The Boss’ Cabin
by Mike

Bob came home from work one day & surprised his wife Alex by telling her that his boss had lent them his cabin for the weekend. Now it was only Monday but the week just flew by for Alex, who was looking very much towards a second honeymoon.

Friday came and Bob’s boss gave him the day off since it was a 2-3 hour drive to the little cabin. They got there around 9:30am. The cabin was small; it had a living/dining room, a kitchen a bedroom and an office. After unpacking the clothes they brought Bob and Alex walked around for about a half hour, then Bob decided he wanted to go into town to get supplies and groceries. He asked Alex if she wanted to tag along but she said no she was going to take a quick skinny dip in the lake. Bob jokingly asked her to take pictures of herself wet. Alex laughed and told him to get going.

After Bob left Alex stripped down to her birthday suit then put on shorts and a t-shirt in case anybody saw her. Walking out, she also grabbed a robe. Alex swam for 20 minutes, and upon re-entering the cabin she thought something was different but she couldn’t place it. She went about her business, throwing her wet clothes into a hamper and then starting to dry herself. She felt what felt like a shotgun touch the back of her neck and she raised her hands high, then somebody spoke to her.

“Don’t scream, and you won’t get hurt!”

Alex opened her mouth to say something but she got a ball-gag pulled in behind her teeth and tightly fastened at the back of her neck then a scarf pulled over the ball-gag. Then he ordered her to finish drying off but to hurry. Alex did as ordered; when she was finished she was blindfolded with a scarf, then her wrists were tied in front of her palm to palm.

The intruder made sure to cinch the knot and he spoke again. “I’m going to help to onto the bed you will lay on your stomach.”

Again Alex nodded in agreement and did as she was told. The intruder tied her wrists to the bed and Alex buried her head into the pillow as her ankles were tied to each bed post. She knew what was coming next she hoped he would be gentle back there, as she heard him unzip he pants, then as expected he shoved himself into her from behind.

Alex screamed into her gag but no sound came out as with her head in the pillow she was quite muffled. The intruder banged and banged away until she came all over his shaft, then her ankles were untied and her wrists were untied briefly as he just helped her roll over and went in from the front. Only this time he took a few minutes to play with her very erect nipples tracing each of them with his tongue then kissing both with his mouth letting his tongue barely touch each nipple. Then he started banging again it didn’t take long until Alex came again on him, but he kept going until he came in her. When he was finished the intruder untied her wrists rubbed them for her, then tied her wrists apart so she was tied spread eagle.

After going and cleaning his shaft the intruder came back and gave her a message. “Your husband Bob hired me to do this & he told me to leave you tied like this, but he didn’t tell me to do this…”

With that note he inserted a big vibrator and turned it on high. Alex laid there thinking how could Bob do this to her, they had played with bondage back home but she couldn’t figure this out, so she decided to just enjoy the feeling she was having and she started to have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.