Show and Tell - and Then Show Some More
by Mr. Flip

Part 5

Author's note: This story was inspired by Lazerou's recent "My Very Own" story on this site. I intend for this story to have more of an ENF theme to it, but there is significant discipline and light bondage involved in this part of the story.

Thursday Night - Dishing Out the Discipline

As my lover disappears into the kitchen, I shuffle my feet trying to get in a bit more comfortable position, but with my hands tied tightly above my head, my efforts at comfort are mostly futile. The only thing I'm able to accomplish is to get my head located between my two upstretched arms.

I hear the water running in the kitchen, and then my sweetheart comes back with another company trinket. It's a little water jug with a plastic straw built into it. They were given out at the company picnic last summer.

She smiles as she holds it up to my lips and says, "Thirsty, Pet?"

Actually, I am a bit parched, and I say, "Oh, thank you, Ma'am." And I suck on the straw a few times. She continues to hold the jug in front of me, but I shake my head to indicate that I'm satisfied.

She sits back down in the dining chair that's right in front of me. She sighs, "Well, Pet, it's time to handle those DD's, isn't it? Actually, we're only going to do one of them tonight, and I'll get to that in a bit. But first let me tell you about the discipline you deserve for causing me to waste some valuable time at lunch time with you. You know that we're going to Rick's for brunch on Sunday, don't you?" I nod as well as I can in my position. "And you know that you'll be naked, just like last Sunday, don't you?" I nod awkwardly again.

"Well, Pet, the difference this Sunday will be that you're going to carry your paddle along when we walk over there. And after we eat our meal, you are going to give a little speech to the people in the restaurant. In that speech, you are going to explain what you did wrong to deserve the paddling that I'm then going to give you. I will bend you over my knee there in the restaurant just like we do here at home. I haven't figured out how many smacks I will give you, but it will be enough for your butt to be red and sore the rest of the day."

Tears start to well up in my eyes as it sinks in. She is going to punish me naked in public! It will be humiliating.

She takes a few sips of water from the jug and continues, "You are going to compose that little speech ahead of time, and you will give it to me in a practice session on Saturday evening. It better be good or there will be some additional paddling on Saturday night. Do you understand all of that?"

I'm crying now, but I manage to answer, "Y-y-y-yes, Ma'a-a-a-a-a-m."

She gets up and goes back into the kitchen while I continue to sob. I hear her turn on the water again, and it sounds like she's filling the water jug.

I'm still crying when she comes back. She has brought along a handful of Kleenex, and she says soothingly, "Come now, sweet Pet, you'll be okay. Let's get your face cleaned up." And she wipes my eyes and cheeks before having me blow my nose into the tissues. She uses another tissue to wipe the few tears that have dripped to my breasts, and she gives my nipples a playful twist. She offers me another drink of water, and I gratefully suck on the straw.

My mistress sits back down in the chair. She looks up at my face and I look down at hers as best as I can. She says, "Okay, that's how we are handling the wasting-time DD. Now, tonight, we are going to handle the other demerit - that is, the one you earned for wearing the unauthorized T-shirt today. Your discipline is that you are going to remain in this position all night, but first, you are going to drink all of the water in this jug. It looks to me as if there is about a quart of water here, and you'll drink it all. Then, you are going to hold it until I get up in the morning and take you to the toilet. I'm going to lay a plastic sheet here under your feet, just in case. And if I see any piss on the sheet in the morning, you will be disciplined some more before you go to work. Understand?"

I still haven't completely stopped crying, and I stammer, "Y-y-yes, Madam."

She stands up and says, "Good. Now, drink up." She puts the straw into my mouth, and I start sucking. After about 20 seconds, I pause to take a breath, but she orders, "Keep going." I resume sucking, and this goes on for about 10 minutes until the water jug is completely empty. I feel completely bloated, and I already need to pee.

She disappears into the kitchen and I hear her go out to the garage. She comes back with a fairly heavy sheet of plastic - almost a tarp - probably 6 feet square. She lays it down in front of me, and then works it under my bare feet.

She stands right in front of me and looks directly into my eyes. But her right hand has worked its way between my legs. I dutifully spread my legs a little wider, and she rests her open palm on my pussy. She says, "Remember, Pet, no pissing tonight. And I don't want to hear any noise out here either. No talking, or I will have to gag you."

She then goes around and turns off all of the lights in the kitchen, entryway, and living room. As she walks into the hallway towards her bedroom, she says "Sweet dreams, Pet." The hallway light goes off, but there is still a faint light coming from her bedroom. I hear her electric toothbrush whirring, and then, I hear her gargling her mouthwash followed by the toilet flushing. I know that she sleeps in the nude, and I sigh as I picture her sliding off her T-shirt and short shorts and climbing into bed alone. Then, her bedroom light goes off.

I look at the digital clock on the DVR, and it reads 11:45. Usually, she gets up about 6:30 on work days, and so, I've got almost 7 hours before I can relieve myself. Also, except for sitting down at dinner, I have been on my feet the entire evening, and that will continue for those same 7 hours. I'm going to be in my own little dark world until then. There are a few tiny lights in this dark world such as the blinking red light on the smoke detector and a green light on the charger for her iPhone. And I know that she's programmed the DVR clock to dim itself a few minutes after the room goes dark. She has complained frequently about these little always-on lights, because they use up electricity; she says that even though they use very little power in this house, all of the similar lights across the nation waste a lot of power as a whole. And as if on queue, the DVR clock dims dramatically; I can still see it, but it is very difficult to read from where I am hanging.

The minutes pass by slowly. My head falls forward a bit and rests on my upstretched arms, and I nod off. Then, my head falls backward sharply and I'm wide awake again. I squint at the DVR clock, and I can see that the first digit is not a straight line; so, it must be either a 2 or a 3, because I don't think I was asleep long enough for it to be either a 5 or a 6. The second digit also has some horizontal lines, and it's probably a 0, 2, 3, or 5. I can make out the last digit, and it is a 1. So, I calculate that it is sometime between 2:01 and 3:51. But that's not much help, is it?

I play this little mental game with the clock to keep my mind off of the full feeling in my bladder. I'd really like to piss now, but I cannot let that happen. And the temperature in the room has cooled significantly after the thermostat went into its night-time setting. And my sore buttocks and sore heel add to my discomfort. I squirm around a little bit, but it doesn't help.

I know I must endure this, and I rest my head in my arms again. The next thing I'm aware of is the toilet flushing, and a moment later the hallway light comes on and I can hear my lover walking up behind me. I glance at the DVR clock, and it reads 6:11. I'm thrilled because my ordeal is coming to an end, and I say, "Good morning, Ma'am. Did you sleep well?"

There is no answer except for a hard spank on my left butt cheek followed immediately by a similar one on my right butt cheek. An instant later, my lover steps around in front of me rubbing her right hand. She is completely naked, which should excite me, but I see the scowl on her face even though there is only a little bit of light coming from behind me.

She says angrily, "No, Pet, I did not sleep well. I kept hearing the crinkling sound of this vinyl drop cloth. It seemed like every time I was about to fall asleep that you would shuffle your feet making a rustling sound in the plastic." I'm just about to apologize when she continues, "And it's not morning yet. Look at the clock; it's only 5 o'clock. It's still the middle of the night, and I am not happy." I look at the clock, and I swear that the first digit is a 6, but if she says it's a 5, then it is really only 5:11 AM.

But it is the last four words that she said that bother me more than anything, "I am not happy." It doesn't matter if I say those four words, or you say them, or the President says them, or the Pope says them, but if my lover says them, then I am devastated - especially, if it is me that causes her to say those four little words.

I'm starting to cry, and again, I'm just about to blubber an apology when she sharply twists my left nipple. I try to muffle my scream, but a loud wail comes out of my mouth. I watch her lovely bare ass as she walks over to the entryway and gets the paddle from its hook. I can't help but look at her bouncing boobs as she strides back over to me; the low light from the hallway creates some intriguing shadows from her jiggling breasts.

She holds the paddle up to my mouth and says, "Kiss it." I plant a kiss in the middle of the paddle as she continues, "Let's see. How many do you deserve?" I know better than to answer that, and I just keep my mouth shut, but I continue to cry.

She says, "It's 5 o'clock. So, how about 5 on each cheek?" I meekly nod as she steps behind me. A moment later, the paddle comes down on my right cheek, and I count "One". She continues with four more on the right side and I continue the count. She moves a bit to my left side to get in a better position, and then the spanks come rapidly on my left ass cheek. I dutifully count through my bawling.

I watch her take the paddle back to the entryway, and then she goes into the kitchen and turns on the overhead light which is very glaring to my eyes after having been in the dark for several hours. I hear the water running for a moment, and then she turns off the light and comes back into the living room. With the tears and the recent glare, my eyes have trouble focusing, and I don't see what she is carrying until she is right in front of me again. It's the little water jug.

She takes a sip from the plastic straw and looks over my naked body hanging in front of her. Then, she holds the jug in front of my mouth and says, "Thirsty, Pet?"

"Um, no, Madam, I'm not thirsty. But thank you anyway."

"That's not the right answer, Pet, dear. Drink up."

"Oh, Ma'am, please, no. I really, really need to pee now. Please let me pee, and then I'll have a drink. Okay?"

"Uh, careful, Pet. You know that I decide when you pee, and it's not time yet. Now, drink up, young lady."

She shoves the straw up to my lips, and I reluctantly grasp it and start sucking. I don't know how much water is in the jug, but I don't think it's completely full. I continue sucking until the dry slurps indicate that it's empty. But she adjusts the jug and straw, and she holds it up to my mouth again so that I can suck out the last little bit. As I'm licking my lips, she says, "Open", and I obediently open my mouth unsure what she is going to give me next.

But she merely says, "No, Pet. Legs." I sigh and dutifully spread my legs. Like she did earlier, she reaches in and holds the palm of her hand on my bare pussy for several seconds. Then, she gently scratches my pussy lips with her finger nail. I'm really afraid that I'm going to piss all over her hand.

All the while, she has been looking me in the eyes, and after one final stroke on my pussy, she says, "Nice and dry, Pet. Let's keep it that way, okay?"

I whisper, "Yes, Ma'am" as she pats my full belly. She then heads back towards the kitchen. But she pauses at the dining room table where the rope is tied off. She kneels down and I stare at her marvelous ass as she crawls under the table; I just wish the lighting were a little better so I could see her pussy from this view. She unties the rope, but only for a moment, before pulling on it and retying it. I'm now stretched out a tiny bit farther. My heels are now no longer resting on the floor.

She continues into the kitchen, turning on the glaring light again. I'm afraid that she's going to refill the jug, but I don't hear the water running. Instead, I hear a drawer open and close. Then, the light goes off again, and she returns to her spot in front of my stretched out body. I still can't make out what she has in her hands, but I confess I'm not looking at her hands - I'm looking at her pretty boobs and her pubic triangles. She briefly tweaks both of my nipples and walks around behind me. She lifts my hair and plugs something into my ears and drapes a cord around my neck.

She says, "I don't want you to get bored, and so I've hooked up my Bluetooth earphones for your pleasure. And I've set up my iPhone to play a recording on a loop so it will play the same thing over and over again. Now, I want you to concentrate on the recording, and I don't want to hear the plastic drop cloth crinkle again. Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I understand. I'll be good."

"Okay. Now, I sure hope I can get another hour or so of sleep before it really is morning."

As she walks by me towards the bedroom, she reaches up and presses something on the cord around my neck. An instant later, I hear the sound of water running. She squeezes my sore right ass cheek, turns off the hallway light, and goes back into the bedroom. I think she closed the bedroom door, but I'm not sure, because the only sound I can hear is the recording of the running water.

The recording is probably two or three minutes long, and it includes some dripping sounds as well as a faucet running slowly. Oh, god, how am I ever going to make it through without peeing all over the plastic sheet!

So, here I am completely naked in a cold room, stretched up and tied to a ceiling rafter, needing desperately to pee, an uncomfortably overfull belly, an aching heel that's not quite resting on the floor, a very sore ass, and running water sounds echoing through my ears. This is my lot in life - at least, for the next hour or so.

Oh, it is so hard not to shuffle my feet, but I have to avoid the crinkly noise. Even when I squirm by twisting my hips, the plastic sheet under me shifts a little bit and makes a slight noise. I just hope it does not bother my lover. But the urge to pee is getting worse and worse as the minutes tick by. Squeezing my legs tightly together helps a little bit, but not much. Similarly, standing on tiptoes seems to help, but that quickly tires my thighs and calves as well as shifting the plastic tarp a tiny bit. And I would sure like to shake the earphones out of my ears to turn off that infernal running water sound, but I know she would be furious if I did that even accidentally.

And every now and then, my ass throbs. I'm certain that it must be bright red after the paddling she gave me. And the room has gotten cooler and cooler as the night wears on; the chill has caused my nipples to tighten up.

Needless to say, I am unable to fall asleep, because there are just so many uncomfortable aspects to my current situation. As the sun comes up, the room lightens up and the DVR clock brightens at 6:23 AM. It's only a few minutes until my lover's alarm clock will go off, and I stare at the clock as the minutes click slowly by. 6:30 comes and goes without the alarm. 6:35, 6:40, 6:41, 6:42, . . . Oh, god, where is she? I'm not sure I can hold it any longer.

Finally, at 6:50, she wanders out of the bedroom. I give her a pleading look, but I decide not to say anything - not even "Good morning." But I do smile and my eyes brighten when I see what she is wearing. It's her short silk robe; light gray, very sheer. She doesn't wear it very often, but oh, does she ever look sexy in it! The deep V opens all the way to her waist, and her tits are tantalizingly outlined through the thin fabric.

She says, "Good morning, Pet" as she walks by me to the kitchen. She pours herself a cup of coffee, and I realize that I didn't hear the coffee maker come on at 6:00. The dripping sound that it makes was probably masked by the louder dripping sound from the recording playing in my ears.

My lover comes back over and stands in front of me sipping her coffee. She says, "Aren't you going to wish me a good morning, Pet? I didn't prohibit you from talking."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. Good morning. I hope you got some sleep." I desperately want to ask her to let me pee, but I'm sure that the pleading look on my face conveys my distress.

She takes another sip of coffee and says, "Yes, I did get some sleep. You were a good girl not to make any more noise. Here, have some coffee."

She holds the cup up to my lips, and I know that I have to drink to keep her happy. I reluctantly sip from the cup as she carefully tips it for me. She holds it there for several more seconds, and I continue to take sips. I wonder if she is going to make me drink the entire cup, but she takes it away from my mouth and takes a couple of more sips of her own before putting the cup down on the nearby dining table. She removes the earphones that have been playing that infernal dripping sound recording in my ears for the last hour or so; I'm very thankful for that, but oh, how I need to pee right now!

She looks at me and then drags her finger from my chin, down my neck, between my boobs, over my belly button, and down to my top pubic triangle. She continues through my pubic hair to the top of my pussy lips where she pauses. Instinctively, I spread my legs, and her open hand rests gently on my pussy. She pats it a few times and says, "Good girl. Still dry down here, and nothing on the plastic sheet. Now, have you learned your lesson?"

I distressfully respond, "Oh, yes, Ma'am."

"Okay, tell me what you learned."

I have to stop and think about it for a moment. What was I being disciplined for, anyway? Oh, now I remember, "Umm, I learned that I need to ask your permission before putting on any clothes that you have not authorized."

"Uhh, Pet. You hesitated there briefly. Did you forget what you did wrong?"

Uh, oh, I'm in trouble again. And she is right - I have been focusing on my own discomfort rather than my misbehavior and how to be better in the future. "Oh, Ma'am, I'm sorry, but yes, momentarily I did. But I clearly remember now."

She turns and goes over to the vestibule and picks up the paddle. She scowls at me and says, "Not good enough, Pet." She steps behind me and gives each ass cheek three hard whacks. I whimper, but I'm able to avoid crying again.

Back in front of me again, she puts her finger on my nose and says, "You haven't done very well with this punish-- . . . uh, I mean, this discipline. And so, remember if you ever wear unapproved clothes again, you will be right back here hanging with some even more extreme discipline. Think reptiles." I give her a puzzled look, and she says, "Reptiles, as in alligator clips and live lizards." I raise my eyebrows and bite my lip, but I just nod at her, and she goes on, "Okay, we need to get both of us ready for work."

She turns back to the dining table and crawls under it to untie the rope. Her short robe has risen up uncovering her ass. This time, the room is fully lit, and I can clearly see her pussy lips peeking out between her legs as she bends down. Oh, what a sight! And I am relieved to be allowed to lower my arms which have been stretched up above me for several hours. After she unties my hands, I try to reach around me to rub my freshly spanked butt, but she grabs my hand and silently leads me into her bathroom. I just hope I can hold it these last few seconds while she seats me on the toilet. I wince as my aching ass touches the seat. She kneels down in front of me and gently taps the inside of my knees. I open them and wait. And she says, "Now, Pet."

And the dam bursts. The urine pours out of me, and it feels so good. It's embarrassing to have her watch me pee like this, but I'm used to it; she's watched me many times before, and she says she likes doing it. But mostly, it is such a relief to finally be allowed to perform this basic bodily function.

As the stream is slowing down, my lover asks, "Are you done, Pet? Do you need to do number two?"

I blush and say, "No, Ma'am. I just needed to pee. But I'm not done yet."

"Well, hurry up. We need to get ready."

With her still intently watching between my legs, I push a little harder and the stronger stream resumes. I see the exasperated look on her face and I silently mouth, "Sorry, Ma'am." As I continue, she unrolls a big wad of tissue. Finally, the last little bit dribbles out of me and I nod at her. While I'm still seated on the toilet, she reaches in between my wide spread legs and wipes my crease. She drops that wad in the water, unrolls another wad, and repeats the cleaning procedure. I look at myself in the mirror across the room, and I see that my face and chest are covered in a dark crimson blush.

She stands up and says, "All done. Flush the toilet." I also stand up, and then I reach back, push the handle, and lower the lid.

Friday Morning - Getting Ready For Work

My lover says, "We don't have time for separate showers; so, come on, we'll do it together." I smile brightly, because showering with her is one of my all-time favorite things. She steps aside and lets me hop into the big shower stall. I know that it's my responsibility to turn on the water and get it to just the right temperature. But I have to endure several seconds of very cold water before the warm water finally makes its way through the pipes. After I make the final adjustments, she takes off her sexy robe, hangs it on a hook, and climbs into the shower with me.

In this situation, it's always my job to wash her first, and oh my, but that is heavenly. She smiles, spreads her legs, and drops her arms to her sides. I start with her boobs, tenderly lifting them to run the wash cloth underneath. Then, I work my way down her front - belly, pubic hair, sex, legs, and feet. Next, I clean her arms, carefully cleaning her armpits. I step around behind her and do her back, butt, and legs. Before getting up from my knees, I run the soapy wash cloth through her crease from back to front several times. Then, I give her a quick shampoo before finally gently washing her entire face and neck.

I'm getting turned on my doing this, and I see her nipples have tightened up as well. But since we're short of time, I know that nothing will be done about satisfying our sexual lust.

After rinsing her off, I'm about to start cleaning myself, but she says, "You do your hair, Pet, and I'll do the rest." Since I have much longer hair, shampooing takes me much longer, and by the time I'm finished, she has given my body the once over. I wince as she rubs the wash cloth over my aching butt. But I like the way she raises my left leg and gently washes my sore heel; I have to pause with my hair to brace myself against the tiles while standing on only one foot. She tenderly sets my foot back down and then slowly works her washing back up my right leg, and as she is cleaning my pussy, she slips her index finger into me and looks up at me with a devilish look in her eyes. I smile back hoping that this means she's decided that it's okay for us to be late to work after making love in her bedroom. And she abruptly stands, turns off the shower, and guides me out of the shower. She hands me a towel, and I start to dry her off, but she says, "No time. Dry yourself, and I'll do me." I'm disappointed, but I do as I'm told.

We both finish drying about the same time, but my long hair is still a mess. As my lover is quickly combing her short hair after blow drying it, she says, "Do your face and hair. Don't get carried away with your hair, because we're really short of time, and because you're going to Annie's tomorrow for a real hair job. Then, get some clothes out for me. I've got an afternoon meeting; so, nice jeans, my western-style vest, and the wedge pumps with the low-rise cork heel - you know, the orangish-red ones. Pick a blouse that goes well with those. I'm going to fix a quick breakfast for us."

I look longingly at her bare butt as she walks out of the bathroom, and I giggle to myself when I realize that she did not put the short robe back on. I hope she remains naked til I get out there for breakfast.

I finish drying, and I do a quick pass on my hair with gel and a blow dry. Some lipstick, eye liner, and a smidge of makeup. Not up to my usual standards, but good enough for today. Then, I see the dirty butt plug sitting on the top of the toilet. I have not seen this one before; it's a different style than the one she usually uses on me, and it is blue instead of the dark red one I'm used to. I quickly clean it using hot water, dry it, and put it back on the toilet, because I'm not sure where my lover keeps it. Before I leave the bathroom, I turn around so that my butt is facing the mirror, and I look over my shoulder to see if it looks as bad as it feels. And it does; it is a bright red from the recent paddling's. I reach back to rub it, but even that hurts. I sigh and go into my lover's bedroom - the "mistress" bedroom as she calls it.

I find the vest and the shoes in the closet, right where I expected them. Then, I select a pair of light tan jeans with dark brown western-style stitching. I flip through her blouses hanging on the closet rod until I spot an attractive rust-colored one that will go nicely with the shoes and the vest. I then make her bed before laying all of the selected clothes out for her there. She is going to look wonderful in this outfit, but I'm a bit envious, because I am currently completely naked and I know that I will be wearing only a large T-shirt today. I let out a faint sigh.

I think about stockings, but she doesn't usually wear them with the open-toed wedgies. So, I head for her underwear drawers. I pick out a white uplifting bra that will present a nice hint of cleavage, and then a pair of simple white bikini panties. I put the underwear on the bed for her. I sigh again, because I no longer own any panties and brassieres. She has prohibited me from ever wearing these intimate garments again, and so, I guess that this is as close as I am ever going to get to a pair of panties from now on.

Next, I scamper out to the dining room as fast as I can on my sore heel. I'm happy to see that my lover is still naked as she puts two cups of coffee on the table. She says, "Perfect timing, Pet. Let's eat." I slide her chair out for her, and after she sits down, I help her slide back under the table. From my position above her shoulders, I watch her pretty boobs jiggle as the chair moves. Then, I stand back and wait for further instructions. A moment later, she says, "Have a seat, Pet."

I'm relieved to be allowed to sit at the table rather than kneeling on the floor. I lower my sore ass slowly onto my chair, but even so, I flinch a little bit when it touches the seat. As I scoot my chair under the table, I feel my own boobs jiggle, and I see her furtively admiring them.

I say, "Um, Ma'am, I cleaned the butt plug and left it on top of the toilet, because I wasn't sure where you keep it. I hope that's okay?"

"That's fine, Pet. I just bought it. Did it fit you okay?"

I blush and reply, "Yes, Ma'am, it was fine."

"Good. As you noticed it's a little bit fatter than your red one, and that's because I want you a little wider back there. I'll use the new blue one for a while and then work you up to the next larger size. I'll store your new one in the rope drawer with your other plugs and toys. Now, eat up."

I bite my lip but remain silent. I actually had not noticed that the new butt plug was fatter than the old one; I just know that I didn't like the feel of it in me, but it did fit me okay. She doesn't say why she wants me "a little wider back there", and I sure don't like the idea of having to wear a butt plug very often. But I have to trust her that she knows what's best for me.

I turn my attention to my breakfast, and on my plate, I see a big slice of cantaloupe and half of a donut. Donuts are one of my most favorite junk foods, and I quickly devour the partial one. I reluctantly start on the cantaloupe, and my lover spots my hesitancy and says, "I gave you a little treat, but the cantaloupe is your real breakfast, Pet. Eat up." As I give her a weak smile, I see that she has two and a half donuts on her plate. I hope she will let me have some more of her donuts, but I merely say, "Thank you, Ma'am, for the donut." I force myself to eat the melon.

She says, "Don't forget your orange juice, Pet. And your daily vitamin."

I meekly reply, "Yes, Ma'am," and I do as she said. Then, I pick up my cup of coffee and slowly sip the delicious hot brew. I sneak a few peeks at her as I am pondering this strange situation. This is the very first time that both of us have eaten a meal naked at this table; I have been nude for essentially all meals here, but she has never once sat here like this. I ask hesitantly, "Ma'am? Is everything all right?"

"Of course, Pet. Everything is just perfect. Why do you ask?"

"Umm, well, Madam, you've never eaten a meal like this before."

"You mean, au naturel?"

I nod, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Isn't that okay? Aren't you enjoying the view?", she asks while gently shaking her boobs.

I break into a big grin and answer, "Oh, Ma'am, I certainly am. It's just something different, that's all." I want to tell her that I know she doesn't do something so different without some reason, but I don't actually say that.

A moment later, she gets up from her seat and briefly poses so I can see her full frontal view; her beautiful face, her perfect boobs, her pubic triangles, and her luscious lower lips. She says, "I hate to break this up, but we've got to get dressed. Come with me, Pet." I stand and let her guide me into the entryway.

As we walk into the vestibule, I catch the reflection of our naked bodies in the full length mirror near the front door. And I smile as our eyes make contact in the mirror; I give her a playful wave with my free hand, and she lets go of my other hand and with a smile gives my sore ass a playful, gentle tap.

We are so much alike physically, and we are so much in love. But we are very different in other ways. I revel in those similarities and differences as we pause for a moment looking at each other in the mirror.

My lover turns me towards the bench and says, "Okay, Pet, you're going to help me get dressed. And today I'm going to wear some of my new underwear." And she points to my old underwear that is lying on the bench. She picks up a pair of pink panties with ruffles. These were my favorite pair of panties along with the matching bra, which she also picks up. She hands me the panties, and just momentarily, I think that she's going to allow me to put them on, but then she says, "Hold them open for me, so I can step into them." She drops the bra back on the bench, and I kneel down in front of her and spread open the panties. For balance, she lightly puts her hand on top of my head, and then she steps her right leg into the panties followed by the left leg. After her feet are firmly back on the floor, I gently pull the panties up her legs and over her pussy and butt. I fit them snugly over her, and then stand up and back a step. She looks gorgeous wearing just the pink panties.

She runs her fingers around the waist and makes some final adjustments of her own. "Oh, Pet, they fit perfectly." She steps over in front of the mirror and says, "Oh goodness, they look wonderful, don't they?"

I smile at her in the mirror and answer, "Oh, yes, Madam, they look great on you."

She catches me by surprise when she turns around and gives me a "nipple kiss" followed by a big hug. A "nipple kiss" is our special way of showing affection; she lightly brushes the tips of her nipples across mine a few times. She says, "Oh, thank you, Pet. I will be thinking of you all day with my pussy nestled so nicely in your panties."

We break apart, and she goes on, "Okay, let's try the bra." She picks it up from the bench and hands it to me.

I stand in front of her and hold the bra stretched out, and then she reaches her arms through the openings. She holds the cups in place while I go around behind her and hook the clasps. I make some tiny adjustments in back and then return to her front. I adjust the straps on her shoulders and gently shift the cups a bit. I step back again and look at her. And she shifts the garment around herself. But it just doesn't look right, because her boobs aren't quite large enough to fill the cups. We both make some adjustments, but nothing seems to work.

My lover sighs, "Oh, Pet, I'm sorry, but this one doesn't quite fit me. Let's take it off and put it in a separate pile. And then let's try another one." But she glances at the clock and says, "Oh dear, we're running out of time, aren't we? Did you put out one of my own brassieres earlier?"

"Yes, Ma'am, it's on your bed."

"Good. We'll go through these bras later, probably tonight." I unhook the bra, fold it back up neatly, and put it back on the bench, but off to one side.

She briefly looks at herself in the mirror again wearing only the panties and says, "But oh my, do I ever like these panties! What a special feeling!" She giggles and continues, "You know what, Pet? I'm going to call all of your underwear my 'sPETial collection'. Get it? s-P-E-T-i-a-l. Yeah, my own sPETial collection. Tonight, we'll make space in a separate drawer in my bedroom for these. And I will make sure that you help me put them on each time." And she turns and gives me another big hug.

I'm so glad that she's happy, but I have kind of an empty feeling knowing that the panties and bras are no longer mine and that I will no longer be wearing any underwear. As we break apart, I give her a brave smile and then give her a quick kiss.

She leads me into the bedroom, and we repeat the brassiere fitting with her own white bra. As expected, it fits perfectly; it pushes up her boobs just right. Then, I quickly help her with the blouse, and she puts on the jeans by herself. I hold the vest for her and then as she sits down in a chair, I kneel in front and slip the low-heel wedgies onto her feet. She stands up while I'm still adjusting the shoe buckle, and suddenly, I feel my nudity and subservience wash over me. She is dressed in a sharp professional outfit, and I'm groveling naked at her feet. I am barely able to choke back the sob building in my throat. Fortunately, she turns and leaves the room while I'm still on the floor, and that gives me time to compose myself. I get up from the floor and see the white panties that I had laid out for her earlier still lying on the bed. I straighten out the folds and then put them back in my lover's underwear drawer.

I walk into the living room and see her sitting at the dining room table working on her iPad. I'm a bit puzzled because she has said many times this morning that we are short of time. But she has given me no instructions about leaving for work, and so I just stand in the middle of the living room like a naked statue.

The clock shows 7:40 AM, which is the time I usually leave her townhouse so I can be sure of getting to my desk by 8:00 AM; if I leave any later, there is a risk that a traffic jam could make me late. My boss isn't that concerned about my arriving right at 8 o'clock, because he doesn't usually arrive until 8:15 or 8:30, and there are only a couple of guys in our 30-person department who beat me into the office. But my lover wants me at my desk by 8, and that is my primary motivation for getting there promptly.

I remain silent, but I give my lover a pleading look even though she is not looking at me. Several seconds pass and then she crooks her index finger to beckon me and says, "Pet, come over here." I scoot over to stand beside her at the table.

She says, "Turn around. I want to see your butt." I'm still puzzled, but I do as I'm told. And I let out a muffled groan as she lightly squeezes my sore ass cheeks. "Okay, Pet. Just as I thought, your butt is still pretty sore, isn't it?"

"Yes, Ma'am, it is."

"And do you know why it is sore?"

"Because I was spanked for being bad," I reply. I say it almost as a question, but not quite.

"That's right, Pet. You were not a good girl for me yesterday, were you?"

I whisper, "No, Ma'am. I'm sorry."

I'm still facing away from her, and I feel her gently squeeze my butt again. She says, "How many times did I spank you last night and this morning?"

This catches me by surprise, and I have to stop and think before answering. But I know I must answer quickly. "Uh, I think it was three times."

"Pet, that's not even close. Didn't you understand my question? I'm afraid you're thinking about the number of spanking sessions rather than the total number of spanks, which is what I'm asking. Try again."

She right; I misinterpreted what she asked. But I don't know the answer; I just know that it was a whole bunch of times, because my ass is so sore. Let's see I counted off 24 last night, and ten more this morning. But I can't remember the other time. I start crying as I say, "Oh, Madam, I'm sorry, but I don't remember. Maybe, 39?" I wipe my eyes.

Now, she squeezes my ass fairly hard, and I wince a little bit because it really hurts, but I stay still and don't make any sound. She says, "Pet, I'm disappointed. The correct answer is 51 with the paddle plus a couple with my hand. There were four spanking sessions, not just three. Remember, it was 25 smacks for the underwear not being on the bench, 10 for the wet document, 10 more about 5AM for waking me up, and 6 more for not remembering why you were being disciplined."

I'm really afraid that she's going to spank me some more right now, but I just wipe my eyes again and say nothing.

She still has a hand resting on my right butt cheek, and she goes on, "Well, it's actually a good thing that your ass is sore, because it reminds you about the discipline and how you can do better in the future. Now, I'll ask you again. What lesson was I trying to teach you with the most recent paddling this morning?"

I don't hesitate this time, "You want me to never put on clothes that you don't explicitly permit."

"Good girl. No hemming and hawing this time, but you did pause before answering earlier this morning. I spanked you those 6 times, 3 on each cheek, for hesitating, but I don't think it was sufficient discipline to drive my point across. I would really like to spank you many more times, but we're out of time and, besides that, your ass can't take any more right now."

She goes on, "Turn around and look at me." I do as I'm told as she continues talking. "So, here's how we'll handle the additional discipline. I've just programmed your computer at work to send an hourly alarm, and that is a reminder to you. When you hear the alarm, you will stroke your clitoris and think about how you can behave better for me in the future. Okay, let's practice. Here's what the alarm will sound like." She pushes a key on her iPad, and the device makes a ding-dong sound. "Okay, do your thing and tell me what you are thinking."

My hands tentatively reach down to my groin area. With my left hand, I spread my pussy lips, and with my right hand, I find my tiny bud after a moment of probing. I give my clit a few strokes which sends a little jolt of sexual pleasure through me. And as I'm doing this, I say, "Umm, I resolve to never wear any clothes that my mistress has not authorized. I resolve to never wear any clothes that my mistress has not authorized. I resolve . . ."

She interrupts, "Okay, Pet. That's good. Keep up the stroking and repeating the mantra silently for one minute. And, you are going to do this once each hour for today. I've set the alarm for 2 minutes after each hour, and you will pause whatever you are doing and play with your clit. Try to be discreet, but your priority is to get it done no matter who's around or where you are. Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I reply meekly. But I already know this will be a problem for me at least twice today, because we have a 10:00 AM all-hands department meeting. And my boss, Bill, usually meets with me at 4:00 PM each day to check on his schedule for the next day. If I have to masturbate at 10:02 and 4:02, then it will be hard to be discreet.

My lover continues, "Remember, I'm doing you a favor here, Pet. As I said, I really think you deserve some more paddling, but I'm being very lenient. If you miss any of these clit sessions, I'll paddle your sore ass anyway - I won't care how much it hurts." I just nod at her. "And now, it's time for you to get to work. It's going to be tight, but you should make it without going over the speed limit. You don't want to know what will happen if you get a speeding ticket. Let's get you a shirt to wear." And she leads me into the entry hallway.

"Let's see, which of these Hardass T-shirts should I let you wear?" She thumbs through the stack, and pulls out a gray one with dark blue lettering and the company logo. "This is a good one. Kneel down, raise your arms straight above your head, and I'll slide it onto you." I get down on my knees, and a moment later I'm covered for the first time in many hours - even if it is only partially covered.

She hands me my purse as I'm getting to my feet. And then she gives me a big hug and a wonderful long kiss. "Be a good girl for me, Pet. Come directly here after work, and we'll figure out what to do about dinner. Bye-bye."

I smile at her and say, "I love you, Ma'am. Bye." And I walk out the front door. I wonder what kind of challenges I will have to face today.

Friday at Work - Hourly Masturbation

The drive to work is delightfully uneventful, and I notice that today's T-shirt is much longer than either of the ones yesterday, and it has real sleeves which hide my boobs from the side views that I had to worry about yesterday. I'm actually feeling somewhat upbeat as I pull into the company parking lot. The cool weather has continued, and I shiver as I get out of the car. Like yesterday, my lover has not permitted me to wear a sweater or jacket. I clutch my arms to my chest to try to keep warm, but I still have a positive outlook as I walk into work.

However, I encounter my first challenge of the day when my sore left heel hits an uneven spot in the pavement in just the wrong way. I am being very careful to look for rocks and pebbles, but this spot where two concrete slabs butt against each other is not very noticeable.

I let out a little yelp and I almost fall to the ground, but I grab onto the fender of a parked car to steady myself. I look around to see who witnessed my stumble, but there is no one nearby, and I'm glad that no alarm went off in the car that I'm touching. I brace myself on the parked vehicle and awkwardly raise my left foot to look at my heel. It looks the same as earlier, that is, red but no abrasion. But the ache has intensified. I slowly limp into the building.

As I pass the security station, I flash my badge at Henry, the elderly guard, who says, "Good morning, Pat. It's a bit chilly out there, but you're looking good."

"Thanks, Henry. Have a good day." I continue the few yards to the inner door, and as I open it I glance back and see him still staring at me. I sheepishly give him a little wave. Then, I notice that I've crossed my arms below my breasts again even though I'm now in the warm building. I see that my erect nipples are clearly outlined through the gray shirt, and I realize that Henry probably saw that, too. I drop my hands to my sides as the door closes behind me.

I limp through the empty hallways and make it to my desk right at 8 o'clock. I wince as my sore butt settles into my chair. I put my purse away and then check to see if my boss has left me anything in the in basket. As I'm reaching for the few papers in the in basket, I hear a loud DING-DONG come from my computer. I had not really forgotten about my assigned clit massage, but the strange sound catches me by surprise. I instinctively reach over and turn the volume down all the way on my speakers, but I immediately realize that my lover would not approve of that. And so, I turn up the volume again, but hopefully it won't be as loud next hour as it was just now.

And now I look around slyly to see if anyone has heard the dings and is now watching me. But I am alone. I lift my butt a little bit and pull back the shirt tail so that I am sitting bare-assed on my chair; I scoot forward just a little bit so that my pussy is near the front edge of my chair. I spread my legs wider and reach my hands down to my pussy. Like earlier, I spread my lips with my left hand and start stroking my clit with my right hand. I'd like to close my eyes while performing this intimate task so I can focus on what my lover told me to think about while masturbating. But I need to keep my eyes open to watch for anyone approaching. I whisper ever so softly, "I resolve that I will not wear any clothes that my lover has not explicitly permitted." I repeat this a few times until I'm certain that a minute has passed. This actually feels so nice, and I feel guilty, because my lover intends this assignment as punishment. As my fingers start to get wet, I reluctantly stop. I know I'm breathing a little bit harder than normal as I pull my shirt back under my ass.

I sit there a few moments to calm my nerves. And I do some mental calculations. Once an hour from 8:02 AM til 5:02 PM means I have to do this ten times today; so, I've got nine more to go. I hope that those times go as smoothly as this time did, but I'm sure there will be some embarrassing moments in the hours to come, and that is exactly what my lover wants to have happen. Punishment by embarrassment.

An instant later as I reach for the in basket papers again, one of the researchers walks in the door. Avery Maxwell is a young guy, only 23 years old, and I've felt him staring at me many times in the past. He gives me a wry smile and says, "Good morning, Pat. How's it going?"

I blush because I'm certain that the look on my face has told him that something unusual has just happened, but I just say, "Oh, hi, Avery. Things are going fine."

He doesn't say anything else, but he continues to look back at me as he walks down the hallway to his cubicle which is just over the partition from my desk.

I quickly delve into the paperwork and get several things done for my boss before he arrives about 8:30. And then it's on to some computerized filing and some scheduling. Suddenly, there is a fairly loud DING-DONG, and I realize that it's 9:02 AM. The dings are not as loud as before but still loud enough to attract the attention of some workers who are assembling in the nearby conference room. No one says anything, but they all look out my way. I smile back at them and mouth "Sorry" to them, and I turn down the volume a little bit more.

How am I going to do this with all of them close by? The conference room door is still open, and the meeting has not started yet. I shift forward in my chair and discreetly hike up the front of my T-shirt and slip my hands down to my pussy while seated behind my desk, but I just know that I'm going to be caught in the act. I smooth the shirt back down over my lap and thighs, and then I sit back normally in my chair and bring my hands back up to the desk. I ponder for several more seconds; time is wasting away, and I'll be in trouble if I don't do it soon. Then, I have an ah-ha moment: The ladies restroom! Why didn't I think of that sooner?

I casually get up and wander down the hall to the restroom. I'm happy to see that I've got the place to myself, and I go into the last stall with one side against the wall. In the privacy of the stall, I slip the T-shirt off and hang it on the hook. I'd like to lean against the wall or the door while masturbating, because it would be easier that way. But if someone else came into the bathroom, they could easily see my bare feet in a strange position by glancing down to the open space under the stall panels. And so I decide to sit down naked on the toilet seat so my feet are in the normal position as if I were peeing. Again, I flinch as my aching butt touches the toilet seat.

I spread my pussy lips and start stroking my clitoris. And I mentally repeat the phrase about not wearing unauthorized clothes. I have a clear image of my lover's face in my mind the whole time. This session feels pretty good, but not as special as the 8:02 session. After a minute or so, I stop, stand up, and flush the toilet. I slip the T-shirt on back over my head, and leave the stall. Just to complete the charade about faking a pee, I wash my hands even though no one else has entered the bathroom.

I return to my desk and lower my sore butt slowly onto my chair. And I spend the next 45 minutes organizing some health insurance forms that I will pass out to the "troops" at the department meeting. But as 10 AM approaches, I worry how I am going to handle my 10:02 assignment. The department meeting starts at 10:00, and my boss and I are usually seated a couple of minutes before such meetings start. Another factor is that the 9 o'clock meeting is still going on, and all of the people in that meeting will also attend the 10 o'clock meeting.

It seems to me that I have five choices here. One choice is go do my masturbating in the bathroom at 10:02 and be late to the meeting. Another choice is to do it discreetly in the meeting. A third choice is to do it right now (at 9:56) before the meeting. A fourth choice is to skip the 10:02 assignment and accept whatever discipline my lover will dole out. And the fifth choice is to skip the assignment and just not tell my lover.

I immediately rule out the last option, because I just do not lie to my sweetheart; I always, always tell her the truth. And I rule out the fourth choice, because my ass is so sore already, and she told me that she would paddle it anyway if I didn't do all of these clit sessions. Similarly, if I do the third choice, I would be disobeying my lover, and she would probably paddle me in that case, too.

So, I think about how I could do it in a room full of people without anyone else noticing. Usually, my boss and I sit next to each other kind of by ourselves at the head of the table, and since he will be doing most of the talking, he wouldn't notice my hands creeping under the shirt to my pussy. But the others in the room would be looking our way, and they would probably notice a strange look on my face. And then, it occurs to me that perhaps my boss will be showing slides using the overhead projector in the room, and that setup requires a very dark room. Maybe I could do my thing while the room is dark? But I didn't prepare any such slides for this meeting, and I know that my lover intends me to do the assignment as soon after 10:02 as possible. And consequently, I reject that option, too.

I sigh and resign myself to doing it in the restroom and then arriving late to the meeting. And so right at 9:59 as the first meeting is finishing and other people are congregating in the conference room, I get up from my desk and start tiptoeing down the hall to the ladies room. And since the restroom is far enough away from my desk that I won't be able to hear the DING-DONG alarm go off, I silent start counting off the 180 seconds so that I know when it's 10:02. A couple of people give me strange looks, but I just point towards the restroom door, and they seem to understand where I'm going.

I'm surprised to see Suzanne washing her hands in the restroom. She is one of the only two women researchers in our department. She's a very nice friendly lady and she says, "Oh, hi, there, Pat. Don't we have that meeting right now?"

"Uh, yeah, it's just starting. But I, uh, um, need to . . ."

Suzanne interrupts, "Oh, I understand. I'll tell Bill where you are."

I respond, "Thanks, Suzanne. I will be there in just a few minutes." And I duck into that back stall again. I wait a couple of seconds until I hear the bathroom door open and close to make sure that I am alone. And when my mental countdown tells me that it's now 10:02, I repeat what I did at 9:02 - strip naked, sit on the toilet (just in case), spread my lower lips, stroke my clit, think about my behavior, and most importantly, think about my wonderful lover. Then, I slip the T-shirt back on, wash my hands, and limp as fast as I can back to my desk.

The conference room door is closing as I pick up the stack of health insurance forms. I walk the few steps to the door and slowly open it and try to be unobtrusive as I slide into the crowded room. My boss has already started the meeting, and he gives me a brief scowl, but says nothing. My usual seat is at the other end of the long narrow room, and I see that it is already occupied. In fact, there are not enough chairs for everyone, and there are guys standing along each side leaning against the wall. And so I just find a spot next to the door where I can lean against the wall myself. One of the guys seated at the end of the table near me is chivalrous and silently offers me his seat, but I wave him off.

I'm still holding the stack of 40 insurance forms and instruction booklets. I'd kinda like to put them down or pass them out, but we're not to that part of the meeting yet. And so I decide to just hold them while leaning against the wall. I wonder if anyone can smell my slight odor; my lover has told me that my "vagina juice" is rather fragrant. I didn't really get turned on while masturbating for those few minutes, but since my hands got wet from being on my pussy lips, I know that I was on the verge at the very least.

The meeting drags on and on, and my lack of sleep is beginning to catch up with me. In one way, it's probably a good thing that I am standing up, because it will keep me awake. But I have been standing most of the last 16 hours or so, and my legs are getting tired. And that damn left heel is throbbing again.

I gamely hold my ground, but it's now 10:45 and I'm getting worried about my 11:02 clit session. And my boss still hasn't gotten around to talking about the health insurance stuff. But finally, at 10:55, my boss says, "We've got a couple of human resources issues to talk about. The new paycheck system and new health insurance forms." I silently groan, because I'd forgotten about the paycheck stuff, and it sounds like he might want to discuss that first. Fortunately, he says, "Patty has the new health insurance paperwork. Can you tell us about it, Patty?"

I'm caught by surprise, because I didn't know I would have to say anything in this meeting. Everybody turns to look at me. They all probably already know that I'm not wearing much clothing, but they're getting a reminder of that now as I fidget on my bare feet. I clutch the stack of papers to my chest to make sure that my boobs aren't showing through. I tentatively answer, "Umm, uh, Bill, actually, there's not much to say. There's a booklet attached that gives info and instructions. There are several extra copies for those of you who have spouses who use our insurance. Let's just pass them around. If we need more, I can get them." And with that, I lean in between two guys and put the stack on the big table. I'm sure that the guys leaning against the back wall with me are getting a nice view of my bare legs; I'm just thankful that this shirt is long enough to cover my ass - at least, I hope that they can't see my ass.

As I stand up, I give a quick glance down the row of guys against the wall, and I see Avery staring intently at me - especially my legs. I quickly look back at my boss who says, "Thanks, Patty." And then he starts talking about the new payroll system and how it affects the way our paychecks and auto-deposits will work in the future. And then I hear a faint DING-DONG through the closed door. A couple of nearby guys look around, but when the noise doesn't repeat, they don't worry about it. But I sure am worried about it, because I have an important assignment to do.

I silently open the conference room door and glance back at my boss. He raises his eyebrows, and I bring my hand up to my ear with the thumb and little finger spread out to indicate that the phone needs answering. That's a lie, of course, and I'll probably be punished, but I know what my top priority is today. He nods his approval and I duck out of the room. I quickly limp down the hall towards the restroom.

"Oh, shit," I exclaim out loud when I see the "Out of Order" sign posted on the ladies room door. I pause for a moment, but then I go ahead and barge in anyway. I've done this before when I know that the nice cleaning lady, Jacqui, is cleaning the bathroom; she always makes sure that one stall is ready to use for ladies "in distress". But instead of Jacqui, I am confronted by a big burly guy who is working on a sink. We each stare at the other in amazement for an instant before I plead, "Oh, please, I really need to use the bathroom. I'll just be a few minutes." But he says, "Oh, Miss, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but my boss insists that we never work in an occupied restroom, and besides the water is turned off in here right now. I'm sorry, but I can't leave this job until it's finished. But you can use the ladies room on the other side." Even though he is on his knees working on the pipes under the sink, I can see his eyes go up and down my barely covered body pausing on my legs and bare feet. I hesitate, and he repeats, "I'm so sorry, Miss. But it's just around the corner." I blush and back out of the door into the hallway.

The other restroom may be "just around the corner" to him, but it's another world as far as I'm concerned. The other side of the building is the customer service department, and there is virtually no interaction between them and us. I do know Michelle Donaldson, the secretary over there, but I detected a strain in our friendship earlier this week when she disapproved of my lack of clothes and my subservience to my lover.

I don't really want to go wandering over to that side of the building, and so I decide to just go back to my desk and try to do my clit assignment there. The department meeting is still going on, and I can probably get done before the meeting is over.

At my desk, I look around stealthily and there is no one in sight, and the conference room door is still closed and someone has closed the blinds in the sidelight window next to that door. So, I hike up my long shirt so I'm sitting bare-assed on the front edge of my chair, and I tentatively reach down between my legs and spread my pussy lips. But right at that instant, the conference room door opens and the researchers start to leave. I get some funny looks from the guys as I yank my hands back up to the desktop. If one of them looks down at my chair as they pass by, they will get a side view of my bare butt with the tail of the shirt bunched behind me. I shift my ass around a bit to try to get the shirt back down without them noticing. I don't think any of them see me from the side, but I'm not really sure.

I wait until the room empties out, and then I reluctantly get up and head to the door to get to the other side of the building. I hope that neither of the two women researchers, Suzanne and Julie, need to pee after having been in the hour-long meeting, and I'm relieved to see them head for their own cubicles rather than the restroom where they would find the "Out of Order" sign and then join me in the trek to the other world.

I wonder if my lover is going to discipline me for being late on this 11:02 assignment; this is my third attempt at it, and it's now almost 11:10 AM. She didn't give me a time limit, but she emphasized that I need to do them all as they are scheduled. I've only done three of these (8:02, 9:02, and 10:02), which means I've got seven more to go including this pending 11:02 session. I suppose that my lover knew that I would have these kind of problems, and she intends that to be part of the discipline that I deserve for my misbehavior.

To get to the opposite side of the building, I have to go past the guard station. The elderly guard, Henry, is still there, and he gives me a strange smile. Then, just as I'm about to open the door to the customer service department, Henry scowls a bit and says, "Uh, Pat, you don't have your badge. You're supposed to wear it at all times."

Oh, fuck. I forgot to clip it to my shirt after I got in at 8 o'clock. I'm about to tell him that I'm just using the restroom and to give me some slack. But then I think of my lover, and I know she will not be happy to hear that I haven't had my badge on, and she would be even more unhappy to know that I disobeyed Henry's command. I say, "Oh dear. Thanks, Henry. I'll go get it."

And I turn back around and go back through our department hallway to my desk. My heel is really "barking" at me now after all of this start-and-stop walking. I get my badge from my purse and clip it to the left sleeve of my T-shirt. And then I trudge off once again; I hope that I can finally complete my 11:02 session. It's now almost 11:15, and I'm beginning to worry.

As I pass by Henry, I unclip my badge and wave it emphatically at him with a big smile on my face. I open the door to the other department, and I see Michelle, the secretary, look right at me. I hesitate for just an instant, but I press on. Michelle says, "Hello, Pat. Can I help you?"

"Uh, umm, no. I just need to go to the bathroom. Ours is out of order," I reply indifferently, and I turn down the hall and go into the ladies room. But I am not alone as I had hoped.

The customer service department has a lot more women working in it than we do in research on our side of the building. There are only 3 of us in research, and there are at least a dozen over here. And five of them are in the bathroom! The bathroom is a mirror image of ours, and it has the same four stalls which are all occupied. There's a woman about my age leaning against the wall waiting for her turn. I give her a wan smile and take my spot next to her. I don't know her, and so I don't say anything and neither does she.

A minute passes and one of the stall doors opens. A woman comes out and the woman waiting next to me scoots into the now empty stall. The other woman nods at me as she washes her hands, and as she leaves the restroom, two more ladies, both much older, come in and join me in line. It sure seems strange to me that so many women need to pee at the same time, but I don't say anything.

A couple of minutes pass before another stall door opens. I hurry on my bare feet into the stall, which is one of the middle stalls. There are ladies on each side of me sitting on the toilets peeing, and I need to pretend that I am doing the same thing. I slip out of the T-shirt and sit down on the toilet seat wincing a little bit as my sore ass touches the hard plastic. I spread my legs and do my clit thing. My bare feet and legs might draw the attention of the other ladies, and if they listened carefully, they wouldn't hear any piss tinkling out of me. But there is nothing I can do about that.

This is the most unsatisfying session yet. I just perfunctorily go through the motions of stroking my clit. But I do think very hard about my lover and how I can behave better for her. After I have put in my minute of masturbating, I put the T-shirt back on, unroll some toilet paper, wipe my pussy, drop the paper in the toilet, and flush. My hands are only a tiny bit damp, but I make sure to wash them after I leave the stall. I get some strange looks from the two older ladies who are still waiting. I ignore them and give Michelle only a quick nod as I pass by her desk.

Finally, I get back to my own desk. It's now 11:23, and I feel that I've wasted a lot of work time. But I also realize that 12:02 PM is not that far away, and I may have to repeat this extended process pretty soon.

I focus on my real work for the next 35 minutes, and then I have to figure out how to handle the 12:02 and 1:02 sessions with lunch in between. Just after noon as I'm waiting for the ding-dong alarm, I'm surprised to see Michelle walk up to my desk.

Michelle says, "Hi, Pat. Do you want to go to lunch?"

"Oh, uh, hi, Michelle. Yeah, that sounds good. Just give me a minute to finish up some things." But I'm now in a quandary, because I am truly happy to see that she might want to fend fences, but I will really need to do my clit thing before lunch. And that ding-dong alarm is going to go off any second now with her standing right here. I awkwardly shuffle some papers as if looking for something, and then I neatly arrange the pencils and pens lying on the desk. And then, DING-DONG goes the computer.

Michelle was already giving me a weird look as I was killing time with the trivial little desk tasks, but now she jumps a little bit at the noise. She says, "Oh, what's that?"

I lie, "Oh, that's my reminder that it's time for lunch." But now my really high priority task awaits me. How am I going to handle this?

I stammer, "Uh, oh, ok-aaay, Michhh-elllle. L-L-Let's g-go." I pause for an instant to collect my nerves and then say more calmly, "But first I need to use the bathroom. Wait here; I'll be just a minute."

She's really looking at me funny now and says, "But you just went a few minutes ago in our bathroom. And is yours fixed yet?"

She's got a point. I don't know if the guy has finished yet. But I lie again, "Coffee. Too much coffee this morning. Come on, you wait by the guard station, and I'll see if our ladies room is ready, and if not, I'll use yours again."

She responds, "Actually, Pat, now that you mention it, I need to go, too. I'll go in with you - whichever bathroom is available."

I gulp. So, she'll be peeing while I'm masturbating a few feet away. She's already aware of my strange behavior these last couple of minutes, and she'll probably notice somehow that I won't be peeing. I'm trapped, and I say, "Okay then. Let's go."

I grab my purse, and we go off down the hall towards the ladies room. I'm only slightly relieved to see that the "Out of Order" sign has been removed. She goes in first and heads directly for the last stall, which had been my desired destination as well, because that stall is slightly more private. Fortunately, all the other stalls are vacant, and I go into the one farthest from her.

I remove my T-shirt, sit on the toilet, and do my thing while silently repeating my mantra about obeying my lover. I hear Michelle tinkling away in her stall. After I finish my session, I try to force myself to pee even just a little bit, but it just doesn't come. I wonder if she noticed that I didn't relieve myself.

I get dressed again, and she gives me another strange smile in the mirror as I come out of the stall. After washing my hands, I meet her out in the hallway.

We don't say anything until we're out on the sidewalk. I say, "Oh, brr, it is cold out here", because it is still very cool (for a springtime day), and we hurry a bit to get to the smallish cafeteria serving this part of the company campus. We chit-chat about the continuing spell of cool weather and the lack of sunshine recently.

In the cafeteria, I fix myself a salad, and pick up a couple of breadsticks, an apple, and a bottle of diet cranberry juice. Not my kind of meal at all, but this is what my lover has told me to get until I get my weight down a few pounds.

I join Michelle at the table, and as soon as I sit down, she says, "Patty, I want to apologize for the way I treated you earlier this week. I wasn't very sympathetic. I'm so sorry." She has never called me "Patty" before; it's always just been "Pat". I take that change as a friendly gesture.

She continues, "Are you all right?"

I answer, "No, Michelle, I stepped on a rock yesterday, and my foot hurts."

"Umm, I'm sorry about your foot, Patty, but you know that's not what I meant." I feel tears welling up in my eyes, and I just nod at her. She goes on, "I'm concerned about you. There's a rumor going around that you've submitted a request asking to come to work completely naked. Is that true?"

"A rumor?", I say, "Where did you hear that?" My voice is breaking up a bit, and I bite my lip and look at her.

"Beverly Culbertson over in building 5 told me."

I have no idea who that woman is or how she heard about my request. I say, "I'm sorry, I don't know her."

"She's in the QA group. But, is it true, Patty?"

The tears are building up. I nod and meekly answer, "Yes, it is." I use my napkin to wipe my eyes.

It was actually my lover who submitted the request to my boss, but since I reluctantly agreed to it, it now seems to be classified as "my" request.

"And is your recent change in clothing, such as lack of shoes, related to that?" Michelle asks.

I whisper, "Yes, Michelle."

"Are you wearing anything under that shirt? Panties? Bra?"

I just shake my head slowly and wipe my eyes again.

"But why, Pat, honey? You don't seem to be excited about doing it."

She just called me "honey", and normally, that would make me suspicious, but she seems so sincere, and I'm feeling close to her. She's kind of a motherly type, and she is several years older than me, married, with two kids (twin girls who are 12 years old).

"Oh, Michelle, it's complicated. But I guess the simple answer is that Cassie asked me to do it, and I agreed."

"But you don't really want to, do you?"

My eyes are watering up again, "No, I guess deep down I don't, because it's embarrassing."

"Uh, Patty, the way you just said that makes it sound as if you've done this before. That is, you've been naked in public, and you were embarrassed. Is that right?"

I nod and wipe my eyes again, "Yes, last weekend."

"You mean out shopping, jogging, eating at a restaurant? That kind of 'public'?"

"Restaurant, yes, but shopping and running, no - at least not yet." I intentionally don't mention the Show and Tell event, and I'm getting uncomfortable with where this conversation is going, but she seems so genuine that I just can't help but answer her truthfully.

She raises her eyebrows and asks, "Where?"

"Umm, Rick's over on Capricorn Avenue. Sunday brunch."

"So, even though your request applies only to here at work, what about outside of work? Evenings, weekends, holidays, vacations? Are you going to be wearing clothes then?"

"I don't think so. Cassie wants me to be a nudist, and I have consented to do it."

"When is this going to start, Patty?"

I choke back tears and say, "It has already sort of started. Since last weekend, the only time I have worn clothes is here at work and on the way to and from work. And as you can see, I don't wear much here."

She's about to continue the conversation, but I interrupt her, "Oh, Michelle, look at the clock. I'm sorry, but I need to get back to my desk. Bill wants me there by 1 o'clock." After being so truthful with her, it bothers me a little bit to lie to her again, but I need to do my clit thing at 1:02.

We get up from the table and start walking back to our building. On the sidewalk, Michelle says, "I can see that you're going through a tough time. How can I help?"

I tear up again as I answer, "You can be my friend."

"I can do that, Patty." And we stop and hug each other. Her hug pulls up my shirt slightly, and then a gust of cold wind blows it up completely exposing my bare ass. I quickly break the hug, tug my shirt back down, and look around to see who might have see me. There's no one on the sidewalk, but who knows how many people saw from their office windows?

Back in our building, I squeeze her hand just as we split apart to go through our separate doors. I wipe my tears away once again. I get back to my desk a couple of minutes before 1 o'clock, and I just sit there waiting for the inevitable ding-dong to come at 1:02 PM. It finally rings, and I wander down to the restroom.

This clit session goes routinely as do the sessions at 2:02 and 3:02. But as 4 o'clock approaches, I am once again worried how to be in two places at once. My boss expects me to be in our daily get together, but my lover expects me to be masturbating.

But I ponder this for only an instant, because I know what my priority is - I have to do what my lover instructed me to do. However, a complicating factor is that my boss is in his office probably waiting for me to come in at 4:00. So, at 3:59, I start looking around for papers to put in the file folder that I will carry into his office. I continue this deception until 4:01 when my boss looks my way and waves me to come to his office. I wave back at him and say, "Just a minute, Bill. I need to find your schedule for next week." A moment later, DING-DONG goes my computer. I pick up the schedule and stuff it into the folder, and I take a step towards his office. At his door, I give him an apologetic look and say, "Uh, Bill, I need to go to the bathroom. I'll be back in a jiffy." He gives me an understanding look, but I don't wait for him to say anything, and I head off to the restroom. I haven't really lied to him, because I really am going to the bathroom. He probably thinks I'm peeing.

In the restroom, I am really surprised to see two stalls occupied - the first one, and the last one. That means I have to select one of the two middle stalls, and so I will be sitting within a foot or two of one of the ladies with my bare feet and legs easily visible to her under the stall divider. I don't know who the women are, but since there are only three of us females working on this side of the building, the two women must be Suzanne and Julie, the only women researchers. For no particular reason, I arbitrarily select the third stall. I close the door and slip off my T-shirt.

As I settle my still sore butt onto the toilet seat, the woman in the adjoining stall says, "Hi, Pat. How's your day going?"

This is really unusual, because when we women are doing our business, we don't talk to anyone else; at least, I don't talk while toileting. But since I recognize Suzanne's voice, I respond, "Uhh, oh, hi, Suzanne. I'm doing fine."

Thankfully, all she says is "Good", and then I hear her tinkling away. And just as fortunately, the other woman does not join the awkward conversation. I spread my legs a little further so that my left bare foot is now within a foot of Suzanne's right shoe, and I start stroking my clit. I focus on my required thoughts, and I smile as the image of my lover's beautiful face forms in my mind.

I finish my session just as Suzanne stands, pulls up her slacks, and flushes the toilet. Like earlier in the day, I try to force myself to pee, and this time a little bit comes out and makes a brief tinkling sound. I'm relieved, because the other women will think that I am really peeing rather than doing something unusual - such as masturbating, which is what I really am doing.

Suzanne leaves her stall and steps to the sink right in front of my stall; I can see her through the slim crack next to the stall door. As she is washing her hands, I wipe myself, flush the toilet, and slip the T-shirt back over my naked body. As I exit my stall, I'm surprised to see her still in front of the mirror primping herself. She gives me a strange smile in the mirror. I blush as I smile back at her. As I wash my hands two sinks down from hers, she washes hers again. Nothing is said as we both get to the towel dispenser about the same time. I step back to let her get a towel first. She says quietly, "Thanks, Pat." And then I get a couple of towels and dry my hands. Suzanne leaves the restroom first, and as she is opening the door, she yells, "Come on, Julie, hurry up. We need to talk with Nate."

Suzanne holds the door open for me, and as we're walking back towards our desks, she says, "Pat, are you doing okay? You seem a little bit strange today."

"Oh, you know, just the usual stuff", I lie. I notice her looking down at my bare feet, and I can sense that she's about to ask about that. But fortunately, we are just getting back to my desk, and before she can continue the conversation, I say, "Thanks, Suzanne. I've got to meet with Bill."

I glance at the clock which shows 4:07 PM. Shit, I've kept my wonderful boss waiting for too long. As I quickly reach over the desk to grab the folder, my T-shirt snags on the corner of my desk. The whole shirt stretches and pulls up, and I stumble a bit; I'm certain that my ass and pussy are now exposed. But also I hear what sounds like the fabric ripping at the shoulder seams of the shirt. I quickly glance around to find out who might have seen my privates, but I am lucky because no one did. Suzanne is walking away from my desk down the hallway, and my boss has his back to me as he sits at his office table. I regain my footing and unsnag the shirt.

But I'm now worried that I have torn the shirt, and I'm sure that I'll be in big trouble with my lover if that's the case. I'd like to take the shirt off and examine it, but I'm already keeping my boss waiting. So, I look out of the corner of each eye at the shoulder seams. Each one looks okay from my brief glimpse. But I'm still worried that it may have split right where those seams meet the collar. I sigh and decide that my boss won't notice, and I will check it later. I straighten out the shirt and shuffle into Bill's office.

I say, "Hi, Bill. Sorry for the delay." But I must have a disconcerted look on my face, because he immediately says, "Patty, are you all right?" I bite my lip and nod my head, but before I can answer, he goes on, "You seem a bit rattled today. And you were late for our department meeting this morning, and you're late for this meeting, too. That's very unlike you."

Again I apologize, "Oh, Bill, I'm so sorry. I hope I haven't caused you any problems." After a brief moment, I add, "Have I?"

"Patty, no, it's okay. I'm just worried about you. I was concerned that you might have heard back from HR about your, um, uh, request. Have they approved it? If so, when will it start?"

Of course he's referring to my request to come to work in the nude, but he hasn't described it so bluntly. I would have thought that he would be part of the committee, but from his question, I now assume that he is not. I just lower my eyes, shake my head a little bit, and quietly say, "No, Bill, I haven't heard anything."

"Okay. Good. Let's get started. What does my schedule look like for next week?" And we spend the next half hour discussing the upcoming week's events.

Finally, about 4:45, I get up and go back out to my desk. As I'm sitting down, my desk phone rings. It's an outside call from a number I don't recognize. I answer, "Research Department. Pat Schofield speaking."

"Hello, Pat. This is Annie Nabors. You know, of Annie's Salon?"

"Oh, hi there, Annie."

"I just want to remind you that you have an appointment to do your hair tomorrow morning. 10 o'clock, right?"

"Yes, Annie, that's right." But this is also a reminder that I'll be going there nude by myself. It will be my first solo naked adventure. Driving a car, seeing people I know very close up, explaining my nudity, etc.

Annie says, "Good. Um, when Cassie phoned to make the appointment for you earlier this week, she sure sounded mysterious in some ways. It sounds like something has changed in your life. What's going on, Pat, anyway? Are you wearing an engagement ring? Are you two getting married?"

Oh, how I wish that were true. I'd love to be married to my lover. But I need to answer her question. "Uh, no. No marriage. Um, er, how about we talk about it tomorrow? Okay?"

She replies, "Oh my, more mystery. Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye."

I say, "Tomorrow, Annie. Bye bye." As I hang up, I wonder how I am going to be able to handle that embarrassing situation.

I start to think about having her doing my hair while I'm stretched out naked in her chair. I won't be wearing anything even as tiny as an engagement ring covering even the smallest portion of my body; my boobs and pussy will be on full display only inches from her hands and face. But then the phone rings again, and I'm shaken back into work mode. It's another outside call from another number I don't recognize.

"Research Department. Pat Schofield speaking."

"Hello, Schofield. This is Joanne Harding." She pauses for a moment for dramatic effect, and I gulp.

She goes on, "I'm calling to remind you about your commitment tomorrow. You were very fortunate that Ms. Campbell was so persuasive to get me to settle for only a few hours of your service. Anyway, we agreed on 11:30 tomorrow morning. Right?"

I'm breathing hard now and answer, "Yes, Ma'am, that's right. We'll be there."

She responds, "I've given directions to Campbell. Be there totally naked, or else."

She doesn't have to say anything else. I sure don't want to help out that dominating bitch, but I can't let my lover lose the job that she adores. Harding says she will fire both me and my lover if I don't do everything she says.

I whisper, "Yes, Ma'am. I understand."

She brusquely says, "Good bye." And she hangs up before I can say anything else. I'm almost crying and my hands are shaking as I ease the phone back into its cradle. I wipe my eyes with a tissue, and I see that it's almost 5 o'clock. Normally, that would be time to go home, but tonight I have one more clit session to do before I leave. I straighten up a few papers and lock the file cabinets while waiting for the 5:02 alarm. And a moment later, I hear DING-DONG.

I take a deep breath and get up from my desk. As I timidly walk down the hall to the ladies room, I wonder what kind of embarrassment I'll run into this time. I'm pleasantly surprised to find the bathroom empty, and I slip into the farthest stall. I take off my shirt, sit down on the toilet, spread my legs, and slowly stroke my clit while thinking about my lover and how I can make her happy.

When I'm finished, I wash my hands and head back to my desk. I'm relieved that this session went off without a hitch.

I tell my boss goodnight, pick up my purse, limp out of the building with my sore heel throbbing, and get in my car.

End of part 5

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