Underpants Amy - Days 12 & 13
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 12, Saturday

Chapter 40 - Soaked by the Sprinklers

On Saturday morning, Amy arrived at the physical plant just before 9 o'clock in her normal attire - off-white panties only. She found that room 24 was actually a large shop full of tools, pulleys, shelves, cabinets, etc. She poked her head in and spotted an elderly man sitting at a desk on the other side of the big room. With trepidation, she walked over to the desk and tentatively said, "Mr. Thorson? I'm Amy Suzuki."

He looked up from his paperwork and smiled at her, "Hi, Amy, nice to meet you." And he reached out his hand. "Please forgive me if I don't stand up to greet you. I've got a knee problem that makes it difficult to get up and down." Amy reached over the desk, and as she shook hands, she realized that his eyes were on her hanging boobs rather than her face.

Thorson then pointed to a peg on the wall and said, "I think you know what that hook is for; you won't be needing any clothes the rest of the day. And you can store your backpack on the floor beneath it." Amy blushed as Thorson watched her slide off her panties. The naked girl walked across the room, hung her panties on the hook, and returned back to her spot in front of his desk.

He said, "Okay, let me have a look at you." And he spent several seconds scanning her body top to bottom and back up again. "Please turn around." She turned so that he could see her butt. "Okay, and a side view." She blushed as he looked at the outline of her perky breasts. "You look to be in very good shape. Do you work out?"

She replied, "Yes, I like to jog. But I have to confess that I haven't done that much these last several days."

He said, "Come around the desk and let me feel your muscles." Reluctantly, the naked girl moved so that she was only a few inches from the seated man. He reached up and squeezed her upper arms, and then she flinched as he squeezed her thighs a few inches from her bare pussy. And then he motioned her to turn around, and he squeezed the back of her thighs. He said, "Okay, turn back around. Your leg muscles are in good shape, but your arms could be better. Maybe you should add some weights or push ups to your workouts. Just a suggestion. But for today, I think I'll assign you jobs that don't require a lot of arm strength."

He paused for a moment and then continued, "All right, I think I hear the other guys arriving. There's a meeting room down the hall. Follow me and I'll introduce you to today's crew." Amy gulped, because she had somehow assumed that she'd basically be working alone today, but she followed Thorson as he slowly got to his feet. He used a cane as he walked out the door and down the hallway. Amy was surprised how well he moved using the cane.

He ambled into the room, and Amy stopped as she entered. There were a dozen or so guys dressed in work clothes with boots; some were obviously students, but others were somewhat older men. But they were all males - no women in the group, except for the very naked Amy. They all stopped talking and stared at the pretty naked girl standing near the door.

Thorson slowly sat down in a folding chair and said, "Good morning, guys. Amy, come stand here next to me. Guys, this is Amy Suzuki. She'll be helping us all day today. You've probably seen the notices on the bulletin boards about her, but just in case you haven't, she is being punished for streaking last Monday night. Usually, her punishment allows her to wear panties, but today she will be naked while helping us. You can look all you want, but no touching. Understand?"

But Amy didn't really understand. She said nothing but she was thinking, "What about you feeling my muscles a few minutes ago?"

However, the group of men merely nodded and murmured their agreement as they continued to stare at the nude beauty, who was blushing a deep red.

Thorson continued, "Okay, I think all of you guys know what your jobs are for today. It's the usual lawn mowing, weeding, sweeping, emptying trash, etc. So, all of you except Russ and Amy, go ahead and get started. The workday ends at 4 o'clock; lunch is at the Kellensworth break room at noon. See you then." And most of the guys got up and left.

An older gentleman came up and joined Thorson and Amy. Thorson said, "Amy, this is Russell Williams. He's been with us for years." Thorson chuckled as he continued, "Russ and I are in a race to see who can retire first; there's no clear winner yet in that race." Amy smiled weakly and shook hands with the man. "Russ, we need to do some tinkering with the sprinklers today. When we turned them on for the season last week, we noticed that several of them were broken or plugged up or aimed wrong. I'd like you and Amy to spend the morning working on them. Since Amy is appropriately dressed, umm, actually appropriately undressed, we'll let her be the one to get wet today, and you can man the controls. Load up the little EV truck with replacement and repair parts plus the tools, and then the two of you start over on the quad. And work your way back over toward Kellensworth for lunch at noon.

"Amy, you're probably going to get soaked. So, I suggest that you pin up your long hair or put it in a pony tail to keep it out of your face. Any questions?"

They shook their heads. Thorson went on, "All right then, let's go back to the shop, and Russ, you can show Amy where the tools and parts are located."

Back in the big room, the two men watched as the naked girl retrieved a yellow ponytail band from her backpack and worked her hair into the ponytail style. They admired her breasts which were thrust out as she used both hands to adjust her hair. She was well aware of them watching her, but she said nothing.

Russ handed her two empty 5-gallon buckets, and then led her around the shop to various shelves. He pointed out the parts that he wanted her to put in the buckets - sprinkler heads, plastic pipe, washers, adhesive, etc. Some of the parts were on upper shelves and she had to strain on her tiptoes to reach them; she knew that he was admiring her body as she stretched. The sprinkler heads were the last things, and they were on the very top shelf requiring a ladder, which she brought over and leaned against the wall. She could feel his eyes following her bare butt up the ladder as she pulled out several of the sprinkler heads which she handed down to him.

But he was a friendly sort, and he started chattering about the nice weather and about the upcoming graduation ceremony and about his school-age grandkids. Amy muttered a few things in response, but mostly she just let him ramble on and on as they collected the materials and tools.

After she filled the buckets, Russ took her outside and showed her the little electric pickup-style truck that they'd be using. It was basically a golf cart with flimsy doors. She put the buckets in the small cargo area, and then both of them carried out some more tools that Russ thought they would probably need.

Finally, he said, "Okay, honey, let's go. It's going to be a tight fit in that little seat, but there should be room for your bare skinny body and my fat ass." And he was right about the small truck seat; she was certain that it was really intended for only one person, and when she sat down next to him, she was squeezed between his right arm and the rickety passenger side door. He laughed and said, "Well, we could gain a few more inches in here if I took off my clothes, too." She gave him a strange look, and he smiled back and said, "Just kidding. Nobody wants to see my flabby body when they can look at your natural beauty."

It took them a few minutes to drive across campus to the quad, and Russ described how they were going to attack the job. He would turn on the sprinklers and Amy would go around and look closely at each one. If a sprinkler was just mis-aimed, she could adjust it. If it was broken or plugged up, she would stick a plastic flag in the ground next to it.

Of course, the naked girl would get soaked while walking around the lawn doing the inspection. But what he didn't tell her was that there are techniques to avoid getting soaked, such as standing behind the sprinkler or putting buckets over the sprinkler heads, etc. But Thorson had told Russ to get her as wet as possible. And Amy had never worked on sprinklers before; so, she didn't know about these techniques.

As they pulled up to the quad, Russ got out his chart showing the sprinkler zones. He said, "Okay, honey, here's the first zone." He pointed to each of the 8 sprinklers in the zone and handed her several of the plastic flags on metal stakes. Then he pointed out the spot where Amy should stand as he walked over to the control valves and turned the handle for that zone. He yelled, "Watch out, honey, here it comes!" And a moment later all of the sprinklers in the zone sprung to life, and Amy was immediately drenched. Even though it was a nice spring day, the water was cold on her naked skin. But she started making the inspection.

One of the sprinklers near the sidewalk was aimed wrong, and it was watering the concrete more than the grass. The naked girl scampered over to it, got down on her hands and knees, and slowly twisted it so that it was aimed at the grass. Five others seemed to be working okay, but one other didn't pop up at all, and another was spewing as much water around the edges as it was out of the sprinkler itself. Amy stuck flags near each of these, and then waved at Russ to shut off the zone.

The naked girl was now soaking wet, and she walked over to talk with the older man. The first thing she said was, "Damn, we forgot to bring a towel." Actually, Thorson and Russ had intentionally left the towels behind at the shop. He just shrugged and said, "Sorry about that, honey."

But he went on, "Okay, I think we should replace that one that is leaking badly. I'll do that, and why don't you go see if you can get the other one to pop up. Use a screwdriver to pry it up and then use WD-40 on it."

Amy said, "WD-what? What's that?"

Russ let out an exasperated sigh and said, "It's the blue spray can in the truck. It's a lubricant that often helps metal or plastic from sticking. Give it a try, honey, while I work on the bad sprinkler head."

Amy smiled as she walked back to the truck; she thought it was cute that he called her "Honey".

Russ got a tarp from the truck and spread it out near the bad sprinkler, but Amy just sat her naked butt down on the wet grass as she worked on the stuck sprinkler head.

But Amy also noticed that she was attracting a crowd. And if she hadn't been the pretty naked girl involved, she probably would have stopped to watch as well. Several of the gawkers had their cell phones out, and they were calling their friends. It wasn't long before the entire sidewalk was covered with people watching. Amy's naked body was the center of attention; she was really embarrassed, but she knew there wasn't much she could do about it.

Russ finished replacing the bad sprinkler, and then he came over to see how Amy was doing. He had her hold the sprinkler up while he sprayed the WD-40 on the stem. He said, "All right, honey, let's try it again. You stand here next to this one and see how it works. If it's okay, give me a thumbs-up sign and then go check the other two that were originally misbehaving. Otherwise, give me a thumbs down, and I'll turn off the water and we can work on it some more."

Naked Amy stood right next to the sprinkler, and she jumped again when the cold water hit her full force. The sprinkler was working correctly. She wiped the water from her face and gave Russ a thumbs up. Then she scampered over to the one that Russ had replaced; it wasn't quite right and she gave him a thumbs down. He turned off the water and came over. The drenched girl said, "This one's not spraying in a full circle like the others." Russ made some adjustments and said, "Okay, let's try again."

He turned the water back on and Amy was soaked again, but now the sprinkler was working okay. So, she scooted over to the sidewalk where the crowd was gathering. She squatted down by the originally mis-aimed sprinkler head and twisted it just a bit more. She could feel the guys right behind her looking down at her naked wet body. Then she felt the tip of a guy's shoe work its way into her crotch from behind; it slightly brushed her pussy lips, and she turned around and glared at the guy. He just smiled and quietly mumbled something about Underpants Amy. She quickly moved away from the crowd and made the rounds of the 8 sprinklers again. She saw that they were all working and gave Russ a thumbs up.

They met back at the truck where there was another crowd forming. Ignoring the crowd, they talked about what to do next. There were 3 more zones on the quad, and they attacked each zone like they had the first. By the time they were finished, Amy had learned how to fix the simple problems, and she was able to do several repairs on her own. She also figured out the technique of standing behind a sprinkler to avoid getting sprayed by it, but in such cases, there was probably also a crowd of guys behind the sprinkler, too, and she decided it was better to just stay out in the middle of the lawn and get drenched than to get her naked body too close to the crowd of guys.

It was now almost 11 o'clock, and Russ suggested that they do two more zones that were kind of on the way to the Kellensworth building. Amy squeezed her wet naked body back into the truck next to the heavy-set man, and they putt-putted down the sidewalk to the next lawn area. The crowd of onlookers followed the little truck like ducklings following their mother.

The next zone was a long one about 20 feet wide between two sidewalks. None of the sprinklers were in the middle of the strip; they were all located along the sidewalks. But to avoid getting hassled by the guys in the crowd, Amy positioned her naked body smack in the middle of the strip and she got blasted the water from both sides. She made all of the necessary repairs by sitting on the wet grass rather than on the usually dry concrete; Russ gave her a funny look as he did his work from the sidewalk, but he didn't say anything.

The next zone was also long and narrow, and Amy repeated her technique. She decided it was better to get wet rather than get hassled or even felt up by the crowd of guys.

They finished that one just before noon, and Russ said, "Okay, honey, that's all we can do this morning. Let's go eat lunch and see what Edgar wants us to do next."

As they squeezed their bodies back into the tiny truck, Amy noticed the bulge in his trousers and saw that he was "playing pocket pool" to reposition the erection in his pants. She thought to herself, "Even this nice old man is getting turned on by my naked body. He's almost the same age as my grandfather, and it seems a bit creepy to me that a 22-year woman could turn him on. I guess I've still got a lot to learn about men."

The little truck pulled up next to Kellensworth. Amy had never been in this building before. It looked kind of dumpy, and Russ seeing the puzzled look on her face said, "Never been here before?" Amy shook her head. Russ went on, "Well, it's the old original maintenance building; probably named after the first gardener or something. For many years, we've thought about tearing it down, but we need the space and we don't have the money for demolition. I see that Edgar must be here already; he drives that fancy little scooter thing over there."

But the thing that really interested her was the smell of pizza; she was starving after the exhausting morning work. Thorson said to Amy and Russ as the walked in, "Come on in and chow down on some pizza." Naked Amy took at seat at the big table on the bench next to Russ, and she noticed that the conversation amongst the other men stopped as she was sitting down. She glanced up briefly and noticed that all of the men were looking at her. Water dripped down her face and then onto her left tit, and she blushed as she felt it drop from her nipple to her thigh.

Thorson looked at the naked girl with her still-soaking-wet hair and grass stains on her knees and elbows, and then he said, "Well, Amy, how did you fare this morning with the sprinklers?"

She was almost ready to bite into a slice of pizza, but she paused and said meekly, "Okay, I guess. Russ and I fixed about a dozen or so."

Thorson replied, "Well, good. I guess that means you didn't mind getting wet. So, I'm going to have you wash some carpets this afternoon, and then I'll have you fish the coins out of the Baskind Fountain."

Amy's mouth stopped just before she bit into the pizza, and she closed her eyes at the mention of the fountain. She thought, "Oh no, not more cold water!" But she closed her teeth on the pizza and quietly ate her lunch.

About 12:30, the pizza was gone, and the group seemed to be breaking up to go do their individual afternoon chores. Amy waited her turn to use the single uni-sex bathroom.

Chapter 41 - Unclothed Carpet Cleaner

Thorson asked her and Russ to stay as the others left. He said, "Amy, since you and Russ seemed to be a good team this morning, why don't you two work on washing the rugs? I'll help a little bit, but mostly I'll just supervise. Russ, you probably saw that big stack of throw rugs that Conrad's crew brought over from the Union yesterday. They added a bunch more this morning. You and Amy can bring them out several at a time to the alleyway where you can use that new Rug Doctor machine to clean them. Again, we'll let the pretty naked girl do the wet part, and you can provide the muscle. And as I said, I'll provide the supervision."

This didn't sound too bad to Amy. It sounded like she'd be off in some secluded alley washing rugs in the nude for the next few hours. Not her favorite thing to do, but not awful either.

Russ and Amy climbed back into the little truck and followed Thorson down the path back to the physical plant.

Back at the main building, the nude girl followed Thorson who was now walking slowly with his cane. He showed her where the vacuum cleaners and the Rug Doctor machine were stored. He told her to roll out the largest vacuum, and he gave her a bucket to carry a couple of types of scrub brushes. Russ got out the Rug Doctor. As they walked back across the shop floor, Amy was relieved to see that her panties were still hanging on the hook.

And then she followed him outside. He said, "Okay, Amy, this is what we call the 'alley'. In the old days, it really was an alley, but when they tore down the building next door to widen Campus Drive, it left this spot. It's not really an alley any more, but we continue to call it that." And the spot they were standing on was a concrete driveway squeezed between the building and the busiest street on campus. There was a sidewalk within a couple of feet of the edge of the driveway. She had even jogged by here on that sidewalk on her morning runs without ever thinking twice about what this place was. And now naked Amy would be fully exposed to the passing cars and the pedestrians as she was washing the rugs!

Thorson went on, "We kept this alleyway so that we have a good place to wash the university vehicles, but we also figured out that with that other building gone, this spot gets a lot of sunshine, just like we've got today. And the big almost flat area makes it perfect for cleaning these big area rugs and letting the sunshine do some of the drying. It's easier to bring the rugs here for cleaning than cleaning them in place at the Union; we don't have to worry about the furniture getting dinged or splashed."

Then Thorson led her in another side door back into the building, and he pointed to a big stack of rolled up rugs. It almost looked like a carpet sales store. Amy gasped at the sight of so many rugs. She couldn't really tell how big they were, but some of the individual rolls were pretty big and pretty long. Maybe they were livingroom size. And then she thought about the meeting room in the Student Union where she had served wine and snacks on Sunday, and she remembered the big rugs that covered the linoleum floor in that room.

Thorson said, "Okay, Russ, you know how we've done this in the past, but let me outline the technique for Amy. First, you need to hose down the alleyway so that's it's mostly clean before you drag the rugs out there. The two of you will carry the rugs and lay them out on the concrete. You can probably get about a dozen out there at once. Then, quickly vacuum them all to remove the loose junk. Then, start at one end and use the machine to wash the rugs one at a time. The bright sun will get the rugs dry enough pretty quickly so that by the time you've reached the end, the first ones will be dry. You'll roll up the dry ones and bring them back in here. Then, you'll fill those empty spots on the alleyway with more rugs from this pile. And you'll repeat that process til the stack is gone."

Amy stared again at the big pile as Thorson continued, "It actually goes pretty fast. The hardest part is carrying them out to the alley. You don't have to worry about taking them back to the Union; Conrad's guys will do that. Understand the process?"

Amy gulped and said, "Yeah, I think so."

Thorson said, "Okay, go hose down the alley. There shouldn't be any puddles, because the drain works really well out there. But if there are little puddles or wet spots, use the towels to soak them up. We want the concrete to be pretty dry before we put out the rugs. Again, the sun will dry it pretty fast."

The naked girl trudged back out to the alley, uncoiled the hose, and quickly washed down the long area. She waited a couple of minutes for the water to fall into the drain, and then she grabbed a towel, got down on her knees, and blotted up the few puddles. When she stood up again, she noticed some guys on the sidewalk who had stopped to watch her; they had their cell phones out and were making calls.

Amy sighed and went back into the room. Thorson said, "Let's give it a few more minutes to dry off, and in the meantime, I'll show you how to use Rug Doctor machine. I just assume you already know how to use a vacuum cleaner, right?" Amy just nodded. He continued, "Well, the rug machine is similar to a vacuum, but it's got this cleaning solution that goes in this tank, and then you pull it rather than push it across the carpet. Actually, you don't have to pull it very much because the machine will move itself as soon as you grasp this lever on the handle; it will do most of the work; all you have to do is guide it. Russ will get the solution mixed up and poured into the tank while you do the vacuuming."

Russ came over and said, "The alley looks dry now. Come on, honey, let's start carrying out the rugs. I'll carry the front end, you grab the back."

Amy grunted as she lifted up the back end of the first rug. It was heavy, and she thought, "He told me that I wouldn't need arm strength today. But I could sure use better muscles for this job." She was glad that Russ had taken the front and he seemed to be carrying most of the weight of the rolled up rug. She just let him lead the way back outside. Amy bent over and set down her end on the far side of the driveway fairly close to the sidewalk where more guys and a few girls had assembled. She and Russ then unrolled the rug onto the concrete. She knew that her bending was putting on a show for the crowd, but she also knew she had no choice.

They repeated the process ten more times so that there were eleven rugs laid out on the driveway. Amy was breathing heavily and her breasts were covered with dusty grime. She took a drink of water from a bottle that Thorson gave her, and then rolled the big vacuum onto the rug at the end of the row.

As Thorson had said, the vacuuming went quickly, and in about 10 minutes she had skimmed over all the rugs. The naked girl then paused for another drink, and she used a towel to wipe the sweat and dirt off of her face and boobs. She glanced up and saw that the crowd had doubled in size.

As Amy was vacuuming the last few rugs, Russ had started washing the rugs with the machine. After he finished the first rug, he waved her over and showed her the technique. Amy took over and finished off the second rug. She noticed that the washing operation took quite a bit longer than the vacuuming, and it took her about half an hour to work her way down the row of rugs. The two older men stood at the edges of the rugs to hold them down while the machine cleaned close by.

Amy had to stop after every second or third rug to empty the tank full of very dirty water down the alley drain. This required more bending which the crowd seemed to enjoy. Similarly, they liked it when she had to crawl around on one of the rugs using the hand scrub brush to work on some stubborn spots.

Then, she and Russ started the process of carrying the clean rugs back into the building. As Thorson had said, the sun did a good job of drying them out fairly quickly.

Thorson looked at his watch and called Amy over. He said, "Amy, you're going to have to pick up the pace. We've got 20 more rugs plus the fountain to do. I know you've got that meeting with Dr. Knoxx at 5 o'clock, and I want this all done by then. Actually, probably by 4:30, since you'll probably want to clean up before the meeting."

Amy gave him a crestfallen look. She thought she'd be out of here by 4 o'clock, and now he's talking about 5 o'clock instead. But she just said, "Okay, I'll try to go faster."

She sped up a little bit, and she finished the next batch of rugs in about an hour. The crowd on the sidewalk had grown, and there were cars parked at the curb on the street. Everybody was watching the naked girl scurry through the vacuuming and washing. She wasn't oblivious to their stares, but her focus was on the rugs rather than worrying about how her naked endowments looked to them.

But as she finished up that batch of carpets, Thorson shook his head and said, "Amy, I'm very disappointed. You're not going to have time before the meeting to finish these rugs plus the fountain. I promised the Union director that they would be cleaned by Monday morning. Can you come back this evening after your meeting with the Chancellor?"

Amy looked at him and started to cry uncontrollably. She bent over, covered her eyes with her hands, and her breasts jiggled wildly as she stood there and sobbed. The crowd on the sidewalk looked on in astonishment at the sobbing naked girl.

Thorson gave her a puzzled look and said, "Amy, Amy, what's wrong?"

She continued to cry, and with tears streaming down her face, she said in a halting voice, "I h-haaa---ve a d--daaa---te tooo---night. It's the, uhhh, on--ly g--g--ooo--d th---ing to h--h--happen to me this, aahh, weee--k. And now you want to taaa---ke it aw--w--waaa----y from me. No, no, no, it's juuu---st not fair!"

Thorson didn't really understand everything she had said, but he did pick up "date tonight". He let her cry for a couple of more minutes, and as her tears finally stopped, he said in a calming voice, "Amy, I'm sorry, but how could I know about that? No, I won't ask you to break your date. We can work out something." Russ came over and put his arms around her shoulders and led her over to a bench where he sat her down, and he sat next to her. She bent her head down to her knees and started to cry again with the old man rubbing her bare shoulders. Russ looked over at Thorson and they both shrugged. They didn't know what to do.

After a few more minutes, Amy rubbed her eyes and sat up. Through her watering eyes, she looked at Thorson and said, "Mr. Thorson, I'm sorry about breaking down like that, but this evening is really, really important to me. You said we can work it out somehow?"

Thorson handed her a clean towel, and she wiped her face. Thorson said, "Amy, how about you and Russ take the truck and go clean out the fountain, and I'll have some of the other guys clean the other carpets later in the afternoon?"

Amy still hadn't recovered her composure completely, but she said, "Oh, thank you, thank you, Mr. Thorson." She used a towel to wipe her tear stained face.

Chapter 42 - Bare Female in Baskind Fountain

It took her about a minute to wipe off her naked body, and then she said, "Okay, I'm ready. What's the deal with the fountain?"

He answered, "As you probably know, people throw coins in Baskind Fountain for good luck, and every year about this time, we scoop up all of those coins and donate the money to a local charity. It should probably take you about an hour and a half to get all of the coins, and then get back here to clean up for your 5 PM meeting. We'll give you a ride over to Kameron to make sure you're on time."

The nude girl stood up and wiped her face again. She said, "That sounds okay to me. How do I get the coins out? Should I just put them in a bucket and bring them back here?"

Thorson said, "There's no prescribed way to get the coins out. Last year, we used a broom to sweep them into piles on the floor of the fountain, and then we used a dust pan to scoop them out. That seemed to work okay. The guy had on swimming trunks last year, and you'll be nude, but I don't think that will make a difference in the technique. And yes, just put the coins in buckets."

Amy said, "All right, show me which broom and dust pan to use. And I'll get started." Russ got up and went into the shop to get a couple of brooms and dust pans of different styles plus swimming goggles. He came back and led her over to the little truck. She had made sure to hold onto the towel she was holding, and she tossed it into the back of the little truck. Once again the overweight man and the thin naked girl squeezed into the tiny seat and drove away towards the quad where Baskind Fountain was located.

Russ babbled some more on the drive over to the quad. More chatter about his grandkids' summer activities, his possible retirement, the flimsy little truck, etc. Amy quietly sat there and politely nodded.

Amy knew the fountain well. She passed it almost everyday on the way to a class or some other activity, and she had tossed coins into it several times this year, including the embarrassing time on Sunday morning as her naked photo was taken for the 'In the BUF' newsletter. She had always thought it was strange that the college left it running year round, but it was an especially beautiful sight in the winter with the ice frozen into neat formations. But with the onset of springtime, the fountain was now shooting jets of water in all directions into the big pool surrounding it. And she was chagrined to realize that her naked body would add another beautiful aspect to the fountain for the next hour or so.

The naked girl got out of the truck and bent over the edge of the square pool. She couldn't tell how deep the water was, and so she bent way over with her butt raised way up, and she reached her arm down into the water. It seemed to be about a foot and a half deep. And so she decided to just hop in and look around.

As soon as she started wading around, the passers-by began to stop and watch. And the cell phones came out again. The audience was forming.

Russ came over to the edge of the pool and yelled at her, "Hey, honey, use these goggles to look under the water. You can see the coins more clearly that way."

She put on the goggles and bent over to put her face just below the water surface. She came back up and smiled at him, and said, "Yeah, they work really well. Hand me the broom, and let me see how the sweeping goes."

She spotted an area with a bunch of coins nearby, and she tried sweeping them into a clump near the edge of the pool. Russ handed her the big plastic dust pan, and she kneeled down in the water and scooped up most of them and dumped them into one of the buckets. There was some debris mixed in with the coins, but she wasn't too worried about that. Then, she kneeled down again and put her face in the water to locate the few coins that had been missed in the first attempt; she picked them up by hand and dropped them in the bucket.

The naked girl then got out of the pool, and she said to the older man, "I think this technique is going to work. I just hope there's enough time to finish this. I'm going to get going in earnest now, but you yell at me when it gets to be 4:15." Russ agreed, and he watched her climb back into the pool and start to work.

Amy was now really putting on a dramatic show for the audience. As she bent over to sweep, her breasts dangled enticingly, and her long hair was soaked through and swung wildly. And the rear view of her wet ass and pussy lips drew lots of stares. A few guys even offered to strip down and come in to help her, but Russ warned them that they were not allowed to do that. Her strip of pussy hair was even more prominent now that it was wet and only about a foot above the water level. If she hadn't been covered by the cold water, she would have been blushing deeply.

She did the areas around the outside edges fairly easily and quickly, but she wasn't too sure about the coins near the center of the fountain where the water was shooting up from a square concrete structure. She came over to Russ and they discussed it. They decided to use the same technique of sweeping the coins to the base of the center structure, but now the dust pan would have to be carried several feet back to the edge where the bucket was sitting.

Amy tried this, and now she was sweeping while being hit from above by the spouting water. That slowed her down some more, and then she stumbled with the first load of coins in the dust pan as she waded back to the edge. She fell face down into the water and the coins dropped back to the floor of the pool. She got to her feet, retrieved the broom, and swept them up again.

She sighed as she sat her bare butt on the outer edge again. She said to Russ, "This isn't working very well. There must be a better way. Any ideas?"

He thought for a moment, and then as his eyes lit up, he said, "Honey, how about I pound a bunch of nail holes through the bottom of a bucket, and then you can take it out to the middle, set it in the water, and dump coins into it. Then, when the bucket has a lot of coins in it, you can bring it back over here, let the water drain out, and then dump the coins into a normal bucket. You might have to weight the bucket down with a brick to get started. How about that?"

She smiled at him and said, "Russ, that's a great idea. You go pound the holes into a bucket, and I'll start sweeping the coins toward the center base. Let me know when you've got the bucket ready."

The pretty nude grabbed the broom again, and standing under the falling water, she swept several piles of coins against the center concrete structure. A few minutes later Russ came over and waved at her. She waded over to him and got the bucket and the brick from him. She placed the bucket in the water near the center base, and started filling it with coins using the dust pan.

When the bucket was partially filled, she tried to lift it, but it was pretty heavy with all the coins, water, and brick in it. So, she removed the brick and now the bucket was at least movable. She got on her hands and knees and pushed it through the water over to the edge where the two of them were able to lift it and set it on the edge to let the water drain. And of course, all of this just added to the dramatic naked show that she was putting on for the onlookers.

She repeated this operation a few more times to collect most of the coins from the center. She looked up at Russ and asked, "What time is it?" He replied, "Almost 4." She said, "Okay, let me go around and pick up the remaining coins by hand. I should have time to get most of them."

Amy spent the next 15 minutes crawling around the pool on her hands and knees picking up the coins. In this position, her butt was about half in the water and half out. Her breasts were dangling just below the water surface as she crawled, but they bounced up nicely when she kneeled up to drop the coins in the bucket.

At 4:15, Russ yelled at her, and she climbed out of the pool. As she dumped the coins into the normal bucket, she saw Knoxx and Laird standing there looking at her. The soaking wet girl felt like an abject naked slave under the gaze of her masters. She just looked at them and said, "Hello", and continued her work. She wiped herself off with the towel, helped Russ load up the truck, and then they drove off back towards the maintenance building. The assembled crowd started following the little truck, but they soon realized that the naked water show was over.

After they returned to the maintenance building, Amy grabbed the towel in one hand and a bucket of coins in the other and walked into the building. She was stunned to see a naked man walking in the hallway toward her. After having showed off her pussy to dozens, maybe even hundreds, of guys on this single day, she actually smiled a bit when she saw the penis only a few feet in front of her. She remembered what Linda had told her once: The count of "pussy peeks" by males should be equal to the count of "penis peeks" by females. Well, in Amy's case, this equation was way out of balance today; the count had been something like 200 to 0, and now it was 200 to 1!

The guy's eyes met Amy's, and he immediately covered his genitals with his hands. Amy almost covered herself with the towel, but she resisted the impulse, because she knew that would not be allowed for her. The guy quickly dashed into the shop and got his pants from a locker. Naked Amy also walked into the big shop, went to the other side, looked back at the guy across the room, and silently mouthed "Sorry".

Thorson was sitting at his desk, and he smiled as he watched this little exchange. He looked at Amy and said, "Bruce just finished showering. We don't usually have any women around here on Saturday, and he was coming back in here to get dressed. Sorry about that."

She just shrugged and said, "Okay. Where do you want these coins?"

"Just leave the buckets here next to my desk, and I'll have someone clean and count them next week. Thanks for collecting them for us. That's the hard part of the job."

Thorson went on, "I see that it's 4:35 now, and you need to get cleaned up for your meeting. As you may have noticed, there was a queue of guys in the hall. They are waiting to use the shower. It wouldn't be fair to them to let you use the shower ahead of them, and so, why don't I take you over to Kellensworth and you can use the shower there? And then I'll have Russ drive you over to Kameron in a real truck, not that little putt-putt thing."

This sounded reasonable to Amy, and she asked, "All right. Do you want me to help Russ unload the little truck first?"

He looked at his watch again and said, "No, we're short of time. Let Russ do that, and I'll take you over to Kellensworth. Grab a fresh towel, washcloth, and soap from that shelf, and let's go."

Chapter 43 - Privacy not Permitted

As Amy got the soap and other stuff, Thorson struggled to his feet and hobbled out to his little scooter. Amy had to hurry to catch up with him; she almost ran the 200 feet to the Kellensworth building as he raced along the sidewalk; she was surprised how fast that little scooter was. A few of the other ground crew workers were coming the other direction on sidewalk, and they stopped to admire the naked girl as she ran with her boobs bouncing.

Thorson slid open the barn-like door and let Amy into the old building. She was immediately confronted with the smell of pizza again, and she saw 3 guys eating at the big table. She smiled at them and said, "Hi", but they just sort of scowled at her.

She looked quizzically at Thorson, who waved her over. She bent over and listened as he whispered to her, "These are the guys that are going to finish washing the rugs. I bought them some more pizza, but to be blunt, they are still pretty pissed off at you, because they have to stay late to finish your job. Oh, I'm paying them overtime, but still . . ." His voice trailed off.

She just stood there facing the 3 guys plus Thorson with her arms at her sides. She didn't know exactly what to say; so, she said nothing.

Thorson pointed over to the corner and said, "Okay, Amy. This is back-up shower for the ground crew." She was taken aback, because except for a tattered plastic shower curtain, it was in full view of the three guys at the table. Thorson went on, "We put it in several years ago as a temporary thing while the shower area in the main building was being re-modeled. But we've just never gotten around to removing this one, and in fact, it still gets used occasionally. Like today."

Amy listened to this with feigned interest until it dawned on her that Thorson wanted her to shower in front of him and the three guys who continued to eat their pizza!

Amy was mortified as she trudged over to the shower. She really wanted to pull the curtain around, but she realized that would not be allowed by the committee, if they heard about it. So, she sighed, left her towel on the table, turned on the water, waited a moment, and adjusted the temperature. She then hopped onto the pad under the shower head. She turned her back on the men and started to soap up the washcloth, but she quickly realized that she must face them while she was washing herself. The dirtiest spots were on her knees, and she had to bend over to scrub them. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that the three guys moved over a few feet on the table benches so that they had a side view of her hanging breasts as she continued to scrub away at the grime on her kneecaps. Finally, they were clean, but she blushed as she cleaned her pussy and asshole.

She turned off the shower, grabbed the towel, and standing only a couple of feet from the 3 guys, dried herself off being careful not to cover herself too much in the process. She thought, "How humiliating!"

When she was dry, she walked over to Thorson and said, "Okay, let's go."

With a smirk, he said, "Do you need to use the toilet?"

Actually, she did and she thought about asking to use the uni-sex bathroom down the hall again, but she decided that she could get by til after the meeting with Knoxx. She just said, "No", and she walked out the door.

The two of them hurried down the sidewalk back to the physical plant, Thorson on his scooter, Amy at a fast walk next to him. After they got back, he said, "Amy, your hair is still pretty wet. Here's a hair dryer, and there's a mirror over by the lockers. You've got a couple of minutes before you have to leave. Go ahead and spend that time drying and combing your hair."

She knew this was a good idea, but she looked over at the locker area and saw several guys there getting dressed including a couple wearing just jockey shorts. But there wasn't any other mirror in the room, and so the naked girl grabbed the hair dryer and a comb and walked over. The guys stopped talking and moved away from the mirror. She just smiled at them as she silently dried and combed her hair for a minute or so. She could feel their stares at her boobs as she reached behind her head to take off the ponytail band and to dry and comb out her hair.

Russ came in the door, walked over to her, and said, "Honey, come on. We need to leave. Hurry up."

Her hair wasn't completely dry, but it was a whole lot better than it was and she thought it was good enough for her naked meeting with Knoxx. So, she turned off the hair dryer and gave it back to Thorson. Then she walked over to the peg, retrieved her off-white panties, and slid them on. As she grabbed her backpack and started walking out the door, she heard the guys yell in unison, "Bye-bye, Underpants Amy."

She was relieved to see a full-sized VW van with big bucket seats. She hopped in the passenger side as Russ started it up. There was no traffic on this Saturday afternoon, and they pulled up in front of the administration building just before 5 o'clock. She reached over, shook Russ's hand, and said, "Russ, it was nice to meet you. Thanks."

He replied, "Yes, it was nice to meet you too, honey, ummm, I mean, Amy. Even under these awkward circumstances. Hope you have a wonderful life after you graduate."

She smiled broadly at the nice man as she closed the van door. She waved again as she ran up the steps into Kameron Hall.

The building was empty, but fortunately, the doors were unlocked this time. The elevator zipped her up to the seventh floor, and she was not surprised to see Knoxx and Laird waiting for her in the reception room. She showed her rear end to Knoxx so he could see the red mark on her panties, slid them off, and hung them on the penis hook.

Knoxx said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, please come in."

And Amy planted her naked self in her assigned spot in front of Knoxx's big desk. Knoxx began, "Good. Now, I've only got a few things to discuss today. But why don't you tell us how you think cheerleading went last night and what you did for Edgar Thorson today. Our committee watched your cheerleading practice last night, but we want to hear about it from your point of view."

Amy didn't quite know what to say, because she couldn't tell the truth that she didn't enjoy performing in the nude like that. So, she just described the moves using the names that Mindy had told her. She was surprised when Knoxx seemed to accept this.

Knoxx said, "Okay. What about your ground crew work today? Your hair looks rather disheveled. Remember your agreement with us that you would present an acceptable appearance, and I must say that you don't look as good as you usually do. Is that because of your work today?"

Amy thought to herself, "Well, asshole, what else could it be?" But aloud she just said, "Yes, that's right. I guess I did some very physical hard work today."

Knoxx went on, "Okay, that's an explanation, but we're still concerned about your appearance. Anyway, Tyson and I saw you in the fountain this afternoon. How much money was in there? What else did you do today?"

She replied, "Well, actually, I don't know how much money there was. I just swept it up, and Mr. Thorson said he'd count it and give it to charity." And then she described the work that she and Russ had done on the sprinklers, and then the many rugs she had washed. She left out the part about her crying.

Knoxx then said, "So, that's all good. Now, Tyson and I have reviewed the draft version of the diary and the sample panty one-sheet that you gave us yesterday. They both look good. For the one-sheets, you might want to leave room for a photo. As we mentioned, you'll have your photo taken with each panty auction winner, and they might want to attach the photo to the document. In fact, maybe you could figure out a way to insert the photo into the document electronically and print it the page there at the auction on Saturday night. Sound reasonable?"

Amy just nodded her head and said, "Yes, sounds like a good idea." But she had no idea how to accomplish that. She'd ask Linda, the computer whiz; hopefully, she'd know how.

Knoxx said, "That's about all I've got. Tyson, anything else?" Laird just shook his head, and Knoxx went on, "Good. Now let's give you some panties to wear on your date tonight."

She gave him a stunned look and she thought, "How in the hell does he know about my date? Did he talk with Thorson after my sobbing breakdown this afternoon?"

By the look on her face, he could tell what she was thinking, and he said, "You're probably wondering how I know about your date with Dwight Henderson tonight? Well, word does get around. One of our observers in the dorm heard about it and mentioned it to me."

Amy wondered who the observer was. She knew Linda wouldn't volunteer such private information to Knoxx unless he explicitly asked. She thought, "Oh, I know. It was probably that bitch, Kelly Stubbins, who probably heard the gossip in the hallways." As she stood there, she felt her eyes starting to tear up, because even her very private life was known to these creepy men.

He opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of blue panties. He tossed them to her, and she slid them on. She was glad that she had something besides just plain white tonight. Thank heavens for even this smallest of favors.

As she turned to leave, he said, "Good night, Miss Suzuki. I hope you enjoy the Marilyn Monroe movie tonight."

She hurried quickly out the door before they could see her crying. "So, they even know what Dwight and I are going to do on our date tonight. Oh my, I want my privacy back!"

She made a quick pit stop in the bathroom to empty her bladder and to regain her composure. She was happy to see that the two men weren't waiting for the elevator, and she took the elevator down and left the building. There was no one else on the sidewalk, and she said aloud, "And now something fun for a change!"

Chapter 44 - Amy and Dwight on Saturday Night

As Amy got back to the dorm, she glanced at the clock in the lobby. 5:45 PM. And Dwight would be picking her up at 6:30 PM. Not much time to get ready. She scurried up the stairs to the fourth floor, and she saw her four friends talking in the hall - Linda, Maddie, Rekha, and Sharon. And when the four girls noticed Amy, they hurried to meet her. Linda said, "Hey, Sooz, we were just talking about you. How are you doing? How did it go today?" Maddie asked, "I heard you were in the fountain. What was that about?" Amy held up her hand and said, "Hey, guys, I'm sorry I can't talk now; I've got to get ready for my date. And I've got a lot to do in only 45 minutes."

Her friends looked disappointed, but then Linda smiled and said, "Let us help you get ready. Tell us what we can do."

Amy paused for a moment and then said, "Well, the first thing I need to do is to take a proper shower, and I can do that by myself. But then how about some help with my hair?"

Rekha said, "Yeah, we can do that. Maybe some nail polish and makeup, too?"

Amy said as she unlocked the door, "You guys are great. Give me a few minutes in the shower, and I'll meet you back here in the room."

Amy grabbed her shower stuff and scooted down the hall to the bathroom. She slid off her panties and hopped in the shower. After she used her nicely scented shampoo and body lotion, she felt so much better than after that shower in front of the guys at Kellensworth. She dried herself quickly, slid her blue panties back on, and scooted back to the room.

Linda said, "Okay, roommate, here's what we're going to do. We're going to pamper you for the next half hour. No arguing. I'm going to work the conditioner into your hair and then blow dry it. Sharon is going to do your nails - fingers and toes. And Rekha is doing your face. And Maddie is going to supervise. Your underarms and legs look good; so we don't need to touch them up." Amy started to say something, but Linda continued with a big smile, "Sooz, shut up. I said no arguing."

So, Amy smiled also, shut her mouth, and stood in the middle of the room. For the next few minutes, she just luxuriated in the feel of being pampered by her good friends.

Rekha was kneeling in front of her working on Amy's toenails, and then she said sheepishly, "Amy, you are kind of leaking down here. Your panties are getting a bit wet. Maybe you should take them off and let us blow dry them, since we know you can't put on a clean pair? Here, should I just slide them off?"

Amy blushed and said, "Thanks, Rake, go ahead."

Rekha slid the blue panties down Amy's long legs and tossed them to Linda, who said, "Amy, I'll use the hair dryer on these for a moment, and then I'll get back to your hair." Rekha handed Amy several tissues, and Amy blushed some more as she wiped between her legs.

And now Amy was standing completely naked surrounded by her four friends. She was surprised how embarrassed she felt even though they were all females and they'd seen her naked many times. But she just closed her eyes, said nothing, and let the friends do their work on her.

A few minutes later, Sharon said, "I think I've finished your face. Do you want some rouge or something on these?" And she lightly tweaked Amy's left nipple. "Or down here?" And she pointed to Amy's pussy.

Amy shook her head and said, "No, that would be a bit too provocative for the first date." But then she laughed and said, "As if wearing only panties on the first date isn't provocative." And they all laughed together.

Then Linda said, "And I think your hair is done. No ponytail for you tonight! How are the nails coming, Rekha?"

"I'm almost done with the last finger. Just a second. There! Done!"

They stepped back and let Amy walk over to the full length mirror by the door. She looked at her nude body and smiled. Then she said, "I think I look wonderful. Lindy, toss me my panties." She caught the blue panties, slid them on, and looked herself over again. She nodded and smiled. Then, she said, "Do you think my pearl necklace would look good with this outfit?" They all laughed again, and Linda said, "Yes, Amy, pearls would look great."

Amy got out her string of pearls, which her mother had given her for high school graduation. Maddie looped the necklace around Amy's neck and hooked the clasp in back.

Amy looked at herself in the mirror and then turned to face her friends. Her eyes watered a bit as she said, "You are wonderful friends. Thank you so much." And she hugged each of them.

Linda said to Sharon, Maddie, and Rekha, "Girls, we need to get down to the dining hall before it closes, and Amy probably wants these last few minutes alone. So, Amy, you have a great time with Dwight tonight." And the four girls left.

Amy sat down on her bed and thought for a moment. And then she loaded up the ankle pouch with her keys, some money, and some other things. She strapped it to her right ankle and waited.

But it wasn't more than a minute later that her cell phone rang, and she smiled when she saw Dwight's name and number on the display. "Hello?"

"Hi, Amy. It's me - your date for the evening. Are you ready? I'm out front.", Dwight said.

"Sure am. I'll be right down." She closed up her phone and took a deep breath. She said aloud to herself, "Okay, lady, it's time for some fun." And she walked out the door and trotted down the stairs, because she didn't want to wait for the elevator.

The girl wearing blue bikini panties, a pearl necklace, a big smile, and nothing else walked over to the handsome guy standing on the curb. She gave him a peck on the cheek and simply said, "Hi". He looked at her pretty face and then took a step back and looked her up and down very quickly before taking her hand and squeezing it. He said, "You look marvelous, Amy." She was almost skipping as he led her over to the red Taurus.

At the Student Union cafeteria, she got lots of stares from the dinner crowd, but she was oblivious to them. She and Dwight were engrossed in their own little world chattering away about everything except her near nudity. And there were many more stares as they waited in line to buy tickets at the little theater down the hallway from the cafeteria, and again Amy didn't care.

They laughed all the way through "Some Like it Hot" munching on popcorn. He put his arm around her bare back, and she leaned her head on his shoulder. Afterwards they had coffee at the Starbuck's in the basement of the Student Union.

As they were talking about the movie, Dwight suddenly stopped talking, reached into his pocket, and brought out a wad of money. He plopped it on the table and said, "I just remembered. This is your change from my trip into Victoria's Secret a few days ago." She picked it up and quickly counted the $45. He went on, "The 15 pairs of panties cost $155 including tax, and you gave me $200. Remember?"

She smiled at him and said, "Yeah, thanks. I had completely forgotten about that. What made you think of that now?"

He blushed and said, "Well, we were just talking about that hilarious scene in the sleeping car on the train. Those girls were wearing such funny looking underwear; I guess they were called bloomers. And that reminded me about the panties and hence the money."

Her eyes twinkled and she said, "Uhhh, and the panties sitting next to you all night didn't trigger any reminders?"

He blushed again and admitted, "Umm, for some reason, no. Now that I think about it, it doesn't make much sense, does it? But at least money-wise, we're square now."

They both laughed, and they went back to discussing the movie.

About 11:30, he said, "Ummmm, uhh, do you want to go to my apartment and listen to music?"

She smiled broadly and whispered, "I thought you were never going to ask. Let's go." And she leaped to her feet, and the nearby coffee drinkers admired her boobs as they bounced wildly. If she hadn't been moving so fast, they would also have seen the growing wet spot in the crotch of her panties. She grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

The car seemed to want to exceed the speed limit on the short drive to Dwight's place, but they arrived without getting a ticket. In the apartment, he led her down the hall to his room, and they shut the door behind them and kissed passionately.

After a minute or so, Amy playfully pushed him away and with a twinkle in her eye, she said, "You know, all the other guys look at my boobies and my panties, but you only look at my face. Why?"

He blushed and said, "Well, umm, I guess it's because I respect you so much." He smiled and added, "Is that the right answer?"

She replied, "Yep, that's the right answer - most of the time. But right now I want you to look at my whole package." And she took a couple of steps back so he could see all of her, and he looked her up and down several times. Then, breathing heavily, she continued, "Okay, that's better. But you didn't see my whole package, did you? I want you to slide off my panties." She quickly bent over and removed the velcro ankle pouch and tossed it on the table. Then, more carefully, she took off the string of pearls and laid them on the table. And she turned to face him with her hands slightly out from her sides. With her eyes twinkling, she said, "And that's an order, sir."

"Yes, ma'am." And he knelt down in front of her, put a hand on each side of her panties, and slowly peeled them down her long pretty legs. He left them in a little damp pile on the floor as he kissed her thin strip of pubic hair. He looked up at her face which was perfectly framed by her erect breasts and said, "Okay, now it's your turn. You haven't seen my package at all; it's been wrapped up all this time. And now you need to unwrap it. And that's an order, madam."

She giggled, pulled him to his feet, and said, "Oh, goodie!" And she slowly pulled off his shirt, shoes, socks, trousers, and undershirt leaving him with only his white jockey shorts. She rubbed his erection through the fabric, and then she did the same thing he had done moments earlier. She knelt in front of him, put a hand on each side of his briefs, and slowly peeled them down his legs. She kissed the tip of his erect penis, and whispered, "Get a condom, and hurry."

Without moving his feet, he reached to the drawer of his bedside table and pulled out a Trojans condom. She grabbed it from him, ripped open the little package with her teeth, and slid it onto his hard cock. They tumbled onto his bed, and moments later Amy moaned loudly as he entered her. And only a few moments after that she shuddered and moaned even louder as she came wildly.

Afterwards, she snuggled in his arms as he held her and stroked her long dark hair. She enjoyed the snuggling almost as much as the sex. They lay there quietly for several minutes, and then she whispered, "I'd like for you to try something on me. Could you massage my breast using your hand in kind of a suction motion and slightly twisting the nipple? Just one breast. Your choice." She smiled at him.

He gave her a quizzical look, but he followed her instructions on her right breast. And she was able to replicate the same warm pleasant feeling that she had experienced with that strange machine at Wytham. After a few minutes, she whispered, "Get another condom."

Dwight replied sheepishly, "Amy, I'm sorry but that was the only one I had. Maybe I can find one down the hall in Mark's room?" He started to get up from the bed, but she pulled him back and said, "Here", and she opened her ankle pouch and brought out 4 condom packets.

He almost burst out laughing. "You really came prepared, didn't you?" She smiled at him and nodded. Then she tore open the package and slid the condom onto his erect cock. And they made love again.

A while later as they lay together, he said, "Ummm, can you stay tonight?" She climbed up and straddled his chest, and then she bent over kissed him hard and said "I most certainly will stay tonight." And they fell into another long embrace. Later she used his cell phone to call Linda; when there was no answer, she left a voice message saying that she'd be gone all night.

A couple of hours and a couple of condoms later, he said, "I think we need to get some sleep. I'm going to turn off the light. Go ahead and get under the covers."

He started to get up, but in a serious tone she said, "Wait, please, Dwight. There's something I need to say." He sat up on the bed, stroked her left breast, and said, "Okay, Amy. Go ahead. What's wrong?"

She smiled at him and said, "Actually, nothing is wrong. I feel wonderful right now. But I can't get under the covers. I'll sleep on top uncovered, but you go ahead and get under if you want."

"Huh? Why no covers?"

And she explained about Knoxx's no-covering-up rule, and how he had asked Linda if Amy slept under covers. She went on, "And Dwight, I think there's a very good chance that Dr. Knoxx is going to ask you about tonight. Specifically, I think he'll ask you if I covered my breasts or hid my pussy in any way tonight. And I want you to promise to tell him the absolute truth. Don't feel that you have to lie for me, because if he finds out that you lied, then he'll punish you somehow."

They continued to talk about this for a few minutes, and Dwight eventually agreed. And then they threw all of the top covers on the floor and snuggled their naked bodies uncovered on the sheet covered bed.

May 13, Sunday

Chapter 45 - Tale of Two Sundays - The Good Sunday

Amy awoke with a start, and it took her a moment to remember where she was. And then she smiled as she saw Dwight's eyes looking down at her. He was stroking and playing with her long hair. And she felt wonderful.

She looked over at the clock and it showed 10:10. As she sat up on the bed, he reached over, lifted her right breast, and kissed the nipple. She returned the favor by kissing his left nipple, and they smiled at each other. She said, "You know, I need to pee. Which way's the bathroom?"

"Down the hall to the left", he replied.

"Is there anyone else here? Is it okay for me to go naked out there?"

He shrugged and said, "I don't know. I didn't hear Mark or Kevin come in, but I was distracted with other things last night." She giggled at this remark. He went on, "But don't worry. We're kind of used to seeing naked ladies around here on weekends. Take a shower if you want; there are clean towels and washcloths in the linen closet."

She tentatively opened the door and looked both ways in the hallway. She kind of scooted the few feet down the hall to the bathroom and quickly closed the door. She stood in front of the mirror looking at her big smile and her twinkling eyes, and then she silently shook her arms above her head as if she had pom poms, and she watched her own pretty breasts jiggle. Momentarily, she thought about her upcoming naked appearance as a cheerleader shaking real pom poms, but she quickly put it out of her mind. She hadn't felt this good in a long, long time.

Then she thought about Linda's "penis peeks" vs "pussy peeks" equation. She smiled when she realized that on Saturday the equation was a very unbalanced 200 to 1, but for her today, it was perfectly balanced. It was a wonderful 1 to 1! And those two peeks, one on each side, had been so much fun. Then she substituted a word and turned the two phrases into "penis pokes" and "pussy pokes". And she shook her make-believe pom poms again as she thought about the pleasant pokes her pussy had received last night!

She thought about taking a shower, but she remembered that there was still one condom left, and she didn't want to waste it. So, she used the toilet, and then scooted naked back down the hall to Dwight's room. He was kind of snoozing on the bed, but she could tell he was awake, and she hopped on top of him.

She said, "Remember that breast massage last night?" He chuckled and nodded his head. She lifted her left breast and went on, "Well, this one feels left out. It is saying 'Please, pretty please'. And so am I."

And a half hour later, they lay cuddling on the bed with the last condom sitting in the trash can after having done its duty.

Dwight looked at the clock and said, "It's almost 11, and I'm hungry."

She replied, "Me, too. But I want to take a quick shower. I don't want to go out to eat. Do you have anything here? Maybe you can put on your chef's hat and nothing else and whip up something in the kitchen?"

He laughed, "Well, I don't own a chef's hat, and I'm not very handy in the kitchen. I'll get dressed and see what we've got, and you take a shower. Okay?"

The naked girl smiled at him, and smirked, "Well, okay. But I was hoping to see a real 'Naked Chef' rather than just the one on TV." She scooted back down the hallway to the bathroom and took a quick shower.

Just at the moment that she opened the bathroom door, the next bedroom door opened, and naked Amy was surprised to see Linda come out wearing a long T-shirt. The two friends looked at each other for just a moment, and then they hugged. Linda said, "I got your message, and I wondered if you were here. I thought I heard some noises down the hall, but Mark and I were in our own little world back here. We just woke up. How was your date? Or is that a stupid question?"

Amy wasn't extremely surprised to see Linda here, because she knew that Linda often spent a weekend night with Mark. Amy whispered, "Yep, Lindy, that's a very dumb question. This was one of the best nights of my entire life. Dwight is wonderful." She raised her voice to a normal level and said, "He's in the kitchen looking for something for us to eat. Why don't you and Mark join us?"

"Good idea. I'll get cleaned up and then drag his tired ass out to the table", she said with a grin.

Amy was still naked as she walked out to the kitchen where Dwight was fumbling around in the cupboards. She was disappointed to see that he was now dressed, but she came up from behind and hugged him and said, "Linda and Mark are going to join us. Do you have enough food for four? What about Kevin? Is he around?"

Dwight turned around and faced her and said, "Well, Kevin's room is empty; so, I don't know where he is. And yeah 'Dwight's Diner' can handle four for today's luncheon. Do you have a reservation?"

She giggled, "Nope, no reservation. But I know the owner."

He replied, "Well, okay, we can squeeze you in." And he lightly squeezed her left breast before continuing, "But we have a dress code, you know." They both burst out laughing.

He went on, "Actually, all I can come up with is a few boxes of breakfast cereal. And some coffee and let's see, here's some apple juice. How's that?"

She kissed him and said, "Wonderful. Let me go get dressed. I'll be back in a jiffy." She dashed to his bedroom, grabbed her panties from the floor, and slid them on. She dashed back, and said, "Well, was that jiffy enough for you? And I now meet your strict dress code." They both giggled.

A moment later, Linda and Mark walked into the kitchen, and Amy shook hands with Mark, who she had known for the last year while he had been going out with Linda. Mark looked her over briefly, but he quickly lifted his eyes. As they all gathered around the spartan table, Amy noticed that Linda's T-shirt rode up revealing her bare butt as she sat down. She was momentarily jealous when she realized that one of the naked ladies that Dwight had seen around this apartment had been Linda. But she quickly dismissed the thought as they started pouring cereal into their bowls.

As she was taking her first bites of cereal, Amy looked at the clock. 11:30 and she needed to be at the baseball diamond at 12:30. She looked at Dwight and said, "Umm, Dwight, could you give me a ride over to Marshall Ballpark after we eat?"

He gave her a puzzled look and asked, "Sure. But why?"

And she spent a couple of minutes explaining the naked cheerleading that she would be doing in the afternoon as part of her community service.

Dwight gave her a stunned look, and said, "You're going to be jumping around naked in front of all those people?" She just nodded. He continued, "That sounds like rather extreme punishment."

She shrugged and said, "Yeah, I think so, too. But I don't really have a choice and I've been naked or close to it a lot these last several days like the time I was ushering at the concert. I'm sure not used to having so many people look at my nude body, but I need to follow the punishment rules. Now, can we talk about something else? Isn't the spring time weather wonderful?"

And they all awkwardly agreed, and the conversation shifted away from her nakedness to other topics like upcoming final exams.

After they finished eating, Amy retrieved her ankle pouch, said goodbye to Linda and Mark, and she and Dwight walked silently down to the car.

As she buckled her seat belt, Amy said, "Do you remember what you said at Starbuck's last night?" He shook his head. "Well, you asked if I wanted to come back here and listen to music. And, sir, I didn't hear a single note of music all night. What do you have to say for yourself?"

His eyes twinkled as he said, "Well, Amy, I think we made our own special music last night." She laughed as he started up the car.

At the ball field, she leaned over and kissed him, and she felt his hand lightly squeeze her bare right boob. She didn't flinch or object. She hopped out and then waved as he drove away. Then, she reached up to her neck and realized that she didn't have her pearl necklace, but she smiled and thought, "No big deal. I left it on his bedside table, and I'm sure that I'll be back in that room again soon."

Chapter 46 - Tale of Two Sundays - The Bad Sunday

The fans were just starting to arrive for the baseball game, and they stopped in their tracks when the nearly naked girl got out of the car. Amy had been here for a few games, but always as a ticket holder; she had no idea where the cheerleaders were supposed to enter. There was a single security guy standing nearby talking with an older couple, and Amy hesitantly approached the three people. She was pretty sure the campus security guy would be one of Knoxx's spies, and so she made sure to keep her hands down at her sides as she walked up to them.

The officer saw her and stopped talking with the couple, who turned to follow his gaze at pretty girl with the bare breasts who was walking towards them. The elderly lady stepped back and turned her head away and said, "Well, I never . . ." But her husband just stared at Amy. The lady continued, "Come on, Harry, we're leaving. I don't care how much you like baseball." And she tugged her husband by the arm, and he continued to stare as she dragged him away.

The security guy said, "Well, Underpants Amy, you just cost us two admissions. Are you proud of yourself?"

No, Amy was not proud of her near nakedness and she stammered, "Oh, uhhh, I'm sorry, umm, officer. I'm, umm, you know, umm, part of the cheer-- uhh --leading team today. Ahh, where can I, uhh, go in?"

Without saying anything, he grabbed her elbow and started leading her away, and she thought he was going to arrest her. She started to say something, but he said, "Shut up. I'm taking you to the staff entrance."

The staff entrance was down the left field line, and the security guys at the entrance gate smiled as they approached. The first officer said, "This one says she's a cheerleader. Know anything about that?" One of the guys at the gate said, "Well, I heard something about a naked cheerleader today. But I don't think this could be her, because she's wearing blue panties. Well, sweetie, I'll believe you if you take off your panties, and then I'll let you in if you agree to keep them off. In fact, maybe I ought to hold onto them for you until after the game?"

Amy was stunned, but she felt that she was stuck. With the three officers watching, she slid her panties off and meekly handed them to one of the guards. The three men broke out laughing, and one of the gate guards said, "Just kidding, Amy. We know who you are, and why you're here. Our boss, Mr. Greggson, told us to give you a hard time before we let you in. Here's your underwear back, but he was serious about you remaining nude inside the ballpark. So, sorry, you can't put your panties back on. I guess you'll have to carry them in your hands; he didn't give us detailed instructions about how you should carry them if you can't wear them."

Amy sort of smiled at them and stepped inside through the turnstiles. She looked across the field and saw the J-Team cheerleaders assembled down the first base line just beyond the dugout. She turned back to the guard and asked, "Should I walk across the field or go through under the stands?" He just shrugged and said, "I guess you could go across the field, but the other cheerleaders went through here down past the concession stands. Your choice."

This was a choice between two evils, and she had to pick the lesser of the two; she could either walk across the field in full view of the growing audience in the stands and next to the ballplayers taking batting practice, or she could squeeze her way through the crowds in the narrow concourse area with the concession stands. She chose the latter.

She took in a deep breath and started out in the aisle under the temporary bleachers along the left field line. There were only a few people here, and she just smiled as she brushed by them. But when she got to the permanent stands, the aisle narrowed to a cramped, dark hallway where the restrooms were located. There was the usual line of women outside the ladies' room, where she knew from experience that there were only three stalls for all the women to use. Mostly she just got incredulous stares from the ladies, but as she approached the men's room entrance, a bunch of men walked out at once and blocked the narrow hallway. She said, "Excuse me, I need to get through", and some of the men moved back to let her though and to get a look at the pretty naked girl. But several of the guys stood their ground in the middle of the hallway and continued to block her way. And a few more circled around and blocked the hallway from the way she had come.

The nude beauty was now surrounded by leering guys, and she could smell alcohol on some of them. The game hadn't started yet, and these guys were already drunk! She looked both ways and then pleaded with them, "Please let me through. I'm one of the cheerleaders, and my team is expecting me."

One of the drunk guys was wearing what looked like biker clothes, mostly black leather, and he said, "Is that so? Well, you look like a slut to me. Where's your cheerleader outfit? Not that I'm complaining. I like looking at your cunt. Look at that neatly trimmed little strip of hair just above your cunt lips. And, guys, how about these boobs?" And before Amy could stop him, he reached out and fondled her left nipple.

She started to cry, but just then one of the two gate guards appeared and said, "What's going on here?" He glared at the biker guy and said, "Are you hassling this woman?"

The biker said, "Oh no, officer, I was just looking at her naked body."

The guard said, "Well, that's not the way I saw it. Come on, you're out of here." He grabbed the biker and yelled at the other men, "Move back and let her through." And he hustled the biker down the hall and out the gate. Amy followed him until she was clear of the crowd of men. A few of the men patted her butt as she passed by.

The hallway widened behind home plate, but there was a crowd of people there at the concession stands. This was a more genteel crowd waiting to buy hot dogs and cokes, but she felt her butt squeezed a couple of more times as she pushed her way through.

The hallway narrowed again down the first base line, but thankfully there were only a couple of people here at the condiment stands loading up their hot dogs with relish and mustard. The naked girl just smiled at their gawking faces as she scooted by.

She was relieved to get back into the daylight as she exited from under the permanent stands. She made a left turn into the pathway that led to the field. There were several of the Bancroft baseball players standing there waiting their turns for batting practice. They turned and smiled when they saw the pretty nude coming towards them. She smiled back and several of them said, "Hi, Amy." Finally, she made it to the gate entering the field, and the security guard just smiled at her and opened the gate to let her out onto the field.

She breathed a big sigh of relief as she ran the few steps towards the dugout where the cheerleaders were assembled. Mindy came over, and seeing the distressed look on Amy's face, she squeezed Amy's hands and said, "Hi, Amy. Come over here and sit down for a minute." And to the rest of the team, she said, "Hey, guys. Let's sit down on the grass for and talk for a minute."

Amy let Mindy guide her to a spot near the stands but still on the grass, and she sat down with all of the other cheerleaders. As on Friday night, they sat with legs crossed Indian style in a circle thus exposing Amy's open pussy to John's view. Mindy said, "Okay, let's talk about our routines and when we're going to do them for a few minutes. And Amy, after we're done here, Dr. Knoxx over there wants to talk with you. But for now, just listen to what we're going to do."

Mindy spent a few minutes outlining what stunts they were going to do between innings and what cheers to do when Bancroft scored. The other team members chimed in with questions and suggestions until it was all clear to the team.

Mindy stood up and reached out her hand to help Amy to her feet. She led Amy a few feet away and said, "Amy, as I said, Dr. Knoxx wants to talk with you, but first he gave me a few instructions about your, ummm, attire today. He wants you to wear this dark green Bancroft baseball cap and feed your ponytail hair through this opening in back. And, ummm, how do I say this, he wants you to use your panties to tie your hair for the ponytail."

Amy thought, "And so this is how he wants me to carry my panties this afternoon. How embarrassing!" But she just silently nodded.

Mindy said, "Do you want me to help you with your hair and the cap?" Amy just nodded again and handed her panties to Mindy, who pulled her hair back into a ponytail and then wrapped her light blue panties around the hair and tied them in kind of a bow. Then, she put the baseball cap on Amy's head, opened the adjustable strap in back, fed the ponytail into the opening, and then closed the strap and adjusted it to the right position. She stood back and looked at the naked girl wearing only the ball cap and the panty hair band. She smiled at Amy and gave her a quick salute; Amy smiled and saluted back to her.

Mindy said, "Okay, go talk with Dr. Knoxx, and then come back here and we'll do our first routine."

Amy turned to go and looked down at her naked body which would be on display all afternoon. She realized that she was still wearing the ankle pouch. She turned back to Mindy and said, "Hey, Mindy, could you please hang onto this for me?" She took off the ankle pouch and handed it to Mindy, who said, "Sure, Amy. I'll put it in my book bag."

The nude girl turned again and scanned the stands to see where Knoxx was sitting. She spotted him and the other committee members sitting about halfway up behind the first base dugout. She walked over to the stands, climbed over the low fence, and walked up the aisle to where the men were seated.

The several rows in front of the 5 men were empty, and Amy sat down in a seat in the row in front of Knoxx and turned sideways to sort of face them. But Knoxx said, "Hello, Miss Suzuki. Glad you could make it today." As if she had any choice in the matter. "Why don't you just stand and face us rather than twisting yourself sideways in the chair like that?" She sighed, and stood as he instructed.

He said, "Good. You look good in that baseball cap and ponytail. Turn around for us." She did as instructed, and she could feel their eyes looking at her bare ass. Knoxx went on, "I like how Miss Rafferty found a good use for your panties. Okay, turn back and face us." And she did, making sure that her hands didn't accidentally cover her boobs or pussy.

"Now, I talked with Mr. Thorson this morning, and he told me there were some issues yesterday. He said you didn't complete your assigned tasks; I think he said there were some carpets that did not get washed. And he said you had an emotional breakdown as well. We're happy to see that you've recovered from whatever was bothering you enough to start crying like that. But we are concerned about you not washing all of the required rugs. We've heard what Edgar had to say about this, but we want to hear your side of this as well before we decide how to handle the situation."

Amy looked down at her bare breasts for a moment to gather her thoughts. She said, "Well, it took me longer than he expected that it would to wash each rug. I was doing it almost all by myself. I tried to speed up after the first few took so long, but it was still going to take too long to do a good job. And I needed to be at your office for the 5 o'clock meeting. So, he said he would have some other workers do the last batch of rugs."

Knoxx seemed to be looking at her pussy and said, "Well, okay, that pretty much jibes with what Mr. Thorson told us. But we feel that you should do some extra work this afternoon to make up for those carpets that you didn't wash. So, when you're not doing cheers with the cheerleaders, we want you to help with the ground crew. Specifically, they drag the infield after the 3rd and 6th innings, and you will help with that. Also, our baseball team would like an additional batboy for the game. Actually, I guess you'd be called a 'batgirl' instead. At any rate, you'll do normal batgirl duties during the game. So, you're going to be kind of busy this afternoon. Your first priority is cheerleading, but there will be plenty of time for the other work as well. Understand?"

Amy sheepishly said, "Yes, I understand."

Knoxx smiled and said, "Good. And one more thing. After the game, let's go straight back to my office for our usual afternoon meeting. It's a nice day, and you can walk back with Tyson and me. Okay?"

Amy was still looking down at her tits, and she quietly said, "Yes, sir."

Knoxx said, "Good. I guess we're all set. Now, go help our team win this ball game."

The naked girl trudged back down to the field and walked over to Mindy. She said, "Mindy, he wants me to do some other things as well as cheerleading."

Mindy said, "Yeah, I was afraid of that. So, are you going to be in the dugout?" Amy nodded. Mindy went on, "Well, I'll yell at you or signal you somehow that we're ready to do a cheer. We'll be doing cheers between innings, but also when we score or make a good play of some sort. So, watch for those times."

Amy said, "He wants me to help drag the infield after the 3rd and 6th innings. So, I guess I should do that instead of cheerleading then?"

Mindy thought for a moment before saying, "Actually, let's just plan to skip cheering at those times. Thanks for reminding me; I'd forgotten about the ground crew being on the field at those times. Okay, why don't we do a shoulder lift now before you go to the dugout?"

Amy blushed, but she followed Mindy over and the team got into formation. Amy put her foot on John's bent leg and then swung her other leg up and over his shoulder without any trouble at all. John had a fairly long hairstyle, and the hairs on his neck tickled her open pussy. But she caught the pom poms from Mindy and twirled them above her head. And she shook her pretty breasts while the others went through their cheer. And the fans in the stands loved it; they gave the J-team a standing ovation.

As they finished, she climbed down and shook her pom poms as she walked over to the dugout. The players stopped talking and stared at the nude girl as she waited for Coach Walker to finish talking with the pitcher and catcher. When he turned, she said, "Coach Walker, I'm Amy Suzuki, and I'm supposed to be a batboy today."

The coach smiled as he looked over the pretty girl's body, and as he stuck out his hand, he said, "Hi, Amy, nice to meet you. Yes, Chancellor Knoxx told me that you'd be here. Have you ever been a batboy, umm, I mean a batgirl before?"

Amy shook his hand and said, "No, sir, but I'm a big baseball fan. I've been to lots of games, and I know what batboys are supposed to do."

Walker said, "Hey, that's great. So, let me introduce you to our usual guy who happens to be my son, Jacob. Hey, Jake, come over here."

The kid came over with his eyes wide. He looked to be of high school age, maybe 15 or 16. His father said, "Jake, this pretty lady is Amy Suzuki, and she's going to help you today." Amy shook hands with the kid. The coach went on, "Amy, I understand that you'll be doing cheers and maybe some ground crew work also during the game. So, Jake, you and Amy coordinate. But why don't you start by showing her where things are and telling her what the usual routine is? The game starts in a few minutes; so, be quick. Oh, and son, looking but no touching. Right?"

The kid smiled and nodded at his father. He said, "Come on, Amy, I'll show you where the bat rack and batting helmets are kept." The two of them walked to the end of the dugout, and he pointed out the various things that they would need to worry about. Then, Jacob introduced her to the players; she knew several of them from her classes, but she felt uneasy as they all stared at her naked body. Finally, he led her over to a spot at the edge of the dugout and said, "This is where we'll kneel when there's nothing to do." And he showed her the stance with one knee on the ground, the other leg bent out front, and a hand propping up a bat. She practiced this, and the young boy gazed a bit too long at her open pussy lips.

Then just before the game started, Mindy yelled at Amy to come over. And they did a quick cheer and then stood while the national anthem was played. Amy took off her cap, and she was really embarrassed, because it seemed disrespectful to be naked with her right hand above her bare left breast as the Star Spangled Banner was played over the speaker system. She had been very careful to not cover her breast with her hand or her cap, because she was sure Knoxx was watching for violations even during the national anthem. After the song ended, Amy returned to the dugout.

The home team took the field, and there wasn't much for the batgirl to do while the other team batted. So, she just stayed there in her kneeling stance with her pussy and boobs in full view - mostly to the other team as they came to bat. It was a tiny consolation to her that her nakedness might distract the other team, Wilkinson College, and maybe give Bancroft a little bit of an advantage.

The top of the first inning went by quickly, and the only time she got out of her kneeling stance was to retrieve a foul ball. She thought she should return it to the umpire, but he smiled and waved her away. She just dropped the ball in the bucket of used baseballs.

After the inning, she scooted over to join the other cheerleaders. Mindy had the two guys get in position for Amy to stand on their bent legs. Amy hopped up, and the four girl spotters used their hands to keep her from falling. Amy thought she felt a light squeeze on her butt from one of the spotters. But she just spread her legs wide and shook her pom poms above her head. Her pussy was wide open and her boobs were bouncing enticingly. Another big round of applause.

Amy returned to the dugout, and with the home team batting, there was more for her to do. She tossed the pine tar rag to the on-deck batter; she retrieved the bat after the batter tossed it away; she retrieved the weighted ring that the batter used while warming up; etc. She didn't like the metal bats that the colleges used; she preferred the wooden bats that the pros used. But at least the metal bats didn't break, and so she didn't have to worry about replacement bats during a plate appearance. But she did have to make one trip out to first base to take the shin guard from the batter who had got a base hit. She didn't like doing all of this in the nude, but she was actually enjoying being so close to the action.

When Bancroft scored a run in the first inning, Mindy signaled for Amy, and she joined them in cheering, jumping, and twirling to celebrate the first run of the game. After the inning, Amy joined the J-Team down the third base line in front of the visitor's dugout. They set up for the pyramid formation. Amy climbed up on top, and she started in a kneeling position with her boobs hanging down invitingly; she flipped her head so that her ponytail was lying on her back rather than at her side which she knew would block the view of her breasts. Then, she carefully stood on the backs of Jill and Monique, and this gave the third base fans a nice view of her open pussy and bouncing breasts as she shook her pom poms. The wind kicked up as she was standing there, and she felt the breeze on her exposed pussy lips, and her ponytail flapped like a flag. Another big round of applause including from the visiting team. She stumbled a bit as she was getting down, but Mindy was there and stopped her from falling to the ground. She shook her pom poms as she trotted back to the dugout.

During the next three breaks between innings, the J-Team just did their well-rehearsed on-the-ground cheers with the naked girl in the middle shaking her various assets - pom poms and boobs. When Bancroft scored again in the third inning, Mindy had Amy twirl on her toes as best she could.

A few minutes later at the end of the third inning, Amy looked around to see where she should go to help dragging the infield. She started down the first base line assuming that the ground crew was located there because the home team dugout was on that side. Wrong assumption, they were on the left field side, and she saw them only after they'd started. So, the naked girl ran across the field and waved at one of the guys pulling a steel drag mat. He scowled at her, but she pulled up beside him and grabbed the rope handle to help him. But he just let go, threw up his arms, and walked away disgustedly, leaving Amy to pull the steel mat by herself. This thing was heavier than she thought, and she struggled to keep it moving. Nothing like on-the-job training! Her portion of the infield was right next to the infield grass, and she thought this would be the shortest portion, but when she got over to first base, she realized that they expected her to do the outer part of the dirt on the return trip right next to the outfield grass. And so the naked girl had the longest trip around the infield rather than the shortest. Her boobs bounced wildly as she struggled pulling with her right hand. So, she switched to using both hands at once pulling the rope behind her back, and this flattened her chest, much to the disappointment of the watching crowd, who preferred to see them bouncing; the fans started to boo. And Amy started to cry mostly from exertion, but partly from embarrassment. By the time she had finished at the third base line, sweat was pouring down her chest, off her boobs, into her pubic strip, and then onto her pussy.

The head groundskeeper was an older gentleman, Kent Small, and he helped her carry the drag mat back to its spot on the side of the field. She bent over from exhaustion, and Kent put is arm around her shoulder and said soothingly, "Amy, you're a real trooper, but you should have checked with me before the game to see if you could handle one of those things by yourself. Are you all right?"

The nude girl was aware of the scene that she was causing with her hands on her knees and her breasts jiggling beneath her. But she needed to catch her breath. After a few seconds, she replied, "Yeah, I think so. I'm just winded." And Kent led her over to a folding chair next to the railing. She sat down, and he handed her a towel and a bottle of water. She looked up and saw that two of the grounds keepers had taken big rakes out to smooth off the rough spots that Amy had left behind in the dirt. And she noticed the umpire with his hands on his hips waiting for them to finish. She closed her eyes and shook her head as she realized that she had delayed the entire game. She was certain that Knoxx would punish her for this somehow.

She sat in that chair next to the third base stands for the next half inning while the other team batted. It was a long inning which was good because it allowed her to catch her breath, but it was bad because Wilkinson College scored three runs to take the lead. After the last out of the inning, she ran across the diamond to the first base side to join the cheerleaders. She had trouble smiling this time while doing her naked twirls and shakes. And after the cheer was over, she trudged back to her batgirl position near the dugout.

The game was only in the fourth inning, and the naked girl was already on the verge of another "emotional breakdown" as Knoxx had put it. She felt as if she could start sobbing at any moment. She was thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated by the experiences so far, and there were still many more innings left to play in the game. Could she make it through?

In the bottom of the fourth, she only had to retrieve a couple of bats and take some balls out to the home plate umpire. And then she joined the J-Team for the between-innings cheer. She went through the paces by shaking her pom poms, but without any enthusiasm. After they finished, Mindy guided her to a chair near the other cheerleaders. Mindy put her arm around the naked girl and said, "Amy, are you all right?"

Amy was really on the verge of sobbing now. She really wanted to bury her head on Mindy's shoulder and have a good cry. But she knew she couldn't do that. She couldn't give Knoxx another reason to punish her some more. She looked up and said, "Yeah, Mindy, I'm okay. Pulling that steel mat thing sapped me of my energy. I need to get back to the dugout." As she stood up, Mindy handed her a bottle of Gatorade, and said, "Here, this might help." Amy waved quickly at Mindy and scooted back to the dugout between pitches.

The Gatorade did seem to help her physically, but emotionally she was still pretty much of a wreck. She knelt there dully with her gaping pussy in full view as the other team batted. After the inning was finished, she trotted back to the J-Team. As she approached, Mindy came up and faced her with a hand on each of Amy's shoulders. Mindy really wanted to give her a pep talk, but considering Amy's situation, Mindy knew this wouldn't work, because Amy was being forced to do this. So, Mindy took a chance and said, "Amy, we're going to do the pyramid formation again. Are you up for that?" Amy nodded her head slowly and smiled. Of the three lift formations that they had practiced on Friday, Amy liked the pyramid one the best, and Mindy could detect that.

So, Amy climbed to the top of the pyramid and first kneeled to show off her hanging boobs, and then she stood up, caught the pom poms, raised her arms, and spread her feet. Mindy came around in front and looked at the wide spread naked girl, and she could see a brighter smile on Amy's face. Mindy let the formation last about 30 seconds longer than it usually did just to get Amy kind of excited again.

And it did kind of help Amy get back to normal, if you can call being naked in front of a stadium full of people normal. She did the between-inning cheerleading routines and batgirl duties without incident til the end of the sixth inning.

When she saw the grounds keepers start moving after the sixth, she trotted over to Kent, who handed her a big rake and said, "Amy, just go out and smooth out the pitcher's mound this time. I don't want you to wear yourself out today." So, the naked girl took the rake and walked out to the pitcher's mound. She quickly smoothed out the dirt and bent over to brush off the pitching rubber with her hands. She heard the yells of appreciation from the fans as she bent over. And when she looked up, she saw the opposing pitcher standing there looking at her naked body as he waited to do his warm up pitches. The fans applauded again when she trotted back to the sideline with her breasts swaying. She smiled at Kent as he took the rake, and she dashed back to the dugout.

The next few innings were routine. The J-Team did the double-leg lift to show off Amy's spread eagled naked body, and Amy climbed up on John's shoulders again. But mostly she just had to dance around and shake the pom poms. She made certain to do several of the "Broken T" moves where she stuck her arms straight out to her sides and then brought them in with her hands face up under her breasts so that she could lift her boobs for display. Also, the players seemed to be getting used to having the naked girl kneeling there next to the dugout.

As the bottom of the ninth inning started, Amy was conflicted. On the one hand, she was glad that this humiliating experience was almost over, but on the other hand, the Bancroft team was behind 3-2. She wanted her school to win, but she wanted to get out of this extreme naked exposure.

Bancroft put on a rally in the ninth inning. They loaded the bases with one out, and Mindy signaled Amy to join the cheerleaders. Amy ran down to the J-Team and joined them in a cheer while the visiting coach talked with his pitcher. And when the next batter hit a sacrifice fly to tie the game, the crowd erupted and the J-Team did another cheer with the naked girl happily twirling in the middle of the line. But when the next batter made the third out, Amy's spirits sank, because the game was going to extra innings tied 3 to 3, and there was no telling how much longer until she could leave.

Then she glanced over and saw that the grounds keepers were moving again, and Kent waved at her. She dashed across the field, and he gave her the same rake and told her to do the area around second base. More extreme exposure with her boobs hanging while she raked, and her ass and pussy lips in full view as she bent over to brush off the base itself. She gave the rake back to Kent, and then returned to her batgirl spot near the dugout.

As she was kneeling there in the 10th inning, she bowed her head and looked down at her bare breasts and then down at her wide open pussy. She thought to herself, "How much longer would these private parts be on public display this afternoon?" With baseball, it was hard to say.

There was no scoring in the 10th, 11th, and top of the 12th innings. She joined the cheerleaders between each of the innings. They did her favorite pyramid formation again, but the other times it was just twirling and shaking on the ground.

But the first Bancroft batter in the bottom of the 12th hit a home run, and the place went wild. The Bancroft players stormed from the dugout, and the naked girl had to jump out of the way to avoid getting run over. Mindy was waving at her as the cheerleaders were running out to join the celebrating players, and Amy waved her pom poms and shook her pretty breasts as the cheerleaders gathered behind home plate to do their game winning cheer.

The celebration went on for a few minutes. Amy shook hands with most of the Bancroft players, and even a couple of the Wilkinson College players. And she got a few kisses and hugs from a few of the Bancroft players and coaches as well. And of course, she felt a few pats on her ass and even a couple of squeezes of her breasts during the celebration.

The cheerleaders returned to their spot near the first base stands, and Mindy said to the naked girl, "Amy, you were great again today. I know this must have been super embarrassing for you, but thanks again." Amy hugged the nice girl. Mindy went on, "Okay, let me help you with your hair." And she took off Amy's cap and untied her panties from her ponytail. She handed the blue panties to Amy. And then she got the ankle pouch out of her book bag and handed it to Amy. And she shook her hand again. Amy then went around and shook hands and hugged each of the other cheerleaders. And she waved goodbye to them as she started up into the stands where Knoxx was waiting.

She momentarily stopped and bent over to put on the ankle pouch, and then she started to slip on her panties. But she stopped as she remembered that the security guy had told her that she had to be nude while in the stadium. So, she just trudged up the aisle carrying her panties.

As she approached Knoxx and the other four men, she was struck how nattily dressed they were. It almost looked like they were getting ready to play golf at an upper-class course or to have a cocktail in the country club's bar. Four of the men were wearing polo shirts including Knoxx wearing a dark green one with the Bancroft logo on it. Laird had on a nicely pressed purple plaid sport shirt. They were all wearing tailored trousers and nicely polished shoes. And here she was completely naked with her panties dangling from her hand; she was so ashamed to feel so out of place meeting with these men.

They all shook her hand and congratulated her on the victory, and her cheerleading performance; Laird even patted her on the back as she shook hands with Knoxx. But she knew that their main focus was on her boobs and pussy. After a few more pleasantries, Brandon Kirkpatrick said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, I have another appointment this evening, and so I'll bid you adieu. I presume that I'll see you at tomorrow's meeting." He shook her hand again and left.

Similarly, Lucas Telford said, "I'm sorry, Miss Suzuki, but I must leave also. Again, nice job today." And then Gavin Farmer did the same, and she watched the three men walk away leaving her standing with Knoxx and Laird. She hoped that they would just leave too so she could go home, but no such luck.

Chapter 47 - The Naked Puppy Walk

Knoxx said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, please come with us and we'll walk back to my office for our usual afternoon meeting." Knoxx and Laird led the way with naked Amy following down the stadium stairs, and out the gate.

On the sidewalk, Amy paused and said, "Please, wait a moment for me to slip these on." And she started to put on her panties.

But Knoxx quickly said, "Oh no, Miss Suzuki, that's not necessary. You'll just be taking them off again in a few minutes."

Well, Amy wasn't so sure about the "few minutes" part of his remark, because it was at least a 15-minute walk back to Kameron Hall. She said, "But, Dr. Knoxx, our agreement says that I only have to be naked during these community service activities, and the ballgame is over now." And she started again to pull up her underwear, but Knoxx quickly raised his hand and said sternly, "Stop right now. The agreement also says that you will be nude during our afternoon meeting, and since we are going to be discussing your 'situation' on this walk back to my office, I consider this walk to be part of the meeting." He turned to Laird and continued, "Tyson, please confirm that I'm legally correct here."

Laird looked at Knoxx and then at Amy and then back to Knoxx, "Yes, Cal, that is a valid interpretation, and so, Miss Suzuki, since the Chancellor will be conducting some business on this walk, you will remain nude until he says that the meeting is over."

Amy bowed her head, and stepped out of her panties which were lying on the ground around her feet. She picked them up, and stood there for a moment before balling them up and closing her fist around them so that they weren't really visible. Knoxx looked at her and said angrily, "Miss Suzuki, I don't like your attitude. I shouldn't have to remind you that during your punishment period that you do not control your panties. The discipline committee and I control them under the terms of the agreement that you signed. If we tell you to remove them, you will, and they will remain off until we say that it is okay for you to put them back on. Please act more reasonably and hold your panties more normally by the edge as we are walking. Now, let's go." Knoxx and Laird started walking.

This conversation was overheard by several people including the security guards who were still standing in the small plaza outside the stadium. Amy glanced around at them and blushed as she realized what they had just heard and seen. But she just bowed her head and followed a few yards behind the two men with her panties dangling from her left hand.

Knoxx and Laird started talking about other university administration matters and then about the success of the Bancroft sports teams this year. Amy followed silently. She felt like a little puppy dog following her masters. Or maybe like a 5-year old little girl sulking after she had just been disciplined by her parents. She thought to herself, "But I'm not a puppy dog or a 5-year old girl. I'm a grown woman. In a little over a week, I'll be a college graduate. But here I am naked following these two well-dressed men down the sidewalk. And I don't have a choice in the matter." And she continued her naked trek.

The two men walked slowly, and it took the strange little trio about 20 minutes to walk to the administration building. Even though it was Sunday afternoon, there were lots of people out walking, riding bikes, or driving around campus, and Amy was embarrassed as she felt the stares of all these people. She tried to ignore the catcalls and the horn honks, but she couldn't.

As they approached the building, Laird realized that Knoxx hadn't really conducted any business about Amy's "situation" during this walk. So, Laird said, "Dr. Knoxx, are you going to go over the list with Miss Suzuki this afternoon?"

Knoxx gave Laird a puzzled look, but he noticed Laird slightly waving his hands to urge him to say something related to Amy's case. So, Knoxx said, "Well, Tyson, I don't have that list with me at this moment. Let's talk about that when we get upstairs." And that little bit of inconsequential talk satisfied Laird that they had legally covered their asses while keeping Amy's ass legally uncovered for the last 20 minutes.

In the elevator, Amy stood in the back with her head down looking at her bare breasts and bare feet and everything in between. The two men looked at the same things, albeit from a different perspective. Nothing was said as the elevator climbed to the seventh floor.

In Knoxx's waiting room, Knoxx pointed to the penis hook, and Amy noted that yesterday's panties were still hanging there. She just draped the blue panties on top of the white ones and followed the men into his office. Amy took her normal spot standing in front of his desk. Laird sat behind her on the couch, and she knew he was looking at her naked butt.

Knoxx sat down and shuffled through some papers before opening a folder with her name on it. He said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, before we discuss your situation, let me ask how you liked the movie last night. Wasn't Marilyn fantastic as Sugar in that movie?"

Amy was annoyed that he was asking about her date, but she calmly said, "Yes, I really enjoyed the movie. It is a real classic."

Knoxx continued, "Did you do anything else on your date?"

Amy didn't like where this conversation was headed, but she blandly answered, "Yes, we ate dinner at the Student Union cafeteria and had coffee at Starbucks there after the film."

Knoxx persisted, "And after that?"

Amy replied, "We went home." She didn't say that it was Dwight's home that she went to, and she hoped that Knoxx would drop the subject.

And she was relieved when he said, "Okay. Well, Miss Suzuki, another day has passed. But your punishment period still has several days to go. And we're concerned, because we had some more reports of you violating the rules set down by our agreement. I would have preferred to discuss this with you today, but it is getting late. But I'm also not sure that we've got all of the violations on the list yet, and so, I'm going to defer that until tomorrow. But I urge you to make sure that you follow the agreement and not add any more items to the list in the next 24 hours. Understand?"

Amy meekly said, "Yes, I understand."

Knoxx looked at a clock and said, "Oh my goodness, it's 6:45 already, and I need to get home." He reached into his panty drawer and pulled out a pair of flesh colored panties. As he tossed them to her, he said, "Here's for tomorrow. See you tomorrow afternoon."

Amy slipped on her clean panties and left.

She realized that she was too late for dinner at the dining hall, because it closed at 6:30 PM. And so, she trudged slowly down the street to the Student Union, and she bought dinner at the cafeteria again. She sat at the same table where she and Dwight had sat the night before, and she thought, "Yesterday, this same spot and the same food were so much fun. Today, this is just another embarrassing episode in my naked nightmare; I'm just the freakish bare-breasted girl eating dinner alone. But at least I have panties on now after being naked all afternoon." And just then, a guy yelled, "Hey, Underpants Amy, I see that you found your panties after showing off your pubic strip all day." She sullenly finished eating and trudged back to the dorm.

Chapter 48 - Linda the Liar

In her room, she was actually relieved that Linda was not there, because Amy really wanted to be alone right now. She didn't even turn on her phone or look at email or the chatbox on her computer. She had the Psych final exam on Monday morning, and she needed to study a little bit more for that. And she needed to work on the take-home exams for English Lit and for Composition. She pretty much had the English Lit essays done, but she needed to review them. But News & Feature Composition could take a while, because it was a long list of multiple choice questions plus a few fill in the blanks questions. And the questions all looked pretty hard. She wished that Mr. Albertson, the instructor, had assigned some sort of essay or feature story to write, because she was good at writing.

So, she spent an hour reviewing her Psych notes and another hour finishing up the English Lit essays and printing them out. About 10 PM, she started on the Composition exam. She knew a lot of the answers, but she needed to double check in her notes, in the text book, and on the web. And the ones she didn't know took even more time.

About 11:30, Linda returned, and Amy told her about the awful afternoon at the stadium. Even though she left out the part about the naked puppy walk across campus with Knoxx, Amy broke down and cried while recounting some of the other really embarrassing things that had happened. Linda comforted Amy as best as she could under the circumstances.

Finally, Amy wiped away her tears and said, "You know, today seems like two completely different Sundays in one. The first half of the day was the wonderful sex and time with Dwight; that's the good Sunday. And then the humiliating time exposing my naked body at the ballpark in the afternoon; that's the bad Sunday. And it all adds up to a single tale of two Sundays."

Linda was just about to turn off the lights, but she paused and hesitantly said, "Uhh, Sooz, I should tell you that Knoxx called me again tonight. And I, uhh, uhh, lied to him."

Amy sat down on the edge of her bed and stared at her friend, "Uh, oh. What happened, Lindy?"

Linda resumed, "Umm, he asked some more about your sleeping habits. First, he asked if you were following instructions not to cover yourself with a sheet, and I said that you were. Then, he asked if you wore your panties to bed or if you slept in the nude. I told him you usually wear your panties, but once I saw you sleeping naked. He even asked about your teddy bear, Barney, and if you hugged him against your breasts at night. Similarly, about your pillow, if you ever hid your boobs with the pillow. I told him you didn't."

Amy said, "But those aren't lies. You told the truth. And I'm allowed to wear panties at night. And there's nothing about a pillow or my teddy bear in the agreement. What's the problem?" But Amy thought she knew where this was going.

It was now Linda's turn to start crying as she said between her tears, "He asked if you covered your breasts with your arms and hands while you are sleeping. I asked him why that mattered, but of course, I knew; I was just killing a bit of time trying to think of what to say. And he answered by saying that if you were covering your boobs, then he would have to do something about that. And he went into a fair amount of detail describing how he would require me to tie you down on your bed each night - spread-eagle style on your back - so that your breasts would be uncovered all night. He even said that he might require you to always sleep in the nude so that your pussy showed, too."

Amy gasped, but Linda continued between sobs, "And this is where I lied to him, because I know that you sleep on your side, usually your left side facing the wall with your back to me and your arms kinda tucked under your chin with your legs pulled up - sort of like a fetal position. I lied, because I told him that you slept on your back with your arms at your sides so that your breasts are always showing. But I'm not sure he believed me. Oh, Sooz, I'm just not a very good liar."

Amy got up, crossed the room, and hugged her good friend and said, "Lindy, I am really, really, really sorry that you've been sucked into my mess. But please don't worry about it. If he brings it up, which he probably will, I'll figure out a way to deal with it."

Linda continued to cry and said, "But it's all so stupid. It's the middle of the night with the lights off and I'm sound asleep. No one is going to see your boobies during that time anyway."

Amy almost agreed but after reflecting for a moment, she said, "Uhh, well, you know, our R.A., Kelly Stubbins, has a pass key and she could come in at any time. And I know that Stubbins is one of Knoxx's spies."

Linda wiped her eyes and said, "Yeah, you're right. Maybe we should use that chain lock on the door at night. I don't think we've ever used that thing, but this might be a good time to start."

But Amy shook her head forcefully and said, "No, we're not going to do that on my account, because I'm sure that if Knoxx found out about that, then he would interpret that as me hiding myself. I want to just continue normally locking only the door lock, and I'll try to sleep on my back even though that will be difficult for me."

Linda said, "Okay, Sooz. I'm sorry if my mentioning it upsets you, but I thought you should know." Amy nodded and sat down at her desk. Then Linda turned off most of the lights and went to bed. Amy stayed up for a couple of more hours to work at her desk on the Composition exam. And finally about 2AM, she was getting tired. She thought about doing the diary and one-sheet chores, but she was just too tired. So, she just crossed off another day on the calendar, set her alarm clock for 7AM, and went to bed carefully lying down on her back.

To be continued . . .