Laura’s New Love
by Mike

Laura went out to dinner one Friday night with some coworkers. They all got to talking and it turned into a later evening then she had planned, but it was ok with Laura because for the first time in weeks she had nothing to do on the weekend except maybe some laundry on Sunday. Laura had just purchased a new house of her own, something she never had before.

Laura tried her key but the door was unlocked; she thought something was up because she always locked her door and she carried the spare key in her purse. Laura didn’t have a boyfriend as she had broken up with her ex a couple months ago and it was he that dumped her. Laura carefully opened the door and looked inside her living room nothing was changed or seemed to be missing. Feeling relieved she hung up her coat and started to unbutton her blouse as she walked towards her bedroom.

Once she got to the bedroom she reached in and turned on the light. She reached the bottom button as she stepped into her room and then she felt a glove clamp tightly over her mouth and the cold steel of a gun touched her bellybutton.  On instinct Laura raised her hands as much as she could. Next a scratchy voice told her to finish getting undressed but not to do anything stupid. Laura slid off her blouse revealing the skimpy bra she had worn that day. Again she felt the gun this time in her back and the voice said, “Lose the bra.”

Laura thought about asking if she had to then she heard the click of the gun and she took off the bra and threw it on the blouse, next her skirt was unzipped and it went on the blouse as well. Feeling embarrassed at this point Laura tried to cover her breasts.

Laura was about 6 feet tall; mostly thin but she was blessed with bigger than average breasts and bigger than normal nipples. She also had shoulder length blonde hair but a lot of it; currently it was in a ponytail. Laura quietly asked the burglar, “What do you want? I don’t have much.”

The burglar looking at her chest through his ski mask laughed for a minute and replied, “From what I can see lady you have plenty, but that’s not what I’m here for.” He then pulled a small length of rope from his pocket and asked for Laura to present her wrists. After a pause she finally presented her wrists. The burglar crossed them and wrapped the rope two times then cinched his knot making sure it was tight then with his gun he pointed to the bed, Laura just stood where she was and didn’t move. The burglar then said to her, “We can do this the easy way or my way, if it’s my way you may get a little hurt.”

After a gulp Laura then proceeded to get on the bed, she lay on her back, the burglar then pulled her up so he could tie her wrists to the headboard, next he went back into his bag and pulled out a cloth of some kind, making Laura plead with him, “If you’re going to gag me I have several scarves in the drawer next to my bed.”

“You’ve been tied up before huh?” The burglar said to Laura, who replied by shyly shaking her head yes. The burglar then grabbed three of her scarves and a roll of tape from the drawer. He started to close the drawer when he noticed Laura’s vibrator. When he pulled it out she gulped again and her eyes went wide as she tried to imagine what he would do with it to her. Her ex-boyfriend used to tie her to the bed spread eagle and trace her body with it turned on—that drove her nuts. By the time he had finished it was like a little pond between Laura’s legs that’s how wet she was, but fortunately for Laura the burglar put it away but didn’t close the drawer. He then noticed she was still wearing her panties, as small as they were he still slowly slid them off, to reveal a nearly all shaven area; there was a nice little strip. After petting the strip making Laura whimper a little, he balled up her panties, showed them to Laura who refused to open her mouth, so the burglar pinched her right nipple and Laura opened her mouth wide allowing him to shove the panties inside. Then came the three scarves bringing her lips back together, then he applied a piece of tape to keep the gag in place. He took one more scarf and blindfolded Laura explaining he was getting hot and couldn’t let her see his face, something that Laura understood.

Next he left her alone. Laura tried to struggle and untie the rope but she couldn’t get a grip on what end he left so she just laid there quietly until she felt a hand softly stroke her then a tongue slowly lick her wetness, the burglar took an ankle and tied it to a bedpost then did the same with the other ankle. He picked up his bag and said he had to go out to his car that was parked around the corner but he would be back and then he shoved her vibrator into Laura and turned it on medium. Before he left he kissed her taped mouth, then checked on his ropes and kissed each of her nipples. The burglar could hear the faint whimpers Laura was making, putting his mask back on temporarily he removed the blindfold and walked away.

Laura was upset with herself that she liked this and that she liked his ass and that made her more upset. When he returned he again blindfolded her but told her, “I’m going to take your gag out, don’t scream or start talking a mile a minute, because then I will have to gag you again and I guarantee it will be a worse gag for you.”

Laura nodded she agreed and understood. So he ripped off the tape waited until she screamed into her gag then removed her sodden panties and the sodden scarves. Once Laura was done working her jaw, the burglar kissed her gently. Laura again on instinct opened her mouth allowing his tongue inside, and then she quietly asked while trembling, “Are you going to take out the vibrator?”

The burglar looked and saw he forgot, so he turned off the power making Laura breathe a deep sigh of relief; she couldn’t see the burglar quietly take a deep breath himself.

“What is your name”? The burglar asked.

“My name is Laura; what’s yours?”

“Laura you may call me John for now,” the burglar replied.

Laura then decided to take a chance, “You have pretty eyes John, I would like to see the rest of your face if possible.”

John stood there thinking and looking at Laura’s very erect and big nipples. He wanted so badly to taste them, so he licked them softly making her gasp loudly. He scraped his teeth against her nipples making her gasp louder, and then she realized about the noise she was making and pleaded with John not to gag her again. John then asked Laura, “Are you ticklish? And be honest.”

Laura kept quiet, and then John pinched he nipples again until Laura answered him. “Ok I’ll tell you please let go of my nipples. Yes I am very ticklish.”

“Where are you most ticklish sex-wise?”

“My bellybutton and my feet, but please don’t I…” Laura’s response was cut short by John stuffing one of the sodden scarves back into her mouth and a piece of tape applied to her mouth. John then proceeded to tickle Laura’s bellybutton. She was both crying and laughing into her gag. Since when he started to tickle her she was already very wet, she was ready to explode if he touched her wetness.

John looked over his shaking captive and decided to look between her legs; he liked what he saw and started to lick up her juices. Laura’s begging eyes widened. John could tell she was begging him to just finish, so he slowly slid his tongue inside of Laura and was greeted with a huge mouthful of her cum, John kept swallowing for five minutes until she was finished then he licked her clean. Sliding up Laura’s body with little deep kisses, he removed the gag and shoved his tongue in her mouth before she could speak. After the kiss he clamped his hand over her mouth and reminded her no loud talking or swearing. Laura nodded her head in agreement.

John told her, “Laura I’m going to untie you and retie you loosely because I just can’t leave you untied, but I will be back in a few hours, I expect you to be showered and ready for our date.”

Laura looked at him with a quizzical look and responded, “John we don’t have a date tonight. So far you’ve broken into my house, pulled a gun on me, forced me to strip, tied me up made me cum, but never asked me out.”

John thought about it for a minute. While thinking he was massaging Laura’s nipples. She wanted to beg him to stop but didn’t want to be gagged again.

John then finally responded, “You’re right Laura. Will you go out with me tonight?”

“Yes I will John, but I want you to leave me untied,” Laura responded.

John knew that he couldn’t do that so he ripped off a piece of tape and after kissing Laura smoothed it out over her mouth; then he untied her ankles only to retie them by wrapping the rope once around her ankles and barely tying the knot. Then he untied her wrists and rolled her onto to her back. John then kissed both shoulder blades and asked Laura to please put her hands behind her, then changed his mind and tied her hands in front of her, wrapping the rope around a couple times and again barely tying the knot. John then asked Laura, “Will you be able to get out of this easy enough?”

Laura nodded her head yes, so he kissed her taped lips again this time for goodbye and informed her that he would be by at 7 and that she’d better be ready. Laura’s eyes opened wide at the forcefulness of the statement and nodded her head in agreement. Lifting her hands to her taped lips she tried to blow him a kiss goodbye, making John laugh as he left.

First thing Laura did was to pull the tape off her mouth with her barely tied wrists then she used her teeth to undo the knot on her wrists. Her ankles came untied in a hurry; right then her phone rang. When she answered the voice said, “You have a pretty phone voice. Did I hurt you too much today Laura?”

“No John you didn’t. Just my pride and my lower lips a little, but they will be ok by our date,” Laura responded; then she added, “John will you be tying me up again tonight?”

“It depends on if you are showered, or not. If you are not showered then we shall shower together in which yes you will be tied in the shower, if you do shower then it’s a 50/50 chance depending on how dinner goes.”

Laura giggled thinking she wouldn’t shower and she’d cook something for them that night.

(If you want me to write about the actual date let me know.)