by Mike

Mary was happy with her life now; she recently got a promotion at work that let her finally buy her own house. Mary was about 6 ft tall around 180 pounds with an athletic build she had very sexy brown almost black eyes and short black hair.

Mary was doing some cleaning around her house she had an old t-shirt and sweatpants on with no bra and small panties when she heard the landscapers that she had just hired outside. She smiled when she saw them. One of her new neighbors recommended them. There were two guys that did a lot of work in a short time.

The first day she hired them she explained that she wanted the same treatment that her neighbor got. Mary was bent over a small table cleaning it when a bandana was stuffed into her mouth and a rope was wrapped around her wrists tying them together.

"Do not try to spit out your gag, now we can do this either in your basement or your bedroom your choice."

Mary had just furnished her basement so she led her landscapers upstairs and into her bedroom they lowered her sweats and one of them lifted Mary out of her sweats then they rolled her panties down her legs and added them to her gag and sealed her lips with medical tape.

Mary's wrists were tied to one of the bedposts and her legs spread and they both took her from behind by going from underneath. When they finished Mary was laid on her back and her ankles were tied to her wrists for a frontal hogtie and one of them spoke to her.

"Every fourth week we do this to your neighbor she never remembers about it or she is a good actress cause she puts up a decent fight every time. Do you still want the same treatment?"

Mary nodded and they came back after they finished and took her again this time entering her normally. They left Mary sitting on the edge of her bed with her wrists loosely tied behind her.

This went on for the next few months until Mary had to go out of town on business and upon her return they did it on consecutive weeks. She wanted to stop this but they did great work outside.

Mary's sister Eve came to stay with her for a few weeks. Eve was very attractive and liked to play the field. Eve, unlike Mary, was into the whole bondage sex thing. Mary went grocery shopping when they were there she came home to find Eve tightly bound and gagged on her bed with a note taped to her chest.

"Mary, do not untie your sister. We will be back for you then you two may untie yourselves. If you untie your sister then we will make her watch us with you and you watch us with her."

Mary showed the note to Eve who acted like she had seen the note already.

"Did they hurt you?"

Eve shook her head no.

"Have you seen this note before?"

Eve nodded she had and she understood.

Mary thought for a second and went downstairs and she was greeted by the landscapers. One held a big black bandana up to her mouth and stuffed it in when Mary slowly opened it for him. She had her hands tied behind her quickly. They took her downstairs and took her on the carpeted floor making sure not to spill any of Mary's juices on the floor. Mary was then carried upstairs and seated with her back to Eve's back a rope was added around their waists.

After a few minutes the ladies were able to untie each other. Eve left a few days later and sure enough three weeks later Mary got her usual treatment.