicole was hugging her, Amy saw that Linda was standing behind Nicole as if waiting her turn. And after Nicole left, Linda softly said to her, "Sooz, it's getting late to make it to dinner. But Rekha and I will wait for you by the dining hall door til 6:25. I'll have your ID card with me, just in case Stubbins will be a hard-ass again." Amy whispered back, "Thanks, Lindy. I'll try to get there in time."

After everyone filed out, Amy was left standing naked in front of the five men. And Knoxx said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, punishment time, but I heard Miss Hathaway say something to you about being late for dinner. So, let me quickly describe your punishment for this evening, and we'll discuss some more tomorrow morning." Amy gulped as Knoxx went on, "Actually, you've already experienced part of the punishment. When I spoke with the police officers on the phone, I told them to leave the handcuffs on you as punishment. So, that was part of it, but not all." He paused briefly before going on, "Now, I understand that you are sort of an amateur barber. You cut your father's and brother's hair when you were in high school, right?"

Amy was stunned. This was sort of private family secret; she had never told anyone about cutting her Dad's and Jason's hair. She just stammered, "Huh? H-how d-do y-y-you know about that?"

Knoxx gave her his devilish smile and replied, "Well, it's amazing what one can find on the internet these days." And now Amy remembered that in a computer class in high school she had put together a little web site as part of an assignment, and one of the pages was titled "Things you don't know about me". On that page, she had mentioned the haircuts. But the instructor had told her that those practice web sites would be deleted at the end of the term. And that was five years ago. Amy had frequently Googled and Bing'ed her own name on the internet, and that old web site never showed up in the search results. But somehow Knoxx had found that page.

Knoxx looked at her and asked again, "So, you did do their hair?"

Amy blushed and said, "Yes, I did."

Knoxx continued, "Well, good. Because tonight you're going to use that expertise to provide free haircuts in the lobby of your dorm. Only to men. Kind of a free tune-up for them for tomorrow's commencement ceremony." Amy slumped her head and listened as Knoxx went on, "We've put together these advertising signs, which you will carry back to the dorm. Then, you'll post them in the lobby before you go to dinner. Miss Suzuki, you're not looking at me. Please look at the signs."

Knoxx propped up two almost identical signs about 24" x 30" that read:

Hey, Guys! Do you want a free haircut tonight? Underpants Amy is going to be giving free haircuts in the lobby of Blankenship Hall. 7:30 PM til 11:30 PM But surprise, these are the only underpants of hers that you'll see tonight!

And on the right side of the poster, Amy saw a pair of her panties taped up in a spread-out fashion. One poster had a pair of her white panties, the other a pair of her flesh colored panties.

Amy stared in disbelief at the signs as Knoxx said, "You'll carry these back-to-back holding them above your head as you walk back to the dorm. Your total nudity rule still applies; so you'll be giving these haircuts to the guys in the nude. That is, you're nude, they're dressed." He paused for a moment looking at her pussy and then continued, "Umm, actually, you can wipe off that lipstick before starting the haircuts. Where was I? Oh, Mr. Conrad, the maintenance guy, will set up an appropriate chair in the lobby along with a table and the supplies that you will need. And Mr. Conrad has volunteered to be your first customer. If your barbering skills are kind of rusty, you can get a bit of practice on him. Any questions?"

Amy quietly said, "No, sir. I understand."

Knoxx said, "Good. Oh, at 11:30, you will remove the panties from these signs and give them to the next two guys in line as kind of a consolation prize. But you can stop at 11:30 and go to bed." Amy just nodded. Knoxx went on, "And I hope you get a good night's sleep, because you'll report back here, well, actually to my office, at 7:30 tomorrow morning for some additional punishment. Total nudity tomorrow morning, but you are permitted to bring along a bag with the clothes that you want to wear when your punishment ends at noon. You don't need to bring panties, since we have three pairs left. Those panties are pink, flesh color, and off white with sort of a subtle pattern. Please bring along three brassieres that will coordinate with those panties. The committee will decide which panties and which brassiere you will wear under the outer clothes of your choice. The other panties that we have left in my drawer will be returned to you along with your backpack when you leave at noon. Now, you need to get going. And, Miss Suzuki, please, please try to avoid any more violations. You are at the very edge of our patience. At the moment, I can tell you that you will probably - and I emphasize that word 'probably' - get your diploma tomorrow. But we still might expel you even if you don't commit any more violations. Good night, Miss Suzuki."

Knoxx put the two posters back-to-back and handed them to the naked girl. Without being told, Amy immediately raised them above her head as she walked towards the meeting room door. She held them briefly with one hand as she opened the door, and then used both hands as she walked down the hall to the stairwell. Even while descending the eight flights of stairs, Amy held the signs above her in the deserted stairwell. She was glad that the main lobby was empty, but she continued with the posters over her head across the lobby and out the main front door. Down the steps and onto the sidewalk.

Chapter 80 - Dinner at the Dorm Dining Hall

As naked Amy walked along her usual path back to the dorm, she was surprised that there were now more groups of people out and about. More family groups in town for graduation, she supposed. She got the usual gasps and stares from these people, but she walked on. She felt just as vulnerable now even though her hands were not cuffed, because holding the signs above her head opened her entire body to view. A couple of times, guys stopped her so that they could read the signs - or so they said; she suspected that they just wanted a close-up view of her totally nude body. She was glad that it was only a 10-minute walk.

In the dorm lobby, she saw Marvin Conrad and two other workers just starting to set up the chair and the supplies that she would need for the haircuts. She just propped up the signs in a couple of prominent spots in the lobby, and then she headed for the dining hall.

Linda and Rekha were waiting for Amy at the door, and they each gave their naked friend a big hug. Amy was relieved to see that Kelly Stubbins was not on checkin duty tonight. Linda had brought along Amy's ID card, but Amy was still worried that Stubbins would hassle her somehow about getting into the dining hall. But the RA on duty, Jerry McKnight, just smiled at the naked girl and waved her through.

Linda said, "Uh, oh. There's Stubbins sitting over there watching us, probably trying to catch you doing something wrong such as carrying a tray again. So, Amy, I don't want you picking up a single thing until we sit down - not even a napkin. You tell me what you want, and I'll put it on a tray for you." Amy replied, "Okay, Lindy, thanks."

After telling Linda what food she wanted, the naked girl walked into the dining area and picked out an empty table, sat down, and waited for her friends. Unlike this morning, the room was fairly crowded with probably a hundred people or so, and most of them stopped and stared at the pretty nude as she walked to the table and sat down.

A minute later, Linda put down the tray in front of Amy and then returned to get her own tray. The three girls chatted idly about the surprisingly good ravioli as they ate, but soon Amy asked, "Umm, Lindy, what happened this morning after I left, anyway? Umm, why did you write that note to Knoxx? Sorry, if that sounds accusatory, but . . ."

Linda interrupted, "No, Sooz, it's okay. I understand. Let's see, uhh, I guess it was 9:30 or so when that camera guy, Garoni - is that his name? - called me and I met him in the lobby to get your stuff - the shoes and mortarboard, etc." Linda and Amy glanced at each other with a knowing look because each realized that the 'etc' referred to the vibrator; they each smiled and Rekha gave them a puzzled look. But Linda went on, "And when I was walking back to the room, I spotted Stubbins in our hallway going door-to-door talking to everybody. When she got to our room, she told me that she knew you made a phone call last night and asked about the phone. When I said it was my cell phone that I lent to you, she asked me to write that down on a piece of paper; I didn't want to, but I knew that you'd want me to avoid getting in trouble, and so I did. And Stubbins then told me that Knoxx wanted me at your 5 o'clock meeting. A few minutes later, Jenn from next door knocked on our door, and she was crying and told me that Stubbins had asked her to do the same things - write a note and come to the meeting. Jenn and I talked about it, and we realized that Knoxx was going to embarrass you in front of us and force us to snitch on you publicly. And then I thought of Dwight and how he seems to be protective of you. So, I called Dwight right away, explained the situation, and convinced him not to answer his phone the rest of the day or to come to the 5 o'clock thing. It took some arm twisting, but he finally agreed."

Amy replied, "Oh, thank you, Lindy, for doing that. I'm sure glad he didn't have to see me embarrassed like that. It was bad enough that you and Jenn were forced to go to that meeting. Umm, can I borrow your phone now? I'd like to talk to Dwight."

Linda replied, "Sure. I'll carry it over there where you can have a tiny bit of privacy." She pointed to the other side of the room. Amy nodded, and the two of them walked to the opposite side of the room where there was no one sitting nearby. Linda handed the cell phone to Amy and then walked back to the table where Rekha was sitting. Amy then punched in Dwight's number. Amy knew that she couldn't hide herself visually, but at least she could talk privately. She stood next to the wall, but she consciously turned so that she faced towards the tables; her full frontal nudity was on display to all of the diners.

The phone rang four times, but then he answered. He said, "Hey, Linda. Is she okay? Is Amy okay? Where is she?"

Amy smiled broadly and said, "Hey yourself, boyfriend. It's me. Yeah, I'm okay."

Dwight replied, "Oh, Amy, Babes. Oh, I have been worrying about you all day. It's so good to hear your voice."

She smiled and said, "And for me to hear yours, too."

Dwight went on, "Amy, Amy, Amy. Are you really okay? Please tell me you're really okay."

Amy replied, "Yes, Dwight, I'm okay. And please calm down. You're sounding overly dramatic about all of this."

Dwight changed his tone, but only slightly, "Babes, I'm sorry for that. But I am truly worried about you."

Amy felt the good kind of tears welling up and she said, "Yes, I'm okay now. I'm still naked, but I'm at the dining hall with Linda and Rekha. She let me use her phone again. Today wasn't too bad, so don't worry . . ." She paused at this point remembering their promise about complete honesty. She started over again, "Umm, honey, we vowed to tell each other the truth. So, umm, it was actually a truly awful day, and it's not over yet. I was . . ."

Dwight interrupted, "I'm coming over. Meet me out front."

Amy said, "No, no. Dwight, I'd really like to see you, too. But they imposed some more punishment on me, and I'm going to be busy for the rest of the evening. In a few minutes, I've got to be a naked barber giving free haircuts til 11:30."

There was a brief pause and then he replied, "Oh, Babes. That bastard Knoxx. He's stretching this crap out til the very last minute, isn't he?" He didn't wait for her reply and added, "Linda was probably right about keeping me away from that meeting this afternoon. I would have murdered that asshole and the other guys. If I ever see them . . ."

Amy gasped, "Dwight, Dwight. Stop it. Don't even say the word 'murder'. Do you hear me?"

Dwight paused a little bit longer this time before saying, "Oh, Amy. I'm sorry. My temper was getting the better of me. Of course, you're right. And I'll be seeing him at commencement tomorrow, won't I?"

Amy was noticing another side of her new boyfriend, and it troubled her. But she knew that she could deal with it, since she really loved him.

She said calmly, "Can you come over at 11:30? Maybe we can spend a few minutes together before I go to bed? I need to go now, but I'll tell you more about my day later, okay?"

Dwight said, "Okay, girlfriend. It's a date. I love you."

Amy smiled and said, "And I love you, too, boyfriend. Bye."

Amy stood there holding the phone making a conscious effort to not take a single step with the phone in her hand. A moment later, Linda glanced over at her, and Amy signaled for Linda to come over. As Linda approached, Amy handed her the phone.

On the way back to their table, they passed where Kelly Stubbins was eating. Linda saw that Stubbins was writing something down, and Linda stopped and snarled, "Kelly, don't you dare report any violations. Amy did not carry a single thing; she did not take a single step with something in her hands. Got it!" Stubbins was taken aback, but she smirked at Linda and her naked friend and said, "Yeah, okay."

Back at the table, Rekha said, "I just went to the bathroom while you were on the phone, and I saw posters about you giving haircuts tonight. Haircuts, Amy? What's going on? Those posters weren't up there a few minutes ago."

Linda said, "Huh?" And both Linda and Rekha gave their naked friend a puzzled look. Amy blushed and said, "Yeah, it's my punishment for this evening. Knoxx gave me those posters to put up in the lobby."

Linda said, "Haircuts? Why haircuts? Have you ever cut a guy's hair before?"

Amy replied, "Actually, I have a bunch of times - my Dad's and Jason's. It's kind of a family thing. My mother used to cut my Dad's hair and then my brother's to save money before my father's business was well-established; money was tight in those days. And I would watch her do it. Let's see, I was in the second grade, so I guess I was 7 or 8 at the time, and I asked if I could do it, and both Dad and Mom agreed to let me try. It turned out well that first time, and I thought it was fun. So, we continued, and I did my brother's hair after he got a bit older, too. And I've been doing their haircuts ever since; the last time was when we were all together at home at Christmas time."

Linda wiped a tear from her own eye and said, "Oh, Sooz, that's a neat story. And a neat family tradition. I've never heard you mention it before, but you told Knoxx?"

Amy replied, "I guess it's been kind of a private family secret. And no, I never told Knoxx, but he said he found out about it on the internet. Probably from a practice web page I did in high school." Amy sighed and continued, "So, he decided to use it to embarrass me some more - right up til this very last minute. I only know how to do a couple of hairstyles, and I've certainly never done it naked. It will be embarrassing, but I'll muddle through somehow."

Linda said, "You said 'right up to the last minute'. Does that mean tomorrow morning as well?"

"No, but he told me to come to his office at 7:30 tomorrow morning for some additional punishment. Umm, so, can I ask a favor? Can we do this song-and-dance routine with the ID card and the dining trays at breakfast in the morning?"

Linda smiled and said, "Oh, sure. But I guess that means I have to get my sorry ass out of bed when you get up early tomorrow, doesn't it?"

Amy laughed, "Yup, Hathaway. That's exactly what it means." She glanced up at the clock and said, "Can we go now? I'd like to take a quick shower before starting the haircuts." As they were getting up, Amy laughed again and said, "You know, if they don't give me my degree tomorrow, my new job at the newspaper is going to fall through, and I'll need to do something to make a living. Maybe I could open a topless barbershop? I'll bet I could make a fortune." They all chuckled nervously and returned to the dorm.

As the three girls walked up the side stairs, Amy intentionally walked behind her two friends just to avoid the tiny bit of additional embarrassment of them looking at her bare ass. In their room, Amy picked up her washcloth, towel, and soap, and she asked, "Lindy, can you please carry these down the hall for me?"

Linda replied, "Yeah, sure, Sooz."

The two walked wordlessly in the hallway to the bathroom where Amy turned on the shower, stepped in, and took the washcloth from her friend. Linda said, "I'll be back in 5 minutes to carry these back, okay?"

Amy answered, "Uhh, thanks, but actually, I'll just leave them here and you can get them at your convenience. And I'll just go directly from here to the lobby." Linda agreed and went back to the room.

Chapter 81 - The Beautiful Bare Barber

Amy wiped the lipstick off of her pussy, finished her shower, stepped out of the bathroom, and made the automatic turn back towards her room. But then she remembered that her destination was the very public lobby rather than her very private dorm room. She sighed, turned around, and headed for the main stairway.

The naked girl made her way down the stairs, and just after she made the final turn to go down the last short flight of several steps, she heard a collective gasp from the lobby followed by a round of applause. As the lobby came into her view, she saw a gathering of about 30 guys watching her descend the final few steps. She smiled nervously as she looked out over the male-only crowd.

She looked to the right and saw Conrad standing next to little platform with a chair on it. Conrad motioned her over and said, "Hello, Amy. How do you like our little setup?"

Amy looked it over and realized that she would be on a stage while giving the haircuts. The stage was similar to the one at the panty auction, but this one was only a foot or so high rather than 3 or 4 feet. She gulped and asked, "Uhh, looks okay, Mr. Conrad, but why so elaborate? Can't we just put the chair on the floor?"

Conrad replied, "Well, that's what we thought at first, too, but we need to secure the chair to the floor and we sure didn't want to drill holes in this nice granite tile. So, we brought over this little speaker's platform and used heavy-duty suction cups to hold it solidly to the tile floor. Here, look underneath, and you can see how we did it." Amy bent over exposing her rear end dramatically to one part of the gathering and her hanging boobs to another part. She saw the suction cups and just nodded. Conrad said, "Pretty ingenious, huh? And then we modified this secretary's chair so that we could attach it with bolts to the platform. Solid as a rock."

Conrad went on, "We're going to have the guys line up in kind of a circular fashion so they can watch while waiting, and let's see, there's a table over there at the back of the platform with supplies - a couple of trimmers, some scissors, a razor, shaving cream, towels, hair dryer, etc. And even though we're not charging these guys for the haircuts, they can still leave tips in this bowl. We'll give that tip money to the charity of your choice. Do you have a favorite charity?" Amy shrugged and said, "Not really." And Conrad said, "Well, think about it and let me know later tonight. Now, I'm going to be your guinea pig to practice on. Shall we get started?"

Amy gulped and stepped up onto the platform as Conrad sat down in the chair. Amy draped the barber cloth around his neck, and Conrad said, "There's a height adjustment lever under the front of the seat. Why don't you experiment with it to see what level works best for you?" Amy blushed as she reached between his legs groping for the bar under the seat; she finally found it off to the left side, but not before her long hair had brushed across his face and her boobs were only a few inches away.

She pulled the lever and the chair sank to its lowest level, and Conrad said, "Well, I guess I need to raise my butt a little bit if you want it up higher." Amy nodded and said, "Yeah, I do want it up." There was a snicker of laughter and some guy in the crowd muttered, "Yeah, we've all got it up already." Amy blushed some more, but she got the chair adjusted the way she wanted.

The naked girl sighed and said, "Okay, Mr. Conrad, how do you want it cut? Trim around the edges and a bit off the top?"

He replied, "Yeah, that sounds right. And be sure to lift it off of my ears."

Amy's hands were shaking as she picked up a comb and the electric clippers from the table. She flipped on the trimmer, and then she tentatively ran the comb through his hair deciding what length was appropriate. And she made her first cut by running the trimmer across the comb guard. That worked okay and so she repeated it again a few inches away. She quickly got the hang of using these tools, and she fell into her routine that she had used many times on her father's hair - thinning out the sides and back, using scissors on the top, adjusting the sideburns, skimming the hairs from his neck, etc.

Amy worked deliberately trying to focus on the job at hand, but she was well aware of the way she moved around giving the crowd many different views of her naked assets. She worked silently, and she was glad that Conrad didn't say much either.

It took her about 20 minutes to finish, and when she did, she removed the barber's cloth from him and shook it out. She handed him a mirror and she held another one behind, and she waited for his approval. Finally, he said, "Okay, Amy, it looks good. But I suggest that you pick up the pace. We want to do as many guys as possible before you quit at 11:30. Don't worry about the hair on the floor; my guys will mop it up as you go along."

Amy said, "Okay, Mr. Conrad." And then she looked over at the line and said, "Next."

A cute guy that she sort of knew stepped up on the platform. She smiled and said, "Hi, Bert. Have a seat." He sat down and she put on the cloth and slightly adjusted the chair height. And she said, "Okay, just a trim? Any special requests?"

Bert sheepishly said, "No, Amy, nothing special. Just a trim like you did on him." And Amy went to work repeating what she had done. A couple of times, she sort of brushed her bare pubic mound against his arm. And once, her boob brushed across his ear. Each time she apologized with a quiet, "Sorry." It took her about 15 minutes, and at the end, he asked her to thin out the sideburns and raise them just a bit. He dropped a five dollar bill in the tip bowl, thanked her, and stepped down.

The next hour passed slowly, but she was gaining more confidence about doing the haircuts with these tools, in this environment, and in the nude. She did five haircuts in the hour. There were a few embarrassing incidents, including twice when she stuck a nipple directly into the ear of two different guys. And the crowd seemed to enjoy watching her bend over to adjust the chair height. It was really embarrassing to have her pussy so close to the hands and arms of the guys, but there wasn't much that she could do about that. Most of the guys so far wanted to talk about her nudity, and so she kind of just nodded and didn't say much. But one guy wanted to talk about the Red Sox, and she enthusiastically talked to him about the Sox's recent win over Kansas City. That guy gave her a ten dollar tip when he left.

After a pause of a couple of minutes to get a drink of water and to relax her hands, she took the next customer, who was a stranger to her. He was a big guy with a buzz cut, and Amy had to lower the chair to get him at the correct height. She shook his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Amy. What would you like done?"

He replied, "Hi, I'm Jake. And I would like what you've got, okay?"

Amy gave him a puzzled look, fluffed up her own long hair, and said, "You mean like this?"

He gave her a smirkish smile and said, "No, like this." And he briefly brushed her pubic mound with his fingers. "I see you've got a tiny bit of stubble down there, and I would like just a little bit more than that, but up here not down there." Amy blushed, but she put a number 1 attachment onto the clippers and quickly ran over his entire head. The guy was disappointed when Amy finished so quickly, and he asked for some additional trimming of his sideburns and mustache just to keep her naked body close to him for a little bit longer.

About 9:30 during one of her brief breaks, she spotted Kaylee and Shauna watching from the fringes. They waved at her and gave her a smug smile.

A little while later, a guy from the dorm, Ed Rollins, sat down, reached behind her, poked her butt, and said, "What are those little red marks? Did you get whipped for doing something wrong?"

Amy heard Kaylee and Shauna giggling, and she knew that they had put Rollins up to this. Amy replied uncertainly, "Yeah, I guess you could say that." And she didn't say anything more about it even though he tried to press the issue a little bit.

Most of the rest of the haircuts were routine trims, but there was one guy, Kyle Maxwell, who had a long ponytail. Amy worried when she first saw it that Maxwell would want the ponytail removed, but all he really wanted was a trim around the edges and his short beard shaped, and Amy was able to do that for him. The nipple-in-the-ear accident happened three more times even though she had tried to avoid it. And there were several quick gropes of her butt and breasts. And one guy even managed a quick fondle of her pussy; Amy yelped a little bit when he did it, but nobody else seemed to notice.

About 11:15, there were still a dozen or so guys in line, but Conrad told her, "Okay, Amy. This is your last one. So, go apologize to the others, but I guess Dr. Knoxx told you to give the panties to the next two guys in line. So, do that first. Okay?" The naked girl just nodded.

As the last guy sat down, Amy retrieved the two posters and carefully removed her panties that had been taped to them. She walked over to Tom Axelson, who was the next guy in line and who she knew from her classes, and she said, "Tom, sorry, but there is not going to be time for me to do your hair. But here, you can have this pair of my white underwear. I hope that will kind of make up for not getting a haircut."

Axelson looked crestfallen, but he said, "Oh rats, Amy. Umm, thanks for the panties, but umm, can I have the flesh colored ones instead?" Amy shrugged and handed them to him. She smiled at him, shook his hand, and said goodbye.

She didn't know the next guy in the line, and as she shook his hand, she said, "Hi, I'm Amy, and I'm very sorry that I won't get to cut your hair. But if you want, you can have these white panties instead?"

The guy said, "Hi, I'm Troy Williams, and yes, I'm sorry, too, because as you can see I needed a trim before graduation tomorrow. But yes, I'll take the panties. Can I ask if you ever wore these panties?"

Amy couldn't remember if these were some that she had purchased or not, and she couldn't tell by looking at them. And her immediate fear was that Williams would ask her to slip them on for a moment just so he could say for sure that she'd worn them. But that would have presented her with a dilemma; if she put them on just for a second, that would be a total-nudity violation; if she declined, that would be a full-cooperation violation. So, she decided to take a chance and she lied, "Yes, they came from my drawer in the dorm; I probably wore them in April sometime." He seemed to accept that.

Next, the naked girl turned to the other ten guys still standing in line and said to them, "I'm really sorry, guys, but there's not time for the haircuts and I don't have any more panties." She shook hands briefly with each of them. And she returned to the platform and gave the final haircut of the evening.

When she finished, she breathed a big sigh of relief and looked at Conrad. She said to the baby-faced man, "Can I go now, Mr. Conrad?"

He nodded and said, "Yes, in just a minute. My guys and I will clean up everything here, but tell me what charity I should donate the tip money to. There's about $80 here in the bowl."

Amy looked over at Keplar and Denton and said to Conrad, "Please give it to the Battered Women's Alliance." The naked girl then shook hands with Conrad, and she scooted out the front dorm door to look for Dwight. She didn't see him, and she turned to look at the lobby clock which showed 11:29. When she turned back around, there he was driving up and parking next to her.

He hopped out of the car, and the two of them fell into a silent extended hug. Amy knew that people in the lobby could see her bare butt through the window as she stood there naked hugging her fully clothed boyfriend, but she didn't care.

As they broke slightly apart, he said, "Oh, Amy, I want you. I want you."

She smiled and said, "Yeah, I could feel that when you pressed against me. And I want you, too."

He looked down at her erect tits, gave one of them a quick kiss, and said, "Yeah, I can see that, too."

They both laughed and kissed again. He said, "Come on, let's go back to my apartment."

She sighed and said, "Oh, that sounds wonderful, but you know I can't ride in a car tonight. Can we postpone it til tomorrow night?"

He persisted, "How about that flea bag motel down the street? We can walk there."

She shook her head and said, "Yuck, that place is a dump, and it probably doesn't have any vacancies the night before graduation anyway. Please, boyfriend, can we do it tomorrow? We can fuck like bunny rabbits all tomorrow night. Okay?"

He said, "Well, okay. But what about your parents? They'll be in town. Won't they be upset if they know you're spending the night with me?"

Amy laughed and said, "Oh, heavens no. They know I'm not a virgin. My Mom and I have had a lot of frank talk about sex."

Dwight looked at her quizzically, "So, you told her about us?"

Amy blushed and nodded, "Yes, she knows we've made love, but I didn't give her any details."

They both giggled, and he said, "Well, tomorrow night for sure." He paused for a moment and continued, "Uhh, Babes, how much have you told your folks about the last three weeks?"

Amy replied, "Some, but not a lot. They know about my wearing only panties, about my posing nude in art class, about the topless ushering where I met you, about the daily naked meetings, and umm, I guess that's about it."

Dwight continued, "What about the two auctions, or the photoshoots, or Wytham, or the baseball game, or the ground crew work? Or the things that happened today that even I don't know about?"

Amy simply said, "Nope. They don't know about those. I'll probably tell them everything sometime, but not tomorrow. And I promise to tell you about today tomorrow night, if you know what I mean?"

"Well, okay, I won't say anything to them. And I am meeting them tomorrow, right?"

Amy answered, "Oh, of course. Please meet me outside Kameron at noon. That's where I'm meeting my parents, and Linda and her mother will be there, too. Bring your parents and sister, too; I'm looking forward to meeting them. We'll all go out to lunch before graduation. And you know what?"


Amy giggled, "I'll be clothed for the first time since we've been dating. These tits won't be so easily accessible to you. Can you handle that? Oh, pardon the pun."

Dwight laughed, "Yup, girlfriend, I can handle that. But I'll sure have fun unwrapping the package tomorrow night, and your gorgeous body will be all mine. I won't have to share even the view of it with anyone else." He cupped both of her breasts and lightly brushed his thumbs across her even stiffer nipples.

She let out a soft moan and said, "Oh, that feels good. But, hey, boyfriend, I'm tired. I've been naked and on my feet almost all day, and I need to get up early again tomorrow."

They kissed again as they said goodnight, and Amy waved at him as she walked back into the dorm. She gave Conrad an acknowledging wave as she scooted past him and up the steps.

Back in the dorm room, Amy and Linda talked for an hour or so. Next, Amy quickly typed up the day's diary entry. Then, as she and Linda were setting the alarms and turning off the light, she said, "Good night, Lindy." Amy glanced at the digital clock which showed 12:48 AM; she did a bit of mental arithmetic and said softly to herself, "Only 11 hours and 12 minutes left."

May 21, Monday, Graduation Day

Chapter 82 - Beginning of the Endgame

The alarm clock jarred them awake at 6:15 AM. As Linda got dressed, Amy actually had a spring in her step even though she was still totally naked. She was smiling because she could be a normal American girl this morning and pick out what she wanted to wear even though she couldn't put it on until noon. She selected a pair of black slacks, a dark blue silk blouse, black stockings, and a pair of black low-heel loafers. And she opened the drawer that held her brassieres for the first time in 3 weeks. She picked out 3 bras that would match the pink, off white, and flesh colored panties that Knoxx still had in his office. And she got the string of special pearls that her mother had given her. She dropped all of these things into a big Nordstrom's shopping bag.

Amy and Linda were the first ones in line at the dining hall door just before it opened at 6:30. They were disappointed to see Kelly Stubbins doing the checkin duty, but Linda pulled out two ID cards - her own and Amy's. Stubbins just glanced at Linda's card, but she pondered Amy's card for several seconds as if comparing the picture on the card to the person standing in front of her. Stubbins scanned Amy's naked body from head to foot and said, "You know what I'm going to do this summer, Suzuki?"

Amy gave her a puzzled look, shook her head, and said, "Uh, no. What?"

"Well, I'm going to do some backpacking in Yosemite in California", Stubbins replied. Amy shrugged as Stubbins continued, "One of the places we're going to go is Stubblefield Canyon. And that sounds like a very appropriate name for what I see here this morning. You've got a field of stubble down there in your canyon - your very own Stubblefield Canyon. I'll bet Yosemite's Stubblefield will be a lot better looking than Suzuki's Stubblefield." Stubbins laughed at her own pun, but no one else did.

Amy briefly glanced at her bare pussy and saw the slight stubble that Stubbins was talking about; Amy said nothing and continued to stand there blushing for Stubbins's inspection.

Stubbins went on, "And, Suzuki, as I said yesterday, I think they should have issued you a new ID card when you decided to parade around in your undies. Nobody looks at your face anymore, just at your boobs and more recently your pussy. But I guess this picture really is you. So, go on in." Amy's eyes teared up at being embarrassed by this mean girl for one last time, and as she expected, she felt Stubbins swat her ass very hard as she walked by, and she heard Stubbins yell, "And get a shave, Suzuki."

Amy followed Linda into the serving area, and she awkwardly held her hands at her sides as she watched Linda put two plates on a tray. But almost without thinking, she reached for silverware. However, just before her fingers were about to pick up two forks, Linda grabbed her hand and said, "Amy, don't pick those up. Don't even think about touching anything til we sit down. Stubbins is watching us like a hawk."

Amy looked back over her shoulder and saw that Linda was right; Stubbins was looking directly at Amy. Amy pulled back her hand, and in an exaggerated gesture, she spread her fingers wide and showed the empty hand to Stubbins. And the naked girl meekly followed Linda around showing her what food to put on the plate. She sneaked another look at Stubbins and found her still looking at Amy. And just before exiting into the dining room, she looked again and saw Stubbins still staring at her, but Stubbins was talking to someone on her cell phone. Stubbins seemed to be just waving the students through the checkin process without checking any more ID cards.

Amy and Linda finished breakfast without any further incidents except for the now expected many stares at Amy's naked body.

Back in the dorm room, Amy asked Linda to carry her toothbrush and toothpaste to the bathroom and wait as Amy brushed her teeth. Amy wasn't going to take any chances; the only thing she was permitted to carry today was the shopping bag with her clothes in it.

Before leaving the bathroom, Linda asked, "Are you going to take a shower? I can go get your caddy of showering stuff."

"Uh, no", Amy answered, "They told me not to bother showering because I'll take a shower later at the admin building after doing some punishment chores this morning." Linda frowned, but said nothing, and the two of them returned to the room.

The two friends talked for a couple of minutes finalizing plans for lunch with their families at noon, and then Amy grabbed her Nordstrom's bag, let Linda give her a good luck hug, took a deep breath, and headed out for one final embarrassing episode - or so she hoped.

She was glad to see that there weren't many people outside at 7:15 as she began the walk to Kameron Hall. The 10-minute walk also went by without incident except for some more stares from the few passers by. She climbed the stairs to the seventh floor and was only mildly surprised to see Mrs. Duckworth already at her desk at 7:28 when she walked into the office.

Duckworth frowned at the naked girl and said, "Here, give me that bag. Dr. Knoxx told me to keep it here by my desk this morning while you are being punished." She made is sound as if Amy was going to be lashed to a tree and whacked with a big paddle. Amy meekly handed over her clothes to the woman and then took her spot next to Knoxx's door to await the morning meeting.

Right at 7:30, the door opened and Knoxx waved her into his office. Laird, Telford, Farmer, and Kirkpatrick were seated in their usual chairs, and the naked girl stood in front of Knoxx's desk with her hands at her sides.

Knoxx said, "Good morning, Miss Suzuki." Amy just nodded as he continued, "I just had an interesting phone call. Please step around to the back of my desk so I can examine you more closely." Amy gulped, but she did as instructed standing only a few inches from the man keeping her hands at her sides.

Knoxx stared directly at Amy's bare pussy and said, "Yep, Miss Stubbins was right. You've got a lot of stubble showing down there, and I agree with her that it doesn't look very good. And that's a violation of the acceptable appearance rule in your agreement, isn't it?"

Tears started to form in Amy's eyes and she silently nodded.

Knoxx went on, "Actually, it's a bit more than that. What did Miss Stubbins tell you after checking you in for breakfast?"

Amy stammered, "Umm, uhh, she said something about going to Yellowstone this summer. Uhh, no, I think it was actually Yosemite. I get those two mixed up. Backpacking in . . ."

Knoxx interrupted, "No, that's not what I mean. What did she say to you as she gave you a friendly spank on the butt?"

Amy wanted to tell him that it wasn't a friendly pat, but she replied, "Oh, I think she said something like 'Amy, you need a shave.'"

Knoxx replied, "No, that's not what she told me. She actually said 'Get a shave, Suzuki.' Didn't she?"

Through her tears, Amy said, "Yeah, I guess that's what she said. But isn't that . . ."

Knoxx interrupted again, " 'Get a shave' is an order given to you by a person of authority. Did you shave your pubic area after Miss Stubbins told you to?"

Tears dripped down Amy's cheeks and she quietly said, "No, I didn't."

"Why not?", Knoxx asked.

Amy wiped her eyes with her hand, but her voice still broke as she answered, "W-w-well, y-you told me not to bother taking a shower b-before c-c-coming here this m-morning, and I us-usually do my sh-sh-shaving in the shower."

"But you could have shaved this morning without taking a shower. Right?", he countered.

Amy was tearing up again, and she meekly replied, "Yes, that's right. I'm sorry."

Knoxx's voice raised as he said, "So, it sounds to me like this is actually three violations, not just one. The first one is when Miss Stubbins noticed your unacceptable appearance. The second one is when you did not follow her instructions. And the third one is right now when this committee sees your still unacceptable appearance. We will have to deal with those violations this morning."

After a brief pause, he went on, "You know, Miss Suzuki, a simple 5-minute shave before breakfast would have saved you these 3 violations. That's been kind of a recurring theme these last few weeks; a single mistake or oversight by you expands into multiple violations on these lists." He held up the lists of her previous violations. Through her tears, Amy watched him wave the papers for several seconds.

Knoxx then said, "All right, you can return to your usual spot in front of my desk, and I'll tell you what's going to happen this morning." Naked Amy resumed her position facing the desk and the four men and Knoxx went on, "Do you know what the phrase 'on the bubble' means?"

Amy wasn't sure where this was going, and so she just shook her head.

"Well, it's a phrase heard often just before the big college basketball tournament each March.", he said. "The teams that are pretty good, but not great, are said to be 'on the bubble' for making it into the tournament. Sometimes the selection committee lets such a team into the tournament, but other times they reject the team - that is, bursting its bubble."

"So, think of yourself as being 'on the bubble'. This committee will decide your fate today. But that decision won't necessarily be an in-or-out-of-the-tournament like in basketball; there are possible shades of gray." He held up the pieces of paper again and waved them as he said, "In our opinion, you have not behaved very well these last few weeks. We thought we were being generous in allowing you to continue in school to work toward your journalism degree, but you've disappointed us time after time as these lists attest."

"So, as of right now, every single option is on the table for this committee. Let me give you some examples. We may allow you to get dressed and go to commencement. We may require you to attend commencement as you are right now - that is, very naked. We may defer the decision by telling you not to attend commencement and assigning you some additional punishment for the next few weeks into the summer at which time we would decide about your degree and diploma. We may let you go to commencement, either dressed or undressed, but not give you a degree and/or a diploma. Or we may just expel you like we really wanted to do three weeks ago. We could do any of those things or we might think of something else."

Amy felt her breasts jiggle as she struggled to avoid breaking down completely. She wiped her eyes again, but she said nothing.

Knoxx continued, "But, Miss Suzuki, this is all up to you. You have complete control over the situation. You can make it very simple for us by just leaving right now and going home. No degree, end of story. Or you can help your cause by performing this morning's punishment tasks perfectly. So, I'll ask you right now. Do you want to leave without receiving a degree?"

Amy really wanted to get this nightmare over with, and the temptation to answer 'Yes' to that question was enormous. But she was absolutely determined to get her degree, and so she pulled back her shoulders, thrust out her boobs, looked Knoxx in the eye, and forcefully answered, "No, I will not leave. I want my degree."

Knoxx replied, "Very well. Now, do you have any questions before we discuss your punishment duties for this morning?"

Amy relaxed her at-attention stance just a little bit and said, "You mentioned a possible option of extending the punishment into the summer. But the agreement that I signed says that the punishment period ends at noon today. It's not right to go beyond noon."

"You are correct, Miss Suzuki", Knoxx said. "But that agreement does permit us to assign additional punishment projects. And if this committee decides to extend your punishment beyond today, then we will draw up a new agreement that you are free to sign or not. If you don't sign it, then you would definitely not receive a degree from this fine institution."

Amy's breasts jiggled again as she bit her lip and closed her eyes. She took a few deep breaths trying to maintain her composure and then she asked softly, "What would that punishment be and how long would it last?"

"Well", Knoxx said, "it's somewhat difficult to say for sure right now. But let me ask you if you know Jillian Miller?"

Amy had heard that name before but she couldn't place it, and so she just shook her head.

Knoxx said, "Jillian is the supervisor of the University Hunt Club a few miles up the road. We have had tentative discussions with her about you helping out up there."

Amy gasped as she now remembered the name Jillian Miller. Amy, Linda, and some friends had gone up to that club for an afternoon horse ride last year, and she had met Ms. Miller, a no-nonsense person who took care of the horses. Amy closed her eyes again, because she was afraid that she knew what Knoxx was going to propose.

Knoxx continued, "Jillian would like you to help her take care of the horses and do some other chores. How does that sound?"

Amy took a couple of more deep breaths that raised her breasts noticeably and merely said, "Naked?"

Knoxx said, "Naturally, you would be naked. That is only appropriate considering your original offense and your poor behavior since then. Also, we only have 3 panties left, and we might need them for other things." He said this in such a way that it sounded as if panties were the maximum amount of clothing under discussion.

Amy stammered, "H-how long? Wh-where w-would I stay?"

"Towards the end of July. So, I guess that's about 8 weeks. She thinks she could find a separate stall for you in the barn. Or maybe you could share with the new mare that she told me about."

Amy started crying and said, "Stall? In the barn?"

Knoxx said, "Yes, again that's appropriate considering that you'll be helping with the horses and other such things."

Amy sniffed and asked, "What other things?"

"Well, you'd be pulling a wagon like you did yesterday. She saw you at the art festival and that gave her the idea. She said she would come up with a body harness so you could pull a heavier load, but she thought the bit and tail that you wore would work just fine. And she thought bells attached to your breasts would be appropriate. But this wouldn't be an artistic demonstration like yesterday; this would be real farm work."

Amy just barely held back her tears and said, "Oh, no. Don't do that to me. Not again."

Knoxx seemed to ignore that and continued, "Oh, one more thing she would want. Each July, she puts on a fox hunt for some alumni, and she thought an intriguing change this year would be to substitute you for the fox. You'd be naked, of course, and given a head start of an hour or so, and then the dogs and riders would try to track you down. If you elude their capture for three hours, you'd be given some sort of treat such as being given a pair of panties to wear while you ate a nice meal with the hunters. If they capture you, you would be punished somehow, perhaps by serving the meal to them or maybe pulling a couple of them in a wagon back to the barnyard. She would work out the details with you at that time."

Knoxx was making up most of this as he spoke. He had briefly discussed the possibility with Jillian Miller of Amy working in the stables, but Miller wasn't really interested. Knoxx was just trying to scare the naked girl, and he was succeeding because Amy was appalled at the prospect of being treated like a horse or a fox. She said, "Oh, god, please, no. I'm not an animal and . . ."

Knoxx interrupted her and said, "Miss Suzuki, please calm down. This is just one possible option. We don't even know that we will extend your punishment. And if we do, maybe it will be something else here on campus. Anyway, the better you perform this morning, the less likely such an option is for you. Okay?"

Amy wiped away the tears from her cheeks, but some tears had dripped to her breasts near her nipples and she just left them there glistening. And then she just silently nodded.

Knoxx then said, "Well, time's a wastin'. We need to get you started on this morning's punishment. Actually, I should make that plural - punishments. Our committee had already decided on a couple of activities for you to do this morning as part of the punishment for your many violations yesterday, but in light of your three new violations this morning, we need to add some more punishment."

The naked girl couldn't stop the tears, and she wiped them away as she just stood there listening to Knoxx continue, "If there had only been the one new violation, that is, Miss Stubbins's report of your unshaved pubic area, we would probably have overlooked it. But you elected to ignore her instruction to you to shave yourself, and that was a direct order from a person of authority, that is, Miss Stubbins, who you knew is one of our observers. So, we . . ."

At that instant, Knoxx's phone buzzed, and he frowned, but said, "Excuse me, but my secretary is buzzing." And he picked up the phone and listened for a moment before replying, "Yes, Mrs. Duckworth, please show her in." And a moment later, Kelly Stubbins walked into the office followed by a young man who Amy had never seen before.

Knoxx smiled at the visitors and said, "Ahh, Miss Stubbins, that was perfect timing. We were just talking about you. Please have a seat and introduce your companion to all of us."

Knoxx motioned Stubbins and the guy to the couch right behind Amy. The naked girl stepped to the side and saw the sneer on Stubbins face as she stood in front of the couch. Stubbins said, "Thank you, Dr. Knoxx. This is my boyfriend, Nate Ashford." Ashford shook hands with all of the men, and before extending his hand to Amy, Stubbins said, "And Nate, this is the naughty, naked girl that I've been telling you about, Amy Suzuki." Amy tentatively shook his hand and she could see his eyes looking her up and down. Stubbins and Ashford sat down, and Amy took her spot only a few inches in front of them so that they were looking right at her bare butt.

Knoxx resumed, "Now, Miss Stubbins, I was just about to tell Miss Suzuki about her additional punishment." At this point, Stubbins reached out a hand and pushed Amy firmly on the side of her bare hip. Amy meekly complied and moved a couple of feet to her left so that Knoxx and Stubbins could see each other. Knoxx went on, "And I thought that it would be very appropriate if you would supervise her punishment, since you were the person who first noticed her unshaved genitals this morning. We thank you for coming so promptly after our earlier phone call; I assume that you found a substitute to handle the rest of your cafeteria checkin duty?"

Stubbins nodded and said, "Yes, I asked one of the other RA's to finish my shift. And I'm very happy to hear that I'll be able to assist you in punishing Suzuki this morning."

Amy was beginning to get a very uneasy feeling about this, and she felt a few more tears drip from her cheeks to her breasts. But she just stood there waiting apprehensively.

Knoxx looked at Amy and then at Stubbins and said, "Good. The punishment that we decided on is for Miss Suzuki to shave herself this morning in a very public place - the front porch of Kameron Hall. And Miss Stubbins, we are going to give you free rein to see that she gets shaved so that she looks respectable during the rest of her morning's activities. You can let Miss Suzuki shave herself, you can do the shaving, ask passers-by to do it - it's entirely up to you. However you want to get the job done is fine with us. But remember the ground rules: must do it on the front porch, only Miss Suzuki can be naked, no physical punishment, for example, no paddles or whips. Otherwise, find creative ways to create the maximum embarrassment for her."

Amy cried even harder, and she was unable to stop an audible sob. If she had turned to look at Stubbins, she would have seen a very devilish grin on the RA's face.

Stubbins said, "Sounds good to me, Dr. Knoxx. Maybe Nate here can give me a hand. But one question: Can we spank or slap her with our hands?"

Knoxx pondered a moment and replied, "Well, yes, I suppose that's okay. But only in moderation as part of embarrassing her. You are not allowed to physically hurt her."

"Thanks", Stubbins responded, "That will help us keep her under control. When do we start?"

"In just a few minutes", Knoxx replied. "But first, we need to tell Miss Suzuki what else she will be doing this morning." He shifted his gaze to Amy and went on, "Miss Suzuki, please come with me over to the window; I want to show you something out there."

Amy meekly followed Knoxx over to the window at the side of the office. Knoxx stepped to the side and let the nude coed stand in front of the narrow floor-to-ceiling window that overlooked a parking lot and part of the quad. She flinched as Knoxx put a hand on her shoulder from behind as he said, "See those four vehicles parked down there?" Amy just nodded. "You'll wash them for us, inside and out, so that they look nice for this afternoon's ceremony. They are college vehicles that this committee will be using today." Amy saw two Toyota Avalons, a Cadillac Escalade SUV, and a Lexus LX SUV that were the only cars in the roped off parking lot. She of course knew that she'd be naked while washing those cars. She just sighed, nodded, and quietly said, "Yes, I understand."

Knoxx then put a hand on each of her shoulders from behind, turned her around, and led her back to her spot in front of the desk. He re-took his seat, looked at her naked body for a moment, and then said, "Also, there are some planter boxes on the front porch. We want you to plant a bunch of colorful flowers in them. Mr. Thorson will have the flowers, soil, tools, and everything else you need ready for you to use."

In a whisper, Amy said, "Yes, I understand."

Knoxx went on, "So, here's the sequence of events. You'll shave on the front porch. Plant the flowers on the front porch. Wash the vehicles. Take a shower in the basement. And report back here at 11AM. The committee will then supervise your personal preparation and select which clothes, if any, that you can wear. Then, we will let you know our decision about your fate. Is that clear?"

Amy meekly said, "Yes, sir."

Knoxx continued, "As I told you earlier, you are on the bubble. You are well advised to avoid any further violations. Oh, since we are adding the pubic shaving to your morning's activities, we'll be a little bit flexible on the 11 o'clock time for resuming this meeting. Let's say, 11:45, at the absolute latest. And you can expect it to run somewhat past noon as well. Any questions?"

Amy wiped her eyes and quietly said, "No, sir."

Knoxx looked at Stubbins and said, "Well, Miss Stubbins, she's all yours. Everybody, have a good morning. And that goes most especially for you, Miss Suzuki. Good bye."

Chapter 83 - Pubic Procedure on a Public Porch

The naked girl submissively let Stubbins tightly grab her elbow and guide her out the door. There were two men in business suits sitting in the waiting room, and they gasped at the sight of the pretty nude being led through the room and out into the hallway. Ashford paused for a moment to get a small case of supplies from the secretary, Mrs. Duckworth.

In the hall, Stubbins said, "Okay, Suzuki, we're going to have a little contest. We understand that you are not allowed to use the elevator, but naturally, Nate and I are. So, we're going to race you. If you get down to the first floor before we do, then you'll get to have a woman's experienced touch doing the shaving - that is, I will be shaving you. If we get there first, you'll have a man's inexperienced approach to shaving your pussy - that is, Nate will be shaving you. Got it?" Amy sighed and just nodded. Stubbins then spanked Amy hard on her bare ass and said, "How was that for a 'moderation' spank, Suzuki? Now, ready, set, go!"

The three of them ran to the other end of the hallway where the elevator and stairway were located. Amy could feel Ashford looking at her bouncing boobs, and then at her butt as she dashed into the stairwell. Amy wasn't sure if she should hurry or not, because she didn't want Stubbins, her real nemesis, to shave her private parts; she was certain that Stubbins would treat her roughly and find ways to embarrass her even more. But she wasn't sure about having the strange man, Ashford, doing it either. From what Stubbins said, Amy guessed that Ashford had not shaved a woman's pubes before, and Amy wasn't sure about having a rookie scraping a sharp blade around her pussy.

So, it was a no-win situation, and Amy made only a half-hearted attempt to hurry down the eight flights of stairs to the lobby. She was breathing hard as she opened the door on the first floor, and she was not surprised to see Stubbins and Ashford standing there waiting for her.

Stubbins looked over at Ashford and said, "Well, my man, you get a real treat this morning. You get to practice on this tramp." Then she winked at him and added, "And then do mine, a real woman's pussy, tonight."

The clock in the lobby read 7:50 AM, and there was a stream of people reporting to work in the building. They stared at the nude girl who was being led out the front door onto the porch. Edgar Thorson was leaning on his cane off to the side taking an inventory of the gardening supplies that Amy would need later.

Stubbins looked around and then said, "Okay, here. Get down on the ground, Suzuki, spread-eagle, on your back. We'll do your front first."

Amy gave her a stunned look and stammered, "Wh-wh-what? It's c-c-cold."

"So? I don't care if it's a sheet of ice; get your naked ass down on the ground, well, actually, it's concrete. Face up. And don't say another word. Got it?"

Amy started to cry again, but she nodded and followed the order as she knew that she must. She shuddered as her bare bottom touched the cold porch surface and again when her bare back touched down, and she slid her butt a few inches so her head was at the front of a bench where Stubbins was pointing with her legs stretched legs out toward the street. She spread her arms out above her, wincing when her knobby wrist bone hit the leg of the bench. And then she slowly spread her legs wide, opening her pussy lips fully. Several people stopped as they came up the steps to look at the strange scene next to the front entrance.

Amy closed her eyes which were filled with tears, but she dared not wipe them and she felt the tears roll down the side of her face and into her ears. She just waited there for several seconds expecting the shaving cream to be applied to her pussy.

But she was shocked to feel a rope being tied to her wrists and then bound to the legs of the bench; Stubbins was doing her left hand, Ashford her right hand. Amy opened her mouth to complain, but remembered the no-speaking order. Then, she felt Stubbins grab her left foot and Ashford her right, and they pulled her a few inches further away from the bench toward the street so that Amy's arms were now stretched out tight above her almost flattening her full breasts, her small dark nipples and areolas were now eye-catchingly noticeable on her bare chest. And as she feared, they tied a rope around each ankle, spread her legs farther apart, and bound the ropes to something she couldn't see. (The ankle ropes were tied around the feet of two trash containers.) She was now tied, naked, and spread-eagled on the porch; completely helpless; completely at the mercy of her antagonists.

Stubbins said, "Open your eyes, Suzuki. Look at me." Amy opened her eyes, but she couldn't see Stubbins clearly because of the tears. Stubbins went on, "Well, now. I've been wanting this opportunity for weeks now, and I thought it would never come. But you slipped up and gave me this perfect chance to get back at you for your snobbish, stuck-up attitude. However, you know what would make this even more perfect? If your bitchy roommate, Hathaway, were strapped down here naked next to you, so I could shave both of your cunts. I'll bet she's got a nice lush bush that we could work on. Doesn't she?"

Amy knew she couldn't say anything, and so she just lay there. But Stubbins kicked her lightly in the ribs while repeating, "Hathaway's got a hairy bush. Doesn't she?"

The naked girl slowly nodded her head in agreement. Linda had a normal amount of pubic hair. But Amy was alarmed by this talk of her good friend, Linda. Had Linda done something stupid and got sucked into this naked nightmare by Knoxx or Stubbins? Was Linda going to be led out here naked and tied down next to her?

Stubbins said, "I thought so. Unlike you and your slutty, Yul Brynner style mound with its accumulation of stubble. It's too bad we can't have Hathaway here, too, and so, Nate and I will have to be content returning you to your required bald state down there. Now, we don't want you to be moving around when we've got this sharp blade so close to your privates." And she held up the straight-edge razor that Amy could barely make out through her tears. "So, hold still. We're going to start now."

Amy was surprised when Stubbins wiped her eyes with a tissue; a very minor blessing, but it allowed Amy to see more clearly. And turning her head just a bit to her right, she saw Tyson Laird standing next to her bound right hand; he was smirking down at her. Then, she saw Ashford kneel down between her wide-spread legs, and she expected him to lather up the shaving cream. But instead, she felt his fingers pull her clitoris all the way from under its little hood, and he started to massage it. Amy thought silently, "Oh, god, they're going to make me come here in front of everybody." And she tried to fight it by thinking about something else besides the sexual stimulation. She tried to think about one of the questions on her journalism final exam, but it didn't help.

Ashford said, "Hey, Kel, look at Subaru's clit. It really sticks out. It was . . ."

Stubbins interrupted him with a puzzled look, "Subaru?"

Ashford chuckled and said, "Oh, sorry. I guess I mixed up the Japanese cars. You know Subaru and Suzuki. We work on both of them at the garage."

Stubbins laughed, "Yeah, this one is a Suzuki."

Ashford also laughed and went on, "Anyway, her clit was showing clearly before I pulled it out. Just look at it. Wow, what a turn on!" He then reached farther down and slipped a finger part way into Amy's moist vagina. "Oh, I want to stick my dick in here. Please, Kel."

But Stubbins said, "No way. She's the only one who can be naked here."

Ashford protested, "But I don't need to be naked. Just let me get my cock out of my pants. Oh, please, Kel."

Stubbins replied, "Can't do it. We agreed that you could play with her, but no fucking."

Ashford persisted, "But she's getting turned on, too. She's starting to get wet down here, and look at her tits. The nips are really getting hard. She really wants it. And I'm so aroused that my balls actually hurt!"

Stubbins said, "No, we're not allowed to punish her physically."

Ashford would not give up, "Oh, I'm not going to hurt her. In fact, she's going to really enjoy it. Oh, please, Kel." He looked over at Laird as he added, "They didn't tell us we couldn't fuck her."

Stubbins hesitated a moment and then knelt down next to Amy and started to gently twist the now rock hard nipples. Amy was afraid that Stubbins was going to give in to Ashford's pleading when she heard Laird say, "Miss Stubbins, no sexual intercourse." Stubbins just looked at Ashford and shook her head. And Ashford closed his eyes, bowed his head, and let out a soft moan; Amy suspected that he had just come in his pants.

Amy raised her head as best she could and watched Stubbins lightly twisting her nipples. And farther down she saw her pubic mound rising and falling; she wasn't even aware that she was raising her butt in such a vulgar display. She lowered her head back down to the concrete, closed her eyes, and admitted defeat as her body lurched and she let out a low moan. She had just come here on this public porch; it had not been an intense orgasm, but the onlookers knew what had just happened.

After a moment, Stubbins said, "Wow, Nate. You really got her going just with your fingers. Save some of that for me tonight where there won't be any such restrictions." Ashford gave Stubbins a pleading look with his mouth open breathing very hard.

Amy lay there panting as Stubbins continued with her tits and Ashford with her clit. But after about a minute they stopped and Stubbins said to her in a mocking voice, "Well, little miss Subaru, your pleasure time is over, and we've got a job to do."

Stubbins turned to Ashford and said, "Give me that garden hose, and I'll wash her down. We need her completely wet down there before shaving."

Ashford started to get up to get the hose from the side of the porch, but Laird said, "Wait. That water's going to be really cold on her. Grab that bucket and fill it with warm water from the restroom." After all of Laird's torment the last few weeks, Amy was relieved that he actually seemed to be looking out for her welfare these last few minutes.

Stubbins was about to complain, but she then looked at Ashford and nodded. While Ashford was gone, Stubbins checked Amy's bindings and tightened one of the ankle ropes that had loosened a little bit. Then she stood between Amy's wide spread legs and looked down at the helpless naked girl. Stubbins said, "As you could probably tell from Nate's comment about Japanese cars, he's an auto mechanic, and he's used to working with his hands. But he's not used to working on a delicate thing like your pussy with a thing like this." And she brandished the straight-edge razor in front of her again. "You're a perfect guinea pig for him to practice on." She just stared down at Amy's pussy until Ashford returned when she said, "Get her good and wet down there." And she waited as the guy used a sponge to soak Amy's entire slit. Stubbins went on, "Good, now, here's the can of shaving cream. Just squirt a big glob of it on her mound and then rub it around down around her lips."

The campanile chimed eight times at 8AM as Ashford squirted the shaving cream onto Amy. He then spread it into a thin layer over her mound and then down along her pussy lips next to her legs. Amy twitched when she saw him pick up the long straight edge blade. Stubbins yelled, "Hold still, bitch, do you want to get hurt? That's why we tied you down." Amy started crying again, but Stubbins ignored her and said, "Tell you what, Nate. I'll sit on her stomach to keep her still while you shave her. Okay?" Ashford agreed, and Stubbins straddled the naked girl with one knee on each side. She faced "south" so she could closely watch Ashford work. Helpless Amy felt Stubbins's jeans on her stomach and sides, and all that she could see was the back of Stubbins's gray sweatshirt. But she could feel the sharp steel blade being gently scraped across her pubic mound just an inch from her tender pussy lips.

For the next few minutes, Amy just lay there as motionless as she could. Stubbins wasn't putting her full weight to Amy's chest, but it was still uncomfortable to the naked girl, because the edges of Stubbins's jeans pockets occasionally rubbed against her bare nipples. Amy listened as Stubbins gave instructions to Ashford on how to shave her mound, and then she felt the awkward stroke of the razor as Ashford followed the instructions. One time, Stubbins took the razor from him and showed him how to shave in the crease between the lips and the upper leg. Amy couldn't see that Stubbins had actually switched to the safety razor, and so the naked girl tried to remain rigidly still thinking that they were still using the long steel blade.

Amy noticed that Laird had moved a bit so he could watch the shaving from a better angle, and he said, "Miss Suzuki, you realize that you could have completely avoided this embarrassing operation by simply doing a 5-minute shave in private at the dorm, don't you?" Amy started to cry again as she looked up at the man leering down at her; she just nodded, because she knew he was right. She should have shaved herself earlier.

As Ashford was wiping off the excess cream with a towel, he asked Laird, "Before we turn her over, can I do her legs? I see a little bit of stubble on them, too."

Laird looked at his watch and said, "Sure, son. We have lots of time for that, and it sounds like a fine idea. And why don't you do her underarms since she's all laid out for you?"

Once again, Amy almost complained, since she had done her legs and underarms just yesterday morning, and she knew they didn't need to be shaved again so soon. And her momentary good thoughts about Laird evaporated, because he had just agreed to extend this humiliating torment for several more unnecessary minutes. She just bit her lip and continued to sob quietly, and she turned her head to see Laird go back into the building.

Stubbins whispered urgently, "Nate, Nate, he's gone. But I think it's only for a moment. Hurry, grab that hose, and we'll hose down this bitch's legs." Stubbins quickly climbed off of Amy's stomach as Ashford smiled, and he quickly followed her instructions. Amy's whole body shook in a massive shiver as Ashford sprayed the cold water on the naked girl's legs and pussy.

As Ashford was lathering up her legs with shaving cream, Amy overheard a brief conversation by some onlookers. A guy said, "Wow, who's that hot chick?" And a girl answered, "They call her 'Underpants Amy'." The guy responded, "Why? She's not wearing any underpants now. She's completely naked, and I can see right up into her pussy." The girl said, "Sorry, sweetie, I don't know why she's not wearing her underwear. I know she's being punished for streaking, but I thought they allowed her to wear panties. Maybe she did something more wrong, and they're punishing her more severely. Or maybe she's part of the graduation activities; I heard that she was at the art and wine festival over the weekend serving as the canvas for body painting and later pulling a wagon around naked. I just don't know why she's here. But come on, it's cold out here and I want to get to the union for breakfast and some nice hot coffee. I've heard they've got a band playing in the cafeteria, and then we can look at the art displays. I just heard someone say that Amy would be here performing all morning. Maybe we'll come back here later and watch her some more, if we can't find anything better to look at." From her bound position on the ground, Amy watched the feet and legs of the couple as they walked away through the crowd; she didn't know who they were. She was stunned to hear the woman use the word "performing", and she then realized that she was now just a sideshow to provide some graduation day entertainment. Amy shivered some more and continued to cry.

Stubbins whispered to Ashford again, "Nate, quick, dump out that bucket of warm water and re-fill with the cold water from the hose before that man comes back." Ashford smirked and did what she said.

A few moments later, Laird re-appeared and he didn't seem to notice the naked girl was shivering quite a bit. He just re-took his spot near her head. Amy knew that she shouldn't say anything, and she just lay there as Ashford knelt down between her legs. And Stubbins re-took her position straddling Amy's stomach again facing "south" so she could supervise Ashford's shaving of Amy's legs.

Amy felt Stubbins lean over and put her hands on Amy's pelvis. Stubbins said, "Okay, Nate, lather her up." And Ashford squirted several globs of shaving cream onto the nude girl's legs and spread it around. Then, he was about to start shaving on Amy's inner left thigh, but Stubbins said, "Whoa, Nate, you need to start at the bottom and go against the grain." Then, Stubbins turned her head and said to Amy, "See, Suzuki, I just saved you from a rookie shaver's mistake."

Ashford then started the shaving just above Amy's left ankle, and Amy lay there rigid for the next few minutes as he ran the safety razor up her legs. Amy still was not aware that he was using the safety razor rather than the straight edge, and she was really afraid of being nicked by this amateur using an unsophisticated tool on her.

As he was finishing Amy's upper legs, Stubbins again spread open the crease between Amy's mound and inner thigh so that Ashford could shave in there again even though he had just done that same area as part of the pubic shaving.

Finally, Stubbins said, "Good, Nate. Let's rinse her off now from the bucket."

Laird saw the smirks on Stubbins's and Ashford's faces and sensed that something was amiss, and he said, "Wait a second, Miss Stubbins. Let me make sure that water is still warm enough." He reached his hand into the cold water and quickly pulled it out again. He realized what had happened, but all he said was, "Mr. Ashford, this water has cooled off too much; please go back inside and re-fill this bucket with warm water."

Reluctantly, Ashford got up, emptied the bucket onto the nearby lawn, and went back inside the building.

Laird then said, "While he's gone, let me check to see if he's done a good job on Miss Suzuki." And he knelt down between Amy's wide-spread legs. He ran his finger nail across Amy's bare mound and up and down her pubic lips.

At the same time, Stubbins pulled Amy's clitoris out again and started massaging it. Amy could feel herself becoming aroused again, and she tried to resist her body's natural reaction to the stimulation of her clit and pussy lips.

Then, Laird said, "Oh, Miss Stubbins, is that ring from Adams High School in Manchester? Did you go to Adams?"

Stubbins replied, "Yes, sir, I did. Do you know it?"

Laird said, "Yes, I also graduated from Adams many years ago. What a coincidence! Do they continue to have a championship level football team every year?"

Stubbins continued massaging Amy's clit while answering, "Yeah, we were state champs three years while I was there. And I heard that they won again this year." And Stubbins and Laird chit-chatted about their memories of Adams High School while they continued their stroking of Amy's very private parts. They were oblivious to Amy's moans until the naked girl came again in a more intense orgasm than before.

Stubbins climbed off of the naked girl, and she and Laird looked down in surprise at the Amy's face which was contorted in a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment. They each just chuckled at the sight as Ashford returned with the warm water.

After Ashford sponged off Amy's bare legs, Laird made another quick inspection and nodded his approval of the shaving job. Laird said, "Okay, let's do her underarms now."

Stubbins said, "Nate, let me do these. I don't want you to have all the fun." And she again straddled Amy's tummy, but this time she faced "north".

Amy was still breathing heavily from her second orgasm, and she was rolling her head back and forth as well as straining against her bindings. Stubbins slapped Amy's face and said, "Hold still, Suzuki. Do you want your tender underarms all sliced up?" Amy looked at Stubbins dully and then laid her head back and tried to stay still.

Stubbins tweaked Amy's nipples and then lathered up the outstretched armpits. As Ashford held Amy's right arm motionless, Stubbins used her left hand fingers to hold the skin taut and then carefully skimmed the safety razor over the armpit removing the very slight stubble.

As Stubbins was doing the left armpit, Amy looked up to see Laird smirking down at her and she felt Ashford holding her left arm. The naked girl was thankful that their focus had moved away from her pubic area even though she knew that her open pussy was fully exposed to the nearby crowd of onlookers.

After Stubbins rinsed off the armpits, she continued to sit on Amy's stomach for a few more seconds; she even let her weight settled onto Amy a little bit too much. But Amy knew she couldn't protest, and she just shifted her butt a little bit to try to get more comfortable. Then Stubbins said, "Okay, naked one, we're going to turn you over and do the back of your legs and your butt crack. So, we're going to untie you, flip you over, and tie you down again. And you need to quit wiggling around, because this razor is really sharp." And she brandished the long straight edge razor in front of Amy's eyes again. She added, "Got it, Suzuki?" Amy silently nodded.

They untied Amy's wrists and ankles giving her the brief chance to flex her arms and legs. Then she followed Stubbins order to turn over and spread-eagled her limbs again. As they tied the ropes to her wrists and ankles again, she felt her nipples rub against the rough concrete; the only minor consolation was that the cement was no longer cold, because it had been warmed by her own body heat as she had lain on her back. She sighed, turned her head, and rested her left cheek on the rough surface.

Once again, Stubbins straddled the nude girl; this time almost sitting on Amy's back facing "south" to watch Ashford do the backside of Amy's pretty long legs. This went pretty quickly as Ashford seemed to be getting the hang of it.

But after they rinsed off her legs, Amy was jolted as she felt someone spread apart her butt cheeks. It was Ashford, and he shoved a handful of lathered shaving cream in between her legs. He worked his hands along her crease to get the shaving cream in there. Then, he took the safety razor in his right hand and tried to spread her rear cheeks again with his left hand. But he said, "Hey, Kel, how am I going to get in here to shave her?"

Stubbins bent over and used both of her hands to spread Amy's butt cheeks, but Ashford said, "No, I still can't get in there. I think it would be better if she were sort of kneeling with her legs spread. Kel, you're a girl, how would you do it?"

Stubbins replied, "Well, Nate, this is kind of new territory even for me. I've never shaved a woman from this angle. Let's try your idea."

Stubbins then said harshly, "Suzuki, we're going to undo your feet, and we want you to kneel with your ass in the air for us. We're going to leave your hands tied, because we still don't want you wiggling around. Got it?"

Amy tried to nod her head, but she could only move it a little bit with her face on the ground. Stubbins didn't see the slight head movement and said, "Well, bitch, do you understand?"

Amy said quietly, "Yes, I understand."

This enraged Stubbins who spanked Amy's naked butt and said, "What did we say about talking? Just nod your head if you understand. Okay?"

Amy started to quietly sob, but she made a more concerted effort to nod her head. She felt the rough concrete scrape against her facial cheek as she nodded her head so Stubbins could see it.

Stubbins said, "Good", as she untied the ropes from Amy's ankles. She continued, "Okay, Suzuki, get your butt up in the air for us."

Amy struggled to get to her knees while her hands were still tied tightly to the bench legs. She felt the concrete scrape against her knees as she moved her legs slowly up under her bent over body.

Stubbins said, "Okay, that's better", but she then reached in and spread Amy's knees even wider apart. "Face on the ground. Raise your ass." Amy reluctantly complied knowing that her most private parts were now on conspicuous display.

Stubbins then wiped Amy's crease with a towel and said, "All right, we're ready to go again." Then, she paused for a moment before saying, "Whoa, is that what we women look like down there? It's kind of gross looking, isn't it, Nate?"

Ashford smiled and said, "Oh, Kel, I don't know. It looks pretty sexy to me. Look, there's her pussy hole aimed perfectly for a cock to squeeze into it." And he worked his fingertip part way into Amy's vagina again.

Stubbins giggled and said, "Well, if you say so. And before you ask again, the answer is 'no' again. You cannot fuck her. Come on, let's get her shaved."

Amy was crying quietly at this intimate inspection and as they lathered up the shaving cream and worked it in around her asshole.

Stubbins spread the butt cheeks, and Ashford gently worked the safety razor around Amy's anus area. Then, they wiped the area with a towel, and Stubbins ran her fingertip over the shaved area.

Stubbins then said, "Eewww, Suzuki, you stink. Did you just fart?" And she spanked Amy's raised butt again. She continued, "Nate, there's a couple of hairs right there next to her hole. See, right there?" And Amy felt Stubbins fingertip almost enter her anus. And again, Stubbins spread Amy's butt cheeks and Ashford went over it again with the razor. And then they rinsed Amy's entire crease again.

A moment later, Stubbins said, "Well, I guess we're done. Mr. Laird, do you want to look it over?"

Laird kneeled down and used his own hands to spread Amy's butt cheeks. Amy felt his fingers lightly stroke her entire crease. He said, "Yes, Miss Stubbins, it looks good to me. Let her up so she can get started on her next activity."

Ashford undid the ropes on Amy's wrists, and the naked girl slowly got to her feet. Ashford then used the towel to brush off her knees and face. And he spent a little too much time using the towel to clean off her breasts.

Laird went on, "Well, Miss Suzuki, you certainly look better now. Please thank these two young people for a job well done."

Reluctantly, Amy reached out her hand and limply shook hands with Stubbins and Ashford saying meekly, "Thanks, Kelly. Thanks, Nate."

As Ashford looked longingly at Amy's perfectly bald pussy, Stubbins said sarcastically, "Yep, it's been fun working on you, Subaru. We got your drain holes nice and clean. Come on, Nate, you've got to get to work, and I've got to get back to the dorm. But I'll come over to your place this evening, and we'll make our own fun." And they turned and left, leaving Amy standing next to Laird.

Chapter 84 - Gardens Full of Marigolds

Amy was breathing heavily after making it through the trying ordeal, and she was still partially aroused from the nearly constant touching of her most private parts. There was still a small group of people around watching her full breasts rise and fall as she continued to take in deep breaths of air.

Laird turned to her and said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, do you need to rest or use the bathroom? You've still got a lot of work to do this morning, but you can probably add a few minutes here to rest."

Amy shook her head and said, "No, I'm okay." She just wanted to get through these last few hours, and she knew that resting now would just prolong the torment.

Laird just nodded and guided the naked girl by her elbow over to Thorson and Conrad who were waiting nearby. Laird said, "Okay, gentlemen, she's all yours for the rest of the morning. It looks like you've got all of the gardening stuff she'll need for the flowers, right?"

Thorson said, "Yep, Mr. Laird. We're all ready for her." He turned to face Amy and paused for a moment as his eyes scanned her gorgeous naked body from top to bottom, and then he said, "Okay, Amy. As you can see, we've got several pallets of these pretty yellow marigolds from the nursery, and we want you to plant them in these two big planter boxes. Have you planted flowers like this before?"

Amy nodded and quietly said, "Yes, Mr. Thorson, I've helped my mother with her garden many times including planting annuals like these."

Thorson continued, "Well, good, and so you know that soil preparation is very important. We've got a big supply of bags of Supersoil over there, and you'll want to work that into the soil that's already in the planter boxes. But first, you'll need to get the weeds out of there.'

Amy looked over at the planter boxes and saw that there was one on either side of the main walkway; they were actually raised beds about 10' x 10' surrounded by short concrete walls with a wide slab on top where people could sit. Fortunately, there weren't many weeds, and she knew she could get them out pretty fast. So, she just sighed and walked over to the first bed. There were a couple of people sitting on the edge, but they moved when naked Amy hopped up next to them and stepped into the garden. She knew that there was no way to be discrete about this; her entire naked body would be on display once again while she was working here. She just dropped to her knees and started pulling out the few dandelion-like weeds that were in the bed. Her long hair drooped in front and to the sides of her face; she wished she could pin it up to get it out of the way, but she knew better than to ask for that because that would violate the total nudity rule that they had imposed on her. She was not even permitted a few bobby pins.

It only took her about 5 minutes of crawling around in the bed to remove the weeds, mostly using her hands, but sometimes needing a small weeding tool. She felt her boobs swaying beneath her as she crawled around, and she knew that her naked rear end was a center of attention. She tried to just ignore the crowd which seemed to be getting larger again.

She hopped down out of the first planter box, walked across the wide sidewalk to the other box, and scrambled up into it. As she started pulling the weeds, she noticed that the early morning clouds were burning off and that the sun was coming out. After having lain on the cold concrete, the warming rays felt good on her bare skin.

After quickly finishing the weeding, she asked Thorson what she should do with the refuse. He said, "Put it over in that plastic barrel, Amy. We'll take it back to our compost pile later."

Amy was about to pick up the stack of weeds, but she stopped and asked, "Umm, Mr. Thorson, am I permitted to carry stuff this morning? Part of my punishment prohibits carrying anything at all today, unless the Chancellor's committee approves it."

Thorson replied, "Well, that's the first I've heard about that." And he turned to Laird who was still standing nearby and said, "Mr. Laird? What about that? Can she carry things? If not, that's going to cause a problem getting this gardening done and later washing the cars."

Laird pondered for a moment and said, "Yeah, sure. Carrying is okay. But remember that she's not allowed to wear anything - no gloves, no hat, no kneepads, no sunglasses, no shoes, no panties. Nothing."

Amy blushed as Laird, Thorson, and Conrad turned back to face her. Then, she sighed, picked up the two stacks of weeds, and carried them over to the discard barrel and dropped them in before coming back over to Thorson.

As she stood in front of the men, she brushed her hair back out of her eyes, but she noticed that her hands were already very dirty and she realized that she had probably just put a dirty smudge on her forehead. She glanced down at her knees and saw that they were also grey with dirt. She was going to be filthy by the time this job got done.

Again, she just sighed and asked, "Okay, I guess the next step is to plow up the existing soil and work in that planting mix. Do you suggest a shovel, a rake, a pitch fork, or what?" She saw all of those things in the collection of tools on the little truck nearby.

Conrad said, "Whatever you want. We've got them all here. But we also have this little gas powered tiller that would probably be faster. Right, Edgar?"

Thorson said, "Yep, Marv. But she needs to be very careful since she's not wearing any protective gear. Well, actually, she's not wearing anything at all." He turned and continued, "So, Amy, if you want to use it, please be careful. Do some slow practice runs before plowing ahead - pun intended." They all laughed lightly at Thorson's little joke. "It's all gassed up; just pull the cord to get it started."

The naked girl trudged over to the truck, moved things around so she could get to the tiller, and rolled it out of the truck and over to the garden. She couldn't quite lift it up over the wall, but she was able to stand on the wall, bend over, and kind of roll the little wheels up the side of the wall, over the edge, and into the bed. Again, she was well aware of the enticing sight that she was creating with her boobs dangling beneath her.

She was happy to find that the machine was easy to use, and she quickly got the hang of it. It only took a few minutes to run it over the two beds. But the tiller kicked up the loose dirt everywhere; it covered her legs and some even came up between her legs into her pussy. Even her breasts had a light smattering of dirt on them. She tried to brush off the dirt, but that just seemed to move it around turning it into smudges. So, she tried shaking her legs and breasts, and that seemed to work better - and of course, the crowd liked that better, too!

The next step was to work in the Supersoil, and she looked down at the big plastic bags. She didn't know how much they weighed, but she knew they would be heavy. She hoped that Conrad would offer to help her carrying the bags from the pallet over to the gardens, but he didn't budge. And she knew better than to ask. So, she bent her naked form over and picked up one of the bags. She could lift it, but it was too heavy to carry up the walk to the garden. She thought, "Why didn't they put that pallet closer to the planter boxes?" But the forklift was nowhere in sight.

She dropped the bag back on the pallet and considered the situation. Then she spotted the wheelbarrow on the back of the little maintenance truck, and she decided to use it to get the bags from the pallet to the gardens. As the men just sat there and watched, she unloaded the wheelbarrow and rolled it over to the pallet. She struggled to load one big bag from the pallet into the wheelbarrow, but she got it in and rolled it over to the garden. Again, it was a struggle to get it from the wheelbarrow up into the planter box, but she was able to do it.

She slit open the bag and dumped the potting mix onto the ground. She used a rake to spread it around a bit, and then fired up the tiller again. And this seemed to do a good job of working the Supersoil in with the existing dirt.

From the raised planting bed, the naked girl looked over with resignation at the remaining 11 bags of potting mix on the pallet 50 feet away. She climbed down, sighed, and rolled the wheelbarrow back to the pallet to get another bag. She spent about 15 minutes moving the big bags from the pallet to the planter beds, 6 bags in each bed. This was an exhausting task for the naked girl, and by the time she lifted the last bag up into the bed, she was perspiring heavily.

Using the tiller to mix in the Supersoil was a fairly easy job, but it was again a very dirty operation. After she finished, her sweat covered body was also covered with another layer of dirt. Shaking her boobs, legs, and arms only worked marginally well this time. She looked down at her dirty body, made a token attempt to wipe some dirt out of her pussy, and realized it was hopeless. She just sighed, grabbed a rake, and quickly smoothed out the two beds.

The very pretty, but now very dirty, nude girl walked over to the other pallet that held the flats of marigolds. She loaded several of the flats into the wheelbarrow and came back to the planter boxes. Conrad came over and said to her, "Okay, Amy. You've only got the easy part of this job yet to do. You may have your own technique, but let me suggest just using this hand trowel to quickly dig a hole in the loose soil. Leave the blade in the ground to hold the soil off to the side, slide in a flower, pull out the blade, and tamp down the area around the plant. Some people like a random arrangement of the flowers, but Mr. Thorson prefers straight rows. Use some string if necessary to keep them straight. Plant them about a foot apart."

Amy brushed back her hair, adding yet another streak of dirt to her cheek and forehead. She just nodded at Conrad and set to work.

As he had said, this job went really fast. After quickly laying out the grid with some twine, it only took her a few seconds to plant each of flowers. The only incident happened on the very last row of the second bed. She was kneeling on the edge of the wall, bending over to plant a flower, when a guy on the sidewalk behind her reached in and stroked her bare pussy. She was startled, lost her balance, tumbled into the bed, and fell onto her back covering her legs, butt, back, and hair with dirt. With her legs wide spread, she yelled up at him, "Oh, shit. Look what you made me do." But she quickly got back on the edge of the wall and straightened out the several flowers that had been dislodged when she fell. The filthy girl then stood on the edge at a corner with her legs slightly spread and looked over the flower bed. She then scrambled down and went over to the first bed and did the same. Since everything looked okay, she got down and faced Conrad who walked over to her.

"Nice job, Amy", he said. "Now, use this spraying device to water and fertilize the flowers. This contraption mixes vitamin B-1 in with the water in just the right combination, and it will get the flowers off to a good start." The nude girl numbly took the sprayer and hose from him and followed his instructions; it only took a minute or so to spray the two flower beds. She silently handed the device back to Conrad and stood waiting for further instructions.

Thorson came over and joined them. He looked over Amy's naked body which was streaked with dirt and sweat, but he smiled at her and said, "Well done, Amy. It has certainly brightened up the entrance to the building. I now wish we'd done it a few days ago so that our graduation visitors over the weekend could have seen such a nice display of nature's beauty." He chuckled as he paused for a moment before continuing, "But by doing it today, we all got to see another display of nature's beauty - a beautiful naked woman." Conrad laughed at this, but Amy just stood there silently.

Thorson went on, "All right, it's 9:30, and you need to get started on the cars. I'll tell you what, Marv will clean up here and put away the tools while you and I can go down to the parking lot. Okay?" Amy just dully nodded.

But Thorson continued, "Actually, you are a real mess right now, and you might actually get the vehicles dirtier rather than cleaner in your current state. Hey, Marv, there's a long hose connected to the hot water in the maintenance closet in the lobby. Go fire it up with warm water, and let's hose down this pretty worker. Amy, go stand in the lawn over there. It will just take him a minute or so."

Amy sighed, but she was thankful that she'd get to clean off some of this dirt and that it would be warm water rather than the ice cold water that Stubbins had sprayed on her earlier. She trudged over to the lawn area; as she waited, she noticed that the crowd followed her and was now kind of circling her on the sidewalks around the lawn.

A moment later, Conrad worked his way through the crowd with the hose; she noticed that there was another spraying device on the end of the hose. Conrad said, "Okay, Amy, move over there to the middle, spread your arms and legs, and I'll hose you down. Let me know if the water is either too hot or too cold."

Amy silently followed his instructions. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth and a moment later the spray of water hit her back. She relaxed when she realized how good it felt even though it was kind of like taking a shower in public. She said, "Yes, Mr. Conrad, the water is just right - right temperature and right pressure. It feels really nice."

Conrad hesitated before continuing, "Umm, what about your hair? It's really dirty. Do you want it washed out now? Maybe you just want to shake it now and then shampoo it later?"

"Yeah, that's a good idea." And Amy put on another show for the crowd by shaking her head wildly for several seconds. Naturally, other parts of her body shook nicely as well.

Then, she held up her hair and stood still to let him run the spray over her entire naked body. After he sprayed up between her legs, he said, "Why don't you use your hands to wipe off as much as possible, and then I'll rinse you down?"

Amy nodded and wiped off her arms and legs, and she tried to wipe out some of the dirt that had worked its way into her private openings without much success. A guy in the crowded piped up, "Hey, Amy, do you need a hand cleaning down there?" Amy gave the guy a weak smile and shook her head. She then reached around behind and tried to wipe off her butt. Again the same guy yelled, "Oh, please, Amy, let me do that." And another nearby guy said, "I can do your boobs. Come on, Amy, let us help." Amy ignored them and cleaned herself as well as she could.

The naked girl then held up her hair again and nodded at Conrad. He rinsed off her entire body including another spray of her pussy area. He told her to close her eyes, and he carefully sprayed her still dirty face.

Amy heard him shut off the water, and she opened her eyes expecting him to give her a towel. But instead she heard Thorson yell from the sidewalk, "Come on, Amy, let's get down to the parking lot."

Chapter 85 - Naked Car Washing

Amy let her hair back down and wiped the water from her eyes. And she slowly walked down the slight hill on the narrow sidewalk to the parking lot with Thorson following closely behind. She was very conscious of his eyes looking at her bare butt as she made the short walk. She was somewhat thankful that they had roped off the parking lot to keep out other cars as well as the crowd of people. She ducked under the rope and then held it up for Thorson so he could walk into the parking lot.

The four big cars were the only vehicles in the lot, and they were parked in such a way that they were spaced well apart. Amy walked over to the nearest one where the nice old man, Russ, was waiting with all of the materials that she would need. She smiled at him and as she shook his hand, he said, "Hi, Amy, I didn't think I'd see you again, and it's a pleasure, uuhh, honey." And they both chuckled at his use of the endearing term.

As Thorson was hobbling across the lot to join them, the nude girl grabbed a towel and quickly dried herself off. When he arrived, he said, "Okay, Amy. I don't think it really matters which one you do first. Arbitrarily, why don't you start with the Toyotas? We'll leave the rope up to keep out other cars til you're almost done. So, go to it, pretty lady."

Amy hesitated before she picked up the buckets and sponges, and she asked, "Uhh, again, Mr. Thorson, is it okay if I carry stuff around in the parking lot? I know you asked Mr. Laird before, but I just want to double-check. Could you please call the Dr. Knoxx? Maybe Russ can carry this stuff down for me while you make the call?"

Thorson replied, "Well, Amy, I did ask before and I did mention the car wash and Mr. Laird did agree. But just for your peace of mind, I'll call Dr. Knoxx. But go ahead and get started."

Russ opened the door of the little maintenance truck that had all the buckets, towels, and sponges, and cheerfully said to Amy, "Okay, honey, hop in. It will be just like old times, won't it?"

Amy chuckled, but said, "Sorry, Russ, I'm not permitted to ride this morning. I can only use my feet. So, you drive and I'll walk; it's only a hundred feet or so."

The naked girl took a couple of steps and the old man pulled the little truck up next to her, and they made their way down the parking lot to the furthest vehicle - one of the two Toyota Avalons.

Amy looked at the two cars and noticed that they seemed to be identical except one was dark grey and the other was a silvery tan color. She wasn't sure, but she suspected that these were university-owned vehicles, and that the local Toyota dealer had given the school a good package deal on them. In fact, that dealership sold Lexus and Scion cars as well as Toyotas, and she wondered if the Lexus SUV was part of the same purchase. She had been to that car dealer a couple of months ago looking at a Prius, because her father had hinted that he would buy her a new car as a graduation present. She really wanted that Prius, but she would settle for a Yaris or a Scion, but it all hinged on graduating. She sighed and wondered if her stupid streaking episode was going to cost her getting a new car as well as her degree and her job at the newspaper.

At that instant, Amy realized that there was more to this than just a new car. It was also her father's respect; she would be letting him down big time if she didn't graduate. Education had always been extremely important in his family, and he would be very disappointed if she didn't get a college degree.

She remembered that Knoxx had said that she was "on the bubble", and, so, in Amy's mind, the stakes were now really high. She silently resolved to herself, "I'm going to be perfect these next couple of hours. I'm not going to give those bastards any more reasons to withhold my degree and diploma!"

Russ got out of the truck and hooked up the hose for her. She stood still, being very careful not to take a single step with the hose in her hands, and aimed the hose at the car. The man turned on the water and Amy sprayed the entire left side of the car and motioned for him to turn it off. Just as she was putting down the hose, Thorson came up to them and said, "Okay, Amy. I double-checked with Laird, and he repeated what he said before. Carrying is okay. But he repeated the bit about no clothes of any sort. Not that there's any chance of that anyway; the closest thing to clothes for you that we've got here are some towels."

That mention of towels was just enough of a hint to remind the naked girl that she needed to be careful about wiping herself off. Knoxx could easily invent a no-covering violation if she used a towel to dry off her breasts, pussy, or butt. So, Amy doubled her resolve not to cover her private parts in any way while washing these cars.

Amy turned to the older man and said, "Russ, I'm going to take it from here. Thanks for your help." The man looked disappointed, but he nodded at her with a smile. And so the pretty nude walked over to the water faucet and turned it on full blast. She then carried the hose to the opposite side of the car and hosed it down. She filled a couple of buckets with water, turned off the water, and went to work sponging off the car.

The crowd had moved down to her end of the parking lot, and Amy was well aware of the enticing sight that she was putting on as she bent this way and that while washing off the exterior of the car. She started at the top using a stepstool so she could clean off the roof. Then, she had to lean way over the side of the hood to clean the front windshield and way over the trunk to do the rear window. She looked down at her boobs and saw that they were already covered in grime from just doing the windows; she quickly wiped them with her sponge but quit when she remembered her pledge to avoid covering herself.

The clouds had now completely disappeared, and Amy was soon sweating as she worked on the Avalon. And she was breathing hard when she finished wiping off the car with a chamois and towels. She then opened all four doors and vacuumed out the floors and seats; again she knew her bare rear end was blatantly displayed as she bent over, but she just continued on. She then draped large towels over the seats and climbed in to wipe down the interior. Then, a few more swift swipes with a soft towel on the outside of the doors, and she stood back and looked at the shining car.

Without waiting for any approval from Thorson or Conrad, she grabbed the hose and scooted over to the other Avalon which was parked 4 slots up the parking lot towards Kameron. The naked girl then repeated all of her moves and washed the second Toyota.

And so it went for the next hour or so. The two SUV's were a bit more difficult, because they were much bigger vehicles, both outside and inside. Even the stepstool wasn't enough on the SUV's, and she had to gingerly crawl up onto the luggage rack on the roof of each of those cars. Her dangling boobs were on dramatic display as she quickly crawled around up there. But she pressed on, because she wanted to get this tiring task over with as soon as possible.

Amy panicked a bit when she heard the campanile chime at 11AM; she was now officially late for the final meeting with the committee, but they had told her that they would provide a bit of leeway due to the additional punishment this morning. But she picked up her pace of wiping off the hood of the last vehicle, the Cadillac SUV, and then she heard a familiar voice behind her say, "Amy?"

She turned to see her brother, Jason, standing there, and after a slight awkward pause, she stepped forward and gave him a big hug, pressing her bare, wet, grimy boobs against his leather jacket. At that instant, a multitude of thoughts raced through her mind almost simultaneously: "Oh, god, it's good to see him, but he shouldn't be here yet; what is he doing here so soon? Did I miscount the campanile chimes, and it's really noon instead of 11 o'clock? I don't want him seeing me like this, toiling naked in public. Are my parents back there looking at me? Did Knoxx put him up to this?"

She pulled back from him and started to tear up as she said aloud, "Oh, Jase, it's so good to see you. But it's not noon yet. What are you doing here?" Her hands twitched as she had to make a conscious effort not to cover her breasts and pussy. Thorson was sitting in his chair watching this meeting and Conrad was also watching as he coiled up the rope, and she knew they'd report any such covering as a violation.

Jason said, "Ame, I'm sorry to catch you by surprise, but I couldn't sleep last night and I left home early this morning before Mom and Dad even got up. I tried to call your cell phone and your dorm room, but there was no answer on either. So, I was just walking around over by the union to kill time and saw the group of people over here. But why are you naked and outside doing this? I thought you were allowed to wear underwear and do only indoor stuff?"

Amy started crying and whispered to him, "Oh, Jase, I don't want you to see me like this. I sugarcoated what I told you, because I didn't want you to worry about me. Oh, god, but it's been so awful. I promise I'll tell you, Daddy, and Mom everything; I've told them even less than I told you. But we'll have that conversation some other time, not today. Please go away for now and come back in an hour, out in front of Kameron. I may be a little late. Okay?"

Jason couldn't help but glance down over his sister's beautiful naked body, but he brought his eyes back to meet hers and said, "Oh, Ame, I don't understand. But okay, I'll go back to the union and wait." He hugged her again and left the parking lot.

As he reached the street, he turned back and looked at her. She had bent down to clean the front hubcap, and he clearly saw the rear view of his sister's pussy and asshole, which were conspicuously displayed for him and the others in the dwindling crowd. He glanced down at his jacket and slacks to see the dirt and grime that his hugs with Amy had caused, but he wasn't really concerned about his clothes; he was more concerned about her. Tears started to roll down his cheeks as he thought about the embarrassing situation that his beloved big sister was in.

He couldn't remember ever seeing Amy naked before, even though she said he had. Several days ago in a phone call with Amy, he had joked that he had never seen her boobs, but Amy said that he had actually seen her entirely nude when their mother had often bathed them together when they were little kids; he was only three years old at the time, and he just couldn't remember it. Naturally, he now knew that she was gorgeous, but he didn't know her body was as pretty as he'd just seen. They had a very close brother-sister relationship, but it was more like being very best friends - there was absolutely nothing sexual about it. There had been a few awkward moments over the years when they had passed each other in the hallway at home wearing only their underwear, and he had seen her last summer at a swim party wearing a modest one-piece bathing suit that showed off her well-proportioned body. But that was all, and so, he had been shocked to see her totally nude today. Her breasts looked better than any he'd seen on his girlfriends or even in Playboy, and he was curious about her shaved pussy. Did she always do that? He continued to cry softly as he thought about her while walking back to the student union. And he wondered if he had really done the right thing by surprising her just now.

As Amy was bending over washing that hubcap, she just knew that Jason watching still looking at her, even though she didn't turn around. And she knew the gross display of her private parts that he could see between her legs. She momentarily wondered if Knoxx had concocted this meeting somehow, but she quickly dismissed that thought because she knew Jason would never have agreed to knowingly embarrass her like that. Knoxx probably didn't know about the brother-sister meeting, but if he did, she knew that he would have gloated at her extreme embarrassment; he had said over and over that her primary punishment would be her embarrassment, and nothing that had happened in the last three weeks had been as embarrassing as what had just happened to her. She really, really didn't want her family to see her naked like this, but now it had just happened with her wonderful brother. Tears continued to roll down her cheeks, and she knew that she was blushing a bright red even though no one was looking at her face right now.

She now wanted to get out of this parking lot as soon as possible, because she knew her father was a fast driver, and she was afraid he and her mother might arrive at any moment; also, she had suggested this exact parking lot as a possible parking spot for him to use this morning. So, she quickly did the remaining hubcaps and the rear bumper, and then she made a quick circle around the car looking for spots she had missed. After a few touch-up swipes of the towel, she walked over to Thorson. She said, "Okay, Mr. Thorson, I think I'm finished. Could you please check everything? If it's okay, I'll head back inside."

Thorson turned to Conrad and said, "Marv, you go ahead and look over her work. You can do it faster than I."

The two Avalons had already been moved out of the lot; Amy hadn't seen when this had happened and she didn't see the nice old man, Russ, around any more, and so she suspected that Russ had moved the cars. Conrad spent a couple of minutes quickly looking over the two SUV's, and Amy was pleasantly surprised when he came back and gave her a thumbs-up sign.

Thorson and Conrad came over to her. As they shook her hand, Amy noticed their eyes giving her naked body one last look-over. She blushed as she said good-bye, and she walked back up the pathway to Kameron.

Chapter 86 - The End of the Endgame

Amy wasn't exactly sure how to get to the basement or where the shower was located once she got there. But she was exactly sure of a couple of things. One: she needed to use the main entrance, not the secluded back entrance. Two: she needed to keep her hands at her sides. She absolutely had to avoid any last-minute violations. She made her way wordlessly through the small crowd near the front door and then went to the stairwell and walked down the steps for the first time; she just assumed that this was the way to the basement.

When she pushed her way through the basement door, she was surprised to see the area was filled with chain link cubicles. And she gave a short laugh as her first thought was "Is this where they keep the prisoners?" There was an aisle down the middle, and after passing only a few of the locked cubicles, she noticed the signs on them with the names of various departments and professors. This area was merely storage space, and the cages contained a variety of things such as paintings, old furniture, and even a bicycle. But mostly there were books and boxes.

And there was no sign of any restroom or shower area. She turned around thinking maybe it was behind her somewhere, maybe in a niche under the stairs. She went back into the stairwell where there was one other door, but it was unmarked and firmly locked. She returned to the storage area and confirmed that the aisle between the cages started right here at this door, but it extended the length of the basement. She was all alone down here, and she felt a bit uneasy being naked in this strange place. She continued farther down this chain link hallway. And as she approached the opposite end, she noticed that the next-to-the-last cubicle on the right was actually another short aisleway rather than an enclosed space. She turned into it and a few feet ahead, she saw that the aisle ended in an opening which had a vinyl curtain across it; sort of like a shower curtain. She pushed it aside and looked in; there was a showerhead hanging from the concrete wall. And as she walked into the nook-like space, she was startled to see a man sitting on a plastic chair off to the side.

He looked familiar, but Amy couldn't quite place him. He gave her a smirkish smile and said, "Hello, Amy, I've been waiting for you." Amy felt uneasy at his slightly sinister tone. He went on, "I'm Walt Storey, the day-shift janitor; at least, that's my schedule this week." Amy now remembered that he was the man who came into Knoxx's reception area and cleaned while she and Ken Marriott, her lawyer, were waiting to see Knoxx.

The naked girl meekly held out her hand and limply shook hands with him. She said, "Hello, Mr. Storey. I'm supposed to take a shower down here this morning. And I guess this is the place."

"Yep, it is", Walt said. "They asked me to help you." Again, the naked girl felt uneasy. Was he going to actually wash her body? Was he going to sit and watch her?

Amy turned and looked at the crude setup in the strange space. It was about 15 feet square with the showerhead and faucets in one corner; they were connected to exposed pipes running in from above on the side. There was only an open drain in the concrete floor. There was a single bare bulb lighting the drab space which had no tile or paint; just raw concrete. Besides the cheap shower curtain, there was one towel rack that held a single washcloth, and a small plastic shelf that held a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo. There were also a couple of coat hooks mounted on the wall next to the plastic chair, but those wouldn't be needed today for Amy who obviously had no clothes to hang on them. Otherwise, the room was just empty gray space.

Amy made an entire 360-degree turn looking at the room and asked, "What is this place anyway?"

Walt replied, "Oh, we're in the process of converting it to a shower room for use by the bigwigs. We just discovered this space a couple of years ago. You're actually under the rear porch right now. Mr. Thorson was looking at some old blueprints of the building and saw that the foundation jutted out underneath the porch. So, we did some excavation and discovered this unused space. We took out one of the storage cages to make the little hallway and then knocked an opening through the wall into here. There's a similar unused space underneath the big front porch; you may have noticed the other door in the stairwell. It leads into that space, but it's still just dirt and rocks. Some day we'll fix it up, too, but with the current tight budgets, we've had to put all of this renovation work on hold."

He paused for a moment and then went on, "Anyway, Dr. Knoxx and his crew use this spartan space only rarely, but it will work fine for you today. You go ahead and get started, but I should warn you that they have told me to lock this place up at 11:25, since this is only a half workday for us. It's 11:15 now; so, you've only got 10 minutes. They told me that if you're still in here at 11:25 that I'm to turn off the lights and lock the door anyway. I don't think you want to be trapped down here naked in the dark overnight, because I won't open it up again until 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. Sorry if that seems harsh, but that's what they told me to do. So, go ahead, pretty lady. I'll just watch, but they told me to see if you displayed any modesty. They said you're not allowed to cover or hide yourself." Amy blushed and nodded as she took the washcloth from the rack.

She was relieved to find that the hot water actually worked, and she adjusted the shower to just the right temperature. She wished that he would go out into the hallway or that there was another shower curtain around the shower stall itself, but that would have meant that she was hiding her naked body from his view and that wasn't allowed.

Amy scooted in under the warm shower and used the washcloth to wipe off most of the grime. She blushed some more as she looked up while she was wiping between her legs; the man was watching her and he smirked when their eyes met.

Amy stepped out briefly to retrieve the shampoo, and she lathered it up and worked it into her long dark hair. Using her hands and the washcloth, she vigorously rubbed her head and hair; she hoped that this would get the dirt out of her hair.

Finally, she stepped out of the spray to get the bar of soap. And she used it to wash her entire body more thoroughly. Even with the dark gray concrete floor, she could see the streaks of brown dirt flow down the drain with the water. Then, she spent a minute or so just rinsing herself off; it felt so good, and she wished she could spend more time, but she looked over and saw that Walt was getting up from his chair and heading toward the exit. She quickly turned off the water and dropped the washcloth, soap, and shampoo back on the shelf. As he disappeared beyond the curtain, the light went off and Amy yelled, "Please, Mr. Storey, wait for me."

The dripping wet, naked girl caught up with the janitor as he was turning into the main aisleway. He said, "Well, girl, you barely made it. Now, the way the rest of this works is that you're going to go ahead of me, and I'm going to use this mop to wipe up the water that drips off of your bare body as you walk up to the Chancellor's office. You'll go slow enough that I can mop up right after you. Once you get up to his office, they'll give you a towel to dry off. Got it?"

Amy meekly said, "Yes, I understand." And she started her journey to the Chancellor's office with the janitor following behind with a mop and a rolling squeegee bucket. He told her to pause at the basement door while he wrung out the mop and locked the door. Now, they began the slow trip up the eight flights of stairs to the 7th floor. Amy kept her eyes forward as she slowly climbed each step, but she could feel the man's eyes only a foot or so away looking at her bare ass. She didn't understand why having this man looking at her bare butt bothered her so much even though he had seen her entire naked body just a few minutes before in the shower. But it did bother her.

It was a very slow process at first, because the janitor had to wipe the mop over each step individually as the water dripped from Amy to the floor and he had to carry the bucket rather than roll it. But they were able to speed up a little bit as the girl's body dried off naturally. By the time they reached the seventh floor, only her hair was still really wet; the rest of her was only slightly damp especially between her legs.

On the 7th floor, the strange twosome got several incredulous stares from people leaving for an early lunch. But Amy ignored them and plodded on to Knoxx's office at the end of the hallway. Stepping into Knoxx's reception area, she found that there was a heavy plastic sheet forming a path from the main door over to the door into Knoxx's inner office. She was thankful that there was no one there except for Mrs. Duckworth, the secretary, who laughed out loud at the strange sight of the pretty naked girl with dripping long hair followed by a janitor with a mop.

The secretary stopped laughing and said, "Miss Suzuki, please go on in. They are expecting you."

Amy paused at the door to gather her thoughts, and then she looked to the side of the door and noticed that the penis hook was no longer there. She took that as a good sign, but she still felt insecure as she walked into the office.

As she expected, the floor was covered with plastic from the door to her spot in front of Knoxx's desk. She walked over and stood facing the man with her arms at her sides. The other four members of the committee were seated in their usual chairs behind Knoxx.

Amy felt drops of water drip from her hair onto her shoulders, breasts, and butt as she stood there awkwardly for a few moments before Knoxx said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, I've had good reports about you this morning. And I must say that your lower region looks much better after Miss Stubbins's efforts." Amy blushed but said nothing.

Knoxx went on, "Now, here's what's going to happen. You're going to dry yourself off and then fix up your hair and do your makeup. We have some towels, and we have set up a table with a mirror, a hair dryer, conditioner, some lipstick, rouge, etc. You are pretty much free to do yourself up however you want, but we may make some suggestions." Amy knew that these supposed "suggestions" would be requirements, but she just nodded as she took the towel that he handed to her.

As she dried her body, Knoxx continued to talk, "After you've fixed yourself up, we will decide what clothes you can put on. And let me remind you that you are still 'on the bubble'. We truly have not yet decided what your fate will be, and in fact, you may walk out of this office in a while and still not know the exact outcome."

Amy walked over to the table and looked at the collection of things. These were not her favorite brands, but they would do for today. She could tell by what was there that a woman had helped set up this table with these products. She assumed it was the secretary, and she was thankful for that.

But then she thought of something and said, "Uhh, Dr. Knoxx? I have a question." Knoxx looked over at the nude girl and Amy continued, "The way I do my hair requires that it be wrapped with a towel twice during the procedure. Is that okay?"

Knoxx looked at her quizzically and said, "So, you pile your hair up on your head and wrap a towel around it?" Amy nodded. "For how long?"

Amy replied, "Oh, I guess it will only be a few minutes each time, 5 at the most. I'll be doing other things like makeup and nail polish while it is drying with the towel around it."

Knoxx said, "Well, isn't there another way to do it without wrapping the towel around it? You know that you are not permitted to be covered in any way until this meeting ends?"

Amy sheepishly said, "I know, and that's why I'm asking your permission. I suppose there are other ways, but this is the way I've been doing it for several years."

Knoxx persisted, "Can't you just rub it with a towel? That's the way I do it."

Amy replied, "No, a hair dresser told me that rubbing like that causes damage to a woman's hair. Maybe men are different."

Knoxx turned and asked the committee, "Well, gentlemen, should we let her wrap the towel around her hair like that?"

They all were silent for a moment before Lucas Telford spoke up, "Calvin, my wife does it the same way, and Miss Suzuki was conscientious enough to ask our permission, and she asked very politely." The other three men just nodded.

But Knoxx still wasn't convinced and said, "Well, I think that rules need to be followed to the letter." But he looked over at Telford again, sighed, and turned back to Amy saying, "Okay, go ahead."

Amy murmured, "Thank you."

For the next several minutes, the naked girl said nothing as she followed her usual routine with her hair. She stood in front of the table, bent over enticingly, lowered her head, gathered her hair into a ponytail on the top of her head, squeezed all of the water out of it, starting at the base of the ponytail, and slowly worked her way to the end; the excess water dripped into a pan on the table. Then, she wrapped a dry towel around her head to get out the last bits of moisture. She sat down and while the hair was drying, she used some deodorant and started with her makeup. After a couple of minutes, she dumped a big glob of hair conditioner into her hands and worked it into her hair. She then piled her hair on top of her head and let it sit for a few more minutes; she sat down and continued with the lipstick and makeup.

She wished there was a shower or at least a faucet nearby, but all that was available was a big spray bottle filled with water. She used that to rinse out the conditioner and then wrapped another dry towel around her head again to absorb the excess water. She left the towel there for several minutes while she continued with the makeup. Next, she removed the towel and used the hair dryer on its lowest setting to fluff up her hair before using a comb and brush to finish it off nicely. It wasn't up to her usual standards, but it was good enough for these leering men. She had assumed that the men were watching her do all of this, but they had actually huddled near Knoxx's desk and had a whispered discussion that she didn't hear.

The makeup table had been set up next to the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the parking lot. And as Amy was touching up her lipstick, she looked out the window and saw her father's car pull into the parking lot. She let out a little gasp as her parents got out of the car and walked toward the front of the building. A tear formed in her eye as she wondered what her wonderful folks would think if they knew that she was naked doing this very personal grooming in front of these five men.

She paused for a moment to regain her composure and then finished her preparation. She wiped the dampness from her shoulders and breasts as she said, "Okay, I think I'm done. What next?"

Knoxx came over and said, "All right, Miss Suzuki, please stand here by the window and I will look you over in this natural light."

Knoxx stood next to the window and looked at Amy who was standing with her front facing the window. And she slowly turned around so that he could see her bare butt as well. Then, he said, "Looks good, but I think you should accent your private parts some more. Please use some lipstick on your nipples and on your lower lips. And then some rouge on your butt cheeks. We want all of your body looking nice, not just your hair and face."

Amy had to bite her lip to stop from crying. She was afraid that this meant that she would not be permitted to put on any clothes before leaving his office. But she silently moved in front of the mirror and followed his instructions. She held her right breast with her left hand and carefully applied the reddish brown lipstick to the nipple and small areola, and she repeated the process on her left breast. Then, she slightly spread her legs and painted her pussy lips with the same lipstick. Before doing her butt, she meekly turned to Knoxx and asked, "Is this okay, sir?"

Knoxx looked carefully at her boobs and her pussy. He said, "Please add some more lipstick down there. You know how Ms. Whiteside did it on you yesterday? Something similar, maybe extend it up only an inch or so from the top of your vaginal lips." Amy sighed, but she did as he asked. Knoxx nodded and said, "Yes, that's better. It adds more definition down there. Now, the rear cheeks?"

Amy was about to turn her back to the mirror, when Knoxx said, "Oh, wait, Miss Suzuki. I forgot about one additional task you need to do." Amy bit her lip, because she couldn't imagine was else they could do to her, but she said nothing as Knoxx continued, "You owe us a diary entry for today, and then you need to give us the entire diary. You may sit down at my computer and finish that up for us, and then we'll do your rear cheeks afterwards. I sure don't want your butt makeup to get onto my nice chair. In fact, please sit on this paper towel to avoid any 'leakage' or lipstick problems."

Amy blushed as she took the towel from him and set it down on the leather chair. She then sat down at his computer carefully positioning her vagina over the towel and logged onto her BOSS account (Bancroft Online Storage for Students) where she had stored the diary. It took her about five minutes to type up a summary of this morning's punishments. Normally, it wouldn't have taken that long to do that summary, but Knoxx was standing behind her with a hand on her shoulder the entire time watching as she typed; he was also admiring the view from above of her pretty breasts, which jiggled slightly as her fingers flew across the computer's keyboard. Finally, she copied the entire diary to Knoxx's computer and asked, "Do you want me to print it out for you?"

Knoxx replied, "No, Miss Suzuki, I will have my secretary do that for me. Now, let's do your rear cheeks now."

The naked girl cringed as Knoxx guided her back over to the mirror. She was afraid that he was going to apply the makeup to her butt, and she was relieved when he handed her the rouge brush. She turned her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder as she slowly brushed some rouge onto her butt cheeks and carefully feathered it out so that it blended well. She then turned so that Knoxx could inspect her decorated ass. But Knoxx had returned to his desk, and he said to Telford, "Luke, please check her over while I get this stuff ready."

Telford had Amy move to the center of the room, and he slowly circled the naked girl looking closely at her pretty naked body. She flinched when she felt his fingers lightly brush across her ass. And her breasts heaved as he closely peered at her made up boobs. He tapped her inner thighs, and she obediently spread her legs so that he had a better view of her shaved pussy and the lipstick that she had applied down there.

After a minute or so, Telford merely said, "Yes, Cal, she looks good."

Knoxx came back and also gave Amy a quick look-over and said, "All right. Now, Miss Suzuki, please come over to my desk, and we'll figure out what you'll wear."

Amy hesitatingly followed the man to the other side of the room and resumed her position in front of his desk. But she gave another small gasp when she looked down. While she had been doing her butt makeup, Knoxx had cleaned off the top of his desk and spread out some things on it.

On her left, Amy saw the three pretty brassieres that she had put in the Nordstrom's bag this morning. They were spread out with the flesh colored one at the top, the pink one a couple of inches below that, and the off-white one at the bottom of the display. But what bothered her the most was at the top of the display; they were the two nipple trinkets that Whiteside had tried on Amy's boobs yesterday. The little clamps were open and the tiny bells spread out below; they looked as if they were all prepared to be attached to her tits.

On her right, Amy saw the panties that were color coordinated with the bras: flesh color, pink, and off-white. But again the disturbing items were at the top. The horsehair tail attached to the butt plug was lying there; again, this was the same one she had worn while pulling the wagon at the festival. Next to it was an ornament that Amy hadn't seen before. It had two tiny clamps at the top with a sparkly chain dangling below and a tiny bell at the bottom. She could see that this was intended for her pussy; one clamp on each vaginal lip and then the two-inch long chain and bell which would hang between her legs below her pussy.

She felt her breasts rise and fall as she breathed heavily while looking with dismay at the display. Then, she noticed that her string of pearls was laid out at the very top of the display; this was only a tiny bit of comfort to her.

Amy thought to herself, "Where are the other clothes that I brought - the blouse, slacks, and shoes? Does this mean I'll have to be naked at commencement except for these embarrassing adornments? Or maybe they want me to wear these underneath my bra and panties? Or maybe instead of the underwear under my slacks and blouse?" She felt a tear roll down her cheek, and she knew that her freshly done makeup was now streaked.

Aloud she stammered, "Wh-what? I th-thought y-you s-s-said . . ."

Knoxx raised his hand and interrupted, "Please be quiet, Miss Suzuki, and I will explain."

He paused for just a moment to let Amy calm down a bit. Then, he went on, "Actually, Miss Suzuki, I didn't say anything about what you would be wearing. I only said that you were 'on the bubble' and we were considering all options. And that includes everything that is on this table. Also, remember that there is more to be decided than just your clothing or lack of clothing. The important decision is whether or not we will grant you your degree. Don't you think that's more important than a few bits of clothing or jewelry?"

The naked girl had been intimidated by this man these last few weeks, and right now was no different. She meekly nodded and quietly said, "Yes, sir."

He went on, "Now, while you were doing your hair and makeup, we had a brief discussion amongst ourselves. We looked over these items as well as the items in this bag." And he held up the Nordstrom's bag from behind his desk. "And we took a vote. It was not unanimous, but we decided to let you get dressed in your normal clothes. You may now put on the pink brassiere and pink panties."

Amy gave him a stunned look and then a weak smile. Then, she tentatively reached out and picked up the pink panties from the table and slid them up her long legs covering her pussy for the first time in almost two days. And then her hands were shaking slightly as she picked up the pink bra; she was happy that the men had selected this one, because it was one of her favorite bras. She looked at it for a moment as if trying to remember how to put it on. Then, she slipped her arms under the straps and fit her boobs into the cups before reaching behind to quickly hook the clasps. Then, she adjusted the straps and cups so that they were comfortable. And for the first time in three long weeks, her pretty breasts were hidden from these men's view. "Just like a normal woman", she thought silently to herself.

She stepped back to her usual spot, but she was slightly trembling as she stood there in her underwear awaiting the next instruction.

Knoxx then reached into the bag and brought out the black stockings. He handed them to her across the desk. Amy stepped over to the couch and before sitting down, she gave him a brief questioning look as if asking permission to sit down so she could put on the stockings. He gave her a brief nod, and Amy sat down and quickly slid the stockings up her long legs. She stood up and returned to her usual spot.

Next he handed her the black slacks and the dark blue blouse at the same time. She quickly slipped her arms into the blouse, luxuriating in the feel of the silk against her arms. Then, she stepped into the slacks and was surprised how loose-fitting they felt. Had she lost some weight these last few weeks? She assumed that she must have. But she tucked the blouse into the waistband and did the buttons at the side.

Then, Knoxx handed her the black low-heel loafers, and she slipped them on. One of the things that bothered her the most the last three weeks was being shoeless the entire time. She had been forced to watch every step to make sure she didn't step on a rock or nail. The lack of shoes had made her feel very vulnerable.

Finally, Knoxx handed her the string of pearls, and Amy smiled broadly as she slipped them around her neck. She remembered fondly that the last time she had worn these was on that first date with Dwight; they would always be even more special to her now than they were before because of that special night.

Now, the fully dressed young woman stood in front of the desk. She was feeling a thousand percent more confident than just a few minutes before.

Knoxx said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, we're almost done here. Now, we want to thank you for something."

Amy gave him a puzzled look but she let him continue, "Tyson, why don't you explain this."

Tyson Laird got up and said, "Miss Suzuki, you have demonstrated to us what an effective punishment that enforced nudity can be. We could plainly see how embarrassed you were at being naked - or almost naked - these last three weeks, and that is exactly what we intended. And we are going to seriously consider offering a similar punishment of required nudity to future offenders of our no-streaking rule. If you had just accepted our original expulsion punishment and not brought in an attorney, we would never have learned what a powerful punishment nudity could be. So, for that, we thank you."

She really wanted to scream at him for such an incredible statement, but she just quietly said, "Okay."

Knoxx then opened his desk drawer and pulled out the picture frame holding Amy's diploma. She gave a big smile when she saw it, but it quickly faded when he said, "Now, we need to decide what to do about this. And to be perfectly honest, this committee is still undecided whether to award you a degree and give you this diploma." He waved the list of violations at her as he said, "This is pretty long list of violations, and we just cannot overlook them. We actually added two more after this morning's activities. First, Kelly Stubbins said you talked when you were explicitly told not to. Second, you hid your breasts and vagina from view when you pressed against that young man in the parking lot. We assume that was your brother, right?"

Amy meekly said, "Yes, that was Jason. And I'm sorry about that, but I was so happy to see him. And I'm sorry about talking when I shouldn't have."

Knoxx went on, "Well, a violation is a violation whether you're sorry about it or not. So, over lunch, we are going to review your diary and continue to discuss your degree. That is, the committee is going to discuss it - you are not invited. You will find out our decision at commencement. All of the other graduates will receive a nice folder to hold their diploma, but the folder will be empty and the diploma mailed to them. However, in your case, the folder will not be empty. It will contain either the diploma or a letter explaining why your degree will not be awarded."

Amy thought that they would give her a chance to say something, and she opened her mouth briefly, but then closed it, because she realized that since she was still 'on the bubble', then anything she said would probably have a negative affect on their decision. She just bowed her head and waited for Knoxx to say something. But Knoxx said nothing, and he just shuffled things on his desk.

She looked up to see Knoxx sweeping everything from his desktop into the Nordstrom's bag - including the horsehair butt plug and the nipple and pussy ornaments as well as her two brassieres and two panties. He handed her the bag and said, "Goodbye, Miss Suzuki. You can pick up your backpack from Mrs. Duckworth; your cell phone, earrings, and purse are in the backpack. See you at commencement."

Amy silently turned, left the room, grabbed the backpack from the secretary, and rushed out the door. She felt tears welling in her eyes again, but she didn't know if they were tears of joy or sorrow. Her naked nightmare was over, but she still didn't know about her cherished diploma.

She stopped in the ladies room to empty her bladder, but she also took the butt plug and ornaments out of the Nordstrom's bag and stuffed them well down into the trash bin. Then, she crammed the Nordstrom's bag with the bras and panties into her backpack. She found the small ruby stud earrings in the side pocket of the backpack; she smiled as she brushed back her hair and put them on. Then, she touched up her makeup before leaving the restroom.

Amy thought about running down the stairs, because that would probably be faster, but she joined the group of people waiting for the elevator. She didn't say anything to any of them, but she could tell that they were looking at her; they knew that Underpants Amy's days of near nudity were over. She silently rode the elevator like a normal person to the first floor lobby.

The clock showed 12:20 as she ran out the front door, down the steps, and into the wide spread arms of her mother and father. As she was hugging her father, she glanced over at Jason and gave him a knowing smile. Then, as she was hugging Jason, she looked over at Dwight and saw the salacious look in his eyes; she mouthed "I love you" to him knowing that he was looking forward to taking off all of the clothes that she had just put on!

Chapter 87 - Degree or No Degree? That is the Question

Amy's mind was wandering as she sat listening to the boring commencement address being given by a supposedly famous bio-chemist, Gorman Snelling, who had graduated from Bancroft 20 years ago. Amy had never heard of him, and his monotone speaking style was not inspiring. He was giving the usual graduation speech which could be summarized with: "You were given a fine education at this wonderful university; now, go out and use it in your personal and professional lives. Have a nice life."

One of the things Amy was thinking about was something she didn't want to think about at all. The graduates were seated alphabetically, and she was very disappointed to see Kelly Stubbins seated only a few seats down the row from her. Stubbins seemed to be taunting her out in the fieldhouse hallway as they lined up before the processional, and Amy just walked away from her and visited with her own friends up til the last moment before the grads had to march into the gym to the notes of Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance". Once they were seated, Stubbins looked over at her several times with a sneer on her face, and once Stubbins had whispered something about the pussy shaving that she had done on Amy just a few hours ago. Amy was glad to hear the Sullivan twins, Kevin and Kyle, who were seated in the two chairs between Stubbins and Suzuki stick up for Amy by telling Stubbins to cool it. Now, during the boring speech, Amy looked over and saw that Stubbins was fast asleep. Amy sat back with a satisfied smile knowing that Stubbins had just embarrassed herself.

She also thought about the nice lunch that her group had just had. They all went to Crystal Inn, one of the better restaurants in town. She proudly introduced Dwight to her family, and he seemed to get along well with them. And she also hit it off with his parents and sister. Linda and her mother were the other members of the big ten-person group. It had been a fun time.

But she was also very uncomfortable, because the fieldhouse seemed much too warm to her. However, when she looked around, she didn't see anyone else except herself who was using the printed program to fan themselves even though they were wearing the same black caps and gowns that she was. Amy then realized that she had been warm ever since she had put on clothes in Knoxx's office, and at the restaurant, she had unbuttoned two extra buttons on her blouse because she was warm then, too. Those two buttons didn't help cool her off, but they sure seemed to excite Dwight who was sitting across the table looking at her cleavage. She just chuckled as she realized that nudity had a few advantages, and she would have to learn all over again how to live in the clothed world.

Another thing she thought about was that this fieldhouse was the site of some of her many, many embarrassing moments. In fact, she realized that where she was sitting on the floor was almost exactly where she had removed her panties when she walked into the gym that night for cheerleading practice. She had taken them off as soon as she saw Knoxx sitting in the stands. And then several of the cheers that they practiced had been done on this part of the floor, and she was completely naked during all of those cheers.

But the thing that was really occupying her mind during this boring speech was her diploma. Was she or wasn't she going to be given a diploma today? What was she going to say to her folks if there was no diploma in the folder that was going to be handed to her in about 15 minutes? Even though that decision was now completely out of her hands, she still fidgeted in her chair thinking about it. She even said a silent prayer even though she was not a particularly religious person.

Even if she did get the diploma, she knew that these last three weeks had been a life-changing experience for her. She was certain that it would follow her for the rest of her life in some fashion. Vince Garoni had said that he would not publish the explicit photos that his group had taken, but Amy knew that there had been many other nude photos taken of her, and they might creep into her life at some unexpected time in the future. Three weeks ago, she could never have imagined the extreme embarrassment and humiliation that she would have to endure to get the diploma. If she had known, Amy would probably have elected the expulsion punishment even though it would have meant going home to her parents in disgrace.

Finally, the boring speech was over, and Amy tightened her fists as the presentation of the diploma folders started. Since her name, Suzuki, was well down in the alphabet, she could only sit and watch as the other graduates march across the stage and shake hands with Knoxx as he handed them their empty diploma folders. She was a bit surprised to see Dwight Henderson follow immediately after Linda Hathaway; she hadn't realized that they had been seated together. But she grimaced a bit when she saw that neither Linda nor Dwight had shaken Knoxx's hand when he extended it; Amy wondered if the non-handshakes by her friends would 'burst her bubble' - so to speak. But there was nothing she could do except wait her turn.

About 10 minutes later, her turn came as the graduates in her seated row were escorted to the side of the stage, and one by one, they went up the steps to approach Knoxx. When "Amelia Nashiyo Suzuki, Journalism" was announced over the loudspeakers, she took a deep breath and stepped onto the stage. And then she heard a murmur through the crowd with a smattering of applause even though they had asked the audience to hold their applause until the end of the ceremony. When she approached Knoxx, she saw the tall stack of empty diploma folders sitting on the table beside him, but she also noticed that there were two folders set off to the side. Each had a Post-It note attached to the front; one was marked "AS1" and the other was "AS2". She sighed as she realized that "AS" meant "Amy Suzuki" and that Knoxx's decision about her degree was literally coming down to this very last second as one of the folders held her diploma and the other did not. He could pick up either folder, and at a whim, he could affect the rest of her life.

She took the last few steps up to him, gave him a neutral smile, and reached out her hand. As they limply shook with their right hands, Knoxx reached over with his left hand and it hovered over the two marked folders for just an instant. Then, he removed the "AS1" sticker from the folder, and handed the folder to Amy with just the hint of a smirk on his face. He didn't say "Congratulations" to Amy like he had to all of the others.

Amy was shaking slightly as she finished the walk across the stage and down the steps on the other side. She really wanted to peek into the folder right then, but she restrained herself until she was back in her seat.

With the folder on her lap, she took a deep breath and opened it. She let out a soft anguished gasp when she saw a letter addressed to her in the folder rather than a diploma. Tears welled up in her eyes and she knew that the people around her were looking at her. Through her tears she read the letter which was printed nicely on the college stationery with today's date.

Subject: Discipline Committee Report

Dear Miss Suzuki:

This correspondence is the official report of the Discipline Committee regarding your offense on Monday, April 30 of this year.

As you are aware, this institution has a very strict rule about streaking on campus. It has been in effect almost the entire time that you were a student here, and we feel that you should have known how severely we deal with such an event. And yet, you chose to violate this rule anyway.

Normally, this committee would have immediately expelled you from this institution, and the issue would have been closed on the next day when you would have departed this campus. However, we realized that there were some extenuating circumstances that needed to be considered in your specific situation. And after deliberation, we reluctantly decided to permit you to remain as a student here and to punish you in other ways rather than expulsion. We carefully explained the punishment to you in a legal document, which you signed to indicate your agreement. This document included the rules that you were required to follow in order to avoid expulsion.

However, you did not seem to take these rules very seriously, because you violated them many times during your punishment period. And in accordance with this agreement, this committee added several more punishments. But you still continued to violate these rules, and we added even more punishment projects.

We have been appalled at your seeming disregard for these rules. Even as recently as this morning, there were five violations reported to us, and we had to add some "eleventh hour" punishments for them. It is only after extended deliberation that with great reluctance, we permit you to receive a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from this prestigious institution. Your diploma is enclosed.


Calvin Knoxx Chancellor, Bancroft University

Amy's anguish turned to a smile and a gasp of delight. At the bottom of the letter in very tiny print, she saw the following:

1. Cover letter
2. List of violations
3. Diploma

She lifted up the letter and saw that there were several more pages in the folder. She skimmed the next three pages and found that they were a detailed list of her violations, over 50 altogether. And then underneath all of them was her diploma. She had received her treasured degree and diploma! She moved the diploma to the top of the stack in the folder, and she wanted to shout with joy and hold it up for the world to see, but she just sat there breathing heavily. She looked over at the Sullivan twins and smiled; they each shook her hand and whispered their congratulations. Similarly, the woman on the other side, Meredith Swanson, quietly said, "Well done, Amy." Even these strangers understood how important it was to her.

The last few minutes of the ceremony seemed to just drag by, and Amy sat in her seat with nervous energy. Finally, the ceremony ended and everybody spilled out into the hallways of the fieldhouse.

It was a chaotic scene with the graduates trying to find their families and friends. But Amy ducked down a short hallway to a door marked "Sports Information Office". During the fall semester, Amy had worked with the university's sports reporters as part of a class project; sort of a mini internship. And she still had the key to the office on her key ring in her pocket. She surreptitiously unlocked the door and sneaked into the office. She made a beeline to the copier room, but it was not to use the Xerox machine. Instead, she turned on the paper shredder and fed in the four pages - the cover letter and the 3 pages of violations. She watched as the confetti-like pieces fell into the plastic bag under the machine. She wished that she'd be able to dispose of the rest of her unpleasant memories as easily as she had those pieces of paper.

She turned off the machine, jotted a short note for the secretary, and left the note and the key on the secretary's desk.

Then she stealthily walked out of the office and into the crowd where she found Linda.

Linda smiled at her and asked, "Well, Sooz, did you get it?"

Amy replied with a yelp, "Yeah, Lindy, I did. I really did. Look." And she proudly opened the nice leather folder and showed Linda her diploma. And the two friends hugged tightly.

Then Linda said more seriously, "I was worried when I couldn't find you. What were you doing back in that hallway anyway?"

Amy just replied, "Oh, nothing. Just a little paperwork."

Epilog - One Year Later

It was a little over a year later, and Amy was naked again. Actually, she had been naked for the last several weeks; she wasn't sure exactly how long it had been, but she knew it was measured in weeks not days.

She was lying on a thin mat on the uneven stone floor. She had had a restless few hours of sleep, and now she heard the keys jangling in the lock and the door opened.

The man entered and turned up the lights, which were never completely off, but now they were extremely bright. He came over, grabbed her by her arm, and said sharply, "Get up." Before she could get up of her own accord, he yanked her to her feet, and swatted her ass. "Hands behind your back."

Amy was still groggy, but she obeyed. He then tied her arms tightly behind her back; wrists to elbows so that her boobs were thrust out. The man knelt in front of her and said gruffly, "Spread your legs."

Amy saw what he was holding and said, "Oh, please no!" And the man immediately stood up, glared at her, and said, "What have I told you about talking! You've just earned two more days of punishment. And now, if you utter one more word, I'll gag you and add 5 additional days. Now, shut up and spread those legs." He grabbed a nearby paddle and gave her two hard whacks on her bare ass.

The naked girl started crying when she realized that it would now be at least 6 more days til she was allowed to wear her panties again. She had diligently worked the punishment down to four days, but now she had foolishly cost herself two extra days.

As tears streamed down her cheeks, she meekly spread her legs. The man ran his index finger from her navel across her smoothly shaved pubic mound to the top of her pussy traversing the area where the strip of pubic hair had been before being shaved off for the body painting at the art and wine festival. Since she had been at this place, the men had shaved her pubes everyday so that they were perpetually smooth.

As he spread her pussy lips with his fingers, Amy trembled. She expected him to use lubricant on the dildo or to rub it into her pussy like he had done on previous days, but today he did neither. But she didn't dare complain, and she let him slide the dildo roughly into her pussy.

Then using a small cylinder of compressed air, he quickly inflated the dildo so that it filled her vagina. Then, he attached a leash to the hook at the base of the dildo and started to lead her out into the hall with the leash. But he stopped and said, "Oh, they'll probably be needing this." He retrieved the paddle and hooked the thin leather loop over the fingers of Amy's tightly bound left hand. "Hang on to this. Don't let it drop." And then he closed and locked the door behind them, and he led her down the long dimly lit hall with the leash attached to the dildo. She stumbled a bit on the rough, dusty stone floor, and she felt the tug in her pussy as he yanked on the leash and said, "Come on."

As they passed one of the other cell doors, Amy was surprised to see it open. These doors had always been shut when they'd taken her out before. The man stopped and looked into the cell. Amy looked in also and saw a naked man strapped to a pad on the floor. A woman attendant was stroking his cock which was almost rock hard already.

The man said to the woman attendant, "What's that one being prepped for? Do you need any help with him?"

The woman said, "No, thanks. He's going to the Display Room where naturally they want him erect. Is that one going to be on display, too?" She said the last part while motioning at Amy.

The man shook his head and said, "No, I'm taking her to the Directorate. I don't know what for."

The woman just sighed as she continued to stroke the naked man's organ and fondle his balls, "Well, that's never a good sign. I hear that the Japanese female has been very compliant, just like this male. Wonder what the Directorate is going to do? But I sure wish they'd do something about this other one."

The man pulled Amy further into the room, and Amy saw a naked and gagged woman with her arms tied above her with a rope up to the ceiling; she wasn't on tiptoe, but Amy could tell that it was an uncomfortable position. Amy noticed a fearful look in the naked girl's eyes as she thrashed about.

The woman attendant said, "This one's been a pain in the ass ever since she's been here. The training just doesn't seem to be working. I was supposed to put her on display today, too, but I can tell that she's just not going to cooperate, because she's still struggling even after hanging here all night. I'll tighten up the rope and let her hang for a few more hours; maybe that will make her behave. But now we've got to get the Mexican female ready instead. Vanya's next door getting that one ready."

The man said, "Well, good luck. I'll come back down after dropping off this one." And he pulled Amy by the leash back into the hallway. As they passed the next door, Amy saw that a gorgeous naked Hispanic girl was being prepared the same way Amy was with a leash attached to her pussy and arms tied behind her back. The attendant was another woman, which surprised her, because Amy had only been tended to by men during her time here. But Amy was a tiny bit jealous of the two naked women, because they still had their pubic hair whereas the men had shaved Amy's mound every single day.

The man paused for just a moment as he looked in at the pretty Latina girl, and then he pulled on Amy's leash and continued down the hall.

They turned a corner, and Amy saw the long flight of stone stairs leading upward. They climbed the stairs, and the man unlocked the heavy wooden door at the top. He said, "Wipe your feet on that mat before stepping into the hallway." She did as she was told, and they stepped out onto the highly polished floor. The man also locked the big door behind them. The hallway was lined with nicely lighted works of art, both pictures and sculptures; she felt extremely uncomfortable about being led bound and naked through this opulent space.

A few yards down the hall, he pulled her into a restroom that was clearly marked "Men". She really needed to pee, and she hoped that he had noticed that. But he just looped the leash over a faucet handle and said, "Stay here." He then walked over to a urinal and relieved himself. When he finished, he came back to her with his penis still in his hand; he roughly turned her around and wiped the remaining drops of piss from his cock onto her bare ass. He washed his hands and looked at her standing there with a pleading look on her face. He asked, "Do you need to pee?" Amy nodded, but he said, "Well, too bad. We don't have time to undo you. You'll just have to hold it." She sagged her head and then followed meekly as he dragged her back into the lush hallway.

They continued down the hall and as they turned a corner, two well-dressed women approached; the man pulled Amy off to the side of the hallway to let them pass. The older woman was wearing a distinctive business outfit, and the younger lady was tall and wore a short party dress. They were chatting quietly, but when they saw naked Amy being pulled on a leash, they stopped, looked her up and down, smirked at her, and then continued on down the hallway. As they passed, the man with the leash said, "Nice that you could come today, Mrs. Vickers. I'll see you and your daughter at the party after I take care of this." Amy's face was bright red with embarrassment at having been seen in her current condition by these strangers.

But then the younger woman stopped and said, "Mother, wait. I want to look over that one." And she came back to look at Amy. She pointed to the leash and asked the man, "How is that connected? Did you put rings in the labia?"

The man replied, "Oh, no, we don't do that at this resort. This is hooked to a phallus. Here, come look." And turning to Amy, he ordered, "Spread your legs for the lady." Amy reluctantly obeyed.

The young woman bent down, reached between Amy's legs, disconnected the leash, grabbed the eyelet hook, and wiggled it back and forth a few times shifting the dildo around in Amy's pussy. The woman asked, "It's in there securely. Why doesn't it come out?"

He replied, "It's inflatable. First, I shove it up into her and then I blow air into it using this canister of compressed air."

The young woman then said, "Interesting device. I'll have to try that on my females sometime." She re-connected the leash, got up, gently squeezed Amy's left breast, pulled on the leash so Amy was in the middle of the hall and handed the leash back to the man. The woman then circled the naked girl, removed the paddle from Amy's hand, handed the paddle to the man, patted both of Amy's bare ass cheeks, and said, "I'm intrigued by this one. Nice Asian features. Have you taught her English yet?"

The man replied, "Oh, of course. All of our trainees speak English." He turned to Amy and said, "Say something to Miss Vickers. And be nice."

Amy looked at the young woman and guessed that they were probably about the same age; maybe Amy was a year or two older. But this woman was a couple of inches taller and stylishly dressed, and here was Amy bound, naked, and being led by a leash hooked to her pussy. Amy wanted to say something sassy like "I have a college degree, you bitch. Did you make it out of high school?" But she knew that she'd be punished severely for that, and she sheepishly said to the woman, "Yes, ma'am, I speak English."

The young lady said, "Oh, even a New England accent. You've taught her well. Is this one available today? I might want to borrow her for a trial period. I could probably make room for one more female in my collection."

The man said, "I'm sorry, Miss Vickers, but I don't know the complete status of this one. However, I do know that she has a panty option. You'll have to discuss it with the Directorate. Maybe you can do that later at the party."

The tall woman frowned and said, "Oh, that damn underpants option always complicates things. But I'll discuss it with the Directorate; we can probably work out something."

The woman stepped back behind Amy, knelt down, and spread the naked girl's butt cheeks. Amy jumped, and the man sharply pulled on the leash and said firmly, "Stand still." The young woman said, "I don't see a number tattooed here. What do I use to identify her when talking with the Directorate?"

The man replied, "Oh, we don't number them until their First Phase training is done. We've almost finished that phase with this one. In fact, she's going before the Directorate in just a few minutes. So, maybe we'll inscribe the number down there tomorrow. In the meantime, you can refer to this one as the 'Japanese female', and everyone will know what you are talking about."

The tall woman stepped back in front of the nude girl, patted Amy on the top of her head, and said to her captor, "Thanks for your help." The young woman left and returned to her waiting mother. As the two women were walking away, Amy overheard the younger one say, "Will Daddy give me some more money? Or maybe I could trade a couple of females for that one?"

Amy was shaking in embarrassment, and tears started to well up in her eyes. She thought to herself, "I'm not a human being to them; I'm just a Japanese female animal to be added to her zoo. And what the hell is a 'panty option'? The men never told me about that. And they never mentioned tattooing me in my butt crack. What's going to happen to me anyway?"

The man then looped the paddle cord back over Amy's fingers and led her several more yards down the hall, until they came to another big heavy door. He stopped, dropped the leash so that it dangled from her cunt, and said, "Okay, let's make sure you look okay before facing the Directorate." First, he fluffed up her long dark hair a little bit. Then, he dragged his finger from her navel to her pussy again, but this time he also pulled her clit from its little hood and as he rolled it in his fingers, two more people passed in the hallway; this time it was a man and a woman, both dressed as nicely as the two women; they just laughed as they saw what Amy's captor was doing and the look on Amy's face.

The couple left, and her captor stood up and massaged her nipples for a few seconds until they stiffened up nicely, and then he twisted them cruelly causing her to gasp. He glared at her and said, "That was close. Absolutely, no talking. Understand?" The naked girl just nodded. He walked around behind her, squeezed her bare butt cheeks, and said, "Not red enough." He took the paddle from her hand, and gave her a hard swat on the left butt cheek followed by a similar one on her right cheek. Finally, he stepped further back and swatted her extremely hard with the paddle landing on both cheeks. He traced his fingers on her red butt and said, "Good. Just right." She started crying again. He came around and faced her saying, "Quit crying. It messes up your makeup." Using a tissue, he wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks, and then he touched up the makeup. Next, he hooked the paddle over her fingers again. Finally, he reached into his pocket and pulled out her panties. He looped them over the fingers of her other hand and said, "Don't drop either the panties or the paddle." He looked her over again and said, "All right. You're ready for the Directorate. Remember that you are not to look them in the eyes; keep your eyes down. Got it?" She just nodded. He picked up the leash, gave each of her tits one last tweak, knocked on the big door, and . . .

Amy bolted awake, sat up in bed, and yelled, "No, no, no, . . ." Her frilly black nightie and matching panties were soaked with sweat.

Dwight was suddenly wide awake, too, when he heard her yelling. He quickly wrapped his arms around the terrified girl and said, "Amy, Amy, it's okay. You're in your own bed, and I'm here." She buried her head in his shoulder and started crying, "Oh, god, why do I keep having these nightmares?"

Dwight asked, "Was it Knoxx's office again?"

The sobbing girl shook her head and said, "No, it was the dungeon this time."

They lay back on the wet sheets, and he quietly held her for several minutes. Then, he wordlessly guided her into the bathroom, turned on the shower, removed her soaked nightie and his own pajamas. Then, they climbed into the shower, and she let him lovingly wash her body. After he dried her, he helped her into her big fluffy pink bathrobe that she liked so well. He was just about to say something, but Amy put a finger to his lips, and the two of them went back to the bedroom and silently changed the sheets. She put on a stunning white nightie and he slipped back into his PJ's. And then they went back to bed, cuddled, and fell asleep in each others arms.

The nightmares had started right after graduation. Amy didn't say anything about them at first, but after a few months of almost nightly bad dreams, she discussed them with Dwight and Linda hoping that just talking about them would make them go away. But no such luck.

Finally, a few weeks into the new year, she went to see a therapist, Dr. Mary Robbins, who was recommended by Linda's sister. Amy told Robbins that there were three different nightmares that kept reappearing. The worst one was the dungeon, but another one bothered her almost as much. In that dream, Amy was modeling panties for men in Knoxx's office. Unlike the dungeon dream, this nightmare was almost a replay of what she had actually done several times during her punishment at college. The dream was a little more extreme than the real-life episodes, because there were many more men in the office, the modeling sessions lasted for several hours well into the night, and the men were allowed to touch her and to slip the panties onto her.

The third dream was a little less extreme, but still bothersome to Amy. In the nightmare, she was back at college walking naked in the homecoming parade with the cheerleaders; she was carrying a pole that held her spread out panties kind of like a flag or a sail. Since she had appeared naked in public quite a bit during her punishment, Dr. Robbins thought this dream seemed rather tame compared to the dungeon nightmare. But it was still bad enough to wake Amy up in the middle of the night.

Amy also told Robbins that the nightmares happened only occasionally when Dwight was spending the night with her. Amy could only remember 3 times before this night when she had awakened Dwight with her thrashing and yelling after having one of her bad dreams. But the episodes were almost a nightly occurrence when Dwight wasn't with her.

The therapist spent one session trying to dissect the three nightmares. The only obvious common thread was her nudity and her panties, but otherwise the three bad dreams didn't have much in common. The doctor asked if there was dungeon-like place at college or in her current life. After thinking for a moment, Amy said, "Well, at college, there was an old building, Wakefield Hall, where I posed a lot for the drawing classes. In the basement, there was a narrow hallway leading to the bathrooms and the old unused security office that had a small jail cell in it. During the first photoshoot, they had me walk down those stairs while bound naked so they could take pictures of me in the jail. And they took me into the men's restroom to stand bound and nude in front of a urinal. But there wasn't any dildo or opulent hallway with well-dressed people. And they never spanked me that night. So, I guess there is some correlation, but it's not a replay like the panty modeling in the Chancellor's office."

Dr. Robbins nodded and said, "But there was a dildo at Wyndonham, and you were spanked sometimes, right? And was the Chancellor's office nicely furnished?"

Amy replied, "Oh, you mean Wytham. Yes, they did use dildos in me there. And Professor Whiteside did spank me when I was late that one time. There were some fake spankings during that photoshoot; they pretended to spank me, but they never actually hit me. But those two girls did hit me hard with the buggy whip during that awful ponygirl performance. Oh, yes, Dr. Knoxx's office, especially the outer office, was very nicely furnished and decorated."

Robbins paused a bit and then continued, "You used the word 'Directorate' for the people you were going to see in that room? Do you know who those people were? What happened in that room after you were led into it?"

Amy replied, "No, I don't know what happened in that room. I always wake up in a sweat as that man opened the door. I guess the Directorate was Knoxx and his committee, but since the dream always ended before I saw them, I just don't know."

The doctor then asked, "And what about those women named Vickers? Any idea who they might be?"

Amy just shook her head, "No, not really. Maybe Whiteside and her sister. Possibly Nicole Larson as the younger woman, but I never met her mother. Or it could be Mrs. Farmer and her daughter. But I don't know anyone named Vickers; so, I don't know where that came from."

Robbins continued, "In the dream, you were prohibited from speaking, and it seems like they were hinting at some kind of auction or sale to the young woman. That kind of sounds like the Prime Cut auction that you did near the end of your punishment. Right?"

Amy replied, "Yeah. So, you think in these dreams that I'm remembering things from various parts of those three weeks and forming stories out of them?"

The doctor nodded and said, "Yes, I think that might have been what happened. But let's continue dissecting the other two dreams before we draw any conclusions. So, let's talk about the modeling dream. You said it happened in the Chancellor's office, and you modeled panties for several gentlemen for a long, long time. Now, think carefully, who were all the men?"

Amy immediately started to say something, but Robbins raised her hand and said, "Please, my dear, see if you can remember each man in that room."

Amy shut her eyes and thought for a minute or so. Finally, she said, "Well, there was Dr. Knoxx and his four henchmen - Laird, Farmer, Telford, and . . . Uhh, what was that other man's name? Oh, Kirkpatrick. Behind me sitting on the couch were 3 fraternity guys. Sitting on my left side there was the two security guards, Olsen and Sweeney, and their boss, Greggson. Oh, there were 3 other frat guys sitting off to the side. Ken Marriott, my lawyer, was standing beside me. Dr. Beaupre, Logan, Travis, Dr. LaSalle, Dr. Newman, the Norwegian researcher - all of them from the Wytham sex research lab. Vince Garoni, the photography club leader, and let's see there were the 10 guys from the club. Oh, Mr. Thorson, the head maintenance man, his deputy, Mr. Conrad, and his worker, Russ, who was really a nice old man. Of course, the two city policemen that I encountered. And then in some grandstands at the back of the office, there were all the guys on the two baseball teams plus the bat boys and the 3 guy cheerleaders and the security officers from the ballgame. Also, the boys from the soccer team were sitting in those stands. And Nate Ashford, who was Kelly Stubbins's boyfriend. There were more people in those grandstands, but I can't remember who they were. Sorry."

The doctor said, "That's okay, Amy. Were there any women in the dream?"

"Nope, just me. Why wasn't Eva or Whiteside or the four girl cheerleaders or the women from the art class or the two girl photographers or Nicole or the woman cop or Stubbins there? Or Mrs. Farmer or those two awful girls from the festival - Keplar and Denton? What does it mean?"

Robbins replied, "Oh, I'm sorry, honey, but I don't know. Maybe it's as simple as you being embarrassed much more by being naked in front of men rather than women." Amy just nodded.

The therapist then said, "What about the parade and displaying your panties? Did anything like that happen at school?"

Amy said, "Well, there were several of these hooks around campus where I was supposed to hang my panties while I was nearby doing something in the nude. Wytham, the maintenance workroom, the theater manager's office, the art studio, and of course, the Chancellor's office. So, I guess that's kind of like holding them up like a flag." And she went on to tell Robbins about the naked walk across campus with Knoxx and Laird after the baseball game dangling her panties from her hand. Then she said, "Oh, I just remembered. Knoxx had me carry a sign with two pairs of my panties spread out on it when I walked back to the dorm that last Sunday. The sign advertised the free haircuts that I would be doing for guys that evening. Not exactly a parade, but somewhat similar."

The therapist said, "Well, all of that is consistent with our original guess that the dreams were stories created from various things that happened during your punishment. But it doesn't give me much of an idea yet how to stop them."

Robbins was also interested in the contradictions between the nightmares and some other aspects of Amy's life. One of these was the way that Amy was dressing these days. In college, she rarely wore provocative outfits, usually only for dates or other special occasions. But now, Amy almost daily wore suggestive clothes. Short skirts, belly shirts, visible bra straps, very short jogging shorts, and lots of cleavage. Underneath she always wore sexy panties and bras. The day after graduation, she went with her mother and Linda to Victoria's Secret to replenish her supply of panties, and Amy spent several hundred dollars on panties, bras, and nighties. They were all frilly and sexy. The panties ranged from lace bikinis to cheekies to boyshorts to thongs. There were no plain vanilla panties like she had worn during her punishment. The brassieres were mostly push up style emphasizing her full breasts. The nighties were frilly with matching skimpy panties.

For her job at the newspaper, Amy always wore skirts or dresses - usually in a business style, but always short. She sometimes wore one of her miniskirts which were tight and several inches above the knee. The blouses and shirts were rarely a tuck-in style; they usually allowed flashes of her bare midriff.

In fact, the day that Robbins discussed this with her, Amy was wearing a very short skirt and Robbins could clearly see the black panties that she was wearing as she crossed her legs. Even a middle-aged woman like Mary Robbins appreciated the view of this gorgeous young lady's long legs and partially unbuttoned red blouse.

Dr. Robbins had suggested wearing more conservative clothes to see if that would alleviate the nightmares, and Amy had tried that for a couple of months. But when the nightmares persisted, she went back to the sexier apparel that she preferred.

Another contradiction that the therapist discussed with her was Amy's visit to a clothing-optional resort over New Year's. During the autumn, Linda had off-handedly invited Amy to come along with her to the nudist vacation spot in the Caribbean. Linda hadn't expected Amy to agree, because it might remind Amy of her punishment time at Bancroft and the recent nightmares. But after thinking about it, Amy decided that it might actually help with the nightmares by going to the nudist club for a few days.

For the first few hours at the resort, Amy wore her pink lacy thong panties. But she soon realized that the "clothing optional" phrase in the advertising brochure really should have been "nudity required", because everyone else was completely naked. So, she slipped off her panties and stuffed them into her beach bag as she and Linda were sunbathing the first day; Linda just nodded approvingly when she saw the panties disappear into the bag. After that Amy did not put on any clothes until she left five days later. And Amy actually reveled in the attention that she got from the men. She and Linda were unquestionably the prettiest women there, and the men hit upon them almost constantly. But even though she kind of flirted with the men, Amy rebuffed their advances and remained faithful to Dwight by sleeping alone each night.

It was after arriving back home and having the nightmares continue that Amy had decided to see a therapist. Going naked again hadn't stopped the bad dreams, and Amy was running out of ideas of things to try on her own. Dr. Robbins had understood Amy's reason for going to the resort, but the therapist still didn't think it was the right thing to do at the time. If Amy had been her patient before the trip, Robbins would have discouraged her from going.

Another interesting contradiction was Amy's much more active sex life. In college, Amy had had a fairly inhibited sex life. She had been a virgin until her freshman year, but then she and her old boyfriend, Josh, had made love many times. But Amy was usually very tentative and passive, letting Josh take the lead. However, after her punishment period, her sex life had exploded. She and Dwight were very energetic in their lovemaking, and Amy was constantly looking for new sexy things for them to try. Part of the change was due to her becoming an independent young woman; she had just turned 23 years old, and it was only natural for her to still be learning what she liked and disliked sexually.

As an example, Amy had confided in Robbins about her pubic hair. She told the therapist how it had been shaved and "coiffed" several times during her punishment period, and then how she had let it grow out to a lush bush again in the weeks right after graduation. But then during one giggly lovemaking session, she had let Dwight shave it all off again. And she had kept her pussy smooth and bare for several months after that including the time at the nudist resort. Then, she had decided that she had liked the thin strip that she had during most of her punishment. And as she was letting it grow out again, she let Dwight shape it into the narrow strip above her pussy.

Dr. Robbins understood the growing up and the sexual exploration that is normal for women of Amy's age, but the three weeks of mostly naked punishment at college seemed to have triggered something inside Amy. Based on her psychiatric training and Amy's concern about the recurring nightmares, Dr. Robbins would have expected Amy to become more withdrawn rather than more open sexually.

Robbins probed some other aspects of Amy's life hoping to understand the recurring nightmares. She asked Amy about her relationship with her parents and brother. But there were no conflicts with her family; if anything, she was closer emotionally to her parents now than before; they were a great source of support in her transition from college life to a life on her own. Amy made several weekend trips down to Warwick to see them. And she talked to her brother, Jason, who was a junior at Cornell, almost every week. Also, over the months, Amy had been very open with her family about what had happened to her during those three punishment weeks. She truthfully answered all of their questions, and she apologized for not telling them everything at the time.

And her friendship with Linda was as strong as ever. They were sharing an apartment in Dedham, Massachusetts, near Boston, and Amy was very open with Linda in discussing the nightmare problems. Amy was happy to have someone right there to talk with every evening. During Amy's punishment at college, Linda had told Amy how proud she was of Amy for being so determined to make it through those difficult last few weeks. Amy had never considered herself to be a strong person; for example, during her punishment, Amy had broken down and sobbed innumerable times, and she didn't think a strong woman would have done that. But she did like Linda's use of the word "determined" in describing her during that time, because Amy had been very determined to get her journalism degree and to graduate on time.

Robbins asked about other of Amy's friends. Amy had made some new friends at the newspaper where she worked, and she had kept in touch with college friends, especially Rekha, Sharon, and Maddie as well as Linda, but those other three lived in other parts of the country and so Amy used email, Facebook, and the phone to communicate with them. Amy was also surprised in the winter to receive an email message from Nicole Larson, the strange high school junior who she had met at the panty auction. When Amy first saw the message in her in box, she was afraid that Nicole was going to ask her again to have lesbian sex with her, but Amy was pleasantly surprised at the more mature tone of the message. Nicole was now a senior in high school, and her message was basically a how-are-you-doing note with comments about what she was doing in her final year of high school. But Amy was most surprised by the paragraph where Nicole said that she had asked her brothers, Mitch and Steve, to be sure to delete all copies of the digital photos taken of Amy naked at the panty auction. Amy had worried about those photos showing up on the internet, and she had been surprised to never see them anywhere; those photos still existed on the printed one-sheet documents from that awful evening, and Amy just hoped that they would never be scanned back into electronic form. Also, Nicole said that she was very disgusted by Knoxx's treatment of Amy at the last Sunday 5 PM meeting where Nicole had watched Knoxx thoroughly humiliate Amy in front of so many people, and so Nicole had decided to break with family tradition and not go to Bancroft University; she was now planning to go to University of Vermont. Amy was touched enough by Nicole's email that she had replied, and the two of them had exchanged notes several times subsequently and the subjects of sex and nudity were never mentioned; Amy actually considered Nicole to be a penpal-like friend now.

The therapist asked Amy about her work to see if maybe job stress might be a partial factor. But Amy loved her new job at the weekly suburban Boston newspaper. She had been hired as a reporter, but the job really was more of a jack-of-all-trades position, because she helped in other areas such as page layout and web site design. She even wrote a couple of editorials, and she hit the streets a few times to solicit advertisements from local merchants.

But the newspaper was in financial trouble, because of the poor economy and competition from the internet. There were no layoffs, but several people resigned and their positions were not refilled. Amy was more than willing to jump in and help with those other tasks; she just loved the dynamic of working for a real newspaper. However, the shaky financial position of the paper caused her to treat this as kind of a temporary job, and she kept her eyes and ears open for other employment opportunities just in case the firm folded. Robbins thought that the uncertain job picture might be related to the nightmares, but Amy absolutely rejected that possibility because she was enjoying her work so much.

Dr. Robbins also suggested filing a lawsuit again Bancroft. The therapist was certain that the university had over-reacted to Amy's streaking. The punishment was far too harsh for the minor offense. Amy seriously considered suing the university, and she might have had a partner in the suit.

One day a few months ago, she got a phone call from Vince Garoni, the biology professor who was also head of the Bancroft photography club. Garoni had been fired by the school, because he did not hand over to Chancellor Knoxx the explicit, naked pictures that his club had taken of Amy. In fact, on his last day of work, Garoni said that he had destroyed all of the printed photos and all of the negatives from those two nude photoshoots. Amy believed him because all of those pictures were taken with film cameras rather than electronic digital cameras, and because she frequently Googled herself on the internet to see if any pictures or articles about her punishment appeared. The only one that she found was on tabloid newspaper's web site in a section called "Nudes in the News", and it showed her naked breasts as she popped up from under the water in that fountain while retrieving the coins, but that photo was not from Garoni's photoshoots. She never found any evidence that any of the explicit photos taken during those two sessions were posted anywhere on the internet or published in a magazine.

Garoni wanted to file suit against the university for wrongful termination, because he had the written agreement with Amy not to distribute those photos in any fashion, and he felt he was fired because he would have had to violate that agreement in order to keep his job. Amy had contacted her father's lawyer, Ken Marriott, and she and Garoni met with Marriott to discuss the case.

But ultimately, they decided not to pursue the lawsuit for a few reasons. First, Garoni had destroyed the photos, which would have been crucial evidence. Also, those photos actually belonged to the university rather than to Garoni personally; so, he had destroyed university property. Second, Garoni's agreement with Amy was very unofficial; it was merely a sheet of paper with a hastily written paragraph and the signature of Amy, Garoni, and each of the club members. The signatures had not been witnessed by legal entity such as a lawyer or a notary public. Marriott was certain that it would not hold up in court. Third, on graduation day, Amy had shredded the report from Knoxx's committee along with the list of violations, and so, Amy didn't have any meaningful documentation to use in the suit.

And the fourth reason was most important to Amy. Since she was keeping an open mind about having to look for another job, she would need Bancroft to send either a transcript of her grades or a verification of her degree to a potential employer. And Ken Marriott pointed out that Knoxx would probably hold up sending a transcript or a verification letter if Amy filed a suit against him or the university. She just didn't want to take that risk, and in the end, she told Robbins and Marriott that she didn't want to do it. She was sorry for Garoni's sake, but she later learned that he had found a new job at University of New Hampshire.

And Dr. Robbins had asked Amy to frankly discuss her relationship with Dwight. This brought a big smile to Amy's face, because Dwight was the best part of her life now. They spent almost every weekend together. Dwight was living at home with his parents in nearby Brookline, Massachusetts. He was working on his MBA at Boston University, because he had been unable so far to find a job in his field of geology near Boston. He recently had an offer from an oil company in Jacksonville, Florida, and another from a municipal utility company in the Chicago suburbs, but he wanted to remain near Amy. They were both confident that he would eventually find a suitable job in the Boston area.

They had several common interests including being Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins fans plus lovers of classical music. But the real reason for Amy's big smile was the wonderful sex life that they enjoyed together. Every lovemaking session seemed to bring something new and exciting to both of them.

Finally, Dr. Robbins asked Amy to invite Dwight to come to one of her weekly therapy sessions. After the introductions, the couple sat on the couch and held hands as Robbins said, "Amy, you are very interesting person. You came to me to figure out how to stop the nightmares, and frankly, my dear, I'm stumped. I thought that just talking with you about them and analyzing things in your life would do the trick, but it hasn't." She turned to Dwight and said, "Dwight, you seem to be a big help to her with these nightmares. I realize that they still happen with you there, but not very often." And she turned back to Amy and continued, "So, Amy, I do have a suggestion on how you can minimize the bad dreams, and possibly get rid of them."

Amy smiled and said, "Doc, that would be great. What do you suggest?"

The therapist just said, "Why don't you two get married?"

Amy turned to Dwight and saw the little twinkle in his eyes and she gasped, "You knew she was going to say this, didn't you? You didn't just meet her for the first time this morning, did you? You were in on this all along, weren't you?" He gave her a big smile but just nodded. She giggled as she went on, "So, boyfriend, is this a marriage proposal?"

Dwight gave her a serious smile, pulled a ring box from his pocket, got down on a knee, pulled the ring from the box, and said, "Amy, you are the love of my life. Will you marry me?"

Amy started crying and through her tears she said, "Yes, yes, yes. A thousand times, yes." And he slid the ring onto her outstretched finger.

The End