Underpants Amy - Days 10 & 11
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 10, Thursday

Chapter 31 - California Hillsides and Backsides

Amy was glad that it was a bit warmer on Thursday morning and that made the walk from her dorm to Wakefield Hall more tolerable. She was still almost naked, but she didn't feel the sting of the cold weather like she had the days before.

In the classroom, she slid off her pink striped panties and hung them on the hook. Eva was already up on the platform in the center of the room just standing there naked and looking bored. Amy climbed up and joined her. The two beautiful nude girls smiled at each other and chit chatted for a minute or so til Dr. Whiteside joined them.

Whiteside addressed the class, "Good morning, everyone. As you remember, yesterday we were brainstorming about nude poses that might be inspired by things in nature or from everyday human activity. Now that you've had another day to think about it, does anyone have a new idea to share?"

A guy at the side of the room spoke up, "I thought of one. As I was walking through the campus yesterday, I saw a tree with kind of a double trunk, maybe it was even two separate trees growing close together. And I thought we could have Amy and Eva stand back to back and raise their arms to simulate tree branches."

Whiteside said, "That's a good one, Spencer, and it sounds simple to set up. Eva you stand here, and Amy right behind her facing the other way. Press together as much as possible, butt to butt, heels to heels, head to head, and so forth. Okay, that's good. Now raise your arms but droop your hands. That's good, Eva. Amy, raise yours a bit higher so they don't interfere with Eva's. Aw, that's nice. Note how their breasts and nipples kind of look like blemishes in the bark. And their pussies are little cavities in the trunk. Let me make a note of that as one we can do, maybe next week." She scribbled something in her notebook and said, "Okay girls, you can relax. Come stand back by me." Then she addressed the students again, "Class, any other ideas?"

A girl in the front row raised her hand and said, "I like Cindy Johnson's idea about the barren hills yesterday. And that got me thinking on a larger scale - a mountain range with valleys. Maybe we could position the two nude girls so that their breasts were very prominent as if they were mountain peaks, and then of course, spread their legs to create the valleys with the pussies being kind of like small canyons off of the valleys. We could stimulate their tits so that they would be more erect and pointy like the Matterhorn."

Whiteside said, "Okay, thanks Sharon. How about something to do with their butts? Anybody have thoughts along those lines?"

A guy who looked like he was still in high school said, "Yeah, that's what I was thinking of. One of their tushes could be a pillow, and the other girl could be laying her head on it as if sleeping. And you know how you sometimes turn on your side and scrunch up the pillow with your arm? Well, the sleeping nude could have her hand between the legs of the pillow nude as if bunching up the pillow. I didn't say that very well, but I think you get the picture."

The teacher replied, "Oh yes, Milt, I can clearly see what you're getting at. Good idea." And she scribbled in her book again. "Any other ideas?"

A middle aged lady said, "Well, two nudes might not be enough for this one to be effective. But think about a row of columns like there is on the front of Kameron Hall. Each nude could be standing straight up legs pressed closely together with arms above her head also pressed together; her hands and feet could then be fanned out to the side like the top and bottom of a column. The gaps between their arms and legs would be like the flutes on the column. You would probably need 6 or 8 thin nude women for this to work. These two beauties here would be a good start."

"Good one, Maxine." And Whiteside wrote another note in her book. "Anyone else?" There were several hands up, and Whiteside said, "Bon, bon! I'm happy to see that you're embracing the concept here. Let me take one more idea, and then we'll get started drawing. How about Chelsea over there?"

The young girl said, "Thanks. My parents sleep in a pencil post bed. We could use these two nude women to simulate that by having them lie on their backs facing each other with their legs all parallel and their arms pointing straight up like a pencil post bed. How's that?"

Whiteside thought for a moment and said, "Let's try it out just briefly. Amy, you lie here and spread your legs just a bit. Eva, you lie down with your left leg between Amy's legs with your foot at her pussy, and then your right leg on the outside with Eva's foot right at your own pussy. Now, both of you squeeze your legs close together. Okay, that's good. Now, keep your backs on the floor, but raise your arms and point straight up. Très bon. Let me stand back and see how it looks." Whiteside spent about a minute looking at the formation from several angles, and then she said, "Well, Chelsea. It's an interesting setup, but it doesn't really focus on their breasts, asses, or vaginas like I wanted for this exercise. You can kind of see their breasts, but their pussies are barely visible. Thanks, anyway. All right, bare naked ladies, you can get up now." She paused for a moment and scribbled some more notes.

Amy had numbly followed orders during all of this. She got to her feet and looked dully down at the floor between her breasts. She thought, "All they've talked about are my sexual parts - my vagina, my breasts, and my buttocks, and they usually use crude terms like pussy, tits, and ass. What about my pretty face, my long dark hair, and my nice long legs? Am I just a bag of sexual pieces for them to move around for their amusement? No, I'm a real, live human being with feelings just like them. But for now, I'm trapped. I'm basically a naked slave and I have to follow their commands."

A second later, she was jolted back to reality when Whiteside said, "Okay, I'm going to turn the setup exercise over to Miss Johnson for the bare California hills pose. Cindy?"

As Cindy Johnson came up on the platform, she smiled at Eva but glared daggers at Amy. She walked around the back of the trio (Amy, Eva, and Whiteside), and as she did so, she quickly pinched Amy's butt. She squeezed into position between Amy and Eva.

Whiteside said, "Okay, Cindy. Refresh our memory about the pose that you propose. Oh, that's kind of a cute phrase - 'the pose that you propose'. I guess my English is getting better."

Cindy smiled and said, "Yes, Professor, that is cute. Well, my idea is to have them lie partially on their sides so that their hips, shoulders, boobs, arms, and legs kind of look like rolling hills. I say 'partially' because I want their boobs and cunts visible as well as the profile of their hips and shoulders. And I want them partially intertwined so that the pleasing contrast in their skin colors is apparent."

She added, "Professor, if you'll let me sidetrack a little bit, I wanted to say that last night I thought it might be nice to add a third nude girl with an even different skin color to the mix. I thought I had lined up a girl to participate this morning, but sadly she decided to decline. So, I'll have to settle for these two beauties." And she rested one hand on Amy's shoulder and her other hand on Eva's shoulder.

Whiteside cut in, "Cindy, I like the sound of your idea of adding a third girl with a contrasting skin tone. You know I like contrasts of all sorts. What third skin color were you thinking of?"

"A very white Caucasian. Like most of us here in the class whose skin has been covered up all winter. Like myself." And she held one bare arm next to Amy's arm and her other next to Eva's arm.

Whiteside said, "Well, it almost sounds like you are volunteering to add your nude body to this pose. Is that what you want to do, Cindy?"

Cindy immediately realized that she had made a mistake in overselling the idea of a third nude girl, and she stammered, "Uhh, umm, no, I couldn't do that. I'm -- uhh, ahh -- not used to showing my -- umm -- body like they are. Sorry, . . ."

Whiteside said, "That's okay, I understand. But you said you thought you had lined up a girl who later declined. Who was she? Do you think you could persuade her to come in next week sometime?"

Cindy came around and stood between Amy and Whiteside and whispered to the teacher, "It was Linda Hathaway, Amy's roommate. But Amy refused to ask Linda to do it, and when I asked Linda directly, she was receptive to the idea at first, but later called back and said that she and Amy didn't think it would be appropriate. So, no, I don't think I can persuade her to come in."

Whiteside scowled, looked over at Amy, and whispered, "Amy, is this true? Why wouldn't you want your roommate to help out in this artistic exercise?"

Amy could feel tears welling in her eyes along with an angry glance at Cindy. She replied also in a whisper, "Yes, that's true. Linda and I didn't want to take a chance on messing up our good friendship with one episode of naked posing together." Amy was angry at herself for not having handled this situation differently, and she was pretty sure that Whiteside would report this to the committee as some sort of violation of the full-cooperation rule.

Whiteside said, "All right, I can understand that." And in a louder voice she said, "Okay, Cindy. Have at it. Do you need any props?"

"Yes, I probably need as many pillows as you've got back there. Shall I get them?"

Whiteside agreed, "Yes, and Amy, you go along and help her carry them all up here."

Naked Amy could feel Cindy's tight grasp on her elbow as they hopped down from the platform and walked to the back where all the pillows were stored. The two girls just glared at each other as they grabbed as many pillows as they could hold. When they got back to the stage, Cindy said, "There are still several more back there. Amy can get them while I set up these." Amy glared at her, but did as she was told.

Cindy arranged the pillows in a long row so that one naked girl could lie on her side on them, and then the other naked girl could lie on her side on the floor in front. She told Eva to lie on the pillows with her head to left and Amy on the floor with her head to the right. Next she said, "Okay, Eva, bring your right leg down between Amy's legs. I don't want your foot showing because it would block the view of her pussy hair and slit; so, kind of shove the foot in under her ass. Now, Amy you do the same thing with your upper leg and foot. That's it; shove your foot in there almost into her ass crack. Now, I want to make sure that both of your cunts are showing prominently." And Cindy moved the legs a bit bending them slightly more at the knees and shoving a couple of pillows under Amy's butt. Then she moved each girl's upper arm behind the girl's back and told them to use their other arm to prop up their head. The legs of the two nude girls were now intertwined showing the nice contrast between the skin colors. Amy's thin pubic strip was fully visible. And all four breasts were in full view.

Cindy stood back, looked at the formation, and smiled. Then she said, "One more thing." And she dashed to the refrigerator in back and brought back an ice cube. She rubbed the ice cube on each of the four naked boobs, and the nipples immediately responded. She said, "I'll keep this ice here and I'll use it again if the nipples soften up too much."

Whiteside looked at Amy and then at Eva, and she said, "Girls, are you comfortable? If so, I'm going to ask you to hold that for the rest of the hour and let the students get going on their drawings." The two nudes quietly said, "Yes."

Whiteside then addressed the class, "Okay, you budding artists, please get started. I want you to focus on the middle of this display of human flesh. You can draw the heads and the feet that are showing, but please don't add any details to them. I want the emphasis to be on the contours of the hips, legs, and breasts. Be sure to capture the sex organs as little valleys or caves. We're off to the California hills! Allons-y!"

After about 10 minutes, Cindy came back with the ice cube and stiffened up the nipples again. And a few minutes later, Whiteside brought out several large flesh colored scarves and covered the girls heads and feet; she said to the class, "I am seeing too much detail in the heads and feet of your drawings, and so I'm covering them on the models. Please focus on what you can see."

The veils didn't interfere with the girls' breathing, but Amy was concerned about having her head covered, and she whispered to Whiteside, "Professor, my punishment agreement with Dr. Knoxx does not allow any covering except panties. So, could you please remove the scarf from my head?" Whiteside whispered back at her somewhat angrily, "Amy, I have permission from Dr. Knoxx to use whatever props I want with you and that includes these veils. So, your head stays covered."

The time passed slowly, and the two nude girls were getting stiff arms and legs. Amy shifted her foot which was under Eva's ass and Eva jumped a bit. Amy whispered, "Sorry, Eva, but I just needed to move that foot around a little bit. If you need to do that too, please go ahead." And Eva wiggled her toes which were right in Amy's ass crack; both girls slightly giggled.

Cindy came back two more times with the ice cube to keep the four tits erect and nicely perky.

Finally, the bell rang and Whiteside came back up on the stage. She said, "Okay, that's all for today. Let's show our appreciation for Cindy's creative pose and our two models." The students clapped briefly, and Whiteside said, "That's all for today."

Eva and Amy unwound themselves from the intertwined pose and stretched their stiff arms and legs. Amy bent over to stretch her back giving the students a full rear view of her ass and pussy, but she didn't care. Eva told her goodbye and left leaving Amy alone on the stage with Whiteside.

Whiteside looked at her and said, "Good job, Amy. Now, please put all of these pillows away. And if you need to use the restroom, please do so. I don't want a repeat of yesterday's performance."

Amy blushed as she picked up an armload of pillows and walked them back to the storage area. As she was returning to the stage, she noticed a guy stop and stroke her pink stripe panties hanging on the hook. Their eyes briefly met, and he quickly stuck his hand in his pocket and left. She made three more trips to store all of the pillows.

Then she decided that to be on the safe side she should use the toilet, but she didn't know where the women's restroom was in the building. She walked over to Whiteside who was making some notes and said, "Professor, where is the ladies' room in this building?" Whiteside gave her directions to the one in the basement.

Amy wondered if she could put on her panties for this trip to the restroom, but she decided not to take the chance and walked naked down the narrow stairway to the dingy basement hallway which was also very narrow. A couple of guys were laughing as they came out of the men's room, but they stopped and stared as the pretty nude girl squeezed by them to get to the ladies' room farther down the hall. She did her business and returned to the classroom for the 9 o'clock class.

During her long, skin-to-skin pose with Eva, Amy had felt a little bit of a tingle in her pussy, but she was thankful that it wasn't as noticeable to others as it had been on Monday. She had cleaned her pussy thoroughly in the restroom, and so she was ready to go for the next class. She just stood there waiting naked on the platform with her arms at her sides.

She was thankful that Whiteside did not take the class outdoors again, and the hour passed rather uneventfully. The two poses were rather explicit. In the first one, Whiteside had her lift her breasts by the nipples with her legs slightly apart. For the second one, the instructor told her to spread her pussy lips with one hand, bend over slightly, and point with the other to her pussy. Whiteside used hairpins to keep her long dark hair from blocking the view of her slightly hanging boobs; Whiteside also used another ice cube on Amy's nipples during this pose. Both poses were very embarrassing for Amy, but she followed instructions.

When the class ended, Amy checked with Whiteside for any special instructions, but there were none, and so, Amy slid on her panties and left. She actually had a smile on her face, because she now had an unallocated hour before her 11 AM journalism class. This would be her only "clothed" time of the day albeit the only clothes were the pink striped panties, which she was coming to enjoy wearing. She walked across the quad to Becker Hall, and spent the next hour studying in the Journalism Library.

Chapter 32 - Confronted by the Cop

Her Modern Journalism class was routine, and the instructor actually let them out about 5 minutes early at 11:45. Amy left the building and walked the short distance to the corner of 1st Street & Sylvester. She looked around for Beaupre's white Buick Century, and she spotted it on the other side of the street. But as she was crossing the street, she saw a lady sitting in the driver's seat. Wrong car. She looked around and spotted two other white Buicks, and she started to walk back towards the campus sidewalk.

Just then, she her someone say, "Hold it, right there, young lady." She turned to find a city policeman approaching her, and he guided her back onto the sidewalk.

He said to her, "Ma'am, where are your clothes? There is a city ordinance about indecent exposure, and I'm going to have to take you in."

Amy was stunned and stammered, "Oh, officer, I'm a student at the university, and I'm being punished for streaking on campus. The punishment is that I cannot wear clothes for the next 10 days or so."

He said, "Well, you're not on campus now. This is part of the city of Crockett's Bridge, and we have our own laws. Let me see your identification."

Amy got her student ID card and driver's license out of her backpack and showed it to the officer. He said, "Thanks, but you'll have to come with me. Please put your hands behind your back, and I'll cuff them." Amy hesitated, and the man repeated, "Do it now, please." Amy put the ID cards back in her backpack and held her hands behind her. He used metal cuffs with a lock, unlike the plastic cable ties that had been used on her by the campus security officer.

He told her, "Okay, thank you for cooperating. When we detain someone who is so provocatively dressed - or undressed in this case - we suspect that she is soliciting, and we check her for carrying drugs. I'm going to check your backpack now." She started to cry as he emptied her backpack onto the sidewalk. Just books, her wallet, cell phone, and assorted pens and pencils and other school supplies.

He went on, "Okay. Nothing there. But I need to check your person. Since you're not wearing many clothes, all I'm going to do here is to look briefly into your underpants. I won't pull them down, but I'll just pull out the top and look inside, both front and back." She was crying out loud now as he pulled out the panties and peered down inside. He then told her to spread her legs and he briefly patted her pussy through the fabric. A crowd was now beginning to gather around them. The officer said, "Okay, I'm going to take you downtown to the main police station, and a female officer will do a cavity search to make sure you're clean. Come on, let's go." He repacked her backpack, picked it up, and grabbed her elbow to guide her to the police van nearby.

He opened the rear door of the van, and she was stunned to see two grungy looking guys also in handcuffs. And the two grungies gaped back at her as well. One of them said with a slur, "Hey baby, you comin' with us?" And the other one drawled, "I heard about some chick named 'Underpants Annie' running around campus in her panties. Is that you? Here, you can sit right next to me."

Amy shook her head and pleaded, "Oh no, please, officer, don't do this to me." And just as she was about to step up into the van, she heard a familiar voice yell out, "Officer, officer. What's going on here?" Amy and the policeman turned to see Dr. Beaupre running up the sidewalk.

As Beaupre arrived at the police van, the cop said, "Sir, we suspect this woman is soliciting. Are you her customer?"

Beaupre said, "Oh no, of course not. I'm Dr. Pierre Beaupre, and I work in the Wytham Medical Research Institute on the far side of campus. Miss Suzuki is helping us with some, um, medical experiments, and I am going to give her a ride to our building." He showed the policeman his university ID badge and his driver's license.

The policeman was still suspicious and said to Beaupre, "Well, why is she almost naked? We can't have a naked lady walking our streets."

Beaupre told the cop about Amy's punishment confirming what Amy had told him moments before, and seemingly what the drunk guy had also said. Beaupre glanced at the nearby bulletin board where Amy had posted one of the notices several days earlier. Beaupre ripped it off the board and handed it to the officer. Beaupre said, "This lady is Amy Suzuki, and she is the person mentioned in this notice. Please let her go."

But the officer still wasn't convinced. He said, "But she's on city land now, and she must obey our city laws."

Beaupre said, "Actually, sir, she's on campus ground now. This side of the street is part of Bancroft University."

The officer argued, "But she was on the other side a moment ago."

But one of the nearby students piped up, "Officer, I was watching the entire time, and she was never on the opposite sidewalk. She was in the street, but she was never on the city sidewalk. I assume that the city limit line is in the middle of the street, and I don't think she ever crossed it."

The officer said, "What is your name young man?"

The student said, "Brad Ashcroft, sir."

And then the officer said to the gathered crowd, "Can any of you confirm what Mr. Ashcroft said? Did this woman stay on the campus side of the street?"

Several of the assembled students and faculty yelled, "Yes, he is right."

The officer sighed. He realized that this would be a hard case to prosecute, and he said to Amy, "Well, lady, you lucked out this time. Please observe our city laws when you are off campus. Have a nice day." He unlocked the cuffs and guided her over to Beaupre.

Amy was still crying as she climbed into Beaupre's car. He gave her several Kleenexes, and she wiped her eyes and mouth. He said, "Amy, I'm so sorry about that. I'm glad that I got here just in time. How long had you been waiting? I thought we agreed on 10 minutes before noon?"

Amy nodded and with her voice still breaking, she said, "11:50 is right. But my journalism class got out a few minutes early, and so I was here a couple of minutes before you arrived, and that's when the cop stopped me. I'm so happy that you got here right on time; a minute later and I would have been gone downtown and probably would have been put in jail. Thank you, Dr. Bo."

Chapter 33 - Rightside Boob

Beaupre started driving the car, and they didn't speak for a minute or so. Amy noticed that she was sitting on a newspaper, and she lifted her butt and dragged it out. It was the sports section open to the baseball page. Amy hadn't heard how her favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, had done yesterday. She quietly said, "Oh, darn it." Beaupre glanced over at her with a puzzled look, and said, "What?"

She said, "Oh, the Red Sox lost yesterday 6-1 to Baltimore of all teams."

Beaupre smiled and said, "Yeah, I know. I watched it on TV last night. Are you a fan?"

"Yep, I have been since I was a little kid. My Dad took me to at least one game every year in Fenway until they started to sell out every single game a few years ago. We just couldn't justify the expense of the high priced tickets."

Beaupre said, "I've never been to Fenway, but I watch or listen to almost every game. The Sox have pretty good pitching this year, but giving up six runs to Baltimore is not a good night."

They talked baseball for the next several minutes and before she knew it, they had pulled into the Wytham parking lot. They continued talking as they walked into the building and down the gloomy hallway to his office. He was still complaining about the pitching when he turned the handle of his office door. Amy was just about to step in side when he held up his hand and then pointed to the hook outside the door. She continued to listen to his rants as she slid off her panties and hung them on the hook. She was now naked as she followed him into the waiting room area where the four other men were eating lunch. LaSalle, Newman, Cranfield, and Winstead looked up and smiled at the nude girl and then went back to eating.

Beaupre said, "Hello, team. I just found out that Amy here is a big Red Sox fan, and she has been politely listening to my complaining about last night's game. Amy, these guys are all baseball fans as well, but Dr. Newman there is kind of a traitor, since he's a Yankee fan." Beaupre and Newman both laughed.

The group shifted their chairs around so that there was room to pull two more chairs up to the table. Beaupre pointed to a chair and handed her a sandwich from the deli. The naked girl sat down and joined the conversation and ate lunch. She marveled at the incongruity of it all; here she was the only female and she was completely naked in an everyday conversation with 5 men in lab coats. Soon she would be poked and prodded in embarrassing places by these men, but for now, she was just one of the gang even though she was the only naked one.

Cranfield said, "Amy, there's a guy on the Mariners named Ichiro Suzuki. Are you any related to him?"

Amy smiled and said, "He's one of my favorite non-Red Sox players; he is fantastic. But no, we're not related. Suzuki is a very common name in Japan, and so there are a lot of us in the world, but not many in the United States. There is another Suzuki playing for Oakland, Kurt Suzuki, and he's from Hawaii just like my father. But Dad didn't think there was any connection between that family and ours either."

Shortly, Beaupre looked at his watch, and said, "Well, it's 12:30 and we've got a lot to do this afternoon. Let's go down to Cajun and get started." They all stood and tossed their trash in the garbage can. Then, naked Amy followed the 5 men in lab coats through the maze of hallways. If it hadn't been for the fun baseball conversation, she would have felt like she was being led to the gallows, but now she felt like she kind of trusted these guys.

In the lab, Beaupre led Amy up to the chair in the center of the stage, and she sat down. Beaupre said, "Okay, Amy, here's what we're going to do today. We're going to run two different experiments. As I mentioned last week, we call these Single Point Stimulation exercises. Today, the first experiment will stimulate your right breast and the second your clitoris." Amy squeezed her legs together at the mention of her clit. Beaupre continued, "Just like last week, we're going to attach this suction device to your nipple and several sensors on your body. We'll run four sessions of 15 minutes each with a rest period of 5 or 10 minutes between each session. We only ran three sessions last week, because of time constraints, but today we'll do four, which is what we prefer. That will take us up to about 2 o'clock, and then we'll let you rest for over half an hour before we start the second experiment, which I'll describe in more detail at that time. How does that sound? Any questions before we start?"

Amy looked at the friendly man, smiled, and said, "Okay. Let's do it."

Beaupre smiled back and said, "Good. Logan, she's all yours."

Cranfield came up with one of the tubes in his hands. He massaged her right breast and twisted the nipple several times. Then, he connected the suction cup to the nipple. Next, he attached the sensors with adhesive tape. The two on her forehead and the ones above her breasts were in the same position as last week. But he then said, "Amy, since you've shaved your pubic hair, we can attach the lower sensors closer to your vagina, and that will give us more accurate readings. Last week, we only attached one sensor above your vagina, but today I'm going to attach two, one on each side of the strip of pubic hair. And then the two on your inner thighs will be way up here." And he pointed to a spot right next to the lowest point of her pussy lips. She nodded and he said, "Okay, girl, please spread your legs wide so I can do my work." She cringed at his lack of tact, but she said nothing as he attached the sensors in her most sensitive area.

Cranfield sat back and surveyed the scene for a moment, and then he double checked each of the attachments. He was satisfied and said, "Okay, Travis, flip the switches." He climbed down from the platform and sat in one of the cushioned auditorium seats to observe Amy's reactions.

Amy just leaned back in the chair and put her feet up. And she enjoyed the pulsating sensation from the suction cup doing its work. She was immediately aroused, and again she hoped she wouldn't come in front of all these men. She kind of dozed through the 15 minute session, and she was disappointed when Winstead turned off the machine.

Cranfield came up and removed all of the devices. Beaupre said, "Very good, Amy. How did that feel? Any different from last week?"

She gave him an odd smile and said, "Very pleasurable. Same as the left breast."

He said, "Okay. Rest for a few minutes, and then Logan will re-attach things for the next session."

The next three sessions went about the same way with Amy half-awake, half-asleep, mostly enjoying the experience. Afterwards as she was getting up from the chair, she was groggy, but she was lucid enough to wonder if Knoxx knew that this really isn't much of a punishment. It was truly embarrassing to have these men watch her naked body as it was stimulated, but having her boobs kneaded like that felt very nice. She had learned something about herself from this experience; she really enjoyed breast massage. Her former boyfriend Josh had more of a "below-the-waist" focus on her pussy, her tush, and her long pretty legs; he hadn't ignored her boobs, but he never made her feel like this. Could she find a man who could "do" her tits like this machine did? She smiled as she thought about her upcoming date with Dwight. She thought, "I sure hope it's more than just a movie on Saturday night!"

Beaupre helped her up from the chair and he said, "Okay, Amy, that's the end of today's first experiment. You've provided us with some valuable data about breast stimulation. And it looks like you might have enjoyed the experience, too." She blushed and just nodded. "Now, let's go back to Bayou and we'll let you relax before we start the second experiment."

She was still in a bit of daze as she followed Beaupre down the hall to the other so-called lab. There were several geeky looking interns watching the naked girl as she plodded down the hall, but she was only vaguely aware of them.

As they entered the lab, Beaupre said, "Let's see, it's 2:15 right now. How about if we come get you at 3 o'clock?" He glanced at the clock on the wall, and he noticed that it still read 8:10. "Oh, phooey. That thing is still unplugged. I think we're going overboard on this saving-energy kick." He walked over plugged it in, and corrected the time; she just stood there motionless and watched him. He came back and said, "Okay. You rest now. Feel free to take a shower or use the restroom down the hall. There's water and snacks in the refrig. And I'll be back at 3. All right?"

She was still in her funk, but she looked at him, smiled, and said, "Yes, 3 o'clock is fine." And she walked over to the grungy couch and laid her naked body down on it.

Chapter 34 - Clitoral Climax

Beaupre hurried back to the Cajun lab and waved LaSalle and Newman over to the auditorium seats away from the interns. After they got seated together, he said, "Okay, gentlemen, we now need to make a decision on how to do the clitoris experiment. Dennis, as you know, we've been putting off that decision, but now is the time. Patrick, just to fill you in, Dennis and I have different ideas about which device to use on Miss Suzuki for the clit experiment. I want to use the nub on the small pad taped nearby on her pubic mound, and Dennis wants to use the nub attached to a dildo inserted in her vagina. Also, we need to decide whether or not to use the anal monitor. Dennis, did I get that right?" LaSalle nodded. Beaupre continued, "Okay, let me present my case for the small pad. The main idea behind this series of experiments is to stimulate a single point, and I think using a dildo would stimulate the vagina as well as the clitoris whereas the small pad limits the stimulation to just the clitoris. Okay, Dennis, let's hear your side."

LaSalle said, "I think that using a nub on a dildo is closer to what happens during a real sex act with a penis. I think the extra stimulation from the dildo in the vagina is minimal, since we won't be pistoning the dildo during the experiment. Any thoughts, Patrick?"

Newman thought for a moment before saying, "I kind of agree with both of you. How about we do one session with the pad and another session with the dildo? We'll have time for two 30 minute sessions; let's do one each way."

LaSalle and Beaupre looked at each other and nodded. Beaupre said, "Sounds good to me. Should we do the pad experiment first?" Both Newman and LaSalle nodded.

Beaupre said, "Good, that's decided. Now, about the anal monitor? To me, I think we need to insert the anal monitor, because it provides the best feedback about the contractions of the anal sphincter during an orgasm. And I think the clitoris experiment will cause her to orgasm, unlike the breast experiments which we didn't think would result in orgasm. However, on the other hand, I don't think Miss Suzuki will want to have something inserted in her anus, because she told us that she's never had anal sex and she says it sounds repulsive. Any thoughts?"

LaSalle said, "Another reason to use it is that Chancellor Knoxx asked us to think of ways to make these experiments more intense as part of her additional punishment for breaking the rules. And the anal monitor is certainly more intense than just the sensors on her skin. I think we need to keep Dr. Knoxx happy, because we depend upon him to provide significant funding for our research here. I hate to base such a decision on anything except science, but this is the real world, and money is part of it. I think we should figure out a nice way to tell Amy why we are using the anal monitor. Patrick?"

Newman said, "I agree. We should just tell her that it's required for the experiment. We shouldn't even let her know that we considered not using it."

Beaupre said, "Thank you, doctors. I knew we could figure this out. It's about 2:40 now; we can let her rest for another 20 minutes or so."

* * *

Amy woke up about 2:45. She was still feeling pretty good. She decided to take a shower and use the toilet before the next experiment. As she padded naked down the hallway to the restroom, a couple of geeky looking guys in lab coats looked at her and smiled; for a change, she actually smiled back at them.

Since Beaupre and LaSalle had told her that the next experiment was on her clitoris, she made sure to clean her pussy and asshole very well. After drying off, she wrapped the big towel around her for a moment; she wished she could wear it as she walked back down the hallway, but clearly she could not do that. Reluctantly, she hung it back on the hook, and went out the door into the hallway.

The same two geeks were waiting outside the restroom. They smiled again, and one of them started to say something. But Amy just gave them a brief smile, shook her head and hand, and walked back to the lab called "Bayou"; she could feel their stares on her bare ass.

A couple of minutes later, Beaupre returned and the two of them walked silently to the Cajun lab. He led her back to the strange chair with the hole in its seat. Amy smiled at him as she sat down over the hole.

"Okay, Amy", Beaupre said. "We're going to do the clitoris experiment now. And the setup for this one is a little different. In fact, we're going to run this one twice with a different setup for each. But for both sessions, we're going to cuff your wrists and feet, and the reason is that this experiment requires a monitor to be inserted in your anus, and we don't want you to hurt yourself as you shift around."

Amy gave a startled cry, "Oh, no." And she squeezed her butt cheeks and legs together.

In a soothing voice, Beaupre went on, "Amy, we'll be very careful as we insert it, but it may hurt a bit as it's going in. Here let me show you what it looks like." He held up strange looking device. "As you can see, there are two bulbs here right next to each other on the short metal post. The end bulb is inserted just inside beyond your sphincter and the second is just outside so that they are kind of locked in place and don't move around. The bulbs detect contractions in your sphincter as you approach orgasm, and the wire sends the information to the computer console. We are also going to attach the electronic sensors to various parts of your body like we did earlier."

She gave him a distressed look, and he tried to calm her by patting her hand. She asked, "Oh, do you think I'm going to come all the way to orgasm during this experiment?"

He nodded his head and said, "Yes, we do. Probably more than once."

She leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and sighed. She had hoped to avoid this extreme embarrassment, but it was not to be.

He continued, "The stimulation will be done by this little knob." He showed her a small black pad with a softly bristled knob on it and a wire attached on the back of the pad. "We're going to attach this near your vaginal lips with adhesive tape so that the knob is on your clitoris. The knob oscillates a little bit to stimulate you. On the console, we can vary the oscillation rate and see how you respond at different levels. We will run the experiment for about 30 minutes, and then let you rest for a while before running it again. We'll ask you to remain in the chair while you rest; the anal monitor will stay in, but we'll release your hands during that time. Do you have any questions before we start?"

Her eyes were tearing up and she said, "Oh, Dr. Bo, this sounds really intense. Do we have to?"

Beaupre looked down at her and said somewhat sternly, "Oh, Amy. I heard Dr. Knoxx say the other day that you have the ultimate choice here, but if you want to stay in college here, then you have to accept the punishment, and these experiments are what we and Dr. Knoxx have agreed to as part of the punishment. So, yes, I'm afraid that you have to do this. But please remember that you will be providing us with very useful information for our research. And we will be very careful to keep you as comfortable as possible and to not hurt you. However, I can call Dr. Knoxx now, if you wish."

Amy gave him a pleading look with her wet eyes, but she realized that she had no choice. She just shook her head.

Beaupre said, "Okay. Any questions about the experiment?"

She was still upset, but she asked, "Will the thing in my butt vibrate?"

He replied, "No, it is just a monitor to record information about the contractions. The number of contractions, the strength, the length of time, etc. Anything else?"

She slowly shook her head and weakly said, "Go ahead."

"Okay, Logan, let's get her hooked up", Beaupre said. "I'll connect the cuffs and straps."

Beaupre spread her legs and attached a cuff to each ankle, and he put her hands in the cuffs on the arms of the chair. And he brought up some straps from the sides of the chair, wrapped them under and around her thighs a couple of inches down from her pussy, and then attached them back to the sides of the chair so that her pussy was visible and accessible between her legs. And he attached a wide fabric strap across her stomach.

Meanwhile, Cranfield lubed up the bulbs on the monitor, and after she was securely strapped down, he said, "Dr. Beaupre is going to reach in under the back of the chair and spread your butt cheeks, and I'm going to reach under from the side and insert this now." She could feel two hands spread her cheeks, and then the cool bulb being pressed against her asshole. Cranfield pushed and wiggled the device, but it wouldn't go in. So, he asked her to press down as if taking a shit to open the sphincter just a little bit and the bulb slipped into place in her ass. Amy winced a bit as it went in.

Next Cranfield taped on the electronic sensors in several places. On her forehead, her thighs near the straps, on her breasts, and on her arms. And finally, he said, "And now the stimulating device." And he spread her upper pussy lips to expose her clitoris. Amy squirmed but said nothing at his touch on such an intimate spot. He placed the soft bristled knob on her clit and then taped the pad off to the left side of her strip of pubic hair.

Cranfield stood back and all of the men looked closely at the strapped down naked girl. Her nipples were already hard, and her tummy rose and fell as she breathed heavily. Beaupre glanced up at the console and said, "All right, Travis, go ahead and get her started."

As Winstead turned the dial, Amy's eyes widened, her head jerked back against the headrest, and she let out a moan as the knob began to oscillate slowly on her clit.

For the next twenty minutes, Winstead adjusted the oscillation rate up and down as Beaupre instructed, and the collection of men watched the naked girl squirm in her bonds as she came twice. The smell of her secretions filled the room. She was sweating profusely, her nipples were rock solid, and she turned her head from side to side as she moaned loudly.

Beaupre said, "Okay, Travis, let's speed it up again to bring her to orgasm one last time for this session."

As the little nub pulsated faster and faster, Amy moaned again, "Aaahhh, Ohhh, . . ." and she breathed even more heavily with her tummy and breasts rising and falling. Her eyes widened dramatically and her whole body spasmed. Her butt rose up from the chair as far as her bonds would allow it to move. Her vaginal juices were flowing freely from her pussy lips.

Beaupre alternated his gaze between the console screens and the sexually aroused young woman. And after a couple of minutes, he told Winstead, "Okay, let's bring her down slowly to end this session."

Amy continued to quiver and squirm for the next few minutes as she slowly returned to the real world.

Beaupre came over next to the chair and said to her, "Hey, Amy, how are you doing?"

She stammered, "Ok---aaaay, I g-g-gu----esss. It f-f-f----eeeels sooo we---ird. I c-c-caaa---me, didn't I?"

He replied, "Yes, three times." She hung her head in embarrassment; she tried to lift her arms to hide her face, but they were still strapped down. Beaupre went on, "Here, let me undo those arm straps."

After her arms were free, he gave her a moment to stretch and wipe her face. Then, she tried to get up from the chair, but he put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Please rest here for a moment, and we can talk about what's next."

She smoothed back her hair and then looked down at her hard nipples. And then farther down to the black pad near her pussy. And farther down still to the straps on her thighs and the cuffs on her widely spread feet.

She slowly said, "Dr. Beaupre, . . . Are . . . we done f--or t-t-oday? Can I go . . . home . . . now?"

"No, Amy. We have another experiment to do today. We want you to rest here in the chair for the next 15 or 20 minutes, and then we'll do the other experiment. But if you really want to get up from the chair to stretch or use the restroom, we will have to remove the anal monitor. And then we'll have to put it back in before the next session. That could be uncomfortable for you, but we'll do it if you want us to."

She shook her head and said, "No, I'll just stay here and rest."

He replied, "Okay, good. But we'll remove the sensors and the pad since they are easy to do." Cranfield removed the pad that was stimulating her clit and then the sensors from her body. Amy lay back in the chair and closed her eyes.

She sort of napped, half asleep, half awake for the next 10 minutes. Beaupre tapped her on her shoulder and she opened her eyes. She looked at what he was holding and it took her a moment to focus on it. Her eyes widened in shock.

Chapter 35 - Clitoral Climax - Again

Beaupre was holding a penis shaped dildo, and he said, "Amy, let me describe the next experiment. We're going to stimulate your clitoris again, but in a slightly different setup. We're going to insert this into your vagina, and then, position this little nub over your clitoris. It will oscillate just like the one on the black pad did earlier." And he pointed out the little knob near the base of the dildo. "Only the nub will move; the dildo will not vibrate. If you're ready, we'd like to get started, because we are a bit short of time. We want to finish up by 4:15 so you have time to rest and shower before I drive you over to Kameron Hall for your 5 o'clock meeting."

Her eyes started to water, but she just nodded and said, "Go ahead."

"Logan, please get her hooked up again", Beaupre said.

Beaupre re-attached the cuffs on her wrists, and Cranfield attached the sensors to the same places as before - forehead, thighs, breasts, and arms. Cranfield stepped out of the way, and Beaupre placed the tip of the dildo at her pussy lips. He said, "Okay, Amy, here it goes." He spread her pussy lips with his fingers and shoved the dildo into her vagina. Her eyes widened again and she gasped as it entered her. And she gasped again when he twisted it just a bit to position the little knob over her clit. He said, "All right, it's in place, but to hold it there, I'm going to inflate it just a bit so that it doesn't shift around in your vagina." He attached a tube to the base of the dildo and squeezed a handle to inflate the dildo much like adding air to car tires. She breathed heavily as the dildo filled her private place. Then, Beaupre attached the wire to the dildo to power the oscillating knob. He double checked everything and twisted the dildo ever so slightly so that the knob was on her clitoris.

He looked up at Winstead at the console and said, "Okay, Travis. Start it up."

She gasped and let out a moan as the little nub started to oscillate on her clit.

As before, the men varied the oscillation rate and watched her come two more times. Her entire body shook each time, and she raised her back up from the chair as if pushing her tits to the heavens. Her long dark hair now covered her face, and Beaupre brushed it to the sides so they could watch her pretty face as she came the second time.

After 20 minutes, Beaupre gave the signal to slow it down and eventually stop oscillating. He told Cranfield and Winstead, "Okay, guys, let her rest for a few minutes before disconnecting everything. But be sure to continue to collect the readings from the sensors and the anal monitor as she winds down."

After another 5 minutes or so, Beaupre spoke to the still quivering naked girl, "Amy, we're finished. Are you okay?"

Amy squinted at him through her watering eyes and said, "Yessss, I . . . th-th-i---nk I'm o--kay."

Beaupre said, "Okay, I'm going to remove the device from your vagina." He let the air out of the inflated dildo and slowly pulled it out of her slopping wet pussy. Then he said, "Okay, Logan, remove the monitor."

Cranfield came over and said to her, "Amy, please press down again as if doing a bowel movement, and I'll pull out the device." It took two tries, but the sphincter finally opened enough for him to pull the bulb out of her ass. And then he removed the sensors.

Finally, Beaupre unhooked the cuffs and straps. And he said, "Okay, Amy you can get up now."

The nude girl wobbled as she stood on her unsteady legs. Beaupre held her elbow for a moment so that she could regain her footing. He guided her over to a folding chair near the console, and she sat down again. She looked dully around the room and at the computer screens on the console as she slowly regained her composure.

Beaupre said, "Amy, why don't you go take a quick shower and then I'll drive you back?"

Amy looked at him and smiled. "Thanks, a shower sounds really good about now." And she got up and slowly made her way out of the lab, down the hallway, and into the shower in the ladies' room. She pinned her long hair up so that it wouldn't get any wetter than it already was and then let the warm water wash over her body. She washed her pussy and asshole especially well. After the shower, she sat for a couple of minutes on the restroom bench wrapped in the big fluffy towel. She treasured the few minutes alone with her pretty naked body under nobody's gaze except her own.

She dropped the towel in the hamper and made her way back to the lab where the 5 men were waiting for her.

Beaupre said, "Feel better?" She nodded. He continued, "Good. Let's go back, get your things, and we'll get going. It's going to be tight, but we'll get you to Kameron by 5."

The 5 men in their white lab coats and the completely naked young lady made the circuitous trip through the hallways back to his office. But when they got to the door, Amy saw that the hook was empty. Her pink striped panties were gone!

Amy started to cry. After all that she had been through this afternoon, and now she had to deal with this. She said through her tears, "Oh no, where are they?"

Beaupre looked at the other men who just shook their heads. He gave the two interns additional glares, and they shook their heads more emphatically. And he glanced up and down the hallway, but there was no one else there right now. He said to the sobbing girl, "Amy, I'm so sorry about this. Do you have another pair in your backpack?"

She continued to cry and said, "No, the only panties I can wear are in the Chancellor's office."

Beaupre said, "Oh dear. Well, let's get you a towel to wrap around yourself, and I'll take you to the administration building."

The naked girl shook her head and said, "No, that's not allowed. I'll just have to go like this. Where's my backpack? Is it still in the office?"

LaSalle nodded and said, "Yes, Amy, it's still in there. I'll go get it." A moment later he returned with her backpack in hand.

Beaupre said, "Okay, Amy, let's go. We've got to hurry." And the well-dressed doctor and the very naked girl walked down the hall, through the lobby with the assembled collection of interns, out the front door, and into the parking lot.

As she opened the car door, she said, "Dr. Bo, I'm still wet down there, and I don't want to mess up your car seat. Do you have a towel or something for me to sit on?"

He scoffed and waved his hand and said, "Amy, don't worry about it. Just get in."

Chapter 36 - Traffic Causes a Violation

As they were pulling out of the parking lot, Beaupre looked at the long line of cars and said, "Uh oh, there's a traffic jam. I don't think we're going to make it there by 5 o'clock."

Amy started to cry again. She couldn't be late to the meeting; they would punish her for that. What to do?

Beaupre looked over at the sobbing girl and said, "Amy, it will be all right. Do you have your cell phone?" She just nodded. "Okay, call Dr. Knoxx's office and then hand the phone to me, and I'll explain." Amy dialed the number, waited for the secretary to answer, and gave Beaupre the phone.

Beaupre said into the phone, "Hello, Mrs. Duckworth. This is Dr. Pierre Beaupre of Wytham Institute. I'm driving Ms. Suzuki to your office right now for the 5 o'clock meeting, but we're tied up in traffic. Please tell Dr. Knoxx that she'll be a few minutes late, but that it is not her fault." He listened for the secretary's brief reply and then said, "Thanks. Goodbye."

Amy continued to cry quietly. She now had two potential violations that would be discussed in the meeting; being late for the meeting and losing her panties - and neither were her fault. She looked at the friendly doctor and said, "Dr. Bo, could you please come in with me to the meeting? At least for the beginning? An explanation coming from you rather than just me would help a lot."

He smiled at her and said, "Sure, Amy, I can do that."

"Thank you", she said. She got some Kleenex from her backpack and wiped her eyes. She also wanted to wipe her pussy, but that would be too embarrassing to do here in his car in front of him.

The rush hour traffic persisted, and they didn't reach Kameron Hall til 5:05. He parked in a spot marked for visitors, and they walked up the steps into the lobby. Naked Amy got lots of stares from the faculty and staff that were leaving for the day. And again she was surprised how many people were riding the elevator up rather than down at that time of day. As the elevator reached the seventh floor, she felt a quick squeeze on her bare butt cheek as she was getting off the elevator.

Beaupre and the nude girl walked into Knoxx's reception room at 5:10 PM, ten minutes late. Knoxx and Laird were sitting in the leather chairs chatting as they entered. Knoxx gave her a startled look and said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, why are you nude? Where are your panties? And hello, Dr. Beaupre, nice to see you, but why are you here?" Beaupre shook hands with Knoxx and Laird.

Beaupre glanced at Amy and nodded as if to indicate that she should go first. Amy said, "Hello, sir. My panties were stolen while I was at Wytham this afternoon. And Dr. Beaupre offered to come along to explain what happened and to explain why I'm ten minutes late now."

"Very well, please come in", Knoxx said.

Naked Amy took her usual spot standing in front of Knoxx's desk, Beaupre sat on the couch behind her, and Laird sat off to the side.

Knoxx kind of sniffed his nose and looked at her noticeably wet pussy. He said, "Miss Suzuki, I can detect that unique feminine odor again. Are you sexually aroused now?"

Amy blushed a bright red and said, "Yes, I am still a little bit turned on after today's experiments."

"Do you want to clean yourself up a little bit before we start?"

Amy nodded and Knoxx handed her a box of Kleenex tissues. Amy was really embarrassed as she grabbed a handful of tissues and wiped her pussy in front of the 3 men.

Knoxx said, "Okay, we only had a couple of things on the agenda for today, but now we'll add a couple of others. We'll discuss those with the good doctor and then let him be on his way. Okay, Dr. Beaupre, Miss Suzuki says that her panties were stolen at Wytham. Can you please explain?"

Beaupre said, "Well, she hung them on the hook in the hallway outside my office as required about noon today, but when we finished the experiments about 4:45, I guess it was, her panties were not there when we returned to my office. My staff and I didn't really have time to go looking for them, and I suspect that would have been a fruitless exercise anyway."

Knoxx replied, "Okay, well, it's probably not a big deal since I'll be giving her a clean pair of panties at the end of this meeting anyway. But, Miss Suzuki, it does present a problem for the panty auction next week. What will we do about auctioning off today's panties, since you don't have them?"

Amy said, "Umm, I don't know, sir."

Knoxx said, "Well, let's see. Those were brand new panties, right?" She nodded, and he continued, "How about having you buy a replacement pair of identical panties? And then we'll auction off those replacement panties along with an explanation of what happened to today's originals." She nodded again; he went on. "But this time, I want you to purchase them yourself rather than sending someone else into the store. Understood?" She blushed and meekly said, "Yes, sir."

He reached under his desk, and she was surprised to see him bring up the Victoria's Secret shopping bag with all of the torn open packages. He had saved the old packaging material! She suspected that he wanted to keep the cardboard inserts that had a picture showing a nearly naked model wearing the same panties that were originally in the packages. The old pervert! But she said nothing as he sorted through the packages and found the package for the pink striped panties. He handed the package and the cardboard insert to Amy and said, "Okay, use this to get an identical pair." She agreed and shoved it into her backpack.

Knoxx said, "Okay, Dr. Beaupre. You had something else to say? Something about a traffic jam?"

Beaupre replied, "Yes. I wanted to apologize for Amy being late for this meeting. It wasn't her fault. I guess it was my fault, but the traffic is not usually that heavy at 5 o'clock; if it had been normal, she would have been here on time."

Knoxx said, "Okay. I'll buy that, but before running all of the experiments this afternoon, did you discuss the timing of the afternoon's events with Miss Suzuki?"

Beaupre wasn't sure what Knoxx was getting at, but he said, "Umm, yes, we discussed ahead of time what experiments we would run, how long they would take, and how much rest time there would be afterwards."

Knoxx looked at Amy and said, "Miss Suzuki, you're a smart young lady, and you could have figured out that it might be a tight schedule to get you back here by 5 o'clock. So, even though I understand about the traffic jam, I think you could have made sure there was enough slop time in the schedule to allow for such a delay. And so I can't let you off the hook completely on this."

Amy gave a little gasp and she felt her eyes starting to tear up again. So, she was going to be punished for this, too. She weakly replied, "Yes, sir. I understand and I'm sorry."

Knoxx then said, "Okay, that's cleared up. Now, Dr. Beaupre, since you're here, maybe you can comment about Miss Suzuki's brush with the law earlier today. I heard about it through the grapevine, and I guess I'd first like to hear Miss Suzuki describe what happened."

Amy spent a few minutes describing the noontime event. Getting out early from class, looking for the white Buick, being apprehended by the cop, being handcuffed and questioned, Beaupre arriving just in time, etc.

Knoxx said, "Okay, thanks. Dr. Beaupre, anything to add?"

"No, I'm just glad that I got there when I did. A minute later, and it would have been too late."

Knoxx then said, "Miss Suzuki, you said they were threatening to take you downtown. I would have thought that indecent exposure would just be some sort of ticket or citation. Why take you downtown?"

Amy said, "The cop thought I might be a prostitute and so I might be carrying drugs." She could tell where this was going; he wanted to use this opportunity to embarrass her just a little bit more. But she didn't know how to sidetrack this discussion.

Knoxx smirked, "A prostitute! Oh, good heavens. And I assume that you were not carrying any drugs?"

"Of course not!"

"But did he search you?"

Amy answered, "Yes, he emptied my backpack."

Knoxx went on, "Anything else? Did he pull down your panties?"

Amy blushed, "No, but he did pat in the crotch from underneath and he pulled them out in front and back and peered down inside."

"But why take you downtown?"

"Well, he said they would have a female officer do a cavity search."

"Oh, you mean in your vagina and in your anus?" And he stared at her still damp pussy as he said this.

Amy blushed even brighter and said, "Yes, I assume that's what he meant." He had succeeded in his attempt to embarrass her in front of friendly Dr. Beaupre.

Knoxx just said, "Okay, I understand what happened now." But he realized that he had made a mistake. He had not informed the city police department about this second nearly naked student. They knew about Eva Cobb, but since she was only naked in Wakefield Hall, the police would probably never encounter her in the nude anyway. But Knoxx hadn't told them about Amy Suzuki. He would do that after this meeting, but he decided not to tell Amy. He just wanted her to add the city policemen as another thing for her to worry about for these next 10 days. He just said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, you'll have to be on your toes to avoid such confrontations with the city police."

Knoxx turned to Beaupre and said, "Well, doctor, I guess that's all for today. We'll be in touch with you in the next few days about next Thursday's experiments with her." Amy's ears perked up when she heard this, because she didn't quite know what was going on here, but she said nothing and continued to stand naked in front of the desk.

Beaupre shook hands with Knoxx and Laird, and he said, "Goodbye, Amy. Thanks for all of the useful data you provided us today, and I'll see you next week."

The naked girl quietly said, "Goodbye, Dr. Bo."

Chapter 37 - Alone with Knoxx and Laird

Now that the friendly man was gone, Amy was alone naked with these two creepy old guys. She remained standing there as they took their seats. Both of them spent a few seconds scanning the beautiful nude body up and down before Knoxx commented, "You know, Miss Suzuki, it seems your list of infractions is starting to grow again. Needing to pee the other day while posing and now being late for this meeting. There may be others that we don't know about yet. So, we'll discuss those at another meeting. But in the meantime, you really need to be more careful." Amy gulped but she just stood there with her hands at her sides.

Knoxx went on, "Well, why don't you tell us about your day so far? We've heard about your run-in with the policeman, but we haven't heard about posing in art class or the experiments at Wytham."

Amy spent several embarrassing minutes describing the explicit poses that she and Eva had done in the first class and the ones that she had done alone in the second art class. And then she was even more embarrassed as she described the right nipple experiment and the two clit experiments that had been done at Wytham. By the time she finished, her pussy was pretty wet again. She was confused why talking to these two creeps would turn her on again. Knoxx noticed it as well, and he silently handed her another handful of tissues which she used to wipe her pussy again.

Knoxx said, "Okay, thanks for telling us about your experiences today. Now, as we told you the other day, we want you to keep a kind of diary describing what has happened in your life since the streaking incident last Monday - actually, a week ago Monday. And then you'll use that to write up a 'one-sheet' document for each day and that page will be included in the auction for the panties worn that day. Remember that?"

Amy said, "Yes, I do. I have been doing the diary since you told me to, and I've gone back and filled in the previous days as best I could remember them."

Knoxx smiled, "Ah, very good, Miss Suzuki. I'm glad to hear that you are at least taking that part of your punishment seriously." Amy was irritated by this remark; all of this punishment had been very important to her, and she was certainly taking it seriously. Knoxx went on, "Could you bring in the diary for tomorrow's meeting so we can look at it? What form is it in?"

Amy said, "Yes, I can bring it in. I've been writing it as a RTF file using Microsoft Word. I'll print it out for tomorrow."

"Great. Now, how about a sample of one of those 'panty one-sheets' for the auction?"

"Yeah, I can put together one of those tonight as well and bring it in tomorrow", she said.

Knoxx replied, "Again, very good. Do you have any questions about that?"

She said, "Actually, I do. You said you wanted me to kind of focus on my underwear in the diary and the one-sheets. Specifically when I put them on and took them off. Right?" He nodded. She continued, "Well, and this is kind of embarrassing, but should I include the times that I slid them part way down to use the toilet?"

Knoxx and Laird looked at each other and kind of shook their heads. Knoxx said, "No, I don't think we need that level of detail. Thanks for asking, though. But be sure to include all of your community service activities and when you took off your panties for those projects."

Amy just nodded. She had assumed that they wanted this, and she had done that.

After a pause, Knoxx said, "Well, the only other thing is to give you some panties to wear. Tyson, do you have anything?"

Laird replied, "Yes, I do. Miss Suzuki, next week is finals week, and we should know what your schedule of final exams will be so we can keep track of your activities. What is your exam schedule?"

Amy thought for a moment and said, "Umm, let's see, Psych is Monday morning, none for Public Speaking, and, umm, I can't remember exactly. Can I look in my notebook?"

Laird nodded and Amy bent down to get her note pad out of her backpack. She had to rummage around for a bit, because the policeman had scrambled things up in her backpack when he stuffed them back in after the search. The two men admired her bare butt and pussy lips as she looked for the note pad. She finally found it and flipped through it to find the right page.

She said, "Okay, Monday 10AM til noon, General Psychology. Wednesday 2PM to 4PM, Formal Logic. And Thursday 10AM to noon, Modern Journalism. Those are the only real in-the-classroom exams. But I have take-home exams for Advanced English Literature and News & Feature Composition. Both of the take-home exams must be done by next Friday. And as I said, there is no final exam for Public Speaking."

Laird said, "Thanks. We will probably need to schedule some additional community service for your other infractions, and we will be sure to fit them around your final exams and leave time for you to study for them as well."

Amy thought sarcastically to herself, "Gee, you mean that you creeps are actually concerned about my education. It seemed like the only purposes of this university were for you perverts to get to look at my naked body as often as you can and for you to find ways to embarrass the hell out of me." But she just smiled wanly at him.

Knoxx said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, I can see you're still damp, and I guess we need to give you some panties to cover it up. Here are some yellow panties. And here is the box of tissues again."

She blushed again as she cleaned herself and then slipped on the panties.

Knoxx said, "Well, good night, Miss Suzuki. Oh, and please don't lose those yellow panties." He chuckled as he said the last part.

She just nodded as she picked up her backpack and left.

* * *

After dinner, Amy decided to work on the diary so she could show it to Knoxx the next day. This was an easy job for her, since she was very good and very quick at composition. Writing was the part of journalism that she liked the best; it just came naturally to her, and she was able to write a news story very quickly. And this diary was much like a news story. It only took her an hour to get the diary into a reviewable form and another 10 minutes to whip out a sample one-sheet for the panty auction. As much as she detested having to document such personal things, she was glad to have this done so easily.

About 8 PM, her cell phone rang. She didn't recognize the number, but since it was from a campus phone, she decided she'd better answer it anyway. "Hello?"

"Hi, Amy? This is Mindy Rafferty", the voice said.

Amy had to pause for a moment to remember where she had heard this name. "Yes, this is Amy."

Mindy said, "You don't know me, but I'm the head cheerleader, and Chancellor Knoxx said you'd be helping us out at the baseball game on Sunday."

Amy now remembered and said, "Yes, it's on my calendar, and I guess there's a practice tomorrow night?"

"Yep, and that's what I'm calling about. We're going to practice at 7 o'clock at the field house for an hour and half or so. Is that convenient for you?"

Amy thought, "No, it's not convenient, but I don't have a choice." But aloud she said, "Yes, Mindy, that's fine with me. I'll be there."

Amy was about to say goodbye and hang up when Mindy said, "Ummm, Amy, I'm not quite sure how to say this, but, umm, Dr. Knoxx wants you to be naked for the practice and for the baseball game. He says it's part of your punishment for streaking last week. If you didn't already know about that, I'm sorry that I'm the person who had to tell you. I tried to talk him out of it. Since I know that you're allowed to wear, umm, panties around campus, I even suggested that you might wear dark green cheerleader panties like the rest of us girls so that you would kind of, ummm, blend in a tiny bit, but he insisted on nudity. Again, I'm very sorry, because I know it will probably be embarrassing for you."

Amy was relieved to hear the sympathetic tone in her voice and said, "Thanks, Mindy. I was afraid that nudity might be required, but I didn't know for sure. And I apologize in advance for any distraction that my nakedness will cause at the practice or at the game itself. It is indeed embarrassing to be naked in front of so many people, but I don't really have any choice."

Mindy said, "Okay, Amy. We will all do our best to make this as painless for you as possible. See you tomorrow evening. Bye."

Amy said goodbye and hung up the phone. She shuddered a bit at the thought of being a naked cheerleader.

She spent the rest of the evening doing homework for her last day of classes, and she did the essays required for the take-home English Lit final. About 11 o'clock, Linda returned, and the two friends had a light-hearted chat about their classwork. At midnight, Amy she crossed another day off her calendar and plopped herself down on top of her bed and went to sleep. She dreamed of lacy brassieres, frilly nighties, cocktail dresses, and even jogging shoes - all things that were stored only a few feet from her bed, but which were currently denied to her.

May 11, Friday

Chapter 38 - More Pussy Poses

Amy was almost late for Friday morning art class, because she realized that she needed to shave her pubic area and legs. But she arrived in the classroom a minute or so before 8 AM. She quickly slid off her yellow panties, hung them on the hook, and hurried to the stage to join Eva and Dr. Whiteside. As she took her spot next to Whiteside, the instructor smiled and lightly squeezed her left butt cheek.

Whiteside said, "Bonjour, class. As you remember, the other day I asked you to think about ways to pose these beautiful nude women in ways to emphasize their usually hidden assets." She pointed to Eva's right breast and Amy's pussy as she said this. "And one of the ideas was the Dutch boy plugging the hole in the levee, and we're going to do a variation of that idea today. Amy, please go back and get as many pillows as you can. Oh, Eva, why don't you help her?"

Reluctantly, the two naked girls went back to the storage area and came back with big arm loads of pillows. Whiteside told them to pile them on the platform.

"Okay, good. Eva, please lie down on the pillows on your right side facing the class. Spread your legs just a little bit."

Eva followed her instructions, and Whiteside positioned her legs so that her pussy was slightly open. The instructor then said, "Okay, Eva, with your right hand, point off to the side of the room and look in the same direction. That's it. Lift your arm just a bit more. Left arm behind your butt. Very good."

Whiteside came over and took Amy by the hand and led her to a spot near Eva's feet. Whiteside said, "Okay, Amy, lie on the floor in the same position, and extend your right hand the same way except I want you to poke it into Eva's vagina, maybe up to your first knuckle." Amy blushed as she took her position, and she felt Eva flinch as her finger entered the honey-blonde's pussy.

Whiteside made some adjustments including spreading Amy's legs a bit wider and stacking some more pillows behind Amy's butt and legs. Amy was now gazing right into Eva's pussy. Whiteside said, "Okay, ladies, hold that pose, and then in 10 minutes or so, we'll have you switch positions. And class, please start your sketches. This will be the only pose for the day, and so I want your sketches to show some nice detail of their faces, breasts, pussies, and feet."

The girls switched positions several times during the hour long class. By the end, both girls' pussies were extremely damp, and there was a noticeable aroma of "natural female perfume" in the air. Both Amy and Eva were blushing as they wordlessly cleaned themselves up at the end of the class. As Eva left, she whispered to Amy, "Sorry about that. See you Monday." Amy just nodded and remained naked on the stage.

After the students left, Whiteside came up on the stage, smiled at Amy, and said, "Nice job today, Amy. You and Eva make a nice pair. Do you need to use the restroom?" Amy shook her head. "Good. Just leave the pillows here for this next class. Also, for the next class, I want your clitoris showing between your lips. Please do whatever you have to do to get that sensitive little nub to be visible for the next class. And then keep it that way while you're posing. It shouldn't be too difficult for you considering what you and Eva just experienced together. N'est pas?"

Amy gave her a stunned look and opened her mouth to object. But then she slowly closed her mouth and looked down at her pussy. Without saying a word, she turned around, put her hands between her legs, and lifted the tiny hood over her clit. But at that instant, Whiteside smacked her hard on the butt; the slap echoed throughout the classroom, and Whiteside said, "Hey, my naked friend, you're not supposed to cover up or hide. You'd better turn around and face the class."

Amy felt the tears welling in her eyes, but she followed Whiteside's instructions. She looked out at the classroom and noticed that several students from the upcoming class were watching her and Whiteside. But she pulled out her tiny clit and started stroking it with her face and chest blushing a bright red. Whiteside looked at the naked girl, smiled, and said, "Bon. Get yourself ready and I'll be back when the rest of the students are settled in."

For the next few minutes, Amy continued to massage her clit as the watching students snickered. Then, Whiteside came back up on stage and said, "Good morning, class. For today's sketching, I want you to focus on Amy's vagina, and if you look closely, you will see her clit showing." And Whiteside got down on her knees, looked at Amy's pussy, and lightly brushed her exposed clit; Amy resisted the urge to move back away from Whiteside's fingertip. Whiteside continued, "Make sure that your sketches emphasize her little pleasure nub. Now, Amy, the pose I want you to do for the entire hour is what dancers often do at the end of a performance. That is, arms spread, one up, one down, and legs also spread with one kind of on tiptoe. Your pussy will be nicely displayed for the class. We'll let you rest every 10 minutes or so and that will also give you a chance to sharpen up your clit, so to speak. Okay, do it. And be sure to smile."

Amy took the required position, glanced down to make sure her clit was showing, and then looked out at the class and forced herself to smile. The hour passed slowly, and she had to massage her clit during each of the rest periods to keep it erect and visible.

At the end of the hour, Whiteside came back up on stage and dismissed the class. She said to the embarrassed and naked girl, "Merci beaucoup, Amy. Your little pleasure center performed well today. Now, before you leave, please return all of the pillows to the storage area. See you Monday, bright and early."

Without a word, Amy grabbed an armload of pillows and carried them to the back of the room. It took two more trips for the naked girl to carry all of the pillows through the departing students; she felt a light swat and a slight squeeze on her butt cheeks from a couple of the guys as she made her way down the aisle and back. Then, she slipped on her panties and left. She was glad to have her pussy and clit covered, at least for the next several hours.

Chapter 39 - Cheerleading Practice

Amy's last day of regular classes at Bancroft went smoothly, and even her naked meeting with Knoxx at 5 o'clock was mostly routine. She gave Knoxx her little diary and the sample of the panty one-sheet for him to review, and he gave her a pair of off-white panties with a subtle pattern. But all day she had been dreading the evening cheerleading practice. She would be naked in front of a different group of people, and she would be doing something that she knew she wouldn't be very good at. Many years ago, when she was in seventh grade, she had briefly tried out for the cheerleading team at Warwick North Junior High School. But at that time, she had been eliminated early in the tryouts. And as a college freshman, she didn't do well at gymnastics during PE class. And at parties, the only dances that she was good at were the slow ones where she could rest her head on the guy's shoulder. She just didn't consider herself to be a very physically coordinated person when she was fully clothed, much less when she would be completely nude.

She arrived at the fieldhouse just before 7 PM, and she had to try 3 different doors before finally finding one that was unlocked. She then padded down the walkway behind the temporary bleachers and then through an opening near midcourt of the basketball floor. She spotted the group of six cheerleaders in their dark green and white outfits on the other side of the court, and she smiled and waved at them as she started walking across the court. But she stopped in her tracks when she noticed the Chancellor and the committee sitting in the opposite stands. Right there on the basketball court with the group looking at her, she slid off her panties and shoved them into her backpack. As she then walked naked over to them, five of the cheerleaders gaped in disbelief at her - only Mindy Rafferty smiled and came out to meet her.

Mindy shook Amy's hand and said, "Hi, Amy. I'm Mindy. Come on over and I'll introduce you to the team." But then she whispered, "I had not told them that you would be naked. I had hoped to convince Dr. Knoxx to let you be at least partially dressed. No luck yet, but I'll keep trying." Amy squeezed her hand and whispered back, "Nice to meet you, too. Thanks for trying."

As Mindy and the nude girl joined the group, Mindy said, "Everybody, this is Amy Suzuki; she'll be cheering with us on Sunday at the ballgame. My apologies for not telling you about her appearance, but she's required to do this in the nude as part of her punishment. You all probably saw the notices around campus. Okay, Amy, let me introduce you. The two guys are Rob Jacobson and John Sivertson. The ladies are Jill Smith, Monique Jackson, and Selena Jiménez. Lots of names that start with 'J' and that's why I call us the 'J-Team'; even I've got a J name, JoAnne is my middle name. What's your middle name?"

Amy smiled and replied, "Nashiyo. It's my grandmother's name."

"Oh, that's a pretty name, but no J", Mindy answered.

Amy laughed and said, "Well, I have Japanese heritage. Does that J count?"

They both laughed and Mindy said, "Close enough. Welcome to the J-Team!" The whole group laughed, and Amy shook hands with the team. The only one that Amy previously knew was Monique, who was in her Web Design class last year. The two guys gave her longer looks than really necessary.

Mindy then said, "Okay, you J-guys, go over to the end of the court and do your warm up stretching and exercises. Amy, you go down with them, watch, and then join in. I'm going to talk to the Chancellor for a minute." Amy and the 5 cheerleaders started toward the end of the court, and Mindy got something out of her gym bag and walked over to Knoxx.

The five J's started doing some simple stretching, and naked Amy joined in. She was really embarrassed as her pussy opened widely during the stretches. And she was even more embarrassed as her boobs bounced wildly during the jumping jacks.

A couple of minutes later, Mindy came over to Amy carrying a green pair of cheerleader undershorts, and Amy could see Mindy's eyes were tearing up. Mindy said quietly, "Amy, I'm sorry, but Dr. Knoxx won't allow you to wear these. In fact, he was getting upset with me for my repeatedly asking about it. He even implied that he might impose naked punishment on me and my team if I kept asking him to let you wear matching underwear. Most of us are seniors like you, and we don't want to risk being expelled or punished so close to graduation. So, I'm afraid you're stuck. In fact, he wants some rather explicit routines and poses for you."

Amy squeezed Mindy's hand again and whispered, "Mindy, thanks again for trying. But please don't take any more chances on my account. I'll struggle through this somehow."

Mindy said to the group, "Okay, team, let's sit down and figure out what to do." They all sat in a circle with legs crossed Indian style. Amy sat next to Mindy, and then she looked at Rob sitting across from her; she blushed when she realized that he was staring at her wide-spread pussy.

Mindy continued, "First, Amy, let me ask a few questions. Have you ever been a cheerleader before?"

Amy replied, "No, not really. But I did try out for the seventh grade team." And she described her lack of success and early exit from the competition.

"All right. What about gymnastics? Doing somersaults and such?"

"No, I can't do somersaults. I tried in gym class a few years ago, but I never really did a good one."

Mindy sighed and continued, "Okay. What about synchronized dancing?"

"Nope, never tried that. I'm not a very good dancer. But I do like the old fashioned slow dancing. You know, the cheek-to-cheek kind."

The cheerleader continued, "Ummm, okay, it sounds like we're going to have to do simple stuff with you. Let's try some pom pom routines." And she got out a couple of green and white pom poms and gave them to Amy. "Stand up and shake them like you've seen us do at basketball and football games. And then twirl around."

The naked girl stood up and faced the team. She waved the pom poms above her head, then out to her sides, and finally awkwardly twirled around with the pom poms shimmering. She stopped and brought the pom poms to her chest as she'd seen cheerleaders do many times.

Mindy tried not to show her disappointment. These were easy cheerleading maneuvers, and Amy had done them very poorly. Mindy said, "Okay, Amy, let's try without the pom poms."

For the next several minutes, Amy tried some of the classic cheerleading poses - T position, broken T, checkmark, touchdown, etc. And she tried them again with pom poms. Mindy would make adjustments in Amy's poses, but then when Amy tried them again, she'd usually make the same mistakes.

At that moment, Knoxx walked over to Mindy, whispered some things to her, and then returned to his seat in the bleachers.

Mindy pulled Amy to the side and said, "Umm, Amy, Dr. Knoxx is concerned about the pom poms covering your, ummm, uhh, breasts. So, be careful about that. Also, he suggested that for the broken T, that is, the one where your arms are raised but your fists are near your shoulders, that you put your hands under your, umm, boobs and kind of lift them. And when you're in a resting position, your hands should be behind your back and your legs spread slightly. I'm sorry, I guess that's what he meant earlier about explicit poses for you."

Amy blushed and whispered, "Yeah, I was afraid of that. I'll be careful not to cover up too much."

Mindy said, "Why don't you face Dr. Knoxx and do the broken T position as he suggested?"

Amy turned to face Knoxx and the committee with her legs slightly spread, raised her arms straight out to her sides, then brought her palms-up hands in under her boobs, and lifted her breasts. Knoxx smiled at Amy and Mindy and gave them a thumbs-up sign.

Mindy and Amy rejoined the other 5 cheerleaders. Mindy said, "Okay, Amy, what we're going to do is to put you in the middle of our formations, and while we are doing our cheers, you can shake your pom poms and kind of dance around. You might recognize what we're yelling, and you can join in if you want. So, J-team, let's get lined up like we usually do and practice our usual routines." As they all lined up, they left a space in the middle for Amy, and they spent the next half hour doing their cheers with Amy shaking her pom poms and her boobs.

Finally, Mindy said, "Okay, let's rest for a few minutes and talk about lifts and pyramids." They sat down in a circle again, and Mindy went on, "Amy, I want to at least try you in a couple of simple lifts. You'll be the centerpiece of our show on Sunday, and the audience will be expecting some off-the-ground things from you. We'll get some mats out here for our practice, but on Sunday we'll do it on the soft grass. Rob, John, and Amy, you guys go get the mats over in the corner and drag them out onto the court."

Naked Amy followed the two dressed guys to where the tumbling mats were stored. Each of them dragged a big mat out. Amy had trouble with hers, but Rob helped her get it into position.

"Okay, John, you are our usual base for these lifts. So, you get in the lunge position with your right leg bent at 90 degrees, left leg out. Amy, you put your right foot on the bent leg, near the thigh, and then jump up and swing your left leg over his left shoulder and bring your right leg over his right shoulder. Then, you will be sitting on John's shoulders as he stands up. You can raise your arms in a V or a T and shake your breasts. I'll be the spotter during the whole thing. Okay?"

Amy gulped and said, "And this is a simple lift? Sounds hard to me. But let's give it a go."

John took his position; Mindy positioned Amy behind him and started to repeat the instructions again. The naked girl put her foot on the bent leg and with a push from Mindy on her bare butt she tried to swing her left leg over John's shoulder, but she missed as her foot hit his shoulder and both of them tumbled to the mat. They all laughed, and Mindy said, "Again." This time Amy landed on his shoulders, and she felt her open pussy against John's bare neck. He grabbed her legs and held them tightly at his side, but Amy still felt herself falling backward, but Mindy had one hand on Amy's bare butt and another on her back as John stood up. Mindy yelled, "Amy, raise your arms, smile, and shake your boobs! That's it. Way to go, girl!"

For a moment, Amy forgot her nudity and enjoyed the exhilaration of having done the routine. She sat on his shoulders waving her arms and shaking her breasts for a minute or so, and then Mindy had her get down. Mindy came over and gave the naked girl a hug. "Nice job, Amy. Let's practice is a few more times, and I'll toss you some pom poms."

They did it several more times including a couple of misses on the mount, but Amy felt comfortable with it.

Next, Mindy suggested a pyramid with Amy at the top. The two guys plus Selena were kneeling on all fours on the bottom, Jill and Monique kneeling on their backs as the middle row. Mindy helped Amy climb up to the top. Amy started out kneeling with her boobs hanging appealingly, and then Mindy said, "Okay, Amy, I want you to stand up now; I'm here to catch you if you fall." Amy was unsteady at first, but she gained her footing and caught the pom poms that Mindy tossed her. Her nude body was now on full display at the top of the pyramid, but she liked the feeling of being so high up. She shook the pom poms and her boobs with a big smile on her face.

They practiced forming this pyramid a few more times, and then Mindy said, "Okay, team, let's do one last simple lift and call it a night. Amy, for this one, we're going to have John and Rob in the lunge position like before with the two bent legs on the inside of the formation. Then, you'll stand on the two bent legs, and as you gain your balance, you'll raise your arms in a V. We'll have two spotters in back each with a hand on your butt and two more in front off to the sides each with a hand on your thigh. Got it?"

Amy nodded and waited for the two guys to get in position. She put one foot on Rob's thigh and then swung up her other foot to John's thigh. She was wobbly at first, but the 4 spotters helped her stay standing up. Mindy had Amy spread her feet just a bit further apart, and this showed off her wide open pussy to great effect. They practiced this one several more times making other minor adjustments to show off the naked girl's endowments even more.

Mindy finally gathered the group together and said, "Good practice, guys. Amy, you were great. The game on Sunday starts at 1 o'clock at Marshall Ballpark; let's meet down the first base line at 12:30. Any questions? No, okay, see you Sunday. Oh Amy, let's go over and talk with Dr. Knoxx."

The 5 J-team members left, and Mindy and the naked girl walked over to the 5 men who had been watching all of this. Mindy looked at Knoxx and said, "Well, sir, how did all of that look? Did we put these pretty woman's assets to good use?"

Knoxx smiled and replied, "Yes, Miss Rafferty, I'm satisfied. And Miss Suzuki, please remember not to cover yourself up too much. You are going to be the star of the show on Sunday. Well, actually, we hope the baseball team will be the star attraction, but you know what I mean. So, I'll bid you two a good night."

Mindy walked with Amy over to Amy's backpack and watched as the nude girl slid on her panties. She smiled and said, "You're a real trooper, Amy. Thanks again." At the door, they hugged briefly and said goodbye. When Amy looked up, she noticed Monique standing nearby.

Monique said, "Hi, Amy. Good job tonight. Do you want company walking back to the dorm? I'm in McDermott Hall catty-corner across the street from you."

Amy gave her a big smile and said, "Sure, Monique. I'd like the company."

Monique was a very pretty African-American with big dark brown eyes and long lean legs. A perfect cheerleader's body. She looked really nice in the dark green and white uniform.

In was an unusually warm evening, and there were lots of people out walking; mostly students celebrating the last day of classes. The two pretty girls drew long looks from the guys they passed on the sidewalk. One of the guys yelled, "Hey, Underpants Amy, are you going to ask your gorgeous friend to join the panty parade?" Both girls glared at the guy, but then they chuckled as they looked back at each other.

Monique said, "I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am about what's happened to you these last two weeks. How are you holding up?"

Amy sighed and said, "Thanks, Monique, I appreciate that." She laughed as she went on, "Has it only been two weeks? It seems like a lifetime ago. But I'm pretty sure I can make it through this last week. It's been truly the most embarrassing period of my entire life. I wish I could say that it's been getting easier as time goes by, but it hasn't. For example, I still haven't got used to jerks like that calling me 'Underpants Amy'. And then each day seems to bring its own new challenges."

Monique hugged Amy's shoulders and said, "Well, I guess tonight was one of those new challenges." Amy nodded and Monique continued with a smile, "But for a raw rookie, you did great tonight. Of course, you know you're going to be the center of attention on Sunday; nobody is going to be looking at the rest of us. So, I guess the rest of our J-team can all sluff off." They both laughed at this.

They spent the last few minutes of the walk talking about their upcoming final exams. As they approached Blankenship Hall, they hugged each other and said good night.

* * *

Back in her room, Amy knew that she needed to start studying for the Psych test, but she wanted to do one other thing first. She logged onto the Victoria's Secret web site.

She realized that she might be taking a chance here, but she really didn't want to go shopping at the mall for the replacement pair of pink striped panties - especially on a weekend when the mall would be full of shoppers. That would be just too embarrassing, and it would risk another confrontation with the city police. Knoxx had told her that she was required to purchase the panties herself rather than send a friend like she had done before, but Knoxx did not explicitly tell her to shop in the mall store. So, she was going to buy the panties online.

Just to be certain that she bought exactly the same thing, she got out the torn packaging material from the original pair. She couldn't find a part number on the package, but after browsing around the web site, she finally found the same panties under bikinis. As she was searching the many web pages, she looked longingly at the many other styles and colors of pretty panties. And she also sighed as she looked at all the lovely brassieres; she really wanted to cover her breasts, but that was forbidden for the next week or so.

She only ordered the one pair and willingly paid the extra $20 for next day delivery so that she could have them in plenty of time for the auction.

Before starting to study, she decided to check her email, and she noticed a new message from Edgar Thorson, who she knew was the maintenance supervisor for the university. She opened the message and hesitantly started to read it. This is what she saw:

Hello, Amy,

Just a reminder, I'm xpecting u @ 9AM Sat morn for ground crew work. Come to rm 24 in the phys plant bldg. U should xpect to get very wet & dirty. Wear old clothes or, better yet, nothing at all :)


She shuddered at the thought. An entire day of naked exposure.

But she put that out of her mind and spent the next few hours cramming for the Psych final, because she knew she'd be pretty busy most of the weekend. About 11:30, Linda returned from her Friday night date, and the two friends spent a while talking before they went to bed. Amy did her dairy and one-sheet, crossed off another day on the calendar and went to sleep on top of her bed. To be continued . . .