Show and Tell - and Then Show Some More
by Mr. Flip

Part 11

Author's note: This story was inspired by Lazerou's recent "My Very Own" story on this site. I intend for this story to have more of an ENF theme to it, but there is significant bondage and discipline involved in this part of the story.


Let me start with some background info that will set the stage for my continuing story.

My name is Patricia Schofield. I am a 27-year-old woman, and I'm deeply in love with another 27-year-old woman, Cassandra Campbell. We are very much alike physically, but polar opposites otherwise. We have a dominant/submissive relationship; she is the dominant, I am the submissive. Sex is a HUGE part of our relationship, and it goes well beyond the wonderful physical episodes in bed. For the last several months, she has required me to get completely undressed every time that I enter her townhouse and then remain naked there until I leave. And then, last Saturday, she displayed me naked and bound all day at a Show and Tell event followed by a naked trip to our favorite restaurant for Sunday brunch. Today (which is the next Saturday), I have been naked all day; first at a hair salon, next serving lunch and dancing at an offsite company event, then at McDonalds and Home Depot, and finally while waiting for the mail carrier to arrive.

I should point out that she remains clothed at home and on these trips out in public; I am the only naked one. I don't really mind being naked at her home, but I sure don't like being naked out in public. However, I reluctantly go along with it because I love her so much and because our sexual lovemaking is so wonderful.

We both work for a large software company; I am a secretary; she is a top-notch programmer. She has submitted a request to the company for me to come to work completely naked. That request is still pending, but in the interim, she dresses me in provocative clothing without any underwear - no panties, no brassiere.

She has nicknamed me "Pet", because it sort of fits my place in the relationship, and it is similar to "Pat" which is what other people call me. I am required to call her "Ma'am" or "Madam"; other people address her as "Cassie", but I never do.

My lover has assigned me several tasks to do this evening. I have just finished getting the mail and replacing the battery in the garage door opener, but there is more that she wants me to do.

And my story continues.

The sPETial Underwear Drawer

My lover asks, "Does the garage door opener work yet?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I've done that already."

"Good girl. So, get going on the underwear. I'm going to read this interesting looking magazine." She kicks back the recliner on her easy chair and opens the magazine.

The underwear project involves finding space in her chest of drawers for a bunch of underwear that I reluctantly gave her. More precisely, she said that since I am not allowed to wear panties or a brassiere any more, she would take the ones that fit her. There were several bras that did not fit her, and she had me burn those in the fireplace last night. The remaining panties and bras are lying on the fireplace hearth.

I turn and go over to the stacks of panties and bras. I kneel down and look at them enviously. Oh how I wish I could wear these again! But they no longer belong to me.

I hear my lover chuckle, and she says, "Come here, Pet. I want to show you something cute."

I get up from my knees and walk the few feet over to her chair. She holds up her iPhone and says, "Look at this photo that I just took of you." It shows me on my knees in front of the underwear sort of looking up with my hands raised a little bit. It's mostly a side view of me with my right boob in profile, but my bare butt is also prominent. I hadn't even realized that I had done that; it must have happened just as I settled down to my knees. I'm not sure why my arms were raised like that; perhaps I had touched the canopy over the fireplace to steady myself before lowering my knees to the floor.

She adds, "It almost looks like you're praying in front on an underwear altar. I know you didn't do that on purpose, but I think it's a neat photo. Don't you?"

I quietly answer, "Yes, Ma'am." She's right that I didn't pose intentionally, but I actually was sort of praying about the underwear. I was praying that she would change her mind and let me wear these panties and bras again sometime.

"Okay, Pet. Get back to your assignment. Do you have any questions?"

"Not yet, Ma'am. But as you've taught me, I need to carefully plan a job like this before starting it. And I might want to ask a question or two later. Is that okay?"

"Good girl. You're taking my teaching to heart. Please ask questions if you need to. We don't want a repeat of the cookware chaos, do we?"

I blush and reply, "No, Ma'am." The "cookware chaos" was a task that she assigned me. She wanted me to re-arrange the pots and pans in the kitchen cabinet before she got home from work one evening. I just pulled everything out of the two cabinets involved without thinking about it first. And then I couldn't get everything to fit in the cabinets in a nice arrangement, and when she arrived home, the kitchen floor was covered with pots, pans, skillets, lids, bakeware, cookie sheets, etc.

While I knelt naked on the kitchen floor, she looked down and scolded me. She then gave me instructions on what piece to put where, and I was bawling my eyes out at having made her so unhappy. She assigned me a DD (a discipline demerit) and as a consequence, I spent that night hog-tied, lying naked on the ceramic tile kitchen floor with a very sore ass from an extended paddling. I didn't mind being tied up, but the floor was very cold on that winter night and my ass hurt like hell. I learned my lesson from that experience, and so I sure don't want to mess up this somewhat similar task of re-arranging her underwear drawers which are much more important to her than the kitchen cabinets.

I move the few steps back over to the fireplace and resume my kneeling position. As I am lowering myself, I notice that I am using my hands on the canopy to steady myself; so that is how I was momentarily in a praying position. And I glance over at my lover, and I see that she is taking a video of me with her iPhone. I smile weakly at her as I settle my bare ass onto my heels.

The first part of coming up with a plan for this task is to count the panties and bras. I see that the panties and bras have been separated into separate stacks. There are the "keeper" panties, the "keeper" bras, the utilitarian "period" panties, the two pairs of panties and one bra that need to be laundered. There is no pile of not-acceptable underwear, because she told me to burn them all up last night.

The biggest pile is the keeper panties. These are all sexy ones that were fun to wear, and tears well up in my eyes as I realize again that these no longer belong to me; I will never be wearing them again. I count them carefully as tears roll down my cheeks. I repeat the count just to be sure. There are 20 pairs of nice panties here.

My tears continue as I count the bras. There are only 5 in the stack. I had brought over all 25, but 20 of them did not fit my lover's boobs quite right. And she told me to burn those twenty brassieres; I did that very reluctantly because they were so special to me. I sigh as I slightly pat the short stack of 5 nicely folded bras.

The three "period" panties are kind of ugly; plain white, high risers. I wore these during my period, because they worked so well with the maxi pads that I use. I had a fourth pair, but my lover spotted a hole in them and told me to burn that pair along with the bras.

And the last stack has two panties and one bra. One pair of the panties are the pink ones with ruffles that my lover wore to work yesterday. These were my favorite pair of panties, but like all of the others, they now belong to my lover. The other bra and panties were the ones I wore when I came to her house last Saturday. All of them need to be laundered before they are put in a drawer.

So, that completes my inventory of the underwear. 25 panties in all, 6 brassieres. Now, I need to figure out where to store them.

As I head towards her bedroom, I glance back at her. I guess I'm hoping for a comforting look from her, but she now seems engrossed in her craft magazine. So, I just sigh and wander into her "mistress" bedroom.

She has two fairly wide chests of drawers; they are identical and situated right next to each other. Each has 4 big drawers. I know what is in most of these drawers. On the left, she has organized her clothes from top to bottom the way they go on her beautiful body. Bras in the top drawer, panties in the second drawer, and socks plus stockings in the third drawer. She taught me to do the same thing with my underwear in my apartment, but now my top two drawers are empty, because those bras and panties now belong to my lover.

On the right, the chest holds other intimate clothing. Camisoles in the top drawer and slips in the second drawer. That second drawer also has a couple of really sexy nighties that she bought at Victoria's Secret. She took me along on that shopping trip, and it was a real kick to watch her try them on. That trip occurred a few months ago while I was still permitted to wear panties, and those purple panties were soaking wet with my pussy juices while I gaped at her in those sexy bits of nightwear. But alas, that was the last time she wore either of those short see-through garments, because she always sleeps in the nude, which is just as wonderful as far as I'm concerned. I just wonder why she bought them.

Anyway, I estimate that I need only one of those large drawers to hold the 25 panties and 6 bras. I don't believe she would want to waste an entire drawer holding only the 6 bras, and the panties don't take up much room when they are folded nicely. So, only one drawer is needed, and I look at all five of those drawers thinking that I might be able to re-arrange them so that I can free up one to hold her new underwear. But I just don't see a way to do that and still keep things in a logical top-to-bottom order like she prefers.

So, I turn my gaze to the other three drawers that I have never been in, the lower one on the left and the two lower drawers on the right. She's never declared these drawers to be off-limits to me, but I've never had a need to open them before now. However, after earning a DD (discipline demerit) just yesterday for opening her private money drawer, I am wary about opening these three drawers. I need to ask my lover if I can open them.

I bite my lip and walk hesitantly back into the living room and over to her chair. I meekly stand there naked in front of her waiting for her to acknowledge me. After about 20 seconds, she glances up at me and says, "Do you need something, Pet? Do you need to pee?"

"Umm, yes, Ma'am. Uh, sorry, no I don't need to pee, but I need to find a drawer to hold your new panties and bras, and there are 3 drawers that might be candidates. You know, the bottom two on the right and the bottom left one. Umm, do I have permission to look in them? Maybe one of them is already empty. Or maybe I can consolidate those 3 drawers into two to free up one drawer. I can't think of a way to use one of the other five drawers. Uhh, you know, the one with bras, the one with panties, the one . . ."

"Hush, Pet. You're babbling. Let's look together."

As she's getting up from her chair, I mumble, "I'm sorry, Ma'am. I just want to do it right so you're . . ."

She turns and stops me. She sternly says, "No more babbling. Now be quiet." And she grabs each of my nipples and twists forcefully.

I whimper, and I'm almost ready to say, "Sorry, Ma'am", but I catch myself. Tears are welling in my eyes, because I've made her angry. All I'm trying to do is to do this little task correctly so that she'll be happy, but the only thing I've accomplished is to upset her. Why can't I do anything right?!?

She continues to hold tightly to my nips, and she backs down the hall and into her bedroom, pulling me with her.

Her angry tone continues, "Okay, Pet. You said you wanted one drawer, but you know I like my brassieres in a separate drawer above the panty drawer. Right?"

I whisper through my tears, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Well, doesn't that mean you want two drawers, not just one?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Umm, sorry, I mean, no, I just want one drawer. There are only 6 bras, and it would be wasting a lot of space to have those bras taking up a mostly empty drawer."

"Good point, Pet. Go on." Her voice has softened a bit.

"Umm, well, Ma'am, the panties should, umm, . . . Sorry, the panties shouldn't take up, umm, much space because they'll be nicely folded. And so, umm, the bras could go in the same drawer with, umm, the panties."

She's still holding my tits, and she squeezes them harshly. I wince as she says, "Quit umming, Pet. You know I don't like that." She's staring me intently in the eyes and I just nod contritely.

Her stare continues for another ten seconds before she lets go of my nipples and says more calmly, "Okay, you've made your point. Let's look at these other three drawers."

She first pulls open the bottom left drawer. It is full of envelopes and hand written letters and a few photos, lying there randomly as if they were just tossed in. She leaves that drawer open.

Next she opens the third drawer on the right. She has to kneel down and hold it firmly because it appears to be very heavy. All I see is a bunch of electronic stuff. A couple of old cell phones, a telephone answering machine, ribbon cables, printed circuit boards, a computer keyboard, etc, etc. She closes that drawer and opens the bottom one; it has more of the same; a floppy disk drive plus a few boxes of floppy diskettes, an adding machine with a paper roll, some power cords, etc, etc. She closes that drawer, too.

None of these drawers really look like they belong to her, because she is such a logical, well-organized person. It just doesn't fit her personality to have stuff stored so haphazardly.

She stands up and says, "Okay, Pet. Use that drawer." She points to the still open left bottom drawer. "There are some unassembled banker's boxes in the garage; you know, the nice ones with the lids. Get two or three of them, put them together, and then fill them with this clutter. Store them on the floor of my closet, and I will sort through them some other time."

"Yes, Ma'am."

I turn to leave, but she pulls me gently on my elbow and says, "I'm sorry about getting angry, Pet. But I need to be strict with you as part of your training." And she pulls me into a full embrace, running her fingers through my long hair. And I hug my arms around her back and cry softly into her shoulder.

She says reassuringly, "There, there, Pet. You're doing fine today. Now, continue with your assignment." She pats my ass as we break apart. We walk slowly back to the living room where she sits down in her easy chair and I continue on to the garage.

I find the stack of banker's boxes and take three of the flat, unassembled boxes back into her bedroom. I start by putting together only one box, because I don't want to make her angry again by assembling more boxes than I need. The box goes together much easier than I had expected, and I set it down next to the drawer.

I kneel down in front and start moving the papers, envelopes, and photos from the drawer to the box. I really do try to avoid looking at what is written on the letters or at the pictures, but I just can't help but see the photos showing her in loving poses with another woman. I don't know who the woman is or when it was taken. I sneak a peek at the writing on several of the nearby envelopes, and I see the same woman's handwriting on all of them with hearts and smiley faces surrounding most of the addresses.

And then I see a photo of my lover kissing Jason, the guy who showed up at the Show and Tell event last weekend. Again, I can't tell when this photo was taken. It is clipped to a letter that is signed "Love and kisses, Jason." I am tempted to read the rest of the letter, but I know that I've already gone too far with my snooping.

Tears of jealousy roll down my cheeks and onto my boobs as I then start moving the letters and photos by the handful into the box. I grab a Kleenex and wipe my eyes, because I don't want to get her letters and pictures wet with my tears.

I know that my lover has had other lovers, both female and male, before me, but seeing the visual proof has brought on rolling waves of jealousy. I know that she has been faithful to me since we've been a couple, but it still bothers me that others have had the affection from her that I now so fervently seek and receive from her on a daily basis.

I quickly finish filling the first banker box. Then I assemble a second box and fill it almost to the top with the rest of the letters and photographs. I put the tops on the boxes which I then put in the back corner of her closet.

The drawer is now completely empty, but it is a bit dusty and has a few bits of paper. I need to clean it before putting the underwear in there. I quickly get a dust rag from the hallway closet and swish it around the empty drawer. And a pass with a damp sponge followed by a paper towel gets the drawer ready to be used.

I head back to the living room and get the stack of 5 brassieres. My lover smiles at me as I pick them up from the fireplace hearth. Those bras go on the left side of the drawer. And I make four more trips to bring the 23 panties into the bedroom. I carefully arrange them on the right side of the drawer with the ugly "period" panties in the far right back corner.

I make one more trip to the living room to get the two panties and one bra that need to be laundered. At first, I'm not exactly sure what to do with them. They can't go in the drawer yet, but I don't want to throw them in her hamper where they might get mixed up with her other underwear. But then I remember there's an extra laundry basket out in the garage near the washing machine. So, I pick up the unneeded banker box and hurry out the garage to get the basket. I carefully store the extra box with the stack of other boxes before grabbing the laundry basket. My lover gives me a silent, skeptical look as I walk by her back to the bedroom. I carefully clean the basket the same way I did the drawer, put the panties and bra in it, and arrange the basket next to her hamper in the closet.

The final part of this task is to make temporary signs for the drawer and laundry basket. I get two yellow post-it notes from the kitchen counter and write "sPETial" on each one just the way she told me to. I stick one sign on the front of the drawer and the other on the edge of the basket.

After looking over my handiwork one last time, I return to the living room and proudly stand my naked body in front of my lover who is still seated in her easy chair. I timidly say, "Ma'am, I'm finished. Do you want to see if I've done it okay?"

Her pretty blue eyes sparkle as she says, "Yes, Pet, I would." And she gets up from her chair and leads me down the hall to her bedroom with her hand lightly pressed against my bare ass.

In the bedroom, I step to the side and proudly point to the drawer in the chest with the "sPETial" sign on it. She kneels down, opens the drawer, and looks inside at the neatly folded panties and brassieres. She smiles up at me saying, "Yes, Pet. That's fine. Thank you."

"There's more, Ma'am," I say as I walk over to the closet. I slide open the door and point to the laundry basket with "sPETial" on it. I continue, "This is to keep them separate when they need to be cleaned. Is this okay?"

She looks briefly at the basket and says, "Yes, Pet. That's perfect. It's right next to the regular clothes hamper. When you help me undress, we'll both know the right basket to use for the panties and bras. Good job." She pauses a second before adding, "Anything else?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I put the boxes of photos and letters over here." And I slide one door shut and open the one next to it to show her where I put the banker's boxes. "They're in the corner out of the way. Is that okay?"

"That's fine, Pet." And she closes the closet door herself and guides me out of the bedroom again with her hand on my ass. She playfully and gently scratches my buttcheek with her fingernail; that sends a sexual shiver through me.

I stand and watch as she settles back into her easy chair, and then I ask timidly, "Ma'am, I need to pee. Is that okay?"

She has started to read her craft magazine again, and without looking up, she answers, "Yes, Pet. Go ahead."

Even more timidly, I ask, "Do you want to watch?"

She replies, "No, not this time." I let out a silent sigh of relief, because I don't really like when she does that. And I turn and head for the guest bathroom.

But after I've taken only a couple of steps, she says, "Actually, Pet, I changed my mind. Yes, I do want to watch." And she hops up from her chair and starts guiding me with a hand on my ass again. I'm disappointed, but if that's what she wants to do, then I will certainly let her.

As I'm about to turn into the guest bathroom, she lightly squeezes my ass and says, "Let's use the mistress bathroom." That catches me by surprise, because I rarely use the toilet in her bathroom. Is something special going to happen? Does she want to make love right now?

We continue into her bedroom and then into the bathroom. I sit down on the toilet and she kneels in front of me. I blush as I open my legs wide so she can look in at my spread pussy. And she watches as the urine pours out of me and as I clean myself thoroughly twice with tissue. After I flush and wash my hands, she softly squeezes my right boob, and I look at her expectantly. And she turns and leaves the bathroom. I eagerly follow her, but I'm disappointed when she merely returns to the living room and sits back down in her chair.

She says, "It's almost seven, Pet. You need to get going on dinner." And she picks up her magazine again. My shoulders slump as I head for the kitchen.

Fortunately, fixing dinner is an easy assignment. I find some frozen stuffed peppers in the freezer and pop the package into the microwave. While they are cooking, I put some french bread on a plate and dump a pre-mixed salad into a big bowl. For dessert, I cut up some fresh strawberries and put them in a bowl back in the fridge. And I set the table including a bottle of salad dressing and a small dish of olive oil for the bread. And of course, a bottle of Beaujolais wine. And as a final touch, I light one of her pretty homecrafted candles.

The microwave dings, and I put the two stuffed peppers on a serving plate. I shuffle over to my lover and say, "Ma'am, dinner's ready."

She just smiles at me, gets up from her chair, and walks over to the dining table. But I gasp silently when she picks up the plate, wine glass, and silverware at my place and puts them back in the cabinet and drawer. Is she going to make me eat out of a doggy dish again tonight like she did last night? Last night, it was punishment for some things I did wrong, but earlier this evening, she had told me that I was doing fine today, and so I don't think I deserve to be punished tonight. But where and how I eat is completely up to her.

I sheepishly stand naked by her chair waiting for her to come to the table.

She says, "Pet, I had so much fun feeding you this morning that I want to do it again tonight. But let me change just one little thing. Go get a hobble chain. You've got two of them in the rope drawer; get the one with the big leather cuffs with a short chain. Put them on your ankles, and come back here with the key. Hurry back; we don't want the food to get cold, do we?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Sorry, I mean, no, Ma'am. We don't want the peppers to get cold. I'll be right back," I say bravely. But I know that it will take me a couple of minutes. I hurry off to the guest room.

We haven't used the hobbles in quite a while, and I have to dig around in the drawer to find them. There are two hobbles at the bottom of the drawer, and they are sort of tangled together. I cringe as I have trouble untangling them. I put the ones with the longer chain and the metal cuffs back into the drawer. And I carefully put everything else back as well; I know my lover would not be happy to find a rope or a gag lying on the floor later.

Since I'm not allowed to sit down in this room, I squat down and attach the padded leather cuff to my right ankle and lock it with the key, which is attached to the chain with a twist tie. I glance at my wide-spread pussy and repeat the cuffing on my left ankle. I awkwardly stand back up and start hobbling towards the bedroom door. I make sure to turn off the light as I leave the room.

I feel a tingle in my pussy as I slowly walk back to the dining room. Being only partially bound like this is a real turn on for me. And my lover knows it.

I smile at her as I hand her the cuff key and help her get seated in her chair. She smiles back up at me and says, "Turn off the overhead light, and then come kneel down next to my chair. We'll have a nice candlelight dinner."

I do as she said making sure that my knees are as far apart as the chain will allow, and I slide my hands behind my head under my long hair. There is a little bit of ambient light coming from the hallway, but mostly it is just the flickering candle providing light for us. The room has a lovely feel to it.

She strokes my hair a few times, kisses my forehead, and says, "It looks and smells wonderful, Pet." Then, she fondles my right breast and starts with the dinner. This time she actually starts with me; she's feeding me bites of the pepper and meat stuffing plus some bread. As I'm chewing that, she feeds herself. And for the next half hour, she feeds us both. Not much is said during dinner; the only things she talks about are how nice the food tastes, the vintage of the wine, and the nice atmosphere. I just give her short "Yes, Ma'am" replies when she asks if I like the food and the flickering candlelight.

The whole experience has such a heavenly feel to it. I continue to be aroused as she feeds me, and I feel my 'gina juices slowly creeping down my leg. An involuntary shiver runs through my body, and I feel my breasts sway slightly. My lover notices, and she tenderly cups my right boob and gives the nipple a gentle tweak. She moves her left hand from my breast to my chin; she lightly squeezes my cheeks causing my mouth to open just a bit, and she drops a piece of bread onto my tongue. We are staring each other in the eyes and smiling as I chew this last bite of the main course. Then she leans down and gives my forehead another kiss.

She asks, "Anything for dessert, Pet?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I cut up some strawberries, and there's half-and-half plus brown sugar. Does that sound okay?"

"Oh, yummy. But bring the whipped cream instead of the half-and-half," she says with a twinkle. My eyes also twinkle as I think I know what's coming.

I awkwardly get to my feet. My muscles are stiff from being on my knees for the last half hour, but it is mostly the hobble chain that causes my difficulty. I pick up her plate and salad bowl before shuffling back to the kitchen.

I get the bowl of strawberries and the can of whipped cream from the refrigerator. I carefully carry them back to the table; I sure don't want to spoil this special time by dropping anything or by tripping and falling. I scoot back to the kitchen as fast as I can to get a spoon and the dark brown sugar. I put them on the table and retake my kneeling position.

I watch as my lover generously sprinkles some sugar on the strawberries and mixes them thoroughly. Then with a flourish, she sprays a big dollop of whipped cream onto the berries in the bowl.

She turns to me with a devilish smile, and as I eagerly hoped, she squirts a tiny dollop of whipped cream on each of my nipples. She leans down and licks each of my tits, sucking in the fluffy white cream. I close my eyes and savor this delightful moment, and then I feel another small blob of cream squirted on my nips. I blissfully sigh.

She leaves the globs of cream on the tips of my breasts as she feeds both of us several bites of the sweetened berries. Finally, the berries are gone, and she feeds me a couple of teaspoons of the sweet juice from the bottom of the bowl.

She urges me to stand up, and I keep my hands behind my head as I do. Now, she kneels in front of me and takes my right tit in her mouth and sucks off the whipped cream. Oh that feels wonderful! After pausing for a moment, she does my left tit. A pleasurable shiver goes through me. I look down at my lover who is looking up at me. She continues to look at my eyes as she lowers her face to my groin. She kisses my pubic hair and then my pussy lips, and I shudder again.

I'm sort of expecting, and intensely hoping, that she will now guide me to her bedroom for a "roll in the hay". Instead, she stands, kisses me on the lips and says, "That was a wonderful meal, Pet. Thank you, so much. Now, you'll need to clean up things, won't you?"

Disappointedly, I say, "Yes, Ma'am."

She sees my disappointment, and says, "You've been a pretty good girl today. Not perfect, but good enough to give you permission to have two Oreo cookies and a glass of milk."

That's nice, because I really love Oreos, but it is little consolation for the sexual frustration that I'm feeling right now. I smile at her and say, "Thank you, Ma'am." And I just pick up the empty bowl and wine glass, and I shuffle back to the kitchen. My lover walks through the living room and disappears into her bedroom. Oh, how I wish I could follow her!

I get two Oreos from the cookie jar and pour myself a glass of milk. I quickly gobble down the first cookie and as I'm chewing it, I continue with my cleanup. After a drink of milk, I decide to nibble on the second cookie to extend the special treat a little bit longer. And I take a small bite of it between my cleanup activities. But it is not long before the second cookie is gone along with the cold milk chaser. I just sigh as I continue.

As I blow out the candle and turn on the overhead lights, I see the key to the ankle cuffs lying on the table near my lover's spot. This is merely a curiosity, because there is absolutely no way that I would use it to remove the hobble chain now. I just leave the key where my lover has left it; she will undo me when she thinks the time is right.

I am now finished with cleaning up, and I look around for other things I could do for my lover. But I don't see anything obvious to do, and so I just stand next my chair at the dining table and wait for her to return.

A couple of minutes pass by, and then she returns wearing her fluffy white robe and matching white slippers; these are sort of like boots with a white suede body and a large fluffy trim around the top edge. She sits down in her easy chair and beckons me over. I shuffle over with the hobble chain clinking. She props up her feet using the chair's built-in footrest and points to the area in front of the chair. Not a word has been said, but I know that she wants me standing naked in front of her.

I take my place and look down at her. But I am immediately alarmed when I see a black spot on her left slipper. She sees the troubled look on my face and asks, "What's wrong, Pet? Do you need to pee again?"

"Oh no, Ma'am. But there is a black smudge on your pretty slipper. Please let me clean it for you," I answer eagerly. I really enjoy doing little things like that for her.

She lifts her left foot so she can look at the slipper. This raises her robe enough that I can see all the way up her legs, and I can see her pussy. She is not wearing panties, and this means she is probably naked underneath the robe. My eyes light up at the possibilities that this might mean for later in the evening.

My lover says, "Oh, I see it. Yes, Pet. That would be very nice." And she continues to hold the foot up for me to take off. I kneel down and as she bends her knee, I slide off the slipper. The robe has risen even higher, and I can now clearly see her pretty pussy. I wonder if she can see the excitement in my eyes.

I shuffle back to the kitchen with the chain clinking. I turn on the kitchen light and study the black spot, which is on the suede part of her slipper. A simple rub of my fingers removes most of it. It seems to be soot, probably from the fireplace. I get an old toothbrush that is stored under the sink with other cleaning supplies, and I gently brush the small black area that remains. And finally, I wipe it with a paper towel. Good as new.

I proudly shuffle back to the living room where my lover is watching me intently. I kneel down again, and with a flourish, I raise her bare left foot and slide on the clean slipper. I give the tip of her slipper a couple of gentle taps, and I smile as I stand back up. "Much better, Ma'am."

"Oh, Pet. You spoil me so!"

If I had any buttons, they would be bursting with pride right now. But since I am completely naked, it is my hard nipples that are acting as my buttons. My eyes are twinkling as I continue to smile down at her. We just look at each other for several more seconds.

Finally, she says, "Okay, Pet, thanks again. Now we need to have a little woman-to-woman chat. A lover-to-lover talk."

I guess it's time to turn serious again, and I quietly reply, "Yes, Ma'am."

Recounting my day

"All right, Pet. I want to hear about your day. We've been together for most of it, but not all. From what I saw, you behaved pretty well today. Not perfect, but pretty good. If I had to assign a grade for you today, I guess it would be a B. So, let's talk about your hair appointment first. And let me say that I really, really like your new hairdo; those soft curls look good on you."

"Thank you, Ma'am," I say with a blush.

"But I had to have Annie spank you a few times, because you didn't tell her to leave your pubic triangles alone. I made it very clear to you that those belong to me. Only I will shape and trim them. You have some explaining to do, young lady."

"Ma'am, I'm very sorry about that, but I was going to do that. I just hadn't got that far in my discussion with Annie. I wasn't going to let her trim the triangles - not even the tiniest little bit."

"Well, Pet. That's not good enough. You should have told her very first thing about the triangles. So, I think you deserved the spanking that you got for that."

I bite my lip and mumble, "I'm sorry, Ma'am."

She goes on, "So, that's the one little problem I know about from your hair appointment. Were there any other issues that I should know about?"

"Yes, Ma'am, there were. On the drive over there, my long hair was covering my breasts. A few people looked at me while I was driving, but with my hair like that, they probably just assumed that my hair was covering the straps of a tanktop or a bra. They wouldn't even think about me possibly being naked by just glancing at me. I didn't realize that my hair was like that over my shoulders and boobs until I got to Annie's place. I'm very sorry, Ma'am."

She ponders for a moment and says, "That's not a big deal, Pet. Just make sure it doesn't happen again. I want your pretty boobs on display while you're driving like that. Okay, what else?"

"Umm, when I got there, Annie hadn't arrived yet, and I had to sit in a chair and wait for her. I carefully put my towel on the chair before sitting down, but when Annie arrived, I followed her into the back part of the shop. But I, umm, forgot to pick up my towel and purse. I didn't realize it for a couple of minutes. She had to send her son out to get them for me."

I hope she didn't notice that I said "umm" a couple of times there. She doesn't seem to as she replies, "Her son? Why was her son there anyway? I thought it would just be a bunch of women. How old is he?"

I catch myself just before I say "Umm" again. "Well, uhh, I guess he's about 16. He came with his mother; I guess just to help with cleaning. He swept the floors while I was there. He was the only male there while I was there. I think his name is Bruce."

"So, he saw your pretty naked body?"

I blush, "Yes, Ma'am. Several times. Including while Annie was spanking me."

My lover giggles a little bit and continues, "Well, Pet, that teenage boy now knows what a gorgeous naked adult woman looks like in person, not just in a magazine like Playboy. Your boobs are fully developed, and they are probably much nicer than the small immature tits that he's seen on his teenage conquests. And those young girls probably have scrawny patches of pubic hair that hide their pussy lips, whereas you have those nicely coifed triangles. I just love how your pussy peeks out just below the point of your bottom triangle." She pauses a moment as she points at my pussy.

She goes on, "You know, Pet, that is twice today that you've given a free, real-life sex education lesson to some youngsters - Annie's son in the morning, and then the kids playing soccer this afternoon. It's important for them to learn what a perfect female body looks like in person, not just in some text book or pamphlet. Maybe I will have you volunteer at local schools during their sex education sessions." She pauses again, and adds, "Yeah, that's good idea. We'll look into that."

Oh, my God!?!? I really, really don't want to do that. But I won't have much choice when she tells me to do it. I merely mumble, "Yes, Ma'am."

Then she asks, "Do you know if Annie's son is still a virgin?"

How the hell would I know that?!? But I don't dare say that to her. I just answer, "No, Ma'am. Neither he nor Annie said anything about it."

My lover says, "Well, enough about the boy. Did anything else happen at the hair salon?"

I hesitantly answer, "A couple of things. First, while I was waiting for Annie to arrive, another lady customer who was also waiting for her stylist to arrive started giving me shit about being naked. Mostly moral and religious judgements. I mostly just tried to ignore her. But then her tone changed, and she asked me to stand up so she could look at me better. I assumed that you would want me to comply with such a request, and so I did. And . . ."

My lover interrupts, "Yes, Pet. That's exactly what I would want you to do in that situation. Go on."

I almost say "Umm" again, but I don't, "Oh, uhh, there's not much else about her. She asked my bust size and about the pubic triangles. I politely answered her questions."

"How did she ask about your breasts? Did she specifically say 'bust size' or did she say 'bra size'? If it was 'bra size', I hope you told her that you no longer wear a bra."

"Uhh, Ma'am, she didn't use either phrase. She said, 'Are those 36 something?' And I just answered '34C', but I never told her that I don't wear a bra. But she probably realized that, because earlier, I had told the waiting ladies that I am a nudist."

"Good girl. You did that just right. Now, you said there were a 'couple of things'. What was the other one?"

"The other thing was that Annie slightly scolded me for not keeping my legs open as she was working on my hair. She . . ."

My sweetheart interrupts again, "That's your long hair on your head, not your underneath hair that I asked her to shave?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Sorry. Yes, I meant while she was styling my long hair. She didn't really say why, but again I assumed that you would want me to do that."

"Yes, Pet, you did the right thing. She was the person in charge at that time, and you needed to follow her instructions. Could she have wanted your legs open so her son could see better?"

I had not thought about that possibility, and I merely reply, "Yes, I guess that could have been the reason. She just said she wanted my legs spread while she was doing my hair. So, I did even when other people walked by including her son."

She then asks, "Anything else at Annie's?"

"No, Ma'am. That's all."

She persists, "What about the drive home? Any issues?"

"No, Ma'am. Nothing. I just wanted to get here as quickly as possible, because I knew we were short on time."

"That's my good girl. So, overall, I think you behaved pretty well at the salon. I guess the only things that bother me a little bit were the hair covering your boobs on the drive over and you closing your legs during the hair styling." She pauses and smiles before continuing, "I guess I'll lower your grade to a B minus. That's still pretty good."

I'm disappointed at the downgrading, but I sort of understand, and I try not to show my discouragement when I say, "Thank you, Ma'am."

She says, "Oh, I almost forgot. Go get your key, Pet." I'm puzzled at first, because I don't know what she means, and it must show on my face. She goes on, "Your hobble chain key, sweetie."

I had also forgotten about the cuffs on my ankles, because I had just been standing there for a while. I smile apologetically at her and then hobble over to the dining table where she had left the key. I slowly shuffle back to her chair and hand her the key. I re-take my spot in front of her as she gets up from the chair. She immediately kneels down in front of me and unlocks the two ankle cuffs, which fall to the floor.

I expect her to get up, but instead, she runs her index finger slowly up the inside of my left leg. When she reaches the top, she gently wipes my pussy lips, and I let out a soft moan. I look down at her yearningly, and I see that her robe has fallen open somewhat, and I can see her bare boobs. So, she really is naked under the white robe. Oh, how I want her!

But she stands up and holds her index finger in front of me. It is wet and shiny with my cunt juice. She says, "You kind of liked those cuffs, didn't you, Pet?" I sheepishly nod and then suck the finger which she has put to my lips.

I'm breathing a bit rapidly and I'm hoping that she will lead me into the bedroom. But she sits back down in her chair and looks at me. She says, "Take them back to the rope drawer. Be sure the key is secured to the chain somehow."

I bend down, pick up the hobble device, and scurry off to the guest room. I use the same twist tie to hook the key to one of the chain links. And I hurry back to the living room where I find her smiling at me; I take my position in front of her again.

I'm breathing heavily with anticipation. Please, please, take me to the bedroom.

But she just says, "Okay, Pet. We've talked about the hair styling. Now, the other time that you were out of my control was at the shin-ding for the Arab customers. Tell me, how did you and Bob get along?"

I pause for a moment before asking, "Uhh, Ma'am, I'm sorry. Who's Bob? Are you asking about my boss, Bill?" I know I shouldn't have added the last part, because Bill Johnson, my wonderful boss, wasn't at the event today. But I really don't know who she's talking about.

"Sorry, Pet. No, I'm not asking about Bill. I'm talking about the guy you danced with. I guess you only knew him as 'Noah', didn't you?"

I give her a weak smile and reply hesitantly, "Oh, of course, Ma'am. I'm sorry, umm, well, I guess we got along fine." But I'm still confused by the names, and since the man and I did not say a single word to each other the entire time, we didn't really get to know each other - except to see each other's completely naked body.

"That's good, Pet, because we'll be seeing them again. But let me say that I really enjoyed your dance performance together. All your body parts on full display and bouncing around so enticingly. His hard cock and your big boobs jiggling so nicely. And the butt-to-butt rubbing was wonderful, too."

I blush and say in almost a whisper, "Thank you, Ma'am."

She goes on, "Sorry for the confusion about his name. But Birdie told me the story behind their many names. You know how you and I have several names. I am 'Cassandra' or 'Cassie' to other folks, and I'm occasionally 'Ms. CeeCee' to you, but mostly just 'Ma'am' or 'Madam'. And of course, you are 'Patricia', 'Patty', or 'Pat' to most people, and to me, you are my very precious 'Pet'."

She pauses a moment while I just nod, and she continues, "Well, Birdie and Noah's real names are Roberta Swenson and Robert McWilliams. And like a lot of guys named 'Robert', he goes by 'Bob' most of the time. But when he is at an event such as today's, Birdie decided to call him 'Noah', because the word 'Robert' does not have the letter 'A' like her name 'Roberta'. Do you get it? Their names are the same except for the letter 'A' - that is, there is 'no A', which sort of comes out as 'Noah'. Understand?"

Being an English major in college, I am intrigued by such things, and I smile at her and say, "Oh yes, Ma'am. I understand. That's really clever."

My lover continues, "Well, that's only half the story. When Roberta was a child, her parents started calling her 'Bertie' for short, but her younger brother thought they were saying 'Birdie', and that's what he called her. And eventually the rest of her family thought it was cute, and the name stuck. She's sometimes called 'Bobbie' by her friends and at work as a lawyer she is known as 'Roberta', but mostly she is just 'Birdie'. I hope I got the story right, but I'm pretty sure that's what she told me."

"Yes, Ma'am. That's also neat," I say in response to her implied question.

She goes on, "Anyway, it seems that they have a relationship similar to ours. They are an unmarried couple, but very committed to each other. They work in the same law firm downtown; she is one of the lead attorneys, and he is a paralegal in another part of the building. But outside of work, she is the assertive one, and he is the subservient half. Sort of sounds like us, doesn't it?"

I just nod, and she continues, "Obviously, there are some differences. They are a straight, heterosexual couple, whereas we are two loving lesbian females. Also, the only times that she has him naked in public is at events such as the one this afternoon, which is much different from our situation where I am training you to be a full-time nudist."

My lover continues, "Birdie and I really hit it off at lunch today. I really enjoyed talking with her."

My eyes close and I bow my head. She sees the crestfallen look on my face and adds, "Oh, Pet, I'm sorry. Please don't look like that. I mean Birdie and I are just friends. You are the one and only love of my life. Please, please don't be jealous or concerned. I love you dearly, Pet."

I bite my lip as I say, "Yes, Ma'am. I love you, too." I give her a weak smile as I raise my head again.

She goes on, "Anyway, I'm going to invite them over for dinner sometime soon, and we'll get to know them better. Okay?"

It doesn't really sound okay to me, because I assume that I'll be the only naked person in the gathering, but I just answer, "Yes, Ma'am."

She continues, "But back to my original question. How did you and Noah get along?"

"Actually, Ma'am, we didn't say anything to each other, because we were told not to talk. But otherwise we just did as we were told."

"So, even when you were practicing the dance steps, you didn't talk to each other?"

"No, Ma'am. Mrs. Harding sort of told us what she wanted, and we improvised. I guess we used hand gestures, but no, we didn't talk to each other."

"Did he touch you? Uhh, I mean sexually. After all, you both were naked and in close proximity to each other for a couple of hours."

"No, Ma'am."

"What about you? Did you touch him? I saw his erection come and go during the event. Did you help him get it back up by fondling him?"

"Oh no, no, Ma'am. I would never do that. No, no, I didn't touch him at all except when we were dancing," I answer assertively.

"Yeah, I noticed that. There were a couple of times that he pulled you into an embrace. Your boobs were flat against his chest and his cock was pressed against your tummy."

Now, she sounds like the jealous one, doesn't she? I don't say anything, but I do nod at her. She adds, "Did having an erect cock touch you turn you on, Pet?"

"Ma'am, I guess it did a tiny bit. But you know I much prefer women now. Uhh, sorry, I mean, I much prefer a woman now. Only one woman, and that's you, Ma'am," I say while smiling down at her.

"Okay. What about the other men? You know, the Arab customers. Did any of them touch you?"

"A couple of times. Once a hand brushed my ass. That could have been a accident, but another man's hand touched my breast as I was leaning in to pour coffee for him. I don't think that was an accident even though he mumbled an apology."

"All right, Pet. You've told me about the hair salon and the company event. What about at Home Depot? You know I was unhappy with you for not paying attention, and I should have spanked you there in the parking lot. You got off easy on that one, because I can't spank you hard enough with just my hand. I've decided to let you off without a demerit, but when I gave you a grade of B earlier, this problem was the reason for not giving you a higher grade."

I meekly say, "Sorry, Madam."

"Okay, so tell me about your visit to the Home Depot nursery section. How did it go?"

"Well, I met a nice lady employee. Her name was Lena. She helped me decide what to buy. I decided on two types of tomatoes plus zucchini. And bags of soil, and . . ."

But she interrupts, "No, Pet. That's not what I mean. We'll discuss all of that kind of thing tomorrow morning. I want to know about you being naked in a big store like that. You'll have many other naked shopping trips, but this was your first one. How did it go?"

I would love to tell her how embarrassing it was to be naked in the busy store, and how hot the pavement was on my bare feet as I walked across the parking lot. But that's not what she wants to hear, and I meekly say, "Sorry, Ma'am. Umm, I guess it went okay; it was awkward, but I accomplished what you told me to do."

"Did anyone give you any shit about being nude like that?"

"Not really, Ma'am. There was a lady who complained a little bit, but the nice sales girl, Lena, told her I was a customer, and the lady left pulling her husband with her."

"I saw a crowd around you as you walked up to me in the tool section. Did anyone in that group touch you?"

"No, Ma'am."

"So, no one touched you while you were in the store?"

"Actually, Lena, the nice sales person, touched me lightly on the back as she guided me over to the correct aisles. But other than that, nobody touched me."

"Okay, Pet. I think that about covers the times that I wasn't with you today. Is there anything else you need to tell me about?"

Again, I'd sure like to tell her how humiliating it was to be naked out in public like I was all day. And how cold I was in the morning, and then how hot the asphalt and concrete was on my feet in the afternoon. But I just say meekly, "No, Ma'am."

I stand there naked in front of her for a moment as she pauses before continuing, "Very good, Pet. Now, do you remember what we have planned for tomorrow?"

"Yes, Ma'am. We're going to Rick's for brunch and then back to Home Depot in the afternoon. And I guess I will start working on the garden after that."

"That's right. And you have a little speech to prepare, don't you?"

I had not forgotten about the speech that I'll have to give naked to the people at Rick's to explain why she will be paddling me there in front of them. I sure hoped that she had changed her mind or forgotten about that, but evidently, she has not. I meekly answer, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Have you thought about what you want to say, Pet?"

"Umm, no, Ma'am. I'm sorry I have not."

"Well, now's the time, Pet. I want this talk to be only a couple of minutes long, and I want you to tell them what you did wrong to deserve the discipline. So, I'll give a minute or so now to think about it, and then you'll practice it for me. I'll make some suggestions and corrections, but mostly I want these to be your words, not mine. Okay?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"All right, I'll shut up for a while to let you think about it."

I was hoping that she would allow me to sit at the table and scribble out some notes, but obviously she intends for me to do it standing naked in front of her right now. And so, I just close my eyes and spend a few minutes gathering my thoughts. A couple of times, I open my eyes and see my lover staring at me intently, and each time, I just give her a slight smile and close my eyes again so I can figure out what to say.

Finally, I say, "Umm, okay, Ma'am. I think I'm ready."

"Go ahead, Pet."

"Umm, all right, here is what I am going to say. 'Umm, good morning, everyone. I, umm, hope that you . . ."

She interrupts, "Whoa, Pet. You have just said 'umm' multiple times, and you know I don't like that. No more 'umming', understand?"

"Sorry, Ma'am. I understand," I reply meekly.

She continues, "Tomorrow, I'm going to spank you ten times for your discipline, but for each 'umm' that I hear from you tonight and tomorrow during your little speech, I am going to add one more smack of the paddle on your butt. Got it?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"All right. Go on."

I take a deep breath and say, "So, Ma'am, here is what I'm going to say. 'Good morning, everyone. I hope that you all are having a nice meal. Rick serves great food here, doesn't he? Anyway, I need to explain what is going to happen here the next few minutes. My lover is going to spank me ten times as punishment for something I did wrong, and I don't want you to be alarmed. She is doing this for my own good, and I completely understand and I am willingly accepting my punishment. Let me explain what I did wrong. Umm, the other day, Thursday was a difficult day for me at work, and I had to ask her to visit with me at lunch time to settle my nerves. She did come over to my office and soothed me, but she was very busy that day and she was unable to finish a project because of the unplanned time that she had to spend with me. She thought that I should have been able to handle my problems in some other manner, and I need to be taught a lesson. I now realize that she was correct, and she will spank me ten times.' That's all I think I need to say, Ma'am."

She looks at me sternly and says, "First off, Pet. You said 'umm' in there. So, it's now eleven smacks."

Oh God, I didn't even realize that I said that. I was trying ever so hard to avoid it, but somehow it slipped out, and I didn't even know it. I bite my lip and whisper, "Sorry, Ma'am."

She continues, "Overall, it's pretty good. But you need to tell them our names, first names are good enough. Also, you need to explain why you are naked. And you know I don't like the word 'punish'. Make sure you use the word 'discipline' instead. So, think for a minute or so, and then try it again.

I close my eyes again and run it over in my mind for a while before saying, "Okay, Ma'am, here is version two. 'Good morning, everyone. I hope that you all are having a nice meal. Rick serves great food here, doesn't he? Anyway, my name is Pet and this is my lover Cassie. You are probably asking yourself, 'Why is she naked?' Well, folks, I am in the process of becoming a full time nudist, and so this is the way that you'll be seeing me from now on. But I need to explain what is going to happen here the next few minutes. My lover is going to spank me eleven times as discipline for something I did wrong, and I don't want you to be alarmed. She is doing this for my own good, and I completely understand, and I am willingly accepting the spanking. Let me explain what I did wrong. Last Thursday was a difficult day for me at work, and I had to ask her to visit with me at lunch time to settle my nerves. She did come over to my office and soothed me, but she was very busy that day and ultimately she was unable to finish a project because of the unplanned time that she had to spend with me. She thought that I should have been able to handle my problems in some other manner, and I need to be taught a lesson. I now realize that she was correct, and she will spank me eleven times.' Is that better, Ma'am?"

She says, "Yes, that's better. I've got a few more suggestions." And for the next few minutes, we refine the little speech until she is satisfied.

Finally, she says, "Okay, Pet. That's good."

Oh, What Fun!

She pauses a bit and then continues, "You've been fidgeting a little bit. Do you need to pee?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Please, may I? Do you want to watch?"

"Yes, you may, and no, I don't want to watch this time. Use the guest bath, but hurry back."

I scoot out of the living room, down the hall, and into the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror. My face and chest are shiny from a light sweat. And my nipples are pointing straight out. I wonder what I'm going to look like to the people in the restaurant tomorrow? I wipe my face and boobs with a towel and then sit down to do my business.

Before returning, I wash my hands and lightly brush back my newly styled hair. I sure like the way my hair looks.

I'm surprised as I walk back towards the living room to hear the "Chattanooga Choo Choo" song for the second time today. It's the same Glenn Miller version of it that Harding played this afternoon, and the music must be coming from my lover's iPhone. As I turn the corner, I'm doubly surprised to see her opening her fluffy white robe and letting it slip off her shoulders to the floor. She kicks off her slippers, and now she is just as totally naked as me. Oh my, is it finally going to happen tonight after being frustrated so many times the last few hours?!?

I rush over and bend to pick up her robe intending to hang it up in the closet, but she gently grabs my arm, pulls me up, and says, "Leave it, Pet. Let's dance. Teach me the routine that you and Noah did at the event."

I stumble a bit as she swings me out, but she pulls me back into a delicious hug and kisses me several times quickly.

We spend the next many minutes doing the swing dance moves, and she quickly catches on and takes the lead in her natural way. We do all the moves from this afternoon - the sensuous butt-to-butt one, the exciting wide-open swing out, and the tight embrace with our boobs pressed against each other. But as we pull apart from the embrace, she adds our special nipple kiss to the routine; we each drag our nipples up and down and back and forth across the other's nips.

As we dance around the room, she deftly uses her toes to kick her robe off of the floor and into a heap on her easy chair. I try a similar move with her slippers, but each of my attempts merely tosses the slipper across the floor to rest in front of the same chair.

I don't know how many minutes go by or how many times the song repeats, but I would like these special moments to go on forever. Oh what fun!!!

We are both breathing heavily as she ends the dancing and turns off the music. I am about to tell her how much I enjoyed that, but she puts her finger to my lips and quietly says, "Shhh." I'm sure my eyes are twinkling as brightly as hers, and she guides me to the hallway.

As we walk slowly down the hall towards her "mistress" bedroom, she puts her hand on my lower back with her fingers pointing down. And I feel her middle finger gently scrape up and down my skin just above my butt crack. This is only the second time she's done that to me. The other time was months ago while I was still wearing normal clothes, and we were shopping in the mall. She slipped her hand under my short blouse and down inside my jeans and panties. I remember blushing with embarrassment, because I was afraid that someone would see this provocative touch in a public place. But I felt the same tingling then from her fingernail grazing my skin that I'm feeling right now. But this time we are both completely nude, in a very private place, and seemingly on the way to a special experience.

In the bedroom, she throws the comforter off of the bed, and then she throws me onto the bed. And she hops on top of me. Once again, I don't know how many minutes pass, but we spend them vigorously making love. We are almost wrestling with each other most of the time, but finally we end up in a sixty-nine position energetically sucking each other's pussy.

After a while, we each fall back exhausted lying naked on the bed holding hands. My nipples are as stiff as stones, and my lover's are, too. We lie there for a few minutes, but she gets up while still holding my hand.

As she is pulling me to my feet, she says, "Okay, Pet. Time for bed. Use the hallway bathroom, but don't take a shower. You'll do that tomorrow morning. You'll want to be really fresh and clean for brunch, won't you, sweetie?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I mumble without any enthusiasm, because I know she means for my naked brunch at Rick's.

She goes on, "So, just brush your teeth and pee and whatever. Then, come back here and change the sheets, because they're pretty damp. We were both really juicy tonight, weren't we?"

"Oh, Ma'am, we sure were," I reply with much more enthusiasm.

"Okay, go, Pet. I'll be a bit longer, because I am going to shower tonight. I'll help with the sheets, if necessary."

We unlock our hands and go off to the separate bathrooms. I quickly pee and brush my teeth and run a towel quickly through my crease. And I dab on a bit of perfume that I know she likes.

Back in the "mistress" bedroom, I hear the shower running in her bathroom, and I strip off the damp sheets and drop them in the laundry basket. I get fresh pink sheets and pillow cases from the linen closet, and I put them on the bed. The shower is still running as I retrieve the comforter from the floor and put it neatly on the bed over the fresh sheets. As I am finishing up, the shower stops. I fluff up her pillow and then carefully fold down the comforter and sheets on her side of the bed so that it is all set for her to get in. Then, I just stand next to her side of the bed and wait for her.

As I wait, I'm still savoring the special sex that we just had. My nips are still hard, and my pussy is getting wet again. I quickly grab a kleenex, wipe my lower lips, and drop the tissue into the wastebasket.

A moment later, she returns in all of her naked glory. I help her into bed and pause awaiting her next instruction to me. I'm thrilled when she says, "Turn off the light, Pet. And then climb in here beside me."

After I get in under the nice clean sheets, she rolls over and gives me a wonderful goodnight kiss. Almost simultaneously, she and I both say, "Good night, sleep tight." We both giggle as we lie back on our pillows. I am shortly sound asleep.

To be continued . . .

End of part 11

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