Show and Tell - and Then Show Some More
by Mr. Flip

Author's note: This story was inspired by Lazerou's recent "My Very Own" story on this site. I intend this to have more of an ENF theme to it, but there is still some significant bondage involved.


My name is Patricia Schofield, and this is the story of a day that changed my life. Since this is so personal to me and since it happened very recently, it's very fresh in my mind, and thus, I'm going to tell this story in first person, present tense.

I'm deeply in love with a marvelous woman, Cassandra Campbell. Everyone except me calls her Cassie. I'm only allowed to call her "Mistress" or "Madam" or "Ma'am" except on the very rare occasions when I call her "Ms. CeeCee" which is my nickname for her based on her initials. But I have to be very careful about the correct time to use the nickname, because I'm always disciplined after using it at an inappropriate time - and it's completely up to her to determine if it was appropriate or not.

As I said, my name is Patricia, and everyone except my mistress calls me Patty or just Pat. She calls me "Pet", but she says it very quickly in a way that others might think she's pronouncing "Pat" in an unusual way. But I know what she has said, and it's just one of the many ways that she dominates me. I am her pet and her lover. And I love her just as much in return.

My mistress always uses the words "discipline" and "training" rather than "punishment", but no matter what word she uses, to me, it's punishment. It's often just paddling, but it might be clothespins on my nipples or on my pussy lips, or I might be tied up somehow, or she even has a small riding crop that she has used on me a couple of times.

I don't like being hurt when she uses my body like that, but oh my, what a sexual rush I get from it. Even just the threat of being disciplined causes my pussy to start tingling and shortly to start gushing out. My mistress loves this about my vagina; she calls it vagina juice or 'gina juice for short. And she loves to humiliate me by causing me to juice up at the wrong time. A few times she has played with my nipples in a dark movie theater, and that caused me to leave a mess on the theater seat as well as my dress. Other times, she has had me use a dildo in a public restroom so that the 'gina juice runs down my leg for the next hour or so.

I am definitely most happy when I make my mistress happy, and she gets a real kick out of dominating and punishing me. So, I guess you can call me a masochist, because I indirectly derive such pleasure from the discipline. But I am most definitely not an exhibitionist; I feel very uncomfortable being nude in front of other people, and I was even very shy about being naked in front of my lover early in our relationship. Up til now, all of my naked adventures with her have been in the privacy of either my apartment or her townhouse. In fact, I'm never allowed to wear clothes at her townhouse - well, unless you consider rope, dog collars, leashes, handcuffs, ball gags, blindfolds, dildos and such things to be clothing. As soon as I step in the door of her place, I have only thirty seconds to get completely undressed - for each second beyond thirty, I will shortly receive one hard smack on the butt with the paddle that hangs nearby. I've become pretty proficient at stripping within that allotted time, but it's usually a pretty close call and if there are tight items such as hosiery or a form-hugging sweater that she has assigned for me to wear that day, then I know that I'll be disciplined during that visit. Naturally, I'm expected to neatly fold all of my clothes and place them on the nice leather bench there in her vestibule with my shoes precisely placed underneath.

The Day Begins

Anyway, the first inkling that I had that today might be different was the text message she sent me last night. It merely said, "9AM Saturday". There are several things a bit off kilter here. First, she rarely uses text messaging on her iPhone; she prefers email on her computer or a simple phone call. Second, 9AM is early for us on Saturday; usually, she says to come at 10:00 or 10:30, but once last summer, she told me to come at 9 o'clock so we could get an early start on our hike on a warm summer day. So, 9AM really wasn't off the wall - just a bit early. Third, there were no instructions about what I should wear today. Again, this is not really strange, because if she doesn't specify the exact pieces of clothing for me to wear, I am allowed to choose for myself. But usually on weekends she tells me and during the week I'm allowed to pick for myself.

And so, I pick out my own clothes on this Saturday morning. I dress myself simply in stylish jeans and an off-white loose fitting blouse. I also put on my jogging shoes and short athletic socks. And underneath I am wearing panties and a bra. I like wearing a brassiere to support my full 34C boobs. Even with the bra and the tight jeans, I'm sure that I can get all of those clothes off in the 30 seconds allotted to me.

The next clue I have about a different sort day happens when I drive up to my mistress's townhouse, I see a limousine parked in front. It's taking up three parking spots including the one I usually use. Could the limo be for another townhouse? It might be, but it's right in front of the pathway up to my lover's house. The driver is not in the limo, but looking up the long walkway, I see him standing on the front porch of the townhouse. He smiles at me and says "good morning" as I wait for my lover to answer the door.

The door opens, and there she is looking as wonderful as ever - even in her well-worn jeans and company T-shirt. She says, "Good morning, Pet. Are you ready for an interesting day?" And that's another clue about something different happening. I say tentatively, "Hello, Ma'am. What are we doing today anyway?" Her terse reply is "You'll see." And then we fall into a marvelous embrace and a long kiss.

As we break apart, I look back out the sidelight window at the chauffeur, and I hesitate for a moment giving my lover a quizzical look. But I notice that she has already started the thirty-second timer. And that hesitation costs me; I hurry to try to catch up, but I become all thumbs as I try to undo my bra, and I overrun by eight seconds. As I'm bending down to slide my shoes under the bench, I feel the first hard whack on my bare bottom. She hands me the paddle, and then tears form in my eyes as she leads me naked into the living room. She sits down on her favorite paddling chair and pats her knee. I know exactly what is expected of me, and I hand the paddle back to her, bend down, and drape my naked body across her lap. My boobs are hanging just next to her left thigh and my butt is invitingly propped on her right thigh. She reaches under me with her right hand and briefly massages my tiny clit before raising that hand a couple of inches to urge me to raise my butt just a little bit. And now she rubs the paddle in a circular motion on my bare ass before proceeding to give me seven more hard whacks. I wonder if the limo driver can hear the whacking sounds or my cries of pain; I try my hardest to keep from crying too loud, but I'm not very successful at that. My mistress gives me some tissues and tells me to stand up and wipe my eyes. As I stand still crying in front of her, she plays with my nicely coifed pubic hair. She and I have each shaped our lower hair into three little triangles in a row pointing down to our pussy lips. It's another of our private little secrets that no one else knows about.

After I dry my eyes and recover my composure a little bit, my mistress gives me a cup of coffee to drink. She sits down at the dining table with her own cup of coffee. I'm about to sit down in my assigned chair at the table, but she says, "Please, stay standing, Pet. Let's see, it was Thursday, when I saw you last. Uh, no, it was Wednesday night, wasn't it? So, it's been over two long days since I've seen your beautiful naked body. And I want to look at it now."

She's right about Wednesday, because I distinctly remember going home sexually frustrated after her intimate contact that night. We were watching one of her favorite TV how-to shows, and I was sitting naked on the floor at her feet. She started stroking my long chestnut colored hair, and then she gently rubbed my chin as if I were a kitten; it felt luxurious. Then, she told me to get up on my knees, and she fondled my boobs and tweaked my nipples. I did not care about the damn TV show; I just wanted her to pull me into her bedroom so we could make love. However, she sent me home to my apartment about 10 o'clock with my juices flowing - literally. I haven't slept with her since last Saturday night, and that's way too long to wait between our exciting lovemaking episodes.

I stand there for a few minutes while she just looks at me and idly thumbs through the morning newspaper. She usually likes to play with my pubic hair and with my breasts as well as my long hair, but today she just looks. I revel in her attention while sipping the hot coffee.

A few more minutes pass, and then she leads me to her bedroom. I get a thrill thinking that we are finally going to make love. But she says, "Pet, make my bed and straighten up things while I get dressed." Disappointed, I put down the coffee, carefully placing it on a coaster on the bedside table, because I know I will be disciplined if any stains or marks show up on her table. I look at her somewhat disheveled bed and think about all the wonderful nights that I have spent in it with her. On her side of the bed, the sheet and comforter are thrown back haphazardly, but the side that she has assigned to me was still mostly smooth. I'm happy to see that "my" side has been unoccupied; I know she wouldn't cheat on me, but I'm glad to have confirmation that no one has used my side of the bed. I start smoothing out the sheets, but I keep my eyes on my lover. And I can see her glancing at me, too.

She strips off her jeans and T-shirt, and I look longingly at her as she wanders over to her dresser wearing only a frilly bra and a matching pair of pink panties. Oh, how marvelous she looks in her underwear! One of my favorite things is to slowly slide off her panties and kiss the very top of her pussy lips just where the bottom triangle is pointing, and I feel my juices start flowing a little bit harder. I really want to remove that pretty bra and slip those panties to the floor, but I just silently finish with her bed.

I feel my breasts dangle beneath me as I bend over the bed arranging the pillows just so. Even though I don't look at her, I know that my lover has stopped moving and is watching me. She's told me many times how enticing my boobs are when they are swaying like that.

I then start straightening up the room, and I continue to sneak peeks at her. I get another thrill as she shifts her boobs in her bra, but I say nothing and I return to straightening up her room - putting her discarded tennies in their spot in the closet, putting the throw pillow back in place on the side chair, smoothing out the drapes, putting the T-shirt in the laundry basket, hanging up her jeans, etc, etc.

She sits down in the chair and provocatively slides on a sheer pair of stockings. She then sashays across the room to the closet pausing briefly to give me a quick kiss and to give my nipples a quick twist. She opens the closet door that I had closed just a minute before, and I try to keep working, but I stare as she pulls out one of her prettiest party dresses - a light blue dress with a full skirt that comes a couple of inches above her knees. She slips the dress over her head, comes over to me, and tells me to button it up the back. I take a chance and rub her shoulders and bare back; I'm relieved when she doesn't accuse me of being cheeky.

As she adjusts the dress and looks at her hair in the mirror, I finish up my coffee and quickly dash to the kitchen to return the coffee cup. I'm on my way back to the bedroom, but she intercepts me part way holding a Nordstrom's box. She's now wearing a pair of heels, and says, "Okay, Pet, now we need to get you dressed." In the front vestibule, she opens the Nordstrom's box and brings out a new light green button-down-the-front dress. It's nice, but not nearly as stunning as my mistress's dress. I hide my disappointment well, and say, "Oh, thank you, Madam. It's lovely."

It's an unusually long dress; it almost comes to my knees whereas most of the skirts and dresses that she selects for me are several inches above the knee. She holds the dress for me, and I slip my arms into the partial sleeves. Then, she comes around in front and starts at the bottom, slowly doing each button. As she does the buttons near my pussy, she reaches in and thrusts a finger up into my vagina; she smiles as she sucks the damp finger before continuing to button the dress. And as she finishes buttoning the last button just between my breasts, she fondles my full boobs through the silky material. She leaves the top three buttons undone showing a substantial amount of my cleavage. I'm not surprised when I'm not allowed any underwear; she rarely allows me to wear a bra, panties, or stockings on weekends. However, she does hand me to a nice pair of heels to wear.

She leads me to the front door, and as we step out onto the porch, the limo driver snaps to attention and asks, "Luggage, Miss Campbell?"

She replies, "No, it's just us", and then we walk hand-in-hand to the limo with the chauffeur trailing behind us. It's no secret that we are a lesbian couple, but no one else knows what goes on behind the closed doors. The limo driver gives us a wry smile as he holds the back car door open for us. He probably did hear the whacks on my butt and/or my cries of pain.

As we settle into the comfy back seat, it dawns on me that today is the first Saturday of the month, and my mistress always goes off to some kind of arts & crafts club meeting on those days. Oh, how stupid me, why didn't I think of that earlier?

Anyway, normally on those Saturdays, she will leave me tied up naked in her townhouse or my apartment for the several hours while she is gone, but as far as I know, she always drives her own car; she never uses a limo. Besides her job as a whiz-bang computer programmer, she has two obsessions in life - dominating me and doing craft projects. She sometimes combines the two by binding me naked spread-eagle in the doorway between her kitchen and dining room so I can watch while she meticulously sews sequins on a dog collar or ball gag that I will then wear as my only piece of "clothing" for the rest of the day while in her townhouse. Once I watched expectedly from this spot as she carefully carved and sanded a long wooden dildo that she then lubricated and shoved into my dripping pussy.

But this Saturday morning is different. She's wearing a pretty party dress instead of her usual jeans; I'm coming along; and then there is the fancy limousine. What is going on? She doesn't say a word as the limo pulls away from its parking spot. We snuggle together holding hands. I turn and smile at her, and she gives me a quick kiss on my nose. I'm in heaven. But I am still very confused.

I don't know where we were going, but from the route the driver is taking, it seems like he's heading for the far side of town. After about 15 minutes, my mistress whispers in my ear, "Unbutton your dress, Pet." I give her a distressed look and glance at the driver who is focused on his driving. But I do as I am told.

I intentionally leave the unbuttoned dress almost closed across my body, but my mistress will have none of that. She leans across and pushes the dress open so that my boobs and pussy are exposed. I try to put my hands in my lap to cover my coifed pussy, but she pushes them to the side and whispers gruffly into my ear, "Don't be naughty, Pet." And she puts her hand between my thighs and pushes my knees pretty far apart.

We ride this way for another ten minutes. I notice that the driver has discovered me and is looking at me in the rearview mirror; he can see everything. It's humiliating to be exposed to a stranger like this. Why is my lover doing this to me? And how can the chauffeur drive safely while almost staring at a naked woman in his back seat?

I'm in a daze as the car pulls slowly around the circular drive into the front of an impressive looking older building. My mistress pulls my head forward and clips a dog collar around my neck. And I heard the click of the leash as she attaches it to the collar. Then she says to me, "All right, Pet, we're here. Kick off your shoes and push the dress off of your shoulders. Leave them in the car."

In my dazed state, I thought she said to leave the shoes in the car. So, I slip them off and pull the dress around me. But she gives my cheek a hard slap and says, "No, no, Pet. I said to take off the dress and the shoes. Leave them all in the car."

I start trembling as she says, "Come on, Pet. Get out of the car. Do you want to be disciplined again today?"

I look up and see my lover tightly holding the leash and the limo driver holding the door open. I begin crying and say, "Oh, please, please, Ma'am, don't make me do this. Please, please, Ms. CeeCee."

"You've just earned two DD's for disobeying my command and for using my nickname. We'll take care of those when we get home. Now, get the fuck out of that car," she said angrily. DD stands for "discipline demerit", and she punishes me for each infraction. She tugs on the leash, and I reluctantly slip off the dress and move my bare butt to the nice warm spot where my lover was seated a moment before. I hesitate again, but she jerks on the leash again, and I slide my ass across the rest of the leather seat, and I get out of the car. My mistress wipes my eyes with a tissue, and I reach up to take it from her so I can wipe my nose and mouth as well. But she forcefully slaps my hands down pulling them behind my back. And I feel handcuffs clip over each wrist. She wipes my eyes, nose, and mouth herself and tosses the tissue in her handbag.

Looking over the top of the car, I can see a bunch of people staring and pointing at us. Since we're on the opposite side of the car, I'm not sure they can tell that I am totally naked, handcuffed, and being led by a leash. My mistress wipes my face with a fresh tissue, and then leans in and says, "Okay, Pet, do you love me and want to make me happy today?"

I quietly answer, "Oh, Ma'am, I love you deeply, and I'll do anything to make you happy, but please . . ."

She interrupts whispering back, "Well then, Pet, you've got no choice here, because you will be making me very happy by following my commands. We're going inside now, and you are not going to say a single word unless I tell you to. This is our annual Show and Tell party for the club. And you are my Show and Tell project. I have been training you for almost a year now, and it's time to show off my expertise as a trainer as well as a crafter. Now, no talking, understand?" I give her a sorrowful look, but I nod my head. She continues, "Now, you want me to look good, don't you?" I nod slowly again. "Good. So, you will be on your very best behavior. Right?" Again, I nod.

But I'm still trembling, and I look down at my bare breasts and see that they are quivering. It's mostly from extreme embarrassment, but it's partly due to the cool spring weather. It's sunny, but the temp is only in the 50's; everyone except me has a coat on. Even my lover has a shawl that I had not seen her bring along. And we are standing on a fine-gravel driveway; my mistress has no trouble even in her high heels, but I can feel the sharp edges of some of the tiny stones under my bare feet.

I look over at the limo driver. He is a young guy; at least, he seems younger than my 27 years. He is still standing holding the car door open, but he is looking right at me. Not at my face, but at the three triangles in my sculpted pubic hair. And then his eyes rise slightly, and he is looking at my fully exposed boobs. I feel my nipples tighten and the tingling in my pussy increases. I'm pretty sure I will be gushing 'gina juices in a matter of minutes.

My Naked Exposure Starts

My mistress tugs on the leash, and I reluctantly take my first step away from the relative cover of the car and the open car door. After a couple of more steps, I hear the car door close behind me, and even though I don't look back, I know that the limo driver is soaking in the sight of my bare behind, which probably still has some faint red spots from my recent paddling. My lover has told me many times that I have a cute butt, and somehow I just know that the guy is admiring it. It's embarrassing, but at the same time I'm proud of looking good for my mistress.

As we walk around in front of the limo, the crowd of people up on the colonnaded porch comes down the steps for a better look. They split in half as we approach, and a pathway is formed down the middle. There are several catcalls from both men and women, but one of the older women exclaims, "Hey, Cassie, what's the deal? Who is she? Why is she naked?"

My lover replies, "Helen, I will explain everything at lunch." And my mistress continues to drag me slowly by the leash through the throng. I feel a couple of slaps on my bare buttocks, and one guy is bold enough to pinch my right breast. I don't realize it, but I must have grunted or something, because my mistress turns around and glares at me. But somehow she knew what had just happened and turns to the nipple pincher and says, "Okay, Don, you've had your fun. No more touching. And that goes for everybody, okay?" She turns back to me, and I can tell she's almost ready to tell me to behave, but she just gives me that hard look and a sharp nod of the head. I just lower my eyes, and she tugs on the leash again.

In a few more feet, we get to the foot of the steps. She pulls me up onto the first step, and it's nice to be off of that sharp gravel. But we're now out of the sunshine and under the shade of the portico making the stairs very cold. And there's a slight breeze coming down the colonnade. I now shiver noticeably, and there's a tittering of light laughter through the crowd as my boobs shake significantly. With my hands cuffed behind me, I can do nothing to warm myself and I feel my skin turn to a sea of goosebumps; this causes some more giggling.

We have to walk the length of the long porch to get to the entrance, and the people crowd around us, front and back and along each side. As we go along, my mistress basically ignores me and chats amicably with some of her friends. The guy right beside me tries to be friendly by saying, "Hi, I'm Robbie. What's your name?" But I know I can't say anything at all and continue to stare dully forward at the back of my lover's head as we trudge along slowly. As we finally approach the door, the space gets a little tighter, and there are some more surreptitious feels of my bare bottom and my breasts; I keep completely quiet this time even though I'm certain that these were not accidental touches.

The door opens into a large room, probably a ballroom in the days when this mansion was a private home. It's nice to be in the warm room, but I'm almost hyperventilating now at the extreme exposure - and it has all really just started. I glance up at the clock which reads 10:15 AM, and my mistress had just said something about lunch to that lady. Lunch must be at least two hours away, maybe more. And based on the many hours my mistress had left me tied up at home while she attended these monthly club meetings, I speculate that this exposure could last til midafternoon. I shiver again at the thought. But I just stand there waiting for my lover as she talks with her friends.

Finally, after a few minutes, she tugs on the leash and leads me around the perimeter of the big room. Along the walls, there are tables and booths set up where people are showing off their craft projects. There's a lovely large quilt on display at the first booth, and I wish that I were snuggled beneath it making passionate love to my sweetheart. The next table has a display of earrings that the man had made; it seems strange to me that a man would make women's earrings, but that's what he does. The next couple of booths have women's clothes. My lover stops at the second one and holds up a dress against her front; it would look lovely on her, but I know that I can't say anything. She returns it to the rack, and we continue.

People are becoming accustomed to my nudity at this point. But I'm sure not! Oh, how I want to go back to those clothes booths and pick out a dress for myself. But at least not every person in the room is staring at me anymore. And we continue on past a woodworker with fancy cutting boards made of several types of wood. And then we pass a booth with inspirational signs; one of them says "Do something nice for your lover everyday." I love pleasing my mistress, and I think I should have that sign in my bedroom.

And there are shoes, mirrors, wine racks, leather goods, purses, more clothes, candles, and even a fudge table. Everything is handmade by these folks. They seem like the kind of people that I'd like to get to know, but it appears that will not be happening today. I'm just part of the merchandise somehow.

We turn the final corner and stop at a booth selling pet-related things like doggie beds, catnip, bones, fancy litter boxes, and naturally leashes and collars. When my mistress sees those, her eyes light up. She says, "Stop, Pet. Let's see what they've got for you. Here hold the leash while I go look." And she holds the leash up to my mouth as she has done many times at home, and I reluctantly open my mouth as she drapes the leash over my teeth. My cheeks are burning a bright red as she pats my head and says, "Good girl." I like getting compliments from her, but I also feel tears welling up in my eyes as I stand there naked with the leash dangling from my mouth with people staring at me.

My lover looks over the selection of dog collars and leashes, and she picks out one of each that seem to go together. The collar is kind of a heavy looking one, probably for a bulldog. It's red with pointed square steel buds around it; almost spikes but not quite. The leash has red and grey strands twisted together.

She comes back to me and unhooks my collar. She says, "Okay, Pet. We're going to try this one on you. Let go of the leash, and I'll hand the collar and leash behind you and you can hold it in your hands. Okay?"

I nod and open my mouth. But a long string of drool follows the leash as she removes it from my mouth. She says, "Ew, bad girl. Here, I'm going to put it back in your mouth for a moment." She drapes it back over my teeth, and I feel the saliva roll down my chin. I can do nothing except to let it drip from my chin onto my left boob. My mistress gets a tissue from her bag, removes the leash from my mouth, and cleans the leash, my chin, and my boob. She gives my breast a loving squeeze as she finishes. She then puts my collar and leash in my hands and tells me to hang onto them.

Next she wraps the bulldog collar around my neck. It's a little bit tight, but she says, "I'll ask the guy if he can add an extender in the back for us. But let me try the leash on this hook in front first." She hooks it and then lets the leash out to its full length. It's longer than my original leash, and my lover seems to like that. She drags me over to the booth owner to show him how tight the collar is. As we stand there discussing the problem, I feel something brush against my leg. I look down and see a lovely golden retriever joining us. My lover giggles with surprise and bends down and pets the well-behaved dog. The booth owner introduces Buster to us.

Then the man and my lover resume the discussion about the collar. The two of them get around behind me, and my mistress lifts my long hair as the guy studies how to fix the problem. He finally says, "I think I can add an extender. Let me bring the back around to her front so I can see more clearly; her hair is blocking the light."

He comes around and stands right in front of me; I can feel his shirt brush against my nipples. He slowly turns the tight collar until the rear clipping mechanism is in the front. Now I raise my chin and he squats down a bit, and with his forearms resting on my chest (i.e. on my boobs), he uses a ruler to measure how long the extender should be. Now I can feel his belt buckle scrape lightly across my pubic triangles. Again, this is extremely embarrassing and extremely stimulating at the same time. He said, "Yeah, Cassie, I can do this. I'll work on the extender, and we'll get her fitted after lunch. Okay?"

My lover answers, "Wonderful, Ralph. Pet will really like it."

Ralph says, "Agreed. And I can't wait to hear the story about this gorgeous creature." He smiles at me and looks me over from head to toe. Then, he removes the bulldog collar from my neck and goes back into his booth.

My mistress gives Buster some parting strokes and then takes the original collar that I have been holding behind my back all this time, and she re-attaches them. As we resume our perimeter walk, she says, "That Buster is another gorgeous creature; you two make a good pair." I blush and she giggles.

A couple of more booths farther on, she stops and looks at the fancy gentlemen's straight razors on display. She picks up one with a bone sheath handle, and carefully opens it. She shows me the sharp blade and says, "Boy, I bet we could have fun shaving our triangles with this, couldn't we, Pet?" I just nod my head, but my mistress then gets down on her knees and gently traces the blade along the edges of my three triangles. I have to be ever so still, because the slightest tremor would cause a problem with that sharp blade so close to my very private area. Although it really isn't so private at this moment!

Before my lover gets up from her knees, she slips a finger into my pussy and says, "Oh my, Pet. Look! I was hoping you would do this for me today!" She lifts her finger up near my face and shows me the big blob. "You're churning out cuntcream today!"

I blush, because this means I am really turned on. Usually, it's just 'gina juice that drips out of my pussy, but on rare occasions I produce this creamy substance; it's almost like male semen, but it's a bit whiter and a bit more watery than semen. It only happens when I'm really sexually excited. She calls it my cuntcream.

My mistress smears a bit of the blob on her left index finger. She lifts that finger to my mouth while simultaneously sticking her right index finger into her own mouth. Our eyes meet as we each savor the special taste of this rare substance; it's got a slightly sweet tang to it.

I then look around to see who has witnessed this very private and very special exchange, and I'm glad to see no one staring at us, but I do catch the booth owner looking away as my eyes scanned by him; he had obviously seen what had just happened.

I'm still breathing hard as my mistress stands in front of me. She says, "I'm going to use a credit card to pay for this, but you know, Pet, this razor is expensive. $150. We're going to split it. So, your half is $75, and you're going to have to earn some extra money to re-imburse me. Okay?"

With my mouth still hanging open from the intimate moment, I slowly nod my head. But I don't think it's really fair for me to pay for it, because she makes twice as much money as I do. I'm just an administrative assistant (i.e. a lowly secretary), and she's a hot-shot computer programmer, one of the best in the big software company that we both work for. But I give her all of my money anyway; actually, I never see a paycheck because it is automatically deposited in an account that she has set up. And then she pays for everything for our exotic lifestyle - that is, the nice clothes and the many sex toys that she uses on me. So, I guess this nice razor will be just another toy for her to play with.

But how am I going to earn that extra $75? I guess I could do some overtime at work, but my mistress doesn't like it when I work late or on weekends. Usually, I don't have to worry about money at all, because she takes care of everything including paying my monthly rent out of what she calls our general fund. She's a whiz with our personal finances, and she just gives me a weekly allowance that I usually squander on junk food at lunch. And she occasionally sneaks cash into my purse when she thinks that I've been a good girl. But I don't currently have an extra $75 to give her. I'm sure the money thing will bother me, but right now, I just want to make it through this embarrassing day of complete naked exposure.

She buys the razor and puts it in her purse. She picks up the leash, and we continue on our way. At the very last spot, there's no booth or table. There's only a single folding chair along with some tape on the floor outlining the display area. I'm a bit confused until my mistress raises my chin with her open hand, and I see the sign above the space that says "Pet Training, Cassandra Campbell". Now, I understand. This is my lover's spot where she will show off her merchandise - my well-trained naked body.

She leads me to the middle of the space and holds the leash in front of my mouth. I dutifully open up, and she drapes the leash across my teeth again. She then pulls over the chair next to me, and I assume that she's going to let me sit down. But instead, she carefully climbs up onto the chair using my shoulder as an aid to keep her balance. I worry that she will have trouble standing on the chair in her high heels, but she steadies herself. And I worry that others will be able to look up her short dress and see her pretty pink panties. Of course, it's silly of me to worry about that when I'm standing right there totally nude next to her.

As my mistress stands precariously on the chair, she reaches up and pulls down on a chain dangling above our spot. She takes the leash from my mouth and connects it to the end of the chain. The chain seems to be on some sort of pulley, and she adjusts it so that my leash is fairly taut as it extends past my left cheek. And she carefully climbs down from the chair using my shoulder again for slight support.

She steps back a few feet in front of me and appraises her handiwork. I'm now standing totally naked with my hands cuffed behind me and the leash holding me to the spot in the middle of her display area.

She says, "There we are, Pet. We're all set to display you for the next few hours until lunch. Comfy?"

I give her a distressed look, but I merely nod my head. And she slips off the shawl and stores it and her handbag behind the curtain at the back of the booth area. Then, she comes back and moves the chair off to the side of the area and sits down on it. I glance over at her as she crosses her legs in her usual sexy manner showing a lot of her shapely legs and thighs. With her sheer stockings, she looks very alluring just sitting there.

After only a few minutes, the crowd must realize that our booth is now open for business, because I'm suddenly surrounded by a bunch of people. One of them raises his hand as if to touch my breast, but my lover jumps up from her seat and shouts, "No touching, Jonathan. You can look all you want, but absolutely no touching." I smile wanly at my mistress as if to thank her for that, but I really, really want to be anywhere else in the world than standing here naked and bound. I take in a deep breath and bend my head forward as far as the collar and leash would allow me; I see my rock hard nipples swaying on my heaving breasts. Tears well up in my eyes as I ponder how I have gotten myself into this mess. I can do nothing except just stand there and let the crowd closely examine every square inch of my body.

Most of the people are intrigued by the three-triangle design of my pubic hair, and as the minutes slowly pass, it seems as if there's always someone kneeling in front of me. Several times I feel the warm breath of such a person on my pussy as they study my exposed groin. One of the breaths is a bit more forceful, and I'm certain that the guy is intentionally blowing on my vulva. And that is confirmed when he moves around behind me and I feel a similar puff of air on my bare ass.

My mistress seems to alternate between sitting and standing. But she's often chatting away with her friends while keeping a close eye on her merchandise - that is, my very vulnerable nude body. I can only overhear parts of her conversations, but it seems like she's telling folks that all of their questions will be answered at lunch time. I don't really understand what she means by that, but I'm thankful for her watchful eye.

By turning my head, I'm able glance at the clock. It only reads 10:25AM. Why doesn't that damn thing move? I look at it and then wait for what I'm certain is ten more minutes before looking again, but the stupid minute hand has only moved a couple of spaces.

A few of the older folks complain to my mistress about how inappropriate it is to have a nude lady secured like that. But my lover has a wonderful way about her, and she seems to mollify their concerns in a friendly way.

The Bathroom Break

As the minutes tick by, the tingling in my loins starts to increase. And I know that it's more than just my pussy juicing up. The cup of coffee that I had drunk at the townhouse has worked its way through my system, and I need to pee. I know that I can't say anything to my mistress, and I really want to hold if off til lunch time - whenever that is. But the urge is growing quickly. I try tightening my thighs together, but that doesn't help and neither does the little bit of twisting and turning that I tried. The crowd is still circled around me, but my lover can see my fidgeting.

She gets up from her chair and says, "Okay, folks, please back out of the area for a moment while I see what's wrong with her." She gently herds the crowd back into the aisle, and then she turns back to me.

She angrily whispers in my face, "What the fuck is wrong with you? Stop fidgeting like that. You're making me look bad." I open my mouth to answer, but she snaps, "Don't do it, Pet. Don't say a fucking word." I don't know what to do, and so I just bend my head forward and try to look down at my pussy hoping that she will understand. She smirks and shakes her head and says, "Oh, I see. You need to pee, don't you?" I just nod meekly.

"Why didn't you do that at my place before we left? You must have known that the coffee would make you need to go." I just shrug my shoulders as if to apologize. She glares at me and says more loudly so that the others certainly hear, "Okay, Pet, but you've made me very angry."

I really hate it when I make her mad like this due to my stupidity. I start sobbing, but I don't say a word. She lifts my chin with her left hand and unclips the leash with her other hand. She then swats me hard on the ass with her hand, grabs my elbow, and guides me out into the crowded aisle.

As she almost pushes me along, she angrily whispers in my ear, "I'm mad as hell with you right now. You've made me look like a fool in front of my friends. You've just earned another discipline demerit. That's now three DD's that we will settle this evening." That only makes me cry harder, because the punishment for a DD is never as simple as a paddling. I once got a DD for leaving the cap off of the toothpaste, and she tied me standing spread-eagled to her massive handcrafted headboard all night warning me not drip any pussy juice or urine on her as she slept beneath my wide-spread legs.

She shoves me through the door of the ladies room, and we are confronted by a very surprised attendant who is cleaning one of the sinks. The Latino lady stares at us open-mouthed as my lover forces me into one of the stalls. I'm still crying as she compels me to sit down on the toilet. She doesn't close the stall door, and she squats down in front of me. She grabs some toilet paper and gently wipes my tear stained face. Her anger has subsided and she lovingly rubs my cheek with her fingers. "Do you just need to pee?" I slowly nod my head. "You don't need to do number 2?" And I slowly shake my head.

I look up with sorrowful eyes at her now smiling face. I try to smile back at her, but it fades when I see the attendant standing behind my lover looking down at us. My mistress turns and says to the woman, "Do you mind? This is private." The woman shrugs as if she only vaguely understands, but she returns to cleaning the sink. My lover then watches as the stream of urine comes pouring out of me. I've never gotten used to having her watch as I pee, but she often does, and she says that she likes watching me pee.

The stream finally tapers off, and after a few final drips, it stops. Since my hands are still cuffed behind me, I can't clean myself down there. So, my mistress unrolls a big handful of tissue and gently reaches in and wipes me off while I'm still sitting on the toilet seat. She says softly, "Stand up, Pet, and I'll clean you better." She uses another big wad of tissue to wipe me thoroughly from back to front. She drops the tissue in the toilet and flushes it. Then, she guides me out of the stall, and I watch as she washes her hands. She then grabs a couple of hand towels, taps on my inner thigh, and waits for me to spread my legs. She then gently pats my pussy with the surprisingly soft towels to make sure that I'm completely dry; she even fluffs up my pubic triangles as a final touch. The attendant just stares at the strange scene in amazement.

I'm feeling better now that my bodily needs have been satisfied, and I'm feeling a bit more upbeat after the gentleness of my mistress. And so, I'm caught off guard when she forces me into a corner just after we leave the rest room. In a stern voice, she says, "You know, Pet, you were doing so well this morning after I got you on display in our booth; so well, that I thought I would remove the handcuffs, but after this pissing business, I'm going to leave them on for the rest of the day. You've got three DD's stacked up, and we don't want any more, do we?" I shake my head sharply. "You're going to be a good little girl now, aren't you, Pet?" I vigorously nod my agreement. "Good, we understand each other. Now, let's get back in there." She grabs my elbow and guides me firmly back out into the big room, through the crowded aisle, and into our booth area. She re-attaches my leash and sits down in the chair. The leash is extended up my right cheek this time, and I'm back in position with all of my assets on full display for the crowd which is re-congregating after my bathroom break.

I glance over my left shoulder and peek at the clock. Holy shit, it's only 11:15AM! I've only been here a bit over an hour, but it feels like it's been a lifetime. I sigh and force a smile at the guy who has just circled me. He ignores my pretty face and just stands there staring at my boobs. My nips perk up at the attention, but I shut my eyes and wish that the damn clock would do double-time. But it doesn't. I try not to look at it constantly, but I must be doing it a lot, because the minute hand just pokes along. And it doesn't help that I don't know what time lunch will be. I'm not really hungry - I just want a change from my current situation.

Finally, the clock shows noon, and I hope that might be lunch time, but the clock moves slowly onward and the room is still full of people. Same thing at 12:30, and now I am getting hungry. And my arms are getting stiff from being cuffed behind me for so long. I try to discreetly stretch my arms behind my back, but my mistress spots my movement. All she has to do is glare at me with those usually lovely blue eyes, and I stop squirming.

It's now 12:45, and my stomach growls loudly. The two guys looking me over laugh at the noise. I glance over at my mistress, and she glares daggers at me - even though she is a good ten feet away, she had heard my stomach growling. I just blush, bow my head, close my eyes, and kind of doze off hoping that I hadn't just earned another demerit for making the embarrassing noise.


Only a few minutes later, I'm brought back to reality when a loud gong sounds at the far end of the room. A voice on the intercom announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, luncheon will be served at 1 o'clock. Please make your way to the west ballroom for our afternoon meal. This room will be locked so that your wonderful craft projects are secure. Please feel free to leave anything you want here; it will be perfectly safe while you are eating. Thank you."

That's not exactly what I wanted to hear, because I'm afraid that my lover will leave me tied up here alone while she eats lunch. And the lady on the intercom said "afternoon meal". Does that mean there will be an evening meal as well?

I glance over at my mistress with a pleading look in my eyes, but she is still talking with the two guys who had been looking me over so closely. She doesn't even look my way. I don't like standing here naked on full display, but I also don't like to be ignored by the woman I love.

The room quickly empties and there are only a few of us left. My mistress comes over to me and massages my bare stomach. "There, there, Pet. Maybe a little tummy rubbing will stop that rumbling sound that you've been making for the last hour." I want to complain, because it hadn't been an hour; it was only ten minutes or so. But I keep quiet as she continues, "Are you hungry, my little slut?" I don't like being called a slut, but I just nod.

She smiles and opens her purse. "Well, I've got an extra granola bar here. You like granola, don't you?" I don't really care for them, but I nod again. "Good. This will last you til I get back with some carrot sticks." I sigh and bow my head; carrots and granola - ugh. She's going to leave me here alone for God know how long. She strokes my cheek and gives my left boob a loving squeeze. And then she starts laughing, "Just kidding, Pet. They're saving us a space in the dining room. I'll unhook you, and we'll go eat together."

My heart leaps as she drags the chair back over next to me. Again, she precariously steps up on the folding chair in her high heels and uses my shoulder for balance. Why doesn't she just take off the shoes while she climbs up there? As she reaches up to undo the leash from the chain, I glance at her lovely long legs; I can see that her stretching has caused her skirt to rise even farther, and I can see the top of her stockings and even a quick flash of her frilly panties. I quickly turn my head back when I feel the leash loosen; I'm sure she'd be upset if she knew I had looked up her skirt.

She drapes the leash in my mouth, and I wait as she while she folds the chair and leans it against the back wall. When she comes back, she reaches behind me and gently rattles the handcuffs. I momentarily think that she is going to remove the cuffs and maybe the collar and leash, too. It would sure be nice if I can sit and eat lunch like a normal person - even if I am the only totally naked person in the room. But my mistress takes the leash, wipes it off with a tissue, and uses the leash to lead me out of our booth area. My hopes for even a partial relief from this embarrassing day are dashed as we walk briskly down the hall.

We must be the last people to leave the room, because I hear the big doors slam shut behind us. It's nice to have a change of scenery after a few hours of just standing there in the same spot, but I'm apprehensive about what is to come. My tummy growls again, and my lover turns and glares at me; she tugs harder on the leash and walks even faster almost dragging me down the long hallway. I'm afraid that I'm going to trip and fall, but after a brief stumble, I regain my footing - my very bare footing.

As we swing into the other big ballroom, I see a vast number of tables set up in long rows and almost every seat is taken. The conversation stops as we walk up the middle aisle to a table right in front of the stage. I'm happy to see that there are two spots marked "reserved", because that means I'll finally be allowed to sit down and maybe I'll even be unhooked so that I can eat normally. But once again, my hopes are dashed as my mistress loops the leash across my teeth and simply says, "Stay." And she removes one of the place settings off to a side table and folds up the chair and stores it next to the wall. She then points to the spot on the floor next to the remaining chair and says, "Kneel." She then sits down.

With the leash still in my mouth, I struggle to kneel down gracefully. She strokes my hair as I settle into position, and she unhooks the leash from my collar and takes it from my mouth. My love then gently wipes my mouth and chin with her napkin. And she whispers in my ear, "Knees wide open, Pet. You can rest on your haunches, but I want to be able to see your pussy when I look down." Obviously, I do as I'm told, because like everything else today, I do not have a choice.

My mistress gets a comb from her purse and starts running it through my hair. It feels so good to have her fussing with my hair, but as she slightly turns my head, I realize what is on the other side of me. Sitting there on his own haunches is Buster, the lovely golden retriever. He is wonderfully obedient - just like me, I guess you could say. My lover leans down and whispers in my ear again, "Like I said earlier, you and Buster make a good pair. Now, I don't want you and Buster to get too frisky down there." She tweaks my nose as she said that. She goes on, "So, be a good girl and I will feed you a nice meal." I can feel the blush go from my face all the way down to my boobs.

I shift myself slightly so that my butt is resting on my heels, and I look down to make sure that my legs are wide enough apart for my lover to see my wet pussy. I'm still in a daze and a bit disoriented by my new position when I see a finger with a blob of white cream positioned in front of my mouth. I sigh and close my eyes, because I'm about to suck my own tasty cuntcream off of my lover's soft finger. But instead I get a tangy almost sour taste from sliding my lips along the stiff object. I almost gag, and my mistress simply says, "Bite." I open my eyes and see that she has slid a carrot into my mouth, and I must have tasted some sort of ranch dressing rather than sweet cream from my pussy. How could I have been so stupid to think she could be feeding me cuntcream? I guess the damn carrot looked like her finger and the dressing appeared very much like my rarely produced cream. I just follow my lover's order and bite off the end of the fucking carrot stick. No matter what you do to carrots, they always taste terrible. I just don't like them - and my mistress knows that. She then holds the carrot in front of my mouth, and I dutifully bite off pieces until she drops the last small piece into my mouth. I almost gag again as I chew and swallow those disgusting orange bits. Thankfully, she opens a bottle of Perrier water and holds it to my lips so that I can wash the foul taste out of my mouth; the cool water feels good flowing down my throat. My eyes are just above table height, but I can see that the relish tray holds many more carrots along with some broccoli florets and golden pepper strips. Now, I'm not that fond of broccoli and peppers either - or I guess any vegetables for that matter, but I sure hope that my mistress will feed me those bits of broccoli and pepper instead, but that choice is out of my hands - literally.

There's only one good thing about kneeling naked and cuffed on the floor, and that thing is that I'm mostly hidden from view. Ralph (Buster's owner) can certainly see me, and the couple sitting across the table from us. And to a certain extent, the people at the table behind us. And obviously, my lover has a commanding view of my humiliating position. But most others in the big room can't really see what's going on. I settle back on my heels again and look up to give my lover a little smile. She pats me on the head and starts chatting with the elderly lady on her other side.

A minute of so later, the serving cart rolls down the aisle behind me. It stops and the waitress asks my mistress what she would like - pork chops or turkey. My mistress asks for the turkey, and the waitress says, "What about her?" with a bit of contempt in her voice. My lover says, "She'll have turkey also. Just put the plate on the table in front of her, and I will cut the turkey into pieces." The waitress leans over my shoulder and puts the plate on the table; I can feel her eyes looking down at my full breasts and at my wide spread knees.

My lover then starts eating her meal while I look longingly at the plate of turkey, stuffing, and green beans only a few inches in front of my face; the green beans don't do anything for me, but the turkey and stuffing almost make me drool. My mistress continues chatting with the older lady, seemingly unconcerned about my plight. Finally, she stops eating, leans over and begins cutting the turkey breast and beans on my plate into small pieces. She then picks up the plate and moves it towards me, and I'm truly afraid that she is going to put it on the floor for me to eat from using only my mouth and tongue, because she has done this to me at home. But she just holds it there in front of me and says, "Look, Pet. Doesn't that look yummy? You like the stuffing the best, don't you?" I lick my lip and nod. She puts the plate back on the table and uses her fork to form a bite of the stuffing. She brings the forkful of stuffing towards me, but she stops a few inches above my mouth, and I have to raise my butt off of my feet to stretch up to slip my lips over the delicious looking morsel on the fork. She has made sure that there was a dollop of gravy on the stuffing, and I'm in heaven as I finally get to eat something delicious today. My lover then quickly feeds me several pieces of turkey, beans, and stuffing - all nicely lathered in the sumptuous brown gravy. I do my best to quickly chew what I've been fed so that I can be ready for the next forkful. I sort of have to force the beans down, and I pray that she'll select more of the stuffing in the next go around.

She finally returns to her own plate and resumes eating her own meal. As I chew the last bits, I look over at Buster and I see that his owner is feeding him pieces of pork chop from his fingers. I blush as I realize that the only difference between Buster and me is that I was fed by my owner with a fork. Ralph then pours some water into a dish and puts it down for Buster to drink, and I wonder if he is intending for me to drink from it as well. But Buster happily slurps away at the water splashing some on my nearby bare knee and thigh. My lover sees this and says, "Thirsty, Pet?" I'm almost afraid to nod, but I do. And I'm thankful when she lets me drink from the bottle again.

The rest of the meal proceeds much the same way. My lover feeds me the rest of my serving of beans plus some more from her own plate, and I'm thankful that she dips each bean in the gravy before feeding them to me; the gravy slightly masks the obnoxious bean taste. She also feeds me a few more bites of the delicious turkey, but she says that the stuffing will make me fat and she allows me only one more bite of it. Similarly, she tells the waitress to just bring one piece of chocolate cake, and my lover feeds me only a few bites of it before eating the rest of it herself. That's okay with me, because I know that she really likes chocolate cake and I want her to be happy. And anyway, my tummy is full and mostly satisfied; I would have preferred a lot fewer beans and a lot more stuffing, but even if I were allowed to talk, I would not complain.

My lover sits back in her chair with a satisfied look on her face, and she smiles down at me. She whispers, "Lean back and lift your chin, Pet, and I'll do your navel-to-chin rub." I smile back, because that's one of my favorite things she does to me, but it just doesn't work with a collar on. I give her a pleading look, and she removes the collar and stores it between my legs with it just grazing my pussy lips. She then reaches down to my belly button with her index finger and slowly drags it up my body, barely touching my skin. She goes between my boobs and up my chin. She stops briefly at the dimple in my chin and then starts back down again, but on the way down, she traces a figure 8 around my boobs before returning to my tummy button. Again she pauses for a moment before starting upward again; this time she draws the line vertically across my right boob circling the nipple on the way. She returns to my chin and gently scratches just beneath it several times. I'm in heaven at this loving show of affection. I truly wish it had been done in private, but I'll take what I can get today. She then puts the collar back around my neck. I look down and see my stiffened nipples.

Another server comes to clear away all of the plates. This server is a guy, and I can feel him spending an inordinate amount of time clearing up our spots and the places nearby. He leans way in over my shoulder to pick up the relish tray, and I see him looking down at my wide-spread pussy and bare breasts as he slowly lifts the tray from the table. And I feel his jacket brush against my shoulder and his trousers against my butt. My lover sees this and just grins at the guy.

The tables are all clear now, but the folks just continue to chat away for a few more minutes. Then, an older man who seems to be the club president gets up on the nearby stage, and starts talking.

"Hi, everyone. Welcome to the annual Show and Tell show. And a special welcome to all of our guests. I'm Allen Cunningham, the club president. We've got two really special presentations for you now. Please stay seated, and we'll get going right now. First, let me introduce Fern Livingston, who makes these marvelous quilts." He steps aside so that we can get a good look at the three quilts that are hanging on the rack behind him, and the crowd applauds as Livingston comes up on stage.

For the next 15 minutes, she drones on and on about how she made one of the quilts. Designing, finding the materials, testing them for color fastness, cutting out the pieces, deciding which sewing machine to use, blah, blah, blah. I'm bored to death, and I actually feel my head drop to my chest as I almost fall asleep. My lover sees this and pinches my right boob to wake me up. Livingston finally finishes, but she steps over to the next quilt and starts talking about it. Oh God, is she going to go through all the gory details for all three of those quilts? They are all lovely, but I don't give a shit about how they are made. I know I should, because my mistress seems fascinated by the presentation, but I'm sorry, I just don't care. Thankfully, she just points out a few special aspects of the last two quilts, and after a hearty round of applause, she leaves the stage.

My Mistress's Lunchtime Talk

As the club president gets back behind the podium, my mistress stands up and pulls me up to my feet also. She whispers in my ear, "We're up, Pet. You're going to stand up there and not say a word. You're not even going to nod or shake your head unless it is me that asks you a question. And you're going to pay very close attention to what I'm saying. No dozing off like you did during Fern's nice talk. You've earned another DD for disrespecting her." I bite my lip realizing that I've now got four DD punishments ahead of me tonight. But I will certainly listen carefully to my lover - just like I always do. I just look dully at her, and she whispers more angrily, "Pet, do you understand me?" I nod my head. She re-attaches the leash to my collar and leads me up the steps and onto the stage.

We stand off to the side as the club president speaks. "Well, thank you, Fern, for the fascinating look behind the scenes at making these quilts. Now, usually, we only have one lunchtime presentation, but Cassie Campbell has asked to talk about her very unusual project this year. I'm sure you've all noticed this lovely lady that Cassie has with her today, and Cassie wants to tell you all about her. Cassie?"

My lover leads me to the front left edge of the stage. She unclips my leash and carefully positions me with my toes just bending over the edge of the stage; I will have to be very careful to keep my balance being so close to the edge. I'm left standing there untethered but with my hands still cuffed behind me. I glance at her apprehensively as she walks over to the right side of the stage where the podium is. Why can't I stand behind a podium? Well, I guess that's a silly question, isn't it?

She begins talking, "Thanks Allen, and hey there, everybody. Are we having fun today or what?" And a big round of applause follows. "I've been telling each of you who came to the booth this morning that I would explain everything at lunchtime. So, all of you curious folks, listen up while I talk about my project."

"As most of you know, I like girls. Nothing wrong with you guys, but I just prefer the softness of a female body. I've had several relationships over the years, but a little over a year ago, I found this lovely body and I fell deeply in love with her. Her name is Pet, and she loves me, too. We are in a committed relationship. It is very different from my past flings." My eyes tear up and I have to bite my lip to keep from crying on hearing these wonderful words from my lover.

"And as most of you also know, I have a dominant personality. I like to control things including my lovely Pet here. And so shortly after we became a couple, I started training her. And I discovered that she is very malleable, and that she will do anything to please me and to make me happy. So, I decided to make her my special project for this year by training her in extreme ways to please me. And you are seeing today the results to date of that training."

"Now, I'm sure you are asking 'Why the nudity? Can't you train her with clothes on?' Well, my answer is simple: Nudity provides much better control of the person. It's as simple as that." She pauses a bit and continues, "And besides I just like looking at this gorgeous nude lady. Don't you think that she's the most perfectly proportioned female ever? Look at those gorgeous boobs. And her cute little ass. Turn around, Pet, and bend over slightly so they can see your cute bottom." I blush as I carefully and slowly turn my bare butt to the audience. "Okay, turn back around so they can see your plump little vulva some more. We don't want to hide the good stuff, do we?"

She takes a few breaths and continues a bit less excitedly, "Just a few more words, and then I'll open it up to questions. People would probably call Pet a submissive, because she does everything I say. That may be true, but she does not mean that she likes to do everything I tell her to. She resists and I have to use discipline as part of the training. In fact, she really doesn't want to be naked here today, but she's doing it because it pleases me. Now, I'll take your questions. You can ask Pet a question, but I've told her not to talk today and so I will answer the question for her."

A flurry of hands is raised and several people start yelling out their question. My mistress waves her arms and yells out, "Okay, okay, people. One at a time. We'll start with Carl here in the front."

"Cassie, I must say you have remarkable taste in women. This is one gorgeous lady. My question is about the, uh, um, pubic hair. What's the deal?"

She smiles at him and replies, "Well, until today, that was one of our private little secrets. We each have shaped our lower hair in that same style. The three triangles pointing down bring the eye down to that very special female spot. You know from my other craft projects that I like geometric shapes, and I just thought the triangles would look neat. And they do. There's nothing special about three triangles; it worked out that we each had just enough hair to form three triangles rather than two or four. And before you ask, no, you cannot see my matching triangles!" The crowd laughs.

I'm blushing as she talks about my triangles and my special female spot. And I think about the photo that she took of the two of us naked standing hip to hip. She cropped the photo down to a horizontal slice across our hips showing only our sculpted pubic hair and pussies. She gave me a framed copy of that picture and told me to put it on my bedside table; it is the only photo of her that I am allowed to have in my apartment. If I hadn't been one of the ladies in the photo, I probably could not tell which pussy was mine, because she has shaved them both to be virtually identical, but I know that I'm on the left in this explicit picture. If she had cropped the photo a little bit higher, it would have been obvious who was who in the picture, because I have an 'innie' belly button, and she has the cutest little 'outie' that I've ever seen, but the belly buttons have been removed from this printed copy of the picture.

I've often wondered what the housecleaning lady thinks when she sees this photo sitting there. Does she know that one of the pussies on display is mine? Actually, now that I think about it, is the housecleaner even a lady? What if it's a guy who does the cleaning? I don't really know, because I'm always at work when the housecleaner comes, and the cleaning is a free service provided by the apartment complex. And that same person probably is curious about the three-foot long cat o' nine tails whip that my lover requires me to hang on the wall over my bed; she's never used it on me, but I can tell from the way she looks at it that she is pondering some "enhanced training" as she put it just last week.

"Next question. Audrey in back."

The lady looks right at me and asks, "What's your name?" She says it as if she's starting to interrogate me. I just stare back at her and wait for my mistress to answer.

"Her name is Pet. Next question. Over here . . ."

But Audrey interrupts, "Cassie, that must be her nickname. What's her full name? First, middle, last. Her legal name."

My lover answers curtly, "It does not matter. Next question, over here to the right. Pauline." I cringe at hearing her answer, because it makes me seem like even less of a human than I already am today. But she has told me that she might have my name changed legally to just "Pet" - you know, kind of like Madonna or Beyoncé.

Pauline asks, "Cassie, your lady seems really nervous today. Has she been out naked like this in public before?"

"Pauline, as I said, Pet doesn't want to be naked here today. She's doing it because she loves me and wants to make me happy. This is the first time out in public for her."

Pauline persists, "You said 'first time'. Does that mean you'll be doing it again?"

I'm shocked when my lover says, "Probably, yes. This is just part of her training. It's an ongoing process."

Before my lover can ask for the next question, a guy right smack in front of me stands up and yells, "Are you turning her into a nudist?"

My mistress sighs and replies, "Maybe, Brad, but I don't really know how far I can take it. We both work at the big software company in town, and I don't think they'd like Pet to come to work naked even though it would make me ecstatic. But there are lots of places where it could work, like parks, grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, the library. We'll just have to see."

I am stunned by this and my mouth falls open. How can she even think about doing that? Until today, nudity has always been in the privacy of our homes, and she has never given me the slightest hint about taking it outside, and now she's telling a bunch of strangers that it's possible that I'll not be wearing any clothes in public! I bite down sharply on my lower lip.

And her mention of me being nude at work reminds me that we both work for the largest employer in town. What if there are people here in the audience who recognize me from work? Mostly this audience is just a sea of strange faces, but there have been a few this morning that looked a little bit familiar, and I've just assumed that I may have passed them on the street or at the grocery store. But now I think that they may be working close to me in one of the other many buildings on our company's campus.

My mistress continues, "Eileen, what's your question?"

"Cassie, she is lovely. You are very lucky. Where did you meet?"

"Thanks, Eileen. I am very lucky indeed. We met at one of those Friday afternoon after-work, company-wide beer blasts. It was love at first sight - for both of us. Next question? Sylvia."

As my mistress is talking, I glance down at the creepy guy, Brad, seated in the first row right in front of me. He is staring right at my pussy, and I see his smartphone leaning mostly upright in his lap. He discreetly taps the screen, and I'm certain that he's just taken a photo or started a video of me. I'm about three feet above him, and so he has sort of a unique underneath view of my pussy.

Since there is nothing I can do about that creep, I return my attention to Sylvia who asks, "I overheard you use the phrase DD or something like that, Cassie, when you were talking sternly to her a few minutes ago. Sorry for eavesdropping, but what is DD?"

My mistress sighs, "Syl, that was kind of a private moment. But DD stands for discipline demerit. When Pet does something wrong, she earns a demerit and is disciplined for it later. Next . . ."

Sylvia continues, "Cassie, does that mean she is punished? What do you do to her?"

My mistress replies, "I don't like the word 'punished'. It sounds too harsh; I prefer 'discipline' and 'training' as better words. I'm not going to go into details, but I will say that she is frequently paddled or tied up somehow. Next. Ashley?"

"So, is that why she is wearing handcuffs today? Is that part of the discipline, as you call it?"

"Partly, Ash, yes. Um, I'm not sure how to say this. Uh, let me try it this way. As I was planning what to do, say, and show to all of you today, I needed to think of ways to tangibly demonstrate my control over my girl so that you all could understand what I have been doing for the last year. And this is what I decided on. That is, her total nudity, the collar and leash, and the handcuffs are very visible ways that you can see how I control her. And to a lesser extent, my choice of dress today is a factor. I decided to wear a nice party dress and high heels to emphasize the differences between Pet and myself; that is, my pretty dress kind of accentuates her nudity, and the heels make me significantly taller than her. And she's not allowed to talk today. So, anyway, the nudity, the leash, and the no talking edict are mostly psychological controls, but the cuffs are physical controls and they cause Pet some discomfort as well as a major inconvenience and embarrassment. So, my original plan was to cuff her for only an hour or so this morning as part of visibly exhibiting my control over her; then I was planning to remove the cuffs so she would not be so physically uncomfortable although she would still be under my psychological control with her nudity and the leash. But she did something this morning that I did not like." My lover pauses for a moment and then continues, "Okay, full disclosure. I was unhappy with her for needing a bathroom break. She should have done that before we left home. I decided to leave the cuffs on her for the rest of the day, and there will be further discipline this evening. I don't know what form that will take yet, but for now, the cuffs stay on. She will be a bit sore and stiff as a result, but hopefully, she will have learned a lesson about obedience and thinking ahead." My mistress pauses and looks at the lady in the audience. And I have to admit that I now understand much more clearly what is happening to me today. I don't like it, but at least I sort of understand.

My lover asks, "Does that answer your question, Ash?" The lady nods and then further asks, "Did she know about any of this ahead of time?"

"Nope", my mistress says. "Pet was completely unaware of today's event and her part in it until we got out of the car in front of the mansion. Now, we've only got time for a couple of more questions. Jackson?"

"This seems to be a coming out party of sorts for you. It's probably going to make it into the local newspaper and onto TV and the internet. Are you prepared for that?"

"Jackson, you're right. I'm opening my kimono today, so to speak. But I'd really like to try to keep this quiet for now. So, I'm asking all of you to not blab about it with your friends. And I've seen many of you today discreetly taking photos or videos of me and Pet with your phones even though there is a big sign at the entrance that says 'No photography of any kind' in gigantic lettering." I can see her looking at the creepy Brad guy in front of me as she's saying this. She goes on, "And I'm begging you to please delete those pictures. You all know that I'm a security software programmer and a CSI junkie, and I'll be able to figure out where any such photos or videos come from. Please, please, keep this under wraps for now." She turns to Allen, the club president, and says, "Could you please make sure the staff here is aware of my request? The waiters, the security guys, the bathroom attendant, and any others." Allen nods.

I think my lover is being very naïve. How can she expect all of these people to keep their mouths shut about such a sexy presentation as this? I glance down at Brad, and I just don't see such a creepy guy as this deleting the obscene photos that he has taken of me.

My lover goes on, "Okay, last question. Ruth?"

An older lady stands up and asks, "Yes, Cassie, dear. Do your parents know about your, um, uh, unusual lifestyle?"

"Well, Ruth, as you know, my father died several years ago, but my mother is well aware of my fondness for women. That is, she knows that I'm a lesbian and that I'm in a committed relationship with Pet. And Pet's parents also know that we are a couple. None of them have any problem with the idea of a same-sex couple. But to be perfectly honest, none of them know what goes on behind our closed doors or what is happening today. All three of them live in other cities in the state, and so they don't see us nearly as often as you folks do. Again, I'm pleading with you not to mention any of this to them for now." She pauses and concludes with, "Thank you all for listening, and I'll turn it back over to Allen."

I see her wipe a tear from her eye as she picks up the leash and walks over to me. She clips the leash to my collar and silently leads me down the steps. We merely stand in the dark side hallway, and I see her start crying softly. I realize that she has just gone through an emotional ordeal of her own by telling all those people about her very personal life. So, I turn to face her, stretch up on my tiptoes, and slowly brush my bare breasts back and forth across her chest. This is our special technique that we often use to comfort each other during a stressful moment; usually, we're both naked and she calls it our "nipple kiss". I just hope that she understands my lovingly concern even though the fabric of her dress and bra prevent the usual intimate touching of our bare boobs. Now, she merely wraps her arms around me and buries her face in my left shoulder and neck, and I'm certain that she got my message.

I hear Allen tell the crowd, "Thanks to Cassie for being so open." He waits as the crowd applauds. "And remember that we're serving a light dinner tonight back in this room at 6:30. I hope you'll all come back for that. And now I will let you return to east ballroom and all of your fun craft projects."

But my lover and I are both crying now. She hugs me tighter, and I feel my tears roll down my cheeks and onto her shoulder. After a minute or so, she breaks us apart. I see the tears streaming down her face, and I obediently open my mouth as she raises the leash for me to hold it. I bite down on the cord and watch as she gets a handful of tissues from her purse. She lovingly wipes my eyes, cheeks, chin - and even a few drops that had just dripped to my breast. As she wipes her own face, I start blubbering again and the leash comes loose from my teeth and almost falls out of my mouth. But I use my lips in a desperate attempt to keep it from falling to the floor; I'm certain that I'll earn another DD if I don't hold onto it. And I am very lucky that my tightly pursed lips barely hang on. My mistress smiles at my predicament and then takes the leash from my mouth. She gives my face another quick once over with the tissues, and then she squats down and gently wipes my pussy with the same bunch of tissues.

After she tosses the damp tissues in a nearby trash bin, she regains her composure and leads me down the hall back towards the other ballroom. I still have tears in my eyes, and even though I can only see the back of my mistress's head, I suspect that she is still tearing up a little bit, as well.

I'm a bit surprised when she turns a corner and pulls me into a short hallway, and I then realize that the ladies room is just ahead. She stops and pushes me to the side of the hall to let other women go on into the restroom. She whispers, "You're going to pee now. This is your only chance for the afternoon." She doesn't ask if I need to go; it's just an order. I sort of do need to pee, but not desperately. I follow her the last few feet into the restroom.

And it is a very crowded restroom. It looks like all of the women from the luncheon have the same idea. There is a queue forming, but my lover pushes on past going to the far end of the room where there is a chair. She sits down in the chair and ties my leash to the back of the chair. She tells me, "Stay here while I wait in line. Don't sit down; let the older women sit if they want." She then walks back almost to the entrance door to the end of the rapidly forming line. I have to bend over slightly, because the tie knot has shortened the leash significantly, but I watch my mistress, and I see that she is watching me as well. We continue staring at each other as the line slowly moves forward. Finally, she disappears into the end stall not that far from me. I see her legs bend as she lowers her panties and sits down. I'm surprised to see her panties fall all the way to her ankles; I don't know why, but it just doesn't seem very lady-like. After a couple of minutes, I see her finish and pull up her panties. She flushes the toilet and opens the stall door.

Now, she holds the door open and waves her hand for me to come over. I give her a wry look and shrug. Then, she laughs out loud realizing that I'm still tethered to the chair; in fact, there is an overweight lady sitting on the chair waiting her turn. My lover then says something to the next woman in line who had walked down to the stall thinking she would use it next. The woman smiles understandingly as my mistress rushes over to the chair to untie my leash. She guides me into the stall and closes the door. It's a tight fit with two people in that small space, but my lover sits me down on the toilet and simply says, "Pee." But it's hard for me to get started because she's standing right there looking down at me and because I don't urgently need to go. She says a bit more testily, "Come on, Pet. Pee. There are ladies waiting to use this stall. This is your only bathroom break for the afternoon. If I need to bring you back here before dinner, you're going to get two more DD's - that'll be two, not just one, more demerits." I give her a pleading look, but I nod and focus on the job at hand. My lover starts tapping her foot and after a minute or so, the dam finally breaks free. I heave a sigh of relief as my bladder finally empties. I am barely finished when she yanks up on the leash forcing me to stand. I spread my legs to let her clean me. I cringe when I feel the scratchy paper wiping my pussy. What happened to the nice soft paper that the other restroom had? She tosses the paper disgustedly into the toilet, flushes it, opens the door, and pulls me over to the sink. She loops the leash over the faucet handle and then washes her hands. Somehow I feel that I should be washing my hands, too, like I do everytime after I piss, but of course, there is no need because my hands have been cuffed behind me the entire time. I just wait as she washes and then dries her hands.

She looks over my lower regions, front and back, and when she's satisfied that I look presentable, she leads me out of the restroom. The line of women is now out in the hall. And I get the awkward looks from the women as I'm pulled past them.

The Afternoon Exposure

Finally, we get back to our booth area. I dutifully take the leash in my mouth as my mistress pulls the chair over next to me. But before climbing up on the chair, she takes the leash and unhooks it from the front of my collar and hooks it onto a similar clip at the rear of the collar. She then gingerly climbs up on the chair again in her high heels, feeds the leash up through my long hair along the back of my head, and re-attaches it to the chain above. She stumbles a bit getting down, but she grabs my shoulder firmly to prevent a fall. She brushes out my hair with her hand and returns the chair to the side of our area. She sits down, and I am now on display again, but this time the leash is trailing up behind me rather than up the side of my face. I glance at the clock and realize that it's only 2:30 - I've got four more long hours of this ahead of me before dinnertime. I do a little bit of arithmetic and figure out that I was here for about 2½ hours earlier, and that seemed like an eternity. And now I'm facing four hours! Oh God, how am I ever going to get through this? My sweetheart didn't say that we were staying for dinner; so, maybe, just maybe, I won't be here that long? Fat chance!

As I settle in for the long afternoon, I notice that a bigger crowd is forming in our area. And they seem to be older folks whereas in the morning it seemed to be mostly younger people; in fact, it was mostly young guys then. But now there is more gray hair on our visitors - both men and ladies. Maybe they were embarrassed by my nudity in the morning, but perhaps they were intrigued by my lover's lunchtime talk and want to look me over more closely and talk to my mistress. But it is only slightly less embarrassing to be peered at by the older generation than by guys in their 20's. The elder men kneel down and examine my pussy, boobs, and butt - just like the young guys did in the morning; I guess they don't get the opportunity to see a pretty naked young lady in the flesh very often anymore. The wives seem to stand nearby with a smirk on their faces has their husbands of many decades look me over; maybe they think their hubbies will get turned on enough to have sex with them tonight. If I can help these older couples have a rare bit of romantic lovemaking, then I guess that's a good thing. But I'm still terribly embarrassed; I just can't get used to standing here naked for hours on end.

The minutes continue to tick by slowly, and just before 3 o'clock, Ruth walks into our area. She is the older lady who asked about our parents at lunch. She boldly walks over to my mistress, grabs her hand, and drags her up from the chair. Ruth leads my sweetheart over next to me without yet saying a word. She carefully positions my lover right next to me, almost shoulder to shoulder. Then, Ruth says, "Cassie, dear, could you please take off your shoes?" My mistress gives her a quizzical smile, but she obeys the request of this old lady. Now, my lover and I really are shoulder to shoulder, since we are almost exactly the same height.

The old biddy then shoves the entire crowd back from around us; we're all smiling at her as she asks, "Okay, Cassie, dear. How old are you?"

"Uh, 27."

"Okay, and how old is she?" Ruth says pointing to me.

My lover replies, "Uh, she's also 27. What's going . . ."

Ruth says, "Hush, sweetie. Now, look at both of you. You are the same height, you've got the same nice skin color, you've each got a cute turned up nose with high cheekbones, your hair is about the same color, you're the same age, and you told us you've got the same pubic hair. You gals could be twins. You're really twins, aren't you?"

My mistress laughs, "No, no, Ruth, of course not. That would make this an incestuous relationship, and neither of us would do that. Anyway, Pet is about 4 months older than me. I've got blue eyes; she's got those lovely dark brown eyes. My hair has a definite red tinge to it; hers is this pretty auburn color." And she puffs up my hair with her hands. My lover goes on, "Her boobs are bigger than mine; she's a 34C; I'm more like a 33C. She's got a cute ass; I don't. So, hell no, we're not twins." I wonder why she doesn't mention our different belly buttons.

Ruth scoots around behind us, and says, "Okay, let's check out these butts." And she quickly flips up my lover's skirt above her waist exposing her pink panties so that for a brief moment my lover's pantied-covered butt is in view right next to my totally bare butt. My mistress immediately slaps the old lady's hands away and lowers her skirt. But Ruth is not deterred; she reaches for my lover's skirt again and says, "Oh, Cassie, dear. I think you're wrong. Your butt is just as cute as Pet's. How about it everybody? Don't you agree that Cassie has a cute ass?" There's a lot of laughing and a chorus of "Yeahs" shouted by the crowd. My sweetheart slaps the Ruth's hands away again just when it appears that the lady is going to pull down my lover's panties.

Ruth backs away and raises her arms saying, "Oh, that was a blast. Cassie, I'm just having fun with you. And you know that, don't you?"

My mistress smiles at the older lady and says, "Oh, Ruth, yes, I know that you're just having fun with both of us." And she gives the lady a big hug.

Ruth laughs, "Well, I sure would like to compare your boobs and asses just to be sure. But I do have a couple of serious questions. Okay?" My lover nods her head, and Ruth asks, "First, you say that you two are in a committed relationship. Do you live together?"

My lover blushes and says, "No, I live in my townhouse, and Pet has an apartment."

The old lady continues, "So, are you going to move into together sometime?" My ears perk up at this, because this is something I really, really, really want. I would love to wake up in her bed every morning, and there is plenty of room in her townhouse for me. What is my mistress going to say?

"Uh, maybe sometime, Ruth. But I'm happy with the current arrangement for now." My heart sinks into a deflated heap.

The nosy lady does not pursue this any further, but she asks, "Second question: Do you two work out? You both look to be in wonderful shape. What kind of diet do you keep?"

My mistress pauses to think how to answer. I wonder if she is going to tell the crowd about the collection of jogging outfits that she's bought for me. They are all very bright colors - yellow, orange, lime green, pink. And they are all very, very tight - probably a size or two too small for me. She makes me jog five miles every morning before work right through the middle of the junior college just as classes are starting. I often see her sitting in her car watching as all the guys ogle me. My supposedly cute butt is very noticeable beneath the tight shorts, and my boobs bounce enticingly in the small sports bra. And I blush when the guys yell out something like, "Hey, I see some cameltoe!" And naturally, my nipples tighten up noticeably which attracts even more attention. But at least, I'm wearing some clothes - unlike today when I am totally nude.

My lover responds, "Yes, we both work out. I have some equipment in a spare room of my townhouse, and we each use the machines at work sometimes." She doesn't mention that I'm required to work out in the nude at her place and to wear those revealing jogging outfits when working out in the gym at work. She continues, "I have a knee problem that discourages me from jogging very much, but Pet runs five miles everyday. And it's a damn good thing that she does, because she's a junk food addict." She reaches over and tightly grabs my bare waist and says, "Just look at this love handle. It would be a whole lot worse than this if she didn't run and exercise. Her diet is one part of my training that has not worked very well. I'm going to have to focus my efforts on the diet in the upcoming year. Maybe I'll be back next year to show you some better results." Oh shit, I didn't want to hear that. I like my daily dose of junk food at lunch time; I love my burgers, my fries, my tacos, my milkshakes, my pizza, my ice cream. And I sure as hell don't want to come back here naked again next year.

My lover smiles at the woman, and asks, "Any other questions, Ruth?"

"No, not now, sweetie. You just continue to have fun with your naked plaything." Everyone laughs except me as the old biddy walks away.

My mistress whispers in my ear, "She's quite a card, isn't she, Pet?" I nod my head and smile at her as she walks back to her chair and sits down.

I keep glancing at the clock, and it continues to move just as slowly as before. Nothing really changes, but the people continue to circle my naked body. A little after 4PM, I look over at my mistress, and even she is looking bored. I guess she's answered all the possible questions about her "naked plaything" as Ruth had called me. She looks back at me and smiles, and then her eyes light up as if she just remembered something. She hops up from her chair, comes over to me, and says, "Come on, Pet. Let's go see if your new collar and leash are ready yet. Oh, I guess I need to unhook you up there." And she retrieves the chair and does her little song and dance to undo the leash from the chain. She's getting better at it, because she only briefly has to touch my shoulder as she climbs down from the chair to the floor. A couple of people wander into the booth area as we are setting out on our little journey; she just waves them away without saying anything. Since Ralph and Buster are only a few booths down from us, I expect her to head directly there. Instead, she slowly heads off in the opposite direction dragging me behind as usual. She now pauses at every single booth or table along the way; I don't know if she's looking for anything special or not, but at least we are moving, and that is definitely a welcome change from standing tied to a single spot. Some of the booths have already closed up and the owners seem to have left the event; we just walk slowly by those booths. But maybe those owners are doing the same thing that we are, which is to visit the other booths for one last time. Our booth is now vacant, and I suspect that visitors might think that we've left although since I am the only totally naked lady in the building today, I'm certain that by looking for me they would be able to find me, even in this large room.

My sweetheart stops at the earring booth again. I hear her yelp, and she comes back to me holding a pair of pewter earrings. Dangling from each ring is a tiny sculpture of two naked women kissing passionately; one of them has the women in a horizontal position as if making love. She says, "I'm going to buy these for you, and you'll wear them to work on Monday. They are just darling, aren't they, Pet?" They are nice, but I'm not so sure about wearing them to work, because not everyone in our department knows that I am a lesbian. One of those unknowing people is my boss, who is a very conservative sort; an extremely nice guy, but I suspect I would be in some sort of trouble if he found out about me and my lover. These earrings would almost certainly advertise me as a lesbian; I just hope that my boss is not observant enough to see what they are and what they represent. But I just nod at my lover, and she has me hold the leash in my mouth as she pays for the earrings. When she turns back to me, I expect her to take the leash, but instead she opens the little box, and pins the suggestive ornaments to my ears. She takes the leash from my mouth and leads me over to a full length mirror where I can look at my new gift. I smile and nod my head, but I have also just seen my full naked body in a public mirror for the first time today; it's just a dramatic reminder of my thoroughly embarrassing situation that has taken up this entire day. My pussy lips are noticeably damp; that's not really a surprise, but seeing the dampness visually in the mirror just adds to my humiliation. My mistress tugs on the leash, and we continue our slow circle of the room and its many booths.

I look longingly at the pretty dresses in the two ladies' wear booths. I'd love to have my mistress buy me one of those and drape it over my naked body; I wouldn't even complain about the lack of underwear. But she just pulls me on by.

Finally, we make it back around to the pet products booth, and Ralph waves at us, "Hey, Cassie, I fixed up the collar for you." My lover is just about to answer when Buster comes bounding out to greet us. More accurately, he comes out to greet me, because he aims right for me. I'm afraid that he's going to jump up on my totally naked body or maybe even knock me down. And since he's already past my mistress, there's no way she can head him off. But I'm relieved when he pulls up just short of me with his tail wagging vigorously. I'd like to bend down and pet him but with my hands still cuffed behind me, that's not possible. Then, he makes a final lunge - with his nose right at my groin. I try to back away, but the leash holds me in place and Buster buries his nose right between my legs and up into my pussy. He's only there for a moment before Ralph pulls him away, but his wet nose has left its mark in my "most special female spot" as my lover likes to call my pussy. My lover bursts out laughing and says, "See, Pet, I told you that you two make a good pair. What did you two do when we weren't looking at lunch? He's really attracted to you." Ralph chuckles as he holds the excited dog by its collar. Buster is still looking directly at my pussy lips. Ralph attaches a leash to Buster's collar and drags away the reluctant canine to the back corner of the booth.

Ralph comes back to us and profusely apologizes, but my lover is still almost doubled over in laughter. She finally stops laughing and says, "I guess I now have some competition for this lovely creature. And I guess I'll have to try that nose-burying trick on her later tonight." I just blush the brightest red of the day, and she gives me a quick kiss on my nose. But oh, how I hope that she will bury her nose in my pussy tonight. I can feel my pussy juicing up just thinking about that.

She's still chuckling as she says, "Anyway, Ralph. Let's see what you've got for my Pet." And I'm dragged further into the booth following her and Ralph, but I'm keeping my eye on Buster who is still eyeing me from his chained up location a few feet farther back. My lover then removes my collar setting it on a nearby table. Ralph then hands her the new studded collar and she wraps it around my neck. I feel her fiddle with the clasp in back, but she says, "Ralph, please show me how this mechanism works. It's a new one to me."

As she lifts my long hair, Ralph shows her how the clasp works. She says, "I think I see. Here, Ralph, you hold her hair, and I'll practice locking and unlocking it." She spends a couple of minutes fiddling before she finally declares success. He hands her the new leash, and I lift my chin so that she can hook the leash to the collar. She extends the long leash and gently tugs on it causing me to move a couple of feet. "Wonderful, this is going to work just fine. You know how I like geometric designs just by looking at Pet's pubic hair, and this studded collar will complement that perfectly."

Ralph says, "You know, Cassie, I saw how you attached the leash in back of her this afternoon. Here let me show you how you can do that with this new collar." My lover removes the leash from the front hook, lifts my hair again, and hands the new leash to Ralph. He continues, "See how the extender is just a couple of short bars spanning the open space. Well, the leash can easily be attached to either of those two bars." She watches him, nods her head, and then tries it for herself. She says, "Yep, that will work nicely, too."

She re-attaches the new leash in front and loops it over my teeth. She says, "Yep, and that works, too. Hold still, Pet, while I pay the man." She quickly completes the transaction, comes back, and takes the new leash from my mouth. She puts the old leash in a plastic bag, which she puts in my hands behind my back; the bag jostles against my bare ass as I take the first few steps. Just as we're about to leave the booth, she whispers to me, "Pet, that's another $55 that you owe me." I just sigh realizing that my debt is up to $130, which I just don't have, and that's most of my weekly allowance. Momentarily, I wonder about other expenses for the day. What about the earrings that we purchased? Or the limo she leased? Or the Nordstrom's dress? Am I on the hook for them as well? But as I said earlier, I will worry about the money some other day. My current worry is this ongoing day of public nudity. When is this humiliation going to end?

As we step out of the pet supply booth, my mistress turns back the way we had come. Oh damn, she's going to take the slow route back to our booth, and I've got to carry this bag bumping against my butt the entire way. But a moment later, she realizes her mistake, "Oops, wrong way. Sorry, Pet, let's go the other direction." And she spins us around and leads me the twenty feet or so back to our own area where she takes the bag from my hands and tosses it blithely to the back of the booth. And then she goes through the usual routine of dragging the chair over next to me, climbing up (but this time she removes her heels), attaching the leash to the chain, and climbing back down. She steps back and surveys my naked body. But she says, "Oops, again. That new leash is longer and it's not taut." So, she climbs back up on the chair and does some fiddling with the chain and the new leash. She gets back down and looks me over again, "Yep, you're good, Pet." Actually, the leash and chain are tauter than before, and I actually have to raise my bare heels just a tiny bit. I want to ask her to loosen it just a little bit somehow, but I know I can't and I just watch as she moves the chair off to the side and sits down. It's not really too bad, but I realize that there are still two hours until dinner, and I'll probably feel some stiffness in my calves and thighs later. I just sigh and accept the slightly uncomfortable and totally humiliating situation.

My lover just sits there waggling her foot with the shoe dangling from her toes. She just nods at the people who wander into the booth to inspect me. But I notice that the guys are now looking at her just as much as they are at my naked body. Why do I feel jealous? She really does look glorious sitting there with her legs crossed. I can't tell from my vantage point how much of her legs are visible from the front, but from the way the guys are pausing, I suspect that they are getting a nice view of her stockinged legs; maybe they can even see her frilly pink panties as her leg waggles away. I blush, but I don't know why.

Jason's Private Tour

About 5:15, she hops up from her chair with a big smile on her face, and she rushes over to hug a guy who has just stepped into the area. She kisses his cheek and hugs him harder. "Jason, Jason. Where have you been? It is so great to see you." And now she pecks him lightly on the lips. Now, I really am jealous.

He says, "Hi, Cassie. Long time no see. I'm still a member of the club, but I guess I'm an inactive member now. I've just been busy with other things, and my woodworking has taken a back seat. Wow, I guess it's been a year, hasn't it? It must have been at last year's Show and Tell that we saw each other."

She says, "So, did you just get here now? Did you see those really nice cutting boards that Ryan has over there? I know you used to make bookends using the same laminated technique."

Jason replies, "Yeah, I just got here. I thought I'd make a quick tour of the show. I'm kind of between an afternoon event and another this evening." He glances over at me and chuckles, "Have you given up on your candles and sequins? All I see here are two gorgeous ladies including this really naked one."

My lover says, "Oh, I still do candles, sequins, and other such stuff, but my focus has changed this last year. Let me introduce you." And she leads him by the hand and they come over in front of me. "Jason, this is Pet - my current squeeze. Pet, this is Jason; he's kind of an old flame from my brief days as a bisexual, but our fling was kind of short compared to yours and mine. Jase, she's not permitted to talk today; so, don't expect anything except some head movements from her."

Jason looks me in the eyes and says, "Hey, Pet, nice to meet you. You are one gorgeous lady, and a very courageous one to be tied up here naked." I give him my best smile under the circumstances.

My mistress jumps in, "Oh, she's not really that courageous. She doesn't really want to be here, do you, Pet? She's doing it because I told her to." I shake my head in answer to her question.

"Oh, Cassie, you haven't changed much, have you? You still like to control people, don't you? I think that's one reason we broke up; I just wouldn't let you dominate our relationship, because I like to be the one in charge."

He pauses for a moment and then goes on, "So, tell me about this gorgeous thing. Where and when did you meet?"

"At work. A little over a year ago," my lover replies while giving my chin a quick tweak.

"Oh, did you have her at this show last year? I think I certainly would have remembered her."

"No, we were a new couple at that time. And she was kind of tied up that day." She winks at him as she said this.

He chuckles and whispers, "Oh, you mean literally tied up, don't you? I know what my Cassie likes." My lover giggled and simply whispered back, "Yep."

I now remember a Saturday about a year ago when my lover disappeared for an entire day; sort of 9AM til after 10PM as I recall. And she left me hogtied naked and gagged on her living room floor the whole time. It is still the longest time that she has ever left me tied up like that, but it was so exhilarating knowing that I was pleasing her and my pussy was pumping out cuntcream for the first time in my life. I remember the wild and passionate sex that we had that night; it was the best of my life at the time. Until now, I never did know where she went that day. But I sure remember that day vividly from my limited perspective tied up on her floor.

He stares at my boobs as he asks, "Well, tell me about her. Is she smart? Is she a programmer like you? What are her interests?"

My mistress strokes my cheek and says, "Yeah, I guess she's smart; she's got a college degree in English. No, she's not a programmer. She's not technical at all. She's a secretary in one of the far flung buildings on campus."

I do have a college degree, but it was a real struggle. It took me 5½ years and three different colleges to make it through with a 2.05 GPA. The tuition, room & board, and books cost my folks a fortune. I was a party girl and the schoolwork just didn't seem real important to me. But my father insisted that I finish. I finally did.

I was in a couple of sororities at two of the colleges, and I slept around with a lot of guys. It took an abortion to teach me the importance of condoms and birth control pills. I was lucky not to get any STD's along the way. And then I discovered women! I sneaked around with some of the girls in the sororities, and I found that I really liked their soft bodies and nimble fingers. A lady's gentle finger is so much better than a guy's hard cock. And now I don't have to worry about messy condoms or daily pills any more.

After college, I couldn't find a job, and I lived at home for about year. And then through some friends, I was able to get the secretary's job in a small research group in our company. I lived paycheck to paycheck barely scraping by for over a year until I met my lover. She took over my finances and I haven't had any money worries - at least until today's $130.

Jason persists, "But what does she like to do? Does she do crafts? Cooking? Sewing?"

My lover merely says, "She likes to please me."

My lover has answered that question exactly right. I do cooking and sewing, but they are skills I need to do tasks for my mistress. In the same vein, I also clean the toilets, vacuum the rugs, shine her shoes, iron her clothes, and wash the dishes. I do all of these things meticulously, because I like to please my lover.

Jason gives her a puzzled look, "I mean hobbies, and such. Reading books? Bowling? Singing? What TV shows does she like?"

My lover repeats, "She likes to please me." Again, she has answered exactly right. I don't do hobbies, and I watch the TV shows that she watches. I just want to please her.

A look of recognition crosses his face and he says, "Oh, I understand. You're her whole world, aren't you?"

I blush as my mistress says, "Yes. Her thing in life is to make me happy. And she certainly does a marvelous job of that." And she lightly twists my nipple, and I blush even harder.

He steps back and looks me over from head to toe and all of the naked places in between. He gets down on his knee and looks at my triangles and my pussy. He reaches his hand up as if to touch me there, but my mistress pushes his hand away saying, "Please, Jason, don't touch her." She pauses for a moment and then giggles, "But I'll be happy to give you a tour."

He smiles at her and says, "Sure, Cassie, let's go on the tour."

She tells me, "Pet, please spread your legs." I do a little bit, but with the tight leash, I can't really spread them too far without getting higher on my toes. She persists, "Wider. Don't be naughty now, Pet." I now move each foot about 6" farther out, and I'm now almost on tiptoes. She pats my bare behind and says, "Good girl, Pet."

She turns to Jason and says, "Let's start at the top. I think you were about to say something about her triangles?"

He replies, "Yeah, that's unique. Is there a story behind that design?"

"Yes, until today, it was Pet's and my little secret. We each have these triangles. They are trimmed identically."

He smiles, "Okay, I remember the color of your hair down there, and this looks the same."

She smiles, "Yep, it's the same color. And if you are angling to see mine today, no such luck."

He blushes, "Okay, you got me there. So, I'll just settle for this one." He points at my pussy.

So, he has seen her pubic hair, and that means he's probably slept with her. But I'm being a dumb shit here, because naturally he slept with her. My lover is a very sexual person, and I know she's had other intimate relationships before ours. But I'm getting even more jealous.

He says, "Let's continue our tour."

I look at the rest of the crowd, and there is no one else in our booth area, but there are a few people out in the aisle watching this embarrassing event. And I flinch when I feel my mistress's gentle fingers spread my pussy lips.

She then pulls my clit from behind its little hood and says, "Jase, look at her tiny clit - at least compared to mine." I get a tingle running through my entire body as she softly massages my private bud. She continues, "It's not really big enough for a clothespin, and I have to use an alligator clip - you know, those little temporary electrical connectors. And, oh, how Pet hates those things! Don't you, Pet?" And she looks up at my face. I just nod. She rubs my clit a little bit more sending more jolts of sexual excitement through me.

Then she goes a little bit lower and says, "And here's her tiny peehole, but that's not very interesting, is it?" And she goes even lower down between my legs and spreads my lips wide apart. She continues, "This is where the really action takes place." And she firmly thrusts two fingers up into my pussy; she wiggles them around for a moment, and I gasp as she finds my G-spot.

She wiggles around in there some more making me squirm and she says, "Hold still, Pet." But that is very difficult to do with her fingers inside of me. She looks over to Jason and says, "She's a deep one. She can take a 9-inch dildo or vibrator to its complete length; mine is not that deep." I can feel the juices start to gush as she finally removes her fingers.

They both watch as my 'gina juice starts dripping out of my pussy. She exclaims, "Isn't it just marvelous the way she juices up so quickly! It's one of the best features of her body! And she occasionally produces a wonderful cuntcream; she did it this morning, and it feels like she might be on her way to doing it again now." I can feel the wetness on my pussy lips, but it's not running down my legs like it usually does because my legs are so far apart.

They leave me there panting while they disappear around behind me. My lover says, "Pet, bend your butt back." It's a struggle, but I thrust it out as far as I can while still on tiptoes.

My lover spreads my butt cheeks and says almost angrily, "This isn't working very well. Pet, I'm going to undo you - both the leash and the cuffs - for a few minutes, okay?" I just nod, but it will be a relief to be uncuffed for the first time all day.

She unhooks the leash which lets me stand flat footed on the floor, and then she removes the handcuffs. I rub my hands and shake my arms a little bit, but my lover says, "Hold still, Pet. We need to continue the tour of your crease. Here, put your hands on the back of the chair and then thrust your butt out for me." I do as I'm told, and she spreads my feet wider apart. Even though I cannot see back there, I know that my most private openings are now on full display for her and Jason.

She then spreads my butt cheeks again and says, "See, she's got a cute little butt hole, too." And thankfully she just draws a tiny circle with her finger tip around it; I hate having things stuck up my ass - even my lover's finger.

Jason says, "Okay, but I'm not really into the anal stuff. But I do like the look of her pussy from this view. Perfectly positioned for a rear fuck."

She replies, "Uh-uh. No cocks get in there while I'm in charge. It's all for me and my dildos."

He says jokingly, "Oh, rats. But it was worth a try."

She replies, "Well, that's the end of the subterranean tour." And I feel her hand on my chest as if she wants me to stand up.

But Jason interrupts, "Wait, Cassie. I like the way her boobs hang beneath her in that position. Let me look a little bit longer. I don't suppose I can touch them, can I?"

She quickly answers, "Nope, but I also like her dangling boobs," and she reaches under and plays with them which excites me even further. She goes on, "And they are marvelous when they bounce around. Pet, do the wiggle-jiggle thing for Jason."

The "wiggle-jiggle" a dance step that I do, but I don't move my feet. I just bend over like I am now but with my hands behind my back and I wiggle my butt and my shoulders. This causes my breasts to jiggle wildly in their own little dance. But this is another of our very private secrets that no one knew about until now. First, the triangles, then, the navel-to-chin trace, and now, the wiggle-jiggle.

I give her a pleading look because I know this is going to be very embarrassing, but I know I must obey. So, I back away from the chair, and I'm about to begin when my lover bunches up my long hair and uses a hairpin to keep it on top of my head. She says, "Her long hair is usually a wonderful feature, but here it would block the view of her melons. Okay, Pet, do your thing."

I then wiggle my butt and shoulders in just the right way to get my boobs to do their jiggle thing. I'm concentrating on my movements rather than looking at the crowd in the aisle, but I can feel their eyes watching this humiliating little dance. I continue for a couple of minutes until my lover puts her hand on my back and says, "Well done, Pet, and you've given Jason a thrill." Jason smiles and nods at both of us.

My lover leads me back to my spot, re-attaches the leash, and handcuffs my hands behind my back again. She says, "That's the end of the private tour with a little wiggle-jiggle as an extra added attraction. She taps my inner thigh instructing me to spread my legs again, and they both chuckle while she quickly wipes my pussy with a tissue. She says, "Okay, Pet, you can relax now." I'm still turned on, but I close my legs and return to a standing position. I'm breathing heavily and my boobs are heaving.

Jason gives me another glance over and says, "I don't see any tattoos or piercings. I remember that you didn't particularly care for the falcon tattooed on my shoulder. Are you still an anti-tattoo girl?"

"Yep, that's me. The female human body is so nice as it is, and when you get a perfect specimen like this one, I certainly don't want to mess with it. She does . . ."

"Excuse me for interrupting, Cassie, but what about these triangles? Isn't that sort of messing with a perfect female body?", and I feel the tip of his finger barely graze one strand of my pubic hair.

"Okay, Jase, you got me there. But I think those triangles are more like a hairdo or make-up. I can change them if I want, but for right now, they are pretty permanent on her body. Anyway, as I was saying, she does have pierced ears, but that's all. Oh, I didn't show you the earrings, did I?" And she holds back my long hair to show off the new earrings.

"Oh, Cassie, those are cute. Are you two going to share those? They'd be perfect for you, too."

"Yep, that's what I have in mind. They are kind of community property."

He looks me over again and then glances at his watch saying, "I need to go."

She frowns and says, "Oh, Jase, can't you stay for dinner? I can see that Pet really likes you, and you two can get acquainted. You can help me feed her; she can kneel between us and you can feed her with a fork, and I'll get the water or apple juice into her mouth."

He smiles at my sweetheart and says, "Sorry, Cassie, but I really do have another appointment this evening. But can I kiss you before I go?"

My lover whispers, "Sure, Jason, I'd like that." And they fall into an extended embrace and passionate kiss. My jealousy meter immediately runs off the end.

Then he says, "Can I kiss her, too?"

My lover hesitates for a moment and then says somewhat reluctantly, "Sure, Jase. Go ahead."

He wraps his arms around my bare shoulders and kisses me just like he did my lover. As he continues to kiss me, his hands slide down to my bare ass and he lightly squeezes my butt cheeks. As we break apart, his hands slide around to my front and he gently squeezes and lifts both of my boobs. I sort of expect him to reach down to play with my pubic hair and pussy, but he just softly brushes my nipples with his thumbs and says, "It's so nice to meet you, Pet. Maybe we'll meet again sometime." He has definitely broken my lover's no-touching rule, but I'm not complaining.

I smile at him and just nod my head. I glance at my lover, and I now see the jealous look in her eyes. I sure hope I don't have to pay for the liberties this guy just took with my body; I can easily envision her giving me an additional demerit tonight. I didn't lead him on, but I have to confess, I did not mind the feel up job that he just did on me, and I certainly did not resist in any way. And my lover knows me well enough to read my very naked body language which tells her that I had enjoyed his attention.

Dinner time

I watch as Jason and my lover walk out into the aisle and chat for another minute or so. They shake hands, and he leaves. My lover glares at me and then goes straight to her chair and sits down without saying another word to me. This silent treatment goes on for about an hour when the gong finally sounds and the lady on the loud speakers announces dinner. That last hour was just more of the same as far as the crowds were concerned; there were fewer people, but they were just as interested in my naked body as before.

My mistress continues her silence as she goes through the ritual of climbing on the chair and unhooking my leash. I'm relieved to have my bare heels firmly on the floor again, but I can sure feel the stiffness in my calves and thighs from being forced to stand ever so slightly on my toes for the last two hours. My lover starts to pull me out into the aisle, but I stumble as I try to take the first steps, because of the stiffness in my legs. I try to stretch my legs to get them working again, but my mistress yanks hard on the leash and angrily says, "Come on, get moving, you slut." I hear some gasps from some nearby folks when they hear her use the word "slut". And it's the second time today that she's used it. This time I feel that she is very slightly justified in using it, because of my pleasurable reaction to Jason's groping, but it hurts me deeply to be called a slut. After the hard yank, I'm fortunate to avoid falling and after a few more stumbling steps, my legs start working normally although there is a dull ache in them.

Tears well up in my eyes for the umpteenth time today as I look at the back of my lover's head. She is looking straight ahead and almost marching with a determined gait with her high heels clicking on the tile floor. I can tell that she is stilled pissed, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it except to follow along silently. I'd really like to get down on my knees and beg her forgiveness, but that's impossible.

As we turn the corner into the main hallway, Allen (the club president) comes up along side of my mistress and says something quietly into her ear. She stops, and naturally I stop, too. The new long leash keeps me just far enough away from them that I cannot hear what they are talking about. I see them both look back at me, and then I see my mistress apparently say "Okay" to him. I expect her to come back and tell me what's going on, but she just tugs on the leash as Allen walks off in the opposite direction.

I wonder if she is going to offer me a bathroom break, or maybe even require me to pee again. But we continue right on past the restroom corridor which has a line of women out the door. That's okay with me, because I don't need to go now. Instead, we just continue onto the opposite ballroom. As we enter the room, I see that about half of the tables have been taken down, but my lover leads me down the middle aisle, just like at lunchtime. I look over as we pass our spot which still has two "reserved" signs on it. Ralph and Buster are sitting there looking at us; Ralph is smiling and Buster's tail is wagging hard.

But instead of looping around the front of the table to get to our seats, my lover drags me around the edge of the stage into the back hallway. She stops briefly and looks both ways before deciding to turn left when she hears the clank of dishes down that way. She pulls me down the hall and into the kitchen. She pauses and all activity in the kitchen stops as the staff stares at us. She looks around and then asks the nearest group of people, "I'm looking for Chef Barry." They silently point to an office at the back of the kitchen. They resume their activity, and my mistress leads me back through the dish-up area and into the office.

The stunned man looks up at us and is just about to say something, but my lover says, "Chef Barry, I'm Cassie Campbell, and I understand you are short staffed tonight. I'm offering you the services of my girl here to use however you feel is needed. Okay?" Barry continues to stare at us, but he finally clears his throat and says, "Uh, thanks, Ms. Campbell for the offer, and yes, I can certainly use some additional sets of hands. Will it be both of you?"

"Nope, just her," she says in her continuing no-nonsense tone. "But there are some ground rules that you need to follow. She is to remain totally naked except for her collar; that means no apron or hat - or even a serving towel - not even a hairpin in her hair. Related to that, she is not allowed to cover herself in any way, not with her hands or behind another person or a screen; I want her good stuff visible at all times; you will tell me if she violates this rule. And she has been told not to talk; let me know if she says even a single word. If you need to communicate with her, use 'yes' or 'no' questions, and she will nod or shake her head - that's all that she is permitted to do. And no touching; you and your staff can look all you want at her body, but you cannot touch her at all. And you are to report any poor behavior that you see in her. Is that all clear?"

The chef is still somewhat flummoxed, and he just stares at us - well, actually he stares at me. But after a momentary pause, he smiles and says, "Yes, that will work except for the no talking part. She'll be a server, and she'll need to ask the diners which of the two dishes they want. Okay?"

But my lover rapidly shakes her head saying, "Nope, that's not okay. She cannot talk at all. You'll have to work around that somehow. All right?"

He ponders for a moment and answers, "Okay, we'll handle that somehow. But we need her right away. Right now, in fact. I sure hope you'll allow her to use her hands, and I hope she won't be dragging that leash around with her. Oh, can she use a paper and pencil to write down the orders?"

My lover's tone softens and says, "Thanks, chef. I'll take the leash away with me, and of course, she can use her hands; paper and pencil are fine. But since she's been cuffed like this most of the day, her hands and arms are probably a bit stiff. I'll spend a couple of minutes massaging and helping her work out the kinks. Then, she's all yours. I'll come back and get her after dessert. Is that okay, or do you need her for washing up as well?"

She unhooks my leash and then starts unlocking the handcuffs as she waits for his answer. He thinks for a moment and says, "How about after the tables are cleared of the dishes? I think we need her for that, but not for finishing up here in the kitchen."

After the handcuffs are removed, my lover starts massaging my shoulders and upper arms, and she says, "Deal. And incidentally, you can just call her Pet. That's 'Pet' - 'P-E-T', not 'Pat'." That's as close as she has come to using my real name today, and that's okay with me. She reaches over and shakes his hand to finalize the deal. I twist my wrists this way and that to get the blood flowing again, and she resumes massaging my shoulders, my arms, and my upper back. The chef leaves the office and calls over his staff. We continue to work out my kinks while the chef explains what is happening and what the ground rules are. He especially emphasizes the no touching and no talking parts. As he finishes, my lover whispers in my ear, "Be a good girl, Pet." I smile at her, and as I turn away she swats me lightly on the ass to send me on my way.

And so a whole new adventure in public nudity starts for me.

I smile at my new co-workers as I walk out to join them. Except for the chef, I am definitely the oldest person in the group; the rest of them look like high school or college students - five girls and six guys. I'd be surprised if any of them are over twenty-one. But I am also the only naked one in the bunch, and that most certainly sets me apart in the most distinctive way.

All of the helpers are dressed smartly. The girls have a white blouse over a short black skirt and sheer stockings. The guys have a white shirt and black trousers. And they all wear black bow ties. All of the outfits are neatly pressed; these people seemed to have just put on these nice outfits. And here I am totally naked with my studded dog collar and sculpted pubic hair.

Barry comes over to me and says, "Here, Pet. Take that collar off, and put on this one." He hands me a bow tie with a very wide black ribbon to go around the neck. But I give him a distressed look and shake my head vigorously. I know for sure that I'm not allowed to take off this collar, no matter what he says, but I can't say anything in words to make him understand.

He stares at me and says, "But we want you to look nice. Well, as nice as you can be under the rules. And that collar looks like it belongs on a bulldog, not on a waitress. Come on, Pet, please." But I shake my head again - even more violently than before. He certainly knew that it was a bulldog collar, and he's certainly right about it not looking good on a serving girl - even a naked serving girl, but I can't let him take it off of me.

Barry continues, "So, does this mean I need to talk with your owner about this?" I don't like the word "owner", but I nod my head. He glances up at the clock and says angrily, "Oh, I don't have time for this. Just leave on the dog collar, and get to work." He grabs my elbow and says, "Get over there with the others."

The others are paired off in boy-girl couples except for one guy at the end; I guess correctly that I'm to be with him. The chef says, "All of you are going out there to take orders. The guy asks the patron what he or she wants, and the girl writes it down on the pad of paper. I realize that we did it differently at lunch, but we're a bit handicapped with this naked lady tonight." I bow my head as everyone looks over at me. "Get out there."

My new partner says to me, "Hi, my name is Geoff. That's Geoff with a G - not a J." I shrug, because I can't talk tonight, and I could give a shit if it starts with a G or a J or a Q or anything else. He leads me out into the dining room, and I smile when I see my lover looking at me. Geoff then starts with my lover's table. He asks each person what they want to eat - fish and chips or a Waldorf salad. He starts with the lady across from my mistress; she wants Waldorf and I write that down. Then, he asks my mistress, and she says something so quiet that I don't understand and neither does Geoff. He asks her again, and we both lean in across the table between the first lady and her husband. I feel one of my pendant breasts brush against the husband's arm, and I realize what my lover is doing. She is intentionally making me bend over so that my naked breasts are the center of attention - as if they weren't before anyway. We hear her say "Fish", and I write that down. And she has set the tone for the rest of the table. Everyone else whispers their request so that I either have to lean way across the table or bend over a person's shoulder to hear their order; I intentionally avoid squatting down like the other female waitresses do so I don't hide my "good stuff". Everyone gets a good laugh out of that. Even Ralph follows suit - twice in fact, because he orders fish once for himself and a second time for Buster. I feel my breasts brush against several arms and coats, and I wonder if the "no touching" rule has been broken again. Anyway, we make it through the ordering process, and I am terribly embarrassed once again at being forced to have my naked assets so close to other people.

I look at my lover who is just smirking at me. She motions for me to come back to her. This time I approach from behind, but I still have to bend over her to listen to her; she starts playing with my nipples and says, "And you, Pet, will have the Waldorf. Write it down. And you'll eat every bite of it." I jot it down and then hurry back to catch up with Geoff; I feel my breasts bouncing. My lover has done it again; she knows I love fish and chips - especially the fries. And I hate apples and celery which are the main ingredients in Waldorf salad. But when am I supposed to eat it? Won't I be busy the entire meal? Damn her. But I smile knowing that I've just given her a little dollop of pleasure.

Geoff looks me over from head to toe as I re-join him and the others back in the kitchen. The next step is to load the food onto the plates. The chef has done a bunch of plates already, and now that he knows exactly how many fish orders and how many Waldorf orders there were, he instructs us to prepare the appropriate plates. For a brief few minutes, I forget about my nudity and focus on the manual task at hand. There is a flurry of activity as the plates are assembled. Geoff and I look over our list, and we split up the orders. I don't realize it at first, but he has assigned me to serve all of the men plus my lover, and he will serve all of the women. It's about a 50-50 split, but as I pick up the first two plates and look at the list, I now realize that I will be draping my bare body over the shoulders of all of the men at our two assigned tables. I just sigh and carry out the first two plates. I wonder why we don't use a cart like they did at lunch, but I just do as I'm told; probably, they just want to keep my naked body moving back and forth between the kitchen and dining area as much as possible.

I do my job silently although I do try to smile sweetly as I bend over to serve each plate. My lover takes the opportunity to play with my breasts again while I serve her. After we finish serving the main course, we go around and re-fill all of the water glasses. Several times during this, the cold glass water jug brushes against my jugs, and my nipples harden up immediately. And many people giggle as they spot my stiff nips.

And it's back to the kitchen for a brief rest before dessert. There's only one choice for dessert - vanilla ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie. The dishes of ice cream have already been prepared and are sitting in the big freezer; our only job is to put the ice cream dish on the plate along with a cookie. I look enviously at the ice cream and cookie hoping that my mistress will allow me to have dessert.

Now there is a pause in the action. The diners are still eating the main course and the dessert is all set to go. The chef says, "Okay, gang, here's your chance to eat. But do it quickly." He doesn't tell us what to eat, but I have my orders from my lover, and I reluctantly scoop out a serving of Waldorf salad. Since I'm doing this myself, I make it a small serving, because I don't like this salad. But I dutifully stand there at the counter and force myself to eat the yucky salad. I see that some of the other servers have skipped the main course and gone straight to the ice cream and cookies. I'd like to do that, too, but my mistress has not given me permission to eat dessert.

Basically, we all just quickly scarf down our food, and then there is nothing to do except to wait. I lean back against the counter, but I jump when the cold damp granite touches my bare back just above my butt. So, I elect to just stand there; it's probably an unusual sight for the kitchen to have a naked lady just standing there kind of twiddling her thumbs, which I realize that I really am doing. I see the six guys and one of the girls kind of in a bunch off to the side and they seem to be whispering amongst themselves while stealing glances back at me. I'm not sure where the other girls went, maybe to the restroom.

Anyway, that group of seven turns together and comes over to me. I give them a quizzical look and shrug. Then, Geoff says, "Hey, Pet. Spread your legs. We want to see your 'good stuff', as your boss lady calls it. We're going to get down there and examine it more closely. We're not allowed to touch, but she said we could look as much as we want."

My mouth drops open and I catch myself just before I said something. I shake my head vigorously and step back a couple of feet. One of the other guys, Juan, who looks like he's still in high school and over 10 years younger than me, says, "Nobody said we couldn't order you to do something, and we'll tell your owner if you don't cooperate."

I stare at them for a moment, and as a group, they take a step forward. And I realize that I'm stuck; the guy is probably correct that I must cooperate. I blush brightly, step to the middle of the aisle, and reluctantly spread my legs for them. The guy says, "Put your hands behind your head." I do as I'm told. The one girl laughs as she gets down on her hands and knees, and then she almost sticks her nose in my wide open pussy. She probably doesn't realize it, but she is giving the guys a show of her own as I see a couple of them looking up her short skirt. Since she is being such a bitch to me, I don't try to let her know what's happening, and I hope the guys get a good view of her panties while she is examining my puss. She has to be urged to get up so that the others can have their looks.

One of the guys then lies down on his back and scoots his head right between my wide spread legs. He's now looking straight up into me. After he's gotten his thrill, he's replaced by another guy who does exactly the same thing. The next guy gets on his hands and knees, but from behind. The next one just squats down and blows a puff of air on my pussy.

Now, it's Geoff's turn. Even though he was my partner server, I don't expect any leniency from him, and I don't get it. He says, "Okay, Pet. Use your hands to spread your pussy lips as far apart as you can." My blush gets even brighter, but I slowly bring my hands down and do what he asks as he takes his spot lying on his back on the floor underneath me.

As he finishes his look, I loosen my grip, but Juan is the last guy, and he says, "Keep those hands down there, but move them around to the back. Bend over and spread your cheeks for me." I'm almost crying now, but I do as he ordered. He and all of the others can now clearly see my asshole and the rear view of my pussy. He has me hold this position much longer than the other guys did.

Finally, he tells me to stand up straight, and at that moment, the chef, Barry, and two of the other serving girls come running up. Barry says, "Hey, what's going on here? You know we're not supposed to touch her." Geoff says, "But, boss, we didn't lay a finger on her. We just asked her to pose for us." This gets a laugh out of the guys. Barry replies, "Well, you're right, but it's still very inappropriate. All of you, including Pet, wash your hands thoroughly, and then go out there and pick up the dinner plates." We do as we're told.

I'm still blushing as I pick up the plates. When I get to my lover's spot, she's talking with Ralph, but while still chatting, she reaches up and plays with my breasts again. Then, she looks at my face, and I must have a distressed look, because she says, "Oh, Pet, you look upset. But you're almost finished. So, please compose yourself." The words don't sound very comforting, but there was a slight tone of concern in her voice.

The dessert serving went fairly smoothly, and I realized what my lover had said was accurate; that is, this embarrassing episode is coming to an end. As I put the dessert plate in front of her, she again tweaks my nipple, but she also hands me the chocolate chip cookie and says, "Here, Pet, you can have this as a treat." I give her a big smile and then eat the cookie on the way back to the kitchen.

There is now another pause as the diners eat their dessert, and all of us in the kitchen start doing cleanup tasks like putting plates in the several dishwashers. Finally, the chef tells us that the diners are leaving and we can go clear off the tables. That goes pretty quickly, and as I'm putting some of the silverware in a dishwasher, I feel my lover's hand on my shoulder. She silently clips the leash on my collar, and pulls me over so that we're both standing in front of Barry, the chef.

She says, "Okay, Mr. Chef, how did my girl do today? Did she do her prescribed duties correctly? Did she behave herself?"

Barry looks at my naked body just a little bit too long before saying, "Yes, Ms. Campbell. I was mostly pleased with her."

"Mostly?" my lover asks with her eyebrows raised.

"Well, um, there were a couple of things, but we worked around them, didn't we, Pet?" I nod, but I have to fight myself to keep my unbound hands at my side, because this guy is just getting in some extended last-minute looks at my pussy and boobs.

My lover is not satisfied and says, "Okay, tell me more."

"Well, just after you left, I asked her to put on a black, bow-tie like collar. I thought it would look better than her dog collar, and it would match the ones worn by the rest of my staff. But she refused, rather forcefully, I might add. She said I'd have to talk with you about it, but I decided that we were short of time, and I let her continue wearing the more severe-looking collar. And, the other thing was . . ."

"Whoa," my lover says raising her hand. "You just said that she told you to talk to me. So, she actually, spoke to you?" I look over at my lover with a pleading look and shake my head. "Hold still, Pet. Let the man answer."

Barry says, "Sorry, Miss. No, she did not say anything." At this point, the high-schooler Juan says, "Uh, that's not exactly . . .", but now it's Barry's turn to say, "Let me finish, Juan. Anyway, your girl Pet just shook her head when I told her to put on the black collar, and then she nodded her head when I asked if I needed to talk with you. Both times she was very animated about it, but she never said a word." And again he raises a hand as Juan seems to want to say something.

My lover smiles and looks over at me, "Is that correct, Pet?" With a relieved smile, I nod my head. My lover then strokes my cheek and says, "Good girl. You did exactly the right thing." I want to thank her, but I just use my eyes as best as I can to convey my appreciation.

My mistress turns back to the chef saying, "You said 'a couple of things'. What was the other?"

"Um, um, how do I say this? Um, the boys here, um, I mean these male waiters, asked her to pose in obscene ways, spreading her legs, bending over and spreading her butt cheeks. I'm not exactly sure how long that had gone on, but when I noticed what was going on, I came over and stopped it. I just didn't think it was appropriate. It was bad enough to have a naked girl in the kitchen, but I didn't think she needed to flaunt her nudity like that. I feel that she should have refused, just like she did with the black collar earlier." Juan appears to be itching to say something, but Barry holds up his hand again.

My lover replies, "Well, this sounds like an iffy one. I need more info. This young man seems to want to say something. Go ahead."

"Yes, Ma'am. My name is Juan, and Geoff, my friend here, told her to spread her legs. She opened her mouth and said 'What'. I saw her. So, she did talk."

My lover now glares at me, "Is that true, Pet?" I vigorously shake my head. My mistress pauses for a moment thinking about how to resolve this. "Okay, Pet. I'm going to get to the bottom of this, but you are not allowed to say anything. Just use your head to answer 'yes' or 'no', okay?" I nod.

I assume that she is going to start asking me questions that I can answer that way, but she turns to Geoff and Juan and says, "Okay, you two boys are friends, right." They both just nod tentatively. "What grade are you in?"

Geoff hesitantly says, "We're juniors, Ma'am. That is, 11th grade." I like the way they're now calling my lover "Ma'am" to show her the respect that she deserves.

"So, you're what, 16 or 17 years old?"

Juan gulps and simply says, "16."

"And have you ever seen a naked girl like this? I mean in person, not in Playboy."

Juan shakes his head, but Geoff nervously says, "Yes, Ma'am. I've made love to my girlfriend, Rachel." And he points over to the girl who had gotten down on her hands and knees to look closely at my spread open pussy and in the process showed off her pantied-covered ass to the guys. He goes on, "And so I've seen her naked, but that's all." Rachel is blushing as the others stare at her.

My lover persists, "Not even your sisters?" Juan shakes his head, and Geoff says, "I don't have a sister."

She looks directly at Juan, "How many sisters do you have?" He hesitantly holds up two fingers. "And you've never seen either of their pussies?" He now looks over at one of the other girls with an apologetic look on his face. My lover sees this and says, "So, this is your sister? What's her name?"

Juan whispers, "Maria."

My lover continues, "So, your other sister is not here today?" He just shakes his head. "Okay, so let's talk about Maria." And now it's Maria's face that turns a crimson red. "You've never seen her pussy before?" He shakes his head. "You two never played doctor?" Now both of them shake their heads. "You never took a bath together, even when you were little kids?"

Juan shakes his head, but Maria quietly says, "Actually, Juan, don't you remember Mama putting all three of us in the tub when we were about 5. Well, I was 5, I guess Selena was 6, and you were probably 3 the last time Mama did this. So, you must have seen my thing at that time, 'cause I saw yours and asked Mama why you were different."

I'm loving this. My lover has put these brats on the spot rather than me. Actually, I shouldn't call Maria a brat, because she was one of the girls who seemed appalled at the boys' behavior with me. But I'm still gloating.

My lover does not know that Maria was not involved in the incident, and so she says to Maria, "So, Maria, have you ever shown your 'thing', as you call it, to a bunch of guys?"

Maria is offended and says, "Of course not. What do you think I am? A slut like her?" Maria glares over at me.

But there's that "slut" word again - third time today that I've been called that. And now, my lover is not happy with it either, and says, "So, no boy has ever seen your pussy?"

She shakes her head vigorously, "No, just my brother and probably my father when I was a baby."

My lover persists, "So, you're a virgin?"

Maria proudly says, "Yes, I am."

"Well, when you finally do get around to it, be sure to use protection. Make sure the guy uses a condom. Actually, you should be on the pill right now. Are you?"

Maria looks taken aback and says, "Hey, this is getting uncomfortable. And what does this have to do with anything?"

My lover shoots back, "Well, look, girlie, now you're getting a little taste of what your brother did to my Pet when he and Geoff humiliated her. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of what happened here earlier."

Maria retorted, "You're forcing your girl here to parade around in the nude today, and now you're complaining about my little brother embarrassing her a tiny bit more! Get off my back, lady!"

This girl has made a good point, but my mistress ignores her and turns back to Juan. "Look, fella, I don't want to get in a big pissing contest with all of you. So, let's get back to the original discussion. Tell me again, what exactly was said and who said it?

Juan looks quickly at Geoff and then replies, "Geoff said, 'Spread your legs.' Those were his exact words. And then she . . ."

My mistress interrupts, "So, Geoff told Pet to spread her legs. Could he have been talking to anyone else?"

Juan laughed, "Of course not. She's the only naked one here."

"I know that she's naked, but Geoff could have been warning someone else to move their legs. Geoff, who were you talking to?" My lover sounds like a courtroom lawyer interrogating a witness.

Geoff answers, "Obviously, I was talking to the naked lady. I was talking to Pet."

She turns back to Juan and says, "Okay, we've got that straight. What exactly happened next?"

Juan confidently says, "She opened her mouth and said 'What?' as if she were surprised at the order."

"That's what you said before, and my girl denies it. I tend to believe my Pet, because I know that she doesn't lie to me. So, you heard her say the word 'what'. Right?"

"Yeah, I guess", he replies a bit tentatively.

"What do you mean 'you guess'? Did she or didn't she?"

"Well, there was some background noise at the time and her mouth perfectly formed the word 'what'. So, I didn't actually hear the word because of the noise, but I saw her lips move."

She turns back to me, "Pet, I'm going to ask you again, and you're going to tell me the truth. Did you say the word 'what' after being told to spread your legs? If you lie to me, there will be hell to pay."

I sort of start crying, but I firmly shake my head from side to side.

"But you did open your mouth? Again, I want the truth."

I nod. I see a glint of understanding in her eyes, and she continues, "Was opening your mouth a reflex reaction to the unexpected command?"

Again, I just nod.

Juan speaks up, "Hey, that's kind of a leading question. You know like on TV court shows."

My lover says, "Well, that may be true. But I'm the judge here, and I know for sure that my Pet tells me the truth. So, I now understand what happened. She was caught by surprise and her mouth movement just happened to look like she was saying 'what', but no verbal word came out of her mouth. That's good enough for me, and so, Juan, my boy, I'm going to ignore what you're saying even though you might believe it. Pet and I will deal with the situation later when we get home. End of discussion." Juan reluctantly nods. I didn't like the sound of that deal-with-the-situation comment, but at least my lover understands what happened.

My lover continues, "Any other issues to discuss, chef? Or anybody else for that matter?" She looks around at the group, and they are all shaking their heads. "In that case, I bid you good night." And she yanks on the leash and tugs me out the door into the hallway.

We go around the corner, and she stops us. She brushes my cheek softly with her hand and says, "Pet, you were a good girl tonight. I'm glad I don't have to give you any DD's for your behavior in there. So, your little side trip into waitressing this evening is over. Now, put your hands behind your back, I'll cuff them, and we'll get you back to your spot in the booth. You'll be back to normal in just a few minutes."

I give her an awkward smile. She had just said something about my good behavior that sounded so nice, and then in the same soothing tone of voice she tells me that I will be bound and put on naked display again in just a few minutes. I sigh and reach my hands behind my back. She quickly snaps on the handcuffs again, and she tugs me down the hall by the leash. She's right - things are back to a perverted sense of normal.

Evening Exposure

We round another corner into the main hallway, and shortly, we approach the restroom corridor. She says, "Pee, Pet?" She poses it as a question rather than a command. I shyly nod my head. She leads me into the ladies room, and even though there are several women in the room, there are a couple of empty stalls. She whispers, "Do you need to shit?" I shake my head. She takes charge of this usually private activity; she sits me down on the toilet, closes the stall door, watches me do my business, cleans me, and leads me back out of the restroom. I hear the faint giggles of the women who have just witnessed this.

And a couple of minutes later, I am tethered back in my spot in our booth. Like this afternoon, my bare heels are just slightly off of the floor due to the maladjustment of the chain and leash, but I silently accept my fate. I glance at the clock and it's now 7:45PM. How much longer does this thing last anyway?

The room is even less crowded than it was before dinner, and I see several of our neighboring booths close up. The owners slowly disassemble and pack up their things. Ralph and Buster come over, and Ralph tells my lover good night. I can see Buster straining at his leash; he is looking directly at my bare pussy. Thankfully, Ralph holds him securely and leads him out of the room.

The small crowd thins out even more, but my mistress just sits there in the folding chair and I hang from my leash. A few stragglers look me over and chat briefly with my lover. And she just continues to sit there. About 8:45, the gong sounds again, and over the loud speaker the lady announces that the show is closing at 9:30PM. There is a flurry of activity as more booths close and people leave. But I'm still standing there in all of my naked glory. And my lover just sits twiddling her thumbs.

At 9:25PM, we are the only booth area that has not closed up. My lover slowly gets up from her chair. She slowly strips the masking tape off of the floor, climbs up on the chair, and takes down the "Pet Training" sign. And finally she brings the chair over next to me, climbs up, and unhooks my leash from the dangling chain (which she just leaves hanging there). She loops the leash into my mouth and says, "Stay put." As she walks away with the folding chair, I just do as I'm told, but the lights are being turned off and I don't know what's going on. But a minute later she re-appears wearing her shawl and carrying her handbag; she picks up the sign in her left hand, takes the leash in her right hand, and leads me out of the room. We are the very last people to leave, and the room goes black the instant that we walk out the door. We walk alone down the hallway to the front entrance where my lover says good night to the guard who turns out the lights, follows us outside, and locks the doors behind us.

He and my lover chat about sports as we walk down the long colonnaded porch to the steps. Naturally, the sun had gone down an hour or so ago, and it is pretty cool out there. We get to the front stairs and slowly walk down them to the bottom step. My lover looks a bit perplexed and says, "I told that limo guy to come back at 9:45. Where is he?" A few more lights are turned off behind us, and there is only one street light illuminating the circular drive. She repeats, "Where the hell is he?" I'm beginning to worry, because I just expect to have my lover have this kind of thing under control. I see her glance at her nice watch. But she can't read it in the poor light, and she drags me out onto the prickly gravel driveway to a spot under the street lamp. She laughs, "Oh, I see. It's only 9:43. He'll be here soon." So, we just stand there bathed by the faint light - one lady in a pretty party dress, the other a totally naked lady wearing a collar with a leash. I'm sure it's a strange sight, but there is no one around to see it. And sure enough, a minute later the stretch limo pulls up to us and the driver hops out.

His eyes give me a quick once over before settling on my now hardening nipples, and he says, "Good evening, ladies." Before he opens the door, he says to my lover, "Miss Campbell, if you don't mind, I'd like to request that your friend sit on a towel. She made a little bit of a mess on the leather seat this morning, and it took some extra effort to clean it up." I know that I'm blushing, but I doubt that either of them sees that in the low light. My mistress says, "Of course, that's fine. Please place the towel in the middle of the back seat, and I'll make sure she sits on it." The man opens the back door, unfolds the waiting white towel, and places it smoothly on the seat. My lover lightly swats my ass, and I climb into the car and sit down in my required spot. She climbs in after me. The driver then hands her a bundle and says, "The dress and shoes from this morning." My lover thanks him as he shuts the door.

With my hands still cuffed behind me, it's awkward to get into a comfortable location, and I shift around a little bit. My lover doesn't like that and pinches my right nipple hard enough to make me groan; she says, "Quit fidgeting, Pet; your ass is almost off of the towel. And watch your mouth; I haven't told you that you're allowed to talk yet. Lift your butt a little bit so I can adjust the towel." I do as she says, but I wonder if I have just earned another DD. Her hands brush against my bare bottom as she pulls and smoothes out the towel beneath me. She pushes down on my thigh, and I lower my butt back onto the towel; I'm definitely not comfortable sitting gracelessly like this with my hands behind me, but I just sit there motionlessly.

She yells to the driver, "We're ready." And with a laugh adds, "Home, James." I wonder if his name really is James.

It's a routine ride back across town to my lover's townhouse. Except that my lover has turned on the dome light above us in the back seat. She whispers to me, "I just like to look at you." But I know that my body is now very visible to the driver in the rearview mirror and to any nearby motorists or pedestrians who happen to look our way. She just likes to keep turning the embarrassment knob to a slightly higher setting.

About half way home, she unwraps the bundle and pulls out the button-down-the-front dress and the high heels that I wore briefly this morning. I sort of expect her to put them back on me, but naturally, she does not; she just wraps them up in the paper again and puts the bundle on the seat next to her. I'm still totally naked as we pull up in front of her townhouse.

The driver comes around and opens the back passenger side door. As my lover climbs out, I can momentarily see her pink panties as her dress flips up. As soon as she's out, she smoothes out her dress and gives a hard yank on the leash. I scramble as best I can out of the car and into the cold weather; the temperature has dropped many degrees in our half-hour drive across town. My lover hands the driver several folded bills; I wonder how much she's given him. She also whispers something in his ear, and he whispers something back as he closes the door. She nods at him and then pulls me up onto the sidewalk, and we watch as the big car drives away.

She turns and pulls me slowly up her long walkway. I've been here many times before, but never naked like this, and I feel very uneasy. The pathway is dimly lit but well enough that her neighbors can easily see my naked assets if they happen to be looking right now. I see a curtain move in a nearby unit, and the light in that room goes out. I suspect that the older lady who lives there is now looking discreetly out her window at us.

On my lover's porch, the front light is on. It is much brighter than the low-wattage lights along the path, and the neighbor lady now has a much better view of me. And my lover slowly fumbles in her purse for her keys. But finally, she unlocks and opens the door. She drags me inside, slaps my butt hard, and then closes the door behind me. We are finally home - out of the public eye and into our own private little sanctuary. I heave a sigh of relief.

Home At Last

She unhooks my leash, steps back and looks me over. She says lovingly, "You are one gorgeous lady, Pet. Give me a kiss." I lean in and let her wrap her arms around me as she gives me a passionate kiss, and her hands find their way to my butt and my breasts - just like Jason did. But she continues on to my pussy, and her index finger works its way up onto my G-spot. I shudder in delight.

I hope that this is the start of an extended lovemaking episode, but she breaks away giving me one last peck on the nose. She says, "Okay, Pet. You can talk now."

I clear my throat and say unevenly, "Thank you, Ma'am." There is so much that I would like to say to her, but I know that I mustn't do that now. Maybe later - if she will let me.

She slips off her high heels, comes around behind me, and removes the collar and the handcuffs. I bring my hands in front and work them back and forth to loosen them up. And she massages my shoulders and arms. And somehow she knows to rub my thighs and calves that have been straining a bit for the last few hours of tethering. I'm still naked, but I feel so much better already. And once again, she lovingly pats me on the butt and says, "Go take a quick shower, Pet. Use the shower cap so your hair stays dry. Oh, give me those cute earrings; we don't want them getting wet yet."

"Yes, Ma'am." And I remove the earrings and hand them to her, and I scurry away down the hall to the bathroom. I use the toilet and hop in the nice warm shower. It feels so heavenly, but I cannot linger too long. And a few minutes later, I walk out of the bathroom still naked, but totally refreshed.

In the living room, my lover has put on her big fluffy pink-striped robe and is checking her email on the computer. She says, "Are you hungry? What would you like?"

Actually, I'm now famished, and say, "Yes, please. Is there any leftover pizza that we can warm up?"

"Ah, you and your junk food. How about if I just order a fresh pizza; that other one is a couple of days old?"

That sounds tempting, but I say, "Madam, I'm really hungry right now, and I'd rather not wait for a pizza delivery. Please, can I just warm up the old one in the microwave?"

"Okay, Pet, that's fine. Do a slice for me, too, and bring me that new package of Oreo cookies; I'd like to get to eat a few of them, before they all disappear. And get me a glass of water." She smiles at me and goes on, "After the pizza is ready, get yourself a beer, come to the table, and I'll join you in a minute."

"Okay, Mistress." I try to vary my responses to her by rotating amongst each of the only allowable forms of address - "Ma'am", "Madam", and "Mistress". "Mistress" is my least favorite of the three, but she likes it because it reflects her role in this master-slave relationship that we have, but the word "master" has a male connotation to it, and she is definitely a female - a very gorgeous female, I might add. She has even renamed her master bedroom as the "mistress bedroom" to distinguish it as hers, and similarly "mistress bathroom."

Even though I'm "home" in a familiar place, it still feels a bit weird to be standing naked in the kitchen waiting for the microwave to heat up the pizza. And after having my hands cuffed behind me all day, I'm now having trouble figuring out what to do with them; I just let them dangle at my side, but that doesn't feel right somehow.

After a few minutes, the pizza has been reheated. It doesn't look as appealing as it did the other day when we bought it, but I don't really care, because I'm really hungry now. There are two slices for each of us, and I actually hope that my lover will give me one of hers. But I put two slices on each plate and put the plates on the table. I make sure that the placemats are properly aligned with the flower design pointing up, and each plate is exactly in the middle of the placemat with a paper napkin neatly folded on the left side. Then, I grab the Oreo package and pop open a Corona beer for myself. I put the unopened cookie package on a plate which I place closer to her seat than mine. And I pour the beer into the only stein that I'm allowed to use in this house. Beer, pizza, and Oreos - my kind of meal!

I have an assigned place at this table, and I have an assigned chair to sit in. Like the limo driver, my lover complains about the mess that my pussy juices leave on the chair, because I am always nude in this townhouse. One of my designated tasks is to clean that chair seat so that my juices don't damage the nice leather-like cushioning. Probably nobody else could tell the difference between my chair and the other matching chairs, but my lover and I certainly can see the faint spots. I've been paddled more than once for not getting that chair clean enough.

I'm also required to do all of the housecleaning here, and another troublesome spot is right in front of my lover's easy chair - just a little off to the right side. This is where I sit on the floor while she is sitting in the easy chair; she likes to stroke my hair often brushing it out with a comb and brush while watching TV. I love when she does this, and my pussy usually starts cranking out its juice that has to go somewhere. And that somewhere spot is on the rug. I try to clean up this spot each time that I get up from it, but the rug is now a slightly different shade of tan. Again, I've been paddled often for this rug stain.

That dining room chair and the place near her easy chair are the only places that I'm allowed to place my bare butt in this house. I'm not allowed to sit on the couch or any of the other chairs except on very rare occasions and I'm required to sit on a towel at those times. (Well, okay, there's the toilet seat and my side of her bed where my ass is permitted to touch something, but you get the drift.)

I stand behind my place setting at the table and wait for my lover to finish her computer work. I'm afraid that the pizza will get cold again, but I don't have to wait long for her. She sits down and then nods at me to do the same. I fold my hands in my naked lap waiting for her to allow me to eat; she nods again and I begin eating my late night meal. Nothing is said, but she is watching me closely; she has told me she likes to watch my boobs bounce as I eat, and I suspect that's what she is doing now. I quickly finish my pizza slices, and she rewards me with her second piece - just as I'd hoped. I eat it at a more leisurely pace so that we both finish about the same time. She peels open the cookie package and says, "Sorry, Pet. None for you tonight - not after having that extra slice of pizza. I'm going to watch your diet more closely; I don't want your beautiful body to get fat." She slowly eats two Oreos while I finish up my beer, and I watch enviously as she closes up the cookie package.

Our Serious Talk

My lover leans back in her chair and says, "Stand up. We need to have a serious talk." I apprehensively stand up and look at her; she stays seated, but she is looking right at my triangles and my pussy. Again, I don't know what to do with my hands, and I just let them hang helplessly at my side while she continues to look at me.

She starts, "Did you hear what that chauffeur said about your pussy juices messing up his leather seat?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I'm sorry about that."

"Well, he said it cost him $140 today to get it cleaned. That's the cost of cleaning and the driving assignment that he had to cancel during the day. So, I paid him, but you're going to have to pay me back for making that mess. That brings your total debt to $270. I guess you're going to have to skip some of your junk food lunches, aren't you?"

I have no idea how I'm going to find that money, because I spend every penny of the allowance that she gives me every week. And those junk food lunches are actually cheaper than anything else served at the company cafeteria. But I say, "I guess so, Madam. But I promise you that I will pay you back sometime." She replies, "Good."

She pauses a moment, sits up straight in her chair looking me in the eyes, and says, "Did you have fun today, Pet?"

I pause for a moment and begin stammering, "Uh, um, Ma'am, I, um, . . ."

"Truth, Pet, truth. Tell me the truth."

"Oh, Ma'am, I'm sorry, but the answer is no. I didn't like today at all."

She seems nonplussed by this answer and says, "Sorry to hear that, but it's irrelevant, because I had a blast today. And that's really what matters, right?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I reply meekly.

But she persists, "But there must have been something about today that you liked, because your pussy was wet the entire day. And remember this morning when we tasted your cuntcream. You only cream like that when you are really turned on. Sometimes, even when you orgasm for me, you don't produce cream like that. Did you come this morning? Actually, did you come anytime today?"

I blush and say, "No, Madam, I didn't come today. But I did like it when you slipped your finger into me. And I did like tasting my cream."

"There was nothing else you enjoyed today?"

I hesitate a bit too long, and she says, "Come on, Pet, answer me."

My breasts heave as I hesitate a tiny bit more, and then I say, "No, Ma'am, nothing else."

"Not even when Jason kissed you so passionately? It sure looked to me as if you liked that."

"Um, uh, uh, yes, Mistress, I guess I did like that."

"You guess?"

"Sorry, Ma'am, yes, I liked his attention."

"Did you want him to fuck you?"

"Oh, no, Madam, of course not. I would never, never cheat on you. I don't want his cock or any man's cock inside of me ever again."

"Good. Now think very carefully about what happened today. There must have been something about it that you liked."

I close my eyes and quickly run the day through my mind. The morning limo ride, the collar being placed around my neck with a leash, my hands being cuffed behind me, being pulled out of the car, being led naked through the crowd into the mansion, slowly walking and browsing at the many booths, being tethered to the chain, being displayed naked for hours, being berated for needing to pee, being fed like Buster the dog at lunch, more hours of being on display in the afternoon, having a new dog collar put on me, having Jason "tour" my female crease, doing the wiggle-jiggle, serving dinner in the nude, being harassed by the teenage servers, the limo ride home, etc.

I almost tell her that there was nothing likable about the day, but at the last instant, I realize that I can truthfully give her a positive answer. "Ma'am, a few times during the day you gave me a loving pat on my ass or you tenderly lifted my boobs or played with my nipples. And the navel-to-chin trace with your finger at lunchtime. Those were nice moments."

She replies, "Yes, I enjoyed those moments, too. But tell me - what didn't you like about the day?"

My eyes start to water and I quickly wipe them with my hands. I reply, "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but I didn't like being naked in front of all those people. I like for you to see my naked body, but not other people. And I did not like having my arms tied behind me. Uh, sorry, I mean my hands. And I didn't like being led around like an animal."

I expect her to be sympathetic to my plight, but she says, "Well, Pet, as I said before, I had a blast today, and I really enjoyed showing you off like that. You've got such a gorgeous body, and I just wanted people to see what I have enjoyed so much this last year. And the leash, collar, and cuffs give me a thrill."

She pauses, but her eyes never leave my body. Then she goes on, "At lunch, I gave my little talk and answered a bunch of questions. Were you listening carefully?"

"Yes, Madam, you had my complete attention."

She says, "Do you have any questions or comments about what I said?"

"Well, uh, you told them why you dressed the way you did today - you know, in your nice party dress and high heels - and why you had me cuffed and leashed. Uh, as well as naked, too. And when you said that, I understood that it was part of the show-and-tell thing; you were visibly demonstrating your control over me. Even though I didn't like being naked like that, it helped me to understand why."

She smiles and says, "Good. Anything else?"

"Um, umm, uh, I, uh . . ."

"Come on, Pet, quit umming - get to the point."

"Sorry, Ma'am. Someone asked if we live together; you said 'no' and that you like the current setup with two residences. I just want to say that I would really, really like it if we moved in together. I like your place and there's plenty of room for the two of us. I just want you to know that, Madam."

"Well, Pet, that wasn't at lunch time; Ruth asked that later in the afternoon." I meekly whisper, "Sorry, Ma'am." And she goes on, "Anyway, you've told me before that you'd like to move in here, and thank you for saying it again. But let's keep things the way they are for now. Okay?" I just nod. She goes on, "All right. What else?"

I look down at my heaving boobs and say, "Uh, Ma'am, you said that I was probably going to be nude in public some more, and I'd like to know if that's really going to happen, and when and where you have in mind."

She's staring at my heaving boobs, too, and says, "Pet, you're right, I used the words 'probably' and 'maybe' in response to those questions, but I really wasn't telling the whole truth there. Yes, I definitely want you out nude in public some more. The idea of it just gives me a thrill - especially after today went so well. So, how about tomorrow? You know Rick's? That little neighborhood café that we like so much around the corner? They are very open-minded about same sex couples, and we like the food and people there. We're going to walk over there for the Sunday brunch buffet tomorrow, and you'll be nude. Okay?"

No, it's not okay! And today sure didn't go so well from my point of view! But I don't say that aloud. Instead, I ask sheepishly, "Are you going nude, too?"

She says sternly, "Of course not, Pet! This is about you. You have the perfect gorgeously proportioned body and the perfect personality for it."

I want to tell her that she also has a gorgeous body; she looks ravishing when she is naked. Again I don't say what I really want to, but instead say, "But, Madam, today it was a bunch of strangers looking at my naked body - at least they were strangers to me. At the café, I know the people - like Rick and Sarah, the owners, Bridget, our favorite waitress, Raj, the friendly cook - and they will be seeing me nude for the first time."

She sighs, "That's the point, Pet."

It looks like she's going to say something else, but I almost interrupt her with, "What about handcuffs tomorrow like I had today?"

She replies sternly, "Pet, when I'm talking, please let me finish." I just nod and let her continue, "I was going to say that I want those people you know to see you naked. Now, to answer your question: No, I won't cuff you, and there won't be a collar or a leash either. But I will have all of those in my bag just in case you misbehave. You know, kind of like a mother carrying a diaper bag even though she hopes never to use it."

She's comparing handcuffs and a leash to a diaper bag! No way are those things similar! Then it hits me that a diaper bag seems like a strange item to mention here. Is she going to put a diaper on me?!!? It would be just as embarrassing going there wearing only diaper as going there totally nude. And what else is she going to have in her big purse? I pause briefly realizing that my mind is just going overactive with "what-if" scenarios.

I don't say any of that to my mistress, I just silently nod and let her continue, "Today was the first step, Pet. Tomorrow is the second step."

And I don't say anything about walking over there. She calls it "just around the corner", but it's a good half mile after walking through her big condo complex to get to the busy city street which we have to walk along to get to the restaurant; hundreds of people would see me - not just the people in the restaurant.

I wipe the tears from my eyes again and say, "And what's the third step, Ma'am?"

"Careful, Pet, I detect a bit of impertinence in your voice, and I don't like the sound of it. But again to answer your question, I don't know exactly what the third step will be. Maybe something like grocery shopping or a trip to the library? Oh, how about your next visit to Annie's hair salon; they'd get a kick out of your triangles! And I am going to talk to your boss about having you come to work in the nude. You know you work off in the corner of our big campus, and only a few people would see you there. That might be another good step to take."

Like this afternoon, I'm stunned at this. My boss, Bill Johnson, is really conservative, and I'm certain that he would say "no" - or most probably, "hell, no". But what if my lover has "something on him", maybe some sort of dirt that he wouldn't want exposed? Could she use that as leverage to get her way? I don't know what it could be, but it's a possibility. Also, it's not just a few people. There are 30 people in our research department, and we share the small building with another group about the same size. I don't understand exactly what that other group does, but I see them every day. And of course, there's lunch in the small secondary cafeteria nearby that serves our building plus two other nearby buildings; I go there everyday for lunch.

I begin to cry, and between sobs, say, "But, Madam, I don't want to do this. Please, please, don't make me do it. Please, pretty please, Ma'am."

"Pet, of course, you don't have to do this. It's a free country, you know." I'm immediately relieved, but she goes on, "But it will irreparably harm our relationship if you don't."

Through my tears, I stare at her and sob, "You mean that we'd break up." She just nods. I'm stunned even more now, "But I love you. I love you with all my heart, Ma'am."

"I love you, too, my precious Pet. And I truly don't want us to separate. But that's a choice you'll have to make, because I'm not changing my mind. What's it going to be?"

"Can I think about it for a few days?"

"No, Pet, this is non-negotiable and needs to be decided now. What are you going to do?"

I cry even harder and look around desperately for some Kleenex. There's none in sight; so, I try to wipe my eyes with my hands again without much luck. And I continue to cry as I look pleadingly at my lover. She just smiles as she looks back at my blubbering body of naked flesh; my boobs are shaking violently beneath me as I bend over wailing. Nothing changes for ten seconds or more, and finally, I burst out again, "Okay, okay, Ma'am, I'll do what you want. I just love you too much to leave."

She continues to look at me impassively, "So, just to be clear. We'll walk over to Rick's tomorrow for brunch, and you will not be wearing any clothes. Right?"

"Yes, Madam. I'll go nude to Rick's tomorrow."

I'm still crying as hard as ever, and I expect her to come over and comfort me after I have made such an emotional decision. But she just sits there silently and watches me for several seconds.

Finally, she says, "Okay, Pet, you're a good girl, and I'm glad that's decided. So, you'll just stay here tonight and tomorrow night, and you won't have to worry about getting dressed until Monday morning for work."

My heart leaps at this, because I'll be spending the next two nights in the bed of the woman I love. That sounds like a heavenly prospect to me. But I also pick up on the phrase "won't have to worry about getting dressed"; that sounds ominous, but after what I just agreed to, I don't have much choice.

But I'm still crying pretty hard; she stands up and says, "Stay there, Pet. I'll get you some tissues."

While she's gone, I try to wipe my eyes with my bare hands - yet again, but it just does not work. It actually seems to make me want to cry even harder. So, I just drop my hands to my sides, and wait. And while I'm waiting, I do a little bit of clock arithmetic to figure out how long I will be totally nude this weekend. Let's see, I got out of the limo at the mansion about 10 o'clock this morning moments after my lover told me to leave the dress and shoes in the car. And my promise to my lover that I'd go nude to Rick's tomorrow insures that I'll be naked until Monday morning. I have to be at work at 8AM, and so I'll have to get dressed for that by 7:30. So, that means it will be just short of two days of total nudity, more precisely about 45½ hours. In the big scheme of things, that's not that long, but right now it feels like a lifetime.

Then it sort of hits me; what if my lover is somehow able to convince my boss tomorrow to have me come into work naked on Monday? If that actually happens, I may have already started my life as a nudist, because I won't need to (more accurately, I won't be allowed to) put on clothes on Monday morning. And I'm certain my lover would just keep me nude at my apartment or here at her place after work each day until I leave for work naked the next day. So, when will be the next time that I'll be allowed to put on any clothes? Maybe my skimpy jogging outfit? I doubt it; she'll probably tell me to jog through the junior college naked each morning. Also, I have to eat dinner after work each day and I'm usually dressed somehow for dinner, but she'll probably just take me back to Rick's each evening. Again, my overactive imagination is really running away now. I'm probably worried about nothing here, because I doubt that she can even contact my boss tomorrow (which is Sunday) much less convince him to permit his pretty secretary (i.e. me) to work naked starting on Monday morning. But I'm still worried.

I'm still crying as my lover returns with a box of Kleenex. She pulls out a handful of tissues and softly wipes my eyes and face. She gives my bare shoulders a tender squeeze, and I hope that this is a sign that she'll do our special "nipple kiss" as our usual way of showing comfort. But she is still wearing the big fluffy robe, and she probably still has on her brassiere underneath the robe. So, I give up on the nipple-kiss idea and just try to lean my head on her shoulder, but she just hands me the Kleenex box and sits back down across from me.

She waits as I wipe my own face plus my breasts where a few tears have dropped. I'd also like to wipe my pussy, because I can feel it juicing up some more, but I just put the box down on the table and look at my lover.

She's just about ready to say something when my shoulders shudder. I briefly hug my arms across my breasts as I realize that I'm a bit chilly. My lover scowls and shakes her head, and I realize that is a sign that she doesn't want my boobs covered; I drop my arms to my sides and notice that my nips are rock hard. She says, "Chilly, Pet?" I nod and suddenly my whole body is covered in goosebumps, and I shudder again. She says, "Sorry about that. The thermostat kicks down at 11PM, and look at the time; it's almost midnight. Let me go turn up the heat. We've got a few more topics to discuss." I watch as she pulls her robe more tightly around her and wanders off down the hall. I smile, because I sometimes call her my "greenie weenie", and she lets me get away with that little bit of levity. She's into all of the environmental stuff like re-usable cloth shopping bags, recycling everything possible, and using CFL bulbs. She's got this high-tech geekish thermostat and high efficiency furnace to save energy, and her house is always a bit cooler than mine. I now hear the furnace click, but I know from experience that doesn't mean that it comes on right away; that damn thermostat thinks the house should heat up slowly by running the furnace fan at a low speed to save electricity - I think it should heat up fast - I want my heat right now, not 20 minutes from now. Anyway, I'm still covered in tiny little bumps as she returns; she tweaks my hard nipples as she walks past me to get to her chair. Her robe opens a little bit as she sits down, and I see that she does still have her bra on. So, her breasts are doubly covered and nice and warm. But she still pulls her robe shut as she sits down again. I wish she had offered me a robe, but that's not allowed in this house. Even sitting down on the cool seat of my chair would warm me up a little bit, but she told me earlier to stand, and that's what I'll do until she says otherwise.

My lover says, "Okay, Pet. We were discussing my little lunchtime speech. Any other comments or questions?"

"No, Ma'am. That's all I can think of right now."

"Good. Now, there a few more things to talk about tonight. Remember how Buster the dog went right for your pussy and buried his nose in there for a moment? I thought that was so funny, didn't you?"

I was not nearly so amused to have a dog's nose between my legs, but I said, "Yes, Ma'am, it was certainly different."

She continued, "Well, I think that would be a neat lovemaking activity, not with a dog but just by ourselves. And since it seemed to excite you, I think I'll do it on you first, and later you can do it on me. I'll be naked on my hands and knees, and I'll crawl up in front of you and bury my nose in your pussy. Maybe use my tongue, too. Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?"

It certainly does to me, too. Usually, those kinds of things just sort of happen spontaneously between us, but her verbal description of it gets me excited, and I can feel my pussy starting to gush. I say, "Oh, Madam, that sounds wonderful. Shall we try that tonight?"

"Uh, careful again, Pet. That sounds just a bit cheeky. It's my idea, and so it's up to me to decide when. I've got some other ideas for you for the next few nights; so, maybe later in the week?"

I'm sure she can read the disappointment on my face, but I say, "Okay, Ma'am. I'll look forward to it." I sure hope that her "other ideas" for the next few nights are as sexually thrilling as her nose-in-my-pussy idea.

The damn furnace is still doing its slow warmup routine, and I'm still chilly. But I wait patiently as my lover pauses for a moment.

My Lover's Little Story

She says, "Since we're talking seriously here, Pet, I want to tell you a bit of a story. I've never told you this before, but today seems like an appropriate time." Uh, oh, I don't like the sound of this, but I keep quiet as she continues, "Remember how one of our first dates was at Hooters over by work?" I just nod. "Well, I thought that either of us would look wonderful in those tight shorts and T-shirt, but you especially would." Actually, I think she'd look better than me, but I just smile at her. She goes on, "But you were the one that needed more money back then. Remember how you told me that you were always running out of money in the last week of the month before we got paid?" I nod again. "And so I thought you could supplement your income by working at Hooters on nights and weekends. I never mentioned that to you, but I was thinking about it."

She continues, "Anyway, remember how we were both really turned on seeing those pretty girls in the sexy uniforms? We came back here and dashed for the bedroom. I stripped off my clothes and climbed into bed, but you sat tentatively on the chair and slowly untied your shoes. Then, you jumped up and zipped into the bathroom to finish undressing. When you came out, you were all hunched over with your arms covering your boobs and a hand over your pubes, and you quickly climbed in under the sheets. You were really shy about me seeing your naked body for the first time. I thought it was really cute that you were so bashful. She pauses a bit before saying, "Oh, but wasn't that first time we made love so special! You didn't want me to see your body, but you sure knew how to make love to a woman!" I blush a bright red thinking about that wonderful night.

My lover takes another sip of water and says, "This afternoon, I used the word 'malleable' to describe you, Pet. You were an English major, and you must know what that means, right?"

I reply, "Yes, Ma'am, it means adaptable, compliant, easily influenced."

She goes on, "Yep, I think 'compliant' is the best of those for you. After those early dates, I could see that trait in you, and since I'm a dominant controlling person, I decided to train you to do things that pleased me somehow. But I didn't quite know what direction to take. Here are some ideas I had back then."

"First, I thought about the things I really like to do. You know, writing computer programs and doing craft projects. But you're not really a geek like me, and I've noticed that you seem only mildly interested in my arts and crafts projects." She's got that right. I got a D in the one programming class in college, and I just didn't like it. And the artsy stuff is nice to look at, but I don't really want to do it myself.

"My next idea was to make you my live-in maid. Doing things like cooking and house cleaning for me. I can do them, but I just don't enjoy them. Now, I realize that you are doing such things, but it's not really the full-time job that I was thinking about then." I just nod.

"Another idea was for you to have a couple of kids that we could raise together. You could be the housewife and I'd bring home the bacon. But I'm definitely not the motherly type, and I don't think you are either. And besides you'd have to fuck some men to become pregnant, and neither of us wants you in bed with a man."

She's right, I'm not motherly and I've never really wanted kids. And I sure don't want to ever fuck a man again in my life. But I did like hearing her say "live-in" and the "wife" part of "housewife". Same sex marriage is legal here in our state, but we have never talked openly about it. I would adore being married to her or to have some sort of long term commitment.

She continues, "And then I thought about how sexual you are. Well, actually, we are both really sexual women, aren't we, Pet?"

I reply nervously, "Yes, Ma'am." But I still wonder where she's going with this.

My lover resumes, "With that in mind, I started thinking about sexy things you could do that would please me. So, I wondered if I could make you into a streetwalker down on 2nd Avenue. You would look so good in those tight short skirts those girls often wear, and you could earn some extra money that you seemed to need." I gasp but say nothing. "But that's such a sleazy part of town, and you wouldn't be safe down there. So, my next thought was a high-class call girl. I've got enough connections that I could set that up without too much trouble." I gasp again. "But I dismissed that idea because I'd have to share your juicy cunt with a bunch of male customers." Oh, God, how close did I come to doing that?!!?

She continues, "And then I thought back to how shy you were that first night about me seeing your beautiful naked body. Maybe I could take advantage of your bashfulness somehow."

"So, another idea was to make you into a Playmate of the Month with pictures of your wonderful body in the magazine and on the internet." I gasp again. "But that would have probably meant that you'd be out of town for weeks at a time, and all I would have are some sexy photos of you rather than your lovely soft female body to keep me company."

"Similarly, there's that gentlemen's club, K&P's Club, uh, um, well actually it's a strip joint. Remember, you and I went there once to gawk at the nude girls? Do you know what 'K&P' stand for in the name?"

I reply, "Yes, I remember going there. And uh, aren't those the initials of the couple who own it?"

"Nope, but that's what everyone thinks. The real owner is a guy in our craft club named Ruben Sanchez, and he hired a guy to be bartender and a lady to be the greeter. They aren't married, and Sanchez assigned them the names 'Krystal' and 'Paul' just to fit the club name. But what 'K&P' really stands for is 'Knockers and Pussy'. And I thought that name fit you perfectly with your gorgeous boobs and cute little cunt. And you are a great dancer; you would look wonderful naked on that pole." I gasp again.

She pauses to take a drink of water and goes on, "Ruben was at the show today, and he looked you over closely. He had seen you before when you and I went to his club, but I didn't introduce you to him then. Do you remember him from that visit or from today? He came by once in the morning and then again in the afternoon."

"No, Ma'am, I'm sorry I don't remember him," I reply. It was really dark in K&P's that night, and then this today, there were probably hundreds of men who looked over my naked body; he was just another face in the crowd as far as I was concerned.

She continues, "But again, that joint is down in the sleazy part of town, and I wouldn't want you going there every night." Oh thank heavens I didn't have to do that. That place is a real dive although they do have beautiful naked ladies dancing there.

Then she giggled and added, "Today he asked me if you could do your leash-collar-and-cuffs routine at K&P's. It sounded intriguing, but he wanted me to also be naked as I led you around the club and on the stage. Obviously, I would never be nude in a place like that. And so I gracefully declined his offer." I'm sure glad that will never happen, but it seems strange that it would be okay for me to be nude there but not her. But on second thought, it's not strange at all.

"So, those were the ideas I had along being a Hooters girl. Most of them would earn you some extra money, but none of them seemed quite right. And then I thought about how shy you were at first about your nudity with me. And I thought I could use your shyness as a way to keep you 'on edge', so to speak. And then it dawned on me. Nudity is the crux of your issue, and what better way to keep you on edge than having you naked all of the time. So, slowly over the last year, I have nudged you to the edge of being a tiny bit uncomfortable a lot of the time. You know, like being naked around the house and accepting the discipline that I like - such as paddling and binding. You don't really know what I'm going to do next, and I like it that way - just on the edge." She is certainly right that I'm edgy a lot of the time, but I guess I sort of like it that way, too.

My mistress continues, "And today was sort of the culmination of my efforts. I pushed you out the door into the world of public nudity. Well, okay, I actually pulled you naked out the car door by the leash, but you know what I mean. As I said, it was the first step, and my dear Pet, you are going to be wonderful at it."

I'm not so sure about that, but after agreeing to go to brunch naked tomorrow, I can't argue too much with her about it. I just smile nervously at her, and I'm thankful that the damn furnace is finally running closer to full speed.

Discipline Begins

She takes a sip of water from her almost empty glass and starts again, "Pet, why don't you take a bathroom break, and then we'll talk about the discipline due you."

Oh crap, I'm not sure I want to hear about this right now. I quietly say, "Okay, Ma'am." And she leads me to the bathroom. I expect her to follow me in so she can watch me pee, but she closes the door and stays in the hallway. I do my business and then look over my naked body in the big mirror for a moment. Then, I hesitantly return to the dining room where she has retaken her seat at the table. I meekly stand there with my hands at my sides.

"You know that you had 4 DD's today, don't you?" I just nod meekly. "And you remember what DD stands for - discipline demerit." I just silently nod. "I need to handle the discipline part of that phrase now, because we don't want those DD's stacking up on us. You've already got those 4 from today." I just nod again, but I bite my lower lip. "You were close a couple of other times including that time when you might have said 'what' to that teenage kid, but I decided to ignore those." I whisper, "Thank you, Madam."

"Anyway, let's review the DD's so that you understand the discipline that I'm assigning to it, and hopefully, you will learn a lesson from it." I can feel the tears start to form again, but I just nod. "First, there were two DD's as you got out of the car this morning. One of them was for disobeying me; I told you to get out of the car, and you didn't. The other was for calling me 'Ms. CeeCee'. I realize that this is your private nickname for me, and I like it. But it must only be used at appropriate times like birthday celebrations and on Christmas gifts and that sort of thing. Using it as part of begging to stay in the car was totally inappropriate. Do you agree with these demerits?"

My lover has it exactly as I remember it even though I really wasn't thinking all that clearly at the moment she was urging me to get out of the car naked for the first time and I was resisting. I whisper, "Yes, Ma'am."

She goes on, "And then later in the morning, probably 11 o'clock or so, you needed to pee. Now, I understand that your biological needs are difficult to control sometimes, but this time it was predictable that you would need to piss sometime this morning. I say this, because I gave you some coffee to drink before we left for the event, and we all know that coffee needs to be pissed out later. You should have realized this and used the toilet here before we left. You had plenty of time to pee while I was getting dressed, but I guess you were getting your jollies watching me walk around in my bra and panties. Does all of this sound right?"

I again whisper, "Yes, Ma'am." But I'm not so sure about there being time to use the bathroom this morning, because I remember finishing my coffee just before we left. However, I could have found time in the few minutes before that to go to the bathroom.

She continues, "And the fourth DD happened during lunch. You dozed off while my friend, Fern Livingston, was talking so passionately about her quilts. That was very disrespectful, especially because I know she saw your eyes closed. I noticed her looking our way during the presentation; at first, I thought she was looking at me, and I smiled back at her. But she did not react, and I carefully followed her eyesight and I observed that she was looking straight at you rather than me. I glanced down at you and saw that you were asleep. Did I get that right?"

I really didn't think I had fallen completely asleep, but I know my eyes closed for a moment. If my lover thinks it was longer than just a moment, I'm in no position to argue with her about it. I repeat quietly, "Yes, Madam."

"Good. Now, I've tried to think of some different styles of discipline than we've used before. I'm not going to tell you right now what I have in mind, because I want to surprise you. And those surprises won't be of the pleasant variety, either. All that I'm going to say is that you are going to have some uncomfortable nights the next few days." I just nod nervously.

She continues, "But first, let's talk about tonight. To me, your worst offense on Saturday was to fall asleep during Fern's interesting talk about quilt making. So, you are going to be disciplined tonight in a way that we have never used before. I'll be back in a minute. Wait where you are." I am both intrigued and afraid as I watch her walk by me and out to her attached garage. It doesn't take her long to come back with some rope and a gag plus a box that looks like a necklace or necktie box.

"Okay, Pet. Spread-eagle here in the entrance to the kitchen." This is one of her usual spots. I'm often bound here naked facing either the dining room table or back into the kitchen. She has installed heavy-duty eyebolts at the floor level and near the ceiling on each side. "You know the drill; face the kitchen and give me your hands first." I let her bind a rope around each wrist, and she ties the other end of each rope to an eyebolt so that my arms are stretched above me in a big V shape. "Now, spread your legs." In the past, she has used either rope or cuffs to attach my ankles to the lower eyebolts; she uses rope tonight. And then she silently stuffs the ball gag into my mouth. This is all routine stuff for us; she has done this to me many times, and it's usually just playing around, because I actually think it is fun and stimulating. On rare occasions, she spanks me with the paddle, but again this is playing not punishing.

With the gag in my mouth, I can't say anything, but I give her a puzzling look as if to say, "What's the big deal anyway?" But I look down at the box that she has put on the dining room table, and I see it move, all by itself! Uh oh, what's in there?

She smiles at me after seeing the puzzled look in my eyes and says, "Well, Pet, here's where the difference is." She clamps her hand down on the moving box, and as she slowly opens it, she says, "I found this guy under a shelf in the garage. I wonder how long he's been there." And she quickly reaches into the slightly opened box and pulls out a little lizard by the tail. "You two are going to get to know each other tonight." She wouldn't dare put a live lizard up my pussy or butt, would she?

Instead, she reaches over to the kitchen counter and grabs a short cord with an alligator clip attached to each end. And my eyes open wide, and I shake my head violently. I yell into my gag, but all that comes out is a prolonged grunt. Tears stream down my face as I watch her attach one alligator clip to the tail of the lizard, and I know where the other clip is going to go!

She dangles the helpless lizard in front of my eyes before kneeling down in front of me. She parts my pussy lips and gently pulls out my clit from behind its tiny little hood. She massages my bud briefly and then fastens the alligator clip to it. Pain surges through my clit as the tiny jaws close around it, followed by a second surge when she lets go of the lizard's tail. The lizard is now dangling between my wide-spread legs. It starts jerking around in a futile attempt to escape, and each jerk sends a jolt through my clitoris.

I give my lover a pleading look, because I know this is going to go on all night. But she just gives me a loving kiss on the nose and a few nipple twists before turning out the light. "Sweet dreams, my dear Pet."

The lizard jerks again, and my life changing day has come to an end.


Let me finish my story with an overview of the next few days. I'm going to continue with the first person, present tense style of writing. My English composition professors probably would be appalled, but it is so very personal to me that I think that's the right way to continue.


About 8AM, my lover removes the lizard. A jolt of pain goes through my clit when she unhooks the alligator clip. She leaves me standing there for another minute or so while she mercifully lets the lizard out into her little garden area. She comes back in and starts massaging my clit. She says, "You know, Pet, you might get to become better acquainted with that lizard." My eyes light up in alarm at the prospect of having it hooked to my clitoris again, but she continues, "Oh, don't worry, if you're good, you won't have him dangling from you again. But what I mean is that I'm going to have you clean out that gardening bed and plant a vegetable garden. Just think of all the healthy veggies that you can grow for us. I really do need to get you on a better diet, and this is as good a time as any to start that. And maybe you'll get to see that lizard out there again under a rock or something." I want to complain that I hate vegetables, but she already knows this and besides I still have the ball gag in my mouth. Maybe I can plant a magic tree that produces Big Macs on its branches?!!?

Even though she has massaged my clit for several minutes, it still hurts like hell as I quickly eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Then, she leads me into the guest room and says, "All right, Pet, time for some more discipline." I cringe, because it's only been a few minutes since the previous punishment, and I see the ropes attached to each corner of the guest bed.

She continues, "This is about the peeing DD. I was very angry with you for not peeing before we left yesterday morning and requiring me to take you to the restroom at the show. And as I told you yesterday morning at the show, I originally intended to take off your handcuffs after an hour or so at the event. But after this DD, I was angry and decided to leave the cuffs on you for the rest of the day. Now, that I've had time to think about it, I feel that the extended period of being cuffed should be considered part of the discipline, but not all. Now, I'm going to do the rest of the discipline for that peeing DD. Understand?"

I whisper, "Yes, Madam. I see."

She opens the drawer of the bedside table and pulls out a very strange looking device. She says, "Okay, Pet, this is the other part of that discipline. It's called a double penetration dildo. Look at it closely for a moment, and then I'll tell you how I'm going to use it on you."

I see two fake penises protruding from a base. I pick it up and find that the whole thing is flexible in every direction. One of the dildos is narrow, maybe an inch in diameter, and about 5" long. The other is fatter, an inch and a half diameter, but slightly shorter, maybe 4½". I twist it around, and I think I understand how it works.

She continues, "Well, the longer one goes in your ass, the shorter one in your pussy. It actually feels rather nice. It's got some lube that comes with it, and that's where the discipline comes into the picture. I've mixed the lubricant with some K-Y like stuff, and the combination will cause some rather intense tingling in your vagina and butthole, almost a burning feeling. It's perfectly safe, but it's definitely not comfortable, and that's the way I intend it. I'm going to strap you down here on the bed for at least the next 3 hours. I'll come back and refresh the lubricant a few times to make sure that the feeling in your cunt remains intense. If you are a good girl while wearing it, I'll take it out before we go to Rick's for brunch. If you're naughty, you'll wear it to brunch. Now, let's get started. Okay?"

I gulp and whisper, "Okay, Ma'am." And I watch as she slathers the lubricant and K-Y mixture all over the two dildos. I don't like things pushed up my ass, but I dutifully bend over the bed when she pushes down on my back. She then shoves the longer one into my asshole and urges me to stand up. She comes around to the front and slips the fatter one into my pussy. She then pushes up on the base so that each dildo is in as far as it will go. I feel stuffed in both openings. She wiggles both dildos around, and that actually feels good in my pussy.

She sees the pleasurable look on my face and says, "Give it a minute, and you won't be smiling anymore." And sure enough, there is a burning sensation developing in my ass and pussy. I start to twist around and my hands reflexively go down and try to grab the device. But she swats my hands away and says, "Lie down on the bed." As I place my butt on the towel that she has laid on the bed, my hands go right back down to my pussy again. She grabs my hands firmly and angrily says, "Pet, you are being naughty now, aren't you? Do you want to wear this to Rick's?" Tears are forming in my eyes as I shake my head. And I let her bind my hands to the ropes at either side of the head of the bed. The burning increases as she binds my feet to the ropes at the foot of the bed. I'm now tied spread-eagled and moaning. She stuffs the ball gag in my mouth again and straps it around the back of my head.

She says, "Okay, Pet, you're set for the next few hours. I want you to think very carefully about the peeing DD. You need to learn to think ahead about such things. Now, I have some errands to run. Bye-bye, Pet." And she disappears for an hour or so. I can do nothing except think about the peeing demerit. When she returns, she briefly removes the dildos, loads them up with fresh lubricant and a bigger dose of the K-Y stuff, but it is difficult for her to get them back into me while I'm tied down. She says, "Raise your butt so I can get this longer one in. I do my best, and with a little effort, she is able to shove the longer one up into my anus; the shorter one slips easily into my pussy. I squirm in my bonds as the K-Y kicks in again, but there is nothing I can do. She comes back twice more to freshen up the lubricant and K-Y.

At noon, she releases me and sends me to the bathroom (with a playful swat on the ass) to wash my privates with soap and water to get rid of the leftover lube and K-Y, but my cunt still aches a lot. She says, "You know, Pet, you should be thankful that you were mostly a good girl, because I was all set to leave those dildos in you while we go to brunch." As I wipe my pussy one more time, I say, "Thank you, Ma'am." But my loins are still aching.

I'm still stiff and tired from being tied up for so long, but she guides me naked out the front door. It's a lovely spring day as we walk through her condo complex and out to the street. A naked lady sure attracts a lot of attention; I hear lots of shouts and horn honks along the way. And the stream of cars coming out of a church parking lot comes to a stop as we walk by.

The people at the café are shocked to see me nude, but they still welcome us. Usually, we eat at the same table somewhat towards the back, but this time, even though our table is free, my lover decides that we should eat at the counter sitting on the backless stools. The counter is right next to the cash register near the door, and everybody who comes and goes can easily see that I was totally naked. My lover has me stand up several times to show off my little triangles. And she has me go back to the buffet twice, once to get her some more eggs and sausage, and the second time to get her a poppy seed muffin. I'm thoroughly embarrassed, but the huevos rancheros that I get to eat between these excursions are as wonderful as ever. Even the bowl of fruit that my lover tells me to get for myself is very good; I guess I do like cantaloupe and strawberries.

On the way home, she asks, "Do you remember what you ate the last time we came here? Not today, but last weekend."

I have to think for a moment and then answer, "Yes, Ma'am, I had blueberry waffles and their great spicy sausage."

She says, "Very good. So, Pet, I want you to precisely remember both that visit and today's visit. That previous visit was the last of many visits to Rick's when you wore clothes; today was the first of many visits when you are nude." She smiles at me and takes my hand. We walk very slowly hand-in-hand on the sidewalk facing traffic on the busy street; she has me walk on the street-side of the sidewalk. I try to walk faster to get home quicker, but she sets the slow pace. There are many more shouts and honks.

Back at her townhouse, my lover says, "Pet, you look tired. Why don't you take a long nap?" I nod groggily as she leads me down the hall. I hope that we're going to her "mistress bedroom" with the big bed that I love so much to sleep in with her, but instead, she turns me into the guest room again. I see the ropes still attached to the bedposts. Now, I wouldn't really mind the ropes if we were playing, but she said I'd be taking a nap, and I shudder because I think I'm going to be bound to the bed again during my nap. But she folds back the covers and lets me slide in between the pretty pink sheets. I'm asleep as soon as my head hits the big fluffy pillow. I sleep soundly til about 10 PM when she wakes me.

My lover says, "Okay, dearest Pet, here's some milk and cookies. I saw you looking at these Oreos last night, and so you are getting a treat." I eagerly chow down the six cookies that she put on the plate and wash them down with the cold milk. I say, "Oh, Ma'am, thank you. That was great."

"Well, don't thank me too much, because it's time for more discipline. Remember how you used my 'Ms. CeeCee' nickname while pleading to stay in the limo? And you certainly knew that was a very inappropriate time to use that name. Now, you'll have all night to think about that. But first go do your business in the bathroom." I use the guest bath, and then she leads me into the living room and says, "Lie down on the floor. Boobs down." Most people would have said "face down", but I know what she means and I do as I'm told.

I feel the new bulldog collar being clipped around my neck and she lifts my hair so she can attach a rope to the rear of the collar. She pulls the rope between my butt cheeks and I feel a big knot in the rope settle snugly into my pussy. She then feeds the rope between my boobs up to the collar and ties the other end of the rope to the collar's front loop. She swats my ass and says, "Hands behind your back." And she ties them tightly together at the wrists. Then, I feel her tying my feet together at the ankles. Finally, she says, "Bend your knees back as far as you can." I notice that she has sort of barked these commands at me without any endearing word of "Pet" along the way. She now loops another strand of rope between my bound wrists and ankles, and she ties it tightly. My shoulders are pulled slightly back. She then tightens up the rope between my legs making sure that the knot is still wedged into my cunt. And finally, she stuffs a ball gag into my mouth again and fastens it behind my head. It's a pretty classic hogtie with the added feature of a scratchy knot of rope set firmly in my pussy. She reaches under me briefly and twists both nipples saying, "Good night, Pet. Be sure to think about the right time to use my cute nickname." And the lights go out.


As she certainly intended, I don't sleep very well. But I am asleep when I feel my nipples sharply twisted again, and I'm suddenly wide awake. My lover twists my nips again before pulling her hands out from under me, and she says, "Rise and shine, Pet." She undoes the ropes that bound me so tightly all night, and I shakily stand up. My arms and legs are really stiff, but she massages them lovingly for me. I stumble a bit as she leads me to my chair at the dining table where there is a bowl of red grapes on the left and a bowl of granola without milk on the right. Ugh, I hate red grapes because of the seeds. But I force the grapes and the granola down - almost washing them down with the hot coffee.

I then need to get ready for work. I take a luxurious hot shower, use the toilet, and prep my hair and face. It's nice to prim myself for a change. As I leave the bathroom, my lover leads me to the vestibule where she shows me the first clothes that I'll be allowed to wear in almost two days. She holds up a tan suede skirt that she recently required me shorten to an embarrassingly short length. The other item is a dark blue tank top. I know that both of these are pretty tight, and it will be obvious to anyone who looks that I'm not wearing a bra. I slip them on, and sure enough the skirt barely covers my privates and the outline of my nipples clearly shows thru the dark blue fabric. Mercifully, she allows me to slip on my favorite leather slip-on shoes. Just before I walk out the door, she attaches the "lesbian earrings", as she calls them, to my ears. Then, she grabs me and gives me a passionate kiss, and I wrap my arms around her shoulders to complete the embrace. This goes on for almost a minute as we feverishly try to express our love for each other. Finally, we're both breathing heavily as we break apart. I look at her and see that my lipstick is now smeared across her lips and cheeks. I reach for the nearby Kleenex box, but she leads me to the mirror next to the front door, and we stand next to each other as we each fix our own faces. I like seeing both of our faces in the same mirror. Then she pats me on the ass and says, "Pet, you will come back here after work tonight. You are a very special person, and I hope you have a good day at work." I smile and reply, "Right back at you, Madam." And I walk out the door into the cool weather; she has not permitted me to wear a coat or even a light sweater.

I scamper to my 10-year old yellow VW Bug, but I yelp when my bare legs hit the ice cold vinyl seat. I look around for a towel to put under me, but there is none and my mistress hasn't explicitly allowed me to do that anyway. So, I have to cope with the situation. It's only a 5-minute drive to work, and the damn heater doesn't warm up in that time. So, I am shivering as I wait for that last traffic light before turning into the parking lot. I glance over and see that there is a big SUV right next to me, and the young guy driving is staring down at my totally exposed legs. My short skirt is barely covering my butt, and he is getting a front seat view of me. Why doesn't that damn light turn green? And I wait some more with the guy getting his jollies for the day. Finally, the light changes and I floor it, but the VW just doesn't have much oomph and the guy follows right along beside me for the next two blocks. He honks his horn and waves a couple of time; fortunately, he continues straight while I make my left turn into the company parking lot.

I'm still shivering as I get out of the car. I run up the sidewalk to get into the warm building as fast as I can, but also it's almost 8AM, and I need to be at my desk by then. My boss isn't really particular about my exact arrival time, but my lover is. My lover doesn't have a way of monitoring exactly when I arrive at my desk, but I will truthfully tell her if I am late or not. I have earned a few DD's for being late even if those late arrivals were not my fault due to heavy traffic or bad weather. I quickly flash my badge at the security guy, and I guess I might have flashed him something else as I scurried by his station. I dash down the empty hallway and into our department's area. I'm always the first to arrive. And I sit down in my chair at 7:59AM. Whew, I just made it.

The vinyl seat of my secretary's chair is warmer than the VW's seat, but not much. I shiver some more and rub my arms. But my legs are still cold which is somewhat strange because there is a heating vent right below my desk. I intentionally positioned my desk at that spot when we moved to this area a few months ago, because I wanted that nice warm air blowing on my legs on days like this, and the hot air gets trapped under the desk making it even more toasty. I move my foot over near the vent, and the warm air is blowing out, but my legs are still cold. I look under the desk to see what's going on, and I notice that the modesty panel on the front of my desk is gone along with the boxes of offices supplies that I store under there, and the big bunch of wires that hang down in there are neatly attached to the sides of the desk's kneehole. So, the hot air has escaped out from under the front edge of my desk rather than staying around to warm up my legs. I look around and find the modesty panel and the boxes stored at the side of my desk. And then it hits me - my lover left for an hour yesterday morning, and she must have come over here and removed the modesty panel. She had planned all of this - the very short skirt, no panties, and no modesty panel.

I sigh as I realize that anyone walking into our area will be able to see all the way up the tiny skirt if they are looking just right. There are two entries to our department, and fortunately the one right in front of my desk is used less than the other just because of the way the building is laid out with the restrooms and coffee area closer to the other entry. But still someone will surely notice my bare legs and maybe my lack of panties today. And my obviously braless top will attract some attention, too; I look down and see that my nips are trying their best to poke thru the dark blue tank top.

There is nothing I can really do about my exposure, and I just fire up the computer to start my work day. My boss, Bill Johnson, wanders in about 8:30 and says, "Good morning, Patty. How was your weekend?" He is the only person at work who calls me "Patty"; I'm just "Pat" to everyone else.

I reply evasively, "Hi, Bill. I'm fine. Did you, Nancy, and the kids go somewhere?" This chit-chat goes on for a minute or so, but I never tell him that I spent almost the entire weekend naked. I notice him glance down at my breasts, but he doesn't say anything.

As I mentioned earlier, my boss, Bill, is a very conservative person. He's 39 years old; I know that because I'm responsible for organizing the birthday celebration for each person in the department, and his birthday was just three weeks ago. He's married to a pretty lady, Nancy, and he has 3 young kids in grade school. They live in an older part of town, drive a dark green Chevy SUV, and have a cocker spaniel. They even have a real white picket fence around their front yard. And what name could be more all-American sounding than Bill Johnson? A classic example of a middle class American family. It's not what I want out of life, but Bill seems content with it.

I don't think Bill knows that I'm a lesbian or that I'm in a loving relationship with my mistress, but I suspect that he will soon. If nothing else, he might well notice my "lesbian earrings"; my lover has pinned back my hair so that the earrings are on full display today.

The workday begins to unfold as people wander in. There are 30 researchers in our department, 28 guys, and 2 ladies. One of the ladies, Suzanne, stops by and we chat for a while. I see her eyes scan over my breasts a few times, but she doesn't say anything either. By 9:30, most of the people have arrived, and I notice that there is more traffic than normal coming in this entrance. The guys seem to be moving very slowly as they walk in and look right at me. Word must have gotten out about me and about the view under my desk. The men in the department range in age from 22 to 53, and as far as I know, they are all straight heterosexuals. Many of them know that I'm in a committed relationship with a woman, but that doesn't mean that they don't like to look at my female body. And they certainly are looking today. One guy "accidentally" drops his pen a few feet in front of my desk, and he seems to take a bit too long picking it up. Yep, word of my pretty bare legs, short skirt, and braless top has definitely gotten out.

About 10:25, I'm surprised (actually "stunned" is a better word) when my lover appears in front of my desk. She says formally, "Cassie Campbell to see Mr. Johnson." I laugh at her a little bit as I look at my boss's schedule for the day, and sure enough, he has my mistress scheduled for a meeting at 10:30. She giggles and sits down in the chair next to my desk. We spend the next few minutes just chatting quietly about things like the weather, the company's earning report, and about dinner tonight. She tells me to buy some vegetarian lasagna at the grocery store deli, and we'll heat that up for dinner. And that leads to a brief discussion about the vegetable garden. She says, "You know, Pet, in a few months, you'll be able to make that dish yourself using the zucchini from your own garden."

I turn up my nose and say, "Whatever you say, Ma'am."

She giggles some more and says more seriously, "I'm concerned about the lack of sunlight in that garden area. You will have to be careful not to plant stuff too close to the fence where it will be in the shade too much." I just nod and she smiles as she goes on, "Oh, I know what we can do. We can take down that fence so that the sun gets in there all the time. I'm sure I can convince the homeowner's association board of directors to let me take it down."

I cringe at this, because I will be nude while doing that gardening and just beyond that fence is the busiest walkway in her condo complex. People are always walking by there to get to the clubhouse and swimming pool in one direction and to the tennis courts in the other direction. My naked gardening body will be on full display. I'm just about to say something when she laughs, "Oh, Pet, the look on your face is priceless. I'm just kidding. That fence will stay up - for now, anyway."

I sigh, "Thank you, Ma'am. That's a relief."

She bends down in front of my desk and looks between my legs and says, "Do you like your new desk arrangement? I thought things were rather cluttered under there; that was really a rat's nest of cables and power cords. So, I cleaned things out."

I blush and whisper, "Ma'am, thanks for moving the boxes and straightening out the wires, but can I have the modesty panel back?"

"Nope. It stays over there leaning against the wall. Pet, you have to trust me that I know what's best for you. Okay?"

I want to argue with her, because having a bunch of people looking at my pussy through the wide open gap in my desk doesn't sound like the best thing for me. But I bite my tongue and just nod. She merely says, "Good."

Just then, Bill, my boss, walks out of his office and says, "Hello, Cassie. So nice to meet one of the company's star programmers. I guess you've introduced yourself to Patty, my secretary." He turns to me and says, "Patty, you've probably heard about the legend of Cassie Campbell around campus. Her code is a model for all programmers to follow. And now you finally get to meet her in person."

I'm almost ready to say something when my mistress says, "Oh, we've met before. We were just catching up here." She winks at me.

Bill says, "Oh, I didn't know; sorry. Anyway, Cassie, please come in and tell me what's on your mind." My lover follows him into the office and closes the door. There's a floor-to-ceiling sidelight window next to the door that allows me to see partially into the room, but I can't hear what they are saying. They are sitting at my boss's small conference table, and I can only see my lover talking. I cannot see my boss's reaction without getting up and being really obvious about spying on them. She's wearing her normal work clothes, jeans and sweatshirt, just like all the programmers here. She has a smile on her face and her legs are crossed; the top leg is waggling away, and this usually means that she is excited about what she is talking about. She continues to talk and several times she looks out the window at me, even pointing at me once. Oh, how I would like to be a fly on the wall in there!

After about 10 minutes, she waves me into the room. She says, "Pet, please close the door and draw the curtain across that narrow window." I gulp, because I'm afraid she's going to ask me to strip in front of my boss so that he can see what would be on display everyday if I came to work naked. But she just has me stand there while they both look me over silently. "Turn to the side." I do as I'm told so they can see my profile. "Now, face away from us." And they are looking at my backside. I'm blushing even though I've got clothes on. "Thanks, Pet. You can go now." He just says, "Thanks, Patty."

I return to my desk and I see that the door is closed again, but the window curtain has been opened; so, I can see again. Now, my lover is at the whiteboard scribbling a bunch of equations that are just jibberish to me. I'm puzzled about what equations have to do with me working nude. This goes on for another 10 minutes, and my lover shakes Bill's hand, opens the door, and leaves his office. I expect her to stop and talk with me, but she just walks past giving me her cute little finger wave and saying, "Bye-bye, Pet. Spread your knees." And she walks out. I blush because I'm afraid some of the guys in the nearby cubicles heard this, but I do as she said. My pussy is now even more visible than it was before.

About 15 minutes later, my boss comes out and says seriously, "Pat, please come in here." He has never called me "Pat" before, and so I tentatively step out from behind my desk. I notice that he has pronounced "Pat" in a way similar to the way my lover says "Pet". A normal person (me?) pronounces them very differently, and there is no problem hearing which word is being said. But there is a range of sounds between a "short a" as in "Pat" and "short e" as in "Pet". I realize that I was a mediocre English major in college, but I can detect when that middle letter is being slurred or mispronounced. And my boss has pronounced "Pat" strangely. Does this mean that he's now my sexual master as well as my boss?!!?

I step into his office and move to the side as he closes the door behind me. I just stand there while he sits back behind his desk. "Oh, Pat, please sit down." I'm nervous as I turn one of the chairs from the conference table towards his desk. Even though my legs are hidden from his view, I cross them just to be sure I'm not putting on a private show for him. My heart is beating wildly as I wait for him to say something.

"Well, Pat, that was certainly an enlightening conversation I had with Ms. Campbell from a couple of perspectives. See all that stuff on the whiteboard? That's a brilliant insight that she had about one of the projects that our department is working on. I'm going to discuss it with my team and see if we can work it into our design. She's a very intelligent woman." I smile, because it's so nice to hear such compliments about my lover, but I just nod to him.

He continues, "Now, the other enlightening part of the discussion concerned you. And I learned that you and Cassie are a couple. A very devoted couple from what she said - with an unconventional lifestyle. And to cut to the chase, she wants you to start coming to work naked. My initial reaction was very negative, but she mentioned some certain advantages that are changing my opinion. I'm going to discuss it with the Human Resources folks and let you know. Pat, you do wonderful work for this department, and we could not get along without you." And he goes on and on about my good work. It's almost like my annual performance review, but he gave that to me only a month ago along with a measly 1% raise. But he never says what those "certain advantages" would be.

Finally, he asks, "Pat, do you really want to come to work without any clothes on?"

I know I shouldn't hesitate to answer, but I do for a moment before clearing my throat, "Yes, I do."

He replies, "Uh, I detected a bit of indecisiveness there. Come on, tell me the truth, Pat. Why do you want to come in here naked everyday?"

This time I reply more rapidly, "Because that's what Cassie wants." And that really is the truth. I sure as hell would rather not work nude, but I want to keep my lover happy. It's awkward for me to say "Cassie" even though that's her name, because I never use that word when talking with her and I never use it while thinking about her. But my lover allows me to say it when other people are around such as situations like this.

He continues, "Well, how are you going to explain it to folks?"

I'm really on the spot now, but again I truthfully say, "Bill, I don't know. But Cassie will figure out something. And she will let me know what to say."

Then he says, "Cassie said that she did not allow you to put on underwear beneath that very short skirt today. Is that really true?"

I answer softly, "Yes, Bill." I pause for an instant and continue, "Do you want to see?" Oh, God, why did I say that?!!? I just offered to show my pussy to my boss! He's going to see it soon enough anyway if my lover has her way, but there's no need to do it today.

He waves his hand and says, "Oh, no, Pat. I just want to remind you to be discreet today; that's all."

I meekly reply, "I'll try, Bill. Sorry about this." I added that last part in a lame attempt to apologize for my sluttish remark. And without that modesty panel on my desk, I don't know how I'll be able to be very discreet about my lack of panties.

He sighs as he gets up from his desk. I see his eyes soak in the sight of my long crossed bare legs in front of his desk. He says in a more friendly manner, "Well, okay, Patty. I'm glad we had this little talk. And I will see what I can do to convince the personnel people." I'm glad he's back to calling me "Patty". And I fervently hope that he is unable to convince the HR people.

He ushers me out of his office, and I sit down at my desk again with my knees spread as I was told. It sure sounds like my days of working with clothes on are numbered, and I should be thankful for even the two embarrassing pieces of clothing that I've got on now.

The rest of the day goes normally. I overhear some comments from the researchers about the "cute cunt" and "Patty's pretty pussy." At lunch, my friend, Michelle, who is the secretary of the other department in our small building, asks some pointed questions at lunch about my inappropriate outfit. I give her evasive answers that I know she does not believe. I hope I don't lose her as a friend if I start working nude.

On the way home, I buy the lasagna at the deli and bring it back to my lover's place. I have no trouble at all beating the 30-second timer; it only takes me a few moments to slip off the skirt and pull the top over my head. I fold them neatly and put them on the bench. And I slip off my shoes and store them tidily under the bench. And then I stand smugly at attention because I'm proud that I did it so fast.

My mistress says, "Good going, girlie. It only took you 17 seconds." I wish there were a way to bank those extra 13 seconds to use next time, but I know that's just wishful thinking. But she goes on, "Well, maybe you would wipe that priggish look off your face if I told you I think we should shorten the timer to 20 seconds now that you've gotten so good at it?" I immediately frown and think back to Saturday when I got 8 whacks for 38 seconds; if she changed the rules, I'd get 18 whacks, and I don't know if my butt could take such a beating very often. She then pinches both of my nipples very hard causing me to yelp. Then, she gives me a marvelous French kiss with our tongues twirling around together. I'm not certain if she changed the 30-second timer to 20 seconds or not, but my mind is busy savoring this wonderful smooch.

As we break apart, she tweaks my nips again, gently this time, and says, "Actually, Pet, if you're going to be naked walking in the door after working all day in the nude, we don't need the 30-second timer, do we?" I smile and nod. "So, maybe I should figure out another little exercise for you to do with some butt smacks as the penalty. I'll think about that." Again, I frown and say, "Yes, Ma'am, I understand." Then she walks around behind me and squeezes both butt cheeks and says, "Or I could just give you a paddling every time you walk through that front door? I guess you could call it your penalty for having the cutest little ass in the world. It just looks so adorably smackable!" She squeezes my rear cheeks again and then gives me a loving swat to send me on the way to the kitchen.

I quickly heat up the lasagna in the microwave, fix a salad, and pour two glasses of wine. The veggie lasagna isn't really that bad; maybe there are other vegetarian dishes that I could learn to make.

After dinner, she lets me use the bathroom before leading me into the living room. She says, "Okay, Pet, it's time for the final discipline for Saturday's DD's. The other discipline sessions focused on your nether region - the lizard hooked to your clit, the double dildo, and the rope knot in your cunt. But we don't want to ignore your pretty boobs, do we? So, stand here in the middle of the room and give me your hands. We've done this one before, but I'll make it a bit more severe this time." She ties my hands together and then to a rope hanging from the big cross beam. Then, she hardens up my nipples with some more gentle twisting before attaching a clothespin to each one. I moan loudly, and she immediately gags me. Now, she adds weights to the cords connected to the clothespins. In the previous time, she has attached 3 little weights to the end of each cord; this time she adds a 4th one. Now, my entire boobs are really aching. And it's only 8PM when she says, "Well, Pet, you are all set for the night. I'm going to work on the computer in the guest room for a few hours and then hit the hay. And I want you to remember the importance of following my orders - such as my telling you to get out of the limo on Saturday morning. Oh, one more thing: Those clothespins better still be attached in the morning, or there will be hell to pay. More sweet dreams, Pet." She jiggles the weighted cords a little bit sending another jolt through my boobs, and she turns out the lights. My feet aren't tied, and so I can move around, but that causes the weights to bounce around increasing my discomfort. Tears stream down my face, but I know that I have to endure this.


I don't sleep very well in this position. Several times my head falls either forward or backward as sleep approaches, but that sharp head movement causes the weights to jiggle and the ache wakes me up again. I try to rest my chin on my chest to get in a restful position, but that doesn't work so well either.

About 6:30 AM, I'm surprised to see my lover walk naked into the living room. My eyes widen in delight. I haven't seen her nude in over a week, and I am thrilled at the sight. She comes over, removes the gag, and quickly unclips the clothespins from my nips causing a sharp ache. Why does it hurt so much when those things are removed? It doesn't make sense to me. Anyway, she now gives my boobs a wonderful loving massage, and as a special treat, she gives me a "nipple kiss" with her hardened tits. I moan in ecstasy even though I'm still bound to the rafter above me.

She lets me hang there for another few minutes as she resumes the boob massage. Then, she unties my hands and massages my shoulders as I rub my wrists. And I'm surprised when she leads me to her "mistress bathroom" where we take a shower together. I'm hoping that we'll fall into bed and make love, but she has me stand there and watch her dress.

After a quick breakfast of muffins and coffee, I use the toilet and fix up my face and hair. I'm still naked as I walk to the vestibule where she is waiting. She holds up the same tight suede skirt and dark blue tank top that I wore yesterday. It barely crosses my mind that I'm not allowed panties or a bra. But I am surprised when she says, "No shoes today, Pet." We kiss briefly, and I walk barefoot out into the cool spring morning.

I'm covered in goosebumps and my nipples are rock hard as I sit down at my desk. I'm surprised how vulnerable I feel without any shoes. I had to watch every step I took outside, and even driving my car felt weird; a bare foot on the gas and brake pedals just didn't feel right.

My work day proceeds much like yesterday. I hear some more crude comments, and I get a lot of strange looks. But I'm getting the work done that my boss asks me to do. At lunch, Michelle seems even more distant than yesterday. Even though she says she accepts that I'm a lesbian, she seems to be having trouble understanding my diminishing dress and my submissive nature. She leaves early from the cafeteria; I guess she doesn't want to be seen walking back to our building together.

About 2 PM, I'm surprised again when my lover appears. She makes no pretense of being stealthy as she squats down in front of my desk and peers at my pussy which is clearly visible between my spread legs. I'm certain that some other people have seen her do this. She merely whispers in my ear, "You're being a good girl, Pet." And then she disappears into my boss's office again. I'm fearful that they have already heard back from Human Resources about the request for me to work naked. But then a group of 5 researchers (4 guys and Suzanne) join them in the office. Through the window, I see my lover drawing a diagram on the whiteboard along with a bunch of technical jibberish. I smile, because I realize that she is giving them a technical presentation. She must be continuing with the technical discussion that she started with Bill yesterday. I'm so glad that I'm in love with such a smart woman.

She stops at my desk and discreetly gives me a peck on the nose. She says, "You know, Pet, it seems I might be coming here more often to help them with their interesting research project. And that will give me a chance to see you working naked. Oh, that will be fun, won't it?"

I merely whisper, "Yes, Ma'am."

She pats me on the head and gives me the cute finger wave as she leaves saying, "See you tonight, sweetie."

I have to work until 5:15 to finish up a document for my boss, and I'm afraid that I'll be punished for getting home too late. But my lover seems happy to see me when I arrive. I strip quickly (16 seconds) and let her examine my naked body. She says nothing about changing the 30-second rule and gives me an extended kiss.

As we are eating dinner, she says, "Pet, you know that $270 you owe me?" I nod expecting her to say "forget it", but she continues, "Well, that local junior college that you jog through has photography and art classes that could use a lovely nude body such as yours as a model. They pay $30 per hour, and so in a few evening classes next week you will easily earn the money you owe me. That's more money than you make at work, and so, maybe it could be the start of a new career for you. What do you think?"

It sounds awful to me, but I shrug and say, "Okay, if that's what you want me to do."

"Yep, that's what I want you to do. But I don't really like the tone in your voice. Be careful, Pet, you're on thin ice here."

I ashamed of myself, but I just can't get excited about posing naked for a bunch of young college kids. I just say, "Sorry, Ma'am."

After dinner, she says, "I've made you a hair appointment at Annie's for Saturday, and you'll be going there nude all by yourself." I gulp, because this will be the first time I will be driving nude, unless the nude-at-work thing is approved before then. And I won't have my lover nearby to provide any kind of help or comfort. She continues, "I didn't tell Annie that you'd be nude. So, she'll be surprised to see all of the things she can do on your body. But just tell her that she is to do your hair, under arms, and legs, but I don't want her touching your triangles. Those are mine, all mine."

I want to tell her that I don't need my hair done so soon and that I can do my own legs and armpits, but I just meekly reply, "Yes, Ma'am."

She laughs a little and says, "Oh, I told Annie to tell me if she notices anything different about you. I told her that you are going through a life-changing transition, and she said, 'Oh, Cassie, she's too young for menopause!' I told her it wasn't menopause; she was relieved, and she said she would let me know if she noticed anything." I reckon she will notice something!

She goes on, "If anyone gives you shit about being nude, tell them to call my cell phone and I will handle it." I don't know how the hell she is going to do that, but I have to trust her.

We watch TV for a couple of hours. She sits in her easy chair with a blanket around her, and I take my spot slightly in front to the right side on the floor. Naturally, I'm naked, but I revel in her touch as she strokes my hair. This is when my name "Pet" is most appropriate, because she is petting me like a kitten, and I'm almost purring as I snuggle up close to her legs.

Finally about 10 o'clock, she leads me to her bedroom. I stand and watch as she undresses; my pussy is juicing up in anticipation. She gets down on her hands and knees, crawls over to me, and buries her nose into my wet pussy - just like Buster did. We giggle and wrestle around for a few minutes, and then we reverse roles with my nose in her pussy. Oh what fun!

We move the passionate lovemaking to the bed by throwing the covers off and tumbling down onto the satin sheet. We roll around kissing lustfully. She ends up on top, and she dangles her full breasts over my face. I kiss her hard nipples and she drags her boobs back and forth across my face. I can feel an orgasm coming as she whispers, "Oh, Pet, spread your legs." She drags her mouth from my chin to my pussy; she kisses my tiny clit. I feel her finger outlining my triangles, and just as I am just about to peak, she thrusts two fingers into me, and exclaims softly, "Cuntcream, cuntcream!" She crawls back up my body, and as she sticks the cream covered finger into my mouth, my body shudders violently as the orgasm washes over me. As I'm still shaking, I feel her shudder above me as she also comes.

We continue gently in the aftermath of our simultaneous orgasms, and finally, we climb out of bed breathing heavily our bodies glistening in sweat. She leads me to the bathroom, and we silently take another shower together. After drying each other off, I sit down on the toilet as she brushes her teeth. But she pauses and watches me; a quick flip of her wrist tells me to spread my legs so she can see better. I finish peeing as she resumes brushing her teeth. I wash my hands and start brushing my own teeth, and she takes the spot on the toilet. I'm not allowed to watch her, but I just can't resist and I sneak several peeks over at her as I hear her tinkling. She rejoins me at the sink, and as she finishes washing her hands, I finish with my teeth. We stand there looking at each other in the mirror; she knows that this is one of my favorite things. Her lovely blue eyes, my deep brown eyes, the two slightly turned up noses, our matching triangles, the four hard nipples, her "outie", my "innie", and of course, two pretty pussies - all on very private display for our eyes only. She takes my hand, and our fingers intertwine as we look at our "picture" in the mirror.

Not a word has been said since our orgasms. She pulls a clean sheet from the cabinet and leads me back to the bed where we quickly change the sheets. And then the final treat for the night is being allowed to sleep in my lover's bed for the first time in over a week. We snuggle in under the covers; I am the big spoon, and I reach around and gently squeeze her breast, and now she gives a contented purring sound. As I'm falling off to sleep, I ponder my situation. It seems that I'm on my way to becoming a full-time nudist; it will be terribly embarrassing, and I sure don't want to. But if it pleases my lover so much, and if I get to experience many more enchanting moments like this, then I'll do it.

The End

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