Jasmine’s World

By Mike

Jasmine woke up on a Saturday morning. She had a little bit of a headache from the night before when she had a few to many to drink. She heard some noises coming from the kitchen and she thought to herself but couldn’t remember sleeping with the guy at the party that she was drinking and flirting with. Jasmine remembered kissing him and stroking his tool through his slacks and wanting him to take her into a closet tie her with ties, gag her and take her.

Jasmine got out of bed and put on her robe but didn’t tie it. She decided to investigate the noises.

“Who are you and why are you in my kitchen?” She said to the man going through her drawers and cabinets. She noticed ropes and rags on the counter next to her ball gag and one of her other toys. The man wearing black stood up. Jasmine was only five foot two with long brown hair and big dark brown eyes that have had many guys get lost looking into them. Jasmine raised her hands when this tall man ten stood up holding a black gun pointed at her. Without saying a word he motioned to one of her kitchen chairs and for her to lose the robe. Jasmine did as he ordered she dropped the robe and he turned her around and frisked her thoroughly including sticking his gloved fingers inside of her. Jasmine heard his zipper and she knew what was coming but before he did anything he stuffed a couple of rags in her mouth then spoke to her.

“Those are to muffle your moans when you are finished covering me without my asking you are to drop to your knees and clean me. UNDERSTOOD?”

Jasmine nodded and to her surprise he entered underneath her and immediately hit her g-spot. He kept riding her until his tool was completely covered in layers of Jasmine’s sweetness. Before Jasmine could clean his tool he tied her hands behind her using one of the ropes. She grunted into her gag when he cinched the knot then he turned her around and she dropped to her knees and cleaned his tool. After she was done drinking him he put the rag back and used the ball gag to keep it in place.

He sat Jasmine in one of the chairs and tied her ankles together and added ropes around her waist and above her breasts then spoke to her again. “You had better pray I find something in this house to take with me because if I don’t then I will take you with me.”

Playing with Jasmine’s nipples and rubbing her thighs he continued, “I could get a lot of money for somebody as hot looking and as good sex wise as you. I have been to sex slave auctions and you would bring me a very pretty penny.”

Then he got real close to her almost sat on her lap. “If I hear this chair move at all you won’t have to worry about being auctioned off but how nice of funeral you will have.”

Jasmine gulped and nodded she understood and would not try to move. After sitting there quietly for almost thirty minutes he returned to Jasmine.

“I didn’t find anything down here. Time for us to go upstairs and for me to change your bondage a little.”

She saw him grab her electronic toy and then carried the chair with her in it upstairs and into her bedroom. He untied the ropes holding Jasmine to the chair then he untied her completely only to frog tie her and insert the toy inside of her.

“Do not cover that thing; if there is one bit of your cum on there I am going to ride you hard until it hurts you to use the washroom.”

Jasmine again nodded this request would be difficult because with this toy she had always cum quickly. Jasmine watched him go through her drawers and he took out bikinis and underwear also he took out shorts and t-shirts. He threw on the bed a gym bag that Jasmine used for vacations she had a feeling that she would not return from this one.

He returned from the other room, checked the toy (it was clean), then he slid his tongue inside of her and Jasmine gladly released the built up ocean of cum. He drank every drop then he packed her bag he also packed some ropes and bandanas. Jasmine liked to have one in her back pocket when she wore jeans.

He threw a bikini and a pair of shorts at her and untied her then spoke to her. “Get dressed and then sit on the bed. DO NOT touch your gag.”

Jasmine was happy to get dressed and she liked the bikini he chose. When she’d put on the shorts and removed her gag he spoke to her, with his gun in his hand. “Is there anybody you need to call before we leave and you better be honest?”

Jasmine looked at him and replied, “There is nobody. I don’t have any family around here. Are you going to tie me up before we leave?”

He put the ball gag back in place and spoke to her. “For now only the ball gag until we leave. When we leave you will be untied until we get out of town and once we are on the highway then I will pull over and yes I’ll tie you up tightly.”

He placed Jasmine on the corner of the bed and tied her wrists to the bedpost while he finished packing for her.

When they left he drove and she was in the passenger seat with a smile on her face for the neighbors. He leaned over and kissed her for show.

“Are you going to test drive me for real or just go on the ride you had last night?”

“Do you want me to ride you here in front of your neighbors?”

Jasmine shook her head no and they drove off. Most of the beginning of the ride he had his gun in her side. He reached in his pocket at a stoplight and told her to cuff herself to the door. He also said she only had to cuff one wrist. With his passenger now secured he drove off into the afternoon sun. Jasmine wondered what was next for her.