Pretty Spies
by Mike

I awoke and tried to shake the cobwebs loose and get some idea where I was, but it remained pitch black. I went to wipe my eyes, but my wrists were bound behind and when pulled on them I felt it in the crotch area and I heard the person behind me cry out softly like she was gagged. Thatís when I realized I was gagged with some sort of silk and there was tape over my mouth to keep the scarf inside. Whoever had tied us up attached a crotch rope to our wrists. I tried to spread my legs out but couldnít as there was a rope around my legs and thighs keeping my legs bent at the knee. I also noticed a pinching sensation in my nipples like there were clamps attached to them.

A door opened and I heard a voice. "Finally my pretty little spies are awake."

Spies I thought then I remembered what happened and how I got into my predicament. My partner LeeAnn (everybody calls her LuLu) and I watched these two suspicious guys and we followed them. By the way my name in Mickey everybody calls me Mick. I am 6 feet tall with short blond hair and big green eyes, but you couldnít tell that now with the blindfold. I have very pale skin. LuLu is 5 feet 8 inches with long black hair and brown eyes. Both of us have athletic builds with a little better than average chests. Thinking about that makes my nipples hurt worse.

Back to how we got here. We decided to follow them. Once they parked the car we followed on foot. When they split up we split up and agreed to meet up later, but I didnít think she meant like this.

The tape was ripped from my mouth and the scarf was removed. "The gags will stay out and you may talk quietly, no other noise."

We both swallowed and I spoke first. "Are you ok? Did they hurt you?"

Lulu responded, "Iím fine. I followed my guy into this dive of a coffee shop, when I took a sip of my coffee I blanked out, next thing I know Iím here tied to you. Are you ok?"

"Iím good also. My guy went and got a paper at this newsstand then into an old house. I waited a few minutes then tried the door and then I did I was chloroformed and here I am tied to you."

We were both silent for a few minutes then I squeezed her hand best I could to tell her it was going to be ok.

The door opened again. And this time without a word tape was applied to our mouths and somebody untied the ropes holding us together. I was lifted onto somebodyís shoulder and carried away. I tried to call out to Lulu but it came out mmmm. The person carrying me told me not to worry somebody was securing her tightly. I was seated in a high back chair. The nipple clamps were removed and I breathed a sigh of relief until they started lashing ropes all over me it seemed. My ankles were tied to the chair legs; there was a rope around my waist and both over and below my chest. They even placed a rope around my neck tying me to the chair.

I heard a zipper unzip and I knew what was coming next. Being in the spy business and being as beautiful as I am, you get used to it. I struggled feverishly trying to get loose until a big hand clamped on my bare shoulder and held me down in the chair then a big toy was shoved inside me hard. I screamed but my noises were muted. The guy started riding me hard and fast, just the way I usually like it, but he stopped just as I was getting ready to cover his toy. The tape was removed from my mouth and a hand clamped over my mouth muted my scream of pain.

"Why were you and your friend following us?"

I kept quiet and he thrust again harder, I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming he asked the question again and after swallowing I tried to bluff my way out.

"I never met the person I was tied to before."

With that one of the nipple clamps were put back on and pulled, my scream this time was muted by a rag or something stuffed in my mouth. Again he asked but this time with more authority as his goon pulled my hair so my eyes were open wide under my blindfold.


Breathing a sigh of relief from my hair being released I spoke first to the goon then to him. "Thank you for releasing my hair."

I got sloppily kissed for that. The goon used the rag that was in my mouth a few seconds ago to wipe my mouth clean.

"I told you I never met her before in my life."

He came back, "Then why were you talking so nice to her?"

I replied with a little sarcastic tone to my voice, "I was tied to her and I wanted to make sure you hadnít hurt her."

The other nipple clamp was re-attached and pulled on and he thrust a few more times I was ready to explode all over him when he stopped again.

"I donít believe you, but you both tell the same story."

I gambled and spoke. "Could you do me a favor and finish what you have started? Trust me it wonít take more than a minute or two."

He did as I requested, then most of the ropes were undone including the ropes around my ankles and I was forced to my knees and his now sticky toy was shoved into my mouth. I cleaned and pleasured the best I could with my hands behind me. Being blindfolded I couldnít see the goon standing there with the bottle of chloroform and a cloth; soon it was lightís out time for me again.

I woke this time to see Lulu sleeping next to me. She, like me, was still naked and her wrists were tied behind her and her ankles were tied. There was a long rope connecting her ankles to her wrists and I checked my own situation -- it was the same. I wasnít gagged, but she was cleave-gagged. Then the door opened. One of the goons walked in and pinched my nipple hard forcing my mouth open and he shoved a balled up handkerchief in my mouth followed by what looked like my own panties. Next he pulled a scarf between my teeth and made a comment.

"Now we have pretty bound twins."

He started to stroke both of us. I tried screaming but no sound came out at all not even mfmf. I assumed Lulu was gagged the same way. After he left I started picking at one of the knots; then the door opened again this time he had two scarves in his hand, I knew it meant blindfolds, but I was wrong instead he wrapped them over our cleave-gags. I was surprised because we were already completely muted. Again I started picking at the knot on my wrists. I made some progress but not a lot and after a half-hour I had to rest. Lulu was making more progress than I as she was able to free herself of the long hogtie rope. She smiled at me behind her gag, I could see her very pretty dimples and wanted to kiss each one. At this point from the stroking he did I wanted to kiss anything right now, even that butt-ugly goon.

I tried again to pick at my knots but again I got nowhere, Lulu on the other hand was almost free. I kept watching the door and soon she was free. Lulu kept her gag in so she wouldnít make any noise while untying me. After I was untied and our gags were gone I kissed her deeply and passionately. Lulu and I had kissed before in the same situations after being bound and stroked like he did. We were able to find some sweats in a closet in the room they fit surprisingly well.

The door to where they kept us was not locked, but there were three big goons outside our door playing cards. We sat quietly on one of the beds for a few minutes and I decided to try the window, thinking they were smart enough not to hold us in a room on the ground, but I was wrong and the window was unlocked. We snuck away quietly then caught a cab and for a free peek at both of us we got a ride to my place. We each showered separately, I went first and once we both were showered and clean then it was time to call our boss.

Our boss Loretta was just as beautiful as us, but she didnít like having to go out into the field as much as we did. She told us the guys we were trying to catch struck again near where they kept us and she wanted us to go back there, only to wait for her. After hearing what they did to us she wanted a piece of them, only every time she wanted a piece of somebody we usually wind up tied tighter than before.

Loretta arrived at my place shortly and we got ready quickly, Loretta is only 5 feet 7 inches tall but she is built well and the guys didnít look into her deep brown eyes first when they looked at her. Loretta also liked to wear low-cut blouses and t-shirts to show off her friends. Today was no different as she showed up wearing a tight black low cut shirt with no bra. Her brown hair looked great as it dangled over the front of her shoulders onto the shirt.

We pulled up a block from the place Lulu and I escaped from and the three of us sat there for about an hour, when Loretta got thirsty and decided she would go to the coffee house on the corner. After about fifteen minutes of her being gone on what should have only taken her five minutes, Lulu kept watch on the house and I used my binoculars to look at the coffee house when Lulu tapped me on the shoulder and in the same room they tied us up in, there was Loretta being forced to strip at gunpoint.

Both of us couldnít help staring she was so beautiful and sexy. Her nipples reacted immediately to the cold air, but Loretta was hogtied on the bed quickly, there were ropes on her wrists, ankles, wrists and ankles and a rope around her neck tying to the rope around her wrists and ankles. They forced her own panties in her mouth then a bandana and finally pulled a scarf between her teeth knotting it at the base of her neck. I was waiting for them to blindfold her but they didnít.

Soon my cell phone rang. "I know youíre nearby, if you donít want to see her hurt then both you and your partner will return to us UNARMED."

I let Lulu hear the conversation. I tried to respond to that but he hung up and when I tried to call back it went straight to her voicemail. Then one of the goons did blindfold Loretta.

"We have to go in," I told Lulu she nodded in agreement. We both took off our holsters and our ankle holsters. We got out of the car and as we approached the building our hands went up. We didnít have to knock the door opened and when we entered we were both frisked thoroughly, then had to strip to music and we were frisked again, this time they stuffed scarves in our mouths first as they grabbed and pinched areas where they knew we would scream about.

"We want to talk to one of you."

Lulu nodded towards me and they took her into the back room. The guy left with me tied my hands behind me, he didnít cross them but he did cinch the knot and after I sat on their couch my ankles were tied together. He checked the knot on my wrists then my ankles and pulled the sodden scarf out of my mouth, but warned me with his dirty paw clamped over my mouth about talking. I nodded that I understood the warning and he left to help the others in securing Lulu.

After about ten minutes the boss came back out and before sitting in the chair across from me he fondled my already hard nipples and pulled my bottom lip with his fingers.

He then asked me his first question. "May I kiss you?"

"Do I have a choice in the matter with my hands tied behind me and my ankles tied together?" Was my reply. I thought for sure he would gag me or add a few ropes, but instead he laughed and kissed me, I didnít want to admit it, but I liked the kiss and wanted another one.

"What have you done to my friends?" I asked him.

"They are ok, just a little tied up for right now and they will stay tied as long as this conversation remains calm and you do as I ask."

I gulped and bit my lip in anticipation of what he could want out of me. Then he stood up and walked across the room and grabbed a chair, putting it right in front of me. He then proceeded to kiss me with passion, I wanted to kiss him back, but he was a bad guy, so I just spit out the kiss not at him, but to the side.

He pinched my nipples hard and spoke. "If you want to live then donít ever do that again to me."

I gulped and nodded. He kissed and rubbed both nipples. He went into the kitchen and returned with a couple of bag clips, I knew where they would be going, but I was hoping I was wrong for once in a bondage situation.

He came back into the room again checked my knots and cinched the knot on my ankles then he untied my wrists and let me rub them.

"Drink me now," he said; and I looked up at him holding the clamps or clips whatever you prefer at this point of the story. I dropped to my knees and undid his old baggy jeans and let them drop then lowered his shorts and went to work. He was making noises that Iím sure made Lulu and Loretta wonder what I was doing to him. One of his goons peeked around the corner, saw my hands untied and started towards me.

"Go back you idiot," he said to his goon and the goon did like he was told and I continued. I licked and caressed. Then I chewed on his nipple a little. It took a little while but I finally felt some sort of movement inside his little buddy. I sucked and sucked some more, then took long licks of it, finally during a long lick I felt a taste of him, so I sucked harder and harder until he finally came in my mouth he gave me one huge shot and after swallowing I looked up at him and he pointed at his friend so I went back to work and soon I got several drinks of him. When I was finished and cleaned him I stood up and raised my hands.

Then he spoke, "You can put your hands down."

I did and he continued as he walked behind me, pulling my wrists with him. He crossed them and tied them tightly.

"Thank you for doing that, Iím sorry I have to tie you up again, but I need to speak with my goons, I am going to put you in a different room than your friends. You wonít be hogtied either."

I smiled at that remark, because that last hogtie was very tight and uncomfortable, but I suppose if youíre being kidnapped or captured youíre not supposed to be comfy. When I stopped daydreaming I saw his chloroform bottle and a rag. After some was poured onto a rag he kissed me and apologized for using it, but he did anyhow and I was out.

I came to and I was tied spread eagle to a bed. One of his goons was finishing an ankle and I noticed some scarves and a roll of tape on the dresser, so I knew what was coming next. He tickled both of my feet, then pulled out two rough ropes and tied a crotch-rope on me, then he tickled my feet again and yes I screamed. The scream got me gagged good as he balled up the bandana and stuffed it into my mouth; the bandana took up almost all of my mouth, but there was room for another scarf. Tape was applied to my lips to keep the gag in place. I was then blindfolded and my tummy was tickled, this time he heard no sound when I screamed. He left and I struggled with the knots, I paid for every movement I made with the crotch-rope.

I stopped struggling as I was ready to climax onto the crotch-rope, I have found from past experience that to be a bad thing. I lay there wondering if Lulu and Loretta were free yet, because Lulu had this gift of being able to untie knots from almost any angle, and having been tied with and to her it was a good talent to have.

I was almost asleep when I heard the door open. Then somebody tickled my tummy and undid the crotch rope, I breathed a big sigh of relief, I expected a human toy inside of me, instead I got a familiar tongue, Luluís tongue is very familiar to me and she likes to do tricks with it once it is inside you. After Lulu finished drinking, Loretta removed the blindfold and put her finger to her lips indicating my gag was staying in for now. Soon I was untied and dressed, then I removed the sodden gag from my mouth and we made it out of there and back to my place. We agreed to meet in the office in an hour.

Lulu and I arrived at the same time, Loretta was finishing getting yelled at for getting caught again, then she took it out on us for letting her get caught. I opened my mouth to respond to her and Lulu clamped her hand tightly over my mouth before I could say anything.

I left for the airport as I had to pick up my sister and her girlfriend. Sis hadnít come out to mom and dad yet, but I knew of her choice between men and ladies. I was sitting in my car waiting for them to come out of the airport. I saw them and we hugged. I met her girlfriend for the first time. When we get back in my car as I am about to start the car I felt something metal at the back of my head, I looked in the rearview mirror and my sister had been stuff gagged and her girlfriend now had a gun against her temple. The goon told me to drive and that I knew where to go. I was going to make a comment about still being at the same place, but I didnít want to drive with a gag in my mouth, nor did I want my passengers hurt.

Upon arrival we are led into the house. All three of us had our hands raised. By now my sisterís girlfriend was also stuff gagged. We were led into the back room and tied to chairs with our arms behind us and our ankles tied together. My gag was simple, just a scarf in my mouth and one between my teeth and knotted at my neck. I was both happy and surprised I was still clothed.† The goon after tying me did unzip my sweat jacket a little to get a peek at what he was playing with yesterday.

I couldnít hear what they were up to in the other room and I couldnít reach my sister or her girlfriend, but I did turn my head and see them playing with each otherís knots. I smiled through my gag. They were both still only stuff-gagged and could easily spit out the gags if they wanted to. I looked over to the window and squinted to see through the blinds. I saw Loretta having coffee in what looked like a taxi; in the drivers seat. When they frisked me for my gun, they found my cell phone and put it back in my pocket after my hands were secured behind me, the goon that liked me took a minute to stroke me through my sweats, but he only did it a couple times.

A few minutes later the biggest goon came in with three scarves and some more rope. I prayed that we would stay clothed and not have to strip for him; my chest still had some marks from being tied naked yesterday and the day before. First he untied my sister and placed her girlfriend directly behind me, using one of the bigger ropes to wrap around our waists tying us together. I was able to reach her wrists and sis had done a good job, the knot was almost loose enough, but I didnít play with it anymore. Soon sis was naked and was having her wrists tied behind her back then she was forced to lie on the ground and her ankles were tied together and eventually she was hogtied. Then the good left to get some more rope we assumed. We both looked at her and she nodded she was ok. The goon returned with the boss and they added a couple more ropes to sis, then pulled the sodden scarf from her mouth only to ball up three scarves and gag her with them, smoothing a piece of tape over her closed lips to keep them in.

Next it was our turn, they picked us up, the boss carried me over his shoulder and his goon carried sisí girlfriend over his. We were seated on the couch and they flipped a coin with the goon winning so sisí girlfriend. Pardon my manners I forgot to tell you my sisterís name is Mary and her girlfriend is Bobbie, but we just call her Bob.

Bob was helped to stand, then forced to hop into the other bedroom where I was hogtied yesterday with that lucky crotch rope. The boss took a few minutes to add a rope around my calves and a rope around my waist. He kissed my gagged lips, I thought he was going to take my gag out and give me a real kiss. He walked into the other room, but shortly returned and blindfolded me, then checked my wrists and tightened the knot.

They made her strip and play with herself, then the goon changed her gag to a ring gag and her wrists were bound behind her and she was forced to her knees and yes both men made her pleasure them. Bob told me afterwards that she was surprised that they didnít bring in all of the goons. After she was finished the ring gag was removed and since Bob did such a good job they only cleave-gagged her with nothing in her mouth, then they brought her back out in her jeans and t-shirt, only no bra this time. After she was secured it was my turn to hop, only with every hop I got a spank from the boss and I didnít have to pleasure the goon, just the boss twice and then he made the goon leave and placed me on the bed tying my ankles to each bedpost and he chewed me until I came in his mouth. I was glad I was gagged even if it was only a cleave gag, so my screams of pleasure were muted. I also was allowed to get dressed, but I wasnít gagged. I was then warned about too much talking or saying the wrong things.

I was allowed to walk back out to the couch. They made Bob stand up. I looked at the boss and quietly asked for them to untie her ankles at least until we got to where they were taking us. Bobís ankles were untied and the boss lifted my wrists then spanked me and we started walking towards the back room, where Mary was still lying there tied almost into a ball. She did have a lot of ropes on her. I got a glance out of the window and noticed a second cab on another corner in this cab was Lulu. I wondered to myself when they were going to try to rescue me.

My daydreaming was interrupted when a chair was scooted into my behind forcing me to sit. First they tied each ankle to a chair leg, he then put a rope around my waist and the chair. The boss apologized and showed me a balled up scarf. I tried to ask for a kiss first but my words were muted when the scarf was stuffed into my mouth and a second scarf was pulled between my teeth cleave gagging me. The boss knotted the gag at the base of my neck. After he made the knot he then nibbled a little on my neck. When they finally left we both looked at Mary who nodded she was ok. I turned my head and saw Bob tied the same way I was with her hands inside the back of the chair. I looked outside and both cabs were gone, then we heard sirens approaching and two cars peeled out away from the house.

Next thing I knew Lulu was untying me and Loretta was working on Mary. Once my wrists were free I removed my gag then helped Lulu untie Bob. All of us shared a group hug.