What a Girl Will Do for Love - Part 5
by Molly

In the morning Betsy showered early, preparing for the big day. The movers were expected and Betsy had concocted several necessary errands to keep her out of the apartment -- and therefore dressed -- while the movers were at work.

When she got out of the shower and walked back into the bedroom she found Kate applying the final strip of tape to a box labeled "goodwill."

"Whatís that?" Betsy asked, feigning indifference.

"Most of your clothes," Kate replied with a grin.

"I hope youíve left me something."

"I did." Kate gestured at another box, much smaller, labeled ĎBetsyís thingsí. "While youíre running your errands, you can drop off this box at the Goodwill."

Betsy was smarter than most people guessed her to be. She knew this was not a situation in which she could win, so therefore she should lose strategically. "Iíd love to," she said with a smile as she marched over to Kate. Kissing her first on the cheek and then enticing a kiss on the mouth, Betsy said, "Thank you for doing this. I didnít know what to keep and what to get rid of, so Iím glad you decided for me."

Kate kissed her deeply. "It wasnít hard," she said.

The movers were not expected for another 10 minutes so Betsy checked her e-mail one last time before Kate packed up her computer. In her new mail folder she saw a welcome from the Huron Nudistsí Association with a Q&A about nudity in Huron. The first question caught her eye. "Is it true anyone can go naked anywhere in Huron?" She started reading the answer eagerly, but she needed to be quick so she could be out of the apartment before the movers arrived. But it sounded promising. "No," the answer began, "in many respects the province of Huron has similar laws against public nudity as in other provinces." Whew, Betsy thought.

Before she could read further Betsy heard a truck outside. Quickly she hit the print button and quit out of her mail program. "Well, I should go," she said, edging towards the door. When her feet hit the little rug, Betsy snatched her dress from the hook on the back of the door and forced herself to move slowly as she slipped it on.

"Back soon, " she said, kissing Kate quickly and deliberately on the cheek, making it a bit wet, and then slipped out the door before Kate could react. She hurried at a suspensefully slow walk to her little yellow VW convertible.

"Wait!" Kate shouted from the doorway. Betsy turned. "Donít forget your donation."

Betsy took the box marked "goodwill" and carried it to her car. Behind the wheel at last, Betsy tooted her horn and eased down the street.

She took as much time as possible, and three times she found excuses to call Kate from her cellphone to see how far along they were. She knew she had to time things perfectly since her car was to be hitched to the back of the moving truck. She parked down the street and watched as the men loaded the last boxes and pulled the door of the truck closed and then she pulled up as if the timing were accidental.

"What took you so long," Kate asked. "I was afraid you wouldnít get here in time."

"Sorry," Betsy offered. "I guess I lost track of the time."

With Betsyís beloved VW hitched to it, the truck lumbered away and Kate and Betsy went up to the apartment. They still had cleaning to do and a few holes in the walls to spackle. Kate was meticulous about such things and had no intention of losing any of her deposit.

Betsy dutifully slipped out of her dress at the doorway and hung it on the hook.

"Wonít it be nice when you donít need to do that anymore," Kate said with a smile, wrapping her arms around Betsyís bare body.

"Yes that will be wonderful," Betsy lied. "So Iíll be able to go outside nude, wonít I?"

"Everywhere," Kate whispered, kissing Betsyís neck. "From what Iíve read youíll be free to go naked everywhere. To your classes. To the store. To restaurants." As she listed these possibilities, Kate kissed lower on Betsyís body, backing her against the counter that separated the kitchen from the living area.

"That will be nice," Betsy said as she allowed Kate to push her back onto the counter. Her legs were now on Kateís shoulders and Kate was kissing her deeply. Betsy knew Kate was wrong, but she pretended otherwise. "I want to be nude everywhere, Kate. Everywhere." She closed her eyes and imagined going to class naked and walking down a busy street naked. She enjoyed fantasizing about such things as Kate made love to her but she was secretly glad that she would not actually be able to do so. Thatís what Lauren had said, and she would know. Betsy let herself enjoy the fantasies as the orgasm steadily crept up on her. As she came she said it out loud again. In Huron she would go naked everywhere. All the time. All the time.

When it was over, Betsy tried to entice Kate into undressing so Betsy could make love to her in return, but Kate was satisfied and wanted to get back to work on the apartment. It was often that way. Kate had to be in just the right mood to have an orgasm herself, but she frequently wanted to make love to Betsy.

Betsy always felt more naked than usual right after an orgasm. Although she wished she could wear clothes more often, Betsy was reluctantly aroused by being nude so much. Throughout the day she often found herself giving herself little caresses, mostly her breasts or her bottom. It was difficult to resist doing so and it did make her a little horny. Sometimes she touched herself between her legs; just a little touch now and then, not really masturbating. When Kate came home in the evenings and made love to her, Betsy usually came pretty quickly. But then afterwards she would be starkly aware of her nakedness again and without the little sense of arousal she felt self-conscious. And she was usually embarrassed by whatever she had said during her climax. She did that for Kateís benefit, but at the moment when she said such things she often meant them in the midst of her orgasm.

It took them another couple of hours to get the apartment exactly as Kate wanted it. There were just a few things left in the apartment for them to take in the car with them -- houseplants, Kateís laptop and the food in the refrigerator.

Betsy gratefully slipped on her dress and helped Kate carry these items down to Kateís car. It was a warm day and Kate opened the sunroof as they drove away.

They had been driving for more than three hours and had just stopped for gas and to go to the restroom and then they were on the road again. Betsy was happy. She and Kate were moving together to a little blue house with a picket fence. It was like being married, which Betsy hoped would come next.

"I like it when you smile like that," Kate said as she drove. "Youíre really looking forward to this, arenít you?"

"Of course I am," Betsy said with sincerity.

Kateís hand was on Betsyís bare thigh just below the short hem of her dress. "You wonít be needing that much longer," she said, sliding her hand under the dress until her fingers were caressing Betsyís pussy.

"Well you never know," Betsy shrugged. "It might come in handy once in a while."

Betsy felt Kateís finger slip inside of her and slide upwards across her clitoris. It made her shiver. "Youíre going to wreck the car," she said in a whisper as she closed her eyes.

"Iím good at multi-tasking," Kate replied, and her finger continued to dip inside for wetness, slide upwards to dance a moment on Betsyís clitoris and then down it plunged again. Betsy leaned back in the seat, feeling the orgasm building.

But then Kateís hand stopped and she said, "look, honey, weíre only a mile from the border. Take off your dress."

"What? Why?"

"Because I want you to cross the border nude of course. Hurry, weíre a half a mile from the border."

Kateís tone did not leave any options. Betsy knew from experience that Kate was only seconds away from becoming angry. Betsy arched her back to pull the dress up past her hips and around her waist. She sat back down again, her bare bottom on the car seat and then she pulled the dress over her head and handed it over to Kate. Just before they passed the "Welcome to Huron" sign, Kate tossed the dress up through the sunroof and it disappeared behind them.

"Omygod Kate, you canít do that," Betsy blurted.

"I know itís littering," Kate said, laughing. "But itís cotton and therefore biodegradable. You donít need dresses anymore, my love. Now you can be nude all the time like you want to."

Betsy didnít know what to do, so for a minute or two she smiled and laughed along with Kate and pretended this was what she wanted more than anything.

But then she acted as though a thought just occurred to her. "Kate," she said. "Are you sure itís okay for me to be nude anywhere. I was just remembering something Lauren said on the phone. She said Huronís nudity laws arenít as liberal as people think and that tourists come and think they can strip down whenever they want but that they cant."

Kate was silent for a moment and Betsy worried that sheís be angry because Betsy obviously knew this and didnít tell her.

"Oh Betsy," Kate said shaking her head. "I didnít realize whatís been going on in your head."

"Kate, Iím sorry but I--"

"Betsy you poor thing. Youíve been worrying that your dream wouldnít come true; that you wouldnít be free even in Huron."

"Um, well yes," Betsy said. "I had my hopes up at first, but when Lauren said that I thought, well, she lives there. Sheíd probably know the truth."

"Betsy, darling?"

"Yes, Kate?"

"I think you misunderstood her."

"But she said--"

"Havenít you read that stuff you printed out from the Huron Nudists Association? You left it in the printer this morning and I have it here in my bag." With her free hand Kate fished into the bag and produced some pages stapled together and handed them to Betsy. "I skimmed over it and I think this explains it pretty well. Oh, hereís our exit."

Kate pulled off the highway and now they were in the city. Betsy was distracted by the fact that she was naked and had no clothing in the car. She put her attention on the printouts in her hand.

It was the same Q&A sheíd started to read online that morning. Again she read the first question about whether it was legal for anyone to go nude in Huron. "No," the answer said. "in most respects the province of Huron has similar laws against public nudity as in other provinces." But then Betsy read the part she had not seen in her haste that morning. "Except for registered nudists, whose right to be naked in all circumstances and all locations is protected."

Betsyís heart raced as she read the sentence a second time hoping she had misread it. The next question was "do nudists ever wear clothing?" The answer was: "Yes, there are many kinds of nudists and some nudists only go naked in their homes or at designated nude beaches." YES, Betsy thought, thatís the type I am. "However," the answer went on, "the court ruling establishing nudist rights in Huron involved an advocate of "fulltime nudism" in which the individual never wears clothing except for protection from the most extreme weather and other very dangerous physical conditions. It was specifically because "fulltime nudists" never wear clothing that the court ruled the way it did. But this meant that part-time nudists were not covered under the ruling. Only those who were committed to constant and complete nudity were covered by the ruling.

The next question was, "if I register as a nudist, does that mean I have to be nude always?"

The answer was, "yes, because the ruling only applies to full-time nudists. If you are not willing to be nude every minute of every day, then do not register, even if you consider yourself a nudist. If you have already registered but do not feel you can go nude in all circumstances, then you must remove your name from the registration and cease going nude in public at all. Under the current law, there is no middle ground."

"Honey, this is our neighborhood," Kate said, startling Betsy from her concentration. She looked out the car window at the quaint residential neighborhood. The houses were beautiful, but she felt ill and confused. What could she do?

She looked down at the paper. The last question was, "do full-time nudists go nude all the time, even in winter?" The answer was, "yes, but they do wear shoes, coats, and hats as needed for physical protection. However, full-time nudists pride themselves on their ability to withstand most cold temperatures and only resort to coats when truly necessary."

Betsy was numb and only barely registered that Kate just said, "hereís our street." Betsy looked up from the papers and saw they were in a residential neighborhood with many quaint and adorable houses. And there now in front of her was a blue house with a white picket fence in front of it.

At least the moving truck was already gone so she would not have to expose herself in front of the moving men. But now what? Kate pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. Reluctantly Betsy followed after glancing around to be sure no one was near. It was a beautiful little house and normally she would have wanted to walk all around it, seeing it from different angles. But now she only wanted to get inside as quickly as possible and she stood nervously on the front porch as Kate opened the door with her key.

Inside there were boxes everywhere, though at least everything was in the correct room because of Kateís meticulous labeling. The house was as charming on the inside as it was from the street and Betsy felt a rush of joy that momentarily pushed aside her dread and fear. This was home.

But now it was evening and the women had only snacked for lunch.

"Why donít we go out to dinner?" Kate suggested.

"No!" Betsy exclaimed. "I mean . . . thereís way too much work to do. You . . . why donít you run out and get take-out food and Iíll get started cleaning the bathroom -- so youíll be able to get ready for work tomorrow?"

"Hmmm, that does make sense. Iíll get us some wine too."

When Kate was out the door, Betsy fell on the couch and cried uncontrollably. How had she gotten herself into such a situation? What was she to do? She couldnít imagine actually going nude constantly in every public situation -- that was just out of the question -- and yet apparently she was expected to do so, not just by Kate but by the Province of Huron itself. She would have to tell Kate the truth and accept the consequences.

After a few minutes of self-pity, Betsy pulled herself together. She walked around the house lookiing at all of their possessions mixed together in boxes in the beautiful little house. How could she walk away from this? Kate loved her; they were moving int together; they had a beautiful little house. No, she would not tell Kate. Not tonight. She couldnít bear seeing Kateís face as she heard the horrible confession of lies upon lies. Anything was better than that.

Betsy found the cleaning supplies and got to work on the bathroom. She was on her hands and knees scouring the tub when Kate walked in with bags of Chinese food.

The dining room table was not assembled yet so they sat on the sofa and ate from take-out boxes.

Kate looked at her with concern. "Youíre eyes are all red, honey. Have you been crying."

"A little," Betsy admitted. "Iím just . . . so happy. I just love this house and I feel so lucky that you love me." And now she was crying again as Kate put her dinner aside and held Betsy and kissed away her tears. Betsy felt better and refused to think about the negative.

When they finished eating, Kate and Betsy put their bed together and found their linens. They were both exhausted when they climbed in bed but they were not too tired to make love. And for the first time in several days Kate was in the mood to have an orgasm of her own. Betsy happily climbed between Kateís legs and kissed her to climax. It took a while, but Betsy didnít mind. She loved the intimacy of oral sex and her heart filled with joy as she watched Kateís face from below as Kate let down her guard and allowed the orgasm to wash through her. And then they slept.