What a Girl Will Do for Love - Part 7
by Molly

In the morning Kate was in a hurry to get to work and Betsy knew she had to start working too. The weather forecast was for a muggy day with showers expected late in the afternoon. Betsy wanted to get her flowers into the dirt early before it was too hot, and hopefully just before the rain.

It was hard work. The soil in the flower boxes had not been turned in years and was packed and hard. She wore shoes so that she could work the shovel and it was so humid she quickly worked up a sweat. This made her feel self-conscious because she was out on the sidewalk outside of their yard and people were passing by in cars and on foot. But she was determined and after a while she had the old dirt broken up and had worked in rich compost. By this time her body was shiny wet, dripping with perspiration and speckled with dirt and compost. Yet she didn't mind. There was something so rich about the whole experience that was making her feel that sense of earthy arousal that she'd felt before.

And as she dug small holes to transplant the root balls of each flower she felt a few sprinkles on her back. She kept working and felt a few more drops and then more and the rain came down. But it was a gentle rain; just a shower that felt perfect on her hot body. She turned her head up into it for a moment, but then kept at her work. Only a few more to plant. Finally she was finished, picked up her tools and carried them through the gate and into the yard. She didn't want to get out of the rain. It felt too good. She walked through the little back yard to put her shovel and trowel in the tool shed. In the sheltered space between the shed and a giant lilac bush Betsy touched herself and felt a surge rush through her body. She needed to get indoors where she would have complete privacy. The rain had stopped anyway and on the horizon the sky was clear.

Betsy walked in the kitchen door and was on her way to the bedroom, still dripping wet from the rain, but she noticed the light flashing on the phone. She had missed hearing it ring when she was outside. She pressed the button and it was Kate's voice, a bit on edge, just wanting to remind Betsy of the errand she was supposed to do.

The errand! Betsy had completely forgotten. She looked at the clock and was relieved to see there was still plenty of time. She just had to run down to the post office to pick up a package for Kate that had gotten held up because the sender had not used enough postage. But Kate had been worried about it and Betsy -- stupid forgetful Betsy -- had promised to take care of it.

She ran to the bathroom to see what she looked like. The rain had cleaned her up pretty well but her hair was a mess. She allowed herself five minutes to blow-dry and comb it and then she was out the door, dashing down the sidewalk to the post office two blocks away. Fortunately the rain had stopped and the sun was struggling to come out from the clouds.

At the post office she stood in line, panting a little from the run, and acutely aware of everyone in line noticing her. When she finally reached the counter she explained her errand and the clerk disappeared for a moment and then came back to announce that no such package was there.

"But it has to be," Betsy said. "We were told that it was being held."

The clerk punched some buttons on the computer and said, "oh I see. It's at the main post office."

"Where is that?"

"Downtown, at Fourth and Main." The clerk handed her a little map of the city showing the locations of all the postal branches. "They close at four."

Betsy looked at the clock. She only had an hour and it would take half that time to get downtown. But Kate was already downtown. She pulled her cellphone from her purse and called Kate's number. She got voicemail so she pressed zero and a receptionist answered.

"I was trying to reach Kate Henderson," she said. "I'm her . . . my name is Betsy Andrews and--"

"Oh hi Betsy," the voice said. "Kate has told us so much about you! You sound adorable."

"She has? Oh, well, um, do you know where she is?"

"I'm afraid she'll be tied up for a while. I can get a message to her if it's important?"

"No, no," Betsy said quickly. "Don't interrupt her. I was just calling to . . . say hi."

"Well I'll tell her that you called, Betsy," the voice said.

Betsy hung up and ran the two blocks back to the house. She got in her car and drove to the ramp to the interstate and headed downtown. She had time. She could do this.

She kept glancing at her watch as she drove and seemed to have plenty of time, but once she got downtown Betsy was unsure which exit was best. She saw one that said 6th Street and figured that must be close so she took it. And then she hit traffic. The downtown streets were confusing and there was no place to park. She drove past Fourth and Main and saw the post office, but the parking meters were all taken and she went around the block again. Finally she saw the entrance to a parking garage at a hotel and took it. She snaked up to the sixth floor before finding a space and then ran to the elevator. She hit the lobby button and rode down, but when the doors open she found herself in a shopping mall and as she stepped into the crowd Betsy remembered that she was nude.

But she had no time to worry about how many men were watching her breasts bounce as she ran through the shopping mall to the revolving door leading to the street.

Outside it was now sunny and there were people everywhere. She hurried to the nearest intersection and looked at the map to get her bearings and then at her watch to see how much time was left. It was okay. She was four blocks away and had 15 minutes to get there. But now that she knew this, Betsy could also afford the luxury of being fully aware of the fact that she was naked on a downtown street surrounded by hundreds of clothed people and all eyes were on her.

She tried not to run. Clutching the strap of her purse, Betsy walked briskly down the sidewalk. Her eyes were hidden behind sunglasses but her entire body was exposed. She saw her reflection in the shop windows and she heard the whistles as she had to pass a group of construction workers.

But there it was -- the downtown post office. She pushed through the doors and took a place in line. Once again she reached the counter and once again she told a clerk about the important package that had been held for lack of postage. But this time, miraculously it seemed, the package was placed before her and she had only to produce twenty-two cents to take possession of it.

A minute later she was back out on the sidewalk, exhilarated. Now oblivious to the stares she whipped out her cellphone again and punched Kate's number. This time Kate answered right away.

"I've got it!" Betsy sang happily. "I've got your package."

"That's such a relief," Kate said. "I was worried about that."

"And guess what," Betsy went on happily. "It wasn't at the Avery branch because they had it downtown, and I got here just in time before they closed!"

"You're downtown?"

"Yep," Betsy said. "Fourth and Main. I'm parked a few blocks away and--"

"Betsy, you're a lifesaver. Bring it to me! You're only about six blocks from my office. If I could have that today it would be fantastic."

"Bring it to you?"

"I'm in the Caldwell building. That's right on the square on the southeast corner. Just come four blocks south on Main and you'll be here. Come to the 22nd floor. Oh shit I have another call I have to take. See you in a few minutes babe. Love you!"

And then she hung up. Betsy put her phone back in her purse and looked down Main Street. It was clearly the busiest part of the central downtown area and she would have to walk through it naked. But the important thing was that she had Kate's package and Kate had called her a lifesaver. And the receptionist had told her Kate talked about her a lot and that she sounded 'adorable.' Those were the things that mattered to Betsy and if she had to walk naked through downtown Kingsley, that was a price she was willing to pay however embarrassing it may be.

So she began walking, clutching the package and wearing her sunglasses so she would not have to make eye contact with the men who passed her on the busy sidewalk. Once again, there was no one else around anywhere near naked. Most people were in business clothing and everyone bustled around importantly.

But Betsy had important business to attend to as well, and she made sure her bearing and attitude showed this. The heels of her dress sandals clicked on the sidewalk as she strode quickly down the sidewalk, carrying her important package to the Caldwell Building. The closer she came the more crowded it was and at every intersection the traffic was gridlocked with taxicabs, delivery vehicles and the occasional limo. A guy her age on a messenger bicycle gave her a wild grin as he passed and yelled "you made my day!"

Finally she reached the downtown square, which was one square block of grass and park benches surrounded by towering skyscrapers on all sides. Betsy found the Caldwell Building and pushed through the revolving door. The brisk walk in the late afternoon sun had made her start to perspire, but now the building's air conditioning hit her like the freezer at the grocery store. The security guard looked at her as she marched determinedly to the elevator. All the men in dark business suits stared at her, but pretended not to as she waited for the elevator. When two elevators arrived simultaneously everyone seemed to wait for her to choose one and then they all squeezed aboard, ignoring the other one.

When the elevator reached the 22nd floor, Betsy squeezed out among the men, who made a show of politely moving aside for her and yet did not move enough to allow her to get off without brushing against them.

There was a receptionist's desk just off the elevator and the woman behind it smiled at her knowingly. "You MUST be Betsy," she gushed. "Let me show you to Kate's office."

The woman led Betsy through a room of desks where everyone looked up and watched her go by. Then they walked down a carpeted hallway with rich paneled wood covering the walls. Important looking business people passed them in the hall and smiled at her. At the end of the hallway was another open room and finally there was Kate, rushing to her with her arms outstretched. They hugged and Kate kissed her while the receptionist giggled.

"That looks like it," Kate said, taking the package and ripping it open. "Wait here a sec, dear." She cast aside the torn envelope and took the papers that it had held to an office with glass walls behind which an older woman looked up with a surprised expression as Kate went inside. Together they looked at the papers and the older woman smiled broadly and said something that made Kate laugh.

And then both women emerged from the office and walked up to Betsy. "So this is the famous Betsy," she said.

"Betsy, this is my boss, Dr. Strunk," Kate said.

"Oh just call me Alice," Dr. Strunk said, putting out her hand. "Kate speaks of you with considerable affection, and after today I will as well young lady."

Betsy shook Dr. Alice Strunk's hand "Thank you," she said, "but I'm just the delivery girl. I don't even know what I delivered."

"I wish all of our delivery girls looked like you," Dr. Strunk said, and then turning to Kate she added, “you’ve done more than enough for one day, Kate my dear. Why don’t you take off a little early and treat this girl to a nice dinner downstairs at Chez Francois?”

“Good idea, Alice.”

“And I trust I’ll see you both at the auction?”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Kate said. “C’mon, babe, let’s go get some champaign.”

When they were alone in the elevator, Kate kissed her and instantly put her hand between Betsy’s legs.

Betsy squirmed, but did not resist much. “Someone’s going to catch us.”

“No they won’t. Oooh, baby, you’re pretty wet. Lot’s of people saw you naked today, didn’t they.”

“Yes, but I was . . . so worried about the package.”

“You did good, babe. You can relax now.”

The elevator did not stop until it reached the lobby and for the entire descent Kate kissed Betsy’s faced and neck while massaging her clitoris. Betsy was starting to feel she would climax right there in the elevator when suddenly it stopped and Kate withdrew her hand just as the doors opened.

They were in the lobby and people leaving work or going to dinner were hurrying back and forth. Betsy could see the entrance to Chez Francois across the lobby. It looked extremely fancy with a man in a tuxedo standing in front. She really didn’t want to go in there naked if she could find a way to avoid it, but she felt so sexually aroused she could not think straight.

“Oh shit I forgot something,” Kate said. “Honey, just wait over there in the lounge. I just have to run up to the office for a minute.”

And then Kate was gone into the elevator again leaving Betsy alone. She all eyes on her as she walked slowly across the lobby to some plush couches and chairs outside of the lounge and quite close to the restaurant entrance. Betsy felt very wet between her legs and she was afraid she might leave a wet spot on the upholstery so she chose a dark loveseat. Almost immediately a waiter glided over carrying a tray of champaign glasses. “Compliments of the house,” he said with a slight bow. Betsy took a glass and a little napkin to place it on. She wanted to use it to wipe herself a little, but there were so many people around she could not figure out how to do it without being noticed.

Betsy’s glass was nearly empty when Kate returned.

“Sorry,” she said. “It’s always something. Do you want to go eat?”

“Actually,” Betsy began cautiously, “I was thinking maybe we should just go on home.”

“Why? Aren’t you hungry? This is supposed to be a great restaurant.”

“Well, I just . . . um . . . well you got me pretty excited in the elevator and I’d really like to just go home and make love.”

“Ooooh, well if you put it that way, yes I agree.”

Betsy was relieved that it had been so easy and began to follow Kate to the building’s garage, but Kate stopped her. “Don’t forget you drove separately.”

“Oh right. I parked up by the post office.”

“Do you remember where? It’s your first time downtown after all.”

“Yes, I can picture it.”

“Well I’ll see you at home then, my beautiful nudist.” Kate kissed her on the mouth right there in the midst of a crowd and Betsy felt her legs weaken. Kate had such an effect on her.

Betsy pushed out the revolving door in to the early evening sunshine. The warm air felt good after the air conditioning of the building. Once again Betsy was walking along a busy downtown street in the center of downtown and again she was the only person totally nude. But now she didn’t mind quite so much as before. She still wished she could be dressed and not the center of attention, but she also felt elated at how well things had gone. She had succeeded and Kate was proud of her. And everyone at Kate’s office knew who she was, which could only mean Kate had talked about her to them. And in the elevator she had been so close to having an orgasm. She could stil feel the tingle and the dampness between her legs.

Betsy was a little confused about exactly where the parking garage was. She knew it was within three blocks of the post office and she found the post office easily enough, but every time she started down one street it seemed wrong. She kept circling the same few blocks hoping something would look familiar. There were people everywhere, getting off work and headed for their own cars. All the men stared at her and smiled but Betsy had her sunglasses on and remained aloof.

She was just starting to feel a bit panicky about being lost, naked, downtown when at last she recognized where she was and there was the parking deck just a block ahead. She stood at the corner waiting for the light to change and could not help but see her reflection in the dark glass of a shop. She was so naked. So . . . so . . . so totally naked and people were all around her on a busy downtown street. Betsy could not have imagined only days before that she would ever do this, and now here she was. The light changed and Betsy walked across the street feeling special and so alive. This was her life now -- she was Betsy the nudist and she was happy.