Underpants Amy - Days 4 & 5
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 4, Friday

Chapter 15 - First Art Class

On Friday morning, Amy told Linda, "Since I've got a bunch of classes today, we probably won't see each other. So, why don't we just plan to meet at the Chancellor's office in Kameron just before 5 o'clock?"

Linda said, "Sounds good to me."

Amy laughed and said, "You won't have any trouble finding me. I'll be on full naked display for you."

Linda laughed. They hugged again. And Amy set off for Wakefield Hall. She felt better about things now that Linda was back, but she was uneasy about her first time as a nude model.

She scurried up the steps into Wakefield Hall about 8:50 AM anxious to get out of the cool weather. Her nipples were hard from the cold breeze. She was covered in goosebumps as she walked down the hallway looking for Dr. Whiteside, who she knew only by sight. There were a few people in the hallway, but she ignored them and she looked in the first two classrooms that she came to, but they were empty. The door to the third one was closed, but she could tell that a class was in session. She tentatively opened the door and immediately spotted Whiteside, who waved her in.

Amy was surprised to see Eva Cobb posing on the platform for the class - in all of her naked glory. It was kind of a subdued pose; Eva was standing with one hand resting on a 4-foot pedestal, the other on her hip, and one leg slightly bent at the knee, toes flared out just a bit. And Amy thought, "Well, very shortly it will be my turn." Then, she looked a little more closely and noticed that Eva's clitoris was poking out between her lips; Eva's shaved pussy made it easy to see such a detail. Amy wondered if Eva did this intentionally or whether it had just happened while she was posing there? Amy thought about her own clit knowing that it had a tendency to stick out a little bit, but with her full bush of pubic hair, her own clitoris would not be as noticeable as Eva's was now.

But before Amy could say anything to Whiteside, the instructor glared at her, pointed to a peg on the wall near the door, and then to Amy's panties. Amy turned and as soon as she saw the peg, she knew what was expected of her. She went over, put down her backpack, slid off her flesh-colored panties, and hung them on the hook. Now there were two completely nude young women in the room.

Just then, the bell rang and the students collected there things and streamed out the door. Most of them gave Amy a quick up and down look as she stood there naked by the door; she made sure that she kept her hands at her sides - full display at all times, she told herself.

Just before the last bunch of students exited, Eva came up to her and said, "Hi, Amy. I wondered if I'd see you here sometime. Is this your first time here?"

Amy nodded and said, "Hi, Eva. Yes, I'm a little nervous. I've never done this before. Any recommendations for a rookie?"

Eva chuckled, "Yeah, I was nervous my first time, too. Try to think about something or somewhere pleasant while you're standing there, and maybe look over the heads of the students rather than in their eyes if you can."

Then, as the last few students were leaving, Whiteside came up to the two beautiful nude girls. And she had an immediate inspiration. Silently she pondered, "Why not have both of these girls pose at the same time? I could come up with some really erotic arrangements." But the only thing that she said to the girls was, "Bonjour, Miss Suzuki. Do you ladies know each other?"

Amy shook the Professor's hand and said, "Yes, we met the other day for the first time."

"Good, good", she said. "And Eva, my dear, you must run along now to your next class. I will see you Monday morning." Eva glanced at Amy, smiled, and rolled her eyes. And Amy watched the pretty naked girl walk out the door. Amy briefly wondered where Eva's clothes were; probably in a locker in the hallway?

"Ah, now, Miss Suzuki. Can I please call you Amy? I think it helps to be somewhat informal in these situations."

Amy replied, "Yes, Dr. Whiteside, please call me Amy." Amy wondered if Whiteside would reciprocate and tell Amy her first name, but Whiteside just went on, "We only have a few minutes before I let the next class in. Let me look at you so I can see what I've got to work with here." She grabbed Amy's shoulders and made her stand up straight, and then she slowly circled the naked girl looking at her from all angles. She then said, "Bring your shoulders back so that your breasts flatten out." And she looked closely at her profile with her nipples sticking out prominently. Then she tapped the inside of Amy's right thigh as if to say "Spread 'em", and Amy did. Whiteside got down on her knees and adjusted Amy's legs even wider apart and looked intently at Amy's pussy. Amy was expecting Whiteside's finger to probe her private parts, but Whiteside just stood up and said, "Very nice, mademoiselle. I can make good use of that." Amy's face was now crimson red after this private inspection.

Whiteside continued, "Now, let me say that most of the poses will be open in some fashion. None of that Rodin-The-Thinker crap with the body seated, bent over, and partially covered. Oh, no. I like the body to be wide open." And she flung her arms wide apart and spread her legs - almost doing jumping jacks.

"So, today I'm going to start you out with an easy one. You saw how Eva was posed when you came in; you'll just do that same thing. We'll do that one for about 5 minutes in one direction; you'll turn around and repeat it for 5 minutes in the other direction. And then we'll do another pose for 10 minutes and a final one for the last 20 minutes or so. The students are required to quickly sketch out that pose, not to draw something to put in a frame. The 3 poses will let the students have a good look at the various parts of your body. No inhibitions here, eh?"

Amy just nodded and said, "Should I go up there now?"

Whiteside patted Amy on her butt and said, "Oui, s'il vous plait. And I'll let the next class in."

Amy took her place on the platform next to the pedestal. And she tried a few positions that might be what Eva was doing. None of them felt quite right, but she finally settled into a similar pose. And she just stood there as the students streamed in and set up for the class. Amy looked down and saw what looked like a 13-year old boy at an easel right below her with a clear close-up view of her pussy. Actually, the boy was a college sophomore, but she didn't know that at the time. Amy just stood there.

Dr. Whiteside came up on the platform and put a hand on Amy's shoulder. She said, "Class, we have a new subject today. This is Mademoiselle Amy Suzuki. Please notice her handsome features. A light-skinned Asian look, full breasts with dark brown nipples, long straight hair, a nicely trimmed pubic area with well-defined vaginal lips, long slender legs, tight buttocks." Whiteside tweaked one of Amy's nipples when she mentioned her breasts. Whiteside then bent down and slightly repositioned Amy's feet an inch or so farther apart and slightly turned out, and she tapped Amy's inner thigh and whispered to her, "Spread your knees a bit wider without moving your feet." Then aloud to the class she said, "Please make a quick sketch of her in this position. She will turn around in a few minutes. Allez!"

Whiteside stayed on the stage with a hand on her shoulder for a moment and then she lowered her hand and rested it lightly on Amy's butt cheek for a minute or so. Amy was extremely uncomfortable now, and she squirmed a bit, but Whiteside squeezed her butt cheek as if to say "Stay still". And Amy did. She was very relieved when the instructor left the stage and started walking around the room to see how the students were doing.

Amy could feel her nipples tightening and then a very slight dampness between her legs. She wondered if her clit was showing, but she didn't want to look down to check. She tried to follow Eva's suggestion about looking over the students' heads, but she could still feel a bit of arousal. So, she tried thinking about a fun time that she had playing hopscotch with her father when she was 4 years old. That helped a little bit.

Then she spotted her panties hanging on the hook on the opposite wall. At first, she was relieved to see that they were still hanging where she put them; they were her only covering and they were only a few feet away. But then, she thought about them in a different way; her panties were over there and she was over here standing completely naked in front of a group of strangers. She and her panties would be tantalizingly separated for the next hour.

After a few minutes, the instructor came back up on the platform and told Amy to turn around and face the other direction. Amy was momentarily relieved that she could stretch her muscles, but Whiteside quickly repositioned her, putting her feet in just the right position, spreading her knees, and even tweaking her tits again. In this position, Amy could feel just a tiny breeze across her face and bare chest, and her nipples hardened even more. And she could no longer look longingly at her panties hanging on the on the peg. Amy was already developing a dislike for Ms. Whiteside, and this was only 10 minutes into her first assignment.

About 5 minutes later, Whiteside said, "Okay, class, flip to a clean sheet while I re-pose our pretty model." And the instructor came up on the platform and spoke to Amy, "Okay, ma chérie, let's set up for the next pose. Please take that pedestal over to the side of the room and bring back one of those plain wooden boxes."

Amy picked up the pedestal and it was heavier than she expected, maybe 30 pounds or so. She lowered it from the platform and then struggled with it down the aisle between the students. She felt a hand spank her bare ass as she went down the aisle, but she couldn't tell who had done it. She saw two identical wood boxes next to the wall; they were cubes maybe 2 feet on each side. She lifted one and again it was pretty heavy 20 pounds or so. She carried it back up to the platform, no swats on her ass this time.

Whiteside smiled and said, "Bon. Please put it there close to the edge." Amy did that, and Whiteside went on, "Okay, Amy. Stand here about two feet from the box, bend over, and put your hands on the box out near the edges." Amy could immediately see that this was going to be an embarrassing pose, but she followed the instructions.

Whiteside looked at the posed naked girl. She spread Amy's feet a bit farther apart, but it just didn't look quite right, and she said, "That's not quite what I wanted. Amy, please go get the other matching box and bring it up here." Amy got up and made her way down the aisle again to get the other box. As she was walking back with the box, someone spanked her butt again. She turned to look but couldn't tell who had done it this time either.

On the stage, Whiteside placed the two boxes about a foot apart. Then she took Amy's arm and led her to a spot just over two feet from the boxes. She told Amy, "Let's try it now with one hand on each box."

Amy bent over and put a hand in the middle of each box so that her arms were about 3 feet apart. Now her boobs were dangling invitingly below her. Whiteside adjusted her feet farther apart so that Amy's asshole and cunt were clearly visible from the rear. Whiteside stepped back to look over Amy from various angles, and then she got some hairpins out of her pocket and pinned up Amy's long hair so that it was not hiding the view of her breasts. And she raised up Amy's chin so that Amy was looking right at the students. "Magnifique! Okay, class, sketch out this view of our subject. You've got 5 minutes and then we'll turn her around so that you can all enjoy this beautiful body from both directions. And Amy, please smile for the class."

This pose was much more embarrassing than the previous one. All of her endowments were in full view - breasts, butt, pussy, and anus. She could feel tears in her eyes, but she tried to smile as Whiteside had told her. Then, through her tears, she spotted her underpants on the peg sending out their mixed message - so near but yet so far away!

After 5 minutes, Whiteside told her to move the boxes and face the other direction. She now showed her embarrassment to another group of students.

Finally, that ended and she breathed a sigh of relief. Whiteside said, "Amy, please put the boxes back by the wall. And then bring up the 4 things that look like portable fences." Amy had seen those props earlier and wondered what they were. She would soon know.

Whiteside pointed to three male students and said, "Please help Mademoiselle with props. You, carry the box. You two, go back and get a fence."

Naked Amy and the 3 clothed men (Amy considered them to be boys) went to the back of the room, stored the boxes, and then looked at the fences. Each fence was about 6 feet high and 5 feet long with vertical bars every 8 inches or so. They were painted black and had several supporting feet at the bottom so that they stood upright. At first, Amy thought it would take two people to carry each one, but they were made of PVC and were very light - only 10 pounds or so; she was able to lift one easily by herself, but since it was so big, it was awkward to carry down the aisle. She lifted it in the middle and walked sideways down the aisle with her bare butt a tempting target for more swats.

Whiteside told her to put the fence along one edge of the small stage. And then Amy got up onto the stage again took the other three fences from each of the boys, who got a close up view of her jiggling breasts as she lifted the fences onto the stage. Whiteside had her put the other 3 fences on the other edges of the stage so that there was a cage-like structure around Whiteside and Amy.

Whiteside said, "Okay, what we have here is a jail, and Amy is a prisoner in that jail. You will make a sketch of this for the rest of the hour."

Even though she was on naked display, Amy chuckled. It sounded kinky, but it might be fun. Amy smiled at Whiteside and asked, "Do you want me to grab the bars and stare out with a pleading look on my face like this?" And she assumed the stance that she had described.

Whiteside said gruffly, "No, we're not done with the setup yet." And she reached into bag and brought out two sets of metal cuffs, one with a short chain, the other with a long chain between the cuffs. She tossed the short cuffs to Amy and said, "Here sweetie, put these on your wrists. And I'll put these on your ankles."

Amy was stunned, but she put on the handcuffs. She just assumed that Whiteside had the key to unlock them. And the instructor put the longer cuffs on her ankles; the longer chain allowed Amy some movement, but not much.

Then from behind her Amy heard Whiteside say, "Open your mouth wide." And she wrapped a gag around Amy's head and into her mouth. Amy started crying.

But Whiteside wasn't finished yet. She pushed a button on a remote control unit, and a chain descended from the rafters above. Whiteside attached the end of the chain to Amy's handcuffs and then using the remote, raised the chain so that Amy's cuffed hands were extended above her head. Whiteside then spread Amy's feet as wide as the hobble chain permitted and told Amy, "Hold that position. Keep that terrified expression and look out at the class."

Amy didn't have to pretend to be terrified, because she was truly terrified. Here she was naked, gagged, bound hands and feet, stretched out for the class to see. She shifted her feet to close her legs a bit, but Whiteside whispered, "No, keep them apart." Amy did, but when Whiteside started to get down from the stage, Amy involuntarily closed her legs again. Whiteside saw this and was furious, "Hey, prisoner, I told you to keep your legs apart. They need to see your sex. Since you won't follow my instructions, I'll fix it the way I want it." And she pulled out a spreader bar from the bag and replaced the hobble chain with the bar. She adjusted the bar so that Amy's legs were wide apart. Now Amy had to keep her legs spread wide. Whiteside adjusted her so that she was facing directly out of one of the fences, and then she left the stage so that Amy was alone in the toy jail.

Amy tried not to cry, but she couldn't help it. And her boobs bounced with each sob. She looked up at her hands through her raised arms as if looking to the heavens for help. Then she looked down at her shaking boobs with the nipples as hard as stone. She was helpless.

After 5 minutes, Whiteside said, "Okay, prisoner, turn ninety degrees to your left and look out of your cage."

Amy realized that Whiteside was not going to help her turn, and so she shuffled her feet and struggled to make the turn. She sort of stumbled, but the chain above kept her from falling. Finally, she was able to face the new direction. She looked up and saw her panties hanging safely on the hook.

5 minutes later, Whiteside said, "Prisoner, next position." And Amy struggled through the turn again. And she repeated it 5 minutes after that.

A few minutes later the class bell rang, and Whiteside said, "Okay, class. This was a very interesting session today. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. See you Monday. Au revoir!" Whiteside then chatted with a couple of students with Amy all the while still bound and gagged on the stage. Amy tried to yell though the gag, but the only noise was a grunt that Whiteside did not hear.

After a couple of minutes, Whiteside finally came back onto the stage and looked at the crying naked girl. Then as Whiteside dropped to her knees to undo the ankle cuffs, she ran her fingertip down Amy's naked right side from her arm pit, to hip, to thigh, to foot. After uncuffing Amy's ankles, the instructor used the remote to lower Amy's arms and unlocked the hand cuffs. Finally, she took the gag out of Amy's mouth.

Amy was furious, but all she could do was to stare at Whiteside with a dazed look. Whiteside just shrugged and then she smiled, slapped Amy on the butt, and said, "Please put away the fences. You know where they go."

Amy slowly stretched and massaged her sore arms and legs, and then like a robot, she returned the fence units one by one to their spot next to the wall. She then turned towards the door to be on her way to her first real class of the day.

But as she approached the peg holding her panties, she noticed two guys talking right there. She ignored them and reached for her panties, but one of the guys grabbed them instead. With a devilish smile on his face, he said to her, "Hey, Underpants Amy, do you want me to help you put these on?"

She dully looked at him and said, "Umm, no, of course not. Please give me my panties."

He held them up with both hands showing them to the other guy and said, "Okay, but you've got to beg. Say to me, 'Please, Underpants Amy wants her underpants.' I want to hear you say those exact words."

Amy was now regaining her composure and, she was pissed off. She said, "Oh come on, guys. I've just been through hell, and you're being jerks. Just give me my underwear."

The guy said, "Not until you beg."

She looked at him and realized that she needed those panties now, because there wasn't time to go to Knoxx's office and get another pair before her next class. And she sure didn't want to go completely naked to the class. So, she said, "Please, Underpants A. . ." Just then Whiteside came up and said, "What's going on here? Are they hassling you, Amy?"

Amy looked at the instructor and replied, "Yes, ma'am, they are. They won't give me my panties."

Whiteside looked at the boys and said, "All right, mes amis, you've had you're fun now. So, give me the panties and get out of here. Okay?"

The boys knew not to push it any further and handed Amy's panties to Whiteside.

Whiteside looked at Amy and said, "Amy, I'm sorry about those immature guys. Now, I realize you probably have a class to get to, but I need to quickly discuss a couple of things with you. First, you are scheduled to be here at 9 AM on Monday morning. Right?" Amy nodded. "Okay. Could I ask you to come at 8 AM instead? Eva Cobb will be here then, and I'd like you two to model together. Okay?"

Amy thought about this for a moment. She had no other class then, and it might help not being the only naked person in the room. So, she said, "Sure, Dr. Whiteside, 8 AM is fine."

Whiteside said, "Bon. Now, this second request is optional. You don't have to do it if you don't want to, but I'd like you consider it. I'd like you to trim your pubic hair some more. Maybe just a narrow strip just above your lower lips? Would you do that for me?" Whiteside reached down and barely touched Amy's pubic hair while indicating where the strip would be.

Amy was still pissed at having to pose like a bound prisoner, and she sure didn't want to cooperate with this witch any further than she had to. So, Amy said, "I'm sorry ma'am, but I like it the way it is. Now, can I have my panties? I'm going to be late for my class."

Whiteside looked disappointed as she handed Amy her panties. Amy slid them on and left. Amy was now fully clothed - or at least as fully clothed as she would be for the next few weeks.

Chapter 16 - Amy, Linda, and the Chancellor

There were two reasons that Amy rushed out the art building. First, she was late for her 10 o'clock class. But second and more important in her mind, she wanted to get away from Professor Whiteside. "That lady is evil", Amy thought to herself, "I really need to be careful around her, but I may not have much choice about doing what she wants me to do."

Amy heard the starting bell at 10 AM, and so she ran as fast as she could across the grassy quad, her boobs bouncing in perfect harmony. But since everyone else was already in class, there was no one there in the quad to watch the bouncing display. However, if she had looked up, she would have seen Tyson Laird watching her from his seventh floor office window.

She quietly opened the back door into the big auditorium-like classroom where the Psychology class had already started, and she slipped into the nearest seat in the back row. The only other person in the row was a guy who got a great view of her heaving breasts as she tried to catch her breath after the quick dash across the quad.

Her Psych class and her Composition class passed without incident. Neither instructor called on her. But after the Comp class, a couple of guys asked her about the notice that she had posted around campus on the bulletin boards. They wanted to know what the "extenuating circumstances" were that allowed her to avoid expulsion. Amy had to be careful in answering and just said, "Well, I had a lawyer with me, and he was able to find a few weak points in the university rules and in the way the Chancellor was handling the situation. We were able to negotiate an agreement that allows me to stay in school wearing only what you see here. But my lawyer has told me to be careful about discussing the legal aspects of this, and so, I'm sorry fellows, but that's all I'm going to say. And I need to meet someone for lunch. Bye. See you Monday." The guys were disappointed that the pretty topless girl had to leave so quickly; they watched her almost nude figure walk away from them down the sidewalk.

Her afternoon classes of Formal Logic and Public Speaking were equally uneventful, although she did join in the critique and debate following two of the speeches given by others during Public Speaking. No big deal except that she was essentially naked while standing up to make her points.

She arrived at Knoxx's office at 4:55, and she was worried because Linda hadn't arrived yet. Amy followed her prescribed routine of presenting her ass view to Mrs. Duckworth to confirm the red mark on her panties, sliding the panties down her legs, hanging them on the penis hook, and standing in full view. Fortunately, she and the secretary were the only ones in the room, and Amy just stood there quietly waiting. She was somewhat surprised to see that the two pairs of panties from the previous days were no longer hanging on the hook, and she wondered if she would ever see those panties again. Linda showed up just before 5 o'clock and her eyes widened when she saw Amy standing there completely naked. Linda whispered to Amy, "Where are your panties?" Amy just pointed to the penis hook, and Linda tried her best to avoid laughing. Amy smiled at her friend and whispered, "Oh, shut up, Hathaway!" Then, they both giggled. They tried to stop when Duckworth glared at them, but Amy started giggling again.

About 5:05, Knoxx came out and greeted them. "Hello, Miss Suzuki, and you must be Miss Hathaway?"

Linda said, "Yes, sir. Nice to meet you", as they shook hands.

Knoxx showed them into his office, and there was an awkward moment when Linda didn't know whether to sit down or stand next to Amy. After the two girls exchanged glances, Linda decided to stay standing. Knoxx sat down behind his desk and looked at the two pretty students in his office - one of them naked, the other clothed. He thought it was a pleasant contrast.

Knoxx said, "Well, Miss Suzuki, let's see now. Your community service for today was posing in Dr. Whiteside's art class. How did that go?"

Amy didn't want to describe the awful experience to this yucky man, and she just said, "Fine." But she knew this wouldn't be enough to prevent him from pursuing it, and he did.

Knoxx, "Any problems? Was Professor Whiteside satisfied? Did you pose au naturel for the class?"

Amy sighed and said, "Yes, Ms. Whiteside seemed to be satisfied with my naked poses. There weren't any real problems."

Knoxx pushed on, "Well, how many different poses did you do? Maybe you can do them briefly for us so we can understand better?"

Amy was afraid this was going to happen. She said, "I posed in 3 different ways." And she went over to a 4-foot high bookcase and demonstrated the first pose with her elbow resting on the bookcase. She said, "In the class, I rested my arm on a pedestal. The second pose was something like this." And she stepped in front of Knoxx's desk, bent over putting her hands on his desk, and moved her feet back and apart. Her dangling boobs were right in front of Knoxx; Linda had a clear side view. Amy saw him staring at her hanging breasts and kept the pose until he looked up. He said, "And the third one?"

Amy stood in front of his desk, spread her feet, raised her arms straight above her head, and said, "The last one was somewhat extreme. I was a prisoner in a toy jail with my hands cuffed above me and my mouth gagged." She didn't mention the spreader bar or the ankle cuffs or her genuine terror at the time. She noticed Knoxx shift around in his chair, probably adjusting his trousers to accommodate his erection. Amy glanced at Linda who was just staring in disbelief with her mouth open.

After Amy put her arms down and went back next to Linda, Knoxx asked, "And did you get to see any of the sketches that the students did of you?" Amy replied, "No, there really wasn't time after class."

Knoxx said, "Any other problems or issues that we need to discuss here?" Amy shook her head, and he went on, "Okay, Miss Hathaway, since you are probably going to be seeing Miss Suzuki more than anyone else during her punishment period, I thought I should fill you in on what we are expecting of Miss Suzuki."

Amy immediately understood what Knoxx was saying here. She thought to herself, "He wants Linda to be a spy and report when I break a rule!" But she kept quiet.

Linda was still puzzled and said, "Uhhh, I guess I already know some things, because Amy and I talked about it last night. What else do I need to know?"

Knoxx said, "Well, did she show you the written agreement that she signed?"

Linda was surprised by this, looked at Amy, and said, "No, I didn't know about that."

Knoxx gave a stern look to Amy and then said to Linda, "Well, let me give you a copy. It has all of the rules and her schedule of activities. You can use it to help her remember what she has to do these next couple of weeks." He handed the 3-page document to Linda who flipped quickly through the pages.

Knoxx said, "And that's all I really wanted to talk with you about today. Any questions, Miss Hathaway?"

Linda just said, "No, Dr. Knoxx. I'll look this over tonight, and Amy and I will talk about it. Do I need to come to this meeting every day?"

Knoxx said, "Oh, no. Just today so we could get acquainted." He turned to Amy and said, "Miss Suzuki, you'll be serving as an usher at tomorrow afternoon's concert. Mr. Middleton is expecting you at 12:30. Right?"

Amy replied, "Yes, I'll be there."

"Good. So, I guess that's all for today. Now, let me give Miss Suzuki some fresh underpants to wear." He opened his drawer and sorted through Amy's collection of panties and said, "How about these yellow ones?" He handed them to Amy.

Amy blushed as she pulled on the clean panties. And the two girls left.

On the walk back to the dorm, Linda said, "Amy, why didn't you tell me about this document? It seems important."

Amy said, "I'm really sorry about that. I did think about it while we were talking last night, but then when we finished, I forgot about it. And you are right; it is important, because it's keeping me in school. But I do think we talked about everything that's described there. God, I hope there's nothing else so important that I forgot to tell you."

Linda said, "Okay, I'll look it over. But I still don't really understand why he wanted to see me. He could have just told you to give me a copy of the document. Do you know why he wanted me to come today?"

Amy heaved a big sigh and said, "Yeah, I think I do. I think he wants you to be one of his 'observers' of me. 'Observer' is his word, but I think 'spy' is the right word. I think he'll be expecting you to report to him anytime I break a rule."

Linda gasped, "Oh, god, you're probably right. I hadn't thought about that. But I'm not going to tell him anything. I'm not going to snitch on my best friend!"

Amy said, "O, Lindy, I appreciate that so much. But I don't want you to get in trouble if you don't tell him something, and then he finds out about it and realizes that you didn't tell him. I didn't say that right, but you know what I mean. He's such a creepy man, and I don't really trust him. So, please be very, very careful."

Linda replied, "Thanks for warning me, but do you have any ideas on how to handle him?"

Amy said seriously, "Yeah. Here's one way. Let's say that you will not volunteer any information to him about me, but if he asks a specific question, then you answer it completely truthfully. That is, wait for him to call you with a specific question. And not a general question such as 'Did you see Amy break any rules?' I actually expect that he will call you a few times during these last two weeks."

Linda said, "Ahh, very good, Sooz. You're so smart as well as being so beautiful." And she gave her friend a friendly swat on her panty-covered ass. They both laughed and walked on to the dorm.

Before turning off the light that night, Amy crossed off one more day on her calendar. Then Amy slid in under her bedcovers for a good night's sleep.

May 5, Saturday

Chapter 17 - Ushering in Underpants

Amy and Linda ate an early lunch on Saturday, and then Amy started getting ready for her afternoon duty as an usher at the annual spring Mozart concert. Even though she would be almost naked, she wanted to look as nice as she could otherwise. So, she shaved her legs and armpits, fixed up her hair, put on lipstick and makeup, and a nice necklace for the first time in several days. She looked in the mirror and thought that she looked really nice - at least from the neck up.

She had attended this concert last year, and she thoroughly enjoyed the music. Mozart was one of her favorite classical composers. It was a dress up event, and she had worn a striking long purple dress with deep cleavage; she had enjoyed the looks that she had received that day. But today would be very, very different indeed. She was certain that it would be humiliating to hand out programs to the well-dressed attendees while she was almost naked.

A little after 12 o'clock, she said to Linda, "Do I look okay? Well, as okay as is possible?"

Linda looked up from her studies and looked at her pretty roommate standing there dressed only in low rise yellow panties. Linda said, "Sooz, you look great. I hope it won't be too awful for you this afternoon."

"Thanks. Are you going to be here all afternoon? If so, I'd like to just leave my backpack and ankle pouch here and not have to worry about them. I should be back about 6 after the meeting with Knoxx."

Linda answered, "Yeah, even though it's a really nice day outside, I've got a lot of homework to do and I'll be here. We can go eat after you get back."

Amy said, "Well, it's 10 after, and I need to be there at 12:30; so, I'd better get going. See you later."

Linda just said, "Bye."

Amy got to the theater at 12:25 and found the office of the Theater Operations Director around in back. And as she walked down the hallway to the open office door, she was shocked to see a peg outside of his office - it was identical to the peg at Wytham and in the art studio where she had hung her panties. She was certain that this was the only one of her community service projects that didn't require nudity. And so she kept her panties on as she tentatively walked in to the office.

And she was somewhat surprised to see 6 people in the office already; she had thought she might be the first to arrive. There were 3 young women and 2 young men who were probably students plus an older man of 40 or so. They looked her up and down as she walked in, and the older man said, "Well, well, this must be our naked usher. And you're late."

"Uh oh", Amy thought, "This isn't getting off to a good start. I don't like the tone in his voice and I'm not late." But aloud she just said, "I'm Amy Suzuki, are you Mr. Middleton?"

He replied, "Yes, I'm Brad Middleton, and I run this place - so to speak. These are the other 5 ushers and we were just talking about their assignments and duties. We were expecting you at 12:15."

Amy said, "Umm, Dr. Knoxx told me 12:30. So, I guess I don't understand."

Middleton said, "Well, I explicitly told Dr. Knoxx 12:15. So, I guess something got lost in the translation somewhere. Also, why aren't you completely naked? The hook outside is for your panties. Again, this is what Knoxx and I agreed on."

Now Amy was getting irritated, "Well, again Dr. Knoxx told me that I could wear my panties today; complete nudity was not required. He and I have a written agreement that clearly spells that out along with the 12:30 time."

He replied, "Oh, I wasn't given a copy of it. Do you have it with you?" He smiled as said this, because it was obvious that Amy wasn't carrying anything at all.

Amy curtly responded, "No, as you can see, I don't have any place to carry it."

"Okay", he said, "I see that there has been a communication problem here somewhere. Are you saying that you won't remove your panties?"

Amy shook her head and said, "Why don't we call Dr. Knoxx and ask him? Can I use your cell phone?"

He replied, "How about a trade, Amy? I hope it's okay to call you Amy. I'll hold onto your panties while you're using my cell phone?"

Amy's dislike for this guy was rising by the second. She said testily, "If that's the only way you'll let me make the phone call, then yes." And she slipped off her panties there in front of the 6 people and held them out to him. All of the other eyes in the room where now on her bare pussy.

Middleton smirked and said, "Sorry, Amy, that won't be necessary. I was playing a little joke on you. I know that you're allowed to wear panties and 12:30 was the correct time. Just having some fun at your expense." And he continued to smirk at her.

Amy blushed and started to put the panties back on, but Middleton said, "Wait. Since you've got them off already, let me say that we were expecting you to be wearing black panties to go with these other ushers." Amy looked around the room, and the 5 other ushers were all wearing white tops and black bottoms of various styles. The guys had white shirts, black slacks, and black shoes. The girls had white blouses, black skirts, black hose, and black heels. None of their outfits were exactly identical, but the color scheme was consistent.

Amy was ticked off now and said, "Well, I don't have any black panties to wear - only these yellow ones" holding her yellow panties up for him to see. She was so mad that she didn't even care that she was naked in front of these people.

Middleton said, "Well, let's see what we can do about that." And he looked over at the 3 girl ushers and said, "Are any of you girls wearing black panties?" The 3 girls blushed and two of them slightly raised a hand. Middleton continued, "Ahh, good. Maggie, you're about the same size as Miss Suzuki, can she wear your panties this afternoon?"

Maggie said, "Huh, ummm. You want me to switch panties with her?"

Middleton, "No, not exactly. Since you've got a skirt on, you don't really need panties. Miss Suzuki can hang hers on the hook and wear yours while ushering."

Maggie was beet red and said, "Mr. Middleton, as you can see, my skirt is a mini-skirt and I really want to wear my panties."

Middleton now burst out with a loud laugh. "Just another joke. Maggie, of course, I won't expect you to let Amy wear your panties."

Amy didn't care for this guy's sense of humor at all, and she started again to put on her yellow panties. But Middleton again said, "Wait, Amy. I really would like you to wear black today. And here are several pairs you can pick from." And he opened his drawer and pulled out a bag. He dumped the contents of the bag on his desk, and seven pairs of black panties fell out along with some white brassieres.

Middleton picked the white bras out of the pile and said, "Sorry, Amy, Dr. Knoxx won't let you wear these today. But he did approve the black panties."

Naked Amy looked longingly at the brassieres; she really would have liked to cover her boobs as well as her pussy. She said, "Okay, give me the panties and I'll go down to the restroom and select a pair that fits."

Middleton said, "Amy, we're all friends here now. Just try them on here, and we'll help you pick out a pair. Go hang your yellow ones on the hook." And he handed her the first pair of black panties.

She briefly went back out into the hall and hung her yellow panties on the peg, and then came back into the office and slipped on the black panties. And she modeled them for the group.

She repeated the operation for each of the seven pairs, and she selected a pair that fit her best. They were low rise black with white trim and a tiny bit of lace. She wondered if Knoxx would approve of these, since all of the others approved by him and the committee were plain light colored panties. But she assumed that since Knoxx had approved black for tonite that these would be acceptable. The other ushers and Middleton agreed that they looked nice, and she was now dressed for the concert.

"Ah, very good, Amy", Middleton said, "Before we talk about assignments, let me take a group photo." He waved his hand to the back wall. "As you can see, I have usher photos from previous concerts, and this will be a good one to add to the collection."

Amy was really shaken by this. She thought, "And so my nearly naked photo will be posted on his wall for years to come. So, even after I graduate, my punishment will continue. But what choice do I have? The agreement says I cannot hide or cover myself."

And the group of 6 ushers went out into the hallway, and Middleton posed them for the photo - of course, Amy was front and center in the pose. He took several photos and then showed the pictures to the ushers on his computer screen. Amy was very embarrassed to see her bare breasts so prominently displayed in the pictures.

The group of ushers did some routine tasks such as setting up tables for handling donations and selling tickets for next season as well as putting up signs about today's performance. After this was done, Amy was hoping for an assignment at one of the side aisles. There were to be two ushers on the middle aisle, one on each of the two side aisles, and two outside the building by the front doors to take tickets. But Middleton told Amy to do the middle aisle along with Doug, one of the nicely dressed male ushers. This was better than being out front, but she would still be very visible.

About 1:30, she and Doug took their places by the middle aisle doors. No one had arrived yet and the two of them made small talk about their upcoming final exams. A few minutes later the first real guests arrived, and even though they stared at Amy, they made their way to the side aisles. But the next group of four older folks came right towards her, and she took a deep breath, smiled, handed each of the two men a program, and said, "Good afternoon." Of course, the two men got an eyeful of her perfect 34C breasts, and they glanced at her black panties; the two women with them gave Amy a scornful look and quickly went inside.

As she was holding the door for the two men, she was surprised to hear someone call her name, "Amy Suzuki?", the male voice said. She turned and saw Dwight Henderson approaching; she smiled and said, "Hi, Dwight, how are you?" Dwight was an apartment mate of Linda's boyfriend, Mark. She had met him a few times when she and her ex-boyfriend, Josh, had double dated with Linda and Mark and stopped by Mark's apartment after the dates.

Dwight said, "Amy, I'm fine. And I'm sure sorry to hear what's happening to you. Are you doing okay?"

Amy briefly looked past him to see if there were any other guests arriving, and when she saw none close by, she knew she had a few minutes to talk with him. She said, "Yeah, considering everything I'm doing all right. But you know, it's been difficult and I've still got over two weeks to go. But everyone knows about me, what about you? Are you playing tonight?"

Dwight was a clarinet player in the marching band, and so Amy thought he might be part of tonight's orchestra. But Dwight said, "Oh no, I'm not good enough for this. But I really, really like Mozart, and I've come to this each year. I saw you here last year with Josh in that knock-out dress, and . . . umm, well you know. Oh Amy, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that." But his voice trailed off as he realized his faux pas about talking about ex-boyfriends and nice dresses in front of her now.

Amy smiled at him and said, "Dwight, that's okay. I'm glad that you noticed me then, and I'm glad you're talking to me now. Are you alone this afternoon?"

"Yes, I really wanted to hear this performance, but I didn't know who to ask to come with me."

Amy looked up and noticed that other guests were coming her way, and she said to Dwight, "Oh I'm sorry, but I've got to get back to work here. It was good to talk with you, Dwight. I hope we can see each other sometime. Please enjoy the concert."

She smiled at him as he left. And then she realized that something had sort of clicked between them. Also, she realized that he was looking her in her face the entire time; he wasn't ogling her body like most men had been doing the last few days.

But then it was back to the real world, and she spent the next half hour being stared at by everyone - women as well as men, and even some of the grade-school kids that came with their parents. She was glad when the last guests had been seated, the doors closed, and the concert began. She and Doug stood out in the lobby for several minutes waiting for latecomers; one couple appeared, and Doug quietly led them to their seats. She and Doug then sat in the back row and listened to the first piece, Mozart's Flute Concerto No. 1. She got engrossed by the music, and Doug had to shake her arm to remind her that intermission as coming up.

She got up, and when the piece ended, they opened the door and let the audience mingle in the lobby. She tried to be unobtrusive, but how can a pretty topless girl do that in the middle of such nicely dressed people? She made small talk and felt the stares at her mostly naked body. She was glad when the 15 minutes were over and the second piece, Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 5, started. She could sit there in the dark and enjoy the music.

After the final piece, it was more standing around being looked at while the audience left. After a while, she looked in the auditorium and noticed Dwight still standing near her aisle door. She said, "Hey, Dwight, did you like the music?"

He smiled at her and said that he did indeed enjoy the music. And they chatted for a few more minutes. As they parted, Amy touched his arm and said, "Please call me." They smiled at each other, and he left.

Amy spent about an hour helping the other ushers clean up in the auditorium and putting away the tables and signs. She was thinking about Dwight, and she didn't pay much attention to the men ushers who were looking at her dangling breasts as she bent over to pick up trash left behind by the guests.

Finally, they all returned to Middleton's office. He thanked them for their help. And then he turned to Amy and said, "Amy, I'm sorry, but I need those panties back. Your yellow ones are still out on the peg." So, Amy blushed and slid them down her legs giving Middleton and the other ushers one last look at her naked pussy before she grabbed the yellow underpants and slid them on. She told the group goodbye and started walking to Kameron Hall for her meeting with Knoxx.

Chapter 18 - A Quiet Saturday Evening

The Saturday meeting with Knoxx was uneventful, that is, if you can call standing alone naked in front of a creepy old man to be uneventful! He had just grilled her about ushering at the concert, and she was glad that nothing really negative happened in the meeting. He gave Amy a pair of white panties to wear for the next day.

Back at the dorm, Amy ate dinner with Rekha and Maddie. Linda was off on a date as was usual for her on a weekend night. She told Amy that it was for "a little Saturday night loving". She frequently used that same phrase substituting the correct day of the week, but it always meant the same thing - a wild romp between the sheets with her boyfriend, Mark.

Today, Amy was conflicted, because on the one hand, she was happy that her good friend was having a good time, but on the other hand, she was jealous of Linda, because Amy had to spend the evening alone. Amy had spent the last few weekends date-less after having broken up with Josh. And tonight, she thought about the afternoon chat with Dwight Henderson, who happened to be Mark's roommate. Amy felt that she and Dwight had hit it off during their short meeting at the concert, and she wondered if Dwight was now alone in one bedroom alone while Linda and Mark were having passionate sex in another bedroom. Amy smiled as she wondered if Dwight could hear them through the walls.

Before sitting down to study, Amy called her brother, Jason, who was a sophomore at Cornell. She told him most of the story, but she left out some of the really embarrassing situations that she had been in the last few days. Since the two of them were very close, she didn't want to upset him any more than necessary. She might tell him about those humiliating moments sometime, but not now.

Then, Amy hit the books. She considered putting on her fluffy robe knowing that she'd be alone for a few hours, but she knew that Kelly Stubbins had a master key and could potentially pop in unannounced at any time. So, she just turned up the heat a little bit, and sat down at her desk. She welcomed having these few hours to herself so that she could make a serious dent in the homework that had been piling up while she had been spending hours doing the punishment projects and standing naked in Knoxx's office. She was beginning to worry that her grades were going to be affected because of the lost study time.

About 10:30, Linda returned with a big smile on her face. They chatted for a few minutes with Amy trying unsuccessfully to get her friend to talk about her lovemaking escapade, and then their three friends, Sharon, Maddie, and Rekha, came by to talk with them. And it wasn't long before the girls were laughing and joking, and the other girls stripped down to their panties in a show of solidarity with Amy. Amy glanced around the room at her nearly naked friends and with a twinkle in her eye, said, "Thanks, guys. I love you all."

About midnight the gathering broke up, Amy crossed off another day on her calendar, and they went to bed.

To be continued . . .