Underpants Amy - Day 1
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by two of my favorite stories on this site: DonnyLaja's "Unintentional Nudist" and Katie's "Surprise Assembly". Tami Smithers is mentioned in this story, but she is not the main character.

May 1, Tuesday

Chapter 1 - Meeting on the Patio

Eva was enjoying the nice spring Tuesday afternoon. She was sitting naked at the small picnic table on the secluded patio smoking a cigarette. Strictly speaking, she wasn't permitted to be here or to be smoking, but she had a little bit of a rebellious streak in her that caused her to push things to the limit. And sunny warm spring days like this were very rare in upstate New Hampshire, and she wanted to take full advantage. She loved the feel of the warm rays on her nude body.

Eva Cobb was a fourth-year student at Bancroft University in the small town of Crockett's Bridge, New Hampshire. She was kind of known as the campus nude, because she often wandered around naked in the hallways of Wakefield Hall where all of the art studios were located. She was the nude model for the figure drawing classes as well as some of the more advanced painting classes. The school allowed her to be naked only in this building, but on nice days like this, she sneaked into this patio area adjacent to Wakefield. Hardly anyone ever came out here, because the only access to it was from the faculty break room, which was also rarely used because it was down an out-of-the-mainstream hallway in the building. She also occasionally sat naked on the much more public front porch of Wakefield, because she was somewhat of an exhibitionist. She liked to show off her beautiful naked body to the world, but she felt uncomfortable when someone was obviously ogling her. Eva knew that this seemed to be a contradiction, but that's the way she really felt.

One of the people who she thought stared at her too much was Chancellor Calvin Knoxx, the head man at this prestigious institution. Eva thought Knoxx was a somewhat handsome man; he was about 6'2" tall and was in his mid-50's. But he seemed to show up at Wakefield Hall more often than really necessary, and he would sometimes sit down and talk with Eva on the front porch or on the hallway benches. Sometimes she would wear a light robe during these conversations, but usually she was completely naked, and she could feel his eyes drift to her breasts and pussy. In spite of this, the 21-year old Eva kind of liked the old coot; they had some interesting and funny conversations about a wide range of topics.

Eva had first met him almost four years ago after she was apprehended for streaking down a campus street during her first semester at Bancroft. The campus cops had given her some sweat clothes to wear and then brought her to Knoxx's office in Kameron Hall, the university's administration building.

At that time, there was no rule against streaking, but there was a general "acceptable conduct" rule that the campus cops said they were enforcing. The cops ushered her into Knoxx's office without a formal appointment, and she was surprised to see one of her instructors, Dr. Marie Whiteside, chatting with him. Eva was an art history major, and she was taking a first-year drawing class from Whiteside. Eva expected Whiteside to leave so that Knoxx could discipline Eva alone, but he invited the instructor to stay, because Whiteside knew Eva. But Eva could tell by the way Whiteside and Knoxx talked to each other that they were more than just colleagues. Even now four years later, she wasn't sure if they were having an affair, but the two were obviously close friends.

In that meeting, Eva was scared, because she thought she would be expelled, but she was surprised how informal, almost light-hearted, the meeting was. Knoxx didn't seem to know how to handle the situation, and so he just had her sit in his office and all three of them, Knoxx, Whiteside, and Eva, discussed it.

The only punishment that Knoxx imposed was that Eva would have to serve as the nude model for one of Whiteside's classes, once a week. Eva didn't consider that to be much of a punishment at all, because she soon realized that it was actually fun - and they even paid her $40 per hour for doing it. And within a few weeks, she was posing two or three times a week. And now almost four years later, she was doing ten hours per week.

But shortly after that first meeting, the university implemented an explicit no-streaking rule with expulsion as the punishment. Also, they formed a Discipline Committee to deal with offenders of that rule as well as other rules. Eva suspected that her streaking was the impetus for the new rule as well as the formation of the committee, but she didn't know for sure.

During a morning lecture today, she had noticed some other students glancing at her and whispering; she couldn't hear everything they were saying, but she did hear the words "streaking" and "captured". She didn't worry too much about it, because she wasn't involved this time. But she was still stunned when she saw the patio door open and a naked woman walked out into the patio. The other woman was a pretty dark-haired girl with Asian features; Eva had previously seen her around campus dressed in normal student clothes, but Eva did not know who she was. But now the other woman was just as naked as Eva was!

There was an awkward moment as they looked at each other, and Eva thought about just getting up and going back in the building. But the other girl was crying and said, "Hi, Eva, I'm Amy Suzuki. Could I please talk with you?"

Now, Eva could see that the other girl was really upset, and Eva put out her cigarette and said, "Sure. Please sit down. This is a private spot; we can talk here."

The two girls were very different in appearance. Eva had shoulder-length honey-blonde hair and lightly tanned skin, blue eyes, 36C breasts, and a shaved pussy. Eva guessed that Amy was of Japanese descent, although she hadn't detected any accent in their brief conversation so far. Amy had long dark hair that was almost black but had just a hint of brown in it; it trailed part way down her back. And she had dark brown eyes, 34C breasts, and a full pubic bush also of very dark hair. She was an inch or so taller than Eva but a tiny bit thinner. But both of the young ladies were strikingly beautiful - each in their own way.

Eva started to say, "Okay, what can I . . ." But Amy started to sob harder and talk at the same time, and all Eva could make out were things like "streaking . . . Wendy stole my clothes . . . security guard . . . handcuffs . . . took my panties . . . punishment . . . graduation . . . meeting with Chancellor."

Eva reached over and tried to comfort Amy by holding her hands, and Eva said, "Hey, hey, it's all right. Please just rest for a moment, and then slowly tell me the story."

It took a minute or so for Amy to regain more composure, and then she told Eva her story.

Chapter 2 - Caught in the Act

Last night, Amy had been studying with her friend, Wendy Chang, and afterwards, they decided to get a beer at a bar near campus. Both of them were seniors and were about to graduate. They were laughing and having a good time, and the conversation somehow turned to silly things that they could do before they left Bancroft. And Wendy says, "Well, we could streak naked across the campus quad."

Amy giggled and said, "Oh, I could never do that. I'd be too embarrassed if I got caught."

Wendy said, "Oh come on, you'd never get caught. There have been a bunch of streakers this year, and none of them have been caught. Even I streaked by the Student Union last October." The last part wasn't true, but Amy didn't know that.

Amy laughed, "Hey, Wendy, that must have been quite a sight to see your big bare boobs bouncing around. But you really didn't get caught?"

"No, nobody cared. Come on, if I can do it, you can, too!"

Amy giggled and said, "Okay, if you'll watch my clothes, I'll do it."

Wendy stood and said, "Oh goodie, let's go. But first I've got to go to the restroom. Wait for me at the front door."

Amy got up and walked to the door, and as Wendy walked back to the restroom, she smiled to herself, got out her cell phone, and made a call.

A few minutes later, the two left the bar and walked back to the main part of campus. It was about 11:30 and no one was around as they found a large bush next to the administration building, Kameron Hall.

Amy said, "Okay, this looks like a good spot." And she started to take off her clothes - jacket, T-shirt, sneakers, socks, jeans, and bra. As she stood there with only her brief flesh-toned panties on, she paused and asked, "Do you think I should wear my sneakers?"

Wendy said, "No, streaking means completely naked. Here, fold your clothes and put the sneakers on top. Okay, lose the panties, and run, you crazy lady!"

Amy slid the panties down her long legs, bent over, folded her clothes into a neat pile, and put the panties on top the shoes.

Amy was now totally naked, and she felt her nipples hardening and an excited tingle between her legs. And she said, "All right, Wendy, you watch my clothes while I run around the quad. I should be back in 5 minutes or less." And she peeked out from behind the bush to make sure no one was there, and she took off in a sprint around the big quad.

Now that she was alone, Wendy pulled out her cell phone again, made another phone call, and only said "Northwest corner of Kameron. You've got about 5 minutes to get here."

For a couple of minutes, Wendy smiled deviously as she watched the faint outline of the naked female running around the quad. When Amy was a hundred yards or so away, Wendy saw another figure approaching the scene and Wendy picked up the stack of clothes and started running away. But she didn't notice that Amy's panties had fallen from the stack and landed off to the side just under the bush.

Amy was startled to see Wendy running away, and yelled, "Hey, Wendy, where are you going? I need the flashlight."

But Wendy kept running with the pile of clothes under her arm. Amy was crying as she returned to the big bush, and she frantically looked around for the stack of clothes. It was very dark behind the big bush, and Amy tried feeling around for her clothes. But they were not where she had left them only a few minutes earlier. And she yelled again at Wendy, "Hey, you bitch, come back here with my clothes."

But just then two things happened simultaneously. She spotted her panties laying a little ways away, and she saw an approaching flashlight. She grabbed her panties and quickly pulled them on. Just as the panties were almost all the way up, a security guard appeared and shined the flashlight on her almost naked body.

He shouted, "Hold it right there. Campus security. Put up your hands where I can see them."

Amy immediately obeyed his order and raised her hands leaving her panties almost all the way up, but not quite. There was just a bit of pubic hair showing above the top of the bare-colored panties.

He said, "I'm Officer Olsen of the campus security force. Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Amy was really scared now. She was almost naked and a bright light was shining in her face. "I'm Amy Suzuki; I'm a student here. We were just having some fun."

"Okay", he said, "What do you mean 'we'? I don't see anyone else here."

Amy said, "Well, my friend, Wendy was here a minute ago. Didn't you see her?"

He said, "No, but I did hear you yell at someone in a not-so-very-nice manner. Is she really your friend?"

She sighed and said, "I guess she wasn't as nice a person as I thought. But how did you find me back in here?"

He said, "I was just making my rounds when I saw someone running and then I heard you yelling." Actually, Wendy had called him on the phone and told him where to go.

He continued, "Okay, I'm going to have to detain you, because you were streaking and that is a serious offense here on campus. I'm going to come over there and cuff your hands. Please take it easy, okay?"

He walked over to her and said, "All right, please take your hands down now and put them behind your back. I'm going to use these FlexiCuffs to tie your hands; these are basically just big cable ties like electricians use. They won't hurt you, but you won't be able to get out of them until I undo them for you."

She did as ordered, and he attached the cuffs and turned her around to face him. He stepped back a little bit and then scanned her mostly naked body with his flashlight. He paused a bit to look at both of her bare boobs and her rock hard nipples. And he paused again to look at the panties with the pubic hair peeking out above the top rim.

He said, "You know, ma'am, as I said a minute ago, there is a university rule against streaking. We have been given strict rules that we must follow when we apprehend a streaker such as yourself. We are required to cuff them and bring them to the security office. And I'm sorry to tell you that we are also required to bring them in naked because they were streaking. So, I apologize but I'm going to have to remove your panties now."

Amy was stunned and took a small step back. But he came up to her, bent down, and slowly pulled her panties down. As she stepped out of them, he repeated, "Oh Miss Suzuki, I am really, really sorry about that, but rules are rules. I'll keep your panties in my pocket and they will be returned to you. But for now you must remain naked. Now, please come this way and we'll walk back to the security office. It's about a quarter mile from here, but it will only take us about 10 minutes."

Amy was in a daze as they walked silently to the security office. The cool spring air seemed to tighten her nipples even more than they were before. And the tingle in her pussy increased; she felt a bit of dampness down there.

They arrived at the brightly lit security office, and the guard yelled, "Hey, boss, come out here, we got ourselves a streaker over by Kameron. A very pretty streaker."

An older gentleman appeared from the back room and said, "Well, well, well. What do we have here? I'm Officer Sweeney, the late shift Officer in Charge." He looked the naked helpless girl up and down several times, but seemed to focus on her pussy.

Sweeney went on, "Okay, I need to tell you what the rules are and what's going to happen to you. I'm going to write up a report, and then we will take you home. But you are to remain naked the entire time that you are here and while you are home. Then, tomorrow morning, you will report naked to the Chancellor's office to hear your punishment. Unless you hear different from us or Dr. Knoxx, that meeting will be at 10 AM. The Chancellor's office is in the administration building, Kameron Hall, which you should have no trouble finding in broad daylight after finding it in the pitch black of nighttime. You should expect to be expelled from this fine university. This is the usual penalty for streaking, but only the Chancellor can make that call. But remember you are to remain naked until the completion of that meeting tomorrow morning. Okay, I'm going to take you into the back room and I'll type up a report. Any questions?"

Amy slumped her head and quietly asked, "Can you please remove these handcuffs?"

As Sweeney guided her by her elbow into the back room, he said, "Sorry, Miss, but the cuffs stay on for now."

Amy then asked, "But can I use the bathroom? I need to pee."

Again Sweeney said, "Sorry, again. But we don't have a female officer on duty tonight to escort you, and the rules say that detainees must be accompanied to the restroom by an officer of the same sex. So, you'll just have to hold it til you get home."

Amy thought, "Well, you two guys have got an eyeful of my totally naked body, and watching me sit on the toilet would only be a tiny step further embarrassing." But she just sighed as she started to sit down next to the desk in the back room, but Sweeney said, "Wait, please stand over there in front of the white wall while I take the pictures that will be part of the report."

Amy was stunned, but she did as he asked. Sweeney got the digital camera from the desk drawer, stood back, and took a full frontal photo of the nude girl plus a close-up of her face. Then, he had her turn so that he could take a nude profile photo of her. Amy was embarrassed at having mug shots taken of her just like they do for hardened criminals and she thought to herself, "But those hardened criminals get to keep their clothes on. My mug shots are all nude with my hands tied behind my back."

Sweeney guided her to the chair beside the desk, and she sat down with her bare bottom on the cold metal chair.

Sweeney said, "Okay, let's get started on the report. This should take only a few minutes. What is your name and address? If you're a student, what are your major and your home address? Also, your age."

Amy replied, "Amelia Suzuki, but everybody calls me Amy. I live in the dorm, 423 Blankenship Hall. I'm a senior majoring in journalism. My home address is 7245 East 40th Street, Warwick, Rhode Island. I'm 22 years old; I just turned 22 a few weeks ago."

Sweeney continued to ask questions. Telephone numbers? Previous offenses? Driver's license number? Etc.

Amy quickly answered as best she could. She gave him her cell phone and landline numbers. She said that her only previous offense was a jaywalking violation when she was a sophomore. But she didn't know her driver's license number, since her wallet had been stolen by Wendy.

Sweeney finally said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, that's all for this evening. We'll give you a ride back to the dorm. But since you're naked, where is your key to your dorm room? Can your roommate let you in?"

Amy shook her head and said, "No, my room key was taken with my clothes, and my roommate is out of town for a few days on a field trip. I do have a spare room key, but it's in my desk in my room."

Sweeney answered, "Oh dear, we'll have to find the master key somehow. We'll call your resident advisor. Who is your R.A.?"

Amy said, "Kelly Stubbins. Her phone number is 603-555-9367."

Sweeney made the phone call and after hanging up said, "Okay, Officer Olsen will take you home. Remember, you are to remain naked tonight and tomorrow morning, and then you are to report nude to the Chancellor's office at 10AM. And Miss Suzuki, let me say, I'm very sorry that this happened to you, but you made a very bad mistake tonight, and you'll be punished for that. Good night."

Olsen led Amy out the front door; Amy was in front and she could feel the security officer's eyes on her ass as they approached the patrol car. Amy was still naked and handcuffed as she was helped into the back seat of the car.

It only took a few minutes to drive to Blankenship Hall, and as they approached, Amy could see that there were many people in the lobby even though it was just after midnight. She thought, "This is going to be so humiliating. Walking naked and cuffed into that throng of people that I know." But there was nothing she could do about that.

The officer helped her out of car, and opened the lobby door for her. They stepped into the crowd of people. She noticed that it was mostly guys from the men's wing of the dorm, but there were a few girls, too, including some of her friends. She blushed a bright red as Olsen led her to the front desk. Olsen asked the overnight receptionist, "Please call Kelly Stubbins to come down and take charge of Miss Suzuki."

They had to wait a few minutes for Stubbins, and the time passed very slowly for Amy. She had tears in her eyes as her friends asked her what had happened. And she felt the men staring at her body with all of her endowments on full naked display. And she really needed to pee now; she tightened her legs together and slowly twisted about to hold it in.

Stubbins appeared with a smirk on her face. Amy had never really liked Kelly Stubbins and Kelly knew it. Stubbins said, "Okay, Suzuki, what the hell have you done now? Your antics have caused me to be awakened from a sound sleep, and I am pissed."

Everybody knew that Amy was not a troublemaker, but Stubbins was going to get as much mileage out of this incident as possible.

Olsen said, "Miss Stubbins, I'm going to uncuff Miss Suzuki now. And then I want you to let her into her room using your pass key. She is to remain naked tonight and in the morning. Then she'll report, still naked, to the administration building for a meeting with the Chancellor at 10 AM. But for now, there is no need to make an even bigger deal of out this than there already is. Do you understand?" And Olsen unhooked the cable ties so that Amy's hands were free.

Kelly said snidely, "Yes, officer, I understand. I will see that this lady and her pretty little ass are escorted to her room."

As Amy rubbed her wrists, Kelly grabbed her arm and said, "Come on, nudie, let's go." And she guided Amy over to the elevators.

Amy looked over her shoulder at Officer Olsen and with a smile on her face said, "Thanks, I guess."

Olsen smiled back at her and got one last look at that cute little butt.

They rode the elevator in silence up to the fourth floor. Followed by a silent walk down the hall to Amy's room. Stubbins unlocked the door, and as Amy stepped in, Kelly spanked Amy on her butt.

Amy yelped, "Hey, that wasn't necessary."

Kelly scowled, "Yes, it was, you stuck-up, goody-two-shoes, bitch. Now, I hope they throw the book at you." And she slammed the door.

Amy was now alone in her room still stunned by the events of the last hour. She thought, "Has it only been an hour, since I was a normal person? It seems like it's been forever, but it's really just starting." She had no idea what was going to happen next.

But the first thing she needed to do was to pee. She opened her closet door and grabbed her robe before remembering that she had to remain naked until the meeting in the morning. She sighed and reluctantly re-hung the robe on its hook. She needed to walk naked down the hall to the bathroom to do her business.

She sucked in her breath thrusting her breasts out, slowly opened the door, and looked out in the hallway. There were a few girls returning to their rooms after viewing the excitement in the lobby a few minutes before. But Amy couldn't wait any longer, and she stepped out and closed the door behind her making sure that it stayed unlocked. The girls in the hallway just said, "Hi, Amy" as the naked girl passed them on the way to the bathroom.

Amy was relieved to get her bladder emptied and she walked back to her room without any further incidents.

She sat down on her bed and buried her head in her hands. She said aloud to herself, "Oh shit, what have I done? If I get expelled in a few hours, I won't be able to graduate, and my job at the Boston area newspaper chain will go up in smoke." She had been so proud of herself for lining up that job a couple of months ago; journalism jobs were very tough to find during the current recession.

She wished that her roommate, Linda Hathaway, were here. They were good friends, and Amy wanted to talk with her. She also thought about her boyfriend, Josh Robertson, but they had broken up a few weeks ago, and so she couldn't talk with him either. So, Amy was alone in her thoughts.

After a minute or so, she realized that not only had Wendy stolen her clothes, but she had Amy's pocketbook, keys, cell phone, and watch as well. Amy really needed those things back.

And so she decided to call Wendy. She had thought that Wendy was her friend, but now she'd betrayed Amy badly. But Amy needed her keys and wallet. She was very angry at Wendy, but she would need to remain somewhat calm during this call.

Amy used her desk phone to dial Wendy. After several rings, Wendy answered. "Hi Wendy, it's me, Amy."

Wendy smirked and said, "Hey, how was your naked romp and your naked visit to the security office?"

Amy replied, "Wendy, I know you took my clothes, but I really need them back. The things I need the most are my purse with my wallet and keys plus my phone and watch, but I really would like my clothes returned, too."

Wendy said, "I can understand the phone and other things, but why do you need clothes. My understanding is that you are to remain naked and meet with the Dr. Knoxx tomorrow - oops, sorry, it's actually today, since it's now after midnight. But your skinny clothes don't fit me anyway. So, I guess I'll just give them all back to you. I'll drive over now. Meet me out front of Blankenship in let's say 5 minutes. And you had better be naked. Bye." And she hung up on Amy.

Amy waited a few minutes and then made the naked trip to the front entrance. She used the side stairway to avoid using the elevator, but she still had to make her way along the first floor hallway to get to the main front lobby. There were still some girls in that hallway, and they just smirked as Amy passed by. And of course, there were still several guys in the main lobby. They had been talking about the pretty naked girl who had been brought in by the campus cops a few minutes earlier, and they were pleasantly surprised to see her re-appear from the hallway door. They waved at her, and asked her to come over and talk with them. But Amy just said, "Sorry, I've got to meet someone out front." And she went out the front door and stood by the curb.

Amy could feel the guys looking at her through the glass doors, but fortunately, they decided not to come out and try to talk with her outside. Since she didn't have her watch, she didn't know exactly how much time passed, but it was definitely more than the 5 minutes that Wendy had said. It was a bit chilly outside, and Amy thought about going back inside to wait, but the guys were still in there. So, she decided to just tough it out.

Finally, after several uncomfortable minutes, Wendy drove up, stopped, and got out of her car.

"Hey there, naked one", Wendy said with an evil grin on her face.

Amy replied, "Wendy, did you set up this whole thing to get me caught?"

Wendy continued smiling and said, "Sure did."

Amy said, "But why? I thought we were becoming good friends. I would never have done such a thing to you."

Wendy said, "Oh, I don't know. I guess I just get a kick out of seeing girls being humiliated and naked in public, and you were such an easy mark. So, here are your clothes. I don't see your panties here, and I don't know what happened to them. Maybe I dropped them somewhere. But you won't be needing them anyway. Have fun at your meeting with Knoxx. Sleep tight." And she handed Amy the stack of clothes and the purse, and then she drove away.

Amy turned back into the lobby, and the guys spotted the stack of clothes. One of them said, "Hey, Amy, are you going to get dressed for us? I sure hope not. I like looking at your naked body." They laughed as Amy retraced her steps down the hallway and up the stairs to her room.

Back in her room, Amy looked at a clock; it was almost 1 o'clock in the morning. But she decided to call her father anyway. She needed to talk with someone, and his voice would be comforting.

She dialed her parents' number, and her father answered with a sleepy, "Hullo?"

"Hi, Daddy, I'm so sorry to wake you", she said.

"Oh, hi there, sweetie. Are you all right? Why are you calling in the middle of the night?", he said.

Amy said, "Oh Daddy, I did something really, really dumb, and I just need to talk with someone."

"Tell me what's happened, and I'll see if I can help. You . . .", he paused in mid-sentence as Amy heard some rustling on the other end of the line. He continued, "Your mother wants to talk with you. Here she is."

Amy's mother says, "Hi, honey, are you okay? Please tell me you are okay. Where are you?"

"Hi, Mom, yes, I'm fine, and I'm in my dorm room. But as I was telling Daddy, I made a really stupid mistake, and I just wanted to get some calm, level-headed advice from both of you", Amy said.

Her mother said, "O thank heavens, you're okay and in your room. I'll put your Dad back on the line. You know I'm a bit scatter brained, and he's much more level-headed than I am. I'll go downstairs and listen on the other phone. Here's Daddy."

He said, "Okay, I'm back. Let's wait a minute for your Mom to get on the other line. But you really are okay? You're not hurt at all?"

Amy said, "No, Daddy, I'm not hurt. At least, I'm not physically hurt. I . . ."

Her mother cut in, "Okay, I'm on the kitchen phone. Please Amy, tell us what happened."

Amy took a deep breath and almost blurted out, "I streaked naked across campus, they caught me, and I will probably be expelled." Her parents gasped. Amy continued, "Please let me tell you the story; just listen for a few minutes while I talk." And she described the incident. Wendy daring her and then stealing her clothes; the campus security guard handcuffing her and removing her panties; required nudity; humiliating exposure in the dorm lobby; meeting with the Chancellor in the morning. The whole story.

Her father was appalled and said, "You mean to tell me that the college police treat streakers like that. They handcuff them and keep them naked? And you said he removed your panties while your hands were cuffed behind you?"

Amy said, "Yeah, that's right. I had just slipped on my underpants, but he said he had to remove them, since I was streaking. And he pulled them down and that left me naked with my hands cuffed. It was so embarrassing."

He went on, "And you're still naked now, and you'll have to go naked to the meeting in the morning?"

Amy just said, "Uh-huh."

He said, "That's outrageous treatment! I'm going to call my lawyer."

Amy said, "Daddy, what should I do now?"

He calmed down a bit and said, "Let me call Mr. Marriott, and I'll call you back shortly. Just stay where you are for now."

Amy replied, "Okay. I'll hang up now and wait for your call. Bye-bye, Daddy. Bye-bye, Mom."

Amy put down the phone, picked up her iPod, and selected some soothing classical music to listen to while she waited.

It was about 1:45 AM when her father called back. He said, "I just talked with Ken Marriott, and he says that the university is overstepping its legal bounds here. He says you need legal assistance immediately, and he's going to drive up there in the morning. But he won't be able to get there til 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon. He wants you to try to delay the meeting with the Chancellor til approximately 4 PM so that he can be there with you. Do you think you can do that?"

Amy said, "I don't know, Dad. The campus cops didn't make it sound as if I had a lot of options here."

He said, "Okay. Why don't you do this? Go to the 10 o'clock meeting as scheduled, but tell the Chancellor that you want legal representation before he makes a decision about expelling you. Ask the Chancellor to set up a meeting in the afternoon with Marriott present. With the implied threat of legal action, he should agree to that. But in the meantime, please cooperate with them and just follow their silly rules. That means you'll have to go to the morning meeting in the nude. Can you do that?"

Amy said, "Yeah, it will be really embarrassing, but it sounds like the best way to handle it."

He said, "Good. Look, honey, you sound pretty shook up right now. Is there someone there you can talk with? Is your roommate Linda there now? How about Josh? Have you told him about this yet? Who's this Wendy person? What about the R.A. on your floor there in the dorm?"

Amy said, "No, that's why I called you, because there's really nobody here right now that can provide a good shoulder to cry on. Linda is out of town til Thursday on a field trip. And the R.A. is Kelly Stubbins, but she and I don't get along very well. I just met Wendy Chang a few months ago, and I thought she was becoming a good friend, but now that I know she instigated this whole thing, I won't be talking with her again."

Her Dad said, "What about Josh? He seems like he would be a good person to talk with."

Amy sighed and said, "Oh Daddy, I've held back telling you that Josh and I broke up a few weeks ago. We had an argument, and we decided to go our separate ways."

He said, "Oh, that's too bad. Well, your Mom and I are always here for you, and we'll do anything you want to help you. Now, you get a good night's sleep and try to tough it out til Mr. Marriott gets there tomorrow."

Amy said, "Okay. Oh, one more thing. Please don't tell Jason about this yet." Jason was her brother, 2 years younger, and a sophomore at Cornell. "I don't want him hearing yet that his big sister made such a stupid blunder. I'll call him when I know more."

He said, "Okay, we won't say anything yet to him. Now you go to bed, and remember that we both love you very much."

Amy had tears in her eyes as she signed off with, "And I love you and Mom so much, too. Thanks for your help. Bye-bye."

Amy hung up and looked at the clock. 2 AM. But all is not well in her world.

She stood in front of the full-length closet mirror and looked at her naked body. She had her own private view of it now, but tomorrow it is going to be on full public display. She would just have to be strong to get through this.

She looked at the long T-shirt that she usually wore to bed, but she remembered her Dad's advice about following the rules. Even though she was alone in her room, there was a slight chance that Kelly Stubbins might come in to check on her, and if Stubbins found her wearing even the T-shirt, she might report it to the campus cops or to Chancellor Knoxx. So, Amy flipped off the light and slid her naked body between the sheets of her bed. She was crying as she fell off to sleep.

Chapter 3 - Meeting the Chancellor

Amy woke up about 8 AM. She hadn't slept very soundly, because she knew the upcoming day would be a hard one. She decided to skip breakfast to avoid the inevitable embarrassment at the dining hall; she just nibbled on a Snickers bar that she had in her desk. She was trying very hard to put off having to walk naked on campus. She'd have to do it soon, but not til 9:45 or so.

She took a shower and made very sure to clean herself thoroughly "down there". She'd be on full display for the first time, which would be bad enough. But she wanted to avoid offensive odors as well. She put on lipstick and a bit of makeup and looked at herself in the mirror. "I guess that's as good as a naked girl can do", she thought to herself.

Then she spent about an hour doing homework which was designing a web site for her Modern Journalism class. Pretty routine stuff for her. And she waited for a phone call that might tell her about a change in the meeting time or location. But the phone didn't ring.

About 9:40, she started getting ready. Since she was required to be nude, there wasn't much to do. But she did wonder about her backpack. Was she allowed to wear it? She wasn't sure; so, she decided to just load it up with her purse and just the material for her 11 AM journalism class, and she decided that she would carry it in her hand rather than on her back. And she wondered about wearing shoes, but to be on the safe side, she decided against shoes - she wanted to follow the rules as closely as possible at least for this first meeting.

And then she summoned up all of her courage, and began the naked journey to the administration building. Fortunately, it was a nice spring day, but it was still a bit cool outside as she left the dorm. She felt her nipples harden and her butt cheeks tightened when she heard the whistles and catcalls from the guys sitting outside the dorm building.

She gathered more stares and whistles as she walked across campus to Kameron Hall. When she walked up the steps into the building, she realized that she didn't know exactly where the Chancellor's office was located. So, she had to look around for a building directory; she finally found it, but there was a crowd of some sort that had congregated in front of the directory and map. They gaped at her as she tried to look around and over them by standing on her tiptoes to read the map. Her face was beet red with embarrassment as she said, "Excuse me, can someone tell me where the Chancellor's office is located?" The mob parted to let her walk up to the map, and one of the boys in the group said, "Yes, it's on the seventh floor. Take the elevator up, turn left out of the elevator on the seventh floor, and go to the end of the hall." And he pointed out the route on the building map. She felt all of the eyes focused on her boobs and pussy as she stood there studying the map.

She said, "Thanks", and turned around to go to the elevator. Fortunately, she had the car to herself as the elevator went up to the 7th floor. As she approached the Chancellor's office, she realized that she had never met Dr. Knoxx. In the four years that she had been at Bancroft, she had never had an occasion or a reason to meet the Chancellor, but now here she was completely naked walking into his office to be punished.

Amy pushed open the big door and stepped into the plush waiting room with its nice deep carpet and leather chairs and benches. She thought, "Oh God, I feel so out of place here. Naked in such a nice place."

The room was empty except for the stern looking secretary. The nameplate on the desk read Lorene Duckworth, Administrative Assistant.

Mrs. Duckworth looked up and was shocked to see a nude girl standing in front of her desk. "May I help you, young lady?", she said with a scornful look on her face.

"Yes, I'm Amelia Suzuki, and campus security told me to report here at 10 AM for a meeting with Chancellor Knoxx."

The secretary looked at the Chancellor's calendar and confirmed that there was a discipline hearing scheduled for 10 AM. She looked at Amy again, scanning up and down, stopping at her pussy. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a roll of paper towels; she tore off two and handed them to Amy. "Please put these towels on the leather bench over there and sit down only on the towels; we don't want to get any 'leakage' stains on the new furniture. The Chancellor is running a bit behind, but he will see you in a few minutes."

Amy blushed in embarrassment, but she did as she was told. She sat there with her hands folded over her pussy and her arms partially covering her breasts. She knew it was an awkward looking way to sit, but it provided at least a bit of cover.

After a few minutes, the outer door opened and a man walked in with a briefcase. He said, "Good morning, Mrs. Duckworth. How are you today?"

The secretary said, "Good morning to you, Mr. Laird. I'm fine. Your schedule for the day is on your computer screen."

As he turned towards his office, he caught sight of the naked girl sitting on the bench and said, "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" And he came over in front of Amy.

He reached out his hand and said, "Please stand up so we can shake hands properly."

As Amy stood up, she felt the paper towel still stuck to her ass; evidently it had worked its way part way into her crack and got stuck there. She blushed as she brushed the towel away; it fell to the floor.

He shook her hand and said, "Hello, I'm Tyson Laird, Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs for this fine university. And what is your name? And why in heavens name are you here naked?"

Amy continued to blush as his eyes looked her up and down, and she said, "I'm Amelia Suzuki; people just call me Amy. I was caught streaking last night, and I was told to come here for a meeting with the Dr. Knoxx this morning. It's nice to meet you."

Laird turned to Mrs. Duckworth and asked, "Lorene, am I scheduled to be part of the meeting with Ms. Suzuki?"

The secretary said, "No, Mr. Laird, but I suppose there's a chance that Dr. Knoxx will need you for part of it. He'll call you, if you're needed."

Laird turned back to Amy and said, "Well, Amy, if I may call you that, this may be our only interaction. If so, I wish you well. Otherwise, we will probably be seeing each other around campus. If you are still 'dressed' like this, I'm certain that I will notice you." He laughed loudly as he went into his office.

Amy turned and started to sit down, but she remembered the towels. She looked around and noticed that they had fluttered under the table next to the bench. She got down on her hands and knees, and as she reached way back under the table to retrieve the towels, she heard a door open behind her. And she heard a man's voice say, "Oh, this must be Miss Suzuki." She was well aware that her ass and slit were on prominent display to this man as well as Mrs. Duckworth.

Amy was blushing brightly as she stood up to face the man with the paper towel still in her right hand.

The man said, "Miss Suzuki, I'm Calvin Knoxx, the Chancellor of Bancroft University. I don't believe we've ever met before." He reached out is right hand, and Amy started to reciprocate but she hesitated when she realized she still held the paper towel. She quickly moved it to her left hand and used her right hand to shake hands with Knoxx.

She looked down and quietly said, "Nice to meet you."

He said, "Please come into my office. I apologize for the delay, and I'm glad to see that you were on time and are following the instructions given to you by the security officers last night."

Amy looked around for a trash can for the paper towel, and she spotted one by Mrs. Duckworth's desk as she started toward his office. She dropped the towel in the trash and moved into his office as he guided her by her elbow. She shivered at his light touch.

She glanced around his office and noticed that it was just as elegantly furnished as the waiting room. She now regretted throwing away the towel, because she should probably use it again.

And Knoxx thought of that, too, and said, "Sorry, I don't have any more towels in here. So, why don't you just stand there in front of my desk? I'll sit down while we talk."

She moved to the front of the desk as he went around and sat in his big leather chair facing her. She realized that her pussy was in prominent display just above the top edge of his desk, but there was nothing she could do except to blush some more.

He started, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, you were caught streaking naked on campus grounds last night. If I'm correct, you were apprehended just down here", and he pointed to the corner of the building behind him. She nodded as he continued, "Well, as you know, we have firm rules about this, and I'm going to have to expel you from this fine institution effective immediately. I see that you are a senior and you were scheduled to graduate in a few weeks, but now, sadly, due to your misbehavior you will not be receiving your diploma. You've had no disciplinary issues in your four years here, and your grades are very good. You were so close, and then you made this silly mistake. Unbelievable. What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?"

She gulped and took in a deep breath which thrust out her breasts and said, "I am very sorry that I streaked around the quad last night, and I take full responsibility for my actions. Since I am so close to graduating, I'd like to beg you to be lenient with me. Please punish me in some fashion, but please let me graduate."

He said, "I'm very sorry, but these rules are set in stone, and I have no choice here. As of today, you are no longer a student at Bancroft, and you will not graduate from here. So, I think we're done here; you are free to go. Please get dressed as soon as you return to your room, and then pack up and clear out your room by the end of the day. Any questions?"

With tears welling in her eyes, Amy said, "No, I don't have any questions. But I spoke with my father last night, and he would like you to speak with his lawyer before deciding to expel me. The lawyer is driving up from Warwick right now, and he will be here about 3 o'clock this afternoon. He would like to have a meeting with you and me later today."

The mention of a lawyer and the implied threat of a lawsuit caught Knoxx by surprise. He paused for a few seconds and then asked, "He's driving up from Warwick, Rhode Island, today? Who is he? Why would he come such a long way on such short notice?"

Amy said, "Yes, he's on his way here right now. His name is Ken Marriott; he's served as the lawyer for my father's accounting firm for several years and he has also served as my father's personal attorney for a few years now. He's coming because he's a good friend of my father's, and my father wants me to be treated fairly."

Knoxx looked her up and down again pausing to stare at her pubic bush. He thought to himself, "This is an intelligent young lady who did a stupid thing. Maybe we better take this slow."

He said to her, "Okay, let me go have a brief discussion with our legal counsel who is in the next office. I will be back in a few minutes. Please remain where you are."

Knoxx went out the door leaving Amy standing there. She looked around, and wondered if there were cameras recording and monitoring her right now; she suspected that there were. And the anxiety from this meeting made her aware that her bladder was full again, and she needed to pee. Why hadn't she done that before coming up here? But she was stuck.

A couple of minutes later, Knoxx returned with Tyson Laird in tow. Knoxx said, "I understand that you already met Mr. Laird a few minutes ago." Amy just smiled at Laird and nodded. Laird's eyes scanned her pretty naked body once again.

Knoxx continued, "Mr. Laird and I have decided that we should probably meet with you later today when your attorney has arrived. We want to make sure that everything is clear to both of you when we expel you. How about 5 PM back here in this same room?"

Amy was pleasantly surprised that the threat of legal action had gotten Knoxx to agree to a later meeting. She said, "Yes, Dr. Knoxx, 5 PM will be fine. Can I go now?"

Knoxx said, "Yes, but remember that you are still under the rules laid out for you last night. That is, you are to remain nude for the rest of this day and for this afternoon's meeting. Also, you are required to not cover yourself in any way including with your hands, because your current punishment for streaking is your embarrassment at being nude in public today. Be aware that we have observers around campus who will report to us if you attempt to cover yourself or hide out the rest of the day. Any infractions of those rules will not help your cause at this afternoon's meeting. Good day, Miss Suzuki, see you at 5 o'clock."

Amy grabbed her backpack, hurried out of the office, glanced briefly at Mrs. Duckworth who was smirking, and did not stop to see who the other people now seated in the waiting room were. As soon as she got to the outer hallway, she rushed past several people as she frantically searched for a women's restroom, because she was barely holding it in now. She spotted one near the elevator, but it had an out-of-order sign on it - the maid was currently cleaning it. What to do? She considered just barging into the restroom anyway, but decided against it. She looked at the men's restroom door, but rejected that option, too.

She was really desperate now. She didn't care that she was nude in public - she just needed to pee badly. She quickly turned her head this way and that. People were gaping at her, but she didn't care. She asked one lady, "Where is there another restroom?" But the lady just shrugged. And then Amy spotted the stairway door nearby. She thought, "Maybe there is a restroom on the next floor just below here?" She dashed through the door and down the stairs. She flung open the door leading onto the sixth floor and found herself in a busy area with several attendants at windows, and then she remembered, this is the admissions area where students come to arrange their class schedules. Probably these kids were setting up their summer school schedules. There was a line of students at each window, but she brushed passed them at the first window and yelled at the lady attendant, "Sorry, I'm in a real hurry. Where is the closest lady's room?"

The attendant said, "Seventh floor, just go up the stairs. Why are you naked?"

Amy ignored the last part and said, "The seventh floor restroom is closed for cleaning. Where's the next one?"

The attendant repeated, "Why are you parading around here naked? The next closest one is on the eighth floor."

Amy smiled and just waved at her. She raced back to the stairway causing another scene in the busy place. As she ran up the stairs two at a time, she heard the sixth floor door open again and some guy yelled up at her, "Nice ass, baby, nice ass!"

When she got to the 8th floor, she opened the door and was relieved to see a quiet hallway, and thankfully an open women's restroom. She rushed inside, found a stall, sat down, and let out a vicious stream of urine.

She thought, "Well, Knoxx was certainly right about embarrassment being part of the punishment. And I'll bet he never envisioned such a situation as I just had in the admissions center. How embarrassing!"

Chapter 4 - Naked in Class

Amy had to hurry to make it to her 11 AM class in Modern Journalism which was across the quad in Becker Hall. She arrived at the class room just as the instructor, Professor Haynesworth, was closing the door. He stopped her at the door and quietly says, "Chancellor Knoxx just called me and let me know about your punishment. I'm really sorry, but he has asked me to have you do some sort of presentation in front of class today. You are not allowed to use the lectern. I know that will be embarrassing for you, but that is what Dr. Knoxx wants. So, what I would like you to do is to go over the homework that I assigned. Basically, you'll just be doing my job for the next hour. You'll lead the discussion. I have prepared slides that you can use. Did you do the homework and are you ready to do this?"

Amy gulped and said, "Oh my, I didn't expect this, but yes, I did the homework and I'll lead the discussion."

Haynesworth said, "Good. Here are my slides. Please look them over quickly for the next couple of minutes, while I am explaining the situation to the class. There's a table on the other side of the room near my desk; you can use that to review the slides."

As Amy looked into the room, another late comer student squeezed passed her and the instructor. The student's hand brushed her butt rather hard from the crack over to her hip. Amy jumped. It was probably just an accident because there wasn't much space between her butt and the door jamb, but the guy had gotten in a good feel.

Amy blushed brightly as she walked naked across the front of the class room. There were about 20 of her classmates already seated.

Haynesworth went to the lectern and said, "Okay, everyone, we've got an unusual situation in class today. I won't try to sugarcoat this in any way; I'll just describe it to you as it was described to me on the phone a few minutes ago. It seems that Amy here was caught streaking last night, and she is being punished for doing that. She is required to remain nude in public all day today, and the administration has asked me to have her stand in front of you naked while she leads the discussion about the homework assignment. She just found out about this right now and she is reviewing the slides that I gave her. As I said, this is a very strange situation. I realize that it will be distracting, but let's all try to concentrate on the discussion, and help Amy get through this. We'll give her another minute or two to look over the slides, and then she'll begin. Whenever you're ready, Amy." He nodded at her as he sat down in the front row.

Amy looked up from the slides for a moment and scanned the room. These were all people that she knew pretty well, because this was an advanced class that only journalism majors like herself were required to take. She had studied with many of them. And now she was going to be standing nude in front of them for the next hour. She saw smiles on the faces of some of the students, both guys and girls, but there were scowls on the faces of several of the other women. This was going to be tough.

Amy glanced at the last few slides and then straightened up and walked to the front where there was a little stage with the slide projector on it. She stepped up onto the stage and turned toward the class. She started, "Okay. First, let me profusely apologize to you and Professor Haynesworth for putting you and myself in this awkward situation; it was a very stupid thing for me to do. But that's all I'm going to say about the incident or about my nudity today. So, let's get started with the first exercise that Professor Haynesworth gave us."

The hour passed fairly quickly once the discussion got rolling. Amy had to bend over to put each slide on the projector, and that gave the class a brief view of either her pretty rear end or her dangling breasts as she adjusted each slide. She described how she had attacked and answered each of the assigned questions, and then asked the other students to contribute additional ideas and techniques. At one point, a gnat landed on her right breast just above the nipple; as she brushed it away with her hand, the class giggled a bit. And then she could feel herself getting turned on by the situation; her nipples were hardening and her pussy was tingling. She tried very hard to keep her mind focused on the discussion, but it was difficult.

When the bell rang, Amy gave a deep sigh of relief. But she then faced the class and bowed deeply with her pretty breasts hanging on full display in front of her. She thought, "Now, why did I do that? Do I have some exhibitionist tendencies buried deep inside of me?"

Haynesworth stopped her as she was leaving and said, "Amy, thank you for doing that. You're a real trooper. Chancellor Knoxx told me that he is trying to expel you. I sure hope that doesn't happen with you so close to your goal of a degree in journalism. Do you know if you'll be here on Thursday?"

Amy closed her eyes and said, "No, Professor, I don't know yet. I'll find out more this afternoon. I really hope that I'm here for the final few weeks, but if not, let me say that I've enjoyed the class. At least, up until today." They both laughed nervously as she said the last part.

Amy made the long naked walk back across campus to the dorm. Several guys along the way tried to stop her and a few of them asked her out. But she just kept walking and said nothing. She even had to swipe away a hand that briefly squeezed a butt cheek. She said aloud to no one in particular, "O goodness, will this day never end?"

As she walked into her empty dorm room, she suddenly felt very alone. She really wanted to talk to her roommate Linda, but she was gone for another couple of days. Emboldened by her "success" at leading the discussion in class, she called another friend, Madeleine "Maddie" Conway.

"Hi, Maddie, this is Amy. Do you want to go to lunch?"

Maddie answered, "Oh, Amy. I've heard what happened to you last night. I'm so sorry. But I thought they would expel you from college. Why are you still here?"

Amy replied, "No, they haven't expelled me yet. I've got another meeting late this afternoon. I'll know more then. Let's talk over lunch. I really need to talk with a friend like you."

"Okay, I'll meet you down at the dining hall entrance in 5 minutes", Maddie said.

"Oh, good. Bye."

Amy walked out through the fourth floor lounge and rode the elevator down with 5 freshman guys who tried to corner her and ask embarrassing questions. Amy thought, "Well, I guess I'm not as used to being the naked center of attention as I thought after this morning's class."

She quickly stepped out of the elevator and scooted across the lobby to the dining hall door. Maddie wasn't there yet, and she didn't appear until 10 minutes later. She had to fend off even more advances from several guys as she was standing there in all her naked glory.

Maddie came running up and said, "Amy, Amy. I'm so sorry to keep you waiting, but just as I was closing the door, my parents called and I did my best to keep the conversation short. But let's go inside and eat now."

The two girls sat down with two other friends, Sharon and Rekha. While they were eating, Amy described her ordeals from last night and this morning. The other three girls were surprised at how well Amy seemed to be taking it. But as they were leaving, Amy said, "You know, guys, this may be my last meal at this college. If I'm not here tomorrow, just let me say that it's been a pleasure knowing you. And I hope we will keep in touch. But if I'm still here after the 5 PM meeting, I'll call each of you. Take care." She waved at them as she walked back to the dorm room.

She looked at the clock. 1 o'clock. She had to plan out the rest of the afternoon. Her schedule showed an Advanced English Literature class at 2 PM, and she needed to be back here at 3 PM in case the lawyer, Mr. Marriott, showed up that early. And then there was the dreaded meeting at 5 PM.

She still felt like talking to someone, but she didn't know who. So, she decided to slowly walk over to the quad and maybe she would meet a sympathetic friend along the way.

And that's when she thought about the often naked Eva Cobb, and Amy decided to see if she were in Wakefield Hall. Amy didn't know Eva, but she seemed to be a friendly sort in spite of being an exhibitionist.

Amy felt silly as she walked through the Wakefield hallways looking for Eva; she hoped that Eva would be sitting on one of the hallway benches, but she wasn't. Fortunately, there weren't many people in the hall, because classes were in session. Amy looked through the small windows on the classroom doors thinking that Eva might either be posing or attending a class, but again no luck.

She climbed the stairway to the second floor, and just before opening the second floor door, she looked out the stairwell window and saw Eva sitting in the patio kind of stretched out so that her naked body could soak in the wonderful warm rays of the sun.

Amy returned to the first floor, and after a bit of exploring, she found the door to the patio.

Chapter 5 - Eva Talks with Amy

Eva had listened closely to Amy's story, and she was starting to feel some sympathy for Amy's situation, because they had both been caught streaking, and they were both totally nude now. Also, Amy seemed like a smart woman with a nice personality who had done something very stupid.

But aloud she did ask, "Can I ask you a personal question? You look to be Japanese, but you speak perfect English. You don't seem to have any accent at all, or if you do, it's a normal New England accent. Where are you from?"

Amy said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I meant to say in my story that I'm from Warwick, Rhode Island. I was born and raised there. I get my Asian features from my father's side. His parents are from Japan, but they live in Hawaii now and that's where my father was born. My mother is from Stamford, Connecticut, and she met my Dad while she was a summer intern in Honolulu one year. My parents moved to New England to be close to my Mom's parents. My Dad owns an accounting firm in Warwick. So, I'm as American as you are, but I have a Japanese heritage that I'm very proud of."

Eva smiled and said, "You know, I'm from Rhode Island, too. Providence. So, we were kind of neighbors when we were growing up. We Rhode Islanders need to stick together."

Amy laughed and said, "Yeah, but I sure wish I were wiser. Just look at the mess that I'm in now. One stupid mistake may cost me my journalism degree and the new job near Boston. Ever since last night, I've been asking myself, 'Why did I do it?' It was just plain dumb, dumb, dumb."

Eva said, "I'm really sorry for you. You said something about a lawyer and another meeting with Knoxx. What's that all about?"

Amy said, "Yeah, my Dad's lawyer is driving up today; he's scheduled to be here between 3 and 4 o'clock. And then he and I are going to meet with Dr. Knoxx at 5 this afternoon. At this morning's meeting, I told Dr. Knoxx that I wanted legal representation in this matter, and I think that implied threat of a lawsuit convinced Dr. Knoxx and his lawyer, I think his name is Laird, to have another meeting with me."

The mere mention of Tyson Laird's name momentarily shook Eva; she thought that Laird was just plain creepy. But Eva just said, "Yes, the university legal counselor is Tyson Laird. But I sure hope that you and your lawyer can work out something so you can stay in school. I don't know anything about legal matters, but based on my experience with Knoxx and his crew, I would guess that there are two possible outcomes. One outcome might be that you'd be expelled, and that would be the end of it. The other one might be that they allow you to stay in school, but without any clothes. That second possibility is similar to my situation, but not exactly the same. But as I say, I'm not a lawyer; so, don't read too much into what I just said. However, since you are currently nude, you should be aware that Knoxx has observers around campus to make sure that I don't stray outside this building, which is the only spot I'm allowed to do my nudist thing. So, he will probably have someone watching you today; in fact, there's probably someone watching us right now while we're sitting here talking." Amy looked up and saw that there were several windows in Wakefield and the neighboring building that could see into this patio, but she didn't see anybody watching.

Amy said, "Yeah, Dr. Knoxx mentioned those observers in this morning's meeting. But, Eva, let me ask you a personal question. Are really a nudist? Would you go naked all the time if the college let you? Or are you just doing the nude posing to stay in school? Sorry, I guess that was more than just one question, but I am curious."

Eva replied, "Oh, that's okay. Yeah, I guess I am a nudist. I am certainly an exhibitionist; I like showing off my body. To me, posing naked in those classes is fun. So, yes, I suppose I would go nude all the time if Dr. Knoxx let me." She paused for a moment and added, "And the money they pay me for posing is great, too." They both laughed at this.

Amy continued, "But isn't public nudity against the law? There must be some legal reason that you've been allowed to be nude for the last few years - even if just around this building. I've been wondering ever since last night why the university is allowed to keep me naked even for such a short time compared to you."

Eva answered, "Well, as I said, I'm no lawyer. But I guess it's because I'm restricted to this building. However, there's been a new twist on the situation this school year. You've heard of that naked girl, Tami Smithers, over at Campbell-Frank College - you know the school over in Vermont that has sort of a loose affiliation with Bancroft." Amy smiled as she knew of the nude Smithers girl, but she let Eva continue. "Well, my understanding is that there is a Rhode Island law of some sort that allows nudity as a religious expression; something about Moonstone Beach. And that's how Tami is able to be nude all the time. I've met Tami, and she swears that she's a religious nudist, although I must confess that I don't believe her. I think she just likes to be naked all the time - just like me. Anyway, now that I know about that funny law, I might use it if push ever came to shove. That is, if they ever tried to force me to put on clothes in this building, I might just claim that I'm a Rhode Island religious nudist. And you said you're from Rhode Island, too." Amy just nodded and Eva giggled as she continued, "Well, isn't it odd that there are three beautiful women from little Rhode Island walking around nude up here in the cold north country?"

Amy chuckled, too, but then repeated the last part of her question, "But how can the university keep me naked for these several hours before the meeting with Dr. Knoxx? It can't just be the funny Rhode Island law, because there aren't that many of us Rhode Islanders here at Bancroft?"

Eva just shook her head, "Sorry, Amy, I just don't know how the campus cops and Knoxx can keep you naked since last night. Ask your lawyer about that when he gets here."

The two girls looked at each other without speaking for several seconds, but then Amy glanced up at the clock tower and said, "Oh, it's almost 2 o'clock, and I've got English Lit. I hope we can be friends even if I get kicked out of school."

Eva replied, "Yeah, I hope so, too. Please keep in touch; I'll help you however I can. Oh, why don't you call me this evening after the meeting? I'd really like to know how it turned out." She quickly scribbled her phone number down on a piece of paper, and Amy stuffed it into her backpack.

They hugged each other. Their breasts were pressed tightly together, and they each had tears in their eyes as they waved good-bye.

Wendy had been stealthily following Amy for the last couple of hours and then had watched this entire exchange from an empty classroom window on the third floor of the building next door. She hadn't been close enough to hear the conversation, but she was very glad to see her "victim" together with Bancroft's campus nude. She chuckled to herself as she walked off to her next class.

Chapter 6 - Afternoon with the Lawyer

Amy also was a late arriver for her Advanced English Literature class. This was not one of her favorite courses, and she didn't care for the instructor, Mrs. Hanford. So, like the morning class, the teacher pulled Amy aside just before closing the door and said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, I've heard about your late night escapade, and I think the Chancellor should toss you out on your ass. I don't understand why you are still here, but since you are, I am definitely going to put you on display like Dr. Knoxx told me to. See that desk up there on the stage? I want you to spend the next hour sitting on that desk, facing the class, with your legs spread wide apart. And I may think of some other poses to embarrass you over the next hour. But now, come, I'll show you where to sit."

Hanford grabbed Amy's elbow and led her up the short flight of stairs onto the stage. Amy climbed up on the desk and sat at the edge facing the class of a hundred or so students. She put her hands on the table near her butt cheeks, and she fidgeted as Hanford spread her knees wide apart. This was perhaps her most embarrassing position of the entire day; everyone could clearly see her pussy as well as her boobs. But she told herself that she could endure an hour of this shame.

Hanford gave a similar introduction as Professor Haynesworth had done earlier. But Hanford's had a more sinister tone to it. "Good afternoon, class. As you can see, we have a naked girl on the stage. Sadly, she is a member of this class, and we must put up with her gross display of her naked breasts and vagina. She is being punished for streaking naked last night, and Dr. Knoxx has told me to make sure that she is put in the most embarrassing situation possible for this class. Fortunately, she has very attractive endowments, and so we get a visual treat at the same time that she is being punished. We'll start out with her sitting on the desk, but we may get some ideas from today's poems for other poses as we go along. We are fortunate, because the poet that we are studying today has some sexually suggestive phrases in his poems. Okay, let's get going on the lesson."

Amy sat there like a statue listening to the boring lecture about that obscure English poet. Part way through the class, one of the poems mentioned pubic hair, and Hanford told Amy to stand up and then lift up strands of her pubic hair with each hand and hold them there. Later, the poem mentioned a woman's breast, and the instructor told Amy to twist a nipple with one hand and continue holding her pubic hair with the other. Amy blushed a bright red while following these instructions. Finally, the bell rang and the class was over. Amy's nipple was hardened and a bit sore from the 20 minutes of twisting she had done. Amy grabbed her backpack as she rushed off the stage and out the door with tears coming down her cheeks.

She slowly regained her composure as she walked back to the dorm to wait for her Dad's lawyer to arrive.

Amy spent about an hour studying in her room while waiting for the lawyer. As the clock approached 4 PM, she was getting anxious because the lawyer had not called, and time seemed to be running short. She had arranged the 5 PM meeting based entirely on what her father had said on the phone last night, and neither her Dad nor the lawyer had called today to confirm that the lawyer was on the way.

But just as the digital clock clicked over to 4:00, her telephone rang. She heaved a sigh of relief as she picked up the receiver, "Hello, this is Amy."

The voice on the phone said, "Hi, Miss Suzuki, this is Ken Marriott, your father's lawyer. I'm parked out in front of your dorm now. Should I just come up to your room, and we can talk there?"

Amy said, "Hi, Mr. Marriott, thank you so much for coming. No, this college is kind of old-fashioned; they don't allow men in the lady's wing of the dorm. Maybe we could talk in the lobby?"

Marriott said, "I really think we need some place private. Is there a conference room or something like that there in the dorm that we can use? Maybe a study room?"

Amy answered, "No, there's not. How about if I come down and we talk in your car?"

He said, "Okay, that will work. My car is the dark green BMW with Rhode Island plates. See you in a minute?"

Amy said, "Yes, I'll be right down, but I need to warn you ahead of time that I'll be naked; so, don't be alarmed. I'll explain when I get there. Bye."

Amy was glad that he had arrived to help her, but she was also apprehensive about meeting him in the nude. She had been thinking all day trying to remember if she had ever met this man before, perhaps at her father's office. If so, she couldn't remember him.

She grabbed her backpack and purse, and she used the side stairway to quickly get down to the parking lot. She saw a well-dressed man standing next to the green car. She smiled and extended her hand to greet him. But she could see his eyes quickly scan her from top to bottom as they shook hands.

He said, "Miss Suzuki, it's very nice to meet you, even under these unusual circumstances. Here please have a seat in my car." And he held the passenger side door open for her.

She felt the cool leather on her bare butt as she sat down in the car. She briefly thought about the incident with the paper towel on the leather bench in Knoxx's office, and she wondered if she would "leak" onto his nice leather car seat. But she said nothing as she settled in and closed the door.

After Marriott got back into the driver's seat, Amy said, "Please call me Amy; 'Miss Suzuki' sounds so formal. And I'll just call you Mr. Marriott. Is that okay?"

He replied, "Yes, Amy, that's fine. Even though these are legal proceedings, it is best if both of us are comfortable with each other." He realized that his wording could have a double meaning, but he didn't try to correct himself.

He continued, "Okay, where do we stand? Were you able to schedule a meeting for this afternoon or tomorrow morning?"

Amy said, "Yes, the meeting is at 5 o'clock in the Chancellor's office which is a short drive from here, 5 minutes at the most. So, we only have about 45 minutes to talk. Where do you want to begin?"

Marriott said, "Well, why don't you tell me a 15 or 20 minute version of the story, and that will give us some time to discuss our strategy."

Amy quickly told her story, but she left out some of the embarrassing incidents that had happened to her this morning and afternoon. Those things were probably not crucial to the legal discussion.

After listening to all of this, Marriott sighed and said, "Well, Amy, from what you said so far, I don't like our chances here. But let me ask a few questions. First, you briefly mentioned that you talked with someone named Eva Cobb. Did you say that she is naked, too? If so, what's that all about?"

Amy said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't make that part clear. Yes, Eva is permitted to be naked while she is in Wakefield Hall, which is where she poses nude for the art classes. She was also caught streaking four years ago when she was a freshman, but she didn't get expelled. She told me that there is some sort of Rhode Island law that permits nudity as part of a religion, and there is a girl at school over in Vermont who is using that law. That girl is a Rhode Island resident who claims that she's a religious nudist, and so that college permitted her to stay in school and allows her to be naked all the time."

He said, "Ah, maybe there's a sliver of an opening. Since you're from Rhode Island, maybe it can apply to you as well. I'm not familiar with that Rhode Island law; do you know any details?"

Amy said, "No, only what she said. Eva mentioned Moonstone Beach. Does that help?"

Marriott said, "Moonstone was a nude beach in Rhode Island, but I don't think it is any longer. But that probably doesn't matter if the law is still in effect. Are you willing to make a claim of religious nudity like this girl does?"

Amy shook her head and said, "No. I'm not really a very religious person. And anyway, making a claim of religious nudity would be a lie, and I don't want to lie."

He said, "Good. Truth in legal matters is important. So, who is this girl? What college is it? Have you ever met her?"

Amy replied, "Her name is Tami Smithers, and she's a freshman at Campbell-Frank College. I've never met her, but I saw her walking nude last November when I went over to Campbell-Frank for a talk given by David Brooks, the well-known columnist for the New York Times. I don't know how she managed it, because it was really cold and windy that day, and she was walking normally while the rest of us were almost running to get out of the cold. She was totally nude; she did not even have shoes or gloves on."

Marriott asked, "Um, where is Campbell-Frank exactly?"

"Lowell, Vermont. A little over an hour's drive from here."

Marriott persisted, "But she's going to Campbell-Frank, not Bancroft. So, what's the connection?"

Amy answered, "Well, I don't know what the legal connection is, if any, but there is a very close cooperation between the two schools. I've been there several times the last four years for seminars, speeches, that sort of thing. And their students come here for similar things. Eva used the phrase 'loose affiliation' to describe it."

Marriott thought for a moment before saying, "Okay, let's keep that Rhode Island law in our pocket, so to speak; we might be able to use it somehow. And I may look into the Bancroft affiliation with Campbell-Frank, if I think it's important."

He continued, "Now, let me get some details straight about the streaking incident and when the officer caught you. You said you had your panties on when the officer found you?"

She said, "Yes, I was just pulling them on when he shined his light on me."

He said, "Oh. So does that mean that the panties were off just before that?"

Amy just replied, "Yes".

Marriott went on, "So you really were streaking completely naked?"

"Yes, and I grabbed the panties and put them as the officer arrived."

Marriott replied, "Umm, as I said, I want you to tell the truth, and the Chancellor and/or his lawyer is probably going to ask this exact question: 'Miss Suzuki, were you streaking naked last night?' If so, you need to invoke the 5th Amendment by saying 'My attorney advises me not to answer that question on the grounds that it might incriminate me.' That's the legal way around such questions. Okay?"

As she nodded, he continued, "Okay, let's go through the streaking and capture step by step. Please tell me exactly what you did in those few minutes. I'll interrupt if I want more detail. Okay?"

Amy took a deep breath and said, "All right. Wendy and I hid behind the bush near the administration building, Kameron Hall. Nobody else was around at that point. I took off all of my clothes including shoes. Wendy stacked them neatly on the ground under the bush. I took off running completely naked around the quad. I . . ."

He stopped her and asked, "Were there any lights at all in the area? Street lights? Light from windows? Even moonlight?"

She thought for a moment and said, "Yes, I think there are a few street lights in and around the quad that were turned on but they seemed dim, now that I think about it; maybe the college dims them to save energy late at night. And there was some light from the moon. I don't remember about window lights. But mostly it was really dark. Oh, also Wendy had a flashlight, but she had turned it off."

He said, "Okay, continue."

She went on, "It took me about 5 minutes to make the complete circle of the quad. I didn't see or hear anybody until just as I was returning to the bush at the starting point. But just then, I noticed that Wendy was running away down the walkway and she disappeared around a corner of the building. She had taken the flashlight with her, and now that I think carefully, she had some things stuffed under her arm; those were probably my clothes and purse. I yelled at her, but she kept running. Since I was naked, I wanted to put on my clothes before running after her. But when I got back to the bush, I couldn't find my clothes. It was really dark behind that bush and I didn't have the flashlight; so, it was difficult to see in there. I felt around the area where I thought Wendy had stacked my clothes, but they weren't there and they were not nearby. I glanced up again in the direction that Wendy had gone, and I saw something light colored on the ground about 10 feet away. I scampered over and discovered that they were my flesh-colored panties. I grabbed them and slid them on. Just then the security guard arrived. He . . ."

He held up his hand and asked, "Think carefully now. How far up your legs were your panties when the guard got there? Were they completely covering your genitals? Was pubic hair showing? Had you pulled them all the way up? The reason I'm asking is that I want to know if the guard actually saw you naked."

Amy said, "Yes, he saw me naked, because he took me to the security office while I was naked."

He said, "No, that's not what I meant. What about the time that you were actually pulling up your panties? How much did he see then?"

Amy thought for a moment and said, "Things were happening very fast at that point, but as I remember, the panties were covering my vagina but there was still pubic hair showing when he flashed the light on me. I think I then pulled the panties all the way up before he detained me, but I'm not sure of that. So, he didn't see my genitals, but he did see my pubic hair. Oh, this is so embarrassing to talk about; my vagina and pubic hair are supposed to be private. But I guess we have to."

He said, "Amy, I am really sorry about this. But I need to know the details to develop a case. And I'm afraid that this will be discussed in the 5 o'clock meeting as well. And I'm sorry to say, but your pubic area is going to be in very public view, at least for the next hour or two. Okay, what happened after the cop shined his flashlight on you? Were you standing up at this point with your panties pulled all the way up?"

Amy went on, "Yes, I had put on my underpants while standing up, but now that I think about it more closely, I don't believe that my panties were pulled completely up by the time he detained me, because I seem to remember looking down and seeing pubic hair peeking above the top edge of my underpants. I think he said, 'Stop. Campus security. Put your hands up.' I did as I was told. And he came over to me, and he said he was going to have to handcuff me. He was very apologetic; he seemed like a nice guy, but he said he was just following the rules for detaining streakers. He told me to put my hands behind my back and I did. Then, he handcuffed me. And . . ."

He interrupted, "Were you able to tell what kind of handcuffs? Metal ones with a lock? Plastic cable ties? Do you know?"

She said, "Yes, they were plastic ones. He described them as being just large cable ties like electricians use. Is the type of cuffs important?"

He said, "Probably not, but I just want all the details. Go on."

She said, "So, at this point, I'm really scared. Here I am standing behind a dark bush wearing only panties; my hands are cuffed behind my back, and a cop is shining a flashlight in my face. Then, the cop apologized again and said that his orders for handling streakers are to bring them nude into the security office. And he bent down and slowly pulled my panties down my legs. After I stepped out of them, he picked them up and put them in his pocket. I think he said that they would be returned to me later."

He said, "Have your panties been given back to you yet?" Amy just shook her head. And he continued, "Okay, what happened next?"

She continued the story, "The guard and I walked over to the security office, which I guess is about a quarter mile away. It took us about 10 minutes, and I was walking naked with my hands tied behind my back. We didn't say anything or see anybody else during that walk, but I was still pretty shaken up. When we got to the office, there was another security guy there; I think he was the nighttime boss. He took some photos of me; you know, mug shots, except in the nude. Then he had me sit down, still naked, still cuffed, and he filled out a short report by asking me questions. I needed to go to the bathroom, but he said that wasn't permitted; he said to hold it, since it would only be a short time before I was back at the dorm. That security boss said I would have to remain nude and report to the Chancellor's office at 10 AM for the meeting. Then the first guard drove me back to the dorm. My hands were still cuffed as he led me naked into the dorm lobby. He didn't uncuff my hands until the R.A. - that stands for 'resident advisor' - came down to escort me up to my room. Is that all you need or do you want me to continue?"

He said, "No, that's probably a good spot to stop. I think I've got a pretty clear picture what happened to you. I think it was outrageous the way they handled the situation last night; that is, pulling your panties down and then keeping you unclothed and handcuffed all the way back to the dorm seems extreme. But if they have a written policy about it, then their actions were probably not illegal. However, we might want to threaten them with publicity or with a court injunction based on their behavior. But I think the Eva Cobb situation could be our ace in the hole, since she was streaking and was permitted to remain in school. And then, we can probably use the Rhode Island nudity law to present our case as being the same situation as Tami Smithers. I understand that you don't want to claim to be a religious nudist, but please don't immediately close off that avenue of discussion; use the 5th Amendment answer if you have to."

He hesitated for just a moment and added, "I'd like to see a copy of the no-streaking rule, along with other such rules, like maybe no-cheating, that the college might have. Do you have that?"

Amy replied, "Umm, yeah, it's on the university web site. I'll get you the URL for it."

Marriott frowned and said, "Well, we lawyers like things written on paper - official pieces of paper, if possible. Maybe something like a student handbook?"

Amy smiled and said, "Yeah, they gave me one of those when I first came here. I suppose it's in there, but I don't know for sure."

Marriott replied, "Good. Before we drive over there, can you run up and get it for me?"

Amy said, "Yes, I know where it is."

He went on, "Great. Now also, the details about the panties could be important. You said the color was flesh-tone?" She nodded, and he continued, "You've got Asian colored skin. Were the panties the same color as your skin or at least close to it?"

Amy nodded, "Yes, they were very close. I've got another pair of those panties up in the room. Do you think the color is important? If so, I can get them."

He replied, "It might be. Yes, it would probably a good idea to have them, just in case. Grab them when you go up to get the book. So, continuing my thought. If they never saw you completely naked before detaining you, then they might not be able to make a strong case for streaking. If he says that he did, then we could point out the color of the panties and suggest that he just thought you were naked. Be sure to answer the streaking question carefully. Okay?"

She nodded and said, "Sounds okay to me. Now that we've talked about it, what do you think my chances are?"

He said, "Well, I'm not as pessimistic as I was a few minutes ago, but I still think it's iffy. But maybe something will come up in the meeting that will help us. We've only got a few minutes left before we need to drive over to the admin building, but let's discuss some possible outcomes; I need to understand how strongly you feel about some of the possibilities. The most favorable outcome would be that they would just forget the whole thing and let you continue in school, but I think that is doubtful. From my point of view, the worst possible outcome would be that they would expel you today and you would have to leave campus immediately. How would you feel if that happened?"

Amy said, "That would be awful. It would mean that I would not graduate and probably would mean that my job offer would be withdrawn. And it might mean that something like a 'dishonorable discharge' would show up on my transcript, and they may not allow my credits to be transferred to another college. I might have to start college all over again. And it would devastate my parents. Education is very, very important to them, especially my Dad; they would be heart broken if I got expelled. No, I definitely don't want that. What do you think the other possible outcomes might be?"

Marriott said, "Well, they might expel you, but allow you to transfer your credits to another school. Another possibility is since they allowed Cobb to stay in school but naked, they might allow you to do that. I understand the two situations are different, because she's restricted to that one building and you'd be naked everywhere. How would you feel about those options?"

She said, "Since it's only 3 weeks til graduation, I really don't want to transfer to another college. And spending my last 3 weeks here naked would be awful, too, but based on today, I could probably endure it somehow."

He said, "The last option I can think of is that they would allow you to stay if you did some community service and/or attended some sort of counseling perhaps with a public admission of guilt and an apology."

She said, "That actually sounds pretty good to me if we can't get them to drop the whole thing."

He said, "Okay, I think we've got a game plan. We still have a couple of minutes. Anything else?"

She smiled and said, "Yes, let me go up and get the panties and the handbook, and then to the bathroom before the meeting starts. It will just take me a couple of minutes."

Marriott chuckled and said, "Yes, that's a good idea. While you're upstairs, I'll look for the men's restroom. Are there restrooms there in the lobby?"

Amy said, "Yes, I'll show you where to go. Ooops, I mean I'll show you where the men's room is." She laughed at her awkward wording.

They went in and did their business and came back to the car. Amy showed him the panties, and she shoved them into her backpack. She gave him the handbook, and he put it into his briefcase. As he drove, Amy gave him directions to Kameron Hall. They arrived in the visitor's lot a few minutes before 5.

Chapter 7 - Afternoon Meeting in the Chancellor's Office

Amy had allowed herself to become comfortable with Ken Marriott. He was easy to talk to, and she almost forgot that she was naked. But her apprehension returned when they got out of the car and walked into the busy administration building. Many of the staff were just leaving because the workday was just ending. She got lots of stares and catcalls. One guy even yelled, "Hey, Amy, will you marry me?"

They got on a crowded elevator. Amy almost suggested using the stairs instead, but she didn't want to be late for the important meeting. She thought, "Why are all these people going up? At 5 o'clock, people should be coming down." No obvious answer to that one. As they were riding up in the elevator, she felt a hand give her butt cheek a quick squeeze. She jumped a bit, but she didn't turn around to confront the guy. When the doors opened on the seventh floor, the mass parted and let her and Marriott through. But she felt another hand brush her hip as she was leaving. Such is the life of a naked girl.

They arrived at Knoxx's office right at 5 o'clock. Mrs. Duckworth was still at her desk, but she was collecting her things getting ready to leave. Amy went up to her, and said, "We're here for a meeting with Dr. Knoxx."

The secretary looked at her with disgust and said, "The Chancellor will be with you in moment. Please have a seat. Here's a towel you can use; please use it here and take it into the Chancellor's office with you." Amy blushed and grabbed the paper towel.

Marriott guided the naked girl over to the bench, and Amy carefully spread the towel out on the bench before sitting down. She was careful to keep her legs slightly apart and her arms at her sides; she had remembered Knoxx's no-hiding admonition.

About a minute later, the outer door opened and a crowd of men came in. Amy recognized Tyson Laird and Officer Olsen, the security guard from last night. There was another man with a uniform plus four well dressed middle aged men.

Laird went up to Mrs. Duckworth's desk, and asked, "Lorene, is Dr. Knoxx going to be long? We have an important discipline issue to deal with in this meeting."

Duckworth said, "Well, I reminded him of the meeting just a few minutes ago, and he said he would be out here at 5 o'clock." Laird looked at his watch; it was 5:05 PM.

Laird turned toward Amy, and he was just about to start talking with her when Knoxx's office door opened. A group of seven young men came out, and they stopped in their tracks when they spotted the pretty naked girl sitting there. Knoxx followed them out, and when he saw they were looking at Amy, he said, "Oh, Miss Suzuki, please stand up and let me introduce you to these guys. They are recruits for next year's soccer team. And, guys, this is Amy Suzuki; she is naked because she is being punished for streaking last night." In her head, Amy counted the number of people now in the small waiting room, 7 soccer players plus 5 men in suits plus 2 uniformed cops plus her lawyer plus the secretary = 15 males and one female all nicely dressed, and then there was herself - a very vulnerable naked young lady. Amy blushed a deep, deep red as she was introduced to and shook the hand of each of the soccer players; they were all 3 or 4 years younger than her, and she was deeply embarrassed. She didn't bother to remember their names; she just wanted to get the awkward moment over with. The boys said nothing, but they got an eyeful of the beautiful nude lady before Knoxx ushered them out the door.

Knoxx turned around and said, "Okay, everybody, please come in. Tyson, did you make the introductions yet?"

Laird said, "No, let's do that after we get seated in your office."

Amy turned around to pick up the towel, and she realized that it had fluttered to the floor again, but at least this time, it hadn't stuck in her ass crack like it did in the morning. She got down on her knees and reached under the bench to get the towel. She blushed and thought, "I'll bet they're enjoying a nice view of my ass and cunt." And indeed, the assembled group of men was looking right at her rear end.

The men stepped back and let the naked girl lead the way into Knoxx's office. She had her backpack in one hand and the paper towel in the other.

Amy remained standing in the office until all 8 men had entered. Knoxx pointed to the couch facing the desk and said, "Miss Suzuki and Mr. Lawyer, please have a seat there." Amy turned around, bent over, and spread the towel on the couch; the men got a nice view of her dangling boobs this time.

Knoxx pointed to the two folding chairs on one side of the office and told the security guys, "Gentlemen, please have a seat." And he pointed to the other 4 chairs on the opposite side of the office and waved Laird and the other 3 men to sit over there.

Knoxx sat in his desk chair and said, "Okay, let's get started. All of you probably already know the purpose of this meeting, but just to be clear, let me say that we're here to decide on Miss Suzuki's punishment for streaking naked on campus last night. She and I had a preliminary meeting this morning, and she expressed a desire to have legal representation present, and so we deferred the meeting til now."

He continued, "Okay, let's make the introductions. First, to all of you gentlemen who haven't met her yet, the only woman in this room is Amy Suzuki. She is a senior majoring in journalism, and she made a bad mistake last night when she streaked naked around the quad." Amy looked around the room, and she just nodded at the men.

"Okay, Miss Suzuki, please introduce the gentleman seated next to you."

Amy said, "This is Mr. Ken Marriott. He is a lawyer from Warwick, Rhode Island. He has done a lot of work for my father and my father's accounting business, and he has been gracious enough to come here today on short notice to help me with the legal aspects of my situation."

Marriott stood up, shook Knoxx's hand, and said, "It's nice to be here and to meet all of you. I hope we can agree to a satisfactory resolution to this unfortunate predicament that Amy finds herself in."

Knoxx then said, "And these four gentlemen on my right are Lucas Telford, Brandon Kirkpatrick, Gavin Farmer, and Tyson Laird. Along with myself, they make up the special committee that was formed to deal with some unusual student discipline issues. Mr. Laird is our legal counsel. Mr. Telford and Mr. Kirkpatrick are trustees of this institution, and Dr. Farmer is the director of the university foundation." Amy and Marriott got up and went over to shake the hands of these well-dressed men. When she returned to the couch, she again found that the paper towel had fallen on the floor; she blushed and quickly bent down to retrieve it and place it back on the couch before taking her seat.

Knoxx continued, "And finally on my left are Paul Greggson, our Chief of Security, and Officer Olsen, the security guard who apprehended Miss Suzuki last night." Again, Amy and her lawyer got up to shake hands with the men. This time the towel only slightly shifted positions on the couch, but Amy still had to bend over to reposition it before sitting down again.

Knoxx then started the discussion with, "Now that we're all acquainted, let's start for real. After meeting with you this morning, Miss Suzuki, I have discussed your issue with the committee members and these security men. And I am going to repeat what I told you earlier, the penalty for streaking at this university is to handcuff the offender, take him or her to the security office for brief questioning, keep the offender naked until meeting with me the next day, and then expel him or her. We've done all of those things to you and we are now going to expel you from this university. We are planning to take immediate action to get you off of this campus. We'll give you until noon tomorrow to depart. This will mean that you will not graduate with your class in a few weeks, and we will be very hesitant about allowing your academic credits and grades to be transferred to another college. We realize that this is harsh, but those are the rules and we have to set an example to deter others from doing something similar. Now, Miss Suzuki, I'll let you and Mr. Marriott respond how you want to."

Amy and Marriott looked at each other, and with tears welling in her eyes, she stood up and said, "Gentlemen, as I told Dr. Knoxx this morning, I am very, very sorry for streaking around the quad last night. I made a big, big mistake in judgment, and I should be held responsible for that. I'll repeat my plea for leniency, and if you won't change your mind, Mr. Marriott has some things for you to consider." Marriott gave her an encouraging smile as she re-adjusted the towel again before sitting down.

Knoxx looked at the 4 other committee members, and when they all shook their heads, he said, "Sorry, Miss Suzuki, but our decision stands. But you said that Mr. Marriott wanted to say something. So, I'll give him the floor now."

Marriott stood and said, "Good afternoon to all of you. I am very disappointed that you have not reconsidered your decision. I need to remind you that Amy has been a model student here for 4 years; she has never been in any kind of trouble before, and this is her first serious offense of any kind. Doesn't that mean anything?" He looked at Knoxx and the 4 men, and they all just shook their heads.

He went on, "Okay, gentlemen, let me lay it on the line. We are prepared to get a court injunction to stop this expulsion, and I think we have some legitimate issues that will help a judge overturn this expulsion. First, let me point out that Amy was not nude when she was apprehended last night."

The 4 committee members looked startled to hear this, and Knoxx said, "Please explain how that can be. She was naked when streaking, she is naked now, and she was naked all the time in between."

"No, that's not true", Marriott retorted. "She had on a pair of panties when Officer Olsen found her. So, she was not completely nude at that point."

Knoxx looked at Greggson and said, "Is that true?"

Greggson said, "Since I wasn't on scene when it happened, I don't know for sure. But Officer Olsen was, and so, let's have him answer that question. Scott, go ahead."

Olsen said, "Yes, technically speaking that's true. Miss Suzuki was just pulling up her panties when I found her behind the bush."

Knoxx said, "Okay, let's back up a little bit. She was streaking across the quad. Did you see her doing that?"


"Are you certain she was naked while streaking?"

Olsen gulped and replied, "It was pretty dark and there were only a few lights around. I dimly saw a female form running on the quad; the light reflected off her light colored skin, and that's how I knew it was a woman."

Knoxx repeated, "But was she naked?"

The young security man said, "I'm not absolutely certain, because it was so dark. I suppose she could have had her panties on."

Knoxx raised his voice, "What? Everybody told me that she was completely nude. And now you're saying she might have been running in her panties? Why couldn't you tell if she had panties on or not? What color were her panties?"

Olsen said, "They were flesh colored panties. I think the manufacturer's name for the color is 'bare'. I have them here in my pocket. Do you want to see them?"

"Yes, absolutely." And Olsen pulled Amy's panties from his pocket and handed them over to Knoxx. Knoxx held them up and spread them out as if showing a trophy from a panty raid, and he turned to show them around the room. Amy blushed as she saw her underwear being put on display like that.

Knoxx sighed and said, "Okay, I suppose there's a chance she wasn't naked. But let's ask her directly. Miss Suzuki, were you naked while running on the quad last night?"

Amy glanced at her lawyer and said, "My attorney has advised me not to answer that question because it might tend to incriminate me."

Knoxx stared at her and glanced over at Laird, the college's attorney, who said, "So, you're invoking the 5th Amendment?" She just nodded her head.

Knoxx went on, "Okay, I'll respect her right to do that. Let's take a different approach to the question. Mr. Olsen, when you saw Miss Suzuki pulling up her panties, how much of her genital area was visible when you first saw her?"

"I saw some pubic hair above the top of her panties."

Knoxx persisted, "So, the panties weren't pulled all the way up?"

"No, I guess not, but as you can see, they are bikini style panties that don't go up very far anyway."

Knoxx kept going, "Did you see her vagina as she was pulling up her panties?"

"No, sir. Just pubic hair."

Knoxx sighed and said, "Miss Suzuki, I'm going to ask you to re-create this for us. I'm going to ask you to pull on your panties like you did last night when Mr. Olsen found you. Is that all right with you, Mr. Marriott?"

Marriott and Amy looked at each other. Amy just shrugged, and Marriott said, "We have no objection."

Amy stood up and Knoxx handed her the panties. Facing the 7 men, she was now blushing brightly as she reached down and pulled the panties up. Then, she put her hands at her sides and turned to face each of the men. There was just a whisp of pubic hair showing above the top of the panties.

Knoxx asked her, "Is that how you usually wear this pair of panties? That is to say, don't you usually pull them up a little bit higher? Can you tug them up farther for us?"

This was really, really embarrassing for her; she was basically modeling bikini underwear for a bunch of ogling men. But she did as he asked and pulled them up tight. Now, the pubic hair was covered, but the fabric was creeping up into her vagina. She said, "No, this is not the way I normally wear them, because it's uncomfortable with them pulled up so high. My usual method is down just a bit, like this." And she slid the panties down to the previous location with some strands of pubic hair showing.

Knoxx, "Okay, Miss Suzuki. Thanks for the demonstration. But let me ask you, why were you pulling on your panties when Officer Olsen arrived?"

Amy glanced at her attorney and said, "My attorney has advised me not to answer that question because it might tend to incriminate me."

Knoxx let out a long exasperated breath and shook his head. He looked at Olsen and asked, "Officer, are you really certain that she was pulling on her panties when you found her?"

Olsen replied, "Well, after seeing this graphic demonstration, I suppose she could have had the panties on all along and they had worked their way down a little bit as she was running. And then she was just hiking them higher to cover herself a bit more since I was then standing in front of her. So, I guess the answer is no, I'm not really certain that she was pulling on her panties at that moment."

"Okay, I'll buy that", Knoxx said. "But there is still one loose end that I'd like tied up. We've established that Miss Suzuki had her panties on when you arrived. But she was naked and cuffed when you took her into the security office. When did she take off her panties so that she was completely naked?"

"Well, actually she didn't take off her panties", Olsen said.

Knoxx asked with a hint of exasperation in his voice, "Well, how did they come off?"

Olsen replied, "I took them off of her. After I cuffed her, I told her the rules that streakers must be taken naked to the security office, and I slid her panties down her legs because her hands were tied behind her back."

Knoxx and the four committee members gasped at this, because they hadn't realized that a university security man had removed her panties.

Knoxx voice rose another notch, "Was this consensual? Did she object?"

Olsen fidgeted in his chair and said, "Well, I apologized to her as I was explaining the rule and while I was pulling the panties down. She didn't resist or voice an objection, but I don't think you could really say that she consented to it, either."

Knoxx sighed and said, "Oh, dear. But I guess that clears up the panty issue. Miss Suzuki, can I please have your panties back?"

Marriott immediately objected, "Dr. Knoxx, is that really necessary? Why can't she continue to wear them?"

Knoxx said forcefully, "Well, Mr. Marriott, our rules say that the offending streaker must remain naked until the discipline meeting is over, and this meeting is far from over. So, Miss Suzuki, please take off your panties and hand them to me."

Amy stood up blushing and slid the panties down her long legs. Her brief respite from complete nudity had come to an end, and her pussy was in full view again for the assembled audience of men. Reluctantly, she handed the panties back to Knoxx. As she was taking her seat, she noticed that the damn towel had fluttered to the floor again, this time to the side of the couch. She bent over, picked it up, and spread it out on the couch again before sitting down. As she settled in, she glanced over at the young Officer Olsen's crotch, and she was certain that she saw a large bulge in his trousers. More embarrassment for the young lady.

Knoxx said, "Okay, Mr. Marriott. You've made your point about the panties. What else do you have?"

Marriott looked over at the 4 committee members and then at Knoxx and said, "Well, gentlemen, I understand that you have another naked student on campus besides Amy. I believe her name is Eva Cobb. It's my understanding that Miss Cobb was caught streaking just like Amy was, but you allowed her to remain on campus. That is, you did not expel her as your rules specify. Is that correct so far?"

Knoxx nodded and said, "Yes, that's right, but it's a different situation. She . . ."

Marriott interrupted, "Excuse me, sir, but I am just getting to that. Let me continue. We understand that Miss Cobb's nudity is restricted to that one building, Wakefield Hall, but nevertheless, she is permitted to be naked in public here at school after having been caught streaking. We are asking you to consider the same punishment as was given to Miss Cobb."

Knoxx responded, "Well, there's more to it than that, because Miss Cobb was caught almost four years ago, and our rules have changed since then. The current rules require expulsion."

Marriott paused for just a second and continued, "I understand that there is very close cooperation between Bancroft University and Campbell-Frank College. And at Campbell-Frank, there is a young woman named Tami Smithers who is a religious nudist, and that she is allowed to remain naked on campus because she is a resident of Rhode Island and that state has a law that permits religious nudity. Is that correct?"

Knoxx replied, "Yes, that is my understanding of her situation."

Marriott went on, "Well, Miss Suzuki here also comes from Rhode Island, and she might well want to take up the same religion as Miss Smithers did. I thought the committee should be aware of this."

Knoxx looked at him and then at Amy. He asked, "Well, Miss Suzuki, are you claiming to be a religious nudist, too?"

Amy quickly responded, "My attorney has advised me not to answer that question because it might tend to incriminate me."

Knoxx thought to himself, "Damn, this is one sharp young lady. Her attorney has us by the balls." But he persisted, "Well, Mr. Marriott, please remember that Miss Smithers goes to Campbell-Frank College, and they have their own rules and regulations that may be different than ours. So, what Miss Smithers is doing over there is irrelevant to this situation."

Marriott replied, "Dr. Knoxx, I think it is relevant, because of the affiliation between the two institutions. If I can show in court that Campbell-Frank and Bancroft cooperate on many different levels, then I think a judge would say that Miss Smithers's situation is relevant to this discussion."

Knoxx knew that Marriott had a point here, because the two schools were very closely connected in many different ways including shared board members (such as Brandon Kirkpatrick who was sitting in this room), financial contributors, class credits, and even very similar rules and regulations, in spite of what he had just said a moment ago. He rubbed his hand through his thinning hair, turned to the committee members, and said, "Gentlemen, can we adjourn to my conference room next door and discuss this situation in private?" They nodded, stood up, and turned to go into the next room.

Knoxx then turned to the two security officers and said, "Mr. Greggson, Mr. Olsen. I don't think we need you any more this afternoon. Thank you for coming. Have a good evening." He shook their hands and they left the office.

He told Amy and Marriott, "Please stay here while we are reviewing things next door. There is a water jug over there if you want a glass of water."

Amy and her lawyer were now alone in the room. He looked over at her, took her hand, and squeezed it. He said, "Amy, we scored some major points there. Thanks in part to your demonstration with the panties. I know that it was embarrassing for you, but it really helped. We've got them on the run, but we're not out of the woods yet. If they really press the issue and try to expel you, then we've got to be prepared to take it to court. And this might mean some embarrassing testimony from you. Possibly, you would have to repeat the panty demonstration for a judge or even a jury sometime. Also, we might have to call Eva Cobb or Tami Smithers to give testimony, and they might be very reluctant to do that. I really don't think it will come to courtroom testimony, but I just wanted to let you know the worst case scenario."

Amy was getting a warm feeling with Marriott holding her hands. Up til now, she had thought of him only in a professional sense, that is, as her lawyer. But now she was getting different vibes. He was a very attractive man; perhaps in his mid 30's, maybe 40 at the most. And here she was naked sitting beside him with their hands entwined. He didn't have a wedding ring on, but nowadays, that didn't mean much. As he squeezed her hand, she felt her nipples tighten up just a bit, and uh oh, there was a very slight damp feeling between her legs. Maybe she was going to leak onto the furniture after all. She had to put it out of her mind and concentrate on the important issue at hand.

Amy tried to regain her composure saying, "What does it mean to get an injunction?"

Marriott continued to hold her hands which were resting on her thighs only a few inches from her pussy. He said, "It basically means to stop the clock. Everything continues on as it did before and a decision on the issue is deferred. In your case, that would mean that you would get dressed and go back to class as if nothing had happened, and then sometime down the road the judge would decide if a trial was warranted or not. The problem is that "sometime down the road" might be one day or it might be five years; there's really no way of telling. And who knows what the result would be. Maybe the judge would agree with the university and just cancel out the last 3 weeks of your college life, which would mean taking away your degree. It's a big risk."

She said, "So, you're not recommending that approach."

Marriott said, "No, I think we should avoid it if we can."

They continued to hold hands inches from her seeping, naked vagina as they waited for the committee to return.


In the conference room, Knoxx said, "Okay, guys, what have we got here?"

Tyson Laird replied, "Cal, they made some strong points in there that weakened our case. Specifically, we allowed Eva Cobb to remain in school after nude streaking. But Amy Suzuki wasn't completely nude - or more accurately, we can't prove that she was nude streaking. Also, that Rhode Island law applies to both Smithers and Suzuki, and we can't selectively apply it in one case but not the other. And by 'we' I mean Bancroft and Campbell-Frank which as we all know are very closely intertwined. Also, I re-read our streaking punishment rules, and I believe that nude requires showing of genitals. If Suzuki was streaking with panties on, she was just topless, not nude. We probably worded the rule that way to avoid a sexual discrimination lawsuit from the feminists; they might say 'How can you treat men and women differently? A woman can be charged with streaking for showing her breasts, but a man can't? We can't have the two sexes treated differently! Equal protection for all!'"

Knoxx just smiled. He said, "Also, this will be certain to generate publicity. So far with Cobb and Smithers, we've been able to keep their nudity out of the press for the most part. But another such incident here at the same small college would probably make the news. And I sure don't want that."

Laird added, "A judge might well allow an injunction that would allow Suzuki to remain in school fully clothed and to graduate. Then, we would have gone to all this effort for nothing. Also, remember that she's going to be gone from here in 3 weeks anyway after she graduates. All they have to do is to delay it for 3 weeks and we've wasted our time and effort. Gentlemen, I believe we need to think of some kind of compromise. Any ideas?"

Telford spoke up for the first time, "How about we just do something very similar to the Tami Smithers situation? That is, tell Amy that she can remain in school, but she has to stay naked as long as she is here. We could require some additional things from her such as posing for Dr. Whiteside's art class or being a guinea pig of some sort at Wytham just like we do for Smithers over at Chalfont. It wouldn't be quite the same situation for Suzuki, since we would be requiring the nudity and forcing her to do the other things whereas Cobb and Smithers are supposedly doing them of their own free will. How does that sound?"

Knoxx nodded his head and said, "Good thought, Luke. In addition, why don't we see if we can leave ourselves some flexibility to have her do some other things as well? Maybe, like serving as an usher at a performance? Or maybe even performing on a stage in the nude, of course? Don't tell anyone, but I like looking at the pretty naked bodies of coeds like Suzuki and Eva. The more exposure the better. We don't have to spell out the details now; we could just add a phrase like 'or any other activities that the committee requires'. Okay?"

The men just nodded, and Laird added, "Remember that even if our interests are purely prurient like Calvin described, we need to present this whole thing as a punishment for this girl's streaking. Okay, I realize that we can't prove that she was actually streaking, but they may not realize our faux pas about topless not being the same as nude. But if we're careful, I think we can do it. Agreed?"

They all nodded their heads, and Knoxx said, "Good thinking, Luke, you got us on the right track. Now, let's go back in there and negotiate with them."


The men returned to the office, and Knoxx re-started the discussion, "Okay, let's see what we can work out here. You've brought up some very good points, Mr. Marriott and Miss Suzuki. And so we have a proposal that we think will work for both of us. Our bottom line here is that Miss Suzuki needs to be punished for her streaking last night. We realize that there are extenuating circumstances, but we feel that punishment is important. And Miss Suzuki has said she needs to be responsible for her actions last night."

Amy's eyes started to tear up again, but she tried to put on a strong face. Marriott just nodded.

Knoxx went on, "Okay, we've modeled this proposal after Miss Cobb's and Miss Smithers's situations. We admit that the circumstances are a bit different, but please hear me out. Miss Suzuki can stay in school and graduate in a few weeks, but she must remain naked and she must perform some community service to the university during that time. And she must report for a daily meeting with the committee here in this office at 5 PM every day. The committee will figure out as time goes on what the community service tasks would be required. And I repeat; she will remain naked until graduation."

Marriott looked at Amy and thought for a moment before objecting, "But she wasn't naked when the guard found her; she had panties on. Why should she remain nude? She will probably agree to the community service and the daily meeting, but not the nudity. Do you agree to do the community service work, Amy?"

He looked at her, and she smiled and said, "Yes. That sounds appropriate."

But Knoxx interjected, "I don't think that is a strong enough penalty. We need to make a harsh punishment to remind her of her serious infraction of our rules and to deter other would be streakers."

There was silence for a moment as they all looked around the room at each other. Then, Laird said, "Well, panties seemed to be a central part of our discussion so far. So, let me suggest that since she was wearing only panties when she was caught, that she be required to wear only panties for the next 3 weeks rather than being completely naked. How does that sound?"

But Knoxx objected again, "But Ms. Whiteside will want another naked model as part of the community service aspect of this deal. Also, Wytham may want another subject for their research, and that requires nudity, too."

Laird then said, "Yeah, I agree with Dr. Knoxx about those things. So, how about this? She can wear panties most of the time, but the committee can specify times that she will be nude. Specifically, she will serve as a nude model in art class, and she will be nude for the daily meeting here. And we may specify other times as well."

Marriott said, "Oh, I don't feel comfortable with it being open ended like that. You mentioned something called Wytham a moment ago. What is that?"

Knoxx explained, "It's a medical research facility on the far side of campus. Specifically, sexual research."

Amy gasped slightly and said, "I've been here for 4 years, and I've never heard of this place."

Knoxx said, "Well, as I say, it is way over on the other side. It's kind of independent from the rest of the university, but it does use a bit of our real estate for its facilities. It's just on the other side of Nordling Avenue. Miss Cobb has been volunteering there for the last few years. I understand that you now know Miss Cobb, and so you can probably ask her more about what goes on there."

Amy gave Knoxx a surprised look and thought to herself, "How does he know that I know Eva? I just met her for the first time a few hours ago. He really must have his spies out there, just like Eva said."

But Amy didn't say anything. She just nodded and looked at Marriott. He said, "Amy, I'd like to talk with you privately for a moment. Can we use that other room, Dr. Knoxx?"

The lawyer and the naked girl got up from the couch and started for the conference room, but Amy realized that the stupid towel had stuck to her again. It was now wedged well up into her butt crack. She yanked it out blushing all the while. As she entered the conference room, she glanced down at the towel and noticed a wet spot on it. She thought, "Oh fuck, I really was getting turned on in there holding hands with Ken Marriott. Did he or any of the others detect that? I sure hope not. How embarrassing!" But she didn't say anything; she just spread out the towel on the conference room chair and sat down.

Marriott closed the door and said, "Well, let's talk about this. Frankly, I was hoping for a better outcome. But let's write down the possible outcomes that we discussed before and see where this one fits."

He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote the following:

Best to worst outcomes

1. Dismissal of charges
2. Community service
3. Stay in school clothed with daily meeting
4. Stay in school naked with daily meeting
5. Expelled but transfer credits
6. Expelled lose all credits

He said, "We didn't really talk about expulsion in two different ways, but since they hinted at it, let's write it down now. What they proposed is between #3 and #4 on this list. But let me change the numbering a bit and let the numbers indicate desirability on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most desirable. Okay?" Amy nodded her consent.

He crossed out the numbers and replaced them like this:

10. Dismissal of charges
9. Community service only
8. Stay in school clothed with daily meeting
3. Stay in school naked with daily meeting
2. Expelled but transfer credits
1. Expelled lose all credits

He asked her, "Does that look about right to you?"

She thought for a moment and said, "Actually, the last one should be a zero. I just couldn't lose everything like that. The others look about right. I guess what they proposed is slightly better than being naked, but not a lot. So, let's call it a 4 on this scale." So, he squeezed in a new line so that it looked like this:

10. Dismissal of charges
9. Community service only
8. Stay in school clothed with daily meeting
4. Stay in school panties-only with daily meeting, but naked sometimes
3. Stay in school naked with daily meeting
2. Expelled but transfer credits
0. Expelled lose all credits

She looked it over again and nodded her head.

He said, "Okay, since they rejected our proposals of the first 3 lines, it seems like we have three options. First, we could just accept their proposal. Second, we could try to modify it slightly to make it more palatable to you. Third, we could reject it completely and go for an injunction. But before we talk about these, remember that it is you who has the final say - not me. It's you that will have to parade around in your underwear for the next 3 weeks; I'll be back in Warwick working on other things. So, even though this looks like just an interesting mental exercise now, it has immense implications for your life in the coming weeks. Okay?"

She looked at him and said, "Yes, I understand. I've had a taste of this for the last 18 hours or so, and in fact, I'm sitting here naked with you right now. So, yes, I really do get it. So, let's talk about our options. Walking around in just panties for the next few weeks would be really, really difficult for me, but I could probably do it. But do think there's a chance they might permit some additional clothing? Maybe a brassiere? Or even a swimsuit?"

He said, "We can certainly ask, but from their tone, I doubt that they'd accept that. Remember that Knoxx immediately complained when Laird presented the panties-only option."

She said, "Okay, but let's ask anyway. Now, tell me more about the chances of an injunction."

He said, "Well, as I said earlier, I think it's iffy. I looked online at a list of local judges for this area briefly this morning before I left Warwick. Most of them seem to be old-school and conservative, and so, they would probably side with the university. There is only one younger woman judge who would probably be more sympathetic toward you. It would be the luck of the draw which judge you'd get. Also, they might grant the injunction to allow you to stay in school but allow the university to set any additional terms such as requiring you to be naked, and in that case, the injunction would be a worse outcome than what the committee has already proposed."

Amy just smiled and said, "Sigh. That doesn't really sound very promising."

Marriott went on, "So, if you can live with this panties-only option, let's go back and see if they'll ease up just a little bit more. I'll ask about the swimsuit or a bra. But don't get your hopes up."

She nodded and stood up. This time the towel had stayed on the chair. She picked it up, and they returned to Knoxx's office.

The eyes of all 5 men were on the pretty nude girl as she stepped back into the office, placed the paper towel back on the couch, and sat down on it.

Marriott sat down beside her and said to the men, "Okay, gentlemen, we'd like to see if we can negotiate a little bit further. Amy would be willing to stay in school mostly unclothed with the daily meeting and some community service activities, but she would like to wear a bit more clothing. Specifically, how about a swimsuit instead of just panties?"

Knoxx immediately shook his head, "No, that's not acceptable. It's not enough of a punishment for her."

Marriott sighed and continued, "Okay, how about allowing her to wear a brassiere in addition to panties?"

Again the Chancellor vigorously shook his head, "No. As I said, we think she must be harshly punished, and that's not harsh enough."

Marriott looked at Amy. She just shrugged and mouthed, "Okay".

The lawyer said, "Okay, we'll accept your proposal of panties only, a daily meeting, community service, and occasional nudity."

Knoxx said, "Good. Miss Suzuki, I'd like to hear it from your lips. And do you have any questions?"

Amy said, "Yes, I accept your proposal. But I do have a few questions. Can I wear jewelry and makeup?"

The 5 men looked at each other and nodded. Knoxx said, "Yes, as long as it doesn't cover too much. Anything else?"

Amy asked, "What about wearing shoes or a cap?"

Without consulting the other 4 men, Knoxx quickly said, "No shoes". And then he turned to the men and said, "What about a cap?" They all just nodded. Knoxx told Amy, "Okay, wearing a cap is acceptable. Anything else?"

Amy quickly added, "Oh, an umbrella if it's raining?"

Knoxx said, "Okay, that's kind of like a cap. Anything else?"

Amy paused for a moment, because the next thing might be a bit confrontational. Then, she said, "Dr. Knoxx, my two instructors today told me that you had phoned them before my class and told them to make sure that I was completely exposed to the other students in the classroom. Or something to that effect. I realize that embarrassment and shame are part of my punishment, but I was wondering if I could ask you to avoid calling my other teachers with similar instructions. I don't think it's necessary for me to be displayed on a stage like I was in today's classes. Can I just go to my classes wearing only my panties and sit it in a normal seat with the rest of the students? I think it would be less disruptive to the class and that we'd all learn more if I sat in my usual spot."

She hadn't told Marriott about being displayed prominently during her two classes, and he gave her a startled look. But he said nothing, because Amy had phrased it so carefully; he just waited for Knoxx to respond.

Knoxx folded his hands on his desk and pondered for a moment. He then said, "Okay, Miss Suzuki, I agree that we don't want to disrupt the classes any more than really necessary. So, let me do this. Let me call all of your teachers, including Mrs. Hanford and Mr. Haynesworth again, and I will ask them to just treat you like everyone else in the class. But if that normal treatment includes things like making a presentation in front of the class, then you will have to do that just like the other students. Does that work?"

Amy was relieved. She said, "Thank you, Dr. Knoxx. That will be fine."

Knoxx leaned over his desk as if to hurry the discussion along, "Anything else?"

Amy took a deep breath which thrust out her breasts and asked, "What about the commencement ceremony itself? Can I be fully clothed in a cap and gown just like the other graduates?"

Knoxx look at the committee members again and said, "That sounds okay to me. How about if we say that wearing clothes to the ceremony will be the end of her punishment period? Okay?" None of the 4 men objected, and Knoxx told Amy, "Okay, you can wear clothes to graduation. Anything else?"

Amy was very relieved, because this meant that she could count the days til graduation as she was enduring the panties-only penalty. She said, "No, I guess that's all. Oh, can I have my panties back now that we've agreed on this? Is it all right if I put them on now?"

Knoxx nodded and reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out her flesh-toned panties and handed them to her as she stood up. The towel had stuck to her butt again, and she had to brush it away. She took the panties, bent over, and slid them up her legs hiding her vagina and pubic area from their view. She wadded up the towel and tossed it in the nearby trash can.

She sat back down. Marriott said, "I'd like for you to put this in writing in time for tomorrow's meeting. I will stay in town so that Amy and I can review the document after the meeting tomorrow. Could you please include a list of the community service activities that Amy might have to do?"

Knoxx looked over at Brandon Kirkpatrick and said, "Brandon, since you've been taking notes here, can you please draft the agreement for tomorrow?" Kirkpatrick agreed.

Knoxx then said, "Okay, just a few closing remarks before we wrap this up. Miss Suzuki, when you come tomorrow, you will find a peg on the wall just outside the door to this office. You will take off your panties and hang them on that hook before coming into the office so that you'll be naked during the meeting as we agreed. You'll do that every day for the 5PM meeting. Your panties will be safe there, and you can put them on when you leave."

Amy sighed as she just said, "Okay."

Knoxx went on, "Also, tomorrow, please bring several pairs of panties that you plan to wear the next few weeks. You will model them for us at the 5 o'clock meeting and we will decide which ones are okay for you to wear. Remember that we are trying to teach you a lesson here, and part of your punishment is your embarrassment. So, we want fairly plain panties much like those you are wearing now, low-rise, flesh colored. White panties would also be acceptable, and some other colors might be okay, too, but no thongs or frilly ones. We will decide tomorrow which ones are okay. But remember, it is panties only, no brassieres. Your breasts must be exposed at all times. You won't attempt to cover yourself or hide out in any way. Okay?"

Amy thought to herself, "During all this discussion, I'd kind of forgotten about my boobs. He's right; my tits will be in full view for the next 3 weeks. I've always thought that my breasts were attractive, and my boyfriends have said so, too. So, I guess I'll find out now if the public-at-large thinks the same thing." Aloud, she just said, "Okay."

Knoxx looked at the clock and said, "Okay, everyone. It's just after 6 o'clock. So, I suggest that we adjourn now. We will all gather again here tomorrow at the same time. Good night to you all."

They all followed Amy out of the office. She felt better now that she had panties on, but only a tiny bit. And so her panties-only life began.

Chapter 8 - Amy, Eva, and the Lawyer

As Amy and her lawyer were riding down in the elevator, he asked her, "Do you want to get a bite to eat at the cafeteria? I'm starving."

Amy said, "Sure. It will be my first exposure in my new attire, and it will be comforting to have you there. There's a cafeteria two blocks down at the Student Union. Is that okay?"

He said, "Yes, that's fine. Oh, umm, do you think there is any chance that you could get Eva Cobb to join us? I'd like to compare notes with her. Maybe learn a bit more about the Rhode Island law."

Amy had only known this man for a few hours, but she trusted him. And she believed that his interest in meeting Eva Cobb was purely professional rather than to look at another pretty lady. But his voice had a slight suggestive tone to it that faintly hinted at more than just asking legal questions. Eva would have to be dressed here at the cafeteria, but Marriott would see how beautiful she was.

Amy said, "Okay, I'll try. Let me get out my cell phone and her number." She put down her backpack, got out the phone, and dialed Eva's number.

Eva answered, and Amy said, "Hi, Eva, this is Amy Suzuki."

Eva said, "Oh, hi there, Amy. How did your meeting go?"

"Okay, I guess. I'd like to tell you about it. Are you free for dinner? My attorney and I are getting something simple at the Union cafeteria. Would you like to join us?"

"Actually, I just finished eating here at the dorm dining hall", Eva replied. "But I would like to hear about your, um, uh, situation - I guess that's the right word."

Amy chuckled and said, "Yeah, it's a situation all right. Maybe predicament is a better word. Why don't you come join us anyway and we can all talk while Mr. Marriott and I eat?"

"Okay. It will take me about 10 minutes to get there. How will I find you? Do you know where you'll be seated?"

Amy chuckled again, "Well, I don't think you'll have a problem finding us. My guess is that I'll be the only topless lady in the joint."

Eva laughed also, "Okay, I'll find you. See you in 10. Bye." As she hung up, Eva thought, "Topless? She was nude this afternoon. So, didn't she mean to say naked instead of topless? Maybe she just said that because she'll be sitting down and only her bare breasts would be visible? But she didn't say anything about being expelled; so, I guess she's still here. Oh well, I'll know more in a few minutes."

Amy hung up and told Marriott, "She'll meet us there in 10 minutes or so. Okay, let's go."

They walked the couple of blocks to the Student Union. A well-dressed middle-aged man and a pretty girl wearing only flesh-toned panties. They drew lots of stares as they walked in the early twilight.

And there were a lot more gawkers plus some catcalls as they walked through the Union lobby to get to the cafeteria. Marriott paid for the two simple meals - salads, breadsticks, soda, and some chocolate chip cookies.

Marriott started to walk toward a back corner of the eating area, but Amy said, "Mr. Marriott, I think we should eat over here more towards the center. Remember what Dr. Knoxx said about me hiding out?"

He said, "Of course, you're right." And they sat down at the table.

There were a lot of eyes on them as they sat there chatting. Amy could feel the guys staring at her bare breasts which jiggled as she moved her arms to eat. But all of a sudden, she could feel the stares fading away as the heads in the cafeteria turned another way. Those eyes were now focused on the pretty honey-blonde who had just entered the cafeteria. Eva Cobb had arrived, and she walked over to the table where Amy and the lawyer were seated. Eva was barefoot, wearing very short shorts and a loose blouse; it was pretty obvious that there was nothing underneath either the shorts or the blouse.

Amy and Marriott stood up. Eva was only a little bit surprised to see Amy wearing panties.

Amy shook Eva's hand, and then introduced Marriott, "Eva, this is Ken Marriott, my attorney for the day. Mr. Marriott, this is Eva Cobb, the young lady I told you about." Eva and the lawyer shook hands, and he briefly scanned her scantily clad body.

Marriott said, "Nice you meet you, Miss Cobb. Please sit down and join us."

Eva pulled up a chair and said, "Thanks. Please call me Eva."

Marriott said, "Okay, Eva, thanks for coming. Can we get you anything? Coffee? A soda? Dessert?"

Eva looked longingly at the stack of cookies and said, "Those look great. Can I have one of them?"

Amy laughed, pushed the plate of cookies over her way, and said, "Sure. As many as you wish. Eva, Mr. Marriott is from Warwick, and I think I told you that he has represented my father and my father's firm in legal matters for several years. He was surprised to hear about the Rhode Island law that permits nudity. Can you tell us more about that?"

Eva was now a bit suspicious, because she wasn't expecting a legal discussion. She said defensively, "Well, I'm not a lawyer. I'm just a young naïve kid. But my understanding is that there is some state law that allows someone to express their religious believes using nudity. Or something like that. I think that Moonstone Beach had something to do with it, but again I really don't know much about it. Does that help at all?"

Marriott said, "Yes, a little bit. I'm going to do some research on the Internet tomorrow to find out the details. I just wanted to find you what you knew, so that maybe I could narrow down my Google searches. Thanks for mentioning Moonstone; I'll certainly look that up."

Then Eva added, "But remember, that law affects Tami Smithers's situation rather than mine. So, I apologize for not knowing more about it." Marriott just nodded his head.

As Amy and her lawyer finished eating, they all talked about things in Rhode Island that they had in common. It turned out that Marriott was originally from Providence also and that he attended high school there. His high school and Eva's were big rivals in sports, especially basketball. The small talk continued for the next half hour.

They tried to ignore the stares that they were getting, but it was difficult. But the stares were understandable; here was a well-dressed man and two gorgeous young women, one wearing only panties and the other only modestly more covered. It was indeed a strange sight in the college cafeteria. Amy chuckled when she thought about this, and Marriott and Eva looked at her. "What's so funny, Amy?", Eva said.

Amy, "Well, I was just wondering what the other people here are thinking. If you painted the picture, it might be titled 'Two Nymphs and a Lawyer'. Or maybe, 'Amy, Eva, and the Lawyer', and that sounds like the title for a salacious short story about a ménage à trois. Oh, I'm so sorry, that was probably not very appropriate to say. But it just struck my fancy. Please forgive me."

But both Marriott and Eva burst out laughing. And then they all laughed together.

Then, Marriott apologized, "I'm sorry, I'm going to have to go find a hotel for this evening. Any recommendations on a place to stay?"

Amy made a couple of suggestions and gave him directions. Then, he held up the student handbook and said, "Amy, I'm going to look this over tonight, and then I'll do some research at the library and on the phone tomorrow, and then I'll meet you at the Chancellor's office for tomorrow's meeting. If you need me before that, here's my cell phone number. Please call if you need me." He handed her a slip of paper with the number.

"So, I'll bid you ladies a good night. Eva, it was very nice to meet you", he said. He left the cafeteria leaving Eva and Amy alone.

Eva smiled at Amy and said, "He seems like a nice guy. Is he a good lawyer?"

"Yeah, he has been nice to me today. And he seems to have done a good job as my lawyer."

"That's good. So, what happened at the meeting? You're still here, but you're wearing just panties. What's going on?"

And so Amy related the whole story about the meeting. The committee. Their threat to expel. Marriott's threat of a lawsuit. The panty discussion. Invoking the 5th Amendment. The panty demonstration. The Rhode Island law. Previously allowing Eva to remain in school. Tami Smithers. Committee's proposal for Amy to remain in school naked. Negotiating it down to panties only. Community service. Daily meeting in Knoxx's office. Clothed at graduation ceremony. Etc, etc.

After Amy finished her story, Eva just nodded, and Amy continued, "It's not the outcome I was hoping for, but I think I can live with it. I'll struggle through the next few weeks somehow so that I can graduate. What do you think?"

"Well, if you can live with it, that's good. But you mentioned community service. What does that mean?"

Amy answered, "Actually, I don't know for sure. He mentioned posing for an art class and some place called Wytham, and I think I would have to be nude for those. But he was vague about other activities. He said you might be able to tell me about Wytham?"

Eva sighed, "Yeah, I can. But first let me remind you that I pose for the art classes, too. Some of the poses might be embarrassing, but I'm used to it."

Eva went on, "As for Wytham, yes, I do volunteer over there, too. They are really nice people, but it's pretty intense. They stimulate me sexually and then measure my responses. They stimulate me with electronic probes in my vagina and things attached to my nipples. And then they measure the response with sensors taped to various parts of my body. Again, I've kind of gotten used to it." And this last part wasn't completely true, because Eva had not become used to it. In fact, she kind of wished that she could get out of going there, but she sort of felt trapped since she had been doing it for a few years.

Amy raised her eyebrows and said, "Wow, that does sound intense. But I guess I'll just have to endure it for a few weeks. The art class stuff doesn't sound too bad by comparison. What other community service do you do?"

Eva gave her a puzzled look, "Community service? I don't think of the posing and Wytham that way, because they are paying me. I also do ground crew work, especially gardening, and they pay me for that as well. So, I think of those things as part time jobs rather than community service. Maybe Knoxx is calling it community service because it's part of your punishment. But in my case, I guess I'm doing it willingly, but they would probably be pretty upset if I quit doing the posing, because Dr. Knoxx asked me to four years ago. So, there's a bit of peer pressure for me to continue. 'Peer pressure' is not the right phrase, because the Chancellor is not really my peer, but you know what I mean."

Amy was jealous that Eva was getting paid, and Eva was permitted to wear clothes, whereas Amy was not paid for anything and almost naked. Amy just said, "Oh, I didn't realize you were getting paid for the Wytham stuff. Okay, now that you know my situation is slightly similar to yours, do you have any more tips for me? This afternoon you mentioned that I should remember that Knoxx has observers around campus. As an aside, I think 'spies' is a better word than 'observers'. Anything else?"

Eva chuckled at the word "spies" and then thought for a moment before saying, "Well, since you are going to be nude at least a little bit of the time, such as the daily meeting, be sure to keep yourself very clean, especially down around your pussy and asshole. Sorry for the gross language, but you know what I mean. You never know when an intimate inspection of some sort will happen; it happens in art class more often than you might expect."

Amy considered this and responded, "Any other practical ideas? For example, how do you cope with the cold weather?"

Eva replied, "Well, remember that I'm allowed to wear clothes, and I do when it's cold. Even in Wakefield, I can wear clothes except when I'm posing, and Wakefield can be pretty drafty at times. So, this is where our situations are very different. I mean, days like these last two days are very rare even at this time of year, and I suspect you'll have some cold days to deal with. One technique that might work on campus is to go from building to building and warm up at each stop; it might take longer that way. It's too bad Tami Smithers is not here, because she would certainly be able to answer that better than me."

Amy said, "Yeah, you're right. But I will study a map of campus to see if I can make that technique work here. Any other suggestions?"

Eva laughed, "Can't think of anything." She paused for moment and then went on, "Oh, how about this." And she propped her right leg up on the unused chair and showed Amy the ankle pouch. "I don't use this much, because I have pockets in my jeans. But it does come in handy at times like this when I don't want to put on very many clothes. I got it primarily to use at the beach. Those of us who are nudists don't have swimsuits at the beach to hide a key or some coins in." She opened the ankle pouch and took out a key and some money.

Amy said, "Oh, I hadn't noticed that. Where did you get it?"

Eva said, "I found it advertised on a nudist resort's web site. But there's probably not enough time for you to order one from that site. A hiking or camping store like REI might carry them, but I don't know of any place here in town. But I have a couple of extra ones that I ordered just in case I lost this one or it wore out. I'll be happy to lend you one for the next few weeks. Why don't you come back to the dorm with me now and I'll give it to you?"

Amy said, "Oh thanks, Eva, let's do that. You're over in Stinson Hall, right? That's kind of on the way back to my dorm, Blankenship. If you give me one tonight, I can show it to Knoxx tomorrow to see if it's acceptable for me to wear during my punishment. I'm finished eating; shall we go now?"

The two pretty girls got up from the table and walked out of the cafeteria ignoring the many eyes that were following them.

It was now dark and it was getting cooler. Amy felt her nipples tighten as they walked. They talked about school and dorm life, and they discovered that they each liked gardening.

They gathered more attention especially from the guys as they walked into the lobby of Stinson Hall. They walked up to Eva's room and got the ankle pouch. Amy tried it on, and it fit fine. As they lightly hugged each other, their nipples touched through the thin fabric of Eva's blouse and all four nipples hardened just a bit. Amy said good-bye and walked back to her own dorm. It was kind of eerie for her since this was her first mostly naked night time walk alone - well, it was her first legal one, after her illegal streaking the night before.


Amy made it back to her room without any trouble. Well, okay, there were a few horn honks and some wolfcalls from the guys in the dorm, but strangely she seemed to be getting used to them even though she hadn't even gone through an entire day yet of her new almost-naked life.

She sat alone in her room, because her roommate Linda was still away on her field trip. Amy lay back on her bed, put her hands over her face, and started sobbing. She thought she had become so strong by enduring this day, but all of a sudden this weak feeling of vulnerability washed over her. How was she going to make it through the next 3 weeks?

She cried for a few minutes, but then she realized that she should call her parents and let them know what was going on. She composed herself, dialed the phone, and spent the next hour talking with her Mom and Dad. Of course, they were very relieved that Amy was still in school and that she would graduate, but they were distressed about her walking around almost naked until then. Her Dad was especially angry about this and he threatened again to bring legal action against Bancroft. But Amy talked him out of it.

As she was finishing up the conversation, she said to them, "Oh, and please don't say anything to Jase yet." Jason was her younger brother. "I will call him in a day or two after things have settled down a bit. I would like to have him hear about my troubles from me, not from anyone else." Her parents agreed and they hung up.

And then she made three quick phone calls to Maddie, Sharon, and Rekha. She had promised them at lunch time that she'd call them to let them know the result of the meeting. She wondered if she should call her roommate/best friend, Linda, on her cell phone, but she decided that waiting a day would be better so they could talk in person.

She spent a few hours studying alone in her room and then went to bed. She left her panties on, but the night shirt remained on its hook in her closet. The panties-only rule applied to night wear as well. She slid in between the sheets and pulled up the blankets and went to sleep.

To be continued . . .