Underpants Amy - Days 6 & 7
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 6, Sunday

Chapter 19 - In the buff in the BUF

Amy didn't sleep very well, because she was worried about today's upcoming punishment projects - or community service activities - or whatever the hell they were called. Also, she had looked at the campus map to confirm where the Bancroft University Foundation office was located, and as she feared, it was on the very farthest corner of the campus; it would take her at least 25 minutes to get there. And she had also checked the weather forecast which showed that it would be cold and windy today. It would be a very unpleasant walk for an almost naked girl to make.

But she had finally fallen asleep and was sleeping soundly, until 7AM when she (and Linda) were jolted awake as their landline phone rang. Sunday was usually their day for sleeping in, and Amy had set her alarm for 8 o'clock knowing that would give her plenty of time before leaving for the 9 AM appointment. Amy thrashed around for a moment trying to turn off the alarm, before realizing that it was the phone ringing. Linda gave her a funny look through her half-opened eyes and said, "What the hell is going on?"

Amy scrambled out of bed and went over to the phone on the table. She said, "It's the phone, Lindy. I'll get it. Go back to sleep."

She was still groggy as she said, "H-h-hullo?"

The male voice on the phone said, "Good morning. Is this Amy Suzuki?"

Amy mumbled, "Yes, this is Amy."

The man said, "Hello, Miss Suzuki, this is Gavin Farmer, director of the university foundation and a member of the Discipline Committee."

The mention of "Discipline Committee" caused Amy to become immediately alert, and she said, "Oh, hello, Dr. Farmer. What can I do for you?" Actually, she was silently hoping that the man had called to cancel this morning's activities.

Farmer said, "Well, I apologize for calling so early, but I wanted to make sure I caught you before you left for our morning appointment." Amy's hopes rose just a hair, because she thought he really might be calling to cancel. But he continued, "I wanted to offer you a ride this morning, because I know it would be a long walk, and it is pretty cold outside."

Amy tried not to show her disappointment and said neutrally, "Oh, thank you. That would sure help."

Farmer said, "Okay, good. Let's say 8:50 out in front of your dorm. Look for my dark blue Honda Accord. See you then?"

Amy mumbled her agreement and hung up.

She reset her alarm clock for 8:15 and then went back to bed. But she couldn't get back to sleep. She just lay there listening to Linda's light snoring til 8 o'clock when she got up and turned off the alarm. She quietly left the room and went to the dining hall for a quick breakfast. Then, she put on some makeup and lipstick and brushed out her long hair so that she looked as good as she had yesterday for the concert.

At 8:45, she walked down the back stairs and out the side dorm door. She was going to walk around to the front of the building and wait for Farmer by the curb. But it was so cold and breezy that she decided to go back inside and take the first floor hallway to the main lobby. She knew there would be people congregating there, but she decided to endure a little bit of additional embarrassment in order to stay a bit warmer. No one said anything to her as she waited in the lobby looking out the front window, but there were lots of people looking at her pretty boobs; she made a conscious effort to keep her hands at her sides while she was standing there.

Right at 8:50, the Honda pulled up and Farmer got out. He saw her standing in the doorway and waved to her to come out to the car where he was holding the passenger side door. Amy scooted quickly out the door and around to the other side of the car. She was just about ready to hop into the car, when Farmer said, "Wait, Miss Suzuki. Please take off your panties."

She looked at him and stammered, "Wh-what? Why now?"

Farmer scowled and said, "Well, basically, because I said to. But your agreement says that you are to be naked while performing these community service projects."

Amy argued, "But that doesn't start for another 10 minutes."

Farmer was now a bit annoyed, "That doesn't matter. You won't be needing your underpants today; so, please take them off now."

Amy still hesitated for a moment, but then she reached her hands to the side rim of her panties where her hands collided with Farmer's hands. Farmer said mockingly, "Please, madam, you seem to be having trouble with this; so, allow me."

This startled Amy and she took a couple of steps back. But then she realized she had no choice and tentatively stepped back forward. She quivered slightly as his hands touched her skin while lowering her panties to the ground. She looked over at the lobby window and saw several people watching this embarrassing episode.

And her embarrassment increased as he neatly folded her white panties into a pointed design and stuck them in the breast pocket of his dark gray suit coat. She continued to stand there watching as he adjusted them so that the point was perfectly centered above the pocket. He merely said, "I forgot my handkerchief this morning, but these will work nicely. I'll return them to you this afternoon. Please get into the car now."

Amy looked down at the car seat and saw that he had placed a folded towel for her to sit on. She wordlessly got in and positioned her naked butt on the towel, and he closed the door. She then pulled the seatbelt strap across her chest between her breasts. This would be the first time she'd ever ridden naked in a car, and she was surprised how the seatbelt seemed to enhance the fullness of her breasts; the strap crossed firmly between her boobs. She could tell that this was going to be another difficult day.

She did not say a word on the way to the BUF office. There were only a couple of cars in the parking lot next to the building, and the hallways were vacant as Farmer led the way to a room at the back of the building. As she walked into the room, Amy recognized it as a computer lab, and there was a guy sitting in front of a computer, and that all made sense to her, because Knoxx had told her that she would be using her journalistic skills to help with a publication. Even though she was naked in a strange place with Farmer and a stranger, she felt a little bit at ease.

But an instant later, she saw another man sitting at a table at the back of the room - with a camera aimed right at her. And her apprehension returned as she heard the shutter click a couple of times. Momentarily, her arms flew in front of her breasts, but she immediately dropped them.

Farmer casually led her by her elbow over to the computer and then motioned for the photographer to come over, too. And so they gathered around the computer: a nattily dressed forty-ish man in a gray pin-striped suit, a nicely dressed middle-aged man about 30 wearing a maroon polo shirt and khaki slacks, a geekish male student wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and one very naked, very beautiful young woman.

Farmer said, "Good morning, gentlemen, let me introduce Amy Suzuki." Amy hesitantly shook hands with the two men as Farmer continued, "Miss Suzuki, the man at the computer is Darren Strobridge, and the photographer is Michael Warfield. Mr. Strobridge is a student who is helping us lay out our brochures and Mr. Warfield is a professional photographer who has his own studio in town."

The older man went on, "Gentlemen, you probably know this young lady's story, but just in case, let me summarize why she is here naked today. She was apprehended last Monday evening while streaking on campus, and she is being punished for that. Part of her punishment is to perform some community service, including assisting the foundation today. The Discipline Committee at Bancroft has decided that she will be nude while performing her community service."

He turned to Amy and kept going, "Now, Miss Suzuki, we're going to do a couple of things this morning. First, we're going to take some photos for our brochures. And second, we're going to lay out the brochures so we can send them off to the printer tomorrow. You can assist us in both of these. These things will take us about two or two and a half hours, and then you and I will go over to the Student Union for an alumni reception. Okay?"

Amy realized that he didn't specify how long the reception would last, but she sort of remembered Knoxx saying 3 o'clock or so. She just nodded at Farmer.

Farmer continued, "Good. Now, let me explain about these brochures. They are basically advertisements to help the foundation recruit new members. You are probably aware that Bancroft has only one organization that deals with alumni; many schools have both a foundation to raise funds for special projects and scholarships as well as a separate alumni association which is more of a social organization. Here at Bancroft, our foundation serves both functions, and we like to solicit Bancroft's graduates to join the foundation as contributing members."

"Now, for several years, we've been running an advertising campaign that we call 'In the BUF' spelled B-U-F as in Bancroft University Foundation. Have you heard of 'In the BUF'?" Amy silently shook her head. "Well, the title is a play on words. You know, like 'in the buff' spelled B-U-F-F as in 'au naturel', 'naked', 'unclothed', 'nude'. I think you can see how you fit into this picture - so to speak." He paused looking at her with a wry smile.

Amy blushed and quietly said, "Yes, I think I do."

Farmer resumed, "Let me show you some brochures from the last few years. Let's go over to that table where I can spread them out for you."

Amy and Farmer stood on one side of the table, and the two other men stood on the other side. Farmer laid down four pages on the table. He pointed to the first one, and Amy leaned in to look at it with her hands at the edge of the table to support herself. This left her boobs dangling slightly and her pussy just above the top of the table. She then felt Farmer lightly lift her hair so that it trailed down her back rather than her front; she knew that he was doing this to maximize the exposure of her private parts to the two guys on the other side of the table. She blushed, but said nothing.

Amy looked at the first page. It was a glossy print entirely in a shade of gray green with all the printing in white - Bancroft's school colors were this same gray green and white. At the top of the page, it said in a stylish font "Are you in the BUF?" And below it was the photo of an older couple sitting on a bench. The photo was taken from behind, and it was obvious from the couple's bare backs that they were naked. They were leaning their heads towards each other in a loving gesture. Amy smiled at the cute photo, and she recognized the place on campus where the photo had been taken.

Farmer said, "Well, for the last few years, we've been using a married couple in our photos. They are Bancroft graduates, George and Sylvia Underwood, who are about 50 years old. As you can see, the photos have them posing naked; that is, in the buff."

He pointed to the second photo which showed the naked couple from behind walking hand-in-hand down another campus path with their bare butts showing. A moment later, he pointed to the third page which showed the two seated on another bench; this time the photo was taken from the front, but their crossed legs and the woman's arms were positioned so that their genitals and the lady's breasts were hidden. And finally, the fourth one showed them kissing while standing next to a plant with the leaves of the plant discreetly covering the couple's private parts.

All four photos had the same "Are you in the BUF?" title and a paragraph at the bottom of the page describing the benefits of joining the Bancroft University Foundation; next to the paragraph was a small application form that could be filled out and sent in.

He took a drink of water and then continued, "Our primary audience with this campaign was older graduates, because older folks probably have more money that they would be willing to donate to the university. However, the foundation board recently thought we might want to target younger graduates with a similar campaign, and again, that's where you fit in. We want to take some photos of you for this next series of brochures. And that's what we are going to do for the next hour or so."

Amy gulped and said, "Okay."

Farmer went on, "For this series, we want the photos to be a little bit more provocative, since the target audience is younger. We will hide your pubic area, but your breasts and buttocks will be in full view. And we're going to have you wear a mortarboard, that is, a graduation cap, but nothing else in at least some of the shots. But like these other photos, we want to keep the same grayish green motif using campus locations that the alumni would recognize." He paused for a moment and then continued, "So, the four of us are going to drive around campus and take the photos. I know that it is a cold overcast day out there, but you won't be outside too long; the warm car will be nearby. Any questions?"

The naked girl gulped again and quietly said, "No, I understand."

The photographer, Michael Warfield, took over at this point, "Amy, we've already selected the locations of the shots. Baskind Fountain, the main gate, the steps of Kameron Hall, and then the places where these four photos were taken. I've already figured out the poses, and so I don't think any of these pictures will take very long. Oh, incidentally, I'm taking all of these in black and white mode on my digital camera, and then Darren will add the greenish tinge on the computer. Are you a photographer? Do you want to know all the camera settings that I'm going to be using?"

Amy gave a weak smile and said, "No, I wouldn't really understand them anyway. But thanks for asking."

Farmer said, "Okay, let's go. We'll use my car."

Amy noticed that Stobridge and Warfield each grabbed a heavy coat from the rack before following her and Farmer back out into the hallway.

At the car, Farmer said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, you sit in back with Mr. Strobridge. Mr. Warfield, you can ride shotgun."

Amy hesitated for just a moment thinking that one of the men would open the rear door for her, but none of them offered. So, she opened it herself and was just about to step in when Farmer said, "Oh, please wait, young lady, you need the towel; I don't want any stains on my car seats. Mr. Warfield, please hand her the towel that is on the front passenger seat."

Amy blushed at the little bit of additional embarrassment, but she took the towel from Warfield, re-folded it, and placed it on the back right side car seat. She slammed the door to keep out the cold wind hoping that Farmer would quickly get the heater running. But he was getting something out of the trunk, and she turned to see him putting on a big heavy overcoat. She was shivering as Farmer got back into the car.

But he didn't start the car; instead he said, "Okay, everybody, buckle up. I don't start the car til you're all buckled in." Amy had to fiddle with the seat belt, and it took her a couple of pulls to get it all the way out so she could adjust it between her full boobs. She looked down and saw that the lap belt was covering her pubic hair; she wondered if it was okay to hide her private parts like that, but she said nothing.

A moment later, Farmer started the car, and turned on the heater. But it didn't help the shivering naked girl, because she was seated in back and the heater seemed to be set to warm only the front seat. Again, she said nothing and leaned her bare back against the cool leather seat. She could feel the dweeby Strobridge's eyes looking at her boobs. Amy just looked straight ahead.

Just after they pulled out of the parking lot, Amy's body shivered noticeably. Strobridge saw her tits quiver and then the goosebumps appeared. And he said, "Uh, Dr. Farmer, could you please turn up the heat? I think Amy is pretty cold back here. Are the rear vents open?" Amy smiled at him and silently mouthed, "Thank you".

Farmer said, "Oh, sorry about that, Miss Suzuki. I don't usually have backseat passengers." He twisted a knob and changed another setting. "There, can you feel it now?" Amy said, "Yes, that's much better. Thanks."

There was silence for a couple of minutes as they drove. Then, as they pulled into a parking lot near the quad, Warfield said, "First stop, Baskind Fountain. Amy, I'm going to give you a handful of coins, and you'll toss them into the water. Okay?"

The car came to a stop, and Amy said, "Okay, I understand."

The three bundled up men and the naked girl got out of the car and walked the hundred feet or so to the fountain. Warfield said, "Okay, it's cold out here; so, let's do this fast. Amy, stand next to the fountain and put your left foot up on the edge. I'll be off to the left side, and I want you to toss in the coins one at a time into the fountain with your right hand. Keep your left arm at your side; I want your left nipple in view as I shoot from slightly behind you."

Amy assumed the position, raising her foot about 20" up to the stone slab at the edge of the fountain. She flinched a bit as Warfield put his hands on her bare waist to adjust her just so. Then, he handed her about a dozen pennies.

He retreated off to her left side and knelt down. Farmer and Strobridge were out of the picture, but they were standing together on the right side of the fountain and Amy knew that they could clearly see her pussy and breasts as she tossed in a coin. Warfield had her make several more tosses as he clicked off the photos; he had her adjust her hair and turn just slightly a few times during the sequence.

After about five minutes, Warfield said, "Okay, that's all for this spot." And Amy tossed in the rest of the coins and dashed back to the warm car. Even the men in their coats, hurried back to the car.

As they pulled out of the parking lot, Warfield said, "Let's go over to Kameron next. There's a lot right next to it. We'll use the mortarboard here, Amy, and we want you to be walking up the steps. Also, I've got a diploma folder here that you can carry."

A minute later they pulled into the lot. Amy was thankful to see that it was empty and she didn't see any people on the sidewalks either. The group walked up the slight hill to the front porch of Kameron. She knew this spot very well as this was the entrance she took each day to go to Knoxx's office.

She wanted to wrap her arms across her chest to provide just a tiny bit of warmth, but she knew that wasn't permitted. So, she just stood there for the moment as Warfield described the pose. "I want to try this a couple of different ways. First, I want you to be actually walking up the steps, and I'll be shooting you from up here on the steps. Carry the diploma folder down near your groin so that it blocks your pussy in kind of a natural way. Then, the other way I want to do it is similar to the fountain shot; I'll have you stand still with a foot on the first step again with the folder held over your pubic area. I'll shoot from off to the side."

He handed her the mortarboard which she put on, and then she took the diploma folder that he held out to her. She gave it an envious look; she sincerely hoped that she would get one of these for real in a couple of weeks. Then, she waited as Warfield went up onto the porch. After he got the camera aimed on her, he said, "Okay, Amy start walking up the steps. Be sure to keep the folder down there in a natural position. I'll probably click off enough shots that at least one of them will have the folder blocking out your pussy."

Amy sighed and followed his instructions. Even though her pussy wouldn't be shown in these pictures, the rest of her front would be - face and boobs would be in full view. As she made the short walk, she heard the camera click several times. At the top of the short flight of stairs, she stopped and waited as Warfield checked the photos on the camera's little screen. He smiled and said, "Yeah, I got at least three here with your vulva hidden. Good. Let's go back down to the bottom step again, and I'll set you up for the next ones."

He guided her down the steps and showed her where to stand. He said, "Okay, Amy, left foot up on the first step, hold the folder with your right hand near your groin, and tilt your head up as if looking up the columns to the building's name up there on the facade above the portico. I'm going to be here on your right shooting up your body."

Amy followed his instructions and from the corner of her eye, she saw him kneeling down right next to her bare right leg. He said, "Amy, move your right arm back just a bit so your tit is showing. Sorry for the gross language, but you know what I mean. That's it." And she stood still as he clicked off several more pictures moving just a bit and changing the exposure setting a few times.

She continued to hold the pose as he reviewed the pictures. As soon as he said they were okay, she ran to the car again where she rubbed her arms in a vain attempt to warm up as she waited for the men to return.

After they all got seated and the heater was going full blast again, Farmer said, "Where to next?"

"Let's go over to the main gate", Warfield replied. "There is street parking right in front. Hopefully, it won't all be used up by the churchgoers."

Amy cringed when hearing about the churchgoers; she had kind of forgotten that it was Sunday morning and there was a church right there on the other side of the street. That might mean that strangers would be watching her embarrassing poses. Even more people would be seeing her naked body.

It only took a couple of minutes to drive over to the main gate. Warfield said, "Hey, we're in luck. There's a spot right in front. Cool."

A gust of wind hit Amy's naked body as she got out of the car, and she shivered. But she slowly trudged up to the "Bancroft University" sign where the men were waiting. Then, Warfield said, "Okay, I want to do several things here. I want cap and diploma with her going both directions. Then the same just carrying books. And finally with her leaning against this famous sign."

Amy looked around, and sure enough, a small crowd was gathering. She guessed that they were on their way to the church, but she didn't know for sure. She sighed and then followed the photographer's instructions. The first shot showed her bare behind as she walked into the gate carrying the diploma folder and wearing the mortarboard. Then, she did the same walk, but Warfield was standing in front taking a frontal view of her body; she had to carry the folder low enough to cover her pussy. Next he gave her two textbooks to carry and they repeated the same walking poses. During a brief pause between poses, she looked at the books and saw that one was a calculus book and the other was an art history book with an old-time drawing of a naked woman on the cover. She smirked to herself on seeing the art book.

The final pose had her standing in front of the university sign. Warfield had her lean back against the sign with her legs slightly spread. He then told her to cover her pussy with the art history book with the cover showing; he adjusted her arms so that she was not covering her breasts.

She was relieved when he said he was finished, and she dashed for the car to warm up. But Farmer yelled at her, "Miss Suzuki, we're going to walk over to the next spot." The cold girl sullenly turned around and rejoined the group. Warfield said, "Sorry, Amy, I should have mentioned that two of the last four sites are just over here in the garden behind the main gate." And a few moments later, Warfield pointed at the bench and said, "This is where we did that first photo with the Underwoods. Please, Amy, sit on the bench, and just look around as if enjoying nature. I'm going to shoot you from behind; turn your head just a bit so I get a slight profile."

Amy now realized where they were and she understood why they didn't have to drive in the warm car, because there was no closer parking spot. She sat down on the very cold stone bench, followed his instructions, and waited for him to take several shots.

Next they walked a little bit further down one of the narrow garden paths to the location of the second photo. This is where the Underwoods were walking hand-in-hand, and Amy kind of wished that she had a special man in her life to hold her hand here. She smiled to herself as she thought about the nice meeting with Dwight Henderson yesterday at the concert; she thought silently, "I'll bet that he'd make a great lover. I wish he were here now." But then she realized that Dwight would also have to be naked for the photo, and she knew that it wouldn't be right to suck him into her naked punishment.

So, Warfield just asked her to walk slowly down the path looking at the garden around her. He took several photos from behind, and then handed her the art history book again to cover her pubic area as he took frontal photos on the path.

After they finished those photos, Farmer said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, go ahead and run back to the car and warm up; here is the remote to unlock the car doors." Amy grabbed the remote control device and dashed back to the car. There were still a bunch of people milling around the main gate as the naked girl unlocked the doors and got into the back seat. She realized that the ignition key was also attached to the remote unit, and she momentarily thought, "Gosh, it would be nice to just drive away from here." But she just settled back in the seat and waited for the men to return.

The last two photo sites were about a half mile away, and Farmer drove to the nearby parking lot. The bench was close by, and Warfield took only frontal photos of Amy sitting on the steel slatted bench. He had her cross her legs and then hold up the art history book as if reading it in such a way that it covered most of the view of her boobs - just a bit of her left nipple was showing.

The final site was just down a path from the bench. Warfield posed her in front of a bush that had very big leaves, and he had her bend and stretch her body so that her pussy and one breast were hidden behind the leaves. He told her to give him an "oh-you-caught-me-naked" look as he shot the photo with her right breast in clear view. Amy wasn't so sure she'd had the right look on her face, but Warfield was satisfied.

Amy was really cold now, and she was very happy to be back in the car as they drove back to the BUF office. The goosebumps had returned and her tits were rock hard. And Strobridge was watching her boobs again.

Back in the computer lab, Farmer said, "Okay, Mr. Strobridge, you're up now, and Miss Suzuki and Mr. Warfield will help you with the layout. Since you've helped us in the past, you know the tools and generally what we want. The only guideline that I will provide is that we want to keep the same general flavor to the ads as we had with the Underwoods. Otherwise, please see what you can do in the next hour."

Amy uncertainly walked over next to Strobridge who had sat down in front of the computer. She said, "What do you want me to do, Darren?"

Strobridge looked at her pretty boobs rather than her face and said, "Umm, well, Mike and I are going to use the two computers to process the photos. So, while we're doing that, why don't you look over those old brochures to see what changes you might make to the wording or the layout? Use this magic marker to scribble changes on those pages, which are still over on the table. Mike can use the laptop to scan through the hundred or so pictures and pick out the best ones and feed them to me. I can change the black and white over to green and white. Okay?"

Amy walked back over to the table and was just about to sit down in the chair, but Warfield said, "Uh, Amy, can I use that chair? I've got a back problem and bending over the computer would probably trigger an episode of spasms. So, I'd like to sit down in front of the computer rather than standing in front of it."

The naked girl just nodded and looked around the lab for another chair, but there weren't any more. So, she stood on one side of the table, and Warfield sat down across from her. She didn't mind standing to study the brochures, but when she had to bend over to mark her suggestions on the pages, she knew that Warfield had a perfect view of her hanging boobs from his seat opposite her. She could feel his occasional glances as she wrote down her ideas. She thought it was a nice change to use her brain rather than her body, even though her beautiful body was still on full display for the three men.

She reworked the paragraph on one of the brochures so that it would appeal better to a younger audience, and she made a few changes to the overall layout such as removing the borders so that the photo, the paragraph, and the application form all sort of flowed together on the sheet. She really wanted to change the "Are you in the BUF?" title, because she knew that it would be herself that would appear in the buff on the new brochure. But she realized that would be too big of a change for Farmer to accept, and also, she actually thought the play on words was kind of cute. So, she left it alone.

After about 10 minutes of this, she went over to Strobridge and said, "I've got some ideas. Are you ready to start laying out a new page?"

"Yeah", he said. "Put the marked up page here next to the computer, and then look over my shoulder as I work them in. I've already got one of Mike's photos on the screen, and I can cut and paste things from the old brochure, if we need to. Okay?"

Amy just said, "Good". And they spent the next couple of minutes combining the photo and Amy's changes into the new document. Once she had to bend way over to point to something on the computer screen, and her left nipple lightly brushed Strobridge's bare arm. She blushed and looked at him to apologize, but he was looking at her drooping boobs and her pussy; so, she just moved a couple of inches out of his way.

Strobridge printed out the new document, and he and the naked girl looked it over. Amy spotted a spelling mistake, but otherwise she thought it looked okay, even though the picture in it showed her bare right breast while she was looking up at the columns and facade of Kameron Hall with the mortarboard on her head. They corrected the mistake and slightly darkened the green color. Strobridge re-printed it and handed it over to Farmer.

For the next half hour or so, they worked together on three other similar documents. Amy modified the wording slightly in each one, and Strobridge used three more of Warfield's photos. One of the photos was a full frontal of her walking out of the main gate with only the art history book strategically positioned in front of her pussy, but both breasts were fully shown. Another showed her bare behind as she walked down the garden path. And the third showed her from the side tossing a coin into the fountain; her left nipple was clearly erect in this picture.

Farmer was very pleased with the new brochures and said, "Well done, everyone. This is just the kind of thing I had in mind. I'll show them to my staff tomorrow morning and then have some printed up for distribution. And we will probably want you to lay out a few more for us using some of the other photos taken today." Amy blanched at this, because today was the only scheduled visit to BUF. Were they going to make her come back here again?

Farmer looked at his watch and said, "All right, Miss Suzuki, we need to leave to go over to the reception." Amy shook hands with Warfield and Strobridge, and then she followed Farmer out to the car.

Farmer told her that it was okay to sit in the front seat, but Amy knew she had to move the towel from the rear seat and she did that without saying a word. The naked girl then climbed in and pulled the seat belt across between her heaving breasts. She was very apprehensive as she thought about mingling naked with the group of alumni.

Chapter 20 - The Naked Waitress

Before he started the car, Farmer made an exaggerated display of adjusting Amy's white panties which were currently serving as a decorative handkerchief in his suit pocket. He glanced over at the totally nude girl and silently smirked.

A moment later, Amy was surprised when Farmer turned left rather than right out of the parking lot. The Student Union was only a few blocks to the right. She said, "Uhh, Dr. Farmer, isn't the reception at the union?"

Farmer replied, "Yes, it is, but I need to pick up my wife first." And Amy wordlessly dropped her head and closed her eyes; she was certain that this was going to be some additional humiliation for her.

Amy felt tears well up in her eyes even though she kept them shut. She pondered her current predicament. She was riding totally nude in a strange car with a well-dressed man to some unknown location. She felt extremely vulnerable, but there was nothing she could do about the situation; she just had to endure it.

After a few minutes, the car slowed down and turned into a driveway. Amy opened her eyes and saw a well-maintained Cape Cod style house on a tree-lined street. It looked like a nice, upper-class neighborhood, but she really didn't know where she was.

Farmer said, "Please come on into the house with me. I know that this is going to take several minutes, and it's warmer in there than it will be here in the car." Amy wasn't sure about this, because the car's heater had done a wonderful job of blowing warm air onto her naked body the last few minutes. But she understood from the tone in his voice that this was more of an order than a suggestion. She sighed, got out of the car, and followed him through the door into the house's entryway.

She hesitantly continued to follow him into the living room, and she felt extremely uncomfortable being naked in such a cozy, normal room that was filled with family photos and knick-knacks.

Farmer had a puzzled look on his face and yelled, "Hi, honey, I'm home. Jamie, Evie, anybody home?"

A moment later there was a clatter of feet running down the stairs, and two teenage girls appeared. They stopped in their tracks and gaped when they saw Amy in all of her naked glory. A moment later, an older woman came down the stairs and paused on seeing the naked girl.

Farmer was just about to speak, when his wife spoke up, "Well, well, Gav, you've got another pretty one for your 'In the BUF' campaign." She turned to her daughters and said, "Girls, you've seen a naked woman before. Stop staring and go shake hands with her."

Amy gulped and stepped forward. As she shook hands with the older girl, she said in almost a whisper, "Hi, I'm Amy." The girl replied, "Hello, I'm Evelyn. People call me Evie." Amy silently shook the hand of the other girl, who said, "I'm Jamie. Nice to meet you."

The girls were wearing casual clothes, jeans and sweatshirts, but the older woman was nicely dressed in a dark green business-like outfit, which was cut a bit too low in the front exposing a lot of cleavage - but not nearly as much cleavage as Amy was showing! The woman turned to her daughters and said, "Okay, you've both got homework due tomorrow. Please go upstairs and continue working on it." The two girls hugged their father and then they gave Amy a parting look as they went back upstairs. Amy heard them giggling as they got to the top of the stairs.

The woman stepped forward and Amy expected her to introduce herself and shake hands as well, but instead the woman slowly circled Amy looking her up and down. She felt the woman gently lift her long hair when she was behind Amy's bare back. A second later, she felt the woman's hand lightly lift her left butt cheek.

As the woman returned to face the naked girl, she cupped Amy's left breast with her hand and gently tweaked the nipple with her thumb. Then, she looked at her Amy's bare pussy and said, "Well, Gav dear, you've done really well this time. You've got a real woman who looks like the rest of us." And she quickly brushed Amy's pubic hair while saying, "A nice full bush. Unlike that other one. What was her name? Ivy?"

Farmer corrected, "Eva. Eva Cobb helped us last time."

"Oh, that's right", the lady replied. "She probably thought her shaved mound was something special. But I prefer this." And she brushed her hand more forcefully through Amy's pubic hair. Amy bent her butt slightly backward, but she knew she needed to stand still for this.

Amy was only slightly surprised to hear Eva's name mentioned. It made perfect sense for the campus nude to perform the task that Farmer had told Amy that she'd be doing today - that is, serving drinks in the buff.

The husband said, "Actually, honey, her bush was even fuller earlier in the week, but we asked her to trim it. I think it looks really good right now, doesn't it?"

The woman looked closely at Amy's pussy again and said, "Yeah, Gavin, it is nicely trimmed." And once again, she brushed her hand through it as Amy blushed. The woman continued, "Honey, I'm almost ready. Please take this one out to the car, and I'll be there shortly."

Amy heard herself referred to as "this one", and that only intensified her embarrassment. She was just another naked body to this woman. She didn't even know the other woman's name yet, and she was pretty sure the woman did not know Amy's name either.

Farmer led her back to the car and told her to sit in the back seat. Amy sullenly moved the towel from the right front seat to the right rear seat, and she climbed in back while Farmer took the driver's seat. They waited silently for a few minutes.

The woman climbed into the car and immediately started jabbering about the kids' homework. And after they'd driven a block or so, she changed the subject to the maid coming tomorrow. And on it went about several different topics, and Amy tuned her out. And the husband said almost nothing either.

Then the woman said, "Well, sweetie, how has your day gone so far?"

Amy continued to stare out the window and was surprised by the moment of silence. Then, the husband said, "Uhh, Miss Suzuki, my wife is speaking to you. It's not polite to ignore her question."

Amy was jolted back to the present and stammered, "Wh-what? I'm sorry, Mrs. Farmer, I didn't realize you were talking to me. What was the question?"

The woman said, "Oh, sorry, I didn't make that clear, because I don't know your name. Gavin didn't properly introduce us. I'm Joyce Farmer."

The naked girl replied, "And I'm Amy Suzuki."

"Oh", Mrs. Farmer replied, "You're the underpants girl, aren't you? I saw the bulletin on a couple of boards yesterday. Underpants Amy is what I heard someone call you, right? But, my dear, you're naked now. Where are your underpants anyway?"

Amy stammered some more, "Uhh, uhh, I'm not permitted to wear them today. Part of my punishment is to be naked while performing community service."

The lady pressed the issue, "Okay, but where are your underpants right now?"

Amy was relieved when the husband cut in here, "Actually, darling, I have them here in my pocket. I will return her panties to her after the reception."

"But why is she nude right now? The reception doesn't start for another half hour or so", the woman persisted.

As Farmer pulled the car into the union parking lot, he said, "Well, darling, I guess it's because I told her to. She was naked this morning and would be naked this afternoon; so, it kind of made sense to just keep her that way."

As the car stopped, Mrs. Farmer said, "Let me see the underpants. Where are they?" Then, she laughed when she saw her husband pull Amy's panties from his breast pocket. She giggled, "Oh, that's cute, Gav. I'll fold them nicely for you and put them back there in a few minutes."

The three of them got out of the car, and Amy shivered as the cold wind hit her bare body. The lady smirked as she looked over Amy's panties, and then she dangled the panties from her left hand while she lovingly grasped her husband's hand with her other hand; they talked quietly to each other as they started walking to the union building holding hands.

Naked Amy glumly followed them several steps behind. She noticed that there were quite a few people around now; she suspected it was the usual Sunday-after-church crowd coming to the cafeteria for lunch. She was really cold as well as really embarrassed at having so many eyes looking at her. She also wondered how the Farmers would react if one of their two teenage daughters was required to remain naked like Amy was. Amy had noticed how well filled out the older daughter, Evie, was, and Amy guessed the girl was about 17 years old and probably the girl was just as good looking underneath her jeans and sweatshirt as Amy was. Would they allow their daughter to be forced to parade around totally nude like Amy was right now?

After several yards, Mrs. Farmer turned around and waved her arm and said sarcastically, "Come on, Underpants-less Amy. Don't be a slow poke." She turned back to her husband and they both laughed loudly.

But it was actually the Farmers who were setting the slow pace, and Amy just plodded along after them wishing that they would speed up so she could get inside out of the cold wind. She watched her panties sway from the woman's hand; she wished she had even that tiny bit of covering.

Finally, they got inside the lower level of the Student Union and made their way to the meeting room, which had the sign reading "Foundation Reception. Are you in the BUF?" Farmer unlocked the door and the three of them walked into the big empty room. Amy was happy to see that no one else had arrived early.

Almost immediately, Joyce Farmer held up Amy's panties and started to inspect them. She said, "You know, darling, we need to be careful about folding these again. We don't want these stains showing." And she showed her husband the slight stains in the crotch of the panties. The woman went on, "Well, sweetie, it looks like you were turned on earlier today. These stains are at the very bottom of the crotch, which tells me they're not pee stains but pussy juice stains. Does walking around naked or almost naked turn you on?"

Amy blushed and she wanted to just ignore the question, but she knew that she'd better say something, and so, she just told the truth, "Yeah, a little bit, I guess."

The woman reached into her purse and said, "That's what I thought. You'll get some more opportunities this afternoon. But maybe we should check you out, and make sure that you're at least dry to start out. Please come here and spread your legs. I've got some Kleenex here, and we can get you cleaned up."

Amy blushed an even brighter red and reluctantly stepped in front of the lady and slightly spread her legs so that her pussy lips were open. The woman kneeled down, reached between her legs, and patted Amy's pussy with the tissues. When the woman withdrew her hand, Amy started to close her legs, but the woman said, "No, sweetie, I'm not done. Wider, please." Amy did as the woman ordered, and Mrs. Farmer used an even bigger bunch of Kleenex to wipe Amy's entire crease more thoroughly. When she was done, the lady displayed the slightly damp tissues for Amy's inspection and then she showed them to her husband as well before tossing them in the trash. Tears of extreme embarrassment filled the naked girl's eyes, but Amy stood there with her feet well apart until the woman said she could stand normally.

The woman examined the panties some more and then asked, "Gav, what's this red mark on the rear rim?"

Farmer explained how Knoxx had marked the panties to be sure that they had been approved by the committee. Mrs. Farmer nodded, but said, "Well, why red? Why not our school color - dark green?" The man just shrugged and admitted that he didn't know.

The woman persisted, "Well, I think she should wear only green and white striped panties for her punishment to show her support for the school's athletic teams. And maybe a little smaller than these, because these pretty much cover her cheeks. Oh, I know, how about a thong with a little green and white triangle in front to just cover her bush and a green strap running up through her butt crack?"

But Farmer explained how the committee wanted her feeling embarrassed rather than feeling sexy, and that's why the plain panties were selected.

The woman shrugged and said, "Okay, I guess I understand. But let's put a little bit of green and white on her for the reception. You said she's required to be naked this afternoon, but how about a bow in her hair - that is the hair on top of her head, not down there. And maybe a green and white garter. And some frilly green cuffs for her wrists."

Her husband smiled and said, "Yeah, Joyce, that's a good idea. But where are you going to get that stuff at the last minute like this?"

"Oh, the gift shop upstairs will have it", the wife said. "Come on, sweetie, we're going shopping." And she tossed Amy's white panties to her husband, grabbed Amy's hand, and dragged her out of the room.

As they got out into the hallway, Amy was resisting and pulling back, but then she gave in as she knew she had to, and she let the woman lead her by her hand up the stairs to the main floor of the union. They went past the busy cafeteria, which had some rarely used overflow tables in the hallway but even these tables were full of Sunday brunch diners. And those diners got the enticing close-up view of the naked girl being pulled along by the nicely dressed woman.

Amy was actually relieved when they got to the gift shop, because there were only a couple of people shopping as well as the cashier. Joyce Farmer led Amy back to the clothing area, which was a sea of dark green and white clothes of all styles - sweatshirts, caps, pajamas, skirts, polo shirts, underwear, etc. All inscribed with the Bancroft crest or logo. They quickly found the garter and the bow for her hair, but they could not find the frilly cuffs. Mrs. Farmer said, "Sweetie, go ask the cashier, and I'll continue to look here."

The naked girl reluctantly went back to the cash register and said to the girl who was standing there, "Uhh, do you have, uhh, cuffs that I could wear on my wrists?"

The girl cashier had been staring at Amy ever since she came into the store, and she now focused on Amy's boobs while answering, "You mean like handcuffs? Are you into S&M as well as streaking? Oh, I get it, Chancellor Knoxx and his punishment crew are gonna do something extreme. Maybe cuff your hands behind you for an entire day? Something like that?"

Amy blushed and said, "No, none of that. I'm sorry. I, umm, meant ruffled ones, maybe made of lace, like a French maid outfit."

"Oh, the sexy kind", the cashier replied. "And that would also make sense for you, wouldn't it? Yeah, I think we've got some of those back there somewhere. Come on, I'll show you where to look." And the cashier was getting into this humiliate-the-naked-girl routine, and she roughly grabbed Amy by the elbow and led her back to the clothing section.

Joyce Farmer frowned as the two girls came back and said, "I don't see them here. Oh, good, you've brought the sales girl."

The young cashier said, "They are either up there on the top shelf at the back or down here in the cupboard below. I'll check down here; you look up there. There's a short ladder over there if you need it."

Mrs. Farmer looked at Amy and said, "Well, sweetie, I'm sure as hell not climbing up there. Go get the ladder and check where she said."

The naked girl sighed, went over to get the five-foot high step ladder, brought it back, and set it up in front of the tall shelf in the corner. She tentatively climbed up to the next-to-the-top step, and started moving items around on the shelf looking for the cuffs. No luck there, but there was one more shelf that was higher up, and Amy had to get up on the very top of the ladder, even though the warning label said not to stand on that top step. Her naked body was now on full display, and a small crowd of people had come into the shop to watch. Joyce Farmer held the ladder and Amy shifted her feet slightly to get in a somewhat solid position. She had to almost get on her tiptoes to peek up onto the top shelf, and then she spotted the cuffs in a small display box. She grabbed the box and tossed it down to Mrs. Farmer who said, "Good, sweetie. Stay there for a moment and I'll check to see if this is what we want."

The woman took her hands off of the ladder as she caught the box and while she checked out the frilly wrist cuffs. The ladder wobbled a tiny bit which caused Amy to gasp, but she braced her arms against the shelf to hold the ladder and her body completely still while she waited there with her bare butt on dramatic display for the crowd. Amy thought it took the woman a bit too long to evaluate the cuffs, but finally, the woman said, "Yeah, sweetie, these will work. I've taken two out of the box. And here, I'll hand the box back up to you." Amy went one step down and then had to carefully bend down to take the box from the woman, and she knew her boobs were now the center of attention swaying in full view. She gingerly stood back on the top step, slid the box back into its spot, and climbed down the ladder.

Mrs. Farmer said, "All right, let's try these on, just to be sure." And she grabbed the garter and told Amy to lift her left foot. The woman slid the garter up Amy's leg to just above the knee. She stepped back, pondered a moment, and said, "Nope, up a little higher. We want to draw attention to your little treasure spot, don't we?" And she fluffed up Amy's pubic hair before sliding the garter up to about two inches below her pussy.

She slid the two cuffs onto Amy's wrists, and then held up the hair bow. The woman said, "Yep, this is going to work. I've got some hairpins in my purse that we can use with the bow. Okay, sweetie, take them off, and we'll go pay for them."

Amy took off the garter and the cuffs, and then slowly started walking back to the front counter. As the cashier and Mrs. Farmer joined her, Amy then continued to walk towards the door. But Joyce Farmer said, "Whoa, sweetie, where are you going so fast? You need to pay for these."

Amy gave her a blank stare and said, "But Mrs. Farmer, I don't have any money with me."

"I know that", the woman replied, "But surely you have one of those university charge accounts."

Amy was just about to say that she did have such an account, but the cashier girl said, "We can only do that charge if we see some ID - either a driver's license or preferably her student ID card."

Tears started to form in Amy's eyes as she shook her head and said, "I'm totally naked here, and I obviously don't have an ID or any money with me. But you know who I am - everybody on campus now knows who I am. Can't you just charge it to my account?"

The cashier vigorously shook her head, "No, my boss is adamant about that. No charge without an ID."

Mrs. Farmer spoke up, "Well, sweetie, we've got a quandary here, don't we? How about if I lend you the money and you can pay me back, okay?"

Amy smiled through her tears and said, "Yes, that will work. Thank you." And Mrs. Farmer got out a credit card and used that to pay for the items. As they left the store, Mrs. Farmer whispered to Amy, "You'll get your panties back this afternoon as soon as you pay me back." Amy numbly nodded. And they made the trip back down the hallway, past the crowded cafeteria again, down the stairs, and back into the meeting room.

A few people had arrived early for the reception, and Amy saw them stare at her naked body as she was led back into the room by Joyce Farmer. The early arrivals were two men and a woman probably in their 40's, and the men were nicely dressed in suits, and the woman wore a stylish dress. Mrs. Farmer led Amy to the center of the room, and the three people plus Gavin Farmer gathered around to look at the pretty nude.

Mrs. Farmer said to no one in particular, "Well, we've got to get this one ready." She opened the bag of items, turned to Amy, and said, "Okay, sweetie, lift your left leg." Amy blushed as the lady slid the garter up so that it was just below her pussy. The lady then slid on the lacy wrist cuffs. And finally, she stepped behind Amy and pinned the green and white bow to her long hair.

Amy blushed a bright red as Mrs. Farmer plus the four other people looked her over. Amy wondered why the addition of a few bits of clothing added to her embarrassment. The five people all agreed that the naked girl looked gorgeous in her adornments.

And just then, Amy's stomach growled loudly, and all of the assembled people looked at her bare tummy. Amy blush intensified, and she quietly said, "Oh, I'm sorry about that. I guess I'm hungry."

Mrs. Farmer replied, "Well, sweetie, we can't have you growling at the guests, can we? So, let's see what we can do about that. I'm sure the cook back in the kitchenette can spare a few bits off of the trays that you'll be carrying shortly." She grabbed Amy's arm and guided her to the little kitchen attached to the meeting room.

In the kitchen, Amy saw only one person, a short man about 30 years old. He looked up and said, "Well, hello, Mrs. Farmer, nice to see you again." But he never took his eyes off of Amy, and she saw the eyes scan her from head to toe.

"Hello, Bryce", the lady replied, "Let me introduce you to your helper for this event. This is Emma Suzuki. And sweetie, this is Bryce Crawford, the owner of Crawford's Catering."

Amy tentatively stepped forward and shook his hand. He said, "Hello, Emma, nice to meet you."

"Umm, actually, my name is Amy, not Emma", she said quietly. "Nice to meet you, too, Mr. Crawford."

Joyce Farmer said nothing about her faux pas and went on, "Well, Bryce, this pretty young thing is hungry. We could hear her stomach rumbling from across the room. Please let her nibble on the snacks for a few minutes, before we get going." After a brief pause, she continued, "Okay, sweetie, I'll leave you in the capable hands of this young man." And she turned and left.

When they were alone, Crawford said a little bit too gruffly, "Okay, Miss, I don't care what your first name is. Your name is Suzuki, right?" Amy nodded as the man continued, "So, Suzuki, here's how this is going to work. You're going to quickly eat some of those scraps over there; they're not garbage, they are just rejects from the snack tray that don't look so good. Then, you're going to fill a bunch of wine glasses, put them on a tray, and start passing them out. As far as I'm concerned, you're my replacement employee this afternoon. I say replacement, because I originally planned to have two of my assistants do the serving today, but Dr. Farmer called yesterday and told me to use you instead, and he told me to cut $200 off of my bill, since I don't need to supply the servers. Well, he may compliment you for saving the foundation some money, but let me tell you, I'm not that happy at all about losing that money, and my two young employees aren't happy about losing out on the $75 they would have earned. This is the second time he's done this to me using some pretty naked young thing instead of my competent assistants. So, you're going to work hard for me today. Got it, Suzuki?"

Amy was taken aback by his tone and meekly replied, "Yes, I understand, Mr. Crawford."

Crawford took a couple of steps towards the corner of the room and said, "Good. Now, the scraps are back here. Stand here at the table and eat whatever you want off of this heap. There's a paper cup back there that you can use for some water - no alcohol for you today. And don't sit on that chair! Don't sit on anything this afternoon. The health inspector would have a conniption fit if he knew we had a naked lady in here. He doesn't like strands of hair in the kitchen much less whatever might come out of your lower orifices."

He went on, "All right, Suzuki. You've got 5 minutes. Then, get going on the wine." He went back to his preparation.

Amy started to tear up, because she wasn't used to be spoken to like that. She tore off a paper towel and wiped her eyes, and then she looked over what he had called "the heap". She actually smiled, because she thought it looked delicious. There were several little quiches about 2 inches in diameter, and the only thing she could see wrong with them were tiny bits of crust that had flaked off. And there was a bowl full of raw vegetables - carrot and celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, and bite-size pieces of broccoli. And there was a bowl of cheddar cheese squares next to a bunch of broken crackers. To her eye, there was nothing wrong with the vegetables or cheese except that they weren't all exactly the same size like the ones stacked neatly on the serving tray on the counter.

She quickly gobbled down the discarded quiches, several of the vegetables, as well as the pieces of cheese. She especially liked the quiche and wished that there were more defective ones. But she quietly finished eating enough to hold her until dinner time. And after a quick drink of water, the naked girl hesitantly walked over to the cook and said, "Okay, Mr. Crawford, I'm ready to start."

He said, "The wine glasses are in that tall floor-to-ceiling cabinet. There are three kinds there; I want the middle size, not the goblets or the champagne flutes. Get out 30 glasses. I want 30 sparkling glasses; if there aren't 30 clean ones, I want you to wash the dirty ones in the sink over there."

Amy just nodded and plodded over to the tall cabinet. The medium size glasses were on the higher shelves, but she was able to get about 20 without effort. However, the others were just out of reach. So, she looked around for a ladder - for the second time in the last 15 minutes. But the only thing available was a little foot high stool. She tried that, but she was only able to get a few glasses before she felt the stool starting to slide a little bit.

So, she climbed down and asked, "Mr. Crawford, can you help me, please?"

Crawford came over and Amy said, "Could you try to get those last few glasses down for me? Please?"

He grumbled, "Can't you see that I'm shorter than you are? If you can't reach them, I certainly can't either. Get back up there on your tiptoes, and I'll hold the stool still with my foot and hold you still with my hands."

So, once again, Amy got on her tiptoes on a shaky little device, and as she was reaching up, she felt his hands on her hips. She flinched a bit at his touch, but this little bit of support was just enough for her to reach several more glasses which she gingerly retrieved one at a time. By the time that she got the final glass, his hands were on her sides just below her boobs, and she felt his fingers creep onto her breasts as she got down from the little stool.

She determined that all of the glasses were clean enough to use, and Crawford showed her how much wine to pour in each glass. But just as she was about to start putting the glasses on the serving tray, he asked, "Have you ever been a waitress in a restaurant?"

"No", she answered, "Why?"

He went on, "Well, an experienced waitress would know how to carry that tray with one hand, and I think it would be an interesting sight for a pretty naked lady to deftly carry that tray one-handed. Let's have you practice a little bit. Here, let's use empty paper cups rather than full wine glasses."

Hesitantly, Amy stepped around to face Crawford. He said, "Okay, hold up your right hand with the palm up above your shoulder. Like you are shooting a free throw in basketball." Amy did as he asked and Crawford placed the foot-in-diameter tray on her hand. He stepped back and looked at the lovely sight with all of Amy's naked charms exposed, and he said, "Now, walk around the kitchen."

But after only a couple of steps, the tray tipped and all of the cups tumbled to the floor. Amy kneeled down, picked up the cups, re-loaded the tray, and tried again. But this time, she stubbed her toe on a chair and the entire tray fell to the floor in a loud clatter.

Crawford sighed and said, "All right, let's have you try the easier position. Hand out, palm up. You know, kind of like a panhandler?" Amy reloaded the tray and Crawford laid it on her outstretched hand. Crawford said, "Doing it this way kind of blocks the view of your good stuff, you know, your right boobie, but at least, you'll be able to see the cups. Go ahead; around the kitchen."

The naked girl was more confident in this position, and she made it almost all the way around the kitchen before the tray tipped and fell to the floor. Crawford said exasperatingly, "Oh, hell, Suzuki. This isn't going to work, because you'll just make a mess. Use two hands. And let's make sure that you'll be able to handle it this way."

Amy wasn't really surprised that she had trouble with the tray, because she never considered herself to be very coordinated; she had experienced similar trouble balancing things all of her life. She sullenly reloaded the tray with the cups and carried it around the kitchen a couple of times. Crawford mockingly said, "Bravo!" Amy was thankful that she'd at least passed this seemingly simple test.

And so the naked girl put six glasses on a serving tray and filled them part way up with the white wine.

Amy picked up the tray, and flinched as Crawford placed his hands on her bare waist again as he made a few adjustments and gave her last minute instructions. Then, she used her bare butt to shove open the swinging door into the meeting room. As she turned, she saw that several more people had arrived, and the conversation stopped when they spotted her.

The naked waitress came over to the group and silently reached out the tray with her two hands offering the drinks. But there were 9 people there plus Farmer and his wife, and she only had 6 glasses of wine. So, as soon as the last glass was lifted off of the tray, she quickly turned and headed back to the kitchen.

Just as Amy was about to go back into the kitchen, Joyce Farmer grabbed her arm from behind and angrily said, "Hurry up, Emmy, can't you carry more glasses than that?"

Amy pulled away from her and quietly said, "Sorry. I'll be back in a moment." And she ducked back into the kitchen.

This time, Amy put 8 glasses on the tray and filled them. But Crawford yelled, "No! That's too many glasses for you to do at once." And he took two of the glasses off of the tray.

Crawford gently put his hand on her bare butt and guided her to the door. He pushed the door and held it open for her. A few more people had entered the room, and Amy quickly made the rounds to offer the wine to the guests. But there were still a couple of people without glasses, and Mrs. Farmer glared at her.

Amy scooted back to the kitchen and quickly loaded up the tray with 6 more glasses of wine. As she pushed through the door, she saw that a big group of guests was streaming into the room. And, naturally, they all stared when they saw her naked body.

Amy made three more trips with 6 glasses each time, and now all the guests that wanted wine had it. She had one glass still left on the tray as she finished the last trip. As she turned to return to the kitchen, she heard Gavin Farmer say to her, "Miss Suzuki, please come up here for a moment." Amy turned and saw that he was standing on the low platform at a podium.

She put the tray down on a nearby table and stepped up onto the stage. Farmer guided her to a spot next to the podium; Amy wanted to step behind it, but Farmer took the podium spot himself. And now that her hands were no longer holding the tray, she had a very powerful urge to hold them in front of her breasts or pussy; she had to make a very conscious effort to keep them at her sides. Amy blushed as she faced the crowd of nicely dressed guests.

Farmer tapped his wine glass with his pen to get everyone's attention, and he said, "Everybody, can I have your attention please?" After the conversations faded out, Farmer said, "Ladies and gentlemen, let me officially welcome you to today's reception. As you know, this is an unapologetic plea for all of you to become members of Bancroft University Foundation. That is, we want you in the BUF. That's spelled B-U-F, but as you can see, we have this pretty lady who is already in the buff, spelled B-U-F-F. No, you don't have to go au naturel like her, but we hope that her appearance today will help you appreciate the benefits of being in the BUF." Everyone except Amy laughed at this extensive play on words.

Farmer continued, "This is Amy Suzuki, a student here at Bancroft, and we are fortunate to have her doing the serving today. She is saving the foundation some money by helping out this afternoon." Amy was annoyed because he was implying that she was doing this willingly, but his next words caught her completely off guard. "Miss Suzuki, please say a few words to the group."

Amy hadn't expected to say anything except some light chit-chat at this event, and she didn't know what to say. A myriad of thoughts raced through her head at this instant. Should she apologize for her nudity? Should she explain her nudity? Should she continue the wordplay on "BUF" and "buff"? Should she even mention her nudity at all? Should she tell them about her major and her classes? Should she tell them how important getting her degree was to her?

Finally, she decided to just say something neutral. She gulped and said, "Uhh, hello, everyone. Umm, welcome to today's reception. Let me, umm, repeat what Dr. Farmer said and encourage you to join the foundation. And I, umm, uuhh, hope you enjoy the wine and snacks." She was breathing heavily now, and she knew her breasts were rising and falling noticeably, but she just continued to look out over the heads of the people standing there looking at her. She was blushing a beet red, and she felt her hands spasm in a reflexive reaction to want to cover her private parts, but she deliberately moved them behind her back and firmly held them together there.

After a momentary pause which seemed like a lifetime to Amy, Farmer frowned at her and said, "Thank you, Miss Suzuki. You may return to your serving duties now."

Amy stepped down from the platform, picked up her tray, and returned to the kitchen while Farmer continued addressing the crowd.

Back in the kitchen, she immediately grabbed a paper towel and wiped her eyes. She had to really control herself to avoid breaking out sobbing, because she saw Crawford looking over at her. She knew that Farmer had made her talk to the crowd just to embarrass her further, and it had definitely worked as he intended.

Crawford came over to her and said, "All right, Suzuki. Serve the snacks now." He showed her a bigger tray with a platter holding the neatly cut vegetables, cheese, and crackers along with a stack of paper plates plus toothpicks and napkins. And a bowl of ranch dressing for dipping.

Amy hesitated just a moment to regain her composure, and it was just long enough to cause Crawford to say gruffly, "Come on, Suzuki, get going." And he swatted her on her bare ass fairly hard.

Amy picked up the tray, backed her way through the swinging door with her butt, and returned to the room to serve the snacks. Farmer was still giving his sales pitch to the guests, and she silently moved around the room offering the snacks to the fashionably attired group.

And so for the next two hours, the naked girl served the guests wine and snacks. The alcohol loosened the inhibitions of some of the guests, and Amy felt several surreptitious feels of their fingers on her bare butt. One husband and wife couple even kind of cornered her for a minute or so, and they blatantly fondled her breasts almost causing her to drop the tray of snacks.

The minutes just seemed to creep by. There was a clock on the wall that did not seem to move; everytime Amy looked at it, she swore that the hands never moved. But finally about 3 o'clock, Farmer thanked them all for coming and the crowd started to leave. Amy just put down the tray and stood off to the side as they left. A few of the group came over to shake her hand and get one last look at her gorgeous naked body before leaving.

As Farmer was closing the door, Crawford emerged from the kitchen and yelled, "Okay, Suzuki, help me clean up." Amy was afraid this would happen, and she glanced over at Farmer who just said, "Go ahead. Joyce and I have a few things to do here, and we'll wait for you."

The clean-up went very quickly except for washing the wine glasses. Crawford insisted that the glasses be sparkling clean before returning them to the cabinet. Naturally, Amy had to use the shaky little stool again to put the glasses back on the upper shelves, and Crawford got in some last minute feels of her naked butt and breasts as he supported her on the stool.

It was just before 4PM when Amy said good-bye to Crawford and went back into the meeting room where the Farmers were waiting. Amy wasn't in a very good mood at this point, and when Mrs. Farmer said, "Come on, Ivy, we'll give you a ride home", Amy replied testily, "Mrs. Farmer, my name is Amy. It's not Ivy, Emma, Emmy, or Sweetie or anything else you've called me today. My name is Amy. Got it!" Amy immediately regretted the tone that she had used, but she continued to stare at the woman.

But Mrs. Farmer wasn't phased and said, "Well, whatever. Come on, let's go." Amy started to slip off the wrist cuffs, but the woman said curtly, "Leave those on." And as Amy walked out the door into the hallway, the woman spanked her bare bottom.

The strange trio made the return trip to the car. The couple nicely dressed in their overcoats was followed by the naked girl wearing only a garter, frilly cuffs, and a hair bow. It was just as cold, windy, and overcast as earlier in the day, but the two Farmers didn't seem to be in any hurry to get to the car. Amy sullenly plodded along a few steps behind wishing they would hurry up.

At the car, Amy was glad to have the towel to sit on to keep the cold seat from her bare ass, but the leather seat was very cold on her bare back and on her legs. And Amy could see her breath even after the doors were closed. She shivered and felt her nipples stiffen up, but she kept her hands at her sides on the seat.

Fortunately, the car's heater warmed up rapidly, and Amy was soon somewhat comfortable - at least, temperature-wise. She just silently sat staring out the window as Farmer drove back towards her dorm. All the while, Joyce Farmer continued to jabber away about various topics; her husband responded only occasionally.

Finally, in the dormitory parking lot, Farmer stopped the car, and said, "Well, okay, Miss Suzuki, thanks for your help today. Oh, and here are your panties." He pulled Amy's underpants from his breast pocket and was about to hand them back to Amy, but his wife interrupted, "Wait, Gav. She owes me some money. She only gets her panties after I get my money. She knows that. Don't you, sweetie?" She gave Amy a jeering smile and said, "Oh, pardon me. Don't you, Amy?"

Amy just nodded and quietly said, "I'll go upstairs and get it. How much do I owe you?"

"Well, the credit card receipt shows $35.57 including tax. I'll settle for $35 even. Please hurry."

And so the almost naked girl got out of the car and walked into the dorm lobby. She blushed as she felt the stares of the collection of guys sitting there; they had been watching a baseball game on TV, but they seemed much more interested in her naked body than the game.

She was glad to have the elevator to herself as she rode up to the fourth floor. She scooted through the common area and down the hall to her room. Linda looked up from her desk and smiled at Amy as she walked in, but the smile quickly faded when she saw the strangely adorned almost nude girl. Linda said, "Sooz, what's going on?"

Amy curtly replied, "Hang on. I need to give them some money, but I'll be right back."

As Linda was asking, "Money to who?", Amy silently got $35 from her purse and scooted back out the door. This time she ran down the side stairwell, through the lobby, past the guys again, and back out into the cold weather. She dashed over to the car, tapped on the woman's window, and stepped back as Mrs. Farmer opened the door. Amy handed her the money and then took her panties which the woman handed to her. Amy was about to hurry back inside, but the woman said authoritatively, "Wait, Amy. Please put them on here."

Amy sighed, but she did as instructed. She first slipped off the garter, slid on the panties, and slid the garter back into place on her left leg. The collection of guys watched this through the big lobby window.

The woman held out her hand, and Amy reluctantly shook it and quietly said, "Good-bye." Amy then hurried back into the warm building and up to her room.

She didn't say anything as she entered the room, but she rushed across and buried her head in Linda's shoulder and burst out crying. Linda let her best friend sob into her big fluffy sweater for a couple of minutes. Amy then wiped her eyes, turned up the heat, and then told Linda about her ordeals.

As Amy finished, Linda said, "Oh, sorry, Sooz, I'm late. I'm meeting Mark for dinner and then we're going to study. I gotta go. We'll talk more later." Amy was disappointed, but she understood.

Amy was then able to get in a few minutes of studying before it was time for her to leave again.

Chapter 21 - Knoxx's Little Trick

About 4:45, Amy left to go to Kameron for her meeting with Knoxx. She was glad to be rid of the adornments. It seemed to her that the cuffs, garter, and bow enhanced her nudity and thus her embarrassment rather than providing any additional cover.

It was still cool and overcast; only slightly warmer than the morning had been. The nearly naked girl ran most of the way on the empty sidewalks. When she got to the front door, she found the door locked! She circled the building and found that all of the outside doors were locked. She got out her cell phone from her backpack and tried calling Knoxx's office. No answer. What to do? It was still a couple of minutes before 5, and so she decided to wait by the front door. She was freezing out there on the steps, but she didn't feel like she had a choice. At 5:05, she called Knoxx's office again, but again no answer. She waited some more, and finally about quarter after 5, she looked through the front glass door and saw Knoxx getting off the elevator and coming over to the door. He let her in and said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, I'm glad to see that you could make it afterall. I had just about given up on you."

Amy gave him an exasperated look and said, "Dr. Knoxx, the doors are locked, and I've been here since 4:55. I tried twice to call your office. Why didn't you answer the phone? I've been very cold standing almost naked out here!"

Knoxx then gave her a puzzled look and said, "Umm, well, the phone didn't ring. Are you sure you have the correct number for my office?"

Amy looked at her contacts list on her cell phone and read off the number. Knoxx nodded, "That's the correct number. Well, let's go up to my office. Maybe we can figure out what went wrong."

They silently rode the elevator back up to the seventh floor, but Amy could feel his eyes looking at her hard nipples. They were the only two people in the entire building, and Amy felt very uneasy about being so alone with him.

As they entered the waiting room, he wordlessly pointed to the penis hook, and Amy sighed as she removed her panties and hung them on the hook. Knoxx looked at the fancy phone console on Mrs. Duckworth's desk, and he spotted the red "System Deactivated" light was turned on. He said, "Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Suzuki, I'd forgotten that Lorene disables the phone system on the weekends. I'll remind her about that in the future. Please come into my office."

Amy was still shivering and her nipples were still rock hard as she entered the office. She just stood there naked in front of his desk.

He sat down at his desk, and as he looked up at her naked body, Amy blushed. He said, "You helped Dr. Farmer today, right?" Amy nodded. He continued, "How did that go?"

Amy just said, "Fine."

Knoxx said, "Well, that's good. Now, let's see. Tomorrow is Monday, and the schedule shows that you'll be posing in art class tomorrow morning. Right?"

Amy just said, "Yes, I'll be there."

Knoxx said, "Well, I don't have anything else. Do you?"

Amy gave him another exasperated look. She thought, "Why the fuck do you have me come and freeze my ass off for a two-sentence meeting??!!" But she just said, "No."

Knoxx opened the drawer shuffled through the pile of clean panties and picked out another pair of yellow ones. He held them up with two hands to show to her; she nodded, and he tossed them to her. As she was sliding them on, he said, "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. Good night."

Amy was pissed as she stormed out the door. The only point of this meeting had been to allow Knoxx to get his daily dose of her nude body. And she suspected that he knew all along that the phone had been turned off and that she was outside in the cold weather.

And she was right, because at that same moment Knoxx was laughing aloud in his office, because he had indeed planned it that way. He looked out the window and watched her walk away, and then he picked up his phone and dialed.

Amy ran back to the dorm and turned up the heat. She was still pissed, but after a few minutes, she went to the dining hall with some friends for dinner.

Linda didn't return til about 9 o'clock. And as soon as she walked in the door, Amy could tell something was wrong. She said, "Hey there, Lindy. Are you okay?"

Linda shook her head and started crying. Amy got up and gave her good friend a hug, and now it was Amy's turn to let Linda cry on her bare shoulder. She said, "Lindy, what's wrong?"

After a minute or so, Linda dried her eyes and said, "Oh, Sooz, you were right. Knoxx called me and wanted a report about you. He tried to be nice, but he made it very clear that I might be in trouble if I didn't answer his questions."

Amy held her friend at arms length on her shoulders and said, "I was afraid of that. What did he ask and what did you say?"

Linda said, "Well, just as you predicted, he asked if you had broken any of the rules in that document. I told him 'no' and that you were trying very hard to avoid doing anything wrong. But then he asked, 'When Amy goes to bed, does she get in under the covers?' And it dawned on me that using bedcovers is probably not allowed. Is that right?"

Amy was stunned, because she hadn't thought of that. She said, "Oh no, Lindy. That hadn't occurred to me either. And since bedcovers would cover my breasts, that would be a violation. What did you tell him?"

Linda said, "The truth. That I saw you get into bed under the covers on Friday night and last night. He thanked me and hung up. Oh Amy, I'm so sorry. What's going to happen now?"

Amy hugged her friend again and said, "Lindy, you did the right thing. You did as we agreed. I don't know what's going to happen now. He probably had this planned all along. And I think he played a trick on me this afternoon, too." And she told Linda about standing out in the cold waiting for him.

Then Amy said, "He didn't mention this business about bedcovers when I saw him at 5:15; I wonder why not. Oh, what time did he call you?"

Linda said, "I don't remember for sure. Let me check my cell phone." She browsed through the cell phone menus and found the list of received calls. "Here it is. 5:25 PM today. Wasn't that during your meeting with him?"

Amy said, "That bastard! The meeting was very, very short today, only 5 minutes or so. He probably called you as soon as I left his office. What an asshole! First, he freezes my tits off, and then he traps you into admitting that I broke a rule."

They both looked at each other for a few moments, and then Amy said again, "Lindy, you did the right thing. You really did. Now, it's my problem, not yours, and I'll have to deal with it somehow."

They spent the next couple of hours quietly studying. Amy then marked off another day on her calendar, threw the bedcovers on the floor leaving only the fitted sheet on the mattress, and went to bed uncovered wearing only her yellow panties. She wondered how many other rules she had inadvertently broken.

May 7, Monday

Chapter 22 - Posing with Eva

Amy had to move a little faster than normal on Monday morning, because she had agreed to pose at the 8 o'clock art class with Eva rather than alone at 9 o'clock. Also, it was still really cold today, and Amy decided to use Eva's suggestion of going from building to building to get to Wakefield Hall, and so she planned for a longer time to get there.

She pulled on her stocking cap, grabbed her backpack, and started the cold journey. The wind was blowing, and she was soon covered in goose bumps. It took her only a couple of minutes to run to the first building where she was happy to find the hallways empty but nice and warm. She walked down the long hallway to the other end of the building, paused for a moment at the door, and then set out on a run for the next leg.

When she arrived at the next building, she was really shivering. She was glad that there was a heating vent in the lobby blowing very hot air. She stood in front of it for a few minutes to warm up. She tried to ignore the stares of the faculty who were entering the building to start their workday.

Then, she took a deep breath and stepped back outside for the final leg of the trip to Wakefield. It was a bit farther distance than the first two legs, and Amy ran as hard as she could. She passed many bundled up walkers who stopped to enjoy the sight of her bouncing breasts with the rock hard nipples. She dashed up the steps into Wakefield Hall and paused for a moment in the entryway to catch her breath.

She looked around for a heating vent and then spotted it. But as she stepped in front of it, she was not alone. Eva was standing there in her naked glory rubbing her arms.

Amy said, "Hey, Eva. How are you doing this cold morning? That's kind of a dumb question, isn't it?"

Eva smiled at her and said, "Yep, that's a dumb question. It's even cold inside this building, but at least, I'm allowed to wear a coat outside; so, I'm doing fine. Here, get in closer to the hot air; you're all covered in goosebumps." Eva moved to the side and let Amy share the space with her. Then Eva continued, "But why are you here so early? I thought your shift started at 9."

Amy replied, "Well, Dr. Whiteside asked me to come in and pose with you at the 8 o'clock class. Didn't she tell you?"

"Nope. But I never know what to expect at these classes anyway; I just do what I'm told. It will be nice to have company today."

Amy said, "We've still got several minutes left before class starts, and I appreciate you sharing. Sorry if I'm trespassing in your private space."

Eva just chuckled and said, "No problem, but I might have to charge you rent." They both laughed, and Eva continued, "I'll wait with you."

As they stood there, Amy asked quietly, "What's the deal with Dr. Whiteside's using French so often. She's got a northeastern accent like many of us, and the use of an occasional French term seems strange to me."

Eva whispered back, "Yeah, I think so, too. But she told me that her father is from Boston, and her mother is French Canadian. She said she lived in both Boston and Montreal as a kid, and both languages were used in the household. She throws in a lot of 'très bons' and 'ma cheries' into her conversations."

Amy replied, "Thanks, that explains it." And then they talked about their other classes and upcoming final exams. The arriving students and faculty stared at the two beautiful almost naked girls. After another few minutes, Amy and Eva walked together down the hall to the classroom with its many easels.

As they walked into the room, Whiteside smiled at them. They dropped their book bags in the corner, and Amy slid off her panties and hung them on the hook. Then she took off her stocking cap and hung it on the hook as well. But she immediately heard Whiteside say from across the room, "Hey! Not that." Amy looked over at the instructor, who was scowling and waving her arm at the peg. And Amy realized that Whiteside was telling her not to hang her cap on the hook. Amy grabbed the cap and stuffed it in her backpack. Whiteside came over and said with a smile, "Tsk, tsk. Panties only on the hook, n'est pas?"

Whiteside continued and said to the two naked girls, "Well, good morning, ladies. You are indeed looking good this morning. I hope your nipples remain so invitingly erect for the next hour. Now, Amy, please go over and bring up two of the 1-foot cubes."

Amy looked over at Eva and shrugged, but she did as Whiteside asked, making two trips to the storage area to get the two cubes to put on the stage. Whiteside had gone over to talk to some of the students. Eva whispered to Amy, "She wants you to bring up the props?"

Amy said, "Yeah, that's the way she did it on Friday also. You looked surprised. Don't you do that?"

Eva said, "No, she usually has an assistant to help her with the setup. I just pose - nothing else."

Amy scoffed, "It figures. I don't think I've gotten off on the right foot with her. Oh well, it's no big deal to move the props around."

Whiteside returned to the platform, stood between the girls, and said, "Good morning, class. We are very fortunate today to have two beautiful nude models who will pose for us today. You all know Eva, but let me introduce Amy Suzuki. Now, girls, please stand here and face this direction so that the class can compare your pretty bodies. Class, please note the pleasant contrast in colors of skin, hair, and eyes. Amy is a bit taller, and Eva is a bit fuller breasted. Also, note the difference in the pubic area. You are accustomed to Eva's shaved nether region whereas Amy has a nicely trimmed bush." Whiteside's hand grazed Amy's pubic hair as she was talking. "In our first drawing today, we are going to focus on the different appearances of their vulvas." Eva and Amy blushed as she said this.

Whiteside grabbed each girl by the elbow and said, "Okay, girls, let's turn around so the rest of the class can take in the spectacular view of your bodies." And she lightly brushed Amy's pubic hair again and said, "We have been trying to persuade Miss Suzuki to trim her hair even further. Maybe before the end of the semester she will agree to cut it back. But for today, we have this very nice difference between the two pussies."

The instructor then reached over with her two hands and tweaked a nipple of each girl. She said, "Also, please notice the difference in shape and color of their breasts. Amy's are a bit pointier, is that an English word? And the nipples and areola are much darker and smaller than Eva's. In our second drawing today, we'll focus on the breasts." The two girls shifted uncomfortably as Whiteside twisted their nipples.

Next, she grabbed each of the two naked girls by the shoulders and formed a little huddle. And she said, "Okay, Eva, your clit isn't showing. Why not? You know I want it visible in your poses."

Eva blushed and said, "It is freakin' cold, even in here, and my clit doesn't like that."

Whiteside said testily, "Well, I want it showing. Now!"

Eva blushed even more, reached between her legs, parted her lips, and lifted the little hood. She massaged her clitoris for a few seconds and it responded almost immediately. She tugged at it a little bit, took her hands away, and stood up. She asked Whiteside, "Is that okay?" The little nub was just peeking out between her shaved pussy lips. Eva was embarrassed to hear some of the girl students giggling behind her as they realized what she was doing.

Whiteside merely nodded. But Amy asked, "How about mine? Do you want it out?"

Whiteside said almost angrily, "No! I want there to be distinct differences. I want hers showing and yours not showing. Okay?"

Amy said, "Okay, okay. I get it." Eva just shrugged.

Whiteside said, "All right. Now, I want both of you standing right next to each other, facing the same direction with shoulders touching." Amy and Eva took the position, and Whiteside placed a one-foot cube about 18 inches on each side of them. She continued, "Bon. Now, each of you take your outside foot and place it on the cube continuing to lean on each other's opposite shoulder." The naked girls did as instructed; their pussies were now spread wide. Whiteside adjusted their feet so that their legs were out turned exposing the pussies even more.

Whiteside said, "Bon, bon. Now, I want each of you to put your outside hand on your outside butt cheek, and with your other hand point to the other girl's pussy; put your pointing index finger just above the pussy." The girls blushed, but followed the instructions. They were now standing with legs spread, inside arms crossed, and pointing at the other's lower lips. Whiteside adjusted the crossed arms so that they were not blocking the nearby breast. And she looked closely at Eva's pussy to make sure that her clit was still visible; she brushed her finger against the tiny nub just to be sure. Then she said, "Okie dokie, mes amies. Hold that pose and smile. And class, please begin drawing. Remember that we are focusing on their genitals in this exercise."

After about 10 minutes, Whiteside said, "Okay, let's give our naked friends a couple of minutes to stretch and relax. And then, they will turn around and present the same pose to the other side of the class."

The girls relaxed and stretched. Eva scampered down the aisle between the easels to her backpack and took a quick swig of water from the bottle in her backpack. She came back, and she and Amy assumed the position in the opposite direction. Whiteside made the adjustments to their feet and hands, and then she poked at Eva's clitoris to get it to swell up again.

Ten minutes later, Whiteside said, "Excellente! I'm going to come around the class to briefly look at your drawings of these gorgeous young women in this provocative pose. We'll let them rest for a few minutes before our next exercise. Amy, while we're waiting, can you bring up a bunch of pillows? Maybe a dozen or so?"

In spite of being naked in front of all these people, Amy smiled at the word "pillows". Maybe the next pose wouldn't be so stressful? She skipped back to the storage area, found the collection of colorful pillows, and brought several different styles up to the platform. She and Eva just stood there silently stretching for a few minutes until Whiteside called the class back to order.

Whiteside said, "Now, for the next drawing, we're going to focus on these two girls' pretty boobies." And she tweaked a tit on each of them. "Amy, let's start with you lying back in the stack of pillows. Lie down and I'll position you and the pillows." Amy stretched out on her back on the cold platform floor with a few pillows under her head. Whiteside added more pillows under her head and a few under her back so that her upper body was somewhat elevated.

"Now, Eva, I want you to get on all fours with one of your breasts right over Amy's mouth, and your mouth over one of her breasts." Eva followed her instructions so that her right boob was over Amy's mouth and one hand on the floor on each side of Amy. Whiteside lowered Eva's head just a bit so that her mouth was about an inch from Amy's boob, and she raised Amy's head slightly so that Amy was almost kissing Eva's hanging breast. She said, "Okay, girls, I want you to pretend to be almost kissing each other's breast - almost, but not quite kissing it."

Amy and Eva did as they were told, and Whiteside stepped back to look over the setup. She shook her head and said, "The heads and boobs are okay, but the rest doesn't look right. Eva, extend your legs so that you're in kind of a push-up position over her. And both of you, spread your legs a little bit wider - not really wide spread, but enough that your lower lips are showing." They did as she asked and Whiteside made further adjustments to their legs. "Bon. Let's hold that pose for 5 minutes and then we'll switch so that Eva can rest her arms. Class, remember this exercise is primarily about the breasts. Eva's breasts dangle nicely from above, and Amy's are nice mounds below. Be sure to emphasize the nipples."

The five minutes passed slowly for Eva, and her arms were aching. They changed positions so that Amy's breasts were dangling and Eva's were mounding. Whiteside got some hairpins from her pocket and pinned up Amy's long hair so that it didn't block the view of the breasts below.

Now it was Amy's turn for the aching arms, and she was happy to hear Whiteside announce that 5 minutes were up. The two girls switched positions again, posed for 5 minutes, and switched again for the last 5 minute pose.

Whiteside came up on stage and tapped Amy on her bare butt to indicate that time was up. And the two girls scrambled to their feet with Amy rubbing her sore arms. Whiteside said to the class, "Let's give our two models a round of applause for their excellent posing today." After the clapping died down, Whiteside said, "Okay, class. Same time tomorrow. Au revoir."

Then she turned to the two naked girls and said, "Merci beaucoup! Nice job today. And if my nose is working correctly, I detect a little bit of that natural female perfume from sexual arousal. So, I hope you enjoyed yourselves today as well." Both Amy and Eva blushed at this remark. "Eva, I will see you tomorrow morning. And Amy, I'd like to speak with you for a moment."

Eva said her goodbyes, picked up her backpack, and left. Whiteside then said, "Amy, could you please possibly stay and model for the next class? I know you have the hour free before your first class, and I'd really like to have you pose for the 9 o'clock class again. Okay?"

Amy was stunned, because she thought she was done posing for the day. She sure didn't want to do this, but she wasn't sure if it she could say "no" or not. She decided to take a chance and said, "Dr. Whiteside, I'm sorry, but I can't stay. I have some reading to do before my Psych class at 10."

Whiteside looked crestfallen and said, "Well, okay. So, I guess I'll see you on Thursday, is it?"

Amy nodded at her, walked over to the peg for her yellow panties, slid them on, and left carrying her backpack.

Chapter 23 - A Few Things to Smile About

After leaving Wakefield Hall, Amy felt her underpants getting wet. She had become turned on during the poses with Eva. Amy had never been sexually attracted to women, and so, she was puzzled by her body's reaction in the art class.

But she had a more practical problem to deal with. The wet panties were very noticeable to the people she passed in the hallway and on the sidewalks, and she suspected that they could smell her "natural female perfume" as Whiteside had put it. She was extremely embarrassed having others know about her sexual arousal. Several girls giggled and pointed at her wet panties, and a guy yelled, "Hey, Underpants Amy, it looks like you're having a great day. Who's the lucky guy?"

Since she had an hour to kill before Psych class (she didn't really have a lot of reading to do; she just told Whiteside that to get out posing for another hour), she went into the women's restroom in Younger Hall where her Psych class would be. She went into one of the stalls and took off her wet panties. She was hoping to dry them out using the hot air hand dryer, but the bathroom was a busy place and each time she thought the coast was clear to come out of the stall naked and use the hand dryer, she heard the outer door open, and she ducked quickly back into the stall. So, she tried waving the panties in the stall without much success. Finally, she just hung them on the hook and waited for her chance to use the hand dryer.

While waiting, she used toilet paper to try to clean herself up and remove the embarrassing odor. Even though she didn't like the cheap toilet paper that the college put in the women's restrooms, she used the scratchy paper on her pussy. It was better than nothing, but not much.

She stayed there in the stall most of the hour. She stood most of the time to avoid an embarrassing red ring on her ass that would have happened if she'd sat on the toilet for most of the time. Finally, just before 10 AM, she slid on her still wet panties and went to class. She sat in her damp underwear for her 10 and 11 o'clock classes, and then after lunch, she used her hair dryer in her dorm room to dry them completely. There were still some stains near the crotch, but she didn't have time to wash and then dry the panties again, and obviously, she could not put on a non-approved fresh pair.

* * *

A few minutes before 5 PM, Amy walked into Knoxx's waiting room and up to Mrs. Duckworth's desk. The secretary was glaring at her and twirled her finger indicating that Amy should turn around. Amy turned and showed her rear end to Duckworth. The secretary merely nodded and waved her hand at the penis-shaped peg. Amy took off her panties and hung them on the hook. Mrs. Duckworth then gave her a paper towel and said, "Please sit on this and wait for Dr. Knoxx."

After only a minute or so, Knoxx came out and said, "Please come in, Miss Suzuki."

She was a bit surprised not to see the committee there; it was only naked Amy and Knoxx. All day, she had been expecting to be scolded severely for using bedcovers, and she thought this would be done with the full committee present.

Amy stood in front of his desk as usual with her hands at her sides. Knoxx looked at her naked body, and said, "Miss Suzuki, we are running short of panties for you to wear. There are only 4 more pairs left. Please bring in some more pairs for the committee to evaluate. Since you should know by now what our criteria are, you should be able to find more appropriate ones in your drawers or know what style and colors to purchase. I think I suggested light blue and pale green and maybe some more with that nice Asian skin tone color. It's your choice, but the full committee will need to approve them like we did the other ones."

Amy replied, "Okay, I'll have to buy some more, since I don't have any more back at the dorm that would fit your criteria." She knew better than to complain about the added expense.

Knoxx leaned back in his chair and looked her over closely again. He thought, "This is one gorgeous young lady. And she is standing here nude in front of me. Nice perky tits and pussy lips peeking out beneath her bush. I'm a lucky old coot!"

But he just said, "All right. That's about all I've got. Please remember to be here tomorrow morning a little before 8 o'clock to fill in for Mrs. Duckworth for a few hours. She told me to tell you that she appreciates your volunteering to cover for her."

Amy closed her eyes and thought, "Volunteering!!?? My ass." She just said, "I'll be here."

Knoxx replied, "Good. Remember that you are to be naked during that time as well. Hang your panties on the hook for the three hours. And speaking of panties, let me give you a pair to wear. Let's see how about these pink ones." And he tossed them to her.

These were one of her favorite panties. Very comfortable, and she thought they looked good on her. She actually smiled a bit as she slid them on. Knoxx admired the jiggling breasts as she pulled up the panties.

She said good night and left.

As she was walking back to the dorm, she looked at her phone and noticed a new voicemail message on the display. It had arrived during the few minutes she was meeting with Knoxx. She didn't recognize the phone number, but she connected to the system and listened to the message.

She smiled broadly when she heard Dwight's voice. "Hi, Amy. This is Dwight Henderson. It was good to talk with you at the concert on Saturday. And I was, uh, um, wondering if you, umm, ah, would like to go out sometime. Maybe Saturday night? Give me call at 603-555-4195 when you get a chance. Bye."

Finally, something good was going to happen in her life! And she immediately phoned him back while she was walking almost naked along the sidewalk wearing only her favorite panties. They agreed to go out on Saturday night. After she hung up, she laughed and cried tears of joy rather than tears of anguish as had happened so often these last few days.

Amy felt giddy as she ate dinner with Linda and some other friends as she told them about her upcoming date with Dwight. The euphoria continued as she was doing homework.

But about 8 o'clock, reality returned when she realized that she would need a ride to the mall north of town to buy some panties. And she would probably have to do that shopping the next afternoon. She didn't own a car, and she didn't want to walk or ride the bus so far wearing almost nothing.

She first tried Rekha Shah who owned a nice Porsche. But Rekha had classes scheduled for all afternoon on Tuesday. She offered to lend her car to Amy, but Amy didn't know how to drive a stick shift. Amy thanked her friend for the offer, but declined.

She tried a few other friends in the dorm, but she wasn't able to find someone who could give her a ride. Then, she thought of Dwight, who she knew had a car.

As she was dialing Dwight's number, she decided to add him to her list of contacts on her cell phone. She hoped that she would be calling this number more frequently. She had a good feeling as she went through the contact list to select the newly entered number and pressed send. When he answered, she said with a big smile, "Hi, Dwight. It's me Amy again. I have a favor to ask, but first let me thank you again for asking me out. I'm really looking forward to it."

They spent the next several minutes talking and Dwight agreed to give her a ride to the mall the next day. Amy continued to smile as she hung up and as she did homework for the next few hours.

About midnight she crossed off the day on her calendar. She threw off the bedcovers and plopped down uncovered on the bed. And with devilish grin, she slid off her panties and went to sleep in the nude again. She didn't hear Linda come in the door a few minutes later, and she didn't see Linda's big smile as she looked at her naked friend sleeping uncovered.

To be continued . . .