What a Girl will do for Love
by Molly McMann

Betsy had always been a shy girl, a little insecure. As a teenager she'd been skinny and awkward and easily mortified by the rare pimple. But by the time she went to college she had a beautiful figure and perfect skin. But she was still shy and tended to be submissive in relationships. She had known, inside, since she was 13 or so that she was lesbian, but it was not until college that she had her first real relationships with other girls. And usually the girls she dated were like herself -- quiet, feminine girls who would rather have someone else be in control. These relationships tended to fizzle because no one wanted to take charge. But Betsy knew what kind of person she wanted.

It took a while, but when she was just turning 21 and finishing her junior year in college she met someone. Kate was 27, an MBA and a rising young star in a large corporation. Kate drove a Porsche. She lifted weights. She had earned trophies in kickboxing.

They'd met at a bar mostly frequented by lesbians. Kate came up to Betsy and asked her to dance. A few hour later they were kissing in Kate's car. And then they were in Kate's apartment. Kate took charge every step of the way and although Betsy had never slept with anyone on a first date before she didn't hesitate to do whatever Kate suggested.

She spent the night, and much of the next day. They talked, made love, ate, laughed. And they were naked the entire time, or at least Betsy was. Kate dressed to run out to pick up breakfast, insisting Betsy remain nude, which she did though she felt strange walking around the unfamiliar apartment with nothing on.

Betsy felt extremely self-conscious sitting nude at Kateís dining room table while she and Kate (fully clothed) ate their breakfast. But the way Kate looked at her made it seem okay. Betsy saw what she hoped was the beginning of love in Kateís expression.

"You look so nice," Kate said. "I love girls who enjoy being nude around the house."

"Oh do you?" Betsy replied, flirting back. "Well thatís me."

"Mmmmm, really?" Kate was stroking Betsyís bare thigh under the table, her half-eaten breakfast forgotten. With each caress her fingers moved upwards. "Are you my little nudist?"

Betsy was most definitely not a nudist. She rarely went naked for any length of time between bathing and dressing, never slept nude, never laid in the sun topless even. But she had fantasized about such things a few times. Things she would never do in real life. But now with Kateís finger on her clitoris and Kateís eyes on her body, Betsy breathed, "yes, I am your nudist. Your naked girl. Thatís what I am."

Somehow they moved from the dining room table to the bedroom, though Kate managed to keep her fingers moving all the way. And she talked as she made love, asking Betsy again and again if she was a nudist and Betsy replied yes, oh yes she was. It was so arosing to say that -- a delicious, sexy game.

In the days that followed, Kate and Betsy were inseparable. Sometimes they were at Betsyís apartment but usually at Kateís. They were getting to know each other and Betsy was learning that Kate was very particular and meticulous about things and was only comfortable sleeping in her own bed and using her own bath and kitchen things. But that was fine with Betsy, who loved being in Kateís world.

And Betsy was naked almost constantly. Each time they made love Kate wanted to hear Betsy proclaim herself to be a nudist who desired to go naked constantly. Betsy enjoyed the game immensely. She felt so wild and free and un-Betsy. With Kate she was not the timid, insecure mousy Betsy. She was Betsy the nudist. Even when they werenít making love Kate seemed to get such pleasure out of having Betsy be naked.

Although she felt extremely exposed being naked, even just around Kate, Betsy happily played along with the game because it seemed to make Kate so happy and it was, after all, just a game. When they went out Betsy got dressed and became a normal person again as far as anyone could tell. But when they returned to the apartment she became Betsy the nudist again. They agreed on a "rule" that Betsy always had to undress on the little rug just inside the door, and she had to stay totally nude until she went out again, her clothing neatly folded near the door.

She could not get fully comfortable doing this and sometimes felt embarassed just catching a glimpse of herself in a mirror. But whatever discomfort she felt was more than made up for by the growing bond of new love between them. She tried to get used to it, but that never seemed to happen.

Even when her period came, Kate saw no reason to lift the restriction. Betsy wore a tampon and that was that. Fortunately, Betsy had always had a light flow that was over within a day or two. Even though no one could see her but Kate, Betsy felt a bit silly having the string exposed so she cut the string short to make it less obvious.

And then there was the matter of Betsyís pubic hair. Although Kate didnít shave her own pubic hair, she was adamant that Betsy shave hers. Fortunately this was easily done. A natural blonde, Betsy had very little hair down there to start with, just a tuft in the usual spot and none at all between her legs. She tried just cutting it short, but Kate wanted her completely smooth.

And Betsy understood why because of the way Kate made love. She preferred giving oral sex to Betsy more than receiving it herself, and she gave it with wild abandon, rubbing her lips and face all around Betsyís inner thighs and her vagina, spreading a mixture of Betsyís wetness and Kateís own saliva on Betsy's stomach and thighs and all around her vagina.

Kate insisted on absolute smoothness and the slightest hint of stubble annoyed her. Soon Betsy found herself making an appointment with a laser hair removal specialist to take it off for good. She had earlier done the same on her legs and underarms, but that was different. She never wanted hair in either of those places so permanent removal was a logical option. Betsy wasnít really sure she wanted her pubic hair gone forever, but that was what Kate obviously wanted and what Betsy wanted was for them to be a permanent couple and so sacrificing her pubic hair seemed a small price to pay.

When it was done, Kate caressed the smooth skin where hair no longer grew. "This is perfect," she said and her fingers dipped lower and began rubbing Betsyís clitoris. "You love being this exposed, donít you?"

"Yes," Betsy moaned as she arched her back anticipating the first wave of the orgasm. "I love being exposed. I love being naked. All the time, oh god, I want to go naked all the time!"

Betsy would later have some regrets about saying that.