Show and Tell - and Then Show Some More
by Mr. Flip

Part 7

Author's note: This story was inspired by Lazerou's recent "My Very Own" story on this site. I intend for this story to have more of an ENF theme to it, but there is significant bondage and discipline involved in this part of the story.


Let me start with some background info that will set the stage for my continuing story.

My name is Patricia Schofield. I am a 27-year-old woman, and I'm deeply in love with another 27-year-old woman, Cassandra Campbell. We are very much alike physically, but polar opposites otherwise. We have a dominant/submissive relationship; she is the dominant, I am the submissive. Sex is a HUGE part of our relationship, and it goes well beyond the wonderful physical episodes in bed. For the last several months, she has required me to get completely undressed every time that I enter her townhouse and then remain naked there until I leave. And then, last Saturday, she displayed me naked and bound all day at a Show and Tell event followed by a naked trip to our favorite restaurant for Sunday brunch. I should point out that she remains clothed at home and on these trips out in public; I am the only naked one. I don't really mind being naked at her home, but I sure don't like being naked out in public. However, I reluctantly go along with it because I love her so much and because our sexual lovemaking is so wonderful.

We both work for a large software company; I am a secretary; she is a top-notch programmer. She has submitted a request to the company for me to come to work completely naked. That request is still pending, but in the interim, she dresses me in provocative clothing without any underwear - no panties, no brassiere.

She has nicknamed me "Pet", because it sort of fits my place in the relationship, and it is similar to "Pat" which is what other people call me. I am required to call her "Ma'am" or "Madam"; other people address her as "Cassie", but I never do.

The previous chapter ended this evening (Friday) after an embarrassing incident where I was spotted naked by some neighbors while I was getting wood to build a fire. The fire is now roaring, and the heat feels wonderful on my naked skin.

And now my story continues.

Passing of the Panties

While I was doing the fire and the vacuuming, my lover had picked up the T-shirt and her sewing kit. She quickly repaired the small tear in the shoulder seam. The shirt now looks as good as new. I'm a little bit surprised that she hadn't told me to repair it, but she likes to do 'crafty' type stuff like that.

She says, "Here, Pet, put this shirt on the bench with the other shirts." She tosses me the repaired shirt and continues, "And then bring over the panties that you're giving me. But not all at once; bring them in batches of six or so." I walk over to the entryway, fold the shirt neatly, and put it on the stack with the other shirts from Mrs. Harding. I pick up six pairs of panties that used to be mine and return to the living room.

I'm astonished to see her standing up and taking off her robe. She's wearing just the pair of pink panties that I helped her put on this morning. She says, "Pet, put those panties on the hearth, and then hang my robe on the hook in my closet. I won't be needing it for a while." I'm almost gawking at her beautiful almost nude body as I take the robe. I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but with her nearly as naked as me, I like my chances that something good is going to happen. I hurry down the hall to her bedroom, hang up the robe, and hurry back to the living room. She is standing in front of the fire with her hands up to soak in the heat.

"Pet, we're going to continue this morning's fitting of your underwear on me. And let me say how much I have enjoyed the feel of your ruffled pink panties on my pussy; I thought of you often today."

I blush, "Oh, I'm so glad that they make you happy." And that's the absolute, honest-to-God truth, but I'd sure like to have those wonderful panties back on my body.

She continues, "You're going to help me try on each of these pairs of panties, and when we get through with the panties, we'll do the brassieres. First, help me out of these panties."

My heart starts fluttering, because sliding off her panties is one of my all-time favorite activities. I kneel down in front of her, put my hands on the top edges of the panties, and look up at her. She smiles and nods, and I slowly peel the panties down. As the panties pass her pussy, I pause and give her bottom pubic triangle a quick kiss. I completely realize that I'm taking a chance at being so cheeky, but she doesn't complain; in fact, I detect a slight shiver in her body and I hear a very faint pleasurable moan. Then, I slide the panties the rest of the way down her gorgeous long legs. After she steps out of them, she is now just as totally naked as I am. I still have hold of the panties as they rest on the floor, and as I look back up at her face waiting for her next instruction, I can't help but notice her stiffened nipples.

She says, "Fold them nicely and put them off to the side, because they will need to be laundered." When I fold the pink panties, I can feel that the crotch is slightly damp; I'd like to bring it to my nose to take in the wonderful aroma, but that might be pushing my cheekiness a bit too far, and so, I just put the panties on the opposite side of hearth.

She then says, "Uh, Pet, go get the box of Kleenex." I hurry into the guest bathroom and get the box of tissues. When I get back to her, I hand the box to her and she pulls out a handful of tissues. But then she pauses, smiles at me, and says, "Pet, why don't you do the honors?" And she gives me the handful of Kleenex. For an instant, I'm slightly puzzled, but then I realize that she wants me to wipe her pussy. I almost giggle with glee as I watch her spread her legs. I reach in with the tissues and wipe her crease gently several times. She shudders a little bit and says, "Do your own, too, Pet. I don't want any new spots on the rug."

Now, I giggle out loud and say, "Yes, Ma'am." And using the same batch of tissues, I wipe my own pussy several times. But I'm not sure how much good it will do, because I am a real "juicer", and it won't be long until I'm wet again. My lover says, "Keep the box nearby, Pet. I'm sure we will need it some more this evening." I set the box on the hearth within easy reach. And we both giggle.

A moment later, she says, "Actually, Pet, there is another pair of panties over there that we don't want to forget. They're the panties you were wearing last Saturday. When you stripped that morning, you put them on the bench with your blouse and slacks. There's a bra over there with them, too. Bring the panties over here, and we'll do them first. Put the bra on the bench with the other bras, and I'll try it on later."

I hurry back to the entryway and find the stack of Saturday clothes. The panties and bra are folded nicely and are under the blouse. The panties are bikini style, seamless in a light tan color. The bra is a demi style, in a slightly darker tan color. I put the bra next to the array of other bras on the bench. I return with the panties.

She says, "Good. Hold them open for me to step into them."

I spread them open for her near her bare feet. She steps into them, and I excitedly slide them up her legs and over her pussy. I run my fingers around the top elastic stitching and smooth the fabric gently on her mound and her butt. I'm still on my knees as I lean back and look at her.

I sit silently while she runs her hands over the panties. She says, "Pet, there's that standing dressing mirror in my bedroom. Bring it in here so that I can look myself over and still feel with the warmth of the fire."

I get up to my feet and say, "Yes, Ma'am." And I hurry off to the bedroom. The mirror is surprising light for its size, but even after I fold up the legs it is awkward to carry. But I shuffle along and maneuver it through the door into the hallway and out to the living room. I set it up next to her. I stand off to the side behind her as she looks herself over. I can't help but notice that her nips have stiffened even harder.

She makes a few tiny adjustments to the panties and says, "Okay, Pet. These are good. They fit perfectly, just as I suspected. Take them off and put them with the pink ruffled ones because they both need to be laundered."

I eagerly return to my knees and slide the panties down her legs. Oh, what fun!

I carefully fold the tan panties and put them on top of the pink ones. I hesitate for just a moment and glance at her. She nods her head, and I pick up the top pair of panties on the stack from the bench. They are also bikini style, but they are bright white. These are one of the last pairs that I wore before she told me not to wear panties anymore. And they were one of the three pairs that I laundered yesterday.

I slide them onto her and smooth them out. We both look them over in the mirror, and she approves. I take them off and she says, "Those are clean, right?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I just washed them yesterday afternoon."

"Okay, start a new pile of 'keepers' that don't need to be laundered." I put them on the hearth a little ways away from the first two pairs.

The next pair is dark blue with a cluster of very small white dots near the pussy. And they are labeled "briefs" and are slightly bigger than the bikinis. These are also some that I wore recently and laundered yesterday. I slide them up her long legs and over her pussy and butt. She models them while looking in the mirror. She approves. I take them off and add them to the "keeper" stack.

The next ones are lace hiphugger style, cut a little higher in the back. They are flesh tone, and the label is "nude". These are the other pair that I cleaned yesterday. After I put them on her, we look them over in the mirror. Her pubic triangles are very visible through the lace fabric. Again, she approves. They also go on the "keeper" stack.

We continue going through the panties. Black bikini, yellow briefs with lace trim, textured white bikini, polka dot panty thong, a pink striped pair that Victoria Secret calls "cheekinis", etc.

As I put a pair of pink cheekies with white lace trim on the keeper stack, she says, "Are you wet, Pet?"

I nod and answer meekly, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Did it get on the rug?"

"No, Ma'am. Not yet. But it's dribbling down my thigh."

"Get some Kleenex quick, and clean yourself." She pauses for a moment and with a sly smile, adds, "And do me, too, Pet."

I grab a handful of tissues from the box, stand up, and wipe myself clean between my legs. I toss the damp tissues in the nearby wastebasket. Then, I grab another handful and wipe my lover's pussy gently. She moans quietly as I toss the tissues away.

I'm breathing hard as I pick up the next pair from the stack - light grey hiphuggers with the word "LOVE" across the butt in pink. And we continue with more panties. They all go on the keeper stack.

I blush as we get to four pairs in a row that are all the same, plain white, full size - no sex appeal at all. She raises an eyebrow as she looks at herself wearing them; she says, "What's the story, Pet? These don't seem like you at all."

"Sorry, Ma'am, but uh, uh . . . These are the ones I wear during my period. They hold the maxi pads perfectly. They're practical even though they don't look as nice as the others." As she is looking herself over, I wonder what I am going to do when my next period comes in about 10 days; I won't be wearing any panties to hold the pad. I'd like to ask her about it, but I know that now is not the time.

She frowns and says, "Well, okay, Pet. I guess they're okay. But put them in a different stack. Just hand me the other three pairs, and I'll look them over." I slide the big panties off and set them aside to start a new pile. I pick up the three identical pairs and hand them all to her. She looks over the first pair and tosses it to me; same with the second. But on the third pair, she says, "What's this, Pet?" And she shows me small hole near the upper right side hem.

I blush again and say, "Sorry, Ma'am."

"So, you've been wearing these even though they have a hole in them?" I nod silently. She goes on, "I'm very disappointed in you, Pet. I should put you over my knee and paddle you. But I can see that your ass is already a bright red, and it can't take any more tonight. Consider yourself very lucky, young lady."

Her scolding is making my eyes water, and I whisper, "Thank you, Ma'am. And I'm sorry, Ma'am. I'll do better in the future." As soon as I say that, I remember that I won't be wearing panties any more. I just bite my lower lip and keep quiet.

I expect her to continue to chastise me, but she just says, "Start a new pile. We'll call it the 'Not Acceptable' pile. Get me the next pair."

I hope I can remember what each of these piles means - keepers, not acceptable, period panties, needs laundering. The keepers pile is easy, and to me it's the most important one.

And so we go through the last six pairs of panties. Red thong, tiger pattern boy shorts, yellow bikini, light green polka dot briefs, black lace hiphuggers, and purple bikini with white dots and white trim. All of them go on the keeper pile.

As I put the last pair of panties on the pile, I break out crying. My lover asks, "Oh, Pet, what's the matter?"

I blubber, "Oh, Ma'am, I'm sor-r-ry, but I like my p-p-panties. And now I d-don't have th-th-them an-an-anymore."

As I kneel at her feet, she strokes my hair and says, "Oh, I know, Pet, sweetie, I know. But you know that you're not allowed to wear panties any longer. And this way they will be put to a good use. I will be ecstatic every time I wear them. And you'll be happy that I'm so happy, won't you?"

She said this as if there is a city ordinance or a doctor's order requiring me to not wear panties when in fact, she is the person prohibiting it. I reach over and grab a tissue from the box, wipe my eyes, and answer, "Yes, Madam, I really want you to be happy." I am just about to ask her to re-consider and let me keep the panties, but I catch myself. I simply drop my head and say nothing, because if I continue talking, it will sound like I'm arguing with her, and that is not allowed.

Up in Smoke

She then exclaims, "Oh, Pet, look at the time. It's already 8 o'clock, and we've still got to do the brassieres. Bring over a few of the bras, and let's get started."

I'm still sniffling as I get up from my knees and go into the entryway. I pick up six nicely folded bras including the tan one from Saturday and bring them back to the living room. As I dry my tears with another Kleenex, I notice that my lover has remained naked; she hasn't put on a pair of panties or anything else to cover her lower body - and that is certainly fine with me. I smile at her as I hand her the first bra.

But she doesn't take it from me. She says, "We tried the pink one this morning, but it didn't fit me very well. Go get it, and we'll put it on the not-acceptable pile." I trudge back to the vestibule and get the pink bra. She points to the pile that has only the one pair of white panties, and I put the folded bra on top.

"Okay, let's get started. Let's do the Saturday bra first. It's the tan one, right?"

"Yes, Ma'am." I unfold that bra which is the top one on the stack, and I hold it out in front of her. She sticks her arms through the strap openings and together we fit the cups around her full boobs. And I step around behind her and attach the hooks. She makes some more adjustments on her own as I watch, and she says, "Yes, this one fits me okay. But it needs laundering. So put it on the stack with the two panties and you'll be sure to launder it for me before I wear it. Understand?"

"Of course, Ma'am."

"Okay, Pet. Let's do that white lace one now."

I hold it out for her and help her settle her breasts into the cups. She does some adjusting on her own, but after half a minute or so of fiddling, she says, "Oh, Pet, this just doesn't fit me quite right. I'm sorry, but it has to go on the unacceptable pile."

So, I unhook it in back and slip the straps off of her shoulders. And after carefully folding the bra, I put it down on the hearth with the pink one and the plain white panties.

I was not really surprised this would happen. Even though both my lover and I measure out at 34C, our boobs are slightly different. Mine are a tiny bit fuller and rounder, and her nips are a tiny bit higher with slightly bigger areolas. I guess you could say that I'm a "34C+" and she's a "34C-". It really shouldn't make any difference; in fact, I've worn a couple of her bras over the last year, and I could feel the difference, but the tighter fit didn't really bother me. But my lover is very particular about the fit of her brassieres.

I pick up the next one from the short stack and show it to her. It's a lacy black bra, and I always feel really sexy when I wear it, because it has a nice tight feel to it and it creates nice cleavage under a partially-open blouse. Since it is one of my smaller bras, I'm hoping that it will fit my lover's slightly smaller breasts. And that happens to be the case; it fits her nicely when I attach the second set of hooks in back. She looks really sexy herself in it especially since that is the only thing she is wearing as she looks at herself in the mirror. She says, "This is a good one, Pet. Put it on the keeper stack."

And the bra fitting goes on for the next half hour. And unfortunately, that black bra is one of only 6 that fit her okay. As I said, this doesn't surprise me, because my lover is so particular about how a brassiere must fit. The other thing she is finicky about is shoes; she has dozens of shoes in her closet, but she only wears a few of them, because the others just don't fit her quite right.

But unlike shoes, she doesn't have any ill-fitting bras in her drawers. The reason is that she goes to a professional bra fitter whenever she needs to buy new brassieres. I have gone along with her a few times, and I've watched Mrs. Munroe help her find just the right garments to fit her boobs. One time we were there, my lover told me to get undressed so that Munroe could measure and fit me, too. Strangely, my lover told me to get completely undressed even though only my upper body was being measured and fitted. Munroe said that complete nudity was not required, but my lover (who looked so sexy topless but still wearing her tight jeans) said that she wanted me nude. And since it was my lover's wish, that's what I did. This was a few months ago before my public nudity started, and being naked in front of this other woman was "small potatoes" compared to the prolonged nakedness I endured last weekend, but that day at the bra fitting I was really embarrassed. Mrs. Munroe just shook her head when she saw my nicely coifed pubic triangles; she smirked, but didn't say anything. However, I did get three nice new bras out of the fitting including a wonderful dark purple brassiere that went nicely with the purple panties with the white polka dots.

And now back to the present, those three nice bras are sitting in the not-acceptable pile on the hearth, because they don't meet my lover's "tit-picky" or "nip-picky" requirements as Mrs. Munroe has said jokingly a few times. So, those three brassieres plus the other 17 non-fitting ones and that single pair of big panties make up the non-acceptable underwear pile.

I look at my beautiful sweetheart, and I'm wondering what to do now. But I see her shiver, and her pretty boobs jiggle oh, so enticingly. She says, "Pet, I'm cold. Get me my robe."

I jump up from my knees and hurry into her bedroom, grab her fluffy white robe, and scurry back to the living room. I hold the robe open for her, and she slips her arms into the sleeves. I sigh as she ties it off in front and her gorgeous naked body disappears from view. I'm about to return to my kneeling position next to the hearth, but she says, "Thanks, Pet, but I'm still cold. Please put some more wood on the fire."

We've almost used up all of the wood that I brought in earlier, but fortunately there are still a couple of nice logs, and that means I don't have to make another naked trip out to the little woodshed in the cold darkness. I put the two logs on the fire, and I use the metal poker and tongs to arrange them.

We both watch silently for a minute or so as the new wood catches fire. Then, my lover says, "Okay, Pet, since the local charities don't accept underwear donations, and since those bras and panties don't fit me, we don't need them any more. So, please add them to the fire, one piece at a time. Do the ugly panties first, and then the brassieres."

Oh, God! She wants me to burn my underwear. I know, I know, it's not mine any longer, but still. I hesitate for several seconds, and I feel the tears welling up in my eyes. My lover says in a frustrating tone, "Come on, Pet. We need to get this done so I can work on my speech."

A tear rolls down my cheek as I pick up the big plain white panties. I then slide the metal screen to the side and toss the panties into the fire. I give my lover a tearful, pleading look as I pick up the pretty dark purple bra that is on the top of the stack. I'm just about to throw it on the fire when she says, "Use the fire iron, Pet. It's that long poker tool. It's got a hook near the end. Drape the bra over the hook, and then drop it in the middle of the fire."

I'm biting my lip to avoid breaking out in a loud sob as I hang the pretty purple bra over the poker hook on the strap between the two cups. I look pleadingly at my lover again, but she just gives her head a quick upward nod as if to say "Get on with it." So, I reach the poker into the fireplace above the fire, give it a little shake, and watch as the lovely lacy garment falls into the fire. Not only did that bra cost me $60 just a few months ago, but it fit me so nicely and looked so sexy the only two times I wore it. And now in just an instant, it is permanently gone from my life!

The next bra is a plain white one. It is more utilitarian than the purple one, but it is kind of an old friend. I've had it for several years, and I think it cost only $10 or $12. But it worked just fine beneath a T-shirt or blouse that I wore to work. Tears are now streaming down my face as I drape the bra over the hook before sticking the poker into the fireplace. I give it a shake, but the bra straps now get tangled a little bit on the hook and around the left cup; I have to give the rod a hard shake to get it to drop into the fire.

And so it goes for the next several minutes. I look wistfully at each bra before adding it to the fire. I try to stop crying, but I just can't. The fire pops a couple of times along the way, and I have to quickly move my arm out of the way of the small flying embers; fortunately, none of those embers make it out to the rug - they all stay in the fireplace or on the hearth.

Finally, I'm down to the last two bras. The sexy lace white one is another that I bought from Mrs. Munroe; it was even more expensive than the purple one, about $75, and it also fit me perfectly and looked so sexy. I had worn it only three times, and now it is dropping off of the poker into the fire.

The last bra is my all-time favorite. It is the pink one that matches the pink ruffled panties that my lover wore to work today. We tried fitting this bra on her this morning, but she just wasn't happy with it, and I helped her put on one of her own white brassieres instead of this pink one. I've had this bra and matching panties for over two years, and I always relished the feel of them against my private parts. Now, I burst out crying loudly as I hang this special garment over the poker hook. I fall to my knees, and through my tears, I choke out, "Ohhh, M-m-ma'am, can I pl-pl-please keep this one. P-p-pleas-s-e."

She replies sternly, "No, Pet. It has to go."

"Ohh, M-m-madam, y-y-you c-could p-p-put it in the dr-dr-drawer with the others, and w-w-we, uhh, I mean, you could just not wear it."

"No, Pet. That would be too confusing, and it would waste space in my drawer. Now, come on, hurry up."

As I struggle back to my feet, I quickly wipe my eyes with the soft pink material of one of the bra cups. My lover sees this and yells, "Dammit, Pet, quit arguing with me. Do what you're told!" And I reluctantly thrust the poker and the attached pink bra into the fire. I leave the poker stuck in the fire and fall back to my knees bawling my eyes out. I lower my head and look down at my bare breasts, because I just cannot bear to watch this special piece of clothing go up in flames.

I continue to cry kneeling naked by the hearth. My lover gets up from her chair and comes over next to me; her fluffy white robe brushes against my bare body. She grabs the handle of the fire iron and pulls it out of the fire. Through my watery eyes, I see the remnants of the pink bra strap still clinging to the metal hook. My lover gives the poker several hard shakes to get the tangled material to fall into the fire. She hangs the poker back on the tool stand and closes the screen. She reaches down, firmly grasps my elbow, and yanks. She says tersely, "Get up." I scramble to my feet, but I'm still sobbing. She gives my bare bottom a single hard swat with her hand and leads me to the guest bathroom.

Late Night Visitor

As she lets go of my arm, I submissively sink to my knees on the hard tile floor; she didn't tell me to do that, I just do it automatically. Then, I feel her softly pat the top of my head, and she drops to her knees in front of me.

My lover says, "Oh, Pet, I love you so much."

I'm taken aback by the abrupt change in her attitude from just a moment ago when she seemed so angry. But I look at her beautiful face through my watery eyes and respond, "I love you, too, Ma'am."

She continues, "Sweetie, I understand that you are going through a difficult transition period right now." She pauses while I just silently nod my agreement. She goes on, "I am really trying to help guide you through it, because I know what is best for you." I just nod again. "So, you need to follow my orders without arguing or pushing back somehow. Do you understand?"

I sheepishly reply, "Yes, Ma'am." I want to tell her how difficult it is for me, but that would be "pushing back", and so I don't say anything more.

We look lovingly at each other for several seconds, and then she pulls me into a tight embrace with my head over her shoulder and my bare boobs pressed against her fluffy robe. Using her nose, she nudges my long hair back and kisses my neck, but she continues to hold me closely, and so I tighten my hug around her as well.

We hold each other like this for over a minute, but eventually, I feel her loosen her grip on me. So, I do the same, and we each sit back on our heels and look at each other. And my lover says, "Okay, honey, climb into the shower, but stay down on your knees and I'll turn on the water and give you your next instructions."

"Yes, Ma'am," I mumble as I clamber over the edge of the tub. I blush as I realize that doing this exposes my pussy and asshole to her close-up view. Once inside the tub, I kneel up facing the front and she pulls the curtain across the side of the tub. A moment later, I jump as the cold water splashes down on my head and over my body, but I hold my position.

My lover pulls the curtain back just a little bit and looks in at me. I'm shivering, but I look her directly in the eyes. She says, "Good girl, Pet. Here's what I want you to do. Take a shower being sure to clean yourself well, and you know what I mean by that. When you finish, use this aloe vera lotion on your butt. I can see your ass is still pretty red, and the lotion will help. Get your hair looking nice and put on a bit of makeup. When you're ready, get the collar and leash from your rope drawer. You know, the new collar we got for you last weekend at the Show and Tell show. Put it on, attach the leash in front, and come out to the dining room. I'm going to be at the table working on my technical presentation that I have to give tomorrow. Kneel next to me and hand me the leash. Don't say anything, because I don't want my train of thoughts interrupted while I'm working. Don't sit on your heels; kneel up smartly, knees well apart. Understand?"

The cold water is still cascading down my face and naked front, but I answer, "Yes, Madam, I understand." That's a lot of detail to remember, but I'm pretty sure I've got it all tucked away in my memory.

"Good girl. Now, get up on your feet, take your shower, and hurry." And she closes the curtain and leaves the room.

I clutch the grab bar and pull myself to my feet. The water has warmed up, but just slightly, and so I adjust the faucets so that I'm more comfortable. I'm a little uneasy about this, because my lover has not told me that I can use any more hot water, but it was just too cold before.

I step completely under the shower and now my long hair is drenched. I sigh, because I know it's going to take me a while to dry it and to "get my hair looking nice" as she instructed. But the warmer water feels oh so good washing over my body; I turn several times so that my entire body is treated to this luxurious feeling. But I can't lollygag too much; I've got to get back out to the dining room as soon as I can.

I quickly wash myself with the nice oatmeal soap, and I use a little bit of shampoo on my hair. Before turning off the water, I carefully wash my crease several times.

Drying my body goes quickly, and I quickly rub some aloe vera lotion onto my butt while it is still slightly damp. Oh how I love the scent of that lotion; I'd like to rub it over the rest of my body, but my lover didn't tell me to do that.

But drying my hair is a different story. I run a towel through it quickly and then work in some gel before using the hair dryer. It takes me about 10 minutes to get it dry and styled appropriately. Then a few touches of rouge and lipstick on my face. I don't do my nipples or pussy lips, because that was not part of her instructions. I'd like to pee, but again she didn't tell me I could do that.

One last lookover in the mirror, and then I head for the guest room. The "rope" drawer is the bottom drawer of the dresser. Even though I've been in this drawer many times, I still shudder when I see the many "toys". Handcuffs, gags, hobble chains, butt plugs, nipple clamps, several ropes of various thicknesses and lengths, and a blindfold. There are also a few scarfs and neckties that have never been used as clothing accessories - only as restraints of some sort. And down in one corner are several clothespins. But tonight I'm only interested in the collars and leashes. These are on top, because we had used them just last Saturday at the Show and Tell event.

My lover told me to put on my new collar, and so I take it and its leash out of the drawer. The collar is a 3" wide red leather bulldog collar with pointed square steel buds around it. Since it wasn't quite long enough to go around my neck, Ralph (the man who made it) added some extender bars in back to make it fit me just right.

I have not yet put this on by myself, and so I'm a bit unsure how the clasp works in back with the bars, but I figure it out. With the collar in place, I step over in front of the mirror and hook the leash to the ring on the front. I sigh as I submissively drape the leash in my mouth and walk back out to the dining room.

My lover looks up briefly from her work and smiles at me. She doesn't say anything, but she does pat her left thigh as an indication of where she wants me to kneel. I take my position next to her chair, kneeling up (i.e. my butt is not resting on my heels) and my hands at my sides. She takes the leash from my mouth, dries the damp spot with a napkin, and loops the end of the leash over the high corner post on her chair.

All of this takes only a few moments, and she gives my right boob a tender squeeze and returns to her work. From my position, I can see that she is making PowerPoint slides on her laptop computer. I silently watch my brilliant lover type away. As she makes some tweaks to the title page, I see that it says "A JavaScript Implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication Using a NoSQL Database". I have no idea what any of that means, but I beam with pride knowing that my sweetie is so smart.

We continue in silence for several minutes, and then she says, "Negotiator. 'E-R' or 'O-R'?"

I smile at the seeming contradiction and reply, "O-R". I was just thinking how intelligent my lover is, and now her one little deficiency pops up. She has trouble with spelling sometimes. And even though I don't consider myself to be very bright, I am a good speller - better than my lover, in fact. I guess being an English major helped with that, but all the way back to grade school, I always got good grades on spelling tests.

She replies, "Thanks, Pet," and she continues with her typing. She says that she uses the computer's built-in spell checker, but if I'm nearby, she will ask me instead. I have a big smile on my face as we resume our silence. And I feel a tingle between my legs. Some of the strangest things turn me on!

A few minutes later, we are both startled when the doorbell rings. My lover says, "What the fuck! Who the hell is that at 10:30 at night?" After a pause, she adds, "Go answer the door, Pet."

But I must have whimpered or whined a tiny bit, because she angrily turns towards me, "Dammit, Pet. What did I say earlier about pushing back on me? Go get the door." And she unhooks the leash from my collar.

I really didn't realize that I made an audible response, but I must have, because I really don't want to answer the door naked again. I whisper, "Sorry, Ma'am" and I reluctantly get to my feet. As I pass by the right side of her chair, she gives my ass a hard swat.

As I approach the front door, I remind myself of the error I made earlier in the evening when I just flung the door open without checking who was there. I tentatively press my eye to the peephole in the door, and I see a friendly looking man smiling and waving his hand. I hear him say, "Hi, Cassie, it's me, Karl, your neighbor three houses down. There's a problem with . . ."

At this moment, my lover yells from the other room, "Who is it, Pet?" And I don't hear the rest of what the man said.

"A neighbor. I think he said his name is Karl."

"Oh, he's a good guy. Let him in."

And so for the second time in the last few hours, I open the door and give a strange man a close-up view of my naked body.

As the door swings open, the man says, "Hi, Cassie, I just . . ." But he stops in mid-sentence when he sees that it is me rather than my lover and that I am totally nude. I try to smile at him, but I'm biting my lower lip, and I'm sure that I'm giving him a very strange look.

He says, "Oh my! Do I have the wrong house? Cassie Campbell's?" He looks at the address number next to the doorbell button just to make sure.

I answer, "Yes, sir. This is Cassie's house. Please come in. She's right here."

"Oh, I can come back tomorrow. This doesn't look like a good time."

But as he begins to turn away, my lover yells from the dining room, "Hey, Karl. Please come in. Now is fine."

So, I open the door all the way and let the man in. After I close the door, I follow him through the entryway and into the living room. He seems to be looking at the stacks of T-shirts on the nearby bench near the front door and then at the piles of bras and panties on the hearth in the living room. He turns back and gives me a puzzled look. He tries to look me in the face, but his eyes slide down to my breasts and pussy. He seems to be as nearly embarrassed as I am.

He pauses for a moment as if he is still unsure about the situation, and so I gently put my hand on his back and usher him through the living room over to the dining room table where my lover is sitting. As the man approaches her, she stops typing and looks up at him.

She stands up and shakes his hand. "Hi, Karl. Welcome. Let me introduce my special friend, Pet. Pet, this is Karl Volsted from down the street." As usual, she says "Pet" in such a way that the other person thinks she's saying "Pat", but I know what she has really said.

I tentatively shake his hand and say, "Hello, Mr. Volsted. Nice to meet you."

He looks me over again briefly and says, "Hi, Pat. Please call me Karl."

I give my lover a questioning look, and after she gives me a slight nod, I look back at the balding middle-aged man and say, "Thanks, Karl."

The man looks back and forth between my lover and me, and stammers, "Uh, um, why is she . . . Is it your bedtime? Errr, I mean, what's going on . . ."

My lover says, "You want to know why Pet is naked?" He just nods and she goes on, "She's practicing to be a nudist. She's not allowed to wear clothes this weekend."

He stammers some more, "Oh, I see. Sorry, errr, I mean, I understand. I guess." He stops but the puzzled look remains on his face.

My lover says, "Anyway, it's perfectly fine. And thanks for stopping by, but something must be wrong, because it's pretty late."

His eyes have dropped again and he's looking at my groin and legs. But he turns to look at my lover and says, "Errr, sorry, uh, your front lights are flickering. You know, the two on either side of the garage door. Actually, one of them is completely burned out. The other one flickers; it comes on for a few seconds and then fades and goes off for several more seconds."

My lover scowls, "Oh, for heaven's sakes. Not again. I thought those sodium vapor lights would be such a good way to save energy, but they've been nothing but trouble since I installed them last year." In frustration, she puts her fisted hands on her hips, and this causes her white robe to fall open exposing most of her left boob including the nipple. The man notices this and then looks quickly away. My lover blushes and says, "Oh, Karl. Sorry about that." She swiftly pulls the robe back across her chest.

It appears that I am the only one of the three of us that realizes the irony of the situation. Here I am totally naked, but the two of them are more concerned because she very briefly exposed one of her breasts to his view.

There is an awkward moment when none of us say anything, and we're all kind of looking at the floor. Finally, my lover says, "Okay, thanks, Karl, for letting me know about those stupid outdoor lights." She turns to me and continues, "Pet, I'm really busy right now. So, you go replace those bulbs. You know how to do it, because we did it together just a couple of months ago."

I sheepishly say, "Tonight?"

She gives me that angry look again and says, "Yes, Pet. Tonight. Those lights are an important security measure, not just for us, but for my neighbors as well. You're testing my patience tonight. Just do what you're told." Then she smiles and adds, "Please." I think she added this last "please", because Karl is standing right there and heard her scolding me.

She turns back to Karl saying, "Thanks again, Karl. I've got to get back to work, and Pet has a project to do, so we will wish you a good night."

He hesitantly replies, "Um, Cassie, it's dark out there. Why don't I help Pat change those light bulbs?"

My lover smiles and answers, "That's a good idea, isn't it, Pet? Thanks, Karl, that will be a big help." And with that she sits back down at the table and returns to her work.

I look over at Karl and say, "Let's go out through the garage. We'll need the ladder, and I see that you have a flashlight." And I take a step towards the garage.

"Um, errr, Pat, it's cold out there as well as dark. You'll need a coat and some shoes, at least," he says.

I shake my head and I'm just about to say something, but my lover has overheard this, and she cuts in curtly without even looking up from her computer, "Nope. She's not allowed any clothes this weekend."

I can sense that he is about to complain, but I look at him and silently shake my head. And we walk through the kitchen and out to the garage where I turn on the overhead lights and open the big garage door. With those lights and the wide open door, I am now sort of on a fully lit stage completely naked for any other passers-by to see me. It's embarrassing enough that Karl is seeing me like this, but there may well be some other late-night walkers who will see my naked body as well.

I say, "Come on, Karl, let's get this done. The new bulbs are right here. And I'll turn off the switch for those outside lights. Can you get the ladder?" I point to the aluminum step ladder on the other side of the garage near my lover's BMW. He just nods and I add, "Be careful not to scratch her nice car." I blush a little bit, because of my take-charge attitude, which is very unlike my usual submissive nature. I don't think he noticed the blush, because again he's looking at my lower half.

The switch for the lights is next to the big garage door. It's a fancy one with a timer on it, but fortunately there is an easy way to override the timer and shut off the power to those lights. After I flip that switch, the flickering light turns completely off, and now I watch Karl maneuver the ladder around her car. It's a tight fit, but he gets it out without touching the car. I'd be in big trouble if her nice car got scratched. He positions the six-foot ladder beneath the burned out light.

He says, "Okay, Pat, I'm going to get up there and remove the old bulb. I'll hand it down to you, and you give me the new one. Okay?"

"Um, Karl, that fixture is a tricky one to open. It was especially designed and built for Cassie by a friend in her craft club. I know the trick to getting it open, and so I'm afraid that I'll have to go up the ladder. So, I'd like you to hold the ladder while I climb it."

"Well, Pat, if you say so. Here give me the new bulbs and I'll put them in my jacket pocket."

I hand him the oblong bulbs and then start my way up the ladder which is mostly in the dark away from the bright overhead lights in the garage. It's only a few steps up the ladder, but since it I am naked, cold, and barefoot, I proceed slowly. The ladder wiggles a little bit as my bare butt passes within a few inches of his face, but he steadies the ladder and I get to the next-to-top step. The darkness is a mixed blessing; on the one hand, it makes it difficult for me to locate the little knob that opens the light fixture, but on the other hand, it somewhat hides my nudity from his view below me. If it were daylight, he would have a perfect view up into my pussy.

"Karl, can you please shine your flashlight up here on the right side of the fixture? That's where the little knob is located, and I can't find it by just feeling around."

I'm surprised how bright his flashlight is when he turns it on, but it does the job, and I find the knob. But it also spotlights my boobs from the way that he has to aim the beam on the knob. So much for my nudity being hidden by the darkness!

I slide the knob and open the fixture door. The old bulb unscrews easily, and now I hand it down to Karl. I feel my breasts dangle beneath me as I bend down to give him the bulb. I know that he's looking at my hanging boobs as he gives me the new bulb, which I quickly screw into the socket.

I say, "Let's test this new bulb. There's a switch on the side of the timer unit just next to the door."

I have to brace myself against the outside wall, because he lets go of the ladder for just a moment to flip the switch. And then the new bulb comes to life. It takes a few seconds for it to get up to full brightness, and when it does, my naked body is flooded in light. I don't think anyone except Karl sees me, but if any of the neighbors are watching, they could now clearly see my nude body as I stand near the top of the ladder.

"Okay, turn it off, and let's do the other side", I tell him.

And we move the ladder to the other side and repeat the procedure replacing the flickering light with a new bulb. I climb down from the ladder, and the two of us stand there for a few seconds admiring our handy work. It's probably a strange sight - a somewhat overweight balding 50-year old man wearing a ski jacket and a totally naked, very pretty 27-year old woman looking up at the shining lights.

He carefully puts the ladder away, and then says, "Uh, Pat, I kind of asked Cassie this earlier, but I just have to ask again. What's going on here anyway? Why the nudity? And the collar?"

This catches me off guard, and I pause for a moment before answering. I'd actually forgotten that I'm wearing the dog collar; I guess with my embarrassment about my nudity, I'd just gotten used to the collar around my neck. I reply, "Umm, the collar is just a toy, sort of a fun thing." This is mostly a lie, but there is an element of truth to it, because it is certainly a fun thing as far as my lover is concerned.

Then, I continue, "Umm, for the rest of it, Karl, it's actually kind of a complicated situation. But I guess the short answer is that Cassie wants me to be a nudist, and since I love her so much, I'm willing to go along with it."

"So, you two are les. . . Um, sorry, I mean, you two are lovers." I just smile and nod. "Are you married to her?" My smile turns to a frown and I sadly shake my head.

"No, not now. I hope that happens, but it's really up to her."

He says, "Well, I wish you the best. To both of you. But now it's late, and so, I will bid you adieu. It was really nice to meet you, Pat." We shake hands and he walks off down the well-lighted driveway.

I turn back into the garage, and I close things up in there, turn off the lights, and lock the door, and then I head to the dining room, but I remember the front door isn't locked. And so I turn towards the entryway.

My lover says tersely, "Where are you going, Pet? Get back here."

"Ma'am, I need to lock the front door. I'll be there in a jiffy."

Her tone softens noticeably, "Good girl, Pet. Sorry I snapped at you."

I quickly flip the deadbolt lock on the front door and hurry back to the dining room. I sink to my knees next to her chair. She re-attaches the leash to my collar and kisses my forehead.

She cups my chin in her hand and looks me straight in the eyes, "Is it all fixed, Pet?"

"Yes, Ma'am, the outdoor lights are working again," I say proudly. I'd like to suggest to her that she replace those troublesome fixtures and bulbs, but I decide not to, because that might be presumptuous of me.

"Good. Now, I've still got a lot to do here. This is more work than I expected. You'll keep me company."

"Yes, Ma'am. Of course."

Late Night Loving

She gives my left tit a gentle twist and then returns to her PowerPoint slide construction. I'm feeling really good right now, because I have accomplished something important for her and because I'm kneeling so close to her.

I spend the next few minutes admiring the way my smart lover is working on the slides. I don't understand what the slides are saying, but I like the layout, border, and light cream color background that she is using. A very professional appearance.

She asks, "Field? 'I-E' or 'E-I'?"

"It's 'I-E', Ma'am," I reply proudly. 'I' before 'E' except after 'C'. I'd like to say that aloud to her, but I just smile broadly.

Without looking at me, she says, "Thanks, Pet", and she reaches back with her left hand and tweaks my right nipple sending a pleasurable shiver through me.

I kneel there happily for another 15 minutes or so continuing to watch her work away. As she starts a new PowerPoint slide, she pauses and says, "Stand up, Pet. I want to look at you." She gets up from her chair as well.

I slowly get up to my feet with the leash still hooked to my collar and the other end attached to her chair. I'm careful to make sure that I don't tip over her chair as the leash stretches to its full length.

She walks around behind me and then ducks under the leash as she returns to look at my bare front. She squats down and looks at my groin, and I'm ashamed when she plucks a small piece of a leaf out of my pubic hair. How could I have not checked myself down there before returning to my spot after the light bulb replacement?!? Is she going to punish me for that?

But she just silently drops it in the nearby waste basket. Then, I feel her brushing her hand on my thigh just above my right knee. She says disappointingly, "Oh, Pet, after being so nice and clean from your shower, you got yourself dirty again while doing those lights. I want you to go take another shower, and then we're going to have some fun."

My eyes light up with excitement realizing that we're going to make love, and I reply, "Oh, yes, Ma'am. Right away."

But I'm still connected to the leash, and I have to wait for her to undo me. However, instead of unhooking the leash, she pats my inner thigh, and I obediently spread my legs. She gently spreads my pussy lips, bends down, and peers up into me.

She giggles, "You're still clean down here, but oh my, Pet, your juices are running, aren't they?"

I blush and just say, "Yes, Ma'am."

She tweaks my clit and says, "That's the way I like my girl. Nice and juicy."

She stands and unhooks the leash from my collar saying, "Okay, Pet. I want you to clean yourself thoroughly. I know you're excited about what's to come, but please don't do a rush job. And don't get your hair wet, because it looks okay. But you should run a brush and comb through it just to make sure there isn't any debris in it like there was in your triangles." And now she unloops the leash from her chair, and hands it to me. "Put the collar and the leash in the rope drawer. And then take your shower in the guest bath. When you're finished, kneel next to my bed." She gives my sore ass a gentle squeeze and a light push, and I head off towards the hallway.

But she says, "Oh, Pet. One more thing. Don't use the shower cap. Remember you are a nudist now, which means no clothing of any kind."

"Yes, Ma'am. I understand," I reply with another blush.

I put my leash and my collar in my rope drawer, and take the few steps back down the hallway to the guest bathroom.

I still need to pee, but again my lover has not said that I'm allowed to do that now, and so I just step into the tub and turn on the hot water. Because it has been a couple of hours since my first shower, the initial blast of water is pretty chilly, but not as bad as earlier. And it is quickly followed by the warmer water, and I adjust the temperature to my liking.

I look longingly at the shower cap that is hanging on a hook in the corner. It is a nice one with a two-inch fringe around the edges; white with a red and pink floral design. I've used it many times in the past, but it now seems as if it is off limits to me. Instead, I use a few of the hairpins from the plastic dish at the back of the tub to pin back my long hair.

I step in so that the water hits me only from the shoulders down, and oh my, but does it ever feel so good. Since my lover didn't tell me to hurry this time, I just let the water wash over me for a few minutes before I begin to wash myself.

As I'm cleaning my crease for the third or fourth time, I'm startled when the shower curtain opens and my lover steps into the shower with me - in all of her naked glory. I let out a brief "Oh", but she presses her index finger to my mouth, and I just nod my silent agreement. Then, she presses her lovely body up against mine, boobs on boobs, and kisses me deeply. She said we were going to have fun, but I sure didn't expect it to start here in the shower.

She is sort of pushing me back under the spray of water, and I'm afraid that my hair will get soaked. So, I turn to the side and let her press my back against the side wall as she continues the sensuous kiss.

I can't help but let out a pleasurable moan, and she moves her head so she can start kissing my neck just below my right ear. She only lingers there for a few moments and then slowly drags her kiss down to my right breast. The nipple hardens up as she kisses it and then tenderly bites it with her teeth. She looks up at my face and our eyes meet; she has that wonderful devilish, playful look in her eyes as she moves over to my left boob. She repeats the kiss and tender nibble of that nipple.

I know that she indicated that I should remain quiet, but I just can't help it, and I moan loudly as she kneels down in front of me and goes after my pussy. Water is showering down on her head and her hair is now soaked, but that doesn't deter her. She silently urges me to spread my legs, and she immediately starts licking my cunt. My vagina juices are now pouring out, but they are overwhelmed by the water from the shower streaming down my front.

She wraps her arms around my waist as she continues her delightful assault on my pussy. After several more licks with her tongue, she nuzzles her nose against my clit sending yet another jolt of ecstasy throughout my entire body. And then I fall over the edge into a wonderful orgasm.

Water continues to cascade down my front and over her kneeling body as my pleasurable spasms and contractions persist for a minute or so before fading. I'm breathing hard as my lover stands up and turns off the shower. She silently leads me out of the tub and hands me a towel. She grabs another towel and begins drying my face. And this is my cue to start drying her wet body. Without a word being said, we playfully dry each other off with our hands and arms getting tangled with each other and with the big fluffy towels.

As I'm drying her short hair, she pulls me into an embrace, and while she is kissing me, I continue to fluff up her hair with the towel. She reaches behind my head and removes the hairpins so that my long hair drapes down my now dry back.

She starts to lead me out of the bathroom, but she sees the aloe vera lotion on the shelf, and she raises a finger as a signal to pause. She grabs the lotion, squeezes out a big glob in her hand, turns me around, and rubs the nice smelling lotion into my still sore ass.

Except for some moaning, not a word has been said the entire time. And we are both still naked as she leads me down the hall to the guest bedroom. She is in front of me, but she's reaching behind and holding my hand. I love the look of her bare ass as it sways slightly while she moves slowly down the hallway. What a sexy sight!

She leads me into the guest room, and I'm surprised to see the room is bathed in candlelight. Also, one of the two twin beds has been pulled out from the wall and it has the shiatsu massage mat laid out on it. She must have arranged the room very quickly while I was showering alone.

My lover turns and whispers into my ear, "My turn." And my heart leaps, because I'm going to be doing one of my favorite things - giving her an erotic massage.

Without another word, she kneels down on the mat on her hands and knees with her beautiful breasts hanging beneath her. She looks at me with those twinkling eyes and then lowers herself into a prone position. Oh my, her butt looks great in this position, too.

I squeeze only a tiny bit of lotion into my hands, and start on her shoulders. I slowly work my way down her back as she lies there stilly. But when I start massaging her butt cheeks, she moans and raises those perfect buns into my hands. I work on those cheeks for a minute or so before continuing down her legs, first the right and then the left. Finally, I lift each foot and gently rub the sole.

She seems to sense that I'm finished with her backside, and she slowly turns over so that her gorgeous frontside is in full view. That face, those boobs, the pubic triangles, those legs, and obviously those exquisite pussy lips!

A little more lotion and I go right for those fleshy mounds and the perky nipples. She moans as I softly squeeze each breast using both of my hands.

But I don't linger there too long, because I know where my focus should be, and I run my wide spread hands down her tummy and then back up a few times before running them over her perfect pubic triangles and onto her pussy. My long hair is running up and down her body as I move back and forth; I know that she really likes this.

I work a finger into her vagina, and I feel her tighten up. And a moment later, she raises her butt off of the table and lets out a loud pleasurable moan. I carefully keep a finger inside of her, gently rubbing the tender walls. Her orgasm lasts for almost a minute.

As she winds down, I reluctantly slip my finger out of her pussy. She sits up on the mat and whispers, "Shoulders." I move to the head of the bed and bend over her head and shoulders letting my long hair drape over her as I work on her shoulders. I can still feel the stiffness and tension in her, and I guess that her computer work this evening has been a little bit stressful for her. So, I rub her shoulders and upper arms a bit more vigorously for several more minutes.

Finally, she swings her legs off the side of the bed and stands up. She pulls me into a tight embrace and a passionate kiss.

She whispers in my ear, "Thank you, sweet, Pet. I needed that."

I answer, "Oh, Ma'am, thank you, too."

In a matter-of-fact voice, my lover says, "Okay, Pet. Let's get ready for bed. You use the guest bath; I'll use my bathroom. Come to the bedroom when you're finished." I'm disappointed that I won't get to share her nice "mistress" bathroom with her, but this probably means that she needs to use the toilet, and I'm not usually allowed to be there when she does. So, I head back to the guest bathroom.

I brush my teeth and relieve myself. It feels good to have that bodily function taken care of for the night.

I'm still basking in the inner glow of our wonderful lovemaking, and when I look at myself in the mirror, I can see that I also have a distinct outer glow as well. My nips are still hardened into tiny stones; my face and chest are flushed a pleasant pink color; my hair is tousled in a sexy style; and my toothy smile looks like it's a permanent fixture on my face. I adjust my hair, turn off the light, and walk to her bedroom. I can hear her electric tooth brush still whirling away, and so I realize that she's not done yet. So I scurry to the bed, turn down the covers for her, and then kneel down next to the bed awaiting her next instructions to me. I sure hope that I'll be permitted to sleep in the bed with her, but I'm not certain what she will want.

A minute or so later, the bathroom light goes off, and she comes back into the bedroom. I watch her lovely naked body approach me, and I give her a big smile. She pats me on the head and climbs into bed. As she's pulling the covers up over her chest, she looks over at me and says, "Turn off the lights, Pet, and come to bed." I'm elated as I get to my feet and hurry over to the light switch. I flip that off and make my way in the darkness to my side of the bed. I climb in and pull the sheet up over me. Her back is to me, and I take a chance and give her upturned shoulder a quick kiss. "Good night, Ma'am."

"Sleep well, Pet. We've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow."

End of part 7

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