Underpants Amy - Days 16 & 17
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 18, Friday

Chapter 63 - Final Art Class Posing

Amy awoke with a start, and she thought, "Oh no, I've overslept again." But she turned and looked at her digital clock, and it read 6:15 AM. And then just to confirm that, she picked up her cell phone and it also read 6:15. She breathed a sigh of relief, and she switched off the alarms so that they would not awaken Linda, who was sawing logs. Amy smiled to herself as she looked at her friend; Linda's snoring had often bothered her, but it was such a minor inconvenience compared to their great friendship that Amy had never mentioned it to her.

Amy climbed out of bed, and being as quiet as possible, she booted up her computer to read her latest email. And she was surprised to see a message titled "Auction instructions" from Tyson Laird.

With trepidation, she read the following:

Miss Suzuki,

This message is just a reminder that you are required to participate in the Prime Cut Auction today (Friday) at 12 noon. You should report to DaddyO's Adult Emporium no later than 11:45 AM. You are to leave all of your clothing at home. That is, you are to report totally naked; no panties, no necklace, no headgear. If any ornamentation is needed, DaddyO will provide it. Please remember that you are expected to be clean and presentable for the gentlemen's enjoyment. You will not be permitted to have any food or bathroom breaks during the event, which will be over by 4:30 at the latest.

Also, our committee will expect you to be present at our usual 5 o'clock meeting later in the afternoon. Naturally, you will hang today's panties on the hook before entering the room naked for the meeting.

Please make the appropriate arrangements so that you can follow these instructions.

Tyson Laird Vice Chancellor, Legal Affairs, Bancroft University

Amy closed her eyes and shook her head hoping to avoid breaking out crying. She wasn't entirely successful, because the tears started to roll down her cheeks, but at least, she didn't wake up Linda. Her shoulders shook as she buried her face in her hands to muffle her gasps.

She read the message again. She wondered what "ornamentation" and "gentlemen's enjoyment" meant. But mostly she was worried about the timing. She knew that DaddyO's was on the other side of town in kind of a seedy section. It would take her well over 30 minutes to walk there, which from a timing point of view wouldn't be a real problem getting there, but it would be a problem afterwards to get back to Kameron by 5 o'clock. She thought of a taxi, but how would she pay for it without carrying money? Also, where could she store her panties so that she'd have them to hang on the hook?

So, she decided that she needed to get a ride or borrow an automobile. She then smiled broadly as she thought of Dwight. Even though it was 6:30 in the morning, she thought that he was probably awake already, and she decided to call him. She grabbed her phone and went out in the hall where she was glad to see that she was alone. And she dialed his number.

It rang four times, and she was afraid that it was going to roll over into voice mail. But then he answered with a drowsy, "Huuu-lllo?"

"Hey, Dwight, it's me, Amy. Are you up?"

Dwight instantly perked up, "Hey, beautiful. Ummm, no, I'm not up. Well, actually part of my body is up just thinking of you, but no, I'm not out of bed yet. But that's okay. What's up?"

Amy giggled and then explained her need for transportation for both before and after the auction, and Dwight readily agreed. He said, "Yeah, I'd be happy to. But where is this place? I've heard of it, but I don't know how to get there. And what is this auction anyway?"

Amy answered, "First, we can look it up on MapQuest; let's both do that. Second, I don't know much about the auction, except that the title is 'Prime Cut Auction' and I'm part of the merchandise that being auctioned off to a bunch of older men." She could hear him gasp and she continued, "I know, I know, it sounds awful. But I've got to do it. And it will be finished by 4:30."

"And you'll be there in just your panties with all those old guys looking at you?"

"Umm, actually, I'll be naked the entire time. In fact, they told me to report totally nude. And so, is it okay if I leave my panties in your car while I'm in there?"

Dwight gasped again, "Oh my, Amy, how do you put up with all this shit that they are throwing at you? But yes, of course, I'll keep your underwear while you're gone."

Amy sighed, "Well, it's only a few more days, and then it will be all over. If I made it this long, I can make it til Monday. Anyway, I need to get cleaned up and eat breakfast. Can you pick me up here at 11:30?"

"Yes, that sounds good. See you then. Bye."

"Bye bye". And she hung up.

After she showered, she sighed and picked up her razor. She knew that her pussy was going to be in full view most of this day, and so she carefully shaved and trimmed her pubic area.

* * *

Amy had heard the rain falling overnight, and so she was very glad to see that it had stopped by the morning. However, she still had to walk on wet sidewalks and around puddles on her way to Wakefield Hall.

She walked into the art classroom for her last day of posing. It was several minutes before class was to begin, and she slid off her panties and hung them on the hook. Not many students were there yet nor was Eva or Whiteside. She just went up to the stage and sat down on the edge of it. This time she carefully remembered to keep her legs open and her arms at her sides. She just nodded at the students as they arrived.

A couple of minutes later, Eva walked into the room - in all of her naked glory. She walked up the aisle and sat down next to Amy. The dark haired nude smiled at the honey-blonde nude, and said, "Hey, good morning, Eva, I guess this is our last time together. But maybe I'll see you at graduation?"

Eva sighed and said, "Sorry, Amy, I guess I never made that clear. Even though I've been here for four years, I'm not graduating on Monday. I still need a whole bunch of credits, and I'll be back next year. I should be able to finish up in one more year. Anyway, there's almost zero demand for a new graduate with a degree in Art History right now, and I'm not sure what I would do to earn a living. I make really good money doing this nude posing, and Dr. Whiteside said she'd try to add a few more hours each week of posing next year. And as I said, I really enjoy doing it, too. So, I guess for the next year, this will be my career."

Amy replied, "Sorry, I misunderstood. But since you really like doing this, I'm glad that you'll be able to continue." But inwardly, Amy was thinking, "I'm sure as hell glad that I won't be doing it any more."

They continued to chat about it for the next few minutes.

Just as the 8 o'clock bell rang, Whiteside came up on the stage and the two nude girls got up and stood beside the instructor. Whiteside started, "Good morning, everybody. Welcome to the final session for this class. None of you except Amy were here for yesterday's 9 o'clock class, and it was her poses for that class that inspired me for today's poses at this class. In that class, Amy posed - naked naturally - with the men from the class. The men were clothed, and so we had a nice contrast of an unclothed female and several clothed males. Today, I want to do something similar, but the contrast will be two nude females set in typical everyday settings that you might see around this campus. In the first one, we're going to pretend that Eva and Amy are running a small restaurant. One of them will be the cook and the other the waitress. And I'm going to ask four of you students to come up and be customers of this little café."

And Amy helped Whiteside set up the little round tables and a few chairs. And Eva set up a fake stove on a long folding table using some of the pots and pans from the props cabinet. Eva bent over the phony stove as if cooking an omelet. Amy stood taking orders from the customers at one of the tables. They held these poses for about 15 minutes switching off the customers a couple of times.

After Amy cleared away the little tables and the pots and pans, Whiteside described the next pose, "This next one is going to be class registration. And we'll have naked Amy sitting behind the table pretending to assign naked Eva to a class. And we'll have a line of students behind Eva who are awaiting their turns."

This one was easier to set up and Amy took her seat behind the table with several pads of paper and pencils in front of her. Eva bent over as if signing a form with her breasts hanging enticingly. Whiteside said, "Please sketch this one quickly, because I'm going to change it slightly in about 5 minutes."

After the 5-minute pose, Whiteside said, "Okay, good. Now, Eva, I want you back in line, maybe 3 people ahead of you. And Amy, I want you standing, bending over slightly, pointing a finger at the student, who I guess will be Miss Nichols here, as if arguing with her. I want frowns on the faces of everyone in line including you, Eva. We'll do this one for about 10 minutes." Whiteside made the minor adjustments so that Amy's boobs and Eva's pussy were prominent in the pose. And the class sketched the scene for the next several minutes.

Whiteside came up on the stage, and she had Amy and Eva take down the folding table. Then Whiteside said, "Okay, the last one is going to simulate what we've been doing in this class. Eva, you are going to pretend to be an artist with an easel sketching a nude female model, Amy."

She went on, "So, Amy please get one of those spare easels and set it up here on stage. And Eva, I want you sitting in a chair in front of the easel with your hand raised as if drawing on the sketch pad."

After Amy set up the easel and Eva sat down in the chair, Whiteside had Amy standing in front of the easel doing a neutral pose with hands on her hips, one leg slightly forward, legs slightly apart. Whiteside adjusted Eva's position so that her breasts were in full profile as she pretended to draw. And the class sketched this for the rest of the session.

As the students were leaving, Amy pulled Eva aside and said, "Eva, I still have the ankle pouch that you lent me. Are you going to be around for the next few days? I can get it back to you somehow."

Eva replied, "Sorry, Amy, I'm leaving right after this class. You can just keep that pouch; you might need it for something over the weekend."

"Okay, thanks. And, Eva, it's been really nice knowing you. I hope you have a good summer and then a good final year of college." She reached out to shake hands, but instead, Eva pulled her into an embrace. And the two naked girls hugged for several seconds, boobs against boobs. And as Eva stepped down from the stage, she turned and said, "Bye, Amy. Have a nice life."

Amy watched as her naked friend walked down the aisle, and then they smiled and waved at each other as Eva walked out the door.

Amy stood there for a minute or so, and then made a quick trip down the rustic stairs to the ladies room in the basement. Fortunately, there was no line in the hallway, and she was able to get in and out very quickly. But a couple of guys coming down the stairs squeezed to the side to let the naked girl pass, and then they turned to admire her bare ass as she dashed up the stairs.

The last hour of posing was somewhat exhausting for Amy, because Whiteside had her do physical exercises for the class. Jogging in place, push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, barbells, plus a couple of others. Whiteside told the class, "These motion exercises will give you practice at sketching moving things. See if you can capture that motion in your sketches somehow. On a female like pretty Amy, the bouncing breasts are one thing that you might want to emphasize."

When the hour was over, Amy was sweating profusely, and her hair was almost plastered down. She realized that she would have to shower again back at the dorm before going to the auction. As she was just about to slip on her panties, Whiteside lightly grabbed her arm and said, "Amy, thanks for posing for my classes these last few weeks. You've helped the budding artists more than you know." Amy smiled wanly and just nodded.

Whiteside wrapped an arm around the naked girl's waist and went on, "Now, about tomorrow. Remember that you're going to help out at the art and wine festival. My sister and I have thought of an intriguing task for you. I'd tell you about it now, but we need to make sure tonight that we can get all of the needed supplies before knowing for sure if we can do it. So, we will wait til you get there to tell you what you'll be doing. The festival opens at 9 AM. So, please arrive by 8:45 so that we can set things up. We will provide lunch for you, and we'll schedule some bathroom breaks as well. It's being held at Maple Park in town. There's a big headquarters tent near the middle where you can find me and Valerie. Any questions?"

Amy's curiosity was piqued, but she couldn't think of a way to get more info about of Whiteside. But she was worried about something and said, "Umm, Professor, this is a city park, right?" Whiteside just nodded and Amy continued, "Uhh, will the city police allow me to be, uumm, naked there?"

Whiteside gave a short laugh and said, "Oh, no, don't worry about that. Cal talked . . . Oh, sorry, Dr. Knoxx talked to them after your run-in with them last week. The town cops know all about Underpants Amy. They won't bother you."

This surprised Amy, because Knoxx had not mentioned this to Amy in any of the subsequent 5 o'clock meetings. And then it dawned on her - Knoxx had intentionally withheld this from her knowing that she would worry about the city police any time she was unclothed off campus. He had just done this to make her sweat a little bit, and it had worked, because she had worried about this several times.

But after a moment, Amy just said, "That's good. Thanks."

Whiteside said, "Any other questions?"

Amy replied, "No. I'll be there."

Whiteside slid her hand down from Amy's waist and lightly patted each of the naked butt cheeks, and she said, "Good, Amy. See you then."

Amy slid on her panties and walked out the door thankful that she was seeing the end of these daily naked posings.

Chapter 64 - Prime Cut Auction

After Amy got back to the dorm, she realized that she didn't have as much time as she had originally thought. She had hoped to take a half-hour nap, because she'd had less than 6 hours of sleep last night. But it was already 10:15 AM when she walked into her room, and she needed to shower, do her hair, and eat lunch - all before 11:30.

Showering was quick, but fixing up her hair for the "gentlemen's enjoyment" took considerably longer. She finished that just after 11 o'clock, and then she and Linda ate a quick lunch at the dining hall. And then a quick trip to the bathroom and some last minute makeup adjustments before she dashed down the stairs to the lobby just after 11:30.

She was happy to see Dwight waiting for her in front of the dorm. She tossed her backpack in the back seat, hopped in the front passenger seat, leaned over to give him a quick kiss, and simply said, "Hi."

He smiled at her and gave a quick look at her heaving boobs. He said, "Wow, you look great this morning. But how are you doing? Any more crises since I talked with you earlier?"

Still breathing heavily, she said, "No, nothing dramatic. Just the usual posing - but this time was the last time. But I'm really apprehensive about this afternoon. We need to get going. I looked up the directions."

Dwight, "Yeah, I did, too. Main Street to Highland and then east a couple of blocks. Is that what you got?" Amy agreed as they pulled out of the parking lot.

It took less than ten minutes to get to DaddyO's. They gave each other an uncertain look as they looked at the old, run down buildings in this seedy part of town. Amy was very nervous and her hands shook as Dwight pulled into the parking lot in front of store with the painted over windows. She said, "Oh god, Dwight. This place looks terrible. But I've got no choice. You'll pick me up at 4:30?"

He replied, "Yeah, I'll be here. If you get done early, call me if you can."

Amy slid off her panties and put them on the center console. Then, she leaned over and gave him another quick kiss.

Then the naked girl hopped out of the car and scampered over to the door that said "DaddyO's Finest Adult Novelties". She yanked on the handle, but the door was locked. She was a bit flummoxed for a moment before she heard a voice over an overhead speaker say, "Okay, come in." She looked up and saw the video camera next to the speaker, and then she heard the buzzer make its harsh ring. She yanked on the door handle, and this time it opened. She gave one last longing look at Dwight, and then she walked into the shop.

The terrified girl looked around for a moment to get her bearings. There were several men in the shop who stopped what they were doing to look at the gorgeous nude girl who had just come through the front door. She padded over to the main counter and said to the wide-eyed young guy behind the counter, "I'm here to see DaddyO?"

The guy continued to stare as he pointed down the hallway and said, "Daddy is in his office."

Amy scooted down the hall, spotted the office, and since the door was open, she lightly knocked on the door jamb. The man behind the desk was heavy set with long graying hair with a matching full beard. Amy thought he kind of looked like Santa Claus except that he was dressed in a plaid flannel shirt and jeans. He looked up and waved her in. He stood up and they shook hands. He said, "Hello, Amy. I'm Daniel O'Flaherty. But please call me Daddy."

She made a slight move towards the visitor's chair, but he said, "Oh, please just stand there so I can look at you." Amy blushed, and just stood there in front of the desk, hands at her sides with her boobs and pussy in full view for the man.

He said, "Well, you must be a Ty girl."

Amy gave him a puzzled look and said, "Huh? No, actually, I'm of Japanese heritage, but I was born in Warwick, Rhode Island, where my folks live. So, I'm American."

Now Daddy was confused and said, "What? I don't care about that. As long as a girl is beautiful, which you definitely are, I don't care what race or nationality you are." They looked at each other for just a second and Daddy continued, "Oh, I think I understand what the confusion is. I said 'Ty girl', spelled 'T-Y' as in 'Tyson Laird', not 'T-H-A-I' as in 'Thailand'."

Amy chuckled and said, "Sorry for the misunderstanding. But you said 'a Ty girl' and I guess I still don't completely understand. Did he ask another girl to come today, too?"

Daddy laughed and said, "And now I apologize. No, you are the only one. But our members sometimes invite girls to participate and I guess that's how we refer to them initially. You know, like 'a Bill girl', 'a Kurt girl', or 'a Jeff girl'. I use those three examples because those guys have each invited several girls over the years. But you are actually the first girl that Ty, that is, Tyson Laird, has ever invited." He chuckled again saying, "So, Amy, are we clear now?"

Amy also laughed again, "Yeah, I understand now. Mr. Laird told me to come." But she was irritated by the word "invited", because she had been ordered to be here rather than given an invitation.

Daddy said, "Good. But where are your clothes?"

"Mr. Laird told me not to wear any clothes."

"Well, I guess that's okay, but it was his call, not mine. The other girls will be here any moment, and they'll be undressing in the next room down the hall. Now, please turn around slowly so I can see all of you."

She blushed again, but she did as he asked. He looked her over again and said, "You're very pretty; I like your 'landing strip' trim" as he pointed to her pussy. He continued, "I don't know what Ty told you, so let me fill you in. There's a club of older gentlemen that come here once a month for a meeting and some entertainment. Actually, they meet across the alley in a mostly vacant building. The club is unofficially called "The Old Geezers", and you have to be at least 60 years old to join."

"I used the word 'entertainment', but it's always some sort of an auction. And today's auction is based on a 1972 movie called 'Prime Cut'. Ever heard of it?" Amy just shook her head.

"Well, it's kind of a guilty pleasure, cult classic kind of thing starring Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman, and a very naked Sissy Spacek. Not the kind of role that we've come to think of her doing, but it was one of her very first movies, and I guess she thought she had to show a little skin, and boy, did she ever! Anyway, one of the famous scenes has several naked girls in cattle pens lying in the straw with men inspecting them before the upcoming auction."

"And that's where you and today's other young ladies come into the picture. We've got the livestock display pens set up across the alley, and we'll put one of you in each of the pens. In the movie, the girls were drugged into submission, but I don't believe in using drugs like that. And all of you are paid volunteers, and so to simulate the submission, your hands will be cuffed behind you and you are not permitted to speak. The pens are filled with hay and all you will have to do for the first couple of hours is just lie there. The straw may get stuck in some private spots like your ass and cunt, but that's okay."

"Actually, Ty tells me that this is part of some kind of punishment for you. And so I guess you're not exactly a volunteer, but he assures me that you've agreed to do it, and that's all that matters to me.

He went on, "He also told me that your money will be donated to the university foundation, and so it's all for a good cause, to boot."

"Now, about that money. It will be earned from the auction. After the two hours or so of inspection in the little corrals, you'll be auctioned off to the men in the club. In the movie, the auction had a much more sinister undertone of female slavery, but naturally, we don't believe in that. Instead, you will do a lap dance for the winner of your auction. The winner is allowed to touch you, but no penetration is permitted. That is, there will be no sexual intercourse, and in fact, he is not permitted to stick his fingers or any objects into your mouth, ass, or pussy."

"If in case it's not obvious, just let me make it clear. You will be naked the entire time during the display period, during the auction, and during the lap dance. Actually, we'll give you some high heels to wear during the auction and lap dance, but that's all. And absolutely no talking. Any questions?"

Amy was shaking slightly, and she felt his gaze on her jiggling breasts. She just quietly said, "No, I understand."

Daddy said, "Good. Now, just to be sure, I mentioned that Tyson Laird said you agreed to this, but I want to hear you say it. Are you doing this willingly?"

Amy hesitated for a few seconds, because she sure wasn't doing this willingly. Daddy detected her hesitation and said, "Actually, let me re-phrase that question. Do you agree to participate in today's entertainment?"

Amy gulped and slowly nodded her head. But Daddy said, "Sorry, Amy. I need to hear you say it."

Just above a whisper Amy replied, "Yes, I agree. Do you need me to sign something?"

Daddy replied, "Thank you, Amy. And no, you don't need to sign anything. My attorney says that a verbal agreement is all that is required. Anything else?"

Again in a very soft voice, Amy said, "Can I use the bathroom before we start?"

Daddy replied, "Of course, it's on the other side of the store down the hallway. And that reminds me, this will be your last opportunity for the toilet, and I hope you've eaten lunch, because even though the men will be eating, you won't be. And be sure that you're clean down there after you pee, okay?"

Amy meekly said, "Okay", and she turned and walked out of his office. At the end of the hall, she anxiously looked out across the store and spotted the hallway on the opposite side. She glanced at the several aisles that she could see to check which one was empty, but none of them were. So, she stepped out and quickly scooted down one of the aisles that only had a couple of men browsing the shelves. She said, "Pardon me, can I get by?" as she approached them. They were young guys, not very well dressed, and they turned and stared at the gorgeous nude. But they smiled and stepped aside to let her pass. She got to the center aisle and quickly surveyed the other side aisles to find her best way to the bathroom. Again, none were completely free of men, and so she picked the one with the best dressed men in it. She smiled and asked to get by and the crowd of six guys parted to let her through. But as she passed the last two guys, she felt two hands, one from each side, lightly squeeze her bare ass cheeks. She gave a slight yelp and continued down the aisle.

Finally, she got to the women's restroom, and she breathed a sigh of relief as she turned the knob. But the door didn't open. Amy was afraid that she'd have to go back across the store to get a key from Daddy, and she was just about to turn back when she heard a voice from inside, "Hey, I'm in here. Hold your horses. I'll just be a minute."

So, Amy stood in the narrow hallway near the door and waited. A moment later, a guy came out of the men's room farther down the hall; he stopped in his tracks when he saw the pretty naked girl standing there. He lightly whistled, looked her up and down, and then smiled as he went by.

But a second later, coming from the opposite direction was a big guy. Amy guessed he was 6' 5" and 250 pounds. He had on leather chaps and a bandana tied over his head. "A biker?", she thought to herself. He was also stunned to see her standing there naked, but he didn't pass by. Instead, he stopped. And Amy squeezed her back right against the wall as he put his hands on the wall about a foot over her head. He towered over her, and he had a wicked smile on his face as he looked down at her. Amy was scared and tried to squeeze out to the side, but he spread his feet and stuck a leg out to keep her trapped, and now he was even closer to her. She could smell the alcohol on his breath. He said, "Hey there, cutie. I'm Hank, what's your name?"

Before she could answer, the bathroom door opened and another naked lady stepped out. The other nude immediately realized what was going on, and she said, "Okay, Hank, that's enough. Quit intimidating this lady. Beat it." And the big man quickly dropped his arms and sheepishly backed away. He turned and continued down the hall to the men's room.

The other woman smiled at Amy and said, "He's actually a pussycat, but he can be obnoxious after a few drinks." She reached out her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Janelle. I guess you and I are going to be part of today's merchandise?"

Amy was still scared, but she tentatively shook the woman's hand and said, "Hi, Janelle. I'm Amy. Yeah, I'm here for the auction."

Amy looked over the woman and saw that she was a few years older, probably 30 or so. Her breasts were sagging just a bit. Her butt had slightly uneven skin, probably cellulite just beginning to form. And there were faint aging lines under her eyes that her heavy makeup couldn't really hide.

Janelle said, "I haven't seen you here before. Is this your first time?"

Amy was thinking to herself, "First time, and only time!" But aloud she said, "Yes. You've done this before?"

"Oh, hell, yes. Lots and lots of times. The money is good. And in a kinky way, it's kind of fun. The old guys really get a kick out of it. Oh, you should know that I work at Naughty Girlz down the street. You know, the strip club?"

Amy had seen the sign as she and Dwight had driven down the street earlier. She nodded and said, "Yeah, I know. Do you know what's going to happen today? Daddy mentioned 'Prime Cut' and kind of described it. Are we safe?"

"Oh, fuck yes. Those old farts wouldn't hurt a flea. But thanks for letting me know about 'Prime Cut'. I didn't realize that's what we'd be doing today, but I've done it many times in the past. We won't be using our real names for this one. Instead, like the movie, all of us are given names of flowers. I'm usually Poppy, like Sissy Spacek is in the movie. Other names are Violet, Rose, Fleur, Pansy, Tulip, Daisy; things like that. You'll probably have straw sticking to your ass crack and pussy after sitting there for two hours, but it's not too bad."

Amy mumbled, "Uh-huh. Daddy mentioned that."

Janelle kept going, "Actually, the Prime Cut theme is one of my favorites that they do. Last month, we nude women were statues holding flowers; we had to stand still for two hours, and that was tough." Amy thought that sort sounded like the posing she had done in art class, but she didn't say anything.

Janelle continued, "Another time we stood in ten foot circles. The men could not enter the circles or touch us, but they could give us instructions. Like spreading my pussy lips or sticking a finger up my ass or lifting my boobs by the nipples. That kind of thing."

Amy cringed at the thought and Janelle resumed, "A few times we've done a jail motif with us behind chain link fence sections. But the old guys don't like that one very much because they say the fence hides our best parts, like our pussy and boobs, too much."

"Once Daddy had us stand with our hands tied above our heads, almost on tiptoe. The men could get in very close, but no touching was allowed. And several times we were naked waitresses serving hors d'oeurves and then lunch to the men during the inspection period."

Amy said, "And the auction itself?"

Janelle laughed, "Oh, that's nothing. You just stand there on stage showing off your stuff."

"And the pay-off is a lap dance?"

Janelle replied, "Yeah, is that a problem? Have you ever done that before?"

Amy blushed and said, "No. And I'm not even a very good dancer when I'm dressed."

"Oh, you'll do fine. Those old gents just like having naked young female flesh to touch."

Amy cringed, "Daddy said that touching is allowed. What's that like?"

"Well, they're not allowed to stick anything into you, but it's pretty heavy petting. Lifting boobs, twisting nipples, squeezing butt cheeks, even spreading pussy lips, but that's rare."

Amy gasped and was just about to say something else when Janelle kept on, "Last time, the pay-off was a bit different. A couple of the guys are recent grandfathers, and they needed practice with diapers. And guess who they practiced on?" Amy just laughed, but she was glad that wouldn't happen today.

And Janelle continued, "Here let me look at you. We don't get Asian girls here that often. Where are you from? You speak great English. Are you from Bancroft?" And she looked Amy up and down. She brushed Amy's strip of pubic hair and said, "Hey, I like that."

Amy blushed again and said, "Actually, I was born and raised in Rhode Island. My father's side is Japanese. Yes, I'm a senior at the university, and I'm graduating on Monday."

Janelle exclaimed, "Hey, congratulations. I hope you can get a better job than the ones I've got. Stripping is lucrative, but I wonder how much longer I'll be able to do it. I wish I could use my brain rather than my body to make a living."

Janelle was just about to continue talking, but Daddy arrived. He looked at the two naked women and said, "Hey, Janelle. We need to get going; let Amy get ready." He looked over at Amy and then gently turned her, patted her lightly on her bare butt, and said, "She'll talk your pretty ass off if you let her. That's another good reason for the no talking rule!" He and Janelle laughed as he guided Amy to the bathroom door. He opened the door for her and said, "Hurry up." As Amy was closing the door, she saw Daddy put his arm around Janelle's naked shoulder and the two of them walked back across the store to his office.

Amy did her business, and she carefully cleaned herself up "down there" - fore and aft - as Daddy had instructed. Just as she was finishing, she heard a knock on the door. Amy quickly fluffed her hair and opened the door to see yet another naked women. They smiled at each other, and Amy started back across the store as the other girl closed the bathroom door.

But this time, Amy just took the shortest route across the store, and she didn't pause to ask the men to step aside. She just pushed her way through, and she got the expected pats on her ass along the way. She returned to Daddy's office where he and Janelle were standing kind of snuggled together. They broke apart, and Daddy said, "Okay, let's go next door. Carmen will be back from peeing in a moment, but I can introduce you to the others."

And he guided the two naked women a few feet farther down the hall and into a room with three other naked girls. There were piles of clothes on the tables and chairs. Amy sighed as she realized that she was the only one who had to report for duty today totally nude.

Daddy introduced Claudia who seemed to be about Janelle's age; she also worked at Naughty Girlz. Next were Bridgette and Jenny, who were both students at Bancroft; Amy had seen Jenny before around campus, but not Bridgette. And a moment later, Carmen arrived back from the bathroom; she was an African American beauty about Amy's age who worked at Naughty Girlz. Carmen and Amy were the prettiest of the bunch, but the others, all Caucasians, were good looking, too.

Daddy then said, "Well, today we are going to do the Prime Cut motif before the auction. Amy here is the only newcomer; all the rest of you have done Prime Cut at least once before. And Janelle and I have already filled in Amy on how this works. So, let me assign your names for the day. Janelle, you're Poppy, as usual. Carmen, you're Violet. Claudia, you're Jasmine. Bridgette, you're Pansy. Jenny, you're Rosebud. And Amy, since you're new, I'll call you Cherry Blossom as a tribute to your heritage."

"Now, please all of you line up, and I'll get you ready to go over. Pansy, Cherry Blossom, Rosebud, Violet, Poppy, and Jasmine. Facing the door about two feet apart."

The nude women fumbled around a bit as they tried to remember the names that were just assigned to them, and Amy found herself second in line. Next, Daddy opened a cabinet and brought out six pairs of handcuffs. The other 5 women meekly put their hands behind their backs, and Amy did the same when she saw the girl in front of her do it. They all just stood there as he attached the cuffs; he gave each lady a light pat on her bare ass after cuffing her hands.

He then brought out some hobble chains. Amy gasped and the others kind of groaned. He said, "Sorry, girls, but one of the old gents asked for these today." And he knelt down in front of Pansy/Bridgette and started to attach the ankle cuffs. But then he looked at Bridgette's pussy and then up between her breasts to her face. He saw the tears in her eyes and saw her slowly shaking her head. And he said, "Oh, all right, I'll figure out some excuse to say to the old guy." And he put the ankle cuffs and chains back in the cabinet. He used a tissue to dry Bridgette's eyes, and she whispered, "Thank you."

Next, he brought out a twelve-foot long chain. Again, Amy heard the other naked ladies groan. He laid it on the floor right next to each woman's right foot and said, "Sorry again girls, but this one is required today. Step your right foot over the chain, and I'll hook it to your handcuffs." He started at the rear hooking the end of the chain to Jasmine/Claudia's cuffs. Then, the lady gasped as he raised the chain so that it was fed between her legs and up into her crotch as he attached the chain to the next girl in line. After a minute or so, Amy felt him clip the chain to her cuffs, and he came around in front of her and lifted the chain so that it nestled in her ass crack and then in her pussy slit as he hooked it to Pansy/Bridgette's cuffs. Finally, he pulled it up between the first girl's legs, and they let out a collective gasp as he gave a tug on the chain.

He looked over the six-girl chain gang and said, "Okay, we're ready. Remember, no talking. No resisting." He looked at Amy and said, "Cherry Blossom, the rest of these ladies actually enjoy this Prime Cut thing; so, I hope you can have fun with it, too." Amy felt the chain wedged in her pussy and she still had a distressed look on her face, but she managed to nod at him.

With that, he led them out the door into the hallway and then out the back door into the alleyway and the bright sunlight. The girl in front of Amy stumbled a bit and she raised her bound hands as if that could prevent a fall, but all it did was to yank the chain higher into Amy's pussy, and she let out a short gasp and stumbled a bit as well. Amy was able to keep her hands down on her lower back and this avoided a literal chain reaction to the girl behind her. Amy and Pansy/Bridgette regained their footing, but the chain was now firmly jammed between Amy's pussy lips.

Daddy said, "Oh, careful, Pansy. And the rest of you, watch your step. The surface is a bit uneven and there are puddles here, and we don't want your feet to get dirty, do we?" As they moved along, Amy didn't see anybody in the alley, but she did spot a fairly big rat running for cover under a nearby dumpster. The alley was about 20 feet wide, but he led the chain of naked ladies past two buildings and then into a building on the opposite side.

As they entered the building, Amy had to adjust her sight again; this time to the darker interior. But then she saw that it was a big empty room with a concrete floor and a very high ceiling. It looked like it could have been an auto repair shop at some point. And she saw that they were being led between two rows of older men. She assumed that these were "The Old Geezers".

She heard one guy say, "Hey look. A Chinese chick. Cool!"

But another one said, "How do you know she's Chinese? Could be Korean or Japanese. Or even from Indonesia or Singapore." With that, Daddy paused and held up his hand to signal the girls to stop for a moment.

The first guy then said, "Well, look at the tits. Chinese have pointy tits like that. Right?"

Now, several of the men roared with laughter, and one said, "Holy crap, Roy. You can't generalize like that. Women's boobs around the world have all different shapes. Besides, I wouldn't exactly call them pointy. They look nice and full to me. I guess you think that the superb little dark-colored nips make them seem pointy, but not to me." He then looked Amy in the eye and said, "Well, sweetie, are you Chinese?"

She shook her head and mouthed "No", but she said nothing. Then, she felt a hard swat on her ass as Daddy said, "Hey, Cherry Blossom, no talking. Remember?"

Amy wanted to complain that she hadn't said anything, but she just turned and followed the leader as Daddy resumed pulling the chain of women into the middle of the big barn-like building where the floor was covered with hay.

Even though they had explained the setup to Amy, she still looked at it with stunned amazement. In the middle of the hay covered floor were six livestock display pens. They were organized in a kind of six-pack formation, three on one side, three on the other. Each pen was defined by a four-foot high metal fence with several horizontal slats and a padlocked gate on the side. Each was filled with straw about two feet deep and a few bales of hay.

Amy watched as Daddy disconnected the last girl Jasmine/Claudia from the chain and led her over to one of the pens. He unlocked the gate and led the naked, cuffed girl through the hay to two bales of hay that formed a corner. He helped the girl sit down in the hay and lean back against the hay bale. As he was leaving, he gave each of her tits a playful twist, and then he locked the gate.

Tears started to form in Amy's eyes as she thought, "I'm going to be displayed naked here just like a farm animal for the next few hours!"

The old men gathered around as Daddy repeated the process of displaying the next three women. And then it was Amy's turn. He unclipped the chain from her cuffs and then gently unwedged the chain from her pussy. Amy stood there trembling as he unlocked the gate to her pen; she saw her fake name, Cherry Blossom, on a little sign attached to the gate. He led her through the deep hay over to a hay bale. With her hands still cuffed behind her back, it was difficult for her to sit down next to the bale, but with Daddy's help, she got her bare butt down to the straw covered floor. He helped her shift herself to a slightly more comfortable position, and then he reached between her thighs with two hands and said quietly, "Spread them out just a bit so they can see your cunt. And remember, no talking." And then he gently twisted her nipples and left, locking the gate.

As Daddy situated the last woman in her pen, Amy closed her eyes and shifted her butt around trying to get it in a better spot. But even with the carpet of hay, she could feel the cool dampness of the concrete underneath her. And the more she shifted, the more the straw worked its way into her ass and pussy. Her arms were already sore from being bound behind her. Finally, she kind of gave up and just leaned back against the hay bale as best she could. When she opened her eyes again, she saw several men leaning over the fence rail looking down at her naked body. She really wanted to cover herself, but it was physically impossible to do that with her hands cuffed behind her.

Amy resigned herself to her fate for the next few hours. She decided to treat the situation sort of like posing in art class. But there were some significant differences. In art class, there was a clock on the wall, and the pose was changed after 15 or 20 minutes. Here, she had no idea what time it was or how long she'd been there, and here, she was not permitted to change her position. And so the time passed very, very slowly for the naked, bound, and fully displayed young woman.

After a while, she became aware of the pleasant smell of food. Fried chicken? Ground beef? Mexican food? She wasn't sure, but she knew it was food rather than someone's body odor. She looked up and saw the men were now eating as they gazed at her over the fence. One guy was eating a big sub sandwich. Another had a juicy looking hamburger. Another was working on a bag of potato chips. And others were holding bottles of beer. Even though she had eaten lunch an hour or so earlier, she heard her tummy growl. She closed her eyes and tried to think about something else besides the food.

But she was knocked out of her self-imposed daze when she felt something hit her left thigh. She looked over to see what it was, but she didn't see anything; evidently, whatever it was had sunk down in the hay next to her leg. Then, she felt something similar hit her stomach, and she saw a green grape roll into her navel and come to a rest there. She looked up and saw a gray-haired man picking a grape off of a bunch that he was holding. As he lined up another shot, he said, "My aim's not so great today." And he let it fly, and an instant later Amy felt it hit her pussy. He yelled, "Bullseye!" She felt the grape roll down her slit and come to a rest in the hay. He said, "Hey, it looks like you just laid a tiny green egg." He and three other men laughed loudly. And then the four of them took several more shots at her pussy and her breasts. Amy winced as one of the grapes scored a direct hit her left nipple. One of the men saw her reaction and said, "Hey, that's enough. We don't want to hurt her. She's going to be the prize of the auction, and we don't want damaged goods now, do we?"

Amy returned to her bored stupor looking up at the men crowded around her pen. They were laughing and pointing and saying crude things about her body. She couldn't see the adjoining pens very well, but if she could, she would have seen that the crowd around her was much bigger than the other girls. She had struck their voyeuristic fancy.

During a lull when the crowd had subsided around her, she saw a pair of nicely polished shoes and grey wool slacks approach her pen. She looked up and saw Tyson Laird looking down at her. She stared daggers at him, but he didn't really notice, because he was staring at her slightly spread pussy lips. After a minute or so, his gaze shifted up to her boobs where he paused for several seconds before finally looking her in her eyes. He gave her a smirkish smile and walked away without saying a word to her.

Finally, after seemed like an eternity to Amy, she heard a loud clanging sound, and one of the men yelled, "All right, everyone, the viewing and observing period is now over. And we are going to get these ladies ready for the auction. Daddy, please prepare them for us."

Daddy went around to each pen. He unlocked the gate and then helped the naked woman stand up, but he left her hands cuffed behind her. He brushed off the hay and then led the woman out to stand in front of her pen. For Amy, he picked the grape out of her bellybutton and tossed it away. And he also carefully pulled a few pieces of straw out of her ass and pussy. She stretched her legs and seductively bent this way and that trying to work out the kinks from sitting there for almost two and half hours. The men gathered around each of the now standing women; they were laughing and getting in some last-minute close-up looks of the pretty naked ladies, but the men didn't touch them at all.

Daddy had them stand in a line in the same order in which they had come in, and then he said, "Okay, turn and face me. We're going to find some shoes for each of you. Remember, no talking." On a little cart, he had about two dozen shoe boxes, and Amy could tell from the labels that they were high heel shoes. Daddy consulted a piece of paper and quickly found the right size shoe for each of the other five women; evidently, he had done this before for all of them. He helped each of them put on the shoes. But for Amy, he brought out a Brannock foot measuring device, and he had her step into it. It showed size 9, which is what Amy knew she wore back in the days that she was allowed to wear shoes. Daddy quickly found a pair of size 9 black high heel shoes, and he steadied her as she lifted each leg to put them on. With her hands still bound behind her, it was difficult for Amy to gain her balance in this strange pair of shoes; these were the first shoes she had worn in almost three weeks. He said, "Okay, Cherry Blossom, take a couple of practice steps." She wobbled on the first two steps, but she quickly got the hang of it. She fell back in line, and then Daddy had them walk to the other end of the big room where two stages were set up.

One stage was directly in front of several rows of folding chairs where the men were now congregating. The other stage was off to the side. Daddy led the naked ladies up the steps onto the side stage. It was an enticing sight. Six beautiful nude women, hands cuffed behind them, in high heel shoes walking up the aisle and up the few steps. Daddy had them stand there in a line facing the old men with their legs slightly apart. Six beautiful faces, twelve pretty boobs, six open pussies in full view for the men's enjoyment.

From her spot on the side stage, Amy counted the number of assembled gentlemen. Five rows of 12 chairs each, and only 5 empty chairs. 55 men plus Daddy plus the one man on the front stage who seemed to be in charge. And most of them were looking at the naked ladies rather than at the head guy who said, "Hello, everybody, can I have your attention?"

And as the audience quieted down, he continued, "Well, here we are for our monthly entertainment. I see we have a few new attendees, and Daddy tells me that we have a new lady on stage. So, let me introduce myself. I'm Joe Whisman; I'm the current president of 'The Old Geezers'. And let me welcome you all, and I hope we can interest you new men in joining our fun little group." He turned to Amy and said, "And, Cherry Blossom, welcome to you, too."

Turning back to the audience, he said, "So, for you newcomers, let me take a few minutes to describe how this auction is going to work. All of you have had over two hours to evaluate the merchandise." He chuckled and looked over at the naked women. "And now, we're going to auction them off one by one. After each auction item, we will have the lady give the winner a lap dance here on stage." And he pointed to the arm chair on the other side of the stage. "After the dance, the winner and the lady dancer will return to the side stage where they can watch the bidding for the subsequent items. And in a little bit of a change, we're going to do it in a reverse order today; that is, Jasmine will be the first item of merchandise. So, Jasmine, please come on over here, and we'll get started."

As Jasmine/Claudia gingerly made her way down the steps in her high heels and walked over to the main stage, Whisman said, "There is no minimum or maximum bid. The only restriction is that each new bid must be at least $10 more than the current high bid. All of the money from the winning bidder will be paid to the pretty lady, who can pick up that cash at the end of auction."

Jasmine made her way up onto the stage. Her hands were still cuffed behind her, and she stood there facing the men. She was one of the strippers from Naughty Girlz, and she smiled as she gyrated this way and that; her breasts swayed and she turned slightly to show off her ass. She was trying to sell herself.

Whisman yelled, "What's the opening bid?"

A voice from the back yelled, "Twenty dollars". Several people booed, and there was an immediate raise to $30, and $40, and $50. After a couple of minutes and some prodding, Whisman said, "We've got Nathan over there at $200. Do I hear $210? No? Going once, going twice, and sold! All right, Nathan, come on up and claim your winnings."

Amy looked at Nathan. She guessed that he was 80 if he was a day. Nathan used his cane as he slowly climbed the stairs and handed ten $20 bills to Whisman, who said, "Okay, Nathan, here's the key to her heart." There was a loud laugh and Whisman continued, "Well, okay, it's actually the key to her handcuffs. Please free this young lady from her bonds so she can do her dance for you."

Jasmine/Claudia knew the routine, and she turned sideways and bent over slightly allowing her boobs to dangle in profile to the men, and she lifted her cuffed hands back to Nathan who unlocked the cuffs with the key. Jasmine raised her arms in the air and danced around wildly for a few seconds.

Nathan sat down in the arm chair to await his lap dance. Whisman guided the naked Jasmine over in front of the seated man, and said, "Okay, Nathan, you know the rules. Touching is permitted, but no penetration of any kind." Whisman flipped on the music as the young lady gently sat down on the old man's lap and started her dance. There was about a 50 year difference in age, but the man seemed like a kid in a candy store. As Jasmine twisted and turned, Nathan's hands ran all over her body - her hair, her breasts, her legs, her pubic hair. But he didn't actually touch her pussy. This went on for about 5 minutes until the music stopped.

As Nathan stood up, Amy thought she could see the hard-on in his trousers. He embraced Jasmine and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Whisman said, "Okay, let's lock her up again. We don't want her to get away, do we?" And the group chuckled at this obviously old, old joke. Nathan clicked the handcuffs back onto the naked woman, and he escorted her back over to the side stage. Someone from the audience brought one of the spare folding chairs up onto the stage for the old man to sit in; Jasmine stood slightly off to his side and behind him with a hand on his shoulder.

There was a big round of applause. Whisman waited for it to die down before continuing, "Okay, Poppy is next. Please, darling, come on over here, and let's see how much you can bring in."

Poppy/Janelle scampered down the steps, and she didn't wait to show her stuff. She sashayed her way over to the main stage, swinging her boobs and ass to loud cheers. When she got on stage, she continued with her stripper-like moves for half a minute or so. The bidding for her was livelier, and she eventually went for $260. Her dance for the winner, who was a man named Baxter, was pretty much the same as Jasmine's. And the two of them returned to the side stage.

Violet/Carmen was next. Carmen was the gorgeous African American stripper. She really knew how to work the crowd and she earned $290.

Rosebud/Jenny was the first of the college students. She wasn't as skilled as the strippers, but the men liked her youth (Amy guessed that Jenny was an 18-year-old freshman). And she netted $380.

And now it was Amy's turn. She blushed as she tentatively stepped down from the side stage and made her way over to the main stage. She stumbled a tiny bit in the strange shoes going up the other stairs, but she didn't fall. She tried to smile and do a little dance like the others had done. Even though she felt like she had been too awkward, the men gave her a big round of applause. Whisman said, "All right, all right, gentlemen. As I said, this is Cherry Blossom's first appearance here, and I sure as hell hope it won't be her last. Now, what's the first bid for this beauty?"

From the front row, someone yelled, "One hundred dollars." Followed quickly by $125, $140, $175, $200. Amy was dizzy listening to the bidding. It eventually fell into a back-and-forth match between two men. $320, $330, $350, $360, $375, $400, $410. And finally one of them yelled, "Five hundred dollars!" There was a collective gasp from the audience, and Whisman looked at the competing bidder, who paused for several seconds before shaking his head and sitting down. Whisman yelled, "Sold to Warren Timmerman for $500! Come on up here, Warren, and claim your prize."

Amy was blushing a bright red reflecting her extreme embarrassment at being auction off naked like this. But she followed the example of the previous girls by turning her profile to the men and bending while holding her cuffed hands out behind her. Her boobs hung nicely below her, and she felt her nipples tighten up even further. The man, Warren, was in his mid 60's with a full head of silver grey hair, and he delicately patted her ass before he undid her handcuffs. Amy waved her arms around as if enjoying her freedom, but it was actually to stretch her stiff arms which had been bound behind her for several hours.

Whisman said, "Okay, Warren, please have a seat, and let's have this Asian beauty show us her best stuff." Amy followed Carmen's lead of starting out sitting on the man's knee as if she were a little girl. She felt one of Warren's hands on her waist and the other on her thigh, and as the music started, she began her dance. As she feared, she felt very awkward and her moves weren't nearly as smooth as the other girls. But she persevered, as she knew she had to. One of her final moves was to straddle Warren's hips and to lower her pussy into his lap. She could feel his erection against her pussy; only a couple of layers of fabric separated his cock from her vagina. Warren was very aggressive in his touching; he especially liked Amy's "landing strip" and he rubbed his fingers through it several times. And he patted her pussy lips a few times as well. As the music ended and Amy stood up sideways to the audience, Warren knelt down in front of her and gave her slightly exposed clit two quick flicks with his finger. She jumped enticingly in response.

The audience gave her a huge round of applause as Warren re-attached her handcuffs. He led her back to the side stage where she stood slightly in front and to the side of him. She felt his hand resting on her right butt cheek. He left it there for the rest of the auction, and he gave her butt many hidden squeezes.

The final girl was Pansy/Bridgette. The men must have preferred the younger girls, because like Amy and Jenny, Bridgette brought in more money than the strippers. She earned $410, and she gave what Amy thought was the best lap dance performance. She finished it by taking off her shoes and standing on the arms of the chair above the man with her legs wide spread. The man reached up and gently parted her outer pussy lips and looked up into her.

After Pansy and her man returned to the side stage, Whisman said, "Well, guys, I'm sorry to say that about wraps it up for today. But let's give our girls a big round of applause. This was one of our better auctions, don't you think?" The men stood and applauded for almost a minute before Whisman waved his arms and said, "Good night, everyone."

Amy wasn't quite sure what to do next, and so she just waited to see what the other girls did. They all just kind of stood around with the winning men getting in some last minute free feels; the girls were still not permitted to say anything. After a minute or so, Daddy came up on the stage with the shoe boxes. He helped the six naked and cuffed ladies take off their shoes. And then he said, "Okay, ladies, line up down on the floor; same order. And I'll hook you up for the trip back to the store." Amy just sighed as she realized that this was just one last bit of embarrassment that he could inflict upon her and the other women. She grunted as the chain was pulled up into her pussy again. The men formed two lines and the naked women were dragged between the lines; the men clapped their hands in appreciation as the women walked back out into the alleyway. Amy forgot about the puddles and accidentally stepped in one getting one foot very wet and a bit muddy. She tried to wipe it off on the mat as the chain gang entered the backdoor of the store, but she was only partially successful. But Daddy didn't seem to notice, and he dragged them back down the narrow hallway to the room next to his office.

He said, "Okay, ladies, you can talk and get dressed now. My thanks to all of you. I have your money. Please get it as you're leaving."

The naked women shook hands and said goodbye. Since Amy didn't have any clothes to put on, she just followed Daddy into his office. He said to her, "Amy, thanks again. I hope we'll see you back here again. I've got your shoe size written down; size 9 shoes will be waiting for you. Tyson Laird said that he would pick up your money and make sure that it gets directed to the university's foundation."

Amy was only slightly listening to all of this. Of course, she would never come back here. She just wanted to get the hell out of there, and she glanced at the clock. 4:30 right on the nose. Daddy noticed that she was distracted and looking at the clock, and he said, "Your boyfriend's out there in the parking lot waiting for you. In fact, he's been out there the entire time. I talked with him briefly while you were in the corral, and he seems like a nice guy. In fact, let him know about our equivalent women's club called 'The Old Bitches'; they have a monthly entertainment meeting of their own, and your handsome guy could earn a lot of money at one of those. What's your boyfriend's name?"

Amy smiled broadly and just said, "Dwight." But she was thinking about the word "boyfriend". No one had used that word to describe Dwight's relationship to her; not even Amy herself had used it. But she just gave a yelp of joy, smiled at Daddy, and said, "I've got to go. Bye."

Chapter 65 - Boyfriend / Girlfriend

And the totally naked girl ran down the hallway, through the store brushing passed several customers, and out the front door. Her breasts bounced wildly as she dashed across the parking lot to Dwight's car, yanked open his driver side door, pulled him up facing her, and said, "Are you my boyfriend?"

He gave her a puzzled look and said, "W - what?"

She repeated, "Are you my boyfriend?" Her eyes were sparkling and she had the biggest grin of her life.

He said tentatively, "Yeah, I guess. Why?"

She looked him deep in his eyes and said, "Well, I'm your girlfriend, and I just wanted to make it official. Okay?" And she grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pulled him into a long, deep kiss. It was a strange sight in the seedy parking lot - a gorgeous naked girl standing partially on tiptoe showing her bare backside to everyone as she kissed the surprised young man. There was a group of men a few feet away on the sidewalk, and they started clapping.

Dwight pulled his mouth away just a little bit and whispered, "I love you, Amy. But maybe we should continue this inside the car?"

She blushed, gave him another quick kiss, dashed to the other side of the car, and hopped in. She said, "There. Satisfied? Now, can we continue?" She leaned across the console, put her chin on his shoulder, and kissed him on the cheek.

He smiled and said, "Hang onto that thought. I'm going to drive to a more appropriate spot, and then we can continue."

He pulled out of the parking lot a bit too fast, and the car skidded slightly before he regained control. He said, "There's a little park down one of these streets that's always empty. And there's a box of Trojans in the center console; get one ready."

Amy giggled in anticipation as she opened the lid of the console. And she giggled some more when she spotted her polka dot panties lying on top of everything else; she had forgotten about them. She dug a few inches down through the miscellaneous stuff, and she continued to giggle as she said, "This is just like a woman's purse. We have our handbags full of girl stuff, and you guys have your car consoles full of boy stuff." She found the box of Trojans, ripped it open, and pulled out a sealed condom. She tore open the little packet and waggled the neatly coiled condom in his face.

Dwight turned down on a side street, shook his head, and made a right turn down another little street. Then he said, "There. On the left side." He pulled into the tiny 4-car parking lot, and they surveyed the scene. Not a soul in sight. He grabbed a blanket from the back seat and said, "Over there under the bushes." They climbed out of the car and held hands as they dashed across the little grassy area and under the big bushes. Amy was breathing rapidly and between breaths said, "Here, I'll do the blanket. You get undressed."

There was a flurry of activity with the blanket and his clothes flying about. But they were soon slowly making love consummating their newly anointed relationship. Amy moaned loudly as they both climaxed together. Dwight rose up above her just slightly and said "Shhh" as he smiled down at her. But Amy just giggled and rolled so that she was on top of him. And she rose up a bit, continued to giggle, and slowly brushed her tits playfully back and forth across his chest with her pretty long dark hair swaying across his face. And then she collapsed on top of him and slowly rolled off to the side. They snuggled, and he played with her erect nipples.

As they cuddled for the next couple of minutes, they heard another car enter the little parking area, but after a minute or so, they heard the engine start up, and the car left. Then, Amy sighed and said, "You know, we've got to go. I've got that stupid 5 o'clock meeting."

Dwight responded, "We've got plenty of time. We're only a few minutes from campus. But you're right. I don't want you to be late because of me." She pecked him on the cheek, stood up, and reached down to help him to his feet. The naked couple hugged for several seconds and then Dwight quickly got dressed as Amy folded up the blanket.

Back at the car, Amy used a towel to wipe herself off, and then she slipped on her polka dot panties. They laughed and joked as they made the short drive to Kameron Hall. At 4:55, they pulled up in front of the administration building, and Dwight turned serious. "Can you come over tonight?"

Amy sighed and said, "Yeah, but I've got that other auction to prepare for this evening. It starts at 7. I'll call you when I'm done. Probably 9:30 or 10?"

"Okay. Where will you be?"

She said, "Gamma Gamma Theta. Do you know where it is?"

"Yeah, it's not that far from me. Say, why don't I wait for you here? Then we can grab a bite at the Union Cafeteria and I'll drive you over there?"

As she reached around and grabbed her backpack from the back seat, Amy smiled and said, "Good plan. But please don't wait for me outside the Gamma house all night." She opened her eyes wide and added, "Okay? Boyfriend?" with special emphasis on the last word.

He looked back at her with the same wide open eyes and replied, "Okay, girlfriend." They both giggled and then kissed. And she left.

* * *

Dwight watched Amy scoot up the steps into Kameron Hall. As she opened the door, she turned and waved at him. He couldn't believe that he had such a gorgeous woman for a girlfriend, but he also wished he didn't have to share that beautiful body with the rest of the world. But he knew it would only be for a few more days, and then they could return to a new kind of normal.

As usual, the building was emptying out just before 5 o'clock, and Amy had to put up with the stares and a couple of "accidental" brushes of her breasts. But she made it to Knoxx's office in plenty of time. She wiggled her butt at Mrs. Duckworth, hung her panties on the hook, and waited naked outside Knoxx's door. As the digital clock clicked over to 5:00, the door opened and Knoxx invited her in.

She just never got used to appearing naked before these well-dressed gentlemen in this nicely furnished office. She blushed as she took her special spot in front of his desk.

Knoxx said, "Good afternoon, Miss Suzuki. We don't have a lot on the agenda for today, and so, why don't you tell us about the auction this afternoon. Actually, I notice that you're a little bit more flushed than normal and do I detect a hint of feminine arousal? Does that mean that the auction was a stimulating experience?"

Amy wasn't quite sure how to respond to this and said, "Yeah, I guess. I was naked for several hours with all those men looking at me."

Knoxx went on, "Just looking? No touching?"

Amy mumbled, "Oh, during the lap dance, there was some touching."

Knoxx pressed on, "Anything more than touching? You look sexually excited to me."

Amy knew where this was going and decided she'd better get it over with. "Well, after the auction, I was excited and I made love with my boyfriend."

Knoxx smirked, "Oh, boyfriend? Mr. Henderson, I presume? I haven't heard you describe him as a boyfriend before."

A little bit annoyed, Amy said, "Well, he is. What can I say?"

"And where did this happen?"

"In a city park. Just a couple of blocks off Main Street, not far from campus."

Knoxx just couldn't let up embarrassing her, "Well, it must have been a real quickie, because the auction didn't end til 4:30 and you're standing here at 5 o'clock."

Amy blushed and replied, "Yes, we did it fast, because I didn't want to be late for this meeting."

Knoxx said, "Well, thank you for filling us in. And Tyson tells me that the winning bid for you was for $500. The university foundation will really appreciate your support. Now, Tyson could tell us what happened this afternoon, but we'd like to hear it from you; your perspective on the events was much different than his.

Amy was really embarrassed now, and so she decided to give them a chronological overview of the afternoon. And she spent several minutes telling them about the 6 naked women being pulled by a chain, displayed in animal pens with hands cuffed behind them for a few hours, auctioned off while wearing high heel shoes, giving lap dances to the winners, and then being pulled by a chain back to the store. She tried to describe it from a third person perspective rather than the more embarrassing first person view that she knew Knoxx was fishing for.

Knoxx pushed the issue a bit, "Well, what was it like to be sitting naked in the hay like that? Was it stimulating? Did you get sore? Did the hay get stuck in your private places?"

Amy quietly said, "Yes, to all of those. It was a bit stimulating to have those men looking at me, my arms did get sore tied behind me, and the straw crept into my lower regions."

Knoxx turned to Laird and said, "Well, Tyson, it sounds like this was some very appropriate punishment for this young lady. Thank you, for lining it up."

He turned back to Amy and said, "That's probably about it for today. Now, since you are going over to Gamma Gamma Theta this evening, let me give you the panties from yesterday to take with you. And on your way out, please pick up today's panties and take them with you, too. You'll give both of these to the Gamma guys for the auction. Also, remember that Marie, oh I mean, Professor Whiteside is expecting you at the art and wine thing tomorrow during the day."

Amy took the panties that he handed her and said, "Okay, I'll deliver the panties. And I'll be at the art and wine festival tomorrow."

Knoxx concluded, "Well, if there aren't any other issues, here are some beige panties for you to wear. I guess they actually call these 'nude' or 'bare'; very appropriate for you, don't you think?"

Amy just nodded, slipped on the panties, and left. In the waiting room, Mrs. Duckworth glared at her as she grabbed the panties from the penis hook and stuffed both pairs into her backpack.

She then scooted down the hall to the restroom. During the last few minutes of the meeting, she had felt her bladder starting to complain. And so, she was happy to get away from those men so she could pee. She was alone in the restroom, and she called Dwight. He said he was waiting outside in the visitor's parking lot next to Kameron.

A couple of minutes later, she hopped into his car, and as they leaned across the console for a long kiss, he fondled her breasts. She didn't complain and continued to kiss him.

He made the quick drive to the Student Union, and they walked arm in arm to the cafeteria. It was only 5:30, and she said, "If you don't mind, I'm going to get a full meal rather than just a sandwich. I'm starving, and we've got lots of time." He agreed, and they both bought the daily $7.99 special, which was a big plate of pasta with meatballs plus salad, dessert, and a soft drink. They huddled at a table in the corner. Many of the diners at the other tables looked over at the strange couple, but Amy and Dwight were oblivious to the onlookers as they whispered about some new lovemaking positions they wanted to try later. Amy could feel her breasts puckering up and a slight dampness between her legs.

They lingered at the table for over an hour before Amy said, "Oh, foo, we've got to go. Let me use the restroom; I'll be right back."

After using the toilet, Amy carefully cleaned herself up, because she knew she'd probably be nude much of the evening. Her panties were a little damp in the crotch, but not too bad.

They held hands as they walked back to the car where Amy grabbed her cell phone from the backpack. She said, "Let's go. While we're driving, I'm going to call Linda."

As they pulled out of the parking lot, Amy dialed and said, "Hey, Lindy."

"Hey, Sooz. Hi, how are you doing? We are just leaving for the dining hall. Can you join us?"

"Sorry, I just ate with Dwight. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be at his place tonight. Didn't want you to worry."

"Oh, good for you. I may see you there. Mark and I haven't decided what we're doing tonight."

In a slightly disappointed tone, Amy said, "Yeah, okay. Maybe I'll see you."

Linda immediately picked up the undercurrent and said, "Umm, well, as I say, we have no plans yet. Uhhh, Sooz, my dear, I detect something here beyond just a good old-fashion fuckfest. Are you and he, how should I say it, a couple, now?"

Amy blushed, turned away from Dwight, and almost whispered into the phone, "Yeah, as of this afternoon."

Linda almost yelled, "Sooz, Sooz, that's great. Good for you, girl!"

Amy said, "Thanks. But I've got a few difficult days to get through before I can really enjoy it."

Linda, "Oh, you're going to the Gamma house tonight, aren't you?"

Amy sighed and said, "Yeah, we're on our way there now. And I guess I won't see you til tomorrow evening sometime. So, have fun tonight. Bye."

As she closed her phone, she noticed that they had pulled up in front of Gamma Gamma Theta. She was a bit surprised, because she hadn't been paying close attention to the route they were taking. And she said dejectedly, "Oh, we're here already? Oh well, I guess I better get in there. Now, please don't wait out here for me. I'll call you. Okay, boyfriend?" Again, she smiled as she emphasized the last word.

He agreed. They kissed. And she hopped out of the car with her backpack.

Chapter 66 - Naked Girl in the Gamma House

But Dwight sat there watching his beautiful girlfriend walk almost naked up the walk to the front door.

At the front door, Amy hesitated. She had never been sure about the protocol for going into a sorority or fraternity house. Was it like a dorm where you just walked in? Or was it like a private home where you rang the doorbell? She decided on the later and pressed the button. She looked back at Dwight and playfully waved him to leave, and then the door opened revealing a nerdy looking guy.

The guy gave her a goofy looking smile and said, "Welcome to Gamma Gamma Theta, Miss Suzuki. Can I take your things, madam?"

For a normal woman, this would have meant taking her coat, scarf, purse, etc. But afterall, this was Underpants Amy, and so her only "thing" was her panties. Plus her backpack.

Amy knew this was a semi-serious joke, and that she could not refuse. So, she handed him her backpack and started to take off her panties. But the guy interrupted her saying, "Please, ma'am, allow me." Amy sighed and merely clasped her hands behind her back and mockingly said, "Thank you." And he knelt in front of her and slowly slid the beige panties down her legs to the floor. She stepped out of them and the guy reached down to grab them, but he never took his eyes off of her bare pussy.

All this time, the front door was still open, and Dwight was irritated as he watched his new girlfriend being embarrassed by this nerdy guy. He opened the car door and hopped out. As he was about to close the car door, Amy spotted him and saw the angry look on his face, but she slowly shook her head and mouthed "No" to him. An instant later, the frat guy closed the front door. Dwight stopped and got back in his car. He was fuming as he drove away.

Amy continued to stand naked in the entryway as several other guys came in from nearby rooms. The nerdy guy stood up, spread out her panties between his hands, and looped them over something on a table. Amy looked more closely and saw that it was a phallic-shaped vibrator attached in an upright position to the table top. The nerdy guy said, "Maybe we'll have a ring toss game later in the evening? Except we won't be tossing rings!" Everyone except the naked girl laughed at this.

There was an awkward pause and then Don Seligman stepped forward. He shook her hand and said, "Hi, Amy. We've got a lot of work to do the next few hours. So, let me show you around."

The naked girl numbly said, "Hi, Don. Okay, what should I do?" And she followed him as he walked down a side hallway and into a big room. It was kind of like a gymnasium with a couple of basketball hoops pulled up into the rafters.

Seligman said, "Well, we're going to discuss that. And here are the other committee members." Brockington, Brown, the two Larsons, and Zacharias came over as soon as Amy walked into the room. Amy also noticed an older woman standing off to the side watching; the naked girl was relieved that there would be at least one other female around tonight.

And then Seligman waved to the older woman and said, "Come on over here, Mom, and meet Amy."

Amy smiled at her and they shook hands. Seligman said, "Amy, this is Gloria McFarland, our housemother. She's not actually the mother of any of us, but we call her 'Mom' anyway. We're really lucky to be one of the last few fraternities with a real live housemother."

But Amy's feeling of comfort was fading as she saw how McFarland was looking at her. The housemother said, "Well, hello, dearie. I'd ask you how you are, but the whole world can see how your body is doing, can't they? Please slowly turn around so I can see what we've got to work with."

Hesitantly, Amy did as she was asked. And then Mom slowly circled the naked girl for a second look. She paused in back and briefly squeezed Amy's bare butt cheeks, and then back in front, she lifted Amy's left breast for just a moment. Mom said, "Well, Don, you've got a very pretty one this time. Are you guys going to draw straws for turns with her?"

Seligman blushed and said to Amy, "Oh, Mom's such a joker." And turning to McFarland, he said, "No, Mom. As we told you, Amy's here to help us for tomorrow's auction. No funny stuff tonight. And please, no more touching. It's part of our agreement with Chancellor Knoxx."

The housemother continued in her mocking voice, "Oh, okay. I'll just watch to make sure you boys behave yourselves this evening. But remember, if you need any sexual advice tonight, I'll be right here." And she turned to Amy and said, "And that goes for you, too, dearie."

Seligman said, "All right, Mom, we'll remember that." He looked over at Ned Zacharias, and went on, "Ned, why don't you describe the physical setup and how we're going to run things tomorrow?"

Zacharias said, "Okay, Amy. As you see, we've got a platform over here with a podium on it. And the audience will sit in these chairs. Come on, let's go up on the stage."

Amy followed him up the few steps and onto the platform. She looked over and saw that about 40 chairs had been haphazardly set up, and she was puzzled because she thought they'd said they expected a hundred or so. But she just nodded as she turned back to Zacharias, who continued, "Phil Brockington here will run the auction from behind the podium. You will stand off to the side where everyone can see you. You will hold up each pair of panties as they are auctioned off. The winner will come up on stage, and the two of you will pose for a photo. The auction winner will select the pose of his own choosing. He can touch you, but not in a sexual way. For example, his arm over your shoulders is okay, but his hand on your breast is not."

Zacharias went on, "Steve Larson will be the photographer. The photo or photos will be transferred to the computer where Mitch will quickly process them and add them to the document. Mitch will discuss the computer setup with you in more detail later."

"We'll set up a card table here next to the stage, and Jamal Brown will handle the money and keep track of the various winners. All of the money will go to the Bancroft Foundation. Our goal is $1000. There will be a $5 admission charge, which should get about $500. And then we hope to get about $25 for each pair of the 20 or so panties for another $500. Any questions?"

The naked girl was already uncomfortable standing on the stage with the dozen or so guys looking at her. She thought, "Oh, this is going to be awful with a hundred or more people."

But aloud she said, "No, it sounds okay so far. What do you want me to do?"

Zacharias said, "Well, as you can see we've got some chairs set up. But the rows aren't very straight. We want you to get the chairs set up nicely including the rest of them."

Amy looked around the room to see where the other chairs were stored. She didn't see them immediately, and so she asked, "Where are the other chairs?"

Zacharias smiled and said, "They're in rental truck out back. The chairs you see here now belong to the fraternity; we rented 60 more along with the truck to haul them. Here are the truck keys. We'll let you get started with those chairs."

Amy took the keys and said, "Umm, okay. How is this going to work? Do you want me to hand the chairs to you guys? Or maybe the other way around so I can set them up?"

Zacharias smirked and said, "Well, actually, we're not going to do anything except watch. You're going to do it all. You're probably going to want to move the truck to one of the side doors to cut down the distance that you've got to carry them. It's all up to you. You're a smart woman; you can figure it out, okay?"

Amy was stunned and tears started to well up in her eyes. But she stiffened her back, thrusting out her boobs and in as strong a voice as she could muster said, "Okay, I guess I need to get cracking."

She had no idea where the side doors were located or where the truck was parked, but she resolutely walked down the steps and over to the opposite side of big room. She found a couple of doors, but they led into another hallway. A little farther on, she found a set of double doors with push bars. These looked more promising, and she opened one and found that it exited to the outside, but there was no sign of a driveway or a truck, just a sidewalk with a garden. This didn't look promising, and so she walked to what seemed to be the back of the big room where she found another double door. She opened this one and saw that there was a driveway just outside. She smiled and then looked back at the frat guys and yelled, "Okay, I found the door. Now, where's the truck?"

They all just smiled and shrugged their shoulders. Zacharias said, "Figure it out."

The naked girl was now very angry, but she knew she couldn't show it. And so, she just opened the door and walked out onto the driveway. She had kind of lost her bearings, and she didn't know exactly which way the street was. So, she started walking one direction, came to a gate and peered over it, and there was the street - no truck in sight. She walked back to the doors and then on past another zigzag bend in the driveway, and there in the parking lot she spotted a yellow Hertz moving truck.

She quickly darted over to the truck, tried the keys in the door lock, and she was glad when they worked okay. But now she had to figure out how to open the back compartment which was about 4 feet above the ground. Then, she noticed the lift that was folded up underneath the rear bumper. And a few minutes later she had figured it all out and had the truck running and the back door open.

In the meantime, this pretty naked girl rummaging around in the parking lot had attracted the attention of not only the Gamma members, but guys from two other nearby fraternities that shared the parking lot. And when she climbed out of the truck, she was surrounded by six college guys staring at her nude body.

She tried to act nonchalant and said, "Hey, guys, can you give me a hand? I need to back this thing back down the driveway to those side doors. I'll drive, but I need someone to guide me down that narrow drive."

One of the neighbor guys said, "Yeah, sure, Underpants Amy, I'm Dan and I'll help you. Chet will, too, won't you? But where are your underpants?"

Amy smiled and said, "Thanks, guys. I'm not permitted panties tonight." And without further explanation, she hopped back into the truck and put it in reverse. She had never driven a truck like this before, much less without shoes in the twilight in a narrow driveway in reverse - and in the nude.

The truck blasted its backup alarm as she slowly backed it down the driveway - beep, beep, beep, beep. She watched in the two side mirrors as the two guys monitored her progress; she got a bit too close to one side and the guy yelled, "You're too close. Veer back to the middle." And then she carefully maneuvered through the zigzag bend as the two guys continued to guide her. Finally, she had the truck back by the double doors. Amy hopped down out of the truck and came back to the guys. She said, "Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it."

Dan asked, "Can we help you with the chairs? It looks like there's a bunch of them."

Amy replied, "Thanks for the offer, but they told me to do it myself."

He responded, "Well, that sucks. What jerks!"

The nude girl just nodded, shook hands with them, and they left.

She went back to the building door and yanked on the door handle. Locked! She thought, "Oh, dammit." And she just started pounding on the door. After about 30 seconds, she was about to give up and try to find her way back to the front door. But then the door opened, and Zacharias held it open for her with a smirking grin on his face. She just glared at him and kicked down the doorstop so that the door would stay open.

Now she started the tedious process of unloading the chairs. She found that she could put 8 of them at a time on the lift and lower them to the ground. Then, she carried them 4 at a time, 2 under each arm, into the room. She felt her boobs wobble in front of her as she bent over slightly as she struggled along with the chairs. And of course, she felt the eyes of the collection of Gamma guys staring at her as they just sat or stood nearby.

It took her about an hour and a half to unload and set up the 60 chairs, and another 15 minutes or so to straighten out the 40 Gamma chairs. It was now almost 9 o'clock when she returned to the room after returning the truck to the parking lot. Her breasts were heaving and her skin was glistening with a damp sheen as she just tossed the keys back to Zacharias and said, "Okay, what's next?"

Zacharias looked over the gorgeous nude girl and said to his nearby friends, "Hey guys, you've heard the old saying - horses sweat, men perspire, but women glow. Well, how often to we get to see an all over glow such as this!"

He turned back to Amy and said, "Well, you did that very well. Please remember how you did it, because you'll get to do it in reverse tomorrow night."

Amy briefly closed her eyes and sighed, because that would add a couple of hours to Saturday night's embarrassment. Then, she looked at him and just nodded.

Zacharias went on, "Okay, shall we do the computer stuff now? Mitch, I'll hand her over to you now." And he grabbed Amy's hand and guided her back to the stage where Mitch Larson had set up a small folding table with a laptop computer and a printer.

Larson sat down in front of the computer and said, "Okay, Amy, let me show you what I've done. Here's a folder with the one-sheet documents that you emailed to me for all the days up through Tuesday. Do you have the one-sheets for Wednesday, Thursday, and today? What about tomorrow's? Also, Dr. Knoxx said you would bring yesterday's and today's panties with you this evening. Do you have those?"

Amy said, "Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. They're in my backpack. I'll go get them."

Larson said, "No, I'll send Ned." And he yelled over to Zacharias, "Hey, Ned. Go bring Amy's backpack." He turned back to Amy and said, "Okay, back to the computer."

The nude girl felt her breasts hanging conspicuously near his arm as she leaned over to look at the computer window showing the listing of the 16 documents. She brushed her hair aside and looked at him, but she noticed that he was looking at her boobs instead of her eyes. She said, "Well, Wednesday and Thursday's one-sheets are on BOSS - you know the Bancroft Online Storage for Students that the university provides us. If this is hooked up to the internet, I can download them from BOSS."

Just then, Zacharias returned with her backpack and Amy quickly got the two pairs of panties and handed them to Larson, who immediately handed them to Zacharias and said, "Make sure these are tagged and throw them into the bag with the others. And take her backpack back to entryway."

Larson continued to sit in the chair and said, "Now, where were we? Oh yeah, you want to get on BOSS; go ahead and login. And then drag them into this folder." She expected him to get up from the chair and let her sit down, but he just sat there. So, Amy sighed and reached her naked form across in front of him. It took her about a minute to use the keyboard and mouse in this awkward position to get the two files. She flinched a bit when she felt someone's clothing brush against her bare ass; she turned to see Zacharias and Steve Larson standing right behind her looking over her bare shoulders.

Mitch Larson said, "Okay, good. Now, what about today and tomorrow?"

Amy stood and moved a foot or so away so that the three guys weren't so close to her and she said, "Well, I haven't had time to do today's yet. Do you want me to do it now? And I can do tomorrow's just before the auction starts, okay?"

Larson said, "Sounds okay. How long does it take to write up today's one-sheet?"

She said, "Only five minutes or so. Can I sit in front of the keyboard?"

Larson smirked as he reluctantly got up and mockingly held the chair for the naked girl. She was surprised how cold the steel chairseat was on her bare butt considering that Larson had been sitting there for the last few minutes. Using her journalistic skills, she whipped out the document very quickly describing the previous evening's experiments at Wytham, the morning's art class posing, the afternoon Prime Cut auction, and the 5 o'clock meeting. Like all of the previous one-sheets, she carefully noted where her panties were during each of those times. But she didn't mention the glorious lovemaking session with Dwight in the park.

Larson took his seat again and said, "Umm, why didn't you mention setting up the chairs and the other things we're going to do this evening?"

Amy testily replied, "Remember that these one-sheets run from 5 PM to 5 PM, and so as far as these are considered, today is over. I'll describe tonight's goings-on in tomorrow's one-sheet. Okay?"

Larson replied, "Okay, I'm sorry, you're right. So now, let me use what you just wrote and fit it into the template that I've used for the other one-sheets."

A few seconds later, Amy blanched when she saw that he had added in a big font the title "Underpants Amy" with today's date. Then, she leaned in close to the screen again and read the following that he pasted in as the first paragraph:

Amy Suzuki broke one of Bancroft's behavioral rules by streaking on the night of April 30 of this school year. She was punished severely for this infraction, and her punishment included being prohibited from wearing any clothes except for a pair of panties such as these. She was assigned to wear these panties by the Discipline Committee at approximately 6 PM on (fill in the previous date) and she wore them until approximately 6PM on (fill in the date here). There were periods during that time when she was required to remove these panties while performing community service activities in the nude. These panties were auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Bancroft University Foundation. The winning bid was made by (fill in winning bidder's name here) in the amount of (fill in the amount here). The rest of this document describes in her own words what happened to her and to her panties on that day.

Her breasts quivered a bit as she read this, but she just quietly said, "Yes, that's okay."

Larson said, "Good. Now, let's take a couple of practice photos. And I'll show you how we're going to do that. Let's see, Jamal's got the last two days panties from your backpack, and we'll use today's panties for these photos. Jamal, come on up here."

After a moment, Larson continued, "Okay, Jamal. You get to pick the poses for the two photos."

Jamal Brown then said, "All right, Amy. Here's what I want for the first picture. We're going to stand side-by-side, each of us with an arm behind on the other's waist. Kind of arm-in-arm, like lovers do. And with our outside free hands, we'll hold up the panties between us below your boobs, but above your pussy, because we want those special spots in view."

Amy blushed, but she did as she was told. Steve Larson snapped 3 or 4 pictures of this pose, making minor adjustments to exposure and camera position.

Brown then said, "Okay, good. For the second one, I want to be kneeling while taking off your panties. You can put them on, but only up to your knees."

Amy blushed again as she pulled the panties up and left them bunched around her knees. She just stood there as Brown adjusted them, and Steve Larson took the pictures from his spot in front of the stage.

Mitch Larson then said, "Okay. This is not one of those fancy cameras that can send the pictures wirelessly. So, we need to get the memory card from the camera down there to the computer up here on the stage. You'll help us out here, Amy. After taking each set of photos, Steve will hand you the card and then you'll pass it here to me at the computer. I'll give you another card that you can give back to Steve. Kind of a shuttle arrangement. Let's give it a whirl."

From his spot on the floor, Steve took the card from his camera, and Amy started to walk down the steps. But Mitch said, "Uh, wait, Amy. You don't need to walk down there; that will take too long. Just bend over from the stage and Steve will hand it up to you."

Amy immediately realized their real intent was to show off her dangling breasts to the entire audience. Just another way to ratchet up the embarrassment! She sighed and bent way over to get the memory card from Steve's outstretched hand.

Then she turned and took it to Mitch at the computer. Mitch handed her another card, which she took over to the edge of the stage where she bent over again to hand it to Steve. She glanced from one Larson to the other and saw that each had a smirking grin on his face.

Mitch then quickly copied the photos from the card to the computer, decided which two photos to use, make some quick cropping adjustments, and then dragged them into the one-sheet document on the computer screen. And after a quick final check, he printed the document on the color printer. He brought it over to Amy, who just blushed in extreme embarrassment at seeing her naked image on the printed sheet. Amy thought, "This is embarrassing enough with just these few guys here. What is it going to be like doing it 20 times in front of an audience of a hundred people?!!"

Mitch said, "Well, I think the one-sheet turned out just fine. And the procedure seems to work. So, Ned, I guess I'm finished with her. What's next?"

Zacharias returned to the stage and said, "Good going, Mitch. And Amy, too. Now, we need to advertise this event. Amy, we want you to help us put up these posters. You may have noticed some on the campus bulletin boards already, but we want to put some up around town, too. We've got a small pickup truck out front with about 20 of these posters attached to stakes. Phil Brockington will drive and I'll ride shotgun. You can ride in back, and when I see an appropriate spot, you'll hop out and pound the stake into the ground. There aren't that many of them, and it shouldn't take us much more than an hour. Everything we need is already in the truck. So, Phil, Amy, let's get going."

Amy was stunned again. She'd be riding around in the rear of a pickup in the same way that a pet dog might. And this would be on city streets in the middle of the night. She sure hoped that Knoxx had really told the city police about her nudity. The naked girl just bowed her head and obediently followed the two guys out the back door, down the driveway, out the front gate, to the red pickup truck parked on the street. The two guys just smiled as they watched the pretty nude climb into the back of the truck.

The two men got into the truck and settled into the two bucket seats while naked Amy tried to figure out the best way to ride in back. She finally decided to sit on the floor and lean back against the truck cab. But the posters were stacked in that spot, and she had to shove them to the very back. As she was moving them, she glanced at one of the posters. There was just enough light from a nearby street light to let her see the picture of herself provocatively posed on the edge of Knoxx's desk with her fingers looped over the side edges of her panties; her face had kind of a come-hither look on it with a faint smile and her nipples were erect. She hadn't realized that she'd posed so seductively that night. As the truck started up, she almost started crying, because she knew her image would be plastered several places around town on these 18" by 24" posters.

After only a minute or so, the truck pulled to the curb, and Zacharias yelled, "Okay, Amy. There's a good spot over there by that fence. Use that hammer and pound that sucker into the ground."

The naked girl climbed out of the truck, reached back in for a poster and the hammer, and then scampered the ten feet or so over to the chain link fence. Her breasts wobbled wildly as she pounded the stake into the ground. It was right under a street light, and she could now read the inscriptions on the poster. In big letters across the top, the title read "Underpants Amy" and the writing below the photo said:

Panty Auction
7PM Saturday, Gamma Gamma Theta House
Panties from Amy Suzuki's Punishment
Admission $5

She climbed back into the truck, and as it took off, she was still kneeling in the truck bed at the back gate peering out at the road behind them. Her eyes filled with tears and her long pretty hair blew in her face as the truck raced along. She really did feel like that pet dog dutifully following its master's orders to stay in the rear of the pickup truck. It was the second time today that she had been made to feel like an animal; first, in the display pens, and now with her hair flying in the back of this little truck.

The subsequent stops didn't get any easier for the naked girl. She was totally embarrassed at displaying these posters which were inviting strangers to come look at her naked body and bid on her panties. And the temperature was dropping as the minutes went by; she noticed that the guys had rolled up the windows and probably turned on the heat while she sat naked and exposed in the back. There were a few cars that honked as they drove by, but mostly the streets were empty at this time of night, and Amy was thankful for that small favor. One city police car passed, but he didn't stop; Amy wasn't sure if the officer had seen her or not.

Finally, a little after 11 o'clock, they returned to Gamma house and parked in the street. The two guys were talking about sports as they walked to the front door. Amy was shivering as she followed them back into the house. Seligman was in the hallway to greet them and he said, "Well, how did it go? Any problems?"

Amy just slowly shook her head and Zacharias said, "Nope. We picked good spots for the posters. Hopefully, we'll attract a crowd."

Zacharias went over to the table and got her panties from the vibrator post. As he handed her the panties, he said, "Well, Amy, that about wraps it up. Here are your underpants. Do you need a ride back to your dorm? I'll even let you ride in the cab this time." He chuckled as he said the last part of that.

Amy was still shivering and said, "N-no, th-thanks. I'll-ll just c-call my b-b-boyfriend." With her panties still in her hand, she bent down to her backpack and got out her phone. She punched in the speed dial code for Dwight, and she wedged the phone between her ear and her shoulder as she awkwardly slid on her panties.

As Dwight answered, Amy said dully, "Hi, please come get me." And she hung up without saying goodbye.

She didn't say anything; she just stood on her tiptoes looking out the high window on the front door waiting for Dwight. At 11:15, she smiled as she saw his Taurus drive up. She yanked open the front door, and she heard Zacharias yell, "Bye, Amy. See you tomorrow night" as she ran down the short walk to the waiting car.

Dwight saw the anguished look on her face as she sat down. He reached over and took her left hand and said, "Oh, Amy. Was it as bad as it looks?"

She started crying and nodding her head. He said, "Your hand is really cold. Here, let me turn up the heat."

He sat there holding and rubbing both of her hands for a moment before she said, "Please, let's just go. I'll be okay once I get to your place."

Chapter 67 - Alone with Dwight

It was only a mile to Dwight's apartment, and Amy was looking forward to taking a warm shower. As they made one of the last turns, both of them spotted one of the panty auction posters. Amy didn't say anything, but Dwight slammed on the brakes and pulled over next to it. He said, "I don't think that was there earlier in the evening when I dropped you off. Did they put that up this evening?"

Amy nodded and quietly said, "Yeah, I put it up." She hadn't realized that she was so near his apartment when the frat guys told her to put up this poster next to the road.

Dwight was just about to say something, but Amy continued, "Please, Dwight, let's get inside. I'll tell you about it then."

But Dwight yanked on the door handle, started to get out of the car, and said, "In a minute. But first I'm going to take down that sign."

Amy grabbed his arm and said, "No, don't do that. Just leave it. I'll get in trouble if it disappears."

He slowly got back in the car, looked at the tears on her face, and quietly said, "Yeah, you're right. Oh, Amy, I'm so sorry. I just don't want to see you hurting like this."

They drove the last few blocks in silence. At the apartment, they scooted up the stairs and Dwight quickly opened the front door so Amy could get inside to warm up. Amy looked around and said, "Are we alone? Where's everyone else?"

Dwight replied, "Yes, we've got the place to ourselves tonight. Kevin left yesterday; he's a junior and there was no reason for him to stick around for the graduation ceremony. And Mark told me that Linda surprised him with some last minute plans to spend the night at a hotel downtown with a nice big jacuzzi in their room."

Amy smiled, because she realized that in their phone call a few hours earlier, Linda had picked up Amy's unspoken desire to be alone with Dwight tonight. Amy knew that her good friend had made sure that Mark would not be in the apartment tonight.

Dwight saw her smile and went on, "Oh, it's so nice to see you smiling. Come here and let me give you a big hug to warm you up."

Amy pressed her bare breasts against his sweatshirt and looked up into his eyes as he tightened his arms around her. After a minute or so, she said, "I think I'm going to take a shower. That will warm me up even more."

He said, "Want some company?" And Amy nodded enthusiastically. Dwight continued, "I'll turn up the furnace and you get the shower going. I'll be in to join you in a moment."

A half hour later after a hot shower and passionate sex, Amy rolled the condom off of his still erect cock. And then she tenderly wiped it clean with a tissue before snuggling down next to him on the bed.

She said softly, "You know, at dinner, we talked about some special positions we wanted to try tonight, but I'm really tired right now. Do you mind awfully much if I take a raincheck? Maybe tomorrow or Sunday?"

He smiled at her and said, "No, that's fine. And that reminds me that I need to tell you about some possible good news I got this evening." She leaned up on her elbow and he went on, "I've got a follow-up interview tomorrow with the recruiter from Jacobson Drillings about a possible job. They are a small oil drilling firm with headquarters near Boston. They must be serious, because they want to talk with me on campus for a couple of hours and then take me out to dinner. But that means I won't be able to pick you up after the art and wine thing tomorrow afternoon or to go to the auction tomorrow night."

She beamed at him and replied, "Hey, that's great news. And don't worry about me; I'll walk or get a ride after the art festival. And, umm, I'd actually prefer that you do not come to the panty auction."

Dwight looked at her and said, "But I'm worried about you, and I thought my presence would provide some moral support."

She was learning some new things about her new boyfriend today, and she realized that he had a protective side to him. She thought that was a good trait to have, but maybe not for this situation. She said, "I understand that, but I'd just rather that you not see me being embarrassed like that. I'm a big girl, and I'll deal with it myself."

He replied, "Well, okay, if that's what you want. But I'll pick you up afterwards."

She nodded and said, "And that reminds me that I need to look up the location of Maple Park. I don't think it's too far from here. Let's go look it up on the city web site." She pulled him up from the bed, and the naked couple walked into the living room, sat down on the couch, and fired up the laptop computer that was sitting on the coffee table. As it was booting, she giggled as he fondled her breasts.

Amy brought up the city map and said, "Yeah, there it is. Just three blocks over there." And she pointed out the window behind them.

But Dwight frowned and said, "Umm, you said the name was Maple Park, but the park near here is called Maplewood Park. I don't think they're the same thing. Let me look." He scrolled farther down the map on the screen and said, "There it is. It's on the south side of town in that newer subdivision."

Amy said, "Oh, god, I hope that's not it, because that would take a long time to walk there, 45 minutes, maybe even an hour. And why would they have a pre-graduation event so far from campus? Let's find the web site for the festival itself." After a quick Google search, she sighed and said, "Well, you're right. It's way over there. I sure don't want to walk almost naked all the way across town. But don't worry about me, I'll get a ride. And you knock their socks off at the job interview!"

He said, "Okay, let's hit the hay." And after an awkward pause, he added, "Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

Amy cringed as she remembered the afternoon sitting naked in the hay, but she said, "That's okay. Oh, and that reminds me of one more thing. I promised to tell you what happened tonight at Gamma house. You still want to hear?"

He answered, "Yeah, I would, but only if you want to tell me."

She said, "Uh, it's okay." And she spent several minutes telling him about setting up the chairs, doing the computer and camera stuff, and finally putting up the posters - all in the nude. When she finished, he silently pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her on her forehead. He whispered, "Oh, Amy, I'm so sorry. It's almost one o'clock; we should go to bed." She just nodded, and she let him guide her back to the bedroom.

May 19, Saturday

Chapter 68 - Body Painting

The two naked lovers were jolted awake by Dwight's alarm clock and seconds later by Amy's cell phone alarm at 7 AM on Saturday morning. Dwight was covered by the sheet, but Amy lay there uncovered. She looked over at him and they smiled at each other. Then, she ripped back the sheet and said, "If I can't use a sheet, then neither can you." And she laid her naked body on top of his. Within moments, she felt his cock getting hard against her stomach. She chuckled and said, "Your aim's not very good this morning, sir. That thing doesn't belong against my tummy." And she grabbed a condom from the bedside table and slid it onto him. Still on top, she guided the now rock solid cock into her pussy. She smiled down at him and said, "There. Now, it's properly located. Make love to me, big guy." He buried his face between her boobs, and they spent the next few minutes having glorious sex.

After snuggling for a couple of more minutes, Amy climbed out of bed and said, "I'm going to take another shower. Can you fix breakfast for us?"

He said, "Sure" as he watched the gorgeous naked lady walk across the hall to the bathroom. They smiled at each other while she turned on the shower and climbed in. The bathroom door remained open as they both knew was required.

Dwight was dressed and standing in the kitchen when she came out of the bathroom still naked. She asked, "Where are my panties? I thought I left them in the bathroom, but they're not there."

At first, he thought she was joking, but a quick look at her face told him that she was serious. He gave her a puzzled look and said, "Sorry, Amy. I don't know. The last I saw was when you walked into the bathroom last night. When I joined you in the shower, you weren't wearing them."

Amy knew that she probably wouldn't be wearing them very much today anyway, but she also knew that if she reported to the 5 o'clock meeting without them that she would be punished somehow. She was growing a bit worried, but she wasn't frantic yet. Dwight continued, "Come on over and eat breakfast, and then we'll search for them together in a few minutes."

They watched the early morning news on the Boston TV channel as they ate cereal and drank coffee. Not much was said, and Dwight could tell that she was worried.

After they finished, Dwight said, "Okay, let's think about this logically. It's 8:05 now, and we need to leave at 8:30 to get you there by 8:45. So, we've got 25 minutes to find your underwear. They're beige, right?" Amy nodded. He continued, "Let's re-trace your steps from last night. We were hugging right here, and then when I went over to the thermostat to turn up the heat, you walked into the bathroom, right?"

Amy hesitated and said, "Oh, goodness. Did I go straight to the bathroom or did I go into the bedroom first?"

They spent a couple of minutes talking back and forth like this before he said, "Sounds to me like you went directly to the bathroom. I know you already searched there, but maybe a second set of eyes will help." And they went into the bathroom together. There weren't that many places to look in that room. They even emptied the clothes hamper out onto the floor.

Amy was getting more and more worried now, and she said, "Oh, shit. How could I be so dumb? What is Knoxx going to do to me now? Is a stupid pair of lost panties going to cost me my college degree?" Tears started to form in her eyes as she knelt on the bathroom floor. Dwight bent over and rubbed her bare shoulders as she started to put the dirty clothes back into the hamper. The last item was a big light brown towel, and as she picked it up, the panties tumbled out onto the floor. She let out a gasp and said, "Oh, thank heavens. Look, they're almost exactly the same color as the towel, and the two things must have been wadded up together." She slipped them on, and Dwight gave her a big hug.

A few minutes later, they left. Amy picked up her backpack and patted her own ass just to make sure that she really did have her panties on.

It took about 15 minutes to drive across town. Amy was happy to see that the park was in a mostly upscale part of town, but she had noticed that the route they took to get there went through the same seedy part of town as she was in yesterday at the Prime Cut auction. Even though she had told Dwight that she would get a ride, she was not at all sure who she could ask. And so she was afraid that she would really have to walk back to campus from here afterall. And she sure didn't want to walk almost naked through the seedy section. She didn't say anything to Dwight, but she just wasn't certain about another route to take to get her back to Knoxx's office at 5 PM.

As they pulled up to Maple Park, they spotted one of the panty auction posters across the street. Dwight said, "Did you put that up?"

Amy answered, "I guess I must have. But it was dark, and I wasn't paying close attention to where we were. I was just being the obedient little naked robot girl doing what I was told." She was trying to be funny with the last comment, but neither of them laughed.

It was 8:40 AM, and Amy sighed, "Well, I guess I have to do this. Give me a big hug for luck?" And they awkwardly leaned across the center console and embraced for several seconds. She said, "I'll call you after the auction, probably 10 o'clock or so." She broke the embrace and started to open the car door when she looked back and said, "And, boyfriend, break a leg at your interview. I just know you'll get that job. I love you!" And she hopped out of the car.

There weren't many people around, but the few that were stared at the almost nude girl as she walked into the booth area. Amy guessed that these were vendors or artists putting their work up for sale. She wasn't exactly sure where to go, but this seemed like a main aisle. She glanced back at the street and saw that Dwight was still sitting there in his car looking at her. She smiled and then gave him a mocking wave as if to say "Go on, get out of here." She watched as he drove away.

Amy smiled and nodded at people as she walked along, and then she spotted a big tent in the middle, which seemed like it matched Whiteside's description. She paused at the entrance to the tent, took a deep breath, and pulled the canvas flap aside and stepped in. Several people turned to look at the beautiful bare-breasted girl who had just walked in. Amy looked around and saw Whiteside waving at her from the back corner.

Amy walked over and stopped in front of the drawing class instructor and said, "Good morning, Professor." Whiteside grasped Amy by her shoulders, looked her up and down, and then hugged her briefly. Amy felt very awkward about the seemingly warm welcome from this person who she considered to be an adversary rather than a friend.

Whiteside guided Amy a few steps farther on and said, "Amy, you remember my sister, Valerie Steadman?"

Amy smiled briefly as they shook hands, and she said, "Yes, with the boys' soccer team."

Valerie also gave Amy the full up-and-down scan, and she said, "Ah, our star for the day has arrived." She reached for Amy's backpack saying, "You won't be needing this today; I'll store it here under the table. And please remove your panties. You won't be needing them today, either. Quickly please. We need to get you ready."

The several people in the tent turned to watch Amy slowly slide her panties down her legs. After she stepped out of them, she dangled them from her fingers. Valerie grabbed them from Amy's hand and looped them over a little knob on the side of the tent pole; Valerie said, "That looks like a good spot for them for the next several hours."

Now, both sisters, Whiteside and Steadman, circled the naked girl, and said some things in French that Amy did not understand. Steadman said, "Please, dear, spread your legs. I need to see how smooth you are down there."

Amy wasn't sure where this was going. What did the woman mean by "smooth"? But she spread her legs and then let Steadman spread them even further. Steadman knelt in front of Amy and peered at her wide spread pussy. More French conversation between the sisters, and then Whiteside said, "Amy, ma cherie, please bend over so we can inspect you from behind; keep your legs apart, please. Here you can put your hands on the seat of this chair to brace yourself."

Amy blushed as she followed the instructions, and a moment later, she felt Steadman lightly brush her pussy lips. And Steadman said, "There's a little bit of hair down here, too." The woman patted Amy on her butt and said, "Amy, you can stand up now."

The two women came around and faced the naked girl. Steadman said, "Oh, Amy, I detected a bit of dampness and a hint of arousal down there. Did you have sex this morning?"

Amy blushed even deeper and whispered, "Yes."

Steadman lifted and tweaked Amy's left breast and said, "Well, good for you, girl."

After a moment's pause, Whiteside said, "Okay, Amy. Have you ever looked at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in the last few years?" Amy nodded and Whiteside went on, "Well then, you probably saw the pictures of the girls covered only in paint. And that's what we want to do with you today. Body painting. Your body is going to be the canvas for some very artistic designs."

Amy bit her lip and gulped. She thought to herself, "So, this will be the adornments that Knoxx was referring to." Aloud, she said, "Okay. How is this going to work?"

Whiteside said, "Well, I was just getting to that. First, we'll need to shave all of the hair off of your body - at least from the neck down. Especially, down here." And she brushed her hand through Amy's strip of pubic hair. "Your underarms and legs seem to be okay. So, I guess we'll just do your pubes including underneath where Val noticed a few stray hairs."

Amy gulped and Whiteside went on, "Then, Val and I will sketch out the design on your body. Each design will basically be like a swimsuit. And then we'll let the others fill in the colors. You know, kind of like painting by the numbers. We will tell the others what colors to use where. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Any questions?"

Amy asked quietly, "Who are the 'others' that you mentioned?"

Whiteside replied, "Oh, anybody who wants to pay $5. And once again, you'll be doing the university foundation a big favor, because the money we raise will be donated to them."

Steadman interrupted at this point, "Actually, $5 is the minimum. That's for the non-premium spots like shoulders, back, and tummy. But these spots go for $10." She tweaked Amy's boobs again. "And back here goes for $10 as well." She squeezed Amy's butt cheeks. "And then this primo spot goes for $20." And she touched Amy's pussy just above the clit.

Tears welled up in her eyes as Amy realized that her body would be used to make money again. It was for the same good cause, but it's not what nice girls like her did with their bodies. Perfect strangers would be paying for the right to drag paint brushes across the most intimate parts of her body.

Steadman saw the tears and said, "Oh, come now, girl. This could be fun. Enjoy it. I did it myself years ago, and it was kind of stimulating. But at the very least, you will get used to it by the end of the day. We're going to try to do 5 different designs on you. The paint washes off easily, and so after the painting, we'll take a few photos and then wash you off. And then we'll start again. We'll give you a couple of bathroom breaks plus a short lunch break. And then we'll wrap it up by a little before 5 this afternoon."

Through her tears, Amy asked softly, "Dr. Whiteside, can you give me a ride back to Kameron this afternoon? I need to be there at 5 o'clock for the meeting."

Whiteside answered, "Sure. I'll make sure that someone gets you there by 5. Now, we need to get started with the shaving. We don't have a professional like Mr. Lindstrom, but it's only this little strip plus a few other hairs. So, Val and I are going to do it." She rubbed her hand through Amy's "landing strip" and slightly tugged on the strands of hair.

Whiteside added, "Here, Amy, hop up on this table and lie on your back."

Amy looked over and saw the big craft table with a plastic sheet covering it. And she cringed when she saw the ropes attached to the legs at the four corners. But she did as she was told and felt the cool plastic on her bare back and butt.

Whiteside said, "Good. Now, spread your legs, and I'll tie them down. And just to be sure you don't move around, let's do your hands as well."

A minute later, Amy was spread eagled on the table, and she looked up to see the gathering crowd around the table to watch. She squirmed when Whiteside idly walked her fingers across Amy's bare stomach. Whiteside said, "I think Lindstrom's idea of using a tummy strap is a good one, don't you?"

From her bound position, Amy just mumbled, "Yeah, I guess."

Whiteside said, "Now, what can I use for that? I don't see any straps around here; so, I think I'll just wrap rope around your waist several times. Raise your butt up in the air and hold it there for a moment while I loop this around you."

Amy raised her mid section and looked between her breasts at her elevated body. She blushed as she saw her pubic area being so prominently displayed. And then she felt the rough rope being dragged under her and then up across her tummy.

Whiteside looped it around her four times and then said, "Okay, mon amie, lower your pretty tush back to the table, and I'll tie off this rope." Amy gasped as the scratchy rope tightened around her bare waist and was tied off on the side of the table.

Amy was now securely tied down to the table just like she had been in Knoxx's office. But this time there were a lot more people around, and she was outdoors in this tent. She felt a slight breeze come through the tent and along her wide spread pussy lips. She lifted her head and gazed at her spread out body, and she saw the goosebumps forming on her heaving breasts.

Whiteside looked down at her pretty naked subject, and as she was lathering up the shaving cream in her hands, she said wistfully, "It's actually a shame to shave this off. Lindstrom did such a nice job on it, and it was such a pleasing contrast to Eva's smoothly shaven pussy. But since your days of posing for my classes are over, it doesn't really matter. And we certainly want this part of your body canvas to be smooth for our painters, n'est pas?"

Amy didn't answer. She just closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable. And a moment later, she felt Whiteside fluff up her strip of dark pubic hair followed shortly by the woman clipping it away with a pair of scissors so that the hair was down to a fine stubble. Then, Whiteside laid a warm wet washcloth across Amy's pussy for several seconds before applying the shaving cream in blobs over the entire area.

Whiteside said, "Well, Valerie, she's all yours." And Steadman stepped forward with a long straight razor and began dragging it across Amy's pubes. Amy flinched a tiny bit, and Steadman said sharply, "Hold still. We don't want any nicks down there, do we?" Steadman used her fingers to hold the skin taut as she shaved the area where Amy's strip used to be. And she shaved the surrounding area just to be sure that it was all evenly smooth. Steadman wiped the area clean with the wet washcloth, and then she and Whiteside surveyed the work so far. Each of them dragged a fingernail, and Whiteside pointed out a tiny spot that needed to be smoother. Steadman applied another blob of cream and quickly shaved it smooth.

Steadman looked Amy in the face and said, "Okay, pretty lady, we need to do the ones underneath now. So, we want you to spread your thighs as far apart as you can. And then we'll attack those little guys."

Amy strained against the ropes to get her thighs as wide apart as possible. Steadman shook her head and said, "Not far enough. Marie, reach in there and open her thighs for me."

Amy just lay there as Whiteside reached across her pubic area and put her hands on Amy's inner thighs and pushed them apart. Steadman looked up into Amy's pussy using a little flashlight, and she flicked a couple of hairs near the lips. But Steadman shook her head and said, "I can't get in there from here. We need to do those from behind. Undo her and then, Amy, I want you to kneel on the table with your butt facing me."

Amy stretched her arms and legs for a few seconds after Whiteside untied her, and then she turned over and knelt on all fours as Steadman had requested. Her breasts dangled enticingly below.

Steadman spread Amy's legs, and said, "Bend over and put your head on your hands; that will open up things back here."

Amy remembered this embarrassing position from the first Wytham visit and Lindstrom's pubic trimming. She trembled slightly as she rested her head on her arms.

The two sisters jabbered away in French for several seconds, and then Amy felt fingers gently stroking her pubic lips. Steadman said, "Good, Amy. Now, be really, really, really still while I shave away these little suckers. I'm going to lather you up and then run this really sharp razor right along your lips." Amy took a deep breath and then held it as she made her body rigid. She felt two hands pull her butt cheeks apart as another hand applied the shaving cream. Steadman said, "Okay, hold still. Here goes." Amy felt the sharp blade slowly scrape along her very private lips.

There was a collective sigh of relief as Steadman wiped the area clean with the towel. Amy held the position as instructed while the two sisters carefully inspected their work. Whiteside said, "Okay, Amy, get up, and let everyone have a look."

Amy slowly climbed down off of the table and shyly stood there with her arms at her sides as everyone present looked at her cleanly shaven pussy. Whiteside then guided the naked girl over to a full length mirror, and Amy saw for the first time her hairless pussy. She thought to herself, "Oh, god, it hasn't looked like that since I was seven years old!"

Whiteside said, "Ah, très bon. Now, let's get on with the real show for the day. Let's take a few photos and print them so we can sketch out our thoughts on paper rather than on this pretty female canvas." Steadman led Amy over to the side of the tent and used the white canvas as a backdrop for the pictures. Before snapping the first photo, she pinned up Amy's hair so that it wouldn't get in the way of either the paper sketching or the body painting.

Amy stood there numbly as Steadman took a photo from the front, one from each side, and finally another from the rear. Then, Steadman scurried off with the camera to the computer and printer at the front of the tent. Amy just stood there and waited for Whiteside to come over and tell her what to do next. And a moment later, Whiteside did come over, smiled at her, and silently led the gorgeous nude out the back of the tent onto the lawn.

Whiteside said, "While my sister is printing those pictures, let me describe how this is going to work. This is where you're going to be standing for the rest of the day. It's in the shade now, but later it will be sunny and then back in the shade in the afternoon. The change in lighting will add interest to the project as the day goes on. We sure hope you're not susceptible to sunburn, because we don't want to use any sunblock on you; it would just interfere with the paint. I would think with your light olive colored skin that burning is not a problem. N'est pas?"

Amy just stood there for a moment before she realized that the instructor was asking her a question. She said, "Oh, sorry. No, I don't burn easily. I should be okay today."

Whiteside went on, "Very good. Now, as I said, Val and I will draw the outline of the design on you. We're mostly going to use these little paint sticks; they look like Magic Markers, but they hold paint rather than ink. They're good for drawing lines, but not so good for covering large areas of your skin. We'll let the customers use paint brushes to apply most of the paint on you, but we'll keep these handy in case a customer wants to use one."

She continued, "We'll let you stand in the grass, but we'll put down plastic sheets for the customer to stand or kneel on so they don't get their clothes too dirty. We'll also give the customers a smock to wear. We thought about having you stand on plastic, but we thought it was a bit more artistic for your bare feet to be in the grass. Sort of like communing with nature. N'est pas?"

Amy just nodded as Whiteside rambled on, "We've never done this before, and so we don't know how long each design will take. We're going to start out with a simple one and see how it goes. But we'd really like to do 5 today and get about a hundred dollars each time. After each one is finished, we'll take some photos, and we'd really like to see a smile on your face." She reached up and lifted each side of Amy's mouth. "I don't think we've seen you smile yet today. But it would help business and provide better photos, if you did. Okay?"

Amy gave her a brief smile and said, "Okay." And then she returned to her passive expression.

Whiteside continued, "After each photo session, we'll wash you off. Actually, it will be a customer who will do that. We're going to charge $10 for the privilege of hosing you down. We'll do that over there next to those bushes where there's a faucet. Sorry, we don't have a hot water tap available, and so, it might be a bit cool, but you'll survive. We'll give the customer a washcloth and sponge to use on you, and then a towel afterwards. Hmmm, anything else? Well, my naked friend, what do you think? Any questions?"

Amy was still pretty stunned at what was happening to her, and she almost blurted out, "What do I do with my hands? Can I talk? Can I hold a bottle of water? Can I . . ."

Whiteside interrupted, "Whoa, slow down. Oh, here comes Valerie. I'll answer your questions and then we'll talk about the sketch photos." As Steadman joined them, Whiteside said, "I've explained the procedures to Amy, and I'm just about to answer her questions."

She turned back to the naked girl and said, "Let's see. Your hands? I guess just hold them out of the way at your side or behind your butt. But you know your rules - no covering up. Umm, talking? Let's say, no talking unless you are asked a question. Water? Well, they've got a cute little water cart that comes around, and we'll get you a bottle from there. But let's leave it over by the tent and you can motion to one of us to bring it to you. And you were about to ask something else?"

Amy hesitated trying to remember and then said, "Oh, yes. Does it matter what way I face? Can I turn to avoid looking into the sun?"

Whiteside looked at Steadman and shrugged before saying, "No, I don't think it matters which direction you're facing. But if the customer wants you to turn, please do as you're asked. Anything else?"

Amy quietly said, "No, that's all."

Steadman then took control and said, "All right. I see that we've got a line of customers already forming. So, we need to hurry here. We're going to sketch the design on these pictures first, making any necessary changes on paper, and then do the outline on your body." She held up several sheets of paper, each one had four color pictures on it. These were the four profiles of Amy's naked body - front, right, back, and left - that were taken earlier. Steadman went on, "Marie, you said you had an idea for a simple one to get us started?"

Whiteside replied, "Oui. You know how all the ladies on Ipanema beach wear skimpy thongs? Well, I guess not all of them, and many of them that are wearing thong suits really shouldn't be." She turned to Amy and went on, "Now, this gorgeous girl could certainly wear a thong on that famous beach, but there are a couple things preventing that right now. First, we're not in Rio de Janeiro, and second, she's not allowed to wear clothes right now - even such a skimpy suit as a thong. So, we need to pretend that we're on that lovely beach, and we need to paint a black thong onto this beautiful nude body. Here, let me sketch my idea on one of those sheets."

Whiteside grabbed one of the sheets from her sister, and using a fine tip black marker, drew a tiny triangle over Amy's pussy, thin straps up to high on the hips, a slightly bigger triangle on each boob, a strap connecting the two boob cups, and straps from the cups up to behind her head. She skipped the side views and on the rear view, she drew the lines from high on the hips down to the ass crack where she added a very tiny triangle. And then she added the bra strap across the back.

She said, "All in black. We can sell the pussy spot, the two boob spots, and the butt spot. But only a few non-prime spots. So, we'll only get about $70 for this one, but it will give us an idea how the concept is working."

Steadman said, "Very good, sister; I like it. Let's bring the crowd over, and let them watch as we outline the spots on this pretty naked canvas." She motioned to one of the other attendants who was holding up a rope to keep the crowd back. There were about 15 people who gathered around Amy and the two sisters. All but 3 of the group were men.

Steadman waited for the crowd to calm down and said, "Good morning, everyone. We're going to try something different this year. We are incredibly fortunate to have the services of this pretty lady for the day. This is Amy Suzuki, and some of you may know her story, but for the rest of you, let me briefly describe why she is here naked today. She was caught streaking a few weeks ago, and she is being punished by the college for that. Part of her punishment is to help us with body painting today. Here's how it's going to work. My sister and I are both artists; she's a professional; I'm just an amateur. We're going to sketch out the design on Amy's body, and then you will have the opportunity to purchase the right to fill in the areas in our outline. Like all women, Amy has some very special spots, and we are going to charge more to fill in those special spots. Specifically, we charge $20 to paint over her vagina area, $10 for each breast, $10 for her buttocks, and then $5 for the other spots. Now, my sister is going to draw the outline, and then you folks can purchase the rights to fill in. Okay?"

Whiteside stepped forward holding Amy's hand and said, "Good morning. All of our designs are going to simulate swimsuits, and this first one is very simple. It's a tiny Brazilian thong. I'm going to sketch it with this paint stick, and you folks can use either a brush or this paint stick for your work. Now, let me get started."

She started on Amy's left boob by drawing a triangle around the areola. Then, a matching one on the right breast. Followed by the straps around the neck, between the two triangles, and around to the back. Amy flinched a bit on the second triangle, which caused the line to be a bit crooked; Whiteside whispered sternly, "Hold still."

Then she knelt down in front of Amy and drew the top line of the triangle about an inch above the top of her pussy lips. That line was slightly curved as Whiteside extended it only a couple of inches towards Amy's hip. At the natural dip between the right thigh and the tummy, Whiteside drew two lines up for the thin thong strap up high on Amy's hip. She drew a matching set of lines on the left side. Around in back, she drew a small triangle right at the start of Amy's ass crack, and continued the strap lines from the hip down to the rear triangle. And lastly, she tapped Amy on the inner thigh, and after Amy dutifully spread her legs, Whiteside drew a line on either side of her pussy from the front triangle to the rear one. Again, Amy squirmed at the intimate touch of the felt tip paint stick. As Whiteside stood up, she leaned into Amy's ear and crossly whispered, "What did I tell you? Quit squirming."

Steadman stepped up again and spoke, "Okay. We've got the outline drawn. Now, let's see if we can sell the painting rights. Let's start with the high price territory - her vagina." She turned to the man nearest her and said, "How about you, sir? Do you want to fill in the vagina? Ooops, I said that wrong. Do you want to paint her groin area?"

The middle-aged man nodded his head enthusiastically, reached for his wallet, and said, "You bet."

Just then, a younger man on the other side of the crowd yelled, "Hey, I was in line ahead of him, and I want to paint her pussy."

Several other men almost simultaneously shouted, "Hey, me, too!"

Steadman gave a worried look over at Whiteside, who just shrugged her shoulders. Steadman then waved her arms and said, "Okay, okay, okay. Everybody, settle down." She waited a few moments before continuing, "All right. Let's figure this out. Everybody who would like to paint Amy's vaginal area, please raise your hand." And six men quickly thrust up a hand.

Steadman then said, "Well, we didn't expect this. So, why don't we have a little informal auction? The bidding will start at $20 with a minimum increment of $5. So, do I hear $20?" And all 6 men yelled $20. "How about $25?" Again, all six. "$30?" Only two men responded. "Okay, now we're getting somewhere. $35?" And one of the guys shot up his hand and yelled "$50 for that pretty pussy!" Steadman looked over at the other bidder, who just shook his head. And Steadman yelled, "The vagina goes for $50!"

The man stepped forward expecting to start painting, but Steadman held up her hand and said, "Hold your horses, sir. Let's get the other spots sold off. All right, let's do the left breast next. Same procedure except this starts at $10. Do I hear ten for a tit?" Several responses. "How about $15?" Still several. "Twenty?" A couple. "$25?" Pause. And finally a guy said, "Yeah, I'll go twenty five." Steadman replied, "Anyone else? No? Left breast for $25."

And so the bidding went. Amy's right boob also went for $25; her butt for $20; and the hip straps for $15 each. The upper straps went for $5 each. All the winners were men except for the lady who bid $20 for her butt. And naked Amy stood there aghast that her body parts were auctioned off so impersonally.

Steadman said, "Okay, now the real fun begins. We're going to start at the top. Let's do the left breast first, and if the winner will come up, I'll show you how to begin."

Amy continued to just stand there with an oh-well-there's-nothing-I-can-do-about-it look on her face as the young man walked up. He was obviously a college student, but Amy didn't recognize him.

Steadman said to him, "Hello. You get to be first, congratulations. Now, I think you're going to want to use a brush rather than this little paint stick, because you've got to fill in this little triangle." And she dragged her finger around the lines drawn on Amy's boob. Again, Amy flinched and Steadman gave her a stern look.

Steadman went on, "For your protection, we will lend you this artist's smock, and I'll lay down this plastic sheet for you to stand on. And just for grins, here's an artist's cap that you can wear as well." And she put the beret-like hat on his head.

She spread out the plastic sheet on the ground in front of the naked girl and handed the guy a small can of black paint and a smallish paint brush.

The guy stepped onto the plastic sheet only a foot or so from Amy, and he said, "Hi, Amy; I'm Gil. Nice to meet you." Amy gave him a wane smile and replied softly, "Hi, Gil." But she immediately wondered if she should have said that; she glanced over at Whiteside, who was slowly shaking her head and giving Amy a hard look.

Tentatively, Gil dipped the brush into the can and brought out a fully loaded brushful of paint. And he slowly dabbed it right on her nipple, which was pretty much in the center of the triangle. Amy tried to remain still, but her boob jiggled just a bit, and the paint dripped from her tit down to her left foot landing on the middle toe. Steadman was watching and said, "Spread it around in the triangle, but then try a little bit less paint the next time you dip the brush."

Gil laughed as he brushed the paint around Amy's areola and the surrounding breast. Then, he knelt down so that he could see the bottom line of the triangle which was drawn on the underside of Amy's boob, and he carefully painted the underneath part. Amy could feel her nipple begin to tighten up, and she was sure that Gil noticed that as well.

It didn't take too long for him to fill in the little triangle, and he stood back and admired his work. He handed the can and brush back to Steadman, and he said, "Thanks. That was really fun. And thanks to you Amy, as well." Amy just nodded and gave him another wane smile.

Steadman helped him take off the smock and the cap, and she said, "Okay, now the right breast. Will the winner please step up?" And an older man, probably 60 or so, came up. Steadman set him up the same way, and Amy just stood there as the man filled in the triangle on the right breast. As he finished, he gave her tit a quick flick with the tip of the brush.

Then came a man who used the paint stick to fill in the strap from the top of one triangle, around the back of her neck, and down to the top of the other triangle. And the next guy drew the strap from the sides and around her back. And finally, a guy who did the short strap between the two triangles; he looked disappointed that his strap was so short and that he finished so fast.

Before continuing, Steadman said, "Okay, everyone, we've got the top on her. And this is the first brassiere-like thing that Amy has worn in 3 weeks." Amy just stood there passively as the crowd looked at her naked-from-the-boobs down body.

Steadman gave them a long pause to look and then continued, "Now, let's do the really fun stuff. Where's that pussy winner? Sorry, that's a little gross, but you know what I mean." And the guy who had bid $50 came up. He was another college student, and Amy had seen him around campus, but she didn't know him personally.

He waved his hands to the crowd as if he'd just won an election, and then he turned, shook Amy's hand, and said, "Well, hello, Underpants Amy. But I'm sure glad you don't have your underpants on now, because we're going to get to be really close friends in the next few minutes. Oh, by the way, my name is William, but you can call me Will for short." Amy just stared at him and said nothing as they shook hands.

Steadman outfitted him with the smock and cap followed by the can of paint and a brush. Then, Will knelt down in front of the naked girl, put down the can and brush, and used his hands to spread apart her thighs. Amy obediently spread her legs, and she knew that her pussy was now open and that the guy was staring at it from just inches away. He made a show of looking at it from various angles as if trying to figure out how to attack the little project.

He picked up the brush, dipped it in the can, and said, "There's this one really, really special tiny spot that I think I'll do first." And he dabbed a drop of paint on her partially exposed clit. Her thighs quivered just a bit, but she held her ground. He leaned back and looked at her pussy again before dipping the brush in the can for the second time. And now he started to paint the top part of the little triangle above her pussy. That only took a few seconds, and then he started painting the pussy lips themselves. Amy felt the tip of the brush creeping just slightly into her pussy as Will did the inside of her lips. He used the thin brush handle to tap her inner thighs again, and she spread out even farther. He looked in underneath and painted the outlined area between her legs.

But then he backed out and asked Steadman, "Where do I stop in there? I don't see a line showing how far to go."

Steadman replied, "Well, as you can see, things are a little tight down there. So, you should just go to the perineum. You know, the spot between her anus and her vulva. The butt winner will do from the perineum back."

Amy blushed at hearing her body described in such intimate detail, but she held her legs well apart as Will knelt way down again and finished his painting job.

As he finished, he asked Steadman, "Do you have a wet rag? It's starting to drip down her leg just a tiny bit."

Steadman handed him a damp paper towel, and he wiped away the drip that was forming just below her pussy on her right leg. He stayed down there for several more seconds just to make sure that there weren't any new drips forming.

He stood up and gave the crowd another election winner wave. Then, he shook hands with Steadman and Amy. He whispered to Amy, "I hope you get your underpants back, but not too soon!" She just glared at him.

Steadman said, "All right. Let's have the butt person come up." As an older woman walked up, Steadman added, "Ah, that's right. We had a female winner for Amy's butt."

The woman and Steadman shook hands, and then the woman shook hands with Amy and said, "Hello, dearie. I'm Janice." Amy looked her over and based on the graying hair guessed that the woman was in her mid 50's.

Steadman was just about to say something when there was a sound of bells ringing nearby, almost like sleigh bells. And Steadman smiled and raised her hand and said, "Ah, that must be the water cart coming around. Let me pause for a moment to buy Amy a bottle of water."

Amy turned her head and was surprised to see a cute little Shetland pony pulling a small cart with many water bottles sticking out of a tub of ice. The pony was being led by two teenagers, a boy and a girl, who stared and then smirked when they saw the partially painted naked girl standing there.

Steadman said, "Please, ladies and gentlemen, here's a not so subtle sales pitch. Please, buy some water from these young people. It's for another good cause; the proceeds will help fund the high school choir's trip to Britain this summer. They're not actually going to the Shetland Islands where this pony is from, but they will be going to nearby Scotland. My daughter is part of the choir, and she's looking forward to the trip."

Steadman and several other people from the crowd went over and bought bottles of water. Steadman held it out to Amy and said, "Want some?" Amy nodded her head and took the bottle. After a few swigs, she said "Thanks" and handed it back to Steadman who said, "It will be right over here in the cooler by the tent. Just wave when you want some more."

The crowd gathered back around the naked girl and Steadman said, "Now, we have Janice here who will be filling in the triangle on Amy's butt as well as completing the crotch part underneath. Janice, since you've seen how the other budding artists have done things, I don't think you really need any further instructions from me. So, here's the smock, cap, brush, and paint. You might want to use the paint stick in the tight places, but I'll let you decide that."

Janice rubbed her hands together very quickly, took Amy by her bare shoulders, and turned her around. She knelt down, grabbed the paint brush, dipped it in the can, and with an air of authority, quickly filled in the small triangle just above Amy's ass crack. Then, she reached her hands between Amy's thighs signaling the naked girl to spread her legs, which she did. Janice then lay down on the ground facing up with her head between Amy's legs and used the paint stick to complete the thin strip between the front and rear triangles. Then, Amy blushed as she felt Janice spread her butt cheeks with one hand and draw the felt tip paint stick on both sides of her asshole. When she finished, Janice confidently gave Amy a hard slap on the ass.

Steadman said, "Okay, good job, Janice. Now, we're almost done. Only these two thin straps." And she traced her fingers through the outline on Amy's left hip from front to back. "Let's have both of the gentlemen who will be doing these straps come on up here, and we'll do both of these at the same time."

One of them was middle aged and the other was another student, who Amy did not know. They both shook her hand, but she didn't catch either name. These straps were done very fast as they each used a paint stick to fill in the lines.

Steadman returned to Amy's side and raised Amy's arm as if she were a winning boxer. Steadman said, "Well, everyone, what do you think? Our naked lady is now no longer naked. I want to thank those of you who did the painting. Now, we're going to take a few photos for posterity, wash her off, let her rest for a bit, and then start all over again with a new design on her naked body. Feel free to come back; Amy will be here all day long. And remember, this is all for a good cause - the Bancroft University Foundation."

Just then, a man walked up from the tent and whispered something in Steadman's ear. Steadman then said to the crowd, "Oh, a couple of more things. I forgot to ask if anyone wants to help wash off Amy. We're charging $5 for that privilege. Any takers?" After several guys raised their hands enthusiastically, Steadman sighed and said, "Well, I guess we'll have to auction off that task as well. We'll do that in just a second after I say this other thing. We've decided for the rest of the day that we'll skip these little auctions and sell of the rights on a first-come-first-served basis. So, the first one in line will have the first chance to buy painting rights to the body area that he wants. And we've decided to raise the prices a bit from what we originally were asking. This is our administrator, Quentin Hardy; he has made up a sign showing the new prices." And Hardy held up the hand lettered sign which read:

Body Painting

First-Come, First-Served

Amy's Vagina $35
Amy's Left Breast $25
Amy's Right Breast $25
Amy's Butt $20
Amy's Other Spots $10
Washing Amy $10

Amy shut her eyes and just shook her head after seeing the sign with her name and body parts essentially listed for sale.

Steadman then said, "Well, I guess I promised you guys an auction for washing off this paint. So, we'll do this one last auction just for this. I know I said $5, but let's start the bidding at $10 as this sign suggests with $5 increments." After a brief back-and-forth bidding contest, another student, Charles, was the winner for $25. After that little auction, Hardy drew a line through the $10 figure for Washing Amy and wrote $20 instead.

Steadman told Charles to stand by the tent, and she grabbed Amy by the hand, took her into the tent, let down her pinned up hair, and stood her in front of the mirror. And Amy saw herself "dressed" for the first time in weeks. She thought it actually looked pretty good; she just wished that it were on some other girl's body!

Whiteside came up with the camera and had Amy move over to the spot next to the side of the tent. She pleaded with Amy to smile and then had her do a couple of provocative poses similar to those she had done in the art class, and Whiteside snapped off several photos.

Whiteside then said, "Okay, let's get you cleaned off. Here, hold onto this bucket and come with me." She grasped Amy's hand, and as they left the tent, Whiteside grabbed Charles with her other hand saying, "Come on. We're going over there by the bushes."

On the other side of the walkway, Amy saw the faucet and coiled up hose in an area away from the booths and tents. And then Whiteside said to her, "All right, Amy. Here's how this is going to work. And you, Charles, listen up as well. Amy, in the bucket, there is a shower cap. I'll pin up your hair again, and then you'll put on the shower cap, because we don't want that long pretty hair of yours to get wet, do we? But that's all you will have to do, because the rest is up to Charles. In the bucket, he will find some wash cloths, sponges, and soap. And he will use those along with this hose to clean you off. He can use any technique that he wants, but we want you completely clean everywhere and we want him to do the cleaning. The paint will come off easily with the water, but he may need to do some scrubbing to get it out of your crevices. Oh, I forgot the towels. I'll let Charles get started on you, and I'll go get some towels that he can use to dry you off. Okay, Charles, I'm going to pin up her hair and then she's all yours."

Whiteside quickly pinned up Amy's hair and slipped on the shower cap before turning and leaving. This left Amy and Charles standing in the grassy spot, but there was a small crowd beginning to form around them. Charles gulped, shook Amy's hand, and said, "Hi, Amy. I thought I was just going to help you get cleaned up rather than doing it all myself. I'll try to be gentle. Oh, and please call me Charlie."

Amy smiled at the seemingly friendly guy and said quietly, "Hi, Charlie. I've seen you around campus, but I don't think we've had any classes together. Nice to meet you. But they've told me not to talk today. So, I don't think I should say anything more. Go ahead and get started." The painted girl then stood back, spread her arms and legs, and waited as Charlie uncoiled the hose and turned on the water.

He let the water run for several seconds, feeling it to test the temperature. He said, "Oh, this is pretty cold, but I don't think we've got a choice. Sorry. But here it goes. I'm going to do your chest first."

Amy steeled herself and a moment later the soft spray of cold water hit her breasts. She breathed heavily as it was almost more than she could take. But she was able to endure it without saying anything.

Charlie got in close and said, "It's working. The paint is just flowing to the ground. Lift your arms and I'll do the straps." He spent only a minute or so rinsing the top half of her body; the lower half was streaked with strips of black paint flowing down her legs to the ground. Then, he knelt down in the wet grass and aimed the hose at her pussy. And the light spray quickly uncovered that intimate spot. He worked his way around to the back removing the straps and the small triangle. Then he continued hosing down her legs to get all of the paint off.

He stopped spraying her for a moment and said, "Well, I guess you know where I've got to do next." And Amy meekly spread her legs. He sprayed her pussy full on from underneath after getting himself pretty wet as he whipped the hose into position. He moved to the rear and sprayed around her anus. He said quietly to her, "Amy, please use your hands to spread your lips and cheeks; I don't think it would be right for me to do that." Again, Amy meekly complied, and he sprayed the water up into her. The nearby crowd looked on in amazement.

After he finished, Amy stood there for a moment with her hands still spreading her butt cheeks. She was in a daze kind of waiting for instructions that it was okay for her to let go, but when she realized that he was filling the bucket, she let go and dropped her hands to her sides.

Charlie filled the bucket and lathered up the soap with a washcloth. He said, "I need to get this spot on the back of your neck where the painted strap went around." She just nodded and let him gently wash off her neck. Next, looked her over front and back and said, "Umm, Amy, sorry, but there's still some paint underneath your breasts; I'm going to use the washcloth under there." And she blushed as he gently cradled her left boob in one hand and washed underneath; then he did the same with her right boob.

He stood back and looked her all over closely one more time. He said, "Okay, I think I'm done, but I should probably rinse you off one last time." Just then Whiteside came up and said to him, "Did you do between her legs?" He nodded, but Whiteside continued, "No, I mean with the cloth or sponge. I don't think just rinsing is sufficient."

He looked at Whiteside and said, "No, I didn't. But I will." He looked at Amy with a look that said, "I'm sorry, but I've got no choice." And Amy submissively spread her legs again as Charlie lathered up the washcloth. He knelt in front of her and wiped the white washcloth through her pussy. Amy noticed the satisfied look on Whiteside's face when there were some noticeable black streaks on the washcloth. Then, Amy was surprised when Charlie pushed on her back to bend her over so that he could scrub her more thoroughly from behind. He said, "Stay in that position, and I'll give you the final rinse now."

Amy shivered as he lightly sprayed her entire body. She felt the water running down her legs and also dripping from her tits. She was just about to stand up straight, when she felt Whiteside's hand on her back; Whiteside said, "Just a second, Amy, I want to check back here." Amy felt the woman's hands spread her butt cheeks and then her pussy lips. Finally, Whiteside patted her on her butt and said, "Okay, good. Get her dried off, and then, we'll let her rest for a few minutes."

Amy was shivering noticeably as Charlie dried her off. The towels felt good on her bare skin. She wished she could wrap herself up in a big fluffy towel to warm up and to hide her body from all these onlookers; of course, she knew this was impossible.

After Charlie finished drying her, he removed her shower cap and now she was back to being totally nude in front of this crowd of people. She looked at Charlie and smiled; his clothes were very wet and his shoes were soaked. They shook hands, and he left.

Whiteside led the naked girl over to the tent and said, "That was good, Amy. I actually saw you smile a few times, and so I hope that you were kind of enjoying it. I hope so, because we're going to do it several more times today." Amy looked at the clock in the tent, and she was stunned to see that it was not even 10 AM yet. All of this had happened in less than an hour, and she still had almost seven hours left. She just couldn't imagine seven more hours of this.

Whiteside said, "Do you need to use the toilet? There are port-a-potties out by the street. But if you do, I'll want to clean you down there again before we start the next painting." Amy just shook her head and Whiteside continued, "Well, okay. So, why don't you sit and rest for the next 10 minutes or so? I'll get your water bottle from the cooler."

Amy said, "Thanks. It will feel good to sit down." But she flinched when her bare butt touched the cool metal folding chair. Whiteside came back a moment later and handed Amy the bottle of water. Amy moved the chair a few feet around the corner of the tent so that she could sit in the sun and warm up a little bit.

Amy sat there at the side of the tent watching all of the activity. It was all very normal stuff that she had seen at other similar craft fairs - vendors in their booths showing their wares, people slowly walking along looking at the art, customers at the cash registers paying for their purchases, people sipping wine, etc. And here she was totally naked a few feet away. In a way, she felt detached from all of it even though she was right smack in the middle of everything, and in a few minutes, her body would be used as canvas again.

After a couple of minutes, she just bowed her head and looked down between her bare breasts to her now smoothly shaven pussy. She really wasn't thinking about anything; she was just in her own little hellish world. A few minutes later, a tap on her shoulder brought her back to reality. Steadman looked down at the naked girl and said, "Time to get going again." Amy stood and followed the woman back to the middle of the grassy area.

Steadman waited for the crowd to gather around, and then she said, "Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this is our second body painting demonstration of the day. And for those of you who weren't here for the first one, let me tell you who our model is and how this is going to work." And Steadman spent a couple of minutes repeating her introductory speech about Amy's punishment and the purchasing of rights to paint the private parts of her body.

Steadman concluded her speech by saying, "Body painting usually simulates swimsuits, but for this design, my sister and I decided to simulate underwear. As most of you know, Amy has been allowed to wear only underpants these last few weeks, and hence her nickname 'Underpants Amy' was coined. So, for this design, we are going to paint panties on her bottom and a bra on her top. The panties will be the same simple style that Amy has been wearing - low rise bikinis. We'll make these pink. We realize that Amy has not been wearing a brassiere; so, we'll just make a simple brassiere design based on one from my own lingerie drawer." And she showed a white bra to the crowd. "My sister and I will now draw the outlines for these garments."

Amy just stood there obediently as Whiteside started on the panties. Whiteside used a pink paint stick to draw a line around Amy at hip level starting about 4 inches below her bellybutton. Then, she drew in the leg openings from her pussy to her hips so that the side panels were about 2 inches high. She tapped Amy's inner thigh and the nude girl spread her legs so Whiteside could extend the pink lines between her legs next to her pussy and asshole. She also drew in a few other lines to delineate where the pussy and butt painting areas would end.

Steadman then held up the bra next to Amy so that Whiteside could sketch something similar on Amy's breasts. Amy tried to hold still, but she flinched once which caused Whiteside's white line to be come jagged. Whiteside whispered, "I told you before. Hold still." Whiteside had to use a damp towel to fix the jagged section. This design covered a lot more of Amy's boobs than the thong swimsuit, and the back strap was much wider also. The two shoulder straps were pretty thin.

Steadman said, "Okay, I think we're ready now. We'll start on top. Let's see, my sheet says that Lydia Willingham will do the left breast. Lydia?"

And a young girl came up. She looked college age, but Amy didn't recognize her. The girl shook hands with Steadman and Amy. And then Steadman tweaked Amy's left nipple and said, "Lydia, you'll notice that Amy's areolas and nipples are really pretty, but they are fairly dark. So, I want you to pay careful attention and make sure that they are completely covered with this white paint. Okay, here's the brush and the paint. Get going." Whiteside pinned up Amy's hair, and Lydia started her painting on the nipple; she came back to it after doing the rest of the boob and put a second coat of paint on the pointy tit.

And so, the second round of painters did their work on Amy's naked body, and when they finished, Amy was "clothed" again; she was "wearing" a brassiere for the first time in weeks. Whiteside let down Amy's hair and the crowd applauded the pretty painted lady in her simulated underwear.

Whiteside took several photos of Amy in this "outfit". Then she put the shower cap over Amy's hair and led her over to the washing area near the faucet where a young guy was standing holding a beer. Whiteside said, "Okay, Amy, this is Scooter, and he's going to wash you off." Amy shook hands with the guy, but she was immediately leery of him, because of the way he looked at her, and she thought she could smell alcohol on his breath. She wondered why he had a beer at a wine event; she guessed that the can he was holding was not his first of the day even though it was only 11:30 AM or so.

And Scooter said to her, "Hey, Amy. How you doin'? I liked watching your naked body being painted, but I'm really, really going to enjoy washing it off." And then he theatrically removed his shirt and started to unbutton his knee-length shorts, when Whiteside said sternly to him, "Young man, you will keep your trousers on. Only this girl will be naked here today. Understand?"

Scooter held his hands up and said, "Hey, sorry. I just wanted her and me to be equals. But I'll follow your silly rules." And then he removed his shoes and socks and took the hose from Whiteside.

He said, "Okay, girlie, spread 'em wide." And he turned the hose on as high as it would go and blasted Amy's butt with the full force of the water. Amy yelped, and Whiteside immediately turned down the water and said to Scooter, "Please be careful. We don't want to hurt her."

He nodded and then used his thumb to create a spray with the hose end, and he sprayed Amy's front with it. Even this was much stronger than anything Charlie had done, but Amy knew she would be able to tolerate it and she said nothing. There was nothing subtle about the way he washed her; he just sprayed her from head to toe roughly turning her so he could do the sides and the rest of her back. He got down on his knees and using a sponge with the hose crudely washed her pussy and asshole. And finally he lifted her left breast by the nipple and aggressively scrubbed underneath, and repeated the process on her right boob.

Then, Whiteside handed him a towel and he roughly dried her off. He really rubbed the towel hard between her legs. When he finished, he tossed the towel to Whiteside and stood back and looked at the naked girl. He said, "Ah, that's the way I like my ladies - naked as a jaybird." He gave her boobs a quick tweak and then left without saying anything else.

Amy was a bit shaken as Whiteside led her back to the tent. Steadman met them and said, "Well, I suggest that we take a lunch break. Amy, there's some sandwiches, chips, and soda over there. Help yourself. Then take it easy, use the restroom, or whatever for the next 30 minutes or so, and then we should have time for three more designs this afternoon."

The two sisters then walked away leaving the naked girl to fend for herself. But that was fine with Amy, because she really didn't want to talk with anybody anyway. She grabbed two sandwiches and a bag of chips from the table and made her way back to the folding chair. She sat down on the chair, and let out another yelp as her bare butt hit the metal seat which was now very hot from sitting in the sun for the last hour. She grabbed a couple of towels and draped them over the seat and chair back, and then she sat her naked body down to eat and rest.

She quickly ate the sandwiches and chips. And she realized that she needed to pee. But she hesitated because that would mean a long walk through the crowded aisles to the port-a-potties out by the street. She contemplated sneaking into the bushes behind that water faucet and doing her business there, but she was afraid that if she got caught that Knoxx would find out about it.

So, the naked girl stood up, took a deep breath, and headed for the toilets. She walked through the administration tent and out into the crowd at the nearby cash register table. The stunned customers gawked at her as they stood back to let her pass. She just looked straight ahead as she walked. A couple of times she had to ask politely to get by people, but otherwise she said nothing - even in response to a few catcalls from some men.

She was relieved when the line of blue port-a-potties came into view, but she gasped when she saw the long line waiting to use them. The units were the unisex design style, and so the line had both men and women in it. But she had no choice; she needed to pee. The people continued to stare as she took her spot behind an elderly man, and a moment later a middle-aged lady lined up behind her.

Then, Amy felt a tap on her shoulder, and she turned as the lady asked somewhat indignantly, "Young woman, why are you naked?"

Amy blushed and said simply, "I'm part of the body painting demonstration."

The lady persisted, "Okay, I understand that. But you could at least wear a robe while standing in line."

Amy quietly said, "They told me not to."

And now the older gentleman turned around and gasped when he saw the pretty nude standing right next to him. He said, "What is going on here?"

The lady looked Amy up and down, and her gaze fell on Amy's bare pussy. The lady said, "Oh, you've even shaved down there. This is just not appropriate at all."

Amy mumbled, "I'm so sorry that I've offended you. But I really need to use the bathroom before I go back."

The line was moving along fairly quickly, but Amy was sandwiched between these two adults. They continued to berate her, and she continued to sheepishly apologize as they all waited. Her anxiety about the awkward situation seemed to intensify her need to pee, and by the time they reached the front of the line, she was squeezing her knees together and squirming around trying to hold it in. The older man saw her discomfort, and when it was his turn, he said, "Go ahead." And she dashed down the line of blue stalls to the one that just became vacant.

She let out a sigh of relief as the door banged shut behind her, and she quickly locked it. There weren't many advantages to being naked like she was, but this was one of them. She didn't have to struggle pulling down a tight pair of jeans and then panties; she just dropped her bare ass on the toilet seat and let her bladder empty. She had briefly looked around for a paper seat cover, but the container was empty and it was just as well, because those extra few seconds would have just prolonged her discomfort.

As she sat there, it occurred to her that she may have just broken the "no hiding" rule by closing that door. And then she thought, "Have I been breaking it all along when I've closed a stall door while using the toilet in a normal ladies room? Knoxx has never said anything about it. But I'm sure as hell not going to mention it now!"

She finished and then cleaned herself as well as she could. Then, she tentatively opened the door and heard the gasps as she stepped out naked to rejoin the crowds. The trip back to the big tent was uneventful, but still extremely embarrassing to the nude girl.

As she walked through the tent, she glanced at the clock; it read 12:15 PM. Still over four more hours of this current nightmare to go. She just sat back down in her chair and enjoyed a few minutes in the warm sun. Like she had done earlier, she bent her head down and looked between her two bare breasts at her bare pussy. And she returned to her meditative-like state not really thinking about anything at all. And within a minute or so, she had nodded off to sleep.

Several minutes later, Amy was jolted awake by Whiteside shaking her bare shoulders and saying, "Hey, wake up, sleepy head. Come on, it's time to get back to work." Amy opened her eyes, looked around, and tried to remember where she was. She looked blearily at Whiteside and then it came back to her what was expected of her this afternoon.

Whiteside reached down, flicked Amy's nipple, and said, "You must have been having a wonderfully exciting dream, because your tits are rock solid hard." Amy didn't respond except to grab her water bottle and take a quick drink. Then, she stood up and let Whiteside guide her by the elbow over to the painting spot.

Amy really wasn't listening as Steadman repeated her introductory speech, but she did hear Steadman describe the next design which was based on the 1960 hit song "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini". Steadman said, "You know, in those days, a teenie weenie bikini was pretty big by today's standards. So, this is going to cover more of this pretty girl than the previous designs. We'll let you painters do the yellow background, and then, my sister and I will fill in the polka dots. The song really isn't clear about the color of the polka dots; so, we have arbitrarily selected blue today. First, we will draw in the outline on her." Amy spread her arms and legs and let them draw in the outlines with yellow paint sticks.

After they finished, Steadman looked at her sheet and continued, "Okay, let's have Bruce Kellerman come up and meet Amy." And for the next 45 minutes, Amy stood there as several amateur artists brushed the yellow paint onto her private parts. Then, Whiteside and Steadman dabbed on a lot of little half-inch size blue polka dots. Amy modeled it for the crowd for a couple of minutes and then Whiteside took the photos.

Steadman guided Amy to the washing area, and Amy was surprised to see Charlie there holding the hose. He said, "Hi, Amy. I'm back." She smiled at him, because she remembered how gentle he had been with her in the morning. If she had to be washed naked in public by a strange man, this was the guy she wanted to do it. She almost willingly spread her arms and legs, and she let him hose her down with the cold water. And she continued to be compliant as Charlie used the washcloth between her legs and under her boobs, and then later when he dried her off. He politely shook hands with her after he finished.

Amy walked over to her chair and sat down. Whiteside followed her and removed the shower cap to let her pretty long dark hair flow down her back. Whiteside said, "We're a little tight on time here. So, you've only got a few minutes to rest. Please try to stay awake this time."

Amy just nodded and sat there soaking up the warm rays of the sun. But Whiteside was back only a few minutes later and said, "Come on."

Once again, Steadman gave her introductory speech followed by a description of the next design. It would be an old-time bloomers style swimsuit. This one would take longer because it would cover a lot of Amy's body - essentially from her neck to a few inches down her legs below her pussy. It would be dark blue with scalloped fringes of white.

After the two sisters drew the outlines, there was a progression of folks from the audience that filled in the many outlined areas. And then the sisters did the white fringe bits. This design was actually a bit uncomfortable on Amy, because of all the paint - strangely, it felt heavy to her, even though she knew the paint actually weighed only a few ounces.

After the photos, Steadman led her back to the washing area. Amy was hoping that Charlie would be there, but he wasn't. However, she was not totally disappointed, because instead there were two girls standing there. Both were pretty long-haired blondes wearing cut-off short shorts and bikini tops; neither was as well-endowed as Amy. Both were sipping from glasses of red wine.

Amy figured that females would be more gentle washing off the paint than men like Scooter. So, she smiled at the two girls as they shook hands.

But then the first one said, "Hi, Amy. Remember us?", Amy was immediately concerned. Who were these women? How was she supposed to know them? They were probably students, but she couldn't place them. Amy slowly shook her head and hesitantly replied, "No, I'm sorry, but . . ."

The second girl interrupted and said, "I'm Kaylee Keplar and this is Shauna Denton. Remember now?" But again, Amy couldn't place the names, and she just shook her head.

Keplar continued, "Well, Wendy says 'Hello'."

And Amy closed her eyes and her shoulders sagged at the mention of Wendy's name. Wendy Chang was her supposed friend who had orchestrated the streaking incident and Amy's apprehension that led to this 3-week long nightmare. And she now vaguely remembered that night in the bar when she was having a beer with Wendy, and two girls walked up to Wendy for just a moment. Wendy didn't introduce them to Amy and after a short whispered conversation with Wendy, the two girls had left. It had been dark in the bar where they were sitting and Amy was pretty sure that the girls had different colored hair then.

After a moment, Amy could see where this was headed and she tried to diffuse the situation by saying, "Oh, yeah. I remember now. Hi, Kaylee. Hi, Shauna. You look different now. I like what you've done with your hair."

And Denton smirked, pointed to Amy's pussy, and said, "And I like what you've done with your hair, too!"

Keplar said, "Wendy wishes she could be here today, but she starts her new job in Chicago on Monday, and she had to skip walking at the commencement ceremony. But she asked us to turn up the heat on you some way today." And she reached over and aggressively twisted Amy's painted right nipple. Keplar looked at the dark blue paint on her fingers and continued, "Ewww, ugh. That's not nice. Here, we need to get started washing you off." And she threw the wine in Amy's face.

Steadman immediately stepped up and said, "Hey, that's not necessary."

But Keplar said, "Oh, come on, lady. You shaved off her pubic hair, paraded her around naked all day, and allowed strangers to brush paint on her pussy. All of that is okay, but a little wine isn't? It will wash off. Give us the bucket and the hose. You might as well give us the washcloths and sponges, too, but we brought our own instrument." And Denton held up a little scrub brush.

Steadman backed off a bit and said, "Well, okay. But be careful with that brush. We still have one more design to paint on that body this afternoon, and we don't want it all scratched up."

Amy was angry at having wine thrown at her, but she just kept her balled up fists at her sides. She just stood there expecting to be blasted with cold water at any moment. Instead, she was hit in the face with the wine from Denton's glass as well. And now she felt tears in her eyes as the wine dripped down her cheeks and nose. Through the tears, Amy wailed, "Oh, Kaylee, Shauna. Why are you doing this? I don't even know you; we only met that one brief time."

As she was filling up the bucket, Keplar shouted, "Hey, you stuck-up bitch! I've been in 3 of your classes, and Shauna lives in your dorm. And you've never given us the time of day! We're doing this because we can. It's fun. We're just like Wendy; we just enjoy seeing girls humiliated like you've been the last few weeks."

The tears and wine were flowing down Amy's cheeks and onto her chest where they started to form streaks. Amy just let them drip. But Denton stepped up to her with a tissue, roughly wiped Amy's face and said, "Those drips are going to mess up our plans. Now, quit crying and hold still."

Keplar dipped the little scrub brush in the bucket and then dragged it across Amy's left breast. Amy flinched as the bristles scraped her tender skin. Keplar ignored her obvious discomfort and continued to remove the paint a little bit at a time from her boob. After a minute or so, Amy looked down and saw that Keplar had carefully removed the paint only from her breast forming a nicely curved line with the surrounding paint. Keplar lifted the breast and scrubbed underneath; Amy couldn't see exactly what she was doing, but it felt like she was forming a line down there, too. As a final flourish, Keplar gave one last swipe of the brush across Amy's nipple, and Amy grimaced.

Keplar stepped back and looked at Amy, who now had one bare breast sticking out from the dark blue paint. Denton said, "Nice job, Kaylee, let me do the right boob." She reached out her hand for the brush, but Keplar said, "I'll do the right one, and then you can do the pussy. Okay?" Denton smirked and said, "Oh yeah, that will be just fine."

Keplar got the brush wet again and proceeded to do Amy's right boob the same way. Amy had to hold back the tears as she felt the painful scrape of the brush on her breast. She thought to herself, "If it hurts this much on the breast, what is it going to feel like on my pussy?"

After Keplar finished, she asked Steadman, "Do you have a mirror? I think Amy needs to see this. Two bare mounds in a field of dark blue. It looks really cool."

Steadman smiled and said, "Yep, we've got one in the tent. I'll go get it while you girls continue your job."

Now, it was Denton's turn. She took the brush, dipped it in the bucket, and said, "Let's see. How big should we make this circle?" She and Keplar knelt in front of Amy, and Denton said, "How about something like this?" And with her finger, she traced a circle starting on Amy's inner right thigh about an inch below her pussy, going up to a point about two inches above the top of her pussy lips, and then down to the left inner thigh. They laughed and said together, "Oh yeah."

Then Denton went to work. She told Amy to spread her legs, and Denton started with the brush at the top of the circle. She was more concerned about making the circle a smooth curve than about Amy's discomfort. After a moment, Denton said, "Okay, I've got the circle formed; now, I need to make those pussy lips shine." And Amy yelped as Denton dragged the little scrub brush down her tender lips and up underneath. Amy let out another short high-pitched cry when Denton retraced the route back up her lips and stopped at her clit where she made an exaggerated point of cleaning off that tender nub. Denton spent another minute or so cleaning up the last bits of paint around Amy's pussy lips. After she finished, she said sternly to Amy, "Okay, close your legs, stand straight with your hands at your sides." She looked Amy in the eyes and continued, "I told you not to cry." She cruelly twisted Amy's right tit and wiped her face with another tissue.

Amy was still sniveling as the two mean girls stood in front of her checking their work. Keplar said, "I can still see a little bit of blue there in her pussy. Here, give me the washcloth. We need to clean her inside some more. Open your legs again."

Amy meekly obeyed and Keplar wiped the wet washcloth up into her pussy. She twisted it around roughly and then scrubbed back and forth harshly between Amy's legs. Amy started crying again, and Keplar brusquely said, "What did we say about crying? Now, stop it." And she wiped the washcloth across Amy's face.

As the two girls were surveying their work, Steadman returned carrying the full length mirror. The woman rested it on the ground a few feet in front of Amy. Amy could now see that her two boobs and her pussy were prominently displayed in circles of bare flesh surrounded by dark blue paint. Then Whiteside appeared with the camera and took a few photos.

Whiteside said, "Okay, girls, you've had your fun. Now, please quickly wash off the rest of this paint so we can get on with our next design."

Just then, the cute little pony and water cart rolled into the area again, and Steadman said, "Hey, wait everybody. Let's give the crowd a chance to buy some water for the good cause. Amy, your bottle is almost empty. Do you want another one?"

Amy just nodded, but Keplar asked, "You're going to make her pay for that, right?"

Steadman paused and then said, "Uhhh, no. My sister and I are paying for Amy's water today. Seems like the least we can do."

Keplar shrugged and said, "Oh well, okay. I guess she'll earn it when it's her turn, won't she?" Amy was puzzled what this meant, but she didn't say anything. And she didn't notice the knowing look that Whiteside gave Keplar.

Amy just stood there in her partially painted state as the high school students sold several bottles of water to people in the crowd. Steadman bought the water and signaled to Amy that it would be in the cooler, and then the two sisters wandered back over to the tent.

Denton went over to the faucet, turned it on full, filled the bucket, and then aimed the stream of cold water at Amy's butt. Amy cried in alarm as the blast of icy water hit her. Denton hosed down her back and then yelled at her, "Raise your arms; I need to do your sides." Denton quickly did her left side and Amy flinched when the water hit the side of her left boob. Denton then roughly turned Amy and did her right side. Finally, she yelled, "All right, turn to face me, and I'll do your front."

Amy was worried about the full force of the water hitting her breasts and pussy, and she was relieved when Steadman ran over to the faucet and turned down the flow of water. Steadman yelled at the girls, "Hey, be careful with that; it could easily hurt her." The girls just smirked in response and sprayed Amy's front. Even though Amy's boobs and pussy had been cleaned previously, the girls spent a lot of time hosing those areas down again. Then, they spread her legs and squirted under there. Keplar grabbed the sponge and roughly scrubbed between her legs again with special emphasis on Amy's rear, which still had a lot of paint around her asshole. After a quick inspection by Steadman, Denton turned off the water and the two girls quickly, but very roughly, dried her off.

Amy was shaking, both physically and emotionally, as she shook hands with the two girls who had just treated her so heartlessly. Amy thought they were almost being vindictive in some way.

She then wandered over to her chair and sat down in the sun again. "How much longer? How much longer?", she thought to herself. She knew the 5 o'clock meeting and the panty auction would be terribly embarrassing each in its own way, but she really wanted this afternoon to be over and done with.

She'd only been sitting for a couple of minutes when Whiteside appeared and said, "Stand up. I need to look you over."

Amy stood and Whiteside added, "Spread your legs. I need to make sure that scrub brush didn't mark you too much."

Whiteside looked closely at Amy's skin in several places - back, chest, breasts, butt, hips, sides, tummy, etc. Several times she said, "No problem here." Even after a close inspection of her pussy and asshole, she said, "No problem here." But she told Amy to spread much farther and when she looked at Amy's upper inner thighs just below the vagina, Whiteside said, "Well, I was afraid of that. Your skin is pretty red in here." She dragged her fingernail across the red area, and after Amy flinched, Whiteside said, "I assume that hurt a little bit, didn't it?" Amy nodded and Whiteside went on, "Well, that may alter our design a little bit, but you'll be okay." Then, she gave Amy a friendly pat on her bare butt and guided the naked girl over to the painting area.

Steadman gave her little speech again and then described the design. "We're going to do sort of an animal skin design. No, it won't be a cavewoman outfit, but it will be a nice one-piece swimsuit. Kind of a light brown with some white dots like you might see on a young white-tailed deer, and we'll add some black streaks for accents. The light brown paint that we've picked should look really nice on Amy's skin. So, my sister and I will sketch the outline, you folks will do the background color, and then my sister will do the white spots and accent streaks. Are you ready, Amy?"

Amy gave her a weak smile and nodded. Whiteside used a paint stick to outline the design. She whispered to Amy, "We've decided to cut it high on the hips rather than more of a horizontal edge running over to the groin, and that will keep the paint off the scratched area below your pussy."

A few minutes later, the nude girl had the required lines drawn on her and Steadman said, "Let's have Ken Brightman come up, and he'll do the pussy area first." Amy was relieved to see a nicely dressed man walk up; he was about 50 and Amy guessed he was an executive of some sort. She shook his hand and then spread her legs for him. As he knelt down with the paint brush, Whiteside knelt down with him and said, "Please be careful of this red area. It got scraped up earlier today, and we want to keep paint off of it."

Brightman said, "So, it's just these spots at the very top of her legs? Is it okay for me to paint over her lips?"

Whiteside said, "That's right. We want her pussy painted. Have fun."

And for the fifth time today, a man brushed paint onto Amy's pussy lips. In a way, she was getting used to it. However, in another way, even this time, it felt like such a violation of her very private space. But she knew that it had to be done.

The other paying painters finished filling in the background color that complemented Amy's skin so well, and then Whiteside did the dots and the accent streaks. The big crowd gave her a huge round of applause as she modeled the painting for them. The two sisters thanked the crowd for their financial support, and then they led the painted girl back into the tent for the final photos. And when Amy looked at herself in the mirror, she actually liked what she saw. This design was the best of the bunch, and it looked very good on her.

Amy was not really surprised to see Charlie waiting for her with the hose and bucket. He said, "Hi, Amy. I hope you don't mind me doing this again. This is probably the best $65 I've paid for anything in my life." She just smiled and said, "No, I don't mind."

Before he started, he said, "Wow, you look great in that outfit. It's almost a shame to wash it off." Amy blushed and said, "Thanks." And then he gently washed all of the paint off her body. After he tenderly dried her, he stood back and looked longingly at the beautiful nude girl. She shook his hand, and then he left.

She wandered back into the tent and looked at the clock. It read 4:30 PM, and she knew she needed to leave. Whiteside was at the front of the tent talking with one of the cashiers, and Amy waved at her and pointed at the clock. Whiteside returned to the rear of the tent bringing Amy's panties along with her. As she handed the panties to Amy, she said, "Here, go ahead and put them back on; we're done for the day. And just to let you know, they just told me that you raised $895 today. On behalf of the university foundation, I thank you for your help." She paused and laughed, "More in the buff money for the BUF - Bancroft University Foundation. Right?"

Amy shrugged, slid on her panties, and said, "You said that you'd find me a ride back to campus? I hope so, because I'm cutting it a little close right now."

Whiteside said, "Oui, mon amie. Come, I'll drive you myself. Get your backpack and let's go."

As they walked up to Whiteside's green Ford Fiesta, Amy was surprised to see Charlie hurrying over from the opposite direction. He said, "Hi again, Amy. Can I talk to you for a minute?" Amy glanced at Whiteside who gave her a quick shrug.

Amy said, "Sure", and she and Charlie walked several feet away. He said, "Umm, I don't know exactly how to ask this, but would you like to go out with me sometime? I know we met under awkward circumstances and I know school is over, but I felt we had a bit of a connection today, didn't we?"

The nearly naked girl took his hand, and said, "Yeah, I think we did, too. But I'm seeing someone special right now, and I don't want to mess that up. But I really do thank you for asking."

He bowed his head in disappointment, but he said, "Well, I'm glad that you've got a nice lovelife going. But I just had to ask and I'm glad I did. Hope you have a wonderful life ahead of you. I'll let you go. Bye."

Amy kissed him on the cheek and said, "Bye, Charlie."

She returned to Whiteside's car and got in. Whiteside said, "Sorry, I couldn't help overhearing. But just think, you would never have gotten that nice offer if you hadn't been naked today. So, it really wasn't all awful stuff today after all, n'est pas?"

Amy just shook her head and smirked as she thought to herself, "This lady just still doesn't get it. All of this stuff is truly awful." But aloud she just said, "Please, let's go."

Chapter 69 - Taking Everything Away

Dr. Whiteside dropped off Amy in front of the administration building. As she was getting out of the car, Amy looked at Whiteside and said, "Well, this will probably be the last time I see you. So, good-bye, Professor." And she reached across to shake hands. But Whiteside said, "There are still a couple of days to go, and our paths may cross yet again." Amy hoped not, and she slammed the car door.

There weren't many people around on Saturday afternoon as Amy made her way up the steps at Kameron Hall. In fact, she found the main entrance locked. She walked around back and was relieved to find the secondary entrance to be open. As she waited for the elevator, she thought, "Only a couple more times will I have to make this humiliating trip to that asshole's office. Maybe only one more time after today. But I wonder how all of this is going to end."

She rode the elevator alone up to the seventh floor and made a stop in the bathroom, because she wasn't sure when she'd get another chance. Then she padded down the hall and walked into Knoxx's empty waiting room. But since the lights were on, she assumed that Knoxx was waiting for her. She put down her backpack, slid off her panties, and hung them on the hook. Since it was still a few minutes before 5 o'clock, she just stood near the office door and waited. Just before the nearby digital clock clicked over to 5, she lightly knocked on Knoxx's door.

A moment later Lucas Telford opened the door and silently motioned her to come in. Amy was extremely surprised to see Knoxx sitting at his desk gently holding a small kitten. He smiled at her as she took her usual spot standing naked in front of his desk. Telford took his seat with the other committee members.

Knoxx began, "Good afternoon, Miss Suzuki." He pointed at her newly shaved pussy and said, "I see that your appearance has changed a little bit from yesterday. Dr. Whiteside mentioned to me that she might shave off your 'landing strip' today. Looks good to me." Amy blushed and just nodded as Knoxx went on, "Now, Miss Suzuki, your punishment period is coming to an end. And today we want to tell you how this endgame operation is going to work."

Amy thought, "What the fuck do you mean by 'endgame'? This may be just a game to you, but it's very important to me; I want my diploma."

Knoxx looked at her quizzically and continued, "You had an odd look on your face for just an instant there. Do you have something to say? Need to use the toilet?"

Amy blushed and said, "No, sir. I am just wondering what's going to happen these next two days, and it sounds like you are going to tell me."

Knoxx pulled out a copy of her schedule and replied, "Indeed I am. Okay, here's the overview. This evening, there is the auction of your panties. Then, tomorrow, that is on Sunday, you have nude photos, ground crew work, and the usual 5 o'clock meeting. And then on Monday, we're going to have you come in here at 11 AM, since your punishment period is scheduled to end at noon. That morning meeting will probably be our last opportunity to meet with you, and it will give us an opportunity to review how your punishment period has gone. Then, there is the commencement ceremony at 3 o'clock, and then, we might possibly want you to come back in here at 5 o'clock on Monday as well. We will figure that out and let you know at the 11 o'clock meeting if there will be a 5 o'clock meeting."

Amy thought this sounded mostly okay, but the possibility of a meeting at 5 on Monday bothered her a bit.

Knoxx continued, "Now, let me fill in some details. First, at the auction this evening, we want you to kind of act as the master of ceremonies - or perhaps the mistress of ceremonies. We want you to make the welcoming remarks, give the background about why the auction is being held, and to make a public apology for your behavior. The Gamma guys have assigned someone to be the actual auctioneer, and he will explain how the logistics of the event will work and then do the auction of the items. But this is your show tonight, and we want you front and center. Okay?"

Amy just nodded, but she hadn't really prepared anything except an apology speech. And she only had a couple of hours to figure it out.

Next, he motioned to a picture frame standing on his desk; the picture was facing him so that all Amy saw was the back of the frame; she couldn't remember seeing it there before. He went on, "Miss Suzuki, please pick up that frame and look at what's in it."

Amy stepped up to his desk and reached for the frame. She felt her breasts dangle embarrassingly as she leaned over the desk. But she grabbed the frame and then let out a little gasp as she looked at it. The frame held her diploma! Her eyes started to water as she looked at this precious piece of paper.

Knoxx said, "I'm glad to see a happy reaction on your face, Miss Suzuki. Please put it back on my desk, but you can leave it facing you, if you want." Amy gently put it back down so that she could see the diploma as she stood there naked in front of his desk. Knoxx continued, "Have you read the instructions for the commencement ceremony? That is, time and place to report; that kind of thing?" Amy nodded. "Well, you probably saw the paragraph in there saying that the graduates would be handed a nice padded folder at the ceremony, but the actual diploma would be mailed later. That is true for everyone except you. Your padded folder will hold one of two things. It might hold this diploma, or it might hold a letter from us explaining why you won't ever be receiving a diploma from this prestigious institution. So, you won't actually know if you graduated until you open that folder."

"If the decision were to be made right now, this committee would recommend that you be given the diploma. But we're going to defer the final decision until after the 11 o'clock meeting on Monday. You have successfully completed all of the academic work; for most students, that is enough to earn the diploma. But for you that is not the only thing that is required for you to graduate; you must convince this committee that you deserve to graduate."

Amy's momentary tears of joy were turning to tears of anguish as she heard this. She felt the eyes of the five men on her breasts which were jiggling as she struggled to avoid breaking down in a sobbing fit. But she managed to hold her composure.

Knoxx went on, "Now, remember several days ago how we told you that we would have a zero tolerance policy about future violations. Well, we used the phrase 'zero tolerance' as kind of a threat to make you behave rather than really meaning it in the literal sense. So, in a way, we kind of misled you. Now, let me explain why I'm saying this. Even though you have behaved very, very well these last several days, we have still had several reports of infractions, and we feel that you deserve some additional punishment."

Amy's breasts continued to jiggle as she stood there almost trembling.

Knoxx stared at her and continued, "Now, let me outline the violations that we have observed or that were reported to us. There are several on this list, and so, I'll number them as we go so we can go back and discuss them afterwards. All right?" Amy just nodded.

"Number one. At art class on Tuesday, you posed with some soccer players, and it was reported to me that you moved during one of the poses after you had been instructed to remain still. You squirmed after a boy tickled your foot."

Amy opened her mouth to complain, because Whiteside had told her that this would not be reported. But Knoxx interrupted her before she could say anything, "Please, Miss Suzuki, let me finish the list, and then you will have an opportunity to explain. Understand?"

Amy meekly said, "Yes, sir. I understand."

Knoxx started up again, "Number two. Just before art class on Wednesday, one of our observers saw you cross your legs and arms while talking with Miss Cobb, which hid your vagina and breasts from view."

"Number three. On Thursday at Wytham, you were assisting some Norwegian researchers with their experiments, and I observed you trying to avoid Mr. Forsberg's examination of your vaginal area. You bent back out of the way when he reached between your legs."

"Number four. I admit that this one is a little bit iffy, because it really wasn't your fault. But I'll mention it and we'll discuss it later, if necessary. Dr. Beaupre said that the lab had two pistoning devices that would have provided some useful info for the Norwegian researchers, and in my opinion, they would have been useful punishment tools, because of the level of embarrassment that they would have caused you. But Dr. Beaupre had loaned out the devices to another lab, and so the researchers were unable to run that experiment on you."

Amy was angry about this, because as he said, she had no control over the situation. She would complain about it when given the chance.

"Number five. Again on Thursday, Mr. Forsberg wanted to shave your pubic area, but you prevented him from even starting by closing your legs. It turns out that Dr. Beaupre knows about Ms. Whiteside's desire for you to have a small amount of pubic hair for posing the next morning, and he would have stopped Mr. Forsberg from shaving you anyway. You should not have tried to stop him yourself; you should have let Dr. Beaupre handle the issue all by himself."

"Number six. Also on Thursday, Mr. Kirkpatrick observed you sort of complaining about some of the devices the Norwegians wanted to attach to your body for the experiments. He said that you kind of looked up as if asking for divine intervention somehow. Did I get that right, Brandon?"

Kirkpatrick replied, "Yes, Dr. Knoxx. I understood that look on her face as meaning that she didn't want to cooperate with our Norwegian visitors."

Amy closed her eyes; she wanted to shake her head, but she knew that would be interpreted as yet another violation. She remembered being stunned by what the Norwegian lady was proposing, but she didn't think anybody had noticed her very slight reaction to it.

"Number seven. More on Thursday. There was a discussion amongst the researchers on how long to run the experiments. And I heard you gasp noticeably when one of the Wytham men, I think it was Dr. Newman, said he could stay until midnight. Since your schedule showed that you were available all evening and since the Norwegian lady, Ms. Magnusson, had even suggested running it all night, we thought that going til midnight was a reasonable compromise. And we actually finished at 9:30 - well ahead of the midnight time that you complained about."

Amy said nothing but she remembered that she had not left the Wytham building til after midnight, and she didn't get to bed til 1:30 or so. She was not sure if she would say anything like that later or not.

"Number eight. Yesterday afternoon at the Prime Cut auction, you were told to not talk at all. But once, someone asked you a question and you answered. Tyson, you were there. Please fill us in."

Tyson Laird said from his chair, "Yes. One of my fellow club members asked her if she were Chinese. And Miss Suzuki answered 'no' rather than just shaking her head like she should have done."

Amy knew that she had not actually verbalized the word "no"; instead, she had mouthed it to the man. She decided that she'd mention that later.

"Okay. Thanks, Tyson. Number nine. Also yesterday, after the auction, you and Mr. Henderson hid under a bush and had sex. It's okay for you to have sexual intercourse, but it is not okay to hide your body from the view of one of our observers who was in the park at the same time."

Amy was not really surprised about this, because she had heard a car pull into the parking lot while she and Dwight were cuddling. And she had admitted to the committee yesterday that they had made love in the park. She would not contest this so-called violation.

"Number ten. After yesterday's 5PM meeting where you told us about the Prime Cut auction, I did a bit of investigating and found that two of the other female participants were also students from here at Bancroft. That's not the sort of behavior that we usually condone, and you should have told me that two students were involved. I would like to talk with them about it, but I haven't been able to find out who the two girls were. Do you know?"

Amy was between a rock and a hard place here, because she would feel guilty about snitching on the two girls. But if she didn't tell, things might get even worse for her. So, reluctantly, she said, "Uhh, yes, sort of. I only know their first names. Bridgette and Jenny. I'm sorry I don't know their last names or even how to spell their first names."

Knoxx replied, "Thank you, Miss Suzuki. I will check into it further. But you really should have told us about this yesterday and so, I am going to leave this as a violation of the 'respect-authority' rule in our agreement."

Amy just stared at him as he paused before saying, "And finally number eleven. Ms. Whiteside reports that you talked during today's body painting after being told to remain silent."

Amy wasn't exactly sure what this was referring to, but she couldn't dispute it because Whiteside had asked her to keep quiet. Whiteside had not given her an explicit order to not talk; it had been more like a strong suggestion. She was certain that if she tried to explain the situation that way to Knoxx that he would simply interpret it as Whiteside giving her an order. And she couldn't dispute that she had talked, because she did chat briefly with the friendly guy named Charlie as well as with Keplar and Denton. Whiteside probably overhead one or the other of those conversations.

Knoxx gently petted the kitten while gave Amy a moment to ponder the list and then said, "Now, Miss Suzuki, you have an opportunity to comment on each of these. Let's just do them in order, okay?" Amy nodded and he said, "Number one. Squirming while posing with soccer boys."

Amy replied, "Umm, I admit that this happened, but I couldn't help it because the boy tickled my foot. However, I discussed it with Dr. Whiteside, and she told me that she would not report the incident if I posed an extra two hours, which is what I did. And so, I don't think it's fair to charge me with a violation now that I've already served the punishment time, as it were."

Knoxx replied, "Well, let me give you a little more background on this situation. One of our observers was in attendance at the session where you squirmed and messed up the pose, and so that observer reported it to me. Later, another observer who was in one of the later classes that morning reported to me that you had posed for them which was unusual, because you had never posed in that class before. I waited a day expecting to hear from Ms. Whiteside about these two incidents, but when I didn't, I called her and asked her about them. She confirmed what you just told me. So, basically, I scolded her for not handling it appropriately; it was not her job to decide on the punishment for the violation. That decision must be made by this committee, not by Dr. Whiteside. So, the violation remains on this list and we will figure out the punishment for it. Those extra two hours that you spent posing will not be considered when we determine the appropriate punishment."

Amy blinked back a tear but said nothing further about the incident. Knoxx went on, "Number two. You hid your pussy and boobs before art class. That's a violation of the no-hiding rule. Anything to say about that?"

The naked girl just shook her head and quietly said, "No, I don't. I slipped up, and I'm sorry."

"Number three. You backed away from Mr. Forsberg when he tried to examine you. That's a full-cooperation violation. Comments?"

Again Amy meekly shook her head and said, "No. It was a reflex reaction, and I'm sorry."

"Number four. Avoiding the pistoning devices."

Amy raised her voice and said, "This one is just not fair. I had no control over that. If those devices had been available on Thursday, I would have let the researchers use them on me."

Knoxx thought for a moment and said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, I agree with you. But let me check with the other members of the committee. Gentlemen, is it okay with you if we delete this violation from the list?" After a moment, all four men nodded their heads and Knoxx said, "All right. Number four is removed."

"Now, number five. Closing your legs to prevent Mr. Forsberg from shaving your pubic area. That kind of falls under the full-cooperation and respect-authority rules."

Amy replied, "I don't know what to say about this. It happened the way you described it, and I was just trying to avoid a problem - uh, that is, another violation - the next morning at art class, because Dr. Whiteside would have been upset if I showed up with no pubic hair."

Knoxx came back, "Well, Miss Suzuki, this committee thinks you should have handled the situation differently. The violation stands."

He went on, "Number six. You looked up in the air to show your unhappiness with the Norwegians' devices."

Amy quietly said, "Yes, I did. And I'm sorry."

"Number seven. You complained about how long the experiments would last. Comments?"

Amy thought about this for several seconds, which was a bit too long for Knoxx who said, "Miss Suzuki, we're waiting."

Amy cleared her throat and was about to explain how she hadn't got to bed til after 1:30, but at the last instant, she decided to say nothing except, "Yes, it happened as you described. And I'm sorry."

"Number eight. At the Prime Cut auction, you talked after being told not to."

The nude girl looked up and said, "Actually, I didn't say the word 'no'; I just mouthed it to the man like this." And she demonstrated by forming her lips into the shape for the word without saying it. "So, I don't think I broke the no-talking order."

Knoxx quickly responded, "Well, everybody else thinks you did. The man called Daddy spanked you for it, and Tyson Laird here thinks that you should have shaken your head. And frankly, I think moving your mouth like that constitutes talking even if you say you made no sound, because you might actually have spoken so softly that no one else could hear. Violation stands."

Without pausing, he went on, "Number nine. You hid under a bush to have sex."

Amy didn't like the crude way he said it, because she considered that special moment to have been private lovemaking. But she demurely said, "Yes, Dwight and I wanted our privacy. So, I admit that I hid under the bush."

"Number ten. This is the issue with the other two college girls at the auction. We've already discussed that, and I'm leaving it on the list."

"Number eleven. Talking during body painting. Any comments?"

Amy decided not to argue this issue knowing that she would lose, and so she just said, "Yes, I remember talking a couple of times there today. I'm sorry."

Knoxx said, "Well, that completes the list of violations. I guess we've got ten to deal with. So, now, the punishment. First, Dr. Whiteside wants you to come to the festival again tomorrow afternoon. She wants you there at 1 PM, and she will let you leave in time to get here for the 5 o'clock meeting. Understand?"

Amy just nodded. But she also sighed, because she knew that this dashed the plans that she and Dwight had made last night. They had planned to fly a kite in a reclusive park somewhere tomorrow afternoon; he said he was going to match the amount of clothing she wore by wearing only a skimpy swimsuit. But now she would probably be getting her body painted again by strangers in a very public park.

Knoxx went on some more, "As I said earlier, you will come back here for a meeting at 11 AM on Monday morning. At that meeting, you will bring a bag with the clothes that you want to wear to graduation. Whatever you think is appropriate under the graduation gown. Now, at that meeting, you will get yourself dressed for graduation. There is a shower in the basement of this building; before the 11 o'clock meeting, you will take a shower down there. There will be a washcloth, soap, and shampoo down there, but no towel. You will then come up here at 11; we'll give you a towel to dry off and then you'll finish your preparation. That includes makeup as well as getting dressed. This may be the last opportunity for this committee to meet with you, and we want to make sure you present yourself well as the punishment period ends. So, just to repeat, on Monday morning, you shower in the basement before 11 AM, come here at 11, dry off, put on your makeup, do your hair, etc. And then get dressed. Got it?"

Amy quietly said, "Yes, I understand."

Then he took the kitty from its spot in his arms and placed it on his desk. The cat meowed its displeasure at having been moved from its comfortable spot. Knoxx said, "Miss Suzuki, please look carefully at this little kitten. It's a cute little thing. He showed up out back of this building when I came in an hour ago. I guess he's a stray, but we'll try to find his owner. At any rate, please look at the cat then answer my questions. Okay?"

Amy was wondering where this was going and just said, "Okay."

Knoxx asked, "Is the kitty wearing any clothes?"

She replied, "No."

"Is it wearing panties?"


"Is it wearing jewelry?"


"Does it have a backpack?"

Amy sighed and again said, "No."

"Does it have an ankle pouch?"


"Does it have a cell phone?"


Knoxx continued, "Does it have any money?"

Amy was getting annoyed, "No."

"Does it have any keys?"


"Does it ride in a car?"

Amy paused for a moment and answered, "No. I don't think so."

Knoxx went on, "How does it get around?"

"I guess it just walks on its four feet."

Now Knoxx paused before saying, "Okay, now please think about yourself in this cat's position. Not its physical position here on my desk, but its place on this planet. For the next couple of days, you are going to be like this cat. No clothes, no panties, no jewelry, no backpack, no ankle pouch, no money, no keys, no cell phone, no car rides - nothing. You can use two feet rather than four, but basically you are going to find your way in the world as naked as the day you were born. In fact, with your recent shave, that portion of your body looks very much like it did the day you were born."

Amy gulped, and she felt her breasts jiggle again. She could probably handle the complete nudity, but how could she get by without money, keys, phone, and car rides for two days?

After giving her a moment to think about this, Knoxx said, "I mentioned jewelry, and I guess I've never noticed jewelry on you before. But now that we've prohibited it, we need to check you over. Please come around to this side of my desk."

Amy slowly walked around the side of the desk, and Knoxx motioned her to a spot just a few inches from him. He remained seated in his chair as he said, "Please hold out your hands." Amy held out both hands and spread her fingers and after a moment, turned them over.

Knoxx stood up and said, "Good. Now, please hold back your long hair and let me check for earrings." Amy sighed and pulled her hair back with one hand. Knoxx looked at the small ruby stud earrings that she was wearing and said, "Ah, those are not permitted for the next couple of days. Please remove them."

These pieces were some of her favorite earrings, because they had been given to her by her grandmother when Amy had her ears pierced many years ago. But the naked girl took them off as instructed and dropped them into Knoxx's outstretch hand.

He said, "I will put these in an envelope and slide them into your backpack. Now, anything else? Body jewelry?" He looked at her quivering tits and then at her nose and eyebrows. He shook his head and glanced down and said, "What about between your legs? Please stand up on my desk and spread your legs so I can have a look."

Amy gulped and then climbed up on his desk. Knoxx moved some papers on either side and motioned for her to place her feet in those spots. She carefully put a foot in each of the small spaces that he had cleared, and this spread her legs fairly far apart; her pussy was a few inches above his head as he sat in his chair. Knoxx put the cat on the desk next to her foot and he leaned in between her legs and looked up. But he said, "I can't see very well; please spread your thighs a bit farther apart." Amy blushed a bright red as she squatted a little bit to open her thighs more. He said, "Thank you. That's much better", and he looked up at her bare pussy. She actually expected him to touch her, but he didn't. However, the kitten rubbed her leg and Amy flinched briefly. Knoxx picked up the cat, and said, "Good. You can get down now." She climbed down from his desk and stood there right next to his chair. He went on, "I noticed some red scratches high up on your leg. You should probably get those treated. Actually, I've got some Neosporin here. Do you want to use that?"

Amy pondered this for a moment, because she could feel the scratches a little bit. She said, "Yes, maybe after the meeting I could do that."

Knoxx replied, "No, let's do it now. Here's the tube. Do you need help applying it under there?"

Amy blushed as she took the tube and said, "Thanks, but I can do it myself." Amy squatted awkwardly in front of the men and rubbed a liberal amount of the medication onto the red areas next to her pussy. When she finished, she handed the tube back to Knoxx. Another embarrassing act, but the ache had already subsided noticeably. She quietly said, "Thank you for that."

He said, "Okay. Let's get back to what we were talking about." He looked her in the eyes and said, "Any other jewelry besides the earrings?"

She shook her head, but Knoxx asked, "What about a diaphragm? Are you wearing one of those? If so, please remove it now. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to inspect you physically; so, I will just take your word for it."

Amy blushed even brighter and she said, "No, I don't use a diaphragm, and I don't have one in me now."

He looked at her sternly and said, "No diaphragm? So, the only birth control you do is to insist upon your partners using a condom?"

Amy continued to blush brightly, but she was annoyed by his use of the plural word "partners" which falsely implied she slept around. Also, the subject of birth control had never been mentioned in these daily naked meetings, and she considered that subject to be even more private than her private body parts that she had been forced to display. She quietly said, "I use birth control pills."

Knoxx said, "Oh, okay, that's good. Now, there are going to be a few exceptions to the total nudity rule. But first, let me have Tyson Laird clarify some legal aspects here. Ty?"

From his chair, Laird looked up at the naked girl and said, "Miss Suzuki, a few weeks ago, when we were negotiating this punishment with you and your attorney, we reluctantly decided that you would be allowed to wear underpants during this punishment period. We wanted to impose total nudity on you at that time, but we felt we might be on shaky legal ground if we did. However, in light of your continued violations, we feel that we are on solid legal ground in this additional punishment. And let me repeat what we've said all along that actually our strong preference was to expel you a few weeks ago, and we'd like to expel you right now, but we still feel that would be a bit iffy in a legal sense. So, total nudity is your punishment for the next couple of days."

In reality, Laird did not believe what he just said. It still was shaky legal ground, but since it was late on a Saturday afternoon, he knew that this young woman and her lawyer wouldn't really have time to do anything about it until Monday, when the punishment was scheduled to end anyway.

Knoxx then said, "Thanks, Tyson. Now, Miss Suzuki, as I said, there will be a few exceptions to total nudity. First, the panty auction is scheduled for 7 o'clock tonight, and the frat guys want you to be wearing panties at least for the start of the auction; they said they will auction off the pair that you're wearing sometime during the evening. So, I will deliver a pair of panties to them as soon as this meeting is over, and they will tell you when to put them on after you arrive."

"Also, Mr. Garoni wants you to wear your mortarboard and high heel shoes for at least part of tomorrow morning's photoshoot. So, you may bring those along tomorrow morning. But only for the photoshoot. Oh, Garoni doesn't know that you won't have panties; you'll have to explain to him that he will just have to shoot all of his pictures with you naked. And the final exception is that Ms. Whiteside may have some adornments of some sort for you."

"And of course, you will follow the usual rules. No hiding. No covering up. Full cooperation. Be on time. Etc. Let's see it's now 5:30 and the auction starts at 7, and you probably want to eat before then. So, you probably need to get going. Any questions?"

Amy was still stunned. But she did manage to ask, "What about my backpack? Can I take it back to the dorm?"

Knoxx rubbed his chin and said, "Actually, we'll just keep it here til Monday, since you won't be needing it."

Amy then asked, "Am I allowed to make phone calls using other phones?"

Knoxx answered, "Oh, yes, of course. You just can't carry a cell phone around with you. We don't want you carrying anything at all around with you. Let me be clear about our intentions here. We don't want you wearing or carrying anything these next few days. We realize that will probably make you feel extremely vulnerable in some ways, and that is our intent. Your punishment will include feeling very vulnerable as well as feeling very embarrassed."

"Can I at least turn off my cell phone so that the battery doesn't run down?", Amy asked quietly.

He said, "I'll take care of that."

Amy blushed and asked, "Mr. Garoni asked me to also bring a vibrator to the photoshoot along with the mortarboard and high heels. I'll need to bring a little tube of lubricant and a small towel, too. Is that okay?"

Knoxx frowned, "Yes, the vibrator's okay, but do you really need the lubricant? I'd have thought that you would have enough natural juices down there."

Amy knew that he was just trying to rub in some more humiliation, but she blushed anyway and said, "Yes, I always use lubricant with the vibrator; the instructions say to do that."

"Well, okay. You can take the tube of lubricant and a towel. I look forward to some interesting pictures."

Amy hesitated and then asked, "There's not really time for me to walk to the dorm, eat dinner, and then walk over to the Gamma house. Can I at least get a ride to the frat house?" But as soon as she finished the last word, she knew that she had just made a mistake.

Knoxx frowned some more, "Umm, Miss Suzuki, I think you know better than to ask that. This kitty is permitted to complain, but you are not. It's a shame that you added another violation before you even stepped out of this room. We'll deal with that violation tomorrow. You'll have to work out your timing this evening by yourself. So, I'll bid you goodbye for now, but we will see you at the auction this evening."

Amy turned to leave and as she was opening the door, Knoxx said to her, "Oh, Miss Suzuki, another thing this kitty is permitted to do is to ride the elevator. But you are not. The exercise will do you good."

As she walked through the waiting room, Amy looked longingly at her panties and backpack. And then as she stepped into the hallway, the naked girl started running down the empty hall to the stairwell. She flung the door open and dashed down two floors before she started to sob uncontrollably. She sat down on the steps and cried for a few minutes. Those awful men just kept finding more and more ways to thoroughly humiliate her. She wiped her eyes with her hands, and then reached behind her to get a tissue from her backpack before remembering that she had absolutely nothing now - not even a simple Kleenex tissue. She sat for another few moments as she composed herself wiping her eyes with her hands, and then she slowly descended the final few floors.

As she entered the lobby, she heard the elevator ding. The door opened, and there was Knoxx and the other four men. And the little kitty, which was nestled in Knoxx's arms. Dangling from Knoxx's fingers under the kitty was a pair of white panties. The men just smiled at her as she walked completely nude out the front door.

Chapter 70 - Pre-Panty Auction Prep

As Amy's bare feet hit the sidewalk, she felt the tears starting to well up again. Knoxx was right; she felt more vulnerable right now than she had at any time in the last few weeks. Even though she had been almost naked for those few weeks, she did have panties to wear and a backpack to carry. The panties at least had covered her most private spot, and even though the backpack didn't cover much of her body, it did provide her with support for her daily activities. It had her cell phone, her wallet, her keys, her school books. And now she had none of those things - no clothes, no phone, no money, no nothing. And she didn't have her grandmother's earrings, which had often provided a tiny bit of emotional comfort. And now she didn't even have the tiny strip of pubic hair any more.

She had to make her way in a cruel world absolutely naked. It would only be for a couple of days, but they were crucial days in her life.

As she got to the corner and waited for the traffic signal to change, she realized that she had a couple of immediate problems to solve. First, she was hungry. Second, she had to get to the fraternity house.

She pondered these dilemmas long enough that she missed one cycle of the signal. But in that time, she decided that she'd go directly to the Gamma house and ask them to feed her. But that only solved half of her problems, because she didn't really know exactly how to get to Gamma house from campus. Yesterday, when Dwight had driven her, she was talking on the phone to Linda and not paying close attention to the route that Dwight had taken. If she had her phone, she would call someone to ask directions; there were a few pay phones still on campus, but none were near where she was standing, and she didn't have any money to make the phone call anyway. She knew the general direction, because most of the fraternity and sorority houses were bunched together in a neighborhood, and so, she headed off in that direction. She passed one of the posters she put up last night and noticed that it didn't have the address on it - everyone was just supposed to know where Gamma Gamma Theta was located.

It was about a 20 minute walk to Greek Street as the area was called, and the totally nude girl got lots of catcalls - especially as she walked past the fraternity houses on Madison Way. But she reached the end of that street without seeing the house where she had been last night. She turned the corner and walked a block over to Jefferson Avenue. She was growing a bit frantic now, because this street was mostly big private residences rather than frat houses. An elderly woman was sitting on a porch, and Amy started to ask her where Gamma house was, but the lady disgustedly went back into the house as Amy stopped to talk to her. She considered going back to Madison where all the catcalls had come from and asking those guys, but she decided to try one more street first. So, she went back past Madison to Monroe Street and turned the corner. She breathed a big sigh of relief when she saw Gamma house only three houses from the corner, and she scampered up the short walk to the front porch.

She rang the doorbell and then waited apprehensively. It took a concentrated effort for her not to hold her hands in front of her pussy; she knew any such action would be interpreted as a violation and would be reported to Knoxx. She knew that this house was full of observers, and in fact, Knoxx himself might be in there right now. Her breasts rose and fell as she waited.

A moment later, the door opened and she saw a guy wiping his mouth with a napkin. He smiled at the nude girl and said, "Hey, Amy, you're early. We're in the middle of dinner, but please come in." As he escorted her down the hallway, she noticed a clock showing that it was only 6:15 PM. Next to the clock, she saw a coat hook with a pair of white panties hanging on it. There are lots of white panties like this in the world, and these could have just been a trophy that one of the frat members had collected from a recent conquest, but Amy was certain that they were her very own panties that Knoxx had delivered earlier.

When they entered the dining room, the buzz of conversation stopped when they saw the pretty naked girl. Don Seligman got up, came over, shook her hand, and said, "Hi, Amy. As you can see, we're eating dinner. Are you hungry? Do you want to join us?"

Amy smiled and said, "Hi, Don. Yes, I am hungry. Dinner sounds great right now."

Amy looked around the big room with three long tables running the length of it. It kind of reminded her of the Hogwarts' dining hall shown in the Harry Potter movies. Guys were clustered at various spots along the tables, and she even saw a couple of girls in one of the clusters along with the Larson brothers - Steve and Mitch.

Steve Larson got up and came over to Seligman and Amy. He said, "Hi, Amy. Why don't you come over and eat with us? I'll introduce you to my family, and then I'll get a plate of food from the kitchen."

Amy hesitantly followed him, and she felt the roomful of eyes following her as she walked across the front of the big room. At the table, Larson said, "You know my brother, Mitch. This is my father, Jim, and these are my sisters, Alyson and Nicole. Everybody is here for my graduation on Monday; our mother will be here tomorrow." Amy smiled weakly as she shook hands with all of them.

The father, Jim, gave her a wary look, but he looked her over from head to toe. The two girls giggled as they stood to face the nude girl. Steve said, "Please forgive these twerps. Alyson is a high school senior, and she'll be here at Bancroft in the fall. Nicole is a junior." He jokingly said, "Obviously, they still have some growing up to do." He then pulled out one of the high-backed chairs that were lining the tables and held it for Amy to sit down next to Nicole.

Amy felt really out of place being naked in the midst of all these clothed strangers. She knew some of the guys from last night, but the father and the two teenage girls were new to her. Jim and Mitch started chatting with her about schoolwork and graduation, and Amy meekly added the expected replies. Steve brought a dinner plate full of the evening's food - fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans - along with a glass of apple juice.

Amy started eating and listened as the two girls started asking questions. Alyson, who was sitting across the table from Amy, asked, "Have you really been naked for three weeks?" Amy just nodded, and Alyson went on, "But what's this about the panties being auctioned tonight? Doesn't naked mean no clothes at all?"

Amy took another bite and then explained that the punishment allowed her to wear panties.

Alyson said, "Okay, that explains the panties. But you're naked now. So, you're naked part of the time and wearing only panties the rest of the time?"

Amy sighed and blushed, "Yes, that's right." And she explained some of her community service activities such as today's body painting and the art class posing. This conversation was becoming uncomfortable, and Amy wished that she could derail it somehow, but she felt that it was already beyond her control.

Alyson continued, "Well, what is it like to be the only nude person in a room like this?"

Amy merely said, "Embarrassing, humiliating, shaming."

Alyson persisted, "It's only the middle of May, and it still gets pretty cold up here. How do you handle the cold mornings?"

Amy gave a weak laugh and said, "I run fast between buildings."

Then, the younger girl, Nicole, asked, "Don't your boobs hurt when you run?"

Amy just nodded. She was now certain that she'd lost control of the embarrassing conversation.

Nicole went on, "If you're nude so much, what do you do about pads during your period? Oh, maybe you use a tampon? But doesn't the string hang out?"

Amy was really embarrassed now, but she quietly explained that she was fortunate, because she wouldn't have a period during this punishment time. Amy added, "I really don't know what I would have done if I'd had a period during this time. I guess I'd use a tampon, but I just don't know."

Nicole continued, "You don't have any pubic hair. Do you always have it that way or was that part of your punishment?"

Amy said in almost a whisper, "Part of the punishment. It was shaved off today."

Nicole gasped, "Oh, my. I've heard it itches after shaving. Does yours itch?" Amy weakly nodded, and Nicole asked, "Can I touch it? I'd like to understand what it feels like. Maybe, I'll want to shave off my own."

At this point, the father, Jim, interrupted, "Nickie, please. Those are really personal questions. You need to be courteous. I don't think Amy has to answer them or let you touch her."

But Mitch responded, "Dad, actually, Amy is required to cooperate with such things as part of her punishment." And he looked over at Amy.

Amy blushed as she understood the look, and she knew what she had to do even though she thought there were restrictions about sexual touching today. Amy obediently stood up and faced the young girl still seated in the chair next to her. Meekly, she said, "It's okay, Nicole. Go ahead."

The room had grown quiet as everyone had turned to watch the nude coed standing submissively in front of the high school girl. Nicole slowly dragged her finger over the area just above Amy's pussy lips, and then she used her fingernail to trace her pussy lips just to the point where they went underneath. Amy squirmed a bit at this intimate touch. As Nicole re-traced back up the lips, she stopped at Amy's clit which was just peeking out between the lips.

Nicole said, "That's your clitoris, isn't it?"

Amy whispered, "Yes, it is."

Nicole went on, "Is it always showing like that? Mine doesn't do that."

Again Amy answered quietly, "Yes, it often is. I guess every woman is a little bit different."

Nicole looked over at her father and asked, "Daddy, can I have some money? I'd like to bid on her panties tonight. Kind of as a way to remember her. Sort of a souvenir, you know?"

Jim answered, "Okay, sweetie. I'll give you some after dinner. Now, why don't we let Amy finish eating?"

Amy finished eating dinner in relative peace. She continued to talk with the two girls, but the conversation was about her upcoming new life near Boston rather than her current nude life in New Hampshire.

The conversation lasted a few minutes after she finished dinner, and then she felt a tap on her bare shoulder. She looked up and saw Knoxx who asked, "Miss Suzuki, can I have a word with you please?" Amy got up and Knoxx led her firmly by her elbow up to the front of the room. They were out of hearing distance of everyone, but still they were in full view. The people at the tables saw the well dressed man talking sternly to the very naked girl.

Knoxx said, "Just a few reminders. Please remember that you're the MC tonight; we expect a good performance from you. Also, we understand you have some cleanup duties to perform after the auction; please remember what we said about riding in a motor vehicle or an elevator."

Amy gulped at this. She would be required to load the folding chairs back into the rental truck, and that would be very difficult to do without moving the truck and using the truck's lift.

Knoxx went on, "After you finish all of that, you will need to get safely back to your dorm in the dark. We just wanted to let you know that Tyson and I will take care of that. Now, do you have any questions?"

Amy was relieved to hear that they'd be giving her a ride home rather than walking naked along the dark streets. She gave him a weak smile and said, "Thanks. Umm, and actually, I do have a question. That cleanup job requires carrying folding chairs. I know you don't want me carrying anything, but are those chairs okay?"

Knoxx said, "Uhhh, good point. Those chairs might cover you up somewhat, but it needs to be done. So, yes, it's okay. Anything else?"

She quietly said, "No", and he put his two hands on her shoulders and looked her sternly in the eye and said, "Good. Now, don't disappoint us this evening." Amy just nodded, but she knew that everyone had been watching this little meeting and that it must have looked like a father scolding a naked daughter.

She meekly returned to the Larson group and asked, "Steve, can I use a telephone, please?"

Larson replied, "Umm, did Chancellor Knoxx say that is okay?"

Amy was annoyed but only said, "Yes, he just doesn't want me carrying a cell phone around with me."

Larson said, "Okay then. There's a phone in the hallway, just outside the dining hall."

Amy turned and walked across the front of the room to the door knowing that all the eyeballs were following her. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:45, and that meant that Dwight was still at dinner with the recruiters. She really wanted to talk with him for moral support, but that wasn't possible right then. So, she called Linda.

Linda answered, "Hello?"

"Hi, Lindy, it's me."

"Oh Amy, we've been so worried. I've been trying to call you for the last couple of hours. And then you didn't show for dinner. Didn't you get my messages?"

"No, I don't have my phone. They took it away."

Linda gasped, "What do you mean - took it away?"

Amy whispered, "Knoxx took away my panties, my backpack, my phone, my keys, my money, my right to ride in a car, everything. I'll get them all back on Monday, but I'm totally naked for the next two days."

Linda gasped again, "Oh, Sooz, that sounds awful. Where are you now? Anything I can do?"

Amy's voice cracked as she said, "I'm at Gamma house now, and I'm going to be late tonight. Are you going to be in the room? I don't have my keys and I'll need to get in."

Linda hesitated for a moment before saying, "Uhh, Mark and I are going out tonight. But I'll make sure I'm back by, umm, what time?"

Amy knew from the tone in her best friend's voice that Linda had been planning to spend the night with her boyfriend, and now, Amy was asking her to change her plans. Amy felt guilty, but she said, "Probably 11 o'clock, maybe midnight. But, hey, Lindy, I don't want to mess up your plans. It should be okay for us to leave the door unlocked for a few hours."

Linda quickly said, "No, Sooz, it's all right; I'll be here. It sounds like you'd like to talk after you get home. So, Mark and I will get our loving done early. He'll understand that you need my help."

Tears were rolling down Amy's cheeks as she said, "Oh, Lindy, you're the best friend ever. Yes, I'll probably need a shoulder to cry on tonight."

Linda was starting to cry also, but she managed to say, "Okay, I'll be here for you. In fact, maybe I should get someone to pick you up. Gamma house is a long way from here, and you shouldn't be walking that far naked in the dark. What about Dwight? Can he give you a ride?"

Amy partially recovered her composure and said, "No, he's busy tonight with an important interview, and he didn't know when he'd be done, but Knoxx said he'd give me a ride."

Linda groaned, "Eeeww, that sounds icky."

Amy chuckled and said, "Yep, but it's better than walking. Umm, I need to go. See you later, okay?" And they said goodbye.

As she hung up the phone, Mitch Larson came up to her and said, "Amy, you still owe me a one-sheet for today. Do you have it?"

The naked girl slumped her head and said, "No, I'd forgotten about it. Umm, is the computer set up on the stage?" Larson nodded and Amy shrugged as she said, "Okay, I'll go do it." She glanced at the clock and it showed 6:50. "Oh, god, I don't have much time." She turned, but Larson grabbed her arm and said, "Amy, put these on." And he handed her the white panties from the coat hook. Amy quickly looked for the small red mark on the rear hem, and after she saw it, she slipped on the panties.

She dashed down the hall, into the rec room, and up onto the stage. The crowd was already gathering, but she sat down at the computer and dashed off a couple of quick paragraphs about the auction preparation and the bodypainting. She whispered to Larson, "There. Be sure to do a spell check on it."

As she got up from the computer, she saw Zacharias and Brockington standing there. Zacharias said, "It's 7 o'clock. You need to get started."

Chapter 71 - Amy's Panties Up for Bid

She looked out at the waiting crowd. Almost all of the 100 folding chairs were occupied and there were another 20 or so people standing in the back and on the sides. Almost all were men or boys; there were the two Larson girls, the Gamma housemother, and another 5 or 6 college girls. But as she took a deep breath, she really wasn't focused on the crowd, because her heart and her mind were racing. She knew what she had to do, but she needed to calm her nerves first. She took another deep breath and stepped over next to Brockington, who was standing at the podium. He handed her a microphone, and she stepped away from the podium, because she knew she could not hide any part of her mostly naked body behind it. If she had looked at Knoxx sitting in the second row, she would have noticed him looking at his watch.

As her breasts continued to rise and fall, she began, "Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, I'm Am . . .", and she caught herself, "I'm sorry, good evening, ladies and gentlemen, forgive me, but I am very nervous. I'm Amy Suzuki, and I want to welcome you to tonight's auction of my panties. Most of you probably know my story, but just in case, let me describe briefly what happened and why we're having this auction."

"On the night of April 30th, I made a very bad mistake. Just before midnight, I streaked around the campus quad, and I was apprehended by a university security guard. The next day, I was brought before the Discipline Committee, who explained the seriousness of the offense. The usual punishment for streaking is expulsion from this fine university, but the gentlemen on the committee were lenient enough with me to allow me to choose either expulsion or remaining almost naked until the school term ended. Since I was so close to graduation, I decided to accept the mostly naked punishment. Bancroft is a very prestigious institution, and I wanted to finish my bachelor's degree and get my diploma, and if that degree and diploma are awarded to me, I will value them for the rest of my life."

"So, I have been mostly naked for the last three weeks. There have been times when I was required to be totally nude in public places, but for most of my daily activities, the committee allowed me to wear panties - and only panties, nothing else. Just like I'm wearing right now here in front of you. And it's those twenty pairs of panties that are be auctioned off tonight as part of my punishment. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to Bancroft Foundation; so, it's for a very good cause - please, bid high."

"One last thing before we start the auction. I want to make this very public apology for my behavior that night. I did it on a lark, but it was a very, very stupid thing for me to do. I am truly sorry for having done it. And I want to thank Chancellor Knoxx and the Discipline Committee for allowing me to avoid being expelled from school."

"Now, let me turn over the microphone to Phil Brockington, who will run the rest of the auction."

Brockington took the mike and said, "Gentlemen", and after a pause he added "and ladies" to acknowledge the few females in the room besides Amy. "As Amy said, we have twenty panties to auction off, but the winner of each auction will also get a couple of other things. First, he or she will get to have their photo taken with Amy; actually, we'll take two separate photos, if that's what the winner wants. Second, there will be a one page write up of what Amy did that day; Amy herself actually wrote up these documents, and we will print the one or two photos on that sheet which will be given to you. And let me add a few words about those photos. You can be in the photo with Amy or you can have Amy pose in whatever way you want. It's okay if you touch her, but not sexually. For example, holding her hand or an arm over her shoulder is fine, but touching her breast is not."

"Now, about the panties themselves. They are all good quality from Victoria's Secret; original cost was between $5 and $10 each. Amy actually wore these panties from about 5 PM on the previous day until 5 o'clock on the day shown on the document. They have not been laundered since she wore them, and so you might see some stains, which will add some character to the panties." Amy blushed at the mention of the stains caused by her own pussy juices.

Brockington went on, "The minimum bid will be $2 and the increment will also be at least $2. As she said, the money is being donated to a good cause. So, nobody here is getting anything out of this except the right to see this beautiful young woman naked. And that leads us to the first item which will be put up for bid, and that is the pair of white panties that Amy is wearing right now. Since she just put these on a few minutes ago, she has not written up a one-sheet for them. But the winner will get the two photos and in addition, he will be allowed to remove the panties from her." As he was saying this, he reached over, grabbed the top hem of Amy's white panties at the side panel, and pulled it out from her skin a couple of inches. Again, Amy blushed, but she just stood there.

Brockington started the auction with, "Okay, do I hear $2? Good, how about four?" And someone yelled "Ten dollars" from the back of the room. After a moment, another man bid $12. And this led to a back-and-forth bidding contest that didn't end til one of them bid $30. Brockington finally said, "Sold, to the young man standing in back. Please come up and claim your prize."

Amy felt her eyes beginning to water, but she just stood there and watched the very young man come up onto the stage. Brockington said, "Hello, what's your name, man?"

The guy answered, "Bill Pratt" and Brockington said, "Okay, Bill, nice going. Now, let me suggest that one of your two photos should be of you sliding the panties down her legs. The other photo can be your choice. All right?" Pratt nodded enthusiastically and the auctioneer said, "Good, go ahead."

Pratt turned to face Amy, reached out his hand, and said, "Hi, Amy, nice to meet you." Amy gave him a wane smile as she limply shook his hand. Then, he knelt down in front of her, grasped each side of her panties, looked back briefly at Steve Larson who was aiming the camera, returned his eyes to the panties, and slowly slid them down her long legs exposing her hairless pussy to the audience. There was a murmur of surprise that rippled through the crowd followed by a smattering of applause as Amy now stood totally naked facing the large group. She stepped out of her panties as they hit the floor, and Pratt waved them in the air as he stood up.

Brockington said into the mike, "Well done, Bill. You've uncovered the last, and I might say, the best parts of Amy's lovely body for our viewing. And now, what would you like for your second photo?"

Pratt asked, "Can I put my hand on her butt? Or is that too sexual?"

Without hesitating, Brockington said, "Sure, her ass is okay."

Pratt said, "Good. So, I'm just going to stand next to her and put my left hand on her right butt cheek and hold up the panties in my other hand." And he dangled the white panties from his right hand as Larson took the second photo.

Brockington said, "Good job all around, Bill. Now, please step back to the table, give them the money, and wait for Mitch to print the photos for you. And Amy, please get the memory card from Steve and take it over to Mitch for the photo processing."

The naked girl stepped to the front edge of the stage, bent over with her breasts hanging nicely below her, and took the little memory card that Steve Larson was handing to her. Amy turned around and went back to the table where she gave Mitch Larson the memory card. As she turned to return to the front of the stage, Mitch whispered, "Amy, here's another memory card. Give it to Steve for the next set of photos." Amy took the card and blushed as she returned to the front, bent over again, and handed the card to the older Larson. She now realized that she would be making that embarrassing bend with her breasts drooping many, many times during this evening.

Brockington said, "Good, one down - literally - and nineteen to go. Now, this next pair is also kind of unusual. It turns out that Amy did not actually wear these panties, and I'm going to let Amy explain what happened here." He handed Amy the mike and also the pair of pink striped panties.

Amy gulped. She hadn't been expecting to say anything else during the auction. She felt her underarms getting a bit damp with sweat, and her voice broke a little bit as she said, "Uhhh, umm, let's see, how do I say this? These panties are actually a replacement pair for an identical pair that was stolen earlier in the day. The originals were hanging on a hook in the hallway as I was helping with an experiment, and someone took them from the hook. I could not find the originals, and so Dr. Knoxx asked me to buy these as a replacement for this auction. I actually did wear them, but only for a minute or so to make sure that they were the right size. Umm, the one-sheet that I wrote up describes what happened to the original pair of pink striped panties rather than this pair itself. Umm, I guess that's all I need to say. Okay?" And she looked back at Brockington.

Brockington said, "Umm, actually, Amy, isn't there a bit of a story about where you purchased these?"

Amy paused for a moment kind of glaring at him as she took back the microphone. They were just trying to further embarrass the nude girl, and Amy knew that she had no choice but to explain. "Yes, that's right. Dr. Knoxx told me to purchase the replacement panties from Victoria's Secret. He probably meant for me to go the VS store in the local mall, but at that time, it would have been very embarrassing to me to go into the mall almost naked. So, I purchased them online and had them shipped to me. Dr. Knoxx figured out what I had done, explained that I had broken one of the rules, and added some additional punishment." Amy paused for a moment and handed the mike back to Brockington.

But Brockington said, "What rule did you break? What was the punishment?"

She took the mike back and said sheepishly, "When I was originally punished for streaking, I signed an agreement that included several rules. One of them was that I could not cover myself or hide from view, and buying the panties on the internet was essentially hiding my body from view at the mall. I don't remember the exact punishment for that violation, but this panty auction was probably part of the punishment."

She handed the microphone back to Brockington and she was relieved when he said, "Okay, thanks for the clarification. Now, let's get on with the auction of these replacement panties." But Amy glanced down and saw that Knoxx was writing down some notes. She knew that her description had been vague, and now she was afraid that she'd added another violation to his list, but it was too late to do anything about it now.

Brockington coordinated the bidding process, and the pink striped panties only fetched $18. The winning bidder was a young man wearing overalls; Amy thought he was probably an auto mechanic or maybe a plumber. For the first photo, he used the same pose that the previous guy had done with a hand on Amy's bare butt. For the second, he had her pose alone in a spread eagle style holding the stretched out panties way above her head; her pussy was wide open in this position. The nude girl then shuttled the memory cards back and forth between the Larson brothers.

Brockington said, "Okay, that's two panties down, eighteen to go. And we're going to do these in a completely random order. I've got the panties here in a bag, and I'm going to have Amy reach in and pull out the next pair to auction off."

He held open the bag, and the naked girl blushed as she reached in and pulled out a pair of beige panties. She held them out for him, but instead of taking them, he pointed the microphone at her and whispered, "Tell them the date."

Amy blushed and softly spoke into the microphone, "May 9th."

But Brockington said, "Louder, Amy, so that everyone can hear. Also, please describe them for those at the back of the room, and also please include the day of the week that is shown on the tag."

Amy blushed again and spoke louder into the mike, "I wore these panties Wednesday, May 9th. They are beige colored; kind of a flesh-tone. Some girls call the color nude or bare."

A guy in the audience yelled out, "Put them on so we can see what they look like on you."

But Brockington replied, "Sorry, but Amy has to remain naked the rest of the evening. So, no, she won't be modeling the panties for you. Now, do I hear $2?" And the bidding continued $10, $15, $17, $19, $21, and finally $23. The winning bidder was the guy who had yelled out earlier, and for the first picture, he asked Brockington, "I'd like to put the panties on her and then have the photo taken while I'm sliding them back down her legs. Okay?"

Brockington frowned and said, "Just a minute. Let me discuss it with our auction committee." He went back to the table and talked briefly with Ned Zacharias. When he returned, he said, "Well, here's what we've decided. Since Amy is required to remain naked, we don't want her pussy covered up the rest of the evening. So, you can slide the panties part way up her legs, and then we'll take the photo in that position and then you can take them off of her." The winner smiled and said, "Great" and he held out the panties for Amy. She stepped into them, and then blushed some more as the guy dragged his fingers up her legs as he raised the panties to just a couple of inches below her pussy lips. The photo was taken and he repeated the finger dragging as he slid the panties off of her. The second photo had him shaking hands with Amy.

Brockington said, "Good going. Now, please step back to the table where they will collect your money and process the photos." Amy did her little routine of exchanging the camera memory cards with her bare breasts dangling enticingly each time.

The next pair that Amy pulled out of the bag was pink, and she announced, "These are pink panties from Wednesday, May 16." The bidding went up to $28. The winner was another guy, Amy recognized him as one of the Gamma members, and he repeated the previous winner's action of sliding the panties up her legs, but before the photo was taken, he told her to spread her legs as far as she could stretching out the panties which were just below her pussy. For the second photo, he just put his arm around her shoulder.

The next three pairs went much the same as Brockington, Amy, and the other Gamma guys fell into a routine. All the winners were male; in fact, Amy had not heard any female voices in the bidding so far. But for the next pair of panties, which were the polka dot pair, she heard a familiar girl's voice get into the bidding. She looked out to see Nicole Larson taking an active part in the bidding. Nicole didn't win, but she had pushed the winner up to $36.

For the next two auctions, Nicole tried again. Losing each time, but the winning bids each time reached $40. Amy found herself kind of rooting for the young girl to win one of the auctions.

And it finally happened on the next auction, which was for the May 11th yellow panties. Nicole ended up winning the bid at $30. The young high school girl was almost giddy as she scampered from her seat, up the stairs, and onto the stage next to Amy. She was really excited and Brockington had to calm her down by saying, "Okay, Nicole. Settle down. You need to select a couple of poses."

Nicole was giggling as she said, "Ummm, okay, Amy. I want you to hold one side of the panties and I'll hold the other just below your vagina." And Nicole knelt down next to Amy, handed one edge of the panties over to Amy, held the other edge of the panties with one hand, pointed at Amy's pussy with her other hand, and smiled as her brother took the photo.

Then, Nicole said, "Oh, this is fun. For the second photo, I want to be kissing her on the cheek from the side. I don't want to be blocking any of this good stuff." And she pointed to Amy's breasts and pussy. Then, she put an arm around Amy's shoulder, leaned over, and kissed her on the cheek as the photo was taken. Amy was blushing at this overly affectionate display from the young girl.

Nicole stood off to the side still rubbing her hands in excitement and watched as Amy took the memory card from one of Nicole's brothers and handed it to the other brother. As the youngster walked back to the table, she asked Brockington, "Can I bid again? Please, please, this is just so much fun."

Brockington said, "Sure, Nicole. We want to raise as much money as we can."

Nicole said, "Oh, goody." And she yelled over to her father, "Daddy, Daddy, can I have some more money?" But her father didn't give any indication one way or the other. And Nicole just turned and gleefully watched the document and the photos being printed.

The last eight panties went much the same as the previous ones. Amy had noticed that Nicole's father had spoken to her firmly after she returned to her seat, and Nicole didn't bid again the rest of the night. But her sister, Alyson, did bid although she didn't win any of the auctions. Seven of the eight winners were males ranging from college students to an older gentlemen. The one female winner was Kimberly Hill, a student who Amy had seen around campus, but she didn't know her personally.

The poses that the eight winners requested varied widely although since Amy's ass seemed to be fair game, there were several poses with the winner resting a hand on her bare butt. There were a few stealthy squeezes of her butt when the organizers didn't seem to be looking. Most of the winners wanted to be in the photos with Amy, but a few had her posing alone. One had her facing away from the camera, bent over with legs wide spread, and looking back between her hanging breasts and legs at the camera. Two of the guys kissed her on the lips including one in an extended embrace. Another had her kneeling in front of the guy and reaching up for her panties that he was holding just out of her reach. And most embarrassing to Amy was Kimberly who told Amy to spread her pussy lips wide apart with her hands so the photographer could take a close-up shot of her inner pinkness.

Amy had been mentally counting down the panties as they were auctioned off, and she was very relieved when the last pair had been done. Even though she had been kept very busy during the auction by posing for the photos and by shuttling the memory cards between the Larson brothers, she thought that this auction was probably the most humiliating exposure of her naked body yet. Several times she had to fight the impulse to cover her pussy or breasts from the view of the big crowd; she even wondered if she had accidentally covered herself at some point, which would trigger another violation from Knoxx who seemed to be watching her intently throughout the evening.

After the last pair of panties, Brockington announced, "Well, that pretty much wraps things up. I've just been told that we raised $560 from the auction plus $650 from your admission fees for a total of $1210 that will go to the Bancroft Foundation. We thank all of you for your generous participation." He turned to Amy and said, "And a special thanks to this lovely young woman. Let's give her a hand." And the audience applauded and whistled loudly. Then, Brockington said, "Okay, Amy, I'll give the mike back to you and you can make some closing remarks."

Again the naked girl had not expected this and she hesitated a moment before taking the microphone and saying, "Umm, I'll repeat what Phil said. Thank you everyone for helping out the Foundation. And let me also repeat what I said earlier. I sincerely apologize for my behavior on the night of April 30th. I deserved to be punished for streaking, and I thank the Discipline Committee for allowing me to remain in school and get my degree. With that, I'll bid you all a good night." There was another big round of applause and then the crowd got up and started to leave. Naked Amy just stood there holding the microphone for several seconds looking out over the departing crowd. She had a faint smile on her face, and this was actually a somewhat real smile, because she knew that another shameful episode had come to an end. The evening was not over yet, but at least the auction was done.

She continued to stand there at the edge of the stage not knowing exactly what to do next. Then, she noticed two guys, probably college students, coming to the front of the stage below her. One of them reached up a hand, and a whole series of thoughts went through Amy's mind in a fraction of a second. "He's trying to touch my pussy, which is only a few inches from his face. A normal girl would jump back and not allow a stranger to touch her in such a private spot. But I'm not a normal girl; I'm this naked freak and I must cooperate with everyone, and so I cannot jump back out of his reach. During the auction, the Gamma guys did not allow anyone to touch me sexually, but now the auction is over. Is he now allowed to touch me there? I'm just not sure, and so I've got to stand here and appear to cooperate with him." All of this passed over her brain cells in a millisecond or two.

But she had an anguished look on her face as she looked down at him. Then she recognized him; it was Kurt Manning who had been the winning bidder on one of the pairs of panties. He was holding a pen in his hand that he was reaching up to her. Manning said, "Hi, Amy. I was wondering if you would sign the one-sheet that was printed for me with the two neat photos on it? And could you do the same for Ernie here who won your polka dot panties?"

Amy was relieved that all they wanted was her autograph rather than a free feel of her pussy. Her anguished look turned to a smile and she said, "Sure." She bent over to get the pen and the one-sheet from the guy, and her long hair fell into Manning's face and her full breasts dangled right in front of his eyes. She blushed and said "Sorry about that", and she stood up with the piece of paper and the pen. She scooted back to the table and used it as a hard surface to sign the paper. She came back to the front of the stage, pulled back her hair with one hand, and handed the pen and paper back to him with her other hand.

Then, Ernie Stephens, the other guy, handed her a pen and his one-sheet. This time Amy just knelt down and used the stage as the hard surface for signing the paper providing the two guys with another close-up look of her hanging breasts. She handed the pen and paper back to Stephens, and the two guys simultaneously said, "Thanks, Amy" and they turned to leave. Amy wanted to avoid any other such requests, and so she went back to the table to wait for her further instructions.

Chapter 72 - All Chairs Present and Accounted For

The auction organizers were clustered around the table counting money, shutting down the computer setup, and other wrap-up procedures. Zacharias said to her, "Amy, you need to get started with the chairs. The brown ones with the padded seats belong to the fraternity, and you should put them on the racks over there at the side of the room. There should be 40 of them; please make sure that they are all there. The gray metal chairs with 'Hartfield' stenciled on the backs belong to the rental company, and they need to go back on the truck. Again make certain that all 60 chairs that we rented get back on the truck. Why don't you do the brown chairs first? When you finish, I'll give you the truck key. Okay?"

Amy nodded sullenly, but as she turned to go down the steps, she stopped as Nicole Larson was coming up to join her brothers on the stage. Nicole was holding the yellow panties and the one-sheet from her winning auction. She still had a giddy expression on her face, and she said, "Hey, Amy, I saw you signing the documents for those two guys. Can you do mine? Please, pretty please?"

Amy looked at the young girl and realized that Nicole was going to be a real stunner in a few years. The young girl already had a full figure with nicely shaped breasts behind the tight long-sleeve red sweater that she was wearing. Her tight jeans accented thin legs that would probably fill out some more in the next year or so. And her face was very pretty too with a nose turned up just enough surrounded on either side by high cheeks. All nicely set off with blonde hair in a bob-style haircut similar to Linda's. The only thing currently holding her back was an immature attitude that Amy thought Nicole would probably grow out of. Amy thought back to her own days as a 16-year old teenager, and she knew that she had probably been viewed similarly by the adults, because her beautiful looks and figure were just starting to develop at that point.

The naked girl said, "Sure, Nicole, I'll sign your one-sheet", and she took the paper and signed it with a thin-style magic marker pen that was sitting on the table. Amy then handed it back to Nicole and started down the stairs again. But Nicole stopped her again and said seriously, "Amy, I know this is really embarrassing for you, but I wanted to thank you for providing an entertaining evening. This would have been a very boring evening sitting around talking with my Dad and my brothers otherwise. So, I just wanted to say thanks." After a brief pause, she continued, "Now, Mitch told me that you're going to fold up the chairs. I'd like to help you with that as a way of showing my appreciation. What do you want me to do?"

Amy looked at the young girl and was surprised by the more adult demeanor that the girl had just shown. Amy certainly didn't like providing the naked entertainment for the evening, but she appreciated the girl's sincere compliment and offer of assistance, and she said, "Thanks, Nicole. I appreciate the offer, but they told me that I need to do this myself as part of my punishment. Okay?"

Nicole looked disappointed and said, "Well, okay, I guess I understand that. And, Amy, I really do hope that you have a wonderful life after you graduate on Monday."

Amy teared up a little bit and said, "Thanks, Nicole." Amy tried to wipe her eyes with her hands, and Nicole said, "Here, let me give you a tissue." But the girl reached into the pocket of her tight jeans and said, "Oh sorry, I couldn't squeeze any Kleenex into these pockets." After a brief apologetic pause, Nicole said, "Oh, why don't you use these?" and she handed Amy the yellow panties.

Amy blushed in embarrassment at being offered her very own panties to use as a handkerchief by the panties' new owner. But the naked girl realized the sincerity of Nicole's offer and took the yellow panties and used them to wipe her eyes. Amy handed the panties back to the teenager and again said, "Thanks, Nicole."

And then Amy gave the girl a friendly hug with Amy's naked breasts pressed against Nicole's clothed breasts. Amy could feel the girl's brassiere through the sweater, and it reminded her of how much she had missed wearing a bra the last few weeks. The naked girl wondered how much the three weeks of going topless would speed up the inevitable sagging that would happen as she got older.

After a few seconds of this contemplation, she heard Zacharias say, "Hey, Amy, you need to get going. We don't want to be here all night."

Amy trudged down the steps and onto the floor of the big gymnasium-like room. She sighed as she looked up at the clock which read 10:05 PM. She did a quick mental calculation and figured that it would take her at least an hour and a half to put away all of the chairs. She noticed that the chairs which she had arranged into neat rows the previous night were now in kind of a haphazard layout after people had moved them before and after the auction. She started with the brown chairs nearest the rack on the side of the room; she quickly folded up four chairs, leaning them against her bare hip before carrying them over to the rack. She saw that the rack had eight slots, and so she knew that she had to put 5 in each slot. She shoved in the 4 chairs and went back for 4 more to put on the rack.

The naked girl repeated this process several times, and she realized that she was putting on quite a show for the remaining crowd. But there was nothing she could do about the display of her wobbling breasts and bare pussy; she had to get the job done. During one of the trips back to the rack with two chairs under each arm, she heard Nicole yelling, "Go, Amy, go. Go, Amy, go." She looked over and saw that the young girl was sitting on the edge of the stage waving at Amy, and Amy realized that the girl's immaturity had returned. But the nude girl just smiled wanly at the teenager and continued with her task. While walking back to get the next batch of chairs, Amy noticed that four of the frat guys had sat down next to Nicole and started talking with the high schooler. Amy thought back to what Nicole had said about a potentially boring evening with her family, and Amy was now certain that would not have been the case. Even though Nicole was only a high-school junior, she was only a couple of years younger than the four young frat guys that she was talking to. Nicole was certainly going to have company this evening whether there had been a panty auction or not!

After Amy had stored away all of the brown fraternity chairs that had been out on the floor, she noticed that there were spaces for two more chairs. Only 38 of the 40 chairs were there. Where were the other two? Zacharias had warned her to make sure that every single chair was stored in its proper spot. She looked again at the remaining chairs on the floor, and they were all gray rental chairs. She thought to herself, "O god, what happens if I come up two chairs short?"

The nude girl walked to the back of the room to see if someone had moved the 2 missing chairs back there; no luck. Similarly, she didn't see them along the opposite side of the room from the chair rack. So, she wandered back to the stage area where Nicole was now engrossed in flirtatious conversation with the four guys. Amy walked up on the stage and noticed that Mitch Larson was sitting on a brown folding chair next to the computer, but she wasn't sure if it was one of the 40 chairs or not.

So, she hesitantly walked over and asked, "Umm, Mitch, is that one of the chairs that needs to be stored on the rack?"

Mitch smiled at the pretty nude and said, "Yeah, Amy, it is. But I'll need to use it for a few more minutes. Can you come back later to get it?"

Amy said, "Sure", but she was anxious to get this first part of the chair job finished. And she went off on a search for the other missing chair. It wasn't along the wall at the front of the big room, and so she circled the entire room again looking for it. Still no luck. As a last resort, she looked under the stage. She had to get down on her hands and knees to lift up the skirt material around the edge. She crawled around the entire stage lifting the skirt at several places. Finally, she spotted it lying flat under the stage near the steps; someone had shoved it in about 3 feet and Amy had to lie flat on her bare tummy and breasts to wiggle in a little bit to reach it. Again, she knew she was putting on a show for the guys, but she had to get that chair. She was pretty sure that someone had intentionally hidden it in this hard-to-reach spot just to irritate her. She was really angry as she put that 39th chair on the rack.

Amy returned to the stage where Larson was still sitting on the last chair while working on the computer. She scowled as she turned to Zacharias and asked, "Ned, can you give me the truck keys so I can get started on the rental chairs? I'll get that last brown chair when Mitch is finished, okay?"

Zacharias pondered it for a moment, reached into his pocket for the keys, and said, "Umm, sure, Amy. Here are the keys. The truck is in the same back parking lot. But please make certain that you get that last brown chair on rack and then let me know so we can lock them down with the chain."

Amy took the keys and glanced at the clock again. 10:55 PM. She slowly shook her head as she realized that it would be midnight before she got out of here. So, she picked up her pace as she scooted down the steps and out onto the floor again. She quickly folded up four chairs and carried them to the back door. She temporarily leaned the chairs against the wall, opened the door, and carefully flipped down the door stop so that the door would stay open for her many trips to the truck.

The nude girl grabbed two chairs under each arm and stepped out into the alleyway. She noticed that the pavement was very wet, but she was thankful that it was not raining at that moment. She trudged up the driveway to the parking lot and she was pleased to see that there was no one around.

Amy leaned the chairs against the truck's left rear tire. She really wanted to move the truck to the spot closer to the building's door, but she remembered Knoxx's reminder that she must not ride in a motor vehicle or to use the truck's lift. So, she just climbed into the cab and used the lever to unlock the rear door.

She returned to the rear and opened the big truck doors. She looked longingly at the nearby button to activate the lift, but she knew she couldn't use that. The bed of the truck's interior was about 4 feet above the ground; most people would have called this chest high, but for a nude girl, a better term would be nipple high. She hefted two chairs up to the level of her boobs, slid the chairs up into the truck, and then clambered up into the truck. She moved the four chairs to the front of the truck's interior and started to fill up the racks as she had found them yesterday.

When she climbed down from the truck, she was surprised to see the two guys, Dan and Chet, from the next door fraternity standing there. Dan said, "Hi, Amy. Need some help?"

But the naked girl just shook her head and said, "Hi, again. Thanks, but just like last night, they've told me to do this by myself tonight." And she ran back down the wet driveway to the building door. She carefully wiped her feet on the mat before stepping in onto the wooden floor - she didn't want to risk another violation for getting their precious floor dirty.

As she stepped back into the big room, she heard the entire conversation pause for just a moment as everyone looked at her. She ignored the stares and picked up 4 more chairs and started towards the back door again. But then Zacharias yelled at her, "Hey, Amy. Larson is done with this chair. Please come do this one now so we can lock up our chairs." She let out an exasperated sigh, leaned the chairs against the wall, and trudged back up to the stage.

Zacharias was standing next to the now empty chair holding a chain and a pad lock. He said to the nude girl, "You grab the chair, and then you can help me lock them up." Amy folded up the chair, walked down the steps, and put the final chair into the rack. Zacharias then said, "Good. Now, the chain kind of weaves its way from the top to the bottom, through the gaps in the chair backs, and around the rack supports. I'll start at the top and feed it down to you." Amy sighed again as she knelt down and reached way back into the rack to grab the end of the chain; she knew she was putting on another show for the group of guys watching from behind, but there wasn't any other way to do it. She looped the chain around the support and fed it up to Zacharias. They repeated these steps several times and then he closed the padlock around the loose ends of the chain. When they finished, he leaned down to the kneeling nude, patted her on her head, and said, "Good girl" as if talking to his pet dog, and then "Okay, go finish the rental chairs."

Amy walked back across the room, picked up the 4 gray chairs again, and headed for the back door. As she was walking across the floor toward the door, she was aware of someone following her looking at her bare ass as she carried the chairs. Then when she stepped out onto the outside walkway, she heard Knoxx behind her say, "Miss Suzuki, don't mind me. I just want to monitor your progress on this task. Tyson and I are waiting for you." Amy turned her head and gave him a smirking grin, and then continued walking.

But she stopped in her tracks when she saw the truck parked right next to the rear building door, and then she saw the two neighboring frat guys waving at her from down the driveway. She smiled at them and was already to say "Thanks" when Knoxx spoke up, "Umm, Miss Suzuki, I thought I was very clear about you not driving a motor vehicle. Why did you move the truck?"

Amy replied, "But, sir, I didn't move it. I think those two guys walking down the driveway did." And she motioned to the two guys who waved again.

Knoxx seemed disappointed that he hadn't caught her in another violation, and he said, "Oh, sorry about that. Did you ask them to do that?" Amy just shook her head and Knoxx went on, "Well, I guess it's okay that those guys did it, and it will speed up this little chore of yours so we can get home at a reasonable hour. But where did those guys get the keys?"

Amy leaned the chairs against the tire and turned to face Knoxx. "Umm, I guess I must have left them in the truck. Yeah, now I remember, I just left them in the ignition."

Knoxx pressed on, "Well, you were fortunate that it was those two helpful guys who found the keys. What if it had been a car thief and the truck had been stolen?"

Amy just said, "But it wasn't. They were just being nice."

Knoxx said, "Well, it was still not a very smart thing to do." And Amy sagged her head as she just realized that she'd just earned another violation. She didn't say anything, but she felt her eyes starting to tear up as she slid the four chairs up into the truck and hopped up in after them.

Knoxx watched the nude girl move the chairs to the front of the truck's interior and as she returned and hopped back down to the damp pavement. He said to her, "You know, Miss Suzuki, I only said that you could not ride an elevator, such as the lift on this truck. I didn't say that the chairs couldn't ride on the lift. So, I suggest that you load the lift with as many chairs as it will hold, lift them up to the truck bed, and then move them back into the truck. And to speed up things even more, I'm going to ask the Gamma guys to help out here, because it is just taking you too long to do it yourself. You get the lift ready to use, and I'll get some guys to carry out some chairs."

Amy said, "Thanks, that will be a big help." But from the way he had said that she was taking too long, Amy feared that he had just contrived another violation of some rule. But there was nothing she could do about that now. She just went to the truck cab, flipped on the ignition to accessory mode, and pressed the button to release the lift rack from beneath the truck to get it ready for a load of chairs.

A moment later, Nicole walked out carrying two chairs followed by her retinue of four Gamma guys each carrying 4 chairs. Then, Alyson appeared carrying a chair followed by three frat guys who had gathered around her. Now, Amy had more chairs than she knew what to do with. The nude girl quickly loaded up the lift with 10 chairs, hopped up into the truck, and unloaded them from the lift onto the racks inside the truck.

Another group of frat guys appeared with a bunch more chairs, and Amy signaled to them to just hand the chairs to her two at a time. She bent down from the truck with her pretty boobs dangling right in the guys' faces as she grabbed the chairs. She decided that even though this was an embarrassing technique, it was much faster than using the lift. And so she fell into the routine of taking the chairs two at a time up into the truck.

After a few minutes of frantic activity, the stream of chairs being handed to her stopped. She was breathing heavily and the collection of frat guys plus the two Larson girls were watching her breasts rise and fall, and her nude body was lightly covered in a glowing sheen of sweat.

Zacharias climbed up into the truck with her and started counting chairs, and Amy noticed that he went around the truck interior at least three times. She was becoming concerned when she heard him say, "Oh, Suzuki, you're one short again. There are only 59 chairs here."

Amy noticed that he had called her only by her last name, and his voice had a tinge of irritation in it. She could sense another violation being reported to Knoxx. She quickly started counting the chairs herself, but she lost count after a few racks because there weren't the same number of chairs on each rack. So, she scurried to even out each rack with exactly five chairs, and sure enough, the 12th rack only had four chairs on it.

So, the naked girl hopped down out of the truck and looked around the parked truck. Not seeing the missing chair, she immediately suspected another prank and sprinted back into the big room after carefully wiping her wet feet on the mat. As she dashed across the room toward the stage, she glanced briefly on each side of the room just to be sure.

But she was pretty certain that she'd find the chair shoved under the stage, and she beelined toward the same spot next to the steps where she'd found the other chair. She stretched out flat on the floor on her bare tummy and boobs, lifted the stage skirt, and looked underneath. There was no chair at the spot this time. But while she was lying on the floor, she visually scanned the entire under-stage area for the chair. This was difficult because of all the support bars under there, but then she spotted what looked like a chair resting at an angle on the opposite side of the stage.

Amy stood up and started around the stage to the other side. But she paused when she saw three frat guys standing at the edge of the opposite side, and they were smirking as they looked at her. So, her speculation about a prank was confirmed.

The nude girl really wanted to yell at the three guys, but she restrained herself and calmly walked up to where they were standing. She lay down flat on the floor again and peered underneath the stage again. The chair was wedged in there about four feet from the edge, and she sighed as she knew she was putting on another show as she wiggled her way in under the stage so that only her bare butt and legs were visible to the guys above.

She grabbed onto the bottom bar of the chair and pulled, expecting the chair to slide out. But the backrest was wedged up into the support bars and wouldn't budge. She scooted her nude body farther under the stage and tried to reach up to undo it. But from her prone position, she could not see what it was hooked to. She shook the chair, but it didn't budge. She needed to turn over so she could see what was wrong.

But it was a tight fit under there, and there wasn't enough room for her shoulders to make the 180 degree turn to a supine position. So, she sighed again and slid back out on her stomach. Now, she was going to put on an even more graphic show for the three guys as she lay flat on her back and wiggled her body in face up under the stage. First, her face disappeared under the stage, then her boobs disappeared, and finally her bare pussy disappeared from the view of the little audience.

Now she could look up to evaluate the situation. And she was relieved when she quickly spotted the loose support bar that had got caught on the edge of the chair's backrest. She unhooked it so that the chair could lie flat on the floor, and then she wiggled her way back out on her back dragging the chair with her arms above her head. The dramatic show of her wiggling nude body had now attracted several more frat guys, and she heard Nicole Larson cheering again, "Go Amy, go. Go Amy, go. Yeah, you did it."

Amy was blushing a bright red as she silently stood up with the chair and scurried back out the door to the truck. She put the chair on the rack and said curtly to Zacharias, "There. That's it. Get out so I can lock up the truck." She quickly scanned the 12 racks to make sure that each one had exactly 5 chairs on it. Then she got down, retrieved the keys from the ignition, locked the big back doors plus the cab doors, and handed the keys to Zacharias. She scowled at him and said, "Satisfied?" After he nodded, she just turned and went back into the big gym-like room to find Knoxx.

The totally naked girl saw that the clock read 11:45 as she walked up to the Chancellor. She said to him, "Dr. Knoxx, I think I'm finished. Can we please go now?"

Before replying, Knoxx looked over the naked girl. Her hair was messed up, her tummy and breasts were covered in dust which had mixed with her glowing sweat, and her knees were somewhat scraped up. He said, "Please turn around, Miss Suzuki."

Amy replied, "W-what?" Knoxx repeated, "Please turn around." And Amy obediently did as instructed so that Knoxx could look at her bare back and ass. He saw that back and butt were also streaked with dust and perspiration. He said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, please face me."

Amy was getting tired of being given orders and being treated like a child, but she felt like she had no choice as she turned to look at Knoxx.

Knoxx said, "All right. We'll go in a minute. But your appearance is not very presentable. Please go to the restroom and clean yourself up. Maybe one of the young Larson girls can lend you a comb for your hair?"

Nicole immediately said, "Oh, sure. I've got one in my purse over there. Follow me, Amy."

And so the naked girl obediently followed even more orders, and she sullenly followed the teenager over to the ladies room. Nicole handed Amy the comb, but she then followed Amy into the restroom and watched as the nude girl washed her boobs, tummy, and knees with a damp paper towel. At first Amy didn't say anything, and she just let Nicole chatter away about what a good time she had had tonight. But Amy sheepishly asked, "Nicole, could you please wipe off my backside?" And the young teenager gleefully washed and dried Amy's back and butt while Amy combed out her pretty dark hair.

Amy looked at her nude body in the mirror with the clothed high schooler standing just off to the side. Amy smiled at the girl and said, "I think I look okay now. Right?"

Nicole vigorously nodded her head and said, "Amy, you are a gorgeous naked woman. And I'll bet you will look even better with your clothes on in a few days. But here, let me check you over before we go back out. Do a slow 360 for me." Amy reluctantly did as instructed. Nicole went on, "You know, Amy, you have perfect boobies; very nicely proportioned. I like the small dark brown areolas. There are some Asian girls in my gym class, and they have dark pink nips. I prefer yours." Amy just blushed.

And with that she lifted Amy's breasts. Amy briefly backed away but realized that she must let the teenager continue to kind of juggle her boobs. Then, Amy is stunned when Nicole grabbed her head and kissed her deeply on the lips.

After a couple of seconds, Amy pulled away and in a daze said, "Nicole, are you gay?"

Nicole smiled at her and replied, "I'm not sure. I'm just a teenage kid exploring. I had sex for the first time two weeks ago. My boyfriend was very gentle with me, but it was only a so-so experience; there was some bleeding. But the next three times, including day before yesterday, it was awesome as we both really got into it."

Amy wanted to get out of here, but her mother's sexual counseling flashed through her mind. Many, many times while Amy was in high school, her mother had cautioned her about unprotected sex, and she had told her that she didn't care if Amy had sexual intercourse or not, but she wanted Amy to be sure to take precautions. Amy had been using birth control pills since she was 15 even though she remained a virgin til 18, and then she had insisted that her partners always use a condom. Amy suspected that her mother's concern was based on her own experience when she got pregnant with Amy before she and her father had been married. Amy was born only 5 months after her parents were married.

And so instinctively she interrupted, "Nicole, I hope you two took precautions. Did he use a condom? Are you taking birth control pills or using a diaphragm?"

Now it was Nicole's turn to be taken aback and she said, "Umm, yeah, we did, because that was really hammered into our brains in the Sex Ed class. My boyfriend used a condom each time." Then she giggled, "I had fun sliding that thing onto his dick."

Amy merely said, "Good", and she turned towards the door. But Nicole continued to hold onto Amy's shoulder and said, "But now that I've tried it with a man, well, actually a boy, I'd like to try it with a woman - a really gorgeous, hot woman like you. Please come back to the hotel with me. Aly won't mind if I tell her to go read a book in the lobby while you and I have some fun in bed."

Amy stared open-mouthed at the girl, and she wanted to say "Hell no" and then run away, but she knew that would be a risky thing to say to the immature girl. So, Amy replied, "Sorry, Nicole, but I can't tonight. Maybe some other time?"

Nicole frowned briefly but then smiled broadly and said, "Yeah, some other time would be great. Let's keep in touch. I like to use email and Twitter. Let's exchange email addresses." Amy reluctantly nodded her head, and they swapped addresses verbally, although Amy didn't make a sincere effort to remember the strange Yahoo address that Nicole recited even though Nicole said the numbers were her measurements (36-22-34) and the letters were her initials.

And with that, Nicole grabbed Amy by the hand and dragged her back out in front of Knoxx. Nicole said to Knoxx, "Look, sir. We got her all cleaned up for you."

Amy blushed and said, "Thanks, Nicole."

Knoxx looked at the teenager and said, "Yes, Miss Larson, thank you for your help." Then he turned back to Amy and said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, let's go."

Chapter 73 - A Dark and Stormy Night

Knoxx waved an impatient arm at Tyson Laird and yelled, "Come on, Tyson." And naked Amy quickly shook hands with some of the frat guys and then followed the two men out the front door.

But it was misting and the two men paused to open their umbrellas. Amy knew she was not permitted to use an umbrella, and so she waited on the porch til the men were almost at the big Lincoln Towncar. Then she raced down the walk past the men and stood by the back passenger side door waiting for Knoxx to unlock it.

But when the men walked up, Knoxx said, "What are you doing, Miss Suzuki? Please get going."

Amy gave him a puzzled look and replied, "Please open the door so I can get in out of the rain."

Knoxx said, "Umm, you're forgetting one of today's new rules. You are not allowed to ride in a car. So, you will walk and we will follow. Okay?"

Amy could feel the tears forming and she choked as she said, "But you said you'd give me a ride home tonight."

Knoxx replied, "No, I'm sorry, Miss Suzuki, but I never said any such thing. You misunderstood. You are probably referring to our conversation after dinner, and I was very careful about my wording. I believe that I said, 'Tyson and I will make sure that you will get home safely in the dark.' Tyson, isn't that what I said?"

Laird looked at the naked girl and said, "Yes, Miss Suzuki, that's what the Chancellor said. He never said he would give you a ride tonight. But we will follow you as you walk back to your dorm to make sure that nothing happens to you. Now, it's almost midnight, and we'd like to get home. So, please start walking. Feel free to run or jog if you wish. It's probably wise if you stick to sidewalks next to streets where we can drive behind you."

With that, both men closed up their umbrellas and got into the car. Amy stepped back away from the car and onto the sidewalk as Knoxx pulled out from his parking spot.

Amy was stunned as the tears rolled down her face. She stood there motionless in the light rain on the wet sidewalk for a moment looking at the idling car. Laird rolled down the window and yelled at her, "Come on, move it."

The nude girl really wanted to scream obscenities back at the two men, but she knew it would do no good, and in fact, it would probably be another non-cooperation violation. And so she started walking slowly down the sidewalk back towards campus, and Knoxx put the car in gear and crept along behind her.

After she'd gone only a few hundred feet, she was already pretty wet from the misting rain. And she paused when she saw someone running towards her. It was a guy in a hooded rain jacket, and he slowed down only briefly as he passed the naked girl. She recognized him as one of the Gamma guys, and she gave him a pleading look. But he just smiled as he zipped by and said, "Good night, Amy. Thanks for the entertaining evening." And she slowly trudged on.

As she reached the street corner, she realized that she needed to figure out a route back to the dorm. Considering the difficulty she had finding the Gamma house in the daylight without the rain, she knew she was in some trouble now in the rainy nighttime. She could retrace her steps back to campus and then use her familiar route back home, but that route had lots of cross campus sidewalks plus a between neighborhood walkway where Knoxx couldn't follow in his car. Even though Laird had implied that she could use those non-streetside walkways, she was afraid that she'd be punished somehow if she did.

She decided to use Hamilton Boulevard which ran along the edge of the campus and then Polk Avenue over to the dorm. But she was still several blocks from Hamilton. The fastest way would be the shortcut walkway between the Greek Street neighborhood and the adjacent residential area, but that would mean Knoxx couldn't follow her. So, she decided to turn left and go through an area that she knew only vaguely, but she was pretty sure that the street ran all the way up to Hamilton. She scooted across to the right side of the street so that Knoxx would be right behind her, and as she did, she saw his car pull up along side her and stop. She looked over to see if Laird wanted to say something, but she saw both men looking at the screen for the navigation system. The naked girl wished she could look over their shoulders at the screen to verify that she was going the right way, but she didn't dare ask their permission for that. And so she trudged on along the street which was starting up a fairly steep hill.

This was a dark stretch of road with only a single street lamp and it was on the opposite side of the street. Amy was a bit concerned, because Knoxx hadn't started driving again, but she walked on with the light from his headlamps shining on her bare butt. But just after the crest of the hill, Knoxx's lights disappeared behind the hill and she was in darkness again. And then she stopped when she heard talking and laughing ahead of her. She could make out the faint silhouette outline of a bus stop shelter and some faint flashes of orange light which she assumed were from lighted cigarettes. She was now scared, and she didn't know what to do. She didn't want to turn around and run back to beg Knoxx to let her in the car, and she was certain that if she sneaked across the street in the dark that Knoxx would consider that to be a violation of the no hiding rule. Whoever was at the bus stop had not seen her yet, and Knoxx had promised to make sure she was safe although she sure didn't feel safe right now. So, she decided to continue on and see if she could somehow sneak by the bus stop without being seen. She walked another hundred feet or so and turned to look for Knoxx, but he still hadn't crested the hill yet.

As she approached the bus stop, she could make out the shadowy outlines of five people, and their voices indicated they were all men. They were all seated on the benches under the canopy out of the rain. The naked girl stayed on the sidewalk as far to the right away from the bus stop as she could, but then she heard one of them say, "Hey, guys, look over there - a naked woman." And the talking stopped as all five men turned to look at her through the opening in the shelter.

Amy was now really scared as the five guys got up and gathered around her. She didn't say anything, but she was visibly shaking with fright as one of the guys turned on a flashlight and shined it on her.

The guy with the flashlight said, "Wow, Hoss, you're right; she totally naked." And two more flashlights were turned on and shined up and down her bare body. One of the lights stopped right at her pussy, and the guy said, "Holy shit. I can't believe it. And look, she doesn't have a bush over her cunt either. Must be a real whore."

Another one said, "Hey, sweetie, let's get in under the covering out of the rain, and we'll see what we can work out here." And he grabbed Amy's hand and dragged her into the shelter. She tried to pull away, but his grip was too strong. Now, the last two guys turned on their flashlights, and Amy's naked body was illuminated from all sides.

One said, "Oh my, oh my. A gorgeous Asian cunt. Do you know that Korean whore, Isabelle, who works this part of town?" Amy shook her head and stammered, "N-n-no. Please, just let me go." But the guy ignored her and said, "Well, how much do you want? There's five of us, and we could all have a fun little party with you for the next few hours."

Another one cut in, "Hey, you're that Underpants girl from the college, aren't you? I saw that topless photo of you on the poster for some sort of auction. I recognized your nice pointy tits with the little dark brown nips."

Amy was shocked at being recognized by her breasts rather than her face, but she just nodded and said, "Y-yes, that's me. But please let me go. I'm just trying to get home."

Again, the guy ignored her and said, "What's your name again? Emily? Underpants Emily, or something like that? But where are your underpants, anyway? Not that we're complaining about getting to see your pretty bare pussy and butt up close and very personal like this." And he squeezed her left butt cheek.

Just then Knoxx's car drove up and stopped next to the bus shelter. Laird rolled down his window and yelled, "What's going on here? Are you all right, Miss Suzuki?"

One of the guys said, "Suzuki? So, she a Jap. We can play our kamikaze game with her." Amy had no idea what a "kamikaze game" was, but she sure didn't want to find out.

Laird and Knoxx got out the car, and Knoxx yelled, "Shut up, all of you. We are escorting this young woman home. So, why don't all of you just sit back down and let her leave?"

The biggest of the guys looked over at the two older men and said, "Hey, there's only two of you, and you're both geezers - what are you 70 or more? The five of us can whip your asses and then do what we want with this pretty nude thing."

Knoxx was in his 50's and Laird was in his early 60's, but the big guy was right about the two of them being overmatched by the gang of five. Knoxx said in a calmer voice, "Okay, gentlemen, let's just calm down. The police will be here in just a minute. We called them from a cell phone as we drove up and saw what was happening."

That wasn't true, but the guys didn't know that, and they took the threat seriously. One of them said, "Hey, Hoss, we don't want any more run-in's with the police. Let's get the fuck out of here. I'd sure like to get a piece of that Japanese pussy, but with our records, the cops would throw the bleeping book at us." Hoss was the big guy and seemed to be the leader of the little gang. He shined his light over Amy's naked body again, but then he said, "Yeah, Rex, you're right. Let's vamoose while we've got a chance." And they all ran out of the shelter and back down the hill.

Amy was shaking almost uncontrollably now, and she started to cry. Knoxx and Laird looked at her, but they just shrugged and got back in their car. Through the window, Laird said, "You're okay now. See, I told you that we would keep you safe. Now, please get going and we'll stay closer behind you the rest of the way."

As Amy started to say, "But can't I ride . . .", Laird rolled up the window and Knoxx pulled away from the curb. But after a few feet, he stopped the car, and Laird gave her an impatient wave through the glass to urge her to resume walking. Amy's head slumped, and she started crying again as she started walking again on the wet pavement.

Chapter 74 - Safely Back in the Dorm

The rest of the trip to the dorm was uneventful, except that the rain picked up. By the time she got to the dorm, she was soaking wet and her pretty long hair was plastered down around her face and shoulders. As she was walking to the side dorm door, Knoxx pulled up behind her, got out of the car with his umbrella, and came over to her. He said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, you have safely arrived home. But before wishing you a good night, let me say that the only reason we offered this escort this evening was because of the darkness. So, I don't want to set a precedent for your journeys tomorrow. We understand that you'll be making a long walk across town to Maple Park for the Art & Wine Festival, but that will be during the daytime when the safety concerns are much less than they were tonight. We want you to make that daytime walk naked and alone without riding in a vehicle and without an escort of any kind. As we said this afternoon, a primary part of this punishment is for you to feel vulnerable as you go through the next two days naked in the world. So, no escorts tomorrow, is that clear?"

Amy bowed her rain-soaked head and quietly said, "Yes, sir. I understand."

Knoxx said, "Good. Well, we will see you tomorrow afternoon, and we expect to have good reports about your behavior during your activities earlier in the day. So, you are free to go. Have a good evening." And he climbed back into his big car and drove away.

Amy trudged up the steps to the side door and pulled on the door handle, but the door didn't open. She yelled in frustration, "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" They locked the side doors of the dorm at midnight, and naturally, she didn't have a key with her. And so she ran around to the front door which was always unlocked.

As she entered the empty lobby, she looked at the clock over the night attendant's desk. It read 12:45 AM. The attendant was one of the guys from the men's section of the dorm. He didn't seem surprised to see a naked and thoroughly soaked girl wander into the dorm at this hour. He just gave her a brief wave and said, "Hi, Amy."

Amy padded her wet feet across the tile floor to the elevator. She knew she was making a messy trail on the floor, but she didn't care. And water continued to drip from her hair and body as she waited for the elevator, but then she remembered about the no-elevator rule. And so she turned and sullenly trudged up the 8 half flights of stairs to the 4th floor. As she opened the stairway door, she was surprised to see Kelly Stubbins, her antagonist RA, sitting alone reading a book in the 4th floor common area. Amy tried to walk by nonchalantly, but when there are only two people in an open lobby area like this, it is hard to walk by unnoticed. Stubbins sprang to her feet when she saw the naked girl.

Stubbins grabbed Amy's arm and said, "Well, finally. I've been waiting for you. I was told to make sure you behave yourself after you got home here, and I see that you've already screwed up. Look at the mess you've made here on the floor. You've got 5 minutes to get your naked body dried off and to drag your bare ass back here and mop up this mess." She swatted Amy's butt and went on, "Got it?"

Amy sighed and said, "Yes, Kelly, I'll be right back." She picked up her pace as she walked down the hall to her room. She quietly turned the knob not knowing if Linda was awake or not. But when she saw the lights on in their room, she pushed the squeaky door all the way open. She was surprised to see Linda, Maddie, Sharon, and Rekha sitting there talking with worried looks on their face. But those worried looks turned to big smiles when they saw Amy walk in. Linda rushed up to her friend and gave her a big hug around her still wet shoulders.

Linda said, "Oh, Amy. We were so worried. Are you okay? You look awful."

Amy said, "Oh, thanks, Lindy. It's so good to be home and see all of your friendly faces. But I need to dry off quickly and go get the mop. Stubbins wants . . ." She stopped in mid-sentence when Kelly Stubbins walked into the room without knocking.

Stubbins said, "Go on. You were saying 'Stubbins wants'. Well, tell them what I want."

Amy sheepishly said, "Kelly wants me to mop up the mess I made in the hall and lobby."

Stubbins said, "That's right, Suzuki. I want that wet trail removed and the floor sparkling clean. And that includes the stairway, and I suspect the first floor lobby as well. You and your little friends can talk after you get your chores done." And the RA left the room.

Linda grabbed two towels, tossing one of them to Amy and using the other to start wiping Amy's wet legs. Linda said, "Here, let me help. You do your top; I'll do your feet and legs. Lift a foot and I'll clean it off." Amy braced herself with one hand as she tried to towel off her breasts with the other. Then, she switched feet when Linda said to.

A moment later as Linda was drying Amy's thighs, she exclaimed, "Oh, Sooz, what happened here?" And she lightly touched Amy's pubic area. "What happened to your pubic hair?"

Amy almost started crying again, but she restrained herself and said, "They shaved it at the art festival this morning. I'll explain in a few minutes after I do the mopping." The other two girls had grabbed towels and were drying off Amy's back and hair. And after a quick swipe of the towel on her butt and between her legs, Amy dropped the towel and said, "Thanks, guys. I'll be right back."

Amy scooted back down the hall toward the common area being careful to avoid walking in her own wet and muddy footprints. When she got to the lobby area, there was a couple making out on one of the sofas. Amy recognized them as Rick and Maxine who lived in separate wings here on the 4th floor. They were going at it hot and heavy, but then Maxine noticed Amy and pulled away from the embrace. Rick looked up and stared at the beautiful nude girl who had just appeared, and Maxine gave him a playful punch as if to say, "Look at me, not at her."

Amy was embarrassed about breaking up such a tender scene, and she just said, "Hi, Max. Hi, Rick. I need to mop up the mess I made. Sorry." And she grabbed the mop from the nearby storage closet and returned to do the hallway from her own room to the common area. When she returned to the common area, the couple was just leaving through a stairway door and she heard them giggling as they went down the stairs. Amy speculated that they were going to continue their make-out session in the third floor lobby area.

Amy quickly mopped up the wet trail in the common area, and then went back to the stairway where she had to do each step individually all the way down to the first floor. The nice granite tile floor in the main lobby was easy to do. Then, she wrung out the mop out on the front porch with her hands. And as she made her way back up the steps, she ran the mop over several of them again just to be sure.

Back on the fourth floor, she backed her way through the door as she lightly mopped the landing again. And then she looked up and saw Stubbins glowering at her. Amy said, "Does it look okay, Kelly? If so, I'll put the mop away and go to bed."

Stubbins said, "It looks okay, Suzuki." And as she turned to leave, she gave Amy's left nipple a quick, but vicious twist.

Amy yelled, "Ouch, that hurt." But Stubbins was already gone through the door into her room.

Amy was getting very tired of being ordered around, picked on, and feeling threatened. She just wanted this nightmare to be over with, but there was still over a day to go, and she was getting the feeling that it might not be over even after graduation on Monday. Once again, tears started to well up in her eyes as she slowly walked down the hall to her room.

When Amy walked into her room, Linda could see the tears and she rushed over and gave her naked friend another big hug. Amy cried on her friend's shoulder and said, "I'm really cold, Lindy. I'm going to stand next to the heater."

Linda said, "Oh, fuck it, I'm going to get your fluffy pink robe. They'll never know that you were wrapped up here in your own room. None of us are going to snitch on you."

Amy shook her head, and through her tears, she said, "No, no, Linda. I just can't take a chance. You saw how Stubbins walked in here without knocking a few minutes ago. She might be waiting in the hall with her ear to the door right now waiting to catch me breaking another rule. I'll just stand here by the vent and turn up the heat. And I know you guys are curious what happened to me today, and so, while I'm warming up, I'll give you the abridged version. Okay?"

Her three friends sat down on the beds and chair, and Amy told them about the pubic shaving and body painting at the art and wine festival followed by the total nudity punishment inflicted on her at the 5 o'clock meeting. And then about the panty auction and the strange Nicole Larson teenager. And then finally about the confrontation in the bus stop shelter.

Amy started crying again as she talked about being naked and wet surrounded by the five tough looking guys. She said, "I was really afraid that I was going to be raped. It was probably the most scared I've ever been in my entire life. Knoxx said he'd protect me, but he really didn't. I was so scared I was literally shaking with fear, and I almost peed in my pants." At this point, Linda started chuckling a little bit.

Amy looked at her best friend and said seriously, "Lindy, why are you laughing? It wasn't funny at all. I was really, really, really scared."

Linda regained her composure and said, "Oh, Sooz, I'm so, so sorry. I know it's not funny. But I wasn't chuckling at that. I was laughing at what you said. You said you almost peed your pants. But Amy, you're not wearing any pants!"

And now after a brief pause reflecting on what Linda had said, Amy burst out laughing, and soon all four of the girls in the room were laughing out loud. Amy now had tears of laughter filling her eyes, and she choked back another laugh and said, "Oh, Lindy. Only you could come up with that and make it so funny."

And the mood in the room had immediately changed from downbeat to upbeat. Linda was still laughing when she said, "Amy, you need to check your phone messages. Both Dwight and your parents called earlier this evening, and they said they'd been trying to get you all day or all evening on your cell phone. They left messages, and then they finally called our landline number here in the room."

Amy replied, "Well, since Knoxx took away my cell phone, I can't check the messages. But I'll call Dwight now, and I'll probably just send my Dad an email since it's so late."

Linda said, "Oh, Sooz, you should know that you can get your cell phone messages from any phone."

Amy said sheepishly, "Oh, I didn't know that." She picked up the landline phone, and asked, "Okay, Miss Smarty Pants, how do I do it?"

Linda laughed at being called Smarty Pants by a pantless girl and she said, "Oh, my dear friend, Amy, you're such a smart lady yourself, but why, oh why, do you have such a mental block about using your cell phone for anything except phone calls? A week or so ago, you didn't know how to use the alarm clock feature. And you never, ever answer my text messages. And now, I learn that you don't know how to listen to your messages from another phone. Sooz, Sooz, Sooz. It's the 21st century. Get with it, lady."

Amy laughed and asked innocently, "Did you really send me text messages? Sometimes a strange display shows up on the screen with some mumbo jumbo about a message, but I always thought it was just some sort of spam, and I ignored it."

All four girls were laughing again, and Linda said, "Well, teaching you how to text is too big of a thing for tonight, but to get your messages, here's how to do it. Step one: Pick up the phone on your desk." This was one instruction that she didn't mind obeying, since she knew Linda was being overly sarcastic. So, Amy giggled as she picked up the phone. "Step two: Dial your cell phone number." Amy did as she was told. "Step three: Wait for your outgoing message."

Amy got a puzzled look on her face and said, "What's an outgoing message?" Again, the other three girls erupted with laughter. Linda replied, "Oh, Sooz, don't tell me that you never set up an outgoing message that people could hear when they tried to call you?" Amy slowly shook her head and started to laugh again; her breasts were bobbing all over the place as she laughed at her own naïveté. Through her giggling, she said, "But I always, always answer my cell phone when it rings. No one ever mentioned a going-out message before."

Linda continued laughing and said, "Lady, the word is 'outgoing' not 'going-out'. Sounds to me like you want to be 'going out' on a hot date with your new boyfriend." And they all continued laughing so hard that they were doubled over. Finally, Linda said, "Okay, Sooz. Now that I think about it, there have only been a few times I've left you a message, and you're right, you just use the generic message that says something like 'You have reached 603-555-8725. Please leave a message after the beep.'" And they all laughed some more when Amy said, "Yeah, that's what I just now heard when I called my cell phone. And it's now recording this stupid conversation that we're having about cell phones."

Linda finally wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes and said, "All right, Sooz. Hang up the phone and we'll try it again. Step one: Pick up the phone. Step two: Dial your cell phone number. Step three: Wait for the generic message." The naked girl had a huge smile on her face as she followed the instructions step by step. And finally Amy said, "Okay, I'm hearing that message. What now?"

Linda wiped her eyes again and said, "Step four: Press the pound key. Do you know where that is on the keypad?"

Amy feigned a disgusted look and said, "Yeah, yeah. I see the pound key down in the corner." And she pressed it. Then, she smiled and said, "Oh, now I hear the usual thing about entering my PIN." Amy typed in the number, smiled again, and said, "Yep, she's telling me how many messages and how to listen to them. She says I've got 7 messages. I'm going to listen to them now; so, you guys need to stop laughing." And of course, the four girls roared with laughter again.

As the first message was playing, Maddie stood up and whispered, "Amy, I need to go; I've got church in the morning. I'm sure glad you're okay. Good night." And Sharon and Rekha also got up and gave Amy a friendly hug and bid her good-bye as well.

Two of the messages were from her father just asking when and where to meet her on Monday. The next one was from Vince Garoni reminding her to meet the photography club at 7AM in front of the dorm. The last three were from Dwight including one about midnight. He sounded very concerned about her, and even though it was now almost 1:30AM, she decided to call him. She borrowed Linda's cell phone and went out into the stairwell for a tiny bit of privacy. She sat down with her bare butt on one of the stairsteps.

He answered in a very groggy voice, "H-h-hullo?"

She was still in an upbeat mood after the fun few minutes with her friends and she said, "Hey, boyfriend, it's me."

Dwight immediately perked up and said, "Hey, yourself, babe. How are you doing? I was concerned when you didn't answer your phone, but Linda told me about Knoxx's taking it away. Please tell me that you're okay?"

She was smiling at the sound of his pleasant voice and said, "Yeah, I'm okay. But enough about me. How did the interview go? Did you get the job?" She idly twisted her own nipples with her free hand; she wished it was Dwight's hand fondling her, but it was just so good to talk with him.

He paused for a moment and said, "Umm, the interview went okay, and they did offer me a job. And . . ."

But Amy interrupted, "Hey, that's great. When do you start?"

Dwight replied, "Umm, but I didn't accept it. It just wouldn't have worked."

Amy asked, "But why?"

"Umm, several things. First, it wasn't in Boston afterall; it was out of New Orleans. Second, when I say 'out of New Orleans', I mean it literally. It would have been on an oil rig for months at a time. Third, it was just a sort of maintenance job related to the platform. I want to do something related to geology. Fourth, and most important, I didn't want to be away from you."

"Oh, Dwight, I'm so sorry. And that was the only thing that you still had pending as a possible job, too. What are you going to do?"

"Oh, that's okay. I'll just go back home to Brookline, and I'll see if I can get into the MBA program at Boston University. So, I'll still be near to you. Just up the road actually."

Amy said, "Well, that part will be wonderful. But I'm still sorry you didn't get what you really wanted."

He said, "Okay, and now that's enough about me. What about you? Was it another difficult day?"

Amy lied, "Oh, it wasn't too bad. Some posing at the festival and then the panty auction tonight."

"Uh, Amy, even over the phone, I could tell that wasn't very truthful. We need to be honest with each other. Please tell me what happened. I want to help."

Amy's eyes filled with tears of loving emotion and she said, "Okay, honey. It was actually a pretty awful day." And she spent about 10 minutes telling him everything. He interrupted a few times to ask questions and she could sense that he was getting angrier and angrier as she continued the story.

As she sat there bare-assed on the stairs, she didn't notice Kelly Stubbins peeking through the hallway door window behind her.

After Amy finished her story, he said, "That fucking Knoxx. How can he possibly do this to you?"

Amy said calmly, "Sweetie, please calm down. Today is over, and there is only one more day to go. Oh, I forgot to say that I have to go back to the art and wine thing tomorrow afternoon, and that means I can't go kite flying with you."

He said, "That's okay, babe. But I'm still upset about Knoxx. How can I help?"

Amy said, "Well, you can let me get to bed real soon. But seriously, I just want you to think good thoughts about me tomorrow, because it's going to be a full day. How about we get together tomorrow night? Maybe dinner at the cafeteria again?"

Dwight replied, "Well, okay. But you just said that you need to go back to Maple Park. I know you said you can't ride, but maybe I can follow you like Knoxx did in his car?"

Amy vigorously shook her head and said, "No, no, no. The last thing Knoxx told me tonight was that I needed to do that completely alone. It will be awfully humiliating, but that's the way it's got to be. You stay home and watch the Red Sox or something."

"But Amy, it's actually two long walks. First to get over there and then the second one is to get back. I'll figure out something. You need some help somehow."

Amy raised her voice and said sternly, "No, no, you won't, Dwight. I realize that it will be two long nude walks, but I don't want you anywhere near me, because it would just get both of us in trouble. Is that clear?"

This response caught Dwight by surprise. He hadn't heard Amy speak so forcefully to him before. He just replied, "Okay, okay, babe. I understand. But at least let me make a suggestion about a walking route to Maple Park. Okay?"

Amy softened her tone and replied, "Well, okay."

Dwight went on, "This morning, I drove you the shortest route, and as you saw, that went through a not-so-nice part of town. So, when you do it tomorrow, why don't you take a slightly longer route more towards the east? It's more upscale residential rather than commercial over there, and then there's a bike path that goes over the old covered bridge and down along the river to the park. If you walk fast, it should take about 45 minutes, and you'll be much safer. From campus, just head east on almost any street and you'll hit the bike path where you'll turn south and follow it along the river, across the bridge, and down the other side."

Amy thankfully replied, "Oh, that's a good idea. Thanks." She paused for a moment and went on, "I love you, boyfriend. I'd like to keep talking, but I really do need to get to bed."

Dwight whispered, "And I love you, too, Amelia Suzuki. You're a special person to me. Sleep tight."

She replied, "Bye bye, my love." And she hung up the phone and hugged her arms under her bare breasts. And she returned to the room where Linda was already in bed, but still awake reading a book.

Linda said, "I'm glad you got to talk to him. How's he doing?"

Amy replied, "Umm, he actually sounded pretty angry about what Knoxx is doing to me."

"Sounds like he's got a protective streak in him. That's usually a good thing."

Amy said, "Yep, I've learned that about him already, but I worry what would happen if he actually met Knoxx in person. I would hope that Dwight would control his anger, but I'm not sure."

"Well, just keep your boyfriend under control for one more day. But now, we need to get to bed. Please use the alarm on my cell phone as your backup alarm clock. What time are you getting up?"

Amy answered, "6 o'clock. That's only 4 hours from now. But I need to meet Garoni at 7." Linda groaned.

She looked at Linda's smartphone and sighed, "Oh, Lindy, I'm sorry, but could you please set this thing for 6 AM?"

Linda crawled out of bed and, in mock disgust, grabbed the phone from Amy. She said, "Oh, Sooz, you and cell phones just don't get along. But you know, as a journalist you're probably going to be given a fancy phone to use, and you're going to have to learn sooner or later." Linda set the alarm and tossed the phone back to her naked friend.

Amy said, "Thanks. Umm, how do I turn it off when the alarm rings in the morning?"

Linda shook her head and smiled at Amy. Then she sat down on the edge of Amy's bed, and said, "Here. Just press any of these buttons on the side of the phone; even the volume buttons will turn it off."

Amy said, "Thanks again, Lindy. You're right. The newspaper told me that they'd give me money to buy an Asteroid phone, whatever that is, as soon as I start my new job."

"Umm, Sooz", Linda said, "I think you mean Android rather than Asteroid. Android is Google's phone system used by many cell phone companies."

Amy replied, "Oh dear, now that I think about it, my new boss probably did say Android. I guess cell phones just seem to intimidate me for some reason. I'll probably have to spend my entire first week at work learning how to use it." And they both laughed as Linda went back to bed.

Before Amy flipped off the light, she quickly dashed off the diary entry for the day. She gave a slight sigh when she realized she didn't need to do a one-sheet any more; that made her further realize that this nightmare was coming to an end, but she still had another entire day to go. She plopped her naked body down on the sheet covered bed.

To be continued . . .