Underpants Amy - Days 14 & 15
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 14, Monday

Chapter 49 - Unpunctual Posing

Amy's eyes opened slowly on Monday morning, and she found that she had unconsciously rolled onto her side during the night with her arms covering her breasts. She sighed and turned to look at the clock. But when she saw it flashing "PF", she knew she was in trouble because there had been a power failure during the night. She looked over at Linda, but her roommate was still sound asleep. Usually, Linda was up and about early on Monday mornings, but this was finals week and Linda had told Amy that her first final exam was on Monday afternoon. Amy quickly swung her feet to the floor and scooted across the room to look at Linda's clock. It read 7:55 AM, and her heart sank; she was going to be late to art class.

She briefly sat back down on the bed and buried her head in her hands. At first she thought about why she was still using that very old digital clock with no battery backup, and then she wondered why her computer was still running after the power failure; she guessed it had rebooted itself after the power came back on.

But then she thought of more pressing matters. Knoxx was going to have a field day punishing her for this after reminding her just yesterday to avoid any more violations. But she thought through her options quickly and realized that she might be able to mitigate the consequences if she could speak with Dr. Whiteside before the class started.

Amy didn't know Whiteside's phone number, but she looked up Whiteside's number in the online campus directory. There was only an office number, no cell number. She called that office number; no answer, but she whispered a voice mail message into the answering machine. Then she called the Art Department main number hoping to reach a secretary; again, no answer; it was still not 8 AM and the department secretary hadn't turned on the phone system yet. She left another message.

She made a quick trip to the bathroom to use the toilet. As she sat there, she remembered that she had planned to shave her legs and pubes this morning, but there was no time for that now. In fact, there was no time for a shower or to eat breakfast. When she got back to the room, Linda was stirring and drowsily asked what time it was. Amy replied, "8 o'clock. And I'm so screwed. I'm late for art class." Amy quickly grabbed a Snicker's bar from her stash in the desk, picked up her backpack, and dashed out the door.

It was a 10-minute walk to Wakefield Hall, and Amy thought about running to cut it down to 7 or 8 minutes. But she thought, "Oh, what the hell difference is 2 minutes going to make. If I'm late, I'm late." So, she walked at her normal pace but she could feel her breasts rising and falling more than usual; probably in apprehension about what would happen to her. As she walked, she used her cell phone to call the Art Department again. This time the secretary answered and Amy asked her to go down the hall and tell Whiteside that she'd be there in a few minutes. She finished eating the candy bar as she trotted up the steps with bouncing breasts and into Wakefield Hall.

She tried to be inconspicuous as she walked into the classroom, but how could a bare-boobed woman taking off her panties be inconspicuous? Everyone in the room, stopped and looked at her as she hung her panties on the hook and scooted naked up to the stage where Eva was stretched out prone on the floor, elbows propped up, and a book in her hands as if reading; her naked butt was prominently displayed.

Whiteside hurried up to the stage with a scowl on her face. She patted Eva on her bare ass, and simply said, "Stand up." Then she turned to Amy with anger in her eyes and asked, "Where have you been?"

Amy sheepishly replied, "I'm sorry, Professor, but I overslept."

Whiteside grabbed Amy's elbow and swatted her hard on her bare bottom as if scolding a little child. Amy's instinct was to reach her hands behind her to fend off another spank, but she kept her hands at her sides as Whiteside swatted her again even harder. Amy bowed her head and waited for the next smack on her butt, but instead Whiteside lifted Amy's chin and said, "Look at me."

"You've disrupted this class, and now I'll have to alter my class plans for a second time today. So, give me a minute to look you over and figure out what to do." And Whiteside circled the naked and downcast girl.

Eva stood off to the side also with her head down. She felt sorry for Amy for getting chewed out like that, but Eva knew there was nothing she could do. She just stood there in her own naked glory facing the class.

After Whiteside had circled Amy a couple of times, she knelt down in front of the naked girl and looked at her pussy. Whiteside said, "Well, Amy, I see that you've got your own version of -- how do you Americans say it -- '5 o'clock shadow' down here this morning." She dragged her finger down over Amy's mons next to the thin strip of pubic hair and to the top of her pussy lips. "Not only did you oversleep, but you neglected your personal hygiene. But let's see if we can salvage something from this unfortunate situation. Making sweet lemonade out of sour lemons. That's how you say it, n'est pas?"

Amy just stood there blushing at the intimate inspection of her pubic area with the entire class looking on. After a moment, Whiteside continued, "Well, Amy, we're going to help you out this morning. More precisely, Eva is going to help you out by shaving your pubic area and your legs. And this will give us a few interesting poses for the rest of this shortened class period. So, Amy, go back to the props area, and in the little metal cabinet, you'll find some shaving cream and a razor. Bring them up here and give them to Eva. And hurry. I'll get a couple of pans of hot water."

Amy dashed down the aisle, got the shaving cream and razor, and hurried back to the platform handing the can and razor to Eva. Whiteside returned with a bucket of warm water and she poured some into two shallow pans and said, "Okay, Amy, I saw Mr. Lindstrom shave your pubes the other day, and I wish I had a strap-down table to use like he had, but I don't. So, you'll just have to stay really, really still while Eva shaves near your pussy. Sit here on the floor facing the class, spread your legs wide apart, and lean back with your hands on the floor behind you so that your boobs are attractively displayed." Amy did as instructed and Whiteside made adjustments.

Whiteside then turned to Eva and said, "Okay, ma chérie, I want you to resume your prone position, but without the book. Lie down on your tummy between her legs with your pretty tush showing, and you will shave her pussy area leaving that nice thin strip. Just do her pubes for now; we'll do her legs in a few minutes. When you finish, let me know, but continue to hold the pose so the students can capture the intriguing image." She grabbed Eva's elbow and led her over in front of the wide-spread Amy. Eva handed the can and razor to the instructor, kneeled down first, and then lay on her stomach propping herself up on her elbows.

Whiteside dipped a washcloth in the warm water and handed it to Eva. And with a quick apologetic look into Amy's eyes, Eva wetted Amy's entire pussy area. Then Whiteside shook the can of shaving cream and handed it to Eva, who squirted a big dollop into her hands. Eva glanced at Amy again and then applied the shaving cream to Amy's pussy area lathering it up quite a bit. Eva was apprehensive because she'd never shaved another girl's pubic hair before, but she lifted the safety razor and held it just above Amy's pussy for a second.

At that point, Whiteside said, "Bon, très bon. Now, Eva, hold that pose for a minute or so with the razor in the air to let the class capture that before you actually shave her. Amy, stop that twitching! I see your toes moving a little bit; quit it!"

The two naked girls held still for the next couple of minutes as Whiteside went around the class checking on the students' sketches. Then, from the back of the room, Whiteside said, "All right, Eva. Shave away."

And Eva slowly and gently pulled the razor down over Amy's mons to the top of her pussy lips carefully avoiding the thin strip in the middle; she used the fingers of her left hand to hold Amy's skin taut while she shaved with her right hand. She then rinsed the razor and wiped it on a towel and repeated the gentle scrape down the other side of the strip. She continued for a few more minutes shaving away all of the stubble above and around the strip. And with a very careful hand, she shaved to the side of Amy's pussy lips. She noticed that Amy's clit was swelling and becoming more visible as Eva continued shaving nearby.

As she was shaving, Eva involuntarily bent her legs at her knees and her legs popped up behind her. Whiteside came over, lowered Eva's legs, and swatted her bare ass. She scolded Eva, "Hey, don't raise your legs; I want your nice tush to be the center of attention back there, not your lifted legs." Eva stopped shaving for a moment, and blushed as Whiteside lowered her legs back to the floor and then adjusted them. Whiteside first spread them fairly wide by reaching in between her thighs near her pussy to push them apart. But Whiteside stood back and looked and said, "Mais non. It looks best with your legs together and butt slightly raised." Whiteside slid her hand in under Eva with her fingers right on her pussy, and then she raised Eva's hips and slid in a very thin pillow under Eva's pubic area. After a few adjustments, Eva's naked ass was prominently displayed.

All of the shaving took several minutes and the students sketched away. Finally, Eva wiped the last bits of white foam from Amy's pussy and looked up at Whiteside and said, "Okay, I think I'm done here."

Whiteside replied, "Très, très bon. But hold that position with the towel for a couple of minutes. Don't cover her pussy; just hold the towel a couple of inches away as if your getting ready to wipe her again."

All the while, Amy felt her face and chest getting redder and redder with shame. But she also was getting turned on by Eva's fingers so near her pussy, and she also noticed her clit coming into view as it puffed up.

The instructor checked a few of the students' sketches and then came back up on stage. She said, "Okay, naked ones, let's shift positions."

Eva was taken aback by this, because she thought that Whiteside was going to have Amy shave her now. Since Eva had just shaved down there earlier in the morning, she didn't think it was necessary again. She was all set to complain when Whiteside said, "Amy, remember how you bent over for Mr. Lindstrom so he could shave you underneath? Well, I want the same position now. Turn your ass so that it faces the class and bend over."

Amy vividly remembered the embarrassing position in the Chancellor's waiting room as the man shaved her from behind with Knoxx, Whiteside, and several others watching. And now she would have to do the same thing in front of the 30 or so students in the class while Eva shaved her. She had no choice but to assume the humiliating position and let Whiteside make the necessary artistic adjustments.

Amy kneeled down and bent over with her ass facing the class; she rested her head on her hands on the floor. She felt Whiteside spread her legs at her knees as far as possible, and Amy could envision the view of her ass and pussy that the students were now enjoying.

Whiteside positioned Eva off to Amy's left side and handed another wet washcloth to Eva who wetted down Amy's crotch area. Amy shivered a bit as the water ran down her legs. Then Whiteside handed the can of shaving cream to Eva, who shook it rapidly and squirted a big wad into her palm. She lathered it up and then applied it to Amy's perineum and around her asshole and pussy lips. Very, very carefully she tightened the skin around these sensitive areas with her left fingers and scraped the razor with her right hand. Again, Whiteside had her pause a couple of times to allow the students time to sketch. And she paused again after wiping the foam off of Amy's very private parts.

Whiteside came up on stage with the two nude beauties and said, "All right, mes amies. Nice job. Let's do les jambes now. Sorry, I should use English, let's do the legs now. Amy, please stand here facing the class, legs wide spread, hands on your hips." Amy took her position. Whiteside went on, "No, not quite so wide. Hands on your hips not on your butt; just below the waist." Amy made the adjustments and Whiteside nodded.

Whiteside guided Eva around in front of the wide spread naked girl and said, "Okay, Eva, this should be an easy job for any American girl. Just do the front and insides, one leg at a time, and we'll do the rest in a few minutes.

Using a soaking wet washcloth, Eva quickly wetted Amy's right leg on the inside and front. And then she again lathered up the foam, and with another apologetic glance at Amy's eyes, Eva spread the foam on Amy's right leg starting on the inside right next to the pussy. She spread it down the entire inside and then on the front starting at pussy level. Eva then scraped the razor slowly working her way up the long pretty leg using long strokes. Near her pussy, Eva pulled Amy's mound slightly aside so she could work the razor into the tight spot. Amy's clit responded again at the stimulation nearby.

Amy paused in the middle of one of the long strokes to give the students time to capture the razor doing its work. When she finished, she wiped all of the excess foam off.

She repeated the process on Amy's left leg, and when Eva was finished, Whiteside came up and closely looked at Amy's legs and pussy. With her fingernail, she scraped right next to Amy's pussy on the right side and said to Eva, "There's still a bit of stubble in there. Do it again. Just to be sure, do both sides near her vagina."

And so Amy blushed as Eva lathered up the legs right next to Amy's pussy and gently scraped away the remaining stubble. Whiteside herself wiped the foam away, and then repeated the very intimate inspection. She said, "Good, good. Now let's do the rear and sides of her legs. Amy, turn around, spread your legs, and then bend over. This will tighten the skin nicely for Eva's shaving."

Of course, Amy knew that bending over really didn't tighten up the skin that much. She knew that Whiteside just wanted to embarrass her some more by having her bend over again. But she took the position with her hands on her knees.

Whiteside said, "Is that the best you can do? Can't you reach your toes? Or maybe even put your hands on the floor?"

Amy stretched some more and was just barely able to touch her big toes. Whiteside said, "Well, okay, if that's the best you can do, hold that position. And Eva, you get going shaving the backs and outsides of her legs."

This position was probably even more embarrassing that her kneeling with her ass towards the class, because this time not only were her asshole and pussy in full view from the rear, but her boobs were swaying enticingly beneath her. Whiteside had used some hairpins to pin up her hair to avoid blocking the nice view of her hanging breasts. Also, Amy was looking upside down at the class through her wide spread legs.

Eva wetted the right leg, lathered the shaving cream, spread the foam, and shaved the outside and rear of the leg from the bottom up being careful near the pussy again. And she repeated the operation on the left leg. Whiteside again made the intimate inspection with Amy still bent over. Amy thought her bending was done, but Whiteside said, "Hold that pose for a few minutes to let the class finish up."

Amy was still in the embarrassing position when the bell rang to end the class. Whiteside slapped her ass and said, "Okay, Amy. You can stand up now."

Amy was still flushed from having her head down for so long. But she heard Eva whispering to her. "Amy, come over here for a moment." Amy staggered over, and Eva said quietly, "I've got final exams at 8 AM each of the next two days. So, I guess you'll be on your own for those days. Do you have any early morning tests this week?" Amy shook her head and said, "No, I've got 10 AM tests today and Thursday; so, I guess I'll be here all week. So, I'll see you Thursday?"

Eva nodded and said, "Yeah, I guess so. Good luck on your exam today. Bye." And Eva left.

Amy was alone and naked on the platform now. Whiteside came up to her and without saying anything, lifted up Amy's left arm and looked at her armpit. Whiteside said, "Well, I thought so. You might want to quickly shave under here before the next class. As you can see, we still have all of the tools and stuff sitting right here. Please go ahead."

The naked girl looked at the clock and saw that she had 5 minutes to shave her underarms. She quickly lathered up and shaved away the stubble. Usually, she did this in front of a mirror, but she knew she was required to do this up here on stage in full view of the departing and arriving students. This was embarrassing for her, but it was really small potatoes compared to having Eva shave her pubes in front of the earlier class.

She sort of needed to pee, too. But she knew better than to press her luck with Whiteside any more than necessary today. She was pretty sure she could make it through the next hour, but she also hoped that Whiteside wouldn't let the class run long so that she could pee afterwards and still get to Younger auditorium on time for the Psych final exam.

For the next class, Amy thought that Whiteside was still pissed at her for being late. And Whiteside continued with more embarrassing poses. This time Whiteside's supposed theme for the class was drawing female genitalia. And of course, the only female genitals in full view were Amy's, and Amy spent most of the hour with her hands on or somewhere near her pussy. Whiteside started with Amy standing up with legs wide apart and her hands spreading her pussy lips, and as Amy expected, Whiteside found excuses to touch Amy's pussy during the pose - first to spread the lips wider and later to point out the clitoris under its little hood. Then, Whiteside had Amy bend over somewhat like she had done in the earlier class with her anus and vagina in full view and her hands on her butt cheeks. Then, she had Amy kneeling and spreading her ass cheeks to show off only her asshole. And finally she had Amy sitting in a chair with her knees wide spread and Amy pointing at her own cunt.

By the time the bell rang, Amy really needed to use the toilet, but Whiteside insisted that she return the props to their proper storage spots - the chair, the shaving cream and razor, the bucket, and the pans plus a few pillows that had been used. This took a couple of precious minutes, and Amy hurriedly slipped on her panties and dashed out the door with her backpack. She raced across the quad lawn to Younger Hall and into the ladies' bathroom. But she was still sitting in the stall when the 10 o'clock bell rang. She quickly finished and dashed across the hall to the auditorium where she saw Tyson Laird standing by the door. Laird opened the door for her, and she dashed to an empty seat in the last row. The instructor hadn't even started passing out the test forms yet, but she knew that she was going to be dinged for being late.

The Psych test was harder than she expected, and she knew that her lack of study time yesterday was going to be reflected in her score. There was no danger of an F, but she felt like she'd probably get a C which would bring her final grade down to a B or B-, which was not up to her usual standards. So, as much as she had tried to keep up with her studies during this naked nightmare, she realized now that it would be affecting her grades. And that bothered her a lot, because with her 3.48 GPA, she knew she was on the borderline of graduating with honors. It might still be possible, but the lower than expected grade in this psych class would not help.

Chapter 50 - Talking to Dwight

When she got back to the dorm, she was surprised to see a UPS package sitting next to her door. Normally, such packages were kept at the main desk and a note left in the recipient's mail box. But this package clearly showed that it was from Victoria's Secret, and Amy knew that it was the pair of replacement pink striped panties that she had ordered. There wasn't much chance that the package would be stolen, but it did seem like a vulnerable target just sitting there in the hallway. It just didn't make sense why someone would leave it there. But she just shrugged and picked it up as she went into her room.

She opened the outer package and saw that inside was the expected package of panties. She decided to leave that inner package wrapped up, and she would give it to Knoxx this afternoon. She stuffed it into her backpack.

Then, Amy checked her cell phone, and noticed a couple of voice mail messages from Dwight from this morning. She listened to the first one, and she smiled as she heard, "Hi, Amy, it's me. I just wanted to say, ummm, how much I enjoyed our time together on Saturday night. I found your pearls on the bedside table, and I guess you know what that means. You are required to come back here as soon as possible and pick them up. Call me. Bye." She giggled.

But the second message had a different tone. Dwight just said, "Amy, please call me. I need to tell you something."

She frowned as she hit the reply button to call him back. She was relieved when he answered.

She said, "Hey, it's me. I just got your messages. I was busy this morning and I just listened to them now. What's up?"

Dwight replied with a light-hearted tone, "Hi, beautiful. How are you doing? How were the baseball game and your test this morning?"

She smiled on hearing his cheerful voice, and she said, "I'm fine, Dwight, and I'll tell you about the exam in a minute, but what was your second message about? It sounded serious. Are you all right?"

He said, "Oh, yeah, that. No, I'm fine, but you were right. Chancellor Knoxx called me this morning." And Amy's heart sank. "He asked a bunch of questions about our date. Some of them rather personal."

She said, "Oh, no. But I hope you did as I asked and told him the complete truth. What did he want to know?"

He replied, "Oh, things like, what time I picked you up? What we ate for dinner? Were there lots of people in the cafeteria and Starbucks? He seemed to already know that we went to the cafeteria and Starbucks. How I liked the movie?"

Amy said, "Well, he knew about the cafeteria and Starbucks because he asked me about that on Sunday afternoon. But those questions sound rather routine, and I'm not sure why he would care. But, umm, what were some of the personal questions?"

He hesitated for a moment and then said, "Well, he wanted to know what color of panties you were wearing and if there was a little red mark on the back. I told him light blue and I wasn't sure about the red mark. Why did he want to know that?"

She replied, "He wanted to make sure that I was wearing approved panties." And she went on to explain how Knoxx gave a new pair of panties each day and how the red mark indicates that they are approved. Finally, she said, "And what else did he ask?"

He hesitated again and said, "Umm, uhhh, how do I say this? He asked if there was a wet spot on your panties."

And now Amy hesitated before saying, "Oh, god, that is personal. What did you say?"

"I told him 'yes' there was a wet spot down there. And then he asked if the other people nearby saw the wet spot. I told him I didn't know."

Tears formed in Amy's eyes and she said, "Okay, what else?"

"Well, he then asked if you tried to hide the wet spot from view somehow. For example, with your hands or a napkin? I told him 'no'. And then he asked if you attempted to cover your breasts at any time during the evening. I told him 'no' again."

Amy wiped her eyes and said, "Go on. What else did he want?"

Dwight went on, "He wanted to know about your hair. He asked if it was nicely made up and if you combed it during the evening. I told him that your hair looked very nice and that you did comb it out while we were waiting in line at the theater."

Amy couldn't remember combing her hair then, but she just asked, "Anything else?"

"Well, he asked what we did after Starbucks. And I told him we went back to my place."

Amy closed her eyes and asked, "Did he ask about the sex?"

"Yes, he asked if we had intercourse, but he didn't ask for details. However, he did want to know if you covered your breasts or vagina from my view. And as you suspected, he asked about you being covered with a sheet or blanket. I told him that you did not cover yourself at all. But then he asked if we closed the door while we were, ummm, making love, and I told him we did. Will he consider that to be a violation?"

She sighed and said, "Yes, I'm afraid so. What else?"

"No, I think that's all he wanted to know. Are you going to get punished for any more of that beyond the closed door?"

"I don't know. But I suspect that he'll try to figure out some other violations from all of that." She paused for a moment before saying, "Oh, Dwight, I'm so sorry that you got caught up in my mess. You shouldn't have to have your personal life exposed like that just so Knoxx can get to me." She paused again and then said, "Can we please talk about something else?"

And they spent a few minutes talking about their exams, and she briefly mentioned the embarrassing experiences at the baseball game without going into any detail.

She asked, "When can I see you again?"

"Well, as I said in the first voice message, you are required to come here to claim your pearl necklace. So, how about Tuesday night? I think Kevin and Mark have a softball game that will keep them out late. As you know, I'm not much of a cook, but I can order take-out of some sort, something better than pizza. And then we can study and, ummm, well, you know . . ."

She giggled, "Yes, I know. And yes, it sounds wonderful. Can you pick me up at 6 o'clock or so?"

She sighed contently as she closed up her phone after saying goodbye.

She now had the entire afternoon to focus on her studies rather than worrying about some new nude challenge. She spent the time working on the Composition take-home exam. She was determined to do well on this one. She just couldn't let this naked nightmare affect her grade in another class.

Chapter 51 - More Naked Punishment

Amy finished the Composition exam, took a shower, and then she came back and spent another hour reviewing it carefully. She looked at the clock and it was 4 o'clock. So, she decided that she had time to turn in the exam and then get over to Kameron for the dreaded 5 o'clock meeting.

She walked to Becker Hall, the journalism building, and up the stairs to Leonard Albertson's office. She was relieved to see that his door was open, and she knocked lightly on the jamb before stepping in. She said, "Hello, Mr. Albertson, I want to turn in my exam."

Albertson was fairly young, late 20's, early 30's at the most, and he was not yet a full professor. He looked up and smiled at the nearly naked girl and said, "Well, Amy, nice to see you. Please come in and have a seat."

Amy wasn't expecting this. She thought this would just be a drop-it-off-and-leave visit. She hesitantly sat down at the only guest chair in the office which was right at the side of his desk, only a foot or so away from Albertson. Something in his manner made her uneasy. She said, "I can only stay a few minutes, because I have a meeting with the Chancellor at 5 o'clock."

Albertson scooted his chair even closer to the almost naked girl and said, "You know, this exam isn't due until Friday. Are you certain that you want to turn it in so quickly? You are the first student in the class to submit it."

Amy replied, "Yes, I'm certain. As you know, I have lots of other activities this week as well as several final exams to study for, and I wanted to get this one out of the way, so to speak."

He said, "Okay." And then he put his hand on her bare knee, and she froze thinking, "Where is this going?"

He continued, "I wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed having you in the class this semester as well as the other classes that you've taken from me. Now, tell me, what did you think of the class? Do you have any suggestions for me?" And he lightly squeezed her knee, and his hand moved ever so slightly up her leg.

Amy squirmed and replied, "I enjoyed the class, and I'm certain that I'll be able to use some of the techniques that you taught me in my new job near Boston. One suggestion: Since this is a composition class, you might want to include an essay-style question on the final exam in the future. Just an idea."

He was looking at her bare breasts now, and his fingers moved a bit on her knee. And they spent the next few minutes chatting about the class and her new job, but his hand remained on her knee and his eyes frequently drifted down to her boobs and her panties. Finally, Amy glanced at the clock and said, "Mr. Albertson, it's 10 minutes til 5, and I really need to go. Again, thanks for the good class." She stood up and took a step back. Then, she reached out and shook his hand as she said, "Goodbye."

She quickly left his office and she kind of shivered as she walked down the hall thinking about the strange interchange. As she opened the stairway door, she glanced back and saw him standing by his office door looking at her. She smiled and waved at him, and then quickly dashed down the stairs. "A very creepy guy", she thought.

She walked across the quad to the administration building arriving in Knoxx's office at 4:55. She smiled at the secretary and then turned her butt so Mrs. Duckworth could see the red approval mark on her panties. As usual, the secretary said nothing, but she pointed to the penis hook, and Amy slid off the panties and hung them on the hook. She stood naked near the inner door to Knoxx's office and waited.

About 5 after the hour, Knoxx came out and without smiling said, "Come in, Miss Suzuki." She stepped into his office and tensed when she saw many people in there. Knoxx, Laird, Kirkpatrick, Telford, Farmer, Whiteside, Thorson, Beaupre, and a man that she didn't recognize. The nude girl could feel the tension in the room, and she knew that this was not going to be pleasant. She stood in her usual spot with Thorson and Beaupre sitting in folding chairs on her left, the 4 committee members in their usual seats to her right behind Knoxx's desk, and Whiteside and the stranger sitting behind her on the couch.

In a stern voice, Knoxx said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, good afternoon. We have a lot to cover today, but first do you have anything to tell us about your day so far?"

Amy cleared her throat and said, "No, not really. But I did purchase the replacement panties. I have them here in my backpack. Should I give them to you now?" Knoxx just nodded, and Amy knelt down on the floor next to the stranger's foot and got the package from her backpack. She got up and leaned over the desk to give it to Knoxx.

Knoxx spent several seconds carefully looking over the package of pink striped panties. She expected him to open it and have her model the new panties to make sure that they met his approval. But he just said, "Okay, thanks. We'll discuss these in a few minutes. Anything else?"

"No, sir."

Knoxx looked her in the eye as he raised two sheets of handwritten paper. He said, "Do you know what this is?" She shook her head. "Well, this is the list of your violations that we know about. Do you remember that it was only last Tuesday, just six days ago, that we went through a list with you, and we assigned some additional community service activities to you as punishment for them?" She just nodded. He went on, "Well, we had hoped that those additional punishment projects would teach you some lessons about obedience and about the seriousness of your original infraction - that is, streaking. That first list was 11 items long, and now only six days later, we have a brand new list with 26 items on it. Twenty six!"

Her eyes started to water, and she opened her mouth to say something, but Knoxx said, "Wait, I'm not done yet. And do you remember the very last thing I said to you at yesterday's meeting?"

The chastened girl said, "You told me to follow the rules closely for the next 24 hours so that I wouldn't add any more violations to the list that you were creating. Or something like that."

"That's right. But I'm amazed that you could remember what I said so clearly, but you couldn't seem to remember what the written agreement says. Do you know how many things I've added to this list in the last 24 hours?" The naked girl meekly shook her head. "Nine!"

Amy bowed her head and closed her eyes hoping to stop the tears, but she felt a tear roll down her cheek and fall onto her left breast just above the nipple. She wanted to wipe it away, but she was so shaken that she feared that such a simple act might be another violation. She thought to herself, "What the hell is he talking about? I was late to art class, and that's the only violation I know about. Oh, and I guess I was late to the psych final, but that's only two violations."

Knoxx said, "We're going to go over this entire list, but I'm going to start with those nine. So, first, you were late to arrive at art class this morning for your naked posing. Why?"

Amy wiped the tears from eyes but not the one on her breast and said sheepishly, "I overslept. And I'm sorry, Professor Whiteside, that I was late."

Knoxx said, "Why did you oversleep? You haven't been late to any of the other 8 AM art classes."

"There was a power failure overnight, and so my alarm didn't go off. Also, I was up late studying til 2 o'clock, I think, and so I was tired."

Knoxx replied, "That's strange, because there was no evidence of a power failure at my house last night. But at any rate, clocks these days have battery backup to handle that problem. Was your battery dead?"

"No, it's an old clock and doesn't have a battery."

Knoxx countered, "Was that the only clock in the room? What about Miss Hathaway?"

"Linda slept in because she didn't have to be in class, actually, a final exam, til this afternoon. So, she didn't set her alarm, and she was still asleep, too."

Knoxx went on, "So, you could have used her clock as a backup? What about your cell phone? You could have used it as backup, also."

Amy quietly said, "Yeah, I guess I could have used Linda's, but I didn't think of that. And my cell phone doesn't have an alarm."

Thorson interrupted, "Excuse me, Amy, but all cell phones these days have an alarm clock option. Do you have your phone here? Let me look at it."

The nude girl nodded and kneeled down next to the stranger and retrieved her phone from her backpack. She handed it to Thorson, who quickly browsed through the menus. A few seconds later, he said, "Here it is. Under the 'Tools' menu." He gave it back to her, and she looked at a screen that she had never seen before on her phone.

She thought to herself, "First, he forces me to be naked in front of these people, and now he forces me to look stupid as well. That's a double dose of embarrassment, and that's exactly what he wants", but aloud she just said, "O dear, I didn't know about that feature. I'm sorry."

Knoxx said testily, "Well, now you do. So, be sure to use it these next few days. Okay, next item on the list. Since you were late, you caused Ms. Whiteside to change her class plans. Actually, she had to change them twice; once when you didn't show, and then again, after she had already started the class. Dr. Whiteside, please add some color to this situation for us."

Amy stepped to the side so that Whiteside could see Knoxx from her seat on the couch. Whiteside said, "Well, that's right. As you know, at the 8 o'clock class, I have two naked beauties posing for the class. Amy is one, Eva Cobb is the other. My original plan was to have the two of them in an interesting pose where Eva would be standing on a ladder, bent over so that her full boobs were hanging down like fruit, maybe melons or grapefruit. And then Amy would be standing on tiptoe reaching up to Eva's boobs as if picking the low hanging fruit."

She went on, "But when Amy didn't show, I had to put the ladder away and figure out a pose for Eva to do alone. I had her lying on her tummy reading a book with her pretty tush in full view. Eva got into position and the students sketched her that way for the next 10 minutes or so. And then Amy comes waltzing in about 8:15. And I'm in a quandary again. Should I scold her and just send her off to sit in the corner for the rest of the hour? Or should I make use of her pretty naked body for the rest of the hour?"

She took a breath and continued, "I chose the latter. But I didn't want to really waste the drawings that the students had made of naked Eva lying on her stomach. So, I figured out something using Eva in that same position with Eva shaving Amy's pubes and legs."

Knoxx said, "Thank you, Professor. And that brings me to the next item on the list, Miss Suzuki. Not only were you late, but you neglected your personal hygiene this morning, didn't you? Did you take a shower? Did you shave your pubic area and legs?"

Amy shook her head, "No, I'm sorry I did not. There wasn't time."

Whiteside interrupted, "Her armpits needed shaving, too, and Amy had a disagreeable body odor that some of the students in the front row mentioned to me after the class."

Knoxx sniffed his nose in the air and said, "Well, I don't detect an unpleasant odor now. Did you take a shower before coming to this meeting, Miss Suzuki?"

Finally, Amy could give a positive answer to one of his questions. "Yes, I did. This afternoon."

Knoxx said, "Please lift your arms. I want to check your armpits."

Amy blushed but followed his order. He continued, "Well, they look good as well. Did you do that this afternoon, too?"

Amy blushed some more and said, "No, Professor Whiteside, asked me to do that between the 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock classes."

Knoxx said, "So, you went to the restroom to shave in private?"

She continued to blush, "No, I did it there on the platform in the classroom."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, because if you'd hidden in the restroom, we'd have another violation on our list today, wouldn't we? Now, the next item on the list. You were late for your 10 AM General Psychology final exam. Does that mean that you didn't take your exam this morning? If not, you'll probably get an F in the course, right?"

Amy was angry, but she restrained herself. "No, I did take the exam. But I was about a minute late arriving in the room, because I needed to use the toilet. The instructor hadn't even started passing out the test booklets yet when I sat down. But yes, I was late for the Psych test, and I'm sorry about that."

Amy was beginning to understand how one violation had turned into nine. Oversleeping had been the cause of these 4 violations, and he had nitpicked to create 4 items out of 1 real violation. But what were the other five violations that she had done today?

Knoxx said, "Okay. Next item. I had a report from your RA, Kelly Stubbins, that you received a UPS package this morning. She happened to see it at the main desk and noticed that it seemed to be from Victoria's Secret, and she thought that it might be related to your panty punishment somehow, and so she gave me a call. And it sounded suspicious to me, too. So, I added it to this list sort of on a conditional basis, but then you handed me a panty package this afternoon that is much different packaging material than the panties you bought last week. So, I conclude that you purchased these replacement panties on the internet or by calling Victoria's Secret on the phone rather than going to the convenient store in the local mall. Did I figure that out correctly, Miss Suzuki?"

Amy thought, "O, fuck. I should have known that Stubbins saw the package. Now Knoxx's going to ding me for it." She bowed her head and quietly said, "Yes, Dr. Knoxx, that's correct."

Knoxx said, "Well, why didn't you go to the store like I told you to?"

Very quietly Amy said, "Sir, you told me to purchase them myself rather than having a friend do it. You didn't tell me explicitly to go to the store. And so I purchased them on the internet, because I was afraid the city cops would see me almost naked at the mall and arrest me again."

Knoxx replied, "Very clever of you to pick up on my little oversight, but you certainly knew that I intended for you to go to the store, because you knew that our intent was to punish you mostly by embarrassment and shopping in a public store almost nude would be embarrassing. The city policemen might have been a problem, too, but it was really the embarrassment factor, wasn't it?"

Amy meekly said, "Yes, that's right. It would have been truly embarrassing to go into the mall wearing only panties."

Knoxx went on, "So, basically, you used the internet to hide your body. And hiding your body is forbidden by the agreement." She silently nodded. "And then you essentially lied to me by leading me to believe you bought these panties at the store. Again, lying is forbidden by the agreement."

She silently nodded but thought to herself, "Okay, he concocted two violations from this one internet purchase. That gets today's total up to six. What are the other three?"

And Knoxx answered her silent question, "And now the other three violations didn't really happen today, but I found out about them today. Let's see, what order? Okay, let's do it this way. Miss Suzuki, please turn around and meet Vince Garoni."

Amy turned around to face the man who had been sitting right behind her during the meeting. He was so close to her that she thought she could feel his breath on her bare butt. And now his face was just inches from her bare pussy. She bent over and shook his hand, and then she stepped slightly to the side so that both of them could face Knoxx.

Knoxx added, "Mr. Garoni is an instructor in the biology department, and he is also the faculty advisor to the photography club. And he's the unofficial photographer for our sports teams. He attended yesterday's baseball game where you helped out the cheerleaders. As you might expect, your pretty naked body ended up in many of his photographs. He put together a nice photo gallery on the internet of the pictures that he took yesterday. Here, Miss Suzuki, please come around in back of my desk, and I'll show you the photos on my computer screen."

Amy wondered why he just didn't swivel the monitor around so she could see it from the front of the desk, but she reluctantly came around and positioned her naked body right next Knoxx who remained seated. She bent over and looked at the computer screen knowing that she was showing her ass and pussy lips to the four committee members seated close by. Even though those men had seen her naked many times in the last two weeks, she still felt uncomfortable having them only a foot or so from her bare bottom. And she felt uncomfortable having her dangling boobs only inches from Knoxx's hands on the keyboard.

Knoxx started a slideshow to show her the photos one by one, and Amy was stunned to see that she was prominently shown in every photo. She glanced at the top of the screen and saw that he had named the web album "Naked Amy". There were several photos of her with the cheerleaders including a closeup of her on top of the pyramid. There were a couple of pictures of her struggling while dragging the infield. There was one of her sweeping the pitching rubber with the opposing pitcher standing there looking down at her. And there was an extreme closeup of her kneeling as the batgirl with her pussy wide open and her clit clearly visible; he must have used a telephoto lens to get this picture. And then there were three photos of her walking naked across campus behind Knoxx and Laird after the game. There were no real pictures of the baseball game; like the title said, these were just pictures of naked Amy.

Amy was reeling with embarrassment at having her naked photos posted on the internet. But Knoxx paused the slideshow on the last picture and said, "And Miss Suzuki, this last photo shows you violating our agreement." In the photo, Amy was shown following several feet behind Knoxx and Laird with her head down and both hands behind her. She was holding her panties in such a way that it almost looked like she had a tail. Knoxx went on, "See how you are holding your hands and your panties. They are covering up your rear end, which is not permitted. I believe that I had told you to remember to hold your hands at your sides carrying your panties, and clearly you didn't."

Amy couldn't remember doing that, but the photo proved she did. She just said, "Yes, I see. I did that accidentally, and I'm sorry."

Knoxx glanced at the naked girl only inches away and said, "Okay, return to your usual spot in front of my desk."

The naked girl circled the desk again and briefly glanced at Garoni, who had an apologetic smile on his face. She turned to face Knoxx again.

Knoxx said, "All right. I became aware of the next two violations this afternoon, and they are related to your date on Saturday night."

Amy closed her eyes and thought, "Oh, god, no." But she just bowed her head again.

Knoxx went on, "On Saturday evening, you went to a movie with Dwight Henderson. Right?" She just nodded. "And what did you do afterwards?"

Amy quietly said, "We had coffee at Starbucks."

"And then?", he asked.

"We went home", she said meekly, but she knew where this was going.

Knoxx replied, "Yes, that's what you told me at yesterday's meeting. But that's kind of a misleading answer, isn't it? Because it seems to imply that Mr. Henderson went to his home and you went to your home, but that's not what happened is it?"

In a barely audible voice, Amy answered, "No, sir."

"What did you really do?"

"We went back to Dwight's apartment."

"And so, Miss Suzuki, you sort of lied to me, and as we said earlier, lying is not permitted by the agreement, is it?"

Amy whispered, "No, sir. I'm sorry that I deceived you."

Knoxx went on, "Okay. Now, what did you do at his apartment?"

Amy blushed and her eyes watered, "We made love. I stayed all night."

"So, you had sexual intercourse. Right?"

"Yes, but that's not prohibited by our agreement", Amy replied.

"No, it's not, but that's not the violation. Where in the apartment did you have sex?"

"In his bedroom", she said quietly. But she was thinking, "Okay, asshole. I know where this is going, and you're dragging it out for dramatic effect just to embarrass me even more."

Knoxx said, "Were there other people in the apartment?"

Amy replied, "Yes, part of the time."

"Were they in the same room with you?"

"No, we were alone." But she continued to think to herself, "Come on, fucker. Get to the point."

"Was the door closed?", he asked.

Amy quietly answered, "Yes."

"So, you were hiding your naked body from the other people behind the closed door. Right?" She nodded. "And that's prohibited by our agreement."

She could feel a tear rolling down her cheek and she whispered, "Yes, and I'm sorry." But she wasn't actually sorry, because love making is a very private thing and there's no way she would have done that in front of other people.

Knoxx said, "Okay, then. That's the nine violations for today alone. Let's go through the others on the list."

Amy wiped away the tear and looked up at Knoxx relieved that he was going to stop talking about her date with Dwight.

Knoxx paused and said, "On the other hand, maybe this would be a good time to take a break. Does anyone need to use the restroom? Miss Suzuki?"

Amy just shook her head, but several others in the room got up from their chairs. Garoni, Whiteside, Beaupre, and Telford went to the restrooms. Thorson and the other three committee members remained seated and chatted with Knoxx. Amy remained standing naked where she was. No one said anything to her. No one wanted to include her in their casual conversations as they returned to the room, but Beaupre did give her a weak friendly smile. She just stood there silently naked, kind of like a statue. She thought, "I'm not even a real person to them. I'm just an object." And another tear trickled down her cheek. She wiped it away as everyone else returned to their seats.

Knoxx said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, we're going to go through these chronologically. Oh, you'll want a copy of this list to review; Mrs. Duckworth is adding those last nine items to the list right now, and she'll bring in the updated list in a few minutes.

"All right. Number one. Last Wednesday, at the 9 o'clock art class, you wanted to disrupt the class because you needed to urinate. Ms. Whiteside told you to hold it, and you subsequently squirmed around while posing. If you recall, Mr. Laird and I saw you posing on the picnic table that day, and we observed you squirming about. This violates the rule in the agreement about being cooperative with the person in charge of the activity. Your comments?"

She just said, "Yes, my bladder was full. I should have gone to the bathroom during the break between the 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock classes. I'm sorry."

"Number two. Also, last Wednesday you were late for your 10 AM General Psychology class. Tyson Laird observed this. What happened here?"

She quietly said, "I needed to go to the bathroom after the 9 AM art class, and I guess I might have been a few seconds late."

He said, "You know, Miss Suzuki, this seems to be a recurring theme. Time after time, we get reports about your needing to pee when you should have done it at an earlier time. You don't seem to be learning your lesson here."

She bowed her head and said, "I'm sorry, Dr. Knoxx. I'll try to do better."

"Number three. This is a bit confusing to me. So, I'll just read what's written here and then let Ms. Whiteside describe it better. It says 'refused to ask Miss Hathaway to pose nude.' Go ahead, Professor, fill us in on this one."

Amy stepped back as Whiteside stood up to address the group. "I asked one of my students, Cindy Johnson, to design a posing formation with the nude bodies of Amy and Eva Cobb. Miss Johnson thought adding a third nude body would make a better pose, and she asked Amy to convince her roommate, Miss Hathaway, to be part of the pose. But Amy refused to do that, and as I understand it, she actually talked Miss Hathaway out of doing it even though Miss Hathaway wanted to do it. Did I get that right, Amy?"

Amy replied, "Yes, that's pretty much it. Linda Hathaway and I are very good friends, and I thought posing naked together would negatively affect our friendship. And so, I convinced Linda to turn down Cindy Johnson's request."

Knoxx said, "Professor, do you think adding a third naked lady to the pose would have made for a better artistic experience for the students in the class?"

"Yes, sir, I do."

Knoxx turned to Amy and said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, this sounds like a lack of cooperation violation to me, and so, I'm going to leave it on the list. Anything more to say about it?"

Amy meekly said, "No, sir. I'm sorry if it affected the class."

Knoxx went on, "Number four. On Thursday, you asked Dr. Whiteside to remove a veil from your face during posing even though the agreement gives her the right to use whatever props she wants during your posing. Why didn't you want the veil?"

"I thought it would be a violation of the no-covering-up rule. I guess I didn't realize that the veil was just another prop for the pose. I'm sorry if this caused a problem."

"Number five. You had a run-in with the city police last Thursday. From what I learned, the policeman thought that you had crossed into city jurisdiction, but witnesses nearby said you stayed on the campus side which is outside of the city jurisdiction. Evidently, this has to do with the boundary line running down the middle of the street and whether or not you crossed it. Is that right?" Amy just nodded. "Well, I think you could have avoided the entire incident by recognizing exactly where the boundary line is located and staying well away from it on the campus side. Anything to say about this?"

She said, "No, not really. I'm sorry for creating the scene."

"Number six. On Thursday at Wytham, you asked Dr. Beaupre not to do one of the experiments. Why?"

She glanced over at Beaupre, blushed, and then said, "It sounded really intense. He wanted to insert a thing into my ass, I mean, my anus, and that bothered me."

"But you eventually agreed to do it? Why?"

"Well, he explained that they would be very careful not to hurt me. And, I didn't think I really had a choice; if I didn't do it, I'd be expelled."

Knoxx replied, "Yes, that's true. In all of this, you really do have the final say in the matter, but the consequence of refusing would be immediate expulsion."

He went on, "Okay. Number seven. Last Thursday, your panties were stolen at Wytham. That's not really your fault, but we feel that you could have looked harder for them at the time to avoid all of the subsequent issues, such as purchasing replacements."

Amy didn't like this, because there had been no time to go looking around the icky Wytham building for her missing panties; it would have been looking for a needle in a haystack. But she just said, "I'm sorry, but I didn't think there was time."

"Number eight. You were ten minutes late getting to the 5 o'clock meeting on Thursday. We kind of discussed this at the time, and we didn't think we could let you completely off the hook, so to speak, even though there was heavy traffic at the time. And we still feel that way."

Again, Amy didn't like this, but she just said, "I apologize for being late that day."

"Number nine. You asked Dr. Beaupre to come with you to the 5 o'clock meeting on Thursday. We don't think you should have done that. You are a college senior, and you should have been able to handle that meeting with us by yourself. Comments?"

Amy again glanced at Beaupre, but she knew she wouldn't win any argument about this, and she just said, "No, I'm sorry if that was not the right thing to do."

"Number ten. On Friday morning, you turned away from the students during art class to prepare yourself for posing. Please explain."

Amy blushed again, and knowing that there was no way to be subtle about this, she said, "Well, Dr. Whiteside wanted my clitoris to be visible during the pose. And I needed to stimulate it to get it to swell up. I originally turned my back to the class while rubbing my clit, and that was a mistake. I'm sorry."

She was relieved and a bit surprised that Knoxx didn't pursue this any further; she actually would not have been shocked to hear him ask her to demonstrate stimulating her clit. But Knoxx merely said, "Okay. Number eleven. On Friday evening, Mindy Rafferty asked me several times to let you to at least wear panties while cheerleading. She was almost pleading with me, but I kept telling her 'no'. I feel that you should have done more to stop her from pleading your case. You could have told her to stop. Any comments?"

Amy answered, "No, I was aware that she was doing it, and I guess I should have stopped her sooner. I'm sorry."

"Number twelve. You helped to repair sprinklers on Saturday morning, and one of our observers saw you kind of covering yourself by squatting rather than a more open position showing your breasts and vagina. Why?"

Amy had no excuses for this, because she had intentionally squatted to avoid more exposure. She just said, "That was a mistake, and I'm sorry."

"Number thirteen. Mr. Thorson told me that you did not complete your assigned tasks on Saturday. Specifically, there were several rugs that were assigned to you that you did not wash. He had to have some other workers stay longer to do those carpets. This cost the university extra money to pay them overtime and to feed them dinner. And I understand the men weren't too happy about staying so long even though they were getting paid overtime. I realize that we talked about this at the ballgame on Sunday, but do you have any additional comments about it?"

Again this was not Amy's fault, but she knew there was no point in arguing. She turned to Thorson and said, "Mr. Thorson, I'm sorry if my slow work caused you problems."

Knoxx said, "And that leads us to number fourteen. You had an emotional breakdown while washing those rugs, and while you were crying, you bent way over with your head essentially on your knees covering your breasts completely. Of course, this is explicitly forbidden by the agreement. Any comments? Why were you crying?"

Amy hadn't even realized that she did this, but she wasn't surprised that it had happened. She said meekly, "I'm sorry for sobbing and then covering up like that. But I was really looking forward to my date on Saturday night, and I got upset when it seemed I might have to cancel it to wash those rugs. Again, Mr. Thorson, I'm sorry."

Knoxx said, "Number fifteen. When you came to this meeting on Saturday afternoon, your hair was very unkempt. Our agreement says that you will maintain an acceptable appearance. Right?"

Amy said, "Yes, that's right. My hair took a real beating from the water on Saturday while I was fixing the sprinklers and working in the fountain. There wasn't time to get it completely dry before the 5 o'clock meeting. I'm sorry."

Knoxx persisted, "But your hair looked very nice on your date later that evening. Right?"

Amy replied, "Yes. Some friends at the dorm helped me fix it up before I went out."

Knoxx pressed on, "Did you know Mr. Henderson before going on this date?"

Amy was getting annoyed but she quietly answered, "No, not really. I'd met him a few times and he gave me a ride to the mall. But I'd never gone out with him before."

Knoxx sighed, "So, I conclude that you cared more about your appearance for a stranger than for Mr. Laird and myself?"

Amy didn't know if that was a question or not, and she merely answered, "Again, I'm sorry."

Knoxx went on, "Number sixteen. On Sunday at the baseball game, the grounds crew and the umpire were upset with you for doing a poor job at dragging the infield after the fourth inning; no, sorry it was after the third inning. The game was delayed while the real grounds keepers fixed up the flaws you had left behind. What happened there?"

Again Amy said meekly, "I had never done that before, and that drag mat device was much heavier than I expected. I should have talked with Mr. Small before the game to clarify what he wanted me to do and to practice with that device. I'm very sorry for slowing down the game."

Knoxx said, "And the last one on the list. Number seventeen. Yesterday, after the baseball game, I felt that you were disrespectful to me when I told you not to wear your panties during the walk from the ballpark back to this office. You balled up your panties in your hand either to hide them or as an expression of anger. Either way, I was not pleased with your attitude. As I said at the time, that walk back to Kameron was part of yesterday's afternoon meeting, and you are required to be naked during these meetings. Isn't that right?"

Amy bowed her head and said, "Yes, Dr. Knoxx, as the agreement says, I am to be nude at these meetings, and I apologize if my attitude upset you."

Knoxx said, "Okay. That's the end of the list. Let me check with Lorene to see if she has typed up the list yet." He got up and went out to the secretary's desk, and a minute later came back with several sheets of printed paper. He gave a copy to Amy, and then handed the other copies to the committee members.

Amy looked at the sheet which showed:

1. Wed - needed to pee during posing
2. Wed - late for Psychology class
3. Thu - refused to ask Miss Hathaway to pose nude
4. Thu - asked Dr. Whiteside not to cover her head with a veil
5. Thu - run-in with the city police, came close to crossing into city jurisdiction
6. Thu - asked Dr. Beaupre not to do clitoris experiment
7. Thu - panties are stolen
8. Thu - ten minutes late to Thursday meeting
9. Thu - brought Dr. Beaupre with her to Thursday meeting
10. Fri - turned around in art class to massage clitoris
11. Fri - did not tell Miss Rafferty to stop pleading for Amy to wear panties
12. Sat - covered up while repairing sprinklers
13. Sat - did not finish washing carpets
14. Sat - covered her breasts while crying during the carpet cleaning
15. Sat - untidy appearance at meeting
16. Sun - delayed the baseball game due to a poor job of dragging the infield
17. Sun - disrespectful to Chancellor Knoxx
18. Mon - 15 minutes late for art class
19. Mon - Dr. Whiteside had to change her lesson plan because she wasn't there
20. Mon - did not shower or shave before art class
21. Mon - late for Psychology final exam
22. Mon - bought panties online rather than at store
23. Mon - lied about buying panties at store
24. Mon - lied about going home to dorm after Saturday night date
25. Mon - closed bedroom door at Mr. Henderson's apartment
26. Mon - covered her butt with her hands and panties after Sunday ballgame

Amy just shook her head; she didn't like this list. Many of the violations were not her fault or were very questionable. But she knew Knoxx would use the long length of the list to justify some more heavy punishment. She just hoped that they would not immediately expel her.

After a minute or so of silence, Knoxx said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, what are we going to do with you?" He said this in almost a fatherly way as if talking to a 6-year old child, and that's exactly what Amy felt like standing there naked in front of him with her head bowed. He went on, "Our committee and these other faculty members have spent considerable time this afternoon discussing your situation. I want to thank all of these fine folks for spending so much time today; I'm sure that they all have many other pressing tasks to do at this busy time of year. And we have come up with some additional community service projects for you to do as punishment for these violations."

But he paused for a second and then said, "As an aside, we should note that we've already punished you a little bit for a couple of the violations on Saturday. We assigned you ground crew work and batboy work at the baseball game in addition to your cheerleading. But that little bit of punishment is not sufficient to cover this long list."

Then he paused for another moment before continuing, "But first, I need to ask you about your schedule for this week, so that we can fit in these additional assignments. Let's start with your plans for graduation weekend. Will you have family members visiting you and attending the ceremony on Monday?"

Amy hadn't expected this question, and she didn't know where Knoxx was going to go with this. She slowly nodded her head and said, "Yes, my parents and brother will be here."

"When are they arriving and leaving?"

"About noon on Monday. They will be here til Wednesday morning to help me pack up my things and move out of the dorm."

Knoxx went on, "Okay, thank you for that. Now let's write down your schedule for the next several days to see where you have some time for these projects. And of course, we want to leave time for you to study for your exams as well. Here's a magic marker, and I want you to write down your schedule on the white board over there to your left."

Amy leaned over and took the magic marker, and then she trudged over to white board next to where Beaupre was sitting. Knoxx said, "Dr. Beaupre, why don't you move your chair over here where she was standing so that she can have room to write on the board and for us to see the board more clearly?" Beaupre nodded and moved his chair essentially switching positions with Amy.

The board was already covered with writing about some budget issues, and Amy paused and said, "Can I erase all of this?" Knoxx looked at it for a moment and said, "Just a minute. Let me take a quick photo of it." With Amy still standing next to the board, Knoxx took the photo with his iPhone; Amy was certain that her naked body was part of the picture. And then Knoxx said, "Go ahead and erase it, Miss Suzuki." Amy took the eraser and with her boobs bouncing nicely, she wiped the board clean.

Knoxx said, "Okay, let's cover the board with a grid. Let's see we need seven columns, one for each of the next seven days. And then I want a row for each 2-hour part of the day from 8AM til 10PM should be enough. This will give us a spreadsheet to fill in with your schedule. Okay, go ahead, and be sure to label the rows and columns. Draw the rows first; let's see, you'll need 9 rows including a line for the column labels. Write the time on the left side, 8, 10, 12, 2, etc. Label the columns with the day starting with Tuesday for tomorrow."

The naked girl had to stand on tiptoe to draw the top two lines, and then she needed to bend over to draw the bottom two lines. The audience watched her bare bottom with interest as she stretched and bent. She labeled each row as instructed and then drew the vertical lines to create 7 columns. And then she had to get way up on her tiptoes to write the column headings; she kind of looked like a naked ballerina as she shifted her way across the board on her toes.

After she finished, she turned back to face Knoxx, and she saw him pointing at her left breast. She looked down and saw some black ink near her nipple where it had rubbed against the board. He handed her a tissue, and she quickly wiped her breast before the ink could dry. She looked at the board, and saw the place where her boob had smeared one of the lines, and she fixed it up.

Knoxx said, "Okay, let's fill in what we know about. Go ahead and write in 'naked posing' for the 8-10 slot for Tuesday thru Friday." Amy noted that he used the phrase "naked posing" rather than "art class" just to add a little further embarrassment. She did as instructed. "Now, in the 4-6 slot, write 'meeting' at the bottom of each square, leave enough room above in case we need it." Amy did as he wanted, but she wondered about next Monday, because her punishment was supposed to be over by then.

He pulled out a piece of paper and said, "Okay, you've got a Formal Logic exam on Wednesday, 2-4. And Modern Journalism exam Thursday 10-12. Write those in." As she did, he continued, "And I see that you've got a couple of take-home exams. Have you finished those yet?"

"Yes, I turned in the Composition exam this afternoon, and I've pretty much finished the English Lit exam, but I need to review it before submitting it."

Knoxx glanced at the schedule and said, "Good, so let's just say that you'll submit it tomorrow and get that out of the way. So, fill in 10-12 Tuesday with 'Eng Lit' exam."

She was annoyed that he was setting out her study schedule for her, but she just wrote it in.

Knoxx continued, "And let's see, the graduation ceremony starts at 3PM on Monday. So, fill in the 2-4 slot. Oh, and the panty auction is Saturday from 7-10 in the evening. And Dr. Beaupre wants you at noon again on Thursday; so fill in 'Wytham' with an arrow down to 5PM, but we'll discuss that some more in a few minutes."

The pretty nude wrote down everything that he had said. When she finished, she turned back to face him again. Another smudge, this one on her right nipple. She blushed as she cleaned it off as before.

"Okay, Miss Suzuki, now it's your turn. What about lunch and dinner? Should we allocate an hour for each, say at noon and at 6 o'clock?"

She quietly said, "Yes, that sounds right." And she wrote in "lunch" and "dinner" across the board except for Thursday, where she asked, "Dr. Beaupre, will you have lunch for me again on Thursday?" He smiled and said, "Yes, just like last week."

"Good. Now, Miss Suzuki, are there any other activities that we need to write up there?"

Amy wasn't sure she wanted to tell them about her date on Tuesday night, but after a moment's reflection, she decided that she had to mention it. "Well, I have a date tomorrow night. Dinner and then studying with a friend."

Knoxx's interest perked up at this and he said, "Oh, let's talk about that. What time? How long? Who? Where?"

Amy blushed, but she knew she had to avoid any more violations for not telling the entire truth, and she said, "6 o'clock til 11, I guess. Dwight Henderson and I are going to eat dinner at his place, and then we're going to study afterwards."

And then very bluntly and indelicately Knoxx asked, "And are you going to have sex with him again?"

The naked girl blushed as deep a red as she ever had, all the way down to her breasts, and she said, "Yes, probably we will."

Knoxx then looked at Beaupre and asked, "Dr. Beaupre, will these episodes of her having sexual intercourse interfere with your experiments on Thursday?"

Beaupre merely said, "No, Dr. Knoxx, it won't matter as long as he uses a condom."

Knoxx raised his eyebrows as he looked back at Amy, "He will have a condom. Right?"

She quietly said, "Yes, he will."

Now, Knoxx again bluntly asked Amy, "You said you'd be staying til 11 PM, but I detected some indecision there. Are you going to be staying all night again?"

Amy hoped so, but she just said, "Maybe, but I don't really know."

Knoxx then pondered for a moment and said, "Very well, Miss Suzuki, I guess we can allow you to do that. Go ahead and write 'dinner, study, sex' in those boxes for 6, 8, and 10PM on Tuesday. I guess it doesn't really matter to us where you sleep."

Amy was still blushing deeply with embarrassment as she filled in the boxes. She really, really resented having her private life advertised so succinctly to these people. And she despised Knoxx for making her feel as if she was asking his permission for her to go out on a date. And his crack about where she slept made it sound as if she slept around with lots of men.

Knoxx said, "Okay. Miss Suzuki, anything else you've got planned?"

Amy said, "Well, on Monday, my family and I are probably going out to lunch and dinner together, but we've got that written in already. And of course, I want as much time to study for my final exams as possible so that I am properly prepared for them."

Knoxx replied, "Well, that goes without saying, but considering your situation, you are going to have to allocate some time for these punishment projects as well. However, since your exams will be finished by noon on Thursday, we'll give you some study time these next two days, and then I see lots of open time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for punishment. How's that?"

Amy tried not to shudder at the thought of doing unknown things in the nude all day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. She quietly said, "Okay."

Knoxx went on, "All right. So, let's fill in the additional community service activities that we've decided on, and then we'll fill in the others in the open slots." She thought he sounded like a job supervisor assigning tasks to his workers rather than assigning a naked young woman to show off her body to strangers.

Knoxx went on, "Let's write them in, and then I'll go back and describe them for you. First, on Thursday, we want to extend the experiments at Wytham into the evening. At least til 7 and maybe later. We will plan to have our daily meeting in the lab during a break or while the experiments are going on; we will probably stay and watch the experiments for a while after the meeting. We'll figure out dinner for you somehow. So, erase 'dinner' on Thursday and extend that arrow down to 8 o'clock. As I say, we'll talk about them in a minute."

Amy thought to herself, "So, I'll be naked and probed for 8 hours on Thursday. And he hasn't even gotten to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday yet!" She quietly made the changes on the white board.

Knoxx then said, "Now, on Friday afternoon, we've arranged for you to take part in another auction. For now, just write down 'Prime Cut Auction' from noon til 4:30 on Friday."

As she wrote it down, she thought, "O, god, what's that about? I assume that I'll be part of the merchandise rather than a bidder or the auctioneer."

Knoxx continued, "On Saturday, you will be helping Ms. Whiteside at the Pre-Graduation Art & Wine Festival. Just write 'Art & Wine' from 9 AM til 4 PM."

He paused to let Amy write it down, and then he said, "Good. Now, let's talk about these and then we will see how you can help out Mr. Thorson and Mr. Garoni. Dr. Beaupre, why don't you describe the Thursday session at Wytham?"

Beaupre said, "Okay. As you know, we've been running some experiments called 'Single Point Stimulation' with Amy, and we have one more of those to do. That should last 90 minutes or so. And then to extend the session as you requested, Dr. Knoxx, we're going to let the Norwegians run some experiments with Amy. These will take several hours."

Knoxx looked at him quizzically and said, "Norwegians?"

Beaupre chuckled and replied, "Yeah, we happen to have two visiting researchers from Norway in the lab. We have been trading notes with them, and we'd like to see how some of their stimulation devices and techniques work on Amy. And vice versa as well; we'll show them some of our experiments on Amy."

Knoxx said, "Good. Also, what is the last single point experiment that you are going to do?"

Amy blushed as Beaupre said, "We are going to stimulate her G-spot and measure her responses."

Knoxx looked over at the committee members and said, "Gentlemen, that sounds like an interesting experiment for us to observe. Maybe we should join Dr. Beaupre and his crew for lunch and spend the afternoon?" The four men agreed and Amy sagged her head; she thought that Knoxx sounded like a man going to a picnic and then watching his son's soccer game.

Knoxx then looked at Tyson Laird and said, "Ty, since you arranged the Friday auction, I'll let you tell us what you know."

Laird stood up and seemed to be looking right at Amy's pussy as he said, "There's a club of older gentlemen called 'The Old Geezers', and every month they have some sort of erotic auction for their members. They auction off nude women, 5 to 10 each week, and the winning bidder gets a lap dance from the woman involved. All of the women are paid for their participation, and Miss Suzuki will donate her money to the university foundation. The interesting part is the pre-auction display of the naked girls. I just joined this group recently, and I've only been to one auction, and for that one, the women served as naked waitresses for the men's luncheon. But I understand that they have several other motifs, and I'm not sure what this one is all about. The guy who runs it is nicknamed Daddy and he owns DaddyO's adult bookstore. The only thing he would tell me is the name 'Prime Cut Auction'. He assures me that it is all on the up-and-up; that is, the women are all paid, willing participants and no sex is permitted, although touching is allowed.

Amy let out a slight gasp and everyone in the room turned to look at the naked girl. She stood there wide-eyed, but she said nothing. However, to herself she thought, "How can it be on the 'up-and-up' with naked women? And I'm certainly not a willing participant!" Then she closed her eyes and her mouth, and she bent her head down. She knew she had no choice but to do it.

Knoxx said, "Good. Miss Suzuki, we will look forward to hearing about this at our 5 o'clock meeting on Friday. And now, Ms. Whiteside, tell us about the art and wine thing."

Whiteside stood up and said, "You all probably know about the annual Art & Wine Festival that is held on the weekend before graduation. Lots of the parents and family members of the graduates like to shop at this event; it is a good way to pass the time on a spring weekend. It is held both Saturday and Sunday. At the moment, I only have Amy for Saturday, but if she's available on Sunday, I could use her then as well. At any rate, my sister and I are two of the organizers of the event this year, and Dr. Knoxx has been kind enough to give us free rein on Amy's dress or lack thereof. We will probably have her hand out brochures or something like that, but we haven't decided for sure yet exactly what she'll be doing. But she certainly will not have many clothes on. She should be a nice drawing card."

Amy gulped. Not only would she be naked in front of hundreds of people, but the festival was held in a city park rather than on campus. And so she would have to worry about the city's indecent exposure laws that the policeman had told her about last Thursday.

Knoxx said, "Okay, thanks, Dr. Whiteside. Now, Mr. Thorson and Mr. Garoni, let's see if Miss Suzuki can help you during some of the unallocated time on her schedule. Let's see, there's a big block of unallocated time tomorrow afternoon from noon til 5. And then on Wednesday, there's 10 til 2 available if you provide lunch, and even 4 to 5. Thursday is filled up. Friday has 10 to noon, but she needs time to eat before the auction. Saturday is filled. Sunday is completely free, but I would like to save at least part of that for last minute punishment in case she breaks any more rules. Similarly for Monday morning; I'll save that, too. Mr. Garoni, I'll let you go first, what would you like?"

Naked Amy felt like a naked pawn getting moved around a crowded chessboard. They weren't concerned about her feelings, her health, or her studies. Her beautiful naked body and how to expose it were their only concerns.

Garoni said, "Well, I would love to have such a gorgeous naked lady to shoot at various spots around campus. At this time of year, the light is best in early morning and late afternoon or early evening. How about I take her from 6 til 8 on Wednesday evening? The setting sun and her naked form could be a nice combination. And then maybe I can steal her on early Sunday morning from 7 til 9 to get some of the rising sun rays casting interesting light on her?"

Knoxx smiled and said, "Done. We'll look forward to seeing those pictures. How many photographers will you have?"

Garoni replied, "Well, we have a dozen people in the club, and I expect they'll all want to be part of this." He paused for a second before asking, "Oh, does she have to be nude all the time? Can we put panties on her for a few shots?"

Knoxx said, "Yes, panties are okay. And caps or hats are okay, too. But nothing else. No shoes, no gloves, and most especially, no brassieres. Her breasts must be visible at all times."

"Good. And can we provide her with some sexier panties to wear for the photos, or will it just be the plain ones that we've seen her wearing these last two weeks?"

Knoxx said, "Well, Mr. Garoni, let's just stick to the plain ones. But you can be inventive about how to use them on her."

Garoni smiled and replied, "All right. And thanks for this, Dr. Knoxx. And Amy, thank you in advance."

Amy gave him a weak smile and just nodded.

Knoxx looked at the schedule and said to Amy, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, fill in Wednesday 6 to 8 and Sunday 7 to 9 AM with 'nude photos'. And since we stole a couple of hours on Wednesday night, let's mark Wednesday 10 to 2 with 'study' as well as 'lunch'."

Amy cringed as she wrote "nude photos" in the two slots.

Knoxx said, "Okay, Edgar. What would you like?"

Thorson said, "Well, how about a few hours tomorrow and a few more on Sunday. I could use some help counting that fountain money tomorrow, and then on Sunday, she could help do general cleanup around campus before graduation. So, how about 3 til 5 tomorrow afternoon and then 9 til noon on Sunday?"

Knoxx said, "Done. Write it down, Miss Suzuki. And when you're done, please step back and look at the schedule to make sure you can do it. It looks to me as if there is plenty of study time for your two final exams, but only you can tell for sure."

Amy was still stunned; she still couldn't quite believe that her naked body was being so casually assigned to these people, as if it were a piece of specialized equipment. But she looked at the grid that she had written on the board, and it did look reasonable at first glance. However, she was concerned about the normal everyday things that weren't written there: showering, shaving, using the toilet, talking with friends, eating breakfast, walking to and from the activities, paying bills, charging her cell phone, reading her mail, etc. But she decided not to mention any of those things, because she felt like she had no say in this any more. She just quietly said, "Yes, it looks okay to me."

Knoxx replied, "Okay, good. Now, gentlemen and Ms. Whiteside, please feel free to swap your slots around if necessary. If you do, please let me know, and of course, let Miss Suzuki know so that she doesn't show up at the wrong place."

Amy began to tear up again, because she now felt like a baseball player being offered for trade between teams. She was just a piece of gear to them.

Knoxx then said to her, "Miss Suzuki, please stand next to the board, and I'll take a picture of your schedule. I'll give it to Mrs. Duckworth to transcribe it into a document that will be sent to you and all of these folks." Amy stood there unsmiling with her arms at her sides as Knoxx used his iPhone to take a few photos of her naked body and the schedule on the board beside her. He punched a few more buttons on the phone to send the photos to Mrs. Duckworth's computer.

Knoxx then turned back to her and with a stern voice said, "Now, Miss Suzuki, I want to let you know how lucky you are; you actually got off pretty easy with this punishment. You actually have Tyson Laird to thank that you are still in school here, because Mr. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Telford, Dr. Farmer, and myself thought that this long list of violations plus the violations last week justified your immediate expulsion. But Mr. Laird thought that we would be on shaky legal ground expelling you now, and he convinced us to let you stay and punish you in other ways. Any comments?"

The naked girl shook her head, looked at Laird, and said softly, "Thank you, Mr. Laird."

Knoxx continued, "And let me tell you some of the other punishments that we considered, but did not implement. Like last week, we considered just taking away your panties completely and having you be entirely naked these last few days. And we considered having you remain naked at the graduation ceremony, probably wearing only the mortarboard part of the usual cap and gown graduation outfit. And we considered adding one more 5 o'clock meeting for Monday and requiring you to be nude as usual and to bring your family members along so that we could explain our actions to them. We seriously considered all of these things, and again you are very fortunate to have avoided them."

He went on, "Actually, I should say you are fortunate only for the time being, because we may impose these at any time in the next few days. We are going to have a zero-tolerance policy for any more violations. If we hear about you breaking any more of the rules in the agreement, we will impose some or all of those punishments. Or we just might immediately expel you afterall. We are very serious, Miss Suzuki. Understand?"

Amy tried to remain stoic as she slowly nodded her head and said "Yes, I understand", but she was sure that her body language was broadcasting her stunned reaction to everyone in the room.

Knoxx said, "Well, we're almost done here. But first, let me open this panty package and have Miss Suzuki try on this replacement pair." He ripped it open and tossed her the pink striped panties. She slid them up her long legs. She slowly turned to model them for Knoxx, and he nodded. She slid them off and handed them back. Knoxx made his usual red mark on the rear waist band and set them aside.

Knoxx then got a pair of pale green panties out of his drawer and tossed them to Amy saying, "Here are panties for you to wear tomorrow." She slid this pair up her legs and was only slightly relieved to finally have her pussy covered. Then Knoxx said, "Okay, that's it. And Miss Suzuki, please remember that you'll be counting money with Mr. Thorson at 3 PM tomorrow. Edgar, I assume that she should report to the physical plant, and I assume that you'll make certain that she's here at 5 o'clock."

Thorson said, "Yes, Dr. Knoxx, we'll be counting the money at the plant, and I'll have someone drive her over here in plenty of time for the meeting."

Knoxx said, "Good. And goodnight, everybody."

Amy wanted to scurry out the door and get away from all these people, but she remembered the zero-tolerance phrase that Knoxx had just used, and so she merely walked slowly out the door with most of the other people. And they all rode as a group down the elevator to the first floor; not a word was spoken the entire time.

Amy glanced at the clock in the lobby and realized that she had missed dinner at the dining hall again, and she decided to eat at the Student Union cafeteria for the third day in a row. As she walked out the door into the twilight, she smiled briefly at the friendly Dr. Beaupre and said, "Good night."

She quickly ate a bland pre-made turkey sandwich, some chips, and a soda at the cafeteria, and then headed back to the dorm. She checked her email and found a message from Lorene Duckworth. It contained the schedule that she had just committed herself to:

May 15, Tuesday
8-10AM naked posing
10-noon submit English Lit exam, study
noon-3PM lunch, study
3-5PM count money
5-6PM meeting
6-midnight dinner, study, sex

May 16, Wednesday
8-10AM naked posing
10-2PM study, lunch
2-4PM Formal Logic exam
4-5PM study
5-6PM meeting
6-8PM nude photos, dinner
8-midnight study

May 17, Thursday
8-10AM naked posing
10-noon Modern Journalism exam
noon-8PM lunch, Wytham, dinner
8-midnight available

May 18, Friday
8-10AM naked posing
10-noon available, lunch
noon-4:30PM Prime Cut auction
4:30-5PM available
5-6PM meeting
6-7PM dinner
7-10PM panty auction prep
10-midnight available

May 19, Saturday
8-9AM available
9-4PM art & wine festival
4-5PM available
5-6PM meeting
6-7PM dinner
7-10PM panty auction
10-midnight available

May 20, Sunday
7-9AM nude photos
9-noon ground crew
noon-5PM available
5-6PM meeting
6-midnight available

May 21, Monday
8-noon available
noon-1PM lunch
1-3PM available
3-5PM graduation
5-6PM meeting
6-7PM dinner
7-midnight available

She let out a low derisive laugh as she saw the liberties that Knoxx had taken. He had extended the schedule all the way to midnight each day, and he had filled in the blank slots with "available", which just seemed like an open invitation to any of them to use her nude body during that time. And she didn't like the way he had filled in Monday from noon on, because the agreement said that her punishment would end at noon on Monday, but he had threatened to keep her naked until Monday night if she broke any rules. She wished he had added the word "conditional" to everything after Monday noon, but she'd fight that battle if it ever happened.

After that, she finished up the English Lit exam, and then spent a couple of hours each on Formal Logic and Modern Journalism. At midnight, she decided to spend an hour or so working on the diary and those daily one-sheets, and a little after 1 AM she said good night to Linda, crossed off another day on the calendar, set alarms on her clock and her cell phone, and went to bed.

May 15, Tuesday

Chapter 52 - Naked Netminder

Amy was jarred awake at 6:30 by a strange loud noise. She looked around the room, and then she realized it was her cell phone alarm going off; she had never heard her phone make that noise before. And a few seconds later, her alarm clock went off. She looked over to see Linda wiping her eyes and groggily saying, "What the heck was that?" Amy replied, "Sorry, Lindy, it was my cell phone alarm. Just go back to sleep."

She did her usual morning routine including shaving her pubes and legs even though they had been done just the day before. She was resolved to be perfect and avoid any further violations. After breakfast at the dining hall, she loaded up her backpack with several items, and then set out for Wakefield Hall in her pale green panties at 7:40, which would get her to art class well ahead of time; she would not be late today.

As she walked, she wondered what this new day would bring. She knew Eva wouldn't be posing with her, but other than that, the posing could be almost anything. After art class, she would turn in her English Lit test and then study for several hours. Counting money didn't sound too difficult, but doing it naked under Thorson's control could mean anything. And then she could suffer through the awful 5 o'clock meeting knowing that she would be spending the evening with Dwight. She smiled broadly as she thought about Dwight. All in all, it didn't seem like it would be a terrible day. She'd still be stark naked for several hours and wearing only panties the rest of the time, but compared to other recent days, this one shouldn't be too awful. But mostly her upbeat attitude was due to her upcoming date with Dwight.

Just as Amy was ready to open the door into the hallway in Wakefield Hall, she heard a thump on the other side of the door and someone running down the hall. She tentatively opened the door and saw the cause of the thump - a soccer ball had just hit the hallway side of the door. And the footsteps were from a young boy chasing the ball down the hall. The boy stopped when he saw Amy's face peering from behind the partially opened door, but he resumed his chase after Amy smiled and said, "Go ahead and get your ball." The boy smiled back and went over to the corner to where the ball had rolled.

Then the nearly naked girl stepped into the hallway, and the boy's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. He stared at her for a moment and then ran down the hall with the ball. Amy's eyes followed him, and then she saw two more young boys farther down the hall near the entrance into the classroom. All three boys were wearing similar outfits, maybe a soccer uniform, and they stared at her as she approached them carrying her backpack in her hand with her breasts and pale green panties in full view.

She smiled at them as she went through the open door into the classroom. Then, she got another surprise. There were three more young boys similarly attired sitting on the bench right under the panty hook. She hesitated momentarily, but then remembered her vow to avoid any more violations such as covering herself. She smiled at these three wide-eyed boys as she slid her backpack under the bench. Then without turning away, she slid off her panties, leaned over the boys, and hung her panties on the hook. Her naked body was only a few inches away from the stunned youths as she reached up to the hook on the wall.

Amy was somewhat stunned herself as she turned and walked up the aisle to the platform in the center of the classroom. She felt the eyes of the six boys looking at her bare ass as she climbed up onto the stage. She turned to face them and then scanned the room for Whiteside. There were only a couple of students already there setting up their pads on the easels and preparing for the drawing class. As Amy turned to look behind her, she noticed for the first time a small soccer goal - probably 3 feet high, 4 feet wide, and a net draped behind to a depth of 18 inches or so. Then she spotted Whiteside coming out of her office towards her on the stage.

Whiteside said, "Good morning, Amy. I'm glad to see you are on time today. Your alarm clock worked better today?"

Amy replied, "Yes, it did. Good morning, Professor. Who are . . ."

Amy was just about to ask about the boys, when Whiteside interrupted, "Ah, you are going to ask about the young fellows? Well, they are part of a local youth soccer team, and one of them is my nephew. My sister asked me to babysit this morning for a while until she can pick up him and his teammates for practice. So, I decided to use them in some of the poses for the little while that they will be here this morning. And hence the soccer goal behind you. Let me introduce you." And Whiteside waved at the boys and said, "Mes jeunes amis, please come here."

The six youngsters tentatively walked up the aisle, and the naked girl had a hard time resisting the urge to cover her pussy and breasts from the view of their young eyes; she just stood there with her hands at her sides. This was going to be very awkward.

Amy looked at the boys. They were a multi-cultural group, one Caucasian, two African Americans, two Asians, and one Hispanic. As they approached, Whiteside reached out and took the hand of the white boy, and she said, "This is my nephew, Jared." Amy hesitantly shook hands with the boy. And then Whiteside said to the youths, "Boys, this is Amy. She is posing for my art class this morning. And, Amy, let me introduce the others. Walt, Ray, Jin, Brett, and Bernardo." As Amy shook their hands, Whiteside went on, "This is about half of the Grayson Grill Gorillas. You've probably been to Grayson Grill out at the mall. They sponsor a soccer team each year. This year it's these 10-year old boys. Okay, boys, go back to the bench or play in the hallway for a few more minutes til the class starts."

The boys ran back down the aisle leaving the naked girl and Whiteside alone on the stage. Whiteside said, "You know how I like to have contrasts in my poses. Different shapes, different sizes, different colors, etc. And you know how the soccer goalkeeper is always dressed differently than his teammates. So, today's interesting contrast will be a single naked adult female goalkeeper against several clothed young male players. Doesn't that sound interesting?"

Amy gulped, but she focused on the words "little while" and "clothed young male". She hoped that this meant the boys would only be here for a few minutes and then leave Amy to pose alone. And she was glad to hear that the boys would remain clothed - nobody condones child pornography, not even Knoxx's perverse committee. Amy just replied, "Yes, interesting." And then Whiteside walked back to her office leaving Amy naked and alone on the stage.

A few minutes later, the bell rang and Whiteside returned to the stage. She said, "Good morning, class. Only 4 more meetings, and then sadly we're all done for the year. But today I think we have a special treat. You probably know about the upcoming World Cup tournament, and that combined with a special coincidence inspired today's poses. As you see behind Amy, there's a soccer goal, and she'll be posing with it and with my special young friends. Boys, please come up here, and bring the ball with you."

The boys scampered up the aisle and onto the stage. Whiteside arranged them with 3 on each side of the naked girl, and she handed Amy the ball to hold. Amy carefully held it at tummy level so that neither her pussy nor her boobs were hidden. And then Whiteside went through her little spiel about contrasting soccer players. And she concluded with, "And Amy is going to be the naked netminder today."

She then took the ball from Amy and said, "Okay, Amy, Walt, Jin, and Bernardo stay here. You other boys please go sit on the bench and behave yourselves." The three boys left, and Whiteside said, "Now, Amy, stand over here in front of the goal, and I want you to be kind of hunched over, feet somewhat spread, knees bent, arms raised but not straight up. And now you boys line up several feet apart facing her. Jin, you stand in the middle, and I'm going to put the ball at your feet. And I want you to get in a kicking position and hold the pose."

Amy got into the goalie pose, and the three boys lined up. Whiteside put the ball down, and adjusted Jin's kicking position. Then, she turned to the class and said, "Okay, start drawing, and I'll . . ." At that instant, there was a thud followed by Amy saying "Ooooof" as Jin kicked the ball right into her stomach. Amy doubled over and fell to her knees. Whiteside turned around with a startled look that quickly turned to anger as she shook Jin by the shoulders. The young boy was smirking, and Whiteside said, "Hey, young man, I didn't mean for you to kick the ball. I just wanted you to pretend to kick it."

The boy's smirk changed to a dejected look as the instructor scolded him, and he said as he started to cry, "But I thought that's what you wanted, and Mr. Alexander taught us to kick from that position." Whiteside hugged the boy and said, "Jin, I'm sorry I yelled at you. I must not have made myself clear. Maybe my English isn't so good afterall? Let's try it again, but this time please don't kick the ball. Just pretend. Okay?"

Whiteside then turned to Amy who was still on her knees holding her stomach. Whiteside said, "Amy, are you all right? Let me see." The naked girl stood up and dropped her hands to her sides as Whiteside looked at her tummy. Whiteside said, "It's a little bit red. Does it hurt?"

Amy looked down between her bare breasts at the red spot and said, "No, not really. It just knocked the breath out of me. Can I have a quick drink of water?" Whiteside said, "Of course", and she grabbed an unopened bottle of water and handed it to the nude beauty. Amy took a couple of big swigs followed by a few deep breaths, and she said, "Okay, Dr. Whiteside, I'm all right. Let's continue."

A somewhat shaken Whiteside said, "I'm sorry about that, class. And now Amy and boys, please get back in position." Amy resumed her slightly hunched over pose, and the kids returned to their positions. Whiteside said, "Bon. Class, go ahead and start drawing."

Amy held this pose for the next ten minutes as the students sketched away. Her boobs were hanging alluringly and the three boys had smiles on their faces as they watched them jiggle slightly as she breathed.

Whiteside returned to the stage and said, "Very good. You guys did great. Now, you boys go sit down." She turned and yelled, "Bernardo, please come up here", and the youngster skipped up the aisle. Whiteside continued, "Amy, we're going to do a one-on-one attack this time. I want you kind of leaning to the side, left knee bent, right leg extended, arms straight out at maybe a 30 degree angle with your face looking out between your arms. Bernardo, I want you in the kicking position like Jin was, but please, please do not kick the ball. Just pretend. Okay?"

Bernardo said, "Yes, Ms. Whiteside, I understand", and he took his position. Amy took her position, and Whiteside made the slight adjustments to open her legs a bit more. The young boy tried to keep his eyes on the soccer ball, but they glanced up several times to look at Amy's gaping pussy lips. Amy thought she could see a tent forming in his soccer shorts, and she wondered, "Do boys really get hard-ons at so young an age? Maybe all of these kids are hard now, and this kid isn't wearing the right underwear to hide it?" She continued to ponder this as she posed for another 10 minutes or so.

Whiteside returned and thanked Bernardo as Amy took another drink of water. Whiteside said, "Okay, Amy. Let's do you by yourself in front of the goal. Similar pose, but with your arms higher in the air, maybe 20 degrees off of vertical, left leg out a bit on tiptoe as if blocking an incoming shot. Let's do this one for 5 minutes. So, class, please sketch quickly."

The naked girl's assets were now in full view of the class with no little kid blocking their view. She just stood there smiling at the students through her raised arms.

Whiteside came back with the ball in her hands and said, "Very similar, but both feet on the ground and hold the ball way above your head as if throwing it to a teammate like a goalie does. Maybe more of a determined look rather than a smile this time. Again, only 5 minutes. Go!"

Amy felt her breasts flatten as she held the ball high in the air for the 5 minutes.

Whiteside took the ball from her and said, "Okay, good. Now, let's have you simulate victory. You know how players often run around after getting a goal or winning the game with their arms out and slightly bent over as if they're soaring like a bird? Well, Amy, I want you to do something similar. Face the class, arms straight out at your sides, bend over, and extend your right leg behind you. We're going to do this one for 10 minutes, and so to help you, I'm going to ask 3 boys to come up. Jared, you hold up her left arm; Brett, the right arm; and Jin, the right leg. Hold by her hand or her foot. After 5 minutes, we'll switch off and let Bernardo, Walt, and Ray have their turns."

Amy blushed as she took the position. She knew that the two kids holding her arms would have a close up view of her swaying boobs, and that the kid with her leg would be looking right into her pussy from behind. They all took their positions and Whiteside pinned up Amy's hair and raised her chin so she was looking at the class. Amy smiled as she stood there for the embarrassing 5 minutes. After which she stretched for several seconds as the 3 other boys got into position. The kid with her foot, Walt, was squeezing it and then tickling the sole of the foot; Amy tried not to laugh, but her squirming brought a rebuke from Whiteside for Walt to stop tickling and Amy to stop squirming. Amy hoped against hope that this would not be reported as a violation.

While she was standing there is the soaring position, she wondered when the "short time" with the kids was going to be up. The class was almost over, but the kids were still here.

Finally, for the last pose, Whiteside suggested kind of a team portrait formation with Amy naturally in the middle. Two boys sat right at her feet, their eyes were just about level with her pussy only inches away. Two others kneeing at her sides, their eyes about level with her boobs, and each had an arm around her bare waist. And then the other two, who were the tallest, standing behind the kneelers each with an arm around her bare shoulders. Her naked body was perfectly framed by the six uniformed kids.

As they stood there for the last 10 minutes of the class, Amy felt several squeezes of her shoulders and her waist from the kids' hands. And once she felt Jared's hand slip from her waist and give her left butt cheek a squeeze; she scowled at him and said quietly, "Hey, stop that."

As the bell rang, Whiteside came up on stage and said, "Class, let's give our soccer stars a round of applause for their nice work today." Amy joined in the clapping for the young kids, and she thought that was the end of the soccer posing.

Amy needed to use the restroom, and as she walked naked down the very narrow stairway and hallway to the basement, she was a bit surprised that several of the boys followed her and then went into the men's room as she squeezed by them to get to the ladies' room. She spent a few minutes doing her business and then cleaning herself and primping her hair. When she returned to the classroom, the boys were still there sitting on the bench. One of them had taken down her pale green panties from the hook and was showing them spread to the other boys. She grabbed them and said, "Please leave those alone. They don't belong to you, and they are supposed to be on the hook while I'm posing." The chastened boys apologized, but they kept their eyes glued on her close-up naked body.

Just before the 9 o'clock bell rang, she climbed back up on the platform to wait for instructions about her individual poses for this class. But Amy was surprised when Whiteside came up and gave the class the same introductory talk about the day's poses would be using Amy as the naked netminder plus the six boys. And for the next hour, Whiteside had them repeat the entire series of soccer related poses. During the soaring pose, she felt the hand of the boy in back briefly touch her inner thigh not far from her vagina. And then during the portrait pose, the boys squeezed in tighter with one of them pressing the side of his face against her bare breast.

Amy was relieved when the class was over, because she was done posing for the day, and she could spend the next several hours studying. As she reached for her panties on the hook, Whiteside came up and said, "Amy, please come over here; I need to talk to you." Amy left the panties on the hook and followed the instructor over to the side.

Whiteside held up a printout of Amy's schedule that Knoxx had emailed the night before, and the instructor said, "Amy, remember during the first hour today when you squirmed during the soaring pose and I had to ask you to hold still?" Amy closed her eyes and nodded. Whiteside went on, "Well, according to Calvin, err, I mean Dr. Knoxx, that's a non-cooperation violation and I need to report it to him."

Amy's eyes immediately started to water and she meekly said, "I'm sorry about that, but the boy was tickling my foot and I couldn't help it."

Whiteside responded, "I'm aware of that, but remember the phrase the Dr. Knoxx used yesterday afternoon? Zero-tolerance. And so, I am prepared to report it to him."

Amy started to whimper a response, but Whiteside raised her hand and said, "However, I think you and I can work something out so that we can keep this to ourselves. And so here's the deal, I see from your schedule that you are to turn in your English Lit exam now and then have several hours to study. Well, my understanding is that the exam can be submitted any time from now thru Friday afternoon. Is that right?" Amy just nodded. Whiteside continued, "Okay. If you agree to give up the next two hours of study and continue posing with these kids, I won't say anything about the squirming incident to Dr. Knoxx. You can study after midnight or maybe get up an hour or so early tomorrow morning. Or you can spend more time studying this evening rather than having sex with Mr. Henderson. How does that sound?"

It sounded absolutely awful to Amy, but she was backed into a corner and the lesser of her awful choices was to accept Whiteside's offer. So, Amy nodded her head and tried to put on a show of cooperation by saying, "Yes, that sounds good. Thank you, Dr. Whiteside. There won't be any more violations today."

And so Amy spent the next two hours doing naked poses with the soccer players for the 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock drawing classes. The boys became less inhibited with her, and their hands seemed to wander a bit farther closer to her breasts, pussy, and butt. She had limited success in discouraging them, but she did not want to complain to Whiteside. The kids got in lots of free feels.

After the last class ended, Whiteside asked Amy to help her dismantle the soccer goal and put it in the storage area. As they finished, Whiteside said, "Thank you, Amy. I won't say anything to Dr. Knoxx. And now, why don't you join us for lunch? I've ordered pizza for the boys, and then my sister is coming to take them to soccer practice."

Again Amy felt trapped. She didn't want to, but she felt that she had to cooperate completely with this woman who seemed to be a good friend of Chancellor Knoxx. So, she said, "Sure. I'd like that."

Whiteside said, "Good, ma cherie. Please help me move some of these easels and stools to the side, and we'll set up some tables right here in the room."

Amy gave her a puzzled look, but she agreed. And the naked girl helped the instructor clear out a large portion of the class room by moving the equipment to the edges. Then Whiteside led her out into the hallway where the art department staff were leaving their offices to go to lunch; they stopped to look at the naked girl as she helped Whiteside carry a table from an office into the classroom.

Amy thought that they were done after moving the table, because it was big enough for the eight people. But Whiteside waved her back into the hallway to retrieve another table. And then a third, and a fourth. Whiteside then recruited the boys to help move about 20 folding chairs into the classroom around the tables.

A couple of minutes later the pizza delivery guy walked into the classroom with 8 large pizza boxes on top of a cooler. He looked around, and his gazed stopped when he saw the pretty nude girl standing there. Whiteside came over and said, "Amy, please take these boxes and the sodas, while I pay the man."

The pizza guy smiled as Amy took the boxes four at a time and put them on the tables. She knew he was looking at her bare ass and pussy lips and swaying breasts as she bent over to arrange the pizzas and six-packs of Pepsi on the tables, but she had no choice. He smirked again as he left.

She wondered who all the extra chairs and food was for, and she quickly found out. There was a thunder of running feet in the hallway as six more kids in soccer uniforms raced in followed by five men and a woman. Amy wanted to hide in the corner or at least cover herself, but she knew that was impossible. She just stood there in plain view as the new arrivals stopped and stared at her naked body.

Whiteside could detect the tension in the room as everyone stared, and she said, "Well, I see that all of you have noticed my nude model. This is Amy Suzuki, and she has just finished posing for my classes this morning. She is required to remain naked as long as she is in this room, and so please just treat her normally. And, Amy, this is my sister Valerie and her husband Sam. I'm sorry I don't know who the other gentlemen are. Coaches?"

Sam spoke up, "Yes, Marie, these are our soccer coaches, and they will be joining us for lunch. Brad, Tom, Roberto, and Armando." The six adults came up and shook hands with Amy. Sam then called over the 6 new boys and introduced them to the nude girl, "Pablo, Javier, Hal, Barry, Ali, and Josh." She saw the boys looking at her breasts as she bent over slightly to shake their hands.

Whiteside said, "Okay, everyone, have a seat anywhere and dig in. But boys, please don't eat too fast, we don't want you to be sick while practicing this afternoon. Amy, please undo the six-packs and pass out the drinks; I'll open the pizzas and handout plates and napkins."

Amy glanced at Whiteside and wondered, "And so now I'm today's waitress?" But she said nothing. Her breasts felt especially vulnerable as she reached over to put down a soda can in front of each of the kids and the seven adults. The only space left along the 4 pushed-together tables was between one of the kids and the coach named, Brad, who looked to be a college student. Brad's eyes watched her boobs jiggle as she scooted the chair up to the table.

Amy just wanted to silently eat and then get the hell out of there. But Brad started talking immediately, "Amy, you might not remember me, but I was there when the city policemen detained you last week. I was the one who told the cops that you hadn't crossed the boundary from the campus to the city jurisdiction. Remember?"

Amy held off on taking her first bite of pizza and said, "Yes, I remember someone speaking up. And thanks for doing that."

Then Sam asked, "Oh, I hadn't heard about that incident. What happened?" And Brad described the incident in quite a bit of detail. Amy sat there silently eating pizza, and she blushed as her brush with the law was explained. She thought, "Do they really have to talk about my almost naked body in front of these young boys?"

And this discussion led to why she was wearing panties then but not at this lunch. And Amy was extremely humiliated to tell about the streaking and subsequent punishment. The boys' eyes were wide, and several of them started asking her embarrassing questions like, "How does it feel to be naked around clothed people?" and "What do you do to keep warm on cold mornings?" and the strangest one "Are you allowed to use the boys' restroom since you're naked?" This went on for quite a while, before the coaches steered the conversation towards soccer. And even after they all finished eating, they continued to talk about soccer. Amy felt trapped; she didn't care about their soccer talk, but she knew Whiteside would be upset if she got up and left. So, she just sat there and listened. Finally, about 1:15, Sam said, "Well, I think we need to get going. Boys, please thank Marie and Amy for lunch, and then let's get in the vans and head to the field."

Amy stood up and shook hands with everybody as they left. She then headed over to the peg, but Whiteside said, "Amy, could you stay a few more minutes and help me clean up and put things away?" Amy sighed, turned around, and said, "Sure, Dr. Whiteside."

Finally, at 1:45, everything was put away and the easels were back in place. Amy quickly slipped on her panties before Whiteside could come up with anything else for her to do. As she walked out the door, she yelled at Whiteside, "Goodbye, Professor. I'll see you tomorrow."

Amy walked the couple of blocks to Crookshank Hall where the English Department was located. She wasn't looking forward to facing her English Lit instructor, Mrs. Hanford, who had embarrassed her so thoroughly during the first class meeting after the streaking incident. But Amy was relieved to find Hanford's office door closed with a note that said to just slide the exam booklets through the mail slot. Amy quickly did that and left.

Chapter 53 - Counting Coins

The clock in the lobby showed that it was almost 2 o'clock, and she realized that her several hours for studying were now down to only one before she had to be at the physical plant to count the fountain money. And it would take about 10 minutes to walk across campus to the physical plant. A trip back to the dorm would steal another 15 minutes from this study time. And so, she just sat down on a bench in Crookshank Hall lobby and pulled out her Formal Logic notes and textbook. Several people walked by as she studied, but she ignored their stares.

About 2:45, she packed up her things, made a quick pit stop in the restroom, and headed off to the maintenance building.

When she arrived at 2:55, she reminded herself that she had vowed to avoid any more violations, and she sighed as she slid off her panties as soon as she walked into the shop. She got several admiring looks from the workers in the room. She ignored them, hung her panties on the hook, and then looked at Thorson's desk; he wasn't there. So, she sighed again as she walked over to the desk and took her place in front of it. She just stood there naked waiting for him. It was still a few minutes before the hour, and she hoped that Thorson would show up on time.

And right at 3 o'clock, Thorson hobbled with his cane into the doorway on the far side of the room. When he saw the nude beauty standing obediently in front of his desk, he paused before Amy could see him. He smiled as he thought, "Well, Dr. Knoxx was right. Her pretty body language indicates that she looks like she'll be more cooperative. Actually, her current pose looks almost submissive. And Knoxx wants me to turn up the heat on her, so to speak. So, I think I'll have a little fun this afternoon!"

Thorson slowly walked across the big room and sat down behind his desk. He looked up at Amy who smiled at him but kept her arms at her sides. He thought to himself, "This girl has fantastic boobs." But aloud, he just said, "Hello, Amy. How are you today? Ready to count some coins?"

She forced herself to smile and said, "Hi, Mr. Thorson. I'm fine. And yes, I'm ready to count money. What's the procedure?"

He replied, "Well, every year we just seem to do this in some ad hoc way, and so there is no set procedure that we use. So, let's just try what we did last year. We've got two of these coin counting machines that sort the coins by denomination, count them automatically, and feed them into these paper tubes." And he took the vinyl covers off of the devices sitting on his desk. He went on, "But these things are persnickety. They only take pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. They don't work with JFK half dollars or dollar coins. And Canadian coins are iffy, too. And they don't like debris such as the sand and twigs that we've got mixed with the coins. So, what I suggest is that we work as a team. You can remove as much debris as possible and any of the non-standard coins that you see. You can build up little piles of coins and I'll feed them into the machines. Actually, the instructions say they can handle 600 at a time, and so your piles can be pretty good size."

He continued, "The coins are locked up in that closet over there. They're still in the buckets that you put them in. Go over to the closet and get one bucket. Also, there should be several of those dust pans that you used in the fountain; bring them, too. Here's the key to the closet."

The naked girl wound her way through the rows of work tables and big machines to the closet. The guys at the tables and machines stopped to look as she went by. She flinched when one guy gave her a light swat on the ass, but she ignored him. In the closet, she found the five buckets, each about half full. But even then, each one was pretty heavy. She selected the lightest one, tossed in two of the dust pans, and lugged it with two hands back across the room.

Thorson said, "Okay, good. Now, there's not enough room on the desk to dump them out. So, just go ahead and dump them out on the floor here at the side of my desk. You can work on the floor, and I'll run the machine up here on the desk. Oh, on the next trip to closet, use one of the dollies to bring the next bucket. But for now, get started removing the gunk from this first bucket. If you overlook some of those unacceptable coins, don't worry too much about it, because the machine will kick them out into this little tray in back."

Amy was stunned, because this meant that she would be crawling around naked on the floor at his feet for the next two hours removing the debris. She wondered why they couldn't work on one of the work tables, but she said nothing and dumped out the first bucket onto the floor. She got down on her hands and knees knowing full well what a sight she was showing - dangling boobs and a pretty butt with just a hint of pussy lips.

As she started to work, Thorson said, "Here, Amy. Here's a hairpin so your long hair doesn't get caught on anything." And he thought to himself, "Or block the view of your nice tits either." And he looked admiringly at her as she used both hands behind her head to pin up her hair, a motion that thrust out her pretty boobs.

The process went fairly quickly with the naked girl on the floor filling the dust pan with coins and the seated man dumping the coins into the machines. Amy had to pause a few times when some one of the ground crew workers came to consult with Thorson, and naturally, to get a close-up view of the pretty nude crawling on the floor.

After the first bucket had been processed, Amy went back to the closet to get another bucket of coins. This time she used the nearby dolly to carry the heavy bucket. As she rolled it back by the work tables, one of the guys reached right into her ass crack. She let out a yelp, and when the guys started laughing, Thorson said with a slight smile, "Gentlemen, gentlemen, please behave yourselves." She blushed with embarrassment at the blatant feel-up job, but except for the initial squeal, she said nothing. She just wanted to get through this embarrassing job without any violations. And each of the subsequent trips to the closet resulted in at least one swat on her bare ass as she wheeled the dolly by the men; again, she kept her mouth shut.

The other buckets went just as fast as the first one. Once the coins were wrapped in the paper tubes, Thorson put them back in the buckets - pennies in one bucket, nickels in another, etc.

After doing the last bucket, Amy swept up the debris from the floor and dumped it in the trash. As she was putting the broom away, she looked at the clock and it was only 4 o'clock. She thought she might be able to get out of here early. She said to Thorson, "I want to clean my hands and knees in the restroom. Okay?"

Thorson replied, "Yeah, fine, but hurry. There is more to do."

Hopes of an early exit dashed, Amy trudged down the hall to the small ladies' restroom. Without closing the door, she cleaned herself up and let her hair back down. She stood there in front of the mirror for a moment looking at her pretty naked body, and a couple of guys paused outside of the restroom door to watch her look herself over. Upon seeing them, she switched off the light and stepped back into the hallway. The two guys followed her back into the shop trying to make small talk, but she just smiled and quietly ignored them.

When she was within earshot of Thorson, she heard him say, "Grab you panties and backpack, and let's go." And her hopes rose again at the prospect of an early exit. She scooted over to the hook retrieved her panties and backpack, and then she went over to Thorson. She started to put on her panties, but Thorson said, "No, leave them off. You're not done with your assignment yet. Follow me. The guys have loaded the buckets into my van, and we're going to the bank."

Amy thought, "Oh, god, no. Please, not such a public place." But she just sighed, bowed her head, and followed him outside carrying her panties in one hand and her backpack in the other.

Thorson had trouble climbing up into the driver's seat of the van, and so Amy helped him get settled. She climbed in the passenger side and was starting to shove her panties into her backpack, but again Thorson stopped her and said simply, "Hang them on the rear view mirror."

The naked girl hung her head in embarrassment, but she did as she was told. Now her nakedness was being advertised to the people in the nearby cars. As Thorson fired up the van, she started to pull the seatbelt across her naked body, but once again Thorson stopped her and said, "Climb in back and count the money in the buckets. There's a piece of paper in each bucket which has the amount that the machines said, but I want you to verify it as we drive. It's about a 10-minute drive to the bank; so, be quick."

And as Thorson pulled out of the parking lot onto the street, Amy squeezed through the narrow space between the two seats into the back of the van. She could feel Thorson's breath on her bare butt as she forced her way through the tight space.

She thought she might be more hidden from view in the back, but she noticed that even the back was lined with windows which were remarkably clean; this van must have originally been a passenger van before it was retrofitted for ground crew use. As she kneeled, her boobs were clearly visible through the rear and side windows.

She quickly counted the rolls in the nickel and dime buckets, but the penny and quarter buckets were much fuller. She barely finished counting the quarter bucket before Thorson pulled into the bank parking lot. She said to him, "Give me a couple of minutes to count the pennies. Also, the loose half dollars and dollar coins."

He replied, "No, we need to hurry. We'll do it inside. Come help me out, and then get the dolly out and load a couple of buckets on it."

The naked girl was now scared as she got out of the van, opened the driver side door, and let Thorson put his hands on her shoulders for support. As Amy reached into the van for his cane, she felt Thorson's hand brush lightly across her breasts; she suspected it was an accident, but she wasn't sure.

Amy looked around and realized that she was now within the city limits, and she was afraid of the cops seeing her nude body. And of course, she was also deeply, deeply embarrassed about being naked in such a public spot. Several bank customers had stopped and watched as she helped Thorson down from the van.

Thorson said, "I'm going to go in and get things started. You load up the dolly and bring the buckets in two at a time. Here are the door keys to the van." He tossed the keys to her and using his cane slowly walked into the building leaving Amy alone and naked in the parking lot.

She was attracting a crowd now as she dragged the dolly out of the van and then loaded two buckets on it. She locked up the van and started toward the bank's front door. Even using the dolly was difficult because the coins were pretty heavy, and she struggled to push it up the walkway. The crowd followed her, and two men darted ahead to open the two sets of doors for her.

Inside the bank, there was a fairly long line of people waiting to do their late afternoon transactions. But she didn't see Thorson in the line or at the nearby desks. She wheeled the dolly over by the counter and saw him behind the counter talking with a teller. He yelled, "This man will let you through the gate over there. Bring the coins back here and we'll get started."

The teller smiled and stared at the pretty nude girl as he let her roll the dolly back behind the counter. The teller said, "Hello, young lady, I'm Max Bernstein. Mr. Thorson explained why you are naked. So, let's just get started processing these coins. Let's unload them onto this table keeping the denominations together." She quickly shook his hand, and then the three of them started getting the rolls of pennies and nickels out of the buckets. After the buckets were empty, she put them back on the dolly and rolled it back out into the lobby and out the door.

Word was getting around about the pretty nude in the bank parking lot, and the crowd was getting bigger as she rolled the dolly back to the van. She tossed the two empty buckets back into the van and tried to put all three remaining buckets on the dolly at once. But she realized that this would be too awkward as well as too heavy to handle at once. So, she reluctantly resigned herself to knowing that she had to make an extra trip to get the last bucket.

She repeated the trip up the sidewalk, through the doors, and into the lobby. Bernstein ushered her back behind the counter, and they unloaded the buckets of dimes and quarters onto the table. She left the two men to fill out the paper work, and she almost ran as she pushed the dolly back to the van.

The last bucket was much lighter; it had only a couple of half dollars plus approximately 50 dollar coins as well as a bag holding a mixture of Canadian coins. She decided that she could just carry this bucket without using the dolly. And this provided a much different view of her naked body to the crowd in the parking lot and inside the bank. She just gritted her teeth and boldly walked up the sidewalk and into the bank with boobs and pussy in full view.

Bernstein looked at the miscellaneous coins, and said, "Okay, Miss. Please count the dollar coins and here are a few paper tubes for them, 25 coins in each tube. And, Mr. Thorson, these Canadian coins require special paper work. Please count the Canada money and fill out this form. And once we get all of that done you can complete the deposit slip. I'll leave you and this pretty lady to finish this, and I'll be back in a few minutes."

Amy glanced at the clock and it showed 4:40 PM. She said, "Mr. Thorson, I need to be back at Kameron Hall by 5 o'clock. Are we going to have time to finish this?"

As he dumped out the Canadian coins, he replied, "Don't worry, Amy. I'll get you back in time. I remember this special form from last year, and it's easy to fill out. Just wrap those dollar coins and I'll count these Canadian ones. Oh, look, there's a couple of Loonies, which are one dollar coins."

Amy wrapped up two rolls of US dollar coins, and then added the two left over ones to the two half dollars. And Thorson quickly sorted out the Canadian coins into piles on the table and filled out the form. Bernstein came back, looked over all the paper work and the piles of coins, and said, "Well, Mr. Thorson, it looks like you had a good year with the fountain. $2,316. A nice contribution to the university foundation." And looking at Amy, he said, "And Miss, thank you for helping out today. Your visit will be memorable for all of us. Goodbye."

Amy grabbed the empty bucket and breathed a sigh of relief as she followed Thorson back to the van. She helped him up into the van, and as she circled the van to get in the passenger seat, the crowd around the van applauded. She blushed as she strapped on the seatbelt.

She was thankful that the rush hour traffic was not too bad as they returned to campus, and they arrived in front of the administration building a couple of minutes before 5. Amy grabbed her panties from the rear view mirror and started to slip them on while seated in the van. But again, Thorson stopped her saying, "There's no need for you to put those on now; you'll just be taking them off again in a minute or so. So, just carry them up to Chancellor Knoxx's office. And Amy, thanks for your help today. I guess I'll see you on Sunday morning. Right?"

Amy's breasts rose and fell as she sighed deeply, and she said, "Okay. See you Sunday. Bye." And the naked girl hopped out of the van again holding her panties in one hand and backpack in the other.

Chapter 54 - Amy and Dwight on Tuesday Night

Naked Amy rode the crowded elevator up to the seventh floor, and again she ignored a squeeze on her butt cheeks as well as the stares of the many people in the lobby and on the elevator. She walked into Knoxx's reception area, and she saw Knoxx and Laird waiting for her again. She silently hung her panties on the penis hook and then waited for Knoxx to escort her into the office.

Knoxx and Laird spent a few minutes asking her about her day and what she had done. They were pleased to hear about the nice donation to the university foundation fund from the fountain coins. And she was relieved when they said nothing about any new violations. About 5:15, Knoxx handed her a pair of pink panties. She slid them on and left.

On her walk back to the dorm, she called Dwight and told him to pick her up at the dorm rather than at Kameron as they'd earlier arranged. And for the first time today, she really smiled - not a fake, put-on smile, but a truly radiant one. Something good was actually going to happen today.

At the dorm, Linda and a group of friends were just walking out of their room when Amy arrived. Linda smiled at her almost naked friend and said, "Hey, Sooz, you're just in time. Let's go down to dinner."

Amy smiled back at the group and said, "Oh, I wish I could, guys, but I've got a date in a few minutes."

Linda gave her a startled look. "With Dwight?" And as Amy nodded her head with an even bigger smile, Linda said, "Oh, Amy, that's great. Do you need help getting ready again?"

Amy shook her head and said, "Thanks Lindy, but no, not today. I'm just going to take a quick shower, and go down in front to wait for him. We're going to eat at his place and then study."

With a twinkle in her eye, Linda asked, "Anything else?"

Amy blushed and said, "Well, . . ." And the two friends hugged each other. As they parted, Linda said, "Well then, have fun. I'll see you later tonight."

Amy giggled and replied, "I sure hope not!" And they all burst out laughing, and Amy waved at the group as they left for dinner.

She cleaned herself up and checked her backpack to make sure she had everything she needed to study for the Formal Logic exam. At 5 minutes til six, she looked out the window and saw Dwight's car already waiting out front. She grabbed her backpack and raced down the stairs, not wanting to wait for the elevator. A couple of guys coming up the stairs stopped to watch her wildly bouncing boobs as she passed.

Dwight saw her come out the front door and waved at her. She raced over to him, and they embraced for several seconds before he opened the passenger side door for her.

As she climbed into his car, she felt her nipples harden and a tingle between her legs. It would be better if her panties stayed dry, but she really didn't worry too much about that right then.

As he pulled out of the parking lot, Dwight said, "There's a little delicatessen over on Fourth Street, called 'Country Fresh'. I thought I'd stop there and get us something to heat up in the microwave. Incidentally, the microwave is about the extent of my cooking ability."

Amy laughed and said, "Sounds good to me."

They chatted idly during the few minutes that it took to get to the deli. When they arrived, they both started to open their car doors, and Dwight said, "That's okay, Amy, I'll go in and pick out something. You can stay here in the car."

Amy shook her head and said, "No, I need to go in with you." And she started to get out of the car.

But he gently grabbed her arm and said, "But why? Won't it be embarrassing for you in there? Look there are lots of people waiting."

She answered, "Yep, it will be super embarrassing, and I really don't want to. But what if Knoxx finds out that I stayed in the car? There might be one of his spies in there who could see me sitting in the car, or he might ask you about it. And I can't afford any more violations." And she spent a couple of minutes explaining Knoxx's zero-tolerance decree and her extreme desire to avoid being naked around her family on graduation Monday.

Dwight gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and said, "Well, okay. I guess I understand. Let's go." They both climbed out of the car, and they held hands as they walked into the little shop.

There were probably a dozen people in the deli buying something to eat for dinner. They were talking amongst themselves and with the two clerks, and as Amy walked in the door, the conversations suddenly stopped and the patrons stared at the bare-breasted girl and her pink panties.

Dwight and Amy tried to be nonchalant as they walked over to one of the refrigerated display cases. They looked over the many choices available, and Dwight said, "That grilled salmon with capers looks good. That should heat up really fast." Amy replied, "Okay, maybe some potato salad and a loaf of French bread, too?"

Dwight nodded and was just about to say something, when the female clerk came over and politely said, "I'm very sorry, ma'am, could you please wait outside?" And she pointed to the sign on the counter that said, "No shoes, No shirt, No service."

Amy blushed and stammered, "Oh, no. Oh, dear. Dwight, I'll just . . ." And she dashed out the door with Dwight close behind.

Dwight hugged her and said, "Here are the car keys. I'll get the food while you wait in the car."

With tears in her eyes, Amy shook her head and said, "I'll sit on the bench here by the door, and you get the food. Please, hurry."

Dwight sighed and went back into the shop. And the nearly naked girl sat down on the bench with her arms at her sides so that her boobs were in full view of all the patrons and the passing cars in the parking lot. Amy closed her eyes and waited and waited and waited. With her eyes closed, she didn't see the city policeman who walked by and looked at her; he just smiled and continued on his way. It seemed like an eternity before she felt Dwight tap her on her shoulder, but it had only been about 5 minutes. He quietly said, "Come on, Amy, let's go."

As he opened the car door for her, she started to cry. She buried her head on his chest and sobbed, "Oh, Dwight, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that I embarrassed you like that." He held her for several seconds and then patted her on her head as she got into the car.

Dwight was a bit flustered and didn't really know what to say. As they drove, Amy grabbed some Kleenex and wiped her eyes. Finally, she said, "I think I'm okay now. Thank you for understanding. The food smells good, and the fish will be even better after it's warmed up. I'm famished."

At the apartment, Amy was surprised to see the dining table nicely set for two with a tablecloth and candles. She hugged him and said, "Looks wonderful. I'll light the candles and then watch you cook."

He laughed and said, "You mean watch me punch the buttons on the microwave?" Amy smiled and nodded.

He said, "Well, give me a minute. I'll be right back."

Amy hugged herself as she looked at the nicely set table and smelled the food again. A moment later, Dwight re-appeared wearing only a tight pair of Jockey shorts. Amy's eyes bulged as she looked at his handsome body and most especially at the huge hard-on in his shorts. She gasped, "What? Wow. Why . . .?"

But Dwight interrupted, "Remember the other night I said we had a dress code for Chez Dwight? Well, I decided that the dress code for tonight would be that we each have exactly the same amount of clothes on - your pink panties and my white shorts."

She giggled and scooted over and gave him a big hug with her nipples pressed tightly into his chest. She felt his hard cock pressed against her pussy through two thin layers of fabric.

Then, he said, "Actually, it's going to be slightly uneven, because you're going to have to wear these to dinner, also." And he held out her pearl necklace. "Here, let me put them on you." And he reached behind her head, lifted her pretty long hair, and hooked the necklace clasp. He stood back and looked at the gorgeous young lady with her pink panties and her pearl necklace hanging just above her pretty boobs.

"And just to let you know", he said as he picked up a box from the nearby end table, "I bought this today." She showed her a box of 12 Trojan condoms. "So, we should be well supplied for tonight."

Amy giggled and with a twinkle in her eye, she said, "Wait". And she turned around and bent over to open her backpack intentionally wiggling her pink-pantied-covered butt at him, and she pulled out an identical box of Trojans and tossed it to him. She said, "And now we're doubly well supplied for tonight." They burst out laughing and hugged again.

She whispered, "I can hardly wait to use these, but I am starving. Let's eat first and then have some fun."

He whispered back with a reluctant tone, "Okay, we'll eat first. I'll get you the matches for the candles and the corkscrew to open the wine. And I'll get the food ready."

And they each set off quietly to do their appointed tasks, but they caught each other stealing glances at the other's nearly naked body. They were both smiling broadly as they sat down to dinner. They clinked their glasses of California chardonnay wine and enjoyed the meal.

After the dinner, they cleaned up the table, and after Amy put the last dish in the sink, she came up behind Dwight at the kitchen counter and slowly pulled his Jockey shorts down his legs exposing his tight butt. She kneeled and slid the shorts all the way to the floor, and then putting her hands on his hips, she slowly turned him around so that his raging erection was right in her face. She fondled his balls, kissed the tip of his cock, and said, "Time to open one of those boxes."

He tore open one of the condom boxes and fumbled around for a moment trying to open one of the condom packets. She took the packet from him and deftly tore it open. She held the condom in her hand as she guided him into the bedroom, and then she slid it over his hard cock. Then, she lay down on the bed and let him slide off her panties. She looked between her breasts at him as he slowly parted her pussy lips with his fingers, and she moaned as he kissed her swollen clit. She whispered, "Now!"

Afterwards, they snuggled together for a while, but Amy made certain that the sheets never covered them. And she smiled as she fingered her pearl necklace.

Finally, Dwight said, "You know, Amy, we each have a final exam tomorrow, and we should study for them."

Amy sighed and said, "Yeah, you're right. It's almost 8 o'clock. So, we can get in a few hours of study. Oh, what's the deal with your roommates? When will they be back from their ballgame?"

Dwight smiled and said, "Well, I told them to make other plans for tonight. They'll probably sleep on the floor of one of their teammates apartments. So, we've got the place to ourselves tonight. We don't have to worry about closing doors or pulling up the bedcovers."

She said, "Oh, good. Does that mean I can stay all night?"

He kissed her on the nose and said, "Absolutely."

Amy got up from the bed and said, "I'm going to use the bathroom, and then I think we should both get dressed so that we can concentrate on our studies. Well, in my case, dressed means pulling on my panties, but I think you should get completely dressed so I don't get too distracted looking at your lovely body."

He smiled at her and said, "Rats. But I guess you're right."

After she cleaned up in the bathroom, she slid on her panties and came back to the living room. Dwight was on the sofa, and he said, "I'll study my World History stuff over here, and I'll let you have the dining table. Okay?"

She bent over and kissed him. She said, "Yep, that's fine. So, Formal Logic, here I come."

They spent the next several hours engrossed in their individual studies, although Dwight did sneak several peeks at Amy's nearly naked form; he smiled as he thought how lucky he was.

A little after midnight, he came over and massaged her shoulders and neck. She immediately felt her nipples tighten as he picked up a condom packet and whispered in her ear, "How about a little breast massage and then we get some sleep?"

She stretched her arms out to her sides and let his hands slip down to her nipples. She said, "Sounds wonderful to me. But what do you get out of it?" He just waggled the condom packet in her face and smiled.

She stood up and allowed him to carry her into the bedroom. He sat her down on the edge of the bed, and she said, "Can I unwrap the package again?" He just nodded and let her slowly remove all of his clothes. He was hard again as she slid on the condom, and then she allowed him to slip off her panties. And then he began the breast massage, first on the left, then the right, and finally a hand on each of her boobs at the same time. A couple of minutes later, he spread her legs, kissed her pussy, and then slipped into her. And a short while later, the bed shook violently as she came wildly.

After cuddling for the next twenty minutes, she untangled herself from his embrace and made her way to the bathroom. When she returned, she took off her pearls and looked longingly at his naked body, but she said, "I need to be at the art class at 8 AM. Can you give me a ride?" He just nodded. "Good. So, if we set alarm clocks for 6:30, does that sound like enough time?"

He gave her a puzzled look and said, "Yeah, 6:30 is fine, but you said 'clocks' plural. Isn't one enough?"

She shook her head and told him about the power failure on Sunday night and how she had been late for art class.

Dwight asked, "I assume they considered that to be a violation of your rules? Did they punish you for that?"

Amy replied, "Yep, it was a bad violation, and they let me have it pretty good." And she told him about the extra punishment that Knoxx had imposed at the Monday afternoon meeting and the long list of supposed violations. And she concluded with, "And so, I've decided to use my cell phone as a backup alarm clock these next several nights." And she got her cell phone out of her backpack and set the alarm; Dwight set the alarm on the bedside clock as well.

The naked couple tumbled onto the bed again, and he reached over to turn off the light. She felt him pull the sheet up over them, and she said somewhat sternly, "No, I can't do that. You go ahead and get under the sheet, if you want. And be sure that the door is left open."

He tossed the sheet on the floor and said, "Oh, Amy, I'm sorry, I forgot. But I won't snitch on you to Knoxx; you wouldn't have to worry about that."

She kissed his nose and said, "I know you wouldn't, and I trust you. But it's better if I'm absolutely, completely clean about following those rules. Now, let's see if we can get some sleep." They kissed again and drifted off to sleep.

About 6 AM, Amy opened her eyes and saw Dwight smiling at her. He said, "Good morning, beautiful."

She yawned, stretched, and smiled back at him. "Hey, handsome. How did you sleep?"

"Just fine", he said as he ran a finger down her side from armpit to little toe. As she squirmed at his touch, he said, "How about a quickie?"

She glanced down at his already erect cock and replied with a twinkle in her eye, "You just can't get enough, can you? Okay, but this time I'm on top."

A while later as they were snuggling, the alarm clock went off followed several seconds later by the cell phone alarm. They both sighed and sat up on the edge of the bed still holding hands. Then she reached down and pulled the used condom off of his soft penis and tossed it in the trash. She said, "I'm going to take a shower. Want to join me?"

They spent the next 15 minutes lathering up and washing each other's bodies. Amy was getting turned on again, but she said quietly, "Oh, I'd love to do it again, but we don't have a lot of time." They dried off each other and returned to the bedroom. Amy quickly slid on her pink panties and said, "Okay, I'm dressed. Since you're the slowpoke, I guess I'll have to figure out what you've got for breakfast." And she walked out to the kitchen.

As she was setting the table, the front door opened and Kevin and Mark walked in. The mostly naked girl froze for a moment, but she smiled at them and said, "Good morning, guys." She knew Mark very well since he was Linda's beau, and they hugged. But she hardly knew Kevin at all, and as they shook hands, she could feel him looking her over. She said, "Do you want to join us for breakfast? Dwight should be out in a moment. Ah, here he is now."

As Dwight walked into the kitchen, Mark said, "Sure. I'll fix the coffee." And they all spent a few minutes chatting and selecting breakfast cereals. Then they sat down at the table and as they ate breakfast, Amy suddenly felt out of place - she was almost naked in the apartment of the three fully dressed guys around her; they weren't exactly strangers, but she really wished that she were wearing clothes or that Linda were here or something, because she just felt a bit awkward.

After she finished, she got up and said to Dwight, "I'm going to use the bathroom, and then I think we'd better go. Okay?" Dwight just nodded, but he was a little bit surprised when he heard Amy in the bathroom with the door still open. He said nothing, but there were a few uncomfortable glances between the guys at the table.

Amy grabbed her necklace and stuffed it in her backpack along with all of her books and notes. She came back to the table and put her hand on Dwight's shoulder. He looked up at her and said, "You look like you're ready to go. So, guys, I'm off. See you at lunch time. Wish me luck on my test." Then, Amy and Dwight walked out to his car.

To be continued . . .