The Bossí Cabin
by Mike

Part 2

On his way home from the store, Bob passed the guy he hired to tie up Alex and the guy said he just left, but left him a surprise. So Bob rushed back almost dropping his bag of stuff.

Bob arrived back at the cabin, put the bag of groceries down and peeked in on Alex. When he saw the vibrator he got excited and hurried to put away the groceries, and then back to the fun.

Bob re-entered the bedroom quietly then gently removed the cum-covered vibrator. Bob imagined she had cum several times and it looked like she was almost out of it. So he then removed the ball-gag carefully and kissed her softly, but didnít untie her.

"Whoís there?" Alex asked quietly.

Bob replied with another kiss.

"Bob, honey, untie me please."

Bob thought about it then complied with his wifeís wishes, and he let her nap.

Bob was cooking dinner when Alex appeared in the doorway. He looked at her standing there in her jeans and flannel shirt. "Are you mad?"

"No Iím not totally mad at you honey." Alex then approached Bob and kissed him.

"There are no dishes," Alex stated.

Bob pointed to the cabinet over the fridge, and enjoyed watching Alex stretch to get the dishes.

After dinner they decided to take a walk. Alex went outside to wait for Bob who said he would catch up to her. He actually wanted to gather a couple ropes and a small role of tape for a gag.

Bob met her outside and they started walking. Bob showed her the grocery store; they walked a little past there and Bob led Alex over to a big rock next to some trees where they sat and kissed. While they were kissing Bob started to unzip Alexís sweat jacket. She stopped him and again when he tried she stopped him.

That got Bob a little irritated so, he got up and walked over to one of the trees.

Alex came after him. When she touched his shoulder Bob grabbed her and backed her up against one of the skinny trees, then pulled both of her wrists behind the tree, binding them palm to palm. Alex kept asking what he was doing, so when he was done with her wrists, Bob smoothed a piece of tape over her mouth then got down and pulled her ankles apart and tied a rope to one ankle, pulled the rope around the tree, and tied it to the other ankle. Then he proceeded to lower Alexís sweatpants & panties. Bob then unzipped the jacked and lightly chewed on her nipples. He could hear Alex crying out behind the tape so he went into her purse and found a scarf and a spare pair of panties. Bob ripped the tape from Alexís mouth and covered her mouth with his palm.

Alex tried to speak calmly to Bob, "Honey please untie mfmfmf..."

The scarf was stuffed into her mouth and another two pieces of tape were smoothed over her mouth. Then Bob shoved his cock into her wetness and started banging away. It didnít take too long for Alex to cum and Bob came shortly afterwards. When they were both finished, Bob started going again and banged away as hard as he could until they both came again, then he untied her wrists briefly before he crossed and rebound her wrists behind her back. Then he helped her kneel down and he took her gag out and slipped his cock into her mouth. Alex cleaned it well; then Bob started to pull it in and out of her mouth. Alex tried to help him by licking all around it and sucking it, too. Finally after 15 minutes Bob came in her mouth and once he was finished, he untied Alex. They walked quietly back to the cabin and packed for home. While they packed Bob asked Alex if she was mad at him for the all the bondage.

She smiled kissed him lightly and said, "No."