Underpants Amy - Days 16 & 17
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 16, Wednesday

Chapter 55 - Massive Massaro

There was more than the usual morning commute traffic, and Dwight pulled up in front of Wakefield Hall about 7:57. Amy thought, "Oh boy, did we cut that close. But we made it." She reached over, patted his cheek, gave him a quick kiss, and said, "Oh that was a wonderful night. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

He stroked a finger down behind her left ear, and then tenderly squeezed her left breast. And he replied, "Yeah, it was great. We're good together, aren't we?" She smiled and nodded. He continued, "You better get in there. See you soon."

Amy hopped out of the car, waved at him, and scooted up the steps into the building and into the classroom. She saw Whiteside up on the platform talking to a man. She did a double take. He was a naked man. A very gorgeous naked man. A very gorgeous naked man with a throbbing, long hard-on!

Amy quickly slipped off her panties and hung them on the hook and dashed up to the stage. Whiteside glared at her and said, "You're late, and that's a violation of your rules. I'm going to report that to the Dr. Knoxx."

Amy glanced at the clock to confirm that it was not yet 8AM, and she pointed to the clock and said, "Ummm, Dr. Whiteside, it's still a minute before 8, and so, I don't think I'm late."

Whiteside looked up at the clock and she saw it click over to 8:00 and the bell rang. She apologized, "I'm sorry, Amy, you're right. I guess I was distracted by this hunk here. You probably already know him, but just in case, Amy, this is Craig Massaro." The naked girl shook hands with the naked man. Whiteside went on, "Mr. Massaro is one of the students in the 9 o'clock drawing class, and so you've seen him, but not like this. Oooh, la la!"

She went on, "He came to me last week and asked if there was any extra credit project that he could do to get his grades up in the class. And we decided that he would join you in posing for the 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock classes. As you can see Amy, he's very turned on right now, and I'd like his cock to remain hard like this for as long as possible this morning. And so part of your job today is to keep him erect. Do whatever you have to keep him stimulated. Touching is okay, but please no actual sex."

Amy blushed as she looked down at his massive member; she guessed it was 9 inches long. It was the largest penis that she had ever seen. Amy had led a somewhat sheltered sex life until a few weeks ago, and she hadn't seen that many cocks, but she knew that this guy was much larger than normal. And he had a wonderfully conditioned body, and a good looking face. She thought that he was probably a light-skinned African American, and he had a close cut hair style with a stubble beard about the same length as his short hair. She thought to herself, "Whiteside used the right word. This guy is a hunk."

Amy noticed that the front row easels were taken up entirely with women this morning. Usually, there were mostly men in the front row to get a close up look at Amy's very naked body, but today it was the female crowd who wanted to see Craig in his aroused naked glory. Mostly they were college coeds, but there were two middle-aged women and one grandmotherly type who was staring wide-eyed with a big smile on her face.

Whiteside started the class session by saying, "Good morning, everyone. As you can see, we have a special treat for you today. Craig Massaro has volunteered to show us the male point of view, so to speak. Of course, naked Amy is still here, but we've seen all of her charms before. And I think you know what I want you to focus on today." And she lightly lifted his erect cock with her left hand. "Please draw quickly, because we don't know how long he can keep this up." She smiled at Craig as she said this, and there was a ripple of laughter throughout the students, even Amy chuckled.

Whiteside continued, "Okay, Craig, I want you to stand here, facing the class, naturally; hands on hips feet slightly spread. Yes, that's it. And Amy, I want you on one knee in front, looking up and pointing at his cock. No, other knee so that your pussy is more visible; yes, that's better. Now, we'll do that for 10 minutes. Go!"

Amy stared in amazement at the erect penis just a few inches from her face. This was a rare opportunity for her to see an aroused male up close. She thought how much more interesting the male genitals look than the female's. A penis and scrotum had a lot more character than the female slit. She smiled as she thought to herself, "I guess I'm just a normal heterosexual woman. I'd much rather look at this than my own pussy."

Even though Craig was standing perfectly still, his cock twitched up and down slightly. And Amy noticed a drop of semen forming at the tip of the circumcised member; he was really turned on! She glanced up at his face just as he glanced down at hers, and she saw him blush a deep, deep red. She smiled briefly at him, and then returned to her assigned pose.

Eventually, Whiteside came back up on the platform and said, "Okay, you two nudes, you can rest for a moment." Amy stood up and stretched, and Craig relaxed a bit. Whiteside continued, "Okay, ladies, you are probably wondering how long it actually is, and for our next pose, we're going to find out." And she pulled out a cloth tape measure and handed it to Amy. Whiteside went on, "Craig, I want you to face to the side so that the class has a nice profile view of your body, and Amy, I want you to kneel like before and use the tape measure to measure his erect penis. And then hold that pose with the tape measure visible on his dick. You can tell the class what the measurement is. Okay?"

Both Amy and Craig blushed as they followed the instructions. Amy pushed his pubic hair aside and put the end of the tape measure at the base of his cock and then extended the tape out to the tip. And she adjusted her legs so that her pussy was clearly visible to the class as before. She looked at the marks on the tape, and said loudly, "Nine and a quarter inches." There was a collective gasp from the female students. Amy held the tape with one finger at the base of his cock and her other hand holding the tape at the tip of the cock. Whiteside came up to make adjustments including letting the rest of the tape measure dangle to the floor and twisting the tape just a bit so that it was clearly visible along the length of the cock. She said to the class, "Go ahead and sketch, but focus on Amy, the tape measure, and the penis. You've got 15 minutes for this sketch."

Amy's fingers were getting wet where she was holding the tape near the peehole. She wondered if he was going to ejaculate into her hand.

And her hands weren't the only thing getting wet. Her own juices were seeping from her pussy, and she felt the liquid trickle down her leg. And her nipples were rock hard, too. She realized that she was also very aroused. But she dutifully held her pose til Whiteside came back up on the stage and told them to relax. She handed each of them a few tissues to clean themselves up. Craig turned away from the class as he wiped the dripping pre-cum from his cock. But Amy knew that she must not hide herself by turning, and she wiped her pussy, legs, and fingers as the class watched. The two nudes then walked over to the edge of the platform and dropped the damp tissues into the trash can.

Craig and Amy came back to the middle of the platform as Whiteside was describing the next pose. "Remember last week we had Eva and Amy standing shoulder to shoulder pointing at the other's genitals? Oh sorry, Craig, we did that at the 8 o'clock class and you're in the 9 o'clock class. So, I'll describe it again. I want both of you to stand facing the class with your shoulders, arms, and legs touching on one side. It's going to be a little different this time, because Craig is significantly taller than Amy. But we'll make it work." Amy and Craig moved into position. "And now I'll put one of these foot high cubes about a foot and a half off to the sides, and I want both you to raise that foot and put it on the cube so that your genitals are in clear view; I want to see Amy's pussy slightly open and Craig's balls hanging between his legs." Again, the two nudes blushed as they raised and spread their legs. "And now, I want Amy to reach over with her right hand and put it in a pointing position kind of above his pubic hair, and Craig with your left hand just above her pussy. And then your outside hands on your butt cheeks. I'm not describing that very well, but Amy, you know what I want; so, you take the lead and show him how to do it." Amy took Craig's hand and put it right above her pussy, and she reached over and pointed to his cock. Whiteside came up to make appropriate adjustments; she spread their feet a bit wider, lowered Craig's arm so it didn't cover Amy's breast, lifted their chins and told them to smile, and finally shifted his balls slightly so they were a bit more prominent. He squirmed a bit, and Whiteside lightly spanked him and said, "Please stay still." Then, she addressed the class saying, "Okay. Get sketching. This is the last pose of the day; so, you should have plenty of time to capture it in your pictures."

The two nudes held this pose for the last 20 minutes of class. Amy was surprised that Craig could keep his cock erect for so long, but she suspected the he was just as turned on as she was. Finally, Whiteside came up on the stage and said, "Okay, Amy. Okay, Craig, you can relax now. And, class, that's all for today. Let's give our models a nine and a quarter second round of applause." Everyone laughed and then clapped as Whiteside looked at the second hand on the clock.

Amy and Craig sat down on the edge of the stage. Whiteside handed each of them a bottle of water and said, "Do either of you need to use the bathroom?" They both shook their heads, and Whiteside walked away.

Amy looked down at the monster cock sticking up from his lap and whispered, "Are you sure you don't need to pee?"

"No, I can't pee when I'm this hard", he replied.

She said, "I'm really surprised you've kept it up for so long. Viagra?"

He nodded and said, "Actually, a double dose of Cialis, but same difference; I borrowed it from a friend. But this whole thing is erotic to me in a strange sort of way. I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life, but I've never been this turned on either. I'm surprised how I reacted."

She smiled and said, "Well, you could put a robe on or wrap a towel around your waist for these few minutes. I'm not permitted to do that, but you could, and I wouldn't mind."

"No, actually, Dr. Whiteside asked me not to. Part of my agreement with her is for me to be naked for this period between classes", he said.

Amy asked, "If you don't mind me asking, why did you agree to do this?"

"No, that's okay.", he said, "I'm not a very good sketcher, and my grades on the previous sketches haven't been very good. D's and C's. I'm majoring in architecture, and this is a required class. I like the mechanical drawing, but I've found I'm not very good at freehand drawing. And I think I need at least a C in this class to keep my scholarship. So, I asked Dr. Whiteside what kind of extra credit work I could do to help my grade. And this is what she suggested."

She said, "You've never done anything like this before? Nude beach? Dirty pictures? Streaking?" She cringed as she said "streaking", because that's what had landed her into this mess.

He just shook his head, looked down at his penis, and said, "Actually, I seem to be fading a little bit now, and I've got another hour to go."

Amy blushed and said, "Do you need me to do anything?"

He also blushed and said, "Yeah, why don't you help me get it hard again? Maybe we should go into the back room and you can . . . Well, you know."

Amy shook her head and said, "I'm not permitted to hide myself in any manner, and so I'm afraid we have to do it here."

And he stood up on the stage, and she clambered to her knees in front of him. Tentatively, she reached up and took his flagging cock in her hand. She glanced up at him as she started to slowly stroke his member, and it stiffened up immediately. With her other hand, she started to lightly massage his scrotum, feeling his balls shift around in the sack. She did this for a couple of minutes as the departing and entering students stopped to watch them. Both of them were beet red as they put on this little erotic show.

Whiteside beamed as she came up on stage and said, "Well done, Amy. You seem to have the right touch. But before the next class gets settled, please go back to the props area and bring up the brown suitcase that's back there."

The nude girl got to her feet, looked down at the hard cock for a moment, and then scampered down the aisle. She lifted the brown suitcase, and she was surprised how heavy it was. There were no wheels on the suitcase, and she had to use both hands to lift it and carry it back to the stage. Whiteside told her to just put it in the back corner of the stage.

Amy came back to the front of the platform and looked at Craig's cock again. It had already started to soften up a little bit, and she whispered, "Do you want me to, umm, work on it some more?"

He blushed and said, "Yeah, I could probably use some help again, but maybe we could reverse roles and let me touch you instead. Would it be okay with you, Amy, if I massaged your breasts? That would probably get me hard again."

She blushed and hesitated. But she realized that she could not say "no", and she just nodded.

She turned to face him, and he reached out and gently lifted her right breast and squeezed it tenderly. And then he lightly twisted the nipple and stroked his finger around her small, dark areola. She breathed hard as he paused, and then she nodded as he pointed to her left breast. He repeated the squeezes and twists on her left boob, and then did both at the same time. She closed her eyes. And then she felt her pussy starting to trickle as he continued the pleasing massage of her mammaries.

All the while, the incoming students gazed in amazement at this erotic sight. But the exercise was working, because his cock was rock, solid again.

Whiteside came back up on stage and said to them, "Okay, you two, it's time for the class to start." Amy's breasts continued to rise and fall as she breathed deeply as Craig stopped the massage.

The instructor addressed the students, "Good morning, class. As you see, you are in for a special treat this morning. You all know Craig Massaro as one of your classmates, but I would guess that you've never seen him like this before. And he has agreed to pose with Amy this morning."

She continued to address the class, "Now, you gentlemen in the class have had the enjoyment of seeing Amy's charms the last few weeks, but today it's our turn, ladies. And you ladies are probably wondering how long it really is. Well, we measured it earlier, and it was nine and one quarter inches. But just to be sure, here's a tape measure, and why don't one of you come up and measure it again for us?" And she pointed to a wide-eyed girl in the front row. "Susie, right? Why don't you come up?"

Susie Cranford eagerly climbed up onto the stage, and Whiteside handed her the tape measure. The girl repeated what Amy had done an hour earlier; she pushed aside the pubic hair above his cock and shoved the end of the tape to the base of the penis. Then, she carefully extended the tape along the top of his cock to the tip and looked at the reading. She turned to Whiteside and said, "Yep, nine and a quarter!" She returned to her easel and wiped her now damp hand on a cloth. She giggled as she looked at her two female friends at the easels on either side of hers.

Whiteside said, "Okay, let's get started. For today's first pose, I want wide-open enthusiasm. Amy, come here to the center of the stage and turn sideways so that the class sees your curvaceous profile, and then spread your legs wide, raise your arms above your head, and spread them wide also. Okay, so far so good. Now, Craig, come in front of Amy, fairly close, and do the same thing. That's good. Now, both of you lean back. Craig, scoot in a couple of inches so that your hard cock almost touches her tummy. Ummm, I'd like it to be closer to her pussy, maybe right at the level of her pubic hair. Amy, close your legs just a bit. Yeah, that's it; that raises your pussy. And Craig, open your legs so your cock is just a bit lower. Good, it's pointing right at her pubic strip; that's what I want. Now, both of you, turn your heads slightly towards the class and smile. Très bon! Hold that for the next 15 minutes so that the class can sketch it."

Amy glanced across at her good looking pose partner a few times and down at the long cock near her pussy. She noticed semen dripping from his hard penis, and then she felt her own pussy juice running down her leg.

Amy's arms were getting tired as the minutes ticked by, but she and Craig held the pose for 15 minutes until Whiteside returned to the platform. As she gave each of them a handful of tissues, she said "Okay, that was good. Relax for a moment, and then we'll set up for the next pose."

As Amy and Craig cleaned off their genitals and legs, Whiteside opened the suitcase and extracted two collars and some chains. Amy gasped when she glanced over at the instructor; she nudged Craig who hadn't been paying attention to what Whiteside was doing. Craig also gasped audibly.

Whiteside said, "Okay, the next pose is kind of the opposite of the previous open-enthusiasm pose. This is going to be a chain gang kind of thing. Amy, Craig, please put on these collars, leg cuffs, and hand cuffs. Oh, before you do that, let me make sure the key is in here. I sure wouldn't want to really lock you guys up; it's just make-believe, you know. Ah, here's the key. Okay, put on the collars and the leg cuffs. Help each other, if you need to." The two nudes sighed and followed the instructions. Amy snapped the collar around her own neck, and then showed Craig how it worked and he clicked his collar shut. The leg cuffs were connected with a foot-long hobble chain; as each of them kneeled down to put on the cuffs, the class was presented with the enticing rear view of Amy's pussy and Craig's dangling balls.

Whiteside then gave Amy one of the set of hand cuffs and said, "Craig, put your hands behind your back, and Amy, please click on his hand cuffs." Amy clicked the metal cuffs in place on the naked man's wrists, and then she took the other cuffs from Whiteside and clicked the ring on her left wrist. Whiteside then guided both of the naked girl's hands behind her back and clicked the other ring in place. The instructor next took a two-foot length of chain and hooked it to the front of Amy's collar and the rear of Craig's collar, and she attached a three-foot leash to the front of Craig's collar. Whiteside then said, "Okay, ladies in the front row, each of you come up for a couple of minutes and hold the leash as if guiding these two naked prisoners. Oh, I almost forgot." And she reached into the suitcase and brought out two ball gags, which she put in the mouths of the two naked "prisoners". As the first girl from the front row came up on to the stage and took the leash, Whiteside made some final adjustments to spread their legs slightly and then she stepped back to take in the sight. She saw the pussy juices starting to trickle out of Amy's pussy and the semen drops forming on Craig's hard cock. "Okay, class, go to it. I'll give you 15 minutes to sketch this interesting pose."

Amy stood her ground with her manacled legs just slightly apart so that her pussy was slightly open to the view of the class. She felt the juice running down her leg and her nipples hardened. Also, she felt the saliva creeping out the side of the gag and then drooling down her chin and dripping to the floor. She glanced down several times to look at Craig's hard butt cheeks, and this even aroused her some more, if that were really possible.

Craig squirmed a bit, but he settled down after Whiteside warned him to keep still. But he couldn't keep his throbbing penis from twitching, and there was nothing he could do about the pre-cum seeping from his cock and forming a long drip that didn't quite reach the floor. And he had to really control himself when the third front row girl gently stroked his cock before getting in position with the leash. And he sighed as the fourth, fifth, and sixth front row females also stroked his organ.

Finally, the fifteen minutes were up, and Whiteside unlocked Amy's hands and said, "Okay, naked lady prisoner, you will unlock the other cuffs and put everything back in the suitcase. Just put the case at the back of the stage again." And Amy used the key to unlock everything and then she put the cuffs, chains, collars, and gags back in the suitcase. Both she and Craig stretched, flexed, and cleaned their genitals as Whiteside started describing the next pose.

Whiteside said, "Very good. Now, for the final pose, Amy, I want you to stand over here and turn just slightly as you face the class; legs slightly apart with your left leg unbent, straight vertical and your right somewhat out." Amy did as she was told, and Whiteside went on, "Good. Now, Craig, I want you on one knee right here at Amy's right foot." The naked guy put his left knee on the floor and his right foot slightly in front, but Whiteside said, "Oh no, my boy, not like that. The other knee, s'il vous plait. Your magnificent member must be showing. Right knee and left foot on the floor." And she positioned him appropriately. "Now, extend your left hand and point it up at Amy's crotch. No, turn your arm over and bend it a bit at the elbow. And now point up at her pussy." And she adjusted his arm so that Craig's up-turned index finger was a few inches from Amy's vagina. "Okay, now stick your finger into her just up to the first knuckle." Both of the nude models were aghast, but Craig stuck his finger part way into Amy's pussy. The effect was immediate; Craig's cock hardened and started twitching up and down, and Amy's juices started flowing again. Whiteside continued, "Okay, I'll make a few minor adjustments, but that's good. Hold that for the final 15 minutes and let the class sketch it."

The deep red blush extended down to the chest of each of the naked models. Amy closed her eyes, but she was admonished by Whiteside to keep them open. A new drop of semen dripped from Craig's twitching cock. Amy felt pussy juice running down her leg, and she knew that it was also running onto Craig's finger and hand.

They held that pose for 15 minutes until Whiteside returned to the platform. As she gave each of them some more tissues, she said "Okay, that was good. Good job today, you two." And then Whiteside gave the same "nine and a quarter second applause" speech that got the same giggles as from the class - especially the females.

Amy was in a rush to leave and just dropped the tissues unused into the trash can. Then, she went over to Craig, shook his hand, and said, "Good luck. I hope you get the grade that you want; I think you deserve an A. Bye." And she lugged the suitcase back to its spot in the props area, slipped on her pink panties, grabbed her backpack, and quickly left before Whiteside could invent some reason to keep her here naked.

As she walked down the front steps of Wakefield Hall, she realized that her panties were getting wetter and wetter. She knew then that she should have cleaned off her pussy with the tissues before putting on her panties. But she was still very turned on from the last pose, and she wondered if wiping herself would have made much difference. As she walked back to the dorm, she heard several catcalls about her damp panties and hard nipples. All she could do was to blush.

Chapter 56 - Meeting with the Frat Boys

Amy was actually relieved that Linda wasn't in the dorm room when she returned, because she knew that her good friend would want to hear about her date with Dwight and about her posing with Craig. And she really wanted to get herself cleaned up as soon as she could. She slipped off her damp panties and rushed down the hall to the showers. Even after taking a quick shower, she was still somewhat aroused, but she hoped that she had at least minimized the scent of her arousal. Back in her room, she looked at her wet panties. She sighed because she knew that she was not permitted to put on a clean pair. This left her two unattractive alternatives; she could either go down to the laundry room in the basement to wash and dry the panties, or she could use a hair dryer to dry them in the room. Since the laundry room was shared by all the dorm residents (both male and female), it was usually a pretty busy place, and the rules required that the users sit there while their clothes were washing and drying. And so, she would have to sit there completely naked for an hour or so waiting for her single pair of panties to be cleaned. Consequently, she chose the second option of using a hair dryer even though she knew this would leave the stains clearly visible for the rest of the day.

It took Amy about ten minutes to get the panties almost dry using her hair dryer, and then she slipped them back on. She looked at herself in the mirror, and sure enough, the stains from her pussy juice were still clearly visible at her crotch. She just shook her head and then sat down at her desk. She looked at the clock and at the printed copy of her schedule that Knoxx had emailed her. It was 10:30 in the morning, and her next punishment activity wasn't until 5 in the afternoon. So, she had several hours to concentrate on her schoolwork rather than her sex organs. Of course, her boobs would be on display during lunch and during her Formal Logic exam, but at least she could focus her attention on her education til the 5 o'clock meeting.

Linda came back about 11:30, and the two of them went to lunch at the dining hall. As they ate at a table in the corner, Amy blushed as she told her best friend about the wonderful time with Dwight and the embarrassing time and the nine-and-a-quarter inch cock at the art class.

* * *

Amy walked into Knoxx's office at 5 o'clock feeling pretty good. She felt that she had done fairly well on the Logic final exam after having had almost 2 hours right before it to review her notes. And after the exam, she had started to study for the Modern Journalism exam the next morning, and she was feeling that she was well-prepared for that exam as well.

In Knoxx's waiting room, she went through her ritual with the secretary - showing Mrs. Duckworth the mark on her panties and then hanging them on the penis hook. She looked around the room and noticed Vince Garoni sitting quietly in one of the easy chairs; he was cleaning the lens on his camera and as he looked up, she smiled at him and said, "Good afternoon, Mr. Garoni." Then the naked girl went over and stood near the office door and waited. After only a minute or so, the door opened, and Knoxx waved her into his office.

Amy was surprised to find the room crowded with people again. And this time they were all males; she was the only female and she was completely naked. She just took her position in the usual spot as Knoxx sat back down behind his desk. As Knoxx was getting settled, she looked around the room. There were the usual 4 committee members sitting in chairs behind Knoxx, and then there were 6 other men who were probably students. Three of them were seating to her left in folding chairs somewhat in front of the white board, and the other three were squeezed onto the small couch right behind her. Her bare butt was only inches from these three guys.

Amy recognized two of these guys on the couch; Don Seligman and Steve Larson had each been in one of her classes, and she knew they were seniors. She wasn't sure about the others, but the three in the folding chairs looked very young, probably freshmen.

Knoxx started the meeting with, "Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for coming." He looked at the 6 male students and said, "Gentlemen, you all probably know about Amy Suzuki, but just in case, let me summarize why all of you are here. Miss Suzuki was apprehended while streaking a couple of weeks ago, and she is being punished for that offense. Her punishment is to remain mostly unclothed until graduation day. Usually, she is allowed to wear only panties during her daily activities, but part of her punishment is to appear here in the nude every day for this afternoon meeting. Another part of her punishment will be to auction off the pairs of panties that she has been wearing these last two weeks, and your fraternity will be helping us with that auction."

He turned to Amy and continued, "Miss Suzuki, of course, you know the committee members behind me, and these other gentlemen are from Gamma Gamma Theta, and one of the things on today's agenda will be to discuss the panty auction which you will do with them on Saturday night at their fraternity house. Mr. Seligman is the fraternity president, but I'm sorry I don't know all of the names of the other students here. I'll let them introduce themselves. Mr. Seligman?"

Amy turned around as Seligman got up from the couch; he said, "Hello, Amy, we've met before, Don Seligman." And he shook her hand.

Next, Steve Larson stood up and said something very similar and shook her hand. Then, the third guy, Mitch Larson, Steve's brother, got up and shook her hand. The naked girl then turned to her left as Jamal Brown, Ned Zacharias, and Phillip Brockington stood up together and introduced themselves separately to her.

"Okay, good", Knoxx said. "Now, why don't we go ahead and discuss the panty auction so these young men can be on their way? I'm sure they have other things such as dinner and studying that they want to be doing." Actually, the 6 guys were relishing the chance to observe this gorgeous naked girl up close; they would have willingly sat through the entire meeting to feast their eyes on Amy's pretty naked charms.

Knoxx went on, "Miss Suzuki, before you arrived, I outlined the rules that will be observed when you are at their house, but I'll briefly repeat them now for your benefit. For you, the rules are your usual routine. That is, no hiding, full cooperation, nice appearance, etc. And for them, I told them that touching is permitted, but not in a sexual manner. However, exposure and embarrassment are okay; in fact, I've told them that exposing you and embarrassing you are encouraged as part of your punishment. Understand?"

Amy blushed, but she just nodded. And Knoxx continued, "Okay, guys, I don't think we need to hear all of the details right now, but why don't you give us a brief overview of your plans? Mr. Seligman?"

Seligman got to his feet behind Amy, and as he was gaining his balance, he briefly brushed Amy's right butt cheek. He said off-handedly, "Oh, sorry about that, Amy." Amy shifted to her left to let him have room to stand next to her. He motioned to the middle of the 3 guys in the chairs and said to Knoxx, "Actually, sir, we've assigned Ned Zacharias to head this little auction committee, and I'll let him go over it quickly. Ned?"

Seligman sat back down on the couch, and Amy could feel his breath on her butt as she stood almost in front of him. Zacharias stood up with his notes and said, "Gentlemen and Amy, here's what we've laid out so far. The auction will be in our rec room at 7 PM on Saturday night. We'll have seating for about a hundred people." He motioned to Brockington and went on, "Phil Brockington will serve as auctioneer. We estimate that each pair of Amy's panties will fetch about $25. We'll have a photographer who will take photos of each winner with Amy; they will be holding the panties up in some fashion. The money will be donated to the university foundation. We want Amy to come over on Friday night to help us set things up and work out any details. Okay, Amy?" The naked girl smiled wanly at him and nodded.

He went on, "Oh, there will also be a $5 admission charge for each person. We've already posted a notice on the university web site about it, but we'd also like to have Amy post some advertisements for us on the university bulletin boards. We've been told that her schedule is pretty full for the next few days, and so we'd like to have her do that on Friday evening as part of the auction preparation. Okay, Amy?" Amy closed her eyes and breathed heavily, but then she quietly said, "Yes, that's fine." But she knew this would be awkward to do at night.

Zacharias continued, "Well, that's the general idea." He looked at Knoxx and the committee members and added, "Of course, all of you are invited to attend and to bid on her panties. Any questions?"

Knoxx replied, "Not a question but an addition. We know that Miss Suzuki will be present at the auction, but we don't want her to just be a pretty body standing there mutely. We want her to at least make a little speech at the beginning of the auction." He looked at Amy and continued, "We want you to use this auction as a place to make a public statement about your misbehavior and apologize for it."

He looked at her as she hesitated for just a moment. After a moment, the embarrassed girl just said, "Yes, sir."

Knoxx then looked at the committee and asked, "Any further questions, gentlemen?" The four committee members all just shook their heads.

But in a soft voice, Amy said, "If you don't mind, I have a question. It's been suggested that we print the photos on the same page of each as the one-sheets that I was instructed to write about the panties for each day. That means we need a computer and color printer to print the pages while the auction is going on. Do you have someone with sufficient computer skills to do that?"

The room was silent for a moment as Amy looked at Zacharias waiting for an answer. Then, she felt a slight tap on her bare hip and Seligman said, "Amy, I think we've got just the man for that right here. Mitch Larson is a computer whiz."

Amy turned around and looked at Larson, who said, "What did you have in mind, Amy?"

She looked back at Knoxx and asked, "Is it okay if I sketch out my idea on a piece of paper for him?" Knoxx shrugged and said, "Sure, but quickly, please" as he handed her a pad of paper and a pencil.

She bent over his desk and started drawing lines and boxes on the sheet of paper. They all admired her dangling breasts and her bare butt as she leaned over. It took her less than a minute to sketch the layout, and then she turned and handed it to Larson who remained seated on the couch.

Again she bent over but this time over the couch and the 3 guys seated on it. She pointed out the boxes on the sheet. She said, "We have the date as the title at the top, and then the text starts below that and it wraps around the photo which is down a few lines on the right side. If there's a second photo, we could put it down here in the lower left corner." She was using her journalism training to come up with this seemingly simple layout.

But the three guys on the couch sat there with their mouths open as Amy's naked boobs dangled right in front of their eyes. Her breasts wobbled invitingly as she pointed out the various parts of her layout to Larson.

After a moment, Larson finally regained his senses and said, "Do you already have the text written for each document?" Amy just nodded and her boobs jiggled some more. Larson continued, "Well, can you give me those text files? Then, I could come up with a template using Microsoft Word."

The naked girl said, "Good. I'll email you the text files this evening; they are actually in RTF format. And then you know how to get the photos off the camera so you could drag them into the appropriate boxes?"

Larson replied, "Yeah, that should be pretty easy."

Knoxx cut in, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, it sounds like you've found the expertise that you need. You and Mr. Larson can work out the details on Friday."

Amy stood up straight and returned to her spot in front of Knoxx's desk with the three guys on the couch staring at her pretty bare ass.

Knoxx continued, "Okay, gentlemen, you are also going to need the panties themselves. I have them here." He opened his bottom desk drawer and pulled out several handfuls of Amy's panties, each with a little tag pinned to it showing the date she had worn them. "Miss Suzuki, we're also going to need the pair that you wore today. Please go out and get them from the hook. Oh, also, ask Mrs. Duckworth for a shopping bag so these gentlemen can carry your panties back to their place. Okay?"

Amy gave him a little smirk but turned silently and went back out into the waiting room where she walked over to the secretary's desk and said, "Mrs. Duckworth, Dr. Knoxx needs some sort of a shopping bag. Do you have one?"

Duckworth was taken aback and asked gruffly, "What does he need that for?"

The naked girl blushed and said, "To put all of my old panties in so the frat guys can carry them back to their house."

The secretary paused for a moment and then opened a cabinet drawer to bring out a plastic Nordstrom's shopping bag. "Will this do?"

Amy looked at it, smiled, and said, "Yes, that's perfect. Thanks." She took the bag and grabbed her pink panties from the penis hook and returned to the office. She handed the bag and the panties to Knoxx.

Knoxx scribbled today's date on a tag and pinned it to the pink panties. Then, he looked at them more closely, and then he picked up a pair of light blue panties from the pile that she had worn the previous week. He compared the two pairs, and said "Ummm, Miss Suzuki, today's panties have a lot more stains on them than any of these other pairs. Did you have an accident today?"

The nude girl blushed a deep, deep red and answered, "No, sir."

He persisted, "Well, can you explain the stains? They certainly don't look very nice, and you've been parading around in these all day. Please tell us what happened."

The beet red girl stammered, "Uhhh, I was, umm, turned on, and I guess my, ummm, vagina juices, ummm, . . . Oh dear, I mean my female ejacu. . ."

Knoxx cut in, "Yes, Miss Suzuki, I think you mean to say, in blunt terms, that your pussy juices were flowing today. Right?" The embarrassed girl just nodded. He went on, "Please tell us what happened. I assume that you'll include something about it in today's one-sheet?"

Amy nodded and her eyes started to tear up. She slowly said, "It happened at art class. There were some very erotic poses today."

Knoxx persisted, "But I thought you posed naked. You weren't wearing these panties when you posed, were you? Why did they get stained?"

Amy babbled, "Oh dear, I'm sorry, I'm not being clear. It happened just after art class. I was still really aroused as the class ended. And my vagina was very, very wet when I put the panties on after class."

But Knoxx wouldn't give up. He smirked as he persisted, "Well, Miss Suzuki, I think we would all like to hear about these 'erotic poses' as you call them. How many poses were there?"

Amy quietly said, "Six altogether. Three in each class."

Knoxx went on, "Oh, that's not very many. Maybe you can duplicate them for us briefly so we can understand better. What was the first one?"

She said, "Well, we . . ."

Knoxx interrupted, "We? I thought you were posing alone. Oh, now I remember, you posed with Miss Cobb at 8 o'clock and then alone at 9 o'clock. Isn't that right?"

The nude young lady shook her head and replied, "No, Eva had a final exam, and so Dr. Whiteside lined up a substitute, and he stayed for both hours. The first pose was . . ."

"He?", Knoxx asked quizzically again. "So, you posed with a male model. Was he naked, too? Who was it?"

With an irritated tone in her voice, she answered, "Yes, it was a naked man. Craig Massaro. I think he's a sophomore."

And Knoxx gleefully pressed on, "Was he aroused, too?" He was enjoying this embarrassing interrogation of the naked girl.

Amy blushed and merely said, "Yes."

Knoxx then said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, please continue. Maybe one of these young men can act as a fill-in for Mr. Massaro, but of course, he will keep his clothes on." Knoxx looked over at Jamal Brown and said, "Well, son, how about you?"

Brown tentatively stepped forward, blushed, and said, "Okay. What do you want me to do?"

Amy looked over the young guy. He was much like Craig Massaro, tall with skin just a bit darker than her own. She said, "Just stand here and face me so that Dr. Knoxx can see your profile.

Amy got down on her knee just like she had in class and pointed to Brown's crotch. She said, "This is what the first pose looked like."

Knoxx nodded approvingly and said, "Except that he was naked and aroused. Right?"

Amy quietly said, "Yes, that's right. He was naked, and I was pointing at his penis."

Knoxx continued, "Was he well endowed? How long was it?"

Amy blushed some more and said, "Yes. He is much larger than average. Nine and a quarter inches."

"How do you know that?"

Amy went on, "Well, for the second pose, Professor Whiteside had me measure it with a tape measure." And she simulated holding a tape measure with one end at Jamal's crotch and the other end out about 9 1/4 inches.

Knoxx said, "Oh my, these are sounding like erotic poses. Please go on, Miss Suzuki. What was the next pose?"

And Amy spent the next few minutes re-creating and describing the cross-arms pose, the leaning back wide spread pose, and the chain gang pose. The men in the room were enthralled with the enticing views of her naked young body.

"And finally," Amy said, "Dr. Whiteside had me stand like this with my legs slightly apart and Craig kneeling at my foot." Jamal Brown took the position, and Amy went on, "And he was pointing at my vagina." She adjusted Jamal's right hand so that it was close to her pussy and said, "Actually, his finger was inserted into my vagina." Amy blushed and Jamal didn't know what to do; he just looked over at Knoxx.

Knoxx said, "Well, go ahead, Mr. Brown. We're all just trying to understand."

Amy closed her eyes and flinched as she felt Jamal's index finger go way up into her pussy and twist around a little bit. She said, "No, that's too far; just up to the first knuckle." And Jamal pulled his finger almost all the way out and held it there for several seconds. Amy could feel herself getting wet from the stimulation.

There were wide eyes and open mouths visible around the room. And Amy suspected that she was the only person in the room who did not have an erection hidden in their trousers. She also wondered if Jamal Brown's penis was as large as Massaro's; she suspected that it was not, but she would never know, because her genitals were the only ones in this room that were allowed to be publicly displayed - and touched - today.

Finally, Knoxx said, "And it was this last pose that aroused you so much?"

Amy quietly replied, "Actually, all six poses were arousing, but, yes, most especially the last one."

Knoxx said, "Okay, I think we all understand better now why today's panties were so stained. Thank you, Miss Suzuki and Mr. Brown for the demonstration." And with that Jamal, reluctantly pulled his finger out of her pussy and wiped it on his handkerchief.

By now, Amy's juices had started to trickle down her leg, and she asked Knoxx, "Can I have some tissues, please?" Knoxx handed her several and she wiped her leg and then her pussy being careful not to turn away or hide herself.

Knoxx waited for her to clean herself up and then said to her, "Miss Suzuki, when you write up your one-sheet for today, please include descriptions of those poses. But I don't think you should include Mr. Massaro's name. Understand?"

Amy mumbled, "Yes, I understand."

Knoxx then said, "Good. And I think that about wraps up the auction discussion. Any last questions?"

Seligman raised his hand and peeked out from behind Amy's butt. He said, "Actually, I have two questions. First, at the prep session on Friday evening, can we ask Amy to take off her panties? Second, can we take a photo of her now to use on the advertisement that she'll post for us?"

Knoxx replied, "Yes and yes. The Friday prep session is just another community service activity for her, and she will cooperate with you. If you want her to be naked during the prep session, then she'll remove her panties until you tell her that it's okay to put them back on. And the photo is a good idea. In fact, we have an almost professional photographer sitting in the waiting room. Miss Suzuki, please ask Mr. Garoni to come in."

Amy blushed as she stepped out into the waiting room and beckoned Garoni to come into the office.

Knoxx said, "Mr. Garoni, these gentlemen would like a photo of Miss Suzuki to include in a poster. Could you please take one now using my iPhone?"

Garoni said, "Sure. Let's see where's a good spot in here? How about having her kind of sitting on the edge of your desk?"

Knoxx said, "Sounds good, but since this photo will be advertising her panty auction, she should be wearing panties rather than being nude. Here, Miss Suzuki, please put these on for the photo." And he handed her a clean pair of off-white bikini panties that she slid up her pretty long legs.

Garoni said, "Okay, Amy, please get there next to the desk and kinda rest your butt on the edge. Good. Now, slide your right foot out several inches. Good. And finally, hook your thumbs over the top side edges of your panties as if you are about to take them off. That's great. Now, all of you gentlemen, please move out of the way so I can step back and get all of her in the photo." The men moved off to the sides of the room. "Okay, hunch over just a bit to thrust your breasts out, and give me a slight smile - no teeth."

Amy blushed as Garoni took several photos making only minor adjustments to her hair and her head position. He went over to Knoxx and the two of them looked through the photos. Finally, Knoxx said, "Yes, gentlemen, you can find one here to use on your poster. I will email them to you as soon as the meeting is over."

Knoxx continued, "Okay, once again I think we're done talking about the auction. If there are no other questions, you gentlemen can go now."

The girl in the white underpants merely nodded at the frat guys as they wandered out of the room. When the last one left and the office door was closed again, Knoxx said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, we will continue the meeting now. Please remove the panties and give them back to me." Amy sighed as she stepped out of the panties and handed them back to Knoxx by reaching over his desk. She returned to her assigned spot in front of his desk, and Garoni sat down on one of the folding chairs to her left.

Knoxx said, "Actually, there's not that much more to talk about." He pulled out a copy of Amy's schedule and looked it over before saying, "Mr. Garoni, I see that she will be posing for your photography club as soon as we finish here. I hope that you will provide her with at least a few snacks for her dinner?"

Garoni replied, "Yes, sir. Our club members are waiting in the hallway, and we've figured out dinner for Amy." He looked at his watch and said, "Dr. Knoxx, it's already 6:30 and our 2-hour slot with Amy was supposed to start at 6 o'clock and end at 8. Would it be okay if we still get our two hours starting right after this meeting?"

Without even looking at Amy, Knoxx said, "Yes, that will be fine. She will spend two hours with you. Now, do you want to tell us about your plans for this evening's photoshoot with her?"

Garoni, "Good, thank you for letting us have the full two hours. Actually, we don't have a firm plan, just dinner followed by a lot of photos of her at various spots around campus. We have some general ideas, but basically we were just going to wing it. And I don't want to delay the start of our two-hour slot, because that would cut into Amy's study time later this evening."

Knoxx didn't really like this answer, but he just said, "Okay, Mr. Garoni, we will look forward to seeing the results." He turned to Amy and said, "Miss Suzuki, I guess that we've already discussed the community service projects that you've been assigned for the day. Let's talk briefly about the rest of your day. Any issues that we should know about? Let's see, you had a Formal Logic exam this afternoon. How did that go?"

Amy was annoyed, because the two hours of the upcoming posing for photos would indeed cut into her study time for her Modern Journalism exam. But she knew that she couldn't complain about it. Instead, she just answered, "No, the rest of my day was routine. After art class, I was able to study for the Logic exam for a few hours, and I think I did pretty well on it. And I was able to start studying for my Modern Journalism exam tomorrow morning, and I'll work on that some more after I get back to the dorm."

"Well, that's good", Knoxx said. "So, I guess we're finished here, and she's all yours for the next two hours, Mr. Garoni. Let's see, since she's going to be nude for many of these photos, maybe I should just give you her panties now and let you decide when she can put them on. Okay?"

Garoni replied, "Actually, sir, why don't you give them to Amy to put on now, and then we'll figure out later when she should take them off?"

Knoxx said, "Well, okay." And he handed the off-white bikinis back to Amy who slid them on quickly. He continued, "All right. That's it for today. Good night, everyone, and I guess we'll have tomorrow's meeting in the Wytham lab, Miss Suzuki. See you then."

Amy grabbed her backpack and smiled at Garoni as he politely held the door open for her.

Chapter 57 - Penthouse Posing

When they got out into the hallway, Amy saw the dozen photo club members holding their cameras. They all kind of gathered in a circle. Just before Garoni started to say something, the door to Knoxx's office opened and he plus the 4 committee members came out into the hallway. Nothing was said, but the bare breasted girl just stared daggers at Knoxx who just smirked in return.

Garoni then said, "Okay, gang, let's get started. Amy, let's see it's now 6:40, and so we will plan to have you back at your dorm at 8:45. I am really sorry about the late start, but as you know, we didn't have much control over it. Now, let me introduce you to our members." And he went around the group of 10 guys and 2 girls telling Amy their names. She shook hands with each of them, but she couldn't remember all of the names, and she hadn't known any of them previously.

Garoni went on, "Now, Amy, this is an unusual situation for us. We really want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to take some very explicit photos of you, but I also want to make sure that the pictures aren't distributed willy-nilly around the Internet, because that wouldn't be fair to you once you've graduated and left Bancroft in a few days. So, I've done a couple of things. First, I've asked each of our members here to sign a statement saying that they will not publish or distribute these photos in any manner - that is, either hardcopy or electronically. We will study the pictures in our lab and then keep them there in hardcopy form only. Actually, we'll also show them to Chancellor Knoxx and his committee as part of our agreement with them, but I will not give them copies to keep. Second, tonight, we are shooting the old-fashioned way, that is, with film. Using film is very rare these days, and we're all looking forward to doing it the way the famous photographers of yester year did it, and then developing them in the lab. None of these guys and gals will use a digital camera tonight. Using film will reduce the chances of the pictures showing up on the Internet; it would certainly be possible to scan the hardcopies or the negatives, but those will be kept securely in our lab. I can't promise that we will also use film cameras on Sunday morning, but the signed statements will still be in effect. We'll discuss that some more on Sunday. That may have been a lot to take in. Do you understand? Any questions?"

Amy did understand, and she was pleased that Garoni seemed to be looking out for her interests to a certain extent. She smiled at him and at the other photographers and said, "So, you're going to try to prevent these photos from following me around, so to speak, for the rest of my life. Is that what you mean?"

Garoni nodded and said, "Yes, that's it exactly."

She continued to smile and said, "Thank you, very much, for that."

He smiled back at her and then continued, "Okay, good, we've got that settled. Now, as I said, these are going to be explicit pictures - more Penthouse than Playboy, if you get my drift."

Amy was a bit puzzled here, she knew that Penthouse and Playboy were men's magazines with photos of naked women. But she had never looked at Penthouse. And she had only looked at Playboy a couple of times. Once when see was about 10, she had found a copy of Playboy in her father's workshop, and she had seen several of the pictures before her father took it away from her. The other time was several months ago when she and her ex-boyfriend, Josh, had thumbed through a copy together prior to a lovemaking session; she had giggled as Josh compared her "special parts" as he called them to those of the girls in the magazine. From the way Garoni had worded it, she suspected Penthouse was more explicit than Playboy. But she didn't want to show her naïveté to this group, and she just nodded.

Garoni went on, "We're going to walk around campus and find locations that will be good backgrounds for pictures of you completely naked or with your panties on. We all have some ideas for some very erotic poses for you. And the setting sun will add a lot of interest to the pictures as well.

"Now, first we are going to get you a quick bite to eat at the Student Union cafeteria. Probably just a sandwich and soda, if that's enough for you. And we'll have you back outside as you eat and drink, and we'll take some photos of that, too. Okay?"

Amy nodded and said, "Yes, I'm hungry, and a sandwich and Coke would be nice."

As the group walked to the Union, they all chatted in a very friendly manner including Amy as well. She thought this seemed like a neat group of people.

Several of the group also bought snacks to eat, and Garoni paid for the whole thing. As they were leaving the cafeteria, Amy said, "Umm, Mr. Garoni, I'd like to use the restroom before we start. Okay?"

He replied, "Amy, please call me, Vince. And sure, we'll wait for you here."

One of the girls in the group, Jackie McIntyre, nodded at Garoni and said, "I think I'll go, too." Amy smiled at Jackie, and the two of them scooted down the hall to the ladies room. The group looked at the interesting contrast - one girl wearing only panties, the other wearing tight jeans, sneakers, and a Grateful Dead T-shirt.

As Amy did her business in the stall, she was somewhat surprised that Jackie stood by the sink and waited for her. When the nearly naked girl came out of the stall, Jackie said, "Umm, Amy, I'd like to take a couple of photos of you at the sink as you wash up. Okay?"

Amy hadn't expected the photos to start so soon, but she just nodded, walked to the sink, and said, "Okay."

Jackie said, "Good. Stand there, wash your hands, and look up to me in the mirror; I'll be off to the side a bit. Try not to block the view of your boobs too much." Amy followed her instructions and Jackie clicked a couple of photos.

Jackie said, "I think those were good. Now, same position, but slide your panties down to your knees and spread your legs just slightly. And I'm going to hold the camera up high so that I get your pussy and boobs in the mirror and your butt and panties from behind." Amy blushed, but she did as she was told. After Jackie adjusted Amy's panties just a bit, she clicked a couple of more pictures.

Jackie said, "Amy, those will be good. As Vince said, we're going to take some very explicit photos this evening. We haven't had such an opportunity at all this year. We did have a session with a nude model, but she wasn't as pretty as you, and she mostly covered her vagina. So, we really appreciate your being a model for us. Thanks." Amy pulled up her panties and just shrugged as the two girls walked out of the restroom and returned to the group.

Amy noticed that Garoni was on his cell phone. She didn't want to eavesdrop on the conversation, but she couldn't help but hear a couple of words that Garoni said. "Whiteside" and "Wakefield". Garoni folded up his phone, turned to the group, and said, "That was Dr. Knoxx. He had some suggestions for poses. We'll do them later in the evening. But now, let's get going while we still have the setting sunlight. Amy, let's go find a bench outside where that sunlight is good, and while you are eating your sandwich, we can take some photos. Oh, put on your backpack, and we'll take some photos of you as we're walking around looking for a bench. I'll carry your drink and sandwich bag."

As the group went outside, Amy slipped on the backpack. Garoni said, "Good, Amy. Now, grasp the straps near your shoulders and stick out your breasts a little bit as we walk. Yeah, that's it. Okay, you photogs, hurry out ahead of her down the path, and take some photos as she approaches and then passes you. And everyone, keep your eyes open for a good bench."

Amy felt very self-conscious as she walked along with all the cameras clicking away; she felt her nipples tighten just a little bit.

A little ways down the path, one of the guys said, "Hey, Vince. This looks like a good spot. What do you think?"

Garoni replied, "Yeah, Stu, it looks good." He turned to Amy and said, "Okay, Amy. We'll let you eat here. Let's see, we don't need your backpack or panties for these poses. So, please take them off and put them off to the side over there."

Amy was surprised at his nonchalant attitude about her removing her panties; he had kind of treated the words "backpack" and "panties" as if they were a couple of inconsequential items. Maybe the backpack was, but the panties were important to her. But she did as she was told. She slipped off her panties as everyone watched and put them on top of her backpack on the other side of the sidewalk. Then the nude girl turned and waited for further instructions.

Garoni held out the drink and wrapped sandwich for her and said, "Okay, come over here and straddle this stone bench. One leg over the back, the other over the front of the bench. And sort of twist to face the sidewalk a little bit. And then start munching and sipping."

Even though it had been a nice spring day, the stone bench was cool on her bare butt as she sat down as requested. She felt her pussy open up as she spread her legs. She put the food on the bench in front of her and glanced at Garoni. He nodded and she started eating her little dinner. He said, "Move your front leg back just a bit to let some more sunlight onto your front. Try not to block your boobs and vagina very much. Okay, gang, shoot away." The photographers spread out on the sidewalk and aimed their cameras at the nude girl from various angles. They clicked away for a couple of minutes as Amy took several bites and drinks.

Garoni finally said, "Good. Now, Amy, bring both feet to this side of the bench, and open your legs wide in a kind of exaggerated way. Continue to eat but keep your hands and arms up high near your face so that your front is completely exposed." Turning to the club members, he said, "Angela, Bob, kneel down in front of her and get some fairly close-up shots with the sun behind you. The rest of you, take some longer shots, possibly including shots of Angela and Bob as they take their photos. Amy, spread your legs a little wider; we want your pussy to be open."

Amy blushed but did as she was told, and she started eating her sandwich again. And the group took their photos.

After a few minutes, Garoni said, "Very nice, Amy. Nice job. Now, relax." He handed her the off-white panties and said, "Put these back on, sit there normally, and finish your dinner. We'll take some more photos while you're finishing up. How do you think it's going so far?"

As Amy was slipping on her panties, she kind of mumbled, "Okay, I guess. It's a weird experience, but I'm okay." She sat back down and casually finished eating.

After she finished, Garoni gathered all of them in a big circle around him and Amy. He said, "Okay, those poses were my ideas. Now, it's your turn. Each of you will get to put Amy in the pose of your choice. Don't be shy; we want explicit pictures and Chancellor Knoxx has provided us with this gorgeous model." He turned and smiled at Amy, who just nodded back at him. "Sylvester, you're first. Oh, and all of you, be sure to take advantage of the twilight. And William, why don't you carry and watch Amy's backpack til we finish? That way she won't have to worry about it along the way."

Sylvester's pose had Amy pull up her panties as high as she could so that they pulled tightly into her crease in both front and back. And then the other 11 photographers had their turns.

Angela: Amy lowered her panties to her knees and then Amy walked along the sidewalk as they took their photos.

Jerry: Without her panties, Amy leaned back on the bench stretching her long legs out provocatively and her strip of pubic hair was prominently displayed.

Bob: Amy sat on the edge of the bench with legs wide apart. The index finger of her left hand in her mouth, her right index finger in her pussy with sort of a you-caught-me look on her face.

Jackie: Naked Amy swung from a limb of a tree with her legs wide spread.

Hal: Amy bent over so that her long dark hair was brushing the ground. Her legs were wide spread so that her vulva and anus were in clear view from the rear.

Sidney: Amy stood, legs wide, spreading her pussy lips with her hands.

Roberto: In profile to the group, Amy lifted her breasts by holding her nipples.

Felix: Amy put on the panties, but not all the way. They were just below her pussy with a hand on each side as if she were just taking them off.

William: Amy took off the panties but left them on the ground at her feet. She bent over as if to pick them up.

Stu: Naked Amy bent over with hands on her knees as Hal pretended to swat her ass with a tree branch.

Gregg: With a submissive look on her face, Amy held out the panties as if handing them to Bob's outstretched hands.

By the time all of them had had their turn, Amy was almost shaking from embarrassment after all of the humiliating poses she'd done for the group. She didn't know exactly what time it was, but she really wanted this to be over. However, the sun hadn't quite set behind the nearby mountains yet, and that meant it wasn't even 8PM. She sighed as she slipped on her off-white panties and then stood there waiting for what would come next.

Garoni came over and said, "Okay, Amy. Nice poses. As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Knoxx has a suggestion. Actually, it was more than a suggestion. He wants you to re-create your streaking incident and subsequent apprehension with some enhancements. So, let's walk over to Kameron where you were streaking a couple of weeks ago."

Amy wondered what the word "enhancement" meant, but she just nodded.

Garoni said they were running short of time, and so he told the group to pick up the pace. Amy's breasts bounced attractively as she trotted along to keep up with the group; the males in the group stole lots of admiring looks at her as they hurried along.

It only took a few minutes to get to the quad near Kameron Hall, but by then the sun had set and darkness was setting in. Garoni said, "Okay, Amy. Let's have you run around the quad, and we'll have photographers near each lamp post that you pass, and we'll take our photos from there."

After the group had split into 4 groups and positioned themselves near the 4 lamp posts, Amy slipped off her panties, handed them to Garoni, and ran naked around the quad. As she passed each lamp post, she heard the cameras clicking away.

She was a little concerned that Knoxx might say this re-creation was an admission on her part that she had been nude during the original streaking incident. Ken Marriott, her lawyer, had told her never to admit that she had streaked naked, because the committee couldn't prove that she had. But she decided to take a chance and just do what Garoni wanted, and if Knoxx wanted to make an issue out of it, she'd get Marriott to help her fight that legal battle.

The naked girl was breathing somewhat hard as she pulled up next to Garoni. As the photographers were re-joining them, Garoni handed her the panties and Amy slid them back on. Then he said, "Good, Amy. Now, please show us where the campus cops caught you. They are on their way right now, and we'll take some photos of you and them."

Amy guided him behind the bushes near the corner of the building and said, "This is the spot."

Garoni frowned as he looked around. "It is really dark in here. I don't see how we'll be able to get pictures here. Oh, here come the cops now."

Amy looked up and saw Officers Sweeney and Olsen walking up. But they weren't wearing their usual uniforms. Usually the campus police wore casual outfits such as black pants and grey polo shorts, but tonight they were wearing full-fledged police outfits - white shirts with a black padded vest, caps, batons, and even guns in holsters. Amy had never seen campus cops dressed like that before.

Then she looked down and noticed that Olsen was carrying a suitcase. And it was the same suitcase that Whiteside had in art class this morning. And Amy knew what was in it - handcuffs and ball gags. She gasped a little bit as she realized what the word "enhancements" probably meant.

As they approached, Sweeney said, "Hello there, everyone, I'm Officer Sweeney, Tim Sweeney. And this is Officer Olsen, Scott Olsen. Chancellor Knoxx asked us to participate in this re-creation of Miss Suzuki's streaking and apprehension." The officers shook hands with everyone in the group including Amy.

Garoni said, "Thanks, guys, for coming. Amy has just finished doing the streaking part, and I guess, we can do the apprehension part now. Amy, as I understand it, it was Officer Olsen who found you back in here. Is that right?" Amy nodded. Garoni went on, "Okay, Officer Olsen, please describe what happened next, and we can figure out how to set up for the photos."

Olsen said, "Well, when I came up to her, I shined my light in her face and told her to stay where she was. Then, I shined my light over her body and saw that she was almost naked. She was wearing only her panties, like she is now, but they were not quite pulled all the way up. And they were a different color - flesh-toned rather than off-white like these."

Garoni responded, "Well, we don't have much choice except to use these panties. And it's much too dark back in here. So, let's do it out by the lamp post." And he led the group back out to the sidewalk and over to a nearby light. "This spot should work. Okay, Amy, lower your panties just a bit so that they're not quite all the way up, and Officer, shine your flashlight at her. And all of you photogs, get ready to shoot."

Amy blushed as she adjusted her panties down a little bit and stood there as Olsen shined the light in her face. The cameras clicked away as the cop looked down her body.

After a minute or so, Garoni asked, "What happened next?"

Olsen said, "I cuffed her hands behind her back."

Sweeney interjected, "Umm, this is where Chancellor Knoxx wants to change things a bit. He wants us to use these metal cuffs rather than the plastic ones that we usually use. And he wants us to also put ankle cuffs on her and to gag her tonight. I'm sorry about that, Miss Suzuki, but those are our instructions."

Amy bowed her head and quietly said, "I understand. Go ahead."

Olsen got out the handcuffs, and without being asked, Amy put her hands behind her back and let Olsen attach the cuffs. Olsen said, "Miss Suzuki, I'm very sorry, but could you please open your mouth and let me put on the ball gag?" Amy meekly complied, and Olsen put in the gag, tightened the strap, and then clicked the lock shut behind her head.

Garoni said, "What about the ankles?"

Olsen shook his head and said, "Not yet. The next thing I did was to slide off her panties." And he kneeled in front of the cuffed and gagged girl. Then, the photographers took their pictures as Olsen slowly slid the panties down Amy's long legs. She stepped out of the panties and stood there as they took photos of her naked with the panties at her feet.

One of the photographers, Hal, said, "We all got photos from the front, but I think some rear photos showing Officer Olsen's face as he's lowering the panties might be interesting. How about that?" Everyone except Amy thought that was a good idea, but she didn't have a vote in this, and naturally, she couldn't say anything anyway because of the gag in her mouth.

So, Olsen picked up the panties and held them out for Amy to step into. And then, he slid them back up her long legs and into position again. Tears of embarrassment were forming in Amy's eyes. Then with all of the photogs positioned behind, Olsen slowly slid the panties down Amy's legs again with the cameras clicking away.

Sweeney then stepped up and said, "Okay, now we can put on the ankle cuffs." He showed them to Amy and the group and went on, "There's a short hobble chain that will allow her to walk. And Miss Suzuki, I'm very sorry again, but the Chancellor told us to keep you like this for the rest of the photoshoot until we take you back to your dorm." A few tears ran down Amy's cheeks as Sweeney put the cuffs on her ankles.

Garoni then said, "Okay, let's go just over there to Wakefield Hall for the next part of the photoshoot. Dr. Knoxx suggested that we use the old security office in the basement of Wakefield rather than walking all the way over to the current security office."

Amy was relieved that she would only have to walk a few yards rather than almost half a mile in these cuffs. She had seen the door in Wakefield's basement marked "Security" when she had gone down to the ladies room between art class sessions, but she hadn't realized what that room was until now.

Garoni continued, "All right, let's have you two officers guide Amy on the walk over. One on each side of her holding an elbow. And we'll take photos along the way."

With a cop on each arm, the bound and gagged naked girl took her first tentative steps. The hobble chain restricted her steps to only a couple of feet, and the going was very, very slow.

It took the group about 5 minutes to walk the short distance to Wakefield Hall and up the steps into the building. But the difficult part for Amy was walking down the very narrow staircase into the basement. The stairs were made of brick and thus were very uneven. Officer Sweeney went ahead of her and Olsen was behind trying to help her down the stairs. But with Sweeney in front, there was little opportunity for the club members to take their photos of the nude girl struggling down the steps. So, Sweeney stepped out of the way and let Olsen hang onto Amy's bare shoulder while the photos were taken. They did this a couple of times on the flight of a dozen steps. Amy's breasts were thrust out, and she had a terrified look in her eyes. But eventually they made it to the bottom of the stairs and into the narrow hallway.

The old security office was located between the two restrooms, and Sweeney unlocked the door and guided the still scared girl into the room. It was a fairly good-sized space and there was plenty of room for all of the photographers to come in as well. There was a desk in the middle of the room and file cabinets lined the walls. And in the back corner was a small jail cell, about 6 feet by 10 feet with a bed.

Sweeney sat down behind the desk, and Olsen guided Amy to a spot in front of the desk. Olsen then stood beside her and held her elbow. Sweeney pretended to look up at Amy and ask her questions which she answered with only a shake or nod of her head. He then scribbled things on the pad of paper on the desk. The club members clicked away with their cameras.

Garoni then said, "Good job, Amy. And also to you two officers. Those will be great pictures." And he turned to his club and asked, "Do any of you have ideas for other pictures here? Remember, don't be shy. We want to take advantage of this great opportunity that Amy has provided us. Anybody?"

Angela tentatively said, "Umm, how about pictures of her in the cell? Maybe some standing and some sitting on the bed?" Everybody thought that was a good idea, and the cops led Amy into the cell and locked the gate. The naked girl stood a couple of feet back from the bars and peered out at the group as they took photos.

Garoni said, "Ah, very good, Amy. Now, go over and sit down on the bed, and keep that same look on your face." Amy waddled over and sat on the bed which had only a dusty mattress on it. Garoni continued, "And open your legs as far as you can. Yes, that's it." And the cameras clicked away. Finally, Garoni said, "Again, that was great, Amy. Now, what other ideas do any of you have?"

Sidney said, "How about her hanging from the ceiling? There are pipes up there that we could loop a rope over. We could attach the rope to her cuffs behind, or to her gag strap, or re-cuff her hands in front so that the rope would pull her arms way up."

Garoni exclaimed, "Excellent. Let's try each of those ways." And Sweeney unlocked the cell door and led Amy out to the middle of the room. Olsen and one of the photogs moved the desk out of the way.

Sidney tied the rope to the back of Amy's gag and tossed the rope over one of the pipes. Then he said, "Sorry, Amy, but I'm going to stretch you to your tiptoes." And he pulled the rope so that the naked, bound girl was stretched out.

Angela walked around Amy and said, "And I'm sorry, too. That mattress was very dusty, and you've got noticeable splotches of dust on your butt. I'm going to brush it off." And she whisked her hand across Amy's bare ass and then grabbed a nearby towel and wiped the butt clean. All Amy could do was to close her eyes.

Everyone stepped out of the way and the club photographers took several photos of Amy on her tiptoes. Sidney then loosened the rope and let Amy return to normal standing position but still gagged and cuffed. He then tied the rope behind her back to her handcuffs and pulled the rope tight again. Amy winced and let out a muffled yelp as her arms were pulled up from behind her. She was now bent over with her boobs dangling alluringly. Sidney asked her to look up as the group took their pictures.

Sidney then released the tension on the rope so that Amy could stand up again. He untied the rope and asked the security officers, "Let's unlock the cuffs so that we can bring her hands and arms around in front."

Sweeney and Olsen looked at each other. Sweeney said, "Go ahead, Scott, undo the cuffs."

But Olsen said, "But, boss, I don't have the key. I thought you did."

But Sweeney just shook his head and said, "Oh, it must be in the suitcase." And he pulled all of the other chains and cuffs out of the bag, but the key wasn't there. "Oh dear, what have we done? We can't unlock her!"

On hearing this, Amy's eyes widened in terror, and she starting thrashing about and yelling behind her gag.

Garoni was alarmed, too, and he came up hugged the naked girl. Amy was now crying and she buried her head in his shoulder. Garoni said, "Officers, please do something. Didn't you borrow this stuff from Dr. Whiteside? Please call her and ask where the key is located."

Sweeney immediately pulled out his cell phone and called Whiteside's number which was on the suitcase tag. Amy was still crying as the cop explained to Whiteside what had happened. Whiteside said the key was in the suitcase somewhere, probably in one of the outside pockets. Sweeney put down the phone and he and Olsen started going through all of the suitcase pockets, inside and out. And eventually Olsen said, "Hey, here it is. It was stuck in the corner of this front pocket. Whew, that's a relief." And as Sweeney hung up his phone, Olsen unlocked Amy's handcuffs. He then brought her arms around to her front and re-connected the cuffs.

Amy was still sniffling as Sidney tied the rope to the cuffs again. He then pulled the rope tight so that the naked girl's arms were straight above her head. And he had her stand on tiptoes again so that her breasts were almost flat now. Her two nipples and the strip of dark pubic hair were the most prominent things on her now flat torso. The group took several photos, and then he had Amy spread her legs as far apart as she could; he re-adjusted the rope tension to accommodate this. And the club took more pictures.

Finally, Sidney unhooked the rope and let Amy stand normally again. She was relieved that her hands were now cuffed in front rather than in back, and she stretched her arms and legs as much as possible.

Garoni came up, put an arm around Amy's shoulder, and gave her a comforting pat. He said to the group, "Okay, we've still got a few more minutes. Any other ideas?"

Hesitantly, Felix said, "I've got one. The men's restroom next door has cracked fixtures and peeling paint on cinder block walls in it. How about if we have Amy stand in front of one of those old urinals as if she's trying to pee standing up? Kind of gross, but you told us not to be shy."

Garoni smiled and said, "Yep, I did. So, Amy, let's go do this one last pose, and then we'll get you home."

Sweeney said, "Oh, I think we should cuff her hands behind her again. That's what Chancellor Knoxx expects, and it will probably make for better photos, too." Everyone except Amy nodded their agreement, and Sweeney unlocked the cuffs and then re-did Amy's hands behind her back.

The entire group then trooped into the men's restroom. Amy stumbled on the slightly uneven stone floor as Garoni led her over in front of one of the urinals hanging from the wall. Felix then said, "Sorry about this, Amy. Move in close and spread your legs as far as you can." The naked and bound young woman started to cry again, but she did as instructed. She stood there as if trying to pee while the photographers took turns shooting from behind and from the sides.

As they finished, Felix again hesitantly said, "Umm, since we're here, maybe we can do a pose with Amy sitting on a toilet?"

Garoni frowned and said, "We're running short of time, but if Amy really needs to use the toilet, we can let her do that and take some photos at the same time. Amy, do you need to pee?" Amy was looking down at the floor, and she just shook her head. Garoni then said, "Sorry, Felix, but we're finished here for this evening. Okay, let's take Amy back to her dorm. But all of you are welcome to take pictures along the way."

With that, the nude and hobbled girl was escorted out of the bathroom, up the stairs, and out to the front steps of Wakefield Hall. She stumbled several times, but the two security guys helped her as several photos were taken. Now, Amy was out in public in this humiliating condition; several passers-by stared at her as she was helped down the steps to the SUV marked "Campus Police".

Sweeney said, "We're going to put you in back, and we'll let one of the photographers sit back there, too, to take some more pictures." He opened the door for the bound and gagged girl and said, "Get in."

With her hands cuffed behind her and her legs restricted with the hobble chain, Amy couldn't see how she could step up into the big vehicle, but she tried. As the cameras clicked, Amy tried to raise one knee onto the carpeted floor, but it was too high for her, and she almost fell to the ground, but the cops grabbed her. She tried again by leaning her chest into the vehicle, but the only thing that did was to provide some graphic views of her bare ass for the photographers. So, with tears in her eyes, she stood back on the sidewalk, looked pleadingly at the cops, and shook her head. Reluctantly, Sweeney unlocked the handcuffs, and the naked girl was able to struggle her way into the car. As soon as she was seated, Sweeney quickly reached behind the naked girl and re-locked the cuffs.

William tossed the backpack into the vehicle and then climbed into the back seat beside Amy. The police vehicle led the little caravan of cars over to Blankenship Hall. William took several photos of Amy along the way; her breasts were charmingly thrust out and he focused on her dark brown nipples for most of his shots. It was 8:40 PM when they arrived at the front door. The security guys waited as the photographers went ahead of them into the dorm lobby, and then they helped Amy down out of the SUV. Sweeney was holding her left elbow, Olsen her right as they led her into the crowded lobby.

There was the usual crowd of guys and a few girls sitting on the couches talking, but they stopped and gaped at the spectacle of the nude gagged girl with her hands and feet cuffed. Amy stood there with her head down as they all got up and gathered around. And the club members clicked their last batch of photos for the evening.

Finally, Garoni raised his hands and said, "Okay, everyone. That's enough. It's 8:45 and we promised Amy that we'd be done. So, that's it." He turned to Sweeney and said, "Okay, Officer, please undo her and we'll let her get back to her room."

Sweeney knelt down in front of Amy, and she felt his hair brush her pussy as he reached down to unhook the ankle cuffs. Then, he circled around behind her and undid the gag and the handcuffs. Amy stretched her arms and mouth, and then she smiled wanly at him and quietly said, "Thanks."

Garoni stepped up and said, "Well, Amy, it's us who should be thanking you for posing for us tonight." He looked around the group and said, "I think we all benefited from it, didn't we?" They all smiled broadly and agreed with him.

Amy was numb as she stood there shaking hands with all of the club members. Garoni said, "Thanks again, Amy, and we'll see you on Sunday morning. Good luck on your exam tomorrow." The naked girl shakily raised her hand and gave them a soft wave as they left.

Sweeney then reached in his pocket, pulled out her panties, and handed them to her. And he said, "Miss Suzuki, I'm sure this was difficult for you, and I'm very sorry about it. But Officer Olsen and I were just following orders tonight. I hope you understand. Have a nice evening, and good bye."

And as she limply shook his hand, she mumbled, "Yes, I understand. Good bye."

Then, still completely naked, she turned and walked down the hall. She barely acknowledged the girls who said hello as she passed them in the hall on the way to the side stairway. Her panties were balled up in one hand, and she carried her backpack in the other hand as she trudged up the stairs to the fourth floor.

She opened the door and stepped into her room. But she stopped in the little alcove and leaned back against the door. Then she heard Linda say, "Amy, is that you?" All Amy could do was to whisper, "Yeah, it's me."

Linda jumped up from her desk and came over to Amy. She looked at her naked friend and saw the haggard look on Amy's face. She said, "Are you okay? Where are your panties?"

Amy raised her hand a little bit to show Linda her panties, and then she let them drop to the floor along with her backpack from the other hand. Amy just shook her head and quietly said, "No, Lindy, I'm not okay." Then she burst out crying and wrapped her arms around her good friend.

Linda completed the hug, and she let Amy sob into her shoulder and her fluffy sweater. After several seconds, she led the naked sobbing girl over to her bed where they both sat down. For a couple of minutes, nothing was said as Amy continued to cry. Finally, Linda said, "Hey, Sooz, do you want to talk about it? I'm here, and you're home now." She handed Amy a handful of tissues.

Amy dried her eyes and said to her friend, "Oh, Lindy, it was so awful."

Linda said, "Were they mean to you? What did they do?"

Amy shook her head and said, "No, and that's kind of what made it so bad. They were really, really nice to me. They were polite and friendly even apologetic, but they had me do these degrading poses." And she went on the describe several of them and then the time being bound and gagged in the old security office. Linda just listened and held her friend's hand as Amy talked.

After Amy finished, they just sat there quietly for a few more minutes. Then, Linda got up, went over to the door, picked up Amy's panties, and came back to the bed. She said, "Amy, it's all over now. And you know, you've got a final exam tomorrow. Here, put these back on, and try to hit the books. This will be your final final, so to speak; the last exam of your college life, and you want to do well at it. Right?"

Amy looked up, smiled at her best friend, and said "Yep, you're right. I need to study. Thanks for letting me talk. You are a dear friend." Amy slipped on her off-white panties, hugged her friend, and got out her Modern Journalism notes and textbook.

Chapter 58 - Amy the Deceiver

Before going to bed, Amy dashed off the diary entry and the panty one-sheet for the day. Then, she looked at the calendar and realized that she hadn't crossed off the last few days, and with a flourish, she put a big X across the squares on the calendar.

Next, she made two brief phone calls. First, to her parents and then to her brother. She just kept the conversations light and said she was doing okay.

After Amy closed the phone and was about to turn off the light, Linda said, "Amy, I couldn't help but overhear what you said to them, and it seems to me that you're not telling them everything. You are soft-pedaling this whole thing with them. You didn't tell them about the degrading things you had to do tonight; you just said you were doing some more posing. Sorry for being nosey, but why not be more open with them?"

Amy was a bit taken aback by this, but replied, "I don't want them to worry about me. That's all."

Linda persisted, "But, Sooz, those people love you more than anything in the world, and they're already worrying about you. It seems to me that they'd help you more if you told them more."

"How are they going to help me?", Amy said in an annoyed tone. "Is Jason going to come up here from Cornell and beat the shit out of Knoxx? Is my Dad going to sue the university for a billion bucks? Actually, now that I think of it, Jase is at home in Warwick right now, but you know what I mean. Anyway, they're not going to do that, and it wouldn't help."

"No, that's not what I mean", Linda said. "They can do it remotely on the phone or email or even handwritten notes by snail mail. Giving you emotional support. Providing specific ideas on how to deal with stressful situations. Praying for you."

Amy said, "Well, I see what you're saying, but you know that we're not a very religious family even though we are very close-knit."

Linda replied, "But remember that conversation we had about prayer last year? You said that you thought the only time praying actually worked is if the person being prayed for knew that the people on the other end were actually praying so that there was an emotional connection between the sender and receiver. I didn't say that very well, but that's the general idea."

Amy replied, "Again, I see what you're saying, but . . ."

Linda interrupted her saying, "And, anyway, Sooz, I'm worried about you even if you don't want me to worry. You're struggling, Sooz, and you can use all the help you can get. And your folks and brother could help."

Amy replied testily, "Struggling? What the hell does that mean? I'm absolutely determined to get that degree and diploma that I deserve. I don't call that 'struggling'."

"Look, Sooz", Linda went on, "I admire your determination. But let me explain. We've been roommates for three years now, and up til a few weeks ago, I think I saw you cry only a couple of times. But how many times have you broken down sobbing the last three weeks? I've seen several of the episodes myself including a couple of hours ago, and I suspect you've had other private cries as well. So, I see that this nudity thing is taking a toll on you, and I'm concerned that it is going to affect you psychologically somehow in the years to come."

Amy softened her tone, "Oh, Lindy, you bet it has taken a toll on me, but I've got to get through these last few days before I worry about the years ahead. I'm not sure that crying has helped, but it's my natural reaction to a difficult situation, and there have been plenty of difficult situations to deal with."

Linda sighed and said, "Please, Amy, just think about." And they sat in silence for almost a minute without saying anything.

Then, Amy gave Linda a stern look and said, "Look, Lindy, let's just agree to disagree about this. I know the people on both sides of this, that is, the senders and receiver as you call us, better than anybody else in the world, and I just think it's better not to tell them everything. Okay?"

It was now Linda's turn to be taken aback, and she just said, "Well, okay, Amy."

They each sat on the edge of their beds looking at each other for several seconds, and then Amy smiled and said, "Lindy, I don't want to end this serious conversation on such a somber note, and I could sure use another friendly hug before going to bed. Please?"

They each hopped to their feet and hugged in the middle of the room. As they were unclenching, Linda said, "You know, I'm really getting to like the feel of your boobs against mine with all these hugs. Are you trying to turn me into a lesbian?"

Amy smirked and said, "You know I love you, girl, but your cock just isn't long enough for my tastes!"

And they both fell back on their respective beds roaring with laughter, and they continued to chuckle after turning off the lights and as they fell off to sleep.

May 17, Thursday

Chapter 59 - More Posing

As she walked into Wakefield Hall in the morning, Amy was feeling much better after getting a solid six and a half hours of sleep. The night before, she had studied hard for the journalism exam, and she was certain that she knew the material thoroughly.

She walked into the studio classroom several minutes early, and she smiled with surprise when she saw Eva sitting on the edge of the platform. Amy quickly took off her panties, hung them on the hook, scampered up the aisle, and sat down next to Eva. The two beautiful naked girls briefly hugged and then started talking about their exams. Amy was so engrossed in the small talk that it was a few moments before she realized that she had crossed her legs and had her arms folded across her chest. She hoped that none of Knoxx's spies had noticed, and she quickly dropped her arms and spread her legs wide enough that her pussy was clearly visible to the students who were filing in.

As the 8 o'clock bell rang and Professor Whiteside came up on the platform, the two nudes got to their feet and stood one on each side of the instructor. Whiteside patted each of them on their bare butts saying, "Good morning, ladies. And good morning, class." She looked at Eva and said, "Nice to have you back, Eva. I hope you did well on your final exams the last two mornings." Eva just nodded.

Whiteside continued, "Well, today we are going to continue with poses inspired by things from nature and from everyday human activities. I've been wanting to do the 'picking the fruit' pose that we talked about, and so, let's do that one now. We'll switch off between you two pretty girls. Let's start with Eva being the fruit and Amy the picker. Amy, go pick up the ladder from the back of the platform and set it up here in front."

After Amy set up the ladder, Whiteside said, "Okay, good. Now, Eva, climb up several steps on the ladder and hang over so that your boobs are kind of like hanging fruit." Eva obediently complied and bent over so that her tummy was resting on the top step and her breasts were dangling down in front of her. Whiteside had Eva put her arms out at different angles as if to simulate tree limbs. Whiteside then said, "Now, Amy, come over here in front of the ladder and reach up with one hand towards one of Eva's boobs as if it were a melon hanging on the tree. Don't actually touch her; just reach up with an open hand and wide spread fingers. And turn so that the class gets a nice view of the front of your pretty body." Amy blushed, but she did as she was told.

Whiteside said, "All right, class, sketch away. But don't draw the ladder; just kind of flow Eva's butt and legs into a tree trunk outline. But we do want Eva's breasts to be prominent as well as Amy's body. Ladies, hold that pose for 10 minutes and then we'll switch."

Their arms were getting tired, but the two nude girls managed to hold their positions for the next 10 minutes. Whiteside then said, "Okay, you two can rest for a just a minute. And then I want Amy up on the ladder and Eva reaching up from below. Since Amy's nipples are a nice dark color, let's pretend that they are cherries, and Eva, I want your fingers very close to her tits as if plucking a ripe cherry from the tree." Again, both girls blushed, but they followed the instructions. During the next several minutes, Amy flinched a couple of times when Eva accidentally brushed her nipple with a finger tip.

Finally, Whiteside returned to the stage and said, "Very good, ladies. You can rest for a moment while I describe the next pose." She paused for a moment and then went on, "Now, all of you have scissors around the house, and the human body can simulate scissors in a couple of different ways - that is, with arms or with legs." She bent down in front of Amy and Eva, and she continued, "We're going to use these pretty long legs today." And she dragged a finger tip of each hand up the inside of a bare leg of each girl - from ankle almost to the pussy. The two nudes quivered but held their position.

Whiteside said, "Okay, Eva, we'll start with you lying on your back, knees up, feet spread about a foot and a half. Profile to the class. And then raise your butt up in the air. This is a position that I use each night for one of my daily back exercises." Eva lay down and took the position with the instructor making slight changes. Eva's bare pubic mound was now prominently displayed.

Whiteside went on, "Amy, I want you lying on the floor on your side, facing the class with your feet between Eva's legs." Amy was puzzled, but she took the position. Whiteside went on, "Okay, scoot in and raise your right leg. That's it. Put your left foot as far under Eva's butt and back as possible. Now raise and lower your right leg as if it were a scissor blade. Eva's slit will be like the start of the cut in the paper." Amy's cunt was now wide open to the full view of the class, and Whiteside said, "Very good. Amy, scissor your leg up and down for the next 5 minutes, and then we'll switch and let Eva be the scissors. Please start drawing, class."

After the 5 minutes, they made the switch so that Amy's pubic strip was conspicuously displayed on her raised pubic mound and Eva's leg was raised. The two nudes held the assigned position for only a couple of minutes before Whiteside came back up on stage and said, "Well, class, I'm sorry, but I just don't think this pose is working. N'est pas? It's kind of sexy, but I don't think it's quite right." She turned to Amy and Eva and said, "Ladies, you can rest now. I apologize for putting you in an unnecessary pose." The two naked girls got to their feet and stretched their limbs while Whiteside started describing the next pose.

She said, "I think this one will work better. It was suggested by Juanita Vasquez who is from Tucson." She pointed out Vasquez in the back row of easels. Whiteside went on, "We're going to have Amy and Eva pose as cactuses. Sorry, maybe the correct word is cacti? At any rate, we'll let Eva be a saguaro and Amy be an organ pipe cactus. Eva, please stand here facing the class and raise your arms just a little bit with your elbows bent and your fingers splayed just a bit as if simulating a cactus flower." Eva took the position and the instructor adjusted her arms a little bit. Whiteside turned to Amy and said, "Okay, you're a little taller; so, you'll make a good organ pipe cactus. Raise your arms straight up, well maybe out at just a bit of an angle. And turn around so that your butt is facing the class. Okay, we've got about 20 minutes of class left. So, in 10 minutes, we'll give you a chance to rest and then switch you. Class, please start sketching. Think of Eva's pussy as an opening for a bird nest; maybe you might want to sketch in a tiny bird down there."

The rest of the class session passed slowly for the two girls with their arms raised. And they were both thankful when the bell rang. They silently smiled at each other, and then Eva left.

Amy stretched her arms for a couple of minutes and then made the trip down to the ladies room in the basement. She shuddered as she passed the door to the men's room and the old security office remembering the humiliating time she had spent down there the night before. There were a couple of women already standing in the narrow hallway; she just nodded at them as she joined them in the short line. Fortunately, the door opened quickly and two women came out of the restroom freeing up the two stalls for the other two women in line. Since there wasn't really much room to wait in the restroom itself, naked Amy just stood in the hallway. A couple of guys came down the stairs and paused to look at the nude beauty before going into the men's room. Amy shifted uncomfortably as she really needed to pee before the next class session and time was running out. But one of the women came and Amy scooted into the stall to do her business. She got back to the stage in the classroom just before the 9 o'clock bell rang.

Whiteside gave Amy a silent look of concern as if to say "you cut that rather close" as she came back up to address the class. "Good morning, everyone. As you can see, we're back to just one model." She glanced down at Craig Massaro and said, "Craig, all of us ladies wish to thank you again for posing yesterday. Now, you can go back to just being an artist today and sketching this gorgeous naked lady." Massaro blushed, tentatively lifted his hand, waved briefly to the class, and then nodded at Whiteside.

Whiteside went on, "And yesterday's poses reminded me of the wonderful contrasts between the human female form and the male form. So, we're going to continue that today. Sorry, ladies, no more nude males, but I do want to contrast Amy's gorgeous naked form against clothed males from the class. So all of you guys out there, please be prepared to come up when I ask you to. I won't expect you to do the drawing for those poses that you're part of. So, for the first pose, I want a football quarterback. Let's see, how about you, Jason Bradley? Please come on up here. Oh, Amy, please go get a football from the props cabinet."

Amy made a quick trip to the back of the room to get the football, and she handed it to Whiteside as she returned to the platform. Whiteside said, "Okay, Amy, you are going to be the center who will hike the ball to Mr. Bradley. I think both of you know what that position is like. I want you in profile to the class so that they can see Amy's swaying boobs and the quarterback's hands waiting for the ball."

Amy blushed as she re-took the football from the instructor, bent down in a hiking position with her two hands on the resting football. Whiteside came up and pinned up Amy's hair so that it wouldn't block any views. And Amy flinched when she felt Brock's hands between her legs; his left hand was touching her pussy lips and she could feel the tips of the fingers of his widely spread right hand against the inside of her legs.

Just then, Amy thought of her brother, also named Jason, who had been a quarterback in high school. What if it had been her own brother with his hands lightly touching her very private parts? She quivered slightly at the thought and felt her breasts jiggle beneath her. As her eyes started to water at the embarrassing thought, she heard Whiteside ask, "Amy, are you okay? What's wrong?" The nude girl meekly responded, "Nothing, just a brief chill."

Whiteside said, "Okay. Oh, Amy, don't look down; look up, straight ahead. And why don't you do a couple of practice hikes so that you and Jason can get the feel of the situation?" Hesitantly, Amy hiked the ball between her bare legs and into Bradley's hands. His hands brushed against her pussy and asshole as he took the ball and pulled back as if to pass. Whiteside had them resume the stance, and they repeated the practice hike; this time Whiteside told Amy to stand up and cross her arms as if blocking an oncoming defensive player.

The instructor then said, "Okay, good. You've got the feel for the pose now. So, let's hold that for the next 15 minutes or so. We'll pause a couple of times to let you both rest and stretch."

By the time the 15 minutes were up, Amy was getting turned on by the slight touches on her pussy, and she felt her juices just starting to flow. And she knew that Bradley's hands were getting a bit damp. As they finished, they smiled wanly at each other, and Amy saw him wipe his hands on his jeans.

But Amy was still deeply embarrassed about thinking of her brother's hands between her naked legs like Bradley's had just been. Her brother had never touched her sexually. In fact, they had never "played doctor" like so many kids had done, and she couldn't really remember the last time that he had seen her naked; it was probably when their mother had them share a bath when she was only about 5 years old and Jason was 3 at the time. Amy could understand the coincidence of having a quarterback named Jason in this pose, but it still troubled her that she would think such a humiliating idea about her loving brother. She had talked to her brother a few times in the last two weeks including last night, but she had not told him about all of the shaming experiences that she had gone through; she might tell him sometime, but not now. She didn't want her "little" brother to know how badly his "big" sister was behaving.

Before Bradley could leave the platform, Whiteside asked him, "Oh, Jason, please help Amy carry up one of those big folding tables." And so the clothed quarterback and the naked snapper walked to the back of the room and brought up one of the long tables. Whiteside said, "Okay, good. Thanks, Jason. Now, Amy, please set this up and put 3 folding chairs behind it. I'll get a nice looking table cloth to cover this thing." And Amy struggled to unfold the legs and tip up the table. Then, she got three folding chairs and set them up as Whiteside had asked behind the table. She was wondering what the instructor had in mind.

Whiteside was carrying some black clothing and she said, "Okay, now let's see. Mister Culbertson, Mister Workman, and Mister Jacobs, please come up here." The three guys, Matt Culbertson, Bob Workman, and Steve Jacobs, came up and stood next to Amy. Whiteside then held out the garments and said, "Gentlemen, please put on these robes, and then put on your best judicial faces, because you're going to be a panel of judges in the next pose. Please be seated with Steve in the middle. Amy, please stand in front of the table, back about 3 feet or so." They all took their assigned spots, and Whiteside continued, "All right. Amy, please loosely clasp your hands behind your butt and then tilt your head down just a bit as if looking penitent. And Steve, I want you pointing and looking right at her pussy. Amy blushed again as she stood there with Jacobs's finger pointing at her pubic area. Finally, Whiteside said, "Good. Now, hold that for the next 15 minutes or so."

Even though this was an embarrassing pose for her, it was an easy one for Amy, and she patiently held still while the class sketched the scene.

After they finished, Amy quickly folded up the table and chairs; Bob Workman helped her carry them to the storage area at the back of the room. And then the naked girl returned to the stage and stood next to Whiteside who said, "Okay, for the day's last pose, I want the other 8 guys who haven't been up here yet today to come up and join us. This is going to be naked Amy surrounded by 8 fully clothed males." Amy blushed, but she had to admit that she was intrigued by this idea for a pose.

Whiteside led the naked girl to the middle of the stage and said, "Okay. Let's see now, who's the tallest here? Ah, you two, one of you behind her left shoulder, the other her right shoulder. And I want the two shortest guys standing at each side of her, maybe back just a few inches. And then you 4 average guys, I want two of you kneeling in front of the two standing guys and the other two lying on your side on the ground with your heads in front of her feet facing the class."

Whiteside made the adjustments including swapping a couple of the guys. Then she said, "You four lowest ones, I want you pointing at Amy's pussy. Get your fingers within a couple of inches of that special spot; it's okay if you touch her thighs, but don't actually touch her vulva." Each of the four guys reached out an index finger and pointed. Whiteside made the adjustments and then she continued, "And you top four, I want you pointing at her nipples. The guys in back can reach over her shoulders. I want your finger resting on her breast about an inch from the areola." Amy shivered at their touch as Whiteside made the final adjustments.

The nude girl was now completely surrounded by these 8 guys who were pointing at her tits and pussy. Whiteside said, "Okay, class, get sketching. With 9 people in the drawing, I understand that this is going to be a challenge. But give it your best effort."

As the minutes passed, the light touches of their fingers on her skin got Amy a little bit aroused, and she could feel the dampness returning between her legs and her nipples stiffening up. She briefly closed her eyes in an effort to lower her arousal, but Whiteside said, "Amy, keep your eyes open."

They held the pose until the bell rang at 10 minutes before the hour. Each of the 8 guys shook hands with Amy, but she knew that she couldn't linger. She excused herself, waved to Dr. Whiteside, slipped on her panties, and left.

She had no trouble making it to Becker Hall in time for the journalism exam. And she found the exam to be pretty easy. She was thankful for the opportunity to use her brain for a couple of hours instead of her naked body.

Chapter 60 - Good Golly, That's My G-Spot

Last night, Amy had received an email message from Dr. Beaupre saying that he would pick her up at the same spot as the previous Thursday and that they would provide her with lunch before the experiments began. She had smiled at his email signature line which read "Go Red Sox, beat the f*&@^ng Yankees!!!"

But now as she stood on the street corner waiting for his white Buick to arrive, she realized that she had mixed emotions.

On the one hand, she was feeling good because she had just finished her last final exam of her college career, and she thought she had done very well on it. Also, she smiled, because she would soon be able to talk baseball for a few minutes with the nice Dr. Beaupre.

But she also noticed that she was involuntarily adjusting her panties which had bunched up in her crease while sitting for almost 2 hours as she took the exam, and she was aware of the lunch time crowd smirking at her as she smoothed out her only piece of clothing. And so she was back to using her body rather than her brain; she was very apprehensive about the upcoming hours of experiments at Wytham.

She stood on the curb waiting for Beaupre to arrive. She remembered the embarrassing incident with the city policeman, and she made certain this time to remain on the campus side of the street. She hoped that Beaupre would arrive from the correct direction so that she would not have to cross the street's centerline into the city's jurisdiction. After a couple of minutes, she heard a short horn beep and saw the Buick arriving on her left. She was glad to get in the car and hide her breasts from the view of the crowd which had been gathering as she waited.

As she got in, Beaupre said, "Hi, Amy, how are you doing today? How was your exam?"

She smiled at him, and they spent a minute or so small talking about her exam as he drove away. She was still nervous about what was going to happen to her the rest of the day, but she also wanted to talk about her favorite sport with this pleasant man. She said to him, "I really liked your signature line on your email last night. When I saw it, I realized that I hadn't heard how the Bosox did in yesterday's game. And I was elated when I saw on the MLB web site that we did beat the fucking Yanks. Oh, please excuse my language, but I really despise the Yankees." And then they spent the rest of the 5 minute journey happily discussing and dissecting the 3-1 Boston victory.

They continued to talk about baseball as they walked into the aging building, and they paused at his office door to let her take off her panties and hang them on the hook. This briefly stopped the friendly conversation as the now totally naked girl and the nattily dressed man entered his outer office. They opened the door to find the group of researchers already gathered around the big table and just beginning to eat lunch. Even though she had been naked around all of these men before, Amy was still embarrassed as they all looked at her; she had to fight off the impulse to cover herself up. She and Beaupre took the last two seats at the table.

She smiled and quietly said hello to everyone. Then she grabbed a paper plate, and took a small sandwich from the pile on the platter. Beaupre resumed talking about baseball, and the group chimed in with their opinions.

About 15 minutes later, Beaupre said, "Okay, gang. Let's get going with the experiment. Oh, I forgot to mention that Chancellor Knoxx and a few other 'higher ups' will be joining us later. Originally, they were going to be here for lunch and then spend the afternoon, but he called this morning and said they would stop by later this afternoon. So, let's get on down to Cajun."

Amy hesitantly stood up with the rest of the group. She was actually glad that Knoxx hadn't been here for lunch, but she was still dreading the experiments and then the committee's visit to observe her. And she wondered why Beaupre didn't say anything about the Norwegian researchers. Had that part of this afternoon's plans been changed, too?

She just quietly followed the group out the door and into the hallway. The group of men in their white lab coats surrounded the single naked girl. She glanced briefly at her panties hanging on the hook in the hallway; she knew that she wouldn't be seeing them for the next several hours.

In the lab, Amy submissively walked up onto the little platform and just stood there, arms at her sides, as she awaited instructions. After a few moments, the others had taken their posts, the interns at the console and Beaupre and LaSalle next to her on the platform. Beaupre said, "Okay, Amy, as you know, we're going to continue with our single point stimulation experiments, and today the single point will be your G-spot." She briefly nodded at him and then looked down between her bare breasts at her feet. He went on, "The overall setup will be like we did last week with the clitoris experiment; that is, you'll be seated in this special chair, and we'll attach the sensors to various parts of your body. And we'll need to strap you down again so you don't hurt yourself from involuntary movement. All right, please have a seat."

Amy reluctantly sat down in the strange chair with her butt right over the opening. She put her wrists in the cuffs expecting someone to hook them tightly, but Beaupre said, "Oh, Amy. We're going to do some prep work first, and we don't need the cuffs or sensors for that. Please just relax." Amy was relieved and just shifted her butt to a slightly more comfortable position.

Beaupre continued, "Amy, every woman has a G-spot in her vagina, but it's not in precisely the same place in each woman. So, we need to find exactly where your G-spot is. We could do this with some instruments, but we think using a finger is a better technique. So, please spread your legs wide and let Dr. LaSalle insert his finger into your vagina and move it around a little bit a couple of inches up on the front wall. And we are going to ask you to tell us when he has touched the right spot. Understand?"

Amy was stunned, but she just said, "Okay." She spread her legs wide and then squirmed as she felt him spread her pussy lips and stick his index finger into her opening. She felt his finger moving up and down and then a little bit side to side, and after a moment, she gasped, "Ahh. That's it."

LaSalle said, "Good. Now, just to be certain, let me start from scratch." And he pulled his finger out, wiped it off, and then slid it back into her again. He went right to the same spot, and Amy's eyes widened as she confirmed, "Yes, that's the spot." He held his finger on the spot, and Beaupre joined the fray between her legs with a magic marker to mark a spot on LaSalle's finger where it just entered her pussy lips.

LaSalle held up his finger for Amy and said, "See, the mark just below the second knuckle. That shows that your G-spot is almost two inches from the opening. Now, what we need to do is to attach a tiny stimulating nub to this dildo in just the right spot." And she gasped as she saw the size of the large dildo that he picked up from the nearby table. He went on, "Since we know your vaginal depth is eight inches, we need to have a dildo at least that long; this one is nine inches. We're going to insert this all the way into you and make a similar mark on it. And then using that mark and the one on my finger, we'll know where to attach the stimulating nub. Ready?"

She looked down at her nipples and saw that they were already erect, and it almost felt like they were twitching. But she looked at the man and said, "Yeah, go ahead."

LaSalle again spread her pussy lips with one hand, and then slowly slid the long lubricated dildo into her. She breathed heavily as the phallus worked its way to its maximum depth. She closed her eyes, but she felt Beaupre's hand come in and draw the mark on the phallus. And she continued the heavy breathing as LaSalle removed the dildo.

She still had her eyes closed when LaSalle said, "That was good, Amy. But just to be sure, we need to do that again." She just nodded as best she could, and she felt it slide in all the way again. And after Beaupre said that the mark was in the right spot, she gasped as it was slid a bit too quickly out of her.

Beaupre said, "All right, Amy, do you want to take a break now? We need to spend a few minutes attaching the nub and setting up the equipment. Maybe you want to use the restroom before we start?"

Amy quietly said, "Yes, I would." And she wobbily got up from the chair. Beaupre held her elbow for a few seconds until she said, "Thanks. I'm okay now." And the naked girl slowly walked out the door and down the hall to the ladies room.

She was the only person in the restroom, and she stood looking at herself in the mirror. She was still breathing somewhat heavily, and she lightly touched her nipples - they were still rock hard. And she felt the dampness in her pussy just beginning to trickle down her leg. She whispered out loud, "I'm already turned on, and they hadn't even started doing the experiments yet! All of this came just from the preparation."

She used the toilet and then cleaned herself up as best she could. One last long glance at her naked body in the mirror, and then she sighed and returned to the lab.

They all smiled at her as she climbed the two steps onto the platform. Beaupre said, "Please have a seat, and Logan will do the setup."

She hesitatingly sat down and let the nerdy intern attach her wrists to the cuffs on the arms of the chair, and she obediently spread her legs wide to let him hook the other cuffs to her ankles and straps to her thighs. He also pulled the large strap tightly across her bare tummy. She twisted her butt just a bit to get it positioned over the hole in a slightly more relaxing position.

Cranfield then attached the little electrical sensor pads: one on her forehead, one near the top of each breast, one on each arm, and then two on her inner thighs just a couple of inches from her pussy. He then showed her the anal monitor with its two bulbs at the end of the short metal rod. She smiled languidly at him and just nodded. He got down below the chair, spread her butt cheeks, and said, "Okay, Amy, push like you're taking a shit, and that will open you just enough to slide this in." Amy blushed and then pushed, and Cranfield slid the first bulb in past her sphincter. She gasped as it settled itself in place in her ass. Cranfield looked up at Beaupre and said, "Okay, she's ready."

Beaupre said, "Good job, Logan. Thanks. And now, Amy, remember last week how we did the clitoris experiment with the dildo?" Amy nodded and Beaupre held up the dildo and continued, "Well, this is going to be very, very similar. We're going to shove, er, I'm sorry, I mean, we're going to slide the dildo into your vagina, inflate it so that it is tight, adjust it to make sure that the little nub is on your G-spot, and then stimulate you for 30 minutes varying the oscillation rate along the way. Then, we'll let you rest for 15 or 20 minutes and then repeat the experiment again. Are you ready?"

Amy could feel sweat forming under her armpits, but she just said, "Yes, I'm ready."

With that, Beaupre knelt down in front of the naked splayed out girl and carefully spread her pussy lips apart. And with his other hand, slid the dildo slowly into her. He watched her tummy and breasts rise and fall as the device moved slowly up til it hit the cervix. He rested a hand on her stomach and said, "Okay, Amy, now I'm going to inflate it." He attached the tube to the end of the dildo and slowly pumped it up so that it filled Amy's vagina. Then, he connected the wire to the end of the dildo, and said, "All right. I think we're ready to go, but first, Travis, give her just a short burst, and Amy, tell me whether that nub is stimulating your G-spot."

Winstead turned the device on just briefly, and Amy didn't react very much. She shook her head and said, "I think the thing is too high up; I don't think is really hitting my G-spot."

Beaupre frowned and looked at the device which was protruding just an inch or so from her pussy. And then he said, "Ahh, I think I see the problem. When I inflated it, it crept a little higher up into you. I can tell that, because the black mark on the dildo is not visible; it should be just outside your vaginal lips; it must be just inside a little bit. I'm going to deflate the thing and ease it out just a little bit before re-inflating."

He spent a couple of minutes making the adjustments making sure that the mark was visible outside her pussy lips after pumping air in again. He said, "I think it's okay now. Travis, give it another quick burst."

Again the intern flipped on the device for just a couple of seconds, and this time, Amy, flinched noticeably and her eyes widened. She said, "Oh my, I think it's in the right spot now."

Beaupre said, "Good. And Amy, I'm sorry for not getting right the first time." She just smiled at him. Beaupre then said, "Okay, we're going to run this for the next 30 minutes, and I'm going to have Travis vary the oscillation rate over quite a range. Go to it, Travis, but start her off slowly and we'll build up the rate as we go."

Winstead set the knob to low speed and then flipped the switch to turn it on again. And Amy let out a moan as the little nub started to slowly rub against her G-spot.

For the next twenty five minutes, Beaupre had Winstead vary the oscillation rate up and down. Beaupre asked the men to watch for signs of cramping, and they all watched the naked girl writhe in her restraints. She came three times almost screaming as she reached orgasm. Her pussy juices were flowing freely and her tits were fully erect.

Beaupre finally said, "Okay, Travis, let's do what we did last week. Speed it up again to see if we can get one last orgasm out of her for this session."

Again, Amy almost screamed, "Ohhhh, my goodness, aaaaahhhh, . . ." and her eyes widened as she crested in orgasm thrashing around as much as her bonds would permit. The aroma of her arousal filled the room.

Beaupre watched her closely for a few minutes and then said, "Travis, that's enough for this time. Very slowly reduce the rate to bring her back to normal. But remember, even after you're back to zero, be sure to leave the sensors and monitor turned on; we want the data from the cool down period recorded as well."

They let the naked woman lie there for several minutes as she slowly returned to normal. Finally, Beaupre came up and said, "Well, Amy. How are you doing?"

As he gently pushed the hair away from her eyes, she said very slowly, "Uhhh, I gue...ss I'm okay. That was a real...ly powerful exper...ience. I think I came three ti...mes."

He continued to wipe the hair off of her face and said, "Actually, it was four times. Now, like last week, we want you to just rest here in the chair, because we'd have to take out the anal monitor if you want to get up. But if you really want to, then of course, we'll undo it. So, I'm going to uncuff your arms and then you can . . ."

Just at that moment, the door opened and Chancellor Knoxx and his committee walked in. They paused when they detected the strong smell of female arousal and they saw the naked, sweating girl strapped to the chair.

As he entered the big room, Knoxx boomed, "Good afternoon, everyone. We've just come to watch. Please continue." But he walked directly over in front of Amy's chair and said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, I'm glad to see that you're following through on your community service project this afternoon."

Amy was still dazed, but she lifted her head and shoulders as best she could considering that she was still tightly restrained. Her eyes were still watered over as she looked between her breasts with their erect nipples at the man, and she said, "Whaaa...at? Whooo...?"

But Beaupre came over before she could say anything else, and told Knoxx, "Hello, sir. She's just finishing up an experiment, and she's still a bit woozy after having several orgasms."

Knoxx looked disappointed and said, "Oh, Dr. Beaupre, I'm sorry to hear that we missed the experiment. But it's still early yet, and I assume that there will be more action today?"

Beaupre tried to hide his disgust at Knoxx's disregard for Amy's condition, but he said, "No, we're going to repeat the G-spot experiment in a few minutes. Please have a seat."

Knoxx replied, "Okay, that's good. But we'd like to understand this experiment from the beginning. So, could you let her up so we can see the setup with that special chair before you re-run the test?"

Beaupre frowned, but he nodded and said, "Okay, that will take some extra time, but I guess we don't really have any time constraints today, do we? Logan, please remove the devices and then undo the restraints. And then help Amy to her feet. Help her down the hall to the restroom if she wants to go there."

Knoxx and his crew looked on as Cranfield removed the dildo and detached the sensors. Then, he whispered in Amy's ear, "Amy, give a good push and I'll remove the anal monitor." Amy was coming around now, and she understood what Cranfield wanted her to do. She basically shit the monitor out into Cranfield's hand. Then after Cranfield undid the cuffs and straps, he helped the naked girl stand up next to the chair.

Since she was covered in sweat and her hair was a tangled mess, Beaupre said quietly, "Amy, why don't you go down and take a quick shower before we continue. While you're gone, I'll explain the experiment to these gentlemen."

Amy smiled at him and turned to leave. But she immediately stumbled over her own feet, and Cranfield caught her before she fell. The nerdy intern then held Amy's elbow and arm and slowly led her out the door and down the hall to the ladies room. He was all set to go in with her, but she held up her hand and said, "Thanks, Logan, but I'm okay now. But you can do me a favor. There is no comb and hair brush in there. Can you go find those and bring them back to me? If you can't find them in the lab, I've got a comb in my backpack, the left outside pocket."

He said, "Sure. Go ahead and take your shower, and I should be back waiting outside here when you're done." And he dashed off down the hallway as Amy slowly walked into the restroom.

Amy didn't know what time it was, but she was in no hurry to get back to the lab to put on a show for Knoxx and the others. She found a couple of hairpins and pinned up her hair, and then she slowly took a shower thoroughly washing off the sweat and the pussy juice. She dried herself with another of the big fluffy white towels. She wrapped the towel around her and sat down on the bench to gather her thoughts, but after just a moment, the restroom door opened and Amy immediately dropped the towel from around her. A middle aged lady came around into the room and around a corner just as Amy's towel dropped to the floor.

Naked Amy faced the stranger, who smiled and said, "Hello, you must be Amy. Logan's outside and he said to give you this comb and brush." She handed them to Amy and then went into one of the stalls. Amy then spent a few minutes combing and brushing her hair so that it at least looked a little bit presentable. As she was finishing, the lady re-appeared and Amy said, "Thanks for these. I think my hair looks kind of okay now." The lady smiled at her again and said, "Yes, it does. And good luck with the Norwegians this evening." And the lady left.

Amy was puzzled about the comment, but she gave her hair a few more brushes and then she went back out to the hallway. She thanked Cranfield, and he explained that the lady was LaSalle's secretary. And then the two of them silently walked back to the lab.

When she walked into the lab, the naked girl wordlessly stepped up onto the platform and turned to face Knoxx and the committee who were seated in the front row of auditorium seats. She just bowed her head and waited. She wasn't sure what would happen next, because the researchers were standing off to the side with their arms crossed. After a moment, Knoxx said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, you look better. And how are you feeling?"

Amy meekly said, "Thanks. I'm fine."

Knoxx said, "Well, good, I'm glad to hear it. Now, before you do the next experiment, let's go ahead and do our usual afternoon meeting with you right here." He turned to the 5 researchers and said, "Please, gentlemen, stay where you are. This won't take long."

From his chair, Knoxx returned his gaze to the naked girl in front of him and went on, "This should be short today. We're planning to spend the next few hours here quietly observing, but first why don't you tell us how your day has gone so far?"

In a very soft voice, Amy started, "It's been fine. I did my posing . . ."

Knoxx interrupted, "Miss Suzuki, please speak up. We all want to hear this."

Amy looked down at her bare breasts which heaved as she took in a deep breath, and then she looked up and said in a fairly loud voice, "As I was saying, I did my posing for the art classes this morning." And she went on to describe the poses after Knoxx prodded her. And she told him that her last final exam had seemed pretty easy.

Finally, Knoxx said, "Okay. Now, you remember your assignments for tomorrow. Posing in the nude again in the morning and then the Prime Cut auction in the afternoon followed by the panty auction preparation tomorrow night." She was annoyed that he spelled out these embarrassing tasks in front of the Wytham researchers and interns, but she just said, "Yes, I will be there for all of those." Although she still had no clue what a "Prime Cut" auction was.

Knoxx then said, "As far as your next pair of panties is concerned, I took the liberty of hanging them on the hook outside of room 144. And I have your old pair here, and I'll take them back to the office tomorrow morning." He pulled her off-white panties out of his pocket and showed them to her and the assembled men. Again, she was annoyed at the show he was putting on for the Wytham guys, but she knew that he was doing it intentionally to embarrass her even just a little bit more.

Knoxx turned to Beaupre and said, "Okay, Doctor, she's all yours. But we may ask a few questions along the way, if you don't mind."

Beaupre came up on the platform next to Amy and said, "Thanks, Dr. Knoxx. Feel free to ask questions. Now, let's get started again. Amy, please take a seat, and Logan, please start hooking things up."

Amy sat down and meekly spread her legs and presented her wrists for cuffing. Cranfield quickly locked the cuffs and attached the straps. Amy looked down the length of her almost horizontal body and saw that Knoxx was sitting right in front of her looking at her wide spread pussy. Then, Cranfield attached the sensors and explained to the committee what the sensors did. Finally, he held up the anal monitor, and Amy blushed as he described how it went in.

As Cranfield climbed down off the stage, Knoxx stood up and said to the other three committee members, "Come on, guys, let's see how this thing works." And he led them back behind Amy so that they could see her bare ass through the hole in the chair. They watched as Cranfield spread her cheeks and asked her to push. He fumbled the first try with the monitor dropping to the floor, and then Amy didn't push hard enough the second try. But finally on the third try, the lubricated device slipped into place. Amy squirmed as she felt someone wiggle the metal post around; she assumed that it was Knoxx who had done that, but it was actually Tyson Laird.

Beaupre then came up on the platform and said, "Now, as I showed you while Amy was showering, this phallus device has a stimulating nub on it that we have positioned just right, so that it rubs her G-spot. I'm going to insert it now."

He positioned himself off to one side and LaSalle was on the other side. Amy took a deep breath as LaSalle spread her pussy lips and Beaupre slowly slid in the dildo. Knoxx and his crew had a clear view of the device slowly entering Amy's vagina. Beaupre inflated the dildo and attached the wire. Then, he said, "Okay, Travis. Let's test it for a second or two." The brief burst of oscillation caused Amy to flinch, and she said, "Yeah, it's in the right spot this time."

Beaupre said, "Good. So, Travis, start her up really, really slow and then steadily increase the rate for several minutes." He turned to Knoxx and said, "We're going to run this for half an hour. Feel free to come up and watch the results on the computer screen, although it's just a bunch of numbers and a few graphs."

The 30-minute session went much like the previous one. Amy came three times during which she moaned loudly. Also, during one of the orgasms, she strained against the tummy strap as she tried to lift her pubic mound higher in the air. Beaupre was alarmed because of the anal monitor; he motioned for Cranfield to check it out. Cranfield went down below the orgasming girl and saw that even though the monitor was moving up and down with her body, there was no danger of it hitting the chair. He smiled as he told Beaupre, "Doc, it's okay. She won't get hurt."

As before, they let Amy rest for several minutes before undoing the sensors and restraints. As Cranfield went underneath to remove the anal monitor, Knoxx and Laird came with him to observe as Amy expelled the device from her anus. Amy blushed in total embarrassment as the two men came back in front of her and held up the monitor for her to see; she quickly closed her eyes and threw back her head against the chair's headrest.

The naked girl remained in the chair for several more minutes. She was still sweating profusely and her juices were flowing from her pussy onto the floor beneath the chair. Finally, Amy tried to stand up on her own, but when Beaupre saw her legs shaking badly, he said, "Logan! Please give her a hand. Help her to the restroom again."

It was an unusual sight as the strange couple left the lab and walked down the hall. The nerdy intern in a white lab coat helping the gorgeous naked young woman struggle her way down the hall. This time she did not protest as he pushed open the door to the ladies room and helped Amy in and then helped her to sit down on one of the benches in the ladies shower area. He stood there for a moment looking at the still dazed naked girl, but eventually, she slowly said, "Thanks, Logan. I can take it from here." And so he left her sitting there on the bench.

Amy sat there for a couple of more minutes, but then she got up and took another quick shower. She used the brush and comb to fix up her hair, and then she wrapped the towel around her again and sat back on the bench. She wanted to stay there wrapped in the towel forever, but she knew she had to get back to the lab. And so she reluctantly hung the towel on the rack and walked naked back to the lab where the men were waiting.

When she opened the lab door, she was only slightly surprised to see two new people in the room, a man and a woman. She supposed these were the Norwegians.

Chapter 61 - The Norwegians

Amy slowly trudged back up to the platform where Beaupre and LaSalle were standing. The men smiled at her, and Beaupre said, "Well, Amy, that completes the experiments that we Wytham researchers wanted to do, and we thank you for your cooperation. Now, for the rest of the afternoon and evening, Dr. Knoxx wants you to help us work with some visiting researchers. Let me introduce, Sofie Magnusson and Anders Forsberg. They arrived from Norway a few days ago, and it has been very interesting for us to learn about their techniques and for them to learn ours. Anders and Sofie, this is Amy Suzuki."

The naked Amy smiled at them and reached out her hand to greet them. But there was a noticeable pause before Forsberg stepped forward, smiled slightly, and limply shook her hand for just an instant. Magnusson just nodded, but Amy could tell that the woman was looking over her naked body very closely in an almost clinical manner. Anders then said something in Norwegian to Sofie, and the two of them circled Amy examining every inch of her pretty body.

Forsberg then said very slowly in a heavy accent, "Can we touch?" Amy wasn't sure who Forsberg was addressing, but she knew what he wanted to touch. She was almost ready to say something, but Beaupre first said, "Yes, but please be gentle. Amy, please do as they ask."

Amy stood there and thought to herself, "Uh, oh. This isn't starting out very well. But I don't have any say in the matter." She glanced pleadingly at Beaupre who just shrugged.

Magnusson came around in front of Amy. Amy thought that the woman was in her mid thirties; she was kind of pretty with shoulder length bleached blonde hair. A prototypical Scandinavian female, Amy thought.

Magnusson brushed Amy's hair back over her shoulder so that it didn't cover any part of the naked girl's front side. Then, she lifted Amy's left breast and kind of cradled it in her hands as if weighing it. After a moment, she squeezed it and then massaged the nipple. Amy blushed a deep red, but she knew this was only the beginning. And then Magnusson did the same thing with Amy's right breast, and Amy felt her nipples beginning to tighten up. Magnusson finally cracked a smirking smile as she felt the nipple harden.

Next, Magnusson stepped to Amy's side and looked at her naked form in profile. Then, the Norwegian lady lifted Amy's breast again, this time from the side. Then she knelt down and looked closely at Amy's butt from the side, and she put her hand under the cheek and lifted it a few times as if bouncing a ball. The woman then said something in a foreign language to Forsberg, and they both laughed. Just as the lady was getting up from her knees, she squeezed both of Amy's butt cheeks a couple of times.

And now it was the man's turn as he faced Amy. Amy guessed this guy was also in his 30's. He was only average looking with darkish blond hair. Like the woman, he was slightly overweight.

After looking over her boobs, the man knelt down in front of Amy and gently patted her inner thighs. Amy blushed, but she knew that she had to comply; she meekly spread her legs. Forsberg ran two fingers down her thin strip of pubic hair; one finger on each side. Then, he gently fluffed the dark hair before focusing on her pussy. He parted her lips and rolled her clit in his fingers. Amy gasped and briefly bent forward a tiny bit to get away from the man's intimate touch. He grunted his disapproval, and Amy glanced over at Knoxx, who was scribbling something on a piece of paper. Forsberg gently pushed on her stomach so that she was standing upright again, and he reached both of his hands between her legs. With one hand, he spread her outer pussy lips, and with the other, he slowly stuck his index finger into her most private spot. She felt him rub around on the front wall until he found her G-spot. And her eyes widened and her mouth opened as he lightly rubbed it.

He stopped his intimate inspection and stood up in front of her. He said to her, "Very nice. Good responsive." Then, he and the woman stepped around behind Amy, and Magnusson said in broken English, "Please bend front over. Hands behind the back." And the lady came around to look at Amy from the side, and she briefly massaged her dangling boobs. Then, she said, "Okay, please stay bent like that, but you put your hands on your knees while we inspect back here. Spread your legs tiny farther, if you please."

"No", Amy thought, "I am not pleased. But I don't have a choice." And after she spread as requested, she felt the Magnusson woman's hand spread her butt cheeks. And a moment later, Forsberg's finger circled her anal opening and then he stuck it in an inch or so for just a moment. They exchanged some comments in Norwegian, and then, they both let go of her, but the woman said, "Please stay that position. I want probe your pussy from behind."

Tears formed in Amy's eyes as she stared at the floor with her long hair hanging at the sides of her face. She felt the woman's hand brush lightly over her pussy from the rear, and then she felt Magnusson spread her lips and stick a finger into Amy's pussy as far as it could go.

As the woman fingered Amy's pussy, the two Norwegians chattered away. The woman finally removed her finger, but she said almost gruffly, "Stay that position." And then the man said, "Can give me a metering stick?"

Beaupre said, "Metering stick? Oh, you mean a measuring stick of some sort?"

Magnusson said, "Yes. We want measure her vagina. Do you have such device?"

Beaupre said, "If you mean her vaginal depth, then, yes, we do. But we actually measured Amy's depth a couple of weeks ago. I believe the number was 8 inches, but I'll check for sure."

Forsberg said forcefully, "No, no, we do it. Need centimeters."

Beaupre pulled out a calculator and said, "Oh, that's okay. It's an easy conversion. Eight inches is 20.32 centimeters."

Magnusson stepped in and said, "Please, we would like ourselves should do it. We want see what equipment you use for this measuring. Remember we come here for exchange informations. Please get device for me." Amy noticed the awkward English, but the meaning was still crystal clear.

Beaupre sighed, went to the cabinet, and came back with the cigar tube-like device. He handed it to the man and said, "This is what we used. And look, it's got readings in inches on one side and centimeters on the other."

Forsberg replied, "Thanks you. Looks good. Need lube?"

Beaupre said, "Yes, we use this K-Y Jelly with it." And he handed the tube to Forsberg.

While the man was preparing the tube, Magnusson came over and put a hand on Amy's bare back. She said, "Stay there. We are going to take reading from back here, and then next one standing up. Understand?"

Amy's eyes watered even more as she answered, "Yes, I understand." Amy then felt the woman rub the lubricant into her pussy, and a moment later she felt the tube being slipped in. She breathed heavily as the man pushed it slowly as far as it would go.

He left the tube in her as he got down and closely eyed the readings. Amy flinched as he turned the tube so he could read the metric scale. He said, "Sixteen five." Before he pulled it out, he said something in Norwegian to the woman.

Magnusson then translated, "He wants measure your anus while you're in that position. So, okay, please stay bent?"

Amy was almost sobbing now as he worked the jelly into her asshole. Then, he slowly shoved the tube up into her rear opening. When the device hit the bend in her colon, he said, "Twelve seven. Please write down."

As he removed the tube from her ass, Magnusson said, "Stand up, but keep legs medium apart."

Amy stood up and waited for the inevitable. Beaupre could see that she was crying, and he handed her a tissue saying, "Here, Amy. For your eyes." She smiled at the nice man, wiped her eyes, and handed the tissue back to him.

Magnusson and Forsberg jabbered some more as he carefully cleaned any fecal matter off the tube, and then the woman said to Amy, "The jelly is still in there. So, we don't need more."

Forsberg then repeated the vaginal measurement, but this time from the front with Amy standing up. She could feel his breath on her pussy as he got in close to get the reading. He said, "Twenty-one one", and he slipped the tube out of her.

Then they both went around behind Amy and the woman spread Amy's butt cheeks. The man then slowly shoved the tube up into Amy's ass again. When it hit the bend, he read off the measurement, "Twelve six." Amy gasped as he quickly pulled it out and cleaned it off carefully again.

Forsberg handed the device back to Beaupre and said, "Thanks. Good device. Centimeters better than inches, more precise." They both smiled.

Beaupre handed it to Cranfield and then picked up a box of tissues and held it out to Amy. She smiled at him, and she knew that these tissues were not for her eyes this time. She took a handful of tissues and as everyone watched, she thoroughly wiped her pussy and asshole trying to remove the excess lubricant.

Magnusson then got up on the platform and was just about to start talking when Beaupre interrupted, "Sorry, Sofie, but it's 5:30, and I wanted to see what everyone wanted to do about dinner. I was thinking I could have something delivered. Amy, are you hun. . ."

Amy was just about to answer that she wasn't hungry. Actually, she was a bit hungry, but mostly she just wanted to get this awful experience over with. But Magnusson spoke up first, "Sorry, please no food for her. We don't want her distraction for eating or using toilet." Amy was annoyed at having the choice taken away from her, but she was happy to just get this whole thing over as soon as possible.

Beaupre said, "Amy, we promised you dinner. I think you should eat if you want."

Amy quietly replied, "Thanks, Dr. Beaupre, but I'm fine." She almost added, "I want to get this over with and go home", but she realized that Knoxx was still sitting right there and he wouldn't like that answer.

Beaupre sighed, "Well, okay, but I'm going to get pizza for the rest of us. Travis, please order it. And, Amy, if you need to use the bathroom, please let us know." Amy just turned as if to go take a seat, but Beaupre said, "Amy, please stay here. We want you to help us decide what to do the rest of this evening."

Magnusson said, "Okay, let me continue. Dr. Beaupre, we watched you do G-spot test on her, and we want talk to your team how we probably do it. We think it better for subject to stand rather than sit. We still tie her, but only hands and feet - no straps. Have you considered that idea?"

Beaupre shook his head and said, "Sofie, please call me Pierre. And, no, we haven't thought about having Amy stand up while being stimulated. Please explain what you have in mind. What's the advantage? Why no straps?"

Magnusson said, "All right. Our device about one plus quarter meters width and two plus half meters tall. Made of heavy wood or metal. Adjustable cuffs on top crossing bar; fixed cuffs on bottom bar."

Beaupre cut in, "So, it would be about four feet wide and eight feet tall. We would connect her wrists to the upper handcuffs and her ankles to the lower cuffs. Is that right?"

Magnusson smiled and said, "You understand me good. Cuffs are vid spread; so arm and leg vid apart."

Beaupre interrupted again, "You said 'vid'. Does that mean 'wide'?"

She replied, "So sorry for my poor English. Yes, 'vid' is Norwegian word; it means 'wide'. Now, no straps means she can thrash wildly in orgasm; gives her more intense experience. Standing with spread legs gives ourselves easier access to vagina and anus."

Amy blushed as she heard this description. She would be spreadeagled with the stimulating dildo in her cunt and the anal monitor in her ass. She wasn't sure that the lack of straps would intensify the orgasm, but she was certain that her reactions during an orgasm would be more readily apparent to everyone nearby. She hoped that this was just a hypothetical discussion and that the Norwegians didn't have such a device to use today.

Beaupre must have been thinking the same thing, because he asked, "That sounds like an interesting device, but you don't have such a device here, do you?"

Magnusson said, "Yes, in Oslo. Not here. But we talk Mr. Thorson about it, and he could make it fast." She gestured at Amy and asked, "Maybe she be back tomorrow again?"

Beaupre said, "No, Sofie, I'm sorry. Amy is not available to us after tonight."

Magnusson sighed and said, "I thought that way, too. But Anders and I can use your chair for our experiments tonight. Yes?"

Beaupre said, "Oh, of course, Sofie. We are all interested to see what you and Anders can do with Amy. Shall we get started? Please describe what you want to do."

Magnusson said, "Thanks, Pierre. Anders and I think your experiments interesting, but not so real. You name them 'Single Point Stimulation', but man and woman doing intercourse do many stimulation points on the woman - clit, G-spot, breasts, buttocks, vagina, neck, anus. Many spots. We want to do many stimulations on her."

Beaupre looked over at Amy and then back at Magnusson saying, "Yes, we agree that our experiments are not similar to what happens during real lovemaking. Our experiments stimulate only one part at a time to collect data about that spot. We can certainly set Amy up for your multi-point stimulation experiment, but please explain the scientific purpose of it."

Magnusson said, "Well, our purpose is learn about your equipment. You have new technology computers equipment. We want verify that new computer makes subject orgasm faster and longer than our old computer."

Beaupre said, "Ahh, I see. So, it's more about how to use the equipment than about sexual stimulation. Is that right?"

The woman nodded, "Yes, you are right. We could read manuals about your computer, but practicing on the computer with real woman attached would be better."

Beaupre said, "Okay, we can do that. We can hook up Amy in the chair any way that you want, and we can let you manipulate the computer controls. You will be able to vary the stimulation speed, select specific stimulation points, or view various kinds of graphs. You can even adjust the lighting and temperature of this room. Is that okay?"

Magnusson merely said, "Yes, okay."

Beaupre went on, "Good. The computer equipment is already set up for you, but we need to figure out what stimulation devices you want to attach to Amy. Did you bring specific things with you? We have almost anything you might need to hook up to Amy and this computer." Magnusson was just about to respond when Beaupre raised his hand and said, "Oh, sorry to interrupt. I just remembered that our pistoning equipment is out on loan; so, it's not available. But everything else is at your disposal."

Magnusson looked puzzled and said, "Pisning? What that?"

Beaupre replied, "My apologies for the unusual word, it is pronounced 'pis-to-ning'. When 'piston' is used as a verb in English, it means to go in and out. This piece of equipment is a machine that drives a phallus in and out of a body opening such as a vagina or anus. We actually have two of them, but they are both loaned out. I'm sorry."

Knoxx piped up in an irritated tone, "Dr. Beaupre, who did you loan this to? Are they local? Can we get the devices back here in the next hour or so?"

Beaupre said, "Sorry, Dr. Knoxx, but we lent both of them to Chalfont Research over in Vermont. So, they are not readily available. Again, I apologize."

Knoxx sighed and said, "Oh, that's too bad, because they sound just like the kind of thing I was hoping to use to raise the intensity of Miss Suzuki's punishment this evening."

Amy had just been standing there naked with her hands at her sides for the last few minutes, but now she glanced from Knoxx to Beaupre and back to Knoxx. She could see that the Chancellor was clearly annoyed by Beaupre's "mistake". She assumed that Beaupre would be penalized somehow; she wasn't too worried about that, but she was worried that Knoxx would use it as some sort of an excuse to punish her. But it was out of her hands. She saw Knoxx write something on his pad of paper, and she just bowed her head and looked down her body at her pubic strip and her bare feet.

As Knoxx disgustedly flipped his hand in a gesture to indicate that they should continue, Beaupre said, "Sofie, please tell us what you want."

The woman said, "The 'pist-ning' device would be good, but it's not here. We want stimulation on both breasts and her clitoris. And we want vibrate dildo in vagina and ass. We have those dildos. But need other."

Beaupre smiled at her and said, "Good. We have the devices for her nipples and her clit. And if Anders can show the dildos to Cranfield, he can figure out how to hook them up to our equipment. Of course, we will let you and Anders connect the dildos and other things to Amy's body in any way that you wish."

Amy's eyes widened and she slightly raised her head as if looking to the heavens for help, but she quickly lowered her head and looked over at Knoxx and his committee to see if they noticed her mistake. She was relieved to see that the men seemed to be focused on Beaupre and Magnusson right now rather than her. But actually Brandon Kirkpatrick had noticed her reaction, and he made a mental note of it.

Forsberg brought up a little case and as he handed it to Magnusson, he whispered something in her ear. He then left and went out the door.

Beaupre looked at the case and asked, "Are the dildos in there?" Magnusson nodded and Beaupre continued, "Good. Logan, I want you and Sofie to connect these to our equipment. And Travis, please go get the nipple and clit stimulators that we used with Amy last week." He turned to the naked girl and said, "Amy, this setup is going to take a couple of minutes. You can just rest in the chair til we're ready." Amy gave him a brief smile and then stepped up onto the platform and sat down in the strange chair.

Cranfield looked at the vibrators and determined that the electrical connections were a bit different, but he quickly found the appropriate converters in his tool box. And he hooked them up and let Magnusson test them in her hands.

Winstead hooked up the suction-cup devices to the console and briefly tested each of them. He showed them to Magnusson, who just nodded her agreement. But he had to look in several drawers before he finally found the little pad with a nub on it that they would use on Amy's clitoris. Again, he tested it and Magnusson agreed.

Just then, Amy noticed Forsberg coming up onto the stage, and she assumed that he was going to attach the cuffs and straps. She obediently rested her wrists on the arms of the chair and spread her legs so her ankles were near the cuffs. And she sighed as she leaned back. She was just about to close her eyes when she noticed what Forsberg was getting out of a paper bag he had brought with him - shaving cream and a razor. She reflexively started to close her legs, but she stopped as she realized that might be a mistake. But she did say, "Umm, Dr. Beaupre, could you . . ."

Beaupre looked over and saw what was about to happen. And he stepped up on the platform and said, "Anders, please hold it for a minute. We need to talk about this."

But Anders looked determined and said, "We shave her down there. No want hair for experiment." And he squirted a dollop of shaving cream on Amy's pubic mound.

Now Beaupre gently pushed Forsberg to the side and repeated, "Please, Anders. Let's discuss this."

Forsberg backed away as Magnusson returned to the stage. Beaupre looked at them and said, "We have an agreement with another professor that we will not shave Amy's pubic hair. As a researcher, I understand why you want to shave it off, but the instructor for the art class that she poses for wants it to look like this for artistic reasons." He turned to Amy and continued, "Amy, are you finished posing for Dr. Whiteside? If so, maybe we should allow Anders to shave you?"

Amy shook her head and said, "No, I'm not done. I pose for the classes tomorrow morning and then I think that Dr. Whiteside wants me to pose again at the art and wine festival on Saturday."

Beaupre turned back to the Norwegians and said, "I'm sorry, but please do not shave her today. But I can show you how we attached the clitoris stimulator last week off to the side of the strip of pubic hair. It worked out okay."

Forsberg and Magnusson conversed briefly in Norwegian, and then they both shrugged as Magnusson said, "Okay, we understand." And Forsberg said, "Sorry" as he tossed a towel to Amy. The naked girl blushed as she stood up and wiped the glob of shaving cream off of her pubes.

There was a slight pause and then Beaupre said, "Well, okay. I guess we're ready to get going. Amy, please have a seat. Logan, please attach the cuffs and straps. And I will help Sofie and Anders attach the sensors and stimulators, if they need it."

Amy sat back in the big chair and numbly let Cranfield connect the cuffs and straps. Then, Forsberg came up and attached the sensors to her arms, inner thighs, breasts, forehead, and an extra one just above the strip of pubic hair. He attached the breast sensors to the sides of her boobs rather than above them.

Next, he massaged her right nipple until it was erect, and then he attached the suction cup device to it. He repeated those steps on her left breast.

Amy closed her eyes as she knew where he was headed next, and she flinched just a bit when she felt fingers separate her pussy lips to expose her clit. She looked down just as Beaupre reached in to extract her clit from its tiny hiding spot. He rolled her clit with his fingers and Amy gasped. Beaupre then showed Forsberg where to position the little pad so that the nub was right over the engorged clitoris.

Amy was breathing heavily now as Forsberg spread her pussy lips farther down and slipped in the vibrator. It was fatter than the earlier dildo, and Amy thought it was tight enough already. But Magnusson came up with a small can of compressed air and inflated the vibrator so that it really did fill her vagina.

Magnusson and Forsberg conversed briefly in Norwegian, and then Forsberg went under the chair. Amy flinched again as the man spread her cheeks and slid the other vibrator into her butt. Magnusson also inflated this one. To Amy, this one felt like a turd that she needed to expel, and she involuntarily tried to force it out. But it did not budge.

Beaupre said, "Well, Sofie, I think we're set to go. How long to do you want to run it?"

She gave him a puzzled look and replied, "Of course, we run it all night."

Amy gasped, and Beaupre said, "Uhh, Sofie, we don't think that's appropriate. The longest Amy has been stimulated was 30 minutes, and then we let her rest."

Magnusson said, "Oh, no. Need much longer for good test."

Beaupre looked at Amy and said quietly, "Maybe we could do an hour?" Amy knew how she must answer that question, and she said, "Okay."

Before Beaupre could say something to Magnusson, the lady said, "How late she be here tonight?"

Beaupre said, "We want to finish by . . ."

At that instant, Knoxx interrupted and said, "There's not really a fixed time to finish. Let's figure out what our Norwegian friends want, and then we can negotiate from there."

Magnusson repeated, "We want all night."

Beaupre was exasperated now and said, "No, Sofie, we're not going to do it all night. All of us, including Amy, need to get home tonight. It's 5:45 now, and in my situation, I told my family that I would be home a little after 8. And I know Travis has a final exam tomorrow that he needs to study for." He looked over at Newman and LaSalle and said, "Pat, Dennis? When do you need to be home? And Logan, what about you?"

Newman said, "Well, I'm not really constrained. Midnight?" Amy gasped loudly and Knoxx looked up at her.

LaSalle said, "9 o'clock at the latest." Cranfield shrugged and said, "Any time is okay for me."

Beaupre gave Knoxx an angry look and said, "Dr. Knoxx, as I remember it, Amy's schedule said 8 o'clock. Also, remember that she has art class posing at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. Please help us figure this out."

Knoxx looked irritated as he said, "Well, Dr. Beaupre, I need to point out that Miss Suzuki is available after 8 o'clock tonight. The 8 PM notation was just in case someone else wanted to use Miss Suzuki's services after that time, but no one except these visiting researchers said anything. So, as far as I'm concerned, she is available until midnight as shown on the schedule. However, I understand the time constraints that the rest of us have, and so, I'm going to make an executive decision and declare that we'll go til 9:30 tonight. Those of you that need to leave, please go whenever you want. As long as we have one researcher, either American or Norwegian, and one intern available, we should be able to run the experiments."

Amy felt tears welling in her eyes again. 9:30 meant that she had to endure almost 4 more hours of this.

Beaupre sighed and gave Amy an apologetic glance as if to say, "I'm sorry, I tried." Aloud he said, "Okay, 9:30 it is. And I suggest one hour sessions followed by a 15 minute rest. So, starting now, a session would end at 6:45, rest til 7, session til 8, rest til 8:15, and then a final session ends at 9:15, and then we spend a few minutes to put things away. Fifteen minutes between sessions may not be long enough; Amy might want to use the restroom, stretch, take a nap."

Magnusson spoke up, "No nap. We want her going all time. Fifteen minute okay. We don't want toilet either, but reluctantly accept."

Beaupre said, "Okay, let's give it a try. After the first session, we'll see how Amy is doing. We'll make adjustments if necessary. Okay with everyone?" He looked around the room, and everyone including Amy either nodded or shrugged. He turned to Magnusson and said, "Okay, Sofie, she's all yours."

She replied, "Thank you, Pierre." She turned to Cranfield at the console and said, "I'll come start her up." And she walked up to the console and Cranfield showed her the controls - an on/off switch and 5 little speed control knobs, one for each breast stimulator, one for the pussy vibrator, one for the clit stimulator, and one for the ass vibrator. There was also a big knob that controlled all 5 stimulators; it sent the same speed signal to each of the 5 devices. Magnusson flipped the on/off switch, and Amy yelped as the stimulators and vibrators immediately started oscillating at a fast speed. Cranfield reached over and turned the big knob down to low speed, and he told her, "Please, Dr. Magnusson, we need to start her off at a slow speed and then gradually increase it." The Norwegian lady just nodded.

They all sat back and watched the naked girl; she twisted in her bonds as the oscillation rate ramped up. Her first orgasm occurred about 15 minutes later. Amy moaned loudly and strained against the stomach strap as she rose up from the chair back. There was a strong odor of female arousal as her juices dripped from her pussy.

The pizza arrived a few minutes later, and the 12 observers ate as they continued to watch Amy and to monitor the results on the console.

After Amy's second orgasm, Magnusson took over the controls. Instead of just using the big knob, she tried various settings with the smaller knobs to stimulate Amy's erogenous zones at different rates. She wanted to find out if there was a combination that would make Amy come faster and/or more intensely.

Amy's next orgasm happened only 5 minutes later, and Magnusson thought she was onto something. And so she left the knobs in the same positions with high stimulation on the breasts and medium-low stimulation in her anus, but Amy didn't come until 20 minutes later, and that was just as the hour session was coming to an end. Cranfield gradually turned the big knob down to slower speed, and he let Amy glide back to a resting state.

Magnusson said, "Disappointing. Only three times, and only 4 or 5 contractions each time; not intense enough. Let us discuss."

Amy was sweating profusely, and her hair was in a mess all over her face. Beaupre came over and tenderly wiped her hair back. She opened her eyes part way, and Beaupre said, "How you doing, Amy?" She groggily replied, "Uhhh, Whaaat?"

Beaupre started to undo the straps, but Magnusson came over and said, "No. Leave straps."

Beaupre replied angrily, "She needs to rest. I'm unhooking the straps and cuffs."

Magnusson gave him a frustrating look, and then she backed away. Beaupre said, "I'll leave the stimulators and sensors attached, but with the restraints undone, she can at least get up and stretch. The wires are long enough for that."

He unhooked the cuffs and straps and helped the naked girl to her feet. The wires to the vibrators and her clit stimulator dragged up through the hole in the chair. She was a strange sight with several sensor wires and the breast suction tubes hanging down from the ceiling to her body, and then the wires to the lower sensors and the vibrators hanging from her pubic region.

Amy partially came out of her daze as she stood there stretching. Beaupre asked her again, "How are you doing, Amy? Do you need to use the restroom?"

Amy shakily replied, "I guess I'm okay. No, I don't need to pee. Just let me stand for a few more minutes. Can you get me a towel?"

Beaupre said, "Okay, you got it. Logan, please bring her a towel and help her dry off. Also, wipe off that chair." He then turned to Magnusson and Forsberg and said, "Well, how do you like the fancy equipment? Does it do what you want?"

Magnusson smiled and said, "Yes, excellent machine. Many knobs means many possibility settings. But I am not satisfied with her response. I need try clit knob more."

Beaupre said, "Yes, clitoris stimulation is important for a woman to achieve orgasm quicker and more intensely." And he continued talking with the Norwegians about various settings that they could try.

As they were talking, Cranfield handed a towel to Amy, and he used another one to wipe down the chair. But the naked girl was still a bit dazed, and she had trouble using the towel because of the wires still connected to her. Finally, she just dropped it on the floor and looked pleadingly at Cranfield with tears in her eyes. Cranfield picked it up and used it to dry off the almost helpless girl. She just stood there as he wiped her legs, arms, back, and butt. Then, he carefully patted down her tummy and upper chest between the wires. She smiled at him and said, "Thanks. Can you help me with the wires as I sit back down?" The two of them worked in tandem to feed the wires back into their appropriate spots as she sat down in the strange chair.

She sat there with her eyes closed as Beaupre and the other researchers continued their discussion for a few minutes. She had almost dozed off when she felt a hand on her leg, and she looked up to see Forsberg standing over her. He wasn't smiling; he was just looking at her as he pulled her legs apart so that he could re-attach the cuffs and then the straps on her thighs. Then, he re-did the cuffs on her wrists and the tummy strap. Then, he re-checked all of the restraints making sure that they were tight. And now Amy was securely strapped to the chair again with her legs wide apart.

Forsberg continued with the preparation by checking all of the wires and tubes. He reached between her legs and wiggled the vibrator back and forth in her pussy to make sure that it was still firmly inserted, and he did the same with the rear vibrator as well. And without saying anything to Amy, he just turned and gave a thumbs-up signal to Magnusson who was sitting at the console. Magnusson flipped the switch, and Amy winced as the vibrators and stimulators came to life. And the naked girl leaned her head back and let the impersonal devices to go work on her body.

Magnusson immediately went to work on Amy's clit turning up the oscillation rate on that sensitive spot to a fairly rapid rate. And about 5 minutes later, Amy came wildly in an intense orgasm. Magnusson smiled as she said to the group, "Good one. 11 contractions." But Amy wasn't listening; she was already in her own little world.

For the rest of the session, Magnusson giddily twisted the little knobs up and down. She and Forsberg watched the contortions on Amy's face as the naked girl squirmed in her bonds. Amy came eight times during the hour, and each time there were at least 9 contractions.

As the Norwegians were focused on the machine and on Amy's reaction, Beaupre gathered the Wytham researchers off to the side. He began, "Guys, I just got a phone call from my wife, and I really need to leave pretty soon. And I am concerned about our visiting colleagues; they don't seem to be concerned at all about Amy's welfare during these experiments. And I don't think that Chancellor Knoxx and his committee are either. I would feel much better if I knew that at least one of you will be here to kind of rein them in, so to speak."

He went on, "Travis, I know you have that exam to study for, and so I don't expect you to stay. In fact, I'll be upset if you do; studying is more important than this. But what about you, Dennis and Pat?"

LaSalle replied, "I really need to leave very soon as well. I'm sorry, Pierre."

Beaupre said, "That's okay. Pat, what about you?"

Newman replied, "Yeah, Dr. Bo, I can stay, and I understand your concern."

As Beaupre was turning to Cranfield, he said, "Good, thanks, Pat. What about you, Logan?"

Cranfield replied, "I'll be happy to stay as well."

Beaupre said, "Wonderful. Please use your best judgment, but here are my suggestions. Make sure that the final session really is the final session and that it ends at 9:15. Then, help Amy over to Bayou as soon as possible after the session; I think it's better for her to get away from this room and rest. There's a microwave in there; so, take these extra pieces of pizza and put them in Bayou so that she can eat if she wants. I assume that she'll want to rest; maybe she'll even spend the night on that couch. And get her backpack from my office and leave it there with her; make sure her cell phone is there and turned on. But to appease Dr. Knoxx, please leave her panties hanging on the hook; she can get them from there whenever she leaves. Please stick around for a while in the lab to see that she's doing okay. But if she falls asleep, feel free to go home, but leave her a short note about the food, and then give me a call so that I know she's still there sleeping. I will call her cell phone at midnight or so to check up on her. Any other ideas? Any questions?"

Newman said, "You're making this sound like we're hiding her from the Chancellor and the Norwegians. What do we tell them?"

Beaupre replied, "Yeah, I guess I am kind of hiding her. I tell you what. As soon as this second session is over in a few minutes, I'll explain it to Dr. Knoxx, Sofie, and Anders as a recovery procedure, which is what it really is. I think if I present it just the right way, they'll leave her alone after she goes over to Bayou."

And about 5 minutes later, Magnusson tried to glide Amy back to normal, but she turned off the power just a bit too early while the stimulators were still going. Amy's eyes fluttered partially open and she said unsteadily, "Huhhh? Whaa--aat happ--ppened?"

Beaupre went up on the platform with a small towel and knelt next to the naked girl. He gently pushed her hair back, wiped her sweaty face, and said, "It's okay, Amy. Just sit still for a few minutes, and then we'll let you stretch again."

And as Amy was regaining her senses, Beaupre spoke to Knoxx and the Norwegians. He explained very diplomatically the recovery procedure that Newman and Cranfield were going start as soon as the final session was over. He must have worded it just right, because they did not object.

Then, Beaupre and Cranfield unhooked the straps and cuffs and helped Amy to her feet. She wobbled a bit, and Cranfield wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her from falling. Beaupre asked her if she needed to use the restroom, and Amy nodded slowly.

Magnusson gave a disapproving sigh, and as Cranfield continued holding her, Beaupre started unhooking the wires and tubes. And finally he said, "Okay, Amy, I'm going to remove the vibrators now." She spread her legs and Beaupre reached in, let the air out of the inflated device, and slowly slipped it out of her pussy. He then went around behind the naked girl and did the same thing with the anal device.

Without a word, Amy meekly let Cranfield lead her out of the lab and down the hall to the ladies room. Cranfield said, "Do you need any help? I think I could get Miss Stapleton, Dr. LaSalle's secretary, if you do."

Amy replied, "No, thanks, Logan. I can do this myself." And she slowly shuffled into the restroom. She sat on the bench for a couple of minutes, and then used the toilet. Before leaving, she carefully cleaned herself up using one of the nice big fluffy towels.

She was able to walk back with Cranfield unassisted to the big lab. She silently went up on the platform, faced Knoxx, and just stood there with her head down.

Knoxx then stood up and addressed the group, "Well, everyone. We have this one more session to go, but I understand that several of you need to leave including the other 4 members of my committee. So, I will say 'good night' to those of you leaving, and I will stay to observe the final session." Amy truly wished that she had the option to leave.

With that, Beaupre, LaSalle, Winstead, Kirkpatrick, Telford, Farmer, and Laird left, and Knoxx sat down in his chair again. This left Knoxx, Newman, Cranfield, Forsberg, and Magnusson as well as the very naked Amy.

Magnusson looked at the clock and said, "Well, it now 8:25; she took too long rest. We want complete hour session. So, we go until 9:30."

Before saying anything, Newman looked at Amy, who just nodded and whispered, "Okay". Newman then said, "All right, we will go to 9:30, but we will follow the rest of Dr. Beaupre's instructions after the session. So, Amy, if you are ready to go, please have a seat, and Anders will hook you up."

Forsberg first re-attached the cuffs and straps, and then he roughly handled Amy's boobs as he re-did the suction cups. Next, he lubed up the anal vibrator, and Amy winced as he shoved it in place. He came around to her front, lubed up the pussy vibrator, spread her lips, and mechanically shoved it in place. Amy's eyes were watering as he used the canister of compressed air to inflate the two devices, and she grunted when he gave them each a final push. And lastly, he re-attached the sensors to the spots on her body.

Forsberg looked up at Magnusson who was sitting at the console and said something in Norwegian. Amy interpreted this to mean "She's ready" or something like that, and the naked girl clenched her teeth waiting for her private parts to be stimulated. And sure enough, a moment later the dildo in her pussy began to vibrate rapidly. And Amy was soon back in her little confused world of ecstasy and anguish.

Once again, Magnusson was almost frivolous as she twisted the knobs this way and that trying to make Amy come more intensely than before. During the hour long session, the strapped down girl came 9 more times, and several of them were powerful with 14 or 15 contractions. The onlookers watched Amy's face flush a bright red as her head twisted from side to side during some of the orgasms. Her moans of pleasure filled the otherwise quiet auditorium.

At 9:25, Newman could see that Magnusson was so focused on her task that she didn't realize that it was time to slow things down. So, the researcher came up to the console and politely said, "Sofie, it's time to wrap this up." Magnusson scowled at him and turned up the big knob again causing Amy to jump in her bonds. But Newman reached across and slowly turned the knob back down, and he kept his arm there to physically prevent Magnusson from getting to the controls again. He let Amy coast downhill into the real world.

Newman turned off the machine, and he could tell that the Norwegian researchers were noticeably unhappy that they couldn't continue to stimulate the naked girl. But he held his ground and asked Cranfield to unhook everything from Amy's body. The vibrator in her vagina was the last thing that Cranfield removed, and she gave an involuntary relieved sigh as it slid out. He let her rest in the chair for several minutes as he put away the equipment.

Finally, as he was helping her stand up, Knoxx came up on stage and said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, that was quite a performance. And I guess, I will see you tomorrow. Good night. And good evening to the rest of you as well." He stepped down from the platform and walked out the door.

The two Norwegians also left; they merely waved at Newman and Cranfield and said nothing at all to Amy.

Amy was still dazed as Newman said, "Well, good riddance to all of them. Now, Amy, we're going to help you over to the Bayou lab where you can rest and recover."

And the two men in their white lab coats helped the naked girl down from the stage, out the door, and down the hall with Newman holding her right arm and Cranfield her left. They guided her into the grungy smaller laboratory and over to the old couch.

Amy sat there for a couple of minutes looking dully at the two men, and then she just lay back and put her head on the pillow. Her naked body was stretched out the length of the couch. And a couple of minutes later she was sound asleep.

Cranfield brought her backpack and the extra pizza plus a Coke from the machine into the lab. And Newman wrote her a note that said:


You can rest here as long as you want. There's some food on the table; the microwave is on the counter - help yourself. Your backpack is next to the couch; your panties are still on the hook. If you need anything, please call Dr. Beaupre. (603) 555-9287.


Before leaving, Newman turned on a small light on the other side of the room, and then he flipped off the big overhead lights as he and Cranfield walked out the door.

Chapter 62 - Recovery Time

A couple of hours later, Amy's eyes opened. She groggily looked around trying to figure out where she was. She frantically turned her head this way and that for several seconds, before finally recognized the room and remembered being helped here by Newman and Cranfield.

She thought that she had awakened to a noise; maybe it was her cell phone? She looked around some more and spotted the phone on the table next to the ratty old couch where she was now sitting. But there was nothing on the display right then. Was she dreaming?

But as she was putting the phone back on the table, it rang in her hand. She flipped it open and answered, "Hulllo?"

"Hi, Amy", the voice said, "It's Dr. Beaupre. I just wanted to see how you are feeling."

Amy smiled when she heard his friendly voice, "Hi, Dr. Bo. I just woke up, and I'm still woozy. Did you just call a minute ago?"

Beaupre, "Yeah, I did. It rang six or seven times, and I wondered if I got the right number. And so, I tried again. Glad I got you. So, are you still in the Bayou lab at Wytham?"

"Uhh, yes. I just figured that out myself."

Beaupre said, "Good. If you haven't seen Dr. Newman's note yet, there should be some pizza and a soft drink on the table, if you're hungry. And of course, you are free to leave at any time. But first, tell me how are you really feeling?"

Amy sighed and replied, "Well, physically, my groin and ass are a bit sore, but not too bad. And so are my breasts. Otherwise, I guess I'm still groggy from sleeping. What time is it? Or maybe, I should ask, what day is it?" She laughed as she said the last part.

He answered, "Oh, it's just before midnight on Thursday. You've probably been sleeping for two hours or so. But I'm glad that you seem to be okay. Do you want a ride back to your dorm? I can be there in 20 minutes or so."

Amy hesitated. She really would like a ride, but she was concerned that Knoxx would somehow manipulate Beaupre's help into a rule violation as he had done in the past. So, she replied, "Oh, thanks, Dr. Bo, but I think I'll just walk back. It's all on campus sidewalks, and that should be safe. And the exercise and fresh air will do me good. Oh, where are my panties? I don't see them here."

"Oh, they are still on the hook outside my office as per the Chancellor's instructions. But okay, if you want to walk that's fine. However, let me say something first, and I'm not exactly sure how to say this; so, let me try it this way. Amy, I've really enjoyed knowing you more as a person than a research subject these last few weeks. Do you understand what I mean?"

Tears of gratitude welled up in Amy's eyes and in a broken voice, she said, "Yes, Dr. Bo, I do. You have been very nice to me."

Beaupre went on, "I'm sure that we will get some useful information from our experiments, but I sure wish I had met you under different circumstances. So, tell me, what are your plans after graduation?"

Amy spent a couple of minutes describing her new job near Boston and plans to share an apartment with Linda.

Beaupre replied, "Well, that sounds wonderful. And I guess I'll let you go now. Please call if you need help on the walk home."

"Yeah, okay. Good night", she said.

She was almost ready to hang up the phone when she heard him say, "Oh, Amy, one last thing."

"What's that?"

Beaupre said, "Go, Red Sox!" They both laughed and Amy said "Goodbye" again and hung up.

Amy spent a few more minutes in the room. She warmed up the cold pizza, quickly ate a couple of pieces, and drank the Coke. Then, she grabbed her backpack and phone and left the lab. The light in the hallway was very bright, and it took her a moment to adjust to it. She made a quick stop in the ladies room to pee and to freshen up a bit.

As she stepped back into the hallway, her phone rang again. Without looking at the display, she answered, "Hello, this is Amy."

She smiled as she heard Linda say, "Oh, Amy, I've been so worried. Where are you? Are you okay?"

Amy said, "Yeah, Lindy, I'm okay. I'm just leaving Wytham. I'll be back there in 20 minutes or so. I'll tell you about it when I get there."

"Oh, Sooz, that's a big relief. Will you be okay walking so late at night?"

Amy replied, "Yeah, I'll be fine. See you soon. Bye."

The naked girl then continued down the hallway and around several corners to room 144. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw a pair of white panties with yellow and blue polka dots hanging there. She slipped them on and then found her way to the front door.

She stepped out into the cool weather, and she felt her nipples tighten up immediately. And she looked at her arms and saw them covered with goosebumps. She noticed that the sidewalk was wet with many puddles, and so she was thankful that it was no longer raining. She set out on the cold, damp walk across campus.

The campus was a lonely place at this time of night, and she was almost naked. A spooky feeling, and she hurried along. Even though the street lights were on, there were places where they were spaced fairly far apart, and Amy was walking almost in the dark. She felt very vulnerable.

As she passed Kameron Hall, she saw a figure approaching from an adjoining sidewalk. She picked up her pace, but she paused when she heard a familiar voice say, "Miss Suzuki, are you okay?"

She turned to see Officer Olsen coming up to her. She gave him a relieved smile and said, "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm on my way home now."

Olsen replied, "Good, glad to hear that. Dr. Beaupre called and asked us to keep an eye out for you. If you don't mind, I think I'll just walk along with you. Okay?"

Amy hesitated but then said, "Yeah, that would be good."

And the two of them continued along. A nearly naked gorgeous girl and the bundled up guy in his security uniform. They chatted as they walked, and Amy found out that he was a Red Sox fan as well. And the last 10 minutes of the walk passed pleasantly as they talked baseball. He opened the dorm lobby door for her, and then they shook hands before Amy hopped on the elevator.

As Amy walked into their room, Linda jumped from her chair and rushed over to her. The two friends hugged, and Linda said, "Oh, Sooz, I was so worried. I didn't know you'd be gone so long. Come on, sit down."

Through her watering eyes, Amy said, "Actually, Lindy, can we turn up the heat? I'm cold, and I'd like to stand by the heater."

Linda looked down at Amy's erect tits and the goosebumped covered body. She smiled and said, "Sure, we'll talk over there." Linda watched as Amy turned the heat and fan up to their highest settings and stood in front of the blowing air.

It was almost 1 AM as Amy told her friend about the long afternoon at Wytham. She didn't mention the morning posing in art class; it just didn't seem important compared to the degrading exposure during the experiments.

And she had forgotten about the morning's final exam until Linda asked, "And how did your last test go?"

Amy smiled and said, "That seems so long ago now. But I'm sure I did fine. I'm actually sorry that I don't have any more studying to do, because it seemed like a pleasant diversion from all this other crap that I've had to do. And there's more of that crap to come the next few days."

She went on, "You know, I need to get to bed. Tomorrow's crap starts as usual at 8AM, and I want to get at least a few hours sleep. But first I need to finish today's crap - the diary crap."

So, Amy then powered up her computer and quickly typed up the daily one-sheet and the diary entry.

About 1:45, she crossed off another day on the calendar, looked over at Linda who was already sound asleep, and then flipped off the light and plopped herself down on the bed.

To be continued . . .