Underpants Amy - Days 2 & 3
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 2, Wednesday

Chapter 9 - First Day of Panties Only

In the morning, Amy put on identical panties to the ones she had been wearing; the only difference was that the new ones were freshly laundered. She wanted to make sure that she was wearing acceptable panties when she went to the afternoon meeting. Then, she got a lot of strange looks while eating breakfast in the dining hall. The day before many of her dormmates had seen her naked, but today she was wearing panties. They knew she was being punished for streaking, but they were probably puzzled about the panties. They might have thought that she was going to be given one additional piece of clothing each day until she was finally completely dressed. But of course, Amy knew better, and she was certain word of the details of her punishment would circulate pretty quickly as word got out.

Wednesday was a busy day of classes for Amy. She had two in the morning and two in the afternoon. And now she mentally added the 5 o'clock meeting in Knoxx's office to her schedule. She looked out the window after breakfast, and it looked cool, breezy, and overcast. What had happened to the nice springtime weather??!!

Since she was allowed a cap, she decided on a stocking cap - at least her ears might remain warm. But she was certain the rest of her body would be frozen solid by the time she got to her 10AM class. And as soon as she stepped outside, her fears were confirmed. The wind was blowing and the temperature might be in the low 40's if she were lucky. She thought, "How in the hell did Tami Smithers do this during the winter when it was much colder and often there was snow on the ground?" But Amy trudged along carrying her backpack. An interesting sight for the others on the sidewalk - a girl wearing only panties and a stocking cap, carrying a backpack in her hand, bare feet, bare chest with nipples as hard as granite. She was a sight to behold.

The 10AM class was General Psychology. It was an elective and there were probably 200 students in the big auditorium in Younger Hall. This was a different bunch of students than who had seen her yesterday; these were mostly freshmen and sophomores. She soon realized that many of them hadn't heard about her streaking and this punishment. As she stood in the lobby of the auditorium covered in goosebumps, a crowd of students, both girls and guys, collected around her asking what was going on. She rubbed her hands over various parts of her nearly naked body to try to warm up while explaining to the group what was happening - her nipples remained rock hard. Just before the bell rang, she and the group made their way into the big auditorium. She sat by herself in her usual spot about halfway down. Fortunately, the class proceeded without incident; the instructor just gave a lecture; he didn't call on any members of the big class at all. After the class, Amy had to quickly repeat her explanation to a different bunch of students, and then she pulled on her stocking cap and set out again in the cold weather for her 11AM class which fortunately was just across the quad - the same quad where she had been caught streaking two nights before.

The 11 o'clock class was News & Feature Composition, and it was much, much smaller. Only 15 students; all were seniors or grad students in journalism. Only one of them had seen her naked in class yesterday. She took her usual seat in the second row, and she decided to face this situation head-on. As soon as the young instructor came in, she raised her hand and asked, "Mr. Albertson, before we start, can I please say something to the class?" He agreed, and Amy stood up and continued, "As you can see, I'm almost naked here, and I want to explain. I made a bad mistake the other night when I streaked across the quad and I am being punished for that. My skimpy attire is part of the punishment agreement that I have with the administration that allows me to avoid being expelled so close to the end of my last semester here. I will be like this for the last few meetings of this class. I apologize for any distraction that it may cause. I think that's all I need to say about this. Thank you."

Albertson said, "Thank you, Amy, for that explanation. And now let's get on with today's lesson. First, . . ."

The 50-minute class went by quickly. There was a lot of discussion and Amy participated just like she always did. But there were no truly embarrassing incidents.

After class, she almost ran back to the dorm. The weather hadn't improved much, perhaps a degree or two warmer, but the wind seemed stronger. She rushed through the lobby on her floor, right past Kelly Stubbins, her R.A. Amy wanted to get to her room and turn up the heat, which is the first thing she did when she got there. She turned toward her closet to get out her comfy, fluffy pink bathrobe. But just as she took it off the hook, she stopped, put it back, and closed the closet door. She had momentarily forgotten about the panties-only rule. And two seconds later there was a knock on the door, and before Amy could answer it, Kelly Stubbins opened it from the outside and barged in. Stubbins glared at Amy, who was still covered in goosebumps and rubbing her arms. Stubbins smiled evilly and said, "I'm just checking up on you, Suzuki. Dr. Knoxx asked me to make sure you follow the rules. You're okay this time, but I bet I'll catch you sometime. Have a wonderful day showing off your globes!" She turned around and left, slamming the door behind her.

Amy thought, "Oh heavens, that was too close. If I had put on that robe, I'd have been toast. But now I know for sure that she is one of Knoxx's spies, and I'll be very careful around her."

She spent a few minutes warming herself up next to the heating vent that was blowing full blast now. Then she went to the dining hall for lunch, and she was glad to spot a group of friends and ate an almost normal lunch with them.

After getting back to her toasty dorm room, Amy thought about this afternoon. She had a Formal Logic class at 2 and an Advanced Public Speaking class at 4. Both were in the same building on the quad. She'd have to go to the 5PM meeting also on the quad directly from the Public Speaking class, and that meant she had to take the collection of panties with her to Public Speaking. But what to do between Formal Logic and Public Speaking? Her habit had been to either sit in the hallway studying or go to the Union and get coffee with friends. Only once had she made the 10-minute walk back to the dorm in that hour period. She'd sure like to do that today, because she would be alone in her nice warm room. But it would also mean 20 extra minutes out in the cold. So, she decided that she would do the sit-in-the-hallway thing to stay warm, but that would mean an hour of exposure in that busy hallway. Such are the trade-offs that a nearly naked girl must make!

But that also meant that she had to assemble the collection of panties for the committee's inspection right now and carry them with her all afternoon. She pulled open her underwear drawer and looked longingly at the pretty brassieres that were in there; several colors and styles to mix and match with the panties. She sighed as she realized that the bras wouldn't be out of that drawer for the next 3 weeks. She scooped up the 4 stacks of panties that were next to the bras and threw the panties on the bed. She started sorting thru them. She didn't know exactly what Knoxx wanted; so the only ones she put back in the drawer were the thongs and several pairs of very sexy ones from Victoria's Secret. And obviously the obscene open crotch panties that she had bought on a lark for Josh's pleasure went back in the drawer. That left about 20 pairs of panties with many duplicates. She grabbed that bunch, shoved them into a plastic bag, and put the bag in her backpack. And she also put Eva's ankle pouch in her backpack to show to the committee.

She studied for the Logic class for a while and then at 1:45 set out for the quad. The weather had improved a lot in the last 2 hours; it was still overcast, but there was almost no wind and the temp was in the 50's. It was much easier for the almost naked girl to tolerate during her walk to class; she took off her stocking cap and put it in her backpack. The Logic class was also an elective, and there were about 40 students in it. She decided to just lie low if she could, and even though the male instructor looked her over carefully when she entered the room, he didn't say anything and didn't call on her. And that was fine with Amy. The hour-long class was uneventful, but he assigned a substantial amount of homework.

Amy was worried as she left the Logic class. Not only would she be on full display sitting in the busy hallway for the next hour, but there could be significant exposure during the Public Speaking class. Even though she had given her main speech last week before the streaking incident, she knew that this class was heavy on student participation. The instructor might ask her to give an extemporaneous talk on almost any subject or he might have a group of students form a challenge team to present the opposite side of the issue that the main speaker had presented. In the past, she had enjoyed such off-the-cuff presentations, but she was dreading such things now because of the possible exposure to the class of about 50. However, she realized that there was absolutely nothing she could do about it now except to worry like she was.

So, she sat down on a hallway bench and started on her Logic homework. As she sat there trying to concentrate, there were several rude comments from guys as they passed by. She even felt one guy tap her leg on the inside as if asking her to open up; she just glared at him as he laughed and went away. None of her friends went by in the hour that she sat there.

At 4 o'clock, Amy slowly walked into the class room. She looked up and as she smiled at the likable Professor Bailey, she saw him walking over to her. Bailey said to her, "Amy, I just talked with Dr. Knoxx, and he told me about your, um how should I say, situation. I hadn't heard about your troubles until he called. I'm sorry about what you are going through, but I need to tell you that I'm going to call on you in class today. I'm truly not doing this to embarrass you, but as I was preparing for class before learning of your troubles, I had decided that I would call on you to give a short extemporaneous talk. So, I'm sorry if you'll be embarrassed standing like that in front of the class, but I'm following Dr. Knoxx's instruction to just let you participate as you normally would. I don't think it would be fair to the other students to let you have a pass on this just because of your near nudity. I hope you understand?"

Amy had enjoyed this class and Bailey was one of her favorite teachers, but she was taken aback by this. She said, "Professor Bailey, thanks for warning me ahead of time. Maybe I can help this awkward situation by addressing the students about my problem before you start the class. I did that earlier today in another class, and it seemed to lift some of the tension in the room. Would that be okay with you?" He agreed.

Bailey spoke to the class, "Before we start today, Miss Suzuki would like to say a few words. Amy?"

She was blushing as she stood up by her chair and repeated what she had said earlier, "As you can see, I'm almost completely nude here, and I want to explain. I made a bad mistake in judgment the other night when I streaked across the quad and I am being punished for doing that. My skimpy attire is part of the punishment agreement that I have with Chancellor Knoxx; that agreement allows me to avoid being expelled from this fine university so close to the end of my last semester and to graduate in a few weeks. I will be dressed like this for the last few meetings of this class. And I apologize for any distraction that it may cause. I hope you all understand. Thank you."

Bailey said, "And thank you, Miss Suzuki. Now let's get started, . . ."

The session consisted of a series of extemporaneous speeches by several students. Each speech was only 4 or 5 minutes long, but none of the students, except Amy, knew that they would be called on, and none of them knew the topic. After the second extemp talk, Bailey said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, can you please come down front? Your subject will be 'The Effects of the Iraq War on Children.' Please take a moment to think about the subject before starting your talk."

Amy was blushing a very bright red as she walked down the few steps to the front. There was a table and a lectern there, but since neither of the first two students had stood behind them, Amy just stood in full view of the audience. She briefly glanced down and noticed that not only were her nipples getting hard, but her pubic hair was showing above the top of her panties. It had probably been that way the entire day, and she just hadn't noticed. But now was certainly not the right time to adjust her panties; she'd just have to go ahead as is, but it sure added to her embarrassment about the situation.

Amy stood there facing the class, but she closed her eyes as she thought about the topic. Then, she gave her talk mentioning turmoil in the Iraqi schools, Iraqi children orphaned by the war, American children who had a parent assigned to Iraq, and several other aspects. She fidgeted more than she should have during the talk, and Bailey mentioned that in his critic afterwards. But in general, she had done a good job even though she was almost naked. After she returned to her seat, she tried to inconspicuously pull up her panties another inch or so to hide her pubic hair. She was very happy to have that over with, and the rest of the 50-minute class was routine.

As she picked up her backpack by a strap to put away her class notes, the pack flipped over and a bunch of stuff fell out including the bag of panties, which fell open and all of her panties fell out on the floor over a fairly wide area. She blushed again and then quickly got down on her hands and knees and started gathering up the panties. Two guys in the row behind at first laughed, but then they offered to help. She waved them away with a quick "Thanks, but I've got it." And one of them laughed again and said, "Well, I guess we can call you 'Underpants Amy' from now on." And so her new nickname was born - Underpants Amy.

Chapter 10 - Modeling Panties for the Men

Amy walked across the quad to Kameron Hall. She glanced at the scene of her crime as she made the turn up the steps into the lobby. She shuddered at the thought of that stupid escapade that had started this ongoing nightmare.

She rode the elevator up to the seventh floor, and again she wondered why it was so crowded at almost 5 o'clock. Where were all the people going? She still couldn't figure it out. And she felt a slight grope as a hand lightly rubbed the seat of her panties. She almost confronted the guy but decided against it.

When she entered Knoxx's waiting room, she was pleasantly surprised to see no one except the secretary there. Marriott hadn't arrived yet, but there were still a couple of minutes before the meeting was to start. She approached the desk, and just as she was about to say something to Mrs. Duckworth, the secretary just pointed over to something next to the office door.

Amy looked over and was shocked to see a hook sculpted to look like an erect penis! It was mounted on a small plaque which had the following inscribed above the penis: "For Amy Suzuki's use only". The penis was mounted just below waist high implying that it would fit nicely in Amy's vagina!

She looked back at the secretary and said, "What's the meaning of this? I don't . . ." But Mrs. Duckworth interrupted her and said coldly, "Just hang your panties there. Then, shut up and sit down." Amy still gaped at the woman and started to say something more, but Duckworth stopped her again and said, "Please just do as I say." So, Amy did as she was told and slid off her panties. She shuffled her bare feet through the plush carpet as she made her way over to the hook. She looked at the fake penis and disgustedly hung her panties over it. She glared back at the secretary who was now waving a paper towel at her; Amy understood her meaning, grabbed the towel, put it on the bench, and sat down. She was now completely naked once again. She sat there with her head down and tears welling in her eyes.

A minute later the outer door opened and Ken Marriott walked in. He smiled when he saw Amy sitting there, but his smile faded when he saw the look on her face. "Hi, Amy, are you all right?"

She looked at him and said, "Hi, Ken, oh I'm sorry, I mean, Mr. Marriott. Yeah, I'm okay, but . . ." She trailed off and just pointed over to the penis hook.

Marriott glanced at the hook, turned to Mrs. Duckworth, and angrily said, "What's the meaning of this? That is very demeaning to Miss Suzuki."

Duckworth just said, "You'll have to talk to Dr. Knoxx about it. Please have a seat. He is still busy, but he will be with you shortly."

He sat down next to Amy on the bench. He whispered over to her, "So, how was the rest of your day besides this?" She quietly told him about the events and how she seemed to be handling the humiliating incidents okay.

After Amy finished, he whispered back, "Well, I drove over to Campbell-Frank today, just to see if I could figure out how tightly the two schools are affiliated. As I was driving in, I saw Tami Smithers walking on the sidewalk." He paused and chuckled, "At least, I assume it was Miss Smithers, because I doubt that there are too many beautiful naked redheads walking around that campus." Amy laughed briefly as well, and Marriott continued, "Anyway, I thought I'd try to talk with her, but by the time I parked, she had walked into a dormitory, and I didn't feel that I should follow her in there."

He went on, "So, I went to the library and looked up her phone number. After thinking about the pros and cons, I reluctantly decided to call her. And I did get to speak with her, but as soon as she found out I was an attorney, she sort of clammed up and politely ended the call. So, I didn't learn anything at all from her, but that's probably okay. I just wanted you to know that I made the effort, however weak it might have been."

He continued, "But in the Campbell-Frank library, I did find a copy of their 'Student Guidebook', as they call it. I looked at the list of rules and regulations in that book and the Bancroft handbook, and they are almost word for word identical. But neither book mentioned a no-streaking rule at all. Both books are four years old; do you have a later edition of the Bancroft book?"

Amy replied, "No. I got that one at the beginning of my freshman year, and that seems to have been the last hardcopy version that they published. Now, it's all on the university web site."

Marriott sighed, "I was afraid of something like that. Lots of publishing is going to the Internet, but I'm sure that as a journalism major that you are well aware of that. Anyway, I did look at the Bancroft web site, and I found the no-streaking rule including the punishment for it, and it's pretty much as Knoxx described. And Campbell-Frank's web site has exactly the same list of updated rules and regulations - including the no-streaking rule - as the Bancroft site. Again, the wording is almost identical on each web site. So, that's just an indication how close the two schools are related. But getting back to the no-streaking rule, do you know when it was added?"

Amy thought for just a moment and whispered, "No, not exactly. I seem to remember hearing about it a few years ago. But Eva said it wasn't there when she was caught, and I guess that would have been sometime during the first semester of my freshman year; so, the rule was added since then."

He paused momentarily and then said, "Well, okay. It probably doesn't make any difference to us, but I was just curious. If the exact date becomes important to us, I'm certain that we can find out somehow - maybe the school newspaper. But the no-streaking rule has also a strange phrase in it that says something like 'exposing the student's genitals' and that helps our case since they can't prove that your genitals were exposed while streaking. If I interpreted it correctly, it's actually okay for a woman to streak with her breasts exposed as long as her genitals are covered. The school's lawyer, Mr. Laird, really should re-work the wording of that rule, but that's his problem not ours." He smiled and added, "But I wouldn't recommend that you or any of your female friends put that to the test by streaking topless, because I suspect that they'd get you for breaking the general 'acceptable behavior' rule."

Amy chuckled and then Marriott added, "And the punishment for breaking that 'acceptable behavior' rule can be anything from a slap on the wrist to expulsion. I'll mention this in the meeting, but I expect they'll just say that they'd push for the maximum punishment anyway."

He continued, "I also did some digging at that library and on the web to see what other ways the two institutions are connected, and it's not merely a loose affiliation like Eva said. They have lots of things in common, such as each getting big donations of exactly the same amount of money from three corporations. And there are big donations from wealthy alumni of Bancroft to Campbell-Frank and vice versa. And you can get credit for classes taken at the other campus. And there are three men, including Brandon Kirkpatrick, who sit on the boards of directors of both schools. There are faculty who teach classes on both campuses. They have a common payroll system. And so forth. So, even though they are separate institutions, I think that Tami Smithers's situation could definitely be used in our case, if necessary."

He then told her what he had learned about the Rhode Island law, and he thought they could use it, if necessary.

He took a breath and continued, "But we kind of knew all of that yesterday anyway. So, the bottom line is that except for the genitals-showing-while-streaking issue, I don't really have any new ideas that would help our case today. Oh, just a reminder to be very careful about how you answer the streaking question if it comes up again - not only in these meetings but also outside of here such as in conversations with friends. The 5th Amendment is our friend here." He smiled and said, "Blame it on me. Tell anybody who asks that your attorney told you not to discuss it."

Amy chuckled, "Yeah, the lawyer is always the bad guy, isn't he?" Then she turned serious and continued, "I will be very careful what I say."

Marriott glanced at his watch. It was now 5:20, and he asked the secretary, "Will Dr. Knoxx be much longer?" Duckworth just shrugged and said she didn't know, but she had reminded Knoxx about the meeting just before Amy had arrived.

Just then the outer door opened and the janitor came in with the vacuum cleaner. He was surprised to see the naked girl sitting there and then he gave the secretary a questioning look and said, "Do you want me to come back later?"

Duckworth said, "No, Walter, now is fine. I'm sure they will be happy to stand up for a minute or so while you vacuum under the bench." And she just gave Amy and Marriott a curt nod as if to say, "Please do as I said."

The janitor was a middle-aged man, maybe 45 or so, and he had his eyes fixed on the pretty nude girl as he started his cleaning task. He started with dusting and he had to bend over Amy to clean off the corner table next to the girl. She felt trapped as she sat there with him bending so closely over her naked body. Then, the janitor plugged in the vacuum cleaner and said to Marriott and Amy, "Why don't I start under your bench and then I'll be out of your way? Could you please move over there for a moment?"

They shrugged and stood up. And of course, the paper towel stuck momentarily to Amy's butt before it fluttered to the floor under the table like it had done the day before. She got down on her hands and knees and retrieved it from under the table. Naturally, the janitor got a clear view of her bare ass and pussy lips. Then, his eyes looked her up and down after she stood back up. He thought to himself, "Wow, what pretty boobs she has!"

It took the janitor about 10 minutes to finish his cleaning. Amy felt that he could have done it much quicker, but he was working slowly so that he could steal some additional glances at her naked body. Just as he was unplugging the vacuum cleaner, Knoxx appeared and invited Amy and Marriott into his office.

Amy grabbed her backpack and towel, and she and Marriott went into the office. The four other committee members were already there and were seated in the same chairs as yesterday. Evidently, they had been there for the last 30 minutes discussing strategy with Knoxx for this meeting.

Marriott sat down on the couch and shifted to the side to make space of Amy. She laid the towel on the leather couch, and started to sit down. But Knoxx said, "Miss Suzuki, why don't you just remain standing? That way you don't have to mess with the paper towel. In fact, why don't we just say that you'll stand during these daily meetings? That may be somewhat shaming for you, but that's part of the point of the punishment. Okay?"

Amy reached back, grabbed the towel from the couch, wadded it up, tossed it in the trash, and just said, "Fine." She glanced at Marriott who had an angry look in his eyes.

Marriott said, "Dr. Knoxx, I don't appreciate my client being treated this way. And I saw the phallic shaped hook out in the waiting room, and I think that is very demeaning to her also. What's the meaning of this?"

Knoxx said, "Okay, Mr. Marriott. I'm sorry that this meeting has gotten off to such a rocky start. But let me remind you again that we want this punishment to be harsh, and these little things, such as her standing naked during this meeting or that penis-shaped hook, are just some additional ways to embarrass Miss Suzuki and to remind her that she is being punished. Now, as to that unusual hook, we thought of that earlier today, and Mr. Thorson, our maintenance supervisor, quickly found the parts and assembled it. We thought that it would add a bit of levity to this situation albeit at Miss Suzuki's expense. Okay?"

Marriott continued to glare at him, "Okay, but I still don't like it. Anyway, before you get started with your agenda, I'd like to discuss something I noticed in your rules and regulations. The no-streaking rule says that the student's genitals must be exposed for the student to be charged with streaking, and I remind you that you cannot prove that Miss Suzuki's vulva was exposed while she was running around the quad. So, I suggest that you just drop this whole thing."

Knoxx gave him a startled look and said angrily, "Oh no, we cannot do that. We must send a message to the other students that we will not condone such behavior." Knoxx then turned his head and raised his eyebrows while looking back at Tyson Laird, the university attorney.

Laird immediately spoke up, "Mr. Marriott, technically you are correct, but we still have the 'acceptable behavior' rule on the books that provides us with a wide range of punishments including expulsion. And Miss Suzuki definitely broke the 'acceptable behavior' rule even if her genitals were not exposed, and we think that she deserves to be punished severely for that. So, I propose that we just change the document to reflect a different rule that Miss Suzuki broke, but all of the punishment that we discussed yesterday remains as described."

Marriott said, "Let me talk with Amy for a moment." And Amy blushed as she bent over to confer with Marriott, because she realized that Marriott was getting a full view of her dangling breasts and the other 5 men were enjoying a full rear view of her pretty tush and slit.

Marriott tried to look her in the face, but he couldn't help but notice the pretty boobs hanging so tantalizingly. He merely whispered to Amy, "Just what I thought would happen. I don't think we can gain anything by pressing the issue any further." Amy just nodded and stood back up again.

Marriott sighed and said aloud, "Okay, Mr. Laird and Dr. Knoxx, we agree that you could punish her the same way under either rule. If you want to change the document, that's okay with us, but it's not really necessary. Now, do you have that document ready?"

Knoxx handed Amy two copies of the document and she passed one onto Marriott. She briefly skimmed over the 3-page document and turned to Marriott. She bent over to whisper to him, presenting the same views of her breasts and ass as before. She just sighed and said quietly to Marriott, "This is pretty long. I would like time to study it before signing it."

Marriott said, "I agree." And then he said aloud to Knoxx, "Dr. Knoxx, we don't think we should sign this right now. Please give us a day to review it, and we will discuss it at tomorrow's meeting. I'm sure it will be okay, but we need time to look it over. Okay?"

Knoxx nodded and said, "That's fine, Mr. Marriott. But I'm just curious as to how long you are going to be here in town representing Miss Suzuki?" And Amy had been wondering the same thing. Would he be here indefinitely? She didn't think so, and she was anxious to hear his answer.

Marriott said, "Well, I was planning to leave tomorrow morning, but since Amy and I need to review this, I'll stay an extra day. Then I believe I can handle any other issues that might come up by telephone or fax from my office in Warwick. Okay?" Amy was relieved to have this clarification, but she said nothing.

Knoxx said, "Yes, thanks for clearing that up. Okay, there are two other items that I had on today's agenda: Approving what underwear she can wear and reviewing the community service projects. Anything else that you'd like to discuss?"

Amy thought about the ankle pouch but decided to bring it out with the panties. She and Marriott shook their heads.

Knoxx said, "Very good. Let's talk about the panties first. Miss Suzuki, did you bring the ones that you want to wear?"

Amy nodded. She squatted down rather than bending to her backpack; she hoped that they wouldn't notice that she was actually covering herself up a little bit more this way. She got out the bag of panties and held it with a questioning look on her face.

Knoxx said, "Good. Just dump them out here on the desk, and we'll look them over."

Amy turned the bag upside down and shook it; her breasts jiggled nicely as she shook. The panties tumbled out onto his desk. She thought to herself, "How humiliating is this? Here I am naked with a bunch of men who are about to be looking closely at my underwear that really should be home in my drawer - not here on his desk." But she just stood back.

Knoxx thought for a moment before saying, "Here's what I want to do. I will look at each pair and then pass it along to the committee. Any of the panties that we find unacceptable, we will put back in your bag and you can take them home. Then, we will ask you to put on each pair of the remaining panties so that we can see how they look on you. We may reject some more after the demonstration. And finally for the acceptable ones, I am going to make a small red mark on the outside of the back rim. That way we will know that you are wearing acceptable panties when we see you around campus. Okay?"

Amy blushed as she realized that he was just ratcheting up the embarrassment level a little bit more. She merely said, "Okay." And Marriott agreed.

Knoxx picked up a pair of red panties with white hem. He held them up for display and then handed them over to Tyson Laird. And the panties went down the line, Laird, Kirkpatrick, Telford, Farmer, and back to Knoxx. But Knoxx said, "No, I don't want red ones. Here put them back in the bag." He handed them back to Amy.

The next ones were simple white bikini style. They were passed down the line and Knoxx said, "Okay, these are all right."

This went on for the rest of the 16 pairs that she had brought. The white, pink, yellow, and flesh-colored ones were accepted. They only rejected two more, a black pair and a tiny white pair which had only a strap on the hip - too sexy, they said. Amy put them back in the bag.

Knoxx then counted out the acceptable ones and said, "Let's see now, we've got 13 pairs that passed the first test. Now, Miss Suzuki, you will put on each of these and we will see how you look in them." And he handed her the white bikini panties.

She took them and looked at Marriott, who just shook his head in disgust. Then he just shrugged and said quietly, "Go ahead, Amy."

She slid them up her long legs pulling them up so that they were comfortable. Then she stood there for a moment so that the men could see her front, and then turned slowly around to show them the back. And finally she faced them again.

Lucas Telford spoke for the first time at this point, "You know, Miss Suzuki, you have a lot of pubic hair - a rather lush bush, if I can put it bluntly. It's poking out above the top of those panties. Would you be willing to trim it down for us so that it's covered by the panties? I think you would look better that way."

Amy blushed a brighter red than she ever had and thought, "Holy shit, they are asking me to trim my pussy hair. How far is this embarrassment going to go?" But she just said aloud, "Okay, I can do that."

Telford said, "Ah, good. Let's go onto the next pair."

Amy slid off the bikinis and handed them back to Knoxx who started a pile on the other side of his desk. Next he handed her another pair of white panties, but these had a higher rise to them. She slid them up and they reached a couple of inches higher than the previous ones, but not up to her belly button. This pair completely covered her lower hair. She made the appropriate turns to show them off.

Knoxx immediately shook his head, "No, those are too high. They cover her too much. Not enough of an embarrassment factor for her." The 4 men agreed, and Knoxx spoke to Amy, "Take them off and put them in the bag." Amy sighed and followed his instructions.

The next three pairs were deemed to be okay. Two flesh-colored and one pink. They went on the acceptable pile.

Amy slid on the next pair, which were a pale yellow with white trim. These were one of her favorites, because they were so comfortable. Kind of an old friend. They were low-rise, bikini style again. She made the turns to display them to the men. They said that the panties looked okay, but just as she was about to take them off, Knoxx said, "Stop. Miss Suzuki, please come around the desk so I can look more closely at them." She reluctantly did as he asked, and when she was standing right next to him, he pointed his finger at a spot a few inches from her pussy on the right side near the bottom rim. He said, "Miss Suzuki, there is a small hole starting to develop there. These panties are completely unacceptable. We cannot have holey underwear on display like that. Please take them off and put them in the bag."

Amy blushed again as she slid them down her legs. Her comfy panties had been rejected.

The next pair was pink. She slid them on, turned, and waited for their comments. This time Brandon Kirkpatrick spoke, "There is a lot of pubic hair showing above these, and the side panels are very narrow. And there's a faint design embroidered right near the crotch. I think these are too sexy for her to be wearing around campus. We want her to be embarrassed not to be showing off." The other men agreed.

Knoxx said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, please take them off and put them in the bag. And I'll give you the next pair."

The next were also pink, and she modeled them for the men. Knoxx asked her to turn around again so he could see her behind. He said, "Miss Suzuki, even though these aren't thong style, they are showing a lot of your rear cheeks. I think they are too sexy. Please take them off and put them back in your reject bag."

The last 5 pairs were acceptable. White, "bare" (i.e. flesh-tone), yellow, pink, yellow. Amy took off the last pair and stood naked again in front of the men.

Knoxx took a red magic marker from his desk, lifted a pair of white panties from the pile, and said, "Okay, let me show you what I'm going to do. I'm going to put a little red mark right on the upper hem in the back middle." He made the slight mark on the panties and handed them to Amy. "Now, Miss Suzuki, please put them on again, and let's see how they look from behind."

Amy slid them on and turned around so that the men could see her behind. Laird said, "I think the mark should be a tiny bit bigger." Knoxx nodded and said to Amy, "Please come around here again and let me make it just a bit bigger."

Amy came back around the desk and presented her backside to Knoxx. She shivered as she felt his touch on her skin as he pulled the panties out a little bit. He used the magic marker to make the spot just a bit bigger and with his hand still on her panties and touching her skin; he showed it to the men. They agreed it looked okay. Knoxx took his hand away and looked at the finished product and said, "Yep, that looks better. All right, you can take them off now."

He then made the same mark on the other 8 pairs.

Knoxx said, "Okay, we've got 9 pairs here. That should be enough to get you started. Now, . . ."

Amy interrupted, "What about the pair I was wearing today? They are outside on the hook." She said "hook" with a derisive tone in her voice.

Knoxx said, "Okay, I was just getting to that. Those panties will be covered by what I've got to say now."

She nodded as he went on, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, now that we've decided which panties are acceptable and have marked them as such, here's how the procedure is going to work. We are going to keep this collection of panties here, and we will give you a new pair to wear each day. So, each day as you enter the waiting room you will approach Mrs. Duckworth's desk, turn around so that she can verify that your current panties have the correct mark on them, remove your panties, hang them on the hook, and then wait out there naked until we call you in for the meeting. At the end of each meeting, I will give you a fresh pair of panties to wear for the next day. Your dirty panties will be kept here until graduation day."

He went on, "Actually, that reminds me. Did you put on clean panties this morning?" Amy just nodded. He continued, "Well, that means that you've got yesterday's dirty underpants at home somewhere. So, just to be consistent, please bring those dirty panties in with you tomorrow and we'll keep them til graduation day, as well. Understand?"

Amy nodded again and he looked at a calendar and counted the days, "Let's see there are 19 days til graduation and you've only got 9 pairs of acceptable panties here. So, you are 10 panties short. You will need to purchase 10 more pairs of panties and bring them in for our approval and marking; you should probably buy a couple of extra pairs just in case. Maybe get some light blue and light green ones, too? Also, maybe a pair with more of an Asian flesh tone to them that more closely match your nice skin color?"

He went on, "On graduation day, all of your panties will be returned to you. What we are attempting to accomplish with all of this is some additional embarrassment for you since I will be controlling your panties. You will not wear any other panties except those that I give you. Just another part of the punishment. Do you understand?"

Amy said sheepishly, "Yes, I see."

Knoxx asked the committee, "Any other questions or comments about the panties?" None of the men had anything to add. He continued, "Okay then, let's talk about the community service activities. On the last page of the document, we've laid out some probable activities for Miss Suzuki to perform."

The list looked like this:

May 3, Thursday - posting notices, Wytham
May 4, Friday - art class
May 5, Saturday - usher at concert
May 6, Sunday - BUF
May 7, Monday - art class
May 8, Tuesday - fill in for Mrs. Duckworth
May 9, Wednesday -
May 10, Thursday - art class, Wytham
May 11, Friday - cheerleading practice
May 12, Saturday - ground crew work
May 13, Sunday - cheerleading at baseball game
May 14, Monday -
May 15, Tuesday -
May 16, Wednesday - art class
May 17, Thursday - Wytham
May 18, Friday - art class
May 19, Saturday -
May 20, Sunday -
May 21, Monday - graduation day

They paused for a minute or so as they all looked over the list. Then, Knoxx said, "If you've had time to skim the list, let me say a few things about these activities. We've tried to think of things that would be appropriate as part of your punishment, that would help out the university, and that fit in with your class schedule. Let me skip the first one about notices for the moment and talk about Wytham. As I mentioned yesterday, Wytham is a medical research facility specializing in sexual research. Did you get a chance to talk with Miss Cobb about this?"

Amy blushed and said, "Yes, I did."

Knoxx continued, "Well, you probably now know more than I do about it. At any rate, Dr. Beaupre would like you to have at least 3 hours available at a time because of the long walk to the other side of campus and the sessions themselves would be about 2 hours. And the way your class schedule is arranged, the only time that fits well for both of you would be Thursday afternoon when you are free. I think I'm correct in saying that your English Literature class meets only on Tuesday and not on Thursday?"

Amy shuddered a bit, because this semester she had valued her Thursday afternoons as her schedule was free of classes and she could plan other extended activities for that time. But now Knoxx seemed to be taking away that precious time. She sighed and said, "Yes, that's correct."

Knoxx said, "Okay, good. Thursdays will work well for both of you. He will call your cell phone tomorrow morning to give you directions. I think it's at 1:30, but I'll let him tell you for sure. As far as the art class is concerned, we talked briefly yesterday about posing for them, and I checked with Ms. Whiteside the instructor, and she said she could definitely use a nude model. She said she could use one everyday for the rest of the term, but she settled for the few times that we listed here. Then on Saturday, there's a Mozart concert at the auditorium, and you will be an usher for that. And on Sunday, we've listed 'BUF' which stands for Bancroft University Foundation. Dr. Farmer here is the managing director of the foundation, and he wants your help with a newsletter and a reception on Sunday."

Knoxx went on, "Next Tuesday, Mrs. Duckworth, our secretary, needs to take some time off to handle personal issues and we want you to fill in for her for a few hours. The cheerleading thing is a bit unusual, because normally, the baseball team doesn't have cheerleaders, but they are playing in a tournament the weekend after this and the coach thought having a special cheerleading squad would be a nice thing for you to do. And Mr. Thorson, the maintenance boss, wants you to help his crew a week from Saturday. We can discuss those things in more detail as the dates get closer. Any questions?"

Amy gulped, because this would be a lot of exposure. She asked, "Would I have to be naked for all of these activities?"

Knoxx looked at the list and said, "Let's see. Art class, definitely. Wytham, I believe so, but I'm not sure. Concert usher, no, that would not be appropriate. The foundation, Dr. Farmer says yes. Finally, cheerleading and ground crew work, I'll leave that up to the supervisors involved. Any other questions?"

Amy gulped even harder, because it sounded like she would be nude for almost all of these activities. But she thought to herself, "He says it would be inappropriate for me to be naked at the concert, but being topless wearing only panties is appropriate somehow!"

Then she asked, "What's this about posting notices tomorrow?"

Knoxx, "Ah, I'd almost forgotten. Let me show you." And he reached for a big stack of paper on his desk. "Here are the notices that I want you to post on the various bulletin boards around campus tomorrow morning. Since you are mentioned in the notice, it seems appropriate for you to post them."

Here's what the notice said:

Notice to All Students

You will be seeing two unclothed students around campus until the end of the semester, and this notice is to clarify these situations. We feel that an explanation is needed because the two situations are completely different.

One of the students is Eva Cobb, and she is completely unclothed when she is in Wakefield Hall where she poses for drawing classes. She will be wearing normal clothes at other times.

The other student is Amelia "Amy" Suzuki, who wears only a minimal amount of clothing to cover her genital area. Her near nudity is a punishment for her streaking last Monday night on the campus quad. Normally, the punishment for streaking on campus is immediate expulsion from this university, but there are extenuating circumstances that requires us to punish her in this manner.

Reminder: Any student who is caught streaking in the future will be detained naked for a short period of time and after a meeting with university officials he or she will be immediately expelled. No more exceptions to this rule. See the university web site to read the entire rule.

Calvin Knoxx
Chancellor, Bancroft University

Amy looked at one of the notices; it was printed on very light yellow paper with several faint photos of flowers around the borders. Amy thought that from a distance it would look more like an advertisement for a spring garden show than a college notice about naked students. She thought to herself, "At least, he didn't put photos of naked women on it instead of flowers!" As she and Marriott scanned the notice, Knoxx said, "There are 100 copies of this notice here. I believe that there are 75 boards or so around campus. Put one notice on each board, and if you have extra copies, tape them to lamp posts or something like that. Here is a big box of push pins plus a roll of masking tape. That should be sufficient for this job. Also, many of those bulletin boards are behind locked glass doors; here is a master key that you can use to open those doors. Please bring the key back with you tomorrow. Any questions about that?"

Amy just shook her head.

Knoxx said, "Okay, I think we are almost done here. But I just remembered one more thing. For your convenience, we are going to put up a peg in the art studio so that you can hang your panties on it while you are posing. It's a plain vanilla peg, not another phallus-like thing. Also, there will be a peg outside of the Wytham room that you will be using for the same purpose. And Thorson may put one up near his office if he wants you to remove your panties for his ground crew work. Your panties should be safe there, but if they happen to be stolen during that time, you will immediately come back to this office to get another pair from this collection of approved panties. Okay?"

Amy thought to herself, "He said 'for my convenience'. Hah! It's more like 'for my embarrassment'." But she only said, "I understand. But I have one more thing." And she retrieved the ankle pouch from the backpack. "Eva Cobb lent me this to use to carry my keys and maybe some money. It goes on my ankle. I probably wouldn't have to use it very much, because I have my backpack most of the time. But there might be a few times that it would come in handy. I wanted to ask your permission before I used it."

Knoxx said, "I've seen Miss Cobb with this occasionally in my visits to Wakefield. Why don't you put it on so we can see what it would look like on you?"

Amy raised her right leg and propped it on his desk exposing her pussy lips to the men, and she hooked the pouch to her ankle with the velcro strap. Then, she stepped around behind the desk so that they could see it. She bent over and opened and closed the pouch so they could see how it works. The men admired the side view of her hanging boobs.

Knoxx looked at it and then he skimmed the list of community service activities. He said, "Well, I guess it's okay for around campus, but it's definitely not appropriate for any of your community service things. I guess what I'm saying is to use it only when you don't have your backpack. Does that sound right, gentlemen?" The other 4 men agreed. "So, yes, Miss Suzuki, it's okay to use it on a very limited basis. Thank you for asking us first."

He continued, "And Miss Suzuki, one last thing. We understand that your roommate, Miss Hathaway, is out of town til tomorrow. Is that right?"

Amy was puzzled about where this was going and hesitantly said, "Yes, Linda is on a field trip to an art museum in Boston. She will be back tomorrow."

Knoxx asked, "Do you know if she will be back before 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon?"

"I think so, but she didn't tell me an exact time. Why?"

"Well, I would like for her to come to this meeting tomorrow with you, if she can, or then to Friday's meeting, otherwise. We would like to explain this situation to her so that she hears our point of view as well as yours. That's all. You can be rest assured that she is not being punished or disciplined. We just want to talk with her."

Amy was still skeptical, but she just said, "Okay, I'll ask her when she returns."

Knoxx said, "Well, I guess that about wraps things up. But before you leave, let me give you a pair of panties for tomorrow. Let's see, how about these white ones? Please put them on."

He held up the panties and spread them out to show to the other men. After they nodded, he handed her the white bikinis and she slid them up. As before the pussy hair showed above the top rim. Knoxx looked at her and said, "Please remember to deal with that pubic hair tonight. Have a nice evening. See you tomorrow afternoon."

They all stood as Amy and Marriott departed. As they walked by the penis hook, Amy looked up and saw her flesh-colored panties still hanging there. She wondered if she would ever see them again!


Amy and Marriott ate dinner at the Union cafeteria again. They both read over the document as they were eating. When he finished eating, Marriott said, "Amy, did you see this section where they laid out the list of rules? The section headers name the rules: Full cooperation, On time, Obey instructions, No hiding, No covering, Acceptable appearance, Respect authority, Required nudity. When I first saw that, I thought it was just some boiler plate stuff that they copied from another document, but after re-reading it, I see that they carefully crafted this for your specific situation."

Amy was still chewing, but she paused for a moment and said, "Uhh, so, is there something there I need to worry about? I mean, they already mentioned the no-covering-up rule in the meeting."

"Yes, I remember them telling you not to hide your breasts and pubic area", Marriott responded. "But some of these, such as 'Full cooperation' and 'Respect authority' are kind of vague and overlap with others such as 'Obey instructions'. Also, when I first spotted the 'Required nudity' line, I thought it was a mistake because we negotiated for you to wear panties. But after reading the short paragraph under it, I realized it referred to the community service activities. So, I urge you to read that paragraph carefully; in fact, read all of those paragraphs carefully. I fear that they might be setting you up to be caught doing small things and then being punished some more using the last paragraph which says that they can impose additional punishment projects for breaking these rules or breaking the college's standard rules listed on the web site."

Amy spent about a minute skimming the page of rules and merely said, "Okay, I'll study them. And I'll try to be careful to follow them."

They were mostly silent as they drove back to the dorm.

Once she was back in her room, she worked on her big project for Formal Logic since it was fresh in her mind. Well, it actually wasn't so fresh in her mind, because there had been that embarrassing extemporaneous speech in Public Speaking followed by an hour of being naked in front of 5 men and modeling panties for them. Those memories were even fresher than Formal Logic. But she hunkered down and made substantial progress on the Logic project.

About 10 o'clock, she started reviewing the document. It seemed to match what had been said verbally in the two afternoon meetings and what Marriott said over dinner. There was a little bit of fuzziness in describing the community service projects, but she didn't think it was too bad. If Marriott was satisfied, she would sign it as is tomorrow.

A little after 11 PM, she decided to attack her pubic hair, so to speak. Knoxx had instructed her to "deal with" her pussy hair tonight. She realized that he was probably right; her pubic bush needed trimming. She didn't do that very often, but then again, her pubic area was not on display very often and so she didn't worry about it. But now was the time.

She got out her scissors, shaving cream, and razor, stood in front of the mirror, and lowered her panties to her knees. She really hoped that Stubbins wouldn't come in with her master key while Amy was doing this because it would be embarrassing, but she wasn't breaking any of Knoxx's rules - in fact, she was following his order. Looking in the mirror and holding the scissors in her right hand, she tried to thin out her pubic hair. That kind of worked, but it looked pretty scraggily when she got done. She pulled up the panties to the height that she usually did and looked in the mirror. The strands of hair were no longer visible above the top hem of her panties, but there was a lot of stubble. She took off her panties completely and found her hand mirror. She laid a plastic bag on the bed, positioned her pussy right over it, spread her legs wide, leaned the hand mirror against her teddy bear so that she could see her pussy, lathered up the shaving cream, and went to work shaving. She definitely didn't want to shave it all off, but she did want to remove the stubble visible above her panties. She scraped away to a couple of inches above her pussy lips. And then she tried to clean up the scraggliness (is that even a word, she thought?) with the scissors. This whole job would have been easy for a second person to do on her, but she didn't have anyone to ask to do it. She got up, pulled on her panties, and walked over to the mirror. She looked good panty-wise. So, she dropped the panties to her knees again and studied the naked view of her pussy area. It could have been better, she thought, but it was good enough.

"Enough for tonight. I'm going to bed", she said aloud to no one in particular. She decided to be naughty and peeled off her panties, turned off the light, and climbed in under the sheets. She didn't usually sleep in the nude, but tonight she would.

May 3, Thursday

Chapter 11 - Posting Nudie Notices

Thursday was usually Amy's favorite day of the week. Only one class, lots of free time. But this was a different sort of Thursday.

She looked at the stack of 100 notices that she had to post on the bulletin boards. She thought, "Why in this electronic age can't I just post this info somewhere on Bancroft's web page? I'm a journalism student after all, and I know about web page design and layout." But those were not her instructions; she had to do it the way they did it in the 1800's! And Knoxx knew that this was the way that would require her to expose her nearly naked body to the most people this morning! She sighed as she realized that she didn't know where all the bulletin boards on campus were located. What am I supposed to do? Just walk around almost naked and look for them? But she had an inspiration, maybe there's a map online somewhere. So she logged on to the university web site, searched around, and finally drilled down to the maintenance department page. And lo and behold, there was a campus map which showed the locations of the bulletin boards along with things like underground pipes, power lines, and street signs. She printed it out, stuffed all of the materials into her backpack along with her Modern Journalism notes, and set out to post the notices.

The first board was just outside the front door of the dorm. She pulled out a notice from her backpack and pinned it up on the hard cork board. That wasn't so hard. Only 99 more to go.

She studied her map and located several more bulletin boards in this part of campus. On one of them, the only open space was up near the top and she had to stand on tiptoe to reach up there. Just as she was doing that, a bunch of underclass guys came by, but they stopped and watched the pretty girl in profile - hard nipples on her almost flattened breasts and down to her long lean legs. They tried to make small talk, but she ignored them and finished up. As they walked away, she heard one of them yell, "Bye-bye, Underpants Amy, have a nice day!" She blushed and was stunned to hear herself called that again; word must be getting around.

As she worked on the next board, she heard a female voice call, "Hey, Amy. Hi there." It was Rekha Shah, her friend from lunch on Tuesday. "Hi Rekha, nice to see you", Amy replied.

Rekha said, "What are you doing anyway?"

And Amy showed her one of the notices and said, "I'm putting these up all around campus."

Rekha said, "Oh wow, that's going to be a lot of work. Do you want some help? I've got an hour free before my next class."

Amy smiled at her and said, "Thanks, Rake, but I really have to do this myself. It's part of my punishment for streaking, and if they found out that I took the easy way out by getting help, they would make it hard on me. I can't afford any slip-ups. But I really appreciate the offer. You're a good friend."

Rekha said she understood and went on her way back to the dorm. Just then Amy's cell phone rang; it was in her backpack, but she had set the ring volume to high so she would be sure to hear it. It was a Dr. Beaupre from the Wytham Institute. After the brief introductions, Amy said, "I understand that you are expecting me this afternoon. If that's correct, what time do you want me?"

Beaupre said, "Miss Suzuki, we will really appreciate your help in our research. Let's say 1:30 this afternoon, if that works for you. Since there are only a few weeks left in the semester, I'd really like to get going with the tests this afternoon. Usually, we'd just have sort of a get-acquainted session on the first meeting, but I'd like to actually do some tests today. We can talk more about it when you get here. You can find me in room 144. 1:30 right?"

Amy just said, "Yes, that's fine. See you then." She hung up, and a new feeling of dread spread over her. What were these tests he was talking about? But she didn't have time to brood about it now; she needed to get these damn nudie notices posted.

Amy continued following her map, and by 10 AM she had put up about 60 of the notices. She had heard a bunch more catcalls and rude comments; she ignored those, but the calls of "Underpants Amy" bothered her; she tried to ignore them, but a couple of times she glared at the guy who had yelled it. There were only a few more bulletin boards on the main part of campus to do and they were over by the quad. So, as she walked that way, she started taping notices to lamp posts and pinning them to telephone poles. She circled the quad and pinned the notices to the dozen or so bulletin boards there. When she finished, she looked up at the seventh floor windows of the admin building and was surprised to see Tyson Laird looking at her. How long had he been watching, she wondered? Oh well, a mostly naked girl will attract attention from almost anyone, including creepy old men like Laird who had just seen her completely naked each of the last two days. She saved the last few notices for the few boards on the far side of campus near Wytham; she would do those this afternoon.

She had gotten sweaty and a bit dirty doing this physical work. It wasn't hard work, but she did perspire a bit. She looked down at her panties and was relieved to see that they were still clean. But she had the Modern Journalism class in only 15 minutes. She had misjudged the timing; she should have left time to return to the dorm and take a shower. But she couldn't afford to do that now, but still she needed to clean up a little bit. She ran into Roosevelt Hall where the class room was located and dashed into the nearest ladies' room. She needed to quickly wash herself off, but she didn't want to get the panties wet - she could dry her skin in 5 minutes, but she couldn't dry her panties that fast. So, she whipped off her panties and hung them on a hook in one of the stalls. Then she grabbed a bunch of paper towels and used them to wash herself down quickly. Just then an older woman walked in and was shocked to see a naked young lady washing herself at the sink. The older lady just walked towards the stalls, and Amy could see that the woman was headed to the stall where Amy had hung her panties. Amy rushed over and said, "Ma'am, please use the next stall."

But the lady just said, "Hrumph, I always use this stall", and she pushed Amy out of the way. But Amy didn't give up; she had to get her panties before class started. Amy grabbed the stall door just as the lady was shutting it, reached in, and yanked her panties off the hook on the back of the door. She breathed a sigh of relief; she had saved her panties.

Amy placed the panties on the nearby window ledge where she could keep an eye on them and finished her quick clean-up. She dried herself with another handful of paper towels, looked herself over in the mirror, and slipped on her panties. And she made it into class just as Professor Haynesworth was closing the door - panties and all.

Chapter 12 - Wytham in the Afternoon

The morning class had run a little long, and Amy was squeezed for time again. She needed to walk back to the dorm, take a shower, and eat lunch before making the very long walk to Wytham by 1:30. While showering, she remembered what Eva had told her about keeping her "lower area" especially clean, and Amy was pretty sure that there would be some sort of "intimate inspection" of that area; so, she washed thoroughly.

Linda had not returned yet. So, Amy left her a note asking her to call Amy's cell phone if she got back before 5 o'clock. Amy wasn't sure if there would be time to come back to the dorm between Wytham and the 5 PM meeting. Oh well, Knoxx had said Friday would be okay, too, for the meeting with Linda.

At 1 o'clock, Amy set off on the long walk to Wytham. She had actually been by here several times before while jogging, but she hadn't paid much attention to the strange building on the far side of campus; actually, it was just off the main part of campus, because it was across Nordling Avenue on the other side of the street. She now recognized the building, but she had never noticed the small sign that merely said "Wytham". If she had thought about this at all previously (which she had not), she would have assumed that Wytham was just another financial firm or maybe a law firm or a dentist's office or some such thing. She walked quickly up to it, her breasts bouncing alluringly for the many onlooking eyes. Since she arrived in there at 1:20, she thought she might have time to put up the last 3 posters on the nearby boards. She hurried and was able to finish just in time with the last one right in front of the Wytham entrance.

She thought, "Okay, one community service project down. Many more to go. And the next one's going to be tough." She steeled herself and walked into the building. It was dingy place; it looked like it had built in the 1960's and had never been updated since then, and it was damn cold in there even though it was pleasantly warm outside.

In the lobby, a bunch of students in white lab coats were talking. They stopped and stared as the pretty topless girl walked in. There was silence for a moment as Amy stared back at them. She then said, "Which way to room 144? Dr. Beaupre's office." One of the geeky looking guys said, "Down the hall to your left. Here, I'll show you." But Amy waved him away and ran down the hall.

She looked at the room numbers, made a misturn down another drab hallway, re-traced her steps, and continued. Finally, there was 144. And she stopped with her heart pounding. Just as she was ready to knock, she saw the peg by the side of the door. She sighed as she knew what she had to do now. Amy slowly slid her panties down her legs and hung them on the hook. Now, she was completely naked in this eerie place. She gathered her courage and knocked on the door. The door was opened by a young guy in a lab coat, who said, "Whoa, what do we have here? You don't look like Eva Cobb. But please come in."

She stepped in and noticed that she was in some kind of waiting room or maybe a coffee break room; there were two other men sitting at the table drinking coffee and staring at the naked young woman. Just then another door which was marked only with "Office" opened and a middle-aged man came out; he also had on a lab coat and the tag said "Dr. Beaupre". She had found her man.

"Miss Suzuki, I presume", he said with a friendly smile. Amy immediately noticed the very heavy southern accent. They shook hands, and he went on, "Very pleased to meet you." And he turned to the other three men and said, "Gentlemen, this is Amelia Suzuki who is here to help us with our SPS's."

Amy thought, "What is SPS? Probably some medical term." But she turned and said, "Hi, please just call me Amy."

Beaupre looked her up and down and said, "Okay, Amy. Please put your backpack over in the corner. Let's see now, um, how do we start? Maybe I should explain the circumstances to these other guys. But first let me introduce you, since we're all working together on this project. This is Dr. Patrick Newman and this is Dr. Dennis LaSalle and this is Logan Cranfield, one of our student interns." She shook hands with each of them. Beaupre then spoke to the other men, "Since we are on the other side of campus, some of you may not have heard why Amy here is parading around campus naked."

Amy was just about to object, when Beaupre raised his hand and continued, "Actually, she's not completely naked - even though she is completely naked right now. Oh my, I'm not making much sense, am I? Let me start from the beginning. She was caught streaking on Monday night and Chancellor Knoxx decided to punish her by requiring her to wear just underpants for the next few weeks. But her punishment also includes some community service work such as helping us with SPS, and she is nude for that. Is that about right, Amy?"

Amy started, "Um, actually, not all . . ." But she stopped and decided not to explain that she wouldn't be nude for all of the community service activities. She just said, "I mean to say, yes, Dr. Beaupre, that's correct."

Beaupre laughed and said, "Well, good, I got something right for a change. We're going to go down the hall now to the lab, but before we do, are there any questions. Amy? Guys?"

Amy shook her head, but Cranfield popped up, "So, you're naked now. But where are your panties, umm, I mean, underwear? In your backpack?"

Beaupre glared at him and said, "What difference does that make? She's here now to help us."

But Amy cut in, "Oh, that's okay. I hung my panties on the hook outside in the hallway. I was told to do that by Dr. Knoxx."

Cranfield replied, "Oh, so that's what that thing is for. I saw the maintenance guys putting it up this morning, and I wondered about it. What happens if I steal them?" He laughed as he said the last part.

Amy laughed, too, and just said, "Please don't." But inwardly, she was worried that her panties would disappear sometime in the next few hours.

The group of 4 men in lab coats and 1 very naked girl walked out of the waiting room and into the hallway. Beaupre and LaSalle started talking about a medical procedure in very technical terms that she didn't understand. It almost sounded like a foreign language, because she didn't understand most of it, but there was enough real English mixed in to make her uncertain. The two other guys started talking about baseball and the university's success this year. She almost joined in their conversation, since she was a baseball fan, too, but she kept quiet. And she just padded down this dingy hallway following the men around several corners - and farther and farther away from her panties. She felt very, very vulnerable, but she knew that's what Knoxx was expecting her to feel as part of her punishment.

They went up some stairs, and it was even colder here. She wondered, "Did they already have the air conditioning turned on in this dump?", but she continued her silence and just padded on and on. Finally, they came to a room marked "Bayou" and they entered the sterile lab. It was only slightly warmer here than in the stairwell.

The 4 men found some chairs for themselves, and Beaupre said, "Amy, please sit there on the metal table." She did as instructed, but the table felt very cold on her bare ass. She shivered and clutched her arms to her chest. But then she realized that she probably wasn't supposed to cover herself in any way, and so, she put her hands behind her so that she was kind of sitting on them and slightly opened her legs, but her pussy still wasn't completely visible to them.

He continued, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, I'm sorry, I mean, Amy, I saw you give a puzzled look as we entered this room; probably the name 'Bayou', right?"

Amy smiled at the friendly man and said, "Yes, Dr. Beaupre, I was curious."

He smiled at her and said, "Please, these other guys call me 'Doctor Bo'. Please feel free to do the same; I think it's a cute play on the name of the early James Bond movie 'Doctor No'. But 'Doctor No' has a negative connotation to it, doesn't it? So, maybe think of it as 'Doctor Beau' spelled 'B-E-A-U', which means 'good' in French. Okay?'

She returned his smile and said, "Okay, uhh, Dr. Bo."

Beaupre went on, "Now the word 'Bayou'. Both Dr. LaSalle here and I are from New Orleans. We didn't know each other there, but when we set up this facility several years ago, our colleagues decided to give the labs and conference rooms names related to Louisiana - Delta, Tulane, Baton Rouge, Cajun, Bourbon Street, and Pontchartrain."

Amy smiled again and said, "Oh, that's cute."

Beaupre continued, "Before we start, let me give a little bit of history. As I said, this facility has been here for almost seven years. And as you probably know, Bancroft University has pretty close ties with Campbell-Frank College over in Vermont. You're aware of that, right?" Amy just nodded and Beaupre went on, "Well, there is a medical research organization called Chalfont that is affiliated with Campbell-Frank, and they have a department that does similar sexual research to ours. I used to work at Chalfont, and when Bancroft suggested setting up this facility, I jumped at the chance to lead it. Our organization is smaller than Chalfont, and we focus exclusively on the physiological aspects of sexual research whereas Chalfont does research in many other areas of medicine. We work closely with Chalfont, and we share information back and forth frequently. I continue to be good friends with those researchers, especially Dr. Harridance who was my mentor."

He continued, "Now, let me apologize for some of our facilities. We've always considered these to be temporary quarters. Maybe someday, we'll have our own brand new building, but until then we make do with this place. It's an old medical clinic built in 1965 or so, and as you'll probably see, we've fixed up one of the labs, but for the most part, we haven't done much to this place. The Louisiana-related room names kind of add a homey touch, don't you think?"

Amy smiled again at the friendly man and said, "Yes, it does, Dr. Bo. And what does 'Wytham' mean? Is that related to Louisiana; it doesn't sound like it?"

He smiled and said, "No, Amy. I had to call this place something, and I picked the name almost out of the air. Actually, I looked at a map of the area, and there is a stream nearby called 'Wytham Creek'. That's where I got the name, but I don't know where the creek got its name. If you Google it, you'll find references to it in England, but as far as I'm concerned, it's the name of a creek and now this research facility."

He tilted his head and gave Amy a slight smile. The naked girl smiled back and said, "Okay. Thanks."

Beaupre turned serious and said, "Let me sketch out what we want to do the next few hours. First, we'll do some sort of interview and then we want to do one of the experiments. Okay?" Amy nodded and he smiled as he went on, "These are going to seem like pretty personal questions, but then again, we do pretty personal stuff here. You've been naked, or almost naked, for over 2 days now. Can you tell us how you feel about being naked in public? I realize that the nudity is part of your punishment and you're probably pretty pissed off at being punished, but what I want to know is how you feel about being nude around many clothed people? Shamed? Turned On?"

Amy didn't expect this and she had to think for a moment before saying, "It's mostly embarrassment, and I guess that's what Dr. Knoxx wants as part of my punishment. But I have to admit that there is a little bit of exhilaration, too, and I guess you'd call that getting turned on."

Beaupre asked, "Any times that you were thinking, 'Hey look at me. I'm naked, and you're not.'?"

Amy shook her head, but she stopped and said, "Actually, there was once. On Tuesday at the end of a morning class, Modern Journalism, where I had to lead the discussion for the entire hour, I bowed to the class as I finished."

Beaupre said, "That's interesting. Were you wearing panties at the time or were you nude?"

"I was completely naked."

"Well, I'm not certain if this is really relevant to what we're going to be doing here, but let's pursue this a bit farther. Why did you bow to the class? Did the instructor tell you to?"

Amy replied, "No, I did it all on my own. And I don't really know why. I don't consider myself to be an exhibitionist."

"Have you ever been naked in public before? A nude beach? A nudist resort?"

"Nope. The streaking was the first time."

Beaupre said, "Let's see, you were streaking on Monday night and this bow in class happened Tuesday morning. Did something happen in between that might have encouraged you to do this?"

Amy pondered, "Actually, yes. The class was from 11 til noon, and so the bow was just before noon. At 10 AM, I had a meeting with Dr. Knoxx to discuss my punishment; I was nude during that meeting, too. He wanted to expel me from school right at that moment, but I essentially talked him out of it. I guess I was feeling pretty good about myself even though he told me that I had to remain completely naked until another meeting later in the day. And he told me not to attempt to cover myself in anyway during that time, and then he told the instructor to put me on display somehow during that 11 o'clock class. So, I guess by the time noon rolled around, I was feeling pretty good about not being expelled and about having endured the embarrassment of being on display in class. And that might be why I bowed. But I really don't know why I did it."

Beaupre responded, "Okay, as I said, I don't think that's important for our experiments. That was more of a psychological issue rather than a physiological issue, but when dealing with sexual research, psychology and physiology are often closely intertwined. But thanks for answering anyway. Next question, are you sexually active?"

Amy was stunned at such a personal question and she stammered, "Um, uh, . . ., I guess so."

LaSalle took over here, "What does that mean? When was the last time you had sexual intercourse?"

Amy blushed, "Actual sex? I'd say about a month ago."

"Why so long ago?"

Amy blushed some more, "Well, it was with my boyfriend. But about 3 weeks ago, we broke up, and I haven't been with anybody since."

Beaupre cut in, "You used the phrase 'actual sex' a moment ago. What did you mean by that?"

Amy was now bright red and getting a bit annoyed, "Well, that's the last time that he actually penetrated me. That is, that was the last time that a man's penis was in my vagina. Is that clear enough?"

Beaupre said apologetically, "Amy, I'm really sorry about this interrogation, but it might be important. Did you have any other sexual experiences with men after that? Fondling? Showering together? Anything like that?"

Amy was still annoyed, "Yes, but not with 'men' as you say, but with only one man - my ex-boyfriend, and only once after the last sexual intercourse. We were making out naked in his car, but somehow we got into a severe argument before actually having sex. And that argument led to us breaking up. All right? Do you want to know what the argument was about?"

Beaupre raised is hands in defense, "Amy, okay, that's what I wanted to know. Again, I'm sorry. Very well. Did you have an orgasm the last time you had sexual intercourse or during that make-out session in the car?"

Amy blushed some more and said, "Yes, when we had sex, but not in the car."

Beaupre kept on going, "And how many times did you come that time?"

"Just once."

"Okay. Did he use a condom?"


He went on, "When was the last time you had unprotected sex?"

"Never. I insist that the man wear a condom."

"Good for you. Do you also use birth control pills? If so, do you know the brand name?"

"Yes. The brand name is Alesse."

Beaupre continued, "Thanks. And I assume that since you've been so careful that you've never been pregnant, given birth, or had an abortion?"

Amy answered curtly, "That's correct."

"Now, let me ask about your period. When was your last period?"

Amy blushed again and then thought for a moment, "It ended on Sunday."

"This last Sunday?" Amy just nodded.

Beaupre continued, "And how long did it last?"

Amy said, "Three days."

Beaupre persisted, "Is that normal for you?" Amy nodded again. "And your normal cycle is 28 days?" And again she nodded. "Do you use tampons or sanitary napkins during your period?"

"Sanitary napkins. Kotex Ultra Thin pads to be specific." She was getting uncomfortable talking about such personal hygiene with him. But she had to admit to herself that she hadn't thought about it since her almost naked punishment began. So, she paused for a moment and did the arithmetic. Her next period would start a couple of days after graduation. She breathed a sigh of relief as she realized that she wouldn't have to worry about tampons or Kotex during this punishment period.

Beaupre looked at her quizzically and said, "Thanks. You seem to be thinking carefully about something. Did this discussion remind you of something important that we should know about?"

Amy replied irritatingly, "I was just calculating when my next period would begin. It should be about 3 weeks from today. I'll let you decide if that's important to your research. I know that it's important to me."

Beaupre sighed and said, "Okay, Amy. Just one more question, and this really is the last personal question. Have you ever had anal intercourse?"

"No. That sounds repulsive to me."

Beaupre said, "Okay, Amy, thanks. And again I am sorry about asking these things. Should we take a break now? Amy do you want coffee or need to use the restroom? Bottled water?"

Amy said a bit testily, "Yeah, I need to pee. Where's the women's restroom?"

She followed his directions and walked naked into the grungy restroom just down the hall. She did her business and decided to clean herself "down there" again, since she had just peed. Fortunately, there was no one else in the room and she used paper towels, soap, and water to clean herself thoroughly. She was still a bit ticked about being grilled like that about her sex life.

As she padded naked back down the hallway to the lab, one of the geeky guys that she'd seen in the lobby passed her in the hall. He gave her full up and down treatment with his eyes and said, "Hi, there." She just walked on without acknowledging him.

When she returned to the lab, the men were talking off to one side about baseball. She returned to her seat on the cold table. Her pubic hair was still wet from the washing, but she didn't care. She just wanted to be anywhere else in the world right now. But she had no choice.

LaSalle re-started the meeting by standing up and saying, "Amy, could you please come over and stand in front of me?"

She hesitated but did as he asked. Then he said, "Thanks, Amy. Now I'm going to examine your breasts."

She leaned back just a bit as he reached out and gently lifted her right breast with one hand and with his other hand touched the nipple and then traced around the areola. He repeated the same steps on her left breast. And then Beaupre came up and essentially repeated what LaSalle had just done but he kept going by lightly squeezing her breasts and twisting and pulling on her nipples for several more seconds. Then, the two men stepped to the side and had a whispered conversation; Amy thought she heard Eva Cobb's name mentioned. So, Eva had probably had this same thing done to her. But she wondered what else they had done to Eva? She was about to find out.

LaSalle said, "Very good. Now, Amy, we want to check out your buttocks area. Please bend over the metal table."

Amy was in a bit of a daze now, but she followed instructions and bent over the table supporting herself with her arms on the table top and her engorged breasts hanging down. She could detect two men behind her; she suspected they were Beaupre and LaSalle, but she wasn't sure. Then, she felt a hand on her left butt cheek and a second later another hand on her right cheek. The hands briefly massaged her butt. But Beaupre said, "Amy, I'm sorry but we can't see here very well. Could you lower your chest to the table and spread your legs a bit farther apart?"

She was like a robot now and she blindly followed the order. She flinched as her boobs pressed against the cold metal table top; she turned her head so that she could rest her head also on the table, her right cheek and ear were also on the cold table. She also rested her arms on the table at the sides of her head. And she spread her feet a little bit apart. Due to the short height of the table, this was an awkward position, but her ass was now elevated and the men could see her anus better. She then felt two hands grab her ankles and move her feet much farther apart.

As Amy lay there for a moment waiting for their hands to touch her somewhere, she heard the two men whispering together again. And, she thought she picked up the words "Eva Cobb", but otherwise, she didn't know what they were saying.

Beaupre raised his voice and said, "Amy, I'm sorry again. But this position still isn't sufficient either for our examination. So, let's have you get in a position that we've used with other volunteers. Please get up on the table on your hands and knees and then lower your head to the table; you can rest your head on your arms. Okay?"

Amy heard the word "volunteer" and thought to herself, "There's no fucking way that I'm volunteering my time and body here; I'm being forced to do this. But I have to do as they ask." And she climbed up onto the table on all fours, lowered her upper body resting her head on her arms, and waited. Again, two hands grabbed her ankles and spread them far apart, and then the hands reached in between her legs and spread her knees apart as well. Now her naked ass was at "working" height for the men; her asshole and vagina were in full view to everyone in the room except herself.

She felt two hands spread her butt cheeks and another hand lightly touch her anus. "Oh my God, this is super embarrassing", she thought. Then she jumped a little bit when the finger went part way into her asshole.

Beaupre said, "Sorry about that, but we're finished now. You can get down now."

She breathed a sigh of relief and sat up facing the men. Her eyes were glazing over as Beaupre said, "Okay, Amy, next we'd like you to lie on your back and spread your legs wide apart."

Amy had thought the examinations were over and she almost protested, but being the obedient subject, she lay back on the table. The table was getting warmer from all of her skin contact with it, but it was still pretty cool on her bare back.

She felt Beaupre grab her ankles, spread her legs, and say, "Amy, please bend your legs at your knees and then bend your knees outward as far as you can. If you want, you can hold them out there with your hands."

Amy had tears in her eyes now and she turned her head to the side. She just left her hands at her sides and spread her knees outward without using her hands. Her pussy was now wide open and in full view of the men.

Beaupre said, "Dr. Newman, please come over here and give us a hand."

Amy closed her eyes and tried to think of pleasant things as two hands grasped her outer pussy lips and spread them even wider apart. Another hand pulled at her little inner lips which were now a bit damp. And now her very private cavity was in clear view to the 3 men. The two older men were silent as they examined Amy's pussy; Newman only said, "She's getting a little wet; she's responding nicely."

The naked girl kept her eyes closed, but she knew she was blushing brightly now. And she flinched when one of the men stuck his finger into her opening. Then, a finger rubbed at her clit, and she felt him pulling at it to extract it from behind its little hood. She opened her eyes briefly and saw that it was Dr. Newman who was now massaging her clit to make it erect. She was getting really turned on now and she was breathing heavily; her stomach and breasts were rising and falling with each deep breath that she took. Amy didn't want to come in front of these men, but she might not be able to stop unless they quit stimulating her clit.

After a minute or so, Newman stopped and all the hands were removed from her crotch. She closed her legs and started to sit up, but Beaupre touched her shoulder and said, "Please, Amy, we're not done yet. Please lie back down and keep your legs open. Thanks."

She continued to lie there wide-spread as the 3 doctors plus the intern went over to a nearby cabinet. She heard them speaking quietly, but she couldn't understand what they were saying. Finally, they came back and she saw that LaSalle was holding a dildo-like thing with marks on it. Her first reaction at seeing it was to close her legs, but she resisted. LaSalle said, "Amy, we're going to measure your penetration depth. Please lay your legs flat on the table but keep them very wide apart, and we are going to insert this into your vagina."

The device was kind of like a cigar tube with a rounded tip, maybe three quarters of an inch in diameter, a foot long; it had ruler markings on the side.

LaSalle said, "Dr. Beaupre is going to hold your legs apart and I'm going to insert this lubricated tube to its maximum depth. Please just breathe normally." And he spread her pussy lips again and slowly pushed the tube into her vagina. She tried to look up between her breasts to watch, but she felt Newman's hands on her shoulders gently pushing her back down and he said, "It gets a more accurate reading if you're flat on the table." When the tube just reached her cervix, LaSalle stopped. He looked at the ruler markings and said, "Okay, we are at the cervix now and we don't want to force it any further. Eight inches. That's a bit deeper than average." He then removed the tube and said, "Amy, please lie still while I wipe the excess lubricant from your vagina." He grabbed a tissue and wiped it inside her pussy. Then, he said, "Okay, Amy, we're finished with that. You can sit up now."

Amy was really flustered now after this extremely intimate examination. She just sat there with her legs still wide spread and stared dully at the three doctors who were looking back at her.

Beaupre said, "Amy, you've been a real trooper here. We realize that you are not really doing this willingly, and since we are males, we don't really understand what it's like to go through those questions and examinations. But the information will really help us with our research, and we thank you for that. Now, usually we wait until a separate session before starting the experiments, but since we only have 3 sessions scheduled with you, we want to do one of the experiments today. But you might want to take some time to rest up before we start. Let's say half an hour from now. Does 3 o'clock sound about right?"

Amy just continued her dull gaze at him, and she merely nodded.

Beaupre said, "Okay, good. Let's break for now. Amy, we'll leave you alone; you can stay here as we go back to our offices. There are magazines over there by the couch. Feel free to stretch out on the couch and take a nap if you want. We'll be back at 3. Bye for now." And the men left leaving her sitting there naked on the cold metal table.

A nap sure sounded like a good idea, and she padded over to the couch and plopped down on the well worn fabric. Normally, she would have worried about bugs on such a ratty piece of furniture, but she just stretched out on it and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Amy awoke with a start not realizing exactly where she was. She looked around the strange room and then remembered where she was. She was on this cruddy couch, in this sterile lab room, in a creepy building on the farthest edge of the campus from her dorm. And she was completely naked with her only clothing, her panties, hanging on a hook somewhere in the labyrinth of hallways in this strange building.

She looked at her wrist to see what time it was, but since she was required to be completely nude, she had left her watch in her backpack, which was hopefully still close to her panties. Then she looked around the room and spotted a clock on the far wall. She couldn't read it from the couch; so, she got up and walked over and stared at it. It read 8:10. She shook her head vigorously to shake out the cobwebs. "Wasn't it about 2:30 in the afternoon when that awful examination ended?", she asked herself. "Did I really sleep til after 8 PM? Or maybe it's the next morning?" She just wasn't sure. But then she looked down and saw that the clock's power cord was just dangling there unplugged. "Oh swell, that's a big help".

She didn't want to go wandering naked down that icky hallway again just to find a clock if she could help it. And so, she decided to just wait for the men to return and read a magazine. She sorted through the stack of magazines, ignoring the several medical journals, and settled on a Lady's Home Journal from three years ago. She then spent about 5 minutes shuffling through the pages looking for some interesting article, and then the door opened. The four men from earlier walked in along with one new guy; she guessed him to be another intern probably only 18 or 19. She thought sarcastically, "Oh goodie, I get to show off my naked endowments to yet another dweeby youngster!"

Beaupre looked at her sitting on the couch, and he could tell that she had been sleeping. He said, "Hi, Amy, did you have a good nap?" She just smiled and nodded. "Good; sleep always helps. Please come back over here and sit on the table again, and we'll talk about what's next?"

As she got up, she could see the new guy's eyes glued on her pussy; he made her feel uneasy.

Beaupre said, "Amy, this is Travis Winstead. He's one of our lab assistants." Amy shook his clammy hand as he looked her up and down with a nerdy smile on his face.

Beaupre then said, "Before we talk about the experiments, we want you ask a favor of you. Would you consider shaving off all of your pubic hair? It would help us in our experiments down there. You don't have to give us an answer now, because those experiments won't be til next week or the week after. Will you think about it?"

Amy gave him a puzzled look and said, "Dr. Bo, I've already trimmed it quite a bit. Why do you want it all removed?"

Beaupre answered, "When we stimulate your clitoris, we need to attach a small device with adhesive tape to your skin above your vaginal lips, and pubic hair makes the adhesive tape not stick so well. Also, the adhesive tape would pull off quite a bit of hair when the tape is removed, and that could hurt you. And we think removing your hair would prevent chafing as well and that would be more comfortable for you."

Amy still wasn't sure, "Okay, I'll think about it, but I'd really prefer to keep the hair that's down there now."

"Thanks. Let us know next week." And then he nodded at LaSalle.

LaSalle then took over, "Amy, let me explain the experiments that we want to do. You probably heard us mention SPS earlier. Sorry for the geek speak, but that stands for 'Single Point Stimulation'. As you know, during sexual intimacy, there is a lot of touching of between the two partners. Lips, hair, neck, arms, etc as well as the sexual organs such as the penis, breasts, buttocks, clitoris, etc. What we want to do with one session of SPS is to stimulate only a single point on the body and see what the reaction is. Doing this over a large number of points on many bodies we can get a good idea of which spots will provide the most excitement. That is to say, which spots generate the most bang for the buck. Does that make sense?"

Amy was listening closely and said, "Yes, I understand so far."

LaSalle went on, "Well, what we would like to do is to stimulate 3 points on your body. One today and one each of the next two Thursdays. The three likely spots would be left nipple, right nipple, and clitoris. We would also like to try the G-spot during the same session as the clitoris, but we may not have time for that; we'll see how it goes then. Today we will do your left nipple. That will mean attaching a stimulating device to the nipple and then reading the reaction from some sensors that we will attach to your skin in various places. Okay? Any questions?"

Amy shuddered and looked down at her left breast, but she had no choice except to agree, "Okay. What do I do?", she said hesitantly.

LaSalle said, "Well, let's go down the hall to Cajun where we have the correct equipment. Oh, sorry, 'Cajun' is the name of another lab. Please follow me." Naked Amy was surrounded by the group of 5 dressed men as they walked down the hall and into the lab. She gasped as she entered, because this place was much bigger and much more modern than the smaller Bayou lab she had just been in, if indeed you could even call that room a lab at all. This room was huge and it had auditorium seating. There was a strange looking chair in the middle of the stage area; it had a hole in its seat and cuffs on its arms. Was that for her?

But as she feared, they led her up the steps and asked her to sit in that chair. She looked at Beaupre with pleading eyes and said, "Oh Dr. Bo, this looks pretty intense. And why are there all those cushioned seats out there? Are there going to be a bunch of people watching this experiment? Nobody told me about people watching."

Beaupre detected her uneasiness and tried to relieve her concern by saying, "Amy, let me explain what we're going to do. And no, there won't be any more people in here today; just you and the 5 of us. We are using this room, because it is the only room that has the equipment we need."

From a drawer, he got out a strange looking box to which were attached two tubes with suction-cup looking things on the end. He said, "Usually, we attach both of these cups, one to each breast, but today we will only attach one of them to your left breast. When the device is turned on, you'll detect a pulsating sensation similar to having your nipple lightly massaged. And then we will attach these electronic sensors using adhesive tape to several places on your body - forehead, chest, below your bellybutton, and inner thighs. As you become aroused, the sensors will detect changes in your galvanic skin response and feed that data into the console computer. We will let it run for about 15 minutes, let you rest for a while, run it again for 15 minutes, let you rest again, and finally run it for 15 more minutes. It will take just a little over an hour, and then you can clean up in the shower down the hall and be on your way."

Amy asked, "What does 'galvanic' mean?"

LaSalle said, "Galvanic skin response. It has to do with electrical resistance in the skin surface. It's the way that lie detectors work. The resistance changes due to emotional reactions such as telling a lie or reacting with fright. In our case, we want to measure the emotional response to a sexual stimulation."

Amy was still nervous and asked, "Okay. But why use a machine to stimulate my breast? Why not a human being?"

He said, "Good question. A human would not consistently apply just the right amount of stimulation. We want to vary the stimulation slightly during the experiment, and it would be difficult for a human to get it just right. Anything else?"

Amy said, "You didn't mention my genital area. So, can I at least wear my panties during this experiment?" She immediately regretted having said this, but it was too late now.

In a very official voice, Beaupre said, "Umm, Miss Suzuki, it was our understanding that you would be nude during these experiments. We think that since couples are usually nude during the stimulation of lovemaking, we want to simulate at least the nudity part of the experience in our experiment. But if you wish, I can call Dr. Knoxx and ask him about this?"

Amy quickly said, "No, no. I momentarily forgot, that's all. Please go ahead."

LaSalle said, "Okay, let's do it. Logan, you're the expert at this; so go ahead and attach the one cup and the sensors. Travis, you man the console."

Amy said, "What are these cuffs for? Are you going to cuff my wrists?"

"No. Those are for another experiment. We might use them with you in your final visit, but probably not. You can just lay your arms on the arms of the chair."

Cranfield brought one of the tubes with the suction cup over to Amy's chair. He kneeled down, gently lifted her left breast in one hand, twisted the nipple a few times with the other, and then stuck the cup onto her nipple. She was surprised it stayed in place, but it did. She was embarrassed to have had her breast touched by this geeky young kid; she thought of herself as being much older than him even though the age difference was only 2 or 3 years.

Then, he attached the sensors with adhesive tape. Two on her forehead, one above each breast, one just above her pubic hair, one on each thigh near her pussy. Again, she was revolted by his clinical touch.

He then yelled up to Winstead, "Let her rip, Travis." Winstead flipped a switch and adjusted a knob on the device and then he clicked the OK button on the computer program that was going to be recording her responses.

Amy leaned back in the big chair, and after Beaupre pulled the lever to extend the chair's foot rest, she put her feet up and closed her eyes. The stimulation was actually very pleasurable, but she sure hoped that she would not have an orgasm here in front of these men. But she could feel herself being sexually aroused. "Not bad, not bad at all", she thought to herself.

The 15 minutes passed quickly. Beaupre said, "Logan, disconnect the cup and the sensors. Amy you are free to stretch, use the restroom, whatever, for the next 5 minutes."

As she stood up and stretched, Beaupre asked, "Well, how was it?"

She smiled and said, "Actually, it felt surprisingly good. I was apprehensive when it started, but it really wasn't too bad at all."

"Good. Rest for a couple of minutes, and then we'll hook up everything again", he said.

The rest of the session went by smoothly. Amy had dozed off during each of the last two 15-minute episodes. She hadn't come to full orgasm, but she was definitely turned on by the stimulation.

Cranfield removed the cup from the nipple and lightly massaged her left breast. She thought, "Was that little massage really necessary? He just got in a free feel." But she looked down at her left nipple and saw that it was huge; it was stretched out obscenely. She reached over with her right hand and massaged it herself. She hoped it would return to normal before she had to walk back across campus.

Beaupre said, "Amy, we're finished for today. It's a little after 4 o'clock now. If you want to take a quick shower, there's one down the hall in the women's washroom. Please come back to my office afterwards to get your stuff. Okay?"

Amy was still slightly aroused, but she said, "Yeah, I'd like to shower. But I don't remember how to get back to your office. I wasn't keeping track when we walked through the maze of hallways earlier."

"Oh, sorry about that. You're right about this building being a maze. I'll wait for you here and lead you back downstairs."

Amy thanked him and shuffled out the door, naked, of course, to the ladies' restroom. The quick hot shower felt really good. She dried herself off and walked back down the hallway. She silently passed another young "kid" wearing a white coat who even stopped and gawked at her naked body.

As she approached the Cajun lab again, she looked down at her left breast. It was still noticeably extended, and she rubbed it some more without any effect. She looked up and saw Beaupre in the hallway outside the door waiting for her. He said, "Your nipple should return to normal in 10 or 15 minutes. Are you feeling refreshed after your shower?"

She smiled at the friendly man and said, "Yes, thanks, Dr. Bo. Now, this time I will try to pay closer attention on the route back to your office. I sure don't want to get lost naked in here."

The well-dressed man and the totally naked girl looked like a strange couple as they walked down the hallway. Beaupre said hello to several people who had looked them over while passing them in the hall. Meanwhile, Amy was taking careful mental notes about the route that they were taking; this building had a very confusing layout.

As they approached room 144, Amy was relieved to see her panties still hanging on the hook beside the door. She and Beaupre went into the waiting room, and Amy went over to get her backpack. She quickly reached in to check her cell phone; no messages from Linda. She looked at Beaupre and said, "Well, is that all for today?"

Beaupre replied, "Yes, Amy, that's all. We thank you for coming. You are providing us with very useful information, and I guess we will see you next Thursday at the same time." And he opened the door for her, and they stepped into the hallway.

Amy put down her backpack, grabbed her panties, and put them on. Beaupre watched her more closely than necessary while she brought the white bikini panties up her long pretty legs. And several other geeky guys in lab coats were watching from down the hall as well. She said good-bye and walked down the hall toward the exit. All of the male eyes followed her pretty panty-covered butt as she left.

She breathed a big sigh of relief as she walked out of the building and into the warm sunlight of the nice springtime afternoon.

Her next destination was Knoxx's office in Kameron Hall on the other side of campus. It would be a long walk, but she had plenty of time. She attracted lots of stares from students and staff as she walked almost naked along the pathways. She glanced down at her left nipple, and it was still distended more than the right one. She wondered if anyone noticed the difference. But she was more disturbed about the damp feeling between her legs. She was still aroused from the experiment. And she was certain that the dampness was showing on her panties. The passing walkers were seeing the very visible signs of her arousal. She thought, "This is so embarrassing, but what can I do except to endure it?"

And there were more calls of "Hey, Underpants Amy" along the way. She tried to ignore these, but they got under her mostly naked skin. She didn't like her new nickname.

Chapter 13 -The Definitive Discipline Document

Amy made her way across the quad and into the administration building. Were her panties getting even wetter? She wasn't sure, but she was very aware of the dampness down there and of the many people who were looking at her panties. It was 4:50 PM, and the hallway to the Chancellor's office was very crowded with people just leaving for the day. Many more stares and another mention of "Underpants Amy"; she even thought she heard some guy say something about a "wet panties contest". Would this embarrassment ever end? And this was only her third day!

She was relieved to find Knoxx's waiting room empty except for the stern looking secretary. Amy smiled at her and said, "Good afternoon, Mrs. Duckworth." The secretary grunted some response and motioned her to approach her desk. Duckworth said, "Miss Suzuki, please turn around so I can verify that you are wearing approved panties." Amy did as instructed so that Mrs. Duckworth could see the red mark on the band of the white panties. Duckworth continued, "Okay, you can take them off and hang them on the hook."

Amy turned back to face her and said, "Can't I keep them on til the meeting starts?" Again, she regretted this almost as soon as the words came out of her mouth.

The secretary said, "Of course not! Dr. Knoxx told me very clearly that you are required to be nude whenever you are in this office, and that includes this waiting area. Please remove them now!"

Amy just sighed and slid them down her legs to the floor exposing her wet pussy to Mrs. Duckworth. As Amy lifted her panties from the floor, she was shocked to see how wet they were, and she was now very aware of the smell in the room coming from her pussy and now her removed panties. She blushed as she walked over to the penis hook. She was only slightly surprised to see yesterday's flesh-colored panties still hanging there; she added her wet white panties to the hook.

She came back, looked back at the secretary, and asked, "Can I please have a towel to sit on?" Actually, she wanted several towels to dry herself off down there, but she only asked for one.

But Mrs. Duckworth said, "No. You're too wet to sit down. Please just go stand over there next to the wall." She pointed to a spot near the phallic-shaped hook.

Sullenly, Amy turned around and went back next to the hook. She was now in clear view for anyone who came into the waiting area. Naked and damp. At least her left nipple had returned to normal although both of her nips were hardening a little bit due to this additional embarrassment.

A minute later, Ken Marriott came in the outer door. She smiled at him, but she also noticed the stunned look on his face when he saw and smelled her. He quickly smiled back at her, and as he came over to shake her hand, he said, "Hi, Amy, how are you?"

Amy replied, "Okay, I guess considering everything."

Marriott said, "Good. Let's chat for a few minutes before the meeting. Come over here and sit down where we can talk quietly."

Amy said, "Okay, but Mrs. Duckworth asked me not to sit down." She waved her hand towards her own damp pussy to indicate why. "You go ahead and sit down, and I'll stand."

They went over to the far side of the small room as far from the secretary as was possible. Marriott sat in the easy chair and Amy stood in front of him. She bent over so they could hear each other; her pretty hanging boobs and wet pussy only inches from his face. He said, "This is awkward. Let me stand up."

He got up and said just above a whisper, "Did you review the document?" She nodded. And he continued, "I looked it over myself in some detail. The description of the community service projects is a bit vague. And there's a clause that says 'The committee can assign other community service tasks as it deems necessary.' I'm going to ask them to remove that. Did you have any other changes to make?"

Amy laughed and said, "You mean other than to just tear the whole thing up and let me go back to my normal dressed life?"

He chuckled at her sarcasm and said, "Yeah, other than that."

She said more seriously, "I agree about the projects. Maybe we can specify the time limits? Or maybe specify exactly which ones require nudity?"

He said, "Good ideas. I'll mention it to them. Also, I want to ask about weekends. Will there be a 5 o'clock meeting on the Saturdays and Sundays? If not, what about fresh panties to wear those days?"

She nodded her agreement and was about to say something when Knoxx's door opened, and he came out. Knoxx said, "Miss Suzuki, Mr. Marriott. Please come in and let's get started."

They followed him into the office. Amy was a bit surprised that it was only her, Marriott, and Knoxx in the office; the other 4 committee members were not present. But that was okay with her.

She just stood as Knoxx had told her, and Marriott sensed that he should stand up as well. But Knoxx took his seat behind his desk.

Knoxx said, "Well, good afternoon. How shall we begin? Umm, oh, Miss Suzuki, I see that you've trimmed your pubic hair. It looks good, but it's a bit wet and I can detect some feminine odor as well. Are you aroused now?" Amy's blush was now a beet red, and she merely nodded. Knoxx continued, "Well, why don't I give you some towels to clean yourself up before we proceed?"

Amy was still blushing brightly and said, "Okay, 4 or 5 should work, and I'll go into your conference room for a minute and clean up, if that's okay."

Knoxx handed her several paper towels and said, "No, I'm sorry but there are a bunch of private papers spread out on the table in there. So, just clean up here and we'll wait for you to finish."

Amy was extremely embarrassed as she wiped her pussy with the towels and fluffed up her pubic hair in front of the two men. As she tossed the damp towels into the trash, Knoxx handed her another one and said, "I remember what I said yesterday about your standing during these meetings, but since your lawyer is here today, I think you both should be seated. So, please have a seat using this towel." And he motioned them to the couch.

Knoxx went on, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, let's start with what you did today. Did you . . ."

But Marriott interrupted saying, "Excuse me, Dr. Knoxx, but could we discuss the document first? We have a few changes to propose, and maybe we can get Mrs. Duckworth to type them up for us while we are discussing other things. I'd like to get that document finalized today so that I can return home tomorrow morning. Does that sound okay?"

Knoxx smiled and said, "Of course, Mr. Marriott, that's a good idea. What changes would you like to propose?"

"Well, we think the description of the community service activities is too vague. For example, all it said for today was 'Wytham' and for tomorrow 'Art Class'. Amy would like to have more of a description for an activity, the scheduled start and end times, and whether or not she'll be required to be nude for the activity. How do you feel about that?"

Knoxx pondered this for a moment before saying, "Ummmm, okay, let's see what we can work out. It looks to me as if there are six different activities listed here - Wytham, art class, usher, foundation, secretary, and cheerleading. How about we discuss each one separately?"

Amy and Marriott looked at each other, and Marriott said, "Sounds like a good way to proceed. Wytham first?"

Knoxx turned to Amy and said, "Well, I heard that you were at Wytham this afternoon. So, you probably know better than I do how that is going to work. Can you give me a brief description that I can write down here? Also, did you discuss exact times with them?"

The naked girl replied, "Yes, I was there this afternoon. A brief description would be 'sexual stimulation experiments at Wytham Institute'. We agreed on 1:30PM til 4:30PM on Thursday."

Knoxx scribbled on a notepad and said, "Art class?"

But Marriott interjected, "Nudity at Wytham?"

Amy blushed and said, "Yes, I'm required to be entirely naked for the experiments."

Knoxx said, "Okay, can we go on to art class?" They agreed and he continued, "I worked this out with Marie, umm, I mean, Professor Whiteside, and she would like you to come at 9 AM and pose naked for that hour-long drawing class. Is that clear enough?"

Marriott glanced at Amy, who shrugged and said, "Fine."

Knoxx said, "Good. Now, ushering at the concert. Let's see the university calendar shows that this is on Saturday afternoon at 2 PM in the performing arts theater; the university orchestra is performing several Mozart pieces. I assume that this lasts for 2 hours or so. Mr. Middleton is the point man for organizing this, and he told me that he'd like you there by 12:30 to help with pre-concert things like setting up tables and signs in the lobby - that kind of thing. Then you would hand out programs and show people to their seats - usual ushering activities. And then Middleton wants you for an hour or so afterwards to clean up and take down. As I said yesterday, you can wear your panties while ushering, but nothing else."

Amy thought to herself, "Oh, that's going to be awful. Being almost naked around nicely dressed concert goers is going to be humiliating." But she took a breath and said to Knoxx, "Okay, please include what you just said in the description." Knoxx scribbled some more notes.

Knoxx said, "Okay, got it. BUF on Sunday? Gavin Farmer told me that he wants you at the foundation office at 9AM to help him with some sort of publication; he thinks your journalistic skills will come in handy. And then, about noon they are having a reception for a group of alumni, and you will help serve the hors d'oeuvres and drinks. You'll be nude during the reception. I think he also wants you naked while working earlier in the morning, but I'm not sure. I will leave that up to him. And let's see, he said, the reception would last til about 3 o'clock. Is that clear enough?"

The naked girl closed her eyes as she realized this would be even more embarrassing than ushering, because she would be completely naked, in closer contact with nicely dressed people, and for a longer period of time. She quietly said, "Yes, that's clear." And Knoxx wrote some more notes.

The man continued, "Filling in for Mrs. Duckworth? The other day, I may have said that you'd fill in as my secretary in the afternoon. I was mistaken about that; she wants to take the time off in the morning from 8 til 11 AM. This will be usual secretarial work - typing, answering the phone, greeting visitors, getting coffee, etc. You will be naked while doing this; you will hang your panties on the hook. Clear enough?"

She blushed and just said "Okay" as he scribbled on his notepad.

Knoxx kept going, "Cheerleading? I'm not clear about this exactly. Mindy Rafferty is the head cheerleader, and she'll be coordinating this. Do you know her?"

Amy said, "No, only by sight."

"Well, I know she wanted to do the practice next Friday. I believe that they practice in the evening in the field house. Let's write down 7 PM til 9 PM for now, and I'll tell her to set up the practice then. And let's see the calendar shows that the baseball game itself is at 1 PM on Sunday afternoon. You should arrive at noon. It will be over about 4 PM, I guess. Nudity? Let's say yes for now, but I'll discuss it with Miss Rafferty. Okay?"

Amy thought this was still a bit fuzzy, but she just said, "Okay, I guess."

Knoxx said, "Good. Now any other changes you want to propose?"

Marriott said, "What about ground crew work?"

Knoxx said, "Oh, sorry, I overlooked that. I spoke with Mr. Thorson yesterday, and he would like you to help with various things from 9 AM til about 4 PM a week from Saturday. This would include pulling weeds, sweeping sidewalks, emptying trash cans. That sort of thing. And he will want her naked for that. Is that clear enough?"

Amy blanched. There goes another whole day down the drain. Final exams were the next week after that weekend, and she would lose the studying time. But on top of that she treasured her weekends like she did her Thursdays, because she had no classes and had lots of free time. And now she would lose an entire Saturday - and she would be naked the entire day.

She turned to Marriott with a distressed look on her face, but she realized that it wouldn't do much good to complain. She quietly said, "Okay."

Knoxx said, "Good. Let's see now, did I overlook anything else? Umm, I don't think so. Now any other changes you want to propose?"

Marriott spoke up, "Yes, Dr. Knoxx, here's a clause that reads 'The committee can assign other community service tasks as it deems necessary.' We feel that it should be removed; it's too open ended."

Knoxx immediately shook his head, "Oh no, we can't do that. We need to be able to make sure that this punishment is severe enough. The committee may decide as time goes by that we are being too lenient on Miss Suzuki, and we may need to assign more community service to make the punishment harsher. Also, we need some leeway to punish her if she breaks some of the rules that we have established here. Obviously, if she breaks them badly enough, such as starting to wear clothes or not doing the community service, we will just expel her immediately. But some other minor infraction, maybe something like covering herself too much with her hands, would justify only some additional community service."

The lawyer responded, "Okay, if that's what you meant, then let's put such wording into the document rather than the open ended phrase."

"Okay, I'll go for that." And they spent the next several minutes negotiating. And they came up with a paragraph that was acceptable to each side.

Knoxx then said, "That's good. Anything else?"

Marriott said, "It's not clear to us if there will be a 5 PM meeting with you on Saturday and Sunday. Could you please clarify that?"

Knoxx replied, "I apologize for not making that clear. But yes, I will be here at 5 o'clock each day over the weekend. Same rules - nude in this office, hang panties on the hook, review the day's events, fresh pair of panties for the next day. There may be some other committee members here as well, but I don't know that right now. And it will probably be a short meeting on those days. Okay?"

Marriott said, "Thanks for clearing that up, Dr. Knoxx. We don't have any other issues right now."

Knoxx then said, "Very good. Now, let's work together on the wording for the document about the description of the community service projects. Why don't you two come around behind me, and watch as I scribble on the document itself?"

Before Amy could say anything, Marriott said, "Okay, come on, Amy," and he guided her to stand on Knoxx's right side while he stood on Knoxx's left.

Now Amy's pussy was only a few inches from Knoxx's arm and his face was right at the level of her boobs only inches away. But she said nothing.

Knoxx started transcribing the notes from his notepad to the document with a pencil. He wrote in the Wytham info in the margin and pointing it out to Amy and Marriott. Amy had to bend over to get close enough to read it, and her left breast brushed his shoulder and his hand as she leaned over. This was repeated for each of the other community service activities. More bending and slight touching. Also, Amy noticed Knoxx looking at her dangling breasts and her naked pussy while she was bending there so close to him.

When they finished, Knoxx picked up the document, got up quickly from his chair, jostled briefly with Amy who hadn't moved quickly enough to get out of his way, and took the document with the handmade changes out to Mrs. Duckworth to edit into the original computer version.

When Knoxx returned, Amy and Marriott had returned to the couch. Knoxx said, "Okay, Lorene said it would only take a few minutes for her to make those changes. Now, let's go through the other things I had on my mental agenda for this meeting. First, Miss Suzuki, did you complete the two community service things today? The notices and the visit to Wytham? I saw a few of the notices around campus at noontime; did you get them all up?"

Amy thought to herself, "He said 'visit to Wytham' as if it were an afternoon tea party or something." But aloud she just said, "Yes, each of the campus bulletin boards have one of the notices posted and the others are on telephone or lamp poles. Oh, and here is your key back." And she retrieved the bulletin board key from her backpack and handed it to him.

She added, "And yes, as I mentioned, I went to the Wytham building this afternoon and they ran a stimulation experiment on me. I'll go back there next Thursday."

Knoxx persisted, "Can you briefly tell us about the experiment?"

Amy blushed and quickly said, "They stimulated my left nipple and measured my body's reaction to it with some electronic sensors."

She didn't want to describe it any further, but Knoxx persisted. "Why only the left nipple? Is there something wrong with your right nipple?"

She continued to blush and tried to think of a way to cut this conversation short, because she didn't want to get into the embarrassing details such as having her vaginal depth measured or having the nerdy kid attach the suction cup to her tit. "No, nothing wrong the right one. The experiment is called 'Single Point Stimulation' and it literally means that - stimulating one single point on my body, not two or more."

This seemed to satisfy the creepy old man, because he just said, "Okay, I'm glad to hear that you did the community service things today. Now, let me remind you about art class tomorrow morning. Ms. Whiteside is excited about having you pose for her class; she has another model, Miss Cobb, but she likes the variety that a new naked body can bring to the class. You can find her in Wakefield Hall, the art department building, and you will report there at 9 o'clock and do the poses that the Professor asks you to do until the end of that class. She said that she would be in the classroom; she didn't say exactly which one, but there are only a few in that building; so, you should be able to find it. Any questions about that?"

Amy just looked at him and said, "No, I will find the room."

Knoxx then said, "I guess Linda Hathaway isn't back yet from her trip to Boston? I thought maybe she might come with you today."

Amy answered, "No, I haven't heard from her. I left her a message on her desk to call me when she returned, but she hasn't yet. I assume that she'll be back this evening sometime."

"Well, okay. But please impress upon her the importance of coming with you tomorrow at 5 o'clock."

Amy said, "All right. I'll talk with her tonight."

"That's all I've got. Now let's go out and see if Lorene has finished editing the document yet", Knoxx said.

The two nicely dressed men and the naked girl walked back into the waiting room. Tyson Laird, the school's legal counsel, was just stepping out of his office as they appeared, and he stared admiringly at the pretty nude young lady. He came over and said, "Hello, Miss Suzuki. You are looking very nice today as usual." He laughed at his own bad joke. Amy just said, "I'm fine thanks."

The secretary said she had made the edits, but she hadn't proofread them yet. She asked Amy, Knoxx, and Marriott to come behind her desk and look over her shoulder at the computer screen to see the before and after versions of the document to make sure that the new version was acceptable. When Laird heard this, he said to Knoxx, "You know, Cal, since this is a legal document, I should review it, too. But first, why don't you give me a quick verbal description of the changes?" And Knoxx filled in Laird about the modifications that had been negotiated. Knoxx then said, "Tyson, why don't you come back here behind Lorene's desk, too, and we'll all review it together?"

Laird said, "Good idea", and he squeezed back behind the desk, too. There were now 5 people in the cramped space behind the desk, and Laird took a place right behind Amy. First, she felt his warm breath on her neck, and then she felt his hand on her back as he leaned in to look at the documents on the computer screen. And finally she felt his other hand rest on her bare butt. She knew that this was not an accident and that it was not needed for support while he was leaning either; he was just doing it to feel her up. She glanced over at him with a stern look on her face, but she said nothing - and he did not remove his hand from her ass either.

After a couple of minutes, Knoxx said, "How does it look to everyone?" They all agreed that it looked okay on the computer display, and Knoxx asked Mrs. Duckworth to print out 5 copies so that the assembled group could review the official document.

The group of 5 retreated from behind the desk as Mrs. Duckworth went to the printer nearby. Amy quickly moved to the other side of the room to get away from the wandering hands of the icky Tyson Laird. She needed to watch out for this man.

They all reviewed the printed document and agreed that it was what they all wanted. Amy, Marriott, and Knoxx then signed it. Amy bent over to put her copy in her backpack, and too late, she realized that she was giving Laird a free view of her ass and vulva.

Knoxx said, "Okay, folks, I think that's all for tonight. Miss Suzuki, I see that you've hung your panties as requested, and I'll go in and get a fresh pair for you to wear home. I'll be right back."

She stood there with her arms folded under her breasts glaring at Tyson Laird, who in turn was staring at her bare pussy - not her eyes.

Knoxx returned with a pair of flesh-colored panties and handed them to her. She blushed as she slid them on in front of the 3 men and the secretary.

She touched Marriott's elbow to urge him to follow her out the door. She just said, "Good night" as they left. She and the lawyer ate dinner again at the Student Union cafeteria, and unlike last night, it was only chit-chat at dinner along with the many stares from nearby diners looking at the topless girl. He gave her a ride back to the dorm, and they hugged awkwardly in the car. As she got out of the car, he said, "Amy, it's been nice to meet you even if it was under strange circumstances. Please, please call me if you need anything. Even though I won't be here, I will be thinking about you. Good luck these next few weeks."

She said, "Thanks, Mr. Marriott. I appreciate what you've done for me. Good-bye." As he drove away, she stood there in the twilight and dressed only in a small pair of "naked"-colored panties, and she realized that a good part of her moral support system was leaving her; she'd have to get through the rest of this 3-week ordeal without his readily available help.

Chapter 14 - Conversation with Linda

It was about 7 PM when Amy got back to her room after several catcalls from the guys in the dorm lobbies. Still no sign of Linda. She was actually beginning to worry about her good friend, but Linda had not given her any indication about what time she would return today. But Amy had homework to do, because there really wouldn't be time in the morning. "It's time to think about something besides my troubles", she told herself out loud in the empty room.

She spent half an hour quickly reading the assignment for Psychology and then about an hour finishing up the big Formal Logic assignment. She was glad that she had finished that; Formal Logic was not one of her favorite courses. Professor Bailey hadn't assigned anything specific for Public Speaking, but he had told the students to keep track of current events, because they could be called on at any time to make an extemp speech. So, Amy spent a while looking at the day's headlines online and skimming the articles on nytimes.com. And about 9 o'clock, just as she was about to start thinking about her Composition class, the door opened and Linda Hathaway walked in.

Linda saw her roommate sitting at her desk and said, "Hi, Amy, how . . . ". But she stopped immediately when she realized that Amy was not dressed. And she turned her eyes away. She then said, "Oh, I'll let you put on a robe and then we can talk."

Amy said, "Oh, Lindy, I'm so glad that you're back. It's great to see you. But I can't put on a robe now. Please get yourself settled and we can talk."

Linda said, "But Sooz, you're naked. Why don't you have any clothes on?" And before Amy could answer, Linda noticed that Amy was wearing the flesh-colored panties, and she said, "Oh, sorry, you're not completely nude. But why?"

Amy said, "Lindy, I'm being punished for streaking on Monday night. Haven't you heard yet? Didn't you see the notices on all the campus bulletin boards?"

Linda was shocked, "No, you were streaking??!! I hadn't heard, and it was dark when the bus dropped me off out front and I didn't read the bulletin board."

Amy nodded and was about to say something when Linda continued, "But when I walked into the dorm lobby, I noticed a bunch of guys looking at me. They were whispering, and the only word that I could make out was 'underpants'. Were they talking about you?!!"

Amy blushed and said, "Yeah, they probably were talking about me. It's so embarrassing. But please do your unpacking and other stuff, and then I'll explain what happened."

Linda said, "Okay, but the very first thing I need to do is to go use the bathroom. My bladder is overflowing." And she put down her luggage and went out the door.

Amy continued to sit at her desk and thought about how to break all of this unpleasant news to Linda. They had been good friends for the last 3 years, since meeting in a freshman English class, and they had been roommates for the last three years. Linda was a senior in Computer Science, and she was on track to graduate with honors in a few weeks. She had also lined up a job near Boston, a programming job at a biotech company, and the two of them had found an apartment down there that they were going to share. Linda was a nice looking girl, but she didn't have Amy's ravishing looks. Linda was a little shorter and a little heavier with her blonde hair styled in a short bobbed cut. But Linda was very smart; Amy considered her friend to be much smarter than herself. Amy had had trouble at first with her computer and math classes, but Linda had helped her get going.

Another difference between the two girls was that Linda was more sexually liberated than Amy. At least up til Amy's Monday night streaking incident. The previous summer Linda had spent a couple of weeks at a nude resort in the Caribbean, and Amy had blushed while Linda was telling her some of the stories of what went on at that place. And Linda had been sexually active since she was 15 whereas Amy was a virgin til age 18 at college. Also, Linda was often dressed only in panties and bra in the dorm room; Amy was always covered until tonight. And yet, it was Amy who had been caught streaking.

When Linda returned to the room, she immediately went over and gave her friend a tight hug. Amy's nipples were pressed against Linda's sweater. Linda then said, "Okay, buddy, let me have it. Tell me the story."

And Amy spent the next hour recounting her experiences of the last 3 days. Mostly, Linda just listened, but she did ask a few questions along the way.

Amy concluded with, "And so that's my story. What do you think?"

Linda said, "Oh, Sooz, why didn't you call me that first night? Why wait til now?"

Amy apologized, "Lindy, I'm sorry. I really did think about calling you, but I didn't want to interrupt your trip. You said that this trip is a big part of your grade for the Art Appreciation course. Also, I thought it would be better to do it face to face."

Linda paused and said, "Okay, I guess. But I could have worked out something with the Art Appreciation instructor. But you're right, face to face is better." She paused for a moment and added, "You know, if someone told that story to our friends leaving out your name, they would have said that the story was about me, not you. And yet it's you who's standing here with her boobs hanging out for the world to see!" And they both burst out laughing.

Amy turned serious and said, "Chancellor Knoxx would like for you to come to the 5 o'clock meeting with me tomorrow. Is that okay?"

Linda was taken aback a bit by this and said, "Why does he want to see me? Did I do something wrong, too?"

Amy said, "Oh no, nothing like that. He said that he wants you to hear their side of this story as well as mine. I'm not exactly sure why."

Linda said, "Sure, I'll go. And that way I get to see your naked pussy as well as your great tits! Just kidding." And they both chuckled.

Then Linda said, "You know, Amy, if it were me, I'd be counting the days til graduation. Maybe that's just because I'm kinda geeky, but how about we set up a calendar and we'll X-out each day as it goes by. It might help you get through this ordeal a little bit easier."

Amy said, "Thanks, that's a great idea." And they printed out a calendar page from her computer, and Amy put a big X through Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. "Only 17 days left!", the bare breasted girl said proudly. And she gave her best friend another big hug.

To be continued . . .