by Mike

Eliza was a senior in college. She was very attractive and hadn’t spent a Saturday night alone in over two years. This weekend was no different but it wasn’t her choice. Eliza is 6ft tall with shoulder length black hair and big beautiful blue eyes.

She had been taking several advanced courses and she had one no-brainer type course where all she had to do was watch whatever television show her teacher assigned to her and report on it. Eliza wasn’t much of a television watcher, but she did her homework for the most part. It came time for mid-terms and she’d been slacking off for the last few weeks so the professor asked her to meet her back in the classroom at 4pm on Friday for some counseling. Eliza’s professor was Amy Jo. She was the kind of teacher that always wore her hair in a tight bun and she wore thick glasses. Now she was 5ft 8in athletic figure with what appeared to be long blond hair and brown eyes.

Eliza showed up at 4pm but nobody was there. She waited for a few minutes then she noticed a note on the television, “Press play on the VCR & do exactly what it tells you to do.”

Eliza thought for a minute then hit play and there was her teacher. The first thing Amy Jo did was let her hair down, to Eliza she looked completely different and very hot. Then she gave Eliza an address where she was to meet her and to be there as soon as possible – then the tape went blank. Eliza couldn’t believe how hot her professor looked so she decided to pursue this a little. She got in her car and drove to the address. Upon arriving she saw two cars outside the big house.

Reluctantly she approached the house. When she knocked on the door it opened. Eliza peeked her head inside and a hand clamped over her mouth and dragged her inside before she could react. A scarf was tied over her eyes, and then one was pulled between her teeth and tightly knotted at the back of her neck, gagging her.

Next a voice that wasn’t her professor spoke to her. “Remove your clothes down to your underwear and place your wrists behind you.”

Eliza just stood there but then something touched her back it felt like a knife but she wasn’t sure and didn’t feel like taking a chance so she did as told.  Soon she was in her skimpy bra and thong panties. When she did as asked with her wrists a cord of some kind was tied around them tying them palm to palm, and then she was picked up and put over the person’s shoulder. While she was lying on the shoulder somebody else tied her ankles with a rope. Eliza could only wonder if her professor was there and what else would happen to her.

Eliza was walked up a flight of stairs, then down a hall and up another flight of stairs before being deposited on a bed. Before leaving her the person took a rope and pulled Eliza’s ankles up towards her wrists and tied them together in a tight hogtie. Eliza was growing very afraid of what could happen to her.

Just as Eliza was starting to drift off she heard the door open and then felt a cold sharp edge trace her gagged lips. Then somebody rolled her onto her side and traced her bellybutton. Before removing her gag the person clamped a hand tightly over Eliza’s mouth. “Your hosts will be with you shortly. You will do everything they ask. Do you understand?”

All Eliza could do was give a muffled mmhmm. She next was told to open her mouth big enough for a straw to fit into it. She did so and was rewarded with a taste of very cold water then her gag was put back tighter than before.

With a little more energy from the water Eliza waited until the person left, and then she started to pick at the knot on the hogtie the best she could. After about five minutes she gave up and decided to wait. Eliza didn’t have to wait long as the door opened and soon she felt something cold next to her skin. Somebody cut her bra straps off, and then pulled off her bra. It didn’t take long for her nipples to harden since they were nearly hardened anyhow. Next she felt the cold sharp object trace her hard nipples, then the rope holding her ankles to her wrists was cut and Eliza breathed a relief sigh.

“Feel better Eliza?”

She heard her teacher, then her teacher cut her ankles free only to take one and tie it to a bed post then do the same to the other before taking her knife then carefully cutting off Eliza’s thong.

“Eliza, you’re probably wondering why and do I do this to all my students who aren’t doing well.”

Eliza nodded

“Well you are very bright and very beautiful. I was talking to your other professors and they told me how well you are doing in there classes, but for some reason you are slacking in mine, so I talked to them and told them I would be taking you for a little holiday to help relax and tutor you, but I didn’t tell them how I was going to relax you.”

Eliza gulped as her teacher start tracing Eliza’s wetness with her knife. Without the knife leaving her Eliza’s blindfold was removed and she saw her teacher, Amy Jo, standing completely naked in front of her, still playing with her wetness. Amy Jo played with her own hair tossing it backwards. That only made Eliza wetter. Then before she knew it Eliza was blindfolded again and she felt a man’s tool enter her hard. Eliza screamed but it quickly became a very muted “Mmmm.” He kept riding her and riding her.

After a minute her teacher was nibbling her ear and talking to her. “You will be ridden like this all week. If you behave by the end of the week you might be untied when ridden. After you cum on him, I will remove you gag so you can make him cum in your mouth. Understood?”

Eliza nodded, but her throat noises got louder as she neared cumming. Suddenly the man paused and all Eliza could think was, ‘Please finish.’ At that moment her wrists were untied from behind her back and were bound spread to each upper bedpost. Then the ride continued and a few minutes later she came all over the man’s tool and as promised her gag was removed and his cum-covered tool was shoved into Eliza’s mouth. She pulled on her bound wrists and was rewarded when her left wrist was untied. She caressed his tool as it didn’t take too long for him to cum in her mouth and Eliza gladly swallowed all of it.

As she rested her teacher spoke again, after retying her wrist to the post. “You will be untied and allowed to shower with me and dress for dinner but then it’s back here for more pleasure.”

Eliza nodded she understood, and looking at her professor again she hoped that she wouldn’t be tied up in the shower as it would spoil all the fun of the shower.

As promised Eliza was untied. The shower was long and fun as she wasn’t tied and Amy Jo let her do whatever she wanted. After they were dried Amy Jo allowed Eliza to dress in her own clothes but no undergarments.  Dinner was simple just fried chicken that Eliza supposed the guy had picked up but he was nowhere to be seen, and when she asked about him Eliza had a chicken leg shoved in her mouth and was told he was a non-subject, or back to bed. Eliza kept quiet and ate her chicken and some French fries. Amy Jo got up and walked over to Eliza and untucked her t-shirt then tickled her tummy. Eliza giggled then grabbed Amy Jo and kissed her hard, moving her hand inside Amy’s panties and stroking her like Amy Jo did to her. After a few seconds Amy Jo recovered her senses and turned Eliza around holding her wrists behind her then escorting her into the bedroom and ordering Eliza to strip or be stripped. Eliza stripped. While she was stripping a scarf was tightly pulled between her teeth and knotted at the base of her neck. When she was naked again her wrists were crossed and bound in the middle of her back then she was laid down on her tummy and after her ankles were tied together, she was then hogtied and Amy Jo made sure to cinch all her knots making Eliza cry out into her gag each time.

“While you are here in my power don’t ever, and I mean ever, try to take control or I will unfortunately lose a student.”  Amy whispered into Eliza’s ear in a harsh tone. Eliza gulped when she heard the end, but she nodded she understood.

Eliza was then blindfolded again and a cloth was held to her nose she knew it was chloroform and she didn’t want to breath it in, but couldn’t help it the fumes were too strong.

When she came to, she was tied spread eagle to the same bed. She thought about her predicament as she was still blindfolded and her gag had changed as it now felt like silk in her mouth – like there was a scarf or two in there. She tried to scream but no sound escaped. Something cold then touched her bellybutton, making her jump a little. Then she felt a warm tongue lick up whatever was there, and then she felt a man’s tool shoved inside of her again and like before he pounded himself inside of her until she came this time took a little longer than before. After she came Eliza was allowed a brief rest period before a big vibrator was shoved inside of her and turned on high. It didn’t take long for her to cum several times on the electronic toy inside her. After it was pulled out, her gag was carefully removed and before she could speak, the toy was in her mouth and Amy Jo ordered her to clean it like it was the real thing so Eliza did the best she could being tied spread eagle. After that she was left alone and not gagged; she didn’t want to scream because she knew she would be gagged again if she did; but she did wish they would remove the blindfold.

After about a half hour Amy Jo came back and untied Eliza allowing her to remove the blindfold.  Eliza saw that Amy Jo had nothing on and was climbing into bed with her. Eliza moved away a little, but Amy pulled her in for a passionate kiss. They both caressed each other with kisses, this time Amy let Eliza make her cum and drink her cum. They fell asleep afterwards.