Show and Tell - and Then Show Some More
by Mr. Flip

Part 8

Author's note: This story was inspired by Lazerou's recent "My Very Own" story on this site. I intend for this story to have more of an ENF theme to it, but there is significant bondage and discipline involved in this part of the story.


Let me start with some background info that will set the stage for my continuing story.

My name is Patricia Schofield. I am a 27-year-old woman, and I'm deeply in love with another 27-year-old woman, Cassandra Campbell. We are very much alike physically, but polar opposites otherwise. We have a dominant/submissive relationship; she is the dominant, I am the submissive. Sex is a HUGE part of our relationship, and it goes well beyond the wonderful physical episodes in bed. For the last several months, she has required me to get completely undressed every time that I enter her townhouse and then remain naked there until I leave. And then, last Saturday, she displayed me naked and bound all day at a Show and Tell event followed by a naked trip to our favorite restaurant for Sunday brunch. I should point out that she remains clothed at home and on these trips out in public; I am the only naked one. I don't really mind being naked at her home, but I sure don't like being naked out in public. However, I reluctantly go along with it because I love her so much and because our sexual lovemaking is so wonderful.

We both work for a large software company; I am a secretary; she is a top-notch programmer. She has submitted a request to the company for me to come to work completely naked. That request is still pending, but in the interim, she dresses me in provocative clothing without any underwear - no panties, no brassiere.

She has nicknamed me "Pet", because it sort of fits my place in the relationship, and it is similar to "Pat" which is what other people call me. I am required to call her "Ma'am" or "Madam"; other people address her as "Cassie", but I never do.

I am feeling wonderful as the previous chapter ended. We have just made passionate love to each other, and I have turned off the lights and snuggled in close to her hoping for a wonderful night of sleep.

And now my story continues.

Suddenly It's Saturday

The next thing I know is my shoulder is being kissed just like I had done to her a few hours before. My lover tousles my hair and then kisses my upturned shoulder again. As I open my eyes, I see her smiling face and then feel her pulling on my hand.

"Come on, you gorgeous creature. It's time to rise and shine," she says to me.

I reluctantly wipe my eyes as she continues to tug on my other hand. When I'm on my feet, she pulls me into a loving hug with our naked bodies pressed hard against each other. As she kisses me, I'm suddenly wide awake passionately returning her kiss.

After a minute or so, we break apart, and she says, "I'm going to get dressed and get the newspaper. You go fix us a shared cereal breakfast. You pick the cereal and add a big handful of blueberries to it. You know the drill, Pet." She gives my bare butt a gentle squeeze and then goes into her bathroom.

She's right that I "know the drill" about a shared breakfast. She's got a big bowl that holds a large serving of cereal, and she will feed us both from that single bowl. I will be on my knees next to her chair so that she can spoon the cereal into my mouth. A large glass of orange juice will also be shared as well as a big mug of coffee.

I wander into the kitchen and quickly get the big bowl from the shelf. I select bite-size shredded wheat and fill the bowl with it. The coffee is already brewed, and so it's an easy job to fill the mug and get the OJ ready and add the blueberries to the cereal. A single spoon is all that is required for this simple meal. I put everything on the table at her usual spot and stand next to her chair so I can help her get seated.

As I'm waiting for her, I glance down at my tits. They are rock hard, and I gently twist my nips and massage my boobs. I'm taking a chance here, because my lover hasn't said I can do this, but I just can't resist. When I hear her footsteps in the hallway, I quickly drop my hands to my sides.

As she walks into the living room, our eyes meet and we each break into big smiles. She has put on a pair of baggy tan knee-length shorts, white socks, and a tight blue company T-shirt. It's not her best look, but I can see that her nips are hard, just like mine, as they press against the shirt.

She comes over and playfully swats my ass with the newspaper, and then she stands in front of her place setting, and I slide the chair in behind her. She sits down and I help her slide in closer to the table. I then stand off to the side awaiting her next instruction.

"Thank you, Pet. It looks good. Kneel down here, knees slightly apart. You know the spot where I can get the best view of your pretty boobs and partially spread pussy lips. Hands clasped behind your head."

I do as I'm told, but she says, "Tut, tut, Pet. Hands on your neck under your hair."

I quickly flip up my long hair and slide my hands underneath and mumble, "Sorry, Ma'am."

She curtly says, "Shh, no talking. I want to read the paper without being interrupted."

I give her a contrite nod and wait for her to feed me my breakfast. I watch as she spreads the newspaper out on the table and takes a drink of the OJ to wash down a daily vitamin capsule. She takes a couple of bites of cereal and turns the page of the paper.

After she has browsed a page of the paper, she gets another vitamin pill and brings it to my mouth. I stick out my tongue so she can put the vitamin on it. I suck it in and wait as she brings the glass of juice to my mouth. She tips the glass, and I take a drink to wash down the vitamin. She uses a napkin to clean my mouth and chin where a little bit of juice dripped. Next I open my mouth so she can feed me a spoonful of cereal and berries. As I'm chewing, she smiles at me and gently twists my right nipple making it even stiffer than it was before. Then she lets me sip from the coffee mug, and I'm able to do that without dripping any at all. She feeds me a couple of more spoonfuls of cereal, and then returns to reading the newspaper and feeding herself.

She goes back and forth feeding me and herself for the next 15 minutes. Not a word is said, and I just wait patiently for her. Finally, the bowl is empty and she says, "More coffee, Pet." I jump to my feet and hurry into the kitchen to get the coffee pot. After refilling the big mug, I put the pot back on the burner and kneel back down in the correct position.

We share that second mug of coffee and she continues reading the newspaper. She plays with my tits a few more times, but finally, she folds up the paper and says, "Lean in here so I can use the napkin on your mouth." She wipes my cheeks, nose, mouth, and chin as she smiles down at me.

She pats me on the head and simply says, "Feeding you is so much fun." I'm so glad to hear this, because I want to make her happy, and I don't really mind being naked and fed like that.

She pushes back the chair and says, "Okay, Pet. You need to clear off the table and do the dishes. Oh, I forgot to ask. How's your heel?"

I actually had not thought about my left heel which had been sore for the last two days after I had stepped on a stone. I now realize that it's not sore this morning. I answer truthfully, "It's fine, Ma'am. It's not sore any longer."

"How about your ass? You've had a lot of paddling recently, and it was pretty red last night, wasn't it? Stand up, turn around, and let me look at it."

I blush as I get to my feet and turn so that my bare ass is facing her. She gently squeezes both cheeks, and I wince slightly. It does still hurt, but just a little bit. I answer her question, "Yes, Ma'am, it still hurts, but only a tiny bit. I'll be fine."

"It's not really a bright red. Since I know you were paddled, I know what to look for, but I don't think anyone else will notice." She turns me around to look at her, and she goes on, "Okay, do the dishes. Then you need to get ready to go to your hair appointment."

The mention of the hair appointment jolts me out of my contented feeling. It reminds me that I will soon be out in public completely naked, all by myself. I hesitantly get to my feet and start clearing off the table. My lover takes the newspaper and goes over to her easy chair to continue reading it.

Since this was such a simple meal, there are only a few items to clear off the table. But I am really taking my time at this trivial task, because I am trying to defer the inevitable moment when I step out the front door without a stitch of clothing on.

I am in the kitchen slowly putting away the few things, and after a couple of minutes, my lover yells into me from the living room, "Pet, do you see what time it is? You need to hurry it up."

It's only 9:10 AM, and my appointment is at 10 o'clock, and it's only a 10 minute drive at the most to get to Annie's salon. It seems like I've got plenty of time, but I say, "Yes, Ma'am, I'll pick up the pace."

She replies, "I want you to leave by 9:30 at the latest, because you need to be there in case Annie can take you early. It's going to be tight for us to get to Ol' Hardass's event by 11:30, and the sooner you get done with the hair, the better." Hardass is the nickname that many people at work, including my lover, use when they talk about Joanne Harding, who is the head of the Human Relations department. Harding is a very difficult person to deal with.

I gulp and say just loud enough for her to hear, "Yes, Ma'am. I'll be ready." Unfortunately, I know that getting ready by then will be very easy, because the only thing I need to do is to pee and wipe myself. I won't need to get dressed, and I won't need to comb my hair or do any make up. Basically, it is just pee and leave.

I quickly finish up in the kitchen and go into the living room on my way to the guest bath. I smile meekly at my lover as I walk by her chair; she smiles back and says, "Be sure to brush your teeth."

"Thank you, Ma'am, for the reminder." I really had forgotten about my teeth. So, I guess it's going to be brush, pee, wipe, and leave.

I do my teeth in a couple of minutes and then sit down on the toilet. I actually do more than just pee, but I do it quickly and clean myself very well. I look myself over in the mirror and realize that this is probably my last moment of privacy for the day. Very shortly, my naked body will be on display for many people to see. I sigh as I quickly run the brush through my hair.

I return to the living room and stand in front of my lover who is still reading the paper. As she looks up, I say hesitantly, "I guess I'm ready to go, Ma'am."

She gets up from her chair saying, "Let me look you over." She circles me scanning my bare body from head to toe on all sides. "Bend over the arm of the chair. I need to check you down there."

I blush as I take the position. She spreads my legs a bit wider, and I feel her hand lightly stroking my lower lips and around my asshole.

She says, "Good. Nice and clean. But there are a few hairs down here that Hardass won't like later today. Tell Annie to shave you down there. But don't let her touch your pubic triangles. They look fine as they are, and they belong to me."

I bite my lip as a tear of humiliation wells up in my eyes. Not only will Annie see me naked, but she will be working on my most private spots to remove those hairs.

My lover spreads my pussy lips and slips a finger inside me. Oh, that feels good. But the finger doesn't linger, and she quickly pulls it out. She then grabs my shoulder and pulls me up so that I'm facing her. I'm sure my face has a mixture of shame and sexual pleasure.

She wipes away the tear and says, "Actually, about your hair. Have Annie call me, and I'll discuss your hair style with her."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now, you be a good girl for me, Pet. I want a good report when you get back. Understand?"

She leads me towards the door, and again I mumble, "Yes, Ma'am."

At the door, she hands me my purse and a small white towel; it's probably actually a large wash cloth. "Use this in your car, and then again in Annie's chair. I don't want you to make a mess."

"Yes, Ma'am," I say again.

"And remember, if anyone gives you any shit, have them call me. I'll take care of it." I don't know how she's going to do that, but I have to trust her.

With that, she pulls me into a tight embrace, and we kiss passionately. She then says, "I love you, dearest Pet. Please remember that the next several hours." She opens the front door for me.

I squeeze her hand and say, "I love you, too." I reluctantly let go and turn to walk down the sidewalk. She gives my ass a parting, playful swat and closes the door behind me.

Naked Visit to the Hair Salon

Brrr, it is really cold out here, and I feel my nipples tighten up. When is our usual warm spring weather going to return?

I have to restrain myself from running to my car, because I know she's probably watching me through the peephole or the side window, and she would be unhappy with me if I tried to hurry and hide in my car. I nervously look around to see if anyone is looking at me. I glance at Mrs. Simmons's window next door half expecting her to be peeking out at me. But no one seems to be up and around at this somewhat early hour on Saturday morning.

As I get to the curb, it occurs to me that I've only been naked this far out on this sidewalk once before. I'm actually closer to the neighboring houses across the narrow street than I am to my lover's house. I glance at those windows as well, but I don't see anyone looking at me.

My hands are shaking badly as I try to get the key into the lock of my yellow VW bug. I really want to get my naked body into the car and out of view, but I can't get the damn key to go into the slot. After a few failed attempts, I put my purse on the roof of the car and use my left hand to steady my right hand which is holding the key. I'm now able to get the stupid door open, and I quickly climb in and shut the door.

But I realize that I've left my purse and the towel on the roof, and I have to climb out and swiftly grab them. My hands are shaking again as I lean in to put the towel on the driver's seat. The towel falls out of my hands and drops in a bunch on the seat, and I try again to spread it out neatly. But all the while, I know that my pussy is completely visible from behind as I lean into the car. Finally, my hands stop shaking enough to let me smooth out the towel, and I hop back into the car. I'm breathing hard as I pull the seat belt across my body between my bare, heaving breasts. I'd like to rest there for a few minutes to regain my composure, but I know my lover is still looking at me through the peephole or side window, and so, I start the car and slowly back out of my parking spot.

I immediately turn on the car's heat, and I'm thankful that the car warms up fairly quickly.

In spite of my nudity, the drive to the hair salon is pretty routine. A couple of times, I was driving next to a tall car, but nobody looked down into my small car. I'm kind of surprised no one in a normal car or a pedestrian seemed to notice me. A police car did pass me a few blocks back, but the female officer in the passenger seat just looked over and smiled at me.

However, as I pull into the parking spot in front of Annie's hair salon and turn off the engine, I look down at my bare front, and I see that my long hair is draped over both of my shoulders onto my front and back, and it occurs to me that anybody glancing at me might think my hair is covering the straps and front of a tank top. Oh dear, I'm going to have to tell my lover about that. I immediate flip my hair back so that my breasts and bare shoulders are fully exposed. I hadn't arranged my hair like that on purpose, but my lover will tell me that I need to keep my boobs and shoulders uncovered. I'll probably get paddled or disciplined somehow for that.

But I'll worry about that discipline later, because my immediate concern is that I need to get out of my car and walk naked into Annie's shop. Like before, I'd like to sit here for a few minutes to gather my courage, but my lover wants me to get my hair done as quickly as possible. So, I bite my lip and look around; there's no one nearby in the parking lot or on the sidewalk running in front of Annie's and the other stores in the strip mall. But I see two women sitting facing the window in the waiting area of Annie's. They will see me as soon as I get out of the car.

Oh God, I don't want to do this, but I must. I open my car door; I grab my purse, keys, and towel; and I climb out of the car. Now my totally nude body is in full view for those two women and anyone else that I hadn't noticed before. I see the startled face of one of those women when she spots me. She must say something, because the other woman looks up from her reading and glares at me, too.

I really, really want to hop back in my car and drive away to never-never-land, but I carefully lock my car door and step up onto the sidewalk. Just at that moment, a younger lady comes out of the door of the adjacent store; she's holding the hand of a young boy, probably only 6 or 7 years old. Both of them gasp when they see me, and the lady immediately clasps her other hand over the boy's eyes. She says, "Wh-wha-what are you do-doing?"

I blush and say quietly, "Sorry, Ma'am. I'm going in for my hair appointment." And I quickly scoot by them into the salon before the lady can say anything else. But I can feel her staring at my bare butt through the glass door. I turn and see the boy trying to move his mother's hand off of his eyes so he can look at me again, too. But she yanks on his arm and pulls him past the salon window and around the corner.

But now I turn back and look at the people in the hair salon. In addition to the two waiting women, there are two stylists who are working on two ladies seated in the styling chairs. There are six women altogether, but Annie is nowhere in sight.

All of them are staring at me with their mouths open, but one of the stylists almost shouts at me, "What the hell are you doing here? Get the fuck out of here!" She pauses, glances around the room, and apologizes to the other women in a softer tone, "Sorry, ladies, for my language."

Tears well up in my eyes and I reply, "Sorry to offend you, but I've got an appointment with Annie at 10 o'clock." I glance at the clock on the wall and it reads 9:45.

The stylist responds, "Well, she's not here yet. So, you go home and put some clothes on."

I bow my head and quietly say, "Sorry, I can't do that."

"What did you say? I couldn't hear you," she says sternly.

I'm almost crying as I look up and say, "I said I'm sorry but I can't do that. I'm not allowed to wear clothes this weekend."

She softens her tone and says, "Okay, I'll get you a robe to wear."

I shake my head, "Sorry, I just can't put on anything."

"Well, you can't stay here naked. Please go."

I continue to shake my head and reply, "I'll sit down and wait for Annie. Is that all right? When will she get here?"

"Any minute now." She sighs and says, "Okay, whatever. Have a seat."

The only available chairs are backed up to the front window, and so I spread out my towel on one of them and sit down facing the two other waiting women. The two stylists return to working on their customers, but everyone in the room throws me an occasional glance.

One of the waiting women returns to reading her magazine, but the other one says, "This is disgraceful. You should be ashamed of yourself." I bite my lip and nod, because I am truly ashamed. But I have no choice.

The woman goes on chastising me for a couple of minutes, mostly with moral and religious statements. But then she suddenly says, "You have a beautiful body, young lady. Stand up so I can see you."

I don't want to do that, but my lover would insist if she were here. So, I reluctantly stand up and drop my hands to my sides. My bare front is in full view of the woman (plus everyone else in the shop), and my bare behind is in full view through the window for anyone on the walkway or in the parking lot.

I see the woman's eyes scan me from my eyes to my toes with long pauses at my breasts and pussy.

"Nice breasts, honey. What are they, 36 something?"

In almost a whisper, I answer, "34C".

"Nice dark, little nipples." Then she stares at my groin and says, "Cute hair style down there. Is there a reason for the three triangles? Do they mean something?"

A little louder, I reply, "No, it doesn't mean anything. It's my lover's design."

"Oh, I see, he likes geometry. Is he a mathematician?"

I say more proudly, "It's a she, not a he. And she's a computer programmer, and a mighty fine programmer, I might add. She has a math degree. So, yes, she's a mathematician."

The lady says snidely, "Oh, we've got a lezzie here. How do . . ."

Before she can continue, the door of the shop opens and Annie walks in with her teenage son. They both stop and stare at me, and I just smile and say, "Hello, Annie." The teenager's eyes are flipping back and forth between my boobs and my pussy. It's a struggle, but I keep my hands at my sides.

The other woman starts talking again. I think she says, "How do you do it anyway?" I'm not sure I heard her right, and if I did, I don't really know what she's asking or how to answer. I just ignore her.

Annie's expression turns from surprise to excitement. There is kind of a devilish twinkle in her eyes as she asks without any other greeting, "So, is your nudity related to the mysterious conversations I had with you and Cassie?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Pat, you don't need to call me 'Ma'am'. I'm just your friend, Annie." And with that, she grabs my elbow and leads me towards her station. She continues, "Let's see, why don't we go in back where it's a bit more private, okay?"

That is certainly fine with me, and I just let her lead me through the door into the back room. But I look over my shoulder and see her son follow us through the door, and that makes me wonder just how private this is really going to be.

Abruptly, she stops, and I look around the room. I don't see another salon chair in here; it must be behind one of those three closed doors. Annie says to her son, "Bruce, go sweep up around out front and then come back here when you're done." The boy doesn't take his eyes off of me as he walks over to one of the closed doors. He opens it and pulls out a broom and dustpan. He stares at me as he walks back out to the front part of the shop.

A moment later one of the other doors opens, and another woman comes out of what I can now see is a bathroom. She gasps when she sees my naked body. Annie says, "Hello, Mrs. Sutherland, please don't mind us. Just go out front and have a seat. Sylvia will be with you shortly." The woman just nods and heads quickly towards the main door.

I then realize that I didn't bring my purse or towel with me into this back area. In a panic, I say urgently, "Annie, I forgot my towel and purse. I need to go back out front and get them. I think they're on the chair." I pull loose from her hold and take a step towards the door.

"Wait, Pat. Don't worry about it. I'll have Bruce get them." And she opens the door herself and yells at her son, who quickly reappears in the room. His eyes are all over me again while his mother says, "Pat left some stuff on her chair in the waiting room. Her purse. And a towel? Is that right, Pat? A towel?"

"Yes, that's right. Thank you." At least I don't have to go back out front again.

The boy disappears back through door, and Annie says, "A towel? I've got plenty of towels here. Why did you bring one?"

I blush and answer, "Cassie, doesn't want me to make a mess on your chairs, and so she gave me a towel to sit on."

I then notice that the third door along the back of this room has the word "Office" on it. And so I'm confused where this private styling chair is located. There is a fourth door, but it is obviously an external door, and I don't think she would do my hair outside somewhere. I glance around again, but I'm confused.

Annie sees the confusion in my face, but she continues about the towel, "Okay, Pat, I understand why you need your towel, but I'm happy to let you use one of ours while you're here. Now, let's get you settled in the chair, and you can tell me all about what's going on with you."

She takes my arm again and guides me around a partition that I had not noticed. It's about 6 feet high, and it separates off an area from the rest of the break room. It's open at each end - no door, no curtain. I had walked right past it while entering this room without seeing the chair and this area. I must have been distracted while I was coming into this room.

Anyway, the chair is sort of a recliner, and Annie lays a towel over the spot where my bare butt will be resting. She says, "Please, have a seat, Pat."

Just as I'm straddling the chair to sit down, Bruce returns with my purse and towel. My legs are wide open, and he stares at my wide-spread pussy lips and stammers, "Uhhh, M-m-mom, here's-s-s her st-stuff." I quickly get my butt into position and close my legs.

Annie says, "Thanks, honey. Now go out front and get sweeping."

He replies still stammering, "Uhh, okay. B-b-but I n-need to use the ba-ba-bathr-r-room first."

His mother says, "Fine." And he disappears into the restroom, and I wonder what he's really going to be doing in there.

Annie adjusts the chair so that I'm almost laid out horizontally and then she cranks it up so that it's at working height for her. I want to put my hands in my lap or across my breasts, but I know that's not allowed, and I just rest them at my sides.

I look up at her, and I can see excitement in her eyes as she says, "Okay, Pat. It's just you and your friend, Annie, now. Please tell me what's going on. Where are your clothes?"

I take in a deep breath which makes my boobs heave, and she giggles slightly. "Umm, I'm sort of in the process of becoming a nudist. I guess it was sort of Cassie's idea, but I love her so much, I'm going to do it for her. I'm not allowed to wear clothes this weekend."

Annie's eyes continue to twinkle with excitement, but she asks, "So, is Cassie a nudist, too?"

"Oh, no. Not her. Just me."

"So, you don't wear clothes to work anymore?"

"Uhh, not exactly. Uhh, I mean, sort of. Uhh, uhh, sorry. Let me explain. I've asked permission to come to work naked, but that request is still pending approval. In the meantime, Cassie lets me wear a T-shirt to work."

"A T-shirt? Only a T-shirt?" I just nod. She continues, "No jeans or shoes. What about underwear?" I just shake my head. "And if your request if approved, you'll start going to work totally naked?"

I mumble, "Yeah, that's right."

"And what about outside of work? At home? Like shopping, eating in a restaurant, walking in the park? Like having your hair done in a salon?"

"I guess that's already started, because the only clothes I've worn for the last week are the T-shirts at work. Cassie calls this a transition phase on the way to being a full-time nudist."

"Pat, sweetie, you don't seem all that thrilled about it. Your body language is saying that you'd rather have some clothes on."

My eyes start to water and I reply, "Umm, I guess that's right, because it's really embarrassing. But I love Cassie so much, and I want to make her happy. I'll just have to get used to it, because it has really just barely started."

There's an uneasy pause, and I continue, "Anyway, Annie, please get started on my hair, because we're kind of squeezed for time this morning. Cassie suggested that you call her to find out what she wants done with my hair."

"Okay, what's her number?" I give it to her and she keys it into her cell phone. As it's ringing, she says, "I'm going to put this on speaker, so that we're all on the same page."

My lover answers the phone, "Hi, Annie. This is Cassie."

"Hey, Cassie. I've got your gorgeous girl here, and we need to decide about what to do with her hair today. I've got this on speaker phone, so she can hear you. I understand we're a bit short on time. Do you have a suggestion?"

"Well, my eventual goal is for her hair to come down to the top of her butt crack. We've got a long way to go for that, and so I don't want you to trim too much, if anything. I think her current 'do' is a bit flat and bland. So, can you do something that keeps it long, but with a bit more pizzazz? We've got an event this afternoon, and she needs to look good - all over, if you know what I mean."

"Hmmm. How about soft curls with a flat iron? Do you know what I'm talking about? I can do that quickly."

"Hang on, let me Google that." She pauses for only a few seconds. "Yeah, that looks nice. And make sure it trails down her back like I see in this photo. I don't want her hair covering her pretty boobs."

"Got it. Now, is there anything else you want me to do? I don't think her nips need any makeup; they're a naturally pretty deep brown. How about some lipstick on her lower lips or maybe a trim on her pubes? That's a neat design, and we want to keep it that way."

My lover reacts quickly, "Whoa. I told her to tell you not to touch her triangles."

"Sorry, Cassie, but I didn't know."

My lover says sternly, "Pet, didn't you give her my instructions?"

I haven't forgotten, but Annie and I just haven't discussed that yet. But my lover is angry with me, and I'm not sure what to say. "Uhh, Ma'am, I'm sorry. I was going to, but we haven't gotten that far yet."

"Not good enough, Pet. You should have done that first thing. You and I will have a little talk about it tonight."

Softly I say, "Yes, Ma'am. Sorry, Ma'am."

My lover says, "Annie. Here's what Pet should have told you. You are not to touch the pubic triangles; those belong to me to trim and shape the way I want them. It's a private kind of thing between us. However, as I said, she's got an event this afternoon where everything will be on display. So, I want you to check her legs and armpits to see if there is any stubble that you think needs removing. Also, there are some hairs way underneath on her pussy lips and near her asshole. I definitely want those cleaned up."

Annie replies, "Okay, Cassie, you're the boss. But stay on the phone for a minute while I check to see what you're talking about."


Annie says to me, "Pat, spread your legs for me. Let me look over the area."

I blush, but I do as I'm told. Annie looks in closely at my spread vaginal lips. But my lover interrupts saying, "Annie, it's best viewed from behind with her bent over."

The stylist replies, "Good idea, Cassie. Pat, get up and bend over the arm of the chair. I'll adjust the height so I get the best view."

I'm blushing a deep red as I climb out of the chair and bend over like she said. Just at that instant, her son comes out of the bathroom and looks around the corner of the partition. He has a perfect rear view of me while his mother adjusts the chair height. After a few moments, he comes farther into the room and takes a position where he can now see my boobs hanging over the arm of the chair. I expect his mother to tell him to leave, but she is intent on looking at my pussy and asshole. I feel her gently stroking my private lips searching for the stray hairs.

Annie says, "Ah, there they are. I felt them first, and now I see them. Stay right there, Pat. Let me talk with Cassie again."

I remain bent over the chair while Annie says, "Cassie, thanks for the instructions. Anything else you want me to do while she's here?"

"While she's bent over, I want you to give her four hard swats on her ass. This will be her discipline for not giving you the instructions earlier. Otherwise, nothing else. Just do her hair and the little bit of shaving. I'm going to hang up now and get dressed for the event myself. Pet, hurry home. We need to leave here by 11:15."

From my bent over position, I say, "Yes, Ma'am. I'll be there. Bye-bye."

Annie turns off her phone, and I hear her opening a drawer behind me. I glance over, and I see that Bruce is still standing there watching the whole procedure. There's a whirring sound, and a moment later, I feel the warm shaving cream being applied over my cunt and asshole. Then, I feel her gently shaving my pussy lips and circling my anus.

She then wipes my ass and crease with a warm wet towel. That actually feels very nice, but a moment later, she spanks me very hard four times, just as my lover ordered. I want to reach back and rub my throbbing ass, but I remain in the bent over position. I'm starting to cry, not so much from my sore ass, but more for the humiliation of being disciplined in the nude by someone other than my lover - and in front of a teenage boy.

I glance at the boy, and I see that he's got a bulge showing in his jeans. He's fidgeting around trying to get his hard-on positioned in his pants. Then, he gasps and runs back to the bathroom. Annie just giggles knowing what's happening with her son.

Annie pulls on my shoulder urging me to stand up. Her eyes are still full of devilish excitement, but she pulls me into a hug and says, "Sorry, Pat. I'm just doing what Cassie told me to do." The hug and the apology feel pretty insincere to me, but I know that's what my lover wanted her to do.

Annie pulls away and says, "Okay, Pat. We did the stray hairs underneath, but I need to look you over for other spots to shave." I wipe my eyes with my hand and just nod as she kneels down in front of me and starts inspecting my legs. She taps the inside of my thigh to get me to spread farther apart. Starting from the top, only an inch or so from my pussy, she gently drags her fingernails down a little ways on the front of my right leg; then down the outside, and next on the inside near to my pussy. She repeats this on the left leg, and slowly works her way down both legs to my ankles. Then, she turns me around. Starting just below my right butt cheek, she repeats the fingernail test all the way down my right leg and then she goes onto the left leg. Before she stands up, she gives my left butt cheek an unnecessary squeeze. She turns me back so that I'm facing her, and she reports, "Legs are good. Let me check your underarms."

Without being told, I raise both of my arms up in the air. She uses a single fingernail to test under my left arm; I have to stifle a laugh because it tickles. Then the right arm pit. But she goes back to the left one and repeats the procedure. "We need to do these. Lie back in the chair, and I'll shave them for you."

I carefully position my butt back over the towel and lie down as she said. And I put my hands behind my head as she gets some more heated foam from the machine. She starts with my right side, carefully spreading the shaving cream on the sensitive area. "Hold still, Pat. I don't want any nicks." And she slowly runs the sharp razor over the arm pit. A few more touch-up strokes, and then she does my left side.

After she uses a heated towel to rise and dry me, she takes my hands and moves them down to my sides. And then for some unknown reason, she spreads my feet wide apart on the reclining chair; this also spreads open my pussy lips quite a bit.

She's just about to say something when her son comes out of the bathroom and stands at the foot of the chair. Once again, he has a clear view of my open cunt. He stares down at me but says to his mother, "Okay, Mom. What do you want me to do?"

"As I told you, honey, use the broom and dry mop to sweep up the hair out front. When you're done, come back here."

He continues to look down at me; his gaze has shifted from my pussy to my breasts. He hesitates a moment and says, "Sure, Mom." He hesitates some more, but then he reluctantly leaves and returns to the front of the shop.

She says, "Okay, Pat. I'm going to tilt the chair up so I can start working on your hair." She pulls up on the lever and brings me up to a sitting position. I involuntarily close my legs as I get myself resettled into position. She says, "Tut, tut, Pet. You know Cassie wants your legs apart."

Did she just call me "Pet"? That's what it sounded like, but I'm not sure. And I sure didn't hear my lover say anything on the phone about keeping my legs spread. And I don't see why I have to have my feet raised in this semi-reclining position, much less spread apart. But I do it anyway.

"Normally, I'd drape a cape over your body while doing your hair, but since you're a nudist now, I don't think you're permitted to wear even a hair cape. Anyway, there's not much moisture involved in doing the soft curls, and I'll just use the blower on you when I'm done."

She drapes my hair over the back of the chair and begins working on it with an almost flat curling iron. She says, "So, Pat, what's this event you two are going to this afternoon?"

She has pronounced my name slightly differently again. This time it sounded more like "Pat" than "Pet", but it was indistinct both times. I'm probably just being paranoid here, but I don't like anyone except my lover calling me "Pet".

But I answer her question, "Umm, it's a luncheon, and after the meal, Cassie is giving a technical presentation to some of our customers from work. Umm, I am, uhh, helping with serving during lunch."

"Are you going to be nude while serving?"

I whisper, "Yes."

"The whole time? Totally nude?"

I blush, "Uh-huh."

"So, this is work related?"

"Yeah, some customers from overseas."

"But I thought you said that you still wear some minimal clothes to work. Why will you be completely naked this afternoon?"

She's got a good point; I had not thought of that. "I don't know, Annie. I'm just doing what they are telling me to do."

"I think I heard Cassie say she was getting dressed. So, you'll be the only naked one?"

"Yes." I can feel my face filling with a dark red blush.

"So, you're sort of providing entertainment for the event by being a naked food server. Right?"

"Yeah, I guess you could say that."

"Any other entertainment?" she asks with an emphasis on "entertainment".

I hesitate a moment, and I'm just about to answer when she continues, "Oh, come on, Pat. You know what I mean."

I give her an angry look and answer coldly, "No, of course not. Just serving the meal."

I wish she would shut up, but she goes on, "What about later today, after the event? And tomorrow, which is Sunday? Will you be wearing clothes then?"

I bite my lip as I answer, "No. I'm not allowed to wear clothes this weekend."

She persists, "What are you going to be doing afterwards and tomorrow? Will you be out in public? Oh, what about church service on Sunday?"

"No, we don't go to church, and I'm not sure what Cassie has planned. I think she wants me to do some gardening, and we usually go out for Sunday brunch."

"Ahh, a naked brunch. That will be exciting, won't it?"

"I guess. I did it last weekend, and it was really embarrassing."

"Ahh, so you're not a complete rookie nudist?"

I whisper, "No."

Thankfully, she stops asking all these awkward questions, and the next few minutes pass quietly as she continues working on my hair.

The door from the front area opens, and a lady walks through. She stops when she looks off to the side and sees me lying there naked. Her mouth drops open, but she quickly closes it and says, "Oh, now I see what all the chit-chat out front is about. I heard a lot of snickering and buzzing as I hurried by, but I all I could make out were a few words like 'slut', 'pubes', and 'boobies'. What's going on, Annie?"

"Good morning, Sylvia. You're late. There's a customer waiting for you."

"Sorry. I'll put away my things and get right back out there. But what's the deal?"

My legs closed just an inch or two when I saw this woman, but I consciously spread them out again hoping that Annie will not notice.

"She's a nudist, and she's a customer. Show her some respect. Now, hurry up." That seems hypocritical of her, because she hasn't shown me much respect since I've been here.

Sylvia replies, "Okay, okay. Again I'm sorry I'm late, but hubby's car broke down, and I had to go . . ."

Annie interrupts, "All right. We'll talk about it later." I hear a locker open and shut followed by the bathroom door slamming shut.

Annie resumes working on my hair and our silence continues. Sylvia comes out of the bathroom and pauses to look at me before she goes out front to her station.

The minutes pass by slowly as Annie curls my hair. She also clips a little bit off the front part; some of the small bits of hair fall on my bare shoulders. Then the door opens again. What is this Grand Central station or something? I thought this was supposed to be a private area!

The teenage boy comes through with his dry mop, broom, and dustpan. He steps right in front of me and looks down at my naked front. His eyes rise from my pussy to my boobs to my eyes, and I see him smirk. "Okay, Mom, all done up front. Should I do around this chair, too?"

"Yep. There's only a little bit, but go ahead and work here, while I finish up with this one."

So, I'm now a "this one" to her! I bite my lip again as tears well up in my eyes.

Her son slowly drags the big mop around the chair including under my feet where no hair at all has fallen. He uses the broom to sweep the few clippings into the dustpan. At that moment, a blast of warm air blows over my bare chest and shoulders. Annie says, "Sorry, son. Mop around the area again to get what I just blew off of her." I just sit there open-legged while he repeats his cleaning around my chair. Finally, he finishes and disappears around the partition.

Annie says, "Okay, Pat. Let me show you what I've done." And she holds up a mirror in front of me so I can see my hair in the big mirror behind me. Wow, it looks really nice! In spite of being truly embarrassed, I'm impressed with the way I look.

She takes my hand and leads me from the chair, around the partition, and in front of a very tall mirror. I can now see my totally nude body with Annie standing behind me. She says, "The only clipping I did was on the edges where your hair was falling down the front. Cassie doesn't want it growing long enough to hide your pretty tits. We'll keep it this length in your future visits." Then, she turns me around and holds up a mirror so I can see my long hair against my bare backside. Again, I'm impressed with how nice it looks, but I sure wish it were falling against a pretty blouse rather than my bare skin.

"Thanks, Annie. It looks nice."

"Okay, let's go out front, and I'll ring you up. It'll be $65 this time."

I only partially stifle a gasp. That's the most I've ever paid for my hair, and it was the most uncomfortable and embarrassing visit ever. But I just nod and follow her back through the door carrying my purse and my towel.

All activity and talking stops when I appear and follow Annie to the cash register. I hand her four $20 bills and glance up at her. She's frowning and her hand is still out. I pull another $5 bill from my purse and put it in her hand; she nods but does not smile.

But she does say, "Thank you, Pet. Please come again." And once more, I'm pretty sure she has called me "Pet", but she has slurred the "a" just like my lover does.

I limply shake her hand, mumble "Good bye", and walk with my eyes down out of the shop. I fumble around to get my keys out of my purse, and step off the curb to my car which is parked right in front of the salon. I fumble some more trying to get the key into the door lock, and then I glance up at the shop. Everyone in there is still staring at me. The teenage boy is looking through the glass door with a big smile on his face. He waves at me as I finally get the door open and climb into my VW; for some reason, I wave back at him. Why did I do that anyway?

I'm relieved to be alone in the relative privacy of my car. But I'm still naked in a pretty public place. I need to get out of here, and I jam the key into the ignition and start up my VW. And I carefully start my naked drive back to my lover's place.

To be continued . . .

End of part 8

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