Sharing a Limo Ride
by Mike

Kristine was 6ft tall athletically built with long blonde hair and big light blue eyes; she also drove a limo for a living and had seen many things go on in the back of her limo. One day she was coming back from visiting her sister who lived on the east coast while Kristine lived on the west coast. So she decided to take a limo home. At the airport she flagged down a limo. When she reached her hand for the door it was met by a hand twice the size of her hand, causing her to look up and see this guy about 6ft 3in she guessed about 275 pounds with very short black hair and hidden blue eyes.

He introduced himself, "Iím Bill, mind if we share this limo, beautiful?"

Kristine giggled and replied, "No not at all." So they get in and discovered through small talk that they were on the same plane from the east. Once they were on the expressway Bill slowly slid his hand onto Kristineís. She didnít mind because she thought he was cute. They were talking about the movie on the plane and about the bondage scene; Kristine was saying she had never been tied up like in the movie. Bill asked her if she would like to try it and she said she wouldnít mind, so Bill gave the driver $30 to pull over so he could get some stuff out of the trunk, and so the driver would give them some privacy.

After getting back into the limo Bill asked Kristine to remove her clothes. Whe opened her mouth to ask if that was necessary but it was met first with Billís tongue and hard kiss then after the kiss with a scarf shoved in her mouth. Bill then added another scarf before sealing Kristineís mouth with a piece of tape to hold in the scarves. Kristine started to remove the suit she wore on the plane thinking she had seen sex in her limo and some bondage but never thought she would be a participant. After Kristine was naked Bill asked Kristine to turn around and present her wrists for bonding so Kristine turned towards the tinted windows crossing her wrists in the small of her back immediately she felt rope being circled around them then tightened as Bill cinched the rope. Then Bill helped her lay down on the floor before starting to tease her hardening nipples with his big fingers, then tracing her belly button with the same big fingers while he slowly started to suck on the nipples making Kristine moan loudly into the gag.

Bill looked at her and asked, "Are you ok with this?"

She nodded her head yes thinking to herself she would never share another limo ride again. As she was thinking this Bill was slowly working his way down her body with licks and soft deep kisses. He spread her legs and then reaching into his pocket he took one of her legs and tied it to one of the seat belts and the other to the leg of the front seat so he could have easier access to her. Bill was pleasantly surprised to see how wet she was. Next he licked up some of her juices then slid his tongue inside of her getting treated to a small taste of Kristineís cum. Bill then slid his big hands up her body and played with her nipples playfully pinching them. Bill then slid his tongue back inside to get a big taste of her cum; swallowing with a big smile on his big face.

Afterwards he thanked her and untied her. Before removing her gag he kissed her gagged lips and after the gag was gone before she could say anything he kissed her again. When the limo stopped Bill gave the driver a big tip and asked Kristine if he could call her offering to show her some more bondage tricks.