Show and Tell - and Then Show Some More
by Mr. Flip

Part 9

Author's note: This story was inspired by Lazerou's recent "My Very Own" story on this site. I intend for this story to have more of an ENF theme to it, but there is significant bondage and discipline involved in this part of the story.


Let me start with some background info that will set the stage for my continuing story.

My name is Patricia Schofield. I am a 27-year-old woman, and I'm deeply in love with another 27-year-old woman, Cassandra Campbell. We are very much alike physically, but polar opposites otherwise. We have a dominant/submissive relationship; she is the dominant, I am the submissive. Sex is a HUGE part of our relationship, and it goes well beyond the wonderful physical episodes in bed. For the last several months, she has required me to get completely undressed every time that I enter her townhouse and then remain naked there until I leave. And then, last Saturday, she displayed me naked and bound all day at a Show and Tell event followed by a naked trip to our favorite restaurant for Sunday brunch. I should point out that she remains clothed at home and on these trips out in public; I am the only naked one. I don't really mind being naked at her home, but I sure don't like being naked out in public. However, I reluctantly go along with it because I love her so much and because our sexual lovemaking is so wonderful.

We both work for a large software company; I am a secretary; she is a top-notch programmer. She has submitted a request to the company for me to come to work completely naked. That request is still pending, but in the interim, she dresses me in provocative clothing without any underwear - no panties, no brassiere.

She has nicknamed me "Pet", because it sort of fits my place in the relationship, and it is similar to "Pat" which is what other people call me. I am required to call her "Ma'am" or "Madam"; other people address her as "Cassie", but I never do.

The previous chapter ended as I left the hair salon after having been very naked and very embarrassed while Annie, the owner and stylist, did my hair. Now, I am driving naked on the way back to my lover's townhouse.

And my story continues.

Mr. & Ms. Nudies

I'm in a daze as I drive home. Well, "home" isn't quite the right word, because it's my lover's house rather than my apartment. If anyone sees me driving naked, I'm not aware of it. I'm not drunk, but I might as well be, because I barely know what is going on around me. I sure hope I don't have an accident or get stopped by the cops.

I'm happy to see that "my" parking spot is still available in front of my lover's townhouse, and I pull in and turn off the engine. Once again, I'd like to sit here and gather my wits, but my lover is waiting for me. I look around and the only people I see are way down the block. So, I hop out naked from my VW and run up the sidewalk to the front door.

I know that my lover is home, and so I must ring the doorbell rather than using my key. That's one of our "rules". As I'm waiting, I glance over and see Mrs. Simmons glaring at me from her window. I give her a very slight smile of recognition. After about 30 seconds, my lover opens the door, and my face lights up into a big smile.

"Hi, Pet. Your hair looks great. Come in. How did it go?"

"Oh, Ma'am, it's so good to be home. It went okay. It was embar. . ."

She cuts me off, "We'll talk about it later. You need to help me get ready." And she grabs me by the hand and pulls me through the front door and into the entryway.

She's wearing a tan pencil skirt with a similar color blouse with long sleeves. She's in her sheer stocking feet. She looks wonderful. But then again, she looks wonderful to me wearing almost anything - or not wearing anything at all is wonderful, too.

She says, "Come on. You need to help me pick out shoes and add some color to this outfit."

I'd really like to fall into her arms, bury my face in her shoulder, and bawl my eyes out. But she wants my help, and that's more important. Helping her is my #1 priority in life.

She pushes me ahead of her down the hallway to her bedroom. I know that she's watching my bare ass, and that is perfectly fine with me.

There are several pairs of shoes lying on the floor in front of the chair that she sits down in. My instincts tell me that none of these are correct for this outfit. I'd like to strip her naked and start from scratch, but we don't have time.

"Which shoes should I wear, Pet? Remember I need to look professional while making my presentation."

"Uhh, Ma'am. I don't think any of these are quite right. But I know just the pair." And I hurry over to her closet and pick up a pair of low-heel, dark brown shoes. And I look up at her collection of hanging belts and grab a wide textured belt of the same color.

"Here, Ma'am. Put these on. Also, this belt."

As she is slipping them on, I quickly pick out a scarf with a brownish floral pattern with lots of yellow, orange, and tan highlights. These colors go well with her dark red hair and beige outfit.

She's now in front of the mirror, and I wrap the scarf around her neck. I undo one more blouse button and then fluff up the scarf to fill in her cleavage area.

As she's looking at herself in the mirror, I look there also, and I see my totally naked body next to her gorgeously dressed body. I realize that this is how the two of us will appear the rest of the afternoon. Me naked, her stylishly dressed. I feel my nakedness wash over me, and I have to do my usual lip biting to stop from crying.

"Oh, Pet. I like it. Professional, yet fashionable. Thank you." She kisses me on the cheek and leads me back into the hallway and then into the living room. I'm feeling really proud of myself for helping her.

But that good feeling quickly leaves me when she says, "Bend over the chair. I want to make sure Annie cleaned you up underneath."

I re-take the position that I had earlier this morning and spread my feet about 18 inches apart. I'm blushing as she strokes my pussy lips and the edges of my anus. Then, I feel her roughly pull my pussy lips farther apart, and she begins stroking my inner left lip - up and down several times.

"Oh, dear. She missed one hair. It's right here; can you feel me flicking it?"

She's right, and I reply, "Yes, Ma'am, I can."

"I'm not happy about that, but we don't have time to do it now. We'll just have to hope that Hardass doesn't see it."

She still has my pussy lips spread with her left hand as she continues to flick the hair with her right index finger. Finally, she lets loose and gives my right ass cheek a gentle squeeze. She says, "Oh well. It's 11:10 and we need to go." And she pulls me to a standing position.

"I sure hope you don't need to pee, because we don't have time for that," she says.

I don't need to pee now, but I will sometime this afternoon. I just hope that I'll have the chance. "No, Ma'am. I think I'm ready to go."

"Good girl. Get your towel. You won't need your purse this afternoon."

I scurry back to the entry hall where I left the towel, grab it, and quickly return to the living room. Without saying a word, my lover hands me her iPad case. I know that it's my duty to carry it for her to the car and then into the event. I will watch over it closely because I know it has my lover's PowerPoint presentation in it.

She leads the way to the garage and I go to the passenger side of the car. Without being told, I carefully spread out my towel on the leather seat of her BMW and climb in, putting the laptop on the floor at my feet.

I watch my lover awkwardly get into the car. She has to hike up the fairly tight skirt so she can swing her leg into the car. Then, she tries to pull the skirt back down as she settles into the seat, but the skirt is still hiked well up onto her thighs; I wouldn't have to bend very far forward to see her panties, but I don't do that. I hear her say under her breath, "Damn skirt." I sigh as I wish that I could have those skirt problems, but I'm not allowed to wear a tight skirt - in fact, I'm not allowed to wear anything at all today.

She backs the car out of the garage and onto the narrow street. She says, "Okay, Pet. I'm going to practice my speech as we're driving over there. Please don't interrupt." I just nod, and she begins talking about something called "multi-factor authentication". I have no idea what she is talking about, but I love hearing her voice in this professional tone; it has such a feel of convincing quality about it.

I look over at her and smile. She looks so sexy in that stylish outfit with the skirt pulled up so high. As she's driving and talking, her whole demeanor is one of supreme confidence. And I just love it.

The traffic is kind of heavy, and we get stopped by the stop light at the first three intersections. But I'm in kind of a trance thinking about my lover rather than my nudity. But a moment later, I'm jolted back to reality. We're stopped at yet another stop light, and two guys walk in front of the car in the crosswalk. One of them spots me through the windshield. He nudges the other guy, and they both stop and stare at me. Of course, they're not looking at my face, because they have a perfect view of my bare boobs. I instinctively raise my arms to cover my breasts, but my lover sees what is going on and sternly says, "Pet" drawing it out into a scolding tone. I reluctantly drop my hands down to my sides. She continues, "Take off your seat belt so they can see better." I reluctantly unhook the seat belt and let it wind itself off to the right side. My entire front is now exposed.

The guys seem to be college age, and they give us a thumbs up gesture and just stand there smiling at me. I glance over at the signal and see that the pedestrian light has the countdown feature. I watch it slowly count off the seconds, 15, 14, 13, . . ., until it finally reaches 0. Our light turns green, but my lover doesn't start driving because the guys are still standing in front of our car. Finally, she taps the horn and points to the green light. The two guys reluctantly retreat to the side of the street, and we slowly drive past them; it seems like my lover is giving them one last opportunity to look at me through the side window.

She glances over at me, giggles briefly, and says, "Put your seat belt back on, Pet." Then she turns serious and resumes practicing her speech, and I adjust the shoulder belt so that it goes between my boobs.

A block later, I'm surprised when she turns onto the freeway. I was never told where today's event is being held, but somehow I assumed it would be near our company's campus which is straight ahead rather than farther out the freeway. Actually, the location doesn't matter to me, because I know that it's going to be supremely embarrassing wherever it is held. I just sit back, rest my head on the headrest, and listen to my lover continue her practice speech.

On the freeway, my lover pulls up next to what looks like an old, small moving van, but it is plain white without any writing on it. But she doesn't pass the truck; she adjusts her speed to match the truck's. And it doesn't take long before the truck driver looks down into the car where my naked body is clearly visible to him. The truck swerves a little bit when he does a double take at me. Again, I instinctively start to cover myself, but I immediately realize that I'll be scolded again. I just sigh and drop my hands to my sides. I have to let the man look at me. He can't see my cunt, but my breasts are clearly visible along with a glimpse of my pubic hair. I bite my lip and close my eyes. My lover giggles but continues talking while she drives on.

This goes on for about two miles, and then she speeds up, pulls in front of the truck, and takes the next exit which is pretty much at the edge of town where there is a massive amount of new development. The exit leads to a new big boulevard, which is fortunately lightly traveled this morning. After a few blocks, we pass a nice hotel and then turn at the next corner into a fairly bland looking office park. There are several cars out front, but my lover drives around to the back of the building. There is a catering truck there, and I see two guys unloading it.

She stops her practice talking and turns off the engine. She grabs my left hand saying, "Okay, Pet, we're here. Now remember that these are really important customers of our company. Also, remember that your conduct will reflect on me and my job. So, I want you to be on your very best behavior in there. I don't want to hear any negative reports at all. Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Any questions before we go in?"

"Ma'am, I think I'm going to need to use the bathroom sometime while I'm here. Can I do that now to get it out of the way?"

She frowns, "Pet, you had your chance at home a few minutes ago. Why didn't you say something then?"

"I'm sorry, Madam. I guess the car ride affected me."

"Oh, all right. I'll talk to Hardass as soon as we get inside." She pauses and adds, "Anything else?"

Nothing other than that I'd like to be wearing clothes right now, but I meekly say, "No, Ma'am, that's all."

She lets go of my hand and then gently twists my left nipple. "And also remember that I love you deeply, my pretty Pet." I smile over at her and silently mouth to her, "I love you, too." She continues, "Okay, get your things and let's go."

I hesitantly climb out of the car and notice that no one else is nearby. Where did those two catering guys go? The weather has warmed up a lot in the last hour; the morning overcast has burned off, and now the concrete is almost hot from the overhead sun, and I flinch when my bare feet hit it. But I have to ignore that and focus on my task, so I reach back in and pick up the iPad and the towel. But my lover has also gotten out of the car, and she says, "Pet, come here and help me."

I drop the iPad case and towel back onto the passenger seat and scoot around to her side of the car. There's a small strip of grass on that side, and I step onto it. "What's wrong, Ma'am? What can I do for you?" I ask urgently.

"Look at this stupid dress. Why did I select a pencil skirt, anyway? I should have known that it would bunch up like this."

It is bunched up several inches above her knees, and I quickly bend over to pull it down. If anyone is watching us now, they have a clear rear view of my pussy and asshole. But I have to get my lover looking right, and I fuss with the skirt some more. I pull it down more firmly in front and then spread it smoothly. I go around behind her, stepping gingerly on the hot pavement. I squat down and pull and smooth the rear of the garment. I run my hand several times over her butt to smooth out the wrinkles.

"Ma'am, you look nice. I got most of the wrinkles out, but we'll check you in a mirror in the bathroom once we're inside."

She sighs, "Okay, Pet. Let's go." I pick up the iPad and towel again and then join her in front of the car. I hear the beep as she locks the car doors, and I realize that little sanctuary of privacy is no longer available to me. I take her hand that she has reached out to me, and she leads me over to the sidewalk, which is just as hot as the parking lot. We walk hand-in-hand into the building through the propped open service door. We're now in a fairly narrow back hallway.

At that instant, one of the catering guys re-appears from what looks like a small kitchen. Like everyone else has done today, he stops in his tracks and stares at my naked body. His eyes seem to float up and down my body.

My lover says to him, "Hello, there. We're looking for Mrs. Harding. Is she around?"

The guys shrugs, "Sorry, I don't know who that is. We just got here and started unloading following the written instructions we were given."

My lover mumbles, "Okay," and she continues to lead me farther down the hallway which widens out and comes into the front lobby. We both look around, but we see no one except the catering guy who has not moved and is staring at my bare butt.

There's a reception desk and glass doors leading into offices on each side of the lobby area. But the offices and the desk are completely empty; it doesn't look like this building is being used for business yet. There is kind of a newly built feel to the building.

My sweetie looks at her watch and says, "11:33. Right on time. Oh, there's the ladies room, Pet. Let's go in there so you can use the toilet."

In the restroom, I stop her in front of the tall mirror so she can look herself over. I bend down and make some final smoothing gestures over her skirt. When I stand up, I look in the mirror myself, and I see my totally nude body standing next to my nattily dressed lover. I am momentarily jarred by the dramatic contrast in this public restroom, but I just stand there and watch her make her own final adjustments to her outfit.

"I look okay, Pet. Thanks for your help. Now you need to use the toilet. Do you just need to pee?"

I sheepishly nod, and she says, "Okay, use the first stall. It's the biggest and will give me room to watch."

She follows me into the stall and leaves the door open. That bothers me, but I realize there is no one else around, and we have the room to ourselves. I put a tissue cover onto the toilet seat and settle my butt onto it. I keep my legs open so she can see. Usually, she kneels or stoops down in front of me to get a good view, but this time she remains standing, probably to avoid more bunching of her skirt. I open my legs even farther. I've never gotten used to having her watching me pee, and so it starts out with just a dribble, but after several seconds, the stream becomes much stronger. I finish up and then wipe myself with the tissue.

I flush the toilet and follow my lover over to the sink. She says, "Wash your hands, Pet. I'm going to do your underside with soap and water. Bend over the sink, sweetie." I do as I'm told, and as I'm washing my hands thoroughly, she is using her own hands to wash my crease thoroughly. I remain bent over while she retrieves a large handful of tissue from the stall and then dries my pussy and asshole. She says, "Stay there." And she grabs more tissue and dries me again. I'm blushing a bright red even though she has done this many times before. I remain bent over while she washes her own hands.

Finally, she pulls me up, and I grab the iPad and my towel. She leads me back into the lobby. Still no sight of Hardass, and that's fine with me. I'm really nervous, and my lover sees the apprehensive look on my face and whispers, "This is only for 10 or 15 people, Pet. It should be a piece of cake for you compared to last Saturday." There were 50 or 60 people at the Show and Tell dinner, but only having a dozen or so looking at me today doesn't make me feel any better. She gives my hand a comforting squeeze and continues with a whisper, "Remember that I love you, sweetie." My eyes get a bit moist as I look at her and silently nod.

But it is only a moment or so later when Harding appears from one of the closed doors. She says, "Well, finally. Where the hell have you been? I said 11:30 and it's now 11:40."

My lover responds, "Well, Joanne, sorry about that, but traffic was heavy and we arrived just a smidgen past 11:30. Pet needed to pee, but we're here now. And she is ready to go." She takes the iPad case from my hands leaving me holding only my little towel.

The woman looks around the small lobby and says, "Oh, whatever. Let me look her over quickly." Harding slowly circles my body looking me up and down. She asks, "What's with the towel?"

My lover answers, "Well, we don't want her to leave a mess when she sits down, do we?"

"Well, she won't be sitting at all here today. Get rid of it. I want her absolutely, totally naked."

"Pet, fold your towel and put it on the counter in the restroom. Be sure to get it when we leave."

I scurry into the ladies room and put the towel carefully in the corner next to the end sink, and then I hurry back to my lover's side.

Harding says, "Much better. But her ass needs some color." My immediate thought is that she is going to spank me to add some "color" to my bare behind, but she says to Cassie, "I've got some rouge that I'll put on her."

But Cassie says, "Nope, Joanne, I'll do it." And she takes the small circular container from Harding's hands in a rather forceful manner. My lover then gently rubs the rouge onto my ass cheeks. It actually feels very nice, but it's also really embarrassing to do this with this other woman watching. After a couple of minutes, my lover says, "There, does that look okay to you, Joanne?"

The woman kneels down behind me and looks at my ass. I fully expect her to touch me to make some final adjustments, but she doesn't. Harding stands up and says, "Yeah, Cassie, that's fine. Now, put this on her." And she pulls a tangle of cords out of a bag. As my lover is untangling the cords, I see that it is a ball gag with a leash.

My lover quickly figures it out, and she's got a devilish smile on her face as she fits the ball into my mouth and works the strap around my head under my hair. But Harding complains, "Strap goes over her hair, not under, because her hands will be tied to the strap." Harding pulls two short ropes from the bag and hands them to my lover, who quickly brings my wrists together behind my head and ties them to the gag strap. She's just about to attach the leash, but Harding grabs it and says, "We practiced with this, didn't we, Schofield?" And she attaches the Y ends of the leash to the strap near my ears. She hands the leash over to my lover who almost giddily leads me around the lobby in kind of a circle pattern. The big front windows would give a perfect view for someone out in the parking lot, but even though there are several cars out there, nobody is out there right now.

As we complete our little circuit of the room, my lover and I are both startled when a woman comes out of the men's bathroom followed an instant later by a man with a gag and leash identical to mine. The man is naked except for a pair of white brief-style undershorts - with a massive bulge in the shorts. The man and woman are strangers to both of us.

Harding says to the woman, "Why isn't he naked?"

She replies, "Well, Mrs. Harding, you said he could keep them on til the very last minute."

Harding angrily says, "Well, this is the very last minute. I'm going to take them off of him." And she steps over in front of the man.

The woman grabs Harding's arm saying, "Whoa, there. There's a no-touching clause in the contract. I'll take them off."

Harding jerks away from the woman, but she doesn't touch the man. She says, "That clause applies to the customers at the event, not to me and my staff."

"Uh-uh," says the woman, "I'm a lawyer, and that's not the way I read the contract, which by the way, is a really crude document. I interpret it to say no touching by anybody unless it is approved by him and me."

Harding relents, "Oh, hell, whatever. Just get those ugly things off of him. I would have thought that he would have worn some sexy underwear like a men's bikini or colorful Jockey boxer briefs. Those are just bland, utilitarian, and ugly."

The woman kneels down in front of her man and slowly pulls down the white shorts, being careful to work them around his erection.

The man's fully erect penis pops into view as the woman slides the briefs to the floor. The man is blushing a bright red as he steps out of his underwear. The woman then gently plays with his balls almost as if she is fluffing them up. The cock jerks up even more at her intimate touch.

It's not often that I see my lover at a loss for words, but she and I are both standing there staring at all of this. Her mouth is hanging open, and mine would be too, if it weren't filled with a ball gag. My lover shakes her head and finally says, "Umm, Joanne, what's going on here? Why are they here?"

"They are here to help your girl with lunch," she says simply. "Well, actually, it's just him that's here to help."

My lover persists, "And who are they, anyway?"

"Just someone my company hired. Just like we did with you."

My lover steps over to the woman and introduces, "Hi, I'm Cassie, and this is my . . ."

Harding interrupts, "Hold it, Cassie. No names today. At least not for the two nudies. They are just 'male server' and 'female server'. Further, they are not to say a single word today."

My lover replies with a sarcastic laugh, "It's kind of hard to say anything at all with a gag in her mouth."

"Well, that won't be the case for long."

My lover gives her a quizzical look and glances over at the other woman who appears to be similarly confused. My lover says, "Okay, Joanne, why don't you tell us how things are going to work here?"

"Okay," Harding answers, "Here's the brief overview. I'm going to lead these two into the room with our Arab customers. Basically, just a dramatic introduction. Then, they are going to the kitchen where they will be ungagged. They will then serve the simple lunch to our guests. After lunch, they will help with cleanup a little bit, and then they are free to leave."

"Uhh, Joanne, and how do I fit into this picture? I've got a presentation prepared for them."

Harding gestures at the other woman while answering, "Okay, Cassie. You two will join us for lunch, and after lunch there will be a brief bathroom break followed by your talk. Clear enough?"

From the look on her face, my lover doesn't seem convinced, but she merely says, "Yeah."

Harding says, "Good. Let's get the show on the road." And she picks up the two leashes which have been trailing down the front of our nude bodies, gives a jerk, and pulls us towards one of the doors off of this lobby. I glance at my lover out of the corner of my eye hoping for a consoling look back from her, but instead I see that she is introducing herself to the other woman. They shake hands and exchange a few brief words before I'm pulled through the door into another room.

There is a collective gasp from the guests as the naked man and I appear at the back of the room. And then there is a chorus of squeals from ladies' voices.

Inside the room, I see that it's a classroom of sorts with a long table running down each side plus another table across the front. There are six men seated along one of the tables, and three men plus three women along the other table. All of the men appear to be Middle Eastern, but the women seem to be Caucasian, and they seem to be most enthusiastic about seeing the naked man with a massive hard-on.

Harding pulls us to the front of the room in the space between the two long tables. She turns us to face the guests and drapes our leashes over our backs. She says to the crowd, "Okay, everyone settle down. It's almost lunch time, and these are your servers today. A few ground rules. First, no names for them today; they are just 'male' and 'female'. Second, they are not allowed to talk today; so don't expect any answers to your questions. Third, and most important, there will be no touching of any kind unless they consent; not even a handshake." She pauses for a moment, then she adds with a grin, "But you can look all you want! Don't you think they have beautiful bodies?" And there is a big round of applause; the women clap especially enthusiastically.

Harding concludes, "We're going to eat lunch in the room next door. Please take a ten-minute break, and gather there at noon. These gorgeous humans will then serve your lunch." More applause and then we wait while the people slowly file out of the room.

Harding brings our leashes back to the front, and she gives them a sharp tug and leads us through another door into the little kitchen. There is no one around, and she looks perplexed. She drops the leashes. My leash dangles between my breasts with the end resting on the floor in front of me, but I see the man flinch as his leash hits his erect cock and hangs over it. If I weren't gagged, I would probably have giggled at the sight of leash looped over an erect penis. But Harding does let out a noticeable smirk when she sees what happened, and she leaves us alone in the room.

I look over at the man to make visual contact with him. He looks back and his eyes widen as if he's trying to make a sheepish smile. I do the same and nod at him. We are both blushing. We just wait there for a few minutes - naked, gagged, bound, alone, awkward.

Harding re-appears with the catering guy, who does another double-take at seeing the two of us. She says, "Okay, Cedric, these are your servers for the meal. I'm going to remove their gags, but they have been told not to say a single word while they are here."

She starts with the man lifting the leash from his still stiff cock and then going around behind him to untie his hands and undo the gag. He stretches his arms while she drops the gag and leash into a bag. She repeats the procedure on me. I also flex my arms and my mouth to remove the kinks.

"All right, Cedric, they are all yours, but remember that you are not permitted to touch them. Also, you must stay in this room out of sight; the only bodies our guests will see are these two naked beauties."

With that, Harding turns to leave, but pauses and says to us, "I almost forgot. Mr. Nude Male, you will be serving only the women. Ms. Nude Female, you will be serving only the men. Is that clear? Just nod your head." We both nod at her, and she returns to the classroom.

Cedric immediately says, "Wash your hands. I would give you disposable gloves to wear, but that woman just told me that you're not permitted to wear anything at all, not even sanitary gloves. So instead, you will carefully wash your hands now and each time you come back into this kitchen. Now, hurry up. The guests will be at the tables in just a few minutes, and we've got things to do."

The man and I head over to the sink, and we bump against each other in front of the tiny sink. I wonder if that's allowed. I heard all the no-touching comments, but I don't know if that rule applies to the two of us nudes or not. It was only our hips that touched, and it was definitely accidental.

He steps to the side to let me reach over to the soap dispenser, and I quickly wash my hands. I step back while drying and let him use the sink.

Cedric is staring at me the entire time; he doesn't seem to care about the naked man at all - just me. I blush when our eyes meet. Then, he points to one of the other doors and says, "Set the tables."

The three of us go to the door and look into the room. There are two round tables set up, each with six chairs. There is a smaller table in back with four chairs. Cedric says, "The table linens and silverware are in this box. You two do the tables; I've been told to stay in the kitchen."

I get a table cloth from the box, and the two of us put it on one of the tables. It's a neutral cream color. We repeat it at the other large table and at the smaller table. We quickly lay out the silverware at each seat.

I notice that the man's cock has gone limp; I guess the manual work has taken his mind off of his embarrassment just like it has done with me. My tits were rock hard a few minutes ago, but now they have also softened.

As we are setting the last few places, the guests begin to wander into the room. They have amused looks on their faces, and they just stand off to the side and watch us finish. Then, they take seats at the round tables with the three women guests sitting together.

Just as I'm turning to go back to the kitchen, I see my lover enter the room with Harding and the other woman. They seem to be having a friendly conversation, and they sit down at the small table. Their conversation continues. I can't make out what they are talking about, but I'm surprised that they are getting along so well, because my lover has not liked Joanne Harding in the past.

Back in the kitchen, we wash our hands and wait for our next instruction. The man's erection is now completely gone; his penis has shrunk all the way back to a normal relaxed state, although there is a droplet of semen at the tip. I actually like the look of a flaccid penis hanging limply in front of the scrotum. A hard-on just looks so gross to me.

As we're waiting, I look at the rest of the man's body, and he is actually a very handsome person. A little taller than me; probably five foot, nine or ten. Caucasian, but not pasty white. Clean shaven. Dark brown hair in a professional style. Well-toned chest and arms with only a little bit of hair between the two dark nipples. Muscular legs but not overly so. Puffs of light brown pubic hair surround his genitals with its circumcised cock.

Even though I can see every inch of his body, there are some important things I don't know about him. How old he is? Why he is here? What is his relationship to the woman? And most important, what is his name?

I'm not usually attracted to men, but this is different. I haven't seen a nude man in several years, and we are sharing a very intimate and embarrassing experience, but I have to refer to him as "the naked man" or just "the man" in this story. It would be nice to know his name, but I will probably never see him again after today.

Cedric says, "Put the water glasses on the tables, and then take a pitcher and fill them."

I pick up a tray with 6 empty glasses and make my first trip as a server. I put a glass down in front of the six men at one table and then hurry back to the kitchen to wash my hands and get 3 more glasses for the other men. My naked partner puts glasses in front of the three women plus my lover, Harding, and the other woman at the smaller table. We make the rounds with the water jugs. My full breasts and long hair dangle near the shoulders of the men as I pour water for them; a couple of the men hold their glasses back for me, but most of the men want me to lean in near them. The naked man does not have that trouble, but his cock is hard again and the women look down at it as he bends in to pour the water for them.

Back in the kitchen, Cedric has prepared 15 plates of fish and chips each with a lemon slice and small cup of tartar sauce. After we wash our hands again, we each put 3 plates on a tray, and we hurry back to start serving the main course. I almost forget to wash my hands before making my third trip with the fish & chips; Cedric reminds me gruffly.

As they are eating, the naked man stands near the women diners, and I stand between the two tables closer to the men. The fish and chips look delicious to me, and my stomach growls. One of the nearby men looks over at me and grins; I give him an apologetic look back. I sure hope I will be allowed to eat some of that, but right now all I can do is to stand here naked and watch the men eat.

I notice that the three women guests are giggling as they make repeated requests for "Mr. Nude Male", as Harding called him, to pour more water, pick up a napkin, bring some ketchup, get more fish, etc. Even though we were told that these are Arab customers, these ladies are definitely Caucasian. One of them is a young blonde and has a distinct New York accent. Another lady is older and has a British accent. I haven't heard the third lady talk, but she is also young and is dressed very casually in jeans with her midriff showing beneath a short blouse. They sure don't look like they come from Dubai whereas all of the men have darker skin, are dressed in suits, and seem to speak English with a foreign accent. The ladies appear to be from a Western culture, and they are relishing the sight of the gorgeous naked man with his erect cock only inches away. The Arab men also seem to be enjoying themselves as they look at me, but they are not as demonstrative as the women.

As the men finish eating, I make several trips back to the kitchen with their plates. The nude man does the same, and as he is picking up Harding's plate, I hear a knife fall to the floor. I turn and watch him bend over with his ass in a perfect rear view for me and the three guest women. I gasp and the women laugh as his balls dangle enticingly between his legs. He's blushing as stands back up with the knife in hand.

Dessert is a custard pudding topped with fresh raspberries plus a plate with three different kinds of cookies. I look longingly at the desserts as I carry them out on a tray. Several of the men and women ask for coffee, and we also bring those out on another trip. My stomach growls again.

The nude man and I stand watching as the guests finish up. I notice that his cock is going limp again; it's still several inches long, but it's not rock hard like it has been. We take the empty plates and silverware away, and the guests stand up and begin to leave the room.

I glance at my lover as she wanders out, but she is still talking with the other woman. I'm glad she seems to be getting along so well with that lady, but I sure wish she had at least given me a comforting smile.

After they have all gone, the man and I quickly gather up the tablecloths and napkins and stuff them into a laundry bag. We wipe the tables with a damp rag and arrange all of the chairs. By the time we get back to the kitchen, Cedric has loaded all of the dirty dishes into plastic bins. He tells us to help him carry the bins out to his truck.

Outside, Cedric's helper, a young Hispanic guy, stares at us in amazement. I don't know what he has been doing all this time, but he is getting an eyeful of naked flesh right now. He just steps aside and lets us slide the bins into the racks at the back of the catering truck. I just know that he is focusing on my bare ass as I bend into the truck with a bin.

Cedric goes back into the building, and we just stand there for a minute or so with the young guy. He is just about to say something to us when Cedric returns with Mrs. Harding.

Harding and Cedric have a few parting words, and then Cedric drives the truck away.

Harding says to us, "Okay, you two. There's one more thing I want you to do for me. Actually, it's for all of us. At lunch, I learned from your owners that you are both somewhat accomplished dancers. Right? Just nod your head."

I frown, because I don't like my lover being called my owner. But the question catches me by surprise. It's been several months since my lover and I went out dancing, but she's right about me being a pretty good dancer. But what is she getting at anyway?"

I nod and glance over at the man who also hesitantly nods. Harding says, "Good. Now I want you to practice for a couple of minutes out here, and then you'll give a naked performance for us inside. I've got some swing music from the 1930's, early '40's on my iPhone. I'll pick one out and you two improvise a dance to it."

We both gape open mouthed at her. Swing dancing is very difficult to do even with a lot of practice, and she wants us to do it with only a few minutes of practice and outdoors. And totally nude at that! I want to protest, but she's holding up her index finger to her lips as a reminder that we're not supposed to talk.

She says, "My folks taught me and Jack to do some of the steps when we were young, and so I know what I'm talking about. Here, I'll play Glenn Miller's rendition of 'Chattanooga Choo Choo'. This isn't a fast-paced piece at all, but it's easy to dance to. No need for a lot of lifting and dipping. Figure it out, but I want a few specific moves. First, be sure to have both of you swing out a few times with your legs wide open. Second, work a butt-to-butt move into it. Finally, close with a full body-to-body move." She punches a few buttons on her iPhone and Glenn Miller's band starts playing.

Well, I guess this answers the question about whether or not we can touch each other, doesn't it?!?!??

I tentatively reach out my hand to the man. My lover and I swing danced just after we met; that was about a year and a half ago. But it has been several years since I have swing danced with a man; that was in college, during my wild days. But I have never swing danced naked before in a parking lot! I'm just thankful that we're in the shade of the only two trees in the area; otherwise, our bare feet would be burning on the pavement.

He silently takes the lead and guides me through several turns, both inside and out. He nods his agreement, blushes and leads me into a wide-spread outward swing. His cock has hardened up again, and it is flopping around like a pole as we practice the move several times. My pussy is gaping as the move finishes with my free arm spread out and my legs wide apart. Again he smiles as he nods at me.

He turns me around and bends me over a little bit, and then he does the same behind me. I feel his bare butt brush lightly against mine, and I repeat the back-and-forth movement. Harding actually claps and yells, "Yes, that's it." My partner pulls me facing him and nods.

Now, he motions to Harding to restart the song, and we put those moves together. He does a few turns, a butt-to-butt move, a spread move, and finally he pulls me in flush with his body. Front-to-front with his hard cock pressed up against my tummy. That's the first time a man's penis has touched me in any way, since my junior year of college.

After a very brief rest, he motions to Harding to start it again. And we repeat our practice run. I can feel his semen collecting in my belly button as we finish.

He wants to do it again, but Harding says, "That's good. Let's go inside and do it for the group." She says that almost as if she's part of it, but it will be just us two nudies performing. With a smirk, she continues while looking down at the man's cock, "And keep that thing hard like that." Her hand motions to within a few inches of his penis. It looks like she'd like to touch him, but she doesn't.

She leads us back into the building and up the hall to the lobby. I'm surprised to see everyone is standing off to the sides; I glance quickly at my lover, who smiles back at me.

Without saying anything to the assembled group, Harding starts the music and guides us two nudes to the middle of the floor. She then fades out the music and restarts the song. This is our cue, and we begin our short dance. The song is longer than our dance, and so after the spread move, he restarts us. I just follow his lead. We repeat three times, and after the last spread move, I can feel the song coming to an end, and he pulls me into the finishing hug move. His hard cock is moving up and down my stomach as we breathe deeply.

There's a round of applause that goes on for half a minute or so. Are they asking us for an encore? My partner doesn't seem sure either, but fortunately Harding takes charge and says, "Okay, that's all for this little burlesque show. Please everyone, return to the classroom and we'll get started with the afternoon session in just a couple of minutes."

I'm breathing heavily after the fast dancing. That was actually kind of fun considering that I was doing it naked with a naked male stranger in front of a bunch of other strangers. And I'm thankful that yesterday's sore heel didn't flare up with all the vigorous exercise.

I'm sort of surprised when all of the guest customers go back to the other room leaving only the five of us in the lobby. The two of us nudes plus Harding are still near the center of the lobby; my lover and the other woman are chatting off to the side.

Harding whispers to the man and myself, "Okay, you two, you are finished. Mr. Nude, you are free to leave. Schofield, I will deal with you."

The man appears confused about what to do, but he quickly dashes into the restroom while I am guided over to my lover.

My lover is talking to the other woman saying, "Birdie, it has been so nice to meet you. And we will see you soon." There is another minute or so of chit-chat between my lover and this Birdie woman. And then the man comes out of the restroom. He is now fully clothed in gray slacks and a maroon polo shirt. I think he looks better now that he has clothes on.

Birdie says, "Come on, Noah. We're leaving." She turns to me and says, "Pet, it was nice to meet you." And she shakes my hand. It's nice to be treated like a normal human being after having been just a sex object for the last couple of hours. But I have not been told that I can speak, and so I just silently shake her hand and smile. She grabs Noah's hand and they walk out of the front door.

But I notice that she has clearly called me "Pet" rather than "Pat". I'm not sure what to make of that.

Harding says to my lover, "Cassie, you need to get going on your presentation. You go into the classroom and get yourself set up. I will deal with her, and then I'll come in and properly introduce you to the group. Okay?"

My lover replies, "Yes, Joanne. That's fine. But what are you going to do with Pet? Maybe she can sit quietly at the back of the room while I'm talking."

"No, we don't want her being a visual distraction. Don't worry, she'll be fine."

My lover squeezes my hand and gives me a quick kiss. "Be a good girl, Pet. I'll see you in an hour or so." My eyes water in loving appreciation at her tender kiss, and I give her hand one last squeeze as she turns and disappears into the classroom.

Harding takes my elbow again and says, "Okay, Schofield, come over here." And she leads me to a door between the two restrooms. She opens the door revealing a closet and the shopping bag she had earlier. She gets the gag from the bag and shoves the ball into my mouth and attaches the strap behind my head. I reluctantly put my hands behind my head so she can tie them to the strap, but Harding says, "Not this time, Schofield."

She brings my hands to my front and ties them there. "Okay, get in there." I'm not sure what she means and so I don't move, but I raise my eyebrows to show her I don't understand. "Into the closet, Schofield. Now."

I do as she ordered, and she then ties a longer rope to my bound hands and tosses the rope up over an exposed pipe high up in the ceiling. Then, she pulls on the rope raising my arms and ties off the other end to one of the shelf brackets. I'm now tied up like I was the other night at my lover's living room. Naked with my arms stretched out above me. But this time I'm gagged and in a very confined space.

She turns out the light and before closing the door says, "Not a peep out of you." I just nod as the door closes. I hear her turn a key in the lock and then rattle the door to make sure that it is securely locked.

I start to cry, but the gag keeps me from wailing out loud. But I must be making some noise, because Harding bangs on the door and says, "Shut up, Schofield." Tears are streaming down my face, but I quiet down.

The tiny room is not completely dark, because there is a ventilation grate in the lower part of the door. That grate lets in both a little bit of light along with fresh air.

My lover told me her speech is only about 25 minutes long, but I also just heard her say that it would be "an hour or so". I guess that's to allow time for questions. I've got a long wait ahead of me.

The minutes pass by slowly, and I shift my arms and feet around to get in the most comfortable position. As I think about my predicament, I realize that my bawling was an overreaction to Harding's dominating behavior towards me. She probably thinks she is punishing me somehow, but I now I see that I don't really mind this situation. As I've said before, I actually like being tied up, because it is somewhat erotic. And I definitely much prefer having my naked body out of sight rather than being on display like it has been all day. I feel a tingle in my pussy, and I just sigh into my gag, lean my head on my upraised arms, and finally nod off to sleep.

A while later I'm awakened by voices that I hear through the grate in the door. I hear Harding say slowly, "Put the coffee on the table." A moment later, she says in broken Spanish, "Poner el café sobre la mesa." There is some giggling from at least two females. Harding laughs back at them, "Okay, I know my Spanish is terrible. I'll just demonstrate what I want done." And for the next few minutes, I hear clinking noises but no voices. I guess she is setting out coffee pots somehow, and maybe some cups as well. Then, it is all quiet for several minutes, and I'm just about to nod off again when I hear a door open across the lobby followed by voices including my lover's. The men are conversing in a combination of English and some strange language, probably Arabic. Suddenly, my lover's voice is much louder; she must be right next to my door. Does she know I'm in here?

But she seems to be answering a question, "Actually, Mr. Hadad, I don't think JavaScript is the best language to use for this. I think Objective-C is much better. I just talked about JavaScript, because I thought most of you would know it better than C."

The man says, "Thank you, Miss Campbell. I understand now."

I'm waiting for her to open the door to let me out, but her voice trails off as she's answering another question. She seems to be walking away towards the other side of the lobby.

Over the next several minutes, I hear her voice a few more times and also Harding's voice. Finally, Harding says loudly, "Okay, everyone. Let's thank Cassie Campbell for the interesting presentation, and then let's return to the classroom." There is a brief round of applause followed by normal conversation that fades away over the next minute.

I hear my lover say, "Okay, Joanne, I'm going to leave now. But where is Pet? Is she okay?"

Harding replies, "Of course, Cassie, she is fine." And an instant later a key unlocks the door, and it swings open.

Harding says dramatically, "Ta da." And I see her gesturing with her arm swinging towards me as if introducing me.

My lover breaks out laughing, "Good going, Joanne. You kept her out of mischief, didn't you?"

"Sure did," Harding says as she steps into the closet. She unties the ropes and removes my gag. And I flex and stretch to work out the kinks.

My lover is still chuckling as she gently squeezes my ass, "Get your towel, Pet. And we'll be on our way." She turns to Harding and says, "Thanks, Joanne. This worked out better than I expected. A good event. I hope we continue to get a lot of business from those folks."

I move as fast as my stiff body will allow to the restroom. I panic when I see that my towel is no longer folded neatly in the corner where I left it. Am I going to earn a DD (a discipline demerit) for losing my towel? I look around the room, but I don't see it. But as soon as I open the nearest stall door, I spot it hanging on the hook on the back of the door. It's a little damp, and I wonder what it has been used for. But mostly I'm just relieved to have found it. I quickly fold it up and hurry back to the lobby where my lover is standing all alone.

I smile at her as I walk across the lobby. She says, "Do you need to pee, Pet?" I meekly shake my head. "Oh, Pet. It's okay, you can talk now."

"Oh, thank you, Ma'am."

She grabs my hand, and we walk hand-in-hand across the lobby. I look longingly at the stack of cookies on the nearby table, because I'm really hungry. But I know it's not my place to ask for one. We go down the rear hallway and out the back door. I'm so thankful that we are back together again without a crowd of people ogling my naked body.

We stop just before getting to her car. I'm not sure what's going on, but I just stand there as she kneels down in front of me and taps the inside of my thigh. She runs her finger right next to my left pussy lip and says, "You're dripping down here, Pet. Give me your towel." I hand her the towel and she wipes my inner thighs and my pussy. As she stands up and hands me the towel, my stomach rumbles again. She asks, "What's that? Was that you, Pet?"

"Sorry, Ma'am. It's my tummy complaining."

"Didn't you get enough to eat at lunch?"

"No, Ma'am. I didn't get any lunch."

"What?!? Why not? I told Joanne that it was okay for you to eat a serving of fish and chips. And later I told her to give you a chocolate chip cookie. You didn't get any of that?"

I noticed that she called Harding "Joanne" rather than "Hardass" like she usually does when Harding is not around. But I have to answer her question, "No, Ma'am. Neither the man nor myself got any lunch today. I'm really hungry." I'm almost pleading with her to get me something to eat, but I realize that I'm on the edge of being too forward, and so I don't say any more. I think of the cookies we just passed, and my stomach growls again; more loudly this time.

I open the door of the car, spread out my towel on the seat, and then get in being very careful that my ass is positioned over the center of the small towel.

To be continued . . .

End of part 9

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