Underpants Amy - Days 8 & 9
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 8, Tuesday

Chapter 24 - Sexy Secretary

Amy arrived at Knoxx's office about 7:50 AM the next morning. It was cold again and she wore her stocking cap. But this time she carefully stuck it in her backpack. The only thing that went on the penis hook was her pink panties. As she hung them there, she wondered what embarrassing adventures would happen the next three hours.

And it didn't take long. She had just finished putting a paper towel on the seat of the secretary's chair and sat down when the outer door opened. She expected to see Knoxx come in, but instead there were two well-dressed middle aged men. The two men stopped in their tracks when they saw the bare breasts of the girl sitting at the reception desk. They tentatively approached the desk.

Amy said, "Good morning. Can I help you?" She tried her best to speak in a normal voice, but she knew that even though the words came out okay, they sounded strange.

One of the men said, "Umm, ahh -- I'm -- um, uh -- Roger Martell from Northern New England Life Insurance. This is Bill Simpson, my colleague. We have -- ummm, ahh -- an 8 o'clock appointment to see Dr. Knoxx about bidding on the university's insurance coverage for its employees. Umm, yes, I'm sorry, ahh -- Is he in?" Martell's face got redder as he stumbled through this introduction.

Amy could see that their eyes were focused on her breasts, and she wasn't exactly sure what to do. She hadn't even seen Knoxx yet this morning. She didn't know if he was in his office or not. And she didn't know how to work the imposing looking phone console. After an awkward pause, she said, "Let me see if he's available."

As she stood up, she heard a loud gasp from the two men as they saw the rest of her naked body. She went over to Knoxx's office door and knocked. This was one time that she actually wanted to see Knoxx. And she breathed a sigh of relief when he opened the door.

She said to him, "Good morning, sir. These two men are here to see you about some insurance coverage. Mr. Martell and Mr. Simpson, this is Dr. Knoxx."

She stood off to the side as the men shook hands, but she could feel Martell's eyes now focused on her pussy.

Then she noticed their eyes shift and widen as they saw the penis shaped hook with her panties on it. They must have been wondering, "What the hell is going on here?"

Knoxx said, "Gentlemen, please come into my office. Miss Suzuki, please get us some coffee."

As Knoxx was closing his office door, she overheard Simpson say, "Why is she naked? She's very . . ." And then the door shut.

Amy was shaken as she went back to the secretary's chair and sat down. She felt the cool leather on her bare butt, and she realized that the damn paper towel had fallen off. Just like the other day. She picked it up, put it on the chair, and sat back down. She'd have to do something about that stupid towel, but she had other more pressing concerns. "Where is the coffee? How does the phone system work? What does Knoxx expect me to do for the next three hours?"

Just then, the outer door opened again, and she was actually relieved again when Tyson Laird walked in. He didn't seem at all surprised to see her sitting there in Mrs. Duckworth's chair. He said, "Well, well, well. Good morning, Miss Suzuki. A very pleasant sight on such a dreary, cold morning."

She said, "Hello, Mr. Laird. Good morning to you, too. Umm, after you get settled, could you please show me where the coffee is? I see the machine over there, but I don't know how to use it."

He smiled and said, "Of course. I'll put my things away and I'll be right back."

A moment later, Knoxx's door opened and he came out. "Miss Suzuki, could you please come in here and take the men's coats? Also, please hurry with the coffee."

She followed him into his office and the two men looked her over again as they handed her their overcoats. She could feel their eyes on her butt as she left the room.

Now, she had another problem. She didn't know what to do with the coats. There were no hooks except for the gross penis hook, nor was there a coat rack. One of these other doors must be a closet. She decided to just stand there holding the coats until Laird re-appeared. But she intentionally held them out to one side so that they didn't cover her pussy or breasts.

Less than a minute later, Laird came back. He showed her where the coat closet was located and where Mrs. Duckworth stored the coffee. He said, "Hang up the coats and then come over here and I'll show you how this machine works." He watched the pretty naked girl walk tentatively to the closet and then back over to the coffee machine. "It's a simple machine. Here are the filters. Just put a couple of scoops of coffee in there. Pour in the water, and push this button."

Amy nodded, but she asked, "Where is the water?"

Laird said, "You'll have to get it from the restroom. We've been trying to get a water line installed here by the machine, but with the tight budgets these days, we just haven't been able to justify the expense. Maybe you should take both coffee pots to the restroom to save yourself a trip. Now, off you go." He handed her the two coffee pots and patted her on her ass as she walked out the door into the hallway.

She wasn't sure which was more embarrassing - being naked in the Chancellor's plush offices or being naked out here in the public hallway. But being there in the hallway reminded her of her embarrassing incident last week when she was dashing naked desperately looking for a women's restroom. At least this time, she knew where the restroom was located.

Amy scurried down the hall ignoring the stares from the staff who were just arriving for the workday. But she was unable to ignore the call of "Hey, Underpants Amy, where are your underpants?" She shot the guy a scowling glare.

She was relieved to find the seventh floor ladies' room to be open. But it was not empty. There were several women in there chatting away; they seemed to be secretaries. She tried to ignore them, too, as she walked up to the small sink. There was not room to set one of the pots on the sink while filling the other; so, she bent over and put one of the pots on the floor while she filled the other one. She heard the conversation stop and felt their eyes on her bent-over rear end. She filled the first pot and bent again to put it on the floor as she filled the second one. She bent over again to pick up the full pot, and now she had a pot in each hand. "How am I going to open the door?", she thought.

Amy tried to say nicely to the group, "Could one of you please open the door for me?" But again the words were right, but the tone was wrong.

A heavy set woman came over to her and looked Amy up and down. She said, "Well, sweet pea, it seems that you forgot a few pieces of clothing today. What's the story?"

Amy felt intimidated by the woman and said, "Umm, well, I'm Amy Suzuki, and you probably saw the notices about why I'm nude. Can you please hold the door for me?"

The fat lady said, "Oh, Underpants Amy, right?" Amy just nodded. "Well, where are your panties this morning? Did you lose them?", the lady said as the group chuckled.

Amy was getting scared now, and she decided to take matters into her own hands. She put one of the full pots on the floor, opened the door with her free hand, propped it open with her foot, grabbed the pot from the floor, and worked her way out of the restroom. The overweight woman followed her out, but Amy just looked back at her, tried to smile, and said, "I hope you have a nice day. Bye."

She had to repeat the maneuver when she got back to Knoxx's outer door. This time she felt the stares of a passing guy on her bare butt as she bent over to put down one of the coffee pots. He came over and said, "Here let me help you." But Amy had it under control by then and simply said, "I've got it. Thanks anyway." He replied, "Well, thank YOU, Underpants Amy, for the pleasant encounter. You've made my day." And he, too, patted her on her bare ass as she walked back into the waiting room.

As the door shut behind her, Amy noticed a well-dressed woman standing in front of the secretary's desk looking around. And the woman was stunned to see the naked girl walking in with the two coffee pots. She said in a flustered voice, "What's going on here? Where is Mrs. Duckworth?"

Amy blushed and said, "I'm sorry. I'm filling in for her for a while. Let me put these down, and I'll be right with you."

Amy was the flustered one now. She thought, "It's only a few minutes after 8 AM, and this building is buzzing with people. Please, just let me get my bearings."

Amy put the pots on the table near the coffee machine, turned to the woman, and said, "Okay, forgive me. How can I help you?"

The woman said, "I'm looking for Tyson Laird. Why are you naked?"

Amy blushed and said, "Let me check if Mr. Laird is free. Who can I say is waiting?"

The woman said, "I'm Terri Williams, and I'm here to see him about a legal matter. Why are you naked?"

Amy blushed even more and said succinctly, "I'm being punished for streaking. Could I take your coat?" The lady handed Amy her coat, and Amy carried it across the room to the coat closet. And then she went over and knocked on Laird's door. And she was glad when Laird appeared. "Mr. Laird, this is Ms. Williams. She says she wants to talk with you."

Laird said, "Ah, Miss Williams, I was expecting you. Please come in. Amy, could you bring us some coffee?"

After Laird's door closed, Amy breathed a sigh of relief and went back over to the coffee machine. She noticed a hand-written sheet by the machine that told how to fix the coffee. She followed the simple instructions, and flipped on the machine. And then she looked for coffee cups. None on the table next to the machine. So, she bent over to look in the cabinet under the machine. There were several ceramic cups there, but they were dirty. She pulled them out, and she had to bend way over to check the ones in the back of the cabinet.

Just then, Knoxx's door opened, and Knoxx spotted Amy's bare rear end with her vagina in clear view prominently displayed at the cabinet. He said, "Miss Suzuki, where is the coffee?"

Amy quickly got to her feet and said, "Sorry, sir. I'm working on it. Do you know where I can find clean coffee cups?"

He testily replied, "As far as I know, Lorene keeps them in that cabinet. Keep looking and please hurry." And he slammed the door as he returned to his office.

Amy got back on her hands and knees to look at the other cups. Indeed there were several clean cups at the back of the cabinet. She pulled out all 8 that seemed to be clean and wiped them off with a paper towel. At least she knew where Mrs. Duckworth kept the paper towels!

By now the coffee machine had almost filled one of the pots. She waited for it to finish, and then poured 3 cups. She found a serving tray and some plastic silverware nearby; she put the 3 cups, 3 plastic spoons, and some packets of sugar and the jar of powdered creamer on the tray.

She knocked on Knoxx's door and then manipulated the tray into his office. Her breasts hung invitingly as she bent over to put the tray on his desk. And as she quietly left the office, the last words she heard one of the men say were "Nice tight buns", and she was certain that he wasn't talking about bakery products!

There wasn't another serving tray available. And so, she decided to serve Laird and his guest in two trips. First, she knocked on the door and brought in two empty cups, a couple of spoons, and sugar packets. She hoped that the creamer jar would not be needed. Then, on the second trip, she brought in the coffee pot and poured the coffee. She was directly facing Laird as she poured; her long dark hair hanging on both sides providing him a perfect frame for a view of her dangling breasts with her pussy hair visible in the background. The woman just glared. Amy said, "Do you need anything else? Creamer?" They just shook their heads.

She went back to the chair. The damn paper towel had fluttered to the floor again. She thought, "I'm getting tired of that damn thing. I'm going to just throw it away and sit my bare ass on Duckworth's leather chair!" But she quickly decided otherwise, and she taped the paper towel to the chair seat. She sat down and let out a long breath. "It's only 8:15, and I'm already exhausted and have been embarrassed multiple times. Please, world, slow down a little bit. I'm just a naked girl trying to get through the day", she thought to herself.

She sat there tensely as she pondered what she should do next. At any moment either Knoxx or Laird could appear, or the outer door could open, or the phone could ring, or almost anything that could cause her further embarrassment. But this made her realize that she didn't know how to work the phone system. And so she spent a few minutes looking at the console and looking in the desk drawer for an instruction book, which she never found. So, she poked a few of the innocuous looking buttons on the console, and she was able to get a dial tone and dialed her cell phone number. And two of the other buttons had Knoxx's and Laird's name next to them. She decided that it all looked straight forward enough. One less thing to worry about. And so she just sat there at the reception desk and waited.

The minutes passed slowly, but since nothing was happening, Amy was okay with just sitting there. About 8:45, Laird and Ms. Williams came back into the waiting area. Without being told, Amy got up, walked over to the coat closet, and got the lady's coat. Williams said, "You know, Tyson, I think your punishment of this young girl is rather extreme. Are you sure that it's just punishment? Are you fucking her on the side?" Amy blushed at the gross talk, but she just silently helped the lady on with her coat. Laird cleared his throat and said, "No, Ms. Williams, it is just punishment. It's kind of a long story, and we don't have time to go into all of it. So, I'll just wish you good day."

The lady left, and Laird looked over at Amy who was standing with her head down and her hands at her sides. And he said, "Miss Suzuki, I'm sorry about that. Now, if you have nothing else to do, please come into my office and you can help me sort through some papers that need filing."

The two of them spent the next 45 minutes or so busy with paper work. And both of them were actually happy doing it - Amy was happy to have something to do to pass the time, Laird was happy to have time observing the pretty naked young woman in his office. Laird would pick up a few papers and point to the appropriate file cabinet where Amy would put the papers in the appropriate file. Of course, she had to bend over, stand on tiptoes, or even use a step stool, and Laird just gazed at her nice tush, her full boobs, and her pubic lips. Amy was well aware of his stares, but she said nothing.

She was just glad to be doing something, and she was glad that no one else had come into the office. There were a few phone calls for Knoxx, which she just took messages for. And a couple for Laird, which she forwarded to his phone.

About 10:30, Knoxx and the two insurance men re-appeared. They each gave their empty coffee cup back to Amy, and they watched as she bent over to put them back with the other dirty cups. As they finished their insurance discussion, Amy wordlessly got their overcoats and helped the men put them on. She just stood there and watched them leave.

Knoxx then said, "Miss Suzuki, when is my next appointment?"

She stammered, "Umm, uh, I'm sorry, Dr. Knoxx, but I don't know. Let me see if I can find your appointment calendar." As she walked back to the desk, she thought, "Why didn't I think of that earlier? I have no clue where to look." Knoxx smiled as he looked at her rummaging around in the papers on the desk. He admired her pretty breasts and her firm butt, but he knew that there was no paper version of his appointment book - it was maintained electronically on the computer. He just wanted to see the naked girl get a little flustered.

After a couple of minutes of fruitless searching, Amy said, "Dr. Knoxx, I'm so sorry, but I just don't know where to look. Maybe Mrs. Duckworth printed out something for you yesterday and put it in your office. Should I go look in there?"

Knoxx smiled, because he realized that his little trick had its desired effect on her. He said, "That's okay. We'll just play it by ear til Lorene gets here at noon." Another little trick to get her flustered. And it also worked.

Amy gaped at him and said, "Oh no, I have a class at 11 AM. I need to leave in just a few minutes to get to my Journalism class. I thought I was only needed here til 11 o'clock. Let me check my schedule." And she frantically dashed across the room to her backpack and nervously pulled out the document. Knoxx chuckled as Amy panicked. She thumbed to the last page where the schedule was printed, and she was relieved to see that she was correct. With her breasts heaving, she came back to Knoxx and showed him the document. He just smiled and said, "Oh, my mistake. You go ahead to your class, and Tyson and I will stumble through somehow."

Amy packed up the document in her book bag, slid on her panties, and turned to walk out the door. At that moment, Mrs. Duckworth walked into the office and said, "Well, good morning, Dr. Knoxx and Mr. Laird. How did my substitute work out for the last few hours?"

Amy realized that she had been had. She just shook her head at Knoxx and left without saying another word.

Chapter 25 - Panty Purchase

Amy hurried out of her English Lit class just before 3 PM. She knew that she only had 2 hours to do the shopping for more panties, and so she ran down the hallway and then down the steps of the building ignoring the admiring stares of the male students. She was glad to see the Ford Taurus waiting for her, and she hopped in and was glad to be somewhat hidden from view.

But mostly she was just glad to see Dwight who was sitting in the driver's seat. This wasn't a date, but she had been looking forward to this all day. She gave him a big smile and said, "Hey there."

He looked at her sparkling eyes and said, "Hi, Amy. How's your day been?"

She kept it upbeat as they chatted for a minute or so, and then he said, "Okay, where are we headed?"

Amy replied, "Well, as I said, I need to buy some more underwear, and I really like the Victoria's Secret store up at the mall. The VS panties are very comfortable. So, that's where I want to go."

It was a short drive to the mall; it only took 5 minutes through the light city traffic to go the 2 miles. Amy just used small talk to cover her nervousness about the impending trip into the mall. Dwight pulled into a parking spot near Victoria's Secret and said, "Okay, Amy I'll wait here for you. Good luck." And he squeezed her hand. She reached into the back seat and got her purse out of her backpack, and reached for the door handle. But she froze.

Dwight said, "What's wrong?"

"Oh, Dwight, I'm not sure I can do this. How can I walk almost naked into that crowd on the sidewalk and then into the store?"

"But, Amy, you told me that you have to do this. You need more panties for the next couple of weeks."

Amy squeezed his hand again and said, "You're right. Here I go." And she opened the door and climbed out. But after she looked at the crowd, she froze again. And a moment later she hopped back in the car and closed the door.

She started crying and said, "Oh, Dwight, I just can't do this. It's just too embarrassing."

He said, "Oh dear. Would it help if I went in with you? You'd still be exposed, but I could provide moral support anyway."

Amy continued to cry, "Thanks, but I just can't be showing my breasts to all those people. Could you go in and buy them for me?"

Now it was Dwight's turn to be stunned. He'd never been in Victoria's Secret before, and he'd never bought women's underwear before. He stammered, "Amy, I -- um, uhh, uhhh -- wouldn't know what kind of -- um, ahh, ooh -- panties to buy."

Amy said, "Please, Dwight, I need your help here. Please, please." She was still sobbing.

He could see that she was really upset, and he hesitantly said, "Okay, I'll buy the panties for you."

"Oh, thank you, thank you."

Dwight said, "But can't I just go over there to Walmart? They must have women's underwear."

"Oh, Dwight, I don't like those cheap panties. Victoria's Secret panties are really comfortable, and that's what I've been wearing for years. Please go into VS for me."

He replied, "Oh, all right. But what do I buy? How many do you want? What color? I don't know anything about buying ladies underpants."

Amy wiped away her tears and said, "I wear small size, not extra small. I need at least a dozen pairs. Let's say 15 pairs. Knoxx told me to buy plain, low-rise, kind of neutral colors. White, yellow, pink, flesh tone -- VS may call that nude, buff, bare, or something like that -- light blue, light green. I guess subtle polka dots would be okay. No lace. No thongs. They must cover my cheeks. Like these that I'm wearing now." And she raised her butt off the car seat to show him her panties. "I think Victoria's Secret has styles called bikinis and briefs that fit Knoxx's requirements."

Dwight shook his head in confusion, "Amy, slow down. I can't remember all of that. Let me review. You want bikinis, no cheeks, white, . . ."

She interrupted, "Here let me just give you these that I'm wearing now, and you can show them to the sales girl in the store. Ask her to match them as closely as possible in a variety of colors." And she chuckled as she added, "Please be sure to bring these back to me." And she slid them down her legs, picked them up off the car floor, and handed them to him. She was now sitting completely naked in the car.

He blushed as he took her pink panties and put them in his pants pocket. He noticed that they were warm and a little damp, but he just said, "Okay. How much is this going to cost? I've only got about $30; is that enough?"

She laughed, "Oh you naïve, wonderful man. No, that's not nearly enough. Women's panties are expensive. The cheap ones are $5 or so, and I expect you'll have to pay $10 or $12 each for these. Here let me give you $200. That's all the cash I've got. That should be enough for 15 pairs."

He took the money, put it in his wallet, and reached for the door handle. Amy reached over, squeezed his hand again, and said, "Dwight, thanks for doing this. I really appreciate it. And please hurry; I need to be back at Kameron Hall by 5 o'clock."

He just smiled at her and got out of the car. She was now naked and alone in his car in this busy parking lot. She knew she was still pretty visible, but not nearly as visible as she would have been if she'd gone into the store herself. She smiled as she thought how nice it was for Dwight to go in for her.

The minutes passed slowly as Amy waited for Dwight to return. She scrunched down lower in her seat a few times as people walked nearby. She was thankful that no one came back to the tall SUV parked right next to her door. After about 25 minutes, Dwight returned.

They both heaved a big sigh of relief when he climbed back in the car. He handed her the bag and said, "Here are 15 pairs."

She said, "Oh thank you, Dwight. You're a doll. How did it go?"

He said, "Okay, I guess. I think I was the only man in the store. That's quite a place. The sales lady's name was Elise, and she essentially picked these out for me after I showed her your panties and described what you wanted. She was puzzled about what I was doing, and she started asking questions. But I just told her that I was doing a favor for a friend, which happens to be the honest to goodness truth." They smiled at each other.

He went on, "We've got a few minutes before we have to head back. So, why don't you look through these 15 pairs and make sure they are okay."

Amy then pulled out the single packages one by one and looked at the labels. They all looked okay to her. And she said, "These look good. We'd better go."

They buckled their seat belts; Dwight started up the car, put it in reverse, and then stopped. He put it back in park, and said, "Umm, I think you probably want your pink panties back. Right?" And he handed the panties back to her.

She blushed as she realized that she was still nude. She had become so comfortable with him that she forgot completely about being naked. She said, "Yes, I really should put them back on." And she unbuckled the seatbelt, slid on the panties, and buckled herself in again. "Okay, let's go." And they drove away.

In the next aisle over in the parking lot from her yellow VW Bug, Wendy watched the Taurus leave the parking lot. She had been sitting there the entire time watching the little drama unfold. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but she didn't need to - she could easily tell that Amy had gotten cold feet about buying the panties. She immediately picked up her cell phone, dialed the number, and filed her report. And she chuckled devilishly as she drove back to campus.

Chapter 26 - Doling Out the Discipline

About 4:55, the Taurus pulled up in front of the administration building. Amy looked over at Dwight and with a big smile said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're wonderful." And she kissed him on the cheek.

He blushed and said, "Amy, I'm so glad I could help. And I'm looking forward to Saturday night. I thought maybe we could go to the movie at the Student Union. You know the little theater where they run old classics and serve popcorn on Saturday nights? They're showing 'Some Like It Hot', the Marilyn Monroe classic from the 1950's. It starts at 8; maybe we could catch a bite to eat in the cafeteria beforehand. I could pick you up at 6:30. How does that sound?"

She looked at him with an even bigger smile and said, "That sounds marvelous. I can't wait." And she kissed him on the cheek again. "Ooops, it's almost 5. I need to get in there. Bye." She grabbed her backpack and stuffed the bag of panties into it. She waved as she ran up the steps into Kameron Hall.

There was a crowd of people leaving the building and many stopped and smiled at her as she scooted by. She didn't care, because she was feeling good for a change. She rode the elevator up to the seventh floor with a couple of older ladies who scowled at her.

She arrived at Knoxx's office just before 5. She had cut it too close, but she lucked out this time. In the waiting room, there was a man sitting in one of the chairs with a big case next to him. He smiled at her and said, "Hello, Amy." Since she didn't know him, she just smiled back at him, nodded, and walked up to Mrs. Duckworth's desk. Amy was kind of expecting the secretary to thank her for filling in during the morning, but Duckworth was glaring at her and twirled her finger indicating that Amy should turn around. Amy turned and showed her rear end to Mrs. Duckworth. The secretary merely nodded and waved her hand at the phallus peg. Amy blushed as she lowered the panties in front of the strange man and hung them on the hook.

Then the secretary said, "Miss Suzuki, please bring your panties back over here for a moment." The naked girl retrieved the pink panties from the hook and handed them to Mrs. Duckworth, who then looked at them more closely and said, "Well, just like yesterday, I see some stains on these. Actually, these are still damp and that tells me that you might be 'leaking' a little bit today. So, please hang them back on the hook, and then stand over there by the door. I don't want you sitting on the new furniture today." Amy blushed even brighter on hearing her underwear stains discussed in front of a stranger, but she did as she was told.

She stood there waiting with her hands at her sides for several minutes. She looked up a few times and noticed the man looking at her, but not at her face. He was staring at her pussy, but not in the leering way that most men would; it was more of an appraisal look. She was puzzled and squirmed a bit, but she said nothing.

About 10 after the hour, Knoxx came out and invited her into his office. She was surprised to see Dr. Whiteside, Dr. Beaupre, and the other four committee members in addition to the Chancellor. Whiteside and Beaupre were sitting on the couch, and so they were looking at her bare backside as Amy took her place in front of Knoxx's desk. She really wanted to cover herself with her arms, but she held them at her sides.

Knoxx said, "Let's get started. We've got a lot to go over today."

"Uh oh", Amy thought to herself, "I expect to be punished for using bedcovers, but the tone in his voice sounds ominous."

Knoxx said, "All right. Now, Miss Suzuki, we need to have a serious discussion here. Our committee thought that we had spelled out the rules for your punishment period very clearly in the document that you signed. But it has come to our attention that you haven't followed those rules very closely."

Tears started to well in Amy's eyes as she knew something bad was going to happen.

Knoxx kept going, "Let me outline the infractions that we know about. I have them written down here, and I'll give you a copy of the list after I read them off."

"Number one. Last Thursday, you asked to wear panties during the experiments at Wytham. The document says that you will be naked for those experiments. I'm told that Dr. Beaupre refused your request to put on panties, but that doesn't matter - you violated the spirit of the document."

"Number two. Also on Thursday, you asked to wear panties while in my waiting room. Mrs. Duckworth correctly denied your request."

"Number three. Last Friday you were late to your General Psychology class. The agreement clearly says that you will be on time for all scheduled appointments. And this includes your classes."

"Number four. On Saturday, you wanted to try on the special panties for the ushering duty at the concert in the restroom. Again, Mr. Middleton refused your request, but the document requires you to be exposed at all times - another violation of the spirit of the document.

"Number five. Last Thursday, Dr. Beaupre and then on Friday, Dr. Whiteside, each asked you to trim your pubic hair even further. You refused. While this is not strictly a violation of the document, it indicates a lack of cooperation with the people in charge."

"Number six. Until this afternoon, this was probably the most severe violation. You slept under sheets and blankets on Friday and Saturday nights. These are the nights we know about, but we suspect you did that on Wednesday and Thursday as well. The document clearly says that your breasts are to be exposed at all times. This includes nighttime as well as daytime."

Amy just nodded. Linda had told Knoxx about Amy's using bedcovers on Friday and Saturday nights.

"Number seven. Yesterday, at the art class, you hung your stocking cap on the panty hook. Now, I admit that we didn't explicitly spell out that the hook was only for the panties, but it is clearly intended that the hook is for panties only."

"Number eight. Also, yesterday at art class, you refused to pose at 9 AM. When I first heard this, I was outraged because the schedule clearly states that you would pose nude at Dr. Whiteside's 9 o'clock class yesterday morning. But the Professor told me that you had agreed to pose at 8 AM with Miss Cobb instead of alone at 9 AM. That appeased me for the most part, but I'm still concerned about your lack of cooperation with Ms. Whiteside, especially in light of the next violation."

"Number nine. You told Dr. Whiteside that you needed to study for your Psych class from 9 til 10 yesterday morning. But instead, you were in the women's restroom in a stall in Younger Hall for that entire hour. We doubt that you were studying in there. This is another violation of the no-hiding rule."

Amy was completely taken aback by this. She said nothing, but she thought to herself "How in the hell did they know this? I didn't leave the stall at all during that time. There must have been some woman spying on me, and that woman must have been one of the many women who had come into the restroom during that hour - in fact, that woman must have come in several times. Dammit!"

"Number ten. Also, yesterday at art class, you held your hands in front of your pubic area during one of the breaks between poses. This went on for a few minutes. Of course, this violates the no-covering rule."

Again, Amy was stunned by this, because she wasn't even aware that she had done this, and she started to say, "But I . . ."

Knoxx put up his hand to stop her, "Please, Miss Suzuki, let me finish the list; there is only one more item. And then we can discuss them one by one. Okay?"

Amy was almost crying now, and she just nodded.

Knoxx continued, "And finally number eleven. This afternoon, you did not go shopping for panties. You sent in a man, who we believe is Dwight Henderson, to do the shopping for you. Again, this is a violation of the no-hiding rule. A rather severe violation, we think."

Amy now broke down and cried out loud. The seven well dressed people in the room watched the naked girl's breasts jiggle as she sobbed. After a moment, she recovered some of her composure and said through her tears, "Yes, I admit that I asked him to buy the panties for me. But please, please don't punish Dwight for doing that. I accept responsibility for that. It was my mistake - not his." But she was wondering how Knoxx had learned about this, because it had just happened less than an hour before this meeting. Another well positioned spy?

Knoxx said, "Oh no, there is no punishment for Mr. Henderson. We may talk to him about the incident, but trust me, he will not be punished for buying the panties. However, we will insist that he tells us the complete truth, if we do decide to question him. And that reminds me. Did you bring the new panties with you? We won't have time to approve them today, but maybe we can do that tomorrow."

Amy sniffled, "Yes, they are in my backpack."

"Good. Please give them to me, and I'll keep them here til then."

Amy bent down to her backpack, got out the Victoria's Secret bag, and handed it to him.

Knoxx said, "Thanks. And now, Miss Suzuki, . . ." But then he paused for a moment while looking over the list. He turned back to Gavin Farmer and said, "Actually, Gav, I don't see anything on this list about her help at the foundation on Sunday. Did she strictly follow the rules all day Sunday?"

Farmer replied, "Uhh, umm, I'm sorry, Cal. I hadn't really thought about it til just now. She seemed to do just fine, but let me think." He closed his eyes for a moment and then said, "Okay, you're right. There were a few things. First, when I picked her up at the dorm, she didn't take off her panties when I told her to, and I had to physically help her remove them. And then in the computer lab, I think she covered her breasts with her arms when the photographer took the first photo. She was pretty good at the reception, but afterwards she used an angry tone while talking to my wife, who had accidentally called her by the wrong name. I guess that's it."

Knoxx looked up at Amy and scowled. He said, "Okay, thanks, Gav. Let me add those three things to the list." And he spent a minute or so scribbling on the pieces of paper.

Knoxx looked up again at the naked girl and shook his head while saying, "Miss Suzuki, what can I say except that the list is now fourteen items long rather than just eleven. But you wanted to say something about, let's see, it was number ten on the list? Covering yourself in art class?"

Amy looked on Knoxx's desk for a Kleenex box, but seeing none, she just wiped the tears from her eyes as best she could with her hands, and she said, "Thanks. But I don't remember putting my hands down there to cover myself during art class. If I did, it was completely by accident."

Knoxx replied, "Dr. Whiteside, can you please confirm this for us?"

Whiteside said, "Yes, I was watching her during the breaks between the various poses, and she did put her hands in front of her pussy like this." And Whiteside stood up, and held her hands in front of the crotch area of her slacks. Amy turned around to watch Whiteside's demonstration.

Amy said, "Okay, I guess I must have done it, but it was not intentional."

Knoxx said, "Intentional or not, it was still a violation. Now, here's a copy of the list. I think you can read my scrawls for the last three items. Please glance over it, and we can talk about each item separately." And he handed a piece of paper to the discomfited, naked young woman. Amy skimmed the list and said quietly, "Okay, I'm ready."

Knoxx said, "Number one. Last Thursday, you asked to wear panties during the experiments at Wytham. Is that correct?"

Amy sheepishly said, "Yes, I did. And I'm sorry."

"Number two. Last Thursday, you asked Mrs. Duckworth for permission to keep your panties on while waiting in the reception area. Is that correct?"

Again Amy meekly said, "Yes, I did. And I'm sorry."

"Number three. Last Friday you were late to your General Psychology class."

Amy had to think for a moment, and then she remembered. "Yes, but it was because the art class ran long that day."

Knoxx looked at Whiteside, "Dr. Whiteside, is that correct?"

Whiteside replied, "Well, I remember that Friday was the first day she posed for us, but I don't remember the class running over. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't."

Knoxx said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, I must remind you that you need to be on time. And if that means being more forceful in telling others about your time requirements, then you need to do that."

Amy wasn't comfortable with this, but she just said, "Okay."

"Number four. On Saturday, you wanted to use the restroom to try on the special ushering panties."

Amy didn't want to get into a long discussion about trying on panties in front of strangers, because she had done that in this very room, and she'd probably have to do it again tomorrow with the new Victoria's Secret panties. She just said, "Yes, that was a mistake."

"Number five. You refused to trim your pubic hair as Drs. Beaupre and Whiteside requested. Is that correct?"

Amy replied, "Yes, that's correct, but there is nothing in the document that mentions that."

Knoxx retorted, "True, true. But they both had good reasons for the request, and the committee thinks that it was a reasonable request. We feel that it's a violation of the full-cooperation rule. We'll talk about this some more in a few minutes."

Amy just nodded.

"Number six. Not leaving your breasts exposed while sleeping. Do you admit doing that?"

Amy quietly said, "Yes, I'm sorry. It was unintentional, but I did make a bad mistake."

"Number seven. Hanging your stocking cap on the panty peg at art class."

Again she said almost in a whisper, "Yes, that was a mistake."

"Number eight. Refusing to pose for the 9 o'clock art class. Why not?"

Amy said, "I thought that coming in for the 8 o'clock class was a substitute for the 9 o'clock class, and so I thought I had a choice about posing for another hour or not."

Knoxx looked at her and said, "Miss Suzuki, please move to the side just a bit so I can speak to Dr. Whiteside as well as you." Amy turned and then stepped back so that Knoxx could see Whiteside. Knoxx went on, "Dr. Whiteside, since Miss Suzuki didn't pose for that 9 AM class, did that cause a problem for you? Did you have a replacement model?"

Whiteside said, "No, I didn't have another nude model to take her place. So, I had to put a bowl of fruit on a table and have the class draw the fruit."

Knoxx and a couple of the committee members laughed softly. Knoxx then said, "So, you mean that you substituted a bowl of fruit for this pretty naked lady?"

Whiteside smiled and said, "If you put it like that, then yes."

Knoxx said, "Well, this leads to number nine. You told Dr. Whiteside that you needed to spend that time studying for your Psych class, but you seemed to hide out in a restroom stall. Is that correct?"

Amy blushed as she remembered being turned on after posing with Eva and the need to dry out her panties. She didn't really want to discuss her wet panties in front of this group, but she didn't think she had a choice. So, she turned to Whiteside and said, "Yes, Professor, I did tell you a lie there. I'm sorry, but I thought I had posed enough for the day. I did do some reading in the restroom, but not very much."

Knoxx said, "Well, our observer thought you were intentionally hiding in the restroom stall. Why not do the reading out in the hallway where everyone could see you?"

Amy blushed and decided to be completely honest, "While posing naked in the 8 o'clock class, I became somewhat aroused. Dr. Whiteside told me that she noticed it, didn't you?" She looked at Whiteside, who nodded. Amy went on, "And after putting on the panties, I could feel the crotch become wet almost immediately. I wanted to dry out the panties and clean myself up, and the restroom stall seemed like a good place to do that. I realized that I was breaking the exposure rule, but it was an embarrassing situation for me. I'm sorry."

Knoxx said, "Well thank you for your honesty, Miss Suzuki. And we've already discussed number ten, covering your pubic area, and number eleven, Mr. Henderson doing your panty shopping. Number twelve. Not removing your panties when Dr. Farmer told you to."

Amy wanted to explain that the community service at BUF didn't start til 9AM, and she didn't think she had to be nude on the ride over. But she decided not to argue and meekly said to Farmer, "I'm sorry, Dr. Farmer. I should have taken my panties off immediately when you told me to."

Knoxx persisted, "But you did take them off on his second request?"

Amy blushed, "I guess it was the second time he asked, but I'm not sure. I was reaching to slide them down, but Dr. Farmer was getting irritated and he had already knelt down in front of me and he slid them off instead of me actually doing it. Again, I'm sorry."

Knoxx said, "Well, that sounds like a violation of the full-cooperation rule. Okay, number thirteen. You covered yourself without permission while being photographed."

Amy quietly said, "Yes, I was surprised to see a camera aimed at me in the computer lab. I'm sorry."

Knoxx went on, "And finally, number fourteen. You talked back to Joyce Farmer? That's a lack of respect."

Amy turned to Gavin Farmer and said, "Dr. Farmer, please apologize to your wife for me. I should not have been so upset just because she called me by the wrong name. I'm sorry."

Knoxx said, "Okay, our list is fourteen items long. So, before I tell you how the committee has decided to handle this, do you have any additional comments or questions about these infractions?"

Amy looked down at her quivering breasts and softly said, "No, I have nothing further to add." And she braced herself for the punishment that she was certain to come. Would she be expelled? What else could they do to her?

Knoxx said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki. The committee has discussed this and even though this is a pretty long list of violations, we don't think any of them are serious enough to expel you from this university."

Amy let out a noticeable sigh of relief on hearing this.

Knoxx continued, "However, we do think some additional punishment is necessary. We thought about just taking away your panties completely and having you be entirely naked all the time. But after talking about it, we realized that you and your lawyer, Mr. Marriott, had negotiated the panty compromise in good faith, and we might be on shaky legal ground in taking the panties away completely.

"So, instead, we have decided on a few additional punishments for these violations. First, we think that you need to pay closer attention to the rules that we outlined in the document. And to that end, we are going to ask you to create a diary of your activities since the streaking incident last week. Since your panties seem to be a focal point in your punishment, we want the diary to mention every time that you put on or took off your panties. You will go back and document the past 7 days as best as you can remember them. And then each day from now on, you will write about the day's activities. Since you are a journalism major, doing such write-up each day should be fairly easy, and it will remind you about the rules that you need to follow.

"Also, that diary will help with this next activity. And that is a panty auction. You will help organize an auction of the panties that you've worn and will be wearing during this punishment period. That auction will be held at a fraternity house sometime next week, probably next Saturday night, but that's not for sure yet. At the auction, you will put up for bid each pair of panties that you wore along with a one-page write-up of what you did the day that you wore that pair of panties. You've probably heard that the entertainment industry uses the phrase 'one-sheet' for a quick overview of a movie or a song; well, let's think of these documents as 'panty one-sheets', because they will focus on your panties including not just the physical description but also when you took them off and put them on during that day. Also, each winning bidder will have his or her photograph taken with you either holding or wearing the panties. The money raised will be given to the Bancroft University Foundation.

"As I say, you will help to organize this. We have selected Gamma Gamma Theta. You'll work with them, but the intent is to raise as much money as possible for the foundation. How does that sound?"

Amy just stood there for a moment after he finished. This sounded to her as if she would be digging her own grave, so to speak. She closed her eyes and said, "Okay, I can do that."

Knoxx said, "Ah, good. Now, the next part of the punishment will be additional naked posing for Ms. Whiteside's classes. We see from your class schedule that you are free from 8 til 10 AM Monday thru Friday. So, you will pose for her classes every weekday from 8 til 10 starting tomorrow morning. This includes next week which is finals week, because Ms. Whiteside does not have a final exam for her classes; she just runs the class at its usually scheduled time all the way through next Friday. The only exception to this would be if you have a final exam scheduled for that time."

He turned to Whiteside and said, "Professor, do you have anything to add here?"

Whiteside said, "No. This sounds wonderful to me. I've had good feedback from the students about the two times that she has posed for them. Amy will probably be posing along with Miss Cobb at the 8 o'clock class, and I may try to find a male model for her to pose with at some of the 9 AM sessions."

Knoxx looked at Amy and said, "Any questions?"

Amy was stunned again, because this greatly expanded the amount of time that she would be completely naked. But she didn't think she really had a choice and said, "No questions."

Knoxx said, "Good. Next part of the punishment. I've asked Dr. Beaupre and Dr. Whiteside as well as Mr. Thorson, the ground crew supervisor, to think of ways to raise the intensity of your community service activities. Dr. Whiteside has told me that she has some more explicit poses for you to do, and Dr. Beaupre says he has some additional experiments to run. I will leave that up to them. Any questions about that?"

Amy just silently shook her head.

"And finally the committee has decided to insist that you trim your pubic hair as these two fine professors have requested. And we will do that now." And he motioned for the group to stand up.

Chapter 27 - The Pubic Landing Strip

Amy was now horrified and she started to cry. Through her tears, she said, "You're going to shave my pubic hair?!! Oh no, please don't do that! Dr. Knoxx, this isn't fair!"

Knoxx paused and stood by his desk staring at the naked girl; he said, "Miss Suzuki, this is all part of your punishment for streaking."

Amy cried, "But it's all so embarrassing. Being almost naked or even completely naked all the time. And now you want to shave me down here!" She tugged at her own pubic hair as she said this.

Knoxx replied, "Well, we think that naked punishment is appropriate for naked streaking. You wanted to show off your body by streaking last Monday night, and we are giving you an extended opportunity to show it off. However, let me remind you, Miss Suzuki, that you have the ultimate choice here. If you don't want to accept this punishment, you can elect to be expelled from this fine university instead, and you can get dressed and go home to Rhode Island tomorrow morning."

Amy cried some more, but she knew she was trapped. She was too close to graduation to leave school now. She had no choice. She rubbed her eyes, looked down at the floor, and meekly said, "Okay, I'll do what you want."

Knoxx smile and said, "Good. Dr. Beaupre, could you please show in Mr. Lindstrom?"

Amy felt defeated now and just watched as Beaupre brought in the man who she had seen sitting out in the waiting room.

Beaupre said, "Everyone, I'd like to introduce Mr. Charles Lindstrom, who is a preparation assistant from a local medical clinic's surgery center. He's an expert at shaving people before they go in for a surgery. He's brought along a folding table and his equipment to shave Amy's pubic hair. Now, let's see where can we set this up? There doesn't seem to be enough room here in your office. Maybe the conference room? Oh, there's not enough room there either. How about the waiting room?"

Lindstrom said, "Yes, that might work. There is enough room out there, but I'm concerned about the light. Can I look at the conference room? Maybe Amy could lie down on the big table in there?"

Knoxx gave a disgusted snort and said, "No, I don't want to mess up the finish on that nice table. I've heard that bodily fluids and waste can create spots on the varnish. And please don't suggest covering with a plastic sheet; I just don't want to take the chance, because that's brand new furniture."

Lindstrom shrugged and said, "Well, okay, I guess it's the waiting room. I did bring along some small work lamps and maybe some of you can hold those for me?"

Knoxx said, "Very good. Let's go set this up." He came around from behind his desk, took Amy by the elbow, and said, "Come along, Miss Suzuki." In a daze, she followed the group out to the waiting room where Mrs. Duckworth was still at her desk.

Lindstrom opened the case, and Amy saw that the case was really just a folded up metal table. Lindstrom unfolded the legs and set up the table. It was kind of like a gurney, but with a smooth silver metal surface. Her eyes bulged when she saw the padded leather cuffs at each corner.

Lindstrom apologized, "I'm sorry about the crude setup; usually, we use a gynecologist's chair with stirrups for shaving the pubic area, but this portable version will work fine. Amy, please lie down on your back on the table and I'll position your legs."

With tears in her eyes, she did as he asked; she flinched when her butt and back touched the cool metal surface. Lindstrom put his hands on her hips and scooted her butt down a couple of inches so that her feet extended beyond the end of the table. Then, she saw him move the cuffs out on an adjustable extender bar. He attached the cuffs to her feet and pulled them very wide apart; he clamped the extender bars in this position. Then, he said to her, "Amy, I'm sorry, but I'm going to restrain your hands and waist as well, because I don't want you squirming around while I'm using the sharp razor." He took her hands, attached the cuffs, extended the bars, and locked them in place. Then he slid a long, 3-inch wide heavy fabric strap under her back, wrapped each end up over her tummy, hooked the strap ends to the sides of the table, and tightened the sliding clamps. She was now spread eagled and completely immobilized on the cold metal table. All of her naked endowments were on full display for the nine well-dressed people. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life.

Lindstrom then asked Mrs. Duckworth to get a coffee pot full of warm water from the restroom, and he got his scissors and safety razor from his smaller bag. When Duckworth returned, Lindstrom said, "Okay, I'm ready to go. Dr. Beaupre, you want this all removed. Right?"

Whiteside almost shouted, "Mais non! I don't want it all gone; I want just a thin strip of hair up from her pussy. It's referred to as a 'landing strip' style." And she drew a line through Amy's pubic hair to show where she wanted the strip; Amy tried to flinch, but she couldn't move. "Maybe half an inch wide?", Whiteside said.

Beaupre said, "But Ms. Whiteside, our experiments require attaching a small device right above her lips using adhesive tape. And the area needs to be free of hair." And he poked a finger into Amy's pubic hair to show where he meant.

Whiteside said, "But Dr. Beaupre, for artistic purposes, I want her to have just a tiny bit of hair. I already have a completely shaved model, Miss Cobb, and I want Amy here to be a pleasing counterpoint to that."

Beaupre pondered for a moment before saying, "I understand, but I'm thinking of Amy here. I don't want her to be hurt when we remove the adhesive tape which will pull some hair out."

Amy thought to herself, "They are in a turf war, and it's MY turf that they are arguing over!"

Beaupre continued, "Let me think for a moment." And Amy felt his fingers touch just to the left of her pussy and then when he parted her pussy lips near the top just a bit, she gasped. He then said, "Okay, here's what I think we can do. We can attach the device just off to the side rather than right above the lips. It's not the way we'd like to do it, but it will work. So, okay, I agree that we can leave a thin strip as Dr. Whiteside requests."

Whiteside said, "Très bon!"

Knoxx said, "Very good." And to the strapped down naked girl, he said, "Miss Suzuki, did you follow that?"

Amy said quietly, "Yes, I did."

Knoxx said, "Okay, Mr. Lindstrom, go to it. We'll hold the lights for you."

Just then, the outer office door opened, and the janitor came in. The table was aligned such that he had a full view of the naked, spread-eagled girl. His eyes bulged out. And Amy raised her head and looking between her breasts, she saw the strange man staring at her. She gasped loudly and shook her head from side to side. She said, "Oh no, who is he?"

Mrs. Duckworth came around to the janitor and said, "Enrique, please come back later to do the cleaning." And the secretary guided him back out the door.

There was a moment of silence as they all realized what had just happened. Then Knoxx said, "Okay, he's gone. Miss Suzuki, we're going to start now. Okay?"

She nodded her head and through her tears she said, "Yes, go ahead."

Knoxx replied, "Good. Okay, let's get the lights held up again. Mr. Lindstrom, please start."

Lindstrom said, "All right, Amy. Here goes. This will only take a few minutes." And he started clipping away the hair leaving the thin strip about 2 inches long directly above her pussy. Then she felt him applying the warm shaving cream to the area that he had just clipped and to the surrounding area as well. She felt his gentle hands hold the skin taut as he pulled the safety razor across removing the last bits of hair. He then wiped her clean with a towel and unhooked the cuffs and belt.

Amy thought he was done, but Lindstrom said, "Amy, please get on your hands and knees on the table and then lower your head to the table top. I need shave underneath there. Please be very still; don't squirm at all while I'm shaving down there."

Amy assumed the shaming position with her butt up in the air for all of them to see her asshole as well as the rear view of her vagina. Lindstrom applied more shaving cream, and carefully shaved off the hairs on her perineum. And he wiped that area clean. He patted her lightly on her ass and said, "Okay, Amy, stand down on the floor and let's see how it looks."

She was bright red as she stood there with all of them looking closely at her pussy. Whiteside brushed her hand through the little bit of hair still there and said, "Very good, Mr. Lindstrom, that's exactly what I wanted. Okay with you Dr. Beaupre?"

Beaupre said, "Amy, please lie back on the table for a moment and let me see." She did as he asked and she felt his finger touch just off to the side of her pussy, and then he spread her lips and extracted her clitoris from under its little hood. She thought, "Oh god, I hope he doesn't make me come in front of all these people." But she could feel that he was just sort of measuring the distance from her clit to the spot to the left of her pussy. Beaupre said, "Yep, looks fine to me, too."

Lindstrom then said to her, "Amy, you will probably need to shave this almost daily to keep it looking this way. I can see that you naturally have a lot of hair down there, and it will probably want to grow back rather quickly. So, get yourself a good razor and a mirror."

Amy was still blushing as Knoxx said, "Well, that about wraps it up for today. Miss Suzuki, here are some flesh-colored panties for you to wear."

She slid them on feeling a slight sense of relief at getting to cover her private parts after this period of intense display. She said good night, picked up her backpack, and walked out the door.

She was still shaking as she walked into her dorm room about 6 o'clock. Linda looked up at her and said, "Amy, are you okay? You have a very strange look on your face."

Amy immediately broke out sobbing and buried her face on Linda's shoulder. Through her tears, Amy told her the story of the awful meeting.

After Amy calmed down, they went to the dining hall for dinner. Then, Amy spent a few hours studying before she realized that she should probably get started on the diary that Knoxx had told her to do as part of her punishment. She had to rack her brain to remember what she had done each of the last 7 days since the streaking incident. She scribbled down an outline of what she had done each of the days as best as she could remember it with special emphasis on when she had put on and taken off her panties. She didn't know if she should include the times she slid them down only part way to use the toilet; she decided to include those times, but she'd ask Knoxx if that information was needed before writing up the diary reports for him. Then, she wrote up the report for this day, which had been mostly terrible except for those couple of hours with Dwight.

About midnight, the two roommates decided it was time for bed. So, Amy crossed off another day on her calendar and lay down on top of the bed. Linda turned off the light and they each said, "Good night."

May 9, Wednesday

Chapter 28 - Partners in Posing

It was not nearly as cold on Wednesday morning as it had been on Monday when Amy had gone from one warm building to another her way to Wakefield Hall. Amy was only mildly surprised to meet Eva on the sidewalk as they were each approaching Wakefield. Eva said, "Hey, Amy. Good morning. Are you posing again today?"

Amy smiled and said sarcastically, "Well, how could I pass up the opportunity to show off my genitals some more?" They both laughed and Amy continued, "Actually, it seems that we'll be doing this together a lot til the end of the semester. They've told me I have to come in and pose every day from 8 til 10. So, if you're going to be here then as well, I guess we'll be posing together."

They walked into the building, and Amy waited by the heating vent as Eva stripped off her sweatsuit and shoved it and her sandals into a gym bag. Eva was now naked and she shoved the bag under a hallway bench. Eva gave Amy a puzzled look and said, "You used the word 'they' a moment ago. Who is 'they'? Is that Knoxx's committee?" Amy just nodded and Eva continued, "But why? Did you do something wrong?"

Amy blinked back the tears that she felt creeping into her eyes and said, "Yeah. According to them, I did a lot of things wrong. Mostly covering or hiding myself. And they dinged me with more punishment. Including this extra posing." She said this just as they walked into the classroom. She slid off her panties and hung them on the hook, and then nudged Eva's elbow and whispered "And including this" as she pointed to her closely trimmed pussy hair. Eva just nodded, and they walked up to the platform in the center of the room where Dr. Whiteside was waiting.

Whiteside smiled and said, "Bonjour, mes amies. How are you today?" The naked girls just smiled at her. Whiteside continued, "I'm going to talk to the class for a few minutes before we start, and I'd like for you two to just stand here with me - one of you on each side." The girls did as she requested and just stood there quietly facing the class as the students arrived. Amy was very careful not to cover herself; none of her naked endowments could be covered in any way.

When all of the students had arrived and got seated at their easels, Whiteside said, "Good morning class. Let me point out a couple of things before we begin. First, look at Amy here; you will notice that her pubic hair has been trimmed into this small thin strip. The fashionistas call this a 'landing strip' cut." She lightly brushed Amy's thin strip, and Amy flinched just a bit at her touch. "She agreed to have this done yesterday, and I supervised the shaving operation so that it was done the way I wanted." Amy didn't think that she'd really agreed to it, but she kept her mouth shut. Whiteside continued, "Now, you can see that her pussy lips are much more prominent, but her pubic area is still a nice contrast to Eva's completely shaved pubes." And Whiteside rested her index finger for a couple of seconds just above Eva's pussy lips.

Whiteside kept going, "Second, we are indeed fortunate that Amy will be posing for us for the rest of the semester. Let's see today is Wednesday, and so including today, she'll be here for our final 8 sessions. We thank her for agreeing to this." Amy blushed as the class applauded briefly, but she still didn't like Whiteside's use of the word "agreeing".

Whiteside resumed, "Now, class, all of you know that a big part of being an artist is the inspiration phase. That is, you need to decide what to draw and how to express it, and to do that you need to be inspired somehow. Well, this morning on the way to class, I was trying to figure out how we should have these two beautiful nude women pose for us today. And I just happened to pass a gardener who gave me the inspiration for today's pose, which I'll describe in a few minutes."

"But before I do that, I want to ask all of you to think of ways that we can take advantage of these pretty girls to pose for us for these last several meetings of our class. Try to do what I did. That is, think of something in nature or some human activity that could be expressed by these two girls posing. To give you an example, let me explain what that gardener was doing and the inspiration I got from it."

"The gardener was using a wheelbarrow to move around some dirt. And I immediately pictured one of these girls as the gardener and the other as the wheelbarrow."

Amy and Eva each immediately realized what she was going to do, and their eyes widened.

Whiteside turned to them and said, "Amy, please get down on your hands and knees, and then stretch your legs out behind you. Eva, you get behind her and lift her legs."

Reluctantly, the two naked girls did as she asked. Amy's breasts were now hanging enticingly as she played the part of the wheelbarrow. Whiteside made some adjustments. Pinned up Amy's long hair so that it wouldn't hide her dangling boobs. Spread Amy's legs just a little bit. Positioned one of Eva's legs back a ways so that it looked as she were in mid stride with her pussy visible to the class. Told Eva to look down at Amy's butt. Raised Amy's chin and told her to smile.

Whiteside stood off to the side and said to the class, "See. A provocative pose inspired by a routine human activity."

She let the two girls remain in that pose for a minute or so, and then she patted Eva on her bare ass and said, "You two can rest for a few minutes now. Please just stand on either side of me again."

Whiteside addressed the class, "Okay, in a few minutes, these two beauties will resume that pose and you will make your sketches. But first, let's brainstorm some other ideas. And let me throw in one more part of the equation. I realize that these two girls have gorgeous faces, but I want your inspirations to focus on other body parts. There are a lot of women with pretty faces walking around this campus, but how often to you get to see these." And she squeezed Amy's butt cheek and tweaked Eva's nipple. "Especially, you men. These must be rare sights for your eyes. So, let's focus on these usually hidden body parts for our inspirations. Any ideas?"

Eva and Amy were blushing bright red now. But they just stood there with their hands at there sides.

A girl in the front row raised her hand and said, "I think I have an idea. Following up on your gardening idea, how about having one of them up high with her boob hanging down like a piece of fruit? And then the other girl could be reaching up as if to pick the fruit? Eva's breasts are a little fuller and might make good melons."

Whiteside said, "Oh my, that's a good one. Anyone else?"

A guy near the back raised his hand. He chuckled as he said, "I've been reading about the legend of the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the dike. We could have one girl being the dike and the other being the little Dutch boy with one finger in the dike's pussy and another finger in the dike's mouth." He hesitated for a moment and then apologized, "Oh dear, I'm sorry about the double meanings of the word 'dyke'. I didn't mean to insult Amy or Eva or anyone else in the class. I'm really sorry. Let me substitute the word 'levee' instead, but keeping the same idea."

The instructor replied, "Another good one. Anyone else?"

Another guy said, "Well, how about something simple like having them pose as nude waitresses serving food to well-dressed diners?"

Whiteside frowned and said, "Well, okay, but that doesn't really emphasize the breasts or the genitals. Anyone else?"

A girl said, "Ms. Whiteside, how about a male model? We women might like to be inspired by an erect penis. Maybe it could be carrot or a banana."

Whiteside, "Actually, Miss Johnson, you've kind of got it backwards. I'm suggesting that you get the inspiration from nature somehow and then reflect it in the naked pose somehow rather than being inspired by the nude body. But I do like your idea of a nude male model. However, I don't have any male nudes available. At least not now. Maybe next week. Any of you men want to volunteer?" The male students chuckled nervously. "Any other thoughts?"

The same girl spoke up again, "Okay, I see what you're saying. So, here's an idea for the two nude girls. I'm from the central valley in California, and in the summertime, the surrounding hills are a golden brown. That could be an inspiration for laying these two pretty girls sort of on their sides and using their contours to simulate the rolling bare California hills. Their hips, shoulders, breasts, butts, and legs could be intertwined somehow to look like the hills. The pleasing contrast in their skin colors would be similar to hills in sunlight and shadowed by clouds. Eva's slit could be a little dry creek. And Amy's tiny bit of pubic hair could be a little oasis in an otherwise barren landscape. Maybe we could cover their feet and heads to emphasize their middle assets."

Whiteside replied gleefully, "Excellente, Miss Johnson! I like that one so much that we'll plan on doing that tomorrow. Tonight, please think some more about how you would position them for tomorrow's pose."

Whiteside kept going, "Well, let's all ponder such things tonight. And then we can throw around some other ideas tomorrow. Now, if you girls will resume your wheelbarrow and gardener pose, the class can start drawing."

The pretty nudes assumed the wheelbarrow and gardener positions, and the students started their sketching. Whiteside seemed infatuated with her inspired pose of the day, and so the girls spent the rest of the class session just doing that one pose. They switched positions several times, since the pose caused their arms to ache.

At the end of the class, Amy said goodbye to Eva, and she was envious of Eva for getting to leave and get dressed. Amy just sat naked in a chair on the stage as the 8 o'clock students left and the 9 o'clock students started to arrive. But Whiteside came up on the stage and whispered to her, "Please take the chair back to the props storage area, and then come back and just stand here facing the class. Be sure your hands are at your sides; I don't want to have to file another violation about you covering yourself." Amy sighed, closed her eyes briefly, and then did as the instructor asked.

After the students arrived and got settled, Whiteside said, "Good morning, class. Before we get going today, let me make a couple of announcements. First, please notice that Amy, our nude model, has had a little haircut, so to speak. Note that her pubic hair has been trimmed back to this thin 'landing strip' shape." And Whiteside traced her finger through Amy's thin strip of hair above her pussy. Amy was getting used to this light touching, and she just stood her ground.

Whiteside continued, "And second, Amy will be with us for the last 8 meetings of our class. So, we won't have to substitute a bowl of fruit for her pretty naked body like we had to do yesterday. Thank you for being here today and the rest of the semester." Again, the class lightly applauded her.

"Now, today I want to do something a bit different, at least for this class. I want to do our sketching outside in the natural light. Just bring your sketch pads and a couple of pencils. Come along, Amy, and I'll show you where to pose."

Amy whispered to Whiteside, "Uh, Professor, I need to use the bathroom. Where is the closest ladies' room? It will just take me a minute, and then I'll be right out."

Whiteside glared at her and said, "Well, you should have thought of that between classes. We don't have time to waste now. Please just hold it in for the rest of the hour." And she grabbed Amy's elbow and led her out the door. Amy started to protest but Whiteside just tightened her grip on the elbow.

Whiteside guided the naked girl down the hall, out the side door, down the steps, and over to a picnic table. She said, "Okay, Amy, up you go onto the table. This will be your stage for today."

It was still pretty cool outside, but Amy was thankful that it was not as cold as the previous few days. She thought it was only 50 degrees or so, and she felt her nipples tighten up immediately. And the cool temps only heightened her need to pee.

Amy climbed up onto the table top and then looked around to get her bearings. Then she realized where she was. The table was right next to a sidewalk, and if there were a sidewalk named "Main Street" on the Bancroft campus, this would be it. It was busy, busy, busy even while classes were going on. She was already the center of attention of the walkers, and the art class students were sitting down on the sidewalk to avoid having to sit in the damp grass area. So all the pedestrians had to slow down to get around the artists, and of course, they stopped to look at the pretty naked girl standing on the table top.

Whiteside got up on the table with Amy and addressed the class, "Okay, for today, we are going to do simple sketches of a spread-eagled nude. Please be sure to do her newly trimmed pubic region in some detail. Amy, please stand here, spread your legs, and raise your arms. After a few minutes, you can turn around so they can draw your backside." Amy did as she instructed, and she immediately felt a little breeze graze her pussy lips. Amy struggled to keep her bladder under control.

After about 5 minutes, Whiteside came up to the table and said, "Okay, it's time to turn around. But you can rest your arms for a minute or so before turning."

Amy understood this to mean that she had time go to the bathroom, but as she stepped down from the table top to the attached bench, Whiteside said, "Wait, where are you going? We are short of time and we don't have time for you to go pee. Please just stay up there and pose. Even a 6-year old little girl could hold it in for the 30 minutes or so we've got left. So, you should be able to do it, too."

Amy gave her a pleading look, but Whiteside just stared right back at her. Amy knew she couldn't argue, and returned to her pose, which now showed her pussy lips from behind through her spread legs.

She struggled through the rest of the session fighting the cold temps and the pressure in her bladder. She squirmed and fidgeted several times, and there was a look of anxiety on her face as well. Several times Amy thought to herself, "Whiteside was right. I should have used the restroom between classes. This is the second instance where I've been naked with a full bladder and couldn't go pee right away. I'm not learning my lessons here very quickly. Is this time going to cost me another violation?"

Once just as she slightly twisted her hips in a shameful way, she looked up and saw Tyson Laird walk by with a smirk on his face. A few minutes later, she saw Knoxx standing there looking at her.

As soon as Whiteside excused the class, Amy bolted from the table, back into the class room, slid on her panties, grabbed her backpack, and ran across the quad to Younger Hall. She raced into the ladies' room and into the same stall where she had hid out on Friday. She barely finished peeing and cleaning up before the 10 o'clock bell rang and Psych class started. She was breathing heavily as she sat down in the back of the big auditorium and started listening to the boring Psychology lecture. Was she late again? She wasn't sure.

But as she was rushing through the hallway at Younger Hall, she didn't notice Tyson Laird standing in an alcove near the auditorium door looking at his watch as she pulled open the door at the last second. Tyson Laird knew for sure. She was late.


Amy's morning classes were blissfully uneventful. No more embarrassing incidents beyond just being almost naked the entire time.

As she was walking back to her dorm about noon, her cell phone rang in her backpack. She looked at the display and didn't recognize the number except that she knew it was from an on-campus phone. She thought about just letting it go on to voicemail, but then decided that it might be something important.

Amy answered, "Hello, this is Amy Suzuki." And she started walking again.

The voice at the other end said, "Hi, Amy, this is Dr. Beaupre at the Wytham Institute. How are you?"

She hesitantly replied, "Hi, I'm fine, Dr. Bo. What's up?"

Beaupre said, "Well, Amy, I'm sure you remember that we have an experiment session scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. And since Dr. Knoxx told us on Monday that we could make changes in our plans as part of your additional punishment for breaking some of his rules, we'd like to extend tomorrow's session and run an additional experiment. We'd like for you to come here about noon and stay until almost 5 PM. Does that sound okay?"

Amy stopped walking so that she could focus on this ominous sounding phone call. She said, "Umm, Dr. Bo, I have a class that ends at 11:50 AM tomorrow morning, and it takes me at least 20 minutes to walk across campus to your building. Also, I want to eat lunch before spending the afternoon at the session. And then I need time to walk back across campus to Dr. Knoxx's office for the 5 o'clock meeting."

He answered, "Yeah, we realized that it would be tight to fit the extended session into your schedule, but how about if we provide transportation and lunch? That is, I could pick you up after your class and then you could eat lunch with us before the session. Afterwards, I could drive you back to Kameron at 5 PM."

Amy knew she was trapped; there was no way that she could decline this request. But she realized that her precious "free-time Thursday" would now be filled up with her naked community service activities - two hours of posing in the morning, all afternoon at Wytham, and the 5 o'clock meeting with Knoxx. She just sighed and said, "Okay, that will work. Where do you want to meet me? My Modern Journalism class is held in Becker Hall."

Beaupre said, "Let's see. Becker Hall is on the quad, and there is no street right next to it. But it's close to the intersection of 1st Street and Sylvester Avenue. I can meet you there at 11:50. I'll be driving a white Buick Century. Lunch is our treat; we'll get you a sandwich at the deli with chips and apple juice. A normal Italian sub sandwich? We'll eat in my office. Does all of that work for you?"

Amy agreed, and after saying goodbye, she slammed the cell phone shut and yelled, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" to no one in particular. But several guys who were standing nearby watching her talk on the phone were shaking their heads and smiling. One of them yelled back at her, "Hey, Underpants Amy, I'd like to take you up on that fucking!" She glared back at him, said nothing, and then stomped off.

Chapter 29 - Modeling the Victoria's Secret Panties

Amy went through her usual ritual with Knoxx's secretary, hung her panties on the penis hook, and walked naked into Knoxx's office for the daily meeting. She was not surprised to see the entire committee of old men sitting there. She took her place standing in front of Knoxx's desk with her hands at her sides. The five men spent a few seconds silently looking over the beautiful nude.

Then Knoxx started the meeting with, "Good afternoon, Miss Suzuki. The agenda is pretty short, but we need to get started. First, were there any issues today at art class, which was your only community service activity for the day? We saw you posing outside, and you looked a bit uncomfortable. Please tell us about it."

Amy blushed and told the truth, "Well, it was pretty cold out there, and I needed to pee. And that's why I might have looked uncomfortable."

Knoxx said, "Are you okay now? Do you need to use the bathroom before we get started?" Amy was annoyed by this question, but she just shook her head. But Knoxx persisted, "You know, Miss Suzuki, considering your situation, you probably need to think ahead about when to use the toilet to avoid such incidents. Right?" He was staring at her nicely trimmed pussy hair as he said this.

Amy blushed some more and quietly said, "Yes, sir."

"Good. Now, what about at the earlier posing session with Miss Cobb? Any problems there?" Amy again just shook her head. "Okay. And let's see, tomorrow you'll be posing early again, and then Wytham in the afternoon. Only one class at 11 AM. Sounds like a routine day for you, right?"

Amy thought to herself, "Fuck you! No, it will not be routine. I'll be naked most of the time, and God only knows what Beaupre and his crew have in store for me." But aloud she just said meekly, "That's right."

Knoxx looked at the other 4 men and said, "Do any of you have anything to discuss with her?" They all just shook their heads. "All right then. The only other thing is that we need to approve the new panties that Miss Suzuki brought in yesterday. We will do the same thing that we did last week, by having her model them for us, and we'll decide which pairs are okay." He reached under his desk and brought out the Victoria's Secret shopping bag and dumped the contents on his desk. The 15 packages of panties tumbled out.

Knoxx said, "Oh dear, that's right, these are still wrapped up. I guess she'll have to open each package before modeling the panties for us."

Tyson Laird spoke up, "Actually, Cal, there are 6 of us here, why don't we split them up and each of us open some packages? That will save some time."

Knoxx replied, "Good thought, Tyson." And he handed 3 packages to each of the other four men, 2 to Amy, and kept one for himself. The men seemed to have a bit of trouble opening the packages, but this was familiar territory for Amy. They all handed the panties back to Knoxx who piled them on the desk.

Knoxx briefly looked over the stack and said, "Nice selection of colors. Your friend did a good job. Okay, let's start with these." And he handed Amy a pair of dark blue panties. She stepped into them as the men watched and pulled them up to cover her pussy. She paused for a moment as they looked at the front view and then slowly turned to show them the rear.

Knoxx nodded and said, "I'm not so sure about the dark blue color. I think the lighter colors would be more embarrassing for her, and we want her to be embarrassed rather than feeling like she's showing off. What do the rest of you think?"

Kirkpatrick said, "I tend to agree. But I do like the way these cover her butt cheeks. I hope the rest of them look this same way in the rear."

Knoxx said, "Miss Suzuki, please take those off and I'll put them in a separate stack over here. Probably we'll reject them, but maybe not. We'll see as we go along." She slid them down and handed them back to Knoxx.

Next he handed her a pair with small yellow and blue flowers, almost a polka dot design. She slid them on and modeled them for the men.

The men agreed that these were fine. They repeated this process for all 15 pairs. Amy was relieved that Dwight had purchased only two styles - bikinis and briefs. She was concerned that the men would reject the bikinis because they might be too narrow on the side panels, but the committee didn't reject any for this reason. The only other pair rejected was a dark pink pair which they thought was too sexy. They accepted white, light pink, yellow, polka dots, light blue, 3 variations of flesh tone, light pink stripe, pale green, and 3 other off white with subtle patterns. And they all felt comfortable to Amy in the brief time that she had them on.

After the last pair, Knoxx said, "Okay, we've got 13 acceptable pairs and that's more than enough for the rest of your punishment period. So, Miss Suzuki, I'll hang onto these 13 pairs and you can take these dark blue and dark pink ones home." He handed her the two rejected panties, which she put in her backpack.

"And now I need to mark these in the same way to let Mrs. Duckworth know that they are approved panties for Miss Suzuki to be wearing." And he took his red magic marker and marked each pair on the rear upper hem.

He looked at the stack of new panties and said, "Wow, now I've got a big selection to pick from. Here you go, Miss Suzuki, how about these pink striped ones for tomorrow?" He handed them to her and she slid them on.

He said, "Well, I guess that's all for this evening. See you tomorrow."

Amy grabbed her backpack and left the office. Considering everything, that embarrassing exercise went better than she had expected. And it felt good to be wearing brand new panties.

Chapter 30 - No Nudity for Linda

Later in the evening, Amy was alone in her room as Linda was at the computer lab working on an IT exercise for a class. Amy had a lot of homework piling up as a result of her expanding community service projects. She was glad to have the evening alone to get caught up.

About 7:30, her cell phone rang. She looked at the display and it showed another call from a campus phone number that she didn't recognize. She reluctantly decided to answer it.


The voice at the other end said, "Hi, Amy? This is Cindy Johnson."

Amy paused for a moment because she didn't know this person and she said, "Yes, this is Amy Suzuki. I'm sorry, but I can't place your name."

"Sorry about that. I'm in Professor Whiteside's 8 o'clock drawing class, and I'm the person who suggested the rolling hills pose for tomorrow. You know, the one where you and Eva would be lying on your sides or backs kind of like the bare rolling California hills."

Amy immediately didn't like the sound of this and said, "Okay. Hi, Miss Johnson, what can I do for you?"

"Oh, Amy, please call me Cindy. Well, let's see. What's the best way to start? Umm, last week I was on a field trip to the art museum in Boston, and I got to know Linda Hathaway, who I now know is your roommate. At that time, we didn't know about your streaking incident and subsequent naked punishment. Anyway, Linda and I were having a beer in the hotel bar, and she told me about her trip to the clothing-optional resort last summer, and how much she enjoyed it."

Amy was really on guard now. Where was this going? She just said, "Uh huh."

Cindy resumed, "So, that's the background of what I want to ask you. After class today, I got to thinking that having three naked girls posing in the rolling hills formation would be more interesting for the class. And I immediately thought of Linda and her very white skin. It would add another dimension to have her light skin to complement Eva's nicely tanned skin and your sort of olive colored skin. Doesn't that sound neat?"

Amy could see where this was going, but she said, "I'm not sure. But go on."

"Well, actually that's it. Intermixing the 3 skin colors by overlapping limbs and things would add nice variety to the pose. And I was wondering if you would ask Linda to come along to drawing class tomorrow morning and pose for us? I think she would be more receptive to the invitation if it came from you rather than me."

Amy's immediate reaction was, "No fucking way. I'm not going to drag my best friend into my mess." But speaking into the phone, she said, "Cindy, I don't think that's a good idea. Linda and I are really good friends, and posing naked together might mess up that friendship. So, I'm sorry, but no, I don't want to do that."

In a pleading voice, Cindy said, "Oh Amy, please reconsider. It couldn't hurt to ask, could it?"

Amy repeated, "Sorry, no. Um, Cindy, I'm in the middle of some homework, and I need to get back to it."

Cindy now said in a dejected tone, "Well, okay. I'll see you at class tomorrow morning. Bye."

As she folded up her cell phone, Amy wondered if she had handled this correctly or not. Would it have really hurt anything to just ask Linda about it? She could phrase the request in such a way to lead Linda to reject the idea on her own. But it was too late now. What's done is done.

A couple of hours later, Linda returned with a big smile and said, "I didn't know that you knew Cindy Johnson. She and I had fun on that field trip last week." And Amy's heart sank. Evidently, Cindy had called Linda and asked her directly.

Amy said, "Actually, I don't really know her. She is just a student in that art class that I'm posing for, and she called me this evening."

"Yeah, I know. She called me probably just a few minutes after she talked with you. She explained her idea, and it sounds like fun to me. A real hoot of a way to end my college career - posing naked for an art class."

Amy said, "Well, I'm not so sure it's a good idea. What did you tell her?"

With a disappointed look, Linda said, "Well, I told her I'd like to do it, but I wanted to talk with you first. I told her I'd call her back tonight. But why don't you like it?"

"Lindy, we are really good friends, and I don't want to drag you into the mess that I created for myself. And . . ."

Linda interrupted, "But even if I am completely willing to do it?"

Amy answered, "Let me finish. As I say, we are really, really good friends, but we're not lovers. Neither of us are lesbians, and I think that posing naked together like that would give people the wrong idea about our relationship."

"But Sooz, it's just this one time for less than an hour. There are only 20 or so students in the class that would see us naked together."

"But Lindy, people talk. And I get the feeling that Cindy Johnson is the kind of person that would talk about it. And here's another thing. I didn't tell you, but at the 9 o'clock class today, Whiteside had me pose naked outdoors on top of a picnic table right near that busy walkway in the quad. That was a much different experience being naked there with all those people walking by than posing indoors in the classroom; each is embarrassing, but outdoors is more public. Now, what if Whiteside decided to do the rolling hills pose -- or whatever Cindy calls it -- outdoors rather than indoors. That sounds perfectly plausible to me, and that would open up a couple of issues. First, it was fucking cold out there at 9 AM and it would be even colder at 8 AM. Second, what if Dr. Knoxx walks by like he did this morning and sees you lying there naked? He might consider that to be the same as streaking, and he would expel you. Remember the notice I posted? It spelled out the punishment for streaking; I think I was very lucky to negotiate a way to stay in school. That notice also implied, but did not explicitly state, that only Eva and I are allowed to be naked on campus."

Linda sighed and admitted, "I hadn't considered those things. But it still sounds like fun - especially outdoors."

Tears were gathering in Amy's eyes and she said, "Oh, Lindy, please, please don't do this. It's just too big of a risk."

Linda could see that her friend was really upset, and she understood Amy's arguments. She said, "Okay, Amy. I agree. I'll call Cindy and tell her 'no'."

Amy smiled at her friend through her tears and mouthed, "Thank you."

Amy sat there and listened as Linda called Cindy to decline.

They spent the next hour silently studying. And Amy wrote up her diary entry for the day before crossing off another day on the calendar and going to bed.

To be continued . . .