Still Candy’s World
by Mike

I hope you guys remember me. Candice here or you may just remember Candy. Since we last spoke my life has been relatively quiet. I’ve been fortunate enough to have one boyfriend for most of that time, but that relationship ended a couple weeks ago, when we went on a camping trip. It was going well we had sex under the stars in a sleeping bag, then we went for a little walk and he tickled me until I stripped and he then tied me spread eagle to a tree and left me, saying he would be right back. I was fine and it was a beautiful day outside, then along came a group of guys on a hunting trip.

The first thing they did was take my panties ball them up and hold them to my mouth, now I wasn’t about to be gagged and played with by these guys, so I kept my mouth closed and the leader of the group pinched my nipple hard and when I screamed he shoved my panties in my mouth then he shoved a scarf in there. The pack leader took two pieces of tape and made and X over my lips. Then he used two more pieces one for each eye to blindfold me. I was livid at my boyfriend.

Each hunter starting with the leader either inserted his big toy inside of me or played with a body part of mine. When they left, the leader decided to leave me as I was he didn’t untie me or remove the blindfold. When my boyfriend returned and found me he took me then untied me. Needless to say that is when I broke it off with him.

Apparently the group of hunters were from around here, I saw the leader in the grocery store and he apologized. I accepted but I knew he didn’t mean the apology, because he couldn’t take his eyes off my chest; then when I walked away I saw in a reflection that he was watching my behind.

I decided to take easy today, but sometimes as you all know when you want to take it easy it is impossible. My new neighbors who moved in about 6 months ago after the elderly man living there (you remember the guy that got off on my topless sunbathing) passed away, they came over to chat just as I was getting ready to go lay in the sun. We got to talking and after about thirty minutes I excused myself, stood up and put my robe on to go sit outside, I reached the door handle and Ellen’s hand clamped over my mouth.

"We’re not finished chatting. Gary get the rope we brought with us."

I gulped and gulped again when I felt something sharp touch my bellybutton. Out of reflex I raised my hands, she reached inside my robe with her knife and cut the middle of my bikini top, then pulled it off and told me to remove the robe. Once the robe was off my hands were pulled behind me and bound tightly; he made sure to cinch the knot. I gave it a pull and there was no give. I wanted to ask what they were doing but Ellen was tracing my nipples with her knife and I didn’t want to lose one. Ellen told Gary to go upstairs and get the rest of the ropes ready for me. 

I gasped and Ellen again clamped her hand over my mouth.  "You will do as we say and then we will leave."

"What do you guys want?" I managed to get out when she removed her hand, but then she took the little wash towel I had sitting on the counter to use when I sunbathe and stuffed it into my mouth, followed by pulling the belt of my robe between my teeth and wrapping it around my head before knotting it in my teeth. Ellen pointed me towards the stairs, I thought about making a break for it, but she kept her hand on my shoulder.

When we got to the top of the stairs she pointed me towards the guest room, I thought it was odd since their house faces my room and if they’d been watching me, they knew I had plenty of rope and bondage toys in my room. We got to the doorway and there were 4 ropes on the bed, one at each corner, and a scarf hanging over the headboard, I assumed it was to blindfold me with. Ellen untied my wrists and let me rub them for a minute before giving me a loud spank on my bikinied butt. Ellen then cut that off too. Again Ellen spanked me and this time she pointed to the bed. Once I was on the bed Gary and Ellen started tying me with the four ropes and soon I was tied spread eagle and yes the scarf was a blindfold. They each took turns chewing and sucking on both my nipples and my bellybutton, and then they shared a couple of deep body kisses off of me, I was screaming in pleasure but with the gag it sounded like very, very muted moans.

After they were both done chewing and sucking me it was time for them to start having me cum for them and they couldn’t decide on who would taste me first, so Ellen went into her purse and pulled out a deck of playing cards and after wiping my tummy dry with a towel they played a hand of poker on me with Ellen winning the hand. She then tickled my tummy then both of my feet, by this time I was so ready to let her taste me, but she scraped her teeth across my nipples instead. I thought I was going to just shoot onto my sheets, but then she stuck her tongue inside of me and drank all I gave her which was a lot because when her tongue went inside me Gary started playing with my nipples, pinching and chewing, and pulling on them.

After Ellen was done drinking, I was hoping Gary would be smooth and gentle, but he took off his pants and I turned my head towards her voice hoping she would talk him out of it but no luck. Gary rode me and rode me hard, spanking me like I was a horse and he didn’t just stop the first time he made me cum three times before dismounting. They loosened and untied one wrist, but asked me to wait a few minutes before untying myself. I nodded I would. Gary took out my gag and kissed me softly, then they left and I thought my troubles were done for the day.

I showered and decided I needed to get out of the house, so I when I got dressed I was dressed up. I looked into the mirror to make sure my black dress didn’t show too much. I took the time to call a girlfriend and coaxed her into having dinner with me, by coaxed meaning that sometime in the near future when she needed a girlfriend for a double date I would be called.

My girlfriend was already at the table looking just as sharp as me. When we hugged she stroked me a couple times from behind, usually she strokes me once slowly and I yell at her for it, but this time it was several quick strokes and she then put her fingers to my lips to silence me. I kissed her finger and sat down.

Halfway through dinner, I felt her foot run up my leg and under my dress, then with her toe she started to stroke me some more, I had to bite my lip not to scream out of pleasure. She stopped after a few minutes and we finished our meal.

We decided to go down the street for some drinks, she was hoping to meet a guy, but with the events of the day I was satisfied if I went home alone. My girlfriend started talking to this cute guy and she came over and played her favor card -- he wouldn’t leave unless his buddy had a date also. The four of us left and went back to her place. I drove his buddy there. My date’s name was Brian and yes I have to admit he was very cute. We had a very pleasant conversation on the way over. Once we were there the two couples went their separate ways. Brian asked if he could kiss me, I thought it was sweet that he asked so I said yes.

We kissed and it was nice, then we kissed again and the kisses starting building up with more and more passion. He picked me up while we were kissing I asked him where we were going, he told me to the bedroom we’d passed on the way to the living room. I nodded and kissed him, knowing the room was a guest room. Once in the room we both quickly undressed each other, I saw the tip of a small rope sticking out of his pocket when his pants hit the floor. He saw that I noticed it.

"Are you going to tie me up?" I asked him.

He replied, "Do you want to be tied?"

I told him whatever he wanted and we kissed again then before I knew it he tied my hands in front of me with this rough small rope big enough to circle my dainty wrists twice. Then he picked me up and dropped me on the bed and soon I was lying on my back with my wrists bound above my head to the headboard, he used another rope he had in his jacket for that. He tickled out of me where more rope was and my ankles were then tied to the bedposts.

He laid on top of me kissing me for a little while then finally inserted himself inside of me and if felt so good. He slowly pulled out and I screamed a little, but to him it was too much, because where he’d found the extra rope he’d also found three kinds of gags and some scarves. First he blindfolded me then asked me to choose a number from one to three. I did and then I was instructed to open my mouth and when I did he inserted a ball gag pulling it tightly and buckling it at the side of my neck. A scarf followed over the ball gag and then he started chewing his way down my body making sure to suck on each nipple several times. I’m glad I was gagged so he couldn’t hear my very loud screams of pleasure. He did the same on my bellybutton and he also used his fingers to tickle my belly; I was sooooo ready when he finally inserted himself inside of me, I covered his friend almost immediately. He started riding and kept going harder and harder until two things happened: first he came then until I again came all over his friend, my torturous adventure was not over as he removed my gag and replaced it with a ring gag and yes he put hit wet sticky friend in my mouth and kept it there until I drank what he wanted to give me. I thought I might be untied then, but I wasn’t. Instead I got scarves stuffed in my mouth and tape over my mouth to keep the scarves in, then he left the room and his friend came in and untied my ankles then crossed them and tied them together and mounted me. He then rode me a few more times, when he was finished he untied my wrists from the headboard and loosened the knot.

Soon the four of us were having coffee, and then shortly the guys left. My girlfriend and I exchanged similar bondage stories from the evening and we laughed. I grabbed my jacket and was ready to leave when she kissed me deep and hard. We had flirted before but never actually kissed. I of course kissed her back, and then left before we did anything.

I think I should have stayed because when I got home there was somebody waiting for me. I closed my front door, took off my jacket and hung it on the chair like usual, I heard the television going and went to investigate, there was nobody by the television so I picked up the remote to turn it off and there was something sharp in my lower back, I put the remote down slowly and raised my hands. I was then blindfolded and instructed to put my wrists behind me. I just stood there until I felt the tip of the sharp object again, and my wrists were crossed then tied with what felt like string, the knot was cinched and I was led to my high back kitchen chairs and my ankles were each tied to a leg with the same string.

"Open your mouth big enough for me." I was instructed, and I didn’t recognize the voice. I opened my mouth very small and felt something cold touch me sex so I opened my mouth bigger and he slid his toy in my mouth and I pleasured him as best I could with my hands behind me, I tried to explain about my hands between thrusts but he threatened to gag me with a bunch of scarves and panties until my mouth closed on it’s own, having been gagged like that before I did as I was told and soon was drinking his tasty drink. Almost immediately after he finished he did shove something in my mouth felt like one of my rags from the drawer where the string around my wrists and ankles was from and after I was gagged he thrust himself inside my sex and went hard and long, I came on him several times and he came inside of me several times. After he did carry me to my room and remove my dress before tying me to my bed and leaving.

I woke up in the morning and there was a note from him.

"Candy, Thank you for last night. The date we had was great you’re a wonderful person and I hope you’re not too mad about the second part of our date."

I thought about it for a second and I wasn’t too pissed about coming home to what I came home to. I called my girlfriend to tell her and her date answered saying she was still a little tied up. I laughed and thanked him.

Until next time my friends.